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The US President has to be out of the W.H. for the US RV to take effect. The Congress and Senate has to be out of Washington for the Republic to take effect. 8.5.17 Bluwolf

The world is supposed to make very significant and positive changes at all levels today. Bluwolf


It’s in their parliament. The justification report to get to that stage was it needs to get to $1.13 before that so they can stage the economy correctly so they can get to the $3 rate again.
This report was put out by parliament, the whole idea behind it was the justification for an exchange rate adjustment.
So it’s staged and the four stages are:
1. Putting U.S. dollars into the Iraqi economy so the people have a solid currency.
2. Reestablish their currency [The dinar].
3. Through that currency and through the exchange rate reestablish their economy and get their economy to a $1.13 or around a dollar.
4. And then from $1.13 they can get to to the $3 range.
Efforts to increase citizen confidence .. Central Bank announces a plan to increase the number of foreign banks in Iraq Al-Alak said in a press interview that “the number of foreign banks, including Arab, has increased during the past two years, to currently reach 18 banks, and the number of foreign banks, After the number did not exceed 11 banks, “stressing that” these steps were conducted in coordination with the World Bank and most of these banks is solid and has branches in most of the world. ” He added that “branches of foreign banks can not be required to new rules, since the bank has one capital for the branch or the original, which applies to our banks in Iraq and neighboring countries, and falls under the policy of reciprocity with the countries of the world, International law “. 
He pointed out that some Arab and foreign banks have an “international classification”, pointing out that “our assessment of banks is a calendar in terms of compliance and combating money laundering for the purpose of buying the dollar, which is limited in the window selling the dollar.” And on the new Islamic banks that were established with a capital of 100 billion dinars, he pointed out that “part of these banks completed 250 billion dinars in the increase of capital before the end of three years, and began to scrutinize the same as all private banks, to ensure that the capital in the central bank As collateral for deposits of customers with them, and even the subject of classification, we granted foreign advanced ratings unlike local. 
” It is noteworthy that Iraq has 140 banking and financial institutions, including 6 government and 24 civil and 16 Islamic, in addition to the presence of 63 financial companies and conversion companies and financial investment companies 60 percent, Arab and foreign. The Iraqi banking system is currently composed of 54 banks, of which 7 government banks, one of which is a newly established Islamic. There are 23 private commercial banks, of which 9 are Islamic banks.
 There are also 15 branches of foreign banks. In addition, there are many institutions that conduct financial business, including 34 financial transfer companies, and about 200 exchange companies belonging to banks or deal with them. In addition to a loan guarantee company and a company to finance small and medium enterprises. 

About 800 private and public banks operate in all governorates of Iraq. The member of the administrative board of the Association of Iraqi banks, private Abdul Aziz al-Hassoun, the reach of the capital of private banks, and the expansion of its network in Iraq. “The sum of the capital of Iraqi private banks has increased from 30 million dollars in 2004 to one billion and 600 million dollars currently, except for the branches of Arab and foreign banks operating in Iraq. The number of private banks operating in Iraq, Iraq rose from 17 banks in 2004 to 31 banks. While the number of branches of private banks in Baghdad and other provinces from 100 branches to more than 600 branches, to compete in the number and level of services branches of the Rafidain Bank and the government. “Private banks have preceded government banks in the level of services and the use of modern technologies.” 
Al-Hassoun pointed out that this progress has been achieved “through the pursuit of information technology and modern banking programs, and private banks have linked their branches to public administrations, through modern communications devices to increase the speed of banking transactions on the one hand and to increase control on the other.”

 Al-Zahar pointed out that “the Iraqi banks that practice Islamic banking have recently undergone some development. The number of Islamic banks increased from one bank in 1993 to eight Islamic banks, with a special law soon to be issued. On the size of bank deposits in the country, Undersecretary of Finance Fadhel Nabi told (the extent) that the volume of bank deposits in Iraq amounted to about 71 trillion dinars. It shows that “51 trillion dinars of the size of these deposits are government, that is funds belonging to the state, and about 20 trillion dinars are any civil deposits of the citizen.” “Ninety percent of bank deposits are in government banks and the rest are in private banks,” Nabi said. 

The prophet justified the lack of deposits in private banks to “the loss of confidence of the government and citizens of those banks, because of the crises experienced by some of them bankruptcy, embezzlement and others.” Nabi confirms that there is a proposal submitted by the Ministry and a number of specialists and experts to the State Shura Council since 2009, which stipulates the need to establish a national contribution company to insure deposits in private banks. And stresses the importance of moving this proposal so that citizens and government institutions the motivation to put their deposits in these banks. Source

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chattels: good afternoon all

chattels: Parliament raises its meeting for two after the vote on the law and the end of the reading of three laws : [Ayn-Baghdad]

The House of Representatives voted in its 11th ordinary session held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, Speaker of the Council, and in the presence of 200 deputies on Saturday the law on the establishment of foreigners and ended reading three draft laws.

BobS: 08/06/2017 0:00 Sponsored the signing of the Japan exchanged notes with ceremony BAGHDAD / morning With greater determination and responsibility and ensure the continuation of victories, the Prime Minister made the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,

Dr. Haider Abadi, a "new success" represents silence voices that seek to sow division, when he said: "The popular crowd will not solve and will remain under the leadership of the state and the religious authority."

Assurances of Prime Minister came at a time when the province of Babylon visited it in an effort to improve the services provided to citizens. Ebadi said in a speech at a fatwa victory festival held by Abbas squad fighting on Saturday: " The fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad turned into a fatwa victory, after HB sons of the country in response to the fatwa , Sayyed Ali al - Sistani , " noting that "Iraq will remain and triumph and radiates hope to others" .

BobS: He noted that "victory makers are the martyrs and the wounded fighters, as well as medical engineering effort, effort and heroes of the Air Force and other Alsnov." Dr. Abadi warned those who are trying to sow discrimination, saying:

"There is a coherence between the people and our security forces and the state," noting that "we are facing major challenges after the liberation of land is to preserve the unity word."

During his visit to the province of Babylon, the prime minister held a meeting with their portfolios and the President and members of the provincial council in the presence of security leaders. The meeting took place during the discussion of service and security situation in the province, and ways of upgrading them, in addition to remove obstacles to projects to serve the sons of Babylon.

In the meantime, the prime minister stressed that the victory had we created together and we must keep it together. He said in a speech in front of a large gathering of young people at the Victory Festival , which was held in the Babylonian theater: young people hope that Iraq can not Akhzloh have contributed to the victory and will contribute to building the country.

BobS: Abadi also sponsored yesterday the signing of the pleadings exchanged between Iraq and Japan for the rehabilitation of Hartha thermal plant ceremony (Phase II) in the province of Basra , at a cost of $ 195 million.

He said in a speech in front of a large gathering of young people at the Victory Festival, which was held in the Babylonian theater: young people hope that Iraq can not Akhzloh have contributed to the victory and will contribute to building the country.

Abadi also sponsored yesterday the signing of the pleadings exchanged between Iraq and Japan for the rehabilitation of Hartha thermal plant ceremony (Phase II) in the province of Basra , at a cost of $ 195 million.

He said in a speech in front of a large gathering of young people at the Victory Festival, which was held in the Babylonian theater: young people hope that Iraq can not Akhzloh have contributed to the victory and will contribute to building the country.

Abadi also sponsored yesterday the signing of the pleadings exchanged between Iraq and Japan for the rehabilitation of Hartha thermal plant ceremony (Phase II) in the province of Basra , at a cost of $ 195 million.

BobS: 08/06/2017 0:00 Najaf / Hussein Kaabi New emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, his country's keenness to support the Iraqi government and people, expressed his readiness to facilitate the work of Kuwaiti investors in Iraq, to ​​strengthen the relationship between the two countries and the exchange of experiences in various fields.

The transfer of the governor of Najaf Louay al for Sheikh Sabah after meeting in Kuwait, congratulations "to the people of Iraq following the victories achieved by the security forces to organize Daesh terrorist." He is stressing that he met with a great welcome from Sheikh Sabah, the demands presented to His Highness.

Yasiri said the "morning": "It was a detailed presentation during the meeting with Prince Al- Sabah on the investment aspects and economic resources owned by the province of Najaf, which encourages investors and owners of capital to work in the province , "

BobS: 08/06/2017 0:00 The World Economic Forum held at the Dead Sea conference during May 2017 under the theme of empowering generations towards the future and focused discussions on the subject , in essence , run youth forces in the digital age or the current fourth technological revolution.

Faced with the phenomenon of the inability of large companies from the broad operation of the labor force young to bring high - density technology as well as the inability of governments to provide employment opportunities (especially from the young nations the proportion of young people in which about 6 percent of the total labor force) due to walk down the principle of effective small e - government, so the available to run opportunities are reaching the so - called ecosystem eCO system:

Any accelerated interdependence for all energies talented for young people and capacity leadership supported Balapetkart that deal with the digital age to form kegs productive work and beneficiaries at the same time, through behavioral phenomena administrative dynamics (called idiomatically change radically creative disruption), a combination of managerial leadership and the ability to innovate and talent to generate products and new markets are all based on the ecosystem - strong small and medium - sized enterprises interconnected digitally.
BobS: Valtrabottat between inputs for small and medium enterprises and outputs that deal IT capabilities mutual all come (as an interactive) to maximize the efficiency of production and the introduction of new products generating new markets as Zkr.ama the role of the state will remain equipped with the foundation of infrastructure (physical and legal) and to facilitate business and simplification of procedures , with an emphasis on the principle of partnership and interaction between the state and the market.

Also it raised important economic theory in the concept of the digital market balance issues, for example , taking the Marshall Law in the supply and demand (for price fixing equilibrium) a new concept in the digital market balance. Digital equilibrium is representing equivalent Prices are demand with supply.

(Where the display here contain all the problems , including infrastructure , government bureaucracy and other problems and get off to them alone minimum optimization by simplifying procedures and transparency of the supervisory regulations).he said, adding that he had asked Kuwait 's emir "

BobS: Thus, the summary of the ideas that came out of the ecosystem Anfa is the main director of the operating system and the face of unemployment through the new product that is easy to achieve the growth of these digital tools intensity and capabilities of information technology ,

 both in the establishment of business incubators Uchiad system for residential units , low - lying cost or the use of solar energy or new technologies in agriculture or the use of artificial intelligence, ie , through the establishment of small units, medium and interconnected production operates a unified digital base in the exchange of information to form Bahaalnzam ecological optimization , which will be a powerful force essential for the operation of the power Alp Young confidentiality.

Noticed that Iraq in the current circumstances is in dire need for an effective step to assemble small and medium - sized enterprises leading to the formation of the nucleus of a system of ecological internal financing international or both from international funding agencies or has a project central bank lending or other to achieve the digital age and prerogatives in the operation of the energies working young generation new products in accordance with the soft base information for each product grouping,

for example , are not limited to notice that the Arab world currently spends annually on the translation of more than $ 1.2 billion , a chance to establish units translation tools modern digital activity component of the ecosystem and examples of p Li so many.

BobS: Thus we see the importance of walking a new digital era for Iraq and Bdaamtin main points : The first is : to start setting up a system for companies leading youth (SME, s) in various fields such as agriculture, construction and branches of digital production innovations exclusively in coordination between the relevant ministries of higher education, youth, sports, labor and social affairs and planning, as well as the World Bank and benefit from the vast experience in this regard.

The other: the creation of the necessary means to encourage the establishment of small leading companies for innovative products and create new national markets as: the leading young companies implicated in one synthesis system works according to a database and data efficient, order to realize the economy of a digital real ,

which means the use of Internet networks to facilitate business exchange and contractual society, with emphasis on the principle of availability of digital justice (ie , making use of the internet operations available to all without discrimination or restricted to specific community groups).

BobS: 08/06/2017 0:00 London / Follow-up to the morning Bank of England governor of Mark Carney said the financial services sector in Britain could double its size several times during the next quarter century to be carried out according to the process Brixt plotted its plan.

Carney said on the occasion of ten years after the global financial crisis , the volume of business in the UK services sector could increase during the twenty - five years the next 15 to 20 times the size of the gross domestic product worth 38 trillion pounds levels of GDP currently.

The gross domestic product of the British economy is now about 1.9 trillion pounds a year. He said the Bank of England governor of the recovery "Satty", as it is called money and business center in London, means more work and tax revenue opportunities and exports, but warned the expansion of Satty paces rapidly if it means repeating speculation risky as happened ten years ago. Carney said that Britain has "

hornat: Goodevening everyone... I just listened to the following. It's a AWESOME report ! https://youtu.be/-iDrc-JrV8A     The Breitling Report  Aug 4 Dinar Blog

sah: I have been following him for three years and he is accurate and make you think.

Jo: @sah he was wrong about small denoms.

sah: Not every one is right 100 percent.

sah: He just made me think and then I go research it and learn more.

tman23: @Jo ...... Cost lots of people money buying the worthless denom ...... But he and Treasury Vault did just fine !!!!!

sah: You have to be careful of what you hear or read and check everything before you do anything.

Jo: @tman23 yep

Jo: he never ate crow just brags about how smart he is :lie

sah: A lot of intelligent people have their moments in a special field and flop at other things less intelligent people handle well.

tman23: If there's one type of person you don't want to trust, it's a grifter: someone who cheats others out of money. Grifters are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and flim-flam men. Selling a bridge and starting a Ponzi scheme are things a grifter might do.

hornat: @sah ;c-work;

Jo: @tman23 :yes:

chattels: I would like to know who has been right about anything that really mattered thus far ? 
​chattels: This speculation is like being pregnant. Either we are or are not. Either we will have a return on investment or we will not. Not much else really matters, eh ?

sah: At least we have a ticket to ride.
sah: @hornat laughing so hard at me in front of computer

abangjadul: GE all...read delta post taking example tanzania for ch7 in 1996 lift by imf...could be the same iraq??

Spectra: @abangjadul yes it maybe time will tell!

tman23: @chattels .... Well said !!! Lift the 3 zeros and then find out how they treat the 3 zero notes at exchange....... Very simple !!!!!!!

chattels: " All you want to do is ride around Sally " : Mustang Sally –

Bruster69: We have Snow!!!
Bruster69: PT where are Thou?? lol

Bruster69: Beny Beny !!! update us!!

Meatball: @chattels .... about sums it up..... well said

Bruster69: it was Fun back in the Exo days
Bruster69: Go DGB!!! 633 and rising!!

BlackGold: <----- wonders what happen to Jester
Bruster69: hello Jester??


8-6-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "A slight rise in the exchange rate of the dollar on the stock exchange and its stability in local markets"   Quote:  "The price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar rose slightly on the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad, while prices stabilized in local markets on Sunday (6 August 2017).  Kifah stock exchange - Baghdad 125.800, while prices for Friday was 125.700."   Just a reminder on the math..1207 or less is within 2%.   1255 is about 6%.

8-6-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
  Article:   "Localization of salaries of employees .. The last days of dinar paper in Iraq"   Quote:  "The Iraqi government has already begun to implement the project to settle salaries by handing over the salaries of its employees through electronic payment cards issued by banks operating in the country through deductions up to two thousand dinars."   ...can you see what is coming...CAN YOU SAY WE TOLD YOU SO...so fits into all that Frank [Guru Frank26] has been sharing for days...weeks...months...it's coming...the BEST will soon be upon us...IMO.    

8-6-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  …it’s in their parliament.  The justification report to get to that stage was it needs to get to $1.13 before that so they can stage the economy correctly so they can get to the $3 rate again.  This report was put out by parliament…the whole idea behind it was the justification for an exchange rate adjustment.  So it’s staged and the four stages are 1.  Putting U.S. dollars into the Iraqi economy so the people have a solid currency.  2.  Reestablish their currency [The dinar].  3.  Through that currency and through the exchange rate reestablish their economy…get their economy to a $1.13 or around a dollar 4.  And then from $1.13 they can get to to the $3 range. 

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Buckeyefan:  Today is a good day to have a good day, how profound. Yes, seems like the wait will continue. Since nobody knows the date/rate just consider this a way to talk to friends. I am concerned that folks hold on to every word, then just get disappointed. The when nobody really knows it's close can be said for months on end. Enjoy your life!

Xyz:  Iraq bond market return no cakewalk for investors http://www.zawya.com/mena/en/story/Iraq_bond_market_return_no_cakewalk​_for_investors-ZAWYA20170806054335/

Truckerbabe67:  xyz ~ not yet but soon as they go international ...and there currency value goes up im sure that will change!

Yada:  in agreement,,, the tone of the article will change with the RV

Fitzgerald:  ARE YOU PLANS READY?????







Yada:  Not preaching, just thinking out loud,,there is a scripture that states,,,It is the Lord that gives us the ability to gain wealth,,,,That ability comes in the form of not just having faith in HIM, it involves have a vehicle,,one can know all there is about becoming wealthy but if doesnt have that vehicle,,it would be knowledge without wisdom

RVAlready:  This vehicle is unusual for most, and requires enormous patience and fortitude. Not a road that most of today's generation would take.

Yada:  I believe what we are experiencing right now is what stories and movies are made of. People of faith even are pursuing the understanding and faith to consistently do what we are about to do,,,there is that point of pursuit where we acquire the means to have the end result of great increase,,,we are at the in between place . We will never be able to convey what we are doing because saying we waited would not define what we we all are experiencing right now,,

This in between state can only be experienced,,

Fuze:  we are the minority for sure, but i love it!!


Tishwash:  Saleh bragging how well their bonds did … I think the numbers he is using is in dinar because it was billions of dollars just fyi

After the Tigris .. Euphrates another sovereign international support for Iraq in the global capital market
{Iraq: Al-Furat News} Iraq issued an external sovereign bond in the name of {Euphrates} in the global capital market after the first bond in the name of {Tigris}.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Advisor for Financial Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "Iraq issued on Wednesday, 2 August 2017 an international sovereign bond bearing the name of {Euphrates} the duration of the bond is 5 years and the interest rate is 6.75% six months ". 

Saleh added, "Sindh was classified by Fitch for credit rating B, and the number of international investment companies that submitted for the purchase and competed with about 350 global investment companies with investment facts more than $ 12 trillion and have applied for the purchase of Sword Euphrates approached $ 6 trillion oversubscribed, including the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund, the Arab Monetary Fund and the California Education Fund, one of the wealthiest funds in the US West Coast and the world. " He said " California in the house!   link


Breitling  You guys have to understand the way they set this up for it to move forward…[when] they put the currency [dinar] out, the first thing they did was to dampen it down.  It’s not a market rate ladies and gentlemen…They artificially kept it down…

The pressure they are fighting against is going to cause it to go back up.  it’s that simple….What did Iraq use to push the value of their currency down?  They used the U.S. dollar…That’s what artificially helped keep the dinar down. 

The justification Report…went to…the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and the CBI and specifically said that we want to get it back to $3.  This is well recorded…it’s in their parliament.

The justification report to get to that stage was it needs to get to $1.13 before that so they can stage the economy correctly so they can get to the $3 rate again. 

This report was put out by parliament…the whole idea behind it was the justification for an exchange rate adjustment.  So it’s staged and the four stages are

1.  Putting U.S. dollars into the Iraqi economy so the people have a solid currency. 

2.  Reestablish their currency [The dinar].
3.  Through that currency and through the exchange rate reestablish their economy…get their economy to a $1.13 or around a dollar. 

4.  And then from $1.13 they can get to to the $3 range

RECAP: MR.IQD: EUREKA!!! NY Times Article Confirms Kuwait’s 1991 DINAR “RV”, 6 AUGUST

MR.IQD:  EUREKA!!! NY Times Article Confirms Kuwait’s 1991 DINAR “RV”

Posted on June 30, 2014

Happy Monday Dinarians,

I can’t
tell you how AWESOME I feel this morning – just minutes ago after I logged in to LJ’s Next Step Skype News Room and I saw a REAL NEWS Article posted by “MyDigitalDr” one of the room’s active members.

This Article is from March 25, 1991 and is from The New York Times (Archive) – It is titled:

AFTER THE WAR; No Electricity but Kuwait Reopens Its Banks

and among many things it specifically talks about Kuwait’s Central Bank’s “RV” of their KWD(Kuwaiti Dinar) after Saddam had invaded Kuwait.

Here is the article – I have highlited the exchange rate for you.

By DONATELLA LORCH, Special to The New York Times

Published: March 25, 1991

It still has no water and little electricity or food, but Kuwait revived its banking system today, introducing a new currency.

Banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi occupation forces shut them down in December. Thousands of people lined up to exchange their old Kuwaiti dinars for crisp new ones and to withdraw a limited amount of money.

Without electricity, the banks services were slow, limited to money exchange and withdrawal. There was no telex, no electronic money transfer and no telephones. The computers were unusable, so all transactions had to be entered by hand.

“It’s like going back 20 years,” said Mohammed al-Yahya, the manager of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, the nation’s second-largest bank. Seized Dinars Canceled

The Central Bank is canceling the value of Kuwaiti dinars that were seized from the Central Bank and put into circulation by the Iraqis. The invalid serial numbers were posted today in front of all banks in the city.

All other old dinars can be exchanged for new ones on a one-to-one rate until May 7, when the old dinars become invalid. The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar.

Although it is severly handicapped without electricity, the Commercial Bank, like many other major banks, was able to… [Continue Reading on NYTimes Site]


Now you can know with CERTAINTY that Kuwait did in fact “RV” their Currency for 3.47 KWD to $1.00 USD – and friends I’ve been searching for this fact based article for years, and poof, out of the blue, “MyDigitalDr” on LJ’s Board found it and posted it.  So, thanks to you, whoever you are.  Also, thanks to the NY Times for including it in their Archives – that is really awesome!

To those out there who claim that it is just not “possible” for Iraq’s Central Bank to “RV” the IQD because it has “never been done before” – THEN TELL THEM TO READ THIS NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE, AND SEE HOW THEY RESPOND!!!…


Aggiedad77: Think about this Family......catch this point......why would KW lend Iraq $100 million USD when Iraq was to owe them $4.5 BILLION in reparations.....can you say DEALS......DEALS made IMO by the master deal-maker himself....brilliant moves by brilliant people....IMO   Aloha   Randy

Don961:  Kuwaiti grant to Iraq worth "100" million dollars and reason !!

06-08-2017 03:35 PM

Readers  Baghdad News -

The Kuwait Fund for Development (KFAED) on Sunday awarded $ 100 million to Iraq to improve the health situation in war-affected areas.
The head of the fund, Mustapha al-Hitti, signed a framework agreement with Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (GAFD) Ghanem al-Ghunaiman to manage the grant provided by the State of Kuwait to support the health sector in the areas affected by a $ 100 million boost.

"Kuwait Fund for Development has already granted Iraq $ 21 million to support the industrial and electricity sectors in the affected areas," the statement said.



Doc.K: I understand that Kuwait did not revalue their currency ,  but they reinstituted their currency;   so don't they have to notify the IMF within a 30 day period  ........ Just like when a country revalue their currency.

I was wondering if anybody is able to find something about that

Didn't Kuwait bring back  their currency around March 22nd?   I wonder if they gave a 7-Day notice or a 21-day notice to the IMF ...... 


Samson: Iraq leads regional countries in the protection, privacy and privacy of personal electronic data

10:32 - 06/08/2017

Iraq issues the list of Middle East countries on the index of protection, privacy and privacy of personal data or electronic security known as cyberspace.

The Global Cybersecurity Index is measured on the basis of 25 criteria and 157 questions covering 5 basic pillars of each equivalent.

The aim of the report is to use the results of the indicator to raise the level of awareness among the countries covered by the report regarding the importance of cybersecurity, thereby helping them to identify areas that need to be developed in this field, and to take appropriate action to improve their global ranking.

He pointed out that the overall picture of 2016 reflects progress on the five pillars of the cyber security agenda in many countries in the areas covered, noting that there is still a gap in the integration of cyber security between the different regions.

Globally, Singapore ranked first in the 2017 Global Cybersecurity Index, followed by the United States, Malaysia.

Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon, Mauritania, Kuwait, Djibouti, Iraq, Comoros, Somalia and Yemen, according to the report.


~BREAKING~ AdminBill Talks SEPTEMBER!!! 8/6/17

WH Clark‏ @wsomn0629 36m36 minutes ago 

#WSOMN0629 We seem to be at a standstill. RV is a moving target. Not optimistic about August. September? It will happen but when?

On the bright side for all you Mom's school is starting soon and for Dad's football season is almost here!!!!! It's about time!

Opportunities in life come infrequently. Go to http://www.waszupp4u.ning.com  to see if this one is for you. Sign in is required.


So much for the week days this week I was kind of hoping for something to happen this week but it appears that we must have hit another snag on the road to the RV. All the Intel providers I have listened to today have no real reason for the delay (at least that they can talk about anyway) of the RV while some say maybe it is in Iraq and others say they don’t believe so.

Now then where does that leave us? Clueless I believe because we don’t really know who to listen to these days so we wait. Yep we wait and every day we wonder “Is today going to be the day/” but then the of thinking. So we have battles within and battles without. Can’t seem to win. day passes and we wait again while the non believes try their best to break us down to their way

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father as the days pass many of us are coming closer to You and that is as it should be because we all know you know all about the beginning and the end of time. Perhaps that is the best way because as I once heard on an old movie “You want the truth?..You can’t handle the truth” Kind of a corny reference but it really fits our situation at this time.

Dear Lord God Almighty, today a bit of a miracle happened in my life today and a bit of tragedy happened to our dear friend and Board Monitor Avon Lady. We come before you at this time to send all of our prayers to this special lady for a rapid recovery for her and the person who was in the car with her. She has always been a very special person to me even though we have never met. Make her whole again.

Rest easy my friends this day may be over but the blessing we will receive soon will be worth it in the end because the Lord knows your heart and will guide you accordingly. And I want to thank all of those special prayers our members have sent to me and most of all to You lord when you brought me out of what seemed to be a situation that I could not handle…..again! Amen and Amen


Any updates on Avon this morning? I hope that she is doing well. she was involved in a car accident and was rear ended.





Friends: DO NOT fall for that Freedom-Giving ILLEGAL pyramid scheme! (My posts are in the forum). The FTC will be on them like white on rice. OMG..... https://www.ftc.gov/public-statements/1998/05/pyramid-schemes

Admin: PM

I believe ADMIN has gone to work, he is not responding to PM's


Lucy TY for that reference post. Been there done that. MLM never ever again. Think: Clawbacks. But, that's just me.


Admin: There has to be product running through an organization, not just dollars. And, they cannot ask for the person to bring in people. That's where it crosses pyramid scheme laws.

GoFundMe is in a different legal category. Yes, I do care. This site is the best. Please don't ban me! Smile

Good afternoon all! I just have to share! I'm STOKED!!!!! I have to read through all the fine print but I was accepted for the FHA Forbearance Program!!! I was denied but then somehow I was back in and the last go around they approved me! I have to start making reduced payments Sept 1st. And yes, they will put Foreclosure on hold!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!


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AdminBill, That's so kind of you to look out for us.....Thanks again

So I guess Mosul was just another reason to kick the can down the road? Iraq seems to do a lot of talking but not much else. Assuming they are actually running this show...

A-Bill - I sent a pm--would like to know about the opporunity




It's safe to say you will never hear frank bruce RR or ptr say what admin just said


006....I wish Yosef would exchange and leave the scene. He is so full of BS with his Trump smearing. He must have been promised a position by the Dem's.


warsaw, according to him he has exchanged. For this reason he doesn't talk about currency/rates, etc on his calls. Pfffff

A while back, Yosef came out and said he was lying. If no one would give him any credit-he would have no one to "follow" him.

Yoo Hoo, did something change on the site? Suddenly it looks so different. Maybe I hit something(?) Does everything look the same to you all, as of 15 minutes ago?


I forgot the color code?

no color codes being used now, I think

Color means nothing per admin

A while back, Yosef came out and said he was lying. If no one would give him any credit-he would have no one to "follow" him.


He also claimed during the elections that Trump wasn't going to win, then it went to even though he won he would never take office and now it's about impeachment. Pfffffff


And now says he is a Transgender

PJammy, that's why everyone is so frustrated; they assume ever milestone is a date or a rate. Now everyone is looking at the 21st as the next date. I don't think so. They, PTB, don't want us to know.


sad thing also is people love ole dr wc.....thinks she is a saint..


tool - So true. People don't see the scam because they just need to believe in something or following something. Leaders are born. You can't train someone to be a true leader. The rest just fo

The untruth call what a bunch of crap over there, Opps sorry not suppose to bash people and calls


All the bashing on this site now makes it very unpleasant for me to follow anymore. Thanks guys


Reading what admin has been saying and it sounds like me he doesn't believe this is going to happen anymore, if he knows something, he needs to give it too us , we are grown adults and we can handle it. He truth will set you free.


Have faith Admin did not say this wasn't coming about nor did he say it wasn't going to be soon . Hang in there it's inevitable this will be coming

The energy is so high it's clearing people out bringing up emotional issues as well as physical to be healed . I have heard of many even passing at this time cause they r done .

Gosh the rv is blamed for everything crazy




Whoa!!!! What happened to all the forum topics?


Where are all of Admins old posts now?

Gone gone gone.
Someone cleaned house


I noticed the password protected documents area is gone now too....

I'm sad that Teds prayer requests are gone.

Evening all. Boy have things changed in here.


I have been in 10 years and not in a good position but health and a big ❤️Is what life is about . Soon the gravy will come ...

I feel bad for Admin he wants this so much for us if he could push that button he would . It's tough to get good intel especially now and he doesn't want to mislead or dissapoint us . Maybe tomorrow some good info could come in it's that crazy .


Halo, if you remember, last Saturday Admin came in and dropped a bomb and people lost their minds. Sunday he came in and the sun was shinning. For you that have been in this ride a long time, you've pretty much heard it all like Admin. He's not falling for the punt fake anymore.

Yes true I think some calls should be cancelled it's beyond a joke now . I don't think they planed it that way but that's how hard it is now to see things .


Wonder if slicing and dicing the Forum like this has anything to do with saving bandwidth and therefore lowering the cost of maintaining the site. Don't really know if it works like that. I can think of another at least 2 forum topics that might be considered to let go of if need be.


ADMINBILL do you think or hear that August 21 is significant to our blessing? the eclipse and all that





Thank you Admin Bill for cutting...It make everything easier to see and find. If it is last week's news, it is OLD news. "delete" I like the crew-cut!