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9-7-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru payray   ... I am curious about the supplemental budget for 2017 that was passed about a month, and just placed in the Gazette... Before Iraq could receive monies from the IMF, and move on...as it concerned their economic progress, this supplemental budget to the 2017 budget had to be signed into law... So much going on behind the scenes that is not being disclosed.. With the vain drumbeat of the referendum being beaten by the Kurdish leadership, the finishing off of Isis within Iraq, and the desire to get the reconstruction process going full steam ahead... (Especially now that the weather is beginning to cool off in Iraq)... With this supplemental budget being placed in the Gazette just days ago, we shall see what occurs this month...  Between now, and the 15th of this month of Sept, we shall see what occurs.. This process reminds me of a huge slingshot...And Iraq is pulling back as far as it can go so the boulder will fly as far as it will go... 

9-7-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan
   Article:  "Trade announces near electronic clearing for registration of companies"  The new theme in the news, INTERNATIONALISM... "confirming that next month will be approved electronic clearing in the payment of fees."...International Companies...  News that is three weeks behind? Kinda like the 16 Banks that [Guru] Frank26 told us about around three weeks in advance. Came true!  Abadi is feeding the world ever so slowly which is to curb speculation. Let's watch now for Abadi to talk Article 8, budget, etc... imo.

9-7-2017  Intel/Newshound Guru payray   [new Guru]  Article:  "Japan grants Iraq $ 270 million loan"   I know some get upset with all of the grants, and loans Iraq is getting to help them along with their economy... The one thing we have to bear in mind is that even when the dinar receives value, it will take some time for the Iraqi economy to actually benefit from it... For them it will not be an instant increase in wealth as it will be for us who are not in country... But once it does gather full steam, Iraq will certainly be one of the more powerful economies in the world... These loans, and grants are meant to ensure that the transition will be smooth, and everything is covered until that time comes when it will be self sustaining...

9-7-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   Final talking points… anyone heard from ISIS lately? No? Looks like that is going exactly as planned.  And how about this latest from the IMF?  We would never expect any major agency to come out and say “The dinar is going to go up!”, but I know how to read between the lines. All signals are pointing to “GO”.  

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday   9-07-17

chattels: Ministry of Interior announced the opening of the door to volunteer as a [policeman] to the ranks of the internal security forces.


chattels: A volunteer security force, not very encouraging to me.

Doug_W: that is a scarrrrrry deal "C"

chattels: @Doug_W Indeed.

DinarResearcher: Good Morning fellow dinarians.
DinarResearcher: Abadi: The wealth of citizens is depleted by the import of poor quality goods

chattels: @DinarResearcher gm

DinarResearcher: 07/09/2017

DinarResearcher: Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that the wealth of citizens has been depleted by importing bad quality goods over the past years, stressing that the Iraqi investment law is very sophisticated laws.

DinarResearcher: "The Council of Ministers voted to establish regulatory controls and quality policy related to the safety of consumer goods and services according to international standards," Abadi said at the weekly news conference. "These controls include all food, services and services."

DinarResearcher: He explained that "the wealth of citizens exhausted through goods and services poor quality and these controls aim not to waste the wealth of citizens," noting that "the Iraqi investment law of the very advanced laws and the formation of a higher investment committee aims to remove obstacles to investors."

DinarResearcher: http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=8918

DinarResearcher: Hello Chattels

chattels: @DinarResearcher Whasup ?

DinarResearcher: "Aims to remove obstacles to investors"

DinarResearcher: That's what's up.

 chattels: @DinarResearcher Reads / sounds like " yada, yada, yada " all over again, eh ?
chattels: @DinarResearcher Iraq is always going to do this and going to do that, and……….

DinarResearcher: Gotta have faith my friend!
DinarResearcher: Hello & GM Doug

chattels: @DinarResearcher I have faith, but a critical / constructive eye I hope.

DinarResearcher: That is good to have Chattels

chattels: @DinarResearcher I would not be here if i did not have the hope that springs from faith.

chattels: @DinarResearcher Doug_W is not that much fun otherwise :)

chattels: Watching " Irma ". Hurricanes and the threat of natural disaster are very annoying.

Doug_W: @chattels ;zig-mod;

MichelleL: these days I go to sleep with one hurricane and wake up with another ;) Goodmorning chattels, Doug

Doug_W: @chattels M
chattels: @MichelleL gm

Doug_W: @chattels Poeterhouse steak baked taters broccoli and sauteed mushrooms.
Doug_W: @chattels its Diane's Bday
Doug_W: ooops

MichelleL: you cooking Doug?

Doug_W: yes of course

DinarResearcher: I think some of yews are listening to other folks in DinarLand and getting upset because of what's been told by others. No need to get upset IMHO... Iraq has come a long way since Abadi has been in office. Give the man a chance, remember he is fighting the most corrupted country in the world.
MichelleL: nice ;)
Doug_W: Git er dun Iraq

MichelleL: Its all about time, Dinar Researcher - I anticipate sitting here a year from now - maybe we're jaded by the decade or more of watching and waiting

Doug_W: ok I have got to get my day going I have garage door braces to wels up now

DinarResearcher: That is my 2 dinars worth. You folks have a Blessed day.

Doug_W: weld↑ ↑

MichelleL: good luck and have fun Doug, Thanks DinarResearcher

Doug_W: ty

chattels: @DinarResearcher laterz. thanks for the news.

foxmulder: @MichelleL good morning >> anticipate sitting here a year from now ? LOL we could be doing just that

MichelleL: @foxmulder I do anticipate a new chair ;)

MichelleL: @foxmulder gotta love the optimists though, they make me laugh/smile/choke on coffee

foxmulder: @MichelleL I know i really like the term decade geez brings me back to reality lol
MichelleL: @foxmulder Its where most of us are at ;)

BobS: Baghdad announced that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, on Thursday, said that world food prices fell 1.3 percent in August compared with the previous month.

The FAO Food Price Index, which measures the monthly changes in a basket of cereals, oilseeds, dairy products, meat and sugar, averaged 176.6 points in August, down 1.3 percent from July.

 "The average price index for August was 153.4 points, down about 9 points 5.4 per cent from the levels recorded in July and after a rise for three consecutive months.

 The FAO meat price index averaged 172.4 points in August, down 2.1 points, or 1.2 percent, from its July value, while the price of skimmed milk was under pressure due to rising export prospects.

FAO raised its forecast for global grain production in the 2017-2018 season to 2,611 billion tonnes, slightly above last year's record cereal production. FAO also raised its forecast for global wheat production to 748.8 million tonnes.

BobS: out

tman23: [VIDEO]: Militiamen Conduct Massive Attack in Central Baghdad........BAGHDAD — A group of gunmen has conducted an armed operation in the center of Baghdad and the security forces in the capital city remained on the fence, apparently due to their incapability to bring the situation under control.

Arab News Broadcasting (ANB) TV released a footage showing a large number of armed men massively firing.

They seem to target a location in central Baghdad. This incident questions the capability of the security institutions in Baghdad to maintain the security of the city. The source wonders how such a convoy of militias could organize such an armed offensive in central Baghdad without any security forces stopping them.

Observers believe that the Iraqi military is incapable of maintaining the security of the cities, let alone the borders......

 [pm]Doug_W: thanks 23

tman23: YEP....... Appear to be dancing in the streets......just didn't see any singers........ And I assume all the rukus must be over the new lower denoms being spit out of the ATM's ...... KEEP SAYING THAT THE PLACE IS A POWDER KEG AND THE GOI NEEDS TO BEGIN PROVIDING NOW !!!


The Crisco Kid: @tman23 They Dance In The Streets Everytime The Wind Changes Direction ...

Alembic86: They book their holidays the same way.



DA Member News Highlights & Comments 9-07-17

Kaperoni:  Central Bank reserves below $ 36 billion in debt and up scary numbers!
September 05 2017

Led government failure in the economic file management, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in all entities and institutions of the government, to a significant fiscal deficit and the worsening of the debt, where he stressed the economic expert, "Hussein Hinan", the cash reserves of hard currency reached to below $ 36 billion and that debt has reached alarming numbers.

He said Hinan in a press statement that "expectations indicate the arrival of the cash reserves of hard currency to below 36 billion dollars, which is less than the designer cash cover against the monetary bloc in Iraqi dinars, pointing out that the debt has reached alarming figures."
He Hinan, said: "The government is now obligated to ever put VAT on the money that is converted in hard currency abroad so as to maintain a delicate economic balance in the country."

He Hinan that "the money that can be collected from VAT on the central bank transferred overseas sales to an estimated $ 10 billion annually."


ZenMav:   Well, they better hurry up and drain it until there's nothing left. It doesn't look to me like the "mafias" are going to stop until the CBI has been depleted of all reserves. Then they really have no choice but to go to open market operations. I have no angle on how this bodes well for our investment.

 You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.'

Paxx:   Kap this Juice is yucky.
--Sooooo...... you are telling me there is a chance.

Punisher:     Could be BS...we will see....

monty.monks.007:      Wasn't there an article a while ago saying they had ADDED $10 Billion to the reserves?

Mike:   lol Paxx.  We've watched the reserves drop from $80 billion to $36 billion over the past three years, heck, we extrapolated the loss after the first year and this is roughly where we thought they would be in 2017, give or take a few billion. It's not BS.

 Iraq is spending more than it makes, they're not adding to the reserves, they're cannabalizing it. Iraq's budget has had a $25 billion dollar deficit for the past three years, there's no ability to add to the reserves.

This isn't unique to Iraq, Venezuela is going through the exact same scenario, they're down to $10.5 billion in reserves. Their currence has cratered, inflation is rampant and they're soon going to default on their sovereign debt.

This is Iraq if they don't put a tourniquet on their problems and make immediate change. Emotions aside, Iraq needs to do something now if they want to have any choices for the future.

Punisher:   They need to put an end to the auctions and open up the free market economy.

TrixieDinar:  This article is quoting the same individual from the article below:


Perhaps someone else can find info on Mr. Hinan, but I cannot find anything that links him to any financial expertise or academic standing. When most economists speak they reference examples, facts, and lots and lots of numbers, and Mr. Hinan does none of those. Just saying.

Mike:  Ditto Punisher, pass the laws and get the ball rolling. Thanks for looking TrixieDinar, I couldn't find anything on him as well. But, we do have Najiba Najib and other MP's coming out with statements about how the reserves are being used to shore up GOI expenditures through bond sales as well as watching the reserves slowly erode.

They've been throwing around the $40 billion reserve number for about six months so it isn't a big stretch to believe that they're down to $36 billion, just saying. Stay grounded...
The website is owned by some guy that lives in Egypt.


Tobyboy:    Mike we are seeing all kinds of numbers recently, they do not want for people to know the truth of how low the reserves are, in few months will be below the 30 Billion range as you also had said same in the 30 Billion ranges.

I do believe they are in the low 30's of Billions at this time. Even recent article had said the traders was depleting  the reserves quickly. Well here we are 36 Billion. Every month its getting lower & lower.

Before you know it will soon dry up, then you really will hear them cry we don't have any money please world give us more money so our wealthy politicians can keep stealing the money.



Kaperoni:   Abadi: a referendum in Kurdistan is unconstitutional

History Tahrir:: 2017/9/6 17:56

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told a news conference that "the referendum in Kurdistan is unconstitutional, and to hold a referendum without access to a deliberate deception Nas..itba results


Phil Oberholzer:  The Kurds don't want to hear this!!! They got less than 20 days to straighten things out...TY Kap

Punisher:         Waiting to see what comes of all this.--"The Guilty Will Be Punished"

ZenMav:    Hard not to see Abadi as a continuation of this problem with the Kurds. Baghdad isn't paying them and at the same time saying that the Kurds cannot leave. FUBARed for sure.

You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.' 

Mike:  Ditto ZenMav, so far Abadi is Maliki Lite. This referendum will be held and it will tell the world that they don't want to be a part of Iraq's governing leadership and at this point, who can blame them? Stay grounded...


Kaperoni:    Iran: The race to keep Iraq
Yahya Kubaisi    Sep 07, 2017

Indicates Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi 's visit to Iraq this week, as well as symbolism, continuing to Iran 's quest to maintain its hegemony over the Shiite political actor, with the continued attempts to break some of these actors from the Iranian cloak.

Valhaheroda, an Iraqi birth and upbringing and nationality, and the first president of the Supreme Council of the Revolution of the Islamic in Iraq , established by Khomeini in 1982 as a framework that combines the Iraqi Islamic Shiite opposition , the then appointed in the middle of last month as president of the compound of the Expediency, one of the most important institutions in the theocratic system of government Iran, as well as being the first deputy of the Council of experts, the body entrusted with the task of appointment and removal of the Supreme leader of the Iranian Constitution (Article 107 of the Iranian Constitution).

Iraqi Shiite personal appointment of these two positions is dedicated to the idea of «Shiite internationalism» adopted by the system of clerical rule in Iran, and the continuation of the idea of « the World Islamic Revolution» which the Iranian revolution, but these two principles represent in fact the cover adopted by Iran in the marketing of its interventions in Iraq Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, which hides in fact a historical tendency of an Iranian empire ( the Shah himself was sometimes used to cover bias on this trend!)
The timing of Shahrudi 's visit to Iraq is a continuation of this context, the visit came after a Shiite - Shiite divide in the position of the last Arsal between Hezbollah agreement and the organization «State» (Daesh), who spent the transfer of more than 300 fighters from «Daesh» of Syrian - Lebanese border to the area of Abu Kamal on the Iraqi - Syrian border.

A division that began to be seen between the Iraqi Shiite - right is linked to the Iranian project believes in Balommah Shiite, and between Shiite rational currents are trying to formulate a national identity Shiite believes to provide national identity on any affiliations with other Hoiatih, especially since the recent trend received great support from the Shiite cleric in Iraq ,

Mr. Ali al - Sistani, was quoted by the speakers in his name, in my speech feast and the last Friday, talk frank and unprecedented about the need to provide political actors Shiite «supreme interests of their country» on the personal, factional and regional interests », also included an indirect reference to Arsal agreement, saying E.

 Everyone has to put in mind «that the regional parties basically notes the benefits and interests do not necessarily coincide with the interest of Iraq».

Which means that we are this time no longer in the limits of deep disagreement with regard to the principle of « the general state of absolute Faqih» rejected by the estate of Najaf, but passed to the marketing of the estate of Najaf to the idea of «Shiite national» away from the idea of «Shiite Islamic nation» from which Iran State / revolution. It is an important and fundamental development in the context of the role of the estate of Najaf in Iraqi affairs year after 2003.

Maybe it will have a prominent role in supporting the political actors Shia believers in this identity to crystallize this national Shiite identity in the context of attempts to rebuild the national identity of the Iraqi University, passing the national, religious and sectarian identities , and agreed upon between all Iraqis.

Keen Iran over the past years to adopt a strategy based on that there should be a political coalition of Shiite is a «unit Shiite decision» in Iraq, at least formally, and try to neutralize the internal differences between the entities problem of this coalition, not to ensure the dominance of the Shiite political actor on the state, but to ensure its continued dominance over the Iraqi political decision.

Despite the exposure of this strategy to great challenges, it has failed to unite Shiite entities in a unified framework to enter the House of Representatives election in 2010, but succeeded later in achieving its objectives when the parties were forced Shiite politicians to unite again in the wake of the election to ensure that the post of Prime Minister after the Federal Court decision , which ruled that the largest bloc is not winning the election , but the coalition , which includes the largest number of seats in the House of Representatives the same block!

 Also it succeeded later, and after a long marathon, the pressure on Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr to accept the nomination of former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki for a second term.

 But at the same time it failed to «convince» Mr. Ammar al - Hakim , leader of the Supreme Council of the Islamic support this nomination, forcing it to «punish» by instructing the Badr Organization of the Supreme Council to defect and join Maliki.

It also failed to ensure that the third term of the owners, its ally , the most powerful in Iraq, in the wake of the elections in 2014 when the support of Mr. Sistani , the supreme alliance Shiite counter form of dissidents from the Dawa Party , as well as the Sadrists and the Supreme Council, succeeded in getting Sunni support and Kurds, to keep Maliki third term.

It is clear that Iran is trying today, by visiting Shahrudi, reducing its losses in Iraq by supporting Shiite political right, which will be formed mainly from the State of Law bloc led by al-Maliki and the Supreme Council of the Islamic leaders and militia of the popular crowd on the one hand,

 it is also trying to put pressure on the center-right represented by each of the Dawa Party Movement, led by Haider al-Abadi, the current wisdom led by Ammar al-Hakim in an attempt to return it to ensure that he left the Iranian cloak completely! While the visit schedule did not include the meeting with Muqtada al-Sadr, perhaps convinced the Iranians that the man and his movement had decisively ordered them to Iranian custody fudging final!

This probably means that Iran started the first time, recognize that there is no real possibility for the production of «Shiite bloc» uniform, and it is forced to bias to a Shiite party defined, to be within the framework of alignments ideological and political may denounce the practice, the idea of ​​«Shiite internationalism» used «doctrine» as a cover through - political transcendent.

They are betting on this to the House of Representatives elections next year, in the light of expectations that could most right-wing mainstream, the militia of the popular crowd associated with the ideologically and organically in Iran, with the rule of law / al-Maliki, to get the largest number of Shiite seats, the currents «rebellious account »! Especially since the militia will depend on «weapons» in ensuring that the outcome of these elections for their own interest, and will depend on the trend began taking shape long ago, could be called a trend «Year crowd»

Second, a stream featuring Sunni personalities domesticated allied militias, and obeys about them, intended it is to be along the lines of the current «year Maliki», this trend will depend is also on the «weapons», and on the cover provided to him these militias, and the possibility of the formation of the election results in their regions as he wishes, in order to get the largest number of seats «Sunni» to ensure a political majority of the Shiite right in the House of Representatives can obtain the position of t Aceh Council of Ministers.    * Iraqi writer

ZenMav:          Well, the last paragraph spells it out clearly. Maliki still has designs on the PM-ship, and the militias are loyal to him and Iran, not Abadi. Let the good times roll. I hope they meet Mattis real soon.

--You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.'

Phil Oberholzer:    I hate to say it, but the odds are stacking up against Abadi...If Abadi and the CBI can't (or won't) open their economy up here in the next couple of months!!...I really hate to see Maliki get back in there. TY Kap

Mike:   Sistani issued the fatwa that created the militia's to defend Baghdad against ISIL in 2014, now that ISIL is all but gone from Iraqi lands, Sistani should withdraw the fatwa and make them illegitimate.

If they want to continue to serve Iraq they should then join the regular Iraqi army and follow a chain of command that runs straight to Abadi, no more Badr, Ameri and Maliki loyal separatists that further compound political and physical security in Iraq.

At some point Iraq has to start focusing on the future and quit jumping from one crises to the next, Sistani could help with this.  --Stay grounded...



Backdoc: Article: “The White House: The Saudi monarch visits Washington in early 2018”

DocK:  I thought they were launching it October 1, 2017  ......... ? 
GFulcher66:  IMO Bacdoc refrencing 10-1-17 was the date the USA and all other nations were going to be using an asset backed basil111 compliant currency. The above mentioned is in line with that but should be shortly after.

Backdoc any info your allowed to share please do, and IYO is 10-1 actually a realistic expectation for this like the article said or just another target date they may miss?

IMO this is impt to us for 2 reasons:

1. bc I dont believe fiat/petro will be mixed with basil111 currencies and since IQD is asset backed it needs this new system or track to run on...?

2. the fiat $'s will slowly have less velocity which will lower their value so dont invest in fiat based investments or currencies. 

This has been talked about for a long time, but now seems to be actually happening

Escobar Exposes Real BRICS Bombshell: Putin's "Fair Multipolar World" Where Oil Trade Bypasses The Dollar

Excerpt: Meet the oil/yuan/gold triad

It’s when President Putin starts talking that the BRICS reveal their true bombshell. Geopolitically and geo-economically, Putin’s emphasis is on a “fair multipolar world”, and “against protectionism and new barriers in global trade.” The message is straight to the point.

And then, Putin delivers the clincher;

“Russia shares the BRICS countries’ concerns over the unfairness of the global financial and economic architecture, which does not give due regard to the growing weight of the emerging economies. We are ready to work together with our partners to promote international financial regulation reforms and to overcome the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies.”

“To overcome the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies” is the politest way of stating what the BRICS have been discussing for years now; how to bypass the US dollar, as well as the petrodollar.

Beijing is ready to step up the game. Soon China will launch a crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold.

This means that Russia – as well as Iran, the other key node of Eurasia integration – may bypass US sanctions by trading energy in their own currencies, or in yuan.

Inbuilt in the move is a true Chinese win-win; the yuan will be fully convertible into gold on both the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges.

The new triad of oil, yuan and gold is actually a win-win-win. No problem at all if energy providers prefer to be paid in physical gold instead of yuan. The key message is the US dollar being bypassed.

RC – via the Russian Central Bank and the People’s Bank of China – have been developing ruble-yuan swaps for quite a while now.

Once that moves beyond the BRICS to aspiring “BRICS Plus” members and then all across the Global South, Washington’s reaction is bound to be nuclear (hopefully, not literally).

Aggiedad77:  Something tells me that all of the actors in this scene may not be privy to all that President Trump knows.....or else they are better actors than I want to give them credit for being......Trump knows.....IMO....he well knows how to get rid of this debt ceiling.....and the debt as well.....wait for it.....wait for it....IMO.    Aloha    Randy


Walkingstick:  Trump, Schumer agree to pursue plan to permanently ditch the debt ceiling: Report

President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed to discuss getting rid of the debt ceiling, according to The Washington Post.

Trump and Democratic leaders on Wednesday agreed to a debt ceiling and government funding deal over the objections of Republicans.

President Donald Trump and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer have agreed to seek a plan to permanently scrap the federal debt ceiling, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Any such plan could face staunch opposition from the majority congressional Republicans, who would have to approve it. On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan voiced opposition to getting rid of the debt ceiling.

The deal was described as a "gentleman's agreement," the Post reported, citing "three people familiar with the decision." Democrats in the Senate want to reach an "arrangement with Trump" by December, according to the Post.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Trump did not explicitly say that he and Schumer agreed to push forward on scrapping the debt ceiling. However, he said "certainly that's something we'll discuss" and did talk about at Wednesday's White House meeting with congressional leaders.

Congress has had to repeatedly raise the federal borrowing limit to avoid risking default on U.S. debt. The contentious deadlines can set the stage for political maneuvering and deals on unrelated measures. GOP lawmakers often seek spending cuts to go along with votes to raise the debt limit.

Lawmakers face their latest deadline to lift the debt limit by the end of September. On Wednesday, Trump, Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi struck a deal to attach Hurricane Harvey recovery funding to measures to temporarily extend the debt ceiling and fund the government for only three months.

The president did so over the objections of Republican congressional leaders and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who wanted a longer debt ceiling fix. Some GOP lawmakers have slammed the agreement, saying it gives Democrats leverage over budget discussions in December.

Mnuchin later voiced support for Trump's plan.


MilitiaMan:  Timing of this is oh so interesting.. Taxes were in play the other day too. ~ MM

RayRat Call Notes 9/6/17

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 6-September-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Wednesday September 6 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. We’re going to talk a little bit and do some training, then get on with our week. Where are we in the grand scheme of things? We did two updates since the Monday call:

First: “Reports are stating that Iraqi TV is showing the following….

The Kurds are starting their campaign of information for their “vote of independence” for September 25. Also, the UK has expressed support of the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil until September 25. [RR: I haven’t received any more information on that agreement.]

PM Abadi is shown inspecting and praising the military but no mention of other concerns.

Exchange Reminder: Be prepared to WAIT for solid, actual data before you rush in; timing can be crucial on this ride.”

Second update: “Another report from Iraqi TV indicates Salar and Abadi stating that the budget is finalized and clear of all court appeals and ready to be published in the Gazette.” And it was published in the Gazette. Many have had the opportunity to review that in all its luster and glory.

I do want to give an example, from a video clip I remember seeing that is significant for where we are. Picture a kitchen in a normal household; there are several different dogs, and in front of each dog is their feeding bowl. They are patiently sitting in front of their individual bowl. This little girl comes in with a big bowl of dog food, and they patiently wait for their bowl to be filled until the little girl is finished. Then she stands up, moves over, and makes her command. Then and only then do the dogs start to eat. They had the food in front of them, but were trained to wait for the command to come in, from a little child, not an adult. That is an example of a message for you. It’s not that you are dogs! But a dog will normally go straight for his food, unless he has been trained to sit and wait. This girl had the command of several different kinds of dogs, and they waited for the command to dig in.

The best of us will wait for instructions to make us aware of … something. Keep that in mind as various bits of information come out. I guess I’m stuck with the role of giving out the instructions so that you can make good decisions on this opportunity.

The Budget is out; it did not reveal what we are looking for, yet. It is believed an announcement will be made somewhere between now and Sunday. I’ve heard the 10th, the 9th, so I’m saying between now and Sunday. Abadi should be announcing the RI of their currency, in the $2 range, and the word is that he will be making that announcement on the 9th or 10th. That all remains to be seen, but it’s still better than getting nothing. In the event that holds true, a great leveraging opportunity will present itself for those who wish to take part.

I’m sure some of you will have Zim questions, so I will hold my Zim comments until we get to those questions.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Regarding the information about the Zim, I find it curious that the folks that are constructing the payout for the2008 defunct Zimbabwe notes would break up the payout in any kind of convoluted way. Since they could give us any amount they want, why would they make it complicated when it does not have to be? They could simply establish a basic rate and leave it at that. To my mind they must have a reason for constructing the deal this way. Obviously they have something in mind and someone or something is going to benefit from doing it this way. My concern is, do they want or need us tethered to this deal for some undisclosed reason? And is it in our best interest? We need to know the proper questions to ask. I want to believe that the infamous THEY would not try to manipulate and take advantage of the emotions and inexperience of most of the folks waiting for this event.
A: I don’t perceive any of that to be a question; it seemed more like your thoughts to me.

Q: I have a small business and an existing LLC. Post RV can I transfer funds and/or ownership out of the LLC into a private family foundation?
A: Sure you can: it’s called making a donation.

Q: Monday, you said, “…that whole 80/20% thing that some of you have heard, and having an Humanitarian effort, etc. It has been reported to me a little differently than you all have been hearing it. Sure, there is an 80/20, but it is not projecting to do what you have been projecting it to do.” In the past, you have said you would challenge the exchange person to show you proof, a legal Statute, that requires you to give up control of what is really your money, and that it be used for some Humanitarian effort, either of your choosing or theirs. [RR: It’s not your money, and that is what gives them some control over what you do before you receive it.] What are your sources telling you regarding how likely this is to occur, and in what form or percentages?
A: It is coming to me that this is what they are going to utilize across the board for Zim exchanges.

Q: Further, you said, “No one wants to hear that whatever currency you hold may only do half of what you are expecting, but there is a possibility that could happen, and I would want you to know that possibility exists, as opposed to not knowing it. That is why I shared it.” What are the rates your sources are NOW expecting for an International Rate on the Zim, Dinar, Dong, and Rupiah at the time of exchange?
A: We’ll wait on that and see what happens; you can’t do anything any way until the actual date, no matter what people are telling you.

Q: Finally, Tony and DC talked about specific Caps and Limits on how much dinar and/or dong would be allowed as cash in an account, before the remainder of an exchange would be required to be taken as a Structured Payout, over “x” number of years. If you have heard new Caps/Limits, please share this information.
A: What I’m hearing now is that caps will not apply. That was then, this is now; they have already changed the procedure, from what I’m hearing.

Q: Let’s say that the intel regarding the 80% holdback for Zim comes to pass. Let’s also say that the Zim is treated as a bond and not a simple currency exchange and would therefore likely be a taxable event. Who takes the tax write-offs on the 80% holdback? Personally, I’ve always felt that Zim was merely a diversion to take the pressure off of the currencies that would really make some money.
A: I don’t know that it’s a diversion; so far as I can see, it’s a reality.

Q: On Monday’s call you said that important information will be forthcoming on the following day (Tuesday). Were the items that you shared with us in your posts yesterday the information you were looking for or are you still waiting?
A: I am still waiting.

Q: Have you heard of any exchanges taking place in Canada, or any news at all from the Canadian contact? [RR: Canada is very much involved with the process.] So far, where I’m located, I haven’t been able to find a bank that currently exchanges the IQD, but do exchange VND. Do you know if Canadians can exchange in the US? We have a USD account at Wells Fargo. If not able to exchange in the US, do you know what the reason is?
A: I don’t know any reason you would NOT be able to, especially if you already have an account at Wells Fargo. You could call and ask them directly. Some Canadians have reported that when the rate goes live, they will exchange the IQD in Canada. They might not exchange it right now, but that will change.

Q: The Budget was supposedly in the Gazette. Was the value of the Dinar in their and has the Budget been transcribed for us to read?
A: The Budget has been published. The value was not in there, but it has been transcribed for people to read.

Q: Ray, have you heard if the lower denominations are in use?
A: From my six Iraqi contacts, none of them have reported that lower denoms are out or coming from the ATMs. They so say they have been paid at the same old rate, not the new rate.

Q: Most people assume that Wells Fargo is the lead bank to exchange Zim; have you heard of any other tier one banks exchanging Zim? [RR: Several banks are going to be involved in the Zim.] If the Zim comes out with a rate value, do you think it will have a timeline on exchanging at the banks? [RR: No.] If so, do you believe you will receive any timeline announcements from your bank contacts on exchange of Zim and other currencies?
A: No. From my enquiries, there are no time constraints on Zim.

Q: How likely is the budget that was published yesterday bring the original budget we were waiting for earlier in the year which means we would still be waiting for the “revised” budget to be published?
A: The Budget has been published and we await the announcement on the 9-10 to see what that means for us.

Q: If the dinar RI at about 2.75, would it be wise to exchange and leverage by buying more Dong?
A: Could be – you’ll have to work the numbers and see.

Q: could you please explain how one would take advantage of a leveraging opportunity if the dinar comes out initially at $2.00 or point us to a resource that would explain this?
A: Easy: go purchase more currency that hasn’t revalued yet.

Q: If the dinar comes out initially at $2.00 and one is interested in a contract rate, should one take their dinar to an exchange center right away to see if a contract rate is available (say at $10.00) or wait until the rate goes up and then apply for the contract rate (at which point it could, perhaps, be gone)?
A: Where have you been all this time? I know that for a year I have been saying, “If you want the contract rate, don’t wait – you need to be first out of the gate.” If it lasts a week, I would be surprised. So I don’t know if you haven’t been on the calls or just haven’t been listening. Don’t wait for the contract rate. If you want it, go exchange first thing.

Live questions

865/404 caller: What impact will this have on the timing of the special seminars? Will that still be within a few days of the RV?

RayRen: Of course.

Caller: You are still hearing that there are contract rates? [RR: Yes.] At one point, didn’t you say something about contract rates being related to countries with oil?

RayRen: That is my understanding.

Caller: You mentioned Saturday/Sunday is possible for the RI; how much longer will it take for the RV to come in?

RayRen: My contacts have not said anything about that. Once it pops out, it doesn’t matter; every day you can see the rates move, and you can make decisions and move accordingly. It won’t be secretive, or shouldn’t be.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

918 caller: When the RI is announced in Iraq, and the re-instatement rate, could you instruct us about the banks that exchange dinar? Or do we just go to the bank and research it ourselves? Then we could take the dinar and follow through on a leveraged plan.

RayRen: Yes, I will release the list of 59 banks then.

Caller: I’m going to wait and not take advantage, but what I will do is to load up on some more dinar. You’ve given us a great opportunity here, and I will wait.

303 caller: I’m a little puzzled about how to respond strategically to an RI rather than an RV. How long do you think it will be before the RV itself happens.

RayRen: I am hearing rumblings of December, but that is not a problem for me. We just need the currency to do something, and an RI may be even better than the RV, because if you don’t hold much currency this could be the chance to boost your holdings. So long as other currencies don’t move, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Even an RI will give you the working capital to invest in more of the rest of the currencies, getting a bigger slice of the pie through incremental steps. A person with one million dinar – if that’s all you have, that will not yield a lifetime of wealth. So the best move is to get that money and make it grow. If there are still some other currencies that haven’t finished maturing, that’s a great opportunity to move on to other currencies that will change value. That could give you returns of 100%, not 1 or 2%. That let’s you take steps towards where you want to be, if it unfolds correctly and you take advantage of it.

Caller: Would you expect 800 numbers to be issued on this RI? [RR: Yes, if they are going to be issued at all. ] Do you believe the RI will NOT affect the other currencies?

RayRen: If the information I’m hearing is true, the other currencies will not come out at the full higher rates; they will rise gradually.

Caller: So, you do think there will be some dramatic appreciation for the IQD?

RayRen: We have been hearing the dinar will RV at $3.71. If dinar RIs at, sat $2.70, then it will go up again with the RV. That should not be an issue for us; our issue is, “what can I do with this currency?” The RV stipulates that it will have to say at that rate for at least 90 days, but there is no such stipulation with the RI. That doesn’t matter to us; all we need is a new, higher rate. If they were to RI at fifty cents, that would still be a great opportunity to leverage ourselves into higher positions. That’s what we need to focus on: how to make our money working for us, rather than our working for it.

919 caller: Is there any additional information on the Zim that you want to share?

RayRen: No.

208 caller: I’m a little confused about the Zim. We were always told that if you exchange Zim, you can’t go back and buy any more.

RayRen: That was if you are involved with special arrangements, like contract rates. We have had members state that there special agreements or stipulations. Some disagreed with that and declined to do the exchange. This RI will not have conditions on what you do with that money; it’s just a rate change, so you shouldn’t be locking into anything or not allowed to do whatever you like. We are just talking at the currency at the public rates. You go in, ask for the rate, and decide if you want to exchange at that rate. IF there is a tax, you will only be taxed on what you receive.

Caller: I am committed to humanitarian work in any case, so 80% going to that doesn’t bother me. [Appreciation]

347 caller: I hear everyone talking about 80/20 on the Zim. We didn’t get an 80% discount on when we bought the Zim, so how could someone put stipulations on the currencies.

RayRen: You made the decision to buy that currency at whatever value someone was selling it for. Now Zimbabwe is offering to give you something from their devalued currency. Their citizens have been given some value for their old notes. Someone on the outside sold it to you as a collectible, not as a currency. That was clear when you decided to buy the notes. With collectibles, you buy it, hold onto it, and hopefully someone will give you some money for it down the road. Those were the conditions under which this currency was offered. We were supposedly buying it for collectors value. Anything more than that, you can consider as a gift. Zimbabwe may now be saying “we will give you a gift”. That’s what I’m hearing. That doesn’t mean that all the information I give you is 100% accurate, and you get to stir it up with all the other information you hear it. There is nothing you can do about it anyway until it comes out. I don’t know for sure if there will be a stipulation that 80% has to go to humanitarian causes. As I understand it, they are giving you a gift – the 20% — and the rest will go to a charity – that’s the 80%. Do you have a charity that you prefer? If not, they will make that decision for you. That 80% is not yours, that’s what you have to understand. [Caller restates his position for the fourth time.]

479 caller: I am no longer getting text messages…

RayRen: To 40404, text the following: FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM.

740 caller: When we go into the bank, if we are going for the contract rate, and if the bank says we are not eligible, will they want us to digitize the money, or take it back and wait?

RayRen: If you go in for the contract rate, and you decided you can’t or won’t take it, then you get to decide if you exchange then and there, or take your currency home.

Caller: I might exchange a portion, buy some more currencies and wait for them to appreciate? Is that the best strategy?

RayRen: that is a good strategy, but only you can decide if that is what you want to do. I have been talking about leveraging currencies because there will be a dynamite return, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other leveraging opportunities. Maybe I have my eye on a shopping center that is a steal; all I need is the money to buy it. That’s still leveraging. It doesn’t have to be in the currency field.

Caller: Is this information I could get from the seminars? Or the bank?

RayRen: Not from the bank, but you could get this kind of info from the network.

Caller: So, let’s say I don’t take the contract rate, and I do have several different currencies; how would you go about doing that? Is it just the numbers or is there any other information I should take into consideration?

RayRen: Something else to take into consideration is your level of pain or risk. I have a high pain threshold; you need to find out what is available and see what you are comfortable with. You might not want to follow me into the higher-risk ventures; you might prefer to stick to lower risk opportunities in case they don’t pan out.

Caller: I will make my own decisions; I just want to see the factors more clearly. When you let us know this is going through, will you let us know what other currencies are going up?

RayRen: There is a chance the other currencies will not come out at their matured rate, and you dn’t want to leave money sitting on the table. Let’s say the IQD RIs tomorrow, and you have four million dollars after exchange. Do you need to run down and exchange all of it? No. You might need a little money to clear some debts, but if your four million could turn into ten million, is it worth waiting to see? [lost caller]

Next caller: Will we have the rates of the other currencies when dinar RIs? Or should we just wait until dinar goes higher?

RayRen: All these will be public rates. We will know the IQD rate, and if it comes out at $2+, and you know it will go up to $3.70, just wait. Exchanging it and buying some more dinar is just spinning your wheels. However, if some of these other currencies have not matured, then to exchange some dinar, and buy some of these other currencies, that is leveraging your holdings. You can exchange some dinar and load up on the dong (for example) IF the dong is still underpriced. The same applies to the Zim, rupiah, Afghani, etc. If the Zim comes out at five cents, and you know it will go up to ten cents, that means you will double in value even if it costs more for Zim than it has in the past.

Caller: When you talked about nine currencies in the first basket, will we know what they are if/when the IQD is reinstated?

RayRen: If the dinar RIs next week and none of the other currencies move, that is a killer opportunity. I will let you know what the other currencies are; it won’t be secret information, it will be public rate changes. Right now, you can call any bank and find out the international rate of the dong. If the rate changes, the banks and currency websites will tell you. So the question is rather “are we at the ceiling for that currency, or is there room for increase?” We should be able to learn that part and share it with each other in this network. If the apple costs two cents and we think it will go up to two dollars, we can purchase apples and wait it out.

Caller: What do you think is the timeframe on the dinar?

RayRen: I did hear a rumor about December, but that is not real information. Iraq can change the RI rate at will; the RV rate is restricted. But I don’t have to wait on that if I can exchange dinar and buy something else that I KNOW is going up. The market will also drive up the dinar temporarily, so there’s that aspect to look at. We’ll be sharing information with each other to be more informed on the choices out there; then each individual will make their own choices and decisions.

Closing Statement

We’re in a really good place. Some sources are saying attempts have been made to get this thing out. We are in the process of letting things happen. We have Abadi’s announcement on the 9th or 10th, also part of the process, so let’s see what the week brings up. It looks like there may be a leveraging opportunity next week, for those who want to leverage. If you don’t want to leverage, just sit and wait, if things unfold as I have been hearing. So leverage the heck out of it, or sit on your hands and wait. If you do have to exchange something, exchange as little as possible and use Someone Else’s Money to deal with your immediate financial situation.

From what I’m receiving, the 80/20 deal is applied to every Zim holder across the board. That means you can look to receive 20% of your Zim x the new rate, with 80% allocated to some kind of charity – either one you select or that is selected for you. As more information surfaces, we will share that with you. Because we are still awaiting more detailed information, what four-letter word should be on your mind? W-A-I-T. Be wise, wait, and move in methodically with a fixed determination and a plan. Until then, while we wait…

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

TNT Dinar Call w/ Rayren98

Dinarlands latest


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Wednesday PM   9-06-17

chattels: @Cbar I do not foresee a liquidity event for us in the near term.

Cbar: @chattels right.. And mine at this moment is worth less than I paid
chattels: @Cbar But it is fun to dream, eh ?

Cbar: @chattels before I go, can you give me 1 reason why.. iyo

chattels: I will answer your question with a question. Given everything that you know about conditions in Iraq today and for the foreseeable near term, would you exchange one of your dollars for one Iraqi dinar ?

No, and the world will not either. This old man is headed for a horizontal position. Godspeed the completion of the Iraqi banking sector reform project. God bless us every one. Good night all.
​chattels: My point is that the Iraqi dinar has to be in demand to have value.

Spectra: @chattels you reading my mind yes...

chattels: @Spectra Change and transition can be difficult and unsettling.

Spectra: @chattels conflictions with family.

chattels: @Spectra Even if we planned on it and thought it is waht we wanted / needed to do, eh ?

Spectra: @chattels yes .

chattels: @Cbar Don't be a stranger. Come back again :)

dullenih: GM GE all

dullenih: http://sumer.news/ar/news/22474/محافظ-البنك-العراق-ليس-مهددا-بالإفلاس-بحسب-المعايير-الدولية

dullenih: Governor Central Bank of Iraq: Iraq is not threatened with bankruptcy according to international standards...

dullenih: The nature of the sources of these reports gave the credibility and a good impression of all companies and there was a focus on monetary policy because it is matters of the investor in terms of the exchange rate of the dollar and the cash reserve and the size of debt and others, as well as the extent of the commitment of the borders and ceilings set for Iraq. That helped to make this a success

dullenih: "I can proudly say that the Central Bank had fully met the requirements of the Fund and was fully in line with the indicators set by the Fund in terms of reserves and exchange rate and audit the accounts of the Central Bank internationally and the significant development of the Bank's procedures in banking supervision and combating money laundering and terrorism financing and other points that Was the focus of the fund ».

dullenih: If the value of the dinar is reduced, the purchasing power of a large number of Iraqi families will drop as if we imposed a tax on all citizens regardless of The standard of living, which will harm everyone, especially those working in the government service, as well as the reduction if it will provide only a small amount ».

dullenih: "Monetary policy is not built on the basis of events or emergency crises, but we must take them on a path in medium and long-term calculations. For us, we do not resort to adjusting the value of the currency whenever the price of oil falls," he said. Foreign currency and his job and mission to fill the shortage of crises to go beyond the stage and this is what happened in 2009 ».

Dave: @chattels Do you not find it strange that with all the foreign investment potential that they have that they move ahead and pass laws pertaining to this?

Zig: I believe chattels has gone to bed...

Cree: hi all

Zig: @dullenih : Thanks...

​Cree: @Dave With all that we read, over the years on Iraq, we each develop a perspective on what we feel will happen. Reality CHECK, NO ONE knows what will happen or when....

Dave: @Zig people have been following this stuff for over a decade and still believe in what they say

Zig: @Dave : Yeah....amazing

Cree: @Dave If you look at Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, etc, they have no manufacturing, but they have oil in the ground. That is what gives their currency value.

There is something really wrong in Iraq as they supposedly have more oil then the Saudis and share oil fields with Kuwait..... Past the corruption and divisiveness, there is something radically wrong there......

Dave: @Cree vast resources in gold and minerals

Dave: @Cree I do not think they are yet passed the corruption.....
Dave: @Cree Iraq is still rated one of the top 5 most corrupt nations in the world

Cree: @Dave maybe we should invade and make it the 51st state a head of Puerto Rico. At least we could get their oil.....

[pm]Zig: I wonder why so many countries are giving Iraq money to help rebuild, etc....they must see potential there....and want a piece of the future "action", etc.....

dullenih: Japan to lend Iraq $ 500 million

dullenih: Economy News Baghdad: The Japanese embassy in Baghdad has signed a memorandum with Iraq to provide a financial loan of 500 million dollars to improve the financial conditions of the Iraqi government and reform in the areas of administration and finance.

dullenih: "The loan aims to improve the harsh financial conditions and reform the country's finances by helping the Iraqi government in its current administrative and financial reforms" .

"The decline in world oil prices in recent years has resulted in a sharp decline in revenues of the Iraqi government, and forced Iraq to increase spending on defense and relief of the displaced because of the terrorist organization, causing the increase of government spending,"

dullenih: Abadi announces the formation of a committee to follow up investment projects

dullenih: He also announced the formation of a high committee to follow up the investment projects and remove the obstacles that prevent its implementation.

Meatball: amazing how many committees get formed..... but results are lacking

Meatball: I would be very interested in the dollar amount that has been loaned to Iraq in the last 5 years alone

DinarResearcher: Hello Meatball. How was your day today? Good I hope.

DinarResearcher: I have a VERY Interesting article I would like to share with you all. It's a little long BUT with lots of good information

DinarResearcher: President of the Reconstruction Fund for the Liberated Regions: Donor Conference will be held early next year

DinarResearcher: 2017/09/07

DinarResearcher: According to preliminary estimates prepared by the World Bank to estimate the amount of reconstruction of the liberated areas after the occupation of the organization of a terrorist advocate, it will be about 150 billion dollars, a study to be provided by the Fund to support the liberated areas to the conference of donor countries to be held in Kuwait next month next year, Which will be held by the Kuwait Fund, the Iraqi Reconstruction Fund and the World Bank. The conference will address two important issues.

First, the State of Iraq will introduce measures in community reconciliation to reassure the foreign taxpayer that these funds will go in the right direction and not to internal conflicts.

The second topic is how the state adopts the activation of the role of the private sector in investing in the reconstruction process. All this and other topics that were discussed by (to the extent) exclusively with the head of the Fund for the Reconstruction of the affected areas of the organization.
DinarResearcher: Al-Hiti said that the parties that will work to prepare for the conference are the Kuwaiti Fund and the Iraqi Reconstruction Fund and the World Bank, but in fact, since the tenth month of 2016, we had a visit to the Kuwaiti Fund, where there was discussion that there should be an international donor conference. The conference on the land, as continued:

As the meetings rolled out and was agreed a month ago from now that the selection of two days to hold the conference from 13 to 25 of the same month in 2018 next, because the period of the conference two days and there is a preparatory committee chaired by Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords W Witty and the Kuwaiti side, too, it is preparing him for a while.

DinarResearcher: He stressed that Iraq needs large amounts to rebuild its liberated cities, so we hope that this conference will provide funds that can help Iraq in reconstruction, noting: T

he talk about reconstruction includes several things, the first is that the amounts usually set for the reconstruction of enterprises Which was destroyed three years ago and until today, there are so-called damage and there are so-called damage and loss due to the loss of development opportunities,

pointing out that the talk before the liberation of Mosul was focused on the estimated amounts of reconstruction, where Prime Minister Haider Abadi during a visit to Washington a month The second year of 2016, Ed The Ministry of Planning, after the liberation of Mosul, also determined that the damage and loss estimates are $ 100 billion.

However, as a reconstruction fund today, and in the absence of development opportunities, we estimate the damage as assets that occurred three years ago, especially when we come To rebuild it, we find that there are additional sums as a result of the price changes, and here, until I can reach the level I lost three years ago, I estimate the amount of reconstruction at 150 billion dollars.

DinarResearcher: "In order to get rid of these estimates, there is a study agreed upon with the Kuwaiti Fund and the Iraqi Fund to identify the damage by international companies and enter with us in the World Bank," the head of the reconstruction fund for the affected areas of the organization said. He suggested a quick study by satellite,

The study showed in preliminary form that at the beginning of the month of 11 of this year the figures will be up to "90%". At the end of the month of 12, the study could be completed in order to submit to the international conference, And we have been informed of preliminary reports on this To study and visit the affected areas, we believe that the reconstruction figure will reach $ 150 billion.

DinarResearcher: "This World Bank study will be appreciated at the conference by the donor countries to assess the damage and it will be approved because it is from the World Bank, and any donor country is within the World Bank and thus the credibility of the figures it will provide will be greater than if it were issued by an Iraqi side, :

Saying that there will be talk about the estimated figures as to what is given during the conference by donor countries, we hope to be better, steadily: that the conference is the process of catching the amounts committed by the international community to Iraq,

 but what amount we will get it also depends on the side Iraqi in some form and on what Be aware of the ideas or economic policy adopted to provide part of these amounts, whether by activating the resources of agriculture and industry, or activate the role of the private sector, and we should not believe that the international community will grant us without the Iraqi side to change the economic aspect, Depends on oil as a single resource.

DinarResearcher: (I like this part here)

DinarResearcher: The issue of how the private sector can participate in the reconstruction of the liberated areas is very important. The state can not control everything, especially since the world's policy is to stimulate the private sector.

If we address the issue of the private sector and investment, The return of the immigrant capital will compensate for the shortage. The foreign taxpayer can not equip you without having local changes that raise trust. He pointed out that the conference will address two important issues.

The first is the community reconciliation that the Iraqi state should offer and what are its procedures to assure the taxpayer. Money Q Go to the right path and not to internal conflicts or have acted on military issues, being originally assigned to civilian matters.

Meatball: @DinarResearcher hey there hope your well

DinarResearcher: The second topic focuses on the role of the private sector and how the state will adopt this sector in investment. These are major and important issues that were also raised in Washington on July 10. All the assertions were on how to manage capital and what is the role of the government.

 Iraq, in the community reconciliation and revitalization of the private sector and investment, noting that, on the other hand, the amounts will not pay directly to the Iraqi side and can not be implemented for one year, there is a framework plan for the reconstruction of liberated areas and development from 2018 to 2028,

DinarResearcher: He concluded by saying: The amounts of donor countries will arrive gradually and be between the grantor and the implementing agency in Iraq, whether Iraqi or foreign companies, and the amounts will be disbursed according to the completion rates of the projects,

supervised by technical auditors and international financiers who decide that the proportion of achievement commensurate with the amount Which should be disbursed, and that within the bilateral agreements,

as for the Iraq side, we have submitted plans in successive meetings and presented the successful experiences that have been achieved in Iraq, both in the field of electricity and relative development in the field of ports as well, so the state should be open to The Special obeyed.

Meatball: @DinarResearcher appreciate the news you bring.... always good to see real news.... not hype

​DinarResearcher: Thanks Meatball, I like to help those that are unfortunately able to find what is viable information

Meatball: @DinarResearcher appreciate the work the news hounds put in... thank you!

Sun: anyone have the replay link for the call tonight?

Meatball: check the link to the right

Sun: What link, where?

Meatball: http://www.iqdcalls.com/index.html

Sun: Outlaws call?
Sun: There is no one on the line and no replay link for the outlaws call.



Dinarwin:  This is my first post:

My wife was at W.F. yesterday.  For over 4 yrs. we've made friends with a Asst. manager.
My wife asked him if they do foreign exchanges at that branch? He said yes what currency do you have?

She said Dong and Dinar. When she said Dinar he jumped back and said What! how much?
She said millions

 He said in just a few days you and your husband are going to be rich.

I have always heard this happening to others but this time it hit home. Hope he's right on could sure use it right now.

He also said they have a De La Rue machine on site. So excited.

Upstart:  CBI website off line !

This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.

Try: Checking the connection

Checking the proxy and the firewall

Running Windows Network Diagnostics



Rich4hyip:  which reminds me of the two cbi websites merge, are they doing it now? just a guess. just tried to visit here from china, get the same message, the page can not be displayed.


JesusLovesBaseball:  Governor of Basra calls through teachers teacher contracts to receive their salaries

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 12:28 PM

Governor of Basra

Basra Governor Asaad al-Eidani called on teachers and teachers who contracted with the governorate's office to receive their salaries that have been suspended for months on Wednesday or Thursday.

Al-Eidani said in a statement singled out by Al-Marbad radio that it was agreed to spend 3 billion and 400 million dinars to cover the salaries of these teachers and teachers for their educational work in the schools of the province for five months ago.

The first deputy governor of Basra, Mohammad Taher Tamimi, announced on 31 August that the release of salaries of teachers and teachers contracted with the Office of the province will be spent after the holiday of Eid al-Adha directly after obtaining central approval in this regard.   LINK


Basra Education: Efforts to hand over salaries of lecturers on Thursday

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 4:56 PM

The Directorate of Education in Basra on Wednesday did not receive the amount allocated to the salaries of contractors of teachers and teachers from banks because of some procedures for receipt, while noting that there are attempts to receive them on Thursday in preparation for distribution.

The director of relations and information in the Directorate in the name of Al-Qatrani for the dialogue program Marbd that the procedures to receive the instrument prevented the receipt of the amount to pay salaries by the local government, pointing out that education is seeking to receive the instrument on Thursday and will be the distribution of salaries in the education building located in the area of the stronghold amid the province.

The governor of Basra, Saad al-Eidani earlier teachers and teachers contracted with the Office of the province to receive their salaries stalled for months on Wednesday or Thursday, where he pointed out that the local government allocated 3 billion and 400 million dinars to pay the salaries of these contractors for their educational work in the schools of the province to five Months ago.   LINK

Samson:  Six thousand Jordanian trucks are preparing to transport goods to Iraq via Trebil
 7th September, 2017

The head of the Jordanian truck owners Mohammed Khair al-Daoud said on Thursday that about 6,000 trucks of high readiness are ready to transport goods to Iraq through the Trebil crossing.

"The Association of Truck Owners held several meetings with the Iraqi Embassy to discuss the transfer of goods to Iraq through the Trebil crossing through obtaining visas and coordination with the competent authorities to discuss the process of transporting goods in the yards," Al-Daoud said in a statement to Al-Rai newspaper. Exchange ".

"The role of the Iraqi embassy represented by the Iraqi ambassador in the Kingdom Safia al-Suhail through the procedures and meetings held with the union to discuss the facilitation of visa work procedures for the owners of Jordanian trucks and the process of transporting goods and procedures for entering trucks during the coming period."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi ambassador has shown great cooperation with the Union of truck owners during the past days through the examination of the procedures for the transfer of goods to Iraq through the Trebil crossing," stressing that "and in the event of the completion of security and technical measures, the Jordanian trucks will carry out exchanges of goods with Iraqi trucks during the coming period "He said.

Trabil border crossing between Jordan and Iraq resumed its work recently in front of the movement of transport, export and import after a halt that lasted more than two years due to security incidents.



Samson:  Abadi: The wealth of citizens is depleted by the import of poor quality goods

 7th September, 2017

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that the wealth of citizens has been depleted by importing bad quality goods over the past years, stressing that the Iraqi investment law is very sophisticated laws

"The Council of Ministers voted to establish regulatory controls and quality policy related to the safety of consumer goods and services according to international standards," Abadi said at the weekly news conference. "These controls include all food, services and services."

He explained that "the wealth of citizens exhausted through goods and services poor quality and these controls aim not to waste the wealth of citizens," noting that "the Iraqi investment law of the very advanced laws and the formation of a higher investment committee aimed at removing obstacles to investors



Samson:  Anbar: The opening of the ports of Trebil and Arar will revive our economy

 7th September, 2017

Anbar provincial council member Ali al-Tharab announced on Thursday that the opening of the Trebil-Jordan and Arar ports with Saudi Arabia would revive Anbar's economy

"The opening of Arar port with Saudi Arabia will positively affect the economy of Anbar and Iraq in general because the convoys will continue between the two countries, especially that the Saudi products are known for their very high quality," he said, noting that "the opening of the port of Trebil is very important to the economy of Anbar" . 

He pointed out that "all roads leading to the perpetrators of Arar and Trebil are fully insured by the Anbar Operations Command," noting that "the perpetrators will lead to the elimination of unemployment and poverty in Anbar


AuthorsamOliver:  This sounds like open border trading and exchanges on an open market.


Samson:  Council of Babylon decides to disrupt the official working day next Sunday

 7th September, 2017

BAGHDAD / MESSALA: The Council of the province of Babylon, the disruption of official work on Sunday.

"The provincial council has decided to disrupt the official working day next Sunday, the ninth of September," said Raad al-Jubouri, head of the council.

"This came on the occasion of the Ghadir al-Ghadeer festival," Jubouri said.

It is noteworthy that millions of Muslims celebrate annually Ghadir, which falls on the eighteenth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, which they consider the day when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Imam Ali (AS) successor after the end of the farewell plea in the year 10 Hijri, and that the commandment took place in the vicinity of Mecca is called Ghadirhem.   LINK
Samson:  The parliamentary economy calls for the establishment of a fund to collect international grants for Iraq

 7th September, 2017

A member of the parliamentary economic committee Najibah Najib on Thursday called for the establishment of a fund to raise international financial grants under international supervision and monitoring, indicating that all donations received by Iraq to rebuild the liberated areas did not appear on the ground and did not see the light.

"Most European and Arab countries have donated to Iraq financial grants to rebuild the devastated cities after liberation from an organized organization, but to this day there are no service projects to restore normal life in these cities and most of the displaced people in the camps,"

Najib said in an interview with the Economist News. Liberating their cities, "calling for" the establishment of a fund to collect international financial grants under the supervision and follow-up international to rebuild the cities of the destruction of a very short period and the preservation of funds allocated to Iraq and the end of the crisis of the displaced. "

"The UN supervision will follow up the doors of disbursement of financial grants and preserve them from waste and corruption, and also agree and contract with companies to rebuild the cities destroyed under international provisions.



Samson:  Jubouri is visiting Washington for the first time since Trump took over as president of America

10:56 - 07/09/2017

An official Saudi newspaper reported Thursday that House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri will visit Washington soon, the first of its kind since Donald Trump took over as president of the United States.

The newspaper "Riyadh" a source within the Iraqi Council of Representatives as saying that "the Speaker of Parliament Salim Jubouri, will soon visit the US capital Washington," without specifying the date of the visit.

The source added that "Salim al-Jubouri will meet with officials of the US administration there, and will discuss with them the strengthening of bilateral relations between Washington and Baghdad and other files, most notably the reconstruction of areas liberated from the control of the Da'ash terrorist, and the fight against terrorism.

This is Jabouri's first visit to Washington since US President Donald Trump took power in his country early this year.