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9-20-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    Iraq has erected 7 huge screen monitors, something you see at a huge football arena to give you replays... sent by China to Iraq in 7 different provinces in Iraq.    For what purpose?  Why would they be there in 7 provinces in Iraq? They are there so the Iraqis can see firsthand Abadi making the speech in the UN on Thursday morning, New York time.  That is big, and so big that Iraq is calling Thursday, September 22, sort of a holiday. What else? What would be announced? You can only guess how deep will it go?  They were supposed to be paid at the new rates all over the country.  I am talking about salary pensions, profit sharing, everything you can think of at the new rate on Thursday, but because of this holiday they pushed all of that to Sunday...  All of those new payments will go out at the new rate on Sunday.    [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

9-20-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
  The distinction between the Kurdish Regional Government and actual Iraqi government is a big deal. The Kurds actually signed and helped write at least the portion of the Iraqi constitution that makes such a referendum illegal. This simply clarifies that the Kurds are not an autonomous people - they are technically (politically speaking) Iraqis. That means Baghdad trumps Erbil. The United States, Turkey, and other countries have voiced disapproval of the separation, but here is the end-of-the-road...   ...I don’t think a separation will happen.... Let’s look back at the last 2, 3, 5, heck...TEN years...how long have we been hearing about the Kurds threatening to secede? It’s always been a topic, but only recently it is in the news daily.  Why would that be, one might ask...the answer is simple.  We are on the cusp of some major happenings. [post 2 of 2]

9-20-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   It’s been a while getting here, and nobody knows where  exactly “here” is quite yet, but what I DO know is we have a LOT going on right now!  There is an upcoming referendum in just a few days where the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) is attempting to “vote” on “Independence”. While the “vote” isn’t something I’m personally putting a lot of weight on, the statements and actions surrounding and connected to it are certainly worth paying attention to. Abadi had previously spoken out against the referendum (scheduled for Sept 25th), but now the Supreme Court (Iraq) has actually issued a ruling ordering them to completely suspend any preparations for such a vote, based on it being “unconstitutional”.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

9-20-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru payray    The Media Office the PM- Twitter...  "Dr. Haider Abadi: Oil for all Iraqis, land for all Iraqis, and wealth for all Iraqis."    If that does not get the Iraqi citizens just a little excited!... All I can say is that I hope they deliver simply because there seems to be a buildup of sorts... A huge party on Thursday evening, putting up giant screens at the parliament building, the CBI governor sponsoring this huge event along with bank representatives, and last but not least, all of this talk of increasing the dinar's value during this last year... The CBI governor is even going to be at this gathering during this World Peace gathering... Why I ask?...   Not trying to give anyone false hope, but if we are not just a little excited about this coming week... Being a little enlivened is not such a bad thing is it?... 

9-20-2017   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Abadi renews his rejection of the referendum and calls for adherence to the unity of iraq"   My sense is that this crisis over the referendum will prove to be largely rhetorical. I believe that Abadi would have preferred to not have commented so strongly against the KUrds, but there are pressures on him from the National Alliance in Baghdad to do something.

9-20-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "The CBI confirmed the possibility of expanding electronic payment activities"   Quote:  "The Central Bank called on mobile phone companies to adopt the new regulations issued by them to work in accordance with the developments of the work of the retail payment system"   More expansion of electronic payment systems. This time payment through cell phones. ...this is all good. No need to issue paper notes anymore back into circulation. This is all good as part of the project to delete the zeros.



Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Tuesday Night 9-19-17

chattels: good afternoon all

chattels: Barzani gives Baghdad ultimatum: Provide alternative in 3 days or vote proceeds By Rudaw 8 hours ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/190920178

chattels: Kurdish FM: Iraq’s judiciary doesn’t function, ruling won’t affect Region By Rudaw 5 hours ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/190920176

Sparky: @chattels no 2 year postponement?
Sparky: @chattels Barzani blowing smoke
Sparky: @chattels he better take his money and run, Barham Saleh next up
chattels: @Sparky No postponement as yet. Barzani will postpone if there is a proposal to satisfy him or the Kurdistani Parliament. Can't say that I really follow what the demand is, but ........................

chattels: @Sparky Five days left until the scheduled referendum.

Sparky: @chattels calling his bluff on 140
Sparky: @chattels Kirkuk oil fields

chattels: @Sparky Barzani may be bluffing or posturing on some issues, but I do not think that Article 140 is one of them.

chattels: @Sparky *** Not
Sparky: @chattels I do

chattels: @Sparky Congratulations then as you are one of many who disagree with me today. :)

Sparky: @chattels lol
Sparky: @chattels opinions are like x, everyone s got one

chattels: Kirkuk council: Gov Karim’s dismissal a ‘political decision’ by Baghdad By Rudaw 7 hours ago http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/190920175

chattels: @Sparky some are more anal than others :)

Sparky: @chattels ha ha ha, touche

chattels: @Sparky Nothing personal, just trying to be witty with the repartee

Sparky: @chattels on point, as usual
Sparky: @chattels telling speaking this week, feds are in control
Sparky: @chattels yellin
Sparky: @chattels sp

Brow: There's is one thing the people in the Known Knows is there will be No RV this......Nothing Else Matters to Investors or The Fantasizing Well Wishing Dreamers "PERIOD"

Sparky: @chattels federal bank, central banks, that's why crypto currency taking off

Brow: This Year!

chattels: @Sparky I am not smart enough to divine such things. I simply try to analyze for myself the news that I can read / in black and white

chattels: @Sparky I try not to make too much of any news or to minimize other news

Brow: @chattels - Thank you for your Time & service Here

chattels: @Brow Just " dog-paddling " along with everyone else.

chattels: @Brow Thanks for your fellowship.

Brow: No RV this Year !!!!! Too much Corruption in the Government still
Brow: @chattels - You're Welcome

chattels: @Brow I will be surprised if we have any return on our investment this year.

Brow: @chattels - Agree
Brow: @chattels - A shame but I do agree

chattels: @Brow, it may never, but I have a " ticket(s) to ride " if it does make a profitable return.

Brow: @chattels - Me too
Sparky: @Brow agree

chattels: Main offensive to defeat ISIS in Hawija begins after referendum: Peshmerga By Mahmood Y. Kurdi http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/1809201710

Brow: @chattels - Guess I need to go do something & try to be somebody again & put My Golden Lotto Ticket back in My Shoe Box.....O Well

Sparky: @Brow I wouldn't bury it tho

Brow: @Sparky - Just trying to hang out in the Reality World

Sparky: @Brow me too

Brow: @Sparky - When I say I'm going to Do that I'm Just Blowing Smoke or going to Feed them to a Pig

chattels: " Dum spiro, spero ", While I breathe, I hope.
chattels: Thankfully Hurricane Maria appears to be tracking east.

Brow: @chattels - Only going to get 2 hurricanes this year in the USA I read

Brow: @chattels - But 3 Major Earth Quakes I Heard is Coming-Wonder if Mexico was Part of that ? They have had @ already
Brow: @chattels - Have had 2 major ones already in a Month

Sparky: @chattels you confused me with that French

Sparky: @chattels I need 6th grade version

chattels: @Brow If I am ever able to consider strategic relocation for myself and family I am looking at the Cumberland Plateau area ( eastern Tennessee ).

Sparky: @chattels fun Spiro Spiro, what did you say about my cousin?

Brow: @chattels - Nice... Tennessee is a Beautiful State

Brow: BBL-News-Fox That is- Trump gave a Great Speech today & also called out a Few Countries of their Corrupt way's towards the Human Race

Blackgold: If Trump doesn't raise the debt ceiling the economy will crash if they don't rv. the US is broke and they are just playing games with QE and the Phoney stock market

Blackgold: Go Trump

Spectra: Haider Al-Abadi 4 hrs · Oil For All Iraqis, the land for all Iraqis, and the wealth of all Iraqis. · See original · Rate this translation

dullenih: @Spectra there must be something on to it ...what is behind that speech..go abadi

dullenih: a statement to one of the media that the Confederacy system is correct for Iraq, the Prime Minister replied that this calls for amending the Constitution

dullenih: https://twitter.com/IraqiPMO/status/910286228519636997

dullenih: the Confederacy system is correct for Iraq, the Prime Minister replied that this calls for amending the Constitution

dullenih: http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=144573 ...Abadi renews his rejection of the referendum and calls for adherence to the unity of iraq

dullenih: http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=144563... Abadi calls for an honest call to cancel the referendum

dullenih: for a naughty kurds

chattels: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Security In Iraq Sep 8-14, 2017 Violence in Iraq remained at a very low level for the second week of September 2017.

There were few reported security incidents, but casualties were very high due to a large car bombing in southern Iraq, and bodies being recovered from the rubble in Mosul. From September 8-14, 2017, there were only 79 incidents mentioned in the press.

 That broke down to 25 in Baghdad, 24 in Ninewa, 9 in Diyala, 5 in Salahaddin and Anbar each, 4 in Babil, 3 in Kirkuk, 2 in Dhi Qar, and 1 each in the Kurdistan and Sulaymaniya.


chattels: A confederate system in Iraq is a form of government which I have posted on / about for some time now.

dullenih: 'I think there will be war': Iraqi Kurds fear conflict after referendum

dullenih: http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/kurds-pmu-referendum-iraq-725497099

chattels: @dullenih The Hash'd and Peshmerga in close proximity without DAESH to occupy them is a volatile situatuon.

dullenih: while cbi start their work on reforms as pushed by imf/wb suddenly this kurds matters make them in real headache

dullenih: @chattels ya i know..things looks different now

dullenih: supreme Committee for Issuing Fatwas in the Kurdistan Region legitimacy of the referendum

dullenih: http://sumer.news/ar/news/22697/%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%84%D8%AC%D9%86%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D9%84%D9%8A%D8%A7-%D9%84%D9%84%D8%A5%D9%81%D8%AA%D8%A7%D8%A1-%D9%81%D9%8A-%D8%A7%D9%82%D9%84%D9%8A%D9%85-%D9%83%D8%B1%D8%AF%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%AA%D9%81%D8%AA%D9%8A-%D8%A8%D8%B4%D8%B1%D8%B9%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%B3%D8%AA%D9%81%D8%AA%D8%A7%D8%A1

chattels: My sense is that this crisis over the referendum will prove to be largely rhetorical. I believe that Abadi would have preferred to not have commented so strongly against the KUrds, but there are pressures on him from the National Alliance in Baghdad to do something.

dullenih: "There is no state that supports the independence of Kurdistan except Israel, and some Kurdish forces believe that Tel Aviv has influence in the United States to support the referendum, but the Israeli lobby there is preoccupied with its own issues
dullenih: Abbadi : Baghdad will begin negotiations with the region for 3 years according to the plan, saying, "If we can not find solutions, the Kurdish forces to find constitutional solution

dullenih: http://www.aljournal.com/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%AF%D9%8A-%D9%8A%D8%B1%D9%81%D8%B6-%D9%85%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%AF%D8%B1%D8%A9-%D9%85%D8%B9%D8%B5%D9%88%D9%85-%D8%A8%D8%B4%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%B3%D8%AA%D9%81/

dullenih: Confederacy system is correct for Iraq....if kurd agree...if not ...our investment will expired by then lol

dullenih: out for boarding..ciaoo

chattels: @dullenih Under a confederate system there could be a single currency.

chattels: RBIL, Iraq — As Iraqi Kurdistan heads to a controversial independence referendum on Sept. 25, divisions are running deep in the Turkmen community, which, like the Kurds, has claims over the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. Turkey's official policy terms Kirkuk “a Turkmen city,” and many Turks generally think that all Turkmens are on the same page.

But the reality on the ground is different. To start with, the Turkmens in Erbil and Kirkuk differ in their stances on the prospect of Kurdish independence. Some Turkmens insist on the territorial integrity of Iraq, but others argue that cohabitation with the Kurds is easier.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF), the largest party representing the Turkmens, is opposed to the referendum, while the Turkmen Development Party, founded by a group that split from the ITF, backs the referendum, arguing that Kurdistan is already a de facto state dealing directly with foreign countries.

 Read more:


chattels: The referendum may be a natural right of the Kurds, but myriad uncertainties engulf the day after. Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/09/turkey-iraqi-kurdistan-referendum-turkmens-quandary.html#ixzz4tBxxPq11

dullenih: @chattels the options for the Kurds "to confront confrontation and take risks, or to retreat and accept an international solution to the dialogue with Baghdad, or only a referendum within the Blue Line does not entail serious separation procedure

dullenih: no guts for barzani to choose option 1....

dullenih: choose no 2 or 3 then we will have rv party rv together... :h5

chattels: New conflict over Kirkuk could follow ISIS removal from Hawija By Paul Iddon http://www.rudaw.net/english/analysis/19092017

chattels: “The Iraqi Army will control Hawija after ISIS,” Michael Knights, the Lafer Fellow at the Washington Institute and an expert on Iraq, told Rudaw English. “There won't be any real coordination,” he went on to say about the potential of a combined Iraqi Army-Peshmerga offensive. “But as the Peshmerga are unlikely to advance, there doesn't need to be much.”

chattels: Some argue that Hawija will remain a problem even after the complete removal of ISIS. Peshmerga commander Kamal Kirkuki strongly argued as much, pointing out that Hawija has been a staging point for attacks on Peshmerga positions in Kirkuk for many years.

These people, he said, “worked for Saddam Hussein in the past, then for al-Qaeda and now they work for ISIS. If tomorrow another gruesome group comes to the region they will work for them too.” Joel Wing, an Iraq expert who runs the Musings on Iraq blog, told Rudaw English that “Hawija has blamed for destabilizing Diyala and Salahaddin more than Kirkuk.”

chattels: An increased presence of Iranian-backed Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary groups could pose a major threat to the Kurdish-controlled region. Early this month the leaders of the Imam Ali Division and the Badr Organization both said they are willing to wage war if Kirkuk becomes part of the Kurdistan Region after participating in the September 25 referendum.

chattels: Long before the independence referendum, Peshmerga officials in Kirkuk have expressed their worries over the Hashd build-up south of their positions, believing them to be massing these forces to fight them rather than just remove ISIS from Hawija.

chattels: Others in the region fear an Iranian-instigated attack against Kurdish forces in Kirkuk regardless of whether or not there is a referendum. Veteran Peshmerga commander Mohammed Haji Mahmud, known as Kaka Hama, says that “with or without referendum” the Peshmerga are expecting clashes with the Hashd.
chattels: Not likely a good position for Abadi to take with the Kurds at this point. " Iraqi PM: Iraq refuses Kurdistan referendum ‘now or in future’ " By Rudaw


chattels: “The Kurdistan referendum is rejected, be it now or in the future. It is against the constitution, and it divides and weakens the country,” PM Abadi said, according to his official facebook regarding his press conference with some reporters.

chattels: A statement published by PM Abadi's office also read that the current Iraqi constitution do not allow a "confederation" with Kurdistan either, saying that the Iraqi parliament have first to agree to amend the constitution, and then the Iraqi nation have to vote on such amendments in a referendum.

chattels: Can you imagine amending the Iraqi Constitution ? What a process for a dysfunctional Parliament and government !

chattels: If Iraq is faced with Kurdish secession or amendment of the constitution to allow for a confederation then maybe ?

chattels: Four days in Iraq until the referendum.

chattels: I had some research on the process of amending the constitution in Iraq at one time. Posted in another dinar chat world.

chattels: Iraq has had a committee set up to amend the constitution in other areas for some time now with no progress. Surprise, surprise.

chattels: Procedure : Article 142 of the constitution states that the Council of Representatives shall form a committee from its members "representing the principal components of the Iraqi society", which should present proposed amendments to the Council within four months.

The amendment package shall be voted on as a whole by the Council, and if it is passed, put to a referendum, which shall pass if approved by a majority of voters and is not rejected by a two-thirds majority in three or more governorates. The conditions for this referendum are the same as the conditions for the original ratification referendum.

The constitution can also be amended by a general procedure, laid down in Article 126, which requires a two-thirds approval in the Council of Ministers, followed by approval by a simple majority in a referendum.

chattels: The committee of 27 was appointed on 2006-09-25.

chattels: What a coincidence. September 25.

chattels: It was just 11 years ago.

chattels: Seven areas have been identified as areas where one or more of the political forces in Iraq would like to change: The ability of constitutional changes to be vetoed by three out of the 18 governorates - Iraq's Arab identity - The shape of the federal system - The status of Kirkuk - The split of oil revenues between national and regional governments - The role of Islam - De-Baathification -

chattels: So, not to worry Iraq is ON IT !

chattels: Accomplishments to date ? No constitutional amendment, but a provincial law splitting revenues, but NOT implemented.

chattels: Barzani is correct about one thing. Baghdad will do nothing without being forced to do so. The question is whether our hopes expire in the process.

[pm]Doug_W: gonna B an interesting next few days/weeks
chattels: @Doug_W Amen !

chattels: Mr. Abadi, be a wise leader and let Kurdistan go By Ayub Nuri http://www.rudaw.net/english/opinion/19092017

chattels: " Threats, wars and the military will solve nothing. If not today, a hundred years from now, the Kurds will still separate from Iraq. So why don’t you become the first Iraqi leader to admit this reality and make Kurdistan’s separation the start of a new era for Iraq.

Iraq needs someone to put the brakes on people’s misery and suffering and lead them on a path of reconstruction, civil society and peace."  
chattels: " If not today, a hundred years from now, the Kurds will still separate from Iraq."

chattels: When one takes the " long view " with human events then they seldom are disappointed. Such is the reason that I have adopted such an approach to our liquidity event.

chattels: I am " in it " for the long haul and until the end, win / lose, feast / famine, etc., etc.

chattels: Just because I believe in an ultimate new value for the Iraqi dinar does not mean that I believe that it will happen any and every day now.

chattels: I allow for the possiblity of most anything, but I control my expectations and not the pandering pontificating gurus who have been predicting the same thing over an over for years now.

chattels: Enough of me and my stream of consciousness this morning.

chattels: Iraqi forces 'attack last IS bastion on Syria border'


chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 6h6 hours ago Iraqi & Tribal forces surround Anah from 3 sides & prepare to storm it, Anbar. http://mobp.as/Vjcwj

chattels: Crowding forces swarm towards Hawija : 2017/9/19 23:18 • [Ayna-Baghdad] People's mobilization forces, on Tuesday, headed towards the province of Hawija south-west of Kirkuk province in preparation for participation in the forthcoming liberation. "The divisions of the 11th Brigade in the popular crowd began today, with the aim of participating in the liberation of Hawija, The number of them to more than 1500 fighters of va

chattels: http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=66155

chattels: And that's the way it is, Wednesday, September 20, 2017.


PD Member News Highlights & Comments 9-20-17

Floridian:   The Media Office the PM- Twitter

September 19, 2017 Thanks, Walter

The Media the Office AM VerifiedAccount  @ IraqiPMO 15m15 minutes ago2 Minutes ago Not 15m15 minutes ago

Dr. Haider Abadi: Oil for all Iraqis, land for all Iraqis, and wealth for all Iraqis.

Floridian:   I think, maybe, this is what we have been waiting for.
JugDawg1:   Now don't go getting me all excited there gal. I'm getting a little long in the tooth for something like this.:lol:     Carpe Walker and O2 Tan

addiejay66:   What do you think this means?

Floridian:    I think it means HCL and RV, I hope!
Dr. Haider Abadi: Oil for all Iraqis, land for all Iraqis, and wealth for all Iraqis.

Floridian:   Hence, the giant TV screen to announce it?


dulleNIH:    https://twitter.com/IraqiPMO/status/910286228519636997... the Confederacy system is correct for Iraq, the Prime Minister replied that this calls for amending the Constitution

http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=144573 ...Abadi renews his rejection of the referendum and calls for adherence to the unity of iraq

http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=144563... Abadi calls for an honest call to cancel the referendum

wldcat03:   They forgot to add "soon" lmao

SweetMom:    addiejay66.....I hope it means tomorrow....It works for me

LStar:   I've been summoning all the angels in heaven for this to happen for my mom. I'll benefit also but I wanna see it for my mom! Thank you angels! Nice work!

Payray:  If that does not get the Iraqi citizens just a little excited!... All I can say is that I hope they deliver simply because there seems to be a buildup of sorts...

A huge party on Thursday evening, putting up giant screens at the parliament building, the CBI governor sponsoring this huge event along with bank representatives, and last but not least, all of this talk of increasing the dinar's value during this last year...

The CBI governor is even going to be at this gathering during this World Peace gathering... Why I ask?...

Not trying to give anyone false hope, but if we are not just a little excited about this coming week... Being a little enlivened is not such a bad thing is it?..

Be sure, and brush that tooth before coming to the party Juggy... As you would say Carpe Colgate...

Thank for bringing this information Floridian... It is 4:20 AM where I am at, and I just a little too amped to fall back asleep..

Noeta:  I just hope this gets done in the very near future.  I once had a job where we'd have meetings that lasted all day and at the end of the day I'd feel like we accomplished absolutely nothing.  I hope it's not like that.  I have to say though that their meeting room is much nicer than the one we had.​

red dog:   They are all writing something down? Or maybe they are all figuring out how much their Dinar is going to be worth!:D

Faith works:   I believe that Abadi was talking concern  the unity of all Iraqis. All the Oil of the Iraq belong to all, and the land of Iraq is for all, and the wealth of Iraq is all for the Iraqis.

I know it sound like what we wanted to make it, but this is to say Iraqi Kurdish are part of Iraq and whatever they have is also for all.

Dave:   Not to be a debbie downer, but my first thought on Haidi's statement was that it sounds like a word that addresses the Kurds threat of the referendum, hence secession & independence.

​However, I was not aware of the big meeting that the CBI president will attend. We shall see! I am certainly as ready for our BLESSING as much as anyone. Maybe I am just weary of putting my dinar glasses on & off, lol.    blessings all,  dave

Futuremoney:   ..."in the coming days, soon...."  lololol



Bruce:  Good Evening, Everybody. Welcome to the Big Call. A lot of stuff happening out there weather wise. Let’s start tonight from the discussion of President Trump speech this morning at about approximately 10:30 am EST from the UN to the UN General Assembly about a 41 minute speech included a lot. He set the table for this RV GCR.

What I mean by that is the President talked about in terms of sovereignty several times talking about sovereignty with each nation of the world. I think there are196 countries in the UN. We got 209 countries that are part of the world’s currencies. He talked about sovereignty, regaining our sovereignty, and also prosperity, quite a lot of prosperity not just for the US. He started with that. He started with our own prosperity. Then he went into the prosperity of the world and how the world could become more prosperous.

​This sort of dovetail off the speech that of Vice President Pence made last night at the dinner where President Trump spoke and Vice President Pence followed him up.  He talked about peace and prosperity for all nations. That was part of the quote that Vice President Mike Pence had last night. I thought there is a soft announcement for the GCR, peace and prosperity for all nations because that is what we are going to have.
Bruce:   We have the opportunity, and we can do it with just the Big Call listenership.  Forget about everyone else that is out there, the 5 1/2 to 6 million or more people that are part of the Internet Group that are halfway paying attention what is going on out there.  We have the funding to get it out to help people to able to raise their own crops, that they have clean portable water, education is huge, and we have that potential. Build homes that won’t blow over in a hurricane, or typhoon. We have that capacity to do that.

Bruce:  Think big when it comes to what it is we have in front of us. We will start with Rebuild America here. Rebuild Texas from the hurricane down there, Rebuild Louisiana where they need it.  Rebuild Florida where they need it.  Wherever it is needed we will start here. Then rebuild the Caribbean and some of the Islands if they want us. If they don’t want us, we won’t go. If we can get into Haiti, we can get into Dominican Republic hopefully. We can help people all over the world. Work on Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia. Some of you have specific hearts for specific areas that I don’t even know about.  We can do this with at least 5000 listeners rebuilding cities, towns, communities in the US.  Then take it around the world. That is part of our plan.

Bruce:  Also Veterans Retreat Network, water, water wells, building homes, schools, a lot we can do. I am just touching on it. This is the edge of the iceberg, and more and more will roll out. It will take us awhile to get started. If you want to be part of it, there will be a way to plug in to it what you want to do in your community that you have chosen to make a difference.  We are not at the point to reserve the areas yet. When we get that site up, you will see how to register and put down the area of the country,  and or the city, town, community that I will be willing to help in.

Bruce:  Where are we now? Why do we think we won’t have a call Thursday night?  Because there is quite bit happening behind the scenes now.  There is quite a bit of money movement that is happening. One thing that happened today around noon Pacific time, we understood the historic Gold bonds, boxes of bonds started becoming proficated and paying out. My understanding is that started around noon and then around midnight tonight they should start to pay out. Those bonds should start to pay out.  I am not in that business. I am just relying what I heard.  That is a good sign that is going on.

Bruce:  Activities out west are taking place that will show some liquidity hopefully tomorrow.  Fines and Penalties may go out tomorrow I am hearing. We did get some thinking that certain people were thinking we were under way today.  I think we were, but not for all of us. Not in terms of the 800 number release. I don’t think it is ready to come out yet, but I think it is coming very quickly, very shortly.  I try to give you factual Intel as closely as I can that is not speculative.  I speculate a little bit based on the actual Intel I get that is provable. Unfortunately there is some stuff that is too sensitive to put out on a public call like this. You just have to trust me again on some of that stuff.  I can bring you a lot of stuff. I am usually walking a tight rope with you guys most of the time.

Bruce:  For example, there was a contingent from Iraq dignitaries including Abadi and others.  They were there at the UN and they had meetings yesterday with our President so on and so forth.  My understanding is Abadi is on his way back tomorrow and should be in before midnight tomorrow night, should be bringing further documentation, and hopefully going to speak around 11:00 in the morning.
Bruce:  Iraq has erected 7 huge screen monitors, something you see at a huge football arena to give you replays. These are 52 feet tall about 85 feet wide. They are Samsung sent by China to Iraq in 7 different providences in Iraq.  For what purpose?  Why would they be there in 7 providences in Iraq? They are there so the Iraqis can see firsthand Abadi making the speech in the UN on Thursday morning, New York time. It will be 7 hours later in Iraq say 6pm or so Iraqi time. That is big, and so big that Iraq is calling Thursday, September 22, sort of a holiday. It is part of a holiday now. Holy day is usually Friday. Those two days more or less a holiday. That is a cool thing they will be able to witness that by satellite broadcast and be able to see it live.

Bruce:  What else? What would be announced? You can only guess how deep will it go? Should Prime Minister Abadi talk about his where Iraq is now in terms of their sanctions dropped off Chapter 7 into Chapter 8 of the UN?  He may talk about Iraq being back on the world scene as a trading partner. Who knows?  Will he get into currency being asset back? I don’t know, but it will be very interesting and be a cool announcement. Hope it is carried so we can see it on some network.  Don’t know that yet.

Bruce:  What else happening over there? They were supposed to be paid at the new rates all over the country.  I am talking about salary pensions, profit sharing, everything you can think of at the new rate on Thursday, but because of this holiday they pushed all of that to Sunday which is the first business day for the week in Iraq. All of those new payments will go out at the new rate on Sunday. Now that is going to be cool and good.

Bruce:  What else going on Sunday? Sunday if your country’s currency is not asset back by 11:59pm Sunday night, the 24th guess what?  You are out of the Forex, and you are not available to be on any trading platform.  You are dumped, gone, history, see you later. Don’t you think there is a little incentive for those countries who want to be part of trading, part of Forex, part of platform trades to have their currencies totally asset back? It doesn’t have to be gold backed, but can be by other assets by 11:59 Sunday night September 24 EST.  Interesting time frame, yes? I look at that being significant not necessary for us, but I think we will be there and done in terms of notification and exchanges.  I sure hope so. That is happening out there.

Bruce:  How are we doing in the Redemption Centers down in Texas and in Florida?  We are still looking at 60 some people to find their way to the proper Redemption Centers. There is a new shuffling of personnel going on at the Redemption Centers. 119 plus or minus that still need to be put into place. They call it shuffling. Let’s call it scrambling in position in Florida.  At that time when everybody gets settle in to at existing or new Redemption Centers, they will be completely up and running, ready to go. They should be ready by 10:30am range tomorrow. Should be there by then, but may not make it, but they are going to try.

Bruce:  Something that was put out in error today about the Redemption Centers and what banks are involved. HSBC is the lead bank.  They are the ones supervising over the Redemption Centers. They have it set up. It use to be under Wells Fargo, but they had to yield because of everything going on that happened with Wells. HSBC is the lead bank. Wells Fargo is still in the exchange. Do not think they are not. They are still part of it.  They did not lose their position, and they are getting a 2% fee for the exchanges they are involved in.

Bruce:  Guess what?  There is a new player. That is as a result of meetings with Jamie Diamond and the new CEO for Wells Fargo, people who knew each other before.  They had meetings. They basically put it in where Chase could be part of the exchange process. JP Morgan Chase could be part of it.  They worked out a deal and finish it about a week ago where they could be part of the process, have personnel and ability to exchange some currencies, some ZIM at their bank locations. We know that HSBC gave them the where-with-all to be part of this process and get approximately 5% of the ZIM business in North America. A new player in this. They were not supposed to be part of it. Then they were.

Bruce:  It doesn’t change much for us at the Redemption Centers, but maybe certain Chase options as a result if they have some Chase personnel at your particular Redemption Center where you have chosen to go. I just wanted you to know that change is taking place.  It doesn’t take Wells out of it at all. It just there was new personnel that were needed. For Wells to supply that additional personnel we would have to gone deeper and deeper into Abbott Downing Personnel which they didn’t want to do. That is why that is taking place. ​
Bruce:  All of this really doesn’t matter for us.  All it matters for us is we do our redemptions as we have learned when this number comes out.  If I am able to put it out, we will put it out.  You call, set your appointment.  Let them know if you have ZIM bonds first.  More or less you are going in and do your exchange once you are directed. You will be directed with your initial call number.  If you got ZIM, you will be directed to another number with a live person that will direct you to schedule your appointment with your Zip code. You will be sort of transfer to that secondary person. You will be transferred. Be prepared to give them your information.  I don’t believe you have to tell them how much currency you have.  Just tell them the currencies you have. Lead with the ZIM f you have ZIM.

Bruce:  When it comes to the rates, I just going to say the rates have been traded. They re-zoomed trading again last night. I don’t have the final rates yet. We know there is some movement up again. I think we all are going to be very pleased.  My understanding is the John Q Public doesn’t start until October 1st now which will give us 10 to 12 days to do our exchanges at the Redemption Centers.  You have plenty of time to do it. Would you hesitate to set your appointment for something later? Not unless you are in the hospital or going on a cruise. Set your appointment.  You go in. Take at least one form of picture ID, take two if you have it. Even a passport even if it is expired. Still bring it. You got your license, any picture ID, Sams card, student ID, government ID bring it. Just bring a picture ID. Bring a utility bill with your home address so they can see you are a real person living at a certain place, a gas, electric bill. Don’t forget your currency.

Bruce:  Write down how much currencies you have with each one. Count it out. Don’t bring it in a paper sack. Have it neatly organized.  Put it in envelopes. Put it in millions so it is easily countable like if you have Dinar.  Put it in bundles of millions, rubber band it, and put it in an envelope. Same thing with Dong, Rupiah, and ZIM. Put your denominations of  ZIM separately so you are not mixing denominations in one stack. Make it easy for them to count it. Count it yourself, count it twice, and write it down so you have a copy of it. I think I will give them a copy so they can see what I say I have and when they count it on the deru machine, yup you were right. Yes that is what you have, the same thing. Then you negotiate your rate.

Bruce:  They will want to do ZIM first. You may want to do Dong first. I don’t think so. I think they want to knock the ZIM out and get it out the way. Do what you can to negotiate where you want it based on your projects.  Then take care of your other currencies. Let them know what you intend to do and why you are asking the rate you are asking for. Make your case. State it out there.

Bruce:  If you don’t have anything to do, you do now. You can be part of Rebuild America, Veterans Retreat Network. Many of you just want to give money to that. I know that. We will have to set it up to do that. I did not want to do that. We hear so many people that want to give to that. It is not just chump change. I say ok we will do it and set it up that way.

The real thing I am looking for you to do and help us with is Rebuild America. You explain that concept of rebuilding homes, rebuilding schools, conventions centers, community centers, and infrastructure within the city. Whatever the city needs.  Look around, drive around and see what the city needs.  If it is our hometown, you know what it needs. Write it down. Make a few notes. Say yes I want to be part of Rebuild America for this particular town. You don’t have to mention my name. It is just us coming together corporately to do a fun project.  You can say there is something called the Big Call. Maybe you have heard about it. They will say yes or no. They are doing a thing called Rebuild America, and I am going to volunteer and be part of that.

I don’t know all about it yet, but we are going to rebuild all across this country one city, one town, one community at a time. It will take years not just two weeks, or two years. It will take 10 years, 20 years, whatever it takes. I want to see it done. It is our legacy. It is the legacy of the Big Call. We take that concept and do it internationally.  We help these islands that will need help rebuilding homes so when these hurricanes come through people can be safe in their homes and do not have to evacuate.

Bruce:  When you go into the Redemption Centers, done your initial exchange, set up your accounts, let them know how much you money you want excess to that night. Then what you need for our projects the first 90 days. Just come up with a number. I got my number. I am not going to tell you what my number is. Just tell them your number. They will set that aside, that liquidity.  By the time the 2nd 90 days rolls around, you should have that amount paid by the interest you earn by your mother lode account of your structure payout. That could be whatever it is you set it up to be.

Bruce:   I am going to use all my ZIM as my god account. You can use whatever percentage you want to use, 80, 90, 95, 98, 99 percent. Whatever number you like. Practice the numbers and see if I got a dollar on the XIM, if I got $3, $10 on the ZIM. Run some numbers and see how much you are talking about. The interest you will earn will not be sky high rates. I am asking 2 percent a year. You take that divide that up, that is half percent a quarter. Multiply that out how much you have in your structure payout. That is how much you will get per quarter to invest to help people out. That turns into real dollar quick. Even at total 2percent is big. You don’t need 10 to 12 percent. The amount is big.

Bruce:  This is our once in a lifetime shot to make a difference in this world, help  giving to others, changing this world one person, one family, one community, one town, one city, one country at a time. It will be the most fun we ever had giving money away responsibly.  Responsibly finding worthwhile projects, ministries, giving to people lives.  You can give to people here and there. Be careful how you give. If possible give by a third party so they don’t come back to you. You work it through your attorney, foundation, etc. Set it up so it is not traceable to you. Make it so your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand is doing when it comes to giving.

Bruce:  I am hearing some really very positive things about things that should be going down tomorrow, tonight maybe, tomorrow thru Friday. I am not trying to call it. This is not calling it. I am just telling you the timing is right. Everything is ready. Speeches are meaningful. They mean something especially Abadi speech. Then following Abadi on Thursday morning EST, I believe the new head of CBI is going to give speech also from the CBI in Iraq. I believe that speech will be carried on throughout Iraq as well. I think that is when they will get information about their currency rate so on. That is only my opinion what might happen. I don’t have that factually just know it suppose to speak.
​Bruce:  You got heads up what is going on with the banks.  Just diversify.  Let them know you plan to move funds around. Let them know how much you approximately want and start moving those funds in a few days to other banks if you wish to diversify which I think others would recommend it. It is just not me saying that. I am not a CPA or tax attorney. Diversify into 2 to 3 banks that you want to work with. I think majority of your exchange will stay with HSBC, and maybe AIIB for safety, and would be mirrored in your HSBC account and maybe in your Wells Fargo account if you decide to have one. Look into that when you get there. Consider diversifying into 2 to 3 banks. Look into it. Pray about it.

Bruce:  We know we will be in great shape on the rates, and we should get started soon. Hopefully there is not another Big Call on Thursday. Don’t forget us, stay with us, and touch base with our website: thebigcall.net.  You will see when we get our new sites up, and when our first pod cast will be scheduled for.

Bruce:  Thank you all for tuning in. we have your hearts in mind and continue lifting up the world in terms of the weather issues and believe the very best for you with these storms, earth quakes in central Mexico, forest fires out west. We never seen it quite like this.

Bruce:  All have a great night sleep and a great weekend. Maybe over by then. Just stay tune to thebigcall.net. I will put out the toll free number. Stay positive.  This is a positive event. Do not to feel guilty about this. Feel loving and joy. Yes, there is responsibility with this.  That is true, but something you should enjoy. I never want anybody to think  ” what a burden”. You have been chosen for this not to be a burden. You been chosen for this to help humanity, humankind.  Let’s do it. Be part of all the fun we are going to have as the Big Call, Big Call Universe.

Bruce:   Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you everybody for listening in to the Big Call Universe. Good night everybody.  All have a beautiful night.


Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Sept. 20 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 20 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Judy Note: Summary of Intel over the last week:

1. According to the Elders, the RV would happen no later than this Sat. Sept. 23 so the general public could begin exchanging on Oct. 1.

2. USA, Inc. would no longer be able to operate after Sept. 30 and the USD defaulting on Sept. 30 would be a trigger for military action.

3. Military action would begin with an Emergency System Broadcast,  and then mass arrests.

4. The RV would begin sometime during this event.

5. On Jan. 1 2018 GESARA could be in effect, plus citizens of various nations would be able to collect a new global allowance.

6. At your exchange the banks would honor all Zim notes regardless of series, or year, plus no zeroes would be removed.

Note: Below only applies to those who choose the High Rate (Sovereign Rate) ~ Dinar Chronicles

7. The Zim was a bond, not a currency, and therefore the majority of a Zim Bond exchange would have to be dedicated to humanitarian needs.

8. Since the Zim was a bond, 80% of your Zim exchange would need to be dedicated to humanitarian charities in Zimbabwe, while 20% would be paid to you.

9. Of what you receive of your Zim proceeds, 95% would remain at HSBC earning interest.

10. You could negotiate your interest rate anywhere from 2% to 8%.

11. Of your Zim proceeds, 5% would be paid to you on a 25 year payout.

12. Even though you may not need to pay taxes on your exchange you would be expected to pay taxes on your earned interest, unless that earned interest went directly into a nonprofit charity account.

13. At the end of the 25 year payout you would have a choice of having a lump sum payment of your principle at the bank, or have that money remain at the bank earning interest for another five years. Every five years you would be given the choice of being paid your principle, or continuing to renew that agreement and have that principle earn interest for another five years.

14. Yosef claimed that by the time we exchanged, the Zim would be at a $3.62 Screen rate value, $362.00 Forex rate value, and a $362,000.00 Sovereign rate value, while the international rate would remain at $.20.

15. During your exchange you could negotiate for higher rates if you had humanitarian projects that could justify your receipt of such funds.

(Note: This content is for general information purposes only. All information given is the sole opinion of the provider.  )


B. Sept. 19 2017 The Big Call, Bruce:
 Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. This week there has been quite a bit of money moving behind the scenes. Bruce does not expect to have a call on Thurs. Sept. 21. Things should go down between tomorrow Sept. 20 and Friday Sept. 22.

2. Currencies began trading again last night Sept. 18 and the rates went up again.

3. President Trump's speech at the UN today Sept. 19 discussed regaining our soverignty and prosperity for the world.

4. The 800 number release should be coming out shortly.

5. Boxes of bonds became available around noon today Sept. 19 and would start to pay out around midnight EDT tonight-tomorrow morning Sept. 20.

6. Texas redemption centers should be up and running by tomorrow morning Sept. 20.

7. Iraqi PM Abadi had a speech scheduled for 6 am EDT Thurs. Sept. 22.

8. Thurs. Sept. 22 has been declared a holiday in Iraq.

9. Iraqi citizens have been told they were to be paid at the higher Dinar rate next Sun. Sept. 24.

10. It has been decided that if a country was not on asset-backed currency by 11:59 pm EDT Sun. night Sept. 24 that country's currency would not be able to be on the Forex, or any trading platform.

11. JP Morgan Chase has worked out a deal to be part of the exchange process (including doing 5% of the Zim exchange in North America).

12. The general public was scheduled to begin exchanges on Oct. 1.

13. At your exchange have a picture ID, preferably two picture IDs, plus a utility bill or something that proves where you reside, along with your currency and a sheet showing how much you have.

C. Sept. 19 2017 5:52 pm EDT Intel Situation Report: "Lunisolar" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - September 19, 2017

D. Sept. 18 RV Intelligence Alert:

1. The USD was expected to default by Oct. 1, which would render the USA, Inc. defunct.

2. Once the USD defaulted, military action would begin with an Emergency Broadcast System Alert, followed by the USN replacing the USD, Trump resignation, Pence's pardon, and then mass arrests.

3. The RV was expected to begin during this event.


E. Sept. 19 2017 3:19 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Unhinged" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - September 19, 2017

JP Morgan is lining up their executive management team to replace Wells Fargo as lead American bank for the RV. Got this from two sources now.

I hear they will be also be intaking ZIM at the street level rate too--IQD and VND as well--turning no one away.

There's also talk of a Tues. Sept. 19 redemption cycle starting and going until the following Mon Sept. 25.

The UN General Assembly also starts tomorrow Sept. 19 at 8am EDT with Trump speaking at 10am EDT Tues. Sept 19.

Congress is right now pushing through a stealth Obama Care repeal in the Senate. Curious timing huh? Can you say USN?

The assets behind the ZIM bond/currency is backing every other currency in the RV, including revaluing Chinese Yuan.

All go or none go times like 28 zeros which is flowing out tomorrow Sept. 19.

 Historical Bond SKRs over 1,000 quad are funding and working their way down.



Walkingstick:  Possibly, depends... on ones view...We wait, and see....  But, I believe he is exactly where one should be at this time... Myself, I believe Abadi is sending a clear and distinct message to the world, by not attending.. One, far greater than a prepared speech at the podium...

Thei: For these reasons, Abbadi's visit to New York was not resolved

spokesman for Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi  Saad al-Hadithi's press office said Abadi's visit

Makhmour comes to mobilize and start military operations to free Hawija, asserting that the military plans to liberate

Hawijah became almost complete by liberating the complete victory, on the determination of the zero hour to break into the Hawijah by hand Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
Al-Hadithi said in an interview with "Baghdad here" that Abbadi's visit to New York had not been resolved so far for his preoccupation 

Editing the Hawija and the issue of the referendum. 


Samson:  Thursday is an official holiday on the occasion of the Islamic New Year

20th September, 2017

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Wednesday that the official working hours of Thursday will be suspended.

The Secretariat said in a statement that it announced "the disruption of the official working day for tomorrow Thursday, 21/9/2017 ... corresponding to the first of Muharram al-Haram, the Hijri New Year."



Samson:  For the first time, Iraq presides over Article 14 of the CTBT

 20th September, 2017

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Jamal said Wednesday that Iraq is the first country to hold the 14th session of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) with the participation of Belgium. "For the first time, Iraq is presiding over the convening of Article XIV of the CTBT with the participation of Belgium," Gamal said in a statement.  LINK

SurfingWolf:  Why was it that Iraq ended up under chapter 7 sanctions again?

I seem to recall it was related to weapons of mass destruction. And now they're presiding over the nuclear test ban treaty session?

If we weren't already aware that ch7 sanctions removal is only a formality (thanks F26!) this would let us know. As we've learned unsc was first to put the handcuffs and will be "last" to remove them... this ctbt also provides a measure of "symetry" to the situation.

I could only listen while working yesterday, but from Trump's speech, I'm trying to put some pieces together. Obviously he had very strong words for N Korea, Iran, and Syria. He also spoke of the Marshall plan.

With Iraq now presiding over a session directly related to not only what resulted in them being invaded, but also what the "international community" is taking issue with these other countries, it would seem that this unga event may see Iraq held out as a positive example of a regime change operation/spreading democracy etc.

Certainly imo, by now, Trump has been made aware of the faulty intelligence he received in respect to the Syrian chemical weapons incident in early April. And yet, he spoke directly of this as if to communicate, that it doesn't really matter about the realities of the situations.

You may or may not be developing or using WMD's but either way, if you are significantly off reservation in whatever way, we will handle the situation like we handled Iraq... see how great it's turning out for the Iraqis. btw... I'm personally still unsure of whether Iraq did or did not have the wmds fwiw I've heard so many reports.

It's no longer 2001-2003 and we will see how this turns out. I do believe this "tough talk" on the heels of some major shots across the bow of the USS petrodollar make for incredible geopolitical drama.

Even without the potential for reinstatement... this end of summer/beginning of fall is likely to be history making.


JJonesmx:  Shut the front door ...Blessings to you  WS....

Snip... This workshop comes at a very important time is the insistence of Iraqi banks to open up to regional and international banks and enhance confidence between them to reflect positively on the banking sector," said Wadih al-Hanal, head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, during the workshop”

Rich4hyip:  wow, it couldn't said any more clearer they are about to be connected internationlly.

Walkingstick:  Association of Private Banks organizes a workshop on safety requirements for financial transfer systems

On Wednesday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized a workshop in cooperation with KMPG International on the safety requirements of financial transfer systems and was attended by 100 employees of Iraqi and foreign banks operating in Baghdad. 
"This workshop comes at a very important time is the insistence of Iraqi banks to open up to regional and international banks and enhance confidence between them to reflect positively on the banking sector," said Wadih al-Hanal, head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, during the workshop.

He added that "compliance with the requirements of safety requirements in the financial transfer systems will show the extent of the commitment of the Iraqi banking sector to apply the latest international standards in the banking sector and will contribute to strengthen the positions of Iraqi banks to establish relationships with correspondent banks," noting that "the presence of the Central Bank for most workshops held by the Association of Private Banks A significant indication of its importance because it is part of its strategy to be implemented during the next five years


Sirenfire: WOOOHOOO WE R FINALLY CATCHING UP!!!!! To the current news stuff. I wonder if we are still 9-10 days behind in News still...HMMMM


Samson:  Parliament sends an urgent letter to the government to demand payment of dues to farmers

 20th September, 2017

The Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Water and Marshlands MP Frat Tamimi, on Wednesday, sent a letter to Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the Ministries of Trade and Finance to demand the acceleration of the implementation of the amendment of the federal budget law on the payment of the benefits of farmers for the years 2014-2015-2016.

Tamimi said in a statement received by "Economy News", a copy of it, he sent "an urgent letter to the Council of Ministers Haider Abadi and the ministries of trade and finance to accelerate the implementation of the amendment of the federal budget law on the payment of the benefits of farmers for the years 2014-2015-2016.

Al-Tamimi called on the concerned parties to "interact with the writers in order to expedite the disbursement of these allocations to them in order to encourage farmers and develop the agricultural sector



Samson:  Budget 2018 .. Domestic economic reforms with international support

 19th September, 2017

Said economic expert d. Salam Simeem said that "the economic reform project launched by the prime minister is part of the economic reform approved by the International Monetary Fund, which provided that there is economic reform of the Iraqi national economy until the loans are given." In a statement to the «Journal»,

said that "the preparation of the budget 2018 and its estimates must be subject to the controls of the reform adopted by the International Monetary Fund and the seriousness of the government in the reform will be after the adoption of the budget in its final form, noting the reduction of public expenditure and increase efficiency of the collection of public revenues, And taxes have been noticed in recent period increased scrutiny and activation of customs fees and the activation of non-oil revenues, which pour into the budget alongside oil.

The expert pointed out that "the government did not develop a real plan and effective economic policy, if the investment expenditures need to be linked to economic policies that encourage investment and productive activities, indicating that Iraq is still burdened with operating expenses of salaries of employees and bureaucratic circles flaccid which became inappropriate for the advanced stage of economic policy developed countries ". 
Samisem said that "the balance of the region subject to the political results and what is issued by the results of the vote whether yes or no, and the rate of 17% and determine what remains within Iraq's full share while approving, pointing out that the region most affected by the exit from Iraq being geographically trapped from the countries of rejection To form a Kurdish state and the search for outlets for the export of "Kurdish" oil through Turkey rejecting him and thus Baghdad will be a winner for the share of the region 17% and will not be deducted from its general budget.

For his part, said the economic expert d. Majid al-Suri said that "the budget of 2018 must strengthen resources and maximize resources and maximize resources, non-oil and improve the system of financial management and control." He added in a statement to the «Journal», that "the most important conditions in the budget next year to reduce inflation and wages, pointing out that the current government procedures to form a committee for higher investment will lead to encourage the private sector to enter the investment and the government that allocates sufficient amounts for investment activity in Iraq in Related to investment projects in all regions of Iraq and liberated areas. "

"The reconstruction of the liberated areas will be a good step to restore the hands of the unemployed, pointing out the need to fight corruption, which destroyed the body of the Iraqi government, stressing the need to close the border and exit from the administrative bureaucracy, which stood a lot of investment projects.

He added in a statement to the «Journal», that "the most important conditions in the budget next year to reduce inflation and wages, pointing out that the current government procedures to form a committee for higher investment will lead to encourage the private sector to enter the investment and the government that allocates sufficient amounts for investment activity in Iraq in Related to investment projects in all regions of Iraq and liberated areas. " He pointed to the image of the financial crisis that has accompanied the state since 2014 and now because of the oil-based rent economy and the fall in world prices led to the entry of Iraq in a financial crisis paralyzed the national economy.

He pointed out that the budget should go to investment and not operational and therefore there are serious steps for the project of economic reform launched by the Prime Minister in his reform project, adding that there is a tendency to include the private sector and lead to lead the national economy to begin closing the border in front of commodity dumping and chaotic Iraqi market until The rise of national production and the empowerment of material and moral. "

"Iraq borrowed from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank amounts of up to 5 billion dollars and the Fund announced a project to reform the economic situation in Iraq by raising the size of the investment budget for the operation," said Najiba Najib, a member of the committee, , Indicating that "the recommendations made by the Fund will be included in the draft budget." She added that "the budget is still in the preparation and will be submitted to the Council of Ministers to vote and submitted to the House of Representatives for approval

Saleh said in a press statement that "the budget of 2018 tends to maximize non-oil resources whenever possible, and the direction of the state is to encourage employment through the private sector and develop programs to lend young people soft loans to enable them to engage in the labor market." He added that "this budget is in the semi-final preparation, and will be presented to the Council of Ministers next month according to constitutional times."

Saleh stressed that "the deficit problem should be addressed in order to ensure the continuation of economic activity and reallocation of resources in the budget, and this is what we are working for."

"We are consulting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a theme called financial consolidation, reducing spending, maximizing resources, sustainability of debt sustainability within economic limits and maximizing revenues," he said.

Don961:  Stability and confidence in the banking system

 Since 2017-09-19 at 15:40 (Baghdad time)

 The talk about the manifestations of compactness takes various dimensions in Iraq. Between the coinage in kind such as gold or gold occupied (Almkhshalat) jewelry and precious valuables and the compactness of the Iraqi dinar, which accounts for about 77 percent of the currency exported outside the Central Bank of Iraq as well as foreign currency.

The national economy is losing one of its strength factors by shifting its savings, which support the cycles of income and production, to leakage in the income cycle, or weaken the chances of production and economic activity.

The demand for money or money-like forms of money for hedging purposes only, or its designation as a term, is also applied to the request for criticism for purposes of theoretical intervention and an assessment of the role of risk in the behavior of monetary demand.

Accordingly, the history of Iraqi banking during the last century has witnessed the phenomena of exchanging gold in paper currency by placing gold as a hostage in goldsmiths or moneylenders for an interest rate. The demand for money here helps ensure that gold is taken out of cash leaks into the spending cycle and economic activity, but market instruments are illegal. Demand for cash is for transaction purposes, but income cycles are not necessarily complete and do not lead to real economic equilibrium.

The modern economic history of Iraq, especially in the sixties of the last century, began the establishment of a government bank called the Mortgage Bank as a legal and legal alternative to the phenomenon of moneylenders and the whole illegal market in the provision of cash loans secured by gold; the Bank of mortgages in the practice of providing cash loans for retention of gold that is in the possession of the borrower Until the maturity date of the loan or repayment against interest charged by the Mortgage Bank to cover the operating costs and part of the risk of fluctuation of the value of the same security from the liquid or gold coins occupied.

But unfortunately the bank canceled the bank in the early seventies of the last century for reasons I do not really know. In spite of this, the banks remained in a semi-banking relationship with customers in providing some services. Banks or personal bank vaults remained available to citizens and were available for use within each bank, especially the government, especially the Rafidain and Rashid banks. Gold and its valuable assets and important documents in those protected hotspots for a wage and a 100% security rate for a monthly or annual fee.

 The absence of this safe service cut off one of the bonds between the citizen and the bank as an entity that preserves the wealth of society and creates an atmosphere of direct links between individuals and banks.

In conclusion, I call on the Central Bank of Iraq to proceed with the study of granting a license to an Iraqi bank for mortgages (mortgage gold occupied for monetary money), which strengthens bank credit and turns the quasi-fortified wealth into a guarantor force in generating demand for money for purposes of transactions and support economic activity,

and promised this one of the channels In addition to maximizing the atmosphere of confidence between the banks and the non-believers to receive their gold and other precious valuables in safe vaults at the banks for easy wages, stressing at the same time the importance of starting the activity of Daman Alu Aia that the audience is looking forward to it soon to check on banking and Diath risk exposure of banks and failures.  link

Guru G-Lin UPDATE, 20 SEPT

I'm...excited about the...art. stating the IMF gave them instructions to cancel the remaining restriction on the exchange rate and practice multiple exchange rates, And the implementation of measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism and fight corruption. To me this is saying remove that last restriction and give the dinar a true rate and that would eliminate MCP and by doing so it will fight terrorism and corruption. It also says to me that they are Art. 8 compliant and they need to de-dollarize...this has been requested by the IMF in every Art. !V consultation I have read and now it sounds like a direct order. We don't have any idea when this will happen but Iraq started listening to the IMF this year and in order to get the loans from them and the World Bank, they must perform to their instructions. Add to all of the above the fact that the second amendment to the CBI Law was discussed in Parl. last week it makes for some pretty exciting speculation. If they aren't ready to change the value, they are making preparations to do so. As usual this is just my opinion.

Dr. Clarke UPDATE, 20 SEPT

DR. CLARKE (Tuesday 9-19-17): We’re going to make this quick today, as we’ve been outta pocket the past 2 weeks or so, buried in relief operations for Hurricane's Harvey & Irma.

MASSIVE destruction, and some areas STILL underwater in S. Florida, without Power & Food for Weeks. Our Hearts & Hands go out to all the victims, and there are over 60,000 families in S. Texas that are homeless, many still in shelters, with nowhere to go, because of losing everything, as well as, having NO flood insurance, and no money to repair the damage…..not to mention the MASSIVE disaster in Florida.

​The ramifications of what just happened the past 3 weeks, will linger for YEARS.

SIDE POINT: The media is hiding the massive Economic Disaster this has been over the past 3 weeks, in the hundreds of Billions of dollars & rising. (As well as over 130 Major Wildfires burning simultaneously over 1 Million acres in 8 Western U.S. States). Don’t be Fooled!….even as the Stock Market continues to rise to record levels. ​ 

WHAT?…..to add to the already lopsided and massive government debt & deficit condition, of almost 20 Trillion. Don’t be fooled over the next few weeks. We Firmly believe, there’s a Major Financial meltdown, within ALL MARKETS, coming in the not too distant future….it’s already occurring……quietly…..but will eventually turn into MORE PROSPERITY. Eventually.
Let’s ALL do what we can. We Wrote you about these Hurricanes, and in Irma’s case, we wrote specifically about the RECORD BREAKING effects, 10 DAYS AHEAD of it’s Landfall.…AND we gave you Exact Specifics. We wrote about it in our 9-1-17 Post, and Irma made landfall on 9-10-17 in S. Florida - 7 different times! Unfortunately, we tried to warn everyone way ahead of time, even BEFORE any of the major media was saying anything…..
Unfortunately, as we’re writing this, Hurricane MARIA just turned Category 5, with winds over 160 mph, and is headed toward the East Coast of the U.S. Many models have it moving up north and missing the coast. AGAIN, WE SAY START PREPARING NOW, if you live in FLORIDA, GEORGIA, South & North CAROLINA. This storm is also a Monster, and could easily be AT LEAST another Irma in scope.

The CAROLINA’S COULD GET A DIRECT HIT on this one, but it’s still early. Unfortunately though, Puerto Rico will again take a direct hit in a couple days, and this storm will again devastate many caribbean islands, AGAIN. It’s predicted to get close to the U.S. within the next 6-7 days, somewhere around the 25-27th. Make Preparations NOW, if you can. Many areas are already devastated, but don’t mess with this storm, as we wrote in advance about Irma……Let’s hope it eventually steers clear of the U.S. mainland, and ends up in the middle of the Atlantic……oh, by the way, Vietnam, which hasn’t gotten hit in a decade, just got hit heavily yesterday by a Very Intense Typhoon, killing at least a dozen.

Unfortunately, there’s MUCH MORE of this type of thing coming, in the weeks & months ahead.
We’ve been emphasizing over the past 2 months, the “Weather”, the “Ground” and the “Sky”……for a Very Good Reason.
“NO amount of Money or ANY RV of Any Currency, is more Important than the SAFETY of HUMAN & ANIMAL LIVES”……getting Priorities in Order, should be EVERYONE’S MAIN FOCUS…….and the rest will take care of itself.
Extend your Physical Hand…..not just your Thoughts, Prayer & Your Words.
Put yourself in their place…….We ourselves have been there in the middle of these things, more than once. Life will “Chew you up, and Spit you out”, in a heartbeat, and that’s why “We need each other”……and to eventually learn, even by way of “Chaos & Disaster”, to: “Love one Another, rather than Hate one another.”

NOW, this is the “3rd WEEK OF SEPTEMBER”, 16 thru 24th……you know what we wrote about this, way back in our Post on 7-27-17.
You SEE the UN Meeting taking place this week. You SEE who’s there now.
Here’s what we have to write about this: “GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER!”
Guess what Day is coming up soon?………of course, you guessed it……Our Most Favorite Day of the Week, “FUN DAY - FRIDAY!” (the 22nd)…….this Friday is SO SPECIAL. Why? Because on this day, not only is this the Beginning of the Weekend ( a BIG Weekend. BIG.) - Butt. Butt…….NEW, VERY SIGNIFICANT, IMPORTANT PARTNERSHIPS WILL COME TOGETHER, LIKE NEVER BEFORE. PARTNERSHIPS. PARTNERSHIPS. PARTNERSHIPS.
This Friday is a Super-Charged PARTNERSHIP Day, on Steroids. Keep your “Eyes Wide Open”.……and Justice will be Served!…….and make sure you “Partner with Someone NEW” or in a NEW Way.
Kinda like when we wrote, 10 DAYS OUT before Irma made landfall, as the Atlantic Ocean’s Most Powerful Hurricane EVER RECORDED. Remember, we wrote & predicted, when this storm was yet a Category 3 storm - 10 days out, that it would be a RECORD SETTER, become a Category 5, and a significant “Wind Event”, and that it WOULD hit S. & Central Florida?……..and to NOT WAIT. To Prepare NOW!…….well,We were 100% CORRECT.PAY ATTENTION.
We don’t have time Today, to list all the things that have come true, that we wrote about days & weeks in advance……but you can go back and see for yourself.
We DO want to leave you with one very important bit of information, that we’ve been highlighting for the past several posts…….because this has been, and will even more so, play a VERY IMPORTANT PART, in EVERYONE’S Lives in the Coming Days, and that is:
Remember the “SKY” in the “Coming Days”…..beyond Hurricanes…..“REMEMBER THE SKY”
THIS COMING SATURDAY, the 23rd: FYI - NO, the Rapture is NOT coming…..and NO, Jesus is NOT coming back…….because……he never left.
THE NEXT 5 DAYS are………BIG……but it’s NOT the End. YET.
ALL in our Exhausted, Totally fulfilled, Prayerful, Excited, Busy, Hurricane-Aided, Wind-Blown, Assisting, Delicate, Over-Flooded, Focused & IL-Logical OPINIONS……..”FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”……to the Highest Degree.
In Major Gratitude & Appreciation,DR. CLARKE 

P.S. Go back and Re-read the DETAILS of our 7-27-17 Post (LINK) & 9-1-17 Post (LINK) ……..for what COULD be next………the Foggy Path really clears up this week, finally after over 12 years.

We’re NOT calling an RV DATE or an RV RATE (against our un-earthly Religions).

But we ARE CALLING…….. “ET Phone Home”.

We only write about our Metaphorically contrived, ill-advised, vivaciously insignificant, and totally inaccurate Viewpoints, Beliefs & Opinions, which mean……Nothing whatsoever.

SPOCK: “Captain Kirk, That’s Totally IL-Logical!”…….KIRK: Yes dammit…..that’s why it WORKED!…….you thick headed Vulcan!

“Nanu Nanu" ……..per Robin Williams (RIP), with this all-important, Secret Coded Message.

NANU NANU . (Watch: 

…….There’s a Proverbial Record Setting HURRICANE COMING!……and the Winds are picking up Speed Rapidly……..Find the “EYE”……..wait for it.

MOVE on the 4th DAY.



InJoy Your Weekend. You should “SEE”….. something.