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IQDCalls Chattels & Tman23 Chat Early Tuesday AM 9-25-17 

chattels: US: Our 'historic relationship' with Kurdistan wont change despite referendum By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/26092017

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The US state department has said that despite being “deeply disappointed” by the Kurdish independence referendum, its relations with the Kurdish people “will not change.”

chattels: Of course it will not and other nations will follow suit, IMO.

chattels: “The United States opposes violence and unilateral moves by any party to alter boundaries,” the statement read. The Kurdish officials, including President Masoud Barzani and Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani insist that the referendum is not to redraw borders. They say such issues, among others, are open for negotiations with Baghdad.
chattels: President Barzani however repeatedly said that they will never agree to negotiate the so-called Green Line that used to separate the Kurdish Peshmerga and the former Iraqi regime before the invasion, meaning that Kurdish forces will not withdraw to pre-2003 borders.

chattels: So, it reads as though there is little compromise in negotiation by Erbi with Baghdad.

chattels: The answer must be the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution.

tman23: Kurdish leaders say that the date is not an independence day, rather a start of a long battle which will ultimately lead to independence.

"We will ourselves not initiate a clash or a fight," said Rowsch Shaways, a former deputy prime minister of Iraq and the head of the Kurdish delegation negotiating with Baghdad, was quoted to say. "We are pledging dialogue and a peaceful solution."

chattels: The referendum vote in the Kurdistani / disputed areas is not substitute for the census and vote under Article 140.

tman23: Rowsch Shaways,......He is connected 6 ways to Sunday to every British business investment group

chattels: @tman23 To some extent the Kurds may invite an attack by Baghdad.

tman23: Barzani and Joe Biden have a special relationship and often meet outside of Washington....... Barzani has a redisnce outside Washington in Virginia and a very large support group

chattels: @tman23 I understand Iran's position I think, but the great mystery in all of this is the posturing of Turkey. Your thoughts ?

chattels: @tman23 I am waiting with bated breathe to learn whether Turkey is going to stop the export of oil through the pipeline.

tman23: Turkey cut off Kurd news channels.....Their fear is an uprising of Kurds living in their territory

tman23: @chattels .....That would have to be coordinated with Abadi...... and then you have 1 million displaced people in the Kurd region..... I do not think it is in the best interest of Abadi to shut down the Kurd region....

chattels: @tman23 I get the fear factor, but their rhetoric seems extreme to me. Certainly such things must have been discussed about the eventuality of conflict between baghdad and Erbil and what TurKey would do years ago as the pipeline(s) were being constructed ?

chattels: @tman23 I agree about the leverage with / over the displaced persons although I think that the number is closer to 3 million.

tman23: @chattels ..... It could go sideways in a hurry......But I do not believe Shaways and Barzani and these names with outside connections were not being coached

chattels: @tman23 Perhaps the posturing of Turkey is mostly talk and if there is no violence then their position will moderate. Barzani thinks so perhaps.

chattels: @tman23 Baghdad has a certain selective and hypocritical outrage. It was not long ago that Baghdad was threatening Turkey over Bashiqa.

tman23: @chattels ..... I wonder about Russia and their large commitment to Kurdistan oil.....

chattels: @tman23 At the end of the day it is perhaps a huge gamble by Kurdistan and as you say could get sideways in a hurry.

tman23: @chattels .. and not long ago they shot down a Russian military jet (Turkey)

chattels: @tman23 What are you reading / thinking about the October provincial elections in Kurdistan ?

chattels: @tman23 I have only seen where Salih may be a " candidate " to replace Barzani.

tman23: @chattels ..... I called that thought a few weeks ago but have not seen any writing of such.......Just was a suspicion since he and Barzani were in Brussels together....... Kinda the same alliance that was for the President of Iraq at the time

Happy: Good evening! Not sure if this has already been posted. "Kurdish citizens and deputies voted "no" and others did not participate"

tman23: @Happy ..... The headline reads like ......Maliki working at the printing press late......

chattels: @Happy Hi. Looks like fake news / propaganda to me.

Happy: Hi Chattels..:) well we will know for sure tomorrow

tman23: @Happy ..... The excitement in Kurdistan was at a fever pitch........ Security was great and no incidents reported...... To bad the rest of Iraq doesn't work this way

chattels: @tman23 Former KRG PM Barham Salih registers own political entity to run in elections http://www.rudaw.net/mobile/english/kurdistan/160920173
chattels: @Happy True.

tman23: @chattels ...... Yes, I seen that one article........ Iran does not like Barham ........They feel he is to connected to Washington...... So he would be Barzani's choice.......

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 5h5 hours ago Replying to @UticaRisk Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted Paxx An independent Kurdish state will have to be done in stages over decades. Confederalism for now is most possible. https://twitter.com/UticaRisk?lang=en

tman23: @chattels .... Masum had a solution ......I believe the above is the starting point...... Many may be surprised at how fast this is settled........

chattels: @tman23 I have opined that it was mostly rhetoric and unnecessarily contentious, except that Abadi was under pressure to act by the National Alliance.

tman23: @chattels ..... I like the optics

chattels: @tman23 As Allawi said, and I am paraphrasing, the sun will come up tomorrow after the referendum. It is not the end of the world.

tman23: @chattels .....The west was dissed per se' .......media showed Iraq , Kurdistan went against the recommendations........ Just like a currency reform.......the optics for the west is clean hands........ Iraq does as they will....... I often wonder about the pointing fingers........but the optics right now is perfect cover

chattels: @tman23 So, you thinking that there is value in the dinar in all of this in the near term ?

Boomer: So Bazani got his butt kicked, 60% turnout, evidence of voter fraud.

chattels: @Boomer ?????????? Where is that coming from ?
Boomer: I got it off Franks Show
chattels: @Boomer Ok

tman23: @chattels ...... I believe they have to begin reconstruction ASAP...YESTERDAY !!! ... And cannot afford not to have a quick reconciliation of sorts with Erbil....... I think we are in the best position ever to get an answer.....on where yhe currency is going

chattels: @Boomer High turn out for independence referendum in Kirkuk


chattels: @tman23 Interesting.

chattels: @Boomer Counting begins after high voter turnout in Kurdistan referendum By Rudaw


tman23: @chattels ...... I am told Basra is ready to explode.....Abadi needs security forces there..... Problems with the popular crowd.....rogue militia..... Abadi cannot afford a skirmish in Kurdistan........ They lose Basra and the whole thing begins to crumble........

chattels: @tman23 My sense is that Basra has much to complain about to / with the corrupt elite in Baghdad.

chattels: @tman23 Has Baghdad ever distributed the $ 5 per barrel to Basra ?

tman23: @chattels ...... It is not just bad.......It's a terrible bad......And their complaint is their resources have been taken and nothing provided....... Homeless....... piles of garbage......no services....... Ugly down there !!
chattels: @tman23 Very little in the news about it.

tman23: @chattels ...... Iraq government needs to do a 180....... Barzani is no fool.......You do not survive all these years stuck between enemies without being smarter than them........

chattels: @tman23 At least that I have seen.

chattels: [Oan- follow - up] Oil prices hit the highest level in more than two years during trading on Monday after Producers Major said that the global market is on its way back to balance , while Turkey has threatened to halt oil flows from flying Kurdistan region to its ports.


chattels: I find myself wondering whether much of this " crisis " over the referendum in Kurdistan is a ploy to increase oil prices.

tman23: @chattels ......I'll see if I can dig up a video of a few weeks ago I got from Iraq......Basra....live.......one off cell phone and one news channel...... The cell phone one I believe is on office computer..... Reality hits hard !!

chattels: @tman23 Thanks for sharing.

tman23: @chattels ....Start of 2018 we start selling off US reserves.....

tman23: @chattels .......Saudi's will pump whatever it takes to not allow Iran control......and we know the others who fear Iran expansion are on board

chattels: @tman23 Does that bespeak confidence in the reasonable supply and price of oil ?

chattels: @tman23 Or does the sale of reserves depress the price of oil ?
chattels: @tman23 As you know, i know nothing about economics.

tman23: @chattels ...... I do not understand the price at the pump....... 2.01 one day.......6 hours later go by and it's 2.29...... then drop a penny here and there and reach 2.15.......then jump 20 cents overnight........ SAME GAS IN THE TANKS AS LAST NIGHT ???

chattels: @tman23 Price at pump seems at times to reflect refining capacity / availability.

tman23: @chattels .......I believe more important is the manufacturing increase once infrastructure rebuilding begins.....here in the USA and world...... the manufacturing and purchasing of goods = more oil = higher price

chattels: @tman23 Or maybe it is just collusion and price fixing.
chattels: @tman23 I am a confessed moron about such things.

tman23: @chattels ...... I will go with collusion and price fixing........

Cree: @chattels Hi there: Are there any results from the referendum?
chattels: @Cree Nothing official until later in the week I expect.

chattels: @Cree Rudaw reporting high turnouts.

Cree: @tman23 Do you think that Abadi will let the Kurds push the RV button? (hehe)

tman23: Kurdistan news is QUIET....... either everyone is celebrating the history made........OR laying low with national news not to fire up the regimes

chattels: @Cree One report says 93% + " Yes ".
chattels: @Cree History in the making.

tman23: @Cree ...... Abadi is talking tough........ he does not want to be the one to lose Iraq or a part to the Kurds...... He really needs to reach agreements and open the doors to reconstruction.......... But they seem to always choose destruction ....... They excel in demolition

chattels: What's next after Kurdish independence vote? Amberin Zaman September 25, 2017

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/09/iraq-kurdistan-region-independence-barzani-turkey-syria-iran.html#ixzz4tl192KGC
Cree: @tman23 I totally agree. Seems without the corruption, etc. so much more could be done, so much sooner....

chattels: Russian energy giant Rosneft signed a multi-billion dollar deal this month to produce and transport Iraqi Kurdish gas and oil. It seems highly improbable that the Russians would have proceeded without guarantees from Ankara for Rosneft to pump the oil and gas through and to Turkey, all part of a burgeoning Russian-Turkish alliance calculated to balance American influence in the region.

 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/09/iraq-kurdistan-region-independence-barzani-turkey-syria-iran.html#ixzz4tl1szSBO

chattels: the prevailing consensus among KRG leaders is that economic dividends will likely trump Turkey’s fears that an independent Kurdistan on its borders will inspire its own Kurds to break away.

That would leave Iran loathe to be left holding the can, relinquishing Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkish economic and political influence. Iraqi Kurdish leaders reckon, therefore, that any Iranian sanctions will be more bark than bite.

 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/09/iraq-kurdistan-region-independence-barzani-turkey-syria-iran.html#ixzz4tl239IKr

chattels: Unusually, and unfortunately, for the Iraqi Kurds, their most critical military ally, the United States, has made common cause with Iran and Turkey in pushing Barzani to scotch the referendum as well. This is because of its potential effects on the political fortunes of its close ally, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Administration officials speaking to Al-Monitor on strict condition of anonymity aired worries that the referendum could even lead to the collapse of Abadi's government ahead of Iraq-wide parliamentary elections scheduled for April 2018.

Barzani may well be calculating that the Kurds can only benefit from the ensuing chaos, allowing them to declare full independence.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/09/iraq-kurdistan-region-independence-barzani-turkey-syria-iran.html#ixzz4tl2KEzUo

chattels: the day after the referendum, the KRG will set about negotiating a smooth divorce from Baghdad. “We hope to discuss boundaries, sharing of natural resources, diplomatic representations abroad, all with a view toward full independence.”

 And what if Baghdad were to refuse? “We will cross that bridge when we get to it,” Dizayee said. The same holds true for all of the undeniably big challenges that lie ahead.

 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/09/iraq-kurdistan-region-independence-barzani-turkey-syria-iran.html#ixzz4tl2i6Hy6

chattels: Refugees’ fate in limbo as Iraqi Kurdistan referendum nears Dilshad Hama Khidhir September 21, 2017 Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/08/iraq-kurdistan-displaced-refugees-mosul-arab-sunni.html#ixzz4tl3hfOpA

tman23: Zembari was asked about the possible harm to the Abadi re-election...... Zembari said there are no guarantees he would be re-elected with or without a Kurd referendum, BUT Kurdistan would do all they can to help him get elected again

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 7h7 hours ago Replying to @UticaRisk Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted M.K If Abadi survives, it may be his hardline shift the past two week that saved him. https://twitter.com/UticaRisk?lang=en

tman23: That statement by Zembari, who was bounced as Finance Minister and the prosecuted by the courts for misuse of 2 billion dinar.......(less than 2 million usd) ......

Sounds like he still supports Abadi as does Shaways....... The Shiite are in their own battle trying to nuetralize the Maliki regime.......who by others opinion in the dinar community was DONE and GONE........******

chattels: American witness to signing of Iraq's constitution believes many articles violated By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/250920172

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — With the Kurdistan Region holding a referendum on independence that Baghdad has deemed to be unconstitutional, a US diplomat who played a role in drafting the 2005 constitution recalls that Kurds were "very clear" about accepting and abiding by it if the central government respected it.

tman23: @chattels ..... I had my battle with all of them........ I posted a hundred times.....Anything I say about currency is just my opinion and speculation.......

If I post something and say I was told...... it is 99.9% fact and dead on target....... I can take what i get told and tie it to my novice opinion on currency to speculate a conclusion........which has not been right......but had good solid reasoning behind it........

chattels: "If the Baghdad central government respects the new constitution, the Kurdish regional government will remain in a united Iraq," Ford recalls, describing Barzani as "very clear about the conditional agreement."

chattels: "I remember that in 2005 the Kurdish political leaders were nervous that the Baghdad government under Prime Minister Jaaferi and a Shia majority parliament would not respect all the constitution obligations," wrote Ford. "The American government promised it would help ensure the constitution was respected."

tman23: @chattels .... Nobody spoke up when Baghdad was violating the constitution.......NOT A PEEP !! But they sure can bring the document up when thyt want to prosecute outside the party....... Barzani does not lie...... that I can say.....he does what he says and he says what he means

chattels: a few years later, Ford explained, "Washington pledged to help ensure respect for the constitution and a power-sharing deal between [PM Nouri al-Maliki], the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs."

chattels: The Americans again brokered "power-sharing in order to win Kurdish votes for Prime Minister Abadi." Ford claims the deal has since been broken because Article 85 still remains unimplemented.
chattels: "And the Council of Representatives with its Shia Islamist majority last week tried to fire the governor of Kirkuk even though the constitution does not give them this authority," wrote Ford.
"The American government promised it would help ensure the constitution was respected."

tman23: @chattels .... Nobody spoke up when Baghdad was violating the constitution.......NOT A PEEP !! But they sure can bring the document up when thyt want to prosecute outside the party....... Barzani does not lie...... that I can say.....he does what he says and he says what he means

chattels: a few years later, Ford explained, "Washington pledged to help ensure respect for the constitution and a power-sharing deal between [PM Nouri al-Maliki], the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs."

chattels: The Americans again brokered "power-sharing in order to win Kurdish votes for Prime Minister Abadi." Ford claims the deal has since been broken because Article 85 still remains unimplemented.

chattels: "And the Council of Representatives with its Shia Islamist majority last week tried to fire the governor of Kirkuk even though the constitution does not give them this authority," wrote Ford.

chattels: On Monday, PM Abadi ordered Iraqi forces into the disputed or Kurdistani areas, claimed by both capitals.

chattels: ?????????????

chattels: Have not read the foregoing anywhere else.

tman23: @chattels ....he said that if Baghdad fails to listen.......Kurdistan will claim independence March 1st..... Kurd New Year......

tman23: @chattels ..... parliament was to hold a vote to sack Masum...... and all kurd members...... And send troops to Kurdistan...... have not heard anything from Kurds on any such action

chattels: The repeated failed diplomatic assurances and guarantees are what Abadi has said are no longer good enough I believe.

chattels: @tman23 I think that Baghdad has backed off on the Masum impeachment. Such would likely be the end.
chattels: @tman23 The list of constituional violations by Baghdad are long according to Ford.

chattels: @tman23 - With Article 65, no second parliamentary house was established - With Article 92, no national supreme court was established - With Article 84, no law to govern the intelligence services was passed –

With Article 80, top military officers are being appointed by prime ministers without the mandated approval of the Council of Representatives - With Article 9, militias are forbidden, but the government pays the Hashd al-Shaabi which "are often political" –

With Article 140, the disputed territories should have been resolved in 2007 - With Article 112, the oil law "gives both parties a role, but they still haven't negotiated how to manage the oil sector." - With Article 85, no Council of Ministers was established

chattels: Monday, September 25, 2017 Another Pause In Anbar Campaign While Iraqi Forces Push On Hawija http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/09/another-pause-in-anbar-campaign-while.html

tman23: @chattels ....That was my thought....... Constitution says President is a Kurd....... If he is gone who can you elect that is not of the same Kurd support.....Which would end the constitution because of all other violations...... Baghdad really has no argument in any international court.......

chattels: The west Anbar campaign was on pause once again. The routine has been for the Iraqi forces to take a town, and then spend time to clear it and the surrounding roads and highways of explosives. That is going on now.

The Islamic State also executed its governor for Ana and 27 of his followers accusing them of fleeing the battle. Next up for the joint forces are Rawa and Qaim in northwest Anbar, and then to sweep down the border region.

chattels: After most of the left coast of the Shirqat district was freed the Iraqi forces moved onto the perimeter of Hawija. Federal Police commander General Raed Shakir Jawadat said that 90% of Shirqat was under government control, and 234 IS fighters had been killed.

His forces then moved on 9 villages in the southern section of the district, the Hashd advanced on Zarga and the Hamrin Mountains along the Salahaddin-Kirkuk border.

The Rapid Reaction Forces and Hashd attacked Zab freeing several towns. By September 24, the Joint Operations Command announced the Zab River region, the area around Zawiya, the northern part of the Makhoul Mountains and several villages west of the Tigris were all in the government’s hands.

The plan has been to take Shirqat, and then move onto Hawija proper. The former is almost done, and now the joint forces are taking the outskirts of Hawija before taking on the town itself.

chattels: Despite all the heated rhetoric about the up coming Kurdish referendum, the Peshmerga and army reached an agreement about Hawija.

chattels: Meetings were held under the auspices of the U.S. led Coalition. The two sides agreed that the joint forces would conduct operation in south Kirkuk and the Kurds would send troops if needed. Peshmerga artillery would also assist with the operation, and the Kurds would take in displaced and hold their current positions to the north.

Originally, it was hoped that the two would assault Hawija from north and south in a pincer movement, but that quickly faded as controversy over the referendum spread. At least a deal was made so that the two wouldn’t conflict with each other. 
​chattels: Hawija is largely Sunni and the Kurds have stated that land retaken with Kurdish blood will remain Kurdish.

chattels: All of it makes for a complicated situation post DAESH and ripe for conflict.

chattels: Regarding the disputed areas, Ford says even after 2007, the Americans had a "perfect chance" to facilitate a solution.

"There were thousands of American soldiers in the area of the disputed territories," wrote Ford, adding that Christopher Hill was then US Ambassador to Iraq and had experience negotiating settlements in the Bosnian civil war.

tman23: @chattels ..... Waited for call from Kurdistan but they must be celebrating heavy......check news sites and no updates which is odd also........ going on 2;30 am......... I shall call it a night and get a few hours sleep.....

chattels: "Washington pledged to help ensure respect for the constitution and a power-sharing deal between [PM Nouri al-Maliki], the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs." The 19-point agreement negotiated in 2010 by then US Vice President Joe Biden "urged Barzani to support Maliki's second mandate as Prime Minister."

 As ISIS gained power, the Americans were largely silent and didn't exert "serious pressure" on Maliki until the spring of 2014. The Americans again brokered "power-sharing in order to win Kurdish votes for Prime Minister Abadi." Ford claims the deal has since been broken because Article 85 still remains unimplemented.

chattels: @tman23 Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for the fellowship.
chattels: And that's the way it Tuesday morning, September 26, 2017. Good night from the eastern edge of America.


Study: International Protection if Iraq's Smuggled and Frozen Funds, 26 SEPT



International protection of Iraq's smuggled and frozen funds in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions

Hassan Karim Aati

Money is one of the elements of power for entities, formations and intellectual and ideological gatherings. The State is the most prominent of these formations, as a political entity whose recognition of its existence derives from international law and the recognition of States as political entities.

These entities vary accordingly recognition, they are legal if approved by international law, and illegal if it is violated. It is also distributed to international, regional and local organizations.
Those funds belonging to political entities were characterized by public funds, or by the public body represented by the political entity. They are not owned by management in those entities. Therefore, the administration can not act on them except on the direction set by the General Assembly for it. Otherwise, this is a crime that entails legal accountability. The most prominent of these funds is the state funds, which is called the term "public funds" because they are owned by the public authority represented by the state administration, which is the people.

The international community and international law have attached great importance to these funds in order to reduce the Administration's mismanagement of the people, including the attention of the United Nations, through the General Assembly or through the Security Council, in dealing with these funds, Based on the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, on the use of force in the resolution of international disputes or on the response of rogue States to international legality. And with the aim of achieving international peace and security, the two purposes on which the United Nations has been based since its inception in 1945, as the alternative to the League of Nations, which has failed to prevent world wars.

Among the States that have been subject to resolutions of the UN Security Council, based on the articles of Chapter VII, Iraq after its occupation of Kuwait. The most resolute decision to deal with the situation in Iraq was resolution 661/1990 of 6 August 1990, in which the international embargo on Iraq began.

International political variables and their relationship with Iraqi funds

The decisions of the UN Security Council regarding the Iraqi funds, whether related to public funds, or the funds of moral entities or individuals, of the international political variables in the region, mainly for issuing or amending or adding new resolutions. Some are directly related to the State of Iraq, or to Iraqi citizens. And some indirectly related to it, but related to political developments in the region or the world. But in any case it does not depart from two main axes.

The first relates to resolution 661/1990, under which the international embargo on Iraq was imposed and later developed to be limited to the funds of the former regime.

The second relates to combating the financing of terrorism.

The third axis will be on proposed solutions to recover Iraq's smuggled or frozen funds and in accordance with relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

The first axis is the funds of the former regime in the resolutions of the UN Security Council
1. The resolution (660/1990) of 2 August 1990 was the legal basis for resolution 661/1990, whereby Iraq was required to comply with international law by withdrawing from Kuwait. In its preamble, which states the reasons for its publication, the preamble to the substance of the resolution (660/1990) and decides under paragraph 1 thereof that Iraq has not complied with paragraph 2 of resolution 660/1990,

2. The resolution (661/1990) was characterized by general features, including that it was hasty, compared to similar treatments of international crises dealt with by the UN Security Council, both international and domestic crises or conflicts in the world. The political and diplomatic effort did not give enough time to deal with the crisis between Iraq and Kuwait.

3. Resolution 661/1990 was adopted in its legal basis on the articles of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, and was a natural right to self-defense, individually or collectively, in response to the armed attack by Iraq against Kuwait. Under this resolution, the Security Council has taken a series of measures of capacity, so that it has never been treated in the same way with an international crisis or armed conflict in the world throughout its history since 1945 until its promulgation. Its outcome is linked to Iraq's compliance with paragraph 2 of resolution 660/1990 and the return of power to the legitimate government of Kuwait.

The resolution includes a ban on all funds originating in Iraq and Kuwait, namely the importation of goods and products / activities of nationals of States in the territory of Iraq and Kuwait (any sale or supply / abstention by all States of the provision of any funds or financial or economic resources to the Government of Iraq).

4. Although this decision led to the weakening of the political authority in Iraq before 2003, and its low popularity at the international and local levels, it did not distinguish between the catastrophic damage to the general public and the activities of the political system targeted by the resolution. As a result of the magnitude of the disaster inflicted upon the people of Iraq and the international pressure exerted by humanitarian organizations, the contents of the resolution were discussed more than once, including the so-called smart sanctions, which later became the oil-for-food memorandum of understanding.

5. In accordance with paragraph 6 of resolution 661/1990, a United Nations Security Council Committee consisting of its members was established and its functions were defined in subparagraphs (a) and (b) of the same paragraph. It was noted that the resolution had been adopted by a majority vote of 13, with Cuba and Yemen abstaining.

6. As a result of the great political change in Iraq, represented by the collapse of the former regime and the submission of Iraq to the occupation, the UN Security Council issued resolution 1483/2003 at its meeting of May 22, 2003. The preamble, which is the reason behind its publication, Including the importance of disarming Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and ensuring the ultimate disarmament of Iraq. The situation in Iraq remains, despite its improvement, a threat to international peace and security. Under this resolution, the Committee formed by resolution 661/1990 was abolished and a new committee was established.
7. It should be noted that resolution (1483/2003), when abolishing that Committee, was not among the reasons for it, paragraph 2 of resolution 661/1990, concerning the return of power to the legitimate government of Kuwait. Therefore, in our view, resolution (661/1990) is considered a loss of legal legitimacy after the liberation of Kuwait. Because the reasons called for by all of them and contained in the preamble have been the liberation of Kuwait. Which has made the people of Iraq under the weight of poverty, destitution and poverty for more than a decade of the international decision has lost legal legitimacy. And to make the corrupt regime exploit the most abhorrent exploitation to humiliate its people and achieve its political objectives by using the Iraqi people as an excuse for international confusion and human shields to protect themselves from international sanctions
8. Pursuant to paragraph 19 of resolution 1483/2003, the Committee formed pursuant to paragraph 6 of resolution 661 (1990) was abolished and a new committee was established, including the individuals and entities covered by the freezing of funds in accordance with paragraph 23 thereof. This measure narrowed the Iraqi funds under seizure and made them linked to subparagraphs (a) and (b) of the same paragraph.

(Funds, other financial assets or economic resources of the former Government of Iraq, government bodies, institutions or agencies outside Iraq), funds or other financial assets or economic resources removed from Iraq or obtained by Saddam Hussein or other senior officials of the regime The former Iraqi and their immediate family members, including entities owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by such persons or persons acting on their behalf or at their direction. In accordance with paragraph 12 of this resolution, the Development Fund for Iraq was established under the custody of the Central Bank of Iraq and imports are used transparently to meet the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people and to rebuild the economy and rehabilitate the infrastructure in Iraq. Resolution (1483/2003) and paragraph 22 provided for the protection of such funds with privileges and immunities equal to the privileges and immunities enjoyed by the United Nations.

9. The resolution (1483/2003) ended the embargo imposed on all Iraqi funds under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and worked to limit it to the money of the former regime's ilk, in any form related to it or to the institutions administered by or on behalf of, or on behalf of, Freezing and arresting them, and returning them to the Iraqi people by depositing them in the Development Fund for Iraq associated with the Central Bank of Iraq, imposing protection on them and providing legal immunity for them from lawsuits brought against it by international parties.

The decision was part of a wide range of measures adopted by the international community to provide opportunities for building Iraq and to reduce the debt owed under the Paris Club Agreement. As well as asking countries to help the Iraqi people and their legitimate and constitutional institutions to build the Iraqi state.

10. The resolution (1483/2003) was of great importance, as it represents the first step towards the withdrawal of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, which was imposed from 26 August 1990 until the issuance of this resolution on 22 May 2003, which began with resolution 660/1990 because of the occupation of Kuwait, And became linked to the transfer of power in Kuwait to the legitimate government, and exit from its territory. The resolution (1483/2003) was related to the disarmament of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and its status, despite improvement, continues to threaten international peace and security.

11. In the context of the political support of the emerging State of Iraq after 9/4/2003, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1511/2003 in its session of 16 October 2003, in which it reaffirmed its previous resolutions, including resolution 1483/2003, related to. "The international support for the restoration of conditions of stability and security is essential for the well-being of the people of Iraq, as well as for the ability of all parties concerned to carry out their work on behalf of the people of Iraq, and welcoming the contributions of Member States in this regard, 2003).

With this decision, the Iraqi Governing Council was explicitly recognized as the representative of the State of Iraq. "The Governing Council and its ministers are the principal organs of the Iraqi Interim Administration, which, without prejudice to further developments, embody the sovereignty of the State of Iraq during the transitional period until a representative, internationally recognized and responsible Government is established Which is vested in the Authority).

12. This resolution urged UN Member States, under paragraph 19, to prevent the transit of terrorists to Iraq, their access to weapons and the prevention of funding that would support terrorists.

On the subject of the study, no change was made to the committee formed by resolution (1483/2003), whether in terms of functions or composition. But increased it further by paragraph 24, which required all Member States to immediately transfer Iraqi funds and other financial assets and economic resources to the Development Fund for Iraq for the benefit of Iraq and in compliance with its obligations under paragraphs 19 and 23 of resolution 1483 2003).

13. In accordance with Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, the Security Council, on 24 November 2003, adopted resolution 1518/2003, which declares in its preamble the importance of all Member States fulfilling their obligations under paragraph 10 of resolution 1483 2003). In accordance with paragraph 1 of resolution 1518/2003, a committee composed of all members of the Council was established immediately to continue, pursuant to paragraph 19 of resolution 1483 (2003), the identification of the individuals and entities referred to in paragraph 19 of that resolution, Including by updating the list of entities and individuals identified by the Committee established pursuant to paragraph 6 of resolution 661/1990, and reporting to the Council on their work.
14. It is noted in resolution 1518/2003 that it abolished the Committee formed under paragraph 19 of resolution 1483/2003, which in turn abolished the Committee formed under paragraph 6 of resolution 661/1990. The resolution, however, remained in effect from resolutions 661/1990 and 1483/2003 and paragraph 2 of which: Guidelines and conventions already approved by the Committee established pursuant to paragraph 6 of resolution 661/1990, And (23) of resolution (1483/2003). The new Commission was empowered to amend the guidelines and to familiarize itself with any other considerations. As well as the possibility of authorizing it to be entrusted with the additional task of monitoring the fulfillment by Member States of their obligations under paragraph 10 of resolution 1483/2003. Which makes this paragraph operative in resolution (1518/2003).

15. It is clear from this that the political variable at the international and local levels has led to the change of the Committee formed under paragraph 6 of resolution 661/1990 in terms of functions and responsibilities and in terms of the type of funds that have been imposed and frozen, Iraqi and Kuwaiti finance, and prevented the disposal of the former Iraqi government on 9/4/2003. Until the change came to the work of this committee in resolution (1518/2003), which imposed a freeze on the funds of the former regime's alms, and work to return them to the Iraqi people through the Development Fund for Iraq, and the imposition of protection and guarantee them.

The second  pillar is the freezing of funds related to combating the financing of terrorism

1. As a result of the increasing phenomenon of terrorism in the world since the beginning of the nineties and onwards, the UN Security Council has issued several resolutions, in which it worked to address this phenomenon as a direct threat to international peace and security, including resolutions (715/1992) concerning Somalia, (1994) concerning Rwanda, resolution 1132 (1997) concerning Sierra Leone and resolution 1267/1999 on Afghanistan, which will be dealt with later in connection with the situation in Iraq and resolution 1518/2003 concerning Iraq and the Committee established thereunder, Resolution (1483/2003), resolution (1533/2003) concerning the Congo, resolution 1572/2004 and Pleasure S Côte d'Ivoire, and resolution (1591/2005) concerning the Sudan, and resolution (1636/2005) on Lebanon and the assassination of Hariri, and resolution (1718/2006) on the DPRK.

2. These decisions were made by individual solutions relating to each case, according to the country being subjected to a terrorist threat or according to terrorist activity on its territory.

3. All of these resolutions included the formation of committees linked to the UN Security Council, including the freezing of funds, financial assets and economic resources of terrorist groups or entities accused of terrorism. And reports to it.

4. In order to unify the procedures in the work of these committees, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1730/2006 at its meeting on 19 November 2006. The Preamble stated that it is committed to establishing fair and clear procedures for listing and removing the names of individuals and entities in the sanctions lists , As well as granting exemptions for humanitarian reasons).

Which indicates the desire of the Security Council to grant individuals and entities that freeze funds under the above-mentioned resolutions the opportunity to object to the freeze on their funds, to oppose this freeze and to provide the grounds that exempt them from accountability under those resolutions.

5. In accordance with paragraph 1 of its resolution 1730/2006, the Council established, for the implementation of its purpose, a focal point for receiving requests for de-listing from the "sanctions lists" lists associated with all the committees established by the relevant resolutions of the Security Council. In paragraph 2 thereof, the Committees should revise their guidelines in accordance with the annex attached to it, labeled (Procedure for graduation).

6. Iraq has invested the international situation in the fight against terrorism and issued a system of freezing terrorist funds No. (5) of 2016. It adopted the resolutions of the UN Security Council in figures (1267/1999), (1373/2001), (1988/2011) 1989/2011), and other relevant resolutions.

7. The link of resolution (1730/2006) with frozen Iraqi funds:

a. Note that Resolution 1730/2006 is directly related to the decisions related to Iraq, specifically the funds of the former regime's rulers. Resolution 1518/2006 was included among the resolutions covered by its provisions. The Committee, which is formed, shall revise its guidelines pursuant to the annex to resolution 1730/2006 and thus become bound by Iraq.

B. The resolution (1730/2006) does not relate directly to Iraq with regard to combating the financing of terrorism. However, Iraq's adoption of the Terrorist Freeze No. 5 of 2012 on a set of resolutions, including resolution 1267/1999, which was contained in resolution 1730/2006, makes the Iraqi freeze system binding on the provisions of its annex.

It should be noted that the resolutions adopted by the Iraqi Terrorist Assets Freeze System in general and that all States Members of the United Nations can adopt them in the freezing of terrorist funds.

8. General remarks on the resolution (1730/2006):

a. The resolution regulates the work of all the committees established by UN Security Council resolutions, including resolution 1518/2003 on the funds of the former regime, resolution 1267/1999 adopted by Iraq in the Terrorist Assets Freeze Law No. 5 of 2012, Names for individuals and entities from the freeze list.
B. The resolution did not affect the provisions of the Security Council resolutions in question, in terms of content, as well as the obligations of States in accordance with those resolutions towards the State for which the decision was made or in the interest of the situation in which it was dealt with.

C. The resolution did not preclude the right of States or the State concerned to add names of individuals or entities to the freezing lists, and in accordance with the reasons for such decisions.

Dr.. Under this resolution, there is no direct relationship between the individuals or entities with the request to remove the name from the freeze lists, or the Governments proposing the name, with the sanctions committee established by the UN Security Council resolutions. But rather the indirect relationship, through the coordination center established by this decision, and by receiving requests, and informing the applicant of the decision of the sanctions committee.

E. On the basis of this decision, it is sufficient to recommend only one member of the Committee to be removed from the list, to include this issue on the agenda of the sanctions Committee.

And. After the request for the removal of the name from the Coordination Center is referred to the Sanctions Committee and one month has elapsed and no member of the Committee has recommended naming, the application shall be deemed rejected and the Chairman of the Committee shall inform the Coordination Center.

G. Any government or government that has reviewed the request for removal from the freeze list may request an extension of the period referred to in the resolution, to provide answers that support its position on the name or stay, provided that it is time-bound.

9. The mechanisms of decision (1730/2006) according to its annex:

a. The resolution established a focal point for requests for removal from the freeze list. The Center accepts applications from: (owners / from the country in which they reside / from the country of their nationality).

B. The Coordination Center shall verify: (if the request is repeated and / or / does not contain new information), the application shall be returned to its presenter.

C. If the application is approved, the applicant will be notified of the receipt and the procedures taken.

Dr.. The Coordination Center shall transmit the request: (to the proposing Government, to the Government of the country of residence and nationality), for the purpose of flag and comment. Governments shall consult with the proposing Government and may consult through the Coordination Center if they so agree.

E. After consultations (if any of the Governments recommended naming), that Government should send its recommendation to the Chairman of the Committee or through the Coordinating Center, the request for the removal of the name would be placed on the agenda of the Sanctions Committee.

And. If a Government objects to the request for removal of the name, the Coordinating Center shall notify the Committee of this and shall submit a copy of the objection. Any member of the Committee who has information supporting the removal of the name must inform the opposing State.

G. After three (3) months, if any Government that reviewed the request for a name has not indicated any comment, or has not made it clear to the Committee that it is processing the de-listing request and requested an additional period of time, Of the request. Any member of the Committee, after consultation with the Government or Governments proposing the proposal, may recommend that the name be removed from the list by a request to the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee, together with clarification in this regard. To include a request for removal from the freeze lists, only one member of the Committee is recommended. If one month has elapsed and no member of the Committee has recommended that the name be removed, the application shall be considered rejected and the Chairman of the Committee shall inform the coordinating center.

H. The focal point shall transmit all communications received from Member States to the Sanctions Committee for the purpose of information.

I. The focal point shall inform the applicant of the following:

- Decision of the sanctions committee to accept the request to remove the name from the freeze list.

- or that the process of considering the de-listing request within the Committee has expired and that the applicant will remain on the freeze list.

The third axis is the recovery of Iraq's smuggled and frozen funds related to the former regime and the financing of terrorism in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council


as the procedures described in the annex to resolution 1730/2006 are binding on Iraq when considering applications for lifting the freeze on the funds of the former regime, in order to cover the resolution (1518/2003) of its provisions, As well as the freezing of terrorist funds under the Terrorist Assets Freeze No. 5 of 2016 by adopting resolution 1267/1999. In order to include this resolution, Iraq must prevent the unlawful lifting of such names from the lists of the freeze, Iraq, to ​​take proactive preventive action to avoid this happening at the domestic and international levels.

A. At the local level:

First. To identify the relevant national authorities to provide information about terrorists and the former regime, and to inform them of the names on the freezing lists, in order to provide the Committee for the freezing of terrorist funds with information about them, so that the Committee may respond to the Ombudsman.

Second. To designate a liaison between national agencies concerned with the provision of information on terrorists and the former regime and the freezing committee, to invest time in providing information and to respond promptly to the Committee. The subject matter of the application is governed by periods of limitation.

Thirdly, The Committee for the Freezing of Terrorist Funds shall hold extraordinary meetings, in addition to periodic meetings, in the event of requests for lifting the names of the sanctions lists to lift the freeze. Or if necessary, taking into account the time limits for the implementation of such requests.

Fourthly. Requests for the removal of names from the Coordination Center or the Sanctions Committee are very urgent and urgent and should be deposited directly and immediately with the Terrorist Assets Freeze Committee, taking into account the time periods set forth therein.
B. At the international level:

First. To adopt diplomatic modalities by establishing a point of contact between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Coordination Center, the Sanctions Committee and the Ombudsman for all requests for removal from sanctions lists and international resolutions.

II. To notify the Coordination Center, the Sanctions Committee and the Ombudsman of the need to inform Iraq through the Iraqi focal point at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs early on of all requests for lifting the freeze in accordance with resolutions (661/1990, 1483/2003, 1511/2003 and 1518/2003) ), As they relate exclusively to Iraq, as well as requests related to the lifting of the freeze on terrorist funds when they relate to (Iraqi funds) and / or (Iraqi individuals or entities) and / or (signed on Iraqi territory).

Thirdly, The Iraqi contact point associated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall consider these requests as very urgent and shall inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately, taking into account the time periods specified therein.

2. Proposed procedures for activating the recovery of the former regime's money according to the UN Security Council resolutions:

a. At the local level:

First. Establishment of a database of funds transferred from countries to the Development Fund for Iraq, a statement of its amount, and the return of those funds.

Second. The establishment of a database of funds covered by UN Security Council Resolutions (661/1999), (1483/2003), 1511/2003 and (1518/2003), the amount of such funds, their places of deposit or presence, and their return to Iraqi natural or moral persons , And the amounts transferred to the Iraqi government.

Thirdly, Paragraph 22 of Resolution 1483/2003 is in force as described above. It represents the safeguards and immunities for Iraqi funds. The Committee for the Freeze of Terrorist Funds must invest maximum if dealing with requests for removal from the sanctions lists at the national level. Consideration of these applications before the Iraqi courts or upon request from international bodies.

Fourthly. To instruct the relevant authorities in the Republic of Iraq to investigate the names of the names of the decisions in question, in addition to the funds indicated in our study, entitled "The Iraq Money Laundering Crimes," published in the "Al-Shaab" newspaper, dated 15/1/2017. Or on our website at (civilized dialogue).

Fifthly. The Ministry of Justice shall provide the relevant authorities with the number of cases it has established outside of Iraq relating to the Iraqi funds smuggled and / or frozen in accordance with the Security Council resolutions related to Iraq or related to combating the financing of terrorism related to Iraq and the latest procedures and results thereof.

B. At the international level:

First. The Government of Iraq, through diplomatic means, to request the Secretary-General of the United Nations to obtain uncles to all States Members of the United Nations to impound the immediate seizure of funds registered or located on its territory under the names covered by resolution (1483/2003) and immediately transfer them to the Government of Iraq The provisions of paragraph 24 of resolution 1511/2003.

Second. (1) and (2) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to approach the Member States of the United Nations and each State and request Iraq's notification of movable and immovable property in its banks or territories belonging to the names covered by resolution (1483/2003) from him.

Thirdly, To request the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in paragraph 24 of resolution 1483 (2003), to provide Iraq with copies of the reports, which are to be provided by his Special Representative mentioned in paragraph 12 of the same resolution, on the work of the International Advisory and Monitoring Board Contained in the above resolution.


"Drop Back and Punt" by Truthseeker - 9.26.17

"Drop Back and Punt" by Truthseeker - 9.26.17


It's Tuesday morning September 26, 2017 and there has been no RV and no GCR. After reading some very encouraging posts throughout the previous week (and weekend), we find ourselves being strapped back into the Currency Coaster for another week's worth of twists, turns and drops. I urge all currency holders to take a deep breath and try to look at the positives. So what are the positives?

• After years of wondering whether the RV/GCR will occur, there is absolutely NO information to state otherwise - Positive

• There are signs in many places indicating a gold backed system is coming and imminent - Positive
• The U.S. economy and most global economies are so deep in debt there seems to be no other solution other than a complete reset (a switch-over from fiat based to a gold backed) - Positive

• Speculative currency rates appear to be rising (although we seem to be hearing this from most Intel providers, we Dinarian's have no way of truly verifying this) - Kind of Positive

• The NPTB appear to be removing and/or neutering the cabal's leadership (this based on information we are reading daily from most Intel providers, once again we Dinarian's have no way of verifying this) - Kind of Positive

So we do have some positive things taking place. However I do advise all currency holders to remain grounded, because no one knows the timeline and/or end result and no one will until something happens.

Just a footnote: Last week Bruce stated on his call that by Monday morning the RV/GCR would have taken place and any country that was not compliant by this time would no longer have a tradable currency on the Forex. Everything remains the same and all countries are still tradable on the Forex system!

Let's see what this week brings forward....

Try to remain positive and grounded

GO RV   Truthseeker


Abadi has been hard at work while the UN waited, all planned.  Re: Referendum vote:  What the Kurds are doing is just a rebellion - the UN said no, and no means no.  The Kurds were caught stuffing their ballot boxes and the referendum failed, that is why months ago we said pay no attention to the Kurds - this was all planned.  The 48 hrs are up - and Abadi is just about ready to make his speech/ or made it!  Abadi knew about the 25th months ago - he now needs to make a public speech that the whole of Iraq is now FREE, Welcome International world.  Then they go directly into article 8. The big screens are up and right where they need to be.  We are watching the next 5 days for Abadi's big speech.  Abadi has a date and month, but he can't say it... Next 5 days Abadi can now do what he wants as they are a completely liberated nation. He will make his speech in country.

KTFA: Highlights From Monday Night Conference Call:, 26 SEPT

Highlights From Monday Night Conference Call:

Frank26 .. Abadi has been hard at work while the UN waited, all planned.

Re: Referendum vote:  What the Kurds are doing is just a rebellion - the UN said no, and no means no .

The Kurds were caught stuffing their ballot boxes and the referendum failed, that is why months ago we said pay no attention to the Kurds - this was all planned

The 48 hrs are up - and Abadi is just about ready to make his speech/ or made it!

Abadi knew about the 25th months ago - he now needs to make a public speech that the whole of Iraq is now FREE, Welcome International world.

Then they go directly into article 8.
The big screens are up and right where they need to be.

We are watching the next 5 days for Abadi's big speech.

Abadi has a date and month, but he can't say it... Next 5 days Abadi can now do what he wants as they are a completely liberated nation.

He will make his speech in country.


KTFA Monday Night Conference Call

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639     PIN: 156996#



Don961:  Investigations

373 billion dollars Barzani's wealth of money laundering and gambling

24/09/2017 09:30

Trend Press / Reports

A Turkish press report highlighted the activities of Massoud Barzani's illegal family in Kurdistan as a money laundering operation.

"One member of the Barzani family, Saman Sabr Barzani, owner of Zacros, regularly transfers millions of dollars to outside Kurdistan through Erbil International Airport,"the report said.

Noting that "once, he transferred $ 20 million dollars and confirmed the validity of these activities by Erbil airport director," Sirwan Ali Reza, "when he said," the rate of transfers to more than four times every three months. "

After that, the intelligence investigations officer, Barzani's son "delighted", opened investigations with the staff of Erbil airport, to find out the identity of the information lane.

Several members of the Barzani family are also involved in smuggling money to America, Lebanon, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany, as well as embezzling money, gambling and immoral activities, the report said.

The Barzani family has hundreds of billions of dollars in international banks, withBarzani's wealth alone estimated at $ 373 billion outside Iraq, the agency said.
Source: Eckord News      link


Don961:  Monday, September 25, 2017

Zimbabwe Says Strong Capital Markets Key to $100b Economy

Zimbabwe needs strong capital markets, credit rules and predictable national policy that attracts diaspora funding to help build an ambitious US$100 billion economy.

Government is targeting to accrue $1.2 billion in diaspora remittances this year, according to the treasury’s First Quarter Bulletin. This will be a 54% upturn from the estimated $780 million in remittances that came through in 2016, Dailymail online reported.

Panelists at the recent Financial Markets Indaba held in London concurred that a $100 billion economy is possible, leveraging on diaspora investment, taking a cue from other countries in the region whose economies have boosted by such remittances.

The indaba identified the diaspora as one of the low hanging fruits that could be utilized to speed up growth and bridge development gaps in agriculture, health, tourism and mining at a much faster rate than projected.

“In recent years, the African diaspora has supported many African economies through providing forex and supporting consumption for households. But the diaspora has capacity to do much more,” said program chairman and facilitator Patrick Muzondo.

“Panelists were able to identify mining, tourism, technology and health as the likely destinations of capital in Zimbabwe that could create a $100 billion economy.”

However, participants at the indaba also highlighted engagement and collaboration between government and the estimated three million Zimbabweans living outside the country as crucial in attracting diaspora investment.

One of the strategies in reaching out to the diaspora community is to instill confidence in the potential investors. “Confidence could be enhanced by reducing the cost of doing business in Zimbabwe, freely providing investment information to diaspora and reducing red tape,” said Muzondo.
 Raft of Reforms

Zimbabwe has suffered low investor confidence due to perceived risk emanating from negative media reports.

Government has, however, through the office of the president and cabinet spearheaded a raft of reforms under the rapid results initiative to improve the ease of doing business, attract investment and ultimately grow the economy.

Additionally, government also launched the diaspora directorate last year to enhance engagement and participation of the Zimbabwean diaspora community in the national economic growth agenda.

The diaspora community has contributed through remittances mainly for consumptive purposes, leaving a gap for investment in productive sectors.

Government’s initiatives are aimed at spreading its focus to include Zimbabweans living abroad to participate in the economic turnaround by investing back home.

Indications from the London Financial Markets Indaba are that Zimbabweans living abroad are also the key drivers of the booming property industry, especially residential, with panelists agreeing that real estate is one of the best asset classes to allocate capital.

Out of the estimated three million Zimbabweans living outside the country, nearly half a million are based in the United Kingdom while 1.8 million are in South Africa, according to the United Nations Development Program.



Briona:  Kurdistan is 100% dependent on oil sales and the pipeline goes right through Turkey. Since Turkey is against the referendum, this could be a big problem for the Kurds. One of many they may have to address.

NetGlobal:  Barzani is not even supposed to be in office but he has the suppport of his people. The Iraqi government is so corrupt it is just amazing. Just a mess all around. If they would just RV, I could forget about all of this and concentrate on the problems we have here at home

Lightspirit:  I believe that a united Iraq is a mighty Iraq and that scares at least one who wants to control the region

SwampyJack:  Its all about OIL ... riches, and control.... who has it, who controls it, and who is ultimately going to benefit from the OIL

RVAlready:  I don't like the idea of the GCR being held up over this. And it seems that the UN doesn't either.

ReaditNow:  rvalready, I don't really think this is being held up. My thinking, it really has no effect. We are on track…. There is a saying--"Never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing." Well, in the Middle East that is always taken to a whole new level. Where is your attention right now?

Lilypad:  I am still in the arena that Iraq we will see the RI on the CBI before the beginning of the physical year which is October 1…. The CBI is ready, all the banks in Iraq have been trained in international banking and taken courses in money laundering and counterfeiting--even the private banks-Abadi is cleaning the entire country of IED and mines and is making a door to door search for any Daaesh that are still lurking to give confidence to the world that Iraq is safe to do business--

Harambe :  --- Bloomberg: Turkey Warns Iraq Kurds It Can ‘Close ​the Valves’ on Oil Exports https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-25/turkey-warns-iraq-k​urds-it-can-close-the-valves-on-oil-exports

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iraqi Kurds Await Backlash After Millions Vote on Independe​nce https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-09-24/iraqi-kurds-to-​vote-on-independence-as-neighbors-send-warnings

Harambe:  Bloomberg: No Escape From Mugabe’s Madhouse Market for Big Money Man​agers https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-26/no-escape-from-muga​be-s-madhouse-market-for-big-money-managers

Phantom809:  Iraq refuses talks with Kurds about referendum results PM Abadi says B​aghdad will not discuss results of Kurdish independence referendum, ca​lling it 'unconstitutional'. -- "We are not ready to discuss or h​ave a dialogue about the results of the referendum because it is uncon​stitutional," Abadi said in a speech broadcast on state TV on Mon​day night. -- http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/09/iraq-refuses-talks-kurds-referen​dum-results-170926033646791.html

Phantom809:  American witness to signing of Iraq's constitution believes many articles violated -- ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — With the Kurdistan Region holding a referendum on independence that Baghdad has deemed to be unconstitutional, a US diplomat who played a role in drafting the 2005 constitution recalls that Kurds were "very clear" about accepting and abiding by it if the central government respected it. --
"PPP" by Carden - 9.25.17

I once heard that currency trading is estimated to average 15 T a day. And another 15 T is traded in short, (primarily) medium (5 to 7 years) and long term notes, bank guarantees, and other instruments are bought and sold daily through banks and settlement houses. Mind boggling amounts, maybe to some, but entirely viable with an average 500 M instrument value.

With the SDR, (the IMF special drawing rights financial instrument) in use trading any participating country's currency becomes obsolete and impossible. How long till the IMF's SDR is our global standard, I'm not sure. My guess is this coming February.

The trading platforms managing the buy/sell of financial instruments will be equally obsolete. My guess is the next big thing will be the buy/sell of carbon credits which is facilitated by the Paris Treaty and outside of the traditional banking, settlement houses but represents an equally huge amount. How many factories are there in the world? The PTW have a plan to continue to profit somehow, someway and without transparency so it's impossible to trace. Or that's been the story up to now.

We've had more than 70 years of platform trading. This was happening pre and post fiat dollars that has only escalated with modern technology. Of course, trading debt instruments is as old as recorded history. Shylock, in Shakespeare's, "The Merchant of Venice", tells a story as old as time.

The "by invitation only" kept the participation in PPP small. The very tough NDA kept the discussion small. The obfuscation by both legal and financial institutions surrounding this mysterious profit-making scheme kept the lid on any widespread understanding and subsequent participation. Even with all the lies hundreds of thousands of innocent people jumped into programs suggesting tantalizing huge returns such as Farm CLAIMS and others. These pools traded, profited and never paid to any participants. Although, we can bet that the banks and settlement houses were paid and continue to profit.

Until we have proof via release of the GCR, we can only hope the Financial System is changing. Transparency is still not in evidence other than via incorrect intel. Once the release of funds is truly given this world will definitely transform. Then the hundreds of thousands and millions of people suddenly in position to effect change will bring transparency as a norm. Won't that be a beautiful thing. It's the beautiful thing we can bank on.

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Sept. 26 2017

Compiled 1:01 am EDT 25 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington,

A. Sept. 25 2017 11:11 pm EDT GCR Situation Report: "Humanoid Hybrids": "Humanoid Hybrids" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - September 25, 2017

1. There would be no more USD recognized anywhere in the world as of midnight Sat. Sept. 30.

2. No good standing country in the world not named Israel, Ukraine or North Korea would dare recognize the USD at the risk of being removed from the new asset-backed financial system out of Asia.

3. Israel, Ukraine or North Korea won't be recognized either if their Cabal government leaders didn't fully surrender control of their bogus seats of power.

4. Japan, too, if it didn't settle debts between Japanese and Chinese sovereign families.

5. The New Powers That Be would be eliminating all remnants of the old Breton Woods financial system as of Sun. night Oct. 1.


B. Sept. 25 2017 11:29 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Cookies" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - September 25, 2017

1. At midnight-Mon morning Sept. 25 the Pentagon released bank contact information to their respective institutional board leadership contact teams. Now we're waiting on the military-run call centers to activate.

2. Timing was still unknown. Logically the RV was linked up to the fiscal year transition (on Sun. Oct. 1) and Trump's pending resignation.

3. Exactly how and when was uncertain. It depended on how much time they felt they needed to process the private exchangers before the USD money supply ran out (on Sat. Sept. 30).

4. The USN would be official Sun. morning Oct. 1 (the start of the first 2018 banking week).


C. Judy Note: On Sun. Sept. 24 Zap and Yosef reported: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 25, 2017

1. Abadi did not announce the RV over the weekend as expected because the Kurds were threatening to break away from Iraq. With the UN supporting a unified Iraq a referendum on the problem was scheduled for today Mon. Sept. 25.

2. As of Sun. Sept. 24 the RV could come literally at any second during this coming week.

3. The USN replaced USD as of 12:01am EDT Sept. 24.

4. Because the USD was now dead they needed a week on currency trading platforms starting Sun. night Sept. 24 in Asia to generate US 2018 fiscal year gold backed cash (USN) - as technically there was none until we RV'd.

5. Trading started Sept. 24 evening in Asia.

6. There would not be a shotgun start for a host of reasons, primarily due to the PPP structure which needed a week to generate new asset backed dollars for countries that converted over to new gold backed currency.

7. US Marshals were on standby.

8. Currency exchanges and Historic Asset redemptions were well underway. First funds were coming in this week (to Zap) to begin infrastructure.

9. The new US fiscal year 2018 would begin on Sun. Sept. 30, 2017 to certify tranche release for big projects.

10. The public exchange would be a regular (T4) banking activity per usual in US fiscal year 2018.

11. Currency exchange rates continued to climb. On Friday Sept. 22 the ZIM screen rate hit $3.68. VND was $24.72.

D. Sept. 25 2017 10:46 am EDT Benjamin Fulford:  https://benjaminfulford.net/

1. Trump was being blackmailed by the Khazarian mob  "Trump is trying to stay alive and keep his family from harm," the CIA sources say.

2. North Korea and Donald Trump take orders from the same Khazarian mobsters. The trail, as we shall show, leads to the Rothschild complex in Zug, Switzerland.

3. The Khazarian mob connection to Trump can be found by looking at who came up with the money to save him when he went bankrupt—the Rothschilds, whose headquarters are in Zug. http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-wilbur-ross-commerce-20161208-story.html

4. Trump, like his predecessor Barack Obama, was torn between two opposing forces—the U.S. military patriots and the Khazarian mob—so he has to flip-flop in public in order to keep both masters happy.

5. The background story remains the de facto bankruptcy of the U.S. corporate government and the Khazarian mobsters who own it. This is nothing to do with the Republic of the United States of America they usurped. It also needs to be pointed out that as far as the American people are concerned, bankrupting the Satanic entity in Washington, D.C. will liberate them.

6. They are also trying to use wildly exaggerated reports of damage to Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria as an excuse to declare “force majeure” and thus not have to pay the $123 billion which that DC-owned island owes. There is also a fraudulent campaign to raise disaster relief money for Puerto Rico. Just ask the Haitians or other victims of engineered disasters about how much aid money actually reached them. http://www.npr.org/2015/06/03/411524156/in-search-of-the-red-cross-500-million-in-haiti-relief

7. Their efforts to prop up their fraudulent fiat financial system, meanwhile, are turning the financial markets into a mass hallucination. So many people are waking up to the market’s departure from reality that it is even becoming the butt of jokes. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-22/friday-humor-russell-2000-reaches-new-record-high

8. The Khazarians are losing control of oil, the stuff that backed their petrodollar ever since they ran out of gold back in 1971, triggering the “Nixon shock.” Venezuela has joined Iran, Russia and others in refusing DC dollars as payment for oil. Now the Russians are taking back oil fields controlled by the Khazarian proxy IS army in the Middle East, cutting off even more oil revenue.

9. The Khazarian slave state of Israel and its proxy mercenary armies are trying to grab oil using Kurdistan now, but “Israel is opposed in its Kurdistan referendum gambit to steal more oil by major powers, as well as by Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the rest of the world,” Pentagon sources say.

10. The cornered Khazarian Washington DC regime has been given enough money by its creditors to keep going until December 15, and what happens next is the subject of intense back-room negotiations. In that context, all this North Korean bluster is just table-thumping by the Khazarians as they negotiate their bankruptcy settlement.

11. So, what is likely to happen after December 15? “Former navy man [Steven] Bannon met China’s #2 Wang Qishan to establish a back channel for Trump, and perhaps to iron out final details for a global currency reset and gold-backed dollar,” Pentagon sources say. “Wang leads anti-corruption, but is still de factofinancial czar and may last 5 more years,” the sources note.

12. Meanwhile, we are informed by a mole in Rothschild headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, together with CIA sources, that a Rothschild agent was “recently in the Canary islands, trying to buy some off ledger gold.” “When they talk about buying ‘some’ Au, this means 100 metric tons until [sic] 500 metric tons. It is their code,” the source continues.

13. A source in the Asian Dragon family also says that “the elder of the family has finally lifted his heavy butt and released some funds.” The first tranche of money will go to the Russian, Chinese, and U.S. militaries to be used to clean up the situation in Korea, Japan, and elsewhere, this source says.

14. Past experience has taught us to be reluctant to predict that things will happen on specific dates. However, Dec. 15th is one to watch.



MilitiaMan:  This is the most powerful post I have ever seen to date, imo. 9See article below)   WS what a piece it is! If this is not National Reconciliation, I am not sure there is any to be found.

Abadi has been to see all three in one flight. The accolades come from with not only red carpet but from the likes of Kings, Princes, Presidents, Emirs, the highest in the Regions!

Saudi Arabia  and others have the keys for the future and that is support, that is given to Iraq through Abadi's leadership and ability to unit where sectarianism is now lost.

They have successfully negotiated investment, industry, agriculture and importantly political and security files. They have retired the sectarianism!

They have found deep corruption in so deep and over $300 billion.. Yes, this is going to stun the world, and I''l bet in short order in more ways than most will ever imagine!

Abadi has said he will keep digging.. I suspect the power house he is, it will to stun the world even more! ~ MM
Walkingstick:  Abadi .. From the fronts of fighting to the diplomacy of the victor

President Abadi cut off the distance between Safa and Marwa wearing the penalty of victory after landing by the green bird in Saudi Arabia aboard the Iraqi Airways in a tour that included three actors in the industry of the events of the region to turn it in his wisdom to a passive surprise to his victors on the calling of the terrorist whose black clouds The skies of Iraq after being absorbed by those clouds.

King Abdullah's first leg was the first stop for Abadi and his entourage at the House of God, where he turned over the dust of the battle, which he returned victorious in a short period that nullified the speculation of the US administration, which guessed the life of the battle several years.

Al-Abbadi and the Iraqi delegation cut off seven rounds in response to the call of divine mercy to express thanks to Allah for the blessing of victories and appreciation of the hearts of the sons of Iraq and his armed forces heroine in all its branches in the victory industry. In an exaggerated silence, only the cheers of one of the Iraqi pilgrims chanted " The Iraqi gangs of bandits, "which surprised everyone and made the Saudi security puzzled by the matter, this silence was the pace of Iraq between Safa and Marwa, and then proceed to meet with officials in the Kingdom of Arabia, starting with King Salman to the youngest Emir of the princes were receiving Abadi return Fighting fronts, carrying on his shoulders piles of victories Almlh the blood of the martyrs and the smell of gunpowder and bullets.

Saudi Arabia was unexpectedly generous over the limit with Abadi and the accompanying delegation to the extent that Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman abdicated to say to the slaves in one letter, "consider me one of your ministers, the President's State" as an expression of his love and admiration for the victories of Iraq achieved by Abadi and his soldiers heroes On the Dark Gangs of the Daashi.

Far from the words of description that may be subject to misinterpretation, the King of Saudi Arabia expressed his absolute desire to stand with Iraq and support in all fields, as the Kingdom has opened the cloaks of its king and princes before the red carpet filled with the Prime Minister with all kinds of services and support for a strong unified Iraq capable of restoring its health and role In the region and the world, as acknowledged "Prince spoiled" that Iraq has the fundamentals of the advancement of more than Saudi Arabia, mentioning the distinctive mind and the Tigris and Euphrates.

Saudi Arabia expressed its desire for a strategic partnership with the victorious Iraq, promising to enter the Iraqi market with courageous capital, not losing weight because the logic of profit and loss with Iraq is not in the Saudis' account.

Abadi's meetings with the King of Saudi Arabia and her emir, who has the keys to playing in the region, serve as an important message to the world that Iraq is not suffering from the past decade and is not infected with the sectarian flu or the fever of entrenchment in the axes of the region and the world because the post-Iraq is completely different from a divided Iraq Nakhilah flags are painted from the caves of history.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed its desire to overcome the past and close the pages of history near and far so the Iraqi government and society to invest this opportunity or subjected to testing and knowledge of the extent to match the pain of Iraqis who lost their hearts much fuel parents and neighbors, which fueled the fire of sectarianism, Tehran's mantle was the second stop of the green plane, which Abadi and his accompanying delegation at Mehrabad airport in Tehran to begin immediately meet with senior officials, headed by the "rapper" or the leader of the Islamic Republic and the guardian of the matter, where the visit of any official to Iran without His meeting with Mr. Khamenei is incomplete and protocol.

The leader of the Islamic Republic and its senior officials expressed their admiration for Iraq's victories over their supporters. They welcomed Abadi, commander-in-chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, as well as the heroes returning from the fighting fronts amid clear praise for his ability to manage the battle and his speed in picking successive victories.

The game was not easy on the non-Abadi of the Arab leaders or Muslims, especially the next on the same plane from an important and successful visit to Saudi Arabia's arch-enemy of Iran and the specific antibody of its policy and one of the parties to industry or resolve crises in the region and the world, but Abadi could convince the makers of Persian carpets quickly The meeting was attended by reformist President Hassan Rowhani, A not yet closed the doors of his office after the front rose bouquets and cards of congratulations on the occasion of winning the second presidential mandate.

The third round .. The wisdom of the princes

 After a complicated tour according to the political criteria between the capitals of two contradictory positions and affiliations landed Abadi plane in the capital of wisdom and calm Kuwait to leave the royal family of the ruling family to receive Abadi and the accompanying delegation, and the elegance of the princes was everything well in the customs of the Amiri Palace where the Amir of Kuwait all members After a successful round of negotiations, investment, industry and agriculture files were discussed, as well as the opening of important political and security files, all Sunnis and Shiites, including Sabah and Abadi, prayed at the palace mosque on a quiet Ramadan night. Both parties go down with love and gratitude in the future of bilateral relations between the two parties.

The last round .. The rights of a homeland Al-Abbadi returned to Baghdad and in his bag promises of good Iranian and Gulf restoration of Iraq for its regional role and cultural and cultural status. Through the Joint Coordination Council between Iraq and the Kingdom, Iraq will be able to invest its victories on urging the terrorist and not allow the production of a new version of terrorism under the name of another and can depend on Other resources with oil if he could withdraw the countries of the region to invest in its territory.

Iraq has also announced its retirement from the game of sectarianism and concentration in any of its trenches and cut the way for its local players who inspired the neighboring Islamic countries to exercise their right in this game. Iraq also reached its political message clearly that it is not a party to a conflict or a tool in a battle or an axis of the axis of the region, but is a country recovered by the blood of his sons and their shoulders and the dark and the feet of the armed forces all their types and the curves of their faces, which made the victory a short time stunned the world and made him bow in front of Their swords are Fara'a.

* Chairman of the Board of Trustees

in the Iraqi Media Network