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Bruce: Good Evening, Everybody Welcome to the Big Call. Here we are September 28th. At 6:22pm EST, there is an information blackout regarding the GCR and RV starting at 6:22pm EST for at least 24 hours. Did that keep Bruce from getting some Intel? NO, but it did take place at 6:22pm tonight and it will go for at least 24 hours.

Bruce: Has Iraq put out their new rate so the world can see it yet? No. Question, when will they do it? My understanding is it will happen sometime Sunday. I don’t know exactly when, but sometime Sunday. When I was told this, I was also told Sunday is the first day of their business week. Also, that it will be talked about with another announcement and put on their Jumbotron TV monitors in at least 9 provinces. That is going to be big time.

Bruce: Let’s go back here for a minute. What else is happening here? We know that the Fines and Penalties were supposed to have started this afternoon. Realize they need to go out and be paid prior to us being notified. We also believed the core groups under the Admiral need to be paid out as well. Our understanding is that is occurring and should happen late tomorrow afternoon. That is very positive. 

Bruce: When it comes to us, I am going to say it his way, Memos have gone out to the Redemption Centers with the exact schedule for redemption. I don’t know when they are going to start, but I can tell you when they are suppose to end. They are to end Sunday night October 15th at midnight when the Redemption Centers will stop doing exchanges unless a change takes place. John Q Public would start Monday, October 26th. That will be the start date for John Q Public

Bruce: We have the UN Operational rates in place, new Forex for the rates, and new rates for the public. Not the same rates we would have at the Redemption Centers, for the so called privately negotiable rates that we will see. Those rates were on the back screens this morning at HSBC. Then sometime early this afternoon at Wells Fargo, no rates were showing front or back screens. That tells you something there.

Bruce: We know the rates we saw earlier today were moving on up. They were hitting sort of the top end where they wanted to be for the ZIM, well in an advance of what we expected on the dinar. The dong is where it should be, very high, and so was the rupiah slightly below of the level of the dong. You know that we have not declared to the world we are asset back yet. We have not declared it to the world. We have had TRN that has been gold back for over a year. We have an USN that has been in place that is asset back for several weeks now, but we have not declared that yet to the world. When will that occur? I don’t know exactly when it could be. It could be as early as October 1, but could be later than that. I would say it is going to be important that the world knows we have an asset back dollar again, partially gold back but completely asset back. At that point when it is announced, the so called fiat dollar internationally it will no longer be taken and we will have opportunity to use our money, exchange the old dollars we have now and utilize the same time with the new money we will get, the USN notes which probably we probably transition in a month to two years time. As we receive paychecks, money at the banks we will get new notes. Our money will spend in the meantime. It will be a one on one exchange for fiat dollars to USN notes, 1 for 1.

Bruce: What other currencies are doing well right now that are gold back? Russian ruble and Chinese Yuan have gone up in value because they are gold back. Those two currencies are purchasing oil with their gold back rubles and Yuan. That gives value to those currencies. They no longer are having to use the petrol dollar to buy oil. Is the petrol dollar dead yet? I wouldn’t give it too long before it is gone.

Bruce: I think what is interesting is what should happen to us based on the information I have and knowledge of the Redemption Centers and their schedule for exchanges I would say we should have a wonderful weekend. That is what I am going to say about it. I am thinking this is going just about to the very end of the month. The first of October is Sunday. I think we are set to have a wonderful weekend. I think we need to see Fines and Penalties pay out, core groups pay out, and things are moving along briskly tonight and tomorrow. Thing are popping and happening.

Bruce: Large humanitarian sources have been told they will receive funds on Saturday. I think that is going to be an important day. You are in a great place to continue to have faith for this, to continue to believe and be part of a greater community. That is what I want to stay together and do projects together. I talked about Rebuild America and the Veterans Retreat Network. We have plans to get both of those underway and other projects such as community gardens, water filtration, all that needs to be done to rebuild America, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and any other islands that will have us. If we will be welcome without a ton of red tape we will help them. We have the knowledge, the technology, the where-with-all to get things going. I am serious about talking about homes that will last, hurricane proof, highly resistant to strong winds. Also build tornado shelters in those states that have a lot of tornadoes such as Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc.

Bruce: Intel wise rates are high. Intel is nonexistence for 24 hours since 6:22 pm EST. I think we are in great shape. Silence is golden. Don’t be sucked into fake news or Intel you read. Don’t worry about it. Just chill out, enjoy tonight, and enjoy tomorrow. Sign up on the new website: bigcalluniverse.com and get ready for a fun weekend.

Bruce: Another thing, we may if we are allowed to, once I have the toll free number, we will send out an email blast to the people who register on our new website: bigcalluniverse.com. That is not the only way you will get the number, I think we will try to see if we throw out an email blast to those who register to our new website: bigcalluniverse.com. I want those who are listening to the Big Call unless you have a group you want to be part of, to consider you will do very well using the number and calling to set your appointment at the Redemption Centers in Canada and US. That does not include Mexico. Mexico will use HSBC and other banks.

Bruce: As far as we know, the Redemption Centers are set up to give us PNR, or Privately Negotiable Rates. I am telling you the rates on the screens this morning, on the back screens, were substantial, way better than we ever thought in the past. Can you privately negotiate these rates higher? Yes you can. Based on the strength of your projects, presentation, or how well you present the fact you want to be a partner with the Big Call Universe to do Rebuild America and work with our Veterans.

Bruce: That is it for tonight. I am excited for you and for us and our community. I want to thank you for listening so faithfully. I do expect this to be our last call officially. I do expect to move into our new home of Big Call universe and start working on our podcast scenario. I know you will have a lot of things you will be doing as we are. We are not going to hit the ground running on day one, because there is a lot to do. You have to get doing with your own banking, financial money managers, CPAs, attorneys, family office, etc. and you may be looking at new real estate, a new ride. 

Bruce: I want you to enjoy this. This is not a job for you. I am not trying to hire you. I want some of you to be part of this great project. I just want you to know that is my heart, my vision. You know what we are thinking about and how we plan to come together. All have a beautiful night and get some sleep and we are looking forward to a wonderful weekend. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Good night everybody.



Thank you for all you have given to all of us in sharing your heart, your dreams, your plans with such kindness, sincerity, and love. We appreciate you and your team very much for all your efforts and time you have given to all of us that are part of Big Call Universe. Thank you from our hearts to your hearts. May you all be blessed and all your dreams come true for you and your families always,

Light, love and hugs,



Is this saying the IQD is @ .50 cents to the $  ????????
It definitely proves the SDR, not that I have a doubt.    ALL IMO.


The 2018 budget includes new taxes and international criticism criticizing Iraqi customs tariffs

Date: September 23, 2017

He pointed out that «the capital of the Fund is currently $ 1.5 billion, and we seek to revalue the assets and we have only the proceeds from our external contributions».

As for the type of investments carried out by Iraq, Jabir said: "Foreign investments are restricted according to the state in which we contribute. There are investments in the Kuwaiti dinar, the dollar, the Jordanian dinar and the Sudanese pound, and when we calculate their revenues it turned to the dollar and then to the Iraqi dinar. 0.5 and 50 percent ».


Saddlebred:  ArticleIraq heads the First Committee of the United Nations

In my opinion....  Iraq would not be allowed to preside over this "one of the most important and most complex committees in the international organization" on an International level if they themselves were not Internationally recognized.



Xyz:  IMF Staff Concludes Visit on Iraq http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2017/09/29/imf-staff-concludes-visit-​on-iraq/ The Iraqi authorities and the staff of the International Monetary Fun​d (IMF) held discussions in Amman from September 17 to 28, 2017 on the​ third review of Iraq’s 36-month Stand-By Arrangement (SBA).

The IMF Executive Board approved the SBA on July 7, 2016 (See Press Release No. 16/321), and completed the second review on August 1, 2017 (See Press Release No. 17/311). At the end of the mission, Mr. Christian Josz, Mission Chief for Iraq, issued the following statement:

“The Iraqi authorities and IMF staff started discussions on the third review of the SBA and made good progress towards reaching agreement on a draft 2018 budget in line with the SBA. These discussions will continue during the upcoming IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings from October 13–15, 2017 in Washington, DC.”

“During the visit, the team met with the Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Allaq, Acting Deputy Minister of Finance, Dr. Maher Johan, , and officials from the Prime Minister’s office, ministries of finance, oil, planning, and electricity, the State Oil Marketing Organization,

the Central Statistical Organization, the Central Bank of Iraq, and the Board of Supreme Audit. The team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.” (Source: International Monetary Fund)


Vietnam Shows How To Clean Up The Banking System: Ex-Banker Sentenced To Death For Fraud

The lack of prosecution of US bankers responsible for the great financial crisis has been a much debated topic over the years, leading to the coinage of such terms as "Too Big To Prosecute", the termination of at least one corrupt DOJ official, the revelation that Eric Holder is the most useless Attorney General in history, and of course billions in cash kickbacks between Wall Street and D.C. And, naturally, the lack of incentives that punish cheating and fraud, is one of the main reasons why such fraud will not only continue but get bigger until once again, the entire system crashes under the weight of accumulated theft, corruption and Fed-driven malinvestment.

But what can be done? In this case, Vietnam may have just shown the way - sentence embezzling bankers to death. Because if one wants to promptly stop an end to all financial crime, few things motivate as efficiently as a firing squad.

According to the BBC, the former head of a major Vietnamese bank has been sentenced to death for his role in a fraud case involving some 800 billion dong (which sounds like a lot of dong, but equals roughly $35 million) of illegal loans. Nguyen Xuan Son, who served as general director of OceanBank, was convicted of embezzlement, abuse of power and economic mismanagement. Bank founder, tycoon Ha Van Tham, and dozens of other banking officials are also on trial, accused of lending violations.
Meanwhile, dozens of former employees also received lengthy prison sentences in the major corruption trial. Because OceanBank is partially-state owned, Son's crime of mishandling state money was thought to be particularly serious. After leaving the bank, he rose to be head of state oil giant PetroVietnam. As Reuters reported previously, PetroVietnam and Vietnam’s banking sector are at the heart of a sweeping corruption crackdown in the communist state.

The four officials are accused of intentional breaches of state rules over a loss-making investment in Ocean Group’s banking unit, police said in an online statement.

Investigations into PetroVietnam made global headlines last month when Germany accused Vietnam of kidnapping Trinh Xuan Thanh, a former official of a PetroVietnam unit, from a park in Berlin and forcing him home to face charges of financial mismanagement.

A Politburo member who was a former PetroVietnam chairman and a vice trade minister have also been sacked from their positions as part of the crackdown -- unusual moves in a country where such senior officials are rarely dismissed.

To be sure, Vietnam is one of the world's biggest executioners, according to Amnesty International, but this is said to be the first time in years that the death penalty has been given to such a high-flying former official. Back in 2013, another former banker, Vu Quoc Hao, the former general director of Agribank Financial Leasing Co, was also sentenced to death by lethal injection for embezzling $25 million (or what Goldman would call "weekend lunch money") a case which however was relatively low profile and received little international attention.

Earlier in the day, OceanBank's ex-chairman Ha Van Tham, once one of the richest people in Vietnam, was jailed for life on the same charges, and for violating lending rules. Judge Truong Viet Toan said: "Tham and Son's behaviour is very serious, infringing on the management of state assets and causing public grievances, which requires strict punishment."

More details from BBC:

In total, 51 officials and bankers stood trial, accused of mismanagement leading to losses of $69m (£50m).

The case comes amid a massive anti-corruption crackdown in Vietnam, which is ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in Asia. It is ranked 113th out of 176 countries on Transparency International's corruption perceptions index.

The government has vowed to tackle the issue in order to boost the country's economic growth. In May, a top Vietnamese official was sacked for "serious violations" while running PetroVietnam.

And yet,  while one could be left with the impression that this is a case of justice finally being done, even today's sentences appears to have an element of corruption to them: according to BBC, the blitz, while tackling corruption, has mainly targeted opponents of Communist Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong.

Still, no matter the circumstances, an outcome such as this in the US remains impossible: after all it is America's very own embezzling bankers that control the legislative and judicial branches, and most recently, the executive not to mention the central bank, which is why deterrence of any substantial scale will never take place in the US and small, medium and large-scale theft will continue unabated, with the occasional slaps on the wrist, until there is nothing left to steal.

EyesOpenMedia:  Everyone wants UNITY nobody wants Purchasing Power/Laws https://youtu.be/YTUiMQLJQr4


9-29-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   Has Iraq put out their new rate so the world can see it yet?  No Question, when will they do it My understanding is it will happen sometime Sunday.  ...When I was told this, I was also told Sunday is the first day of their business week.  Also, that it will be talked about with another announcement and put on their Jumbotron TV monitors in at least 9 provinces.  That is going to be big time.   We have the UN Operational rates in place, new Forex  for the rates, and new rates for the public.   Intel wise rates are high.  I think we are in great shape.   I am excited for you and for us and our community.

9-29-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke 
   THIS TIME...OCTOBER is your month...to "Party on the Patio"... FOR SURE. FOR SURE. FOR SURE.  You'll "SEE" during the first 3 weeks, what We ALREADY "SEE" Right Now...as the "MOVE" begins Saturday. (keyword "begins")  WE DON'T GIVE A RIP, WHAT THE NEWS MEDIA PRINTS & REPORTS "OUT THERE"...OR what anyone else says!  It's what goes on "Under the Covers", that gets you pregnant.  IF it weren't for Pure, Blatant, Plain & Easy to See "LOGIC"...we'd ALL be Geniuses!  # Our HAPPY HALLOWEEN Costume:  Brother-Sister Family Combo called... “Lower Dong” & “Lower Denom”...  This "Process" will BE OVER...  OCTOBER: “PARTY ON THE PATIO”. AMEN!...without a Doubt...All in our Opinion...

9-29-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin   Article quote:  "A coalition of state law to collect signatures to dismiss President Fuad Masum for the leadership of the leader of the coalition for the presidency of the Republic. Maliki is currently the first deputy of Masoom."  This is exactly what Maliki has been trying to accomplish for 2 years. ...since Maliki controls the Supreme court through Mahmoud, it will be interesting to see how this is dealt with. It also states in the constitution that occurrence of death or impeachment, the Pres. position goes to the first deputy which is Malik.

9-29-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Article:  "Foreign Minister receives the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq"  Quote:  "...the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Mr. Jan Kubic...said that...Iraq has returned to the international scene, and there is more cooperation and work required for the reconstruction of Iraq."   Well well! ...This is a doozy...this is on Thursday the 28th of September 2017.  Today is payday.  Tomorrow is closed through Sunday.  Oh wait is that a holiday again that was recently imposed?  If not, it is the new beginning of the fiscal year and the beginning of reconstruction post expulsion..  A fancy way of not saying LIBERATION is in effect! Imo if the stage for Abadi to address it openly on his turf is not set, shut the frkn door! Imo wow.

9-29-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana    [...For something that was in the strike zone nearly 7 months ago, what zone is the HCL in now?]  Actually, I think this is a good thing! The referendum is meaningless - sure, they voted...All this does is put pressure on everyone to come together.   As far as a "strike zone", there have been plenty and there will continue to be more. When they decide to act on it, we win a bowl of RV soup. 

9-29-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   If Iraq is going to bring investment into Iraq, they need to meet compliance, and move to Article VIII so the dinar is more recognized globally. Freedom of movement of capital in and out of Iraq is a requirement for investors to participate in the rebuilding of Iraq. The economy will stall if the CBI cannot find a way to meet compliance and take the next step for the banking system. It clearly will have an effect on not only the economy, the banking system, monetary policy, employment and the citizens. There is nothing we can do except watch how this plays out with the hope a resolution comes sooner than later so the CBI can get back to what it needs to do.   I am not abandoning the dinar, this is not a "sky is falling" prediction, this is a factual explanation to the events of the Kurdish referendum that will need to be addressed by the IMF and the CBI. It will cause delays..which may be a few weeks or several months or longer. Time will tell.   [post 2 of 2]

9-29-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...As a result of the Kurdistan referendum, the Parliamentary Finance Committee has asked the CBI to suspend Kurdish banks from the daily currency auctions. It appears the CBI has confirmed they are in fact doing so with the documentation aboutWhat does this mean to us? It means that the decision to do this is counter productive to the goals set forth by the recent IMF Stand by Agreement and efforts from the UST and IMF to help Iraq meet the conditions to move to Article VIII.  ...the sole remaining obstacle was to demonstrate the CBI could manage the dinar within Iraq and maintain a spread between the Official Rate and the Market Rate (street rate) of 2% or less...the IMF requires this to he held for 90 days before compliance would be met.  The goal is 1200 to $1 or about.The decision now to prevent the Kurdistan region has had an effect on this spread as reported today it is now 1275 to $1 in the region.

The big Call bruce calls RV Again!


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Thursday Night  9-28-17  

Zig: Do countries ever use arbitrators?....lol....I know that you peeps in the law use them, right??....someone (or a few) that both sides trust will be objective...."COMPROMISE!!"..... ;angry

chattels: @Zig The World Court may utilize arbitration. I am not an familiar with International Law.

RVhavingagoodtime: I heard Judge Judy offered to handle the arbitration
RVhavingagoodtime: i don't have an article to support that statement, however.


Blackgold: @BREW what or who do you suggest we listen to

Blackgold: @BREW Its just entertainment

Baxter: yeh... I have been laughing now for almost 12 years....
Blackgold: @Baxter lol
BREW: @Baxter HI YA.

RVhavingagoodtime: Feel free to take a break then Baxter ha

Baxter: im goin to...tman said after oct 8

Blackgold: @Baxter Lets hope it won't be much longer

Baxter: yes..lets hope

Baxter: this is about the worst week of news coming out of Iraq in a long time
Baxter: stability? :hh

RVhavingagoodtime: The air of uncertainty

Baxter: slightly

Blackgold: there was never stability in Iraq or the middle east

Mmulcahy: Hello all. Watching packer, bear game but wanted to point out that the kurds voted 98% for independence in a non binding referendum in 2005 and look how far that went. And that was before they signed the constitution later that year which creates the potential problems of treason, etc.

Rest assured, the u.s. has made it clear to both sides that civil war is not an option. Posturing, political gamesmanship, leverage, call it what you want, but there is too much at stake and the inner circle of the coalition have come too far in their plan to have it all go down the drain.

Dave: At least the Kurds did something...all the GOI can do is postpone and delay All the stuff we have been waiting for

RVhavingagoodtime: Does that 98% include or exclude the "special" votes :-)

Whitelions: @Dave what do you think the kurds have done and where do they go from here ?

Romello: The United Nations is ready to resolve the "differences" between the central government and Kurdistan September 28, 2017 6:14 PM12

The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Kubic, on Thursday, the readiness to resolve the "problem" between Erbil and Baghdad against the backdrop of the Kurdistan Regional referendum

We at the United Nations are ready to help you solve the problem with Kurdistan," Kubish said during a meeting with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. Prime Minister Haider Abadi refuses to negotiate the results of the referendum The federal government has taken punitive measures against Kurdistan, most notably the closure of the air ports, to try to bring them to power in Baghdad


Blackgold: Iraq will always be subject to the IMF,UN,WB and our own Federal Reserve and if they get out of line, remember what happen to Saddam

Blackgold: Kadafi

Mmulcahy: The list is long

Blackgold: and Oh yes Manuel Noriega

Whitelions: @Romello I saw that but the only problem is Abadi wants to handle this his way as is his right .

Blackgold: Abadi the hand Puppet

Dave: @Whitelions Kurdistan is apparently semi automatous and have been getting screwed over since day one...I understand they are still clever enough to sell their oil on the sly

Romello: The Central Bank prevents four Kurdish banks from entering the currency auction An official source in the Iraqi banking sector, on Thursday, that the central bank decided to prevent the entry of four Kurdish banks from entering the currency auction.
The source said that "the Central Bank has decided to stop the banks of Erbil and the commercial region, and Jihan and Kurdistan from entering the auction of currency within the financial sanctions on the Kurdistan region." The source said, "The Central Bank stopped the system of remittances ...


Blackgold: Kurds deal with the Rothchilds, the are going just fine

Romello: A severe economic crisis surrounds Kurdistan two days after the referendum September 28, 2017 Baghdad - Journal News BAGHDAD - The Kurdistan Regional Council said on Thursday that the Kurdistan region is witnessing a severe and unprecedented crisis in food and fuel, denying Baghdad's exposure to a similar crisis.

 Saad al-Muttalibi said in a statement to the «Journal News», that "Baghdad will not be exposed to a fuel crisis or acute shortage of food because of the referendum held by the President of the Kurdistan region outgoing Massoud Barzani."

Dave: The good old USD well work for them......

Romello: "There is no food crisis in the capital or a rise in prices," he said. "The Iranian, Kuwaiti, Jordanian and Saudi borders are open, in addition to Arar port ready to work now and Trebil outlet." There is no food danger in Baghdad.

He pointed out that "Kurdistan is witnessing a fuel crisis, and that prices are experiencing a forced rise in the markets," and that "there are open lines of transport between Baghdad and the region, so that the residents of Kurdistan through which to get food from the capital Baghdad."

Romello: http://www.aljournal.com/%D8%A7%D8%B2%D9%85%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%82%D8%AA%D8%B5%D8%A7%D8%AF%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%AD%D8%A7%D8%AF%D8%A9-%D8%AA%D8%AD%D8%A7%D8%B5%D8%B1-%D9%83%D8%B1%D8%AF%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%A8%D8%B9%D8%AF-%D9%8A/

Mmulcahy: (No subject) MM Marc Mulcahy Tue 9/12/2017 11:26 PM Sent Items To: Marc Mulcahy (msouze@hotmail.com); Evernote Remember who started this nation building of Iraq.

And this is probably the best example of nation building in our history. Iraq was totally outdated, no 24/7 electricity, run by a tyrant and sitting on natural resources that put Iraq in the top 10 according the the WTO.

I think people get caught up and lost in the daily, weekly, and monthly happenings, trying to read things into every article. You know what I mean, all the "things that make you go hmmm", and "wink", and "is this the calm before the storm" nonsense.

 I prefer to work backwards. For instance, Who Started this nation building of Iraq by illegally invading it and reducing it to rubble? Who has spent the most money and put themselves in the best position to benefit the most from the new Iraq?

 Of course, the answer is the United States. Knowing this, how can the U.S. gain the most? Well, there is the access to cheap natural resources.

There is also an increased military presence with our many new bases supplying very important geopolitical opportunities and military capabilities , especially when it comes to Iran and Syria. And, of course, there is the whole reconstruction aspect. Iraq also provides the best alternative to the soon ending, as we know it, petro dollar.

 So, given that the United States has by far the most invested and the most to gain, do we really think that they are not going to leverage everything that can be leveraged in Iraq?

This obviously includes, and in a very big way, the Iraqi Dinar, so, you can bet that the U.S. Treasury prefers to have a whole lot of dinar that is actually worth something. Having a trillion dollars worth of dinar opens many long term possibilities whereas one billion dollars worth of dinar isn't worth their time.

Blackgold: @Mmulcahy sounds right to me

Romello: UN: We are working hard to rebuild Iraq Release date: 2017/9/28 19:15 The UN representative in Iraq, Jan Kubic, told Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari that the international organization attaches great importance to the process of rebuilding the country.

"During the meeting, Jaafari and Kubis discussed the security and political developments in Iraq and the role of the United Nations in solving outstanding problems facing the world countries.

Both sides agreed on the need to develop the work of the United Nations "He said.

Jaafari praised "the wide international movement in the United Nations and the interaction with international issues,"

noting that I aspire to move the United Nations from being a meeting of peoples to a forum to solve the problems of peoples. Jaafari also praised the role of the United Nations; Discussion table We are focusing now on the post-expulsion of gangs, which is the stage of building and reconstruction of the liberated cities."

 We call on the international community to redouble efforts to help us at this important stage and focus on the humanitarian side.

Romello: Jan Kubic said that Iraq today has the attention of the world , Especially after the victory achieved on the daisy, indicating: Iraq returned to the international scene, adding: There is more cooperation and work required; for the reconstruction of Iraq stressing:

 We are working hard to accomplish this task, noting: We are in the United Nations are ready To help you J solve the problem with Kurdistan and the international community with Iraq 's unity and territorial integrity. "


Romello: Economist warns of the consequences of preventing the sale of foreign currency to the banks of Kurdista Date of release: 2017/9/28 15:59 • [Ayna-Erbil] Economist Hamam al-Shamma warned of the results of the implementation of the decision of the Council of Representatives to prevent the Central Bank from selling foreign currencies to banks operating in the Kurdistan region and banks with branches in the region

He said in a press statement that this decision is the most severe types of economic blockade, which will touch the life of the Kurdish citizen and impose the condition of starvation because of the reflection on the trade and the supply of goods to the region as a result of the rise of the exchange rate in the parallel market in the region and even in the markets of Iraq in general He called on the "calm" and not to be dragged into escalation and auctions and to put the interest of Iraq above all considerations


Blackgold: they've been rebuilding Iraq for years now but they keep feeding us Bull that they are going to start. yea some places need help but if you google Iraq or Kunistan you'll see beautiful buildings

Romello: @Blackgold Yeah but they haven't paved the streets with gold yet. Last phase. lolol

Blackgold: @Romello lol you got me there
 Blackgold: @Romello lol
 Romello: @Blackgold :h5

Blackgold: @Romello I heard they have over 90 tons of gold, maybe they should start

Romello: @Blackgold Exactly. lol

Blackgold: @Romello lol

Romello: @Blackgold Build the real Golden Gate Bridge. lolol

Blackgold: @Romello lol you got it

Mmulcahy: Iraq has said that they plan on using some of the larger notes for inter-banking transactions which means that the 10k note will be worth 10k dinars even after the release of the lower denominations. I mean, why would they use the 10k note if it was only going to be worth 10 USD, or why use the 25k notes if they were only worth 25 USD?

No, theses notes would be better used foreign currency reserves, which they have already stated they will be doing, so when the coalition countries' banks exchange dinar with the citizens of their respective countries, those bills will maintain their value so the 25k dinar notes will be worth 25k dinars, and so on.

Only now, the dinar will have a new exchange rate. The Petro dollar also plays a roll here. Remember, the Petro dollar was set up partly to pay down the national debt and Iraq is an even better potential.

Also the U.S. treasury knows the 70 year run of usd as the world reserve currency is nearing it's end with the emergence of the sdr and other countries like Russia, Venezuela, and China creating new oil contracts without the USD.

The Treasury also knows that these new partnerships will be a driving force in the continued drop in the dollar, 10% already this year, and since increasing foreign currency reserves will help ease some of this drop in the dollar, it would be much better for the treasury to have a trillion dollars worth of dinar instead of a billion dollars worth of dinar, right?

Regarding articles and information we see daily on the various guru sites, keep in mind that its in Iraq's best interest, and actually their only way to survive a significant value increase, that they do not give any information that would lead speculators to believe that this would be a good investment.

In fact, it is necessary to mislead speculators so whether you think that this is a viable investment or not, it is only logical, and prudent policy dictates, that Iraq does not give any clues to their final outcome but instead, send

Mmulcahy: Thanks for the welcome

Mmulcahy: send out misleading statements and information. We have seen on numerous occasions where the CBI and GOI contradict their own statements regarding various currency issues, various monetary reforms and even their former progress against IS.

Blackgold: Lets face it everyone from the GOI to IMF on down the line to our Federal Reserve are all organized crime on the highest level and we won't see an RV until they are ready. bottom line
Mmulcahy: By the way, anyone following frank 26 should ask him why if his friend walking stick has been paying his 500 employees all in dinar and at a 1 to 1 rate for three months now, then why aren't ALL GOODS AND SERVICES AT THE SAME RATE?.

Blackgold: lol

Mmulcahy: for instance, someone making 100k dinars months ago would now be making about 100 dinars, so you can't be making 100 dinars per paycheck when a loaf of bread is still 2000 dinars, right?

MichelleL: @Mmulcahy lol now you're talking social security! Hellu Mmulcahy

chattels: Congressman Franks: US against blockade of Kurdistan Region By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/29092017

chattels: The Arizona Representative said. He went on to say that he did not think President Donald Trump would accept the blockade either. “I don’t think his administration will look upon that with anything but anger and frustration and it could even invoke action on their part.”

chattels: Canada to send promised weapons to Peshmerga despite referendum By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/world/28092017

chattels: I do not pretend to know the outcome of all of this, but the Kurds are not isolated, alienated and / or alone, IMO.

chattels: A deputy demanding the infallible ( President Masum, a Kurd ) to approve the removal of the governor of Kirkuk or to submit his resignation http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=66524

chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] Terrorist gangs on Friday set fire to two oil wells in the south of Hawija. "Terrorist terrorists have set fire to two oil wells in the Olas fields south of Hawija this morning to block the progress of the units," the media said.

 The commander of the armed forces Haider al - Abadi, announced at dawn on Friday, the start of the second phase of liberalization Hawija and all areas surrounding operations, stressing that the end of "gangs Daesh" and eliminate them become very close. " http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=66522

chattels: Iraq today receives three F16 aircraft, bringing its squadron to 21 fighters http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=66518

chattels: More planes than I thought.

chattels: [Ayna-Erbil] Economist Hamam al-Shamma warned of the results of the implementation of the decision of the Council of Representatives to prevent the Central Bank from selling foreign currencies to banks operating in the Kurdistan region and banks with branches in the region.

He said in a press statement that "this decision is the most severe types of economic blockade, which will touch the life of the Kurdish citizen and impose the condition of starvation because of the reflection on the trade and the supply of goods to the region as a result of the rise of the exchange rate in the parallel market in the region and even in the markets of Iraq in general" .

He called on the "calm" and not to be dragged into escalation and auctions and to put the interest of Iraq above all considerations. "


chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] The Central Bank of Iraq denied media reports on the suspension of the bank financial transactions with banks in the Kurdistan region after the referendum on secession. An official source said that the measure would harm the national economy, "especially since more than 30 percent of the total hard currency in the country is in the banks of the Kurdistan region." http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=66513

chattels: Thursday, September 28, 2017 War of Words Continues Between Baghdad and Irbil After KRG Referendum http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/09/war-of-words-continues-between-baghdad.html

chattels: I have opined for some time now that my sense about the Kurdish Referendum drama is that it is / will prove to be largely rhetorical and of little import other than to add uncertainty to uncertainty in Iraq.

chattels: I say again that all of this brouhaha is so unnecessary and really very strange on a number of levels.   It is rather surreal in a place that is already twilight zone fodder.

chattels: What does it all mean ? Tune in tomorrow for another edition of " Days of Our Dinar Lives " :)


chattels: Sorry about the caps, it was unintentional, but I a too lazy to retype it.

chattels: Who in here knows what I mean when I talk about going to Tara ?
chattels: “I'll think of it tomorrow, at Tara. I can stand it then." - Scarlett O'Hara, Gone With The Wind

chattels: And " After all, tomorrow is another day. "
chattels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_WkyalPOEI

Doug_W: INDEED IT is

chattels: And we also " learn " from " Gone With The Wind " that Tara is home, land, the only thing that matters, the only thing that lasts. Ask the Kurds, I think that they would agree. Forgive me, perhaps all this is just a " southern thing " of mine. Perhaps my interest in Kurdish independence is my reliving vicariously the failed effort of seccession in the American South in 1860-65. Some of us are trapped in time warps or born in the wrong time.

chattels: “In time, even death itself might be abolished; who knows but it may be given to us after this life to meet again in the old quarters, to play chess and draughts, to get up soon to answer the morning role call, to fall in at the tap of the drum for drill and dress parade, and again to hastily don our war gear while the monotonous patter of the long roll summons to battle.

Who knows but again the old flags, ragged and torn, snapping in the wind, may face each other and flutter, pursuing and pursued, while the cries of victory fill a summer day?

And after the battle, then the slain and wounded will arise, and all will meet together under the two flags, all sound and well, and there will be talking and laughter and cheers, and all will say, Did it not seem real? Was it not as in the old days?” — Private Barry Benson, Army of Northern Virginia, 1880 
​chattels: Shelby Foote on the Confederate Flag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9J8P6WfS7w

chattels: Ashkan Farewell


chattels: *** Ashokan

chattels: Mattis at Arlington Cemetery:


chattels: Sullivan Ballou Letter and Ashokan Farewell


Spectra: You must have partaken in civil war reenactments once in your life ..very nostalgic
Spectra: i love history !

Spectra: I am not a man but if i was i may think it could be fun dressing up ect.

Spectra: i have never seen one,but have found many musket balls on the grounds where i lived in merytle beach.My boys hand a small container full of vintage stuff they found in the dirt. in the woods

Spectra: A Civil War reenactment has been canceled at a Revolutionary War site in South Carolina because of security concerns. Sept. 19, 2017, at 7:11 a.m.. Civil War ... ;idn;

Spectra: My how things are different .That is unfortunate for those who enjoy this!

Spectra: https://youtu.be/naNmDUFu5TM Epic Civil War Reenactment [10,000+ Reenactors] - Gettysburg 2013 Pickett's Charge

Spectra: Steven Seagal Exposes Deep State Coup https://youtu.be/AOepX2Pn5mI



PD Member News Highlights & Comments  9-29-17

Kjwayne:  This was on another site and when I read it ,it hit home with me so I stole it to bring here. IF you don't agree ,OK! If the mods want to take it down, OK ! here it is !

“In My Opinion”

And now the thoughts from the Bipolar, ranting, crazy, JesusFreak that actually believes the word of God as it is written.   Yeah that's me, and you're all on the naughty list.  Except my little Kitty, she can sit on my lap ANYDAY. :lol:

Has any of ya'll given the thought that all of this is pure B.S.? I mean have ya'll been watching the price of oil in the last week? :eek:

There is one thing that the Arabs know and like more than butchering people and that is MOOLAA.     :bagofmoney::bagofmoney::bagofmoney::bagofmoney:
And with the price of oil busting $60 a barrel at just the thought of this happening, have ya'll considered what a week or so of this posturing will do for the cost of oil?


We recently saw that Barzani's net worth is approaching $400 billion dollars

We know that Maliki stole something in the neighborhood of $100 billion dollars.

But not one person has said a word about what Abadi has gotten.

Do ya really think that he's doing for Iraq all that he's doing and NOT expecting a return on investment?


I am postulating that this posturing will lift the price of oil to $70+ dollars a barrel, and that in the short duration we will see with the absence of the Kurds from Parliament those all important laws being passed under the muddy waters of imminent war with the Kurds.

What do you think all those meetings between Baghdad and the Kurds were all about?

Why has it not occurred to anyone that for Iraq to do something as radical as raise the dinar to .10 cents or even $1 dollar  that they would need to make it look like a complete mess before it happened?

We were told over ten years ago that just before the RV we would see what was to look like


And to support my theory I give you the Barzani's.

They have to know that this play will never work under the present circumstances.

But more importantly they have to know that if this was real it would most likely end with the death of all of the Barzani's.

Not even Maliki was this bold.

And the fact that Maliki is vehemently against this move tells me that the entire thing is a ruse designed to hide a miracle.

So don't dispair that your dreams of extreme wealth have vanished overnight.

And don't give up on your goals, for I have it that you will all get that which you so desire.

This ride is coming into the station.

Please remain in your seats until the train has come to a complete stop

Payray:   There is no telling who is involved in this scheme... Great post, and very plausible... Thanks KJ..

Teejay2:  Payray,  Completely agree!


Floridian:   Thanks, Jrose.
Iraq Escalates Dispute With Kurds, Threatening Military Action

ERBIL, Iraq — The Iraqi government escalated its confrontation with its northern Kurdish region on Wednesday, threatening to send troops and seize oil fields there and taking steps to shut down international flights to and from the region.

The moves came in retaliation for a referendum on Monday in which the region, Iraqi Kurdistan, voted decisively to seek independence from Iraq. Kurdish officials announced Wednesday that nearly 93 percent of voters approved the referendum, which aims to create an independent state for the Kurds, an ethnic minority in Iraq.

Iraq’s Parliament asked the country’s prime minister on Wednesday to deploy troops to the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, one of several disputed areas held by Kurdish troops but claimed by Baghdad, and to take control of all oil fields in the Kurdish region.

A decision to send troops would be up to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. He gave no public indication of his intentions on Wednesday, except to say he wanted “no fighting among the people of the country.”

He also sent a delegation from the Iraqi military to Iran to “coordinate military efforts,” a military statement said.

Iraq has called the vote illegal and has vowed to ignore the results. The vote has also provoked the Kurdish region’s two powerful neighbors, Turkey and Iran.

All three countries have been conducting military exercises near the border of Iraqi Kurdistan this week.

Iraqi troops, including Shiite Muslim militias incorporated into Iraq’s armed forces, are already in the Kirkuk area. While the city is controlled by Kurdish forces, Iraqi troops are fighting the Islamic State as part of an American-led coalition about 40 miles southwest of the city.

Iraq ordered Kurdish authorities to surrender control of the region’s two international airports, including the one in Erbil, or face a shutdown of all international flights, starting Friday.

Kurdish troops known as pesh merga seized Kirkuk in 2014, when the Iraqi Army fled an assault by militants there.

The inclusion of Kirkuk and other disputed areas in the referendum enraged the Iraqi government, which interpreted the move as a land grab. Baghdad has accused the Kurds of illegally selling Iraqi oil from the Kirkuk oil fields through a pipeline that runs into Turkey.

The Kurdish independence challenge is the latest crisis to rock Iraq in recent years. The country was controlled by Saddam Hussein’s regime until 2003, when the American invasion helped set off a brutal civil war and years of wrenching upheaval.

Just three years ago, Iraq lost a third of its territory to Islamic State militants. Now that the Islamic State is finally being driven out, Iraq is faced with losing a third of its territory and access to areas with oil and natural gas if Kurdistan breaks away.

Beyond the threats of military action, Iraqi authorities have struggled to come up with any meaningful punishment for the Kurds for carrying out the referendum. But with its move to shut down flights to the landlocked region, Iraq seems to have found a weak point.
Iraqi aviation authorities notified foreign airlines on Wednesday that it would cancel all permits to land and take off from two international airports in the Kurdish region as of Friday afternoon. The action followed an ultimatum by Prime Minister Abadi on Tuesday for Kurdistan to surrender control of its two international airports or face a shutdown of international flights.

The Kurdish Regional Government said Wednesday that it would refuse to hand over the airports. The region’s transportation minister, Mawlud Murad, called the Iraqi ultimatum “political and illegal.” He said the airports were critical to the American-led coalition’s fight against Islamic State militants.

Kurdish officials had planned to send a delegation to Baghdad on Wednesday to discuss the issue, but the offer was rebuffed.

On Wednesday night, Mr. Murad said that the Kurdish government had agreed to hold talks with Iraq about placing Iraqi government observers at its airports.

People celebrated on the streets of Erbil after the referendum results were announced. Credit Ivor Prickett for The New York Times

There was no immediate public response from the Iraqi government, but Mr. Abadi, speaking to Parliament earlier, said Iraq would not negotiate with the Kurds unless they annulled the results of the vote.

He said he had warned the Kurds “of the consequences of the crisis with Kurdistan.”

“The preservation of the security of the citizens of the country is our priority,” he added.

At least six airlines — three Turkish companies, the Lebanese carrier Middle East Airlines, Royal Jordanian and Egypt Air — started notifying passengers on Wednesday that they were canceling regularly scheduled flights from the airports in Erbil and Sulaimaniya.

Baghdad can make good on its threat because the Iraqi civil aviation authority oversees all airports in the country, including the two international airports in the Kurdish region.

The threat to cancel landing and takeoff permits would force international airlines to cancel flights to those airports because insurance risks would be too high, according to Robert W. Mann Jr., a former airline executive who is now an industry consultant.

“The issue turns on which entity controls Kurdish region airspace and airports,” Mr. Mann said. “Unless and until the autonomous region is given that control, Iraq controls and can ban, blockade or embargo air service to airports under its control, much as Qatari airports have been embargoed or blockaded by nearby nations. Faced with such a restriction, most commercial airlines would comply, in part due to warnings by their insurers.”

The Turkish Consulate in Erbil said that Turkish airlines were working to increase their seat capacity in an effort to get all passengers out of the Kurdish areas before the flight ban took effect on Friday afternoon.

Without international flights, getting in or out of Kurdistan would require going through Turkey, Iran, Syria or Iraq, where there are also threats of a blockade.

The Iraqi Parliament urged the government on Wednesday to close off its land border with Kurdistan.

For years, the Kurdish authorities in Erbil have controlled their own borders with Turkey and Syria. Mr. Abadi has demanded that all borders return to full Iraqi central government control by Friday.

A Turkish and Iraqi joint military exercise in Turkey near the border of Iraqi Kurdistan. Credit Ilyas Akengin/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Turkey’s customs minister, in remarks carried by Turkish state television, said that the main land border crossing between Turkey and the Iraqi Kurdish region remained open, although he would not say for how long that would remain the case.
Turkey is the largest trade partner with Iraqi Kurdistan, and the road border is used for much of the cargo trade. Turkey also is the transit country for the oil pumped out of areas controlled by the Kurdish authorities to the world market.

Turkey and Iran have opposed the referendum and any moves toward Kurdish independence, fearing unrest by their own Kurdish minorities.

Kurdish authorities in Erbil announced on Wednesday that 92.7 percent of those who went to the polls on Monday had voted for Kurdish leaders to seek independence. About 72 percent of 4.6 million registered voters cast ballots, with about 2.9 million voting yes to independence and about 224,000 voting no, the Kurdish Independent High Electoral Referendum Commission reported.

The referendum does not automatically trigger a declaration of independence but sets in motion a series of moves toward the establishment of a Kurdish state. The most important one of those may be negotiations of a separation with Iraq, which Iraq has refused.

American officials opposed the vote because they feared it would destabilize Iraq, stir ethnic conflict and undermine the American-led coalition.

Kurdish pesh merga fighters have played a central role in the coalition’s operations against the Islamic State militants, fighting alongside Iraqi Army units.

The Kurdish region’s president, Massoud Barzani, pushed for the referendum in hopes of obtaining a strong public mandate for eventual independence that he could use to begin negotiations with Baghdad.

Kurds have been celebrating since Monday evening, setting off fireworks, honking horns and affixing flapping red, white and green Kurdish flags to their automobiles. Government billboards promoting Monday’s independence vote were still in place on Wednesday.

New York Times
Follow David Zucchino on Twitter @davidzucchino and Margaret Coker @nytmargaret

David Zucchino reported from Erbil, Iraq, and Margaret Coker from Ankara, Turkey. Reporting was contributed by Muhammad N. Mahmud from Erbil, Carlotta Gall from Istanbul, Falih Hassan from Baghdad, Nour Youssef from Cairo and Hwaida Saad from Beirut, Lebanon.

Kjwayne:  This could be a big mess! OR it could be a plan to get the leaders of the KURDS, caught with stolen goods in their pockets to SHOW the people . Iraq equals Corruption to the nines !
  they been doing it for years and they are good at it !   SHOW TIME is Friday ! 
​Sailrat:  It is a big mess.    Iraq goes from one big mess to the next.  I feel sorry for the citizens.

BAD2DABONE:  What is happening Friday? I keep hearing this from others but have no idea what's happening...

Jacktt:   Baghdad threatens to "shutdown of all international flights to Erbil starting Friday."

JugDawg1:   Iraq better watch their step here. I'm thinking the Peshmerga may just end up handing them their ****

DCMJ:    I agree Juggy I just don't get it how this went south very quickly.

Payray:    Whatever!.. Lets just blow up everything over a little ole referendum... Geez!... Not going to happen folks... Think diversion as many are focused upon this (what I believe to be fabricated) crisis... While the IMF just gave the Iraqi government the thumbs up...

No concern by the entities that truly matter... It has been business as usual from an economic standpoint as borders are opening with countries like Jordan, agreements are signed, and meetings continue as we prepare for what will certainly be a huge celebration once the smoke is driven away...

Platinumroof:   Malfunction Junction..sick of all of them...beady little people. None of this nonsense is a diversion either. These people are to stupid for that. Sorry..venting



Debritt:  What is really mind boggling is I have always thought that Barzani and the Kurds were less corrupt than the rest of Iraq. They wanted to force the rv through. They also wanted the HCL and Article 40 to pass that the citizens could get paid.
Goodtimes1:  Just when You think you have figured out what Iraq is doing they add another level of confusion

Greyeacle1:  Hmmmm Let's see, The Kurds are reported to be 12% of the population but control 30 % of the economy. Hmmmmmm !!!!!

Absynth:  "Dej'a Poo"- the feeling that you've heard this Crap before!!

Lilypad:  GM TNT. The Kurds are a non issue with what we seek. We do want to hear from Abadi that ALL of Iraq is liberated. The UN arrived yesterday and is in meetings with Iragi authorities.

Phantom809:  Iraq’s next battle: corruption -- Iraq’s former industry minister,​ Mohammed Alderajy, is brutally honest about the country’s culture o​f corruption and resistance to reform. The banking sector is far from ​immune. He says a new attitude is needed if Iraq is to improve its pro​spects for reconstruction. https://www.euromoney.com/article/b14xwvdhrl04ry/iraqs-next-battle-cor​ruption

Phantom809:  Turkey and Russia on same page regarding territorial integrity of Iraq​, Syria, Erdoğan says -- Turkey and Russia are on the same page regar​ding the territorial integrity of both Iraq and Syria, President Recep​ Tayyip Erdoğan said Thursday in a joint press conference with his Ru​ssian counterpart Vladimir Putin. -- https://www.dailysabah.com/diplomacy/2017/09/28/turkey-and-russia-on-s​ame-page-regarding-territorial-integrity-of-iraq-syria-erdogan-says
Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Sept. 29 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 29 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Sept. 28 2017 8:00 pm EDT GCR Situation Report "Check Please!": "Check Please!" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - September 28, 2017

1. Tactical teams (SWAT) have been told to report for joint training exercises nationwide this evening after 8pm EDT.

2. The fifteen day bank schedule for the RV starts after business ends today Thurs. Sept. 28.

3. The USD is ending in the banks Fri. Sept. 29 and on the master sovereign ledger on Sat. Sept. 30.

4. Our elected leaders are frauds. Our corporate government is on life support. Our currency has defaulted. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Then there's Puerto Rico, which after two category five hurricanes devastated 3.6 million American citizens, the US Military has intentionally been held back in order to create untold suffering.

5. This weekend ends the Cabal timeline, and begins ours!

6. The off site redemption centers will be able to process all privates before Tues. 8am EDT per the bank memo.

7. Monday is a travel day for bank personnel heading back to their home bases.

8. We are in a crazy good window starting at 9pm EDT tonight Sept. 28 and going through the weekend.


B. Sept. 28 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Iraq will put out new rates sometime Sun. Oct. 1.

2. The fines and penalties payments started this afternoon Sept. 28.

3. The Admiral's group will be paid out by tomorrow afternoon Sept. 29.

4. Memos have gone out to the redemption centers with an exact schedule to start our redemptions. We don't know when it starts, but it ends Sun. night Oct. 15 at midnight.

5. John Q. Public will start Oct. 16.

6. New UN operational rates are in place. The new Forex rates are in place.

7. The Internet group exchange rates were on the back screens this morning Sept. 28 and moving upward. The currency rates are about where they should be for our redemptions.

8. The US TRNs have been gold-asset backed for over a year. The USN has been gold-asset backed for several weeks, but nothing has been declared to the general public.

9. The exchange of USN to Federal Reserve is a 1:1.

10. This GCR is going to the very end of the month - which is Sat. Sept. 30. We should have a very wonderful weekend.

11. There are some large humanitarian programs that will be funded Sat. Sept. 30.

12. We have been told that there will be no new intel allowed to go out as of 6 pm EDT today Sept. 28.

13. Bruce will send an 800 number email out to those who have registered on the Big Call Universe: http://bigcalluniverse.com/


C. Sept. 18 2017 RV Intelligence Alert:

1. The US Federal Reserve Dollar (USD) was expected to default by Oct. 1, which would render the (Cabal's) USA, Inc. defunct.

2. Once the USD defaulted, military action would begin with activation of the Emergency Broadcast System, followed by the new gold-asset-backed US Treasury Note (USN) replacing the USD, Trump resigning, Pence pardoning Trump and then mass arrests.

3. The RV was to begin during these events.


D. Sept. 28 2017 1:47 am EDT Emergency Alert System Test, Jeff: Emergency Alert System Test 9/27/17" by Jeff - 9.28.17

A national test of FEMA's Emergency Alert System occurred today Sept. 27 at 2:22 pm EDT, as previously notified.


E. Sept. 28 2017 4:18 am EDT Intel Situation Report: "Sweden" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - September 27, 2018

1. It was written here that a mid-October conclusion would be the logical structural end to the RV. That date still holds true per memos released to banks yesterday stating a fifteen day RV execution schedule.

2. The memos didn't say the USA, Inc. facade government runs out of money USD Sat. at midnight Sept. 30, 2017. There's no way to get more money unless it's the USN.

3. The Elders have accepted responsibility for the sudden collapse of the Western banking nations in order to implement the global financial reforms.

4. They have pulled the release trigger, and now wait on the dark Cabal's own collapse via the Israeli controlled US Senate.

5. These turbulent US healthcare disputes are really about tax reform being leveraged by the Cabal since there's no more money come Sat. night Sept. 30, and Obamacare subsidies would run out should there be an end to USD.

6. America structurally cannot RV without mandatory tax reform laws being in place because the Republic's GESARA treaty agreement mandates a maximum 20% corporate tax rate and universal healthcare.

7. There were pallets upon pallets of new USN currency being dropped shipped into regional exchange centers by military helicopter and jet fighter escort.

8. Nobody bothered to tell Wells Fargo because Wells Fargo no longer controls their own exchange centers. Wells Fargo did everything in their power to stop the RV.

10. I hear Sweden is lovely this time of year but extradition isn't so difficult. Tough choice for Cabal planted cockroaches of exactly where to run when all the lights come on Sun. Oct. 1.


Militiaman: Article:  Foreign Minister receives the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq   2017/09/28 |  Media Office 
It is the UN, the keys to Internationilsim being handed over is it not? -MM 

StephenMac63:  Very possible, they all just had the UN General Meeting that ended what, two, three days ago? Not much has happened since, I bet Jaafari hasnt even finished unpacking yet.....and the UN shows up........unfinished business perhaps?

Samson:  British Foreign Secretary confirms to Abbadi his country's clear position on the unity of Iraq

 28th September, 2017

Al-Abbadi's office said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that the latter had received  a telephone call from the British Foreign Minister, Mr. Boris Johnson, and reiterated Johnston's clear British position on Iraq's unity and territorial integrity and his country's support for the measures taken by the Iraqi federal government to preserve the unity of the country. And to provide the necessary assistance. "

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Thursday stressed Britain's clear position on Iraq's unity and territorial integrity.  For his part, Abadi said "the importance of the decisions taken by the Iraqi government to implement the law in accordance with its constitutional powers and duties and to avoid the risks of division and undermine the security and stability of Iraq," and praised the efforts and endeavors in support of the unity and security of Iraq.   LINK


Samson:  Iraq heads the First Committee of the United Nations

 29th September, 2017

Iraq presides over the meetings of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, which is one of the most important and most complex committees in the international organization.

A statement by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Friday, 29 September 2017, " in a big step and an important achievement of Iraq diplomacy, Iraq 's terrace on Thursday, the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations concerned First Committee for Disarmament Affairs."

"The permanent representative of the Republic of Iraq, Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum, started his duties as the elected president of the committee and presented to the member states a detailed report on the mechanisms to be adopted by Iraq during his presidency of the committee.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry pointed out that "the chairmanship of the First Committee in the General Assembly of the United Nations is one of the biggest challenges for any Member States, as the Committee is one of the most important and most controversial committees for the attention of a large number of files are sensitive to the Member States of the United Nations, Nuclear capabilities and high armaments, which seek the Member States of the United Nations to reduce those capabilities and the increase in the increase in armaments because of its impact on international peace and security and the sustainability of life and the global environment in addition to other areas related   LINK


Samson:  The Nineveh Council refers the file of questioning the governor to parliament about the fate of 230 billion dinars

19:50 - 28/09/2017

Nineveh provincial council revealed on Thursday the transfer of the file of questioning the governor Nawfal al-Aakoub to the House of Representatives, pointing out that the questioning will be about the fate of 230 billion dinars disappeared as well as files of administrative corruption.

A member of the provincial council Hossam al-Abbar for / information / "The Nineveh Provincial Council on the file of questioning the governor Nawfal al-Akoub to the House of Representatives and there are signatures collected by the deputies of the province and handed over to the presidency of parliament."

He added that "the questioning will be during the next sessions on charges of financial corruption files and estimated more than 230 billion dinars," noting that "the house of those files funds allocated to the displaced, which is estimated at 65 billion and the funds of resettlement and stability, amounting to 45 billion as well as the balance of the province of regional development Which amounted to 120 billion dinars. "

"Among other cases, he allowed the referendum to be held in 16 administrative units of Nineveh without taking any action," he said.



Russell:  Friends, romans and countrymen lend me your ears. How grand it would it have been if those that came before the good doctor were also correct. Example our beloved Okie, Wife in the know, Twelvth man, Bluewolf excetra. Whose next? Ain't that what we love about this saga? Always a new hero to grab our heart strings. Hope and faith keep us in the game . Point is don't take anybodies post too seriously and take this ride for the fun and entertainment it provides. Anything else is just a bonus! Love y'all

DR. CLARKE: Hey Russell, great point. Spot on.
Except, THIS TIME. THIS TIME.....OCTOBER is your month.....to "Party on the Patio"...... FOR SURE. FOR SURE. FOR SURE.
You'll "SEE" during the first 3 weeks, what We ALREADY "SEE" Right Now......as the "MOVE" begins Saturday. (keyword "begins")


It's what goes on "Under the Covers", that gets you pregnant.

IF it weren't for Pure, Blatant, Plain & Easy to See "LOGIC".....we'd ALL be Geniuses!


Brother-Sister Family Combo called…… “Lower Dong” & “Lower Denom” ……with all the Bells & Whistles (maybe a pink TooToo (TuTu) (2-2), a Football helmet, Light-Saver, Can of silly string, Purple Harmonica, Leopard print Wine Skin, and…. a Tooty Fruity condom.....maybe 2. )

This "Process" will BE OVER.......

Remember Our 7-27-17 Post: NOVEMBER - "Who Cares?"   Link

BE CHILLIN, please.

HAPPY FRIDAY!……(there aint many left, to be SURE)

All in our Opinion, based on our Beliefs, Views, Guesses, Hunches, Predictions and of course, “IL-LOGICAL” spot on, sometimes flawed, Reasoning & devoid Religious upbringing, within our Upside Down Spirituality, in the presence of Sarcastic Angels, singing Hallelujah to “Stairway to Heaven”, in a low mumbo jumbo type, monotone choir of voices, that are resonating to the frequency of the higher glory, of the Vibration of Love, within the Source of that which is, “All that Is”.
Boom Boom for us Dotards, Retards, Leotards, PopTards, OldFards, SweetTards, CrackTards and Know it Tards.

OCTOBER: “PARTY ON THE PATIO”. AMEN!……….without a Doubt.

WATCH..........brotha's & sista's.......WATCH.