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Restored Republic via a GCR

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9-9-2017  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan  …As soon as you determine that and you have this idea--you’ve decided you’re going to cash in X amount or whatever percentage you have at whatever rate appears to be at this time, plan on the taxes.  My invitation to you is to pay it the day you cash it.  Don’t wait.  Pay it.  Get it out of your life…then after that everything you have left over is all yours you can do what you want with it…Income taxes are going to be applicable.  A lot of people are going to come back and say “What about capital gains tax.”  This particular investment is not going to be treated as capital gains…It’s going to be treated as ordinary income.  Which makes it subject to tax brackets…federal and state…Plan on these taxes and act accordingly.  [Post 2 of 2 NOTE: This    should NOT be considered tax or investment advice.  It is purely informational and the views of this guru.  Speak to your own tax and investment professional at the appropriate time]

9-9-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:  "Saleh: The 2018 budget will be presented to parliament next month, and will include maximizing the non-oil resources"  Quote:   "the 2018 budget year is moving to expand non-oil resources whenever possible, as the State orientation is to encourage employment through the private sector" . They got work to do if they expect this to occur


Jester’s Place:

 [Pollyp] Jester, there is much ado about the BRICS and the oil contracts that are convertible to gold. Could this be the beginning of the end for gold manipulation?



[Pollyp] Jester so it is their way to asset back their currency? So all other countries will have to move that direction also, correct?


[MarySunshine] JESTER So if the Chinese are wanting to buy oil credits with Yuan..... then why don't they just hurry up and buy our dinar so they can have the oil credits from that.... why wait?


[Pollyp] Jester, there is much ado about the BRICS and the oil contracts that are convertible to gold. Could this be the beginning of the end for gold manipulation?



[Pollyp] Jester so it is their way to asset back their currency? So all other countries will have to move that direction also, correct?

[Pollyp] Jester, is that possible for us?




[Pollyp] Jester. I'm wondering if you are saying contracts are the same things as the oil credits? But isn't that exchange just between the US Treasury and China? We just get what the Treasury wants to give us, I thought. Please explain



[Pollyp] Sorry, tech problems. I know. I'm still not very good with the article thing. Patience has to help me a lot

[MarySunshine] JESTER So if the Chinese are wanting to buy oil credits with Yuan..... then why don't they just hurry up and buy our dinar so they can have the oil credits from that.... why wait?

[diditrvyeet] Jester   http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-06/escobar-exposes-real-brics-bombshell-putins-fair-multipolar-world-where-oil-trade-by

[Pollyp] diditrvyeet, thank you

[JESTER] EASIER TO UNDERSTAND...   http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-02/de-dollarization-accelerates-china-readies-yuan-priced-crude-oil-benchmark-backed-go

[Pollyp] Jester yes! Thank you! My understanding is the yuan is convertible to gold. You would take yuan to Shanghai or Hong Kong and get actual gold?


[Pollyp] Jester, would that be an incentive for oil producing countries to want to only sell to China?


IQD Call Chat:

[Let's see what happens on Sept 15th or shortly thereafter.]

Jayray :  I agree with this POTENTIAL date of Sept. 15th.

I believe the UN puts up the new currency rates on this date for one... Is it not the 1st, and 15th of the month for international currency rate changes being posted via the UN?

Also getting close to the Sept. 18th parliamentary elections for Iraq as well... This would serve in Abadi's, and those who allied with him within parliament, best interests to have this done before the elections.



Samson: After the signing of Egypt Memorandum on the agreement .. Silk Road gate of good historical

 8th September, 2017
Many Egyptians questioned the importance of the historic Silk Road after Minister of Trade and Industry Tariq Qabil announced that the Silk Road initiative was a great link between Beijing and all the countries of Europe and Africa, pointing out that Egypt signed a memorandum of agreement on the Silk Road To promote economic relations between Egypt and Beijing.

The Silk Road is one of the oldest and longest trade routes in the world. It connects the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia. It was named in 1877 and connects Beijing, Central Asia, Africa and the Arab region to European countries. However, the roads and pathways of this road date back to 3,000 years before history. Primitive commercial convoys.

Beijing is the first country to cultivate a "berry" tree and to cultivate a silkworm. It has produced silk in huge quantities that have enabled it to export to the world and exploited the network of interconnected roads to transport its goods, especially silk.

After a time of ignoring this road and the stagnation in which Beijing entered and dominated the American economy on the east and west of the earth, Pachin began to recover and became an important figure in the world economy and arranged her papers to make the Chinese dragon come back from an interview announced in September 2013 by the Chinese establishment of a new network of times

And to revive the "Silk Road" in order to strengthen the global economic interdependence and support the trade movement, prompting some 68 countries around the world to reveal their support for this project, including Egypt, which will become the center of this vital and important road, as confirmed by experts and specialists This regard, stressing that Egypt will be important for the movement of goods and an important strategic economic hub in the region and the world, making it a pivotal and effective country in the world trade and a corridor between Beijing and other countries raising the revenues of the Suez Canal is very large.

President Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi's approval to join the initiative to revive the "Silk Road" was welcomed by Beijing, and its president, Xi Jinping, said that Egypt is a major country in the Arab, African and Islamic world. For his country's support for Egypt's role in international affairs.

"Silk Road", has important strategic dimensions in changing the world scene at the political and economic levels, especially in the Middle East, where the trade movement in the Arab region will multiply resulting in a very strong economic stability will be reflected on the citizens.

Samson:  Within the framework of the "Belt and Road" initiative, "China Development" funds projects in Egypt

 8th September, 2017

Minister of Trade and Industry Eng. Tareq Qabeel announced that the Chinese Development Bank will prepare a large credit facility to finance the establishment of productive projects in Egypt, as part of the initiative announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping during the May Road and Belt Forum.

"The provision of this funding contributes to attract and encourage a large number of Chinese companies to invest in Egypt, especially in the projects needed by the Egyptian market."

He added that «the ministry is keen to provide all means of financing for companies investing in the Egyptian market, especially Chinese companies, in light of the economic and trade relations between the two countries, which reached the stage of strategic partnership».

This came during a meeting held by the Minister on Friday morning in Beijing, with the statement of Xialong, Regional Director of the Chinese Development Bank in the regions of Africa and America, during which he reviewed the investment trends of the bank in the Egyptian market, as part of the initiative of the belt and the road in the next stage.



JesusLovesBaseball:   Iraq's retail trade and the need for regulation

09/9/2017 12:00 am

Encouraged her appearance desire of families to buy coincides recovery of retail trade in Iraq, because of the large number of shops that came as a result of rising incomes of families with high consumption of non - directed level, as required based on the economic file strategy to determine the price situation , especially after the emergence of random trade Mixing between retail and wholesale.

Retail is the last-to-last link in the delivery of goods from product to consumer. It is one of the most important commodity marketing workshops. It is the place where the consumer will receive it. It requires great attention in the way of presenting and arranging the place to attract customers to purchase or purchase the item. They want it.

The economic researcher Lubna al-Shammari showed a significant increase in the volume of retail trade inside the country through the multiplicity of shops and markets within the alleys, especially in the popular areas.

Al-Shammari said in an interview with Al-Sabah that the Iraqi market is witnessing an active and active retail trade, adding that this is noticed by increasing the number of retailers within the scattered residential areas in all governorates, noting that many of them exit the facades of their shops from their places of residence. On the need to regulate this phenomenon in favor of the family economy and the country in general.

The growth of retail trade coincided with the emergence of a new type of trade (retail and wholesale) through shops selling food and household goods at wholesale prices, stressing that this price is not the wholesale price, but less than the retail price specified in stock exchanges and shorages.

Al-Shammari pointed out that this type of traders are practicing this trade in order to benefit from the pent-up purchasing desire within the family, while at the same time exploiting the high rates of household consumption, especially on holidays and holidays.

According to a number of specialists in the economic affairs, "Iraq implements the retail trade in ways that are not studied and random, for several reasons, including the entry of a lot of goods and miscellaneous goods from various sources, the main target is the consumer," stressing at the same time the need to be subjected to local pricing unified by Ministry of Commerce and concerned parties.

The economic expert Salam Smism had previously seen the retail trade as a double-edged sword can be seen through the possession of the owners of those shops a dedicated debt to a large number of people in the region, indicating that it may be a "shop" small but has a force of 100 million dinars for An example of a potential economic strength in these shops, warning of the aggravation of problems between creditor and debtor. She suggested Smism during her talk for "morning"   LINK



Sirenfire:  I believe we will not understand the massive meaning of the 2018 budget until it is here Once it is agreed and released if sometime in September and to be activated on Oct. 1 That could be a very big deal in the larger scope of things to come.

Don961:  they are working on the 2018 Budget now .... but if everything is agreed to ... it passes Parliament .... and there are no amendments/additions on appeal ..... signed by President Masoum .... then put in the Official Gazette.... it would be activated on 1/1/2018 ... the beginning of their fiscal year ... from my understanding ... the 2017 Budget would end December 31 .....

Pattycake77:   Just a quick question to anyone that can answer. Does the 2018 budget have to be approved in order for us to see a rate change. I no the rules, no date or rate but I am confused. Thank you to anyone. 

Fenway:  Patty, IMO the 2018 budget governs the rate and other financial aspects of fiscal 2018 only - which is the same as calendar 2018.   The 2017 budget will govern the 2017 rates etc.
Samson:  HSBC upbeat on Vietnam economy

September, 07/2017 - 08:00

Việt Nam’s economy is well positioned for growth in international trade and will continue to experience high growth over the next three to five years

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam’s economy is well positioned for growth in international trade and will continue to experience high growth over the next three to five years, said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HSBC Bank Việt Nam, Phạm Hồng Hải.

Hải made the statement during an HSBC Annual Business event themed “Step into the Future”, updating marketplace information and discussing Việt Nam’s economic prospects.
“We are bullish for Việt Nam’s economic growth in the short to medium term and cautiously optimistic for the long term as it is dependent on the progress of our economic reforms,” Hải said.

“Reform is the only option and we do not have much time,” he said, adding that Việt Nam’s engagement in key regional initiatives like the Asean Economic Community (AEC), the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), and EU-Việt Nam FTA helps to accelerate the reform process.

Việt Nam’s economy is likely to grow by only 6 per cent this year, HSBC said in its latest report, revising its previous forecast down from 6.4 per cent.

The country’s GDP grew 6.2 per cent in the second quarter, driven by gains in both the industrial and service sectors.

This was higher than HSBC’s forecast of 5.9 percent, but the bank has still reined in its 2017 growth forecast due to the country’s sluggish first quarter.

The credit growth rate reached 7.54 per cent at the end of June. In early July, the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) reduced its lending interest rate by 0.25 per cent to 6.25 per cent for the first time in three years to boost economic growth, as Vietnamese companies still rely heavily on bank loans.

“We do not expect any further easing by the SBV this year,” Hải said.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first six months was estimated at $7.7 billion, up 6.5 per cent over the same period of 2016.

Manufacturing attracted 66.7 per cent of total foreign investment, followed by mining at 10.6 per cent.

With new factories commencing operation this year, we expect FDI to drive further gains in Việt Nam’s global export market share, Hải said.

Forecasting the trend of global economic growth, Douglas Lippoldt, Chief Trade Economist at HSBC Global Research, said there were signs that the global trade situation is improving.
Most of Việt Nam’s top 10 export markets, including the US, China, Japan and South Korea, are expected to improve in the 2017-2018 period, compared to 2016, Lippoldt said.

Increasing import demand in these leading markets would offer plenty of opportunities for Việt Nam, he added.

However, there are still particular challenges that Việt Nam has to face, such as turbulence and uncertainty in global trade policy, together with rising protectionism in some developed countries including the US, he said, adding that further trade liberalisation is needed to support the upturn.


Samson:  Tax Policy and Investment in Iraq

9th September, 2017  by Ihab Ali MPs

Taxation is an important economic tool, and an important channel that can be regulated and regulated by economic activity, whether at the level of consumption or the level of investment. As regards investment as the wheel of economic growth and development of any country, Revitalize investment in order to sustain growth properly.

Many economists believe that the tax structure should change so that investment can be stimulated. Policymakers can design different tax policies to stimulate investment. These policies include reducing corporate tax rates, providing tax exemptions for investment and allowing institutions and enterprises to accelerate their investments. The real profits after tax will increase, and the company has a great incentive to invest in new plants and activities.

For example, if an entity buys the equivalent of $ 10,000 in equipment and tools, and the investment tax exemption is 10%, the tax liability of the company will be reduced by $ 1,000 , Thus allowing the company to profit by tax exemption and thereby stimulate investment more.

As for the acceleration of the revolutions, the change in the formulas of the investments or the time period in which the value of the factories, equipment and tools is reduced. Unlike the investment tax exemption, which reduces the tax liability of the company, the acceleration of the transfer simply transfers the tax deductions from the last years of the life of the project to the first years .

Accordingly, the total liabilities of the company are not reduced. Thus, when the discounts are taken early, the current value of the discounts is reduced and the value of investment in factories and tools decreases more rapidly, the present value of the profits associated with the investment increases and thus the enterprises find an incentive to increase their investments.

Experience shows that the three policies can stimulate investment. However, the tax exemption and the acceleration or acceleration of extinction are more effective than the reduction in tax rates on companies and enterprises, because the reduction of tax rates is more expensive for the public finance or the state treasury because of the low revenue On the one hand, and on the other hand, since the tax exemption and the acceleration of extinction can be determined for the new investment, and since the profitability of new investments is important as an incentive, tax exemption and acceleration of extinction are a better way to reduce tax rates.

However, both are not neutral in terms of investment types. Tax credit tends to favor short-term assets. Acceleration tends to favor long-term assets. For short-term assets, it may be renewed more than once, allowing more Of the tax exemption. In light of the acceleration of investment, the value of the investment decreases rapidly, so that many of the tax liabilities of the enterprises are deferred for later years, and since it is preferable for the company to postpone tax liabilities whenever possible, accelerating the liquidation is the most advantageous for the durable assets.

Optimal tax climate

Many economists spoke about the investment climate, and whether this country has a favorable or optimal investment climate. Among the conditions of the positive climate for investment is the existence of a flexible tax system capable of attracting foreign investment and stimulating local investments. Have achieved high investment rates, while other countries failed to achieve this because of the failure of their tax systems and rampant corruption with the roots of bureaucracy and routine as far as conceivable.

As for the Arab countries, especially the renters, the tax has remained a weak instrument in the revival of investments, because of the financial dominance of the oil sector, which contributed to keep this device lagging behind for decades, accompanied by the decline of private sector growth, especially in a country like Iraq, From other oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are trying today to overcome the dominance of oil over their domestic output, and thus find them seeking to support the private sector, especially the industrial, through the portal of tax exemptions and loans for various industrial projects.

Here, some may ask why Iraq is unable to create or create an effective tax model capable of attracting foreign investment or stimulating domestic investment. Despite the large number of studies in this field, the tax system in Iraq is still paralyzed and unable to manage the success of The creation of investments, despite the introduction of the tax legislation in Iraq, which dates back to 1927.

 This means despite the experience of this body, but it is still in its old state, and we are not here to explain the mechanisms of reform and details, as many studies and studies in this regard as a reform Tax machine or machine automation N modified paragraphs of tax and improved, but they limit the moment, as oil revenues amounted to 1 ratio.

The state should know that the tax represents the identity of the government in the management of economic activity, which expresses its ideology and economic thought. As we see that the tax is the only tool that the state can control, since the monetary authority represented by the Central Bank is independent of state policy,

Therefore, the government should focus on how to use this weapon optimally, and for the success of this weapon, it is necessary to realize the importance of this performance, and the state must know that without a productive industrial sector will not be a tax role in the development of economic activity, The turn depends on the infrastructure of the Energy, transportation networks and others.

Therefore, the tax system and development remains ineffective because the tax is linked to the high degree of savings that represent the generator of investments, meaning that the philosophy of the state must change economically and move this change to society, in order to increase the tax awareness in order to ensure a balance on both sides So that investments can emerge from within society, which means that great efforts must be made to change the societal mentality about the mechanisms and tools of the economic activity in the country from consumption, savings, investment and production, that is, we understand that the best supportive and supportive tax environment is For a society that believes in productivity rather than rent.



Tishwash:    Zim re-set agenda faces headwinds

ZIMBABWE, faced with its most serious economic crisis since the 2008 meltdown and hyperinflation, has been trying since 2015 to re-engage the international community by clearing its US$1,8 billion arrears to International Financial Institutions to access US$2 billion in new funding.

Editor’s Memo,Dumisani Muleya   dmuleya@zimind.co.zw

However, the process seems to be facing headwinds. With President Robert Mugabe’s succession battle intensifying and general elections coming next year, it might well be dead in the water — at least for now.

Late last year, Zimbabwe cleared its arrears to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its executive board removed the remedial measures applied on Harare resulting from the overdue obligations.
However, the expected bilateral loan to clear arrears to the World Bank’s US$1,2 billion arrears and repay the African Development Bank (AfDB)’s US$600 million did not materialise. This has led to the authorities hunting for an alternative package from commercial lenders. But inadequate progress on reforms is undermining the prospects for new external financing, while insufficient assurances of new financing are weakening the incentives for reform.

In the absence of debt relief, Zimbabwe, which owes creditors about US$11,2 billion, is in serious debt distress. The 2015 Lima process, that received support from creditors and development partners, envisaged clearing US$110 million arrears to the IMF using the SDR holdings, to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with a bridge loan from a bilateral creditor, to the International Development Association (IDA) drawing on a turnaround facility, and AfDB with its Pillar II Trust Fund set up for countries’ arrears clearance.

After the bilateral loan to clear the World Bank arrears and the IDA turnaround facility failed to come, Zimbabwe proposed a sequential approach. It fully settled overdue obligations to the IMF in October last year. This allowed the IMF’s executive board to lift the declaration of non-cooperation, ineligibility to access funding, and restriction on technical assistance, in November last year.

Access to IMF resources, however, requires that Zimbabwe comply with other applicable IMF policies, including having a credible plan to: (i) resolve arrears with official creditors, and engage with external private creditors (if any); and (ii) implement strong fiscal adjustment and structural reforms to restore fiscal and debt sustainability and foster private sector development. Read More Here:   link


Four2atous:  Zimbabwe generates half of its export earnings from mining, particular​ly gold and platinum, but diamond output fell to 961,000 carats last y​ear from 3.5 million the year before, after the government seized all ​gem mining in the east of the country.= http://ewn.co.za/2017/09/08/mugabe-zim-economy-recovering-despite-curr​ency-woes

Four2atous:  Mangudya, when he introduced the bond notes last November, promised to​ resign from his post as governor of the central bank if the surrogate​ currency failed to mitigate the liquidity crisis in the country.= https://www.newsday.co.zw/2017/09/08/mangudya-resign-failed-bond-notes​/

Dr.MJRandy:  Point of information; Both China and Russia are each building a $5 billion dollar refinery to process rare earth minerals in Zimbabwe

Four2atous:  REM Zimbabwe info= https://www.mbendi.com/indy/ming/othr/af/zi/index.htm

Tishwash:   Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister reveals the content of the budget of 2018

Baghdad / Sky Press

The financial adviser to the Prime Minister, "appearance of Mohammed Saleh," on Saturday, that the budget in 2018 is in the semi-final preparation, and will be presented to the Council of Ministers next month, according to constitutional times.

Saleh said in a press statement that Al-Manar Press "that" the content of the budget of 2018 tend to maximize non-oil resources whenever possible, and the direction of the State is to encourage employment through the private sector and develop programs to lend young people soft loans to enable them to To engage in the labor market, "noting that the budget is in the process of semi-final preparation, and will be presented to the Council of Ministers next month according to constitutional times.

Saleh added that "the deficit problem should be addressed in order to ensure the continuation of economic activity and the optimal allocation of resources in the budget, and this is what we are working for."

"We are consulting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a theme called financial consolidation, reducing spending, maximizing resources, sustainability of debt sustainability within economic limits and maximizing revenues," he said.

Iraq has been suffering from a financial crisis since 2014, as a result of the fall in oil prices by more than 50% and the increase in expenses of war, which forced Baghdad to borrow from international financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank and withdraw from the financial reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq.   link



Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday 9-09-17

DinarResearcher: And all of you folks in this path of Irma. Be Safe!

DinarResearcher: A newspaper for Saudi Arabia: Khamenei sent letters to Shiite parties via Shahroudi, and this is what he said about the future of Maliki.

DinarResearcher: 09/09/2017r:  The Saudi-based newspaper, Middle East Online, has published an article in which it discussed the visit of the head of the regime's interest in Iran Mahmoud Shahroudi to Iraq, and the files raised during it, noting that the latter came to rebuild the Shiite house after the collapse.
DinarResearcher: The newspaper said in an article written by Abdul Jabbar al-Jubouri that "Shahroudi received on a red carpet to indicate his religious weight and his power over the parties of power," noting that the latter "met on arrival with a number of leaders of the armed factions, and briefed the reality of the battles with the organization of preaching, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the cities and liberated districts and open headquarters under several names. "

DinarResearcher: "He was then received by Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi, Ammar al-Hakim and some other religious figures affiliated with Iran, while the Najaf authority, represented by Mr. Sistani, refused to receive Shahkroudi."

DinarResearcher: "Sadr refused to meet Shahroudi as well, and through leaks and information behind the scenes, we learned that Refah Shahroudi carried important files from Iran, which was assigned by the Supreme Leader Khamenei to inform his parties in Iraq."

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that "these very serious files on the future of Iran in Iraq, is the need to reunite the National Alliance and the return of Nuri al-Maliki to preside in order to return to the Prime Ministers in the next elections The alliance broke down and became the past after the resignation of Ammar al-Hakim, and split and dissolved by the Supreme Islamic Council Was headed by Shahroudi himself one day in Iran. "

DinarResearcher: He added that "the Shiite discourse came out of the Iranian abaya, and the stability in the American embrace (to derail the characterization of the leaders of Tehran), such as Abadi and Sadr and their followers, and on the way Ammar al-Hakim, and left only Nuri al-Maliki and his Iranian wing," noting that

"This was clear in the apostasy The act on the rejection of those of the Convention Hassan Nasrallah and the organization of the preacher and judge to remove a preacher from the region of Jaroud Arsal in Lebanon and settled in the area of ​​Boukmal Syria, which is bordering Iraq from the Anbar desert.

DinarResearcher: The writer pointed out that "these thorny files carried by Shahkroudi, was rejected in large circles in Iraq's official and religious, resulted in this rejection targeting and attempted assassination of the religious authority Sheikh Fadil al-Badiri, who issued a statement rejected the agreement of Hassan Nasrallah

DinarResearcher: He explained that "the reply came directly that Shahroudi's visit to Iraq confirms the fact that it has become a phenomenon, that the Iranian role is dying in Iraq, and that it has breathed its breath into Iraq, and that the agreement of Jaroud Arsal exposed the close relationship between the rulers of Tehran and the organization of Daheshash in everything that happened in Iraq And for Syria, "as he put it.

DinarResearcher: The writer said: "We have always been saying and exposing this suspicious relationship and we are repeating that this is an Iranian-Israeli-American industry, and thus the events prove the suspicious roles and the dirty game of the objectives and the absurdity of the region.

Therefore, we are not surprised by the appearance of Hassan Nasrallah, who threatens to wipe Israel off the map, or statements by Tehran's leaders to throw Israel into the sea, because we are fully aware that the conspiracy theory is a historical fact that we have lived every day since the Sykes-Picot Treaty. " M .

DinarResearcher: The writer continued that the visit to the diagnosis of the heads of the regime of Shahkroudi Iraq at this time is a warning message to the parties Iran in Iraq, after these parties sank in corruption and failure, and became a joke and ridicule in the Iraqi street, after the daily scandals of the symbols of these parties in the polarization and theft and moral fall "He said.

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that "Shahroudi came to restore what could restore the power and influence of Iran to Iraq, which has become a news item, and to draw Iran after the organization of the call to lays in Iraq, but in the region, especially since Iran lost its files in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Bahrain and the Gulf, And lost the file of the crisis of Qatar with the countries of the province that Iran relied on and now is at the end towards understanding and solution.

DinarResearcher: On the issue of the Kurdish referendum, the writer said that "Tehran's insistence and payment to its followers failed the task of the Kurdish delegation in Baghdad, and thus failed Shahroudi efforts to settle with Kurdistan, and came to deepen the dispute and declare war on Kurdistan, after failing to restore and restore the collapsed house.

DinarResearcher:    LINK  

MichelleL: Thanks DinarResearcher

Whitelions: Iraq Media Office of the slaves: Baghdad will not abide by the results of the referendum of the Kurdistan Region http://www.rudaw.net/ContentFiles/327886Image1.jpg

Announced the Information Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi that the government will not abide by the results of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region, noting that "Baghdad does not want to enter into an internal conflict."

 The spokesman for the office of Abbadi Saad al-Hadithi in an interview with Radio "Sputnik" that "the independence desired by the Kurdistan Region is illegal and unconstitutional step, and this corresponds to the vision of the Iraqi government to maintain the unity of the country."

 He added that "there is no desire to accept the idea of ​​independence in the country," explaining at the same time that "the territory has federal powers, according to the Constitution, and that no party has the right to change the reality of the situation in Iraq by unilateral desire, without the consent of the other party."
"We do not want to enter into an internal conflict, but the results of this referendum will not be followed by the state," al-Hadithi said in response to a question about Baghdad's ability to prevent the referendum from being passed.

 It is noteworthy that it was decided at the meeting of political parties in the Kurdistan Region (except for the Movement of Change and the Islamic Group, which boycotted the meeting), held on 7-6-2017 headed by Massoud Barzani, to set the date of 25-9-2017 the date for the referendum of independence. SOURCE

DinarResearcher: The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a clarification on the draft law on social insurance

DinarResearcher: The Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a clarification on the draft law on social insurance

DinarResearcher: 09/09/2017   The Cabinet Secretariat on Saturday issued a clarification on the bill on social insurance, indicating that it has not yet been submitted to the House of Representatives.

DinarResearcher: "The draft law on social insurance is still in the stage of discussion and make observations and review with the government," said the secretariat in a statement obtained "Aba" on the copy, stating that "has not been submitted to the House of Representatives so far, until a suitable formula is achieved, the goal is achieved equitably Objective and thoughtful

DinarResearcher: "The law does not affect the rights of the victims of our people, especially the families of the martyrs and the wounded," adding that "it includes workers in the private sector for the first time in the history of Iraq and guarantees them pension rights as employees in the state to achieve social justice because these represent the majority of citizens"

DinarResearcher: The Information Office of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on 21 August 2017, details of the draft law on social insurance, stressing that the project includes multiple branches of social insurance, including retirement and old age, death and work injuries

DinarResearcher: http://www.alebaatv.com/archives/180255

DinarResearcher: You are most welcome MichelleL

DinarResearcher: whitelions

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DinarResearcher: Ok fellow dinarians, I would like to share one more good one before I roll on out of here. It's a long one but really informative!

DinarResearcher: So is the "ally of Israel" living on Iraq?

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DinarResearcher: 09/09/2017:   On August 30, 2017, Minister of the Interior Qasim al-Araji announced the opening of the Tarbil border crossing with the Kingdom of Jordan. The United States is exerting pressure on the Iraqi government to make Iraq a gateway to the stability of the Jordanian economy.

DinarResearcher: For Washington, the ally of Washington, the ally of the peace process with Israel, is a vital ally in the military battle against an oppressive organization, the US air base in its war against the terrorist organization in Syria, so maintaining its political, economic and security stability is one of the most important concerns. Policy makers in the United States.

DinarResearcher: Jordan considers that the Iraqi and Syrian bourses are the main beneficiaries of its foreign trade, which witnessed a decline of more than 10% in the last 5 years, which affected its economic situation in general and led to a setback in poverty and unemployment rates.
DinarResearcher: The losses of the Jordanian cargo sector are estimated at more than one billion dollars due to the closure of the border with Syria and Iraq. In addition, losses related to the disposal of agricultural crops.

DinarResearcher: After the opening of the crossing, it seems that Jordan wants to exploit the American pressure to exempt the goods and goods exported from Jordan from customs duties, a dangerous precedent not recorded in international relations by requesting the exemption of exports to other countries, especially that Iraq is going through a financial crisis and port revenues constitute an important part of the budget funding Iraq,

and did not stop it that Iraq will suffer financial losses because of the opening of its border with Jordan as a result of the hiring of US defense companies and the use of the Iraqi army and popular mobilization, but the pressure forced Iraq to do so.

DinarResearcher: The opening of the Trebil crossing comes days after the re-opening of the Arar al-Bari crossing between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which has been closed for nearly 27 years, indicating that Saudi goods have become a strong competitor to Jordanian goods, which used to invade Iraqi markets without Arab competition over the past decades.

DinarResearcher: The economic expert Hafiz al-Bishara, that the submission of Jordan request for exemptions of goods entering the port of Trebil is a lot of seriousness and in the forefront will lead to financial losses because of the exemption of those goods from the customs in the light of other fears of Jordan's attempts to exploit the US pressure on Iraq open since Trebil Carcinogenic substances exploiting the lack of mechanical control.

DinarResearcher: Al-Bishara said that Jordan's record is full of conspiracies against the political process by hosting Baathist figures and the family of the buried president, as well as holding conspiratorial conferences on Iraq.

He wants to control the Iraqi market and impose bad and damaged goods, as happened in the past years after changing its authority in the region. Jebel Ali, so there is no justification for giving Jordan customs exemptions because it would harm the Iraqi industry and make it unable to compete with the cheap importer.

DinarResearcher: The General Authority of the Chamber of Industry of Oman, announced its agreement with Baghdad to prepare lists of Jordanian goods exported to Iraq, expressing the hope that exempt those goods from customs duties.

DinarResearcher: Iraq is considered one of the most important economic partners for Jordan and topped the list of importers of Jordanian goods before it receded in favor of the United States, which became the first trading partner of Jordan.

DinarResearcher: For his part, said the specialist in economic affairs Jassim al-Ukaili, that the request of Jordan to exempt goods and goods entering through the port of Trebil dangerous precedent in the diplomatic deal between countries, he wants to exploit the American pressure to pass his personal interests that will harm Iraq economically and security, Jordan gets Iraqi oil cheaply And exports it to Israel at the same time wants to hit the national industry in Iraq.

DinarResearcher: "It is a mistake to exempt a country like Jordan from the customs duties of its exports to the Iraqi market."

DinarResearcher: Al-Awadi said in a press statement that "the Iraqi government's agreement with its Jordanian counterpart to exempt the Jordanian exports to Iraq from customs, is a big mistake at a time of declining oil prices, and Iraq's attempts to compensate and search for other revenues to appoint the Iraqi treasury."

DinarResearcher: Jordan is totally dependent on Iraq to import its oil needs at preferential prices, in addition to an oil grant amounting to about 350 million dollars. Iraq provides a market for 21% of Jordanian exports.

 Iraq was the most important source of economic support to Jordan, especially between 1980 and 1990. In the Iraqi market, many factories have been established in Jordan to meet the needs of the Iraqi market.

The Jordanian city of Aqaba on the Red Sea became the main port of Iraqi imports. Iraq provided large aid and facilities to Jordan and Jordanians such as educational grants, oil and financial aid. Cercus and preference in import.

DinarResearcher: Economists believe that the hasty economic laws after 2003, under pressure from the Americans, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, have had a profound effect on the destruction of the rest of the Iraqi economy. The promises of improving the investment climate have also evaporated with the application of the Investment Law. direct foreign investment.

DinarResearcher: In April 2013, Jordan and Iraq signed a framework agreement to extend a pipeline to transport Iraqi crude oil from Basra to export ports in the port of Aqaba, at a total cost of about $ 18 billion.

DinarResearcher: The cost of implementing the project within Jordanian territory is estimated at six to eight billion dollars. The Iraqi government will bear the cost of constructing the pipeline from Basra to Najaf, while the line will be completed from Najaf to the Jordanian border under the BOT system with the private sector, and the pipeline will transfer more than two million barrels of oil per day.

DinarResearcher: In this regard, the report of "Iraq Future Group," composed of a number of American and Iraqi figures, the need to support the Iraqi economy because it "helps to strengthen the Jordanian economy, and thus stability of this ally." Where "insecurity in Iraq" affects Jordan's economy.
DinarResearcher: In fact, the economic relationship between Iraq and Jordan is directed entirely to inflict the greatest possible harm to the Iraqi economy in favor of Jordan.

Not only in the reduced shipments of oil, although the level of the individual Jordanian is higher than the Iraqi, and Iraq is still owed to Jordan because of the tribute imposed on Saddam Hussein, but accepted in the decisions of the last Abadi to remove the barriers and the extension of Iraqi oil pipelines through Jordan, "he said the report.

DinarResearcher: Adding that "this arrangement made it in Jordan's interest to keep Iraq lagging behind in everything to import all its products and perhaps some food through Jordan."

DinarResearcher: "We can understand this enthusiasm for that import not only from the nature of the puppet government of Jordan, but also because most of the Jordanian industry and materials coming to Iraq from this country are Israeli hidden or sometimes explicit," he said.




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Spectra: Haider Al-Abadi 1 min · President of the council of ministers Dr. Haider Al-Abadi receives the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit and his delegation. With the victory of Iraqi forces over the terrorist gangs of ISIS, the Arab league reaffirmed the unity of Iraq and the failure to raise any problems that destabilize it, its stability and unity, focus on the completion of its territorial liberation and the adoption of the principle of dialogue and adherence to the constitution. Iraqi to solve any problems.

tman23: “I call upon the Kurdish leaders to cancel the referendum as the vote will take us into a dark tunnel,” Haidar Al Abadi said in Baghdad late on Wednesday.

"Kurdistan's referendum is unconstitutional and separation will only be permitted through national consensus."....


 Mr Al Abadi stressed that the vote needs to be in line with Iraq's constitution to maintain security and stability within the country. .....

​President Masoud Barzani has reiterated that Kirkuk is a Kurdish territory and they are ready to defend it whenever a threat is directed at the city. President's remarks are seemingly made in response to the threats by the Shi’ite Arab militias of Hashd al-Shaabi who are attempting to increase their military presence across Kirkuk province.........

Romello: Abadi says Kurdistan referendum 'not binding' for Baghdad September 08 2017 08:47 PM The media office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Friday that the federal government will not abide by the results of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan slated for 25th September.

Romello: Barzani responds to threats: All Kurds are ready to defend Kirkuk Twilight News 2 hours ago The new President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani, confirmed the holding of the referendum on the scheduled date on September 25 for the independence of the region from Iraq Barzani said in an interview with BBC television that the referendum would be held on time and would not be postponed


Romello: Pictures .. thousands of live concerts "big" in Erbil , the capital , in support of the independence of Kurdistan Thousands celebrate "big" concerts in Erbil in support of Kurdistan independence Twilight News 15 hours ago Shivak News / Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region on Friday evening three concerts "big" in support of the referendum to be held on September 25.


Romello: Looks like a show down... ;quarrel

Sam: In which countries have Iraqi dinar rates been re-valued, and what are those rates?

Romello: @Sam None that I know of ...

Zig: @Sam : In no countries...who told you that??
Romello: @Sam Been in hospital, Did I miss something?

Zig: A rate will be international....never will vary from country to country....
Sam: I was listening to a podcast on YouTube "Clarion Call w/YOsef, Showme, Moshe" from Sept. 7, 2017


JesusLovesBaseball:  QiCard Key Card

11 hrs ·

The card will be delivered with two cards, one containing the third card "Master Key" and the second envelope containing the "PIN"

MilitiaMan:  Looks good, timing is everything, especially when news could be weeks old now. ~ MM 

From Conference Calls:

Frank26/Delta: "The only things they need to do is: they basically activate the, you know, the new rate, and basically activate, you know, the Master Cards, and activate the lower denominations. So, basically, for the transition of the Iraqi banks, they’re really one of the pillars or the strongest of the Bank in Iraq right now. So, this is really very much, and huge, and more confirmation that they’re really ready.

We all know the system is hooked up. 

The system is linked; and, we saw earlier, Q cards, the QiCards Master Cards that they are about distributing outside to those retirees; but, again, all that needs a new rate.

But, for them to do this, this should definitely give you the indication that they know that there is a rate and the rate is coming from the CBI. This is a huge step for them to do that." Frank26 / Delta CC 08/21/2017

MilitiaMan:  It is clearly apparent that when the CBI" "Central Bank of Iraq issued long-awaited instruction for e-wallets and mobile payments apps like Venmo and Pay Pal", and now we see that they have sent out MCs, thus, one can safely presume this ride is in full motion and won't be stopped.

Imo, the longer it takes the closer we are each and everyday going forward. This quote above by the CBI imo is telling everyone in the world they are fully International.. There are ATMs that don't take or work with triple zeros noted imo in place. ~ MM

Frank26:  "That’s why I believe he said we are live. The banks in…I mean two weeks ago, he told us that the ATM machines were already hooked up with all the banks and with their business. Everything is live. Everything is ready. It doesn’t mean that the citizens are using the lower denoms. It doesn’t mean that the ATM machines are, you know, for them yet; but, everything is live. Everything is go. They just have to launch it. " Frank26

MilitiaMan:  So now we hear that they are appearing to be past the RI. ~ MM

Frank26:  "This is a smooth transition of what’s going on, and that’s what we want hopefully; because, what’s on the books in the second set of books can easily  slide over now…any time they want.

 “All banks… 12--->9 on ledger.” Twelve – nine…twelve – nine. On ledger? Well, we know that they’ve been in the second set of books; but, now they’re on the ledger. Continue reading: “12--->9. Trillions to billions.” Wow. 

So, the second set of books that had the evidence of the three zeros lifted is now on the ledger…that is soon to come out? Continue reading, please. “Likely the scope is beyond the private banks now.” Oh, my goodness. Teams, we’re past the RI, aren’t we? Oh, we’ve been at that now for a couple of weeks…in our study.

My goodness. So, the definition of 12---->9 is what now? It is trillions to billions…excuse me… “Trillion to billion” was the second line; and, I responded by saying: 1-to-1 ? 1-to-1? “Yes.” Frank26

"Out of about 70 banks, pardon me, out of about 70 private banks, there’s about 15 or 20 private banks that are left that are going through the final certifications to go international…uh…qualified, certified, you know, to meet the international standards…the certifications to go international. Did you get that? Okay, I hope you wrote it down because, boy, those were important numbers for you to consider…to study." Frank26
MilitiaMan:  Now think about this, "are going through the final certifications" that is past tense. The CBI issued instructions to Venmo and Pay Pal... If that hasn't sunk in yet, might want to poor a tall one!

Now think a bit deeper too.. Think back to those that fled the country for what ever reasons, some good some not so good. The wealth that fled post 2003 with trip zero notes that were enticed with gold, bonds, etc..

To not return, as the Citizens know the project to delete the zeros is underway per data in many many Final Articles, Alak, etc.. We now see the PTB (Abadi) is calling out Maliki and going after the ill gotten money stolen, as well.

Think they are just now doing that for a program rate? Nope, they know where the real chunky money is and want it back.. So, those that have legit amounts of the notes, they are going to be just like investors.. Indeed they are! Those that rape the country and have blood on their hands, well you all can read between the lines.. imo ~ MM

Frank26:  "In fact, have you noticed in the past few years that a lot of citizens have left Iraq? Well, Frank, they left because of the war-torn areas; in fact, up in Michigan here, above me here, family, I live in the State of Ohio, there are a lot of them that came from Iraq.

Now, weren’t they stubborn about taking the three zeros, you know, their currency to the banks and opening an account? Weren’t they stubborn? Yeah, in my opinion, because they’re not stupid. So, if they left the country, do you think they left with the three zeros? Hmmm. So, now they’re in the United States of America and they have three zeros just like you.

Do you think they’ll take them to an American bank and have a capital gains? (ha-ha) And, isn’t that exactly what the IMF didn’t want, and the CBI as well, too, and tried their best to convince them – with interest rates…with bonds…with gold? No, we don’t want no stinking gold, no bonds, or none of the… No. Frank26 "
MilitiaMan:  My thinking is that the CBI using a very powerful social media outlet to tell us that instructions were Issued for Pay Pal and VERNOM is very very huge..

I can't let it be walked over.. I have a feeling they just told us the banks are qualified and or certified indirectly. Now, Frank is probably right, there is a likelihood that Iraq will tell us more specifically that they are, however, that would make to much common sense, be to logical and broadcasting far to openly. No need to tell literally the whole world to make a run on the IQD, lol. Wells Fargo still thinks it is a scam in many circles, imo.. lol Ha ! JMTC~ MM

Frank26:  So, family, wouldn’t it make common sense…wouldn’t it make common sense for you, while I’m gone, to look for an article that tells you, the same way you saw the article right after Wednesday’s conference call, what the private banks are doing to qualify to go international.

Wouldn’t you…wouldn’t it behoove you…wouldn’t it be common sense that we should see another article that says all the banks in Iraq have now qualified. Yeah. Yeah. So, y’all look for it, okay? Newshounds…that’s what you’re looking for. That’s what you’re looking for. KTFA family, that’s what you’re looking for.~ Frank26

MilitiaMan:  Well it sure looks to me like the CBI reads the CC notes and used an illogical "" approach to communicate. Abadi and CBI taking to the Blue Bird! All the above imo is very powerful and is in my opnion! ~ MM

Dreamer's Senior Guru AdminBill on ZIM, 9 SEPT

A word to the wise. Zim info is all speculation and pure misinformation being made by bankers and such and funneled through well meaning sites and their spokespersons. Remember, bankers want as much of your currency as they can legally rip from your hands.

"ZIM Zeroes" - TANK (Steffen Rowe) Intel Update 9/9/17


There are NO ZEROES DROPPED from the face value of the ZIM.

I apologize for my poor explanation on the Out Laws Call Friday night. I tried to be helpful but clearly just added to the confusion.

A 100T NOTE = A 100T NOTE

What I was saying was that IF you hear the term "Zeroes Dropped" it is referring to the rate. This is often misunderstood by even those in banking.

For example:
IF the rate was
0.00000276 and they "lopped" 6 zeroes the rate would be
$2.76. It's an accounting move. Moving the decimal point over 6 places.

However, you should not hear this term and you should know that even on the US TREASURY website under the Operational Exchange Rates the ZIM is listed at

I just want you to be clear about him w valuable the asset you holding really is so that you are able to make sound decisions based on what you want to accomplish.

My sincerest apologies