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Restored Republic via a GCR Update


8-14-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   ...we continue to wait.   Right now I’m fixated at the 20-21. August, understanding that something could pop out prior to that date.  Anything’s possible, some things are probable, and we patiently wait to see what’s next. 

8-14-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Bluedog

8-14-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste   We do have some good news...we are much, much closer.   I wouldn't say the fat lady started singing yet, but I do think I hear her in the background practicing.  The IMF became a trustee of the CBI back in 2015...they said we need you to become a member of the world community.  Then as I recall in the middle of last year they announced that they were going to bring them into the real world by the middle of this year which has just passed.  I believe that because of Mosul they were thrown back a bit and once they took control of Mosul, the GOI fell right in line with the IMF goals and said now we are ready to move.  So I think we are on the right path and I still think the IMF is in control.  The IMF is pretty good at setting benchmarks, so we have a pretty clear picture of where we are at this point.  So even thought it is not happening at the pace we would have liked, it is happening...  The IMF is keeping this on track.

8-14-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   Here's the positive side of my post...Even though the things I wanted to see happen did not happen, there has been a lot of significant news. That speaks to me in a way... I hate to use these words, but my gut tells me that the HCL related items are on the verge of coming through, but since they can't yet (for one reason or another) they are settling for passing other things.  It's not what we want, at least as an end result, but it is still positive and I'll take it.    [post 2 of 2]

8-14-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   It's not often I think I have a date nailed down, for ANYTHING related to Iraq, but right now I'm chomping at the bit for a tiny hint of confirmation on a couple things. One is heavily HCL related. That's as far into the "intel" that I'm going to go.  Those of you that know me well, know that I keep a very steady and even keel regarding this investment. Am I optimistic? You bet! Do I let my emotions overtake my logic? NEVER. (At least not regarding the Dinar! ) So this is really one of the very few times I have ever felt this way... the feeling is a slight bit of annoyance that something didn't happen in the timeframe I expected it to. 

WSOMN Senior Guru SandNsea - Gold-backed 8/14/17

Anybody hear we went gold backed today? Heard a rumbling from FLA.

I've personally not heard a thing -besides a contact with a SKR saying so moments ago. We need to ck this out.

I know Trump signed a bill or two today and Munchien was standing in the background but that's it.

Business Trust W/Carol Werelius


ABNewsflash: Usually the structure of the Iraqi currency project delete the three zeros and the cost of cash transactions d. The appearance of 
8 Jul 17, 12:08 PM

ABNewsflash: In light of the volatile economic and financial conditions and the pressures of monetary inflation that have taken place in our country before and have led to negative effects on the regularity of the commercial market and labor markets and production and the standard of living of the citizen, has generated many distortions in the structures and economic relations, which included the presence of a mass of many valuable zeros and Which is not suitable for future developments in the present and future of the Iraqi economy, which requires a solution to these circumstances and their consequences, including solutions to reform the system of currency management through the structure of the currency and the deletion of zeros to control the flow and management of the cost of cash mass in a manner Such as
8 Jul 17, 12:08 PM

ABNewsflash: The circulation of the monetary bloc exported more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars in various categories 4, which reflects the number of securities traded billion billion paper is the product of a long period of inflation and economic deterioration, for example increased the index of consumer prices to 200 thousand 100 Basas of 1993 in the middle of the year 2003, which means that the commodity, which 200 thousand 100 were sold in dinars, became sold by dinars. . . And so on . Under this circumstance 250000 25 and the deterioration of the value of the currency increased the currency of the largest dinar to dinars, which means that inflation is added to these zeros.
8 Jul 17, 12:09 PM


Restored Republic via a GCR Transcript & Audio/Video

KJ 9pm

Rupee will remain Asia's winner currency in 2017, 14 AUGUST

The Indian rupee expected to rise to 61 against the US dollar by year-end.

The RBI could cut its repo rate at least twice in the next twelve months

My conviction that the Indian rupee would outperform emerging market currencies was vindicated in 2017. The Indian rupee is up 6 per cent against the US dollar, making it Asia's best performing currency. My bullish case for the Indian rupee was based on the highest real (inflation adjusted) interest rates in South/Southeast Asia after Indonesia, coupled with the reformist BJP government whose win in the UP state election has slashed political risk while 7 per cent GDP growth is the highest among the world's major emerging markets.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) could cut its repo rate at least twice in the next twelve months. This will attract fresh inflows into Indian government debt (G-Secs) and equities on Dalal Street. Foreign holdings of Indian G-Secs and corporate debt have risk by $22 billion in 2017, the main reason for the Indian rupee's stellar outperformance. Russian sanctions and Brazil's successive political scandals (Lavo Jato, Temer) have made the Indian rupee the ideal high yield carry trade currency for Planet Forex. India offers foreign bond holders a higher risk free return, a stronger rupee, reform momentum, economic growth and relative political stability. In such a macro milieu, RBI rate cuts will mean a stronger rupee against the US dollar. It will not surprise me to see the Indian rupee rise to 61 by year end 2017 as the lack of US wage inflation means no imperative for aggressive Federal Reserve rate hikes.

The macro risks for the Indian rupee could rise in 2018.

One, Indian equities now trade at stratospheric valuations, raising the risk of a sharp correction and foreign outflows from Dalal Street.

Two, global debt funds have almost exhausted their purchase limits for Indian government debt. If the Modi government does not relax these foreign limits, inflows into the Indian debt market could decelerate and trigger short term hits on the rupee.

Three, the Federal Reserve's balance sheet shrinkage (quantitative tightening?) could reverse the "soft dollar" theme of the first seven months of 2017. If the dethroned King Dollar resumes its uptrend, emerging markets currencies would be pressured lower and the Indian rupee will be no exception.

Four, there is evidence of dissent in the RBI's monetary policy committee, as the 5-1 vote at the last repo rate conclave undermines the political position of Governor Dr Urjit Patel.

Trump's "fire and fury" comment and North Korea's threat to launch a missile attack on Guam has escalated geopolitical risk and led to a predictable rise in the value of safe haven assets. The Japanese yen has surged to 109, paradoxical since the Empire of the Rising Sun is within range of Comrade Kim's nukes. The Swiss franc's rise has been less dramatic at 0.96 and gold trades at $1,289. While the risk of miscalculation can never be discounted in international relations - the Great Powers sleepwalked into a horrific world war in August 1914. I doubt Washington will launch a nuclear strike against North Korea or vice versa.

Yet geopolitical risk and a US stock market trading at 19 times earnings means gold prices could resume their uptrend since Pyongyang will not back down. I expect the South Korean won to continue to depreciate against the US dollar, possibly down to 1180. Foreign investors are dumping South Korean shares after a spectacular rally in the Kospi in 2017.

Soft French industrial output data reinforces public hostility to Macron's reform agenda. The euro has already fallen from 1.19 to 1.17. The world currency markets will also focus on the German political risk in September. The awful UK trade data will also pressure sterling to its week lows at 1.2950. Despite the Opec meeting in Abu Dhabi, the Canadian dollar has been hammered down to 1.27. This leads me to believe the US Dollar Index can well rise to 95 even though the risk of the North Korean crisis means the Federal Reserve does not move at the September FOMC. Inflation is muted as both the weak PPI and CPI data last week demonstrate. There is no "fire and fury" in the Yellen Fed.

Source: Khaleej Times


Here we are bright and early on Sunday and still no matter how promising it was called we still have not seen hide nor hair for information to lead us to exchanging our currency. Oh sure there are folks who really believe the magic combination will suddenly appear like a shot in the dark and oddly enough the folks who feel that way are now waiting to see what happens.

Lots of text messages sent out today wanting folks to change their change the Pin numbers their text messaging accounts. Fortunately our board monitor were on the ball and put out the waring before any serious problems occurred. Lots of booby traps being set to catch and hold back our members from getting the word on the RV. Be very careful folks.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father continue to watch over us as we go through this transition portion of our blessing and shield us from the evil ones who attempt to sway our better judgement by passing along false information. Guide us through this minefield of misinformation and light the way toward out ultimate goal and destination.

Dear Lord God Almighty, thank you for walking this path with us and facing obstacles that we could never imagine much less endure in our time on this earth. Hear our prayers dear Father. Above all Lord we ask for healing for those of us who are sick weary from our journey thus far. Amen and Amen.

Rest easy my friends as we watch and wait. I know this is very hard for many of us but we must keep our faith as we trod the path ahead of us. The road has been rough but we know there are smoother paths ahead for us.


Ted, there was never any credible information to suggest an rv this weekend.


Bc leave him alone thays his world his reality, we all have one. Yeas there was a call out there suggesting as such by a large following of people that believes the guru

Curly, i was talking with ted not you.

open forum. send him a email
or message

Credible info..... to the naysayers, never has been

I agree with curly. People should respect what others say and believe. PM them if you have a comment. Thank you Ted for the thoughts and prayers you so unselfishly provide for us EVERY DAY!! Some of us actually appreceiate you


I have not been on in a couple weeks. I heard something happened. Do I need to change my password?



How do I delete that message in chat?

TravelingGal.. no need to delete in chat.. just delete in your personal Outlook, or wherever you got that message originally


So, any word yet re the exchanging supposedly going on in the Reno area from any of our members up there? Let's not hold our collective breaths on that one.


Looks like another slow day, but I'm looking forward to an exciting week ahead!

It's slower than slow. I could really do with some decent AdminBill RV news

No one talking today




I know nothing since I just got here. When you talk about information to those requesting, please consider me as politely requesting. Thank you Admin Bill.


Sea...PM Admin if you want info concerning his new business opportunity WASZUPP. Read his post Sunday August 13th


DELTA: THE AUCTIONS FOR THURSDAY 08/17 & 08/20 WILL TAKE PLACE ON 08/13 BECUASE OF HOLIDAYS , BUT AS I KNOW THERE IS NO HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK. IT LOOKS LIKE THE CBI IS ASKING FOR IT!!! (wink) FaithPrevails: Now I ask Delta or anyone why would CBI ask for a Holiday at this time...............hmmmmmm


Looks like the goal post got moved slightly. But all of August looks really good.

Hey sand is Benny going to say anything tonight

I haven't gotten anything yet and 365's sister died, so he is not posting today. Sandnsea wrote
6m ago
I haven't gotten anything yet and 365's sister died, so he is not posting today.


He is a character


He is, the idiot he refers to is Dave Schmidt, lol

Activity happening in Reno

If you agree with him or not - he's good for a laugh

Major activity from a birdie


Reno must be a constant hot bed of activity


He who can not be named wants to open a bank


Did get to the exchange center today to donate some money lol

I'm sure they had lots - still to sell

They has some not much they sell out fast


In fl. They always have currency, CXI. They are in malls

Sand thank you for introducing me to Benny. I love him!

Frank needs to take lessons from him in briefness.

1cam do you know bennys background? just curious, as i research everybody incl him.


No I don't. I bond with him because we both have the same personality and dirty mouth. Lol, Tool, no I have not. I probably will not as we are at the end of this ride. I'm just going to see if his day 4 prediction congress true.

1cam ok, he is someone we have all heard from before....good if you bonded.....see you all later.

Hey cam you hearing anything about reno


006 I scream BS on Reno activity and Tank's post! PTB way too smart to do something so blatant in an area Dinarland has been looking at for years, imo.


How come info from tank gets deleted but info from Frank does not he has not been correct yet either? Just want to know

Who knows trel the all are full of themselves lol


Unfortunately, I for MY PART, do not believe a word this Yosef or Tank say, I just dont agree with this "Space Age Religious Rot"


Please don't get me started on Frank lol Annd his Special Ed team


Just wanted to say hi, saw Frank's name and wanted to heave.
No not a typo. 


lol don't u like his singing ?


All I can say is ..... LIAR ! we'll leave it at that. AND I have 1st hand documents to prove it

It sure is crazy out there in currency land . Wonder what these guys are going to do to sheister after the RV

Who cares ! Just stay the heck away from me

Firefly: please PM me and give me your take on Frank. I think he's the only guru I haven't vetted and while you're added to any comments about Delta would be appreciated thanks in advance


Thanks for all the hugs and prayers .. really is appreciated. I hope everyone has had a great day. Weather has been beautiful. I'll go and not bring down the room.... Hey, anything good some one please let me know. I'll check in tomorrow.. Luv to all my Wsomn family.


When I point.... 3 fingers point at me..or Judge lest Ye be judged. Those that have not sinned throwthe 1st rock. Foe Me to remember. WSOMN!!!! I wanna hang on to my blessing and Not be part of the 95%. Spitituality Matters.Use Logic to find reality!


imo Bluwolf is NOT anyone who ever KNOWS anything either...but, 'whatever floats yer boat'...nuff said! FF - IF you actually have 1st-hand documents to prove F26 is "wrong" please PM them to me...for proof

Once, I do not PM this. If needed I will post it for all to see. If I say I have it documented, that's exactly what I mean


Evening all, just got a message on my phone giving me a code to reset my to reset my Twitter password. Don't think it came from a reuptable source. IMO

1m ago



What happened to the last on... Royaltie Gems... I spent money on that recommedation and made sure you got credit, and then your gone, no word from royalty Gems.... Is this about dinar or a way to keep a new MLM going all the time

Hi dp. No I did not request it. And I haven't. Lots of funny things going on here lately.


Hi AB. Not sure. Meant to meantion it to hubby and forgot. Will mention it to him in the a.m. (He's gone to bed) and will let you know.


I ha a superfantastic day today! I was telling a people about the "Waszupp Crowdfunding" I got great reactions and have started my team!! Thank You Admin BIll for finding this opportunity for us!!!! 


Dajen:  The New Rate is Hiding in the CBI website

Hello  all …..Go To  cbi.iq and follow these directions and 1184 will turn in to 1.2

Scroll down and right above the calculator click on statistics.  It's on the right hand side above the calculator.  Says STATISTICS. SCROLL DOWN A TAD AND YOU'LL SEE : For the extended statistics, please click here.

Ok now on the top right it will have a link called HOME.  CLICK ON THAT.   Scroll down and you should see exchange numbers again.  

Remember, you git here directly from the CBI site.  You have to start from the english side of the CBI.  Notice only the USD and EURO have been adjusted.   3eyon-host.net is the host site.  Just continue watching it  Again, a direct link from the CBI.   I was shocked when I 1st saw it but it appears the CBI doesn't care

LCozy:  yep, i see it  …..progress maybe?

Waveman:  That's good info its about to pop guys

SassyD:  Remember.... the 1.2 ....... COULD be just a placeholder...... while they were sitting up the sites ....... Praying it's real for now !!

6ft6guy:  Can anyone explain why it's showing 1.2 for a while but no international exchanges?

REI:  6ft, maybe because it is Sunday night? or the solar eclipse, or it's not the 15th, 30th,1st, oh wait the 21st this month.....relax it is coming.

Semperfi01:  Here ya go guys. cbi.3eyon-host.net/

Earthfirst:  Heard about this a month or so ago and it was first thought to be a fake site by a computer website expert but then upon further investigation they felt it was real. The steps you give work perfectly.

US Dollar


British pound

Canadian dollar

Japanese yen

Norwegian krone

Dajen:  It's Gone! They must have saw all the hits and changed it,my guess.

Yechochie:  Iraqi Stock Exchange is achieving the highest trading day


August 13, 2017

The Iraqi stock market, on Sunday, the highest trading during the current days to close at the point of 581.25 points.

The volume of shares traded in today’s session, 15.5 billion shares worth 15.3 billion dinars, and traded session shares of 20 companies, and have concluded 189 transactions.

The banking sector is the most active, with 99 transactions worth KD 532.5 million, followed by the industrial sector with 64 transactions worth KD 35.2 million.

-------  Iraq stock market closed at a marginal height

13 August 2017 05:11 PM

Mubasher: The general index of the Iraqi Stock Exchange closed Sunday, at a marginal increase of 0.02%, closing at 581.25, to win 0.14 points, compared to levels of closing on Wednesday .
The rise of 4 shares led the general index of the rise, with the United Bank by 4.55%, Mansoor Pharmaceutical by 2.99%, the Mosul bridge by 2.56% and the Investment Bank by 2.08%.
On the other hand, manufacturing and marketing of dates decreased by 6.67%, mineral and bicycle by 1.39%, Baghdad for beverages by 0.82%, and Babylon Hotel by 0.59%.
The volume of trading today, to 15.53 billion shares, compared to 697.36 million shares, the previous session, and increased the value of trading to 15.34 billion dinars, compared with 11.52 billion shares last Wednesday.
Al Arabiya Islamic Bank issued volume and value traded through 14.75 billion shares worth KD 14.75 billion .
It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi Stock Exchange announced last Thursday an official holiday for high temperatures in the country.


DR. Clarke's dates from his posts of July 27 and August 8.  

ON A SCALE OF 1 - 10….(10 being the band Nirvana) :

AUGUST 16-23rd: 8.8

AUGUST 24-31st:           9.9 

SEPTEMBER 1-7th:        9.99

SEPTEMBER 8-15th:      9.999


OCTOBER - PARTY on the Patio!

NOVEMBER - Who cares?

DECEMBER - You’re “Santa Claus” (or something similar)


HAVE YOU NOTICED YET?…September 1, is VERY IMPORTANT DATE.Oh….HAPPY FRIDAY!….Smashingly Exciting FRIDAY’s….to come


BLC News Highlights & Comments

Tlm724:    Iraq is entering the global financial markets with great success

Expert for {morning}: prime economic minister plans paid off

13/8/2017 12:47 AM   Baghdad / follow Farah pumice   announced the Iraqi Trade Bank of the success of his participation as a manager issue in the process of global international Iraq bonds put forward for the first time, at a time when financial expert confirmed that Dr. Haider Abadi , the prime minister 's plans succeeded and paid off .

The government issued 1 billion dollars worth of bonds on the world market for five and a half years at a 100 percent issuance rate and a yield of 6.75 percent.
... ​
Citibank, JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank were co-directors of the bond issue, while the Iraqi Trade Bank was co-director.

The bond is rated B-Stable by global rating agencies Fitch and S & P. ​​Bonds are also expected to fall into the Irish stock market.

The government, along with the banks that manage the bond issue, has organized a wide range of offerings in London, Boston and New York, as they received a very positive interest from investors from global investment funds.

The proceeds exceeded the value of what was on the market more than seven times the amount required.

Faisal Al-Hims, General Manager of the Iraqi Trade Bank, said: "We are proud to have been involved in the issuance of bonds worth one billion dollars for the first time by the Iraqi government."

"We are also pleased with the positive result we have gained from the global capital market, as the proceeds of the IPO exceeded several times was not reflected the confidence of the global capital market in the economic future of Iraq."

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi said at the weekly press conference that " Iraq, the issuance of treasury bonds worth one billion dollars a few days ago without any external support, "adding that" requests to buy the Iraqi bond is very large, although the interest rate of 6.7 percent.

" He explained that" Iraq launched two years ago Treasury bonds to support his budget, but the requests were weak and interest rates Very high 11.5 percent, "adding that" the government is working to provide an environment conducive to investment. "

According to the financial adviser to Prime Minister Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh," the move, "this move gives a strong signal to investors to deal with Iraq with high confidence,

The financing of the general budget by flexible external or international financial markets Global rather than multilateral financial institutions. "

He pointed out that the important thing in this subject is the confidence of investors in the Iraqi economy and the strength of the national economy promising the victor in the front of the war on terrorism, and we are now reaping the results of the victory really.

The financial expert, Thamer al-Azzawi, told al-Sabah that the prime minister's plans have borne fruit, despite the circumstances that the country has undergone in the past period.

He said: "The plans implemented by Dr. Abadi three years ago were well studied, especially with regard to capital.

​We succeeded in maintaining the dinar exchange rate while continuing to pay salaries and dues, maintaining the war against the enemy and achieving economic victories parallel to security."

tlm724:   Very Happy

Shredd:    I wish I could impress upon everyone how big this news of the sovereign bonds is. Just look at the numbers...with a rate of nearly double of what it is today, the interest was weak but the appetite for investment now is strong.

For investors to buy these bonds, their due diligence was done. Their risk concerns are not stronger than their confidence in the returns.

​Furthermore, bond investors know that the better chances for a return beyond the principal they invested is in the early years of the issuance.

Finally, the big name administrators of this debt issuance is just a cherry on top. This further ensures us that Iraq has continued to economically mature.     Be encouraged y'all. I am!


ELG1964: This may have some info on the DTC,,The Direct Registration System (DRS) enables investors to hold their assets in book entry form directly with the issuer by leveraging DTC's connectivity. http://www.dtcc.com/

 Cree: GA all
Cree: So what did everyone thing of Kaps call yesterday?

tman23: @Whitelions ... No reason to debate what is not understood........ The coming days will provide the answers .....

Baxter: I liked Kaps call myself...
Baxter: I dont think you can argue his stance on the 2% requirement... seems IMF is going to stand firm on this...
​MichelleL: anyone here?

MichelleL: I applaud your willingness to listen to another 2 hour call, Baxter - I couldn't even listen to myself for that long ;)


Meatball: i cant believe there still selling zim

Jo: @Meatball Agree
Meatball: a little research goes a long way

Meatball: better off investing in McDonalds Szechuan sauce lol
Meatball: 15 grand for a bottle of the stuff..... unbelievable

Cree: @Meatball Hey all

Cree: @Meatball On the Zim , if you get the lower demons - great wallpaper for the bathroom....

Jo: @Cree tacky

Cree: @Jo hey its better then thinking peole are silly enough to buy Zim as an investment

Jo: true lol

Cree: @Jo Actually, it is sad. I have one friend who less ten a year ago spent $300.00 on Zim. I tried to tell him it was a dead currency, but he a lower income and his dreams got the better of him'

RickeyT: @Cree people were silly enough to buy the dinar

Cree: @RickeyT Ok but there may or may not be some reality there.... But the Zim. Not sure which GURU's pump the Zim still, but they caused this. People wo can't afford it are motivated to waste their money.....

Cree: @RickeyT how many people are reading what we write here so bought Zim and feel silly but still dream....

Meatball: Question is.... how many think the zim is a payday

Cree: @Meatball too many. Not the question, but the problem is too many people are so desperate that they believe in these False prophets, called GURU. Problem is all the blogs print all the GURU BS and think it is real, want it to be real, need for it to be real. They do not have much and then they buy zim and have less......

Meatball: @Cree very true

Cree: @Meatball I only wish that there was a way to get to people who have not bought zim yet and tell them the truth.... But we can only help those who want to be helped....

Meatball: @Cree again true.... hopefully his site helps somewhat

Cree: @Meatball Amen to that.....

Meatball: @Cree patience is gonna be your best friend
Meatball: @Cree try not let the frustration get the best of you

Cree: @Meatball I agree. I started walking as that is all I can do.... Life is boring but there is a future as long as I do not do anything studip

Meatball: @Cree I don't take you as being such
Meatball: @Cree day at a time... all you can do

Cree: @Meatball :) thanks again but we all do stupid things at times.... Most of my friend are either outdoors people which i canoot do anything with them now or party people and I cannot do that either

Cree: @Meatball I'll make it to the finish line. but it is a long ways form now....

Meatball: @Cree all you can do is make the best of it
Cree: @Meatball :
Cree: @Meatball :)

Cree: @Meatball your so right
Meatball: @Cree finish lines are meet one step at a time

Cree: @Meatball So what did everyone thing of the Kap conference call?

Meatball: @Cree lol... didn't get to listen was tied up with work
Meatball: @Cree from what I gather some liked it many did not

Whitelions: Parliamentary Change: The delegation of the region is "partisan" and does not represent the will of the people of Kurdistan


The parliamentary bloc of change, on Monday, that the party delegation that is visiting Baghdad does not represent the direction and will of the people of Kurdistan, noting that any decision taken by the delegation is not binding.

"The Kurdistan region is going through a difficult political and economic stage, which requires finding an appropriate formula for dialogue with a view to resolving the outstanding issues between the region and Baghdad," said the head of the bloc, Sarwa Abdul Wahid, in a statement received by Mawazin News. "We hoped that this dialogue would be through national institutions Which called for the Movement for Change to be established years ago. "

 She added that "party delegations that visit Baghdad to negotiate with the federal government does not represent the direction and will of the people of Kurdistan, and therefore will not succeed in achieving the aspirations of the people of the region to solve the problems rooted since 2003."

 She added that "the party delegation, which is currently visiting Baghdad as well as it does not represent the political reality of Kurdistan is not entitled to speak on behalf of all the people of the region, because it did not come within the legal context and does not represent a legal entity or a national institution.

" The head of the bloc, that "any decision taken by this delegation is not binding for us, because we are not part of this policy is wrong, which does not believe in institutions, but prefer the policy of chaos and impose the will on others," expressing the refusal "to be transferred purely national issue, In determining their fate to a party or personal goal. "

 She pointed out that "the body entitled to represent the people of Kurdistan is the parliament of the province, which is still disabled and the government of the region paralyzed by a decision of Massoud Barzani for more than two years." "It is necessary to start a new era of negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil on all outstanding issues and through constitutional institutions and legitimacy.

Spectra: The Executive Directors agreed on the overall line of assessment of the Fund's experts, welcoming the policies developed by the authorities to deal with the shocks of armed conflict with the Dahesh organization and the resulting humanitarian crisis and the fall in oil prices.

"The outlook for growth is likely to be positive in the medium term, but the medium-term outlook remains highly volatile due to volatile oil prices, security instability, political tensions and weak management capabilities."

 Managers emphasized the importance of implementing structural reforms to improve the investment climate, diversify the economy and achieve sustainable growth, and call on the authorities to undertake a comprehensive reform of public finance management, including regular inventory replenishment, payment of arrears and improved commitment to expenditure and cash management to prevent new arrears from accruing. Managers also emphasized the importance of addressing weaknesses in management capacity and data availability.

In addition, the implementation of the budget-sharing agreement between the federal Government and the KRG would put the two Governments in a better position to deal with shocks. The fall in oil prices has caused Iraq's international reserves to fall from $ 54 billion at the end of 2015 to $ 45 billion by the end of 2016.

There is still pressure on public finances, with the government deficit increasing from 12% of GDP in 2015 to 14 In 2016 despite ongoing austerity measures, due to lower oil prices and increased spending on humanitarian and security needs. It is anticipated that the next Article IV consultations with Iraq will be held in accordance with the decision of the Executive Board on the consultation process with member countries associated with agreements with IFAD.

Article IV of the IMF Agreement provides for bilateral discussions with member countries, usually on an annual basis. A team of UNFPA experts visits the member country, collects

Spectra: The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV Consultation with Iraq, under which the Iraqi economy is assessed.

 "The outlook for growth has been positive over the medium term, and growth will be driven by the moderate increase in oil production, the recovery of non-oil growth, supported by the expected improvement in security conditions and the implementation of structural reform measures," the IMF said in a statement.

"The risks remain very high, mainly due to volatile security conditions, political tensions and weak policy implementation." The fund supports Iraq through its three-year standby credit facility of SDR 3.831 million (US $ 5.380 billion), equivalent to 230%

Spectra: International Monetary Fund calls on Iraq to share its budget with Kurdistan

MichelleL: @RickeyT good morning! I'll ask my husband - your bbq on Saturday?
RickeyT: @MichelleL yes ma'am. Bring fishing poles and grand kids also!

MichelleL: Hope you have good luck with that, no matter what Rickey!
Whitelions: Big risks await the Kurdistan region in the event of separation http://www.mawazin.net/uploads/files/2017/August%20-%208/14-8/%D8%B3%D8%B3.jpg The UK's Economist magazine saw a referendum on Kurdish independence for Iraq as a major risk.

The magazine pointed out that the development of a huge new statue of a Peshmerga soldier overlooking the field of Baba Korkor oil near Kirkuk, is a clear indication of the ambitions of Iraq's response to the establishment of an independent state beyond the borders of their historical land, to include some of the richest oil fields of Iraq. A referendum scheduled for Sept. 25 is believed to be another step for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

But, according to the Economist, the timing of the referendum raised controversy, especially because of the lack of clarity of the steps to follow, and to some fear that the vote on independence to violent reactions by the Baghdad government, and by neighboring countries.

Since gaining autonomy in 1991, the Kurdistan Regional Government has enjoyed a number of features of an independent state, including the army, parliament and its own online dominance.

After Baghdad abstained in 2014 from paying the region's budget allocations, the KRG began selling its oil independently of the federal government.

Whitelions: The magazine draws on "Arbil access to additional resources a few months after the Iraqi army fled from the oil area inside and around Kirkuk, when approaching the elements of the city of Daash, and then was given the task of fighting the Pasha on the shoulders of the Peshmerga forces, which led the task bravely.

 Still, some Kurds see the timing of the quest for independence as premature. "At first we need Kurdish unity and some sort of understanding with Baghdad," says Mahmoud Osman, a Kurdish politician.

Economist points out that "the Peshmerga forces are a unified force only on paper, where the loyalties of their fighters are divided between the ruling KDP and the opposition represented by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan." Parliament has not been convened since 2015, when Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan region, extended his term for a second term, sparking violent protests and leading to a political impasse.

Some see the referendum as an attempt by the Kurdistan Democratic Party to get popular support ahead of elections in November, according to the magazine.

The magazine pointed to the failure of the economy in the Kurdistan region in light of the decline in oil prices, and the departure of a large number of foreign companies that poured into the region more than ten years ago, and because of the war on Dahesh. But opponents of the government there say government deficits and rampant corruption are the biggest causes of the region's faltering economy.

According to the Economist, there is also the issue of the city of Kirkuk, which includes the majority of Kurdish, but also the home of a number of Arabs and Turkmen, and valued by all because of its rich oil.

By annexing Kirkuk to its territory in its referendum next month, the Kurdistan government hopes to start its claim to the Kurdish city. "If people say yes, that means they have decided Kirkuk to be part of Kurdistan," said Ribwar Talabani, head of the Kirkuk provincial council.

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Whitelions: However, as the magazine notes, non-Kurdish residents are planning to boycott the referendum. "Our future with Iraq is not going to be recognized," said Hassan Turan, a Turkmen parliamentarian.

Winning other regional powers will also be more difficult. Turkey is still fighting local Kurdish militias and has launched air strikes against Kurdish forces in Syria. Ankara opposes any Kurdish independence for fear of encouraging local separatists. Iran is also more opposed to such a move for the same reasons. Even the closest allies of the Kurds advise them to postpone the referendum.

 America fears that this will lead to unrest in the rest of Iraq, weakening the country's prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, and hampering the war on a daisy.

Whitelions: The Article just shows how the rest of the world is looking at this .

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chattels: Kurdistan Israel’s Netanyahu supports independent Kurdish state: report By Rudaw


chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Prime Minister of Israel has reportedly expressed his support for an independent Kurdistan. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed a “positive attitude” towards an independent Kurdistan state emerging out of northern Iraq, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

He made the comment in a meeting with a visiting delegation of 33 US Republican congress members, telling them the Kurds are a “brave, pro-Western people who share our values.”

chattels: Kurdistani referendum delegation to meet with PM Abadi, VP Maliki in Baghdad By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/140820171

chattels: BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Kurdish delegation tasked with holding the first official discussion with Baghdad regarding the independence referendum is scheduled to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Vice President Nouri al-Maliki, a member of the delegation told Rudaw.

chattels: Maliki and Abadi are from the ruling Dawa Party. Maliki is the head of the party and also the head of the Shiite State of Law parliamentary coalition. He has made his views clear that he is against the referendum, and even at one stage hinted at using military force to stop the Kurdish plans.

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chattels: The delegation has prepared a lengthy report chronicling about 50 articles of the Iraqi constitution that Erbil says have been violated by Baghdad, mainly Article 140 that concerns the disputed or Kurdistani areas claimed by both governments, and the budget cut by Iraq since early 2014, with the latter masterminded by Maliki.

chattels: ................ it is unlikely that they agree to the Kurdish demands since they consider the referendum to be“unconstitutional.” Abadi has called the Kurdish vote unilateral, unconstitutional and one that Iraq does not engage with its outcome. He had said that he would welcome the Kurdish delegation. The then-PM Maliki decided to cut the budget of Kurdistan in 2014 as Erbil planned to export oil produced in the Region independent of Baghdad.

PM Abadi did not roll back the decision despite having friendlier relations with Erbil, including military co-operations that reached its peak when the Iraqi and Peshmerga forces launched a joint operation, backed by the United States, resulting in the full liberation of Mosul in July.

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chattels: The delegation met with Barzani, and a statement from the Kurdish Presidency following the Saturday meeting said that they will negotiate “political issues, future relations between the [Kurdistan] Region and Baghdad” during their visit to Iraq’s capital. One item that is not up for discussion is the timing of the vote, Dakhil had said.

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chattels: The arrival of military forces to the outskirts of Tal Afar

​chattels: Military forces arrived at the outskirts of Tel Afar district west of Mosul in preparation for a battle to liberate the gangs of the terrorist. "The units of the armored vehicle division and the elite forces are moving towards Tal Afar and are stationed in their combat positions in preparation for the next liberation battle," Federal Police Chief Major Raed Jawdat said in a statement.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced last week to set the zero hour and the date of liberation Tal Afar and participate in the popular and tribal crowd. A spokesman for the international coalition said the battle would not be easy but it will not be more difficult than the city of Mosul, ..............

chattels: It is now one month since Mosul was declared liberated in full.
chattels: A little history lesson on Iraq, very succinct and readable. Iraq History Timeline


chattels: Sunday, August 13, 2017 Post Mosul Liberation Day 32-33 Aug 11-12 2017


chattels: A source told Al-Akhbar that the Tal Afar operation wouldn’t kick off until after the Eid al-Adha holiday at the beginning of September. That seems incredibly late. Most of the forces are in place, so a start within a few days or weeks would seem more practical.

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chattels: Now that Mosul is freed many politicians are trying to settle scores with their rivals. This has occurred in other liberated provinces such as Anbar and Salahaddin. The result has been deadlock, which undermines governance and reconstruction, which are the two most important elements necessary for a successful post-IS environment. Instead politicians are more interested in jockeying for power.