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Iraqi TV reports approval of international audits.....what next?

HJS:  Wasnt aware Iraq had to pass an intl audit before they could RV I wonder what else we don't know??

OkRocks:  I think its a great sign.. AUDIT 1. an official examination and verification of accounts and records, especially of financial accounts. 2. a report or statement reflecting an audit; a final statement of account

Bodyman:  It's my thought that the "what's next" is not a "oh no"! but instead is a "get ready" !!!!!!!

Bodyman:  I could be wrong but it sounds to me like the audits have already been approved and complete ....not that it was approved to have the audits...... that tells me they now know what they have available and what they need to do rate wise…… In other words I am very encouraged

Yada:  Agreed with your statement on the approval issue bodyman,,,there is significance because things they did in the quiet are being revealed and released and the rate is next,,,

D2X:  What does "approval of international audits" mean? Are they submitting their financials for audit or did the audit results come back favorable? Any ideas?

Bodyman:  I could be wrong but it sounds to me like the audits have already been completed and approved ....not that it was approved to have the audits...... that tells me they now know what they have available and what they need to do

Diva817:  Let's just see what 3 ort3:30 mean to us today

Jose:  why is 3-3:30 important today

ShortBiologist:  Jose: the Forex market closes at 3pm in one U.S. time zone. That's my guess on why 3 or 3:30 are important. After the Forex closes is a good time for updating or RV'ing


Tishwash:  Jan Kubic stresses that there is no sustainable peace in Iraq without a national settlement

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq in Iraq, Jan Kubic , said that sustainable peace in Iraq can not be guaranteed without national reconciliation and community reconciliation. "The liberation of Mosul should not hide the fact that the road is still difficult for Iraqis, especially since the country has been subjected to terrorist bombings so far," he said in a statement released on Friday.

"Only through comprehensive solutions that address the grievances of the Iraqi people and meet their needs and aspirations can a lasting peace be ensured," he said. "National reconciliation and social reconciliation are the two indispensable avenues for a broader, broader effort towards long-term unity, stability and prosperity."

He urged Iraqis to take all possible steps to benefit from military victories against terrorists and to ensure a conflict-free future for their families. "On Eid al-Adha, celebrated by Muslims all over the world, the people of Iraq who have sacrificed so much deserve to live in peace, dignity and prosperity," he said.  link
Currency 365: Leaflets Dropped in Hawija/Translation of CBI International Audit


Ralph 9/1/2017


1. Thursday August 31,2017......conclusion of all platform trading as all international currencies have gained their desired value.

 2. Friday September 1,2017 thru Friday September 15, 2017 ........the period for worldwide currency holders to exchange various international currencies.

3. Friday September 15,2017........the IMF releases all new international currency rates.

NOTE: All worldwide currency holders could exchange various international currencies from this date until Friday September 29,2017.

4. Friday September 29,2017.........final day for the U.S. Congress to address the budget deficit.
5. Sunday October 1,2017......start of the new U.S. fiscal year and day global platform trading will resume trading activity.

The above currency timeline is being shared from my own thoughts and from information gathered from certain data bases, which equates to a logical sequence of events.

I am not, I repeat, I am not saying this will prove to be correct, but it could, so use your own discernment, but DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:14 AM EDT on September 1, 2017

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:14 AM EDT on September 1, 2017

RV - Not this week neither the next or the next

I'm waiting for the RV to happen as anyone else, and no I'm not a troll, my assumption lays on the past years observed behavior of those at the top involved in the release of the RV.

For unknown reason this top caracters, allow leaks of a mix information real and false, this time an example of this is.

First from Yosef, who wrote:

We were told last night that the Elders will NOT let another hurricane (Irma) reach the shores of the US without an RV, which would need to begin this weekend (Irma is expected next week in same area of Texas' Gulf of Mexico shores).

Second From, RV Intel/OpEd Bullet Points:

1. Nobody has direct contact with the RV decision makers.

2. With that said, I was told “there is a 70% chance conditions will be met” for the RV release between Sept 1st and Sept 10th.

This pattern have being followed many times in the past, first some one make it look imminent for this week, while other prepare the readers for the following week, and it all ends up, in this week disappointment, and the same for the next week, which leads to another cycle of reconditioning lifting our hopes again only to let us all fell again.

I'm not shooting the messengers what I try to do is reach those with the means to make the RV happen, and ask them to make the RV happen NOW!

If they are not able to do it now for whatever reason, then I will know that I was right to tink that the RV will not happen this week neither the next or the next but probably may happen when the cabal decide to make it so.



9-1-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   Iraq is ready to rock and roll because they are doing it.  The ATMs are all up and functioning and kicking out lower denominations which never been seen before like 10s and 20s that we get out of our ATMs. That is a great indicator. Also what has been happening last Tuesday night, they celebrated again with fireworks, music, dancing, actors, and this has been going on.  Why would they be celebrating like that?    Basically Iraq is back.  Even the new rates basically are out and being used.  They don’t have to be in the Gazette for it to occur meaning the rates being used internationally.  How do you have air travel under the released travel ban and you are flying in and able to purchase tickets in newly revalued dinar?  You can t have air travel costs and hotels costs at old rates. I don’t think it will be much longer that we can’t see everything going on.   [post 3 of 3]

  Intel Guru Bruce   We have heard some information to tell us the new CBI website should be available to see the new rate shortly.  We heard about a rate that is showing up on the Qi cards for dual citizens since about last Friday.  It has been solid until just about midnight last night [Wednesday]...that rate is no longer visible on the cards, but the amount of value in dollars.  ...So they could see the amount in their account but no longer a rate showing. What is interesting about that was the spending limit went up last night just after midnight at one hundred fold, one hundred times the daily spending on that card went up a hundred fold.  That is quite an increase. That goes along side with the spending increase and with the rate increase has gone up.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

9-1-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   The most interesting piece of information that came today [Thursday] is Iraq has had a travel ban in place for 13 ½ years. Last Friday, August 25, 2017...the travel ban was released. It came off.  What was interesting today there was a delegation of business people along with the Finance Minister of Russia that arrived this morning at 9:22am Baghdad time. Since then two other countries arrived for the first time since the travel ban was lifted.  What that points to Iraq is pretty international again. They are getting business delegations from different countries to negotiate trade deals, oil deals from 85 different countries so far in 6 days, in less than a week.  That is a good indicator.  Has Iraq yet released a visible international Dinar that we can see? No, not yet.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

9-1-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni  Article:  "Keywords for {morning}: the country is not threatened by bankruptcy, according to international standards"  Quote:  "...the Iraqi Central Bank takes into mind that any reduction of the value of the dinar to the importing country and is not a source will pay the price exorbitant citizen..."   ...Many have called to reduce the value even further to reduce the budget expenses, but the CBI is stating that will not happen.  The IMF also stated that will not happen as it hurts the citizens.   The reality is the CBI is trying to meet Article VIII compliance now, not take shortcuts.  The end result will be much greater for Iraq rather than temporary fixes.  We just need to wait this out until the IMF agrees that Iraq has met the criteria to move to Article VIII.  Then we will see Iraq take off economically and financially.

9-1-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   They’re not trying to come up with a rate, family. They’re trying their best to allow the Iraqi Dinar to go into a reinstatement… uh…internationally for their currency; because, the Iraqi Dinar is about to be very powerful…In My Opinion, let alone pegged to the American dollar which is already very powerful and stable.   ...out of about 70 private banks, there’s about 15 or 20 private banks that are left that are going through the final certifications to go international…uh…qualified, certified...to meet the international standards…the certifications to go international. They’re doing that to quickly...qualify them also to go international.  ...wouldn’t it be common sense that we should see another article that says all the banks in Iraq have now qualified...that’s what you’re looking for.   [post 2 of 2]

9-1-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   The private banks in Iraq are going through... classes of certification...To become internationally qualified. Oh, my goodness! Well, that’s an RI. Yes, it is. Internally? But of course, so they can come out externally. Yeah. The whole world’s waiting for it.  My friend laid the groundwork. We call it the Yellow Brick Road.  The Yellow Brick Road that they laid out in June, July and August was extremely successful in order for the Iraqi Dinar to leave its borders. Everything is primed: from the ATM machines, to the banks…private banks that are now qualifying by going to these classes. So, my friend and a select few banks already qualified...  The rest of the banks are also now qualifying. 

Central Banks: "Extraordinary Power", 1 SEPT

Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
August 28, 2017   San Juan, Puerto Rico

The average American had a bigger savings account… in 1997!

This is one of the biggest stories of our time: the middle class… especially the lower middle class… is being decimated.

Quite literally as a I write these words to you, the heads of the world’s largest central banks are packing their bags and heading home after a three-day symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Central bankers aren’t exactly mega-celebrities, so their conferences don’t make international news outside of financial circles.
But if people understood what was at stake, they’d probably pay more attention.

Central bankers wield totalitarian authority over their nations’ interest rates.

Setting interest rates means they have direct influence over the price of money. In other words, they influence the price of EVERYTHING--

How much you pay for your mortgage. The price of your home. How cheap (or expensive) it is for a business to borrow money for expansion… which directly affects how many people they hire.

Their influence over rates helps determine how much interest the government pays each year on its debts, which ultimately impacts tax rates and other spending programs.

It’s extraordinary power.

And whereas nearly every branch of government has some system of checks and balances to ensure no single body has too much authority, central banks aren’t technically part of the government...

… so their power is nearly entirely unchecked.

To be fair, I’m sure they’re all very nice people with good intentions.

Central bankers are not moustache-twirling villains plotting a takeover of the world.

But the decisions they make have serious implications over the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Just like politics, every action they take has winners and losers.

And it’s easy to see who’s been winning over the last several years as a result of their policies.

Stock markets around the world are at all-time highs. Bond markets are at all-time highs. Real estate is at all-time highs.

If you own assets you’ve done extremely well.

But if you’re in the rapidly deteriorating middle class, especially the lower middle class, you haven’t.

Looking at the United States, for example, it seems quite strange that the stock market is near its ALL-TIME HIGH while the overall economy has been sluggish for years.

Annual GDP growth for the United States in 2016 was a measly 1.6%, a rate that barely keeps up with population.

And global GDP growth has been low for years.

This has had a significant impact on employment and wages.

Central bankers and politicians tout that the unemployment rate in the US is at a 10-year low.

And that sounds great.

But it’s easy to see a different picture when you look deeper at the numbers.

According to data from the US Labor Department, for example, the percentage of Americans in their prime work years (between the ages of 25 and 54) who actually have jobs is still WAY below the level prior to the 2008 Great Recession.

Wage growth has also been stagnant.

On top of that, debt levels are hitting record highs. Student debt. Consumer debt. Auto loans.

And people are once again unable to pay their debts.

Over the last 12 months, for example, Capital One’s net charge-offs increased 40%.

Cash levels are also incredibly low.

We’ve all seen the stories about how little savings the average American has.

Well, I pulled the data myself, using Bank of America as a proxy.

Bank of America’s annual report from 2016 shows that the bank has $592 billion in consumer deposits from 46 million households.

That works out to be an average of $12,870. Per HOUSEHOLD. Not per person.

And that amount includes EVERYTHING: savings, investments, retirement, etc.
 What’s amazing is that, 20 years ago, Bank of America’s  annual report showed the bank had $392 billion in deposits from 30 million households.

That worked out to be $13,067 per household… in 1997!

So 20 years later, Bank of America’s average customer has LESS MONEY. And that’s before adjusting for inflation.

This is one of the biggest stories of our time: the middle class… especially the lower middle class… is being decimated.

A strong middle class has long been the hallmark of modern western civilization.

In fact, history shows that throughout many dominant empires, from ancient Rome to the British Empire, a robust middle class is essential to maintain a durable society.

Where the middle class is strong and growing, civilization flourishes.

And where the middle class fails, civilization turns over.

To your freedom,  Simon Black  Founder,  SovereignMan.com

Kaperoni "We Just Need to Wait This Out" 9/1/17

Article:  "Keywords for {morning}: the country is not threatened by bankruptcy, according to international standards"  Quote:  "...the Iraqi Central Bank takes into mind that any reduction of the value of the dinar to the importing country and is not a source will pay the price exorbitant citizen..."   ...Many have called to reduce the value even further to reduce the budget expenses, but the CBI is stating that will not happen.  The IMF also stated that will not happen as it hurts the citizens.   The reality is the CBI is trying to meet Article VIII compliance now, not take shortcuts.  The end result will be much greater for Iraq rather than temporary fixes.  We just need to wait this out until the IMF agrees that Iraq has met the criteria to move to Article VIII.  Then we will see Iraq take off economically and financially.

The Big call w/Bruce Intel only


All in all a pretty eventless day from the Intel providers. Oh sure they talked a lot and tried their best to avoid their future messages calling for the RV to happen this month. Well folks today is the last day of August as you well know and other than the saying that we are really close, we really have nothing to show for the day. That I suppose is as it should be. Now there is always September….

Oh yes at least one of them has moved the possibility up into October and yet another has expressed an opinion that it may not happen this year. How’s that for a real morel booster? Not so say you? Well, I agree it is just more of what we have come to believe as pure unadulterated speculation. Fortunately, we have a better source to place our faith in and that is our faith.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father I come to you during these early morning hours to first of all offer all that I am for to be used by You in any way You see fit. My friends, family, and fellow Chat Board Members, look to me each morning to give them a spiritual lift of their faith to believe that the power that is bringing all of this about is coming from a higher source than we mere mortals.

Dear Lord God Almighty, please continue to walk with us in dealing with our finances and other matters of equal importance. Many of us have been forced into a position of humbling ourselves to our lenders. Many have been forced to deal with and decide what our “Real Need” is after taking on debts that did not have to be made. Forgive us Lord and guide us from this point forward. Amen and Amen.

In closing tonight I am requesting that each of you who take the time to read these words, say a special prayer for the families and the ones lost in the Hurricane/Tropical Storm that has divested so much our gulf coast region from Corpus Christie on into Louisiana and beyond. Remember also the volunteers that have come forth from across or nation to help survivors. Our Destiny Awaits

Thanks Ted. I look forward more to ypur prayers these days than the wannabe truths put out by the so called gurus Bruce and Ray



Does the chat room close today at 12:00 pm central time? I don't know the mountain time..

11.59 Mt which is 1:59 am est


So central time is the same as MT.. that would be 11:59 pm

No that would be 12:59 central .. that right???


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I will miss signing in every day, hope the site does not completely go away as others have.

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Are the above listed time 8am - noon, 8am - midnight, 8pm - midnight?


Starts I guess tomorrow since people are still here today?




Yeah I sent an email to Bob of boomer boost, telling his Barley is okay not excited about his mango fit...doesn't work for me...but I was very upset with his delivery charge!!!!  they charged me $15 for one barley I took the box to the POst Office and they said it would have costed $5 to $6....  I asked why do you have to rip us off!!!!! I will be looking for another solution....... Don't like be taken advantage of.......

we are getting closer 

mangelo PM sent


The one drawback Mangelo. Bought on sale - cost me more than regular price - little deceptive


I was very direct with Bob, that he shouldn't be over charging us on te delivery and that I wanted an answer from him! My other friends are upset with the over charge. I told him I will look for another product.

he has a good product


mangelo - I am on Boomers as well , i submitted a testimonial as too how i feel ( GREAT). They called me at home to thank me and that they were sending a Barley as a Thank You. That was 2 weeks ago hanen't seen it !

Imagist I like the Barley because my mom is also using it, the mango fit doesn't work for me! the boost I haven't noticed anything yet on my second container. I have had many people purchase the product from my website... but just not happy being ripped off on the delivery and I told him so. I will find a way to hav it picked up and sent to me another way if I have too

Never tried mango. Noticed change first week with Boost - seems to have a declining value. TMI, but was constipated with probiotic, never got better til I quit taking it.

Crusty since the beginning of the year I made a plan to get healthy, yes the Barley helped me not crave sweets and I didn't care for coffee. It did what it said it would do. I am on the second level now. I now have some sweets but not like before...that's do me working out!

Because I am working out I am bit hungry, but I am eating better now. Maybe if we all send Bob and email and tell him o use the fix rate $5 we might be happier! just a thought

Nite Guys, can't keep my eyes open. Bruce and Intel is like peanut butter and mayo.


Breaking News! , 1 SEPT

ABC, CNN, BBC and other news organizations are reporting PM Abadi has declared victory over and liberation of Tal Afar and the Nineveh province.  This is a HUGE victory for Iraq and follows the liberation of Mosul earlier this summer.  Also, article, "Jordan, Iraq reopen border crossing, vital to trade."  This is their sole crossing and has been closed since 2015.  Stay tuned as the gurus chime in to report on the significance of both of these major events and their possible impact on the Iraqi dinar.  The latest guru updates will continue



Bruce:  Welcome to the Big Call.  Let’s talk about Iraq. The most interesting piece of information that came today is Iraq has had a travel ban in place for 13 ½ years. Last Friday, August 25, 2017 at 11:59 PM GMT, London, time, the travel ban was released. It came off. Since then and as of today, there are 85 different countries that have flown into Iraq under the released travel ban. The non existing travel ban.

Bruce:  What was interesting today there was a delegation of business people along with the Finance Minister of Russia that arrived this morning at 9:22am Baghdad time. Since then two other countries arrived for the first time since the travel ban was lifted.  What that points to Iraq is pretty international again. They are getting business delegations from different countries to negotiate trade deals, oil deals from 85 different countries so far in 6 days, in less than a week. Tomorrow will be a week at one minute to midnight. That is a good indicator.  Has Iraq yet released a visible international Dinar that we can see? No, not yet.
Bruce:  We have heard some information to tell us the new CBI website should be available to see the new rate shortly. I don’t know if it is up yet or not. We heard about a rate that is showing up on the Qi cards for dual citizens since about last Friday. I think that is pretty close when I got it. It has been solid until just about midnightlast night. A little bit after midnight last night, that rate is no longer visible on the cards, but the amount of value in dollars. Talking about dual citizens in the United States. So they could see the amount in their account but no longer a rate showing. What is interesting about that was the spending limit went up last night just after midnightat one hundred fold, one hundred times the daily spending on that card went up a hundred fold.  That is quite an increase. That goes along side with the spending increase and with the rate increase has gone up.

Bruce:   Iraq is ready to rock and roll because they are doing it.  The ATMs are all up and functioning and kicking out lower denominations which never been seen before like 10s and 20s that we get out of our ATMs. That is a great indicator. Also what has been happening last Tuesday night, they celebrated again with fireworks, music, dancing, actors, and this has been going on.  Why would they be celebrating like that? Also borders were open to neighboring countries that wanted to come in and wanted to be part of the celebrations with Iraq and they were. They had to provide the necessary paperwork to come in like passports. I think that is excellent.  That is happening and going on.

Bruce:  Basically Iraq is back. Do they still need to be built in many areas? Yes, but they are proud of what they have accomplished. They are so digital with everything they have put in as fiber optics underground.  Technology is modernized. Iraq is really going to be a showplace and becoming that every day. Even the new rates basically are out and being used.  They don’t have to be in the Gazette for it to occur meaning the rates being used internationally.  How do you have air travel under the released travel ban and you are flying in and able to purchase tickets in newly revalued dinar?  You can t have air travel costs and hotels costs at old rates. I don’t think it will be much longer that we can’t see everything going on.

Bruce:  Here, we find that SKRs are continuing to be paid out. A large number yesterday started to be paid out west and continue to be paid out today, and tonight.  Core groups started to be paid out finally. The agenda is for everything to release. Here we are on the last day of the month, the last day of the 3rd quarter.  We had heard they were anticipating this going on or by this last day of this month.  We heard that. We thought okay see what happens as we get closer and closer to the end of the month. We had some things talking about a certain time or two times this afternoon.  Don’t give up today yet. We just never know.

Bruce:  The other thing we are hearing good things about is Iraq starts their Eid-Al-Adha  tomorrow, Friday and goes through our Labor Day or Tuesday. That holiday is one where they do give gifts as they do for Eid-al-Fitr.  I think that is the case on this one as well. It wouldn’t surprise me and helps if you have the money to do that to purchase gifts to do that. That starts tomorrow which is a matter of hours. That is interesting.
Bruce:  Our own holiday is coming up, Labor Day on Monday.  We always heard thee maybe something would happen over a 3 day holiday, 3 day weekend.  No bank holiday except for Monday.  It is a bank holiday.  What could occur when the banks shut down after 1:00 to 2:00pm and some do at 4pm on Saturday?  What could happen at that time thru Sunday and Monday, you could have, just my thought, I have not been told this, again only a thought. Wouldn’t it be a time to introduce the new USN currencies by the banks? Be in the bank drawers and ATMs?  They could.  If they do that, which I kind of hope they do, it gives us our new currency to be used by the banks next week.  We are hearing good news about Tuesday, hearing certain groups suppose to start by then and under way by then. Maybe the internet group will be one of those groups to start by then.  If so, we could have liquidity to our funds on Tuesday if we go before then. We will see. It is something that has been put out there that might be the case.

Bruce:  They talked about the reason why it looks good and why we should be going. We will see whether or not we do have something we can utilize next week. I told you guys they plan on getting John Q Public in around September 15th.  We will have the opportunity to negotiate private rates. I know private negotiated exchanges the last few days have been higher than the screen rates on the ZIM. I don’t want to put out rates on the call. It is well over a dollar on the screens. You can negotiate a rate, a really nice rate with the size of these denominations.  The mother lode you will have to draw from can be substantial. None of us need to be greedy about rates for the ZIM or any other currencies because the screen rates are going to be really good. Keep that in mind.

Bruce:  With the rates of interest that the banks are willing to pay, I don’t think you are going to be able to negotiate double digit interest rates or anything close to it. First of all the base amount the quarterly interest would be paid on is so large it doesn’t take a huge percentage, just one or two percent to make a huge quarterly amount of interest from these structure payouts. Anybody that exchanges ZIM don’t care what the rate is, you are going to get a structure payout. You will have access with some liquidity.

Bruce:   For the first 90 days you will let them know what you need for your projects to get started. You will be paid interest on the amount that will be in the mother lode account. All of mine will go for ministry and humanitarian projects, I calling it my God Account. I have some other currencies that I can have on the side separately. I hope to keep a mental amount on my mind separate so I can have them in separate accounts and even a separate bank. Once you start looking at these numbers and see how much quarterly you can earn someone doing these projects as Rebuild America, Rebuild Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, as we start with that, you will want to designate a certain amount of money availability for your projects.

Bruce:  I hope many of you will consider Rebuild America and the Veteran Retreat Network. We will a have a lot of stuff for our veterans, and we will rebuild other countries as well.  There have been a certain amount of exchanges taking place. I know the amounts and what they earn from these exchanges.  I know how much is being channeled for humanitarian projects in countries we are looking at. It is just great and cool. There will be opportunities to work with Haiti, Dominic Republic, hopefully with Honduras and number of other countries. I am excited about it.

Bruce:  I am interested in doing is a new landing page with a new URL that would give people opportunity to stay in touch with us by dropping their email address to us so that we can stay in touch with them. We have a number of emails from the Big Call website: thebigcall.net about 4000 of them. What I like to do is see if we can put that together to have a landing page that you guys know we are going to use and drop an email and register on. We never had you register for the Big Call. I think we still have them.  What I like to do is put this together so we can have a landing page with a beautiful picture and it just literally that is a static site we will use and you can drop an email and register on.  We never had you register for the Big Call. There has been no joining. You have joined by being faithful listening for years. I never wanted a membership or charge. All I am saying we would like a email so we can send you out call information or something about when we get ready to start our pod cast, or information about rebuild America, and all we plan on doing. We will talk about it and try to put that together on the landing page of thebigcall.net.

Bruce:  We are planning on to do that so you have place that will give you this information of our future plans. Be looking for that after you look for the toll free number when we get that so you can set your appointment and exchange. I hope this will be an awesome Labor Day weekend for us. That is the only Intel I feel I can share right now. You guys know how passionate we are in the work we want to do.  I want this work to be fun. The goal is to enjoy your life but give back. Get your health back. You will have your finances, and time.  Let’s get your health back, and be all you can be in health and wellness. You can help people through your giving, your projects, Rebuild America. I am not going to buy myself a job. I am a visionary. I will create teams that will help me execute these things. I think Bob, Sue and Pastor Steven will have teams.
Bruce:  We want to stay in touch. We are not going to drop off the face of the earth. I think you guys have paid your dues. You have been faithful, and I want very positive things to happen for all of you. I am looking forward to that and looking forward working with you on some of these projects and moving forward starting with Rebuild Texas. Let’s get this thing so we can begin to help.  We will try to get the most reputable places to help initially. I know you are thinking as I am how can I give. Personally I can’t go down there like I did with Katrina. I did work down there in Katrina, and it was so meaningful to me. I want to do it so what we will do with our giving while we are waiting for Rebuild America to come up.  That Rebuild Texas and Louisiana is going to take years to do it. I estimated it will take about 15 years to get New Orleans up to speed. I don’t know if it is there yet. When we rebuild we will rebuild right. If we get involved in it, it will be done right. Keep that in mind. I really want you to get the feel for this. We will be in touch on that.

Bruce:  I will do a call on this. Give us a month to get ready for the new pod cast schedule with everything we plan to do and bring this information to you. We probably get a new URL to sign up and get registered with your email for the new Big Call site.

Bruce:  Thank you, everybody, for all the listeners for being faithful and being with us for the last 6 years. Thank you listeners all over Big Call Universe. Big Call University goes on and we will continue going on to bring you value. As you guys get use to having money and wondering what am I going to do with all of this, we hope to help you with this.  It will be fun, and we will do it together. We will share in some of this stuff we will do.  We will make it a very secure situation, a very secure website.

Bruce:  Have a great night. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent and everybody behind the scenes that help us out. Good night everybody and have a great Labor Day weekend, I pray.


chattels: Iraqi PM Abadi officially declares 'full liberation' of Nineveh from ISIS By Rudaw


chattels: Eid Mubarack all.

MichelleL: @chattels good morning
MichelleL: @chattels another EID? lol

chattels: Eid Mubarak or Blessed Eid (Arabic: عيد مبارك‎‎) is a traditional Muslim greeting reserved for use on the festivals of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. Eid means "celebration" and refers to the occasion itself, and Mubarak means "blessed"; for example, performing the Eid prayer. So Eid, meaning “celebration,” and Mubarak, meaning “Blessed” literally translates to wishing your friends a blessed holiday.
chattels: @MichelleL gm

MichelleL: @chattels this new year for them?

chattels: @MichelleL Eid again ! :)

MichelleL: @chattels ;) yup
chattels: @MichelleL No ma'm.

chattels: @MichelleL Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎, translit. ʿīd al-aḍḥā, lit. 'Feast of the Sacrifice'‎, [ʕiːd ælˈʔɑdˤħæː]), also called the "Sacrifice Feast", is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two.

​It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son Ismaeel, as an act of obedience to God's command.

MichelleL: ok, so its a real holiday for them
MichelleL: how long does it last?

chattels: @MichelleL Eid Al-Adha begins Friday, September 1, 2017 and ends Saturday, September 2, 2017

MichelleL: just a day then, thanks chattels :)
chattels: @MichelleL Certainly. My pleasure.

MichelleL: it will still give them much time this weekend to give us an rv, right? lol

chattels: @MichelleL :)

MichelleL: I have to stop using that "l o l" - its infiltrating my real life

xyz: Economist criticizes the central bank and warns of the imminent collapse of the currency https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.alghadpress.com%2Fnews%2F-%2F116515%2F-&sandbox=1 Economist Hussein al-Henin on Friday criticized the Central Bank of raising the data of Iraq's reserve of the dollar on its website, warning of the collapse of the currency soon.

 Al-Henin told Al-Ghad Press that "the recent Iraqi central bank action to raise the Iraqi reserves data from the dollar on the bank's website is evidence of the lack of transparency among its employees with public opinion."

 He added that "the reserve of hard currency is the cash cover of the Iraqi currency, and must be at a level equivalent to the Iraqi monetary bloc or higher."

"This measure also indicates that the reserve has reached very dangerous levels, which means it could lead to the collapse of the currency and economy in Iraq soon," he said.

MichelleL: @xyz thanks - what does the collapse mean to us? a total mess like Zim I would suppose?
Spectra: @xyz YES they are dwindling the reserves!

Spectra: @xyz we are getting many mixed signals! WHO knows!

xyz: @Spectra am not mixed

chattels: Not finding any info on / about Hussein al-Henin.

chattels: @xyz Any other info ?
Spectra: @xyz so what your opinion?
Spectra: @xyz will they go under?

MichelleL: yes, it is - so are we losing it all, or will the back against the wall mean the rv is "imminent" - how I love that word ROFL

Spectra: @MichelleL either way im prepared ! LOOSE OR WIN! I JUST WANT OVER WITH!

chattels: @Spectra I want a happy ending please :)

Spectra: @MichelleL ill walk away and never look back

Spectra: @chattels i know we all do! :)

Cree: Hi all
Cree: getting ready to go to sleep but see you all are here.
Cree: WOW I see we are talking RV or not. Any new news before I go beddy bye?

Spectra: @MichelleL in a way i would -lol

MichelleL: let me find xyz's post for you cree

Cree: I know if this was over, one way or the other, I would be glad, but YES I would miss you all
MichelleL: xyz: Economist criticizes the central bank and warns of the imminent collapse of the currency


Economist Hussein al-Henin on Friday criticized the Central Bank of raising the data of Iraq's reserve of the dollar on its website, warning of the collapse of the currency soon.

Al-Henin told Al-Ghad Press that "the recent Iraqi central bank action to raise the Iraqi reserves data from the dollar on the bank's website is evidence of the lack of transparency among its employees with public opinion."

 He added that "the reserve of hard currency is the cash cover of the Iraqi currency, and must be at a level equivalent to the Iraqi monetary bloc or higher."

 "This measure also indicates that the reserve has reached very dangerous levels, which means it could lead to the collapse of the currency and economy in Iraq soon," he said.

MichelleL: @Cree :Tup

Spectra: They have been warning us of those reserves for over a year now!

Spectra: @MichelleL its not a thumbs up article silly!

Cree: @MichelleL Thanks - interesting reading. Someone was talking about the Dinar being a bankrupt currency a few weeks ago.

MichelleL: That was for Cree Spectra, not for the article

Spectra: @MichelleL i know im teasing you
MichelleL: :Tup

Cree: @MichelleL I also think that if the Kurds backed out of IRaq, that would be then end of the Dinar also.....

Cree: @MichelleL On the other hand if IRaq and the Kurds upped the oil production then things would get better. Also Abadi and Bagdada need to realize that one of their keys to success is the Kurds and they need to stop treating them as second class citizens..... - just my opinion.

MichelleL: I wouldn't be surprised Cree - would probably never tell my sister if this went belly up, wouldn't want to depress her ;)

MichelleL: The Kurds should have been given what they were promised a decade ago

Cree: @MichelleL I know what you mean.....

MichelleL: or close to a decade? you lose your time/space on this thing

Cree: @MichelleL I was reading something recently that said if the kurds left Iraq and started their own country that they would soon be like Kuwait. So if the Kurds could do it then why hasn't Iraq done it after all these years?

Cree: @MichelleL Maybe the vote of the kurds will be a wake up call for Bagdad.....

MichelleL: I hope so

Spectra: From KTFA A POST .TY Iran : CBI Buttressing Banknotes’ Security CBI Buttressing Banknotes’ Security 31st August, 2017 The Central Bank of Iran has outlined measures to enhance banknotes’ security features, CBI’s official website announced.

 “In the wake of the nuclear deal with world powers, CBI has managed to equip the Organization for Printing Banknotes and Coins with the latest technologies,” the report said.

 According to the report, Iran was denied access to advanced technologies during the sanctions era, especially in printing new banknotes, which could have thrust the country into a crisis.

 “However, CBI could handle the situation,” it said. The central bank also noted that in support of national production, CBI signed an agreement with Shahid Bahonar Copper Industries Company in order to meet all of its requirements for minting coins.

This led to a halt in the import of required alloys from overseas. Augmented Reality used in a new application designed by CBI was another hallmark in the report. With the help of the new application, people can verify the authenticity of banknotes.

xyz: International Monetary Fund reveals: Iraq's debts are increasing and will reach $ 132 billion next year!


chattels: @Cree Iraq and the dinar could continue as a confederation of independent states sharing a common currency and army, etc.

MichelleL: no matter how much more secure those banknotes become, ours are still older - mostly 2003 I think, or thereabouts?

Spectra: @xyz :ft: ARE YOU LOOSING FAITH ???
MichelleL: xyz reports, you decide ;)

Spectra: How far can we go with weather modification? In the first half tonight, George speaks with weather expert Scott Stevens. He will discuss the the current weird weather and the realities of artificial weather modification.

Spectra: https://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2017/08/31

chattels: Of Iraq’s 38,146,025 people, 99 percent are Muslim, according to US estimates in 2016.

chattels: http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/01092017

chattels: The government in Baghdad shows almost no signs of making good on promises to share power with Sunnis and Kurds. Although Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi may well be willing, he lacks the power to bring the rest of the Shiite leaders around him on board with such an approach.

​Spectra: @chattels thats sad

chattels: At the same time, Kurdish patience with Baghdad — given that supporting Abadi in August 2014 was pedaled to the Kurds as “One last try to make Iraq work” — seems to have come to an end. The Kurdish referendum on independence scheduled for September 25 should thus come as a surprise to no one.

Spectra: @chattels right

chattels: The Trump administration therefore, faces some difficult choices now. The threat that ISIS posed to America pales in comparison to an expansionist and revisionist Iran in control of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. An anti-Western and increasingly Islamist Turkey should not be counted upon to help in this, as such an antidote may prove worse than the poison.

chattels: Under such conditions, the world will soon see if Mr. Trump is the great strategist and Machiavellian thinker he claims to be. If he is, he will have to take bolder action than his careful predecessor. He might start by thinking more about what American support for Kurdish independence from Iraq would do to Iranian plans in the area.

 Or he could ask himself what American support for autonomy in PYD/SDF-held parts of Syria might do to check both Assad and Iran.

In either case, Washington need not worry that empowered Kurdish forces will breed anti-American Islamism similar to what occurs in Iran, the Arab world or today’s Turkey.


Spectra: @chattels Well he certainly is being tested to the greatest extent of any president!

spanki: Abadi was handed a total mess of a country


Frank26:  BROTHER DELTA ............ Is reflecting for YOU ........ Our last couple of CC's ............Read the CC NOTES.



KTFA Conference Call – August 28, 2017

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta, and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday, August 28, 2017

Frank26:  Now, what we’re going to do is walk into the second part of our conference call tonight which is the study of the Iraqi Dinar.
Alrighty folks, now we are going to… Oh, one more thing, one more thing. I want to apologize because this morning I made a post and I said please come and say goodbye to me and my wife. Well, it’s because we are gonna be gone from the…basically from the first to the tenth; and, gone in the sense that I don’t want to say anything.

Now, we’re gonna talk about it a little deeper tonight so that it can help you out…okay…so you can further understand. But, we had many phone calls of people that were actually concerned. You’re leaving. What’s going on. I mean, we’re not gonna hear from you.

My deepest and sincere apologies. I shouldn’t have put it that way. I should have explained it deeper – that, come and say goodbye to us this week, because we’re gonna be gone next week for ten days…from the first to the tenth of September. So, and when the Lord does bless us, I’m not going anywhere. KTFA will continue. We just will not talk about any currency any more. We will not talk about any investments in that respect any more.

We will start to do God’s will; and, most of you know when. It’ll take me about six months to get myself organized, and to watch the managed float and to make some decisions. And, after that, we will then launch the ministry of KTFA. So, anyways, once again, my sincere apologies but I’m not going anywhere except for ten days in the first week of September.

Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen. Once again, welcome. What we’re going to do is continue our study, and that’s what we have, right, at KTFA? We… It’s polite, it’s proper that I start out by saying that I have no dates for you, and I have no rates for you, because they didn’t give that information, and this is a speculative investment.

Now, what do we have as far as dates go? Well, we call them time frames, and we study certain things during certain time frames when we feel that we should…you know, to look at those time frames deeper. It’s not because we’re saying… Oh, it’s gonna happen during that time. No, of course not. How ridiculous, how unmature of someone to consider something like that.

What it boils down to is that we know that they already expressed that they’re going to come out… What? On par with the American dollar, and we’re gonna talk about that tonight as well, too. Now y’all can talk as much as you want and enjoy yourselves; but, I’m not gonna pay attention to your chat. Unfortunately, my eyeball actually is able to see you when you chat, and I see it move (signal lost).

So, hold on. We’re almost back, but I might as well talk. You know, it’s really nice. We were at about 1,100 and something people, but now we’re at 1,500; and that’s what happens. Whoever it is, you know, other groups that piggyback their whole group, instantly, all at once, is what crashes us; but, we’re just gonna be patient so hang in there.

I think, I actually think we’re back. I really think we’re back. Let’s see – testing 1, 2, 3. Testing 1, 2, 3. Uh, yeah, what do you see over there, Tink? Are you on? (Tink says: we’re back now.) We’re back. Now, you see? All it took was just a little patience and some prayers. What happened was, like I said, we were at about 1,100 and we jumped up to a little over 1,500 at the blink of an eye. It’s either a lot of people trying to get on all at once; or, maybe some other groups are piggybacking their conference calls on ours instantly. But, whatever the case is, we’re back and let us continue now. Okay?

So, what we’re going…and as I was saying…we don’t offer you a date. What we do is we offer you time frames. We don’t offer you a rate, because they already told you that they are going to be on par with the American dollar; and, that definition is what? 1-to-1. Okay, so we’re satisfied with that knowledge.

Now, if you’re watching on Livestream, I’m gonna show you something. This is an hourglass and when I put this hourglass on this… whoops… on this platform, you’re going to see that the sand pours and it piles up at the bottom of the hourglass. This is basically what’s been happening for the last nine years that I’ve been on the internet with you. It’s been a slow process, and as the sand of time poured and passed by, there wasn’t really much of anything that was really being constructed soundly.

I told you that, once you have Mosul, what would happen to the Monetary Reform? (Frank turns the hourglass upside down.) Well, in my opinion, it would travel at the speed of light…at a speed that you’ve never seen before; and, family, that is exactly what’s going on right now, and tonight you’re going to see more of that evidence.

Last week, I brought you as far as we could and I know that it caused some people to want more. It’s a natural instinct; but, in a loving and kind way I say to you, don’t push what we bring to you. I mean, I know that I shouldn’t say don’t question it. But, by our dignity and by our record with you for the last nine years, do you really need to ask a question that we can’t give you the information for because the information has not been released yet - which would put me in harm’s way? Who would shove me in front of a locomotive? Nobody.

So, tonight we are feeling more comfortable to share with you information that is traveling at a speed of light that is unknown in the last nine years – to the point where, now, when we take this sand and we put it on here… whoops… (laughter)

When I take this hourglass and I put it on here, look what happening. Look at the structure that is forming right before our eyes, as time goes by so quickly, they are building. It’s not just lying flat. They are building and building and building. What? Their reforms. Their economic and their monetary reforms.

They talk as if they already have Article VIII removed, as if they’re international. That’s amazing, and they now boast about what they’re doing with their private banks – that most of you are missing the value of; and, tonight I wish to give it to you. It is amazing what they’ve done; and, you know something? We don’t believe that it’s going to fall apart any more.

It is for the people of Iraq – these reforms. It’s not for you; and, interestingly enough, that is the talk within the government, within the Central Bank. They feel that they’ve actually been able to lift their heads above water, and that water was terrorism. Terrorism in the sense of Daesh and ISIS. Terrorism in the sense of Maliki. Terrorism in the sense of Obama pulling out our troops and leaving them abandoned. Terrorism in the sense of Iran that was stealing all the money from the oil sales of Iraq, if not through Qatar, if not through Turkey, but through Maliki.
Family, it’s a new ballgame. It’s a new ballgame, and the speed of it is at a professional level. You ever watch high school football? You watch the players running like…are they in quicksand? Is that quicksand they’re running in or is that a grass field? What’s going on? That’s slow.

Well, they’re high school. Come on. You ever watch a professional football game – live. You go to the stadium. Good God, a play is over within about 2.5 seconds. The speed of professionalism is amazing, and that’s what we’re seeing now…a more professional approach; because, it’s for the people, and the CBI and the GOI have the ability to dosomething for the people now without the fear of someone stealing all of that work.

The mafioso style has been disintegrated. The auctions are being well controlled. The borders are well-protested, if not by soldiers then by laws and taxes. The ports are being filled with things that really shouldn’t be there because they’re not Article VIII compliant, I don’t think. This is the talk within the GOI and the CBI. I’m excited. I’m excited because what is occurring right now, right before your eyes, is what’s called the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar currency.

You see, at one time when we went in there and we kicked out Maliki…uh, I’m sorry…Saddam. When we kicked out Saddam, we implied what’s called The Marshall Plan; and, we took the rate of their currency off the shelves and we put it down in the basement where no one can see it – basically made their currency worthless. And, we in turn gave them our American dollar which is not worthless – and they have survived and done well all these years with that.

And, along the way, they’ve used their currency, but kind of like limping…kind of like limping. It’s like running a marathon with both your legs tied. They’re free, and if it isn’t from Chapter 7...if it isn’t from the tyranny…they’re free.

So, they did everything they could, because then April 28th, I’ve expressed to you in my opinion – this whole conference call is solely In My Opinion, that they gave them a rate. Now, that’s not so dramatic, because what is it that they’d agreed upon back on December of 2016? Oh yes, to be on par with the American dollar, and then free float the currency in the international markets. But, before they did that, they had to do what? Raise the value of their currency.

Now, how do you do that? By lifting the three zeros off the exchange rate that petrifies the potential for their currency to go international…that scares the international community to even touch it except for you and I. We touched it as an investment.

So, after April 28th, In My Opinion, they continued, and they started the process; and, we went with you hand-in-hand, step-by-step, week-by-week, conference call-by-conference call, and we explained to you very, very dearly. (Remove him.) Very, very, very dearly, family, we told you about April the 28th. Now check this out. We started to teach you about May the 7th, June the 7th, and July the 7th, and here we are in August; and, here we are, and you know very well what happened. I’m not gonna rehash all of that; but, what that is called is the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar within the country of Iraq.

Yeah. Yeah, the RI was actually officially kicked off; but, in what we call the second set of books, so that they could be away from the eyes of those that were curious about what they were doing with their reforms. It is called an RI. Actually, the whole thing is called a Monetary Reform that is right now in what’s called an RI. So, the MR, we are at an RI…in country, and they’ve accomplished it.

This currency of Iraq is on the verge, in my opinion, of becoming a convertible currency internationally. Isn’t that the goal that we’ve all been seeking for? Yeah. For those who wish to act professionally with me right now, aren’t you excited? And, you know what? They can choose whatever rate they want. They were advised, and I believe that they’ve done a wonderful job with it as well too.

The point of the RI that we’re in right now, ah, is so crucial; because if we don’t have the RI, you’re never gonna have anything else that you want. And, In My Opinion, the fact that they have already accomplished it within their country, is tremendous for it now to be launched outside their country. And, in these last four months, they have laid the groundwork: from laws, to security, stability, retrieving the banks that were stolen… I mean everything that you can imagine, in order for the RI to leave the borders of Iraq; and, once it does…

You know very well what they planned back in December. You saw the report. What was it? They’re gonna do a managed float of their currency, and they told you at 1-to-1. With what? The Zimbabwe? (laughter) Of course not. With the American dollar that has been in there for over, well actually…uh, it’s going on 13 years now when we went in there in 2003. This is amazing.

Now, why is it they suggested 1-to-1? I mean, why would you give a rate? It was part of the propaganda to start teaching the citizens as of last summer, and you know that. You see, I told you about the ATM machines, and the cool thing about them is that they’re not gonna dispense what? They’re not gonna dispense what? You already know. What was it? The coins. Why? Uh, because it’s also part of the propaganda for the citizens. 1-to-1 is very simple for them; but, if you introduce the coins as well, either through the banks or the ATM machines, then you’re introducing fractional banking, and the citizens have no idea of what that is.
And, if you think they’re being stubborn about bringing their currency into their banks right now, oh my goodness. Yeah. Yeah. So, you have to consider that about 65% of the population that exists right now in Iraq has never even seen their original currency. You know, the one that Saddam had. Isn’t that interesting? So, that’s why we told you those ATM’s are primed and ready to go international with a convertible currency, but they’re not going to be dispensing the coins just yet.

There’s so many parts to this, and if I was to sit down and try to explain things to you, you’ll have a question and then after I explain it you’ll have another question, and then after I explain it you’ll have another question, and… (ha-ha) And, that perpetual motion will not end because you will have a constant hunger to understand the complexity of something that you are just not trained for. What was it I told you the last time that we were together on Wednesday about my friend’s banks? Well, let’s review it.

What I told you was that they were selected; and, by the way, I review because there’s always evidence that people just do not read what we…or listen to what we share. And, if they do, they didn’t take notes, and if they did, they interpret them incorrectly…and not your fault, but due to my failure. It is my job to bring this message across to you, even if you don’tcome to class.

My friend and his firm, as you know, a few of those members of that firm… There’s 16 of them, and four of them own banks – private banks, and they were blessed…we were…they were blessed to be selected by the Government of Iraq and the CBI to start the reinstatement process of their currency. And, as you know, they did it with the payroll, and you know about the electronics, and you know about the 95-5.

My friend and his banks, and others were selected – were successful…were successful to the point where the IMF came out last month and said: we’re so proud of Iraq. Why? Because they’re doing things we told them to do. They’ve done everything we’ve told them to do; and, you can see that article in The Final Articles thread, if you are at all interested. I’m glad you’re listening, family. I’m glad you’re listening. Don’t let demons defeat us. Don’t let them defeat you. Listen.

So, we told you as of last Wednesday that, now, the rest of the banks in Iraq, private banks, also have to go through what? What? What else? Well, they have to pay their employees, Frank? No. No. No. No. No. Uh, they have to get ATM machines? No. No. No. No. No. No. Well what? They have to go through some classes; and, sure enough, the following day – after I told you that on Wednesday, you saw it on Thursday. Holy cow! Is Frank a prophet? No. We have good teams. The Lord blesses us with these good teams.

You saw the article, almost word-for-word of what we told you. The private banks in Iraq are going through these classes of certification. For what? To become internationally qualified. Oh, my goodness! Well, that’s an RI. Yes, it is. Internally? But of course, so they can come out externally. Yeah. The whole world’s waiting for it. Aren’t you? I’m trying not to get emotional; but I’m so tired…I’m so hungry.

My friend laid the groundwork. We call it the Yellow Brick Road. I might as well share it with you. The Yellow Brick Road that they laid out in June, July and August was extremely successful in order for the Iraqi Dinar to leave its borders. Everything is primed: from the ATM machines, to the banks…private banks that are now qualifying by going to these classes. So, my friend and a select few banks already qualified, didn’t they? Yes, they did.

So, what’s going on right now? The rest of the banks are also now qualifying. Interesting. Oh, extremely interesting. By the time we’re done tonight, you will be smiling like a Cheshire cat, and not a word will be coming out of you because you will be in deep thought. The rest of the banks in Iraq are going through certifications. Do you notice how many times I say that? Squirrel…a squirrel the size of King Kong.

They’re not trying to come up with a rate, family. They’re trying their best to allow the Iraqi Dinar to go into a reinstatement…uh…internationally for their currency; because, the Iraqi Dinar is about to be very powerful…In My Opinion, let alone pegged to the American dollar which is already very powerful and stable.

In fact, have you noticed in the past few years that a lot of citizens have left Iraq? Well, Frank, they left because of the war-torn areas; in fact, up in Michigan here, above me here, family, I live in the State of Ohio, there are a lot of them that came from Iraq.

Now, weren’t they stubborn about taking the three zeros, you know, their currency to the banks and opening an account? Weren’t they stubborn? Yeah, in my opinion, because they’re not stupid. So, if they left the country, do you think they left with the three zeros? Hmmm. So, now they’re in the United States of America and they have three zeros just like you.

Do you think they’ll take them to an American bank and have a capital gains? (ha-ha) And, isn’t that exactly what the IMF didn’t want, and the CBI as well, too, and tried their best to convince them – with interest rates…with bonds…with gold? No, we don’t want no stinking gold, no bonds, or none of the… No. And, sure enough, when ISIS and Daesh took over, the next thing you know, they ran. Now, I’m not talking about everybody. I’m talking about the elite. I’m talking about the powerful; the ones that had the connections and the ability to leave their country and to go to other countries with their currency.

It’s just food for thought. I just wanted you to realize that this currency is powerful. There was so much of it that was being smuggled all over the place. What for? It’s toilet paper. It’s used toilet paper for crying out loud. Because there was just too much talk. There was too much leakage; and, speaking of talk and leakage, from the first to the tenth of September, I wish to not talk. Why? Because, in my opinion, the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar is going to become even more and more…uh…louder, bolder, prominent, definable, divisible, and you won’t need me.

You see, we’ve already come to the end of the road. There’s a big wall in front of us. We cannot share more than what we are calculating, family – only what they release. Well, frank, I don’t know about it when you tell us. Well, you do a few days later. We know when it’s released. You just don’t know, and you don’t know where to find it.

We have some good newshounds, don’t we, at KTFA? So, I just prefer not to say anything from the first to the tenth because of this wall that, in my opinion, that we have reached in the Monetary Reform study of the Iraqi Dinar. Beyond that wall, is a reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar. If I stay and talk to you and if I share things with you, I will probably overshoot the RI; because, family, my teams and I, in my opinion, are way past the RI.
One of the interesting things is that my teams and I are calling the RI – the ball. (ha-ha-ha) The ball. Do you know what that means in sports? You know Michael Jordan? He always used to tell Scotty Pippin… Give me de ball. Give me de ball. (huh-huh) Pass me de ball. Why?

Cause he’d stick his tongue out and dunk it in front of anybody. He’s a superstar, and the superstar gets paid the highest, and the superstar is the one that can win the game for us.

GIVE ‘EM THE BALL! The RI is the ball for me and my teams. Give the RI to the international world, Iraq. We are. Let the international world take your 1-on-1 par. Let us score with it. Let us buy with it. Let us trade with it. Let us sell with it. By attrition we’ll add value and security and trust to it, and it’s just gonna go up, and you guys can manage it. Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do. Okay. Give me the damn ball! I demand it, and the IMF comes out in the last three months and says: we’re so proud of them. (ha-ha) We’re so proud of them.

Abadi comes out like, you know, he’s international: hey come on in guys. Yeah, come on…bring your money, bring your business, bring everything here…the whole world, come on in, everybody. I’m gonna go to international conventions and I’m gonna tell all these people in the conferences: get in here, man. Come on…long line? Come on, everybody, you pour your money into our country. Yeah. Why? You know why. (laughter) We’ll tell the rest of the world later, okay? Okay.

Now. I want to now prepare you and give you another report. You see, last week we only gave you about 70% of that report, and tonight I’m gonna give you the rest of it – the other 30%; but, the thing is though, it’s not gonna be 30%. It’s gonna be 29.9%. You’ll be able to understand and figure it out with no problem; because, for many months now…for many months now, we have laid…oh, my stomach is growling.

For many months now, painstakingly, we have taken every bullet. We have taken every knife in…stabbed in our backs. We have taken every stone to our face…every name called to us; but, patiently, we crossed the desert. Didn’t we? And, along the way, we told you things that came together…brick by brick…like the ones in back of me.

Brick by brick, patiently with you, regardless of what you thought of us, to the point where we’re at now…the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar. Because last Wednesday when we told you what we told you on the following day – on Thursday, and you saw that article that came out and told you, well private banks are now qualifying for the certification to go international with their currency. What the… What for? Oh, okay, never mind. I guess Frank was right. All honor and glory to God. There’s too much information right now, and I’m about to take you into a second report – and here we go.

There’s a lot of things occurring with this RI as I speak to you right now. It’s almost like a 7-11…open 24 hours a day. Are they open 24 hours a day? (laughter) Uh, you know, a store that’s open 24 hours a day. That’s what…like the RI is, and I’m serious as a heart attack.

The meetings? They just go on. They’re endless, and that is what’s giving us this speed. There’s so much information that we wanted to tell you some things about the RI, but we’re not going to tonight. Instead, we’re gonna complete what we had…where we left off with you last week. We’re gonna finish the rest of the 29.9%; but what we know and have right now, you know, as our study with our teams… It’s too much, but it’s about the RI. Okay?

It’s about the RI, and we’ve decided, me and my friend…me and my friend, we talked for two hours this past week. That was a…that was wonderful. That was wonderful because we don’t normally get to talk like that. We only talk like five minutes at a time…two hours.

Anyways…and, the things that we talked about, we concluded that: you know what, let’s not even share this with anybody, and here’s why…for the same reason that we…we don’t share things with you until they are what? The old timers know. Until it’s well cooked. Salmonella can kill you (ha-ha-ha) and I know nobody wants to push me in front of a locomotive train. Nobody wants to put me in harm’s way, do you? You’re not gonna demand more than we’ve given you; and, what we’ve given you is not to rip your heart out but it’s to give your heart peace. The things that are occurring right now are just so much…so much.

Now, here’s the problem with this “so much” information about the RI right now. We’re not seeing it come out. (Uh-huh) The information of the RI, up until where we take you tonight, is not coming out as quickly as we anticipated…we calculated. It is happening so fast, our calculations…well, basically…we just have to slam on the brakes. Some information is coming out, but it’s like a week old.

Now, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna start to tell you that my friend and the four banks that they represent, along with other private banks as you know already, were selected to do the testing in the last four months for the RI; and, they did it through the citizens, uh, the employees and their payroll with the electronics. Now, this is where we’re at right now.

Out of about 70 banks, pardon me, out of about 70 private banks, there’s about 15 or 20 private banks that are left that are going through the final certifications to go international…uh…qualified, certified, you know, to meet the international standards…the certifications to go international. Did you get that? Okay, I hope you wrote it down because, boy, those were important numbers for you to consider…to study.
As I say this, and I tell you that the RI information is trickling out slowly, so we’re being very cautious when we say to you tonight, we want to reiterate an article that my friend brought to you…I think it was either yesterday or…no, it was two days ago. Remember the article that came out that said…that was talking about 1% automatic withdrawal through e-payments for the salaries of the citizens of Iraq. You remember that? You need to study that, and I’m not putting any more final articles in our threads. I’ve made it too easy for you. I took you as far as I wanted to with those final articles…up until when they lifted Mosul.

So, please make a note of that article; and, go find it and study the living daylights out of it because that is about the closest oasis for your thirst on the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar that’s occurring right now. We value that article. We’re gonna give you more articles tonight; but, let’s start with that one.

Do you remember I told you that, along with the ATM machines, that my friend was also was assigned…or, was going to be assigned gold machines? Remember that? Aww, y’all stop...I love you for that. I love you for…I mean that sincerely, for those of you that are on Livestream…and, stop your chatting. It means the world to me because I fear that you miss something.

Anyways, well, it turns out that my friend told me that they have gold-dispensing machines now that have been assigned to them…just one, so far. One. These are going to be electronic machines by the way. They’re gonna be electronic machines, and the citizens will actually be able to use Master Cards on these gold machines; and, the machines will also accept currency as well, too. What they’re going to dispense, these gold machines, by the way, is…we think that it’s important to share that with you now.

These gold machines are going to dispense gold coins. Now, I don’t want you to confuse that with the fils that belong to the reinstatement of their currency. Remember, the fils are going to come much later because they don’t want to confuse the citizens with fractional banking. Got it? Okay.

Oh, by the way, for those of you on Livestream, pay attention. Leave poohpoohbear… What’s his name? Leave cacabear alone, okay? Just let Tink continue to poof him and poof him, and poof him, and you smile every time she does it. Just say: Glory Hallelujah! I got a feeling we’re dealing with some teenager or something, you know, cause… (transcriber could not pick of Tink’s response) wherever, we don’t care. Do we, family?

Show no interest to the demons that are trying to take you away from this study. This is an important study. I’m not gonna share with you on Wednesday like I’m doing today. On Wednesday, it’ll be a completely different thing.

So, as I was saying, these gold machines, they’re gonna dispense gold coins; but, I don’t want you to confuse them with the fils. Eventually, they will dispense one-ounce ingots to the citizens.

Now, this next section in my notes, I was told to calculate how I say it to you; so, let me look at this here. In My Opinion, family, these ATM machines, they’re dressed to go to the party. That’s good. And when are we gonna have this party? I don’t know. I don’t know; but, I want to tell you that these ATM’s that are dressed to go to a party very soon, umm, in my opinion, there is scuttlebutt, okay? If you don’t know what they word means… Okay, there is talk. There is talk about a time that they want to…that they want to activate the ATM machines inside of Iraq.

You know, that’s almost a no-brainer. That’s almost common sense. I mean, if you’re all dressed up, you’re going somewhere. If the ATM machines are live…excuse me, excuse me. If the ATM machines are active but not live to the citizens, well…they’re gonna be eventually; and, in my strong opinion, they’re considering when to do that. Man! You talk about a speed of light…unknown to us.

All the other private banks, and I told you how many are left…all these other private banks, right now, are following what I call the Yellow Brick Road that my friend and their banks accomplished in the last four months. They’re doing that to quickly…to qualify them also to go international.
So, family, wouldn’t it make common sense…wouldn’t it make common sense for you, while I’m gone, to look for an article that tells you, the same way you saw the article right after Wednesday’s conference call, what the private banks are doing to qualify to go international. Wouldn’t you…wouldn’t it behoove you…wouldn’t it be common sense that we should see another article that says all the banks in Iraq have now qualified. Yeah. Yeah. So, y’all look for it, okay? Newshounds…that’s what you’re looking for. That’s what you’re looking for. KTFA family, that’s what you’re looking for.

Then I will return to you on the 10th…well, not the 10th…maybe the 11th or the 12th, when I feel like it, and we will study again. What, Frank? Well, I gave you two timeframes, didn’t I? Yes, you did, Frank. Can I remove one of them? What? Can I remove one of them? The timeframe of the 15th to the 16th is no longer with us, family. That is correct, Doodle Bug. That is correct, but I’m getting there, okay? Good student. I hope you heard that I asked you to remove one of our time frames, but I’m not removing the other one, am I.

An RI…a reinstatement of their currency, and we know that they told us 1-to-1 because it is going to be on par with the American dollar. 1-to-1 with no fractional banking. Wow, this is good. Family, In My Opinion, this all could also change, oh no, (ha-ha-ha-ha) while I’m gone. Oh no! (laughter) Because it is the Middle East, for God sakes. It is Iraq, isn’t it? But we as a team, we don’t see it at this close of a distance. No, we don’t.

No, we don’t see a change coming. We think that they are moving forward. We think that they’re advancing. Didn’t I tell you that…the Monetary Reform to me and my teams is almost like in the battlefield. As long as every day we advance forward, I don’t want no retreats, and I don’t care if it’s an inchworm, if we’re moving one inch every time every day, we are moving forward. Give me the lava flow in the direction that is positive.

I want to tell you something from my friend, Walkingstick. I want to tell you something that caught me by surprise. I’m stopping our study for just five minutes because I want to tell you something. In our long conversation, actually we had a two-hour one, and then we had a one-hour conversation today.

He feels the need…he finds the need for us to talk longer; but, in our conversation, he said: I saw what you sent through yesterday in Team Chat. I said, I know sir. He said: I wanted to come in there and help you, and I did. I said, yes sir, I know. I told them that they can talk about rates. I told them they can talk about ceilings…just say “in my opinion.” Be decent about it. I told them that, Frank. Yeah, I appreciate that.

But then, I also saw what happened afterwards, Frank. You know something, I want you to tell your Forum…I want you to tell your members of your Forum… I’m trying to find the notes. Uh, that they should be very, very lucky that me or our teams do not run KTFA. Because, if we did, there’d only be about 25 members left. Frank, our time is precious. Their time is precious. Your time is precious.

We should not have to explain ourselves to ANYONE who has followed us for the last nine years! No one should put us in harm’s way asking and demanding for more clarification. That information is given as it can be. I said: I know sir. I know sir. I’m sorry. Tell them that we’re helping the best that we can. Tell them to listen and to wait. Yes sir.
Frank26:  When we were talking, I told him, I said: you know what sir? You know what, sir? This kind of reminds me a little bit about… You know those football players that refuse to stand up for the national anthem? He said: yeah, what about those punks?

[Transcriber’s note: this conversation may get a little difficult to follow so I will designate Walkingstick’s words with WS, and Frank’s words with an F.]

F: They probably have never fought for the freedom of their country, for the rights of their parents, of their families. They’ve never been in harm’s way before. They don’t know what it’s like. They don’t know what it’s like. WS: Well, they should know what it’s like to cover a six. F: I know, sir. I know, I know. I know, those that don’t stand up to salute the flag are disrespecting the freedom of those that have given it to them.

They are selfish. They are abusing a right that many soldiers have paid the price for. They are spoiled brats, and I understand that you feel negative.
WS: Frank. F: Yes sir? WS: It’s just a few. F: Yes sir. WS: But, I want to tell you something about a few others on your forum, especially in that Team Chat that you have. F: Yes sir? What, sir? WS: You got some people that are thinking outside of the box. F: I thought, oh no, here we go again.

WS: You got some people that are thinking outside of the box. Tell them I said Hoo-Ah. F: You want me to tell them you said hoo-ah? WS: Tell them I said kudos. (transcriber note: surprised look on Frank’s face in the video) F: Yeah? WS: Yeah, they…I saw them yesterday. F: I was in Team Chat all day, sir, from 9 o’clock in the morning until 11 o’clock at night. I saw you.

F: I said: we all saw you. WS: I want you to tell Slappy Squirrel that we appreciate their posting, because we saw that person and others actually calm people in your Team Chat. They controlled the chaos that was planted. F: Really sir? You want me to tell this to Slappy Squirrel? What does…I mean…Slappy Squirrel? I will admit, quite a leader. WS: That’s not all. You got one called MBay. F: MBay? Well, yeah, I’ll agree with you. WS: You got another one called M_M. F: Oh, Militia_man. Yeah, yeah, he’s always been thinking well.

WS: You got one called Firefly. F: Firefly? WS: Yeah, we saw it. F: Oh, okay. Firefly it is. WS: We even noticed one called IOBEY777. F: Get out of here. WS: Frank, these people are doing a good job, so don’t worry about the few that are just not as disciplined as you want them to be. F: Yes sir. WS: Frank, one more kudos shout out.

F: Really? Who? WS: Well, all of us have been watching somebody… do you have somebody by the name of Screaming John Logan or something like that? F: I said, I don’t know. (ha-ha-ha-ha) I’ve never heard of that name. WS: Well, we only go to your forum… F: Yes sir, I know. I know. I know. Screaming John Logan? Okay, uh, alright, and Slappy Squirrel, and MBay, and Firefly, and Militia_man, and IOBEY777. All these, you want me to give them kudos? WS: Hoo-Ah. F: Alright sir. So there, I did it. (laughter) Let’s get back on track where we were talking.

Abadi, family, Abadi is screaming inside of Iraq. I mean, he is screaming inside of Iraq. You know about what? About internationalism. In fact, there’s an article that came out, may I have my phone, Tink. There’s an article that came out that, when we saw it, we thought…there you go, again, Abadi! There you go again, man. (laughter)

Oh, before I tell you about this one. There was another one that really got to me…uh, there’s another one that really got to me. It talked about currency exchange rate stability. Did you see that article, family? Unbelievable. It said something to the effect that despite the significant drop in the dollar revenue from exported oil, which reached around 70% in some months, the Dinar remains stable and there were no significant gaps between the official exchange rate and the parallel market. Hello 2%! Hoo-Ah! Oh yeah! O-kay!

Now what did I tell you last week that I wanted them to tell me about? Just that. Hot diggity dog, man, are you kidding? No, no gaps, huh? No Leon Spinks gaps, right? Nope. This is exactly what we’ve been talking about. (mm-mm-mm-mm-mmm) We’re not even exaggerating. (laughter)

The things that we tell you, family, obviously are for a very good reason. Aren’t they? Because you’re about to see them and study them. Abadi is screaming in another article…here, let me bring it up and try to show it to you. Thank you, Angel 1, for sending this to me.

Now, here it is. It’s from a tweet…let me make sure there’s no numbers here that you can identify. Okay [Frank showed a photo of the new Baghdad Mall, and the tweet from the Government of Iraq, @IraqiGovt: PM @HaiderAlAbadi says Iraq is resuming its leading international role, is opening for business, goo.gl/FfzxiP]

For those of you that are... Wait a minute, let me get it closer, closer…there. Look at that. So, there’s the building, and…hold on…right there. What does that say? What does that say? It’s a tweet. From who? From Abadi, for crying out loud, and you saw this article on our forum, okay. So, what does it say? Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi says that Iraq is resuming… Uh, what? What? What was the word? Resuming, resuming… Why does that sound so familiar? [Frank winks at someone off-camera.]

Resuming. Uh, re-su…, re-su…, resu…, resu…, uh, reinsta… Ah! Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, never mind. Okay, never mind. Never mind. Okay, continue class… Uh, Abadi says that Iraq is resuming its leadership, international role, and they’re open for business. (laughter) Not at a stinkin’ program rate, and not at Article VIII, sir. Stop with the tweets already. Please find this article on our forum; I think it was page 3 or 4 or something in yesterday’s thread and study it. Study it and understand it, please. Okay?

Please, don’t let these golden moments of opportunities, of understanding, to walk right by you, and don’t you walk right by them either. Abadi is screaming this inside of Iraq and the international world is hearing it; and, I’ll tell you another thing. A lot of dignitaries are flying into Iraq right now. They are going in daily; hello…goodbye, bada bing, bada boom, they’re out, another one comes in, another one comes in. I ain’t gonna tell you who they are. I’ll just simply say a lot of dignitaries from many countries…stop it...from many countries are pouring in. I can…I can…I have good peripheral vision, family. I’m being disturbed here. (laughter)

Oh, I’ll tell you another thing, too. You know little trivial things that add up to a lot of good stuff...hey Jan, kill that please… that add up, and here’s what it is. You ready? There are now…my friends are having direct flights from Kuwait into Iraq. Direct flights. Now, if you don’t understand the value of that, let me just say the word internationalism. (huh-huh-huh-huh-huh)

The things that they’re doing are just… I don’t want to say the word comical, but they are…based on the things that we have strong opinions on right now. But, even with all of this happening inside of Iraq right now, like I told you at the beginning, Iraqia television, the media, the news is not reporting this, or they’re just doing it much later. I mean, with all due respect, who owns the media in Iraq? Well, the government does. A brilliant way to control speculation.

So, keep in mind, and keep in your heart, these articles we are telling you about to study; because, yeah, we’re holding back, and I’m leaving because I don’t want to talk any more. That’s fair, isn’t it? I’ve been pushed to the wall. I’ve been pushed to sinful environments that I just don’t want to be around anymore, and when I come back, we’ll just kick some more a**, okay?
Now, with all of this said…with all of this said, here’s another important point, because we are seeing a slowdown in the release of the information of what they’re doing with their MR right now… You remember I told you to look for an article when I’m gone, and you know what that article says and what it’s about. Right? You took notes. It is possible that we’re not gonna see it because they have slowed down the media, and if, and only if… you know, ifthe RI comes out, well they’re not gonna put it up on the Goodyear Blimp. There won’t be any pomp and circumstances. There won’t be any fireworks. The citizens have already celebrated, and you’ve seen that months ago.

It’ll just be business as usual, and the IQD will be 1-and-1 outside of that country, and it will do its thing with the international world, and it is highly possible that we may not see the article that I am…that I am saying “squirrel” to. In fact, it might come out after they RI; but, this is the next step of the Monetary Reform…the RI. This is the step that we as a team study, or studied.

The final step that we have studied is the RI. The final acts of the private banks, and that’s why we…the private banks to go international, that is; and that’s why we took you step-by-step, pain-by-pain, and never abandoned our posts. We never gave up…with anyone. We don’t want you to focus on a date. We don’t want you to focus on a rate, especially the rate. They already told you: 1-to-1.

It is the RI that you need to focus on. They will R…they will reinstate their currency, to take their currency to a global international theater, family. Let me give you an example. If they decided…cause, they can do whatever they want with their currency…their rate; but, if they decided that they wanted to, for example, put the Iraqi Dinar rate at 500-to-1. You know, 500 Dinars to one American dollar. Well, that wouldn’t help me and you, would it? Why? Because all they did was to do an RV in-country. You see, what we need is the RI of the Iraqi currency so they can go international.

Now, a lot of you are probably saying: hey…oh, oh, Frank. Oh, Frank26, does that mean that they can RV in-country and leave it at that, and screw us over based on what you just said? Ah, my teams have two answers for you. One is polite, (laughter) and that is negatory; and, by the way, here it is. [Frank held up a pad of paper with “negatory” written on it…one is polite, negatory, and the other one is… Maybe I should just show it to you. And the other one is Hell No! (laughter) Hell no! (more laughter) Because that’s not the Yellow Brick Road that they’re on right now, family.

Family, the ATM’s are live; and, earlier, I said it backwards…and I humbly apologize, and that’s why I’m bringing this subject back; but, just very shortly. Correct your notes. The ATM’s, right now – with my friends in all these banks – they are live. They’re just not activated for the citizens, but we don’t wish to talk any more about the ATM machines; and, we wish for you also, in your posting on our Forum, just to leave the ATM’s alone.

 Everything is good, family. What you worried about? It’s just a lot of… It’s just a lot that’s going on right now; and, you’re not reading about it, and we can only give you so much of it as it’s released in-country. In My Opinion, because the government owns the media, they are now controlling the speculation or the information of their Monetary Reform, and that’s a fact.

The CBI articles that we’re pointing out to you right now; in fact, that Doodle Bug was talking about just a few minutes ago, that came out today, are talking about international currency…is already on, it’s already in the process…that they’re taking their currency to an international level. No wonder Abadi is acting like Article VIII is lifted. Hello…and thank you, CBI, (laughter) for making us look good.

Family, it was about two or three weeks ago…it was about two or three weeks ago that an article was released by the CBI, and it was a guide. The CBI put out a guide, and it was also an order, by the way, to go outside and implement the reforms. What reforms? Well, they’re working on the Monetary Reform right now. You can’t be any more blatant than that. You can’t be any more straightforward than that. Can you?

Now, to top this off, our brother, Delta, also brings us an article, and he says: Frank, I just got this off of… URGENT! URGENT! Remember that? Remember that post that he made? Everybody just walked right by it, and I’m getting sick and tired of that, by the way. But, our brother brought us an article that said: the international exchange rate is under study right now, and we will inform all of you private banks when we are done with this study. You see, Delta spends 24 hours a day on the CBI website. When he saw that, oh, my God… Frank, that’s the RI! That’s the study. They’re about to tell the banks as soon as they’re done with the certification. Damn right.

Family, the RI is the reinstatement from the basement back up to the top shelf. The RI is the reinstatement of the Iraqi currency into the international community. That RI, In My Opinion, based on all of these things that they’re saying from the CBI articles, is well within sight; and, I know their history. I know their pattern.

They could do something stupid and stop all of this, derail this, but naw, we don’t see that. What we see is that they’re trying to reinstate their currency, and you see that their banks are qualifying to do this. You see the articles that Delta found on the CBI Arabic side that no other gurus out there know about, that made it very clear that, when we’re done with this study, we’re gonna tell you (ha-ha) that we’re going international with our currency.

Then, when that happens, you know the RI is completed, cause, you see, we got the RI internally and we’re almost done. So, the RI externally, when it leaves the borders, you know 1-to-1 with the American dollar, well then, that’s when…that’s when the market is going to take our currency and the RV, the revaluation of our currency, is going to start…with the buying and the selling and the trading of our currency by many countries. Wow, huh? Isn’t that cool? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
And, we got enough to back up whatever they want to go up; but, I tell you what, we are going to…we are going to manage…uh, float this RI…yeah, external, uh-huh, and then when we feel like it, we are going to cap it at a certain point, and that’s enough, you know. We want to make sure that we don’t make any mistakes. We want to be stable; and, who knows, maybe we’ll float it back up again. But, that is the plan. And that is the plan in the articles of Frank26. What’s that…uh, what’s that place called? The Final Articles? Yeah. Yeah. So, what you worried about, family.

So, yeah, I told you that I have removed a time frame, haven’t I? And, by the way, in case you’re interested, the United Nations operational dates for posting countries’ rates, when they are given these rates by that country, is uh… The first one is September the first. Bye-bye. The next one is September the thirteenth. I’ll be back.

And the last one, well the next one after that, would be October the first. [Frank shakes his head.] Historically, you know what happens in September; and, interestingly enough, if you study the United Nations By-Laws, one of the guidelines that they have for Iraq is they actually told them: You know what? You can change the value of your currency any time that you want. Hence, the reason why I say they can do it at any time, family.

Indeed, family, it is extremely important that, uh, you know, last week you…right after our Wednesday call, you saw the article that a handful of private banks had qualified…or were qualifying, it said, for the certification to allow their currency to go international. So, now you need to see the next article that says that all the private banks in Iraq have completed that very specific class. Everyone should be on one accord, and to send a memo or an e-mail just won’t work. Certification is brilliant. I wonder whose idea that was?

Um, It’s twenty ‘til ten. Are you guys okay? Can I continue? In fact, I’ll try to wind it up…kinda…sort of. We’ll try to wind it up…to a degree. Look, I want to tell you about something else, because you already know, Tink, because you already know about the fact that it’s coming out at 1-to-1…uh, according to them.

Now, here we go. Are you ready? Are you ready? Focus now. I presented this last night in Team Chat, and; when I did, many of you went – ohhhhhh, buddy. Ohhhhh, man. Oh, woohoo. (laughter) And here is what I want to tell you. Do you remember Donald Trump, about two months ago; he came out and he said to some countries: Our American dollar is too high in value right now. Oh, really Sir? Uh, yeah it is, and what was interesting is that he that he said this right after he came back from Saudi Arabia where he made many deals.
Hello. And what happened was that the American dollar was reduced in price and, in my opinion, was brought…was brought much closer to be on par with the Iraqi Dinar at 1-to-1. Come on. Can I say it? Can I just say it once?

Oh, we just shut down. Hold on a second. Well, wait a minute, maybe it’s just me shutting down over here because it looks like it’s still broadcasting. Hold on, family. I left off at US 1-to-1 and Donald Trump and all that. Hold on. Are you shut down over there, babe? (Tink said: not yet.) They’re saying that they lost the video, so I’m gonna go ahead and just wait. We can be patient. We were patient before.

If you’re listening on the phone, hang in there with me; gotta re-try again, over here. You’re still up over there, babe? (Tink said: yeah, uh-huh.) Okay. Hang in there. It’ll probably take about three minutes. Let’s just be patient.

I promise…don’t hang up now. I promise I’m not gonna sing you a song to kill the time here. No, I don’t want to make anybody sick. (laughter) Hold on. Hold on a second here. Let’s see…we gotta be fair to everybody; so, all we’re gonna do is hang in there and be patient.
Uh, that’s the third time. Here’s the fourth time that I’m trying to reboot it over here. Let me say hi to JWMopar, Benjamin, Michelle, Quietstorm, Goddisgood, Gia. RV there yet? Ah, that’s funny. [transcriber note: Frank called out too many names to list – afraid I would misspell and offend someone. Frank finally refreshed his page.]

Okay, we’re back. Okay, let’s get back to work. Donald Trump, after he came back from Saudi Arabia, suggested to certain countries that the American dollar is too high in value. Next thing you know, he lowered the value of the American dollar; which, in our opinion, brought it closer to being one-on-one, on par, with the Iraqi Dinar. Can I say it? Ta Da Freakin’ Da! (ha-ha)

It was brilliant. We told you there was a lot of things. There’s just too much to share with you; but, do you also know that he also talked with China at the same time. China, you should do the same thing. Ah, whatever. Why? It might do you good with the Dong.

In my opinion, family, much is transpiring at a faster speed than we have ever, ever, thought we… at a much faster speed than we truly calculated, is what it boils down to. Abadi tells the world in an article, basically that Article VIII is coming…because he’s mentioned the word…uh, we are resuming. I already read you the article. You already saw the video of it. We are resuming…

Family, that is a parallel word to the fact that they are reinstating their currency; and, what did he say? We are resuming to go international. Well, they are reinstating their currency to go international. Do you see the parallel? Resuming is to go forward. I love that. Abadi wants this…this RI. Trust me.

In my opinion, my strong opinion, Donald Trump definitely wants this. Donald Trump needs money in our economy. Aren’t you going to invest your money in the United States of America? There’s a lot of Americans with Dinars, family.

This next phase, once again I ask for your attention. Hello. Hi. Hi. My name is Frank. Nice to meet you. Allow me to reach across the phone here and shake your hand. I want to tell you that Donald Trump needs money in our economy, no doubt; but, Abadi…Abadi needs cheapmoney. (ha-ha) What’d he say? Abadi needs cheap money. Why does Abadi need sheep and money? I said cheap money; along with the money that’s pouring into Iraq right now, by the way. (laughter) Yes, I got it.
Holy cow! Family, something has just come in. I’m being told I can share it with you. Holy cow! Didn’t I tell you that this thing is just ongoing? When we finish with you, there’ll be so much more that will be reported; but what I see right now… holy cow…and it’s from our friend. Okay, we’ll save that as the piece de resistance. We’ll save it as the maraschino cherry on top of all of this when we’re done.

Let me continue where we’re going, because this next point…you need to listen very carefully. In my opinion, yes, Donald Trump needs money for the United States economy; but, Abadi needs cheap money, along with all of the money that is pouring in right now. You see all these countries. You scratch your head. Why in the world are they giving them money - not loans. Why are countries giving them millions and millions of dollars? What’s going on?

Well, family, what is cheap money? What is cheap money? Well, let me put it to you this way. In my opinion, the RI…you know, at an RI rate 1-to-1…the RI is cheap money. When they RI, it will be about a quarter on the Dinar. You know, at 1-to-1, the way they say; and, in my opinion, this is cheap money that will be pouring into Iraq.

This is cheap money, along with the billions that are being poured in right now too. Then, the revaluation kicks in…ah, you know, maybe 3-4 months down the road, and then they’ll cap it. But, just the RI alone is going to bring in so much money to Iraq. It used to be an investor’s game before; but, after the RI, it’s going to be the nations that have stood in the long line for so many years that will benefit…the reward for waiting patiently so long. Patience IS a virtue, and this makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Ta Da Freakin’ Da.

Family, they are basically shutting down the exchange window in the Auction, are they not? But it’s reopening in the sense that these international nations that Abadi has been inviting to come into Iraq, they will get a version of the Auction windows because, when they RI, this long line of nations will get the Dinar at a low cost. Like they used to through the CBI Auctions.

Oh, by the way, you, family, are in the same boat as these international nations that have been cooperating with Iraq, and President Donald Trump and his Middle East deals. You are KTFA Nation. Hot dog, that sounded good, didn’t it?

Family, the landscape has changed. I told you that the game has moved on and it is so much faster. It is at a speed unknown to us. It is at a professional level. All that we knew before…well, there’s just new rules now for an RI; and, that’s the game that we’re playing right now. That’s the professional game that we’re playing right now…a reinstatement of their currency.

A paradigm shift has occurred and some of you are asking questions that are not appropriate any more. It is from the Monetary Reform, to an internal reinstatement, to an external reinstatement, to a revaluation, to a cap. We’re not playing the same old game, and we’re not playing with the same old rules…and all of this since President Donald Trump took office. Obama, you should be ashamed of yourself!

That’s why we don’t talk about rates, because we don’t need to…no ceilings…no floor talk. Well, you can; but, put – In My Opinion – but you’d be wasting your time. Just listen to this recording over, and over, and over, until you go to sleep with it. Take this conference call to God in prayer for understanding.

There are new rules and it is for an RI, and the old rules don’t apply. You don’t kick the ball in the game of basketball…you dribble it; and, Iraq is no longer kicking the ball, they are reinstating their currency.

As we come to the end of our conference call, I want you to know that when I’m gone, we never told you that from the first to the tenth, that the internet system of Iraq would be shut down. Let me ask you something, for those of you that threw that in my face. Have you ever seen them shut it down for ten days? Oh, yeah, I know they have problems, and I know they shut it down, and I know why…for schools and so forth. Have you ever seen it shut down for ten days? Do you understand that the software of those machines need an internet system? Now, leave me alone.

I told you, from the day I met you nine years ago, on the internet…in my heart, in my belief, in my faith, from the same place where the four rivers met. From the same place where we started with the tree and destroyed it. From the same place where Babel was, and we displeased God again. From the same place where Babylon was, and they thought they were gods. To the same place where, today, Baghdad is. Where a wealth transfer occurred in that direction by a caravan of wise men that brought a…a wealth transfer to Mary and Joseph – well documented in the Bible. From many nations and many kings, so that baby Jesus could accomplish his mission in his 33 years.

Know that my faith believes, that I am of the school of thought, that another wealth transfer is occurring and coming to the Church that has the faith and the belief that Jesus Christ is their personal Lord and Savior and their God. The only God, the true God, that has been rejected by its own kind. You, Church, must apply the proper stewardship so that God can bless it ten-, a hundred-, a thousand-fold. For there is no blessing for the misuse of a blessing from God.

Don’t be lottery winners; and, above all things, I’ve told you, in my opinion, you good saints of the church that you are for Jesus, that awaits his return, have Dinars. But, so do the demons that serve Lucifer and the principalities of this world, that want to take your soul away from God.

And I believe, in my opinion, that the moment it comes across the borders and isinternational, the end times will now travel at a speed of light that you’ve never seen before. Don’t let it be too late for you and yours. Act accordingly, in the image of God. Love one another, and love those that you hate the most; because, it’s coming, and our Father gave you the warning signs to look for.
There was an eclipse, and eclipses have always forewarned…and it’s usually not for good news historically. I want you to know that an eclipse occurred last Monday…seven days ago. I want you to know that it started on the continent of the United States of America, in a city called Salem, Oregon, and it traveled across the face of our planet…of our nation, and left the continent at a place called Salem, South Carolina. And I want you to know that it started in Salem and ended in Salem; but, as it traveled across the United States, it crossed over seven cities called Salem. The word Salem means Jerusalem. It also means peace.

Signs: that the young, in the latter days, would interpret. I am not so bold. The eclipse has a path of 40 days, and it ends on September the 30th. I believe a judgment…I believe a judgment is on its way. I believe that a judgment is done by God for repentance, because there is a hurricane called Harvey, and the hurricane Harvey hit inland. It hit inland and, whereas most of you think that it’s over with, it’s not. It’s coming back Wednesday, and it’s coming back and hitting the same town that it already hit once.

This is rather historical in the meteorology history of our planet. The name of the city is Corpus Christi, Cuerpo de Cristo, which translated into English means: The Body of Christ. Harvey slammed into Corpus Christi and caused destruction and so much sadness and evil…and it’s coming back this Wednesday. Why? Because a judgment…a judgment is also coming one day; and, our President, interestingly enough, made a statement, and he said…he said: we’ve never seen flooding like this in America. It’s been over 500 years since we’ve seen anything like this.

So, I leave you in peace, and I will be with you on Wednesday’s conference call, and as I hung up with my friend, I said: You say you don’t see anything negatory, right sir? WS: None. F: Do you see any asteroids hitting Iraq down the road? WS: No.

Family, you can’t stop a raging bull.

I have one more thing, because we have an update (ha-ha-ha), and this one…uh, I mean, what can I tell you but… Alrighty, here we go…I’ll even just show you briefly. There. Well, you really can’t see it, can you…there’s too much bright lights, but here we go. You ready? This will be the end of our conference call. (huh-huh) No, it won’t be. We got a lot of work to do tonight.

Frank. Our understanding as of this week…

Now, lookie here, family. I’m gonna read this to you, but I’m not gonna say anything more. I’m not gonna spend time to explain it, ‘cause I don’t need to. With everything that you’ve learned tonight, you should have a Cheshire cat smile at least as wide as a mile, and here we go.

Frank. Our understanding as of this week, all private banks… 12---->9 on ledgers, trillions to billions… Likely, the scope is beyond the private banks.

Do I share this, sir? Am I allowed to? Yes. Can be shared. You can word it differently if you need be.

No, I ain’t wording this any differently, sir. By the way, sir, define 12 to 9.

Frank, 12 zeros to 9 zeros…trillion [transcriber note: video ended abruptly right there.]
Hold on with me. I mean, we were just about done. Is Andy still with us. I bet you he’s not. (laughter) Oh, poor Andy. Uh, nothing. No sound. It’s still going round and round. (Andy said: I’m still here, Frank.) Hey! Check you out. Okay, we’re trying to see if we can get this thing to work here. Bingo! So, we can finish it. Thank God. Here we go.

You see, the reason I wanted to do this and wait, family, is because the link is broke; but, there are one, two, three, four, you know, different links, and I want it to be in its entirety because this is about as heavy as I can share with you. So, let me just start it over again. I won’t waste time.

WS: Frank. Our understanding as of this week, all private banks… 12---->9 on ledgers, trillions to billions… Likely, the scope is beyond the private banks. F: Do I share this, sir. WS: Yes. Can be shared. You can word it differently if needed. F: Sir, define 12 to 9. WS: 12 zeros to 9 zeros…trillion to billion. F: Sir, 1-to-1? Is that defining that? Oh, shoot. WS: Yeah, you might want to reword it though.

And, that’s it. So, I’m not gonna go any further, except to tell you that this information, you’re about to see in articles. Family, did you like your conference call tonight? All of it was in my opinion. Take it to God in prayer, and because it’s so late, let us be dismissed in the same way that we were gathered together…and 1,700 people right now are on Livestream, Jan. That’s what shut us down. It’s gurus that are bringing their room over to us and just taxing us. I don’t con… I don’t know, whatever.

Alrighty, we’re done. Did you like your conference call? Did you learn? Are you happier? You got more information. Do things make more sense? Okay, are you at peace? You don’t have to ask any more questions than necessary. And, y’all help each other, okay? Not only on Team Chat, but in the forum.

When I’m gone, I will see everything. I will read every post in and out. You’ll see me. I don’t think I’m gonna say anything to anybody, unless I really feel I need to. Also, my teams are going to be able to communicate with me 24/7. If we see something that we want to tell you, you’ll see me again before the tenth or the eleventh, or whatever. Okay? I love you. Let’s be dismissed in the same way that we were gathered together.

CC dismissed in prayer and the blowing of the Shofar.
SAID: IMO ........... They blew the APRIL 28th Window ........... As they NOW acclimate August for SEPTEMBER........ Because HISTORY shows this PATTERN ............IT WAS 13 YEARS AGO THAT SADDAM RAISED THE DINAR JUST B4 WE ENTERED AND KICKED HIM OUT ............ AND THE BOZO ALSO DID IT IN THE HISTORICAL MONTH OF SEPTEMBER.