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UN SAY ZIMBABWE CAN EASILY BE NUMBER ONE IS AFRICA WITH THEIR MORE THAN 40 MINERAL RESOURCES http://www.newzimbabwe.com/business-39083-UNDP+Zim+so+rich+it+can+be+Africas+NO+1/business.aspx


Currency365:  UN Rejection/Agreement to not use Force - https://youtu.be/31X_0R7GqPI

EyesOpenMedia:   PM Abadi says they have carried out ECONOMIC REFORMS????   https://youtu.be/QJ7vx-4kdZg


9-13-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   we still have a date for a Kurdish referendum later this month, so the question of the day is… what, if anything, do we know is being done by those in Baghdad who may not want to see a Kurdish secession?   Iraq in general is not in favor of it, lawsuits have been filed (presumably on the grounds that the upcoming referendum is unconstitutional or a variety of other reasons), and there are signs of certain Kurdish leaders willing to negotiate with Baghdad…in my opinion, that simple fact right there is reason to think they aren’t really serious about the split. Sure, they may SAY they are, and posture accordingly, but the leaders of the secession movement and the PTB are simply not in sync. Nothing as major as a complete separation can possibly happen unless the Kurdish are representatives completely unified.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

9-13-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru payray
   "Proposals to benefit from oil revenues"   "...we find two problems with two main directions: the first concerns the sovereign ownership of the oil wealth and the second relates to the management of that wealth. This is the basic aspect that must be decided by the legislation of the oil and gas law."    [Hydrocarbon Law ..HCL]   Them continuing to talk about this is a good sign... I do believe that they will increase the dinar's value before enacted this law... 

9-13-2017    Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Peshmerga ready for Hawija, unsure of coordination with Hashd"   Quote:  "The province is a diverse home to Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, and Christians. As one of the Kurdistani or disputed areas, it is claimed by both Baghdad and Erbil."  Less than two weeks until the Kurdish referendum and the daily rhetoric for and against it is increasingly bitter.  Abadi('s)...position is that the Kurds cannot secede without the consent of the rest of Iraq.

9-13-2017   Newshound Guru payray   Article:  "Iraqi parliament votes against Kurdish independence referendum "   We are going to see a lot of drama this week as it concerns this referendum issue... But before PM Abadi, and President Masoum address the UN general assembly next week, this situation must be resolved IMHO... Hold on to your hats folks... This will be an 11th hour resolution, and everyone will come out with smiles... Money talks in this world we live in, and there is plenty to be made in Iraq... The Kurdish government understands this...  This week has the makings of being a daisy folks... This Friday, 9/15/2017, could prove to be quite interesting... The UN currency rates come out on that day...  

9-13-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    ...I don’t know what will come out of the meeting or what to expect. I think it is a good sign. The delegation from Iraq is expected to speak at the UN on Thursday when our President will be down in Florida. There is something defiantly going on with that.  Based on what I heard earlier Iraq is really ready to put their rate international and have it in the Gazette. If that happens, we are just about where we need to be.  We heard that, UN Operational. Rates suppose to show on the 13th...and taken effect date on the 15th which is Friday. ...we understand the Operational rates are due for a change. This is our currency rates...    I am not going to call it, but based on what is happening in Iraq...we could be in the sweet spot in the next 24 to 36 hours.  I am excited...be expectant of a really great week.   [post 2 of 2]

9-13-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    Iraq is basically done.  With that I mean they published everything in the Gazette except the new rate. They were settling on a new rate yesterday [Monday].  We had a CBI rate being worked between so many dollars above it for a CBI rate...it could be published in tomorrow’s [Wednesday] Gazette.  That is what I am hearing from my sources in Iraq.  They already started the digital version of the Gazette, and bring it out 7:30 am Iraqi time or 12:30am EST tonight.  That is an interesting time to me. Based on what is happening in Iraq and based on who is coming from Iraq to meet with our President.  We have representatives from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Great Britain, and China tomorrow. Some are there now and some are on the way to meet with the President tomorrow.

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Tuesday Night  9-12-17

tman23: Talk Iraq.....Talk National Reconciliation....... How long has that been a song and verse by Shiite....... Kurds referendum does one thing......it forces national reconciliation or an attack in Kurdistan from the peoples militia which is run by Iran......

It forces the Shiite politicians to either break from Iran or be ruled by a regime such as Iran....... This is the breaking point....... Kurds hold referendum, if they are attacked Baghdad must retaliate against the attackers.......
​If Baghdad fails to and fails it's rehabilitation to rid Tehran influence.....Kurdistan will announce independence March 1st.......either way......Kurd region is following CBI banking laws and enforcing rates........

 If you do not see articles starting between now and Sept 28th about new currency and education process of such....If by October 15 a change is not announced...... We be bamboozled ....!!!!

Meatball: bamboozled..... that word does not get used enough..... great word

Tebow: @Romello but some will never learn....... Sad
Meatball: it is sad but that is life

Romello: @tman23 Havn't heard that one in a while. Bamboozled.
Romello: @tman23 lol

Meatball: points for that one lol
Tebow: speculation

Romello: @Meatball All investments are gambles.
Romello: @Meatball lol. Yep
Tebow: hoodwinked

Romello: @Meatball Blast from the past.

Tebow: soon, in the coming days, light at the end of the tunnel
Meatball: i hope
Tebow: hope and wait

chattels: Iraqi officials’ dual nationality allows for escape abroad

Read more:

chattels: For two years, the Iraqi parliament has not been able to pass a bill bringing an end to officials holding dual citizenship, despite its inclusion in a list of parliamentary reforms announced by speaker Salim al-Jabouri in August 2015, as part of a package of government measures following widespread demonstrations in Baghdad to demand reform.

Read more:

chattels: The bill, which has been suspended since the last parliamentary term, deals with the rules on Iraqi officials holding two nationalities. It is based on Article 18 of the Iraqi Constitution, which demands that holders of senior and “sovereign” offices give up their “acquired citizenship.”

However, the constitution charges the legislature with the task of working out the details and drawing up a law on the issue, something the Iraqi parliament has so far failed to do. Read more:

​chattels: An estimated 70-100 members of parliament hold foreign citizenship, according to a source close to the legal department of the Council of Representatives who asked to remain anonymous.

 A considerable number of executive officials also hold second passports, including ministers and diplomats. Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in 2016 that some 32 of the country’s 66 ambassadors hold a foreign citizenship.

The difficulty of passing the bill while many parliamentarians benefit from its suspension is exacerbated by the fact that officials in both the executive branch and the judiciary also benefit from the lack of such a law.

Read more:

chattels: A law on “acquired citizenship” was last proposed in the Iraqi parliament in October 2016. There is no indication it will pass anytime soon, Ibtisam al-Hilali, another member of the Legal Committee, told Al-Monitor.

“The current session of parliament will not pass a law on dual citizenship due to the lack of genuine will to see it passed, as is the case with the law on the federal parliament,” she said.

Read more:

chattels: Less than two weeks until the Kurdish referendum and the daily rhetoric for and against it is increasingly bitter.

chattels: Peshmerga ready for Hawija, unsure of coordination with Hashd


chattels: The province is a diverse home to Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, and Christians. As one of the Kurdistani or disputed areas, it is claimed by both Baghdad and Erbil.

chattels: Peshmerga have said that coordination with Hashd units is difficult because they are not centralized. The Peshmerga control five areas on four fronts to the north and east of the Hawija pocket. They have said they are waiting "zero hour" and have been making preparations for the past two years for the repeatedly delayed offensive.

Whitelions: Jordanian investors are demanding an official permit on the date of export of products via Trebil http://economy-news.net/vrsfls/cntnt/pctr/2328.jpg

The chairman of the Jordan Free Zone Investors Association (NAFC) Nabil Rumman called Wednesday for the government to issue an official statement from the relevant authorities on the date of the start of the export of Jordanian products to the Iraqi market via the Karama crossing.

"The investors in the Jordanian free zones are waiting to start exporting their goods to the Iraqi market through the Karama crossing to the Trebil crossing," the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai said. "Free zones exported about $ 3 billion a year Vehicles and products ".

 He added that "customs centers were not instructed until yesterday to open any customs export data to Iraq," and called on "the competent authorities to announce the official date of opening Al-Karama crossing in front of Jordanian goods."

The border terminal between Jordan and Iraq resumed its work recently in front of the transport, export and import movement after a halt that lasted more than two years due to the security incidents that controlled the western regions of Iraq.

 The Tripoli crossing is of great importance to the trade exchange between the two countries for the importance of the Iraqi market for Jordanian exports.

 Iraq is the second largest export market to Jordan after the United States, which means restoring things to what it was and confidence in the continuation of industrial sector growth.

Whitelions: ;beach
chattels: PM calls for ‘dialogue, dialogue, dialogue’ with Erbil in carrot and stick speech By Rudaw BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that if Erbil insists on holding independence referendum on September 25, the Kurdistan Region will “lose” all it has achieved since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

While Abadi called the Kurdish vote “unconstitutional,” he called for “dialogue, dialogue, dialogue,” as he extended an open invitation to the Kurdish leadership to visit Baghdad in order to hold talks to resolving their disagreements.

Abadi’s remarks Tuesday came just after the Iraqi parliament decided in a majority vote to call the Kurdish vote a “threat” against the unity of Iraq while calling on PM Abadi’s cabinet to take “all measures” to stop it from happening.

A Kurdish official speaking on behalf of the three main ruling parties in Kurdistan said they consider the vote as giving the green light to the Iraqi PM to resort to the military might against Erbil.


chattels: Abadi said that the Kurdish government has been controlling the oil wells in Kirkuk since the war broke out with ISIS in 2014, and Erbil has since exported the oil from the province in violation of the Iraqi laws and constitution “by force.”

Currently, Kirkuk’s oil is exported through the Kurdish pipeline to Turkey’s Ceyhan port. Under an agreement between Erbil and Baghdad made last year, half of the revenues of sales of Kirkuk’s oil go to the Kurdistan Region.

Whitelions: Electricity contract in anticipation of a contract with the industry for the processing and implementation of fixed and mobile terminals http://economy-news.net/vrsfls/cntnt/pctr/2326.jpg

The Ministry of Electricity announced on Wednesday a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals for the processing and implementation of fixed and mobile terminals in the form of ready-made key.

 In a press release issued by the Ministry of Electricity, the director of electricity transmission in Upper Euphrates, Eng. Khaled Ghzai Attia, said that "the contract concluded with Al-Zawra Company, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals formations, was based on the decision of the Ministerial Energy Committee 39), which includes the assignment to the company Zora public for the purpose of the implementation and processing of fixed and mobile terminals for the benefit of the Ministry of Electricity.

 He added that "Al-Zawra General Company will equip the Ministry of Electricity (15) mobile mobile terminal 132/33 KV capacity of 45 MVA and (15) mobile transfer station capacity of 25 MVA," stressing that "20 mobile ones will be processed to the General Directorate of Energy Transmission Electricity / the northern region, the other ten will be for the benefit of our director in the liberated areas of the calligraphy and the duration of the processing of 300 days starting from the entry into force of the contract.

"The contract also included the design, construction, manufacture, processing, installation and operation of 4 fixed transformer stations, 132/33 KV capacity, 63MVA type GIS with 6 132 kV lines, to be installed at South Fallujah station, South of Ramadi and north of Ramadi, instead of the fixed stations destroyed by the entity calling the terrorist while in Anbar province and the length of processing 420 days starting from the entry into force of the contract.

chattels: Independent Kurdistan can be a factor for Middle East stability By Paul Iddon


Whitelions: Rafidain replaces paper with electronic system soon http://economy-news.net/vrsfls/cntnt/pctr/2312.jpg Rafidain Bank announced the close application of the electronic banking system instead of dealing paper in the completion of transactions of citizens.

The media office of the bank in a statement obtained by "Economy News" a copy of it, "customers to review branches in Baghdad and the provinces for the purpose of updating their data and complete the necessary documents related to them in preparation for the application of the comprehensive banking system.

The statement pointed out that "the bank has reached stages and advanced steps in the application of the electronic system," noting that "this system allows the citizen to benefit from the facilities provided by the bank through the completion of operations and simplification of procedures as well as cleaning the archive and inventory of the bank."

chattels: The " right of self determination " is an interesting notion. If such right is absolute and universal then what is there to discuss ? 
​chattels: Obviously there was no right of self determination in the USA in 1860.

chattels: Like many broad notions of right and entitlement the powers that be trot such out when it suits their narrative.

chattels: “Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable.” ―Daniel Webster

chattels: Can Liberty and Union coexist if there is no liberty to choose the union ?

chattels: Discussions and threats of secession often surface in American politics, and secession was declared during the Civil War between the States.

However, in 1869 the United States Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White, 74 U.S. 700 (1869) that unilateral secession was not permitted saying that the union between a state (Texas in the case before the bar) "was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States."

chattels: Abadi is making the same argument in Iraq.

chattels: His position is that the Kurds cannot secede without the consent of the rest of Iraq.



Samson:  Abadi: We have achieved victories and we have carried out economic reforms despite the financial crisis

 13th September, 2017

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, that the world has become confident in our economy and the financial crisis has affected the situation in the country, but we have achieved victories and carried out economic reforms.

Abadi's office said in a statement that "the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, held a meeting Wednesday with the governor and members of the Dhi Qar provincial council in the presence of a number of deputies."

Abadi stressed that "we are pleased to be here in Dhi Qar civilization, culture, sacrifice and courage," noting that "the sons of this province were proactive in defense of Iraq and Harabh when a number of its areas to occupy gangs and called on terrorists, and offered martyrs and wounded to liberate Their country, and without these sacrifices for victory. "

"We are in the last phase of liberating our territory and we will continue to train and train our forces because terrorism is trying and will continue to try and we must beware of it," he said.
"The care of the people and the treatment of their issues and the provision of services to them are priorities of the official, indicating that the financial crisis affected the situation, but we have won and we have won economic reforms and the world has become confident of the Iraqi economy."

He reiterated the "unity of the country and the unconstitutionality of the referendum of the Kurdistan region," noting that "we live in one country and can not take unilateral action   LINK

Samson: Ten years in prison for an employee of the Ministry of Commerce accused of embezzlement

 13th September, 2017

The Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Commerce announced Wednesday that a member of the General Company for the trade of construction materials had been sentenced in absentia for 10 years for embezzlement.

The office said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that "through the monitoring and inspection efforts of the owners of the office was revealed cases of manipulation and forgery by the employee in the General Company for the trade of construction materials, and the issuance of a court ruling on embezzlement financial amounts for the sales of construction materials company in Diyala "He said.

The statement added that "after these procedures was referred to the administrative investigation and then completed the legal and investigative procedures and forwarded the case to the Integrity Commission and the competent courts," adding that "the Criminal Court of Diyala issued an absentee verdict against the employee accused of cases of manipulation and forgery."

The statement said that "the Office continues to monitor the irregularities and accounting for the defaulters and refer them to the competent courts to be a deterrent to anyone who begs himself fraud and manipulation of public money.   LINK


Samson:  60 Saudi companies participating in Baghdad International Fair

 13th September, 2017

The General Company for Trade and Trade Services of Iraq, the Ministry of Commerce, on Wednesday, a large and large participation of Arab and foreign companies and countries in the forty-fourth session of the Baghdad International Fair, which will be held under the slogan "Free our land and your cooperation building."

"This session will see for the first time the participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in more than 60 Saudi investment companies in all areas of architecture, commerce and economy with an area of ​​more than 1,200 square meters," said the company's general manager, Mohammad Hatem.

He added that "the upcoming exhibition will create important opportunities in the exchange of experiences between Iraqi and Saudi businessmen and establish a strong partnership in support of the private sector and investment projects.

Hatem pointed out that the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair will start on the 21st of October 2017 and continue until the 30th of this month.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Trade Minister Majid al-Qasabi recently visited Iraq as part of an official delegation. The visit resulted in an agreement with the Iraqi side on the need for both sides to open up in all economic and investment fields and activate trade exchange between the two countries.     http://bit.ly/2y5FkN8


Samson:  Advisor to Abadi: The budget of 2018 includes reducing the operating expenses of the three presidencies

2017-09-13 at 13:39 (Baghdad time)

The economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Wednesday, the reduction of operating expenses for the three presidencies in the budget of 2018.

"The budget includes reducing operating expenses for the three presidencies and maximizing non-oil resources to contain any additional deficit, according to the directives of the prime minister," he said in an interview with Mawazine News.

He added that "the country is going to maximize its resources and control the spending and reduce it as necessary," pointing out that "the volume of funds allocated is similar to the budget of 2017 and estimated at 110 trillion dinars."   LINK


Samson:  Waseet Trade signs an economic cooperation protocol with China

 13th September, 2017

The Wasit Chamber of Commerce confirmed on Wednesday the signing of an economic cooperation protocol with the Chinese side. The agreement included a number of important decisions concerning economic exchange.

"The protocol was signed for the economic cooperation between the Wasit Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese side represented by the Chairman of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Council. The agreement included a number of issues that enhance the means of trade and economic cooperation between the two sides," the chamber said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press.

"The agreement included the establishment of exhibitions and urged the Chinese side to respect the quality of Chinese goods exported to Iraq, as most Chinese goods do not match their specifications with those exported to European countries, which makes the Iraqi consumer does not want these goods, although Chinese factories produce high quality goods exported to markets European and American. "  "During the protocol, the demand for the opening of workshops for after-sales services, especially for Chinese cars, as most of the backup materials supplied by some traders are not from the parent companies, and poor quality."

The Iraqi market is witnessing a large spread of Chinese goods, and at reasonable prices, which leads the responsible parties to contract with Chinese companies in order to import goods.     LINK


Evenstar:  There is a whole lotta International hints here from a country who won't admit to being "international"   just makes you go "hmmmmm"

Samson:  The establishment of an international stadium for the oil club with a capacity of 9500 spectators

 13th September, 2017

Announced that the Ministry of Oil, Wednesday, for the establishment of an international stadium for the club of oil with a capacity of 9,500 spectators, noting that it comes from reality in order to promote sports.

The oil minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said in a statement received a copy of the Sng that "was approved for the establishment of stadium oil sports club with a capacity of 9500 spectators, and was approved to establish stadiums of the South Oil Club capacity of 5600 spectators according to international standards and standards," noting that " In recognition of the significant support provided by the Ministry of sports clubs oil. "

"The Ministry's support for sports activities is continuing and will not stop, in order to encourage those sectors to promote sports reality and an important incentive to achieve local, regional and international achievements to raise the name of Iraq high in all forums." 

The Stadium of the Sports Club and the stadiums of the South Oil Club Stadium will be implemented in accordance with the instructions and specifications of the International Federation of Football (FIFA) and the Asian Federation, and will carry out the work of international companies specialized in the construction of international stadiums, and it is hoped that these stadiums receive all local and international games.    

Frank26:  BRAVO ............ This Great ............ i will use it on tonight's WEDNESDAY CC ...... TY TOYVP !!!

Tonvp: This is not only for sending look at #4,5,6,7 AND 8 USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE
Comparing currency exchange companies?

These 8 hints can save you money on your next international transfer.

We compare international money transfer companies you can use to exchange U.S. dollars to a foreign currency so you can send money overseas. Not all international transfer companies are created equal, especially when you compare your bank against what else is out there. Read these 8 hints so you can avoid the traps of currency exchange.

1. Don’t just use your bank

Banks are notorious for overcharging consumers, this applies to international payments as well as everyday banking services. Banks charge a commission when you send money overseas, and their foreign exchange rates are usually 3% or more above the market rate. Compare international transfer companies and spend a couple of minutes opening an account and you’ll be rewarded with a better deal.

Banks vs. Money Transfer Providers
Big Bank
International Money Transfer Service

Exchange rate
$1 = €0.918
$1 = €0.942

Transfer fee

Amount received when
transferring $600

2. Sometimes it’s worth paying a higher fee to get a better exchange rate

Don’t go for the first money transfer company you see just because they don’t charge a fee on your international transer. Often these companies offset this by offering a poor exchange rate. Before you agree to the terms, make sure you compare several providers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Transfer company 1
Transfer company 2

Exchange rate
$1 = €0.945
$1 = €0.903

Transfer fee

Amount received when
transferring $600

As you can see, although the second transfer company charges a lower transfer fee, its lower exchange rate makes the first transfer company a better deal.

3. Don’t be fooled by the online calculator

Many of the online calculators give an indicative rate only. You’re shown an example rate based on the market rate, and it usually won’t be the rate you will actually get when you request a full quote to send money overseas.

You will usually see an asterisk next to the company’s online currency calculator if an indicative rate is used, as shown in the screenshot below when we used the WorldFirst currency converter to transfer money to France.
4. If you have time, you can save yourself a lot of money
You can send cash to someone on the other side of the world in minutes with help from companies such as Western Union and MoneyGram. But you’ll pay a premium for speed. If it’s not urgent, it’s worth using a foreign exchange provider such as OFX, HiFX, TransferWise or CurrencyFair. These companies can send money to an overseas bank account in a couple of days, and you’ll pay a lower fee and get a better rate.

5. A limit order can save you money if the transfer isn’t urgent
A limit order lets you target a rate to trade at. If you have time to wait and watch foreign exchange markets before executing your international money transfer, a limit order ensures you get the best rate you can. When your targeted rate becomes available, your currency exchange account manager (not available with banks for personal customers) will execute your trade.

6. Protect yourself from losing out with a stop loss order
A stop loss order works in the opposite way as a limit order. Instead of targeting a “best rate scenario,” a stop loss order protects you from worst case scenarios. If the exchange rate drops to a certain level, your trade is executed to prevent further losses. You can use limit and stop loss orders at the same time.

7. Compare, compare and compare again
Don’t go for the first company you see if you want to send money overseas. Make sure you compare deals side-by-side and make an informed decision when you accept a quote from a company and pay for a transfer.

8. What about asking for a better deal?
If you’re a corporate customer and you deal in large transactions or recurring payments, you may want to see if any of the currency exchange companies can cut you a deal. Worst case scenario: they say no. Best case scenario: you save money.


Bruce Dingleberry Call Notes, 13 SEPT



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight who is out there in Big Call Universe. I appreciate everybody’s faithfulness in coming in and listening every Tuesday and Thursday night. Due to Irma there was damage in Florida, Islands, Georgia, and South Carolina. It was a big storm and a lot of rain. I am happy for the fact we are going to be okay even though it will take a lot of restoration and building. I am saddened by what has happened in Barbuda being wiped off the face of the earth as same thing with St. Martin. St. Martin lost 75% of the homes. Only homes that made it were the concrete structure homes. I don’t know about the flooding. That is why when we are able to go back and help with rebuilding there and other places we have the ability to come and help them. I hope Barbuda is open to let us help them. We can rebuild it, re-do it completely because we will have the money to do it.

Bruce: Rebuild America is we want to do first starting with Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. What I really think is we are there to help. We will have the funding to be able to do it. There will be a shortage of tradesmen and workers to help us do the rebuilding. I hope we can bring people from the north where they might need a job, better work. We will see a shift as Texas, Louisiana, and Florida needs rebuilding much less the Caribbean. We will need help from other parts of the country from places that were not affected.

Bruce: Where are we Intel wise? Let’s start with Iraq. Iraq is basically done. With that I mean they published everything in the Gazette except the new rate. They were settling on a new rate yesterday. We had a CBI rate being worked between so many dollars above it for a CBI rate. That I believe should be just about settled in to where it could be published in tomorrow’s Gazette. That is what I am hearing from my sources in Iraq. They are wrapping things up with a nice tiny little bow and see that rate in tomorrow’s Gazette. They already started the digital version of the Gazette, and bring it out 7:30 am Iraqi time or12:30am EST tonight.

Bruce: That is an interesting time to me. Based on what is happening in Iraq and based on who is coming from Iraq to meet with our President. We have representatives from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Great Britain, and China tomorrow. Some are there now and some are on the way to meet with the President tomorrow.

Bruce: I got to believe there is a reason behind it. I don’t know what will come out of the meeting or what to expect. I think it is a good sign. The delegation from Iraq is expected to speak at the UN on Thursday when our President will be down in Florida. There is something defiantly going on with that. Based on what I heard earlier Iraq is really ready to put their rate international and have it in the Gazette. If that happens, we are just about where we need to be.

Bruce: I know that the Redemption Centers are coming back online in Florida. Miami is going to come up by Thursday morning. Other ones are on their way coning back up. A lot of the cities like the airports reopened back up today down in Florida. We had Miami open up at 9:15 am this morning. Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, reopened. They are coming back and making a nice resurgence. Same thing can be said for the banks and the Redemption Centers. We know where they were ferried to and I believe they were on their way back today and tonight. We will get a better tally on the Redemption Centers, but I think for right now the plan is to go ahead. If certain Redemption Centers in Florida are not quite ready, they will catch up in a day or so. They will catch up. I think we are moving forward in terms of our Redemption Centers. .

Bruce: In terms of the rates, they have been trading the ZIM heavily last night overnight internationally, not in this country, Traded it very high. So high our hedge fund guys here and our traders here were not real happy because they didn’t take part in that trade. The rates were high, then came down a little bit, and then up again very high. Very higher than we have been for the ZIM as a screen rate. I think everybody is going to be pleased with that if they are part of the Internet Group and if they use the Redemption Centers, the 800 numbers, because there will be a difference. That is important to know. Your highest and privately negotiable rates are at the Redemption Centers. 7430 plus in North America. Just a heads up.

Bruce: I will say one thing. Out west it is quiet, very quiet, and quiet for a reason. Could it be NDAs are in place, and gag orders are in place? It is quiet.

Bruce: We heard that, UN Operational. Rates suppose to show on the 13th, tomorrow. Supposed to be posted and taken effect date on the 15th which is Friday. I don’t know if those will show tonight aftermidnight or sometime tomorrow, but we understand the Operational rates are due for a change. This is our currency rates, I believe 38 currencies were actively trading today mostly went up. There are currencies getting ready to come out that are moving and a lot of them are moving up. We got our 5 or 6 currencies that we have that we are aware of, but the entire 209 countries are affected by this with either their rates coming up or down or staying about the same. In that sense it is a total global reset we call GCR for many years. It is a global reset. Don’t look for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th basket. That was a theory back when, but they decided to do it all at once. Doesn’t mean the rates won’t continue to change on Forex. They will, but for right now we will have whatever the rates show up as they are. I would think the UN rates will be indicator of that.

Bruce: Beyond that remember the groups of the so call private exchanges? We had 6 or 7 groupings of those that needed to be paid last week. They were all paid out. Now we are at the point that Tier 4 is either to start or about to start and we are in the Tier 4 with the Internet Group. Fines and Penalties, Prosperity Packages, and so on? We have heard so many times they have been funded, started, all this stuff. I think what is really happening for the most part is that those that I just mention will have liquidity about the same time we get started with our notifications. I think it will be a true shot gun start with that perspective. I think that is the case.

Bruce: The USN has been active for us for about ten days now. That is a positive thing for us, of course. Guys I don’t know if there is a lot of Intel other than we are waiting to be notified. Could something go after midnight? It could, I am not going to call it, but based on what is happening in Iraq, by then we could be in the sweet spot in the next 24 to 36 hours. That is really powerful indicator where we are. I think everybody is in a great place to hang in there a little bit longer with patience, and hope we have it before our Thursday call. I feel good where we are, where the rates are, and where the goals are to get to that point.

Bruce: What we are trying to do with humanitarian projects, stay tune to thebigcall.net. We have captured 3 URLs and we will be working on that so you can register for our new site and we can stay in touch with calls and with pod casts. We got our URLs that we wanted, and I think we will like our concept where we are going. When we are ready to take your registering, you will have that information on our web site,thebigcall.net.

Bruce: When I get that 800 number to set appointments for our currency exchanges and redeeming ZIM bonds, we will have that on our website: thebigcall.net and a couple of other locations. Be very confident in the rates you will get at the Redemption Centers. Even the screen rates will knock your socks off. If you feel you need to negotiate the rates higher, you can do that on the ZIM, Dinar, Dong and the Rial. I think you guys are ready to go with everything we got right now. I am excited. That is all the Intel we are going to do tonight. Stay tune, stay in faith, and be confident. Get plenty of sleep and be expectant of a really great week. It is only Tuesday. We are in great shape.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for listening tonight and coming in. We appreciate your participation and after your participation after this blessing happens when we get our projects started. We are ready, in season and out of season. Good Night Everybody. Thank you Everybody. Have a good night and a beautiful night sleep. Stay tune to thebigcall.net. Good Night Everybody.


LDHL II (9/13/2012)

I did this post five years ago. Before the BH Group starting pumping LDHL it was selling for 2 cents. By the time Breitling started pumping it, the price was around 25 cents. Breitling was saying that it would go to about $9 in a couple of years. It never made it beyond $1.50. Today it's selling for about 11 cents. 


Last week I posted about LD Holdings (LDHL), an Over the Counter stock being pumped by dinar guru Breitling and the BH Group.  The pumping took it all the way up to $1.50 or so on Monday before the inevitable plunge to below $1 on Tuesday.  Currently it's about $1.15.  

I've stated before that many dinar investors have never invested in anything, let alone currency.  Well the same could be said for penny stocks.  They're inexperienced and somewhat naive about the dangers of the world of OTC stocks.  This is a market that is less strict and less regulated and therefore vulnerable to manipulation from scammers.

A guy with a following can say "hey, I'm buying XYZ stock because it's gonna explode!  You should too!"  Before long people who don't know better start buying and the stock goes up simply because of the unusual volume from the victims of the hype, who then see the stock going up and say "WOW!  He was right!  It's going up!"  Yeah, it's going up because the people who listened to the guy and started buying drove it up.  Then when he and his accomplices sell the stock tanks and the naive investors end up with a loss.  This scenario plays out constantly with penny stocks.  For more info watch this video on "Anatomy of a Pump and Dump".

But a sudden price drop isn't the only risk.  Even if the price goes up the penny stock investor doesn't have the assurance of liquidity that one does on NASDAQ or NYSE.  A stock might be showing a current value of $1.00 but the investor who decides to sell might have to take $.50 or less.  It's a lot like WARKA for the dinar investor.  Sure, your interest rate looks good on the computer screen, but what good does that do you if you can't withdraw your funds?    

Well apparently I'm not alone in my opinion about LDHL.  I found a site called Aim High Profits where they analyze microcap and nanocap stocks.  They wrote an article the other day that I think everybody interested in LDHL should read.  Also, if you or anyone you know is invested or thinking about investing in this company you should have an investment advisor look it over and offer their assessment.  

 Before you read the article I have something to show you.  A document has been brought to my attention that I think adds a lot of context to what is going on with LDHL. It's a contract between the owner of Financial Wellness LLC and LD Holdings. 

Enlarge this image

Is it just me, or do the initials of the manager of Financial Wellness look like BH as in Brad Huebner?  http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1131089/000109690612001008/0001096906-12-001008-index.htm.  


Win the War!

The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill;

and to win it without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honor.

If there were no difficulties there would be no success;

if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved.

For many of us, we deal with personal battles for what seems endless.

Focus on the daily Battles as only the prerequisite to win the personal War triumphantly!

MILITIAMAN: Article:  "Masoum and Abadi to New York soon to attend the UN General Assembly"  Truly a sign of the times... Both are going to New York, and we see Abadi has already met with Kubic of the UN.   He was in full support of Abadi and what he has accomplished.  Keep in mind they have parliament in session if I read that right going over the electronic ration cards as we speak and the national oil company.  Do we all see the picture being painted...