Monday, September 4, 2017

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Michael C. Cottrell Update "CMKX, Gold Treaty, Golden Dragons"

Monday, September 4, 2017

Michael C. Cottrell Update - CMKX, GOLD TREATY, GOLDEN DRAGONS - August 30, 2017

Thank you to redcat3 for sharing Cottrell's updates on the CMKX,GCR/RV, and additional information concerning the new financial system.  FYI: Mr. Cottrell works with Al Hodges.


COTTRELL's Response Aug 30, 2017 at 4:12pm

Post by redcat3 on Aug 30, 2017 at 4:12pm

I sent another email to Mr. Cottrell asking if he had any additional information about when he might receive the CODES.

This is his response:
Re: Update regarding release of CODES, etal., per the GOLD TREATY (21 March 2013)

The last communication received, June 2016, from the "Authorities/INTERPOL" stated that the Protocols itemized in the above mentioned "GOLD TREATY" are "Written in Stone" and are "NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE."

Therefore, per the last communique with you, (March 13 and 14, 2017), nothing has changed. We, including me, must wait until the word is given by the GOLDEN DRAGON, and the subsequent visit to release the CODES, and the FIPS, CMKX FUNDS, etal.

There is nothing more that I can add. Sorry.

Except a word of caution ---- NO GURU KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN BEFORE IT HAPPENS regarding the release of the CODES. If you believe anyone of these folks, you do so at your own emotional peril.

This letter can be released to anyone you choose.

I hope this answers your question, but please call or email if you have any more.


Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S.
President & CEO
Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.
Erie, PA


Here is the earlier communication with Mr. Cottrell from March 13th and 14th, 2017 ......
This was posted by redcat3 on 1 Million Millionaires chat board on 3/14/17

I sent an email to Mr. Cottrell asking about his connection to our trust and payments to the shareholders. After the first response below, I sent another email asking for a clarification about an initial payment.

As stated in his responses, there is no direct connection between CMKX and his action regarding the codes he will receive.

Date: 13 March 2017

To: Ms. Jxxxxx (Linda)

Ref: (A) Michael C. Cottrell Affirmation (#1)
dated 20 December 2014
Items: #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9

(B) Michael C. Cottrell Affirmation (#2)
dated 6 January 2015
Item: #6

(C) Michael C. Cottrell Affirmation (#3)
dated 9 January 2015
Item: #13

(D) Michael C. Cottrell Affirmation (#4)
dated 18 January 2015
Item: #28

(E) CapnGriff and Response by Michael Cottrell
dated 15 April 2016

Dear Ms. Jxxxxx (Linda),

Thank you for your email regarding the CMKX issue. Although I am NOT a shareholder, the circumstance regarding the confusion over my role, the payment of the FINES, INTEREST, AND PENALTIES (FIPs), and the remittance of the CMKX funds from the "Mahue Trust", per Al Hodges, Attorney-at-Law.

My involvement with Al Hodges began as the result of Chris Story, FRSA, contacting me for permission to release an article to Al Hodges regarding the CMKX $12.5 Billion dollar theft, by Bush Sr.. After several conversations, between the three of us, Chris and I decided that we needed an alternative method of evidencing my Affidavits (of 2008, etal.), to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom.

We had reason to believe the previous method had been re-routed to 10 DOWNING STREET without our knowledge. Al Hodges provided a successful method to deliver the packages to Her Majesty, without problems.

Per the above Referenced items, on 21 March 2013, approximately 200+ countries signed a "Gold Treaty" that designated a loan, enmass, that would satisfy the BASEL III LIST, of which I was a named participant.

This Treaty will eliminate the Fiat monies and derivative system once and for all. Within the GOLD TREATY I am named as the Primary Designee to receive the CODES that will FUND THE NEW REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TREASURY, and release the GOLD-BACKED UNITED STATES NOTES (USNs) ---- WHICH INCLUDES THE GOLD-BACKED FUNDS FOR CMKX.

That is the extent of my involvement with CMKX.

Now, as to when this will happen.....I DO NOT KNOW. It is determined by "THE GOLDEN DRAGON" who signed for the massive Gold amounts which will be distributed via the GOLD TREATY. I am in the dark as much as all of the CMKX shareholders.

I hope this answers your question, but if you have any more, please call or email.


Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S.
President & CEO
Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.
Erie, PA

His second response:

Date: 14 March 2017

To: Ms. Jxxxxx (Linda);

Re: Payment process for CMKX

Dear Ms. Jxxxxx (Linda),

I appreciate your inquiry regarding the payment of the CMKX funds; however, as far as I have been advised --- thus far, I will have NO FURTHER involvement with the payment or the payment process --- once I have entered the CODES into the NEW REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES TREASURY that will unlock the Gold-Backed USNs.

The question of the payment process should be directed to Al Hodges. Since I am not a shareholder of CMKX and have no standing in the matter, I do not have any information relating to how or what process has been setup.

This response and the earlier reply may be posted at your convenience. However, upon advice from the International Authorities, I am not permitted to access any "boards" (Ref: Michael C. Cottrell Affirmation dated 20 December 2014).

If you have any further questions, feel free to email them.


Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S.
President & CEO
Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.
Erie, PA

Although this does not provide us with information about any payments, it does IMO eliminate the possibility that they will come directly from Mr. Cottrell.

Mrs. Redcat


9-4-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  …They were actually trying to put US dollars out there in Iraq’s market.  In other words you can actually buy US dollars from the Central Bank using the Iraqi currency.  So there was a couple things they were doing.  A.  They wanted to keep the value of the dinar down.  #2 (B) They were using that as a way to suck in more dinar cause they were lowing the dinar count in the country.  It sounds kind of counter because what do you have to do?  You have to do two things... [Post 2 of 3: Stay tuned for the rest of the story]

9-4-2017   Newshound Guru chattels   [do you think the referendum will happen or get delayed?  Do you think the kurds will really cecede? Will it make any difference to us as investors?]  I have very mixed beliefs about the reality of eventual Kurdish independence.  Kurdish independence does not necessarily ruin the prospects of a return on investment for us. 

9-4-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  I’ve gotten a lot of emails about one of my favorite articles that came out last month.  Currency war talks restarts after Jackson Hole Wyoming and the language and the posture of the leading central bankers over the weekend shows that tensions over exchange rates  are starting to heat up again.  …Currency wars are the tip of the spear when it comes to economic warfare.  That’s the number one weapon we have…there’s an investment opportunity during the currency wars…how does this currency war effect Iraq?  …This actually helps us…Iraq has a huge huge card in this game and that’s their currency.  It’s always been like that from day 1.  That’s their way out.  That’s their way to regenerate their economy.  They are very happy about it.  They know what’s coming down the road…So what’s Iraq going to do?  They’ve kept their currency at a 10th of a penny for a reason...  [Post 1 of 3: Stay tuned for the rest of the story]

9-4-2017   Intel Guru Frank26    ...the evidence of what we are seeing right now of international status, internationalism...wouldn’t you agree with me that it’s pretty obvious too...same way that they didn’t tell us Mosul right away, when it was obvious, is the same way that I feel, and I sense, that Article VIII is waiting to be announced.   ...in my opinion, and my team’s opinion...We cannot prove this; and yet...I smell Article VIII gone, because the way that he’s talking, it can only be…  Abadi is telling people that:  ....“I again call on Iraqi and international business leaders to invest in Iraq.” If you owned a business and Abadi was inviting you to come in with your business, and your money, do you think you’d want to do that? Abadi...sure is acting and talking in the same manner that he did with Mosul… with Article VIII right now.


Benjamin Fulford:  Chances of new financial system announcement and US civil war both skyrocketing

By benjamin     White Dragon Society

Evidence is mounting that both a new financial system and a civil war in the US are imminent. There is also a high probability the US east coast will be hit with a geo-engineered hurricane so severe that people are being asked to evacuate 60 miles inland, CIA sources say.

What seems to be happening is that the Khazarian mafia is unleashing weather weapons and making other mischief to try to prevent the announcement of a new, gold-backed financial system.

First, let us look at all the gold related news, some of it bizarre, that has suddenly poured out in recent days and all seems to be preparing us for the announcement of a gold-backed system.
This started on August 21st when Steven Mnuchin became the first US Treasury Secretary to visit the Fort Knox gold depository since 1948 and proceeded to tweet “glad gold is safe.”

Then, since his visit apparently failed to generate enough publicity, a fake scandal involving the visit to the fort, the solar eclipse and pictures of his bikini-clad trophy wife appears to have been concocted. In all of this Mnuchin failed to mention the fact the gold has not been counted since 1953 or how much gold “is safe,” but never mind, his wife makes for good distracting eye candy.

Then self-described US intelligence community financial adviser Jim Rickards appeared on TV predicting the price of gold would rise to $5000 or even $10,000 an ounce.

Also, the Rothschilds contacted the White Dragon Society last week to inform them that a large amount of off-ledger gold was being monetized and moved into the financial system. This was backed up with a series of gold-related events from around the world. The most important one was the announcement that China is starting oil futures trading denominated in gold-backed yuan, a clear shot at the Khazarian mafia’s petrodollar system.

Then Germany’s Bundesbank announced it had completed its plan to repatriate half of its gold three years in advance.

Furthermore, Germany announced the forced evacuation of 60,000 people from around the area of the Bundesbank last weekend just as 743 tons of gold was due to arrive there, because of “unexploded World War II bombs.”

This is interesting because when Germany first asked for its gold back from France and the US, neither country had any gold to give back. Around the same time the Americans were caught shipping gold-plated tungsten to the Chinese. Now suddenly the gold is being returned ahead of schedule as Mnuchin tweets about gold being safe.

So, where is all this gold suddenly coming from? Two reliable sources say that gold bunkers in Asia are being opened and the gold is being removed.

WDS (White Dragon Society) sources in Indonesia were told by Indonesian authorities that gold bunkers in Indonesia had indeed been opened and the gold was removed.

Furthermore, Freeport-McMoRan announced that a deal has been reached with the Indonesian government to continue operation of the giant Grasberg mine there, with Indonesia getting 51% control.


Sources in the Rothschild family say the mine is just a front being used to launder the historical gold into the financial system. The important point to note though is that the Asians now have majority control.

Neil Keenan for his part, has reported that gold and cash bunkers in South Korea have also been broken into. He backed this up by posting videos of gold as well as freshly minted US dollars and Korean Won being divvied up.

All these gold related announcements were combined with serious attacks on the current petrodollar system and strong indications the current US financial system is about to implode. Jacob Rothschild, for example, announced that his company, RIT Capital Partners, reduced its US dollar investment exposure to 37% from 61% in the first six months of this year.

Rothschild’s reasons for getting out of US assets were “unprecedented” share prices and a belief that the artificial propping up of markets by the World Bank and Central Banks was unsustainable.

The rest of update is for paid members until after Thursday………

Restored Republic via a GCR Update


xyz: Start of the BRICS Summit in China http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/214741/- Leaders of Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa held their first meeting on Monday in the framework of the two-day Brix Group summit in the southeastern city of Xiamen.

Chinese President Xi Jingping received his guests at the entrance to the Xiamen International Convention Center, where they took a commemorative group photograph, hand in hand, according to tradition.
The five leaders then began a mini-session to discuss the world economy, global economic governance and international and regional conflicts. National security and development issues.

The official opening of the summit will be followed by an expanded session, in which participants will discuss practical aspects of coordination in human and cultural development and exchange, as well as the development of BRIX cooperation mechanisms with other parties.

On the eve of the opening of the summit, the leaders held a number of bilateral meetings and attended cultural events.

chattels: Good morning all. Another day dawns in " Dinarland ".

chattels: " You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!" - Opening narration, Season 2

chattels: A good and interesting interview with Öztürk Yılmaz , deputy leader of the Republican People's Party (CHP) in Turkey. He discusses with Rudaw the implications of the Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum. Yılmaz expressed that the Iraqi constitution allows areas to hold referendum to declare regions, but not for independence.

He believes nothing will change immediately after the referendum, but when areas in places like Nineveh and Kirkuk become partitioned.

Read more at http://www.rudaw.net/english/interview/03092017

chattels: Also, Hadi al-Amiri, leader of the Shiite Badr Organization, talks about Kurdistan referendum, budget, oil dispute. http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/040920171

chattels: Öztürk Yılmaz says that " At the end of the day, Barzani is a reasonable politician and will assess the situation well. Baghdad should reorganize its relations with the Kurdistan Region and deliver the financial entitlements of the Kurdish administration. Baghdad and the Kurdish administration should protect the integrity of Iraq. This is the best way."

chattels: And, " The Kurds participating in writing the Iraqi constitution made Iraq a federal country. The Kurds voted for it."

chattels: Interesting parallels between Kurdish seccession and the American experience prior to 1860 and the blood shed to answer the same question in America.

chattels: @Cree good morning

Cree: @chattels so what are your thoughts on the referendum coming up? Everyone has an opinion but no one ready knows....
chattels: @Cree Not a " fan " of motorcycles. Prospective organ donors I think.

chattels: @Cree I have lots of thoughts. Can you be more specific ?

Cree: @chattels your right there. I do have an organ donor set up on my license. But I wonder is it really more dangerous then being married? (only kidding - I think)

Cree: @chattels do you think the referendum will happen or get delayed?
Cree: @chattels Do you think the kurds will really cecede?
Cree: @chattels Will it make any difference to us as investors?

chattels: @Cree Whether it be marriage or other exposures, does the existence of more threatening activities justify engaging in any other ?

chattels: @Cree I have very mixed beliefs about the reality of eventual Kurdish independence.

Cree: @chattels I guess it is perspective. One could get killed crossing the street. or for me when we go climbing, or kayaking, etc.. Life is a risk, And if you stay home and be a couch potato, that will kill you also....

Cree: @chattels what are your thoughts on the investment.....

chattels: @Cree As a " reconstructed " southern rebel I still sympathize with the Kurdish independence movement.

Cree: @chattels not challengin gyou just wondering what you think.

chattels: @Cree Kurdish independence does not necessarily ruin the prospects of a return on investment for us.

Cree: @chattels I lived in Florida for about 14 years. When riding my motorcycle, at a rest area, many would talk about how the south could have won the civil war.... so over 150 years later its still a topic.

chattels: @Cree There are so many moving parts and variables.

Cree: @chattels As a Jew, I understand oppression and understand wanting to be free.....

chattels: @Cree There were many Jewish confederates.

chattels: @Cree For many the American Civil War was the second revolution and was about state's rights, not slavery, etc.

chattels: @Cree Abraham Lincoln was first and foremost a " Union " man.

chattels: @Cree " If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that." - A. Lincoln

Cree: @chattels I agree but it is also perspective. For the south it was about states rights. For the North it was about ending slavery..... And I do not agree at all with these current left wing crazies who want to burn down our country,

chattels: @Cree We seem to live in times of a revisionist or ignorance to historical matters.

Cree: @chattels totally agree. The left seems to want to destroy our country......

chattels: @Cree Abolitionist were a very small part of the northern sentiment in my reading / opinion.

Cree: @chattels well, I can say for sure that it is 3:18 AM out west and I have not slept yet. so I am about to call it a night....  chattels see you later..... :) hope you have a great day.....

chattels: @Cree My mother's maiden name was " Solomon ". I believe, but I do not know, that her family was Jewish and converted to Christianity.

chattels: @Cree Just getting up on the eastern edge of America. Sweet dreams to you.

Cree: @chattels The biggest fear amoungst the Jewish people is not Israel losing a war, but rather assimilation. We try to fit in but then inter marry and many lose their Jewish identity....
xyz: BRICS Summit Agrees to Establish a Climate Investment Guarantee Fund

​ http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en&u=http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/214766/-

BRIC, a bloc of Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa, has agreed to set up a joint currency-denominated fund to ensure the investment climate. "We have agreed to promote the development of domestic bond markets, as well as to establish a common currency bond fund in the BRIC countries," said a statement issued by the BRICS summit in China.

The fund's objective is to ensure investment stability in BRIC countries and to stimulate debt markets in these countries. The Fund will help to develop and strengthen the liquidity of bond markets and reduce the cost of financing, including through increased participation of foreign capital.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a boost in national currency lending within the bloc and for the new development bank to receive an international credit rating, which would give him the right to issue bonds in the markets of these countries.

The BRIX countries occupy 39.7 million square kilometers of land in the world, with a GDP of $ 16.8 trillion and a population of 3 billion.



Sheila:   (Reposted) IMF Executive Board Concludes 2017 Article IV Consultation with Iraq
August 9, 2017

On August 1, 2017, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the 2017 Article IV consultation with Iraq.

Iraq is facing a double shock arising from the conflict with ISIS and the plunge in oil prices. In 2016, real GDP increased by 11 percent owing to a 25 percent increase in oil production, which was little affected by the conflict with ISIS. This year, economic activity is expected to remain muted due to a 1.5 percent contraction in oil production owing to the OPEC + agreement to reduce oil production and only a modest recovery of the non-oil sector.

The decline in oil prices has driven the decline of Iraq’s international reserves from $54 billion at end-2015 to $45 billion at end-2016. Fiscal pressures are ongoing, with the government deficit increasing from 12 percent of GDP in 2015 to 14 percent in 2016 despite the ongoing fiscal consolidation, due to weaker oil prices and rising humanitarian and security spending.

The authorities have appropriately maintained the exchange rate peg. The simplification of documentation requirements implemented by the Central Bank of Iraq led to a decline in the parallel market spread to 6 percent in June 2017.

Medium-term growth prospects are positive. Growth will be driven by the projected moderate increase in oil production and the rebound in non-oil growth supported by the expected improvement in security and implementation of structural reform. Risks remain very high, however, arising primarily from volatile security, political tensions, and poor policy implementation.

The Fund is supporting Iraq through a three-year Stand-By Arrangement in the amount of     SDR 3.831 million ($5.380 billion), equivalent to 230 percent of quota.

Read More:   http://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2017/08/09/pr17323-iraq-imf-executive-board-concludes-2017-article-iv-consultation


Sheila:  August 14, 2017 in Construction & Engineering In Iraq, Investment, Iraq Banking & Finance News, Iraq Industry & Trade News, Iraq Oil & Gas News, Iraq Public Works News, Politics, Security

On August 1, 2017, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the 2017 Article IV consultation with Iraq.



Samson:  The Ministry of Transport announces the launch of a frequent traveler service

 3rd September, 2017

Transport Minister Kazem Al-Hamami announced on Sunday the launch of a new service package for passengers of the airline, pledging to launch the Frequent Flyer service, including the granting of free tickets, exemption from additional weights and other facilities.

Al Hamami said in a statement issued after his meeting with the director of the Iraqi Airways company Miran Farid. "In order to ensure that the customers of the company are up to date, we have ordered the launch of a package of distinctive services that will relieve the company's customers."
Al Hamami stressed that "there should be an electronic application for the company that includes a detailed schedule of the departures and upcoming arrivals and timings, in addition to the possibility of electronic booking by credit cards." He added that "Frequent Traveler service will be launched by granting a card for each traveler given a set of points According to the travel times and through the card and the number of points are provided facilities such as free tickets and exemption from additional weights and other facilities.

He instructed the minister to "open a customer service center that includes modern systems to answer the questions and queries of passengers and the problems they face during their travel and related to the increase in weights or loss of bags and others."

He stressed that "the obligation of the company's agents abroad and inside to pay the amounts incurred at the beginning of each month, otherwise the agent bears all the legal and financial consequences, which may reach the cancellation of the company and put it in the (Black)."

Al-Hamami called for the pursuit of "Iraqi Airways to be the first in terms of the services provided to passengers, being the national carrier and have a great responsibility to the Iraqi citizen."

On Sunday (18 June 2017), Minister of Transport Kazem Al-Yamami announced that the Iraqi Airways development plan will include three important steps, confirming his ministry's intention to enroll 105 aviation students in the latest international institutes.



Article:   Iraq tops the list of countries importing ice cream from Turkey    03/09/2017

According to Turkish official statistics, Iraq exports the list of countries importing Turkish ice cream, pointing out that the value of Turkish exports to Iraq of ice cream reached 48 million dollars during the past five years.   http://www.almaalomah.com/2017/09/03/231847/



Samson:  BRICS Summit Agrees to Establish a Climate Investment Guarantee Fund

 4th September, 2017

The member states of the "Brix", bloc :

comprising Russia and China and India and Brazil and South Africa, to establish a joint fund for bonds denominated in currencies of these countries, it aims to ensure the investment climate.

"We have agreed to promote the development of domestic bond markets, as well as to establish a common currency bond fund in the BRIC countries," said a statement issued by the BRICS summit in China.

The fund's objective is to ensure investment stability in BRIC countries and to stimulate debt markets in these countries.

The Fund will help to develop and strengthen the liquidity of bond markets and reduce the cost of financing, including through increased participation of foreign capital.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a boost in national currency lending within the bloc and for the new development bank to receive an international credit rating, which would give it the right to issue bonds in the markets of these countries. 

The BRIX countries occupy 39.7 million square kilometers of land in the world, with a GDP of $ 16.8 trillion and a population of 3 billion.    LINK
 Currency 365: Abadi ordered the start of the liberation of Hawija

Yosef - "Irma" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 9/4/17

Well, here we go again.

Hurricane Irma is picking up steam and is projecting out las a Category 5 storm expected to reach the US mainland by Friday of this week.


Remember it was said here in an older SITREP that the Elders would not allow another weather event to delay the RV.

Know Hurricane Harvey was created suddenly in the gulf to steal the Republic's new gold vaults by surprise attacking Republic, Chinese and Russian forces all stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas (north of Austin).

The storm got pushed backed however and flooded the Golden Triangle versus the restored Republic's collateral base backing the new USN currency.


In a similar but different fashion, Irma is also meant to stop the RV by flooding the entire eastern seaboard from Florida up to New York City--as well as going after secondary gold reserves in multiple American cities.

This will not happen.

Look for the benevolents to gently guide Irma out to sea just as they did with Hurricane Matthew back in October 2016.

There is a window folks between these storms that is highly significant, from Monday through Thursday whereby most to all private redemptions could be completed before public announcement mid September.

Will the Elders take the shot? We shall see. But China announcing the Yuan being gold backed for all PROc crude oil sales this past Saturday was a sign yes they will.

The Elders not so subtly placed that earth shaking news in a popular Japanese financial newspaper in order to announce their intentions of switching out the global financial system by dethroning and dismantling the USD during the Labor Day weekend, and timing it up perfectly when the first Asian Market opened Monday morning (Sunday @ 8pm EDT in US).


Also occurring, sovereign German gold reserves were threatened via a WW2 bomb scare on Sunday also as a result of the Yuan going gold backed.


Unless remaining cabal minions get their hands on some sizable physical gold, they simply cannot participate in the new financial system and thus overnight will be deemed irrelevant financially.

Impotent if you will.

Politicians that obstruct will be removed from office permanently now too. Media personalities that obstruct will be arrested. Even celebrities that obstruct will be terminated professionally for speaking out in favor of cabal interests.

And the remaining illegal sovereign government mechanisms of Trump (USA) / Netanyahu (Israel) / Maduro (Venezuela) / Poroshenko (Ukraine) / Kim Jong-un (North Korea) are all on the chopping block like tonight, tonight--with the Elders offering a hari-kari sword to to either end their own fake empires honorably by resigning or having their heads cut off in a public square by the rule of law and/or military execution.

In process right now are last second surrender negotiations happening in Beijing and Washington as a result of the Elders accepting responsibility for gate keeping the world's assets and implementing the "break the glass" execution plan (literally and figuratively) to force the entire world into a higher ascended vibration through finance.

How's that holiday hot dog tasting tonight cabal demons? Good? Good. I'm sure you're washing it down with your own sweat that's falling from your horrified brows.

You have nowhere to hide. Cornered like the caged animals you are. Bleeding out like savage bulls wounded into submission from a 1,000 slashes of a benevolent bullfighter's knife.

Die by your own hand. It's the honorable way out. Don't give the meek the satisfaction of knowing we killed the great and almighty Osiris loyal beast with our simplistic field of unified love.

Rebellion against God is a futile sport that you played admirably for millennia but just can no longer sustain. There's no shame in defeat. Death is very honorable. So go for it. Plunge away.

Honestly you lacked our sacred soul connection to persevere and achieve victory. Ill equipped you were to endure throughout eternity by your own choosing mind as accepting inferior being status.

You were but out helpful assistants in mankind's ascension by creating a temporary world of anti-Christ matter.

But your hybrid extra terrestrial family is what no longer matters. Au revoir Draconian Devils. May we never meet again in this life or your next.

Understand no being in any super universe can hear your last screams tonight. You are hereby released from your burdensome cosmic duty of obstructing Yahweh's grace and may now peacefully return to the Central Sun for reprocessing.

Humanity thanks you for your service. We love you for teaching us of our infinite divinity and divine purpose. .

Know that all super universes have learned from your little self-imposed planetary domination exercise and general display of irrational arrogance in the face of total annihilation. You did your job in service of the Creator Source.

May Yeshua bless and keep your entire genetically bred alien hybrid family of hellions of Urantia as you collectively vanishes from earthly existence. Sobeit.

Mahalo nui loa and aloha ke Akua.

God is with us