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"Survival Tips", 24 AUGUST

"Survival Tips" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - August 24, 2017

In this unusual age of immanent and infinite sudden wealth, traditional emotional coping mechanisms will be challenged if not thrown out entirely.

​So what to do when overnight our zeros overwhelm our realities?

It's a fair and serious consideration ​right ​now.​ How do we enjoy our lives given the massive new responsibilities thrust upon all God's Human Angels living among the unawakened?

Below are a dozen ​p​ost​-RV Survival Tips that may accelerate your learning curve as well as allow you to consistently access joy no matter how radically different your today may fluctuate from your tomorrow.
Sense of Humor

Laughing is physically ​known to be a ​healing​ act​, and given all the suffering we had to endure getting to this point, and ​then ​witnessing all of the suffering you will experience after it... it's critical to keep laughing and doing things that give you genuine happiness. Whatever that is. Laughter truly is the best medicine and your entire philanthropic organization will be watching to see if you can laugh ​at yourself and ​through difficult situations​, even in the severity of ​most challenging​ issues. Leaders lead, might as well lead with a big smile and hearty laugh​ as it will give permission to the rest of your team to do the same​.​ Makes for a much better working environment.​

Detached Neutrality

​So often we attach ou​r​sel​ves to our projects, our goals, our agenda without looking up to the smell the roses, and or worse, we neglect ourselves. We do this because naturally we care about others, how they feel, whether they are getting what they need, who else can we help. But embracing on a career in ​top down ​philanthropy requires a little more "detached neutrality" in that you'll always be looking to help people as your full time career now, and part time habits don't organically support full time work. ​

To be able to distance yourself from the drama of those you are helping like a trauma doctor assessing who needs help first, and how much time ​they should spend on each matter before moving on, if it's even worth ​their time to address ​it ​at all. By detaching emotionally and practicing ​detached ​neutrality, it will help you sustain your mercy efforts as well as allow you to reach those most in need with debilitating yourself emotionally in the moment. ​

Elevator Pitch

​People are going to ask how you made your money, what you do for a living, how did you buy such a nice home or care… it's going to happen, everyday. No sense avoiding this post RV reality. The counter to their questions is a firm, no more than two sentence answer that both tells the truth without offering up too much information. It should be no longer than a ride down an elevator, and you should never deviate from it.

This is will those around you feel comfortable that whatever allowed you to do this is OK with you… and it should be with them as well. Nothing is weird here, it is ​just my life. Not answering their questions is weird. ​Yet answering their questions with some bizarre global financial reset explanation will make them curious, which is not the goal. Honest, direct, brief, move on… those are make for the best elevator pitches as to what you do for a living.​


​With so many resources, you'll go through your initial gifting lists in less than a month. And after that, you're really on your own as to how you'll be disbursing funds for worthy causes or situations large and small. The ability to create something from nothing is important because you were given this philanthropic opportunity to heal the soul of the world, which is very broken in all areas, so all areas need assistance. Inventing new ways of offering mercy, with an innovative and creative touch will be paramount to surviving the RV long-term because we will never run out of money in our lifetime.
So if you're not a creative person, surround yourself with people who are, because creativity more than education or experience will be more valuable to your philanthropic organization than anything else other than maybe morality. ​

Group Activities

​Isolation is a big problem for lottery winners. They feel cornered by their sudden wealth, as everyone either wants something from them including absorbing their time. So naturally, people resign themselves to a safe, quiet place and attempt to disappear. Don't let this be so consistently. Make sure you engage in normal, group activities like going to church or eating meals with family, participating in a club or recreation sports team… because everyone needs human interaction in stupidly wealth people who bought silly colored currency on the Internet and happened to get fabulously wealthy beyond human understanding. You're still human even though you're also now an angel, and it's critical you keep yourself plugged into your community and family while learning to manage the opportunity. ​

Friends & Family

​We all want our closest friends and family to come along on this journey. Our spouses too. But honestly, the best thing we can do regarding friends and family is to let them ALL go spiritually. And whomever comes back physically, God wants us to influence. If they do not, then God feels it's best they don't share in your new experience and find another way to bless them less your presence.

The sad truth is few will come with us, but we need to stay open and honest about who can handle this kind of ​abundant ​lifestyle because we've gone through too much to adapt to the​ir 3D needs. The​y are gonna have to adapt to us because ​it ​turns out, we were not only right about the RV, but closer to the intent of God by sheer definition of being given th​e​ wealth of Yeshua to disburse. Sobeit.

Good Eating

​Eating right makes sense at any time, but especially now that your infinitely wealthy. Your health must now be prioritized more than any other event in your day, and what we put in our mouths now really matters to others. Think about, you'll be supporting massive numbers of jobs, organizations, charities and potentially villages and countries oversees… so you being around to bless all of these people affected by your wealth depends on your being healthy.

Meaning, you're health is no longer yours alone. Anyone who has had a child understands this. What ​kind of parent are you if you're not around? So what ​kind of philanthropist are you ​if ​your eating like crap and taking off years of your life? Hire a nutritionist/chef and get whatever food preparation help you need to start living life to its fullest potential. A great number of people are depending on you for the rest of your ​life… accept that duty and alter your lifestyle.​


Exercise is also a no brainier. Getting more oxygen in and out of body creates a healthier you, with more vitality and ultimately more energy to help more people. No more excuses about not being able to afford a gym membership or exercise equipment… you can buy your own home gym now and work out​ as much as you desire if you so choose… but ​do something and ​get moving!!!!!!

A body in motion tends to stay in motion. ​ And a philanthropist in motion tends to help more people than they ever imagined. Again, do it for yourself​ first​, but do it for all you will help later in life--that extra decade will exponentially help millions upon millions of people.

​Less is more. Popular expression or truth? I say truth. The more we acquire, the less emotional space we reserve for helping others. Meaning, it's OK to have nice things, just not too much of any one thing; in fact, because our wealth ​is ​infinite, the less we own demonstrates our spiritually evol​ution. ​Because possessions end up possession​g us.

 Stuff will never make you happy, and more stuff will just make you unhappier more quickly. So by all means, when you do buy, buy what gives you joy, but when you feel you've reached your good taste acquisition limit, put down the credit card and walk away. Less really does equa​te to more. A​​nd owning less translates into giving more. Which is what Human Angels were created for in the first place. ​


​Staying curious is a key to enjoying your new infinite wealth long-term. Learning and growing, challenging yourself to understand more deeply how and why things and people work, what the problems are in society and what the solutions may be to fix them is a gift that you can give yourself daily. Sadly, you can't buy knowledge, it must be earned. And the collection of this knowledge is called wisdom, which takes a lifetime to acquire.

So staying perpetually curious is not only beneficial in the long run, but in the short run its what will define who and what you are as a modern philanthropist. We can only fly as high as our sky, so unless you are constantly committed to raising your own ceiling, nobody else will, and this historic wealth will not only become a weight around your bored neck, the opportunity will ultimately lead to depression if you're not intellectually challenging your mind daily.


​Ok, so you figured out the ZIM and the RV, congratulations. Now what? Fire up the jet and travel! Why not?! You earned it. What's the point of having global sovereign wealth if you don't go and see the globe. Now for some who cannot travel for different physical reasons, see good eating and exercising ​paragraphs above before hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. But for those of us who went on this invisible adventure, ​more ​adventure awaits.

Travel in style, travel to the corners of the earth, travel to parts unknown, but travel​! Seeing new and different things​, cultures and places​ will not only fill up your soul, it will give you fresh creative ideas to bring back to your ​hometown ​philanthropies as well as re-ignite old passions ​that have ​long since​ been dead and buried.


​Surrendering to God on a daily basis is not something on the pre-RV checklist, it's a perpetual action for daily engagement over the course of an entire philanthropic or Human Angel's lifetime.​ We ​constantly ​need to get our​ marching​ instructions from Heaven to make sure we are staying on​ His greatest good path for our lives.

So often when sudden wealth arrives, God is ushered to the back of the bus when ​never has ​He ​been more needed to drive the bus everywhere​. Given your amazing new responsibilities​, connecting ​consistently with God the Creator​ is critical to surviving the post-RV experience. And whatever name or religion gets you ​closer to God, ​great, just ​make sure ​to always humble yourself before the Giver of all Gifts and never forget ​Who allowed ​us to receive such abandon​t​ blessings while ​still ​alive. ​For me that's Christ Yeshua, all day, everyday. ​​​Feel free to ​consider His selfless sacrifice as​ the highest example of service to humanity.​


God is with us

Fisher Update Dinar IRAQ GCR/RV



TxDoll :  Hang on south Texas the hurricane is coming. We are expected to get approx. 10" of rain and I'm north of San Antonio. So please keep S. Texas in your prayers.

Jnsf:  Does anyone else finding it interesting that the name of the storm is "HARVEY"? That sounds very similar to RV - don't you think?

Dinar Blessing:  My friends and I have always joked and given RV a name - Harvey! I think it's a sign that Harvey is making a landfall soon!

Al:  We have been calling this event Harvey for years . My friend named his dog Harvey in honor of the RV

Robert001:  Good afternoon all,,, Texas is waiting the new storm names Harvey to arrive and I am left wondering what in the heck is going to happen tomorrow when that new spectacular Mall opens and no one has the funds to,purchase anything.. talk about a riot looking for a place to happen…. The new Mall in Baghdad I am speaking of.

GreatlyBlessed:  Baghdad Mall Before opening days   http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=65262

LifeBPerfect:  Intel … that part of information that is pertinent and useful.

First, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL INFORMATION PROVIDERS WHETHER YOU ARE BEHIND THE SCENES OR IN FRONT OF THE MIC.  You are truly appreciated even by those who don’t express it to you.

I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY FELLOW CURRENCY HOLDERS WHO HAVE BEEN SUPPORTIVE by buying products, making donations, listening to advertising, or simply being a set of eyeballs that count to fund information efforts.

My fellow currency holders I feel an obligation to share with you.

First let’s start off with what we SHOULD know.  BUSH not Clinton was in charge when Kuwait revalued.  On March 24, 1991, Monday, Kuwait Revalued their currency.  On March 25, 1991, Tuesday, it was reported by the New York Times.  http://www.nytimes.com/1991/03/25/world/after-the-war-no-electricity-but-kuwait-reopens-its-banks.html 

FYI, the article states “The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar. “   George HW Bush was the 41st President from 1989 to 1993.  So President Bush was utilizing Revalued Kuwaiti Funds for almost 2 years before President Clinton came on board from 1993 to 2001.

Secondly, NO … Revaluations do NOT ONLY occur in September and April.  This issue came up a number of years ago.  HABU (Highest and Best Use of my time) came to mind.  If this were true, then I won’t waste my time looking outside of those 2 months.

So, I back traced to the person who stated such.  I located the information on which they were relying.  Initially, we agreed to disagree. Then we both agreed that this was simply an every six month measurement date.  When you look at currency charts over time, this is quickly disproven.

Ask Kuwait, above … RV’d in March.  This makes as much sense as only changing basketball scores every 30 minutes. This is important as we don’t have to wait until September … NOR … should we rely on it only occurring in September (or April).  We are very close to the RV.  It could occur in September, but not for this reason. 

Thirdly, Iraq wants to be OUT of UNSC (United Nations Security Council) Chapter 7 Sanctions.  UNSC Chapter 7 Sanctions is like giving a country time out for bad behavior.


Fourth, Iraq wants to be IN Article 8 and OUT of Article 14.

IMF Article 4 is an annual review / audit / consultation of member countries.

IMF Article 8 is Normal IMF Member Dos and Don’ts, like no currency manipulation.

Entering Article 8 is typically announced with an effective date that is substantially before the date it is officially announced.

IMF Article 14 is Transitional Status typically with Exchange Restrictions.  That sounds familiar as Iraq is trying to Lifting their Exchange Restrictions.

There are 31 IMF Articles in total with tons of subsections.  IN 8, OUT of 14.

Lastly, DO NOT MESS THIS PART UP.  The most important thing is PAY YOUR TAXES.  With a significant number of politicians wanting a tax break on their currency exchanges, such a tax break very well could be slid into the current tax reform package.

Should that occur have your tax professional put a copy of that new applicable law in your file and keep a copy for yourself too.  PLEASE have your tax professional review Internal Revenue Code 26 US Code Sections 985 to 989.

Generally, foreign currency gains are taxed as ordinary income, NOT as a capital gain at capital gain rates.  You want to pay the right amount at the right time.  Not paying and under paying could have wealth ending results.  The best tax loophole is the utilization of a tax professional and being able to deduct the cost of their services.

This is the one thing you don’t want to mess up.  Let’s say your federal and state tax rate combined is 50%.  Simply stated how many 50%s can you pay, especially when the IRS doesn’t notify you of an audit for a few years so you can pay interest on the tax and the penalties.

Restated 50% tax, plus Penalties, plus Interest on the tax and penalty is way more than 50%.   PAY YOUR TAXES UNLESS THE LAW CHANGES.  After paying your taxes … what’s left is YOUR MONEY and YOUR PEACE OF MIND.

A few closing thoughts:

Vet and utilize professionals.

While still maintaining control, some diversification of your investments is wise.  Not just one basket, but not so many baskets you can not manage them.

If you don’t understand it, don’t do it.  This holds true especially as you invest.  Remember a person with experience will get your money and you will get the experience of losing your money.  Understand and stay in control of what you do.  Handing it to someone and hoping … Hope is NOT an investment strategy.

Let this truly be a blessing.  Be well. Be Thankful. Share. ENJOY.
I believe we are very close to our WHEN …

GreatlyBlessed:  The dollar is stabilizing ahead of an important conference of central bank officials

Editorial Date: 2017/8/24 14:41 • 128 times read

[Where Follow-up] The dollar steadied on Thursday after a new decline due to political factors against the euro and the yen, supported to the concerns about the message sent out by the policy makers at the Federal Reserve [ the US central bank during the Jackson Hole meeting , which begins Thursday.

Any indication of a more hawkish monetary policy than Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen when she takes her word on Friday could support the greenback.

The dollar gained 0.2 percent in early European trade and traded at 1.1792 euros.

The dollar gained about 0.25 percent against the yen to 109.31 yen. The US currency index gained 0.2 percent.

The pound fell to a two-month low against the dollar in the absence of any significant economic data, prompting investors to increase their odds against the British currency.

Sterling stood at $ 1.2774, its weakest since June 27. The currency has fallen nearly 3 percent since the start of the month, heading towards its biggest monthly drop since October.

Sterling settled against the euro near a 10-month low of 92.37 pence on Wednesday.

Sabickford:  I hate it when people use big words just to make themselves sound perspicacious.

It's OK to swallow your pride, You won't gain a pound.

Being married is like having the freedom to do whatever your wife tells you

Inside me is a thin woman trying to get out…I usually shut her up with chocolate.

I wasn't planning on going for a run today…But those cops came out of nowhere.

You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone you've just met? That's common sense leaving your body.

Attention All Drama Queens - Auditions have been canceled for today!

My Dentist said I need a crown. I was like "I know right?"

Everybody deserves somebody that makes them look forward to tomorrow.

20 years ago we had Bob Hope, Johnny Cash and Steve Jobs. Now we have No Hope, No Cash, and No Jobs. Please Lord don't let Kevin Bacon Die.


tman23: @chattels ... I found Al-monitor news site to be very misleading and not by leaning to one side but also complete misrepresentation of the facts.......

For instance they had an article that claimed the Kurd delegation that came to Baghdad was all KDP members and their were no members of the PUK, Gorran, or any other party being represented because these parties do not want the referendum....... At times it seems as Maliki himself is writing the article as it is so inflammatory

tman23: Dr. Marianna Charountaki is a Lecturer in Kurdish Politics and International Relations at the School of History, Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester.
She is the author of the book The Kurds and US Foreign Policy: International Relations in the Middle East since 1945. She also has numerous articles on Kurds and the Middle East politics....... NOW READ THIS STATEMENT......

tman23: US Middle Eastern policy, a choice dictated by the criteria of the US Middle East Partnership Initiative, from December 11, 2002 onwards.

The progress of the events concerning the Kurdish Issue and the incentives based on the international and regional need to reform the ‘Middle Eastern’ map (prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters and published by the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006) point towards the creation of a Kurdish State in Iraq.

D-hB: @tman23 what kind of bearing would this have on an increase in dinar value?

tman23: Dr. Marianna Charountaki .......I would definitely argue that the implementation of the UN Charter (Chapter VII) should be equally safeguarded by all nation-states.........



spanki: if the kurds split will they print new money and then would the iqd fail

tman23: @D-hB .... The CBI will lift the 3 zeros when they feel stability and regional control is sufficient...... As of now with the Baghdad, Kurd issue there is no agreement...... Baghdad is between a rock and a hard place financially and politically..

The CBI is also needs to move or their reserves will plummet to a point of having to devalue the IQD (should they hit 36 billion)......which is only 4 billion away from projected reports.....

ElmerFudd: Sounds like they need to get a move on things.

spanki: thx tman

tman23: @spanki ..... The Kurds cannot open/create a Central bank.....to create one is not so easy and does not happen overnight..... I would not give it a second thought as far as being an issue to the IQD......

ElmerFudd: The Kurds may have lots of money in oil, but how can they ship it if they are landlocked? All those assets would be completely worthless without the rest of Iraq.

tman23: IMO...... The Kurds will go with the independence vote NO DOUBT......IMO....it is an insurance policy for UN protection because of article 140 debate and what and where Iran is moving the militias.......And why I say VII is going nowhere !! .....

Quite frankly..... If I were a bank outside Iraq accepting IQD or even a foreign business going into Iraq for that matter.......

I would be more comfortable knowing the UN had the right to military response inside Iraq to keep the peace without Iraq approval........ AND thus why I would do business in Kurdistan first.....safer, more diverse and peaceful ....

tman23: Dr Charountaki: I am wondering though what a right time means in politics, especially in the Middle East..... GREAT STATEMENT eh ??

THIS IS GOLDEN......BECAUSE THERE NEVER IS AN EXACT RIGHT TIME.....!!! We do know the CBI said the elimination of the 3 zeros must be at the start of the NEW YEAR and NOT in the middle of a year or quarter.....

They also said: ALL the banks in Iraq fiscal year starts at the first of the New Year and therefore is when the NEW accounting must start........

That being said: I am of the opinion that the start of 2018 is when....... And they have to educate the people on new currency by media, and advertising in banks....WHICH THEY HAVE NOT .....AND is why there are no LD's in any ATM's.... But, IMO, if start of 2018 is the intended date ...we should begin to see a flood of articles begin mid September.......

Spectra: Is Barzani being held accountable internationally .. International reports expose the role of the Kurdistan government in the smuggling of copper from Mosul 24th August, 2017 The coalition of state law, led by Vice President "Nuri al-Maliki," on Thursday the Kurdistan Regional Government "with international accounting" against the backdrop of the looting of government banks and smuggling of oil after the end of the battle, "Dahesh."

"The thefts carried out by the region are documented by the government of the center and the account will be opened after the page of" Da'ash "is completely closed," MP Jassem Mohammad Jaafar told the Journal News.

"The Iraqi government is currently unable to open a new front to the conflict while it is engaged in a fierce battle against a terrorist organization."

 He pointed out that "violations of the region and thefts registered and documented by the federal government, including the smuggling of oil and gas to Turkey and the looting of Iraqi banks in June 2014 during the invasion," urging "the city of Mosul." Jaafar accused the Democratic Party led by the President of the Kurdistan region (outgoing) Massoud Barzani, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to divide the thefts of oil between them. "

The newspaper "The New York Times", the subject of the spread of smuggling operations in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, when one of the newspaper's correspondents accompanied a copper smuggler on his journey. "It took me some time to gain the trust of the Kurdish and Turkish police," the newspaper quoted a Kurdish smuggler, AK, as saying.

"I was stopped at every checkpoint, But after a period of time he managed to gain their confidence. Initially, the work was very slow, but now all the citizens in the region are directly or indirectly contributing to the smuggling of copper from it, "he said."

If your government encourages it, then it is not part of it. " "AK" is still smuggling copper after five years, continuing back and forth between

Joel_B: Just listened to the latest call from 8/23. The speaker was referring to the US Treasury Exchange Rate for the Z$ as being 1 to 1. I have a concern about that in relation to the 100T Z$ note. Wouldn't the 1 to 1 rate being for the current Z$ notes, not the super-inflated 100T Z$ note?

The Crisco Kid: @Joel_B I Can't See It As One To One Because I Have Enough To Be The Richest IN The World, Not That Much Money/Gold

MichelleL: @The Crisco Kid you holding quintillions of zim? hahaha
The Crisco Kid: @Joel_B Yes !
MichelleL: well, between your zim and my d's, we can repaper a whole house - can't wait to see who'll throw in the dong

The Crisco Kid: @MichelleL I'm Going To Wallpaper My Out House ...

MichelleL: we did that a decade ago lol
The Crisco Kid: @MichelleL I Got A Ton Of Dong Also ..

Joel_B: Is there someone in here that can talk about becoming an Outlaw?
Joel_B: (How does one go about becoming one?)
The Crisco Kid: @Joel_B Was One For Years , Whats Up

MichelleL: @Joel_B dunno, but if you want to commit a crime, don't do it in here ;)
The Crisco Kid: @Joel_B Rob Wells Fargo ?

Joel_B: I am actually serious. Isn't there an Outlaws Call (http://www.iqdcalls.com/outlaws.html) and I thought there was an Outlaws Group? I heard one could be a part of it if one met certain requirements. I'm I in a chat room that has nothing to do with Philip Tilton's group?

The Crisco Kid: Check Replays On This Site

Spectra: @Joel_B outlaws group...? WHY would any one join a group with a name like that to begin with ? its sounds like a biker gang ..lol

Spectra: @Joel_B my advice to you is be careful The TDA stuff doent sound good or safe ...

Joel_B: @MichelleL I know about the link, I mentioned it myself just a little bit earlier. I'd like to get not have to wade through conference calls and just talk to someone directly.

MichelleL: don't know a thing about them Joel, sorry

Joel_B: I might have misunderstood that this chat was related to that particular group. Oh well.

Spectra: @Joel_B be weary of things that sound that good really

TheOptimist: It's pretty much over folks, at least for quite awhile. The IMF is slated to give Iraq 4.5 billion. The World Bank is slated to give Iraq billions more. If Iraq were going to RV then there would be no getting money. Put the dinars up in a safe place and walk away. There are no lower notes in ATMS issue; if they are there, it doesn't mean RV. Plus, the 21st was supposed to be the day or precursor....didn't happen

TheOptimist: I've enjoyed the chatting with you all. Be safe. Have a good life. I'm outta here.

BobS: Well here it is August 24, 2017 and there is no RV.
BobS: We need a new guru, with new intel, to get the speculators excited again.

BobS: August 24, 2017 19:28 From - Mohamed Soliman Directly: the central bank in Germany announced that it has regained all the gold owned by him and the store in Paris, as part of a plan for the precious metal into the largest economy in Europe. Bank data revealed that it is called "Albondspank" that about 50.6% of the gold reserves owned by him became inside the bank's headquarters in the "Frankfurt" 3 years after the end ahead of the plan to restore half of the metal reserves.

Germany is the second largest country in the world -owned gold reserves after the United States, but most of this reserve was stored abroad for reasons back to the Cold War era.

War, occupation and panic Germany achieved at the beginning of World War II, a strong military gains, enabled it to occupy many of the neighboring European countries, including France, and sparked panic across the world. But the decision "Adolf Hitler" invaded the Soviet Union came to the beginning of the end of the German supremacy, where the combined cold stinging and the strength of the Soviet army to inflict heavy losses of German troops.

With the Allies managed to take down their forces in Europe, Soviet troops responded to the German army crawling duo from Berlin on two different sides, the United States and Britain on the part began, and the Soviets from the other side.

BobS: In 1945 already it entered - almost simultaneously - Allied forces from the western side of the German capital and the Soviet army from the eastern direction. The Allies and the Soviets shared control of Germany, West Germany to become closer to the liberal camp, while the eastern side is subject to the Soviet communist camp.

With the ongoing skirmishes between the two camps, and the ignition of the Cold War between the United States and its allies by the Soviet Union and the countries converged with the other hand, West Germany preferred gold state-owned overseas store, for fear of any Soviet military plans to control it.

 And turned West Germany in the seventies and eighties of the last century, about 95% of the gold reserves owned by her to New York, Paris and London, to retain its central banks in private stores.

At that time it was the world works base gold framed by the meetings of the "Bretton Woods" in 1944, meaning that the currency must be backed by gold lid, making the metal reserves is essential to the strength of currencies of countries and economies.

The fall of the Berlin Wall In 1989, the Germans managed to topple the Berlin Wall that separated east and west sides of the capital, the Soviet troops leave Germany permanently and declare the Federal State of Germany.
BobS: Danger and ended completely in December 1991 when he announced the solution of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of its members, after a cold war with the Western camp continued since the end of World War II.

With the unification of Germany was divided between the gold reserves of the German Central Bank, New York, Paris and London, but the largest share of the metal was out of the country. The plan implementation Bundesbank announced a plan in 2013 to restore part of the gold stored abroad, to become half of gold reserves within the bank's headquarters in the "Frankfurt."

The plan "Albondspank" is to raise the proportion of gold in the "Frankfurt" from 31% by the end of 2012 to 50% in 2020, and to reduce the proportion of the metal store in New York and Paris from 45 and 11% to 37 and zero respectively.

Before the time limit stated in the plan of three years, the Bundesbank said that its headquarters in the "Frankfurt" became holds 50.6% (1.71 thousand tons) of the total gold owned by the state, while 36.6% (1.23 thousand tons) in New York, and 12.8% (432 tons) in London.

The establishment of Germany to withdraw the entire gold store in France with the fact that the two countries in the euro zone two women to monetary conditions are similar.

BobS: Now, after almost 28 years of the unification of Germany, the country regained 50% of its gold reserves owned, but still the other half stored in London and New York.

BobS: August 24, 2017 19:39 Of - forbade copper: Direct: between broad support and severe disapproval highlights the electronic currencies around the world put by the organizers of official monetary policies.

Although for "Alpetkoan" and her peers from electronic currencies to support the central banks in some countries, others condemn them and prevent their use, while avoiding a third set but heading to simulate currencies similar to the set according to their laws and are subject to self-control.

Electronic currencies that began appearing in 2009 are not subject to the control of central banks, and are considered virtual currencies are traded over the Internet, with the fact used at times in the illegal smuggling of capital or outside activities. The electronic currency saw significant gains over the past months, skyrocketing market value combined highest level of $ 152 billion.

BobS: Official recognition Balpetkoan The Germany of the first countries that recognized currency "Alpetkoan", and in 2013 was considered the Ministry of Finance there that "Alpetkoan" is the "calculation unit" are treated as assets subject to capital gains tax.

The German government said it could impose taxes on profits earned by companies that deal with them, while the individual is exempt from those taxes transactions.

The electronic currencies began make strong gains since the beginning of this year, with increased "Allbecktwein" by more than 300%, the currency "Alrabil" rose by about 4,000%, making the currency a pressing issue must discussions.

BobS: And it has already begun Japan last April to recognize the currency as a system of electronic payment, according to the rules on money - laundering and knowledge of customers.

The recognition of the currency "Alpetkoan" is to allow the rules that banks and financial institutions control that controls the exchange platforms "Block Qin." In January, the People's Bank of China, said the officials asked for trading "Bitcoin Cheena" platform to correct its problems and apply self-examination procedures.

As the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in China, examines some of the major exchanges "for Bitcoin", to investigate the non-use of digital assets to evade capital controls. In Ukraine , the National Bank there issued a statement in which it explained that the Financial Stability Board will meet at the end of this month "to develop a common position on the legal status of Bitcoin and organization."

Before taking Ukraine's decision to convene a meeting to discuss the e-currency status, interviewed the issue with many, including the Ministry of Finance, the National Securities Commission.

BobS: As for South Korea Vtad latest entrants to the list of supporters "of Bitcoin," where he announced last month , "Park Young Jin , " a member of the ruling Democratic Party put 3 revisions to build a regulatory framework for digital currencies.

It is scheduled to be one of those projects considered in the current review of electronic financial transactions in order to authorize regulatory approval for electronic transactions, which means that even participate in electronic transactions traders companies will be under the authority of the South Korean government.

Despite the presence of a number of European countries recognize the existence of electronic currencies, but large countries are still not supportive of, most notably the United States, where the Federal Reserve Board official last March, said that the bank does not think of what is known as e-currency. Initial support for e-currencies It seems that some countries around the world lacked the courage to recognize some of the electronic currency, but they mimic similar types.

Central Bank expressed Sweden expressed strong support for the currencies of electronic and has taken concrete steps in planning for the future of what is known as "any króna", where the central bank launched in Ukraine project study what would look like the digital currency backed by the central bank and what are the challenges to be formed.

As a complement to the support that taken by "Sweden" electronic currency is scheduled to host the capital "Stockholm" conference in September the first "Block Qin", where the meeting will discuss the development of the electronic platform.
BobS: In the United Kingdom last year , the Bank of England announced its intention to electronic currency issuance, which was called "Queen RS" The share of those new currency in many of the properties with the famous coin Alaatkoan, as are traded using the same technology, "Qin block" necessary for all other virtual currencies.

In China , the Chinese People 's Bank plans to electronic currency as " the " Or.am.ba Queen ", which aims to make it through an electronic local currency, but users will not completely dominate the digital version of the wallet. But so far not available any information about the upcoming release date, whether the currency, or a comprehensive list of uninterrupted.

At the end of last year , the central bank governor highlighted in Denmark highlighted the currency and the importance of electronic use, which indicates that in the light of the implementation of 80% of cash transactions using credit cards , it is necessary that the bank is interested in exploring the potential benefits of e-currency.

As for Estonia declared its intention this week to issue its own currency with the help of the founder of the electronic currency "Alaatriom", put forward through the initial subscription .

He said , "Kaspar Kourgos", managing director of state - owned "I-Residnsa," The idea put forward an electronic currency for the establishment of "digital nation without borders " , pointing out that the government 's support for the first launch will enable giving people a greater share "in the future of our country and not only investment. "

tman23: AND TO THOSE WHO BRAG ABOUT BASRA .. The ongoing crisis in Basra province remains one of Iraq’s best kept secrets, with military operations in the north of the country diverting attention elsewhere.

Basra’s prolonged energy crisis, power blackouts, drug epidemic, rubbish mismanagement and political misconduct have the province teetering on the brink. Making matters worse, provincial mayor and Islamic Supreme Council (ISCI) member Majid Al-Nasrawi fled from Basra last week.

He escaped surreptitiously to Iran in an effort to dodge allegations of corruption levelled at him. His assistant is reported to have followed suit only days after Nasrawi resigned.

The vacuum created by the governor’s flight was filled instantly by warring tribal gangs. No official force or authority dared to interrupt them as they traded fire for hours........ FOR MORE TRUTH ON BASRA......


tman23: @Zig ..... I like the stories on how we will be taxed on the RV ........ Just do a little each year to keep yourself in the lower tax bracket......... ROTFL !!!! OH IT HURTS FROM LAUGHING SO HARD !!

Zig: @tman23 : I suppose it's good to be amused by some of the stuff we see in the Dinar community....better than crying all the time.................GOOD LUCK TO THOSE OF YOU IN THE PATH OF THAT STORM!....BE SAFE!!

tman23: Video shows how the poor in Basra really feel......


RickeyT: @Zig tman convinced me that we are stupid for buying dinar 
​Zig: @RickeyT : Well I wouldn't go that far...lol...just a speculative investment...but I still am optimistic about it.....

tman23: @RickeyT .... I will say that we need to see the news by mid September up to the end of the first week of October of lower denoms ......... and if we do not see a flood of news with the intent to educate the people ...... Then going into 2018 we are more likely to see civil war then we are to see a RV.....

tman23: READ......This is Iraq. The country is in ruins. Some Iraqi politicians say that holding the referendum will ruin Iraq. The country is already in ruins. I warmly welcome the referendum if it guarantees peace and security to the Arabs, Kurds, and other minorities.

Moreover, I also welcome the division of Iraq if this division brings about prosperity. What would be the use of a united country that is in ruins? What is the use of a united Iraq that is destroyed, in which people are unhappy?

tman23: Sheikh Ahmed al-Sumaydahi represents the Arabs of Hamrin area who live in the Kurdistani areas, claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad.

He says he is confident most Arabs living in Kurdistani areas will support Kurdistan independence if they are viewed as first-class citizens, which he says is not currently the case. Arabs are subject to limitations on property ownership and travel, among other issues, he explained, demanding to be true equals in an independent Kurdistan state.


Second by second Inch by inch hour by Hour and Day by day we wait for the unreachable 800 number that will lead us to the time when we make out long awaited appointment. So many times I know but still we perceiver. Through are the different scenarios from huge amounts of money to statements like it is only a collectable item. Then of course there is the unknown “Gold backed, Asset backed, or Fiat Dollars.

Yes, it has been a very long road and I believe there has been any number or combinations of the above thoughts expressed carefully under the banner “In My Opinion.” Then when we ask questions we had better be careful not to mention anything that could be related to another Intel provider lest we be properly chastised for listening to other providers. Such jealousy!

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, forgive us for being so quick to judge and criticize information brought in from other sites. Since at this point none of them have actually and factually been proven right on their point of view. While in some cases there is profiteering going on, there are still those providers who are merely attempting to cover their cost. Or at least that is what they want us to believe.

Dear Lord God Almighty, take our hand and walk us through the briar patches of misinformation and wild speculation. Be gentle and patient with us Lord if we stray off course and start pining our faith on false information. Meanwhile we will still keep our faith and follow the path set before us no matter how long of a voyage it may end up being. For we know not what to do at times. Amen and Amen.

Dear friends and family members of the WSOMN chat board. I know this has been a tedious and seemingly never ending trek that we are on, but we feel ourselves being critical of what is being told to us by the various places where we seek information. Remember and keep in your mind that none of these forecasters have been proven 100% factually and varifiavble correct so far. Rest well our destiny awaits.

Wonder if the Sushi writer believes what he writes?

Sand, good morning. I loved the way you handled the heckler last night!!!!

I think their are several of them one person can't come up with all that so quick ...

Trump just arrived in Reno.....


The Iraqi flag is flying once again in Tal 'Afar ?￰゚ヌᄊ This is incredible. We've been waiting for these images for so long. If true it is

Frank has no ads tonight Intel only

Any news today

Just more rumors. Nothing confirmed as of yet


Not 100% but with Frank going straight to Intel, and a message he's talked to Walkingstick I'm hopeful

Can u pm me Frank's number and time of call sands

SUNNY POSTED THIS 3 HOURS AGO: ? BLUWOLF , 22 AUGUST I have been instructed not to post anymore for the time being and since I want it done for all I have. Bluwolf

and who told wolf not to post anymore


So Bluwolf is told not to post and he posts. WOW!

Bluwolf is just another attention-seeker - My advice is do not put ANY stock in his words...if you wish to stay emotionally centered - that is...

Well my orginal plan was to start up a training plan teaching construction skills to Highschool students over 4 years in all areas of construction till the eventual outcome would be a fully constructed three bedroom home on school property to be transported to Habitats for Humanity.

I'm not sure I have enough years left to see that plan through to completion. Thie RV process has just taken too long. I already have a list of fully qualified instructors in all of the building trades with an estimae of their proposed salaries. My investment into this plan was figured in at Just over $4,000,000.00

Don't give your money to anyone till you are at the bank and have signed off on a rate and the currency has been validated. There are a lot of vultures in Dinarland, trust no one, vett everyone who gives advice and touches your money. Make sure you also are the one that signs all the checks.

My target student were the Non Academic type and the completion of the 4 years of classroom and hands on experiace would give the young students a leg up in the job market other than flipping burgers at McD's

No one has anything to say, and I'm not interested in crypto currencies. So doing what I want, traveling...

ToolFan, if you see this, are you saying that people with projects will NOT get a lot at their exchanges and will thus have to go find funding through others that got higher rates? Your last sentence I'm not sure I'm understanding in your last post where you said, "after the exchange, then go look for a humanitarian fund to get your pet project going."

nature exactly...you got it right....those people will readily known to us when the time is right and funds will not be difficult to obtain for a legitimate project.

nature you might be surprised who these people are....you probably know of one or two by their screen names.

Well, I think that would make a lot more sense. I personally know of one group where a ton of vetting has taken place for months and that always made sense to me. It has never made sense that we'd go in for an hour or so appointment and get a ton of money for an extremely cursory business plan. Having said that I hope though!

Regardless, I have my projects pretty well vetted and regardless of this RV have always intended to "shop it around" for funding so if that is how it goes then so be it!

NATURE what does this mean SHOP around for funding

toolfan r we still moving forward

crimson we are, so far no slowing.....keep them fingers crossed.

TOOL any truth to not having enough money for ALL of us

Dollar - what I mean is shopping it around in the conventional funding markets, like with angel funding or actually, for me, I'm more in the nonprofit sector so I'd have to get foundational donations or something like that.

I think on a 50 year payout it is feasable

Nature so you don't think you would have enough to do what you want

Well, what I have planned is smaller (although still large) compared to my fiance and we are exchanging together. That said, I always try to plan for the "lower" contingency... IF I don't get a lot at the exchange then what do I need to do to move forward with my projects. Because if I get a ton of money its no problem, right?

Dollar, my fiance and I just had like an hour conversation about this 'enough money" thing. The "form" of the money doesn't matter... to me is, if we are moving away from fiat and to asset backed, then there are only so many assets to back the money and by that logic, there is an upper limit. Regardles if its paper, digital, etc.

dollar kind, still needs a source, but the source has a ton of funds from what i have been told. we are part of the plan and due to be included....just not at 10 bucks a dinar or 3 bucks a zim....we will be treated fairly imo

Tool it's 16 dollar per dinar. Tool I you will the zim get zeroes removed

TOOL HONESTLY I never expected either of those numbers and 16 is a joke too

db but some have been conditioned to expect the big bucks per dinar/zim

Dollar, I have no idea and even that is a moving target as value changes upon changing demand so its kind of an enigma

TOOL i believe that was psyhcology put out big numbers just to calm the peeps for it not happening

006 or keep the zeros and offer a small fraction of a penny....it alll gets to the same place i guess

NATURE agreed we could argue value till the cows come home haha

db lots of theories....will be interesting how it plays out, but we will be ok and have some bucks in our pockets. its all good. 006 you got it.....or less even....all just imo....i dont have the power in this....wish i did.....lol

No response needed or required Avon just know the size hole your unplanned absence has left in this chat room and know we are all praying for your full recovery darlin' God Bless

So what is frank saying did he kick the can down the road yet

Frank seems to be in a bad mood tonight.

Frank first week in october but what year lol

I heard it's this month but can't go past sept 18th but will go much sooner . If anyone calls it they are wrong cause no one knows or is allowed to know .

I pyrchased the dinar 11 years and 2 months ago with the hope to surprise my hubby whose birthday is Sept 18th. Well maybe this year will be right date just 11 years late. Lol

006, soon we'll be into the new year and the same old cycle will be repeated by them. That's why I so appreciate AB.

These so called gurus are a total joke lol


God willing it will be done


toolfan4 why has it been pushed back this far? I thought we were almost ready to go.

dedar thats him, not me.....im only messenger , says bank workers need training on new ld, etc

Oh thank you for clarifying.

I don't think they can hold it back that long. Especially when you look at just the facts of what has already happened.
So I take it I am better off not knowing what Frank said.

dedar i even gave up on him tonight.....kind of just boring....he really had nothing of any substance