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Don961:  From the CBI website :

 Needs DELTA translation .... but notice the dates .... 8/17 and 8/20 ...

That would be Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday .... next week

Implementation of requests for holidays

August 13, 2017



Frank26:  FAMILY ......... WS is bringing YOU the foundation of next week's CCs.

This article is also trying to say ............... IMO ................ NO ONE in the WORLD has to fear M .......... Anymore.     HOO RAH %$#@ !!!! 

Walkingstick:  Political expert talks about hiding the next stage Washington seeks change in Iraq .. Tehran opposes

Orient - News section:

said political expert and confident Hashemi, on Saturday, said the United States supports the change in the upcoming elections with the renewal of the mandate of the current Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi for a second term, as explained that Iran wants to keep the situation as it is for being a beneficiary of it substantially .

 "The United States supports the change in the upcoming elections with the renewal of the mandate of the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi for a second term," Hashemi said, noting that "America believes that Abadi has achieved great successes in the battles against the organization calling the terrorist has cooperated A big alliance with the international alliance in this regard as well as the realization of some reforms and does not know the ways it will take because of the presence of other forces have programs and projects are different, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and others. The political expert explained that "



Godsgurl:   Look at all the bigwigs involved. Thanks WS!

Upstart:  And as the investors start getting their interest payments.........     Watch the Iraq credit rating improve.  Everything with a purpose

Thomas:  i think they will move to a single A soon. Out of 7 soon 8 meet IMF than from a B- to an A. A quantum leap but do able because they have the 3 C's of credit

MilitiaMan: Looks like big brother the IMF is firmly at the wheel of MR and in total control. The confidence from the bond sales is a record for Iraq! That will not go unnoticed much longer. Once the snakes head was cut off and SS was firmly in place the cat was let out of the bag and the demand roared on in! The process is on a solid foundation now and considered to be B Rated / Stable. Powerful evidence the future is very bright..

Interesting they have publicly now stated there is a tier in the game. Those with wealth and privilege just became more wealthy and privileged. That suggests now and along with the release of the imf 800+ million USDs to support the budget and the bonds supporting infrastructure and rebuild of Iraq, they have to have an international rate and it is on its way. We are next in that along Line, imo!! -MM

Walkingstick:  Cleary Advises Iraq On First Standalone Bond Since 2006

By Tom Zanki

Law360, New York (August 10, 2017, 2:54 PM EDT) -- Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP said Thursday it advised the Republic of Iraq's recent $1 billion international bond offering, representing Iraq’s first unsupported bond since 2006 as the war-torn Middle Eastern country raises money to rebuild its economy.

The six-year notes listed on the Irish Stock Exchange pay an annual interest rate of 6.752 percent and are set to mature in 2023, according to a prospectus. The deal closed on Wednesday.

The transaction represents a milestone for Iraq, which has not issued a standalone bond since 2006, according to reports. The country issued a $1 billion international bond in January, also advised by Cleary Gottlieb, but that deal was guaranteed by the credit of the U.S. government.

Iraq plans to use proceeds to support its budget and economic development. The country notes that declines in oil prices starting in 2014 have hurt the oil-dominated Iraqi economy while the cost of fighting Islamic State militants has driven up the government’s budget deficit
“The security situation and federal budget deficit have also made it difficult for the federal government to pursue its development programs,” Iraq said in the deal’s prospectus.

But Iraq hopes to be making headway in its turnaround plans. The country last month declared victory over the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, after a bloody campaign. Plus, the International Monetary Fund this month released $825 million to aid Iraqi economic development as part of a relief program conditioned upon Iraq meeting certain fiscal and economic reforms.

The Iraqi bonds were seven times oversubscribed, according to deal underwriter Trade Bank of Iraq.

"We were impressed by the commitment of the Iraqi government team to full and transparent disclosure," said Cleary Gottlieb capital markets partner Andrew Bernstein, who advised the deal.  "Investors were able to see the challenges Iraq faces, as well as its significant potential.  Judging by their reaction they found the latter highly attractive."

The Iraqi notes are rated B- by Fitch and S&P, which are considered speculative grade or junk, meaning the bonds are at greater risk of default than investment-grade debt but pay higher yields to compensate investors for taking on additional risk.

The U.S. dollar-denominated offering was not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission but instead is being offered to certain U.S. institutional investors and non-U.S. investors under exemptions provided by Rule 144A and Regulation S.

Underwriters on the deal include Citigroup Global Markets Ltd., Deutsche Bank AG’s London branch, J.P. Morgan Securities plc and the Trade Bank of Iraq.

Cleary Gottlieb said capital markets partners Andrew Bernstein in Paris and Gamal Abouali in Abu Dhabi led the transaction. The Cleary team also included associates Lynn Ammar and Lawale Ladapo, and international lawyer Reem Gasir, in Abu Dhabi; and associate Mohamed Taha in London.

U.S. tax advice was provided by partner Erika Nijenhuis and associate Daniel Hanna in New York. Partner Paul Marquardt, in Washington, D.C., and associate Joanna El-Khoury in Paris provided advice on sanctions and regulatory matters.

Stephenson Harwood Middle East LLP also served as special counsel to Iraq.

Shearman & Sterling LLP’s represented the underwriters on matters pertaining to U.S. law.
The Shearman & Sterling team included partner David Dixter; counsel Alejandro Gordano; associates Steven Holm and Joseph Hutchinson on the firm’s capital markets team, and Andy Zwecker (mergers and acquisitions) and Mohamed El-Sayed (corporate).

Partners Kristen Garry and Simon Letherman and associates Kammy Lai and Sarah Moir-Porteous provided tax advice, while partner Philip Urofsky (litigation) and of counsel Dan Newcomb assisted with regulatory issues.

Multaqa Al Nahrein advised the underwriters on matters pertaining to Iraqi law.

--Editing by Kelly Duncan.

Update: This story has been updated with additional comment on the transaction from Cleary Gottlieb counsel.



JesusLovesBaseball:    Arab parliament speaker to visit Iraq next Monday

Editor Mustafa Saad - Saturday 12 August

Alsumaria News / Baghdad, reported the official newspaper "Riyadh" Saudi Arabia on Saturday, that the President of the Arab parliament Meshaal bin peaceful understanding will visit Iraq at the head of a high - level delegation on Monday at the official invitation.

The newspaper said that the peaceful "will head a high-level delegation from the Arab Parliament to the Republic of Iraq from 14 to 16 August 2017, in response to an invitation from the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Salim Jubouri, for cooperation and coordination and consultation and exchange of views between the Arab Parliament and the Iraqi Council."

She added that "the Speaker of the Arab Parliament will address the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, renewing the firm will of the Arab Parliament to promote relations of consultation, coordination and cooperation with Arab parliaments to the highest levels, and the Arab Parliament keen to embody and strengthen parliamentary diplomacy, At all levels and in all regional and international forums. "

"The visit will focus on the support of the Arab Parliament for the efforts of the State of Iraqin the fight against terrorism, stressing the Arab depth of Iraq, the need to return to exercise its natural role in the joint Arab action and strengthen its relations with Arab countries. Security and the unity of its people and territorial integrity, and the parliament's rejection of external interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Iraq, and support the project of national reconciliation between the components of the Iraqi people.     LINK

Stranger:  I would think this is quite impressive considering their past relationship.

JesusLovesBaseball:  It definitely speaks volumes!! The amount of cooperation between all of the Arab countries right now is absolutely amazing. I think a lot of folks underestimate how special of a movement this really is between all of the Arab countries. Most of them typically don't get along with each other and like to pick fights. Blessings!

MilitiaMan:  Fair to say your find is in line with Frank and teams. They are effectively on their way now and they are in support of National Reconciliation. Ya think? The black gold spigots were turned on back before the five tankers ever left port to the USA to fund our banksters in perpetration for us.. This final process is fascinating as all get out.!! -MM


[vote4rv] jester I have a question. Since it appears that Iraq is now fully out of chpt 7 and headed for normal international relations under chapter 8 will the central banks start buying dinar?



[Pollyp] Jester good to know....


8-13-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  Article:  "Cleary Advises Iraq On First Standalone Bond Since 2006"    Looks like big brother the IMF is firmly at the wheel of MR and in total control. The confidence from the bond sales is a record for Iraq! That will not go unnoticed much longer.  ...The process is on a solid foundation now and considered to be B Rated / Stable. Powerful evidence the future is very bright...   Interesting they have publicly now stated there is a tier in the game. Those with wealth and privilege just became more wealthy and privileged. That suggests now and along with the release of the imf 800+ million USDs to support the budget and the bonds supporting infrastructure and rebuild of Iraq, they have to have an international rate and it is on its way. We are next in that along Line, imo!!

8-13-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Article:  "Political expert talks about hiding the next stage Washington seeks change in Iraq .. Tehran opposes"   Quote:   "The United States supports the change in the upcoming elections with the renewal of the mandate of the current Prime Minister Haider Abadi for a second term," Hashemi said, noting that "America believes that Abadi has achieved great successes..."  This article is...trying to say...IMO...NO ONE in the WORLD has to fear M [Maliki ?] ...Anymore.    

8-13-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin   Articles:  "Al Araji: Investments in Iraq exceeded $ 93 billion since 2010"   "Egypt is considering establishing factories in Iraq and establishing a free zone"   "The National Investment Authority signs a contract with a Chinese company to set up 4,000 housing units in Maysan"   Don't let anyone tell you that investors are hesitant about coming into Iraq. They are flooding in currently.

8-13-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   "Iraq is entering the global financial markets with great success"   Quotes:  "this move gives a strong signal to investors to deal with Iraq with high confidence..."   "The plans implemented by Dr. Abadi three years ago were well studied, especially with regard to capital. We succeeded in maintaining the dinar exchange rate while continuing to pay salaries and dues, maintaining the war against the enemy and achieving economic victories parallel to security."   The confidence the investors have in Iraq has arrived.  An additional point to think about is the three years it has been in the making. If we recall the MOP shows that time line for the IQD as well... with two sets of books per se, one may deduce they have been doing them for a heck of a lot longer than ever thought. If true, how sweet it is!!


I declare that there will not be any nuclear interventions with North Corea. I declare that there will not be a military invasion of Venezuela. I declare that there won't be any civil urban war within the confines of the U.S. i declare that the 1% is now powerless and non existent. I declare that this blessing is now being executed in full in God's timing. I declare that all those malignant government officials will all be leaving office as we speak. I declare that all who have stolen or created an injustice towards the American people will all fall to our justice for no one is above the law. I decare that all things said will fall into place declared 100 % accomplished by the Almighty power of God JEHOVÁ and with that I conclude and say to all Amen, Amen,Amen Na'maste Bluwolf


KTFA:Iraq is Entering the Global Financial Markets With Great Success,13 AUGUST

Walkingstick:  Iraq is entering the global financial markets with great success

Expert for {morning}: prime economic minister plans paid off

Baghdad / follow Farah pumice

Announced the Iraqi Trade Bank of the success of his participation as a manager issue in the process of global international Iraq bonds put forward for the first time, at a time when financial expert confirmed that Dr. Haider Abadi , the prime minister 's plans succeeded and paid off .

The government issued 1 billion dollars worth of bonds on the world market for five and a half years at a 100 percent issuance rate and a yield of 6.75 percent.
Citibank, JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank were co-directors of the bond issue, while the Iraqi Trade Bank was co-director.
The bond is rated B-Stable by global rating agencies Fitch and S & P. ​​Bonds are also expected to fall into the Irish stock market.

The government, along with the banks that manage the bond issue, has organized a wide range of offerings in London, Boston and New York, as they received a very positive interest from investors from global investment funds.

The proceeds exceeded the value of what was on the market more than seven times the amount required.

Faisal Al-Hims, General Manager of the Iraqi Trade Bank, said: "We are proud to have been involved in the issuance of bonds worth one billion dollars for the first time by the Iraqi government."

"We are also pleased with the positive result we have gained from the global capital market, as the proceeds of the IPO exceeded several times was not reflected the confidence of the global capital market in the economic future of Iraq."

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi said at the weekly press conference that "

Iraq, the issuance of treasury bonds worth one billion dollars a few days ago without any external support, "adding that" requests to buy the Iraqi bond is very large, although the interest rate of 6.7 percent. " He explained that" Iraq launched two years ago Treasury bonds to support his budget, but the requests were weak and interest rates Very high 11.5 percent, "adding that" the government is working to provide an environment conducive to investment. "

According to the financial adviser to Prime Minister Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh," the move, "this move gives a strong signal to investors to deal with Iraq with high confidence, The financing of the general budget by flexible external or international financial markets Global rather than multilateral financial institutions. "

He pointed out that the important thing in this subject is the confidence of investors in the Iraqi economy and the strength of the national economy promising the victor in the front of the war on terrorism, and we are now reaping the results of the victory really.

The financial expert, Thamer al-Azzawi, told al-Sabah that the prime minister's plans have borne fruit, despite the circumstances that the country has undergone in the past period.

He said: "The plans implemented by Dr. Abadi three years ago were well studied, especially with regard to capitalWe succeeded in maintaining the dinar exchange rate while continuing to pay salaries and dues, maintaining the war against the enemy and achieving economic victories parallel to security."


Needtounderstand:  Interesting,  the four banks involved. Further proof of growing confidence in Iraq and its potential!

Michelle:  This is HUGE!!!! Thank you WS!!!!!

Don961:  Thanks WS ... another confirmation


Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Sat PM  8-12-17

BobS: 8/13/2017 0:47 Expert for {morning}: prime economic minister plans paid off Baghdad / follow Farah pumice announced the Iraqi Trade Bank of the success of his participation as a manager issue in the process of global international Iraq bonds put forward for the first time, at a time when financial expert confirmed that Dr. Haider Abadi , the prime minister 's plans succeeded and paid off .

 The government has issued bonds worth one billion dollars in the global market for five and a half years and at an issue price by 100 percent and 6.75 percent Aaidbnsph. He participated both Citibank and Bank of JP Morgan and Bank of Deutsche Bank as managers in the process of key sectors issuing bonds either the Iraqi Trade Bank participated as co - director.
BobS: Sindh has been classified category (B Stable B-Stable) by international rating companies Fitch and S & P, it is also expected to fall bonds within the Irish stock market. The government has organized with the banks , which manages the bond issuance process several comprehensive deals in London, Boston and New York, as those offers received positive attention largely by investors from the global investment funds.

IPO proceeds have exceeded the value of what was on the table in the market by more than seven times the required amount. On this occasion , Faisal Alheims Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq , said "It is a pride for us and our organization being managers involved in the process of issuing bonds and one billion dollars for the first time by the value of the Iraqi government."

"We also are pleased with the positive outcome that Hsdnaha of the global capital market, as it exceeded the proceeds of the IPO several times what was on the table reflects the global capital market confidence in the economic future of Iraq."

BobS: The Prime Minister , Dr. Haider al - Abadi said at his weekly press conference: " The Iraq launch treasury bonds worth billion without any external support days before, "adding that" applications to buy the bond of Iraq is very large , although the interest rate of 6.7 percent. "

 He explained that" Iraq has put forward two years treasury bonds prior to support the budget , but the applications were weak and the interest rate very high 11.5 percent , "adding that" the government is working to provide a suitable environment for investment. "

according to the financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. the appearance of Mohammed Saleh for" morning "," this measure gives a strong signal to investors to deal with Iraq with high confidence, as well as the possibility of the financing of the general budget outsourcing or flexible international financial markets are the Global and not from countries or multilateral financial institutions. "

BobS: He noted that the important thing in this issue is the confidence of investors in the Iraqi economy and the strength of the promising national economy victorious in front of the war on terror, and we are now reaping the results of victory really. The prime minister also confirms the financial expert Thamer al - Azzawi "morning", said the plans came to fruition, despite the circumstances experienced by the country in the last period.

He said: " The plans implemented by Dr. Abadi three years ago was well thought out, especially those related with capital, succeeded in preserving the dinar 's exchange rate with the continued payment of salaries and benefits, and the perpetuation of the war on the enemy Aldaasha, and achieve parallel economic victories with security."

BobS: 8/13/2017 0:47 BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb mobility of a German Iraqi betrays a desire to activate cooperation and revive economic relations between the two countries again after a dormant period spanned several decades because of obsolete policies, where the period witnessed a convergence and an announcement about the desire of economic cooperation along the Iraqi - German Chamber of plans for exports and investments aimed at to identify areas that could start such cooperation between the two parties. President of the Iraqi Chamber of German exports and investments

Alaa Al - Nouri said: That after 2003 became the German side positions supportive of Iraq at all levels, pointing out that the German delegations to Iraq have risen over the past few years, pointing out that cooperation Cetkll to hold three conferences in Berlin and Munich and the third in Iraq and will participate in these conferences staid German companies that are of the best companies in the world in most jurisdictions, which requires that the private sector an active role in these conferences.

BobS: Cutting - edge technology and added Al - Nouri said economic cooperation between Iraq and Germany requires the private sector interaction in both countries to exit understandings and partnerships achieved beneficial to both parties where the combination of Iraq 's wealth and sophisticated technology owned by the German side, which requires to study the requirements of the next stage meticulously and made available by the authorities concerned investment affairs.

He noted that the conferences in Germany will bring together working in Iraq , European companies and other companies for the investment opportunities available in Iraq , this operation is carried out in coordination with the Iraqi - German Chamber of exports and imports, and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and in coordination with the Iraqi and German governments, pointing to the existence of a specialized team prepared for this conferences.

BobS: The experience of Emaar and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari , through the receipt of a copy of the adoption of Cyril Nunn 's new German ambassador to Iraq leaves " the importance of upgrading them to achieve the ambition of the two friendly peoples."

Thanking Germany for siding with Iraq, and support us in our fight against Daesh, and our support in the United Nations, and the provision of humanitarian assistance, and logistical support to the security forces, "he said .
" Iraq still need your support , especially that you have experience in the reconstruction of your cities ravaged by wars, as well as experience in the field of economic advancement,

stressing work together to create an enabling environment for investment of German companies in Iraq. " Sums of money for his part, expressed Cyril Nunn 's new ambassador to Germany Iraq has on " the importance of developing bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields," adding that "Berlin confirms its commitment to supporting Iraq, we have allocated large sums of money to support stability in Iraq."

 he said: "Iraq is a strong country, and in which many opportunities, and will come men Alma works To Baghdad for the purpose of investment, "he said .

" September will be held in the next two conferences , one in Berlin trade partners , and the other in Hanover, and promise a good signal for the exchange of interests between businessmen from both countries. "

BobS: 8/13/2017 0:47 Yasser mutawalli "leverage" single economic popularized recently used reflects the state to search for financial resources launched by the financial and economic adviser to the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh in more than a press release and an article economic press.

We started here are feeling that there is leverage outside of production and service activities , the state came through the contribution of the Iraqi private sector in the creation of these financial levers in the final sum to assign to the activities of the various state in promoting economic program and contribute to the mitigation of the costs borne by the budget.

Remarkably , there are tendencies by this direction of the private sector in a manner supportive and enhanced to stimulate the capacity of the community in the building through the proper preparation for the youth and new graduates Bzjhm courses qualifying for equipping them to seize future work opportunities, especially in the private sector , this work should Taatkvlh state appeared within the initiatives the private sector and bear the cost of Wallis this achievement Sanda state?

Cree: @Meatball cool. I would listen if he announced the RV. Other then thst,,,,,,,

BobS: Yes , certainly , and perhaps what put the journalist in the newspaper column {morning} this corner and titled "Enable" Human resources and invited the private sector to the allocation of the Fund for the purpose of youth and new graduates training the best indicator of the aspirations and trends of the private sector, retaining the state in a manner supportive of the builders of the future by carrying the private sector rehabilitation builders of the future of young people and the generation of new graduates expenses and we are confident that this call you will find a deep echo the private sector , which seemed to step the steps required for its contribution to the economic development required.

This initiative is one of leverage in support of the budget and carries with it a high sense of responsibility towards society and the state. It is now required from the state study of this phenomenon , which stems from the principle of corporate social responsibility and work for their support and to devote its principles for corporate responsibility required for community building through research in promotional means available to the private sector to make them supportive of the budget leverage and raise the shoulders of the costs required to implement them.

BobS: Thus , it seemed the private sector , this provides the best his initiatives Maldih to make the state recognizes the role required in the development and this is what the words of the Prime Minister in a press its briefing.

Now certainly now the state are fully certainty than ever that does not build a real and Atnmah without the Iraqi private sector, and in return is required from the private sector to maintain this role and its sustainability in order to initiate the construction of the country to enjoy all its rewards , and thus we have the right to say: that the private sector support state and her arm.

BobS: 8/13/2017 1:54 Meet the three presidencies leaders .. and deliver a speech before the House of Representatives Cairo / Isra Khalifa within the visits by Arab officials to Iraq after big victories on the organization Daesh terrorist chain, President of the Arab Parliament Mishal bin begins a peaceful understanding on Monday, a visit to Baghdad at the head of a senior delegation level members of the Arab parliament.

And it will visit, the three - day visit, according to information obtained by the «morning» separate meetings for peaceful with leaders of the three presidencies, as well as President of the Arab parliament , throwing a speech to the Iraqi Council of Representatives after tomorrow , Tuesday.

BobS: Iraq 's ambassador to Cairo, Permanent Delegate of the Arab League, Habib al- Sadr, said in a statement »Sabah»: «The peaceful will be accompanied in the visit , a number of parliamentarians from various Arab countries»

adding that « the visit is important for the blessing of liberation of Mosul and the support of Iraq and its support in the fight against terrorism and to emphasize the Arab depth of Iraq, and the need to return to exercise its natural role in the joint Arab action service issues and the interests of the nation». He hinted Ambassador al- Sadr, that the visit also aims to enhance and strengthen Iraq 's relations with Arab countries,

stressing parking Arab parliament with the Iraqi government and people, especially in preserving the country 's independence and security and the unity of its people and territorial integrity, noting that the Arab parliament rejects categorically foreign interference in the affairs Iraq, supports the national reconciliation project between the components of the people.
He said Sadr , the head of the Arab Parliament will deliver a speech to the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Tuesday, renewing the will of the established Arab Parliament to pay consultation and coordination and cooperation with Arab parliaments to the highest levels, and stresses during the keenness of the Arab Parliament to embody and promote parliamentary diplomacy including reinforce the official Arab position at all levels and in all forums , regional and international.

 He also said al- Sadr: The visit will also include meetings with a number of Iraqi officials, led by presidents, ministers and parliament, as well as a meeting with the Foreign Minister and the heads of parliamentary blocs in the House of Representatives.

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A high-level Kurdistan delegation is to visit Baghdad on Monday to discuss the planned referendum for September with Iraqi officials, including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a member of the delegation told Rudaw English Saturday.


chattels: Gorran to hold direct talks with KDP, calls to postpone referendum


chattels: Relations between the United States and Kurds are unique. They are built on the Kurds’ affinity with America. It is a human relationship more than just something between politicians. Contrary to the anger felt against America across the Middle East, the Kurds see America as a protector and a force for good.

The Kurds have walked hand in hand with Washington in all of its projects in this region, most recently in the fight against ISIS. That relationship is now hanging in the balance.


Spectra: https://youtu.be/IZbZlZsAM-M

chattels: Iraq's Kurds stick to independence vote despite U.S. request to postpone it


chattels: "On the issue of the postponement of the referendum, the President (Barzani) stated that the people of the Kurdistan Region would expect guarantees and alternatives for their future," said a statement issued on Friday by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) presidency, after Tillerson's call.

Cree: @chattels so what are your thoughts on what will happen with the Kurds? They have been lied to for so many years. They have a strong military.... But this could just be a bargaining chip for them? Any thoughts?

Tebow: land locked limited oil reserves surrounded by others who don't like them. They'll stay with Iraq

mod: 8/12/2017 Special DinarAlert Conference Call w/Kaperoni Replay Link

Tebow: same old Krapaoni it can't RV only gradual increase
Rocketman: make sense to me
Rocketman: To much money supply

carpediem: You might not like what Kaperoni has to say but for the most part he is correct. The RV will NOT go the way people on this site HOPE it will. What! You walk into a bank / exchange centre and come out a millionaire / billionaire. Get real it will never happen.

The Dinar will cross borders, become International, initially lose some value, then equilibrium / market forces will take control and you will see the value of the Dinar rise - The True value.

Whitelions: Egypt calls for the formation of a high Arab committee for the reconstruction of Iraq http://www.mawazin.net/uploads/files/2017/August%20-%208/12-%208%20pm/33.jpg

The Arab Affairs Committee called on the Egyptian parliament on Sunday to form an Arab Higher Committee for the reconstruction of Iraq.

"If Iraq today suffers from the effects of destruction and destruction of many of its facilities and infrastructure in the wake of its long war on terrorism, we must remember objectively that the beginning was with the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and with the participation of the United States and a number of allies The accomplices after conspiring against the entire Arab nation. "
 "Iraq is in dire need and after its institutions have stabilized and started to recover, and it is about to eradicate the roots and seeds of terrorism and strife, it must begin rebuilding its country and restore to its civilization, which has extended throughout history."

"The initiative of the Committee for the reconstruction of Iraq is a good start to eliminate the chaos there and the reunification of the Arab countries," said Fouad Abaza, the undersecretary of the Arab affairs committee.

While MP Shadia Khudair, member of the Arab Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives and member of the Arab Parliament, the travel of a delegation of the Arab Parliament to Iraq, at the invitation of the Iraqi parliament, to discuss the initiative "reconstruction of Iraq" with the participation of 12 Arab countries

Baxter: On your Mark... Get Set... and GO.... are you ready for another week in Dinarville? OH... its gonna RV... NOT... Iraq is out of Chapter 7... NOT.... The Lower Denoms are out... NOT.. and on..and on....

Whitelions: Bank source: Tomorrow a meeting between private banks and the central bank to discuss the instructions of the currency window


A bank source said on Sunday that the regular meeting between private banks and the central bank will be held on Monday to discuss the prevention of bank balances in the Kurdistan region and the instructions of the currency window.

 The source, who preferred not to disclose his name to "Economy News", said that "the periodic meeting between private banks and the Central Bank will be held on Monday in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Alaak."

He added that "the meeting will discuss the joint lending fund and the agreement with the Kurdistan region on the prevention of double taxation, and the bank's assets in the region, and activate the work of internal control departments in banks and explain the mechanisms and instructions of the currency window."

Whitelions: @Baxter so what is really happening?
Baxter: Same old stuff... unfortunately

Whitelions: @Baxter without the sarcasm instead of complaining about what others are saying what is going on in Iraq to move this to an end?

Whitelions: @Baxter because even the bashing of the gurus and the making fun of others info is getting old

Spectra: First After 136 laws passed by parliament in three years with the close of the end of its parliamentary session .. (51) A law awaiting recognition amid the political debate and doubts to be deported to the next session Mashreq - Special: Views 11 Date 13/08/2017 08:51 AM

With the end of its current session, the House of Representatives seeks to resolve the pending laws in the parliament since the previous sessions for approval along with the important laws that were legislated during this session, most notably the law of parties and the Federal Court and the law of the Commission on Human Rights and the law of amnesty.

However, a number of important bills have not yet been voted by the parliament such as the Electoral Commission Law, the Parliamentary Elections Law, the unification of the salary scale, the law of accountability and justice, and oil and gas, where the political differences between the blocs constitute an impediment to passing these laws and passing them despite the need of the country.

 The MP revealed the mass of citizen Abdul Rida Dush about the existence of 51 draft law has not been put to the vote, despite the completion of the first and second readings, and remains within the ranks of the presidency of the House of Representatives without being presented in the agenda of the sessions of the Council to vote. 
For his part, MP for the parliamentary bloc of wisdom Furat Tamimi " "The political differences caused a lot of important laws stopped during the past period, and we today as a parliament to spend time, especially in the laws related to the elections."

 Al-Tamimi added that "the Council during the coming period I think it will vote on the laws completed, and need a final consensus, and this is better than the transfer of these laws for the next parliamentary session, especially since the Council voted on several important laws previously after the consensus between politicians such as the Federal Court and others "For her

Whitelions: ok time to post have a blessed day

Baxter: First of all........... they are not out of Chapter 7... only the United Nations... with a vote to release them.. can get them out of Chapter 7.. I would like to see the link for that

Spectra: Christopher Everard 6 hrs · Many people are surprised that Hillary wants to become a Priest. My dear little ducklings, have you not learned anything about the Vatican & the Knights Templars? A priest's bank account and belongings cannot be taxed in many countries around the world. A priest gets 'special treatment' from the FBI, and is allowed to conceal information - such as confessions of MURDER.

Spectra: Did you ever notice: When you put the two words "The" and "IRS" together, it spells "THEIRS"?

Spectra: Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them.

Spectra: People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.

Spectra: Did you hear about the self-help group for compulsive talkers? It’s called On & On Anon.


Look there are 21k people in this group. If we go further, there are MILLIONS on social media. If we all pitched in ONE DOLLAR or more we can create our own bank called "WE THE PEOPLE."

And run it like a Credit Union as a Non-Profit. It seems farfetched but it is not. With much creativity and togetherness and hope, WE the people can do it!! Let's pull our resources together and start a gofundme page called We The People's Bank. They want us to go through a banking institution to get OUR funds then so be it!!! We'll have our own bank. I'm not playing games with these crooks anymore.


RayRat98 "How Confident are You?" , 13 AUGUST

[How confident are you this will happen by the end of the month?]  

 Based on what they have told their citizens, I feel extremely good it will happen by the end of the month...because that is what the information dictates.  Have told their citizens information in the past that did come to pass but later (time frame).

Frank26 "We are Blessed", 13 AUGUST

IOO as a TEAM of STUDY...A [Abadi] made his speech on Iraqia TV in front of the citizens of Iraq...We considered it a "STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS".  Because he covered many issues along with announcing they are out of CH7.   ONE specific issue we can not SHARE yet...Nor were You able to hear it...It was not a part of the video.  IMO...We are Blessed to be in the position that we are in with this investment.


Thus begins the weekend and all indications are that this may very well be our last weekend, but you know we have heard these words before only to end up disappointed. Let’s see now, two of the providers I listened to today felt very strong for this week end into Monday while another one took the position of later on this month. So who to believe? Time will tell the tale, lets continue to pray and wait.

As for me bills are still mounting up but through the grace of our Lord it will all work out before too long. Money is short but prayers are consistent so all things will work out in due time. It was good to see the enthusiasm on the board today. Just as things looked bad, other calls came forth to invigorate us once more. How can we ever express our gratitude enough?

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we still have members recovering from injuries and sickness like our precious Moderator Avon Lady. Please help her to regain her mobility quickly so she will be able to receive her RV and be more able to be helpful to our board members and others in her life. You know Lord I rarely ask for particular favors but this lady is a jewel in our group. Amen and Amen.

Dear Lord God Almighty here our prayers and show us the wonders of your compassion for all of those who come forth requesting healing prayers. At this time we may not be financially able to change the world but we have faith that one or more of us are gathered together in prayer that You will be there as well. For Thine is the kingdom and the power of the Lord God Almighty.

Sleep well my dear friends we all listened to much good information to put in place as quickly as possible after the exchange. The evil ones still walk amongst us and we know how their power is limited by your grace. Our destiny still awaits for a time.

I'm expecting great RV news today believing it's happening now for us all


nowisthetime - Good morning to you and all. Where are you seeing the color change? On the borders? I am not seeing any color

now - I love your positive thinking! Let's all band together and encourage the blue to turn green. lol And while we are at it, let's go for making the RV happen through the power of our poisitive thinking!
Amen Lady I agree that this room will turn green today and by the power of our words will bring this RV into fruition . Also the power of our positive thinking will bring the RV forth this day


Frank26 » August 12th, 2017 I wish to SHARE this with all: IOO as a TEAM of STUDY .......... A made his speech on Iraqia TV in front of the citizens of Iraq .......... We considered it a "STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS". Because he covered many issues along with announcing they are out of CH7. ONE specific issue we can not SHARE yet........... Nor were You able to hear it ........... It was not a part of the video. On MONDAY CC ......... We will SHARE ........... And explain.


I think we just want status quo for the time being - a break from all the strife. A plan was supposedly worked out years ago. Jmo. The rumor is that may delay the RV also - take as rumor. I don't see how at this point as the ball is already rolling down the hill

Sand, why keep things the same though...I don't get it

Right now they share everything - if they seperate - they won't. More issues


The Kurds are doing what we need them to do and that's applying pressure! I love it.....


They've been threatening that for a while though Sand. Praying they get what they want and then ALL will be happy

All is well orchestrated. One must remind oneself that this is truly a movie. The news provides a script. If that's the case, the Director who writes the script controls the reader/watcher's emotions if you allow it. Once you're aware of the truth, you're emotional responses to the movie are your own fault. Enjoy the entertainment and know what you hold.

Not holding my breath re F's post. He has a habit of doing advance pumping up of his cc's and then on the call throws in a lot of fluff. He's definately not a bullet point type of intel guy.


Sorry phone - love the Kurds

That's the sign of a great book or movie when the Director commands the audience so well. This is by far the greatest movie in history as it relates to this process.

All day long peeps who straggle in will be wondering what movie you're talking about unless someone posts an explanation every 100th post.

Hey everyone:) DP the email i got for password change was from Twitter. Do we not worry about it?



Where is our president!!! This mess in Virginia is disgusting! And if it doesn't stop lord help us all! He is the president of the United States of America!!! He tweets stupid stuff I expect better! This is unacceptable. If people want to protest do it peacefully. But keep your spit and hands to yourself!! Terrible. Putting people against each other is making us weak as a nation come on people wake up!!!

Pray for our nation!!!! Ted pray boldly cause this is terrible!!!


First Lady finally sent a tweet!!! Good job! But POTUS doesn't want to upset his base! Not everyone in his base is white or undereducated!!! But terribly disappointed!!!


Hey someone tell Pj Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 1m1 minute ago More We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!


You folks are watching Frank, Tony, Ray, Bruce etc. way too much. Really need to do your own due diligence. Follow the CBI, UN, WB, IMF. not those idiots on DR or DG or any other blog site. Trust me, they DON'T KNOW !!!!!!


Remember .... loose lips sink ships. Those that are truly at the table are not talking and certainly wouldn't talk to any Guru in Dinarland. Use common sense my friends




FF along your line of thought https://treasury.un.org/operationalrates/OperationalRates.php .... approx. 68 currencies adjusted yesterday with effective date of Aug 15th.

Yes, a VERY slight increase or decrease Meek. IMO we will see more.


FF why do you think the CBI will do the notification instead of the U.S. Treasury?


Because it is their country. Listen, nobody can force Iraq to do anything


All they can do is advise and if Iraq wants to go international they beed to follow the IMF's recomendations and has to be approved by the BIS. Also, forget this nonsense about an in country RV or RI. That's the biggest load of hogwash I've heard. If they want to go international it will happen at the same time not just in country or refional


FF: do you believe that we are close?


I don't have a date but yes I do. Just remember, the term close has a different meening to governments than it does to civilians. I have strong faith in the Dinar, otherwise I would not be invested in it. The key is patience


FF: By close i don't mean in our lifetime....lol how about this year

Let's see what the next SBA in Sept says drl Smile


what is SBA?

Stand By Agreement


Are you referring to the IMF report?

I am RAB. But you have to dig into it to get any meat. There are many links in it

Can't say I read it all (well over 100 pages), but the Fund did seem impressed by the progress.

correct RAB. I've read it about 4 times so far


What was impressive to me was they had the SBA meeting in record time and immediately had a press release. This is unprecedented. They normally wait 3 - 4 days at least before a press release

k folks need to run. Remember if anything does happen, it will NOT be a secret! The only 800 numbers you will get is from the bank tellers directing you more than likely to their wealth managers


It's gotta end up close to the Kuwaiti rate, or else the arab sensibilities will go awry. That's what we've heard from day one and, to me still makes the most sense.


yeah agree.. they have to be close in rate -- the rial also

I just received a tweet with a code to reset my twitter pw. Is this the scam everyone is talking about?

whimsyls, I also received this password reset. I haven't done anything with it. I am still receiving my tweets as usual.


I didnt do anything with it either.


W- me too a code to reset Twitter!! Don't do it! Strange things abound . We have a crook here -


Ok...SnS. I'll delete it.

Thanks, Everyone....I got that text with the code about 45minutes ago also


There is a scam artist here


Several of us got an alert on Twitter to reset our codes - similar to the password reset here. Someone here is a criminal


Hi there ! So the crazy person is back causing trouble ? Don't they have better things to do ...


Trying to access out accounts


Omg and why didn't they buy their own currency ?

Must have nothing better to do, posted fakes calls today too

I just deleted it


Yes, there are some bloggers here copying and pasting with a criminal background (I do have the documents). My suggestion .....ignore these grumpy old men and woman which I use lightly. All full of hot air ! Wuy waste your ime on them folks?


True what can they do ! Soon they will be bored with nothing to do when this goes ...

Well, they know how to curse lol. Typical


Some people have dark energy and it appeals to them to cause trouble

Birds of a feather flock together. And ............ I'll leave it at that

Hmmmm so their is more than one ..

I agree FF. But they are here in this room


so what Sand lol

Well FF it's kinda sad that's how they choose to get attention

Listen, it is their goal to take your happiness away from you. That's what criminals do. Don't allow it to happen


It won't , thanks

The dark lives on people's misery . We have a good group it won't reuin us...

Well tey finally got around to sending me the tweet. No I did not do it.


Yep, I figure they want us to change our twitter codes so we wont get the Tweet when the RV goes down. Kind of a dirty trick, I think


Ted, there won't be a need for any tweets lol. Just keep your eyes on the CBI. When (not if) there is a currency adjustment we will all see it at the same time Smile


Hey ff are you a believe the the stock market will drop to 7000

don't think it has anything to do with the investment 006


Markets go up and down all the time Smile it's an investors game

Yup but not 12000 pts

I suggest looking at that blog site and lets see how much Stephan edits what I said. He really is a horrible blogger !


What is the cbi web site please? I will also look at what he edits too.


that's the central Bank of Iraq Lady https://cbi.iq/

New web site with an international exchange converter. tHAT'S A 1st

OK Firefly, sorry but I had to step away from the computer for a while but I recall you stating (IYO) that would not have to wait for an 800 number just watch the CBI site. OK, so then what ?


Just trying to figure out how and where we would exchange.

It's not an opinion Ted. When the rate changes and goe international just go to a bank that does goreign currencies Ted

Excuse me no insult intended

The bank will direct you to the right people to talk to. Forget all this hocus pocus garbage Ted. It's really startig to hurt many people

Would that be for all currencies?

of course

Forgive this old man but what is the link to the CBI website again.

CBI.iq Ted

Thanks Firefly I will put that on my favorites list now

FF sure appreciate your input here

Anyhoo there is a diret link to the new host site from the CBI I was trying to show you guys


So.... we just delete this message about changing password? This is crazy. Got one for tweeter and ignored it


Us there ANYBODY on the CBI site?

HI Firefly.I am

FF, I been on both the arabic and english to see if there is a difference.

ok need to do this starting with the English side Vaso. tell me when you are there

Cbi won't tell me when the other currencies change value

That's what I did when you posted the CBI.com. But also been watching the arabic one. I understand both if you will....

not com .iq

scroll down and right above the calculator click on statistics.
it's on the right hand side above the calculator. says STATISTICS. SCROLL DOWN A TAD AND YOU'LL SEE : For the extended statistics, please click here 

ok now on the top right it will have a link called HOME. CLICK ON THAT. scroll down and you should see exchange numbers again

Says 1.2

Bingo papa !!!!!!

Remember, you git here directly from the CBI site


I only see exchange rate under statistical charts

you have to start from the english side of the CBI. notice only the USD and EURO have been adjusted


When I did that using cbi.iq and when got to the Home bottom, the web site changed to "cbi.3eyon-host.net"


yes 3eyon-host.net is the host site


I thought the 1.2 would go on the cbi.iq site but it keeps the host site name?

just continue watching it Smile Again, a direct link from the CBI. I was shocked when I 1st saw it but it appears the CBI doesn't care

Will the 1.2 eventually be on the cbi.iq site....is that what we are to watch for? We saw this 1.2 on host site a while back...

Not commenting on it but something is definitely going on


One thing all professional investors have in common is ..................................... PATIENCE !

mY GOAL IS NOT TO HURT YOU, MAKE YOU UNHAPPY OR TO GIVE YOU NISINFORMATION. But to show you that this indeed is a real event


ff: it has ben showing that for quite a while, hasn't it? and so far it doesn't mean anything to us... as yet

just over a month tsm

Again, I remind you one last time .......... this is a direct link from the CBI

I came in just in time to see FF's notes to get to the statistical rates...neat!! And see I missed Avon...I have had a looooong day!!i will see you only in drive-bys tomorrow...GN


Hey all, I just got a text to reset my Twitter account password. It came from 40404. This an obvious phishing ploy. Please ignore it. .I don't post much here but I do watch and read . Blessings!


You are right, Sparky, DELETE and IGNORE


Sparky, I got the same one


My hats off to the people that have endoured this fascinating journey to the end. Those that gave up I truly feel sad for them. Can't debunk the IMF, UN, WB or the BIS Wink


FF  Thank you very much for educating us tonight! It is exciting to be able to read the statistics for ourselves, as you have taught us!!!