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Tuesday UPDATE for August 8, 2017

Reports coming to me from Iraqi TV, scuttlebutt from the mosque and conversations being shared among the citizens in Iraq:

 2 days to see the article 140 agreement in full activation.

ATM's are to be fully loaded (fils and lower denoms) on or by August 20.

Lower denoms are to be available on or by August 21 with the 1:1 ratio in effect.

Citizens are to be paid at the 1:1 ratio on August 21.

4 million cards are being mailed to citizens with a target date of August 21.

The public international revealing is supposedly several days after August 21. Time will tell!
Let's see how all of this unfolds and keep a watchful eye on other currencies.........JUST IN CASE! smile

I report..........YOU decide.

JBH4129: A lot of stuff happening on the 21st including solar eclipse hmmmm

Artneto :  Shabbi said, years ago, that once you see lower notes, give me 3-5 business days to deliver the international rate!!

ScienceGuy:  “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning.” Winston S. Churchill

Chessie:  What is the article 140 agreement mean - doesn't sound familiar...

NetGlobal: chessie, Article 140 pertains to the revenue sharing agreement between the Kurds and Baghdad

Dugster:  chessie Check this out. https://search4dinar.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/an-agreement-between-the​-center-and-the-region-to-activate-article-140/

JSL:  I can see the Billionaires having a HayDay with this 1 to 1 rate, if you think their rich now, Hang on, their about to go Hyper Sonic LOL… They should have just gone 3.71 to 1 and let it work like Kuwait, but Hey I guess their the experts, we shall see. At least seems finally doing something, At least their finally doing Something which is Great.!

ReaditNow:  1 to 1 is inside Iraq

JSL:  Read So you think it may be different at our exchange?

Readitnow:  yes, that's what we've been told for years

Rock1941:  remember daz has always said with the us there is a "multilplier"

Eccle519:  jsl: Kuwait was ready for a $3+ rate in the local market economy because that was the last, recent rate just months prior. Iraq's economy needs to adjust to $3+ Dinar rate after more than 20 years of using the dollar!   ...However, that's not to say the international rate won't be $2 to $3+

Yada:  readnow,,,,yes, 1dinar to 1 dollar in Iraq but when you take that 1 dinar  in the US, it will be equal to $3.71 of our dollars…

Yada:  Do you remember a time a statement was made that the dinar will be able to handle up to $16 -1 but in the process, it would have to work its way up,,,,

Freeway2:  yada - Hello - Shabibi said that in a speech he made at the Chamber of Commerce in DC years ago He actually said that Iraqi Could support $16.00, not that it was going that high, but they could support it.

Haystack:  Long ago it was stated the Dinar would be the strongest currency in the ME. Also I believe most have said $3+ so that is what I am expecting.

Montserrat on the "RV" Beny


8-8-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste   Article:  "Keywords confirms the existence of a large and promising role for the private sector in the next phase"   Quote:  "Secretary General of the Council of Ministers d. Mahdi Keywords presence of government plans to give a major role and promising the private sector in Iraq by activating the investment side in the next stage within the sectors of the economy and reconstruction."    I'm with KAP [Guru Kaperoni]  on this one.  This sort of language doesn't leave much wiggle room.  It seems to me that forces are in play to open the currency to the world before the end of the year [reference Guru Kaperoni post 7-7-2017]

8-8-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Use of cards abroad is also rumored to contain a new rate. Again, the rate is NOT ON THE CARD as the rate would have to come from one of the global currency exchanges, and these exchanges currently do not yet have have the new rate. The CBI and GOI have taken on this huge effort to get nearly 35 million people on the debit cards because they need to go a cashless society.  The IMF to is  mandating this changeover and so if they want their currency to go back to the prior pre-war levels they need to follow instructions.The use of these cards will revolutionize the Iraqi society and the entire banking industry, not to mention get us the RV.   [post 2 of 2]

8-8-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   I want to clarify and dismiss these rumors going around that once they pay on these SMART cards the rate of the dinar has to RV or had RV’d. This is not true...these are only debit cards issued thru Mastercard and Visa...the cards are tied to a bank account. The money is NOT on the cards!  There is NOT any new IQD rate on these cards.  The in-country market rate is used for the dinar. This rate is decided by the CBI and IMF. The dinar in the country is not changing EVER until they launch the newer notes that eventually and gradually will replace the 3 zero notes...once the dinar goes up in value there will be more purchasing power in Iraq...the rate will be whatever the CBI and IMF decide.  There is now only one rate and it is the provisional rate while still under sanctions.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

8-8-2017   Newshound Guru Islandg1211    Moody's came out over the weekend with a C+ credit rating for Iraq based on a number of factors. The report published by Moody's makes no reference to Iraq's currency nor Article VIII nor the UN Chapter VII sanctions. Mosul is liberated. Tal Afir, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria are not. Tal Afir is surrounded and the invasion plans completed and will only take a few weeks. Raqqa is about half done, but not ready for the full scale door-to-door invasion. That will happen this Fall. I DON'T BELIEVE THAT THE RV IS GOING TO BE DELAYED until after Tel Afar and Raqqa is completely done. I believe that they see the end of ISIS holding towns is in sight. Trump accelerated the removal of ISIS, but Baghdad is going to have to negotiate an Oil and Gas law without giving in to Barzani. What he is doing is not Constitutional. 


Reports coming to me from Iraqi TV, scuttlebutt from the mosque and conversations being shared among the citizens in Iraq:
2 days to see the  article 140 agreement in full activation.
ATM's are to be fully loaded (fils and lower denoms) on or by August 20.

Lower denoms are to be available on or by August 21 with the 1:1 ratio in effect.

Citizens are to be paid at the 1:1 ratio on August 21.  

4 million cards are being mailed to citizens with a target date of August 21.

The public international revealing is supposedly several days after August 21. Time will tell!

Let's see how all of this unfolds and keep a watchful eye on other currencies.........JUST IN CASE!  

I report..........YOU decide. #wearethepeople


Japanese firms eye Vietnamese market Japanese companies are focused on the Vietnamese market and seek wider, deeper co-operation with Vietnamese firms, Eiichi Tani from SME Support Japan said in Hà Nội on Monday. Speaking at a meeting between a delegation of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Vinafco Joint Stock Corporation – a logistics service provider, Tani said Japanese businesses have now shifted their attention from the Chinese to the Vietnamese market. The meeting was a part of the SME Support Japan’s support programme for small- and medium-sized Japanese enterprises looking at international markets.

 “The event was to help both sides exchange information on Việt Nam’s transport market in general, and both countries’ transport situation in particular,” Tani said. “It also touched upon necessary customs procedures to bring Japanese goods into Việt Nam.” Tokuhiro Imamura, chairman of Imamura Joint Stock Company, which specialises in interiors, said his company is looking to expand its market. It plans to build a plant in Việt Nam in the future, Imamura said, adding that the company would export some products to Việt Nam to explore and understand the market. 

Imamura JSC has some basic information from Japanese logistics firms operating in Việt Nam, but it wants to build further contacts with Vietnamese businesses as local firms have advantages in their own market. At the meeting, a Vinafco representative shared information related to administrative procedures, time and costs for import-export customs clearance from Hải Phòng Seaport to various plants. She said it is not tough to import Imamura’s products into Việt Nam, and that Vinafco is willing to support the company. The Japanese delegation said they chose Vinafco for the meeting as there are similarities between Vinafco and Imamura. Vinafco has 30 years’ experience in the logistics sector and in multi-purpose transport in Việt Nam. — VNS
Mosul is liberated. Tal Afir, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria are not. Tal Afir is surrounded and the invasion plans completed and will only take a few weeks. Raqqa is about half done, but not ready for the full-scale door-to-door invasion. That will happen this Fall.
Today the GOI passed laws related to decentralize government and elections in the provinces. These are important to support the local governments which us apart of the original UN plan to rebuild the country of Iraq as a democracy. So they are complying with the UN sanctions to de-centralize the government.

The GOI has actually done something last week and today when they approved the budget amendment. That was a requirement of the IMF, and by passing it, they got the loan installment approval from the IMF’s review. ​
Today’s regional laws help them comply with the UN. So the GOI actual made progress. But, the real need here is a deal with the Kurds. They are coming to Baghdad next week but it’s all about Barzani getting his own country. The clerics (Sadre, not Sistani), Abadi, US, Turkey, Syria, and Iran are all against the Kurds getting their independence at this time. That election is end of September.
Also, they announced that the budget has been amended and is projected to go from 95% revenue derived from oil down to 85%. That’s an important step to economic diversification that the IMF wanted.
Moody’s came out over the weekend with a C+ credit rating for Iraq based on a number of factors. Although Mosul is liberated, political stability is still a problem along with the dependency on oil revenues.
The possibility of a Kurdish exit also is concerning. Moody’s wants to see a stronger united government that’s not corrupt and a more diverse economy before they would consider increasing Iraq’s credit rating.
The report published by Moody’s makes no reference to Iraq’s currency nor Article VIII nor the UN Chapter VII sanctions.
They see the end of ISIS holding towns is in sight. Trump accelerated the removal of ISIS, but Baghdad is going to have to negotiate an Oil and Gas law without giving in to Barzani. What he is doing is not Constitutional.
There are many Kurds that don’t want to have to defend themselves against everyone in the region. They will be viewed as Israel. They see through Barzani’s pseudo democracy projection because he refuses to leave office. They tried to get Barzani election on the same ballet in September but he got that delayed.
On the other hand, the Kurds are the US’ strongest ally in the region. Without them ISIS would never have been defeated. But the Trump administration seems to have a more practical than the Obama and Bush administrations when it comes to breaking up Iraq. If Barzani’s vote on independence is soundly defeated in September, and he is finally replaced, it should put this issue to bed.

TNT Dinar Conference Call w/Rayren98



Tigris and Euphrates» and revive the economy

08/08/2017 0:00

Mohammed Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi

In the wake of the financial crisis that hit Iraq in 2014 and accompanied by a security crisis, the fear and anxiety of the potential serious consequences of this crisis range has reached, and there were expectations of local experts and international that Iraq would collapse economically in the first half of the year 2015

And at best to the end of that General has issued such concerns by the ministers in the government !! when they said that the government would be unable to pay the salaries of its employees for lack of funds needed to secure the salaries of about 38 trillion dinars per year; no doubt that such attitudes and statements cast a negative reality all the details, Luba Employees fearful of the possibility of their salaries stopped.
Certainly the fears of this kind would be justified in a country that does not have any financial resources only oil, and with the continued state of collapse in prices, it was necessary to search for solutions and processors contribute to the transformation of the defense and try to get out of the crisis with minimal losses to the state average planning or the near term at least,

this is what happened really, was the outcome of Zlkalshrua by taking a number of treatments related to improving the reality of development among those solutions to reconsider investment projects and the creation of non - oil financial resources and other measures that prompted a number of international organizations and friendly countries to express readiness The provision of support for Iraq through soft loans.

But although pleased these loans and modesty its figures , but it eventually forms a burden on the economy and therefore, they need to manage efficient to achieve economic and social required feasibilityespecially after the great economic success that has been achieved in the second of the current month of August represented by the entry of Iraq into money markets World after the issuance of the second external sovereign bond international on behalf of the (Euphrates) and duration of more than five years, and the sudden thing is that more than 350 companies from global investment companies competed with each other to buy the Iraqi bond,

and represent these companies collectively financially set the world up to 12 Trilion dollars, while the volume of purchase orders reached about 6 trillion dollars to support (Euphrates) Iraq secured by the Iraqi government and not by any other international body as the first in Sindh (Tigris) , which safeguarded the United States government.

When we talk about investment blockbuster by international reputable companies to buy Iraqi bonds, it means that the outlet funding whatever will have its Iraq contributes to the financing of the chronic deficit of the budget, as well as for moving the wheel of economic activity,

and the other side will represent the economic accomplished reassuring and Chdjaaa for men business and investors to enter strongly to Iraq and participate in the reconstruction process of the liberated areas, and thus dispel all the concerns that were Taatari involved in economic affairs.

But the most important is that the management of this file is the level of importance, because scored , was not easy at all but it is the product of a large and strenuous efforts made by the national team members who were carrying the spirit of national high, as well as being eminent experts see them economic arenas at the national and international levels, so It should be done to maintain this sound and direction of the destination that serves the development of the country.


Frank26:   WOW !!! ...... TY DELTA !!!


DELTA:   لاسيما بعد النجاح الاقتصادي الكبير الذي تحقق في الثاني من شهر آب الحالي والمتمثل بدخول العراق إلى اسواق
المال العالمية

BINGO!!!! (wink) 

Blinkster: (Translation):  "Especially after the Major economic success achieved on the second August month of Iraq's entry into the global financial markets." 

Cole:  I prefer saying it once again... if I may...... WOWWWWWWWWIE!!!! aloha family...

Neecee1966:  WOWSERS!!!!! Good Googly Moogly....... Is this it?!?!? Can it be?!?!?!
Thank you DELTA!!!

JJonesMX:  Somebody let the cat out of the bag because this is article 8 in its fullest form ……..Let's hope for 10 to 30 day holds true; for Iraq as well, Because this article just said they are article 8.... in my opinion    Loose lips sink ships    Blessings to you     *JJ*

S41755k:  thanks Delta interesting the Dow is at record high$ too! follow the long line to$$$


Apmcrx:  Question...IMF meeting was in August 1st... so the 2nd Iraq enter the global markets so is it possible to be article 8 in effect then maybe Iraq notify the IMF in 8/1 a change in exchange rate within 30 days by law? Iraqi citizens will be paid 8/21 and then wait plus minus 10 days to receive the money... So Sept 1st looks good.....but... It will be better if we see any article talking about LDs soon...

Upstart:  I believe your reckoning is very close….Emphasis on "within" (wink)


McDan:  Stranger said (Post #74)  Post 78 Thursday Thread

BTW – they are going to have another meeting (3rd meeting) with the IMF … of course they are … (which may be about 15 minutes long) – monitoring their progress.

IMO....revaluing is the BEGINNING not the end and for a "newborn baby" (Iraq), I would think they would need some monitoring. They already received a "COMPLETE" after the 2nd IMF

Review......"MONITORING" = means they've been left with something to do BEFORE the next meeting or at least to maintain what was agreed upon during the last Reviews. What is left to do that they didn't do? What did they just complete that was approved of during the 2nd Review?

They have removed the major word “GRADUAL” from the press.

IMO...the opposite of "gradual" is rapid....seems they are preparing the citizens
Just something to think about.


AnimatedRock:  Hmmm, if the "official price" is 1200 dinar for 3000 dollars, which the article might be implying, that puts us pretty close to that $2.42 rate that somebody keeps bringing up.

Just an observation. ~Rocky

Samson:  Rafidain determines the sale of dollars to pilgrims at the official price

 8th August, 2017

Rafidain Bank announced the sale of the dollar to the pilgrims at the official price and through its branches specified in Baghdad and the provinces.

"The bank has directed its branches to sell the dollar to pilgrims who want to buy it at the official price," the bank's information office said in a statement.

He pointed out that "the bank set the official price is 1200 and three thousand dollars" for each pilgrim.

Samson:  Trade: Free spaces for countries wishing to participate in the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair

 8th August, 2017
The General Organization for Exhibitions and Commercial Services, the Ministry of Commerce, announced on Tuesday that free spaces are allocated for countries wishing to participate in the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair, confirming that the free suites will be 9 square meters with decoration.

"The company has provided wings with an area of ​​9 square meters with an interior decoration exempt from full participation fees, for those wishing to participate in the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair," said General Manager Hashim Mohammad Hatem in a statement received by Al-Iktissad News.

He added that "the annual attention given by the Iraqi government to the Baghdad International Fair, and provide an environment conducive to the atmosphere of contracting and work, spurred many companies and businessmen to expand participation, despite the security challenges facing the region and Iraq in particular." He explained that


WRECKHOUSE :Subject: If its real, 8 AUGUST

PostSubject: If its real   Today at 10:58 am

If its real, Iraq could flush out all the Dinar by putting a low value on it. Say .05 per Dinar this would bring most of it home, only the wise would hang in for more. Face it the average person puts up $1000 for Dinar and then it worth $50,000 there cashing in. Greed is good, Greed is Great. Oh who said that?

SAMIAM:Iraq doesn't want most of it home. They want to leave it overseas. All they have to do is redenominate and they clear $25 billion that speculators blew on the dinar.

SCOTCHIE:The could get it all back for .005 per dinar, incountry only.

Sorry to say I think all dinar held overseas will be worthless.

Not sure how man Americans would want to move to Iraq


Don961:  Just checkin' the numbers ...... Tomorrow  (Tuesday)  is 08/08/17 (7+1=8) .... that's a lot of 8's .... a lot of New Beginnings .... 8@8    Hmmmmmmmm

Gdoggau:  I have been wondering for quite a while about this date and Backdoc's sig.


FrostyTheSnowman was unable to transcribe call notes last night, If any become available we will post at once.

KTFA Monday Night Conference Call

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639     PIN: 156996#



Tmellraney:  I have a question. First. Hi Frank. My question is. Why would i want the " LDs " or " usa dollar " in for example ( Kuwait)  when im country that has a currency with more purchasing power unless those two currencies are equivalent to the same value of the country im in?  

Gmoney:  In my thought process, here is what I am thinking.

1. Exchange in Iraq Atm's and Banks would be either no spread, or very little spread 2% eliminating the

MCP's and the money changers that take advantage of the citizens.

2. The reason they need to accept and give out USD is because our USD is well seeded in
all of those Countries. Lots of people travel, and many have held the USD
in Iraq, and this will allow them to exchange if traveling or if they just want to
exchange in the country.

The exchange would be the same in Kuwait  (3+ USD : 1 Kwd)
and same in S.Arabia (1 of their Rial's is about .30 cents USD). But with the IQD, if those
ATM's are unable to recognize the 000 notes, wow then they Have to come out over
1 cent, and as we all follow more than likely the 1:1 or higher.

Looking at those websites of the cars and the site similar to ebay, it looks very much like they are 1:1 with the prices they are showing on those websites in Iraq.

3. What a huge International Step, to be able to exchange what has been deemed a worthless currency, with their Counterparts in neighboring Countries. To me this screams International.

4. And what reason would they need LD's if that rate is staying the same ? The LD's to me
are very key In all of this, because at 1180:1 what is a 5 dinar note worth ? Apx 1/2 a cent..lol

I could be way off base here, but that is how I am looking at this.

Hope it helped a little.

Quincy:  My question on M CC in chat was this too, and your answer is my thought exactly. The only concern I had was if LD's/USAD are loaded to ATM's 8/20-8/21, doesn't it make sense to go international then? No date-no rate on this forum.... but study screams the obvious


Semperfi01:  Guys do none of you remember all the discussions that we had with Tony and DC and how they explained about the GCR and how each country's currency rate was going to be set and tracked in live time according to their combined total assets.

No country's currency is going to be GOLD backed its going to be ASSET backed. Total combined asset worth gold silver minerals oil gas lumber iron ore every tangible asset that the country has. Bought and  sold in real time.

Xyz:  Iraq’s economy has been booming. This latest move should prolong the​ economic expansion. Indeed, for all Western lobbyists sing the praise​s of Iraqi Kurdistan’s economic boom, when it comes time to put thei​r money where their mouths are, international investors favor Baghdad ​over Erbil because Iraq has more financial discipline and corruption https://www.commentarymagazine.com/foreign-policy/middle-east/iraq/sma​rt-moves-iraq-economy/

SassyD:  Dinar 101 explained by DC on 1-24-14 Source:

 "The “Plan”…how this came about, how this occurred, has been around for a long, long time and was developed by a couple of very bright economist 40-50 years ago about several different countries. It was part of when we were in the nation building business. They created a lot of these plans.

When they went into the Iraq war, regardless of what you believe on why we went into it, now you have a country that has not been economically valued for quite a bit of time because it has been significantly devalued, frankly, by a ruthless dictator.

It has at least a 150 Billion barrels of proven oil reserves that is worth a tremendous amount, #2 only behind Saudi Arabia. They have an immense amount of natural gas that is worth a tremendous amount. They have an incredible amount of minerals that are worth an immense amount as well. They also have an amazing agricultural basis that has been there for over 5,000 years because of the Tigris and Euphrates River.

 So they had this tremendous value in resources. They also had their Dinar, which was their currency, and for decades it was at an exchange rate of 3.22 to 1.00 US dollar, sometimes it dipped down to mid 2’s and then back up to 3.22, but it stayed there for decades upon decades.

Then Saddam Hussein came along and because of his tyrannical acts, he caused a lot of problems with the world not believing him because of the free-flow of markets. But even then, the UN did not de-value the currency entirely. What happened was, we went to war, we have done that often times…it is a very classic tactic for any problem country, you flood their currency so that they can’t buy weapons, they can’t buy amo and their hands become tied. So we UN/US basically devalued their currency to 6,000 Dinars to 1 US dollar.

Then over the years as Iraq started pulling itself together, started getting some political leadership…regardless of how you believe it really went… it started that rebuilding process.
That caused the currency to slowly be brought up more and more. It was supposed to only take a couple of years by “the plan” but because of the slowness of the Iraqi political process becoming a democratized state, and some of their leaders that were frankly, in it for some of the wrong reasons, but also…some of the right. It just took a great deal of time to move forward.

The original plan was only going to be about Iraq, including a few soldiers that had currency in their back pocket and a few connected politicians were going to make some money with the revaluation of the Iraq currency, when the UN brought it back up the their original rate of 3+ to the dollar. (President George W. Bush gave Executive Order 13303 that gave US citizens the right to purchase and hold the Iraqi currency.)

Because now they have had a lot of economist spending an immense amount of time justifying what 150 Billion barrels of probable proven oil is worth and who knows how many CCF’s are down there, how many tons of metric gold is down there. So they spent a great deal of time sending these great economic arguments to all the different agencies that were in favor of this. It took a great deal of time to get done (years and years).

Then the rest of the world said “Hey, why can’t we all use this as a Currency Re-alignment or Reset?” That’s when China got more involved and other countries started getting more involved and that’s when frankly, the management of this plan slowed to a glacial pace in moving things forward.

No one had seemed to have control of the situation so “we” all agreed to allow the IMF do a lot of facilitation and “we” (Authors of the Plan) agreed that Iraq needed to “grow-up” on their own and advance on their own economically, legally and security wise.

So Iraq did start “growing up” on their own but it took longer because a lot of people decided how they wanted to “help” Iraq was to lead themselves and figure out the process by themselves without a lot of pushing from outside input… that took a long time to get things moving and get the process/plan going.

Now bringing this current, after years of waiting for them to get to this point that brings us to June, 27th 2013, when Iraq was released from Chapter 7 by the UN (who had originally placed the sanctions on them during Saddam’s reign). That said to Iraq, “Ok, you have grown up as a country, you have passed all the requirements that we asked you to do and you have agreed to the 100’s of different points we asked you to change.”

So the UN Security Council unanimously voted to approve the release. However, they did have a couple of items in suspension… one being the revaluation of their Dinar currency to at least a 1 dinar to 1 US dollar rate. That was very clearly laid out in many public documents that anyone could go back and read. It is very straight forward and clearly spells it out.

Then what ended up happening due to politics…due to basically being unprepared on the USA side, we started slowing down the revaluation (RV) process. Some could argue that the USA had slowed it down previously and that would probably be a very strong argument. Regardless, the US administration caused/forced this entire plan/process to go down…for many different purposes, some that were admirable and some that were frankly, for their own self-interest.  "


chattels: The US Is Far More Deeply Involved In Syria Than You Know : The Trump administration has increased its military and political support for Syrian forces as they fight their way into the ISIS-held city of Raqqa. But many fear what will follow when ISIS is eventually ousted.


chattels: Lack of money means slow start to reconstruction of Mosul By Rudaw : MOSUL, Iraq – Every morning, temporary workers ready to rebuild Mosul wait in the streets, seeking employment.
​But there aren’t many jobs to be had. A few people who have the money are rebuilding their homes, but many more don’t have the funds and are waiting for assistance from the government – aid that has not come yet.


Sparky: @chattels did you catch fergie earlier? Awesome stuff!

chattels: Kurdistan is the future of the Middle East


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xyz: Iraq’s economy has been booming. This latest move should prolong the economic expansion. Indeed, for all Western lobbyists sing the praises of Iraqi Kurdistan’s economic boom, when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are, international investors favor Baghdad over Erbil because Iraq has more financial discipline and corruption

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Sparky: @ElmerFudd it's been theirs
Sparky: @ElmerFudd Kirkuk

ElmerFudd: Well the sooner they RV the sooner we all get our money.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd delineated

ElmerFudd: delineated
ElmerFudd: ?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd oil revenues, in case they want to split
Sparky: @ElmerFudd territorial lines

ElmerFudd: I'm not sure that a split will happen right now. Perhaps sometime years down the road.

Sparky: @ElmerFudd oh no, not until USA embassy is complete

ElmerFudd: Is Iraq having another meeting with the IMF on the 10th, or just in Sept?

Sparky: @ElmerFudd don't know, maybe

ElmerFudd: OKay, night!

Spectra: @ElmerFudd yes

Sparky: @ElmerFudd Sept meeting is all I'm aware of
Sparky: @ElmerFudd gn

Bruster69: wake geez... sNap out of it

Sparky: @Bruster69 UB what's up
Sparky: @Bruster69 tell me something I don't know

Sparky: Chattels, whats up with Sadr?
Sparky: On board with USA, Saudi? Against Iran?

Sparky: Hello, is there any body in there ?
Sparky: Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody in there?

Sparky: Ok, we'll tell you where it's at
Sparky: Sorry, that's patronizing, but the lyrics are right...p Floyd

Meatball: Sadar has his own agenda

Meatball: always has

Sparky: Comfortability knumb

Meatball: I am very familiar with the song

Sparky: @Meatball citizen orientation
Sparky: @Meatball religious leader

Meatball: i know who he is and his background

Sparky: @Meatball not afraid to eliminate the wrong
Sparky: @Meatball I know you do

Meatball: has he eliminated maliki?

Meatball: about as wrong as you can get

Sparky: @Meatball hi

Meatball: @Sparky hey there Sparky

Sparky: @Meatball Shiite

Meatball: @Sparky
Sparky: @Meatball like to hear your thoughts

Meatball: @Sparky Sadar in my opinion wants what he wants and he does have the people backing him

Sparky: @Meatball Sadr in Saudi

Meatball: @Sparky his past with the US has been well documented

Sparky: @Meatball 1mil man army
Sparky: @Meatball he hates us involvement

Meatball: @Sparky what his real motives are?... time will tell
Meatball: @Sparky he seems steadfast in what he is after / believes

Sparky: @Meatball food, clothing, shelter. For Iraqis poor..imo
Sparky: @Meatball may have another agenda, not sure

Meatball: @Sparky nothing wrong with that .... i just believe the guy has an end game of some kind... my opinion

Sparky: @Meatball iatola
Sparky: @Meatball Distant replacement?
Sparky: @Meatball Sistani

Meatball: @Sparky there all a basket of snakes in my opinion

Sparky: @Meatball no doubt
Sparky: @Meatball 77 thieves
Sparky: @Meatball it's their culture

Meatball: @Sparky its there world over there..... were just spectators

Sparky: @Meatball hard to spec on
Sparky: @Meatball thievery and corruption. Wins the day
Sparky: @Meatball funny, oldest culture, too

Meatball: @Sparky they don't seem in any hurry to change ways

Sparky: @Meatball holy land, who'd have thought
Sparky: @Meatball back stabbing thieves

Meatball: @Sparky not like they hide the fact

Sparky: @Meatball maybe should eradicate, and start over
Sparky: @Meatball No, blatant

Meatball: @Sparky there world there way

Sparky: @Meatball I know, good luck with that
Sparky: @Meatball only 2000+ years of it
Sparky: @Meatball BC

Meatball: @Sparky think BC stands for Bats#!t Crazy

Sparky: @Meatball don't know how He did it
Sparky: @Meatball love

Meatball: @Sparky i can take or leave this whole thing to be honest

Sparky: @Meatball me too, but it is nice to watch
Sparky: @Meatball kind of fun
Sparky: @Meatball maybe lucrative
Sparky: @Meatball maybe not

RickeyT: The guru's have strung most of us along for 8to 10 years, that takes talent and desperate people 
​Meatball: the potential is there for that place.... if they can make it happen

Sparky: @Meatball thats the game
Sparky: @Meatball sad, really

RickeyT: the richest country on earth and they don't care about wealth

Meatball: i sure as ******* am not waiting or counting on anything from that place... if it happens great

Sparky: @Meatball only personal wealth
Sparky: @Meatball me either
Sparky: @Meatball lots of other way s to grow wealth

Meatball: to many folks bet the ranch so to speak on this.... i hope it pans out for there sake
Sparky: @Meatball think, and Grow Rich

Sparky: @Meatball plan z

Meatball: i still got my lunch money from grade school lol

Sparky: @Meatball you'll be fine

Meatball: hope everyone will be

Sparky: @Meatball it's a crazy world, best keep your head, don't listen to others, must think for yourself

Meatball: crazy is an understatement

Sparky: @Meatball no one else will
Sparky: @Meatball I think that's why God gave us brains

Meatball: gonna get my 4.5 hours of sleep.... will talk to you later... take care

Sparky: @Meatball gn



How about this? It is Monday again and we are all ready for some real action this week. However, we know in our hearts that even if it does not happen this week, it will happen. To those of us who have been waiting for a while we know that until we see the 800 numbers or directions to go to a bank or redemption center it is little more than speculation at this point.

Now does that mean we give up and start believing that it never will happen as so many of the nay- sayers have been telling us all along. Heaven forbid! That alone is what the CABAL would like us to do. So what should you do if you are facing hard times because you are dependent on the RV. Since I have been in the long distance race I have known of many people who just put the currency in a drawer.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, help us to understand what is going on with the GCR/RV and who stands to lose when this goes into effect. The Big Bankers and the Cabal are fighting for their lives and are trying any and everything to keep this slowed down or stalled at every opportunity. Many of us realize that Father but there are others need re-enforcing from others. Bless each of them Father.

Dear Lord God Almighty, help us to see pass the ones who are dedicated to discouraging us from believing this event will ever happen in our lifetime. The road to this happening seems cluttered with confusion and distrust, please guide us to the path You have chosen for us to follow. Amen and Amen.

Sleep well and accept what is and what is yet to come. Surely there will be times when doubt will creep like a thief in the night into your dreams and during your waking hours. Lord provide us the armor of faith in our lives so we can be shielded from the scoffs of other who do not believe. We cannot express our gratitude high enough for what is planned for our future.


Just got a call from my grandson. Trying to get his financial aid set up. He is looking for funds. Looks like I need to start finding a buyer for my $4000 tool box. (without tools)


Ted, I just went through that with my daughter who just graduated from college. Loans,,,,,,yuk

be lucky to get half that much. Have to pull my tools out of it and get it to the front of the garage first


Good Afternoon Room!! correct me if Iam wrong but is Admin having a call late this evening???? i thought i seen a post of a link




The room really died what happened



Dinarland is quiet. Hope that's a good thing.

Did anyone else get a tweet from wsomn0629 to Identify yourself to remain here? Who do I reply back to?

I wouldn't respond to that Lula. Admin hasn't sent anything out to my knowledge. I would PM him first.



Hi Admin Bill! I just responded to your tweet.



Admin i tried to do a twitter account and couldn't figure it out so i stay on here