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Kaperoni:    The government and the central bank repacking world confidence of the Iraqi economy

August 16, 2017    Iraq is currently going through an economic crisis, big and difficult challenges, causes the control of the organization "Daesh" terrorist on the vast tracts of it; and the decline in oil prices globally, affecting the budget for the years 2014 2017, as the current year amounted to about $ 95 billion, and a deficit of about $ 20.5 billion , and cause damage to the non - oil economy through the destruction of infrastructure and assets, disrupting the movement of trade and the deterioration of investor confidence, and the external sector and the growth potential for the medium term.

And to face all the political and economic challenges experienced by Iraq 's central bank has taken a number of measures to correct public finances and financing conditions, while continuing commitment to the linked exchange rate system, while the Iraqi government is moving at the same time after the completion of the war against "Daesh", towards planning and economic development ; thus contributing to shift the quality of the Iraqi economy.
He said the central bank governor, on the Keywords, that an international group to monitor money move confirms the world 's confidence in Iraq financially, and plans to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white, indicating that the Bank is working to activate the Anti -Money Laundering Office of the money and give him the powers of the administrative and financial portfolios and full independence,

and conduct operations rehabilitation of its capabilities with international support, and coordinate with international organizations, and the financial action Task Force, which is an intergovernmental body to study money laundering trends and techniques, and preparing policies for combating it , and the financing of terrorism locally and internationally.

Keywords noted that this step will increase the confidence of the world in Iraq financially and economically, were the result of the reforms undertaken by the government and the Central Bank of Iraq, which contributed to the reduction of the fiscal deficit gap.

The issuance of the Central Bank of Iraq, the currency of 50 thousand Iraqi dinars category, a successful step in strengthening the performance of the Iraqi dinar, without affecting the exchange rate against the US dollar, as carrying sophisticated and high protection , such as the transparent window and a sign of Spark , which limit the counterfeiting of currency operations , security mark.

He stressed Keywords that "issuing high categories Hassan from the performance of the Iraqi dinar and reduced dependence on the dollar in large transactions, as it became the performance of large transactions in Iraqi dinars, and there is no policy to raise the value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, noting that" the central bank has a foreign currency is the currency weakness existing local market "; which is reassuring.

And the application of compatible working practices with the best international standards of the Central Bank of Iraq 's cooperation with "Global Foundation for International Professional Services" Talal Abu - Ghazaleh Group, which developed a plan for the training of human resources for the Bank and development in the field of information technology, as part of the Bank 's plan and its extensive to obtain certificates in the axes related the application of international standards for information technology.

Keywords added that the general approach of the Central Bank, is the development of banking services and the introduction of new banking products and electronic payment systems; based on advanced technologies to meet the challenges facing the banking sector, and the establishment of an advanced control system for all electronic banking activities and services.

A group Talal Abu - Ghazaleh presented the Governor of the Central Bank on the work of audit information and evaluation mechanism, and the training of the Iraqi Association of private banks to train all employees of risk management in the Iraqi banking circles through a specialized course in the field of risk management,

and held the Iraqi Association of private banks and a workshop entitled (IT Development) based on the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq with the participation of 90 employees in Iraqi banks, and the importance of governance and focus attention management of information technology and management risks based on the global Standards.

He said the Central Bank of Iraq adviser, Walid Idi, that Iraq 's reserves of hard currency will reach $ 62 billion in 2018, indicating that there are no dangerous decline in reserves to $ 49 billion, and added that the "reserve currency according to international standards, should be enough for six months as a requirement or an international scale,

stressing that the hard currency reserves in Iraq , enough to pay off the debt and taking into account the geographical diversification is sufficient to the need of the domestic market of goods and services and economic and social requirements of paying retirees abroad salaries for the purposes of study, travel and religious tourism treatment. "

And the "International Monetary Fund in his study: that there are Arab countries exceed their reserves real spending, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, and this is proof of the stability of Iraq 's reserves of hard currency."

Fund predicted that "Iraq 's reserves up in 2018 to $ 62 billion, and then rise to $ 91 billion in 2020; as a result of improvement in the conditions of the Iraqi economy and oil exports and its derivatives and sufficiency of electricity imported for some provinces and gas export and promotion of tourism, industry, and all economic resources augur well" .

Keywords also stressed that Iraq has overcome the greatest financial challenges faced in the past year, noting that he also managed to maintain an acceptable level of cash reserves, noting that " the central bank , and despite the decline in imports of dollar from the sale of crude oil to 70% managed to keep on an acceptable level of cash reserves which is estimated at a group of hard currency and gold by $ 49 billion. "

Economists confirm that the Iraqi government developed in 2017 , the plan of the Central Bank 's economic and financial reform, in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, consistent with the emergency conditions experienced by the country, the decline in global oil prices by 70% compared with the beginning of the year 2014, and that the plan took into account of the non - oil resources available.

In spite of all critical conditions plaguing the country, but the Iraqi government, his head Haider al - Abadi, the central bank governor, succeeded in developing a court economic plan this year to cope with the economic crisis, in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, and the recovery of the Iraqi economy indicators began to appear significantly after the relative rise in global oil prices; after the implementation of the OPEC agreement to cut production and reduce the supply in the oil market in the world.
In the light of the correct monetary policy, followed by the Central Bank of Iraq in the development of new applications and mechanisms in line with its strategy for the years of "2016 2020", with economic and financial reform program , which was agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund and in particular the first and second , which took place between the Iraqi delegation and the delegation for review the World Bank in Washington, which was reflected in the rise in the value of the Iraqi dinar.

The tight monetary policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq in the framework of its strategy aimed at achieving stability, showed that Almdolr the financial system, towards a gradual decline and that the phenomenon of partial dollarization are lower today than before, due to the launch of freedom of foreign exchange, and the adoption of monetary policy to enhance the value of Foreign Iraqi dinars, which rose during the last five years.

It embarked on monetary policy in Iraq, to establish a framework to strengthen confidence in Iraqi dinars, which help to create a strong and deep conditions in the financial stability of the system, ie the transfer of the impact of the operational objectives of monetary policy to achieve the immediate objectives of the same policy, stressing that the power to address the dollarization, is a measure of the effectiveness of the policy cash in providing an impressive signal to make the Iraqi dinar more attractive, which is usually reflected the stability of monetary demand, or decline in money circulation and stability of the speed, ie , due to the effect of the exchange rate and interest rate variables are positive effective in stabilizing the monetary demand, strengthen mechanical Finalize function The cash at the same time.

He noted are interested in the affairs of the monetary policy of the country that the gradual decline in the inflationary phenomenon has positive effects on the Iraqi Central Bank 's policy in strengthening the Iraqi dinar exchange rate , which gave strong effects on the stability of commodity tradable prices, which he referred to at the same time , the annual inflation expressed by the price index consumer prices.

The International Monetary Fund said that the activity of the Iraqi economy will remain limited in the current year, due to reduced oil production by 1.5% under the agreement with (OPEC), and the modest recovery of the non - oil sector.

The Fund said that the real growth of the GDP of Iraq reached 11% last year, supported by a substantial increase in oil production , which benefited from previous oil investments, it was agreed to prepare credit with Iraq, which led to correct the fiscal balance and the balance of the external position, and improve management public finances, while protecting social spending.

The head of the IMF mission to Iraq Christiaan Coconut, said that the sharp decline in oil prices caused lower total international reserves of Iraq , from 53.7 billion US dollars at the end of 2015 , the level is still comfortable, of $ 46.5 billion, at the end of December / December 2016

, he added in order to support economic growth and diversification in the economy, there is a need for further reforms to create fiscal space inclusive growth, and enhance the business environment, reduce corruption, and reform of the banking sector and the start of the Iraqi authorities and experts of the international Monetary Fund discussions on the second review of the agreement to prepare credit.

Here we come to the conclusion: that the policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq as the first official as stated in the law (56 of 2004) for the supervision and control of the banking system and run it according to its means in monetary policy applications and its impact on the overall economy on the grounds that the financial and monetary adviser to the government add to its core functions in maintaining the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies and to build a foreign cash reserves and reducing inflation, all that needs government support and study and analysis of the reality of the rentier Iraqi economy ,

which relies on a single resource is oil, which accounts for about (54. 60%) of Domestic product output, and needs to be coordination between the fiscal and monetary policies and different economic policies, according to the new building of the economy "market economy" to reach the central objectives set out in addition to the organization of work in the legislation of economic laws governing the development process.

One of the challenges faced by the banking business in Iraq, creating an executive means for the application of what is stated in the government program with respect to the banking sector, and set a time ceiling for it with a program to monitor the work and hosted, and strengthen the role of measures proactive to curb laundering and the smuggling of money, in order to address the financial collapses that some private sector banks experienced because of the current circumstances until overcome after the improvement of the financial situation of the country, and the stability of world oil prices.
It is the means of implementing what is stated in the government program, the preparation of programs and policies for continued cooperation between the government and private banks with the unification of the transaction for both parties,

and to develop criteria for the classification and evaluation of banks in the light of the financial indicators and measure the efficiency of its performance and its role in economic development, support and activation and development of the Iraqi Central Bank 's initiative to allocate the amount of ( 5) trillion Iraqi dinars for specialized banks (housing, agricultural, industrial) and trillion Iraqi dinars to finance small and medium enterprises and creating new job opportunities and contribute to the economic and social development plans

that target the Iraqi Central Bank president, is the application of a Government program, properly and in particular the statement's axis by encouraging the transformation of the private sector and paragraph (d) thereof, which define paths and general mechanisms for the development of banking ,

which is definitely needed to make great efforts of the relevant government agencies with government banking and the private sector to overcome the challenges and obstacles in front of the Iraqi banking sector reform and development,

and to propose the foundations and strategies for the actors to build introductions and features of the transition from the banking to the developmental role through the process all the mistakes and lapses in economic construction in the coming years, with the drawing paths of success and achievement of goals.

Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords also announced, laying the foundations to improve the rate of monetary policy applications and the development of the Iraqi banking sector and support a way that achieves the stated government program;

it is the central bank independent organization HTA state government manages key financial functions, such as a country 's currency issue, maintain cash value, and contribute to regulate the amount of money supply, and follow up on all private commercial banks operations,

the central bank is defined as the National Bank of the States, and contribute to providing a range of banking and financial services to the Government of the States Which followed her, and is interested in following up the commercial banking system, and the implementation of government fiscal and monetary policies, is also interested in development of financial plans of the state government, and contributes to its implementation, and controls the funds within the economic sector.

Central Bank is a monetary institution affiliated with public ownership; the Governments of the States administration, and supervision handles through a set of laws under which define the duties and objectives of its own, as it is the central bank at the forefront of the banking system;

it has the authority to control the commercial banks, and its goal is profit, but its existence depends on the achievement of the general interests of the state, and is characterized by the central bank 's ability to transform with the true nature or fixed assets, such as real estate assets into cash.

The central bank is a financial institution that has a monopoly of money issuance process, and is linked to a strong relationship with commercial banks, and has different methods and the power to influence events and activities of these banks; thus contributing to the achievement of the country in economic policy, and has an independent monetary policy management, and do not interfere with the executive nature of his work.

Many economists and called for the independence of the central bank legally, financial, administrative, with the survival of much of the link between him and the state, as the role that the state lead is very important; in building a strategy for the development of small and medium - sized enterprises, and is an important element in the success, the fact that the government that has the financial potential in the rentier economy,

the role of the private sector which is weak, to a large degree, can not be promoted in this sector without having a plan for the development of this sector and build a clear and declared mechanisms in which the private sector is actively involved so that it can be transformed from a small child to the government sector to Prime partner, Then to the commander of the investment and construction operations.

Shatha Khalil      Economic Unity
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Tobyboy:    So the way I read they plan to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white indicating that the Bank is working to activate the anti-money laundering office of the money.

So according to this they have not activated the anti-money laundering after all these months giving the crooked parliament group plenty of time to keep stealing the money. They got off the black list by passing this law with no intentions of activating this until they were forced against the wall..

These people were real slick pass it but not activate it just like a lot of other laws pass but don't activate. This way kept them off black list for future stealing how nice. 

Chasting:      and Warka isnt held accountable for anything. no confidence there.

Kaperoni:     I do think they have begun to activate the AML through the banks, but as stated a few months ago, the IMF and UST wants to see more.

Punisher:   There it is folks.   Iraq 's reserves of hard currency will reach $ 62 billion in 2018, indicating that there are no dangerous decline in reserves to $ 49 billion,

Kaperoni:    Punisher, you know as well as anyone, Iraq has a tendency to boast without actually doing the work to achieve the results.  Time will tell if they get in compliance and open the banking system for investment.

Punisher:    Kap, it is my understanding that the IMF sees reserves going back up and not down over the next several years with the path they are on. Am I wrong?

Mike:    Like Kap said, IF Iraq does what the IMF has advised them, the reserves will go up. Things like enforcing tariff's, reducing government payroll/expenses and diversifying the economy, all of which will reduce the need for the CBI to prop up the Iraqi economy and cause a loss of the reserves.

Kw:  Or they could float like Egypt and watch them go up.

Justwaiting:    Have to get into IMF VIII ~~


Aggiedad77:   FAMILY......who is ready for some notes?  I've been graced with some very excellent notes from last night's CC by a KTFA member who chooses to remain anonymous at this time.......I've gone over their notes and they are EXCELLENT......don't thank me, but thank our generous member for their efforts.....this is an awesome gift of time and effort on their part....I know first hand what it takes to make this happen.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Wed 8-16-17 CC

Approximate notes of Frank’s audio conversation  with Delta:

Frank says he is bringing us 3 major topics.
What is Delta’s opinion about his recent Dong rate post:

DELTA said (Post #45) on 8-15-17




They need more flexibility for the exchange rate.  22,000 to the dollar does not make any sense. They are under exceptional status with the IMF. They dropped 2 zeros from their exchange rate at the beginning of yesterday.  The msn live feed gave that rate.  It was not a glitch. They might (eventually)  come up to 4 or 5 cents. I-Teams were encouraged about the dong. Because Iran had a chance to impress the IMF but fell behind the eight ball. And T wrote them out of the deals. Maybe the torch was passed to  Vietnam.

Was it in early morning hours early morning when they opened?   It jumped from $24 per million to $4,400.00 per million.

Something is telling Delta that the Iraqi dinar is about to explode. He’s feeling goose bumps. He feels the dinar is poised to explode. They set up so many things to be out of article 8. They walked hand in hand with Trump.  Maliki knows his time is up.

There is  a difference between independence and article 140. 140 it is all about Kirkuk. It is rich with oil,  That city used to be for the Kurds.  140 article Kurds want the land back with Kirkuk. Kurds are such a selfish nation. Barzani is corrupt. Kurds will never get independence. Turkey will not be happy. Turkey Iran and Syria are against an independent Kurdistan, Barzani is trying to cover up what he did.  Understand the selfish nature of Barzani and the Kurdish gov’t—not the Kurdish people.

Do we need Art 140 before the reinstatemnt. No!  They will Art 140 and bring in the Kurds and the Kurds are happy

Regarding coming CBI requested 4 day holiday. 17th -20th of August  and then 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th of September are also a holiday.  21st is the next pay scale for all businesses in Iraq. Thursday is the 17th. This seems to be a perfect time to make some moves. What else are they gong to do on the 21st??? Those ATM machines are going to be well dressed. Lot of things happening on the 21st.

Articles saying they need to eliminate the restrictions on the exchange rate.  This is a binding K that is showing a rate. The article said Abadi & the CBI saved the country and it is international. They are trying their best to tell us. He told us he would be out of Ch 7. At the end of July. They are talking about restoring the world’s confidence in the Iraqi economy.

IMF congratulated them for financial reform  They finalized everything the IMF asked them to do. They succeeded  implementation of financial reform. That is more confirmation.  They have reduced their dependence on the USD.

1)   6% to 2%  (and they are almost there)

2)   Deal with restriction on capital movement

3)   Also deal with the MCP’s (they are already at 95/5)

After 21st they will make them a cashless society and force citizens to use lower denoms. Our friend: something has to change by the 21st. He thinks Abadi and CBI if they drag it out to then (Sept elections)  it could be a problem. They need time for stability. This Sept election is very important for Abadi. Logically before Sept elections. Makes sense.

Delta:  there is nothng left but to show the rate. The 21st seems to be set up just for that.

That first week of Sept Frank just wants to disappear.

Then Frank discuses WS’s Post 74 from 8-15-17 with Delta:

Here is the exact wording of WS’s post for reference:

Walkingstick said (Post #74)

FWIW: A re-denomination, is employed for various reason/s and in a number of manners... Albeit: inflation, currency devaluation, strain on financial market/s ie: Banks, ATM's and or the introduction of new currency unit/s... Restore confidence in the local currency, Promote the usage of coins and lower denominated notes.. Lay the foundation for the convertibility of the local currency... They have also been employed for the simple reason, the psychological effect/s larger denominations have had on the general population..  To imply, it is nothing more then a LOP, stops... well short. Again, it is employed for a number reasons/ factors ...factors that permit the introduction of lower denominated notes and or coins, paving way for the reinstatement and/or possible revaluation of a currency.... All of which can be employed in concurrence ....  If, one were to research, they will find a number of.. employed in that very manner.  

Post 74 WS said a redenomination is employed by various reasons   a redenom is employed in a number of manners strain on fin market. That is why they are doing an RV. They are laying down the foundation for their local currency. These monetary steps have been employed the psychological effect on the gen’l population to permit the intro of lower denom notes.  Which Frank thinks may happen on the 21st thru the ATM’s  And or coins (the fils), Delta which may come a little later on in Sept.

These things pave the way for the reinstatement  and or possible revalu-ization of a currency.  All of which can be employed in concurrence . That’s Franks favorite line of  WS’s post 74 that’s why he thinks on the 21st many things are going to come together that concern the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar.
At the end he (WS) says if one would research  he would find a number of.. employed  in that very manner. What WS means by that is what you were just talking about Delta. You gave examples of other countries and how they did it!  WS’s forum post 74 on 8-15-17 is a massive piece and Frank can’t believe he took all that time to type it out!

You see he got wounded. He got hurt. To a soldier you don’t just…you always have your six covered. And he felt that was not the case. He decided to shut down. Did you know I did not talk to him since Saturday August 12th!  His satellite phone is down so it’s hard. But he did see the outpouring of love, one after another Canada, South America, and all these people from all over the world are telling him oh please, please, don’t punish all of us.

But we have decided that he (WS)  will instead, point  (and remember when we used to tell the family “Squirrel”!!!  Well that’s what he is now doing!   He’s telling everybody, look I don’t want to ... here’s the articles… you figure it out yourself.  And because the articles are soooo  straight forward now.  It does not take a genius to figure out what is going on.

Delta says: WS is an amazing guy and we all appreciate his service for the family. Sometimes a family does fight but we have to let it go and look at the big picture.  He (Delta) has summarized everything for you.

Frank: All this stuff that he would have told me, since last Thursday and Friday we are now seeing in the articles!  That’s fine with me we don’t need to be champions of intel.  We need to be champions of human beings.  To help and support each other.  Yesterday (Tuesday 8-14-17)  I went into TC and did a long Q & A that lasted over 2 hours And you know when we were done I thought these are good questions! So did you see them Delta? We put them on the Forum.

Delta tells Frank that without him KTFA family would be lost. Delta is so proud he’s been with Frank for so many years and he can’t wait till we all meet and go for some relaxation and we’ll have fun.

Frank says Delta I love you let’s see what these knuckleheads do tomorrow (the 17th) because every day

 they do something else and in fact  I-Team called me 30 minutes before you called and said “we are waiting for a phone call” and I said “you mean the one we want?” and they said ”no no—a phone call of an update” . So I’m excited to hear what they’ve got to say and maybe we’ll share it on TC this Friday (8-18-17). Frank says to Delta   “thank you for making this recording.”  It’s about an hour long and the family will appreciate it.  There are some very important points we have made tonight here. Frank says to Delta “ I love you, stay safe”.

The rest of the conference is closer to a more verbatim transcript of what was said by Frank.
Thanks for being patient because I thought that conversation was loaded with a lot of helpful things that can guide us in our study right now.  We are going to be together for another 45 minutes. We have a report from I-Team. They’re Air Force.  They’re soldiers or one was but their hearts went out to everybody when they saw what happened with WS.And it was just an accident. That’s all it was.  It could have been left alone but people kept coming in and rehashing it.  And it just got out of hand and our friend said   “that’s enough of that”.

So I-Team  called and said we have a report we’ve never given you. And I said “thank you very much can I share it?” And they said “it’s up to you”  and I said are there articles about it? and they said “no but there will be” .   So they said just put it in “In your opinion”.  And this whole call is in our opinion.

We don’t know the date or rate but… this is extremely entertaining for me now because every day these guys are doing something that adds. Frank then quotes someone from the forum who says “This is an exciting time in our “speculation” Frank says  “that’s a brilliant way of putting it and that’s what I am going through right now”.

And after the TC of yesterday (Tuesday August 15th)  I realized the value of what you had asked. They were good appropriate questions!  You did not ask for a date or rate I was very proud so we decided to go ahead. Then Frank refers  to someone in TC. That she got together with a few other members and worked at it for you just like WS. Just like Delta and all our teams.

We are not masochists.  We don’t desire the pain that we go through. (Frank gets choked up a bit here ) We have all lost friends. And so it makes it difficult when we see the lack of discipline that occurs inside our forum.  And we know its not you. We get attacked.

The week before we were attached by a DDEOS. That took a lot of nerve.  And this past week or so I believe we have been attacked by demons. They are good at what they do. Do you know there are people that are paid $1,500.00 a week just to go and be antagonistic in any environment. The people that were protesting in Charlottesville, VA. Someone called Frank and said those people did not live there.  They were paid. But I’m not going to tell you in our opinion by whom.  These people are instigators. They go in there and cause trouble.  It was demons and I hate demons.

But we will not be defeated by demons will we family! And I will continue to do what we do. Even if it kills me.  This is apparently my purpose for right now.  And I wish to complete my mission with you.

So the TC notes were released on the forum so everybody could see them. And I saw a lot of people with good understanding and the next day at 4:30 in the morning our friend WS comes into the picture and what does he say? He says “look I want to help you guys”

Now you already heard me and Delta dissect it but I will help you a little bit more (regarding WS’s important post #74 provided above).

This is what he said. For those of you who are interested he referred to a redenomination (and family that’s what they are going through right now). And it follows by a reinstatement of their currency. You see a long time ago when the Iraqi dinar was taken off the board the rate of $3.00 what ever it was, was frozen.  This was different from Kuwait.

They are going to RI (reinstatement) after they finish with the RD (redenomination) . And this is all a part of their MR (monetary reform).  They are going to reinstate which is a part of the redenomination and this is all a part of the revalu-ization of their currency.  I want to tell you that a redenomination is employed. Do you understand that word “employed” for various reasons.  And in a number of manners. WS is trying to tell you why  they are going through this redenomination of their currency right now.
Because it deals with inflation, currency devalue-ization, because they already are as low as it can be.  It deals with the strain on the financial markets which are being eaten up by the nasty money launderers and counterfeiters and thieves of the Gov’t of Iraq.  The parliament structure.

And because of this, and WS says there are entities there are banks (and you know what is happening to all the banks—international, merging, laws, removing the fees). He says another mechanism would be the ATM machines. Oh, by George on the 21st of this month we suggested in our opinion that something is going to happen with them . Didn’t we?? Yea we did!  And you just heard me and Delta, my friend Manny talk to us about this. Banks, ATM machines and or “the introduction of new currency units” WS says  “Units”. Well of course, Frank. They’ve lifted all the 3 zeros they have to replace them with the lower denoms and the coins and the fils.

Frank if they do this and they are doing it  (and you have seen all the evidence) and I have tried to help you understand they have lifted the 1st, 2nd and 3rd zero and if this is going to be told to the rest of the world .. let’s read on.. “It will restore confidence in the whole currency”.

Do you think the citizens love what is going on with their new purchasing power? Well, Frank we don’t see no purchasing power. Do you live there?  Well no but Frank but I have friends that tell me… REALLY?? Then we’re wasting our time!  We are totally incorrect!  Even though we have proven it to you on the spread sheet on the CBI web site.  Frank calm down!  And about a dozen articles that have told you ahhhh this price… we lowered it. Why?? We lowered it. Why??

It restores confidence in the local currency.  With coins and lowered denominated notes. Why?  Because they lifted the 3 zeros!  And they lifted them in two ways.  Physically from the streets.  You know those 25K notes you’ve got. Oh they want you to exchange those and cash those in as soon as you can. Well, “give me a rate!”

And it says by doing this, it’s going to “lay the foundation of the convertibility of the local currency”.  Conversion to conversion to conversion.  What’s on the 2nd set of books that can easily convert over? Ahh I understand.  Thank you sir.  What else can you tell me?  And they have also been employed for the simple reason the psychological effects these larger denominations have had on the general population.  How true!

They are dropping leaflets, family!  And I think that’s a good idea. The psychological effect of those three zeros has had a powerful impact on the general population.  And family can you imagine if they saw those lower denoms.  It’s not a LOP. He’s trying to tell you!  Again “it is employed… for a number of reasons, factors that can permit the introduction of lower denomination notes”. Hoorah! “And of coins” Hoorah! “Paving the way for the reinstatement and/or positive revalu-ization of a currency!  Well guess what currency we are talking about family! “all of which can be employed in concurrence”    Oh.. I love that statement!!!!!

Say again “all of which can be employed in concurrence” I like it in threes let say it again  “all of which can be employed in concurrence” “ If one were to research they will find a number employed in that very manner”

Yea, this is fascinating for our friend to come out and do something like that. We REALLY appreciate it. I thank you my dear friend. Bless you. Continue to communicate with us in the way that you are doing. You don’t have to tell us anything in advance any more, Sir! I am sorry I let you down.  What you do now, you are guiding the people.  You are taking their hand and showing them the articles as they come out. And you are explaining them, Sir! That is much better than what we were doing!  (Frank laughs with great emotion).

Because articles that came out from our friend that pointed at you and said “squirrel!” I mean you’ve gotta look both ways and up and down too because here is an example. Abadi goes out and makes some amazing statements but in the same process we have Maliki—that knucklehead goes to the Kurds to act like a vice president to look for political support, family. But there is no support for him anywhere.  And IMO he’s been told that he has no future in Iraq anymore. Nor in the Middle east.

So he goes to Russia. “Russia, can I have asylum?” And they put him in his place “get the hell out of here”  So he goes to the Kurds.  “ahh. Guys I can be your voice”. “Get the hell out of here”. So he goes back to Iran and Iran says the same thing get the hell out of here.

Well now why, family? IMO the Middle East has been told to stay away from Maliki now by our leadership in the USA.  In fact the UN calls for the implementation  of Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution. And NOW!!! Why?? Because we need that budget and the HCL.  You’re about to be out of Article 8 once you post a new rate.

Maliki is just causing trouble with Article 140 and many of you were confused and I hope you heard the beginning of that conversation between me and Delta where we find very clearly the difference between the independence referendum vs Article 140 (the Kirkuk referendum) those are two separate issues.  Don’t make yourself more confused.  This thing is too beautiful!  That’s why I even put the Q & A from our team chat out on the thread. One of the questions was “Frank do we need Article 140 to be voted on in Sept to have the RV”. And I said blanket blank blank blank “No”!

And then the next thing you know people on the thread say “I’m confused. Frank says we don’t need it but he did say we need article 140 and I’m just confused and I don’t understand”.  WS finally answered you folks because he’s a good soldier!  He’s a good man! And he has not abandoned us! And he sees you drowning in the confusion of places you really shouldn’t be drowning.  I fear you make things harder on yourselves because you want us to give you the answers.

That’s why we don’t do the notes anymore word for word (possibly with this exception). That’s why we don’t have the cliff notes—every other word—whatever!  And I know that it is hard for handicapped people especially the hearing impaired. But I offer anybody physically handicapped in any way shape or form if they cannot keep up with us I’ll give you a free membership with our KTFA premium. At least you will be able to see what’s going on on Fridays. And have a pretty good understanding of what we are going to say on Mondays.  In fact on Mondays we don’t say everything we say on Fridays.

Tomorrow I get a report from I-Team. At least we pray. Another report and that will be on Friday’s team chat. It’ll be exciting!  We talked to you about the 4 day holiday. We don’t need to cover that anymore.  Let me do a little side bar here because I do want to talk about something else.  I’m a little concerned about the evil that is out there on the internet.  That is asking the same thing the same mantra, the same drum beat: “Hey, give me your dinars for a better rate” And come to Reno Nevada and we’ll cash you out right now!  Yea, we’re going to give you a rate!

That’s sick and perverted.  To take advantage of an innocent person.
A while back I used to have somebody on our program  I don’t have any more because I found out what they were doing. And it broke my heart because many people, hundreds were calling me and telling me “Frank, they are telling me to get on an airplane and go to Las Vega and cash out right now. I said that’s impossible.  Only the CBI can do that for you.   And right now it is sad to say there are actually gurus on the internet saying “listen, get over here right now tomorrow because you are going to see they announced they  RV’d their currency”. Really????

“Ahh, looky here, we’ve got a toll free number 800 number. You want it from us don’t you?” “and by the way, the Zimbabwe is now 1 to 1 with the American dollar.” What kind of.. what kind of lie is this???? We had a dear friend firefly whom I love come into team chat  and post what he was being told by his other friends. This garbage!  Granted he did make some good points about the history of the Zimbabwe   and Dong and stuff but it was getting out of hand I had to  atop it.

My dear friend whom  I love, I salute you sir because you stopped right away.  And then about 2 hours later you gave me a call. And we talked!  And we laughed didn’t we!  Indeed. We are friends, sir.  And I am so grateful that you stopped sharing what you thought was helpful when it was garbage.  Garbage that comes from other gurus.

I have their names right here who is doing this.  Am not about to say their names. I find it funny that  one of the things they did say was  “on the 21st you’re going to see the ATM’s and the LD’s!!”  Oh.. I wonder where you got that!  Bozos!  And I call you that because only a clown  would scare the innocent.

So I double checked and I sent a text to my friend and said “Look, if I made mistakes I’ll clear it up and let me ask you this can Article 140—you know that they are going to vote on… in September.. do we have to wait for that vote?

I know it’s a completely different from the referendum but do we have to wait for that vote in order to have an RV of the Iraqi dinar”? And he couldn’t call me because his Sat phone was down so he posted on our forum and he told Randy to get a hold of me and says “Tell frank that to answer his question basically “NO”! Wow that made me happy. Because that is exactly what we have been teaching you.
Frank16:  The Iraqi dinar can revalue its exchange rate at any time, family. At any time.  I know I told you IMO it wasn’t going to happen in August  but that doesn’t mean anything. I just expressed my opinion! If we go thru August and we walk into the first week of September …ok but in that 1st week of Sept I want to go away, I don’t want to talk.

And I don’t want you to grab it and say Oh. Oh that’s when its going to happen!  I know that you have a lot of trust in me and I appreciate that all your kind words BUT… I am human.  And I’m not trying to send you a telegraph or wink wink signal.

Very simply I don’t think it’s going to happen in August and on Monday I gave you some good reasons why.  But in that 1st week of Sept I just prefer not to talk. Let the articles… let my friend guide you.  He is our friend. Let him guide you to the end.
I have something to share with you from our teams but that review that we just did of that post from our friend. Wasn’t it full of beautiful information! I want you to know that WS could have written that report to you in many different ways. It’s the choice of words that grabs your study of attention. It would behoove you to read it and read it and read it until you fully understand it!  He’s screaming “Squirrel”!  And in it if you want to say “codes”,  whatever is the information you seek!  All of this in our opinion of course.  He’s a good man. He’s great soldier.

We are all very distraught with what some on the internet are doing to innocent people with their lives. And that’s why my friend is trying so hard to help all of you. All of our Teams and Admins are trying to help you. The information of the monetary reform inside of Iraq is traveling too, now faster than normal than before IMO.

In a lot of the rural areas where there is no tv or radio.. a lot of illiteracy, you are going to find more than anything else mobile phones. Do you remember old timers those articles where the phone companies came in a few years ago they distributed hundreds of thousands of phones mainly to the younger generation. And we said yea they are trying to promote themselves , get people familiar with their product to buy…. But IMO, it was a very strategic move of whatever reform you want to call it.

The mobile phones now have bank apps. In these rural areas, the citizens are finding out a lot more about the MR . IMO they are dropping leaflets too. I’m not going to tell you that the leaflets say because I don’t know.  I can tell you the leaflets have text numbers on them, phone numbers on them for them to call for more information.  (laughing) all of this is in my opinion.

I want to politely reiterate what we said on Monday because the international world is eager to welcome the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar. And so you do not want to forget what we said that Article 8 is soon to be removed. Because when Abadi told every body a month ago “ahhh don’t worry at the end of July the beginning of August we’ll be out of chapter 7”.

Nobody believed him but it was true. And Abadi  has already told everybody  “we’re international”  “Come on in”.  So that means he has to tell you that Article 8 is lifted.

But in the meantime I suppose we should pay attention to make sure that the auctions are gone, that we are past the 95/5 ratio that we talked to you about.  That all restrictions have been removed from their currency.  So that others can have freedom of movement inside Iraq, freedom of their capital not only protected from thieves but also from having their hands tied.

That way family they can use their own money inside Iraq to buy things and sell things, to trade with it. I am sure they want to trade their currency with the Iraqi dinar if it was to be 1:1 with the American dollar. Wouldn’t you??? Well of course that’s what you’re going to do aren’t you!  The moment a new rate is announced.  And that spread? Don’t worry about it. They’ll tell you that they have knocked it down 4% pretty soon IMO.  But this Article 8 is the next big chunk of our study because the international world is pretending they don’t know anything about Article 8 yet they are disobeying all the rules of Article 8.

I love it when they bought the bonds because that’s as close as you can get to trading the Iraqi dinar. Oh… hello!  With their currency. Because you don’t know the rate of those bonds do you! Neither do I. And like we said without wasting your time, the WTO is the catalyst for things happening on an international level. Doesn’t that make sense. What does WTO stand for?  World Trade Organization. And that’s the definition of international isn’t it? “Thanks Frank..”  Well I’m glad you understand that better now.

We talked about Kuwait. We don’t need to talk about it anymore IMO. We already understand they are eager to invest. Well they are investing in Iraq. You guys want your money back? Nope we just want to invest in your country.  You guys (Kurds) want to trivocate and break away from Iraq?? Nope.  We want the money that’s in the budget.  We’re going to play along. There were a lot of deals that were made with Saudi Arabia. We just want to make money with everybody. That’s all… OK.

And very quickly... I’m sorry Iran. It’s your fault! There was an article that came out and it was kind of funny and we laughed at it that said “Saudi Arabia pulls the rug from under Iran in Iraq”.  But you don’t know how!  I’d like to tell you tonite with your I-Team report to you. On Monday’s CC  the article where Iran was saying we are going back to our Nuclear proliferation.  Stupid.  Why?? Because Donald Trump has put a lot of sanctions on us!  Oooh poor baby!

I don’t care. It’s you’re fault. “We were playing along”! No you weren’t! “well we disassociated ourselves from Maliki” yea just now! “we stopped nuclear proliferation” really?? “how do you know we have stuff”!

So all those deals when I was in DC and they were making deals with Saudi Arabia. “well Russia was there. We didn’t get a cut in any of it”.  Yea that’s right.  You didn’t deserve it.  “well that’s not fair!”  Yes it is.  “And the recent meetings we had last week. You guys cut us out! That’s not fair”  it’s my party and kick you out if I want to. And they have the audacity and here is the article I’m holding it up “Iranian leaders warn the United States of America of the nuclear program” They are not complying. We told you. It’s your fault!

This is the wall Street journal by the way. For you guys to come out and have the audacity  to make that kind of a statement. It’s your fault. You’re stupid. Of course we know what you’re doing!  And here it is family “Iranian President threatens to scrap the Nuclear accord.”  Whatever… you, Iran  have been cut out!  You were the root to all of the thievery. You tried to butt in with your so called army to help us get rid of ISIS. It’s so nice that you showed up at the end and caused trouble.  No Iran. Everybody is running away from you.

I think you can be brought back into the picture of what is going on in the Middle East. Straighten up and fly right! Speaking of straightening up and flying right! There’s little Kimmy.  Like I told you on Monday we are not at Def Con one. We are putting sanctions on them. They are going to shut up. Sure enough he did. (Then Frank makes a joke of Kimmy’s height next to his standing generals) and laughs. “Wait… Frank what has this got to do  with the monetary reform???”  Well… you figure it out.
Then Frank discusses the abandonment of the various Presidential business related councils. You guys got caught. The media does not care if it tells the truth. Frank refers to Trump’s pointing out the exorbitant profits of some of those companies.

Then Frank refers to the Charlottesville riot and how those companies used that as an excuse to ask Trump to say more.  Frank refers to the shame of many of those companies that drown in money and profits at the expense of the citizens. For those companies to criticize Trump  And blame a president for not saying enough! Are the democrats hiring you too?

Every CC builds on the last one and his teams are telling him to tell you to be strong. His teams are telling Frank to tell you to be strong!  Stop your confusion and bickering.  The moment there is any kind problems, of stuff…get rid of it!  I do now. I literally spend all my time my waking hours so I can take care of our forum and protect you family. It is my responsibility. Trust me I read every post.  Trust me I read every chat.  And trust me I don’t have time to read your PMs so don’t send me any.  Your e-mails have been beautiful.  I thank a lot of you for your e-mails. You write long beautiful e-mails.  I save them. I look forward to doing God’s work with you some day.

I-Team wants you to know that along with Kuwait that we should pay attention to Saudi Arabia. Follow and study Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. And it is what our friend is bringing you with these articles isn’t it! One was a part of investing and one is a part of deals. And they and Jordan and other countries you will find out they want to do a currency swap with the Iraqi dinar. And that would be so foolish at a program rate. Wouldn’t it?

So there’s no confusion.  There’s just data that is lacking for why you would understand why they (these countries) would do such a stupid thing. Because it’s brilliant! It is the next step for them to do as investors.  We want you to know family when Donald Trump went to Saudi Arabia… Remember?  When I was in DC.  He cut an amazing deal with Saudi Arabia. Of course we know it. We called them oil deals.

But they were more complex than you know.
What the United States also did during that time (IMO) what President Trump wanted to do he wanted to pull out the US ambassador to Qattar. Back in June when this happened. The reason Qattar was sponsoring terrorism at that time. Qattar wasn’t sponsoring  terrorism they were killing terrorists. In fact the US has bases in Qattar. That’s where we launched  a lot of our offensives against dashish.

Qattar is a big player in the Middle East. They handle oil from Iran which allows us to monitor that. Which in turn sponsors  terrorism. Hello! He repeats that again about handling oil from Iran that was sponsoring terrorism. Once again Iran, it’s your fault. We are not stupid. Trump from the very beginning wanted to isolate Iran because IMO they are the root of all the trouble starting from Obama to Maliki.

So this Iranian oil that was being handled through Qattar the profits were being used. There is more than one way to skin a  cat.  You can now see at least that Iran is being isolated aren’t they. I’ve shown you the US newspaper articles and we talked about it on Monday’s CC.  We need to think about the actions of Iran because it is a calculation for Abadi to release, IMO more than he has already released.

Iran had a chance to be a part of the deals in the Middle east. But due to their actions—they thought they were being sneaky and getting away with. No I’m sorry. They were like a fireman who was lighting matches to a burning building while he was dousing it with water. Once again, they are the enemy.  Because they sponsored the enemy. And they were being very stubborn about it. And very coy about it.  Sneaky. They stubbornly sponsored terrorism thru the pipe line in Qattar. That was only going to be for the oil deals they were going to do with Saudi Arabia now these guys messed that up for themselves.  Iran sent the money and sponsored terrorism.

They now literally have all the eyes of the world on them. Sorry you can’t be trusted. You shall not be trusted. The effect of the international world that is now pouring into Iraq it has a tangible co-tangible on the economic reform of the Iraqi Dinar. Take Boeing you saw what happened. They invested in Iran and I am sure they did not know that Iran was doing what they were doing.  In all honesty when Trump went over to Saudi Arabia it was to isolate and  freeze and ban Iran.

A monetary reform must not feed the enemy as much s it can be possibly avoided. That was the plan IMO until they started misbehaving even more and now you see the things that you see.

 Kuwait is doing good. Saudi Arabia is doing good. Although regarding Kuwait  there is very little info that comes out of that country. And Kuwait goes about doing its business –not doing terrorism any more.  I am very happy what is going on in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and Jordan. And these combinations along with another dozen of Middle Eastern countries that you will learn about later. They are doing a good job.
This is all interesting and to add a cherry on top of all of this.  We mentioned that Maliki went to Russia to ask for asylum…so you put all of this together yourself OK? Take our Conference call to God in prayer. But I want you to note that the monetary reform now IMO is going exactly as planned. From the bad behaviors of Iran to Maliki running.

We have one of our three musketeers by the name of BackDoc. The latest thing that he posted, I smiled because he said well, Iran got back to the basement for their bad behavior. I guess we’re going to have to just forget about their currency for a while. I found that humorous, BacDoc. By the way family why would Maliki run to Russia and not to Iran?  HELLO! It doesn’t make sense does it??  And as a team we have nothing to prove that Maliki was actually in Russia to tell you the truth. It was only one article. Must have been along distance call. “Alloo! Can I come?”  Franks laughs.

Article 140 is the effect of chapter 7being satisfied. Did you hear that? I hope you did. Family why would Saudi Arabia threaten as US ally in the middle east (Qattar). Because… they were feeding the terrorists. And that’s why refinery had to stop. Ooooh when he went to Saudi Arabia??? And that’s when started putting pressure on the Iraqi Dinar! So Qattar stopped refining Iran’s oil and their spigot has been turned off.  There is no money for Iran. The sanctions are going to be pretty tough.

Iran and N Korea have a lot of common elements between them besides stupidity. They turned off their profit making spigot and they are not going to make a spigot out of the monetary reform of the Iraqi Dinar.  And IMO it’s going very well. Oh by the way there are no articles on what I just shared with you.  It’s all in IMO.  I took you to my blue couch and I had a dream with you.  But it’s being done and you know it and you see it!

We also have another report from my friend Angel 1. Family here is what Angel1 wants you to know. Frank shows a picture of what Angel 1 took when he was copying that part of the article. He holds up the article. The Bank of the Commercial Region it’s called RG bank in Iraq. Announced the service of granting small loans noting that the value of the loan is up to 50 million dinars per customer.

And our friend wants you to know that to him, that’s amazing. Why?  By the way here is another article about the Iraqi Trade Bank signs cooperative agreement with United Automotive Trading Company. What about it Frank? Badda bing badda boom is what Angel1 says because you see family loans are only for those who have settled their salaries at the bank. This is gold. Do you know how a bank grows and makes money? Do you know what these articles we are bringing to you mean?

Here’s 3 reason why:

1     Banks grow by deposits family they will only give loans if you have your account there. Now not only citizens are opening accounts but also international companies are opening up accounts in Iraqi banks?

2     They all need loans to do construction on their homes on the infrastructure. They can’t do that until they have bank accounts. This is how banks make money from loans. This international stuff is really advancing isn’t it!

3     The economy will do great in Iraq now when banks are able to give loans. Think about then the USA had their best economy..when banks were lending money more money for citizens and for growth of the economy.

I hope all of this makes sense. This is huge. Extremely huge because the banks now have capital and I don’t even know how they did it. I go back to what Abadi said in June “we’ll be out of Chapter 7 by the end of July, early August”. Then on the 2nd of August they got their money didn’t they! Badda bing badda boom. He ain’t no fool.  He’s nobody’s fool.

 Loans can only be if you have a current bank account family. And if you have automatic deposits. If you have e-currency with the e-dinars. All of this is good for the removal of the cash. They want to be a cashless society not only with the citizens but in the markets to control the money laundering and the counterfeiting.  Which is only a huge requirement of Article 8.

Interesting the comment I made earlier about Iraq and Iran. Listen to this quote from a newspaper:

“Iran more dangerous than N Korea after nuclear funding approval.”

Yea. But another article and this is from our friend so he wants you to know this: The United Nations is saying “look we say the referendum on territory is illegal so stop bickering just use the old article 140 that you all agreed upon and then you can do the census later”.  You can do that vote in September but if you do this doggone thing now and if you do it would aggravate the budget and if you do and expose the rate… Use Article 140 as it is. And any of this referendum is simply illegal. Who is this? The United nations.  Oh shoot. Yes sir.
I find it interesting when I told you on Monday family who is it that is the biggest pain in the butt right now for the monetary reform? What is the delay? What did I tell you? Parliament! Listen to this: “Abadi is saying there are corrupt people… (you mean in parliament sir?)  trying to interfere with the work of the Iraqi judiciary”.

But yea I don’t think you need to worry about it anymore do you?  “No. We’re removing and arresting them”.  The most important thing is what our friend brought to you is the article inside of which Abadi said: “the elimination of the current exchange rate”. Laughs.

And you all saw that! And that was the article where the IMF was telling them: “Hey, you! Remove the restrictions. Oh, and by the way eliminate the current exchange rate”…because “the government and the CBI restores the world’s confidence in the Iraqi economy…”  HOW????  “continuing to  adhere to the system of linking the exchange rate”. What the Frank are you talking about??  You know what we’re talking about.

So you gotta do those three things, OK? Ya know, that percentage spread fix it up, remove the restrictions? (yea yea yea) and make sure MCP’s. Yea.  Anything else??? That’s chump change because “and reduce dependence on the dollar large transactions” Frank whispers:  (don’t tell anybody but that’s what we’re doing).  OK ALL RIGHT!

What else? “There is no policy to raise the value  of the American dollar against the Iraqi Dinar”. Well of course not !!! Not at 1:1!!!  Family I’ve got more here but we’re going to save it for Friday’s team chat because it is 9:35. Be wise and calm. Not volatile and excited. To ask questions is one thing but to demand an answer is another. Think heavily about that statement.

 I would say the team chat questions and answers would help. I would also venture to say that what our friend is doing pointing to you as the articles come out now and EXPLAINING!! I can’t believe it. He hates to write reports. But he loves you… in his own way.  HOORAH.

And very soon in my opinion, there will be fruits to bare. For I planted a garden with 77.
Ends in prayer

Then I want to thank you for being with us. I hope that this conference call was a lot better than the undisciplined Frank that you’ve seen recently. I will be with you for another two more weeks. And I pray that we have an RV in that time and if we don’t, so be it. But in the first week of September I wish to just back off.. and livestream just went dead!

Live stream Link  https://livestream.com/frank26/events/7657002

Audio link  CC 8-16-17  https://fccdl.in/3lQCnvJaj

Dinarland -Chattles NEWS Report

Authorsamoliver: My bank story, 17 AUGUST

Today, I went into my bank to talk with my banker friend that I went to high school with and buy some VND. She was busy, but the younger Banker/Manager was free. I try to avoid her if I can because she refuses to talk much about currencies with me.

So, I simply started talking with her about the Egyptian Pound that is floating right now upwards. It is on a float. And, I moved our conversation to the dong being tested in the system these last couple of days. She kept looking down. I just kept talking with her about how it seems these currencies are always being tested after hours, so we cannot exchange them. She kept looking down.

I, then, proceeded to place my order on the VND, but I made a mistake and said how much is the Iraqi Dinar today before I buy it. I realized that I had made a mistake in my wording, but she began to look it up on the computer.

She told me these words, "it's not here yet." She is young, very young to be a manager in my estimation, but she is very smart. I can tell. She knows more than she lets on.

Well, she noticed what she said and looked up at me with her mouth slightly open as if caught in something and looked down again. She quickly moved the conversation back to the dong. How much VND are you wanting to buy today? It was all I could do to keep from laughing folks. She didn't mean to tell me what she did, but she did say those words "it's not here yet."And, she looked for it on her computer screen. Hmmm. I should have asked her when she expected to receive her Dinar at the bank. I want you to know one last thing.

 A year ago, I inquired about buying the Dinar at this same bank. They told me they did not sell the dinar, nor did they intend to do so. Well, I guess things have changed haven't they...   


Elmerf123456:  I'm sorry folks I was not here last night I was where there was no Internet service but I have verified that was in fact Okie on that call.  I would like to mention that Okie plainly said on the call that he was passing on information that was given to him so whether the information turned out to be true or not ....take it as information .

Ambrosia:  Thank you, elmer, for confirming that was the real Okie! I am grateful for the information he shared. He is only sharing what he gets. He sounded wonderful....so strong!

Islandgurl:  What I took away from the one man himself (Mr. O) is that he was repeating what his sources told him. I took away that I am only to remember that we were misled in the past and just remember that last night could be a repeat. Nothing was said that made me feel the man was reassuring the people that the infomation was 100% guaranteed.

Okrocks : Remember Okie said that is to be the *Official Start*... not when we would be in the banks IMO ,,, Either way PTB just bring it  .....it was to be the official START... and I do bellieve that... I also know things have changed as far as the rollout... we wait our turn like always but I do like official start... I had heard it before I heard it from Okie... so be glad of that... how to reach us is anyones guess lol

Yada:  okrocks,,kind of touched on that yesterday,,that the levels above us are already engaging so the final release appears to us last

RVAlready : I presume it meant Treasury to release funds for banks.

Highhopes:  Okie did say he was told RV “would start” between the hours of 6 pm last night and 9AM today” and maybe it did “start” and maybe we won’t see it it until its “finished”?  Something to think about….It was wonderful hearing his voice again…..made my night!!!

Readitnow:  highhopes, exactly. Okie did not say we would be headed to the bank at that time.

Dr. MJRandy:  Good morning currency land. Remember the Iraqi Government stated that their nations currency would be going up in value between Aug. 17th and the 22nd.

Harambe :  CNBC: Oil prices slip as high US output balances crude stock draw https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/16/oil-steady-as-high-u-s-output-balances​-crude-stock-draw.html


VERY INTERESTING TODAY VIETNAM DONG DID OPEN TODAY AT  $0.0044  AND THATS ABOUT $4400 FOR A MILLION DONG.  https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/tools/currencyconverter  [ ..I went to that currency converter that you put up and I see no change in value.]  IT WENT BACK!   [...why would it reverse?]  MAYBE TESTING!!!

Highlights from OkieOilMan on a Conference call, 17 AUGUST

Highlights from OkieOilMan on a Conference call, Wednesday August 16, 2017

Okie: Hello America, ships at sea and all our world wide friends….

I’m very pleased to be here…It’s been quite a ride for all of us…

If we were cowboys we would all have saddle sores.

Prayerfully, things have finally come to where we can have something to look forward to….

I have some information tonight I wish to furnish from second from the top individual….and I am only furnishing the information I receive… I do not guarantee it’s contents but I’ll share with you what I’ve been told.

I have been told that our rv will occur from 6 pm tonight til 9 am in the morning. That will be the official time it will start.

So I think, in a nutshell this is what we all wanted to hear. But in a very brief method

We’ve all heard all the speculation and conjecture,innuendo and gossip, and everything we all can stand so I choose to cut to the chase, say all that’s necessary and let it go at that.

Well, that is what I am getting from just a little while ago and it comes from a very good source.

I can’t guarantee anything but it sounds wonderful to me and I’m looking forward to it, expecting it, anticipating it and believing it. So that’s it in a nutshell. 

I am assuming this is eastern time but they did not specify.but before everything I had been told is east coast time.

I really believe this time that the information furnished is correct for a change. We’ve been led down this rabbit hole so many times that I don’t believe anybody anymore and I’m not from Missouri, the “Show Me State” but I stopped listening…show me – don’t tell me..enough with the labor- show me the baby.

I got in this in the latter part of 2003 and I was one of the very first that got into this….and the dinar that I had originally purchased was from Ali at DinarTrade. For the first 30 days Ali was on ebay and then he came out and opened his own site up and I got to where I talked to him two or three times a week.

He did not have enough customers and he would talk to you 30 minutes at a time….a very cordial gentleman…he’s always shot straight with me.

One time in 2003, I asked Ali, “How long do you think this will take to come to fruition, “ and he said “ Oh my goodness, 6 or 7 years. “ And I thought “Aw boloney- it wont take that long” Well, I am now in my 14th year!

I’m trying to figure out if was patient, or stupid or patiently stupid but, I’m still involved with it.

I’m glad to furnish this information but bear in mind that this information was furnished to me –it did not originate from me, and it came from the second from the top is where it originated so I am assuming it is legit info.

Thank you all and I really appreciate the prayers that have been offered on my behalf during my recent brain concussion


Q: If everything is starting as of 6 tonight, what would I as a Zim holder need to know at this point?

Okie: The official RV, I was told starts at 6pm tonight until 9 in the morning….as far as being a zim holder, when you call in and make your apt you be sure to say you hold Zim BONDS and that you have currency to EXCHANGE . Make sure you are definitive.

Q: : Will we be taxed on the zim?

Okie: I can’t answer that.

Q: Will we exchange into gold backed currency ….getting off of fiat currency?

Okie: Its my understanding our gold backed dollar is already in effect…I’ve not seen it, but I understand its already in effect …the world trade has been accomplished lately with gold-backed dollars….let that be an indicator.

Let me say this…if you have a dollar bill in your billfold thats fiat money, and you have a dollar bill that’s gold backed that you can’t have yet…well they are both worth a dollar. So those of with fiat money will have a period of time to exchange that. All of our currency in circulation in the world is fiat and they will be trying to pull in as I understand it

And that’s a good deal for one particular reason that I can think of…one reason the US stopped printing 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000 dollar bills is because drug dealers/criminals could leave the Us with millions of dollars in just a briefcase….so our government made the $100 bill the largest bill and now if drug dealers now have to send money out of the US on pallets. These Columbia and Guatamalan drug lords have all these pallets of US fiat currency and they will never be able to exchange now and the US will never have to redeem the vast amount of currency on pallets world-wide because they can’t prove where it came from……they may have to just burn it for paper…

For us though – a dollar is still going to be a dollar whether its fiat or gold backed you can go down to the 7-11 and buy yourself a slushie….and we will have adequate time to exchange them…

Q: Confused about 800 numbers..worried about the cabal.

Okie: If you dial the 800 number and follow the instructions explicitly the cabal will not be camping on your doorstep to get your phone number. There is a lot of paranoia right now as people are not knowing exactly what to do. And worry about the finite details….they are paranoid…and lookind for something that does not or may not exist.

Q: Okie- will they take zeros off the zim?

Okie: to the best of my knowledge..the IMF has made a statement that they would not ..now that’s the last I heard and what I hear and what I know for sure are two different things. But I understand that is against the IMF’s protocal of doing things.

Closing statement:

Okie: I think the people should be very optimistic tonight and very excited about the possibility of what has been furnished to us for tonight and in the morning. So let’s all hope and pray that the info furnished to us tonight was correct because we’ve been led down this path so many times before and its hard to believe the truth when we hear it.

I’m just an old-timer that has a little experience and with that I’ll say good night and God Bless to all of you.