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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of August 5, 2017

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Iraq returns $ 131 million in funds held by the United Nations 5 AUGUST

The Euphrates -

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the recovery of Iraqi funds detained by the United Nations under the oil program for food and medicine, pointing out that the value of 131 million dollars.

In a statement, ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal said Iraqi funds seized by the United Nations under the $ 131 million oil-for-food and medicine program had been recovered, along with six-year benefits. Adding that this was done after the ministry was authorized by the Council of Ministers and with the support of the Prime Minister and the contribution of the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers to negotiate the latest commitments related to this program, through two rounds of negotiations with the Secretariat of the United Nations on the completion of Iraq's obligations relating to the release of Chapter VII.

The Spokesman pointed out that he expects by the end of this year to end all the burdens of the decisions of Chapter VII borne by Iraq because of the acts committed by the former regime of policies and follies that tied Iraq's money and led to the detention of international organizations.



US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the position of the United States and its keenness on the unity of Iraq and respect for the constitution.
“Tillerson renewed his congratulations on the victories of the Iraqi forces in the battle of Mosul, praising the wisdom of the leadership and the high level of coordination in the battle,” a statement from the prime minister’s media office said.
The US Secretary of State to the continued support for the efforts of Iraq in the post-urging. ”
For his part, Abadi stressed the determination of Iraq to complete the liberation of all its territory and the restoration of stability
Abadi also pointed to the importance of focusing on providing services to citizens, and move the wheel of the economy through the fight against corruption, And the importance of regional and international openness to Iraq, stressing the need not to distract efforts by side differences and focus on what serves the stability, unity and prosperity of Iraq.
t of the government to the private sector,” Al-Alak said during his participation in a workshop for the Baghdad Economic Forum, according to a statement by his media office. “The government was keen to involve the private sector in all economic committees.” “The government is moving toward economic reform to achieve comprehensive development and a gradual transition to the private sector, and Iraq, having overcome the economic risks coinciding with the war on a daunting, He is going to proceed with the economic reforms he started. ” He pointed out that “Iraq suffers from many economic problems, for the total dependence on oil revenues, which fell by about 70%.” He stressed that “the government has been reforming through the issuance of a number of decisions to compensate for the decline in oil revenues and the disposal of some of the problems that affected the economy of the country, and focus on the development of the public and private sectors and improve the quality of national products.”







Well folks here I am again with my rusty and sometimes interesting comments from the day and gathered up from the spirit that fills this room. As I have said many times before, I am proud to be a member of this board among all the fine people who take the time to read these sometimes sad comments from a rusty old salt who probably sometimes venture awful close to being banned.

Hey but that is OK because I personally get my spirits lifted with each post I make and the responses I often get from our members. I know a lot of yesterday’s post was about me and I must say I was quite surprised by the number of personal message I received complimenting me and offering to help in my situation. However, I have a great guardian Angel that has pulled me from under siege often.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father another day has passed and the information received today it appears to be on the brink of tripping the switch that turns out the 800 numbers. Of course we also understand that most all of the information we have seen today is from this earth and we also know the One who holds the keys to our dreams. Bless us Father if it be Thy will. Amen and Amen.

Dear Lord God Almighty, we thank You for the blessings we receive on a daily blessing some as simple as having fresh air to breathe and cool water to drink and food to fuel our bodies. Many of our members are in serious need of Devine Spiritual healing to ease their pains and situations. Help and encourage those who silently keep their situations secret out of shyness or shame.

Sleep well my dear friends and know that I am in pretty good shape for the shape I am in. I appreciate all the kind words that were spoken to and about me. My task at this time is to serve my God and share His message to those who may read it though what I write. Our Destiny grows nearer by the moment. Be prepared for when your tasks are revealed to you.

Lord u know I only offer a prayer once. I know u know what is in my heart. My prayer tonite is for a man in our forum that offers prayers for others every day. He has such faith. I want to call upon u to lift him up. Give him internal strength for his own trials. May u find him peace and wealth as soon as u can.

Ted has been there and has been steadily praying for us Lord. I pray you give him streangrh and peace and to always remember your right there with him. And to always know he has a family here ready and waiting to listen praise you Lord for you are might and amazing and all loving Father. I praying in your mighty name Amen

Any news from ADMINBILL?


Has anyone heard from AdminBill ? It seems strange not to hear fromhim sincse last Sunday

Gonna be a slllooowww d-land weekend methinks.

No TNT Call at 1 pm

drl wrote 
2m ago
Ray must be doin a trust seminar! lol1

Eugenia wrote 
37s ago
Ray said he is attending a funeral.

I see nothing earth shattering has happened in Dinar Land - so off for the weekend for a little faith renewing and visit with family and friends

Ray feels we are just waiting.... Not much news

RC you know I love you guys. I have no idea what you look like- how old you are- but the way you talk about your family- and the way you treat us- you're cherished


Wish Icould bring in the much hoped for 800 numbers - but if they are given its for Admin to do


GA RC and DP!! Having fabulous day holding granddaughter! Baby lovin is the best! So was Bruce full of stuff on his 72 hour IMF thing for rate release?


Yes they are darlin! So Ill take that as a...nope. LOL


Bless his heart, he seems like a nice guy but gosh just can fathom where he gets his info. Give him credit he keeps at it tho.

I just feel bad for those peepsin the redemption centers...they sure have been on lockdown a lot!

Bruce say 1 thing and then the opposite right after. He say we all go at same time then say they started in China and Europe

I do wish he had Q&A. That would surely be interesting.

He can't do that he will be picked apart

The new rate doesn't have to wait until the 21st...can't explain it, but that is my understanding

He reads what we say in here

Well gosh were you reading my mind Tiger?? Was just gonna ask that.

I'm on another site as well that has comprehensive detail that I am not to bring here but generalized statements are sufficient I believe....and NO, it isn't DC!!!!!!!! If I went there for info...just shoot me now!!

Trel, that he reads what we say in here...did I misinterpret your comment? Probably

I heard he is a member in here

Oh, bruce?

I have a Bitcoin/Blockchain question....someone said one needs a cellphone to get a login code...anyone know if they can send it to a landline or email addy instead? Thanks anyone. Anyone have any dealings with using Blockchain?

calgody go to coinbse and those questions can be answered, i use a two step verification there but not sure now if its required

In order to work with Bitcoin ...I was given a blockchain link to work with....

yes, coinbase is used to purchase bitcoin. calgody i am a novice myself but youtube has some good tutortotials for research, just type in blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc, and it helps explain. blockchain is the technology, coinbase is just a way to purchase bitcoin

Maybe we all need to go a day without hoping or thinking about the rv/gcr and it may come. But eager said then done

Afternoon !! Well are we any closer ?? Retirement seems to be slipping away !!

Any news from Admin this a.m.



Miny Mouse
I did not go to the hospital with Avon...I still had daycare kids when she first called me..where they had her was about 45 minutes from my home..Once I knew her Roommates daughter was with her I waited to see if they were going to transport her to the main hospital..I just wanted everyone to know

Listen they found no broken bones from my accident as well but the neck and back vertibrates could only be seen on a CT scan get the word to her to have the hospital do a CT Scan for possible injuries there.

Today with no explanation given all the insufficient funds charges were removed and I actually had enough now in my bank account to buy some much needed essentials. Some of you may recall me posting that their is power in prayer . Now while some may consider this all to be coincidental, you will never be able to convince me that it was done through Intervention not of this earth.

So I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to include me in your personal prayer sessions There is power in prayers.

Avon should know that many Insurance contracts have was is known as a Personal Injury Protection written into the policy. She may have a claim against her own policy to help in her recovery.

Also with most insurance policies individuals who were involved in an accident that was npt their fault have the right to demand a replacement vehicle of the same type instead of taking what they believe the vehicle to be worth in a total loss situation

Got a text from Avon. She was rear ended by a truck. Nothing broken. VERY sore and no vehicle now!!

ADMINBILL please tell her to have the hospital do an MRI. Xrays showed nothing on my accident either it was only reviled through the MRI. I will back off for now and spend some much needed time with my wife now. BBL


Injuries may not show up for several days or longer.


Typical Avon she is almost more concerned about the trouble she has caused the room than what she is dealing with, she asked that I not relay any of our conversation other than to thank everyone for their prayers and concerns and I ask that we continue to pray for her complete recovery. Ted please relay you expertise re her vehicle whenever she does come back into the chat, she needs to know her position in dealing with her adjuster






8-5-2017  Newshound Guru Breitling  You guys have to understand the way they set this up for it to move forward…[when] they put the currency [dinar] out, the first thing they did was to dampen it down.  It’s not a market rate ladies and gentlemen…They artificially kept it down…the pressure they are fighting against is going to cause it to go back up.  it’s that simple….What did Iraq use to push the value of their currency down?  They used the U.S. dollar…That’s what artificially helped keep the dinar down.  The justification Report…went to…the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and the CBI and specifically said that we want to get it back to $3.  This is well recorded… [Post 1 of 2.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story]

8-5-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Article:  "Reuters: Iraqi general sees easy victory over exhausted IS fighters in Tal Afar"  Just so you know, I am not presenting this article because I believe that once ISIS is gone from Tal Afar or from Iraq in general, that the CBI will automatically trigger some RV. I did not believe that once Mosul was liberated it would RV.  ...there is much more to do prior to getting to the level of SECURITY needed. Let’s also think about the needed STABILITY which is getting the new Iraqi constitution “fully” implemented.  We just have to wait and watch the saga play out and hope that nothing HUGE happens along the way to disturb the process. We also see the 2018 elections coming up in the horizon and once again we have to be cautious that they RV prior to this timeframe...

8-5-2017   Newshound Guru 1bobby  Article:  "Abbadi consultant: external funding sources for the 2017 budget deficits amounting to three billion dollars."  Quote:  "Central Bank and Finance Ministry and other agencies Goals and plans contained in the agreement will give an important signal ahead of major international institutions and States to provide funding and facilities to support the financial situation in Iraq by supporting funding for the State budget and multiple projects as paving the IMF's statement to the third review which will start in the month of September next to continue with the programme and the consequent to an external support Iraq."    [It sounds like they want this new economic engine switched on between now and their September review meeting.]  I don't think anyone would argue your point.  The IMF issues these monies expecting certain benchmarks to either be adhered to and or addressed. With Mosul out of the way, there are no more excuses for the GOI, Parliament and the CBI to progress at a faster pace. Not taking away from Tel Afar or Hawija as hot spots as far as ISIS.

What Determines the Value of Currency? By Naima Manal , 5 AUGUST

The value of currency is determined by its selling and purchase price as a commodity. This is affected by the amount of currency that is bought. When a currency is very popular and many people buy it, then its value increases.

However, when a currency is not purchased often, then its value decreases.


Currencies were once assessed by the gold standard, which compared currencies to the U.S. dollar and then to the value of gold.
However, this was abandoned after WWI. The current method of assessing currency values is based on the floating currency exchange rate, which is a more efficient way of valuing currency from one country to another, even though currency values fluctuate from day to day.


Currencies are traded in pairs, such as the U.S. dollar to the Euro, so that the value of one currency is seen against the other, then other related factors are also examined to determine the overall currency value.


The Fair Market Value of a currency is based on the agreed amount at which it is bought and sold. Many factors are considered about the country when determining a reasonable trade value.

Economic Conditions

The economic condition of a country, such as employment rates and opportunities for growth, is examined when comparing its currency to another country. Currencies of prosperous countries are then given a higher value than the currency of economically struggling nations.


The political climate of a country is assessed for its stability in its national governance, and in the global political realm. The value of currency is directly affected by the country's allies and enemies, as well as political agendas.

War Affects Currency

Whether or not a country is at war also affects the value of the currency trade. Not only does the war itself raise heightened economic concerns, but currency is either strengthened or weakened by the purpose of the war, the country's role and allies in the conflict.


How Does Printing Currency Devalue the Dollar?
By Alex Kocic

Printing extra dollars makes them worth less.

By printing extra notes, a government increases the total amount of money in circulation. If that is not followed by an increase in production, there is more money to spend on the same amount of goods and services as before. Everything costs more, thus our money is worth less.

Money Supply

Money supply is the total amount of coins and notes in a country's economy. More coins and notes in circulation means that the money is worth less. The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) rarely prints extra money. Instead, it uses other mechanisms to increase the money supply.

Reserve Requirements

The Fed sets the reserve requirements banks must hold at any time. By lowering those requirements, the Fed can allow banks to inject more money into the economy.

Interest Rates

By lowering short-term rates at which banks borrow money from it, the Fed can make money cheaper and thus more widely available.

Open Market Operations

The Fed can use its reserves to buy government bonds and in that way release extra cash into the economy. It can also reduce the amount of money in circulation by selling those bonds.


Each of the three ways of increasing money supply can lead to inflation, which is a sustained increase in prices over a period of time. Inflation devalues our money by reducing our purchasing power. Although we may have more dollars to spend, they buy less then before because prices have gone up.

Benefits of Extra Money

Sometimes the benefits of extra money in the economy outweigh the costs of inflation. In times of recession, extra money helps revive the economy, while a devalued dollar makes U.S. exports cheaper and more competitive abroad.


How Do Currencies Fluctuate?
By Joseph Nicholson

When currencies were linked to specific weights of gold or silver, their value changed very little over time. For hundreds of years, until the twentieth century, this was the case. In the modern market-based currency system, currencies have no fixed value, and instead, they are quoted in relation to other currencies.

The result is a system wherein currencies fluctuate based on the buying a selling of participants in global currency markets. This leaves the value of currencies subject in large part to speculation and interest rate arbitrage as much as or more than the economic strength of a particular economy.

Nevertheless, issues of supply and demand still factor largely in currency markets. Demand for currency for actual buying is called "transactional demand." This demand is generated by large international transactions. For example, on most exchanges or bourses, crude oil is sold only in U.S. dollars.

This makes it imperative for oil importing nations to have a supply of US dollars, which in turn props up the dollar's value by creating demand. Similarly, net exporters sell their goods in their local currency, obliging their trading partners to own at least some of the transactional medium.

Currencies are also largely subject to interest rates. Despite Japan's strong technological exports, it has maintained a low interest rate environment for years, keeping its currency low relative to other major world economies.  
​Not only do low interest rates reduce transactional demand by encouraging investors to park their money in higher-yielding currencies, they can actually change the supply of currency in circulation. In order to effectuate a change in interest rates, central banks must add or remove money.

Higher interest rates require the reduction of supply, which drives up the value. Additionally, changes in interest rates inspire speculators to buy or sell a currency in an attempt to "price in" the changes far faster than the normal circulation would provide.

Speculation provides another important role in the fluctuation of currencies. Investment in currencies is at least in part based on the perceived performance of an economy relative to most others.

 Countries whose GDP grows faster than their money supply are in effect increasing the value of their currency. These countries will be able to raise their interest rates and pay more for debt.

Speculators will attempt to capture this added value through a variety of investments, including the outright purchase of currency in the foreign exchange market, which is where currency fluctuations originate.


GOI Knows this is a HISTORICAL moment for their country


BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 Sadr looms the intervention of UN in the elections .. and calls to confine arms to the state of Baghdad / morning matched the political and popular, agreed on the need to choose a new Council of Independent High Electoral Commission of views, and to reconsider the election law , which parliament voted on the part of its paragraphs.

 While confirmed the three presidencies, the importance of choosing a new board of the Electoral Commission, the Presidency of the Parliament held today, a meeting to consider the law of provincial councils elections.

This comes at a time, which described the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al - Sadr, the adoption of the provincial council elections , as the current law as " the death of the aspirations of the people and their aspirations for reform."
 A presidential statement, said that " the President of the Republic Fuad Masum and Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, held a meeting at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, during which an emphasis on" Should be completed as soon as the selection of the new Council of the Independent High Electoral Commission on the basis of independence, competence and integrity. "

BobS: The statement noted that" it was agreed to strengthen coordination between the three presidencies in all areas and issues posed by the nature of the stage and to stress the need to strengthen and deepen the dialogue between all the blocks parliamentary political "

in turn, called the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al - Sadr, during a televised speech, to" work on the introduction of the United Nations in supervising the elections if the Commission has not been changed, and stability on the date of the elections in all provinces until liberated Nha, and to accelerate the return of displaced persons

".okhatab al- Sadr, thousands of demonstrators who turned out in Baghdad and a number of provinces, to hold reforms in the provincial elections law , saying:" You are bound to that Tnasroa your army and the security of your troops , "stressing at the same time, the need to"

BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 With a view to restoring confidence between banks and customers Baghdad / morning , the Central Bank of Iraq and discuss the management of the Islamic National Bank ways to develop work mechanisms and the development of products to serve the development work and participate in the investment.

In support of Islamic banking to a detailed social benefits proposal was presented at the annual meeting represents to provide a percentage of profits to support displaced families and poor groups and outstanding economy.

The head of the Bank 's Board of Directors Essam Azri: The human resources development and advancement of their expertise contribute effectively to the development of the overall banking operations and led to achieve an acceptable return and earn the trust of customers and this joint is important and achieved earnings ratio estimated B21milira and 335 million dinars.

BobS: Training of staff in turn , managing director of the bank d occur. Abbas Fadhil that the expansion of the ongoing work plan and going precisely in parallel with a plan aimed at human resources,

which are implemented through several external trends development contract with a specialized company that trains workers in the form of stages in the Jordanian capital Amman and other sessions of the Interior in the Association of Banks on money laundering and the financing of terrorism, stressing that the ongoing bank of this approach, which develops the banking business in Iraq.

He noted that the security situation negatively affected the reality of work during the past years, indicating that any improvement occurs to the security situation is reflected positively on the labor movement, pointing out that the local protection product contributes to the activation of production and moving the reality of the stock market where the rise value of shares experiencing a decline in Akiemha .

Banking products either one central bank representatives have said the central follow - up mechanisms of the work of banks greatly contribute to the development of banking products, indicating that the central bank 's instructions are in favor of the banking business, stressing the importance of a hedge against the risk that the work of the banking sector to maintain customers ' deposits .

BobS: Social benefits concerned financial affairs in and a member of the Board of Directors Ali Abbas Abdul Hussein suggested allocating 1 percent of the profits to a detailed social benefits, which is estimated at more than 200 million dinars , which is distributed to the beneficiaries on segments of society, especially the displaced families who have intensified their suffering greatly because of the terrorist attacks.

 He noted that the expansion of the Islamic banks witnessed in Iraq must be hurt in the national economy , especially since a large segment of citizens prefer to deal with Islamic banks, pointing to the importance of expanding the work of the Islamic investment portfolios.

BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim began the US tax compliance with the law in March 2010 , and the aim of this legislation is to combat tax evasion of US individuals who own financial assets in financial institutions and means of investment non - US, known as (FATCA) (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) as a law issued by the authorities the competent authorities in the United States to disclose in detail about their income and their money and their accounts for the benefit of US tax,

 and in the same context has become the global banking system operates within a single integrated system can not work any financial institution in isolation because of the great evolution of the business environment and

As well as some countries , the dominance of the largest banks in the world as well as technological development in the means of communication and the Internet , which has made the world a small village.

BobS: As these banks operate under the laws and standards, decisions and instructions and conditions are almost uniform, The device of the Iraqi banking represented by the head of the banking pyramid , " the Central Bank of Iraq , "

 one of the parties to this global Almnthomh is and can not be dispensed with, since all funds transferred from Iraq to beneficiaries abroad through banks global as well as the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi banks have external accounts and various currencies,

because there is a real need to work within the global banking system by any Iraqi bank, which requires to adapt to the laws and regulations imposed by the environment in which the bank Yeh global. Has the Central Bank of Iraq to form a committee to check the private banks that have customers holding US citizenship,

 in addition to this workshop was held in this law , which led to Iraqi banks in response to this law , and is updated each period lists regarding international banks to participate in this law ,

in addition to dealing with these banks and these lists are issued by the Central Bank and circulate to all banks that have customers holding US citizenship. The question remains: Are the banks by creating tools , tools and staff training for the application of this Act (FATCA).?.

Spectra: Thank you BOBS!
BobS: one more and it is long.

Spectra: Thats a good one
Spectra: Act (FATCA).?.

BobS: 08/05/2017 0:00 An economic seminar in Baghdad Devt British ambassador to Baghdad / Hussein Tgb held the Iraqi Economic Council, recently, the guest of the British ambassador in Baghdad , Frank Baker , an economic seminar to discuss the reality of economic cooperation between Iraq and Britain.

Opened the seminar President of the Economic Council Ibrahim al - Baghdadi al - Masoudi said Britain from countries that continues to offer support for Iraq, he underlined that the Iraqis were able to achieve a winning streak on "Daesh" terrorist and the liberation of Mosul and other cities , which already had terrorism blind.

Baghdadi said that cooperation with Britain , includes a number of important aspects , including the economic side, there is cooperation Kberaly government level between the two countries, as well as economic cooperation witnessed in relations between the British and Iraqi companies.

BobS: He noted that a few weeks ago the Iraqi Embassy in London held an important economic conference there under the title (trade and investment in Iraq) was intended to discuss available in Iraq , investment projects, noting and recalling that Britain made Iraq a loan of 10 billion pounds, pushing and implemented over 10 years to develop the infrastructure in Iraq. In turn , the British ambassador in Baghdad , Frank Baker spoke , congratulating the Iraqi liberation of Mosul and the courage and bravery of the security forces.

He stressed that the Iraqi Economic Council and a number of discreet organizations will have a significant and important role in the next stage, calling on Iraqis to work on the multiplicity and diversity of sources of national income, noting that Iraq has a range of natural resources and can benefit them to come back to him benefit.

 Baker stressed the need for concerted efforts to restore Iraq 's national industry to its former condition, and provide job opportunities and give a role to the advancement of the service sector in the country, also spoke at length about entering into projects and contracts for secondary funding through the initiative of the British loan mechanism.

For his part , Foreign Ministry adviser Ihsan al - Awadi , that the United Kingdom has provided significant support in the development of oil, gas and electricity sectors, pointing out that his ministry is working to facilitate the task of entering the British investment companies to Iraq.

BobS: The Parliamentary Finance Committee member Haitham al - Jubouri: This initiative has a great interest from the Iraqi side, calling for a working partnership between the Iraqi and British private sector and be active participation and wait for Britain an important role in the reconstruction of the liberated areas and attention to your IDP humanitarian file because of its importance great, especially after it witnessed a failure at the level of international humanitarian organizations this file.

The former Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji intervention in the seminar where he stressed that the loan is to be submitted by Britain is a memorandum credit understanding to get Iraq on the loan of 10 billion pounds from the so - called b amount (UKKAF) lending fund and support British exports to be at least 30 percent of the cost of delivery devices materials or project mechanisms from Britain;

and spend the loan on the infrastructure that will be agreed upon between Iraq and Britain projects, noting that the British and international companies can not have to operate in Iraq without being with local companies the private sector.

BobS: It is said that Iraq signed a contract with Britain earlier aim is to finance infrastructure projects , including water, sewage, roads, bridges and hospitals projects.

When she opens the door of interventions in the seminar indicated Engineer Leila Abdul - Latif (Minister of Labor and former social affairs) that any investment project needs a safe environment, stressing the need to benefit from the energies of half of society through the employment of women and the allocation of the amount of the loan for women produced.

 In turn , he said Board of Directors of the Federation of Iraqi Contractors member Naeem Hassan Kazem the possibility of a cooperative relationship between Iraqi companies and British counterparts through secondary contracts and provide logistical support to work in Iraq if necessary.

BobS: The investment and reconstruction between the center member Qais Al - Wazzan said many of the projects were suffering from problems in the financial management system, corruption, bureaucracy and red tape, calling to be exceeded all in such projects.

In turn , he said Board of Directors of the Federation of Iraqi Contractors member Naeem Hassan Kazem the possibility of a cooperative relationship between Iraqi companies and British counterparts through secondary contracts and provide logistical support to work in Iraq if necessary.

The investment and reconstruction between the center member Qais Al - Wazzan said many of the projects were suffering from problems in the financial management system, corruption, bureaucracy and red tape, calling to be exceeded all in such projects.

In turn , he said Board of Directors of the Federation of Iraqi Contractors member Naeem Hassan Kazem the possibility of a cooperative relationship between Iraqi companies and British counterparts through secondary contracts and provide logistical support to work in Iraq if necessary.

The investment and reconstruction between the center member Qais Al - Wazzan said many of the projects were suffering from problems in the financial management system, corruption, bureaucracy and red tape, calling to be exceeded all in such projects.

BobS: out

Spectra: wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mega news!

Spectra: ill be here till tomorrow :yes: reading it all!

Zig: Take cover!!...It's an article avalanche!!!...

Spectra: YES!

ElmerFudd: Sorry, I must be missing something, what's the wow about this?

BobS: Hey that is tomorrow's news. Would you prefer I not let you know what the articles are saying.

BobS: The only wow is when I can go to the bank and exchange my dinar for a higher value. But some like to see the progress that is going on.

Spectra: Did you notice i thanked you?
Spectra: i think you may be misinterpreting my humor!

Zig: There is hopefully something here for everyone...Just skip what you have no interest in...Simple.....
Zig: @Spectra : Was replying to Elmer...

BobS: GB is giving them money for restructuring....people think they have to revalue their dinar to do all that.......nope other countries are coming forth with lots and lots of moola to help them re-build.

Spectra: yes!

Spectra: but? They need more than that!

Spectra: What they have been given is a start!

BobS: These three come to my mind. Iran, Japan, Russia.

Spectra: why?

BobS: There are many more, but at this moment in time, my brain is friend.

BobS: You would have to ask them.

Spectra: ok-lol

BobS: Antiquates.......so much loss there.

Spectra: it can amount to that!
Spectra: you antiquities ?
Spectra: is that what you mean?
Spectra: Antiquates. or this word?

BobS: Sorry, you are right, I am also doing something else and like I said, my brain is fried at this point in the day especially spending time with great grandchildren.

Spectra: :nuts:
Spectra: i understand!

BobS: A lot of history was destroyed and I am not from there, but my heart aches for all of those that truly loved and believed in all of them. Sad is not the word to each use.

BobS: strike each....should be even use.

Spectra: yes, i agree!
xyz: Efforts to increase citizen confidence .. Central Bank announces a plan to increase the number of foreign banks in Iraq


txbrand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvJFFWzwscU&feature=youtu.be Breitling Full Report

BobS: August 2017 21:46 04 Direct: A recent report said that China's imports of oil recorded the highest among the countries of the world during the first 6 months of 2017, with the direction of the largest topped the list of countries importing crude by the end of this year.

The statistics showed the Chinese government , according to "Reuters", on Friday, rising China's oil imports during the first half of the year 2017 to the level of 8.55 million barrels per day, compared to the level of 8.12 million barrels to the United States for the same period .

The report attributed the rise in China 's imports to the expansion of the refining industry, expected to continue the pace of China topping the list of oil - importing countries this year instead of the United States .

The report said China 's exports of gasoline reached record levels, supported by non - domestic market supply Asian state absorption, causing pressure on the mining companies in the region and reduced their profits to the lowest level .

BobS: Who would of thunk!

noname: @txbrand Tony Breitlings report is good sound advice. Jo he talks about Treasury Vault.
Spectra: @noname Yes it was a worthy call!

noname: @Spectra very good
Spectra: @noname i agree!

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chattels: In the ruins of an Iraqi city, memories of Agatha Christie


chattels: https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0LEVvt5HIVZg1wAvZgPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=nimrud+and+its+remains&fr=yhs-iba-bleengo&hspart=iba&hsimp=yhs-bleengo#id=1&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Foracc.museum.upenn.edu%2Fnimrud%2Fimages%2Fancientcity%2FOatesOates2001-p105-Fig-63-Nimrud-citadel-BISI-large.jpg&action=click

chattels: ‘Sectarianism’ and Its Discontentsin the Study of the Middle East - Fanar Haddad : This article offers a critical examination of the vocabulary associated with the study of ‘sectarianism’ in the Middle East.

It surveys Arabic- and English-lan-guage works on ‘sectarianism’ to illustrate how the term’s lack of definition has allowed it to be used in contradictory ways that render it, not simply meaningless, but distortive to our understanding of the region.

 In addition, the term ‘sectarian-ism’, with its inescapably negative connotations, has been used as a tool to neu-tralize political dissent and stigmatize people’s religious identity and otherwise legitimate acts of expression and mobilization.


chattels: Sadr criticizes the current provincial elections law and calls for UN supervision


chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] criticized the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Friday, the adoption of the House of Representatives of the provincial and district elections law in its current form, which gives preference to large blocs.

chattels: "The adoption of the provincial councils election law in its current form by the dominant forces in the political arena is a death for the aspirations of the people and their aspirations for change and reform," he said. "Such a law provides a similar incubator to the incubator of terrorism," al-Sadr said.

"What corruption is but systematic terrorism against the people, security and safety." He noted that "the arrival of the whales of corruption to power again will take away the remaining funds and the people's good."

 He continued, Today, by passing this unfair law and returning the same people to the Electoral Commission or what is worse, it is to install their chairs and reserve their seats again in order to return the remaining Iraqi land, sell it as they sold Mosul, Anbar and others before. "

 And called for" a conditional oversight role of the United Nations on the elections, "warning of the overthrow of corrupt and call for a stand against them. Sadr called for the inclusion of "disciplined elements" from the popular crowd in the Iraqi armed forces.

chattels: Disputed territories pose major challenge to Kurdish referendum

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chattels: The upcoming Iraqi Kurdistan’s referendum will include the disputed territories, but given the practical and technical challenges, holding the referendum on Sept. 25 will be highly unlikely.

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chattels: Iraq and Iran struggle for control over Popular Mobilization Units Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/08/iraq-iran-popular-mobilization-units.html#ixzz4oqpuTJIq

chattels: The Popular Mobilization Units are divided into two rival groups, with some wanting to join the Iraqi army and others wanting to remain independent.

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Happy: "US Secretary of State Barzani officially announces his country's rejection of the Kurdistan referendum"


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Whitelions: The Kurds see no hope of secession from Iraq

http://www.alhayat.com/getattachment/ec656b3f-3b52-4300-b2bd-bc3581d0716e/ 4B Kurdistan Region

President Massoud Barzani said yesterday that "staying with the current Iraq is difficult, after the government cut the budget and salaries of the Peshmerga," while an official in his party that "Baghdad is well aware of" the reasons that lead us to the referendum and separation.

"Our share of the partnership with Iraq was murder, disappearance, annihilation and chemical bombing, and staying in this context is a great danger, because we will go to conflicts that will not please our two peoples," Barzani said in a letter to Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit. He said «the way of dialogue with the brothers in Baghdad is our only choice for our belief in peaceful coexistence and the use of all civilized methods in the exercise of the right to self-determination».

He pointed out that «survival within the entity of the Iraqi state is difficult, and we have reached the conviction that we are not desirable in us and are not accepted as citizens and real partners, and therefore and in light of all these sacrifices and expensive blood that was made mainly for a democratic Iraq that preserves the dignity of all its sons, can not accept dependency and exclusion .

Whitelions: The rest of the article ....   LINK   
​Whitelions: Efforts to increase citizen confidence .. Central Bank announces a plan to increase the number of foreign banks in Iraq


Al-Alak said in a press interview that "the number of foreign banks, including Arab, has increased during the past two years, to currently reach 18 banks, and the number of foreign banks, After the number did not exceed 11 banks, "stressing that" these steps were conducted in coordination with the World Bank and most of these banks is solid and has branches in most of the world. "

 He added that "branches of foreign banks can not be required to new rules, since the bank has one capital for the branch or the original, which applies to our banks in Iraq and neighboring countries, and falls under the policy of reciprocity with the countries of the world, International law ".

He pointed out that some Arab and foreign banks have an "international classification", pointing out that "our assessment of banks is a calendar in terms of compliance and combating money laundering for the purpose of buying the dollar, which is limited in the window selling the dollar."

 And on the new Islamic banks that were established with a capital of 100 billion dinars, he pointed out that "part of these banks completed 250 billion dinars in the increase of capital before the end of three years, and began to scrutinize the same as all private banks, to ensure that the capital in the central bank As collateral for deposits of customers with them, and even the subject of classification, we granted foreign advanced ratings unlike local. "

 It is noteworthy that Iraq has 140 banking and financial institutions, including 6 government and 24 civil and 16 Islamic, in addition to the presence of 63 financial companies and conversion companies and financial investment companies 60 percent, Arab and foreign.

Whitelions: the rest of the article ... http://almadapaper.net


IQD Calls Chat:

Q:  [So what are your thoughts on the 1 to 1...?]
Tman23 :   The 1-1 is something Shabibi said that we know was a fact... 1-1 makes sense as he said...easy for people to understand... 

So I believe the 1-1 would have more odds of what we see occur...but as of right now Nothing has changed.


SassyD:  Mobile payment system in Iraq aims to help 12,000 farmers return -- 8/4/2017 -- http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/04082017

Earthfirst:  Iraq bonds offered in Irish stock market, http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/08/05/iraqi-bonds-are-offered-on-the-i​rish-market-at-a-rate-of-6-752-per-annum/

Readitnow:  Sure would seem Iraq bonds offered on Irish stock market with American, German, and Iraq banks managing them --screams International!!!

Diva817:  Follow the MONEY…All I can say is Kuwait just watch

Smitty71:  diva, that's what I've been saying, 8-21, just a diversion IMO


ZsaZsa10:  Following is a story from a very good friend of mine that I received on July 11.  Enjoy!

Just wanted to share a little story with you guys, Xxxxxxx is out of town working and while checking into a hotel, a Sargent from the US army was behind him waiting to check in.

He had just come back from leading his troops into battle against Isis in Mosul.

Xxxxxxx only asked him if he thought Mosul had been taken back and did he think Iraq would become international.

He relied, Ooooohhh Yessss, if you have some of that dinar money your gonna be just fine, in about 3-4 months.

Whats funny is Xxxxxxx never mentioned the dinar to him at all.

RVDoc: Frank,  Here is what I mentioned tonight on chat, and I am hoping you can share some thoughts on two questions.

There are those who are newbies and those who actually may not have a clear understanding on the requirements of lifting of sanctions, the full implementation Iraq needs, etc..  but still I ponder these questions as to Internationalism and function of the IQD with respect to the RI or  RV.

1.  We know that the sanctions imposed on Iraq came with the creation of new money and a rate that was set or imposed on it. Many of us know the state department design and have read the outline for Iraq.  We also know the purpose of sanctions is to effect international flow of money.   It is an impingement and punishment and a way to stop the ability of commerce and use of money for a country.

 I see people give out the question or speculate on if the RI or RV will cause lifting of sanctions.  We realize that this is not how it works , the UN and the sanctions have specific requirements, and they are all being addressed, but not completed yet.

So here is what I realize, at least in my awkward mind,, when we see Russia under sanctions, it does not impose a rate devaluation or go as far as we did with Saddam where we destroyed his money.  In that light, rate can be adjusted or not with sanctions.

So the  new IQD, or not so new now,,,lol,,  is it not possible even though we want it to go hand in hand that they lift sanctions, where they effect the RV even under sanctions and that the sanctions will remain until all requirements are met?  And with our ability to have IQD via the executive order, that we can have the value for our nation, but still there are sanctions that impose international flow of the IQD?

2.  And if so, would it not be possible that it be done that way with regard to the latest sanctions of Russia, Iran and North Korea, which impedes their international flow which may hinder their use of the IQD and any value or interaction of positive gain from the RV?

And can not the sanction of Iraq and those countries give us complete control of these new sanctions for R/I/NK not profiting from the RI or RV?  Ohh wouldn't that be nice??

There is more, but I believe that Abadi wanted the 2 months as a gauge or possible timelines to free Iraq for International, but that does not mean they are as crippled by sanctions as we all think,, IMHO!  It would stop some contracts with Russia and block some input by Iran, very good for the US,, but it would all depend on how severe the flow is impeded by sanctions and the level of sanctions, yes?

Maybe Trump is smarter than many think??


JesusLovesBaseball:  I love the usage of the word "anxious" in the title of the article!  lol

TILLERSON: My country is "anxious" for Iraq's unity and sovereignty

Last updated: 5 August 2017 - 9:29 p

 BAGHDAD / US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Haider Abadi the position of the United States and its keenness on the unity of Iraq and respect for its constitution.

The statement said the Information Office of the Prime Minister today: Tillerson "renewed congratulations on the victories of Iraqi forces in the battle of Mosul, Praising the wisdom of the leadership and the high level of coordination in the battle.

"The US Secretary of State to continue support for Iraq's efforts in the post-urging." For his part, Abadi stressed Iraq's determination to complete the liberation of all its territory and restore stability.

Abadi pointed out the importance of focusing on providing services to citizens and moving the economy through combating corruption, encouraging investment and raising obstacles, and the importance of regional and international openness to Iraq, stressing the need not to distract efforts by side differences and focus on what serves the stability, unity, and prosperity of Iraq.   LINK


JesusLovesBaseball:  Rafidain pays the salaries of electricity Salah al-Din and the health of Anbar

Rafidain Bank announced the release of salaries of employees of the Directorate General for the production of electric power in Salahuddin, one of the formations of the Ministry of Electricity and Anbar Health Department.

The bank's information office said in a statement that "the bank has distributed the salaries of employees of those two departments after the arrival of sukuks of their amounts from their circles."

He pointed out that "the disbursement was through an electronic payment tool."



JesusLovesBaseball:  Employees on the right side of Mosul are demanding their salaries
04 August, 2017

A number of staff from the Nineveh Health Department on the right side of Mosul called for speeding up their late salaries.

Assistant technical director in the right sector Hani Jassim Mohammed said he was forced to go back and forth between his home and the health center in the Mansour district because he does not have the freight.

Staff at the health center itself indicated that their economic situation had deteriorated considerably.



JesusLovesBaseball:  30 countries will participate in the Sharm el-Sheikh Stock Exchange in September

7 hours ago

Cairo / Press tomorrow:

involved 30 countries from around the world in Bursa "Sharm el - Sheikh for tourism and travel" for a period of four days, next September, during the International Festival of Afro - Asian tourism within the department.

"Thirty countries from around the world will participate in the Sharm el-Sheikh tourism and travel market for a period of four days in September, during the Afro-Asian International Coral Reef," the correspondent of Al-Ghad Press said.

"More than 10,000 people will participate in the festival, among travel and tourism makers, companies, hotels, sellers, buyers and the international and local press," he said.

"The festival is being organized by Grand Blue Tourism Company through a collaboration protocol with Dream Arts, which will be held during the first edition of the annual exhibition of international tourism business, for more than 5,000 visitors in four days at the Sharm El Sheikh market.

"It is expected that 14,000 people will visit until September 20, where the Sharm el-Sheikh Tourism and Travel Exchange will hold its annual conference, which includes more than 1,000 travel workers, government ministers and the international press to showcase and explore the latest trends in the tourism industry through the Sharm Sheikh for Travel and Tourism ".

He pointed out that "

The conference will help travel industry professionals communicate and access news, developments, trends and technologies from around the world through industrial networks, global reach and regional focus to create better personal and business opportunities. " And offers international exhibitors the opportunity to travel to the Middle East travel industry with an ideal platform to reach both regional and international customers. "

He added:" The countries participating in the festival are: Egypt, Russia, China, Sweden , Norway, India, Morocco, Japan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Algeria, Korea, UAE, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Singapore, Benin, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil and the United Kingdom.


Breitling Full Report

"Taking Ownership" by Reallucky1 , 5 AUGUST

Hello all my beautiful Family

I have spent a few days getting feedback and speaking with people that have issues using their TDA accounts. The main issue the people are having is getting over FEAR. For so long anything we ever have done has been under complete and utter scrutiny, why would this process be any different. We do not want to ever do anything that could later come back to haunt us. My suggestion is that people take the time to think about a few things that I hope you realize. Wanting each of you to see what the country would have been like had these accounts actually done what they were created to do which is to help every American live in their legacy. When you think of America being the world's fiat money empire, and any and all trades were done in American dollars, what does this mean? This means that they were making a whole lot of money using "us" as the "collateral" for their gigantic scheme. This is the action requested to claim back our true power.

We were the reasons that this was able to happen, because of us and our hard work and great ethics. The People were scratching away barely able to take care of the necessities, while worrying if we would have the money next Friday to keep little Johnny In baseball. A flat tire or breakdown on the side of the road, this is a disaster when you live on a tight budget. When you need to go to the grocery store and have only $25 left in your checking account until next Friday, payday. This is the true life experiences that are happening every single day by real people of this great nation. The sacrifices we have all made to scrape by and never feel the feelings of content. The countless years of stress and worry to keep the lights on, food on the table or shoes on the kids feet for school. 

We can not imagine what it would be like to not have to worry. Who is the We, its the true power and asset of America, its WE THE PEOPLE. This is who actually holds the power in this country, but we have never claimed that power. For the first in history, we are now taking back and claiming that power. This is what the Treasury Direct Accounts are all about. The true wealth belongs to each American sovereign. The social security accounts now known as the Treasury Direct Legacy Accounts, are the money that has been accrued for each one of us. Its your legacy to have this money held in these accounts. In fact many Presidents died to try and make this happen for each, that is whole different story, but the legacy is an inherited right that is truly waiting for all of us. 

If you begin to think about the double billing done by the banks and large corporations of this nation, the single act of stopping the double billing done by these corporations, which was completely halted on July 7, 2017, with the Motu Proprio actions of Pope Francis through the Apostille Letter. Think about this one fact for a moment. Now these same corporations that CEOs make 5 million a year, with hefty bonuses each year, are over. They now have to wait for us to send the payments, and there stocks will sink like anchors because they just lost half their assets in this single action by the Pope, MOTU PROPRIO. I love these two words, it is a true freedom action, it stopped the double billing, while opening these world trusts held for every person in the world. All 7 Billion of us. We are ONE. If one profits, we all profit. The greatest action in the history of return of power, we just must all take that power. 

I wanted to write this post to make each sovereign American realize, that they are truly free with this action. We have been trained so well for so long, it is difficult for each of to do anything that would buck the system. I wanted to post the law that makes these accounts legal, I wanted you to see why I have written this post. The countless comments that are all the same, "I probably should not be doing this but", really why not? This action that you are taking, is making a difference in not just your world, but for the whole world. The law is HR 192, as provided by Carlos, on the Outlaws call last night. Along with UCC-1 World Trust, provided by OPPT, on behalf of Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf. The UCC code that makes these accounts legal for all, and the posts off the Federal Reserve Banks own site that tell each of us, that these accounts are up and running and that you are helping to bring the freedom and truth movement into the mainstream effective August 1, 2017.

I love and care about each of you, the suffering and poverty must end. Can you imagine what the world would be like today, had we all been giving the legacy of our heritage accounts from birth? Of course, they would not be as much as there are now, the controllers new exactly what was going to make them wealthier than they already were. No one, and I mean no one in the world had the ability to get rich unless the elites in power had a piece of the pie. They knew the latest trend to hit the market. and the technology that would be released, that had been held for national security reasons. These stocks grew every single time they traded us. It was not because they were taking lucky guesses, they knew the technology that was going to be released and when that date was so they would hook up each one of us to grow our legacy.

This is your heritage, your legacy as an American. Please take the time to think about my message, I am not misleading anyone. I am speaking from my heart. I know what it is like to struggle, and to worry about taking care of your family. I do not fight for myself, I fight for each one of you. Because for some reason, the FEAR that has been implanted is hard to remove while you continue to struggle. Do you not realize that by taking action you can live the life of your dreams. I do not mean go buy an RV or an airplane, I mean to claim your heritage and start accessing the money held in each one of your legal names, the STRAW MAN all caps names. You are a corporation a business, a traded chattel. Many have issues with lying saying they are a corporation a business, but that is what these accounts are YOUR BUSINESS, you are claiming the business that was designed to be there for your bills and assets. If the evil ones had not stolen your accounts, and held this as SAP top secret clearance, we would have known that all along. 

The businesses' like Amazon, and Paypal along with the Banks that have not been cooperative, are the ones that will be forgotten. We have the POWER to shut them down. The ones that would not facilitate payments like Paypal, they are going to be history if they do not start helping us. We were given the right to use them as of August 1, 2017, a few days ago. As of September 15, 2017, the same day ACH payments will be made available for all, that is only 5 and 1/2 weeks away. The accounts are open, the only instructions you need are on the frbservices.org site. Follow all links that pertain to ACH Payments and Fedwire ACH Participants. The Fedwire ACH Participants contains just six routing number the one on the very bottom is the correct link 0517 36158 that routes to the Treasury Direct accounts. These ACH and Fedwire payments are the way you will gain complete access to your accounts once you have claimed ownership. When you enter your account number add a zero in front of your social security number that is it, the rest is just fluff. They all work, but the account listed above is the master account.

Lets change the narrative, to realize that these accounts belong to you, the people telling you that you will get in trouble, are misinformed. We have all the documents to prove ownership: your Birth Certificate, social security card, drivers license and passport proves that we are the lawful owner of these accounts. DO not let anyone tell you otherwise. Claim and earn the legacy that each of us possess, the new powers that be are US.

This will end the struggle, the poverty and the disdain mainly to restore your Hope and Dreams again. We are just learning so many things as a team, I can not even imagine what the future will hold, except know that it is bright and will restore the nations faith in the country again. I love you all and hope that the main reason for writing this post, is to bring awareness, not misinformation.