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8-1-2017   Intel Guru Frank26  ...too much ARTICLE VIII talk...(on paper)...and IMO...they will hand that in to the IMF tomorrow [Tuesday].  It’s becomes more and more obvious that IMO … the lifting of the 3 zeros happened in those 90 days.  The government workers get paid on the last Thursday of every month.  On the 21st they got paid … and on paper … IMO .. they got paid 1 to 1.  The next time … I believe they will transition from 1 to 1 to finally giving them the new rate.  BTW – we found something else...Iraq’s equivalent of the USA’s eBay.  It’s interesting how things match up with a 1 to 1 rate.   Our friend has not called us yet...but the last time we talked to him...he told us that the LD’s and the COINS are on the table. I believe that they are ready to go.  It’s all great news!  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

8-1-2017   Intel Guru Delta
    Iraq wants to attract investors.  As you know...words like “in the coming days” and “soon” don’t mean much.  LOL.   They said that in order to attract investors, they must change the exchange rate.   They told them...the board of directors...they will consider...basically Iraq is all ready to go.  As soon as they go to the IMF and come back – we are expecting to see great things.  The IMF already told Iraq what they need to do.  There is no point in showing up unless they have those things done.  Iraq must meet the demands of the IMF.  They need to show the TRUE rate.   [post 2 of 2]

8-1-2017   Intel Guru Delta    More confirmation that the LD’s are printed.  May & June documents...looks like they have profit/loss...and in the expenses...a “new currency.”  In May I believe they issued those notes.  About 4 Million + 5 Million dollars was spent on printing...then in June, more printing.  Whatever they printed wasn’t that much – so could the rate be higher than what we expected...or are they planning on more eDinars? It’s possible that we may see the rate higher than 1-to-1.   Up until now, we haven’t had any proof – but now it looks like we have confirmation that they have been printed.  We will have 1 and 2 dinar coins.  I found this to be very, very exciting.  They are about to do it.  We are really very close.  This information is NOT on the English site...   I believe that we are really, really close based on this information.  They might really pull the trigger after they return from the IMF meeting.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

8-1-2017   Newshound Guru chattels   Restoration of law and order/removal of DAESH,Reconstruction/ Reconciliation. Sovereign integrity, security and stability. Reconstruction is an opportunity for reconciliation. Without Reconciliation Iraq will fail as a state.   From everything I read and consider important to our liquidity event it will be 2018 at the earliest, but there may be some macroeconomic deus ex machina unintelligible to me.

8-1-2017   Intel Guru Delta   [On July 26th you said...that... "...When you know the LD's are about to come out...we'll see the rate first."and again... "The IMF told the GOI to lift the restrictions.  All they need is the rate.  They need the rate BEFORE the LD's."  Question: Were you talking IYO about any rate (which could be used within Iraq ONLY) or the "TRUE RATE" (an international rate, Forex, etc. type)?]  TRUE RATE...INTERNATIONAL!

8-1-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  "It cannot accomplish its task unless accompanied by additional laws and procedures in support for the decentralized system of government." Everyone needs to remember its 2017 and so much progress has already been made for the needed laws to implement these articles of the constitution. But this “decentralization” effort is huge and... encompasses many laws.  So maybe we should also look for more news coming out on this “de-centralization” effort too to give us a  sign as to how close the RV really is?  [post 2 of 2]

8-1-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   "No exit for Iraq without decentralization"   ...they are taking about existing [exiting ?] from Chapter VII sanctions.   Iraq is still under financial sanctions resulting from Chapter VII sanctions under the UN charter for member nations, who disobey the articles of membership. Iraq attacked Kuwait also a member nation. Once under sanctions it is very hard to get out of them especially once they go to war and are occupied. This puts the country under an entire umbrella of scrutiny. Its like the have to start all over. Kuwait reinstated their currency but Kuwait was not under sanctions. They just had their currency shut off due to the war so Saddam Hussein could not use it for his aims. Remember how quickly is was reinstated? This has not and is not going to be the case with Iraq. They must first “start over” with an entirely new government... They must institute and implement their constitution “fully”


TNT Member Artneto: 

I truly believe that we are close. There may be more issues and details to work out until we see it, but we should be there.

Earlier this afternoon someone in chat said that a friend exchanged Iraqi bonds - not currency - at a bank in Florida. The rate was over $3….He was clear that it was bonds that were exchanged and that it was in Florida.


This is the last day of August folks so if what some say is going to happen by the end of this month, the hours are clicking away. Lots of talk today about possible speculation and congressional options an9 Presidential options. But you know what they say “Talk is Cheap” The time for action needs to get going and if not, I fear many innocent people are going to be hurt.

I caught a little flak from my post yesterday as being contrary to some of the folks thinking. Yes I came down pretty hard on the Liberals but compare to what the Liberals are saying against the conservative pails in compression to my comments. So folks chill and just consider me a person who calls a spade a spade with no personal attack to any of our members whatsoever.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father many of our members are going through some very stressful times and in an effort to help many of our members have carried our members prayer request list to their bedside and sharing it with their church members and other community groups. We do this Father because from personal experiences we know there is power in prayers.

Dear Lord God Almighty hear our pleads for help and assistance to ourselves and the family and community members we are associated with. Many things can happen though what others may believe as coincidental but we know where those unexplainable cures have come from. Thank you Lord for all you have done for us through the many low points of our lives. Amen and Amen.

Sleep well my friends and know as we leave this month and go into the next that our Lord does not recognize our calendar. Good things awit us soon.






np sunnysplace


Good Morning RC and others. I see the word is traveling about the supposed repeal of Obamacare is the new hinderance for the RV, Not sure I believe that although many are trying to get me to. Oy vie maybe its all just a hoax. Afternalll I keep getting reminded about Vietenam


Wiz: Is there a Bodi article? Comment? Where do I find it? TY!




question, with financial markets saying there are already too many DOLLARS released in the marketplace, how does that reconcile with th RV and evenMORE dollars going into the marketplace? does it reconcile with the GCR (global reset)


I would love to sponsor a CC and the speakers/guru debate. MT.Goat is now on a Decentralization kick. Can anyone show where that has ever come up? Someone might want to remind the newsletters are archieved she was on the Mosul liberation kick too. It cracks me up.




GA, Ladies and Gents- can this ride get any stranger ??


That's IF it's the holdup... ... Bruce will tell us Tomorrow night why we were not in the bank Saturday... better yet let's everyone email him and ask him what happened lol


He will probably just say that is what Sue told me...:0

Ted- maybe Sue is controlling Bruce's mind


I am trying to lay low keep positive thought and not get caught up in the guessing game it's too painful and frustrating... I pray for all of our sakes and the worlds this is done done done !


Even 365 is done- done- done with Iraq- he's fed up too

He's giving it till 1-1-2018

Sand- I'll be done done done if it goes that far


IMO more and more this gets dragged out the more I loose confidence in this. I see it as there trying to figure a way to not let us little people prosper.

We need it. Trump wants this . think about it what is going to be one of the first things you do with Money?

I think this is way above our comprehension and it's very convoluted but I believe it's being pushed hard now for completion and we will all be so exhausted from the stress of it we will have to drag our sorry butts in there quick !


When I first got into this , it was a no brainer but now who really knows. Like Halo said it's a mess and a sh$$ show.


Even the fact it took so long we had no idea the butterfly had so many stages to go through but that's


Whatever happended to that Gen. Hamm fantasy of last year or so. Certain gurus milked it for what they could and then moved on from it. Seems to be a pattern with lots of things. Whatever it takes to keep us engaged, I guess.


Rc are you feeling good about August 1ST ?



So you think Iraq won't comply with the IMF ? Have no idea which week.. this week would my choice however




Please...will someone just get out their crystal ball, pretty please?

dpchamp...thanks...my crystal ball is out at the cleaners!


cantap my crystal ball is cloudy


My crystal ball has a small crack...one side of has an R...the other side has a V...nothing in between! Yikes


Also as a distraction of Dipping my toes into the cryptocurrency waters got a little bit of money in Litecoin and looking at becoming my own bank sort of it's complicated but very interesting lendino cryptocurrencies basically at High rates which doesn't seem legal but very lucrative

I'm not sure but I think this is what Tony from TNT was referring to when he was talking about becoming his own bank


TNT Call notes 31-July-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Marvelous Monday, July 31, 2017, with yours truly RayRat98 here. Wow, it’s the 31st! We had a whirlwind of a weekend from Friday until now. Some are excited, some downcast, some are angry, some are not even fazed. Our information over the weekend didn’t say we would be at the banks this morning – or at least I didn’t guarantee it would pop out this weekend. Some were looking for the Budget to pop out in the Gazette.  (link) We WERE told that some things had to be done before the World Bank meeting tomorrow: the supplemental budget for one. They had a meeting and announced it was passed, and announced that. Abadi had opposed something and the Supreme Court refuses to rule until the meeting on 1. August. Then Thursday was an unannounced holiday, so we went into the weekend with questions… and I don’t want questions, I want answers.

Today we had some interesting developments. A chart went out regarding buy and sell rates, so some felt that this indicated a public RV, with $100 = IQD 125. That created some discussions and interpretations, but it remains to be seen what that actually means – in-country? All areas? I don’t know. Everything seems to be hinged on tomorrow’s meeting, whether it is public release time, or WHEN that might be so.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Has there been any change in the value of the dinar in Baghdad? Have you confirmed that prices anywhere in Iraq have dropped?
A: No. I addressed that with the charts that are supposedly from the Kurdistan area. I have a new list of prices, but cannot confirm how significant a drop that might indicate.

Q: I have noticed all this past week that XE has been showing everyday at around 1166. Does that number need to go lower to have some real movement that this is going to happen?
A: No idea about xe.com

Q: Ray do you believe that the health care bill that was voted down last week had anything to do with us not seeing the RV and if So do you think it will be pushed to September when Congress come back from their summer break?
A: I have no idea. I don’t think so.

Q: Are you aware of any price changes on tariffs at Iraqi borders or ports
A: I have not heard of any.

Q: Any updates from your banking contacts?
A: They have been quiet as a church mouse, all weekend.

Q: Any news from the mosques?
A: Not at present – everything is very quiet.

Live questions – technical difficulties

470/865/404 caller: Anything from the banks in Iraq or on the Iraqi internet?

RayRen: I haven’t found anything… the whole new internet service was to start yesterday, but everything is quiet and it’s hard to put a finger on what’s going on. My Iraqi contacts are not responding to my calls.

Caller: Speculation is that the meeting is about the IMF and Iraq – anyone else involved, maybe in the background?

RayRen: There has been no mention of other bodies, or who is in the delegation.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

CA caller: They have a committee watching the Iraqi markets to make sure people are not raising their prices; they had a press conference and said violators will be prosecuted. Now, that was in Kurdistan, so might not apply to Baghdad, but in my experience, when an article comes out in one province, it will be happening in other parts of the country as well.

408 caller: I just bought some 50K IQD notes –a re they as valid as 25K notes? Will we exchange this week?

RayRen: Yes, and I don’t know.

TX caller: Everyone seemed confident it would happen by this last weekend, but… Some seemed to think that there was a clause in the Affordable Care Act blocking this RV. I heard it was buried in there, and thought I’d check because you would know! All these dates keep being missed.

RayRen: Did you hear my call on Friday? Did I leave you with the impression it would happen this weekend?

Caller: Maybe I read it wrong, but yes, I did get the feeling it would happen by then. And what’s going on with Maliki? He still seems to be floating around. Is he still Vice President?

RayRen: He has a government position so people cannot just treat him like a citizen on the streets. He got that protection in place before Abadi became PM.

Caller: Hopefully this meeting with the IMF will release the RV; if not, then what?

RayRen: WE wait until the next day. Most of your are focusing your energies in the wrong direction and that leads to your frustration. A few years ago, everyone was crying and complaining that this isn’t real. Now we know of 54 banks that will buy and sell Iraqi currency; you can walk in and exchange right now, today. But a few years ago, everyone was saying it was a scam. We brought proof to you that it’s real, and everyone is still in ‘instant gratification’ mode. You create that frustration by putting your focus on the wrong things. Instead, focus on what you can get done in the meantime, because we know it’s real, it’s a country’s currency, and they are telling their people that the value will change. We need to hold on to patience and perseverance until it’s show time. This has always been about a plan, not about a man. Iraq is the same way: if we look at how this plan is unfolding, the only thing we cannot put our finger on is when it will work for US. It’s coming! Keep the faith!

You mentioned the cabal, and it amazes me how often I hear members say “they” are doing this or that… they are not concerned about you having some wealth! They know most of you are going to blow it anyway! Hopefully that won’t happen to the best of us, but some people in this field are susceptible to this ‘toothless crackhead’ mentality. The ones fighting this are not keeping US from having money, they are fighting to keep themselves from losing THEIR money – and I understand that. I’d probably feel the same way if I were filthy rich and it was under threat.

We need to sit back, readjust to the real world, and wait for this to come to fruition. In the meantime, channel your energy in the right direction.

773 caller: I went into Chase (online) to see if I could find a currency exchange rate, and an immediate thing popped up saying that although they do exchange foreign currency, they do NOT exchange dinar.

RayRen: After the RV, that list of 54 banks will go on the website, with the 800 numbers (if I receive them) and instructions. A while back info came out that there would be 800 numbers to connect us with the exchange centers for appointments.

740 caller: I do believe in this, although my faith has wavered from time to time. If you were to come into a large sum of money, where would you put it so that you could get at it relatively easily?

RayRen: You can ask various investment advisers. I don’t see anything better right now than foreign currency, as a long term investment. I’m waiting it out; the long-term prospects are fantastic, and if I need money right now I can sell it back.

Caller: Currency is Plan B for me; I move forward with my life as if I’m not going to get this, because we have been waiting for so long. I do have a certain amount and continue to get more, but I don’t’ want to tie up a large sum of money just now. Where would you go for advice?

RayRen: Investment counselors.

Closing Statement

You might have heard my voice getting intense a few minutes ago, and that is because I care about you all. It’s way bigger than a new house or a car, and if your mind isn’t conditioned for that larger meaning and purpose. We have to have a broader thinking to deal with this, mentally. This game is about more than just an RV happening so you can get a new house or car. That’s what I’m trying to get you into: a whole new way of living. You don’t know what it’s like living on the other side of the track until you cross it and live it. This is your chance to go over there and STAY on that side. But it’s still bigger than having riches: there is also a big responsibility and stewardship at levels you have not seen before. We’re going to be losing the primary excuse we have used in the past, which is “I didn’t know”. Once you lose that excuse, you have to rise to the occasion and take the responsibility that you are pre-ordained to have… if you believe.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


Greetings Dinarland,

Enclosed are the Zorra Call Notes from 07/29/2017

Topics: WWIII, Trump, GCR, TreasuryDirect Accounts (TDAs), Heather-HATJ, and Prime Creator

TDA's, a Shiny Distraction, or GCR/RV Puzzle Piece? by Ascension Blessings - 7.23.17 "...one of the underlying messages I felt was Zorra's CTA (call-to-action) for us to not only now publicize TreasuryDirect Accounts to the masses, but also to unite in-force, standing in our power against blessing resistance, to cause an energetic tipping point for NESARA. Our continued loving "pressure," will greatly support this prosperity dam to keep cracking, and ultimately break!"

This Zorra Call is packed with information, and is only 1-hour (vs. 3 hours), so it's definitely worth listening to the whole call!
Zorra speaks on the call from approximately 00:11:00 - 00:43:45, and 01:04:00 – 01:08:00 min
Reference: HATJ = Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Re: World War III
00:12:10 Zorra stated “At NO time will there be, what is called, a World War III (on your planet), so forget about that.” (it will not be allowed by the Galactic Federation)
Re: Trump
(Jane) “Ok, so does that mean that Trump is still in a position to bring about the GCR, presently from your point of you, or is that going to be Ryan do you think?
00:19:55 Zorra stated Or, it may be them together.
00:20:26 Zorra stated Once the Republic of the United States becomes the Republic again, (Pres) Trump will be out of work.
(Jane) “With the TDAs coming out, how is that really changing everything?”
00:21:35 – 00:23:09 (Zorra) It’s going to change everything, think about it, once the TDA, once you have full access to the TDAs, once you have full access to them, what stops at that point? Crime, for one. Crime will drop to nothing, because there will be no reason to go out and try and rob someone when you’re already rich. Wars, are a thing of the past. All of these issues with your world, will have a solution once these accounts are in the hands of the rightful owners. All of these billions/trillions of dollars in those accounts, understand, all of those trillions/billions of dollars in the accounts are all digital, there are not paper; they are not in the form of paper money, they are digital. Once you have full access to them, so many things will cease to be: Suffering, Poverty, what is called (ah) buying and sell of slaves, all of that will be gone; there is no need for it, whatsoever.
(Jane) "So part of the reason why you have supported the people trying to access their account is for people to realize the validity that you have had these secret accounts that have been, that were brought forth, that the government has used in the past, for the past 90 years or so, and utilized your own social security number for their doings, for all their control, so this is huge expose for our government, that they are actually, this is a felony, in terms of their actions, these are actual criminal behaviors coming from our government.
So what happens, I think, it ushers forth, you know people taking responsibility and owning what they already have in those accounts and bringing forth as you say debt forgiveness. 
But on a larger government level, it’s pushing that out in order to be able to see what it is behind as far as the government, so that we can bring in a new government, so that the secret covert government is then exposed of the wrongdoing.
So Heather, they say all of what she’s done, what Randy has done, all of that was a scam, all of that was bad, you know it wasn't right that they went ahead and did that.  However what they did expose, and what went viral, is actually helping the cause for the good, for all of us to move forward.
ok, alright, so tell us a little about what happened when she there there in jail, because there was a big blackout, what happened there?"
(Zorra) "At that moment they were tryng to do, what is termed, railroad her, and they wanted no witnesses. However there were witnesses, and the witnesses were actually the people that she has had spoken with just prior to her period in court, and the ones she has spoken to, the bailiffs what is called the guards, things of this nature, she let them know of the truth behind them too, she let them know that they were also slaves, that they were also (ah) in bondage to the government.  So when this blackout came, away from the media, and all of this to keep everyone private, it did not remain private. So, they will not succeed in their endeavor to out her (HATJ)."
00:27:45 (Jane) “So, tell us a little bit more about the GCR at this point Zorra.
00:27:52 (Zorra) “As we have said before the GCR is going out, you’ve hear them before, but it is rolling out and more so now especially because what is coming forth and being exposed, the TDA, the TreasuryDirect Accounts, now anyone that is born, 18-months after a child is born, an account is created by the shadow government, if you will. So everyone after 18-month of being of living, then have an account in their name, and then they become what is called a business partner unbeknownst to them. Then what is termed a loan, things of this nature, are taken out on their name, on their birth certificate.
00:34:10 Zorra stated They also know the secret is out, what is termed the cat is out of the bag, and there is no putting the cat back. So the cat is running free, and which is the TDA is running rampant. And the more people who fill out what is termed the document that has been spoken of, the 21-page document, and the factualized one. When those are filled out and sent to the appropriate people such as the Bureau of Debt, what is termed Direct Treasury Account DirectTreasury dot gov. When that is send to them, and they recognize it as being authentic and verified, and your signature was verified by a bank President, or an officer of the bank, and notarized and sent back to them, then they have a record that you are claiming your rights, you’re claiming your accounts, and then their response will be what do you with to do? And what you wish to do is, if you do not want the entire principal of the accounts, simply ask them to send all of the interest, from all of the accounts, to your home bank. And that will be more than sufficient for you, I can assure you.”
(Jane) "So are you seeing that in your vision happening, like maybe?"
(Zorra) "In Days!"
(Jane) "In Days, oh very good well we’ll be happy with that if we still have to wait for the RV to come into our hands."
 00:39:47 (Jane) “…You (Zorra) are very compromised at this point, since you are bringing it out, and if Heather is not on the right path then of course you’ve got to be compromised also.
(Zorra) “I can assure you beloved masters that I’m not compromised. I will also tell you that my beloved child, Zaraya, I’m not compromised either. Understand when people are speaking of compromising, they are speaking of people that channel, my beloved child does not channel, my beloved child switches places, that is not channeling.”  [Sorry DeZerro]
(Jane) "What you bring forward Zorra?"
(Zorra) "Absolute truth."
(Jane) "Absolute truth?"
(Zorra) "Indeed."
00:41:41 (Jane) "Alright everyone, thank you so much Zorra for that. And so Prime Creator is very supportive of what the process is, and supporting everyone that is helping to expose the secrets of our government in order for us to claim our sovereignty."

[...Zaraya, Troy and guest discussions on TDA methods/routing numbers...]

1:04:18 (Zorra) "I would say this. If you don’t try you won’t know, if you do try you’ll find out. But also understand all of you, you are the ones in charge, not the government.  You have the right to have your funds, you have the right to be free of debt, once this comes to fruition there will be no longer bill collectors, hounding you on the phone, there will be no debt collectors of any sort, and you will be completely and absolutely free financially. But if you don’t do it, you will remain where you are."
"...Indeed it will (come out) but in the meantime don’t be afraid to do this, to take the risk…if you can do it financially and it will not harm you, then go ahead an do it. I can assure you those numbers will be freed up very shortly, for everyone, for all nations.” 
01:05:45 “So, I will tell you again, only pay your own debts (using TDAs).

Life Now and After 1-1-18/Vietnam News/140/CBI


Artneto:  I truly believe that we are close. There may be more issues and details to work out until we see it, but we should be there.

Earlier this afternoon someone in chat said that a friend exchanged Iraqi bonds - not currency - at a bank in Florida. The rate was over $3….He was clear that it was bonds that were exchanged and that it was in Florida.

Luvwulfs:  I would have thought it would have been a requirement for it have popped before this meeting. (IMF)

Artneto:  You are correct. As I understand it, since Iraq could not finish on its own, the IMF offered to step in - through this meeting - to assist with the remaining details. Also, we should have the Supreme Court verdict on the budget that was appealed by Abadi

Harambe:  CNBC: US oil prices open above $50 for first time since May, but headw​inds persist https://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/31/us-oil-prices-open-above-50-for-first-​time-since-may-but-headwinds-persist.html


Tishwash: The Association of Private Banks organizes a training course on combating money laundering for 26 banks and financial finance companies

1st August, 2017

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks held a training course entitled "Combating Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism" at the University of Ceyhan in Erbil, with the participation of 50 trainees from 26 banks and a financial transfer company
The Association of Private Banks in a press statement received by "Economy News", "The Association of private banks set up for the first time in Erbil a training course entitled (Combating money laundering and terrorism financing) in cooperation with KPMG and for a period of three days from Tuesday, 1 August to the day Thursday, 3 August 2017 at the headquarters of the University of Ceyhan in Erbil, "adding that" the participants will receive a certificate from the Association of Banks and a certificate from the company KPMG. "
She explained that the objectives of the training course are to provide trainees with modern methods in combating money laundering and international and regional bodies organizing the anti-money laundering process and the most important websites of regional andinternational bodies for the purposes of customer verification and knowledge of the initiative of the new Basel Committee to combat money laundering and money laundering risks and due diligence towards customers, Indicating that "the course includes teaching trainees practical applications and application of the instructions of the Central Bank and the Anti-Money Laundering Office."


Stranger:  DELTA.....(if you please...)

On July 26th you said (from the recording on that Wednesday CC) that....

"...When you know the LD's are about to come out...we'll see the rate first."
and again....
"The IMF told the GOI to lift the restrictions.  All they need is the rate.  They need the rate BEFORE the LD's."
Question: Were you talking IYO about any rate (which could be used within Iraq ONLY) or the "TRUE RATE" (an international rate, Forex, etc. type)?

Thank you for your time and effort all these years! If you can't answer this...it's ok.


StephenMac63:   RE: WS post 60, subject 60 countries to help rebuild Iraq....you do realize that is almost one third of the countries in the world willing to help? They are not going to help if they dont believe in Iraq's capability.

Walkingstick:  An Iraqi official said 60 countries had pledged to participate in the reconstruction of areas affected by military operations against Da'ash.

"We have been able to get real promises from 60 countries to participate in the reconstruction campaign," said Mustapha al-Hiti, head of the fund for the reconstruction of the areas affected by terrorism, adding that "Kuwait has announced its readiness to host the donor conference on its soil."

He explained that "the Fund met a call from the World Bank to discuss the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism in the US capital Washington on the tenth of this month in the presence of nearly 35 countries."

He pointed to the readiness of about 60 countries for the reconstruction of Iraq, depending on the types of participation, whether money or the entry of companies and others.

This comes at a time when the Ministry of Construction, Municipalities and Municipalities in cooperation with the World Bank to implement projects to rehabilitate the destroyed bridges in the liberated provinces, as well as the implementation of projects to provide water, was agreed with a Korean company to implement low-cost housing units in those areas.


Iobey77:  So a lot of the countries may not have "billions" to pour into Iraq, but they may have technology, skills, trades, machines,ideas and some laborers to help in the reconstruction. Is this what this is talking about? 


Walkingstick:  According to NASDAQ.. A 3 day "Bond"  roadshow, beginning ... July 28th

JesusLovesBaseball:  Ends in New York on Tuesday. Too cool! Thank you Walkingstick for all the amazing information. We really appreciate i

Wn3:  Guess what?  There are 2 more COINS.

1 DINAR COIN and a 2 DINAR COIN … just like a $1.00 USD and $2.00 USD bill.

Just as Canada has the Loonie and the Toonie, saves on the most used currency wearing out - dollar bills.

Upstart:  Likewise, the UK has £1.00 and £2.00 coins

TNT Dinar Conference Call w/Rayren98


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Monday PM 7-31-17

Romello: Intensify efforts to combat money laundering


Romello: Indirect financial investments support retirees and minors


chattels: US administration works to secure PM Abadi’s second term in office, official By Rudaw

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The United States has asked the Kurdistan Region to postpone the planned referendum on independence in order to help Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to secure a second term in office, a senior Kurdish official told Rudaw on Sunday.

Zig: @chattels : I invited "Enorrste"...said he would try and drop by....
chattels: As for the timing, he said on Sunday it is to make sure that the Iraqi PM stays in power for a second term. Iraq is scheduled to have general elections in Spring 2018.

chattels: http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/310720171

RickeyT: @chattels surely the U.S. isn't acting like Russia?

chattels: Monday, July 31, 2017 Post Mosul Liberation Day 20 Jul 30 2017 http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/07/post-mosul-liberation-day-20-jul-30-2017.html


Duke77: Have y'all seen this!!!!!
Duke77: https://iq.opensooq.com/ar/موبايل-تابلت/تابلت/سامسونج

I can't hardly believe the prices of those phones and tablets are so cheap!!! The rate has to be at least $1-1dinar!!! If I could convert my physical dinar into e-dinar, I would but me 100 Samsung Galaxy S8 phones and sell em here on eBay. Lol be redneck rich!

Duke77: Frank gave out this website and it's true!!! The price of goods on this site in Iraq are equal to $1/I'd!!!
Duke77: I've been hating on Frank but he gave proof!

chattels: @BREW West Mosul is about 70 % in the Old City and East Mosul about 20% destruction according to reports that I have read.

Duke77: Hello! Are y'all seeing what I posted? It's real! That site is the same as our eBay and cell phones are 100 dinar to 800 dinar. A new Samsung Galaxy S8 is 800 dinar. That's $300 to $900 for a used one in America!


Duke77: This isn't here say.


Duke77: No. Are they priced cheap too?


Zig: Something fishy about those sites IMO

chattels: @BREW About 1 billion dollars bad.


Cree: @Duke77 Makes no sense. The proof that the rate is one to one is only when there is a change in the rate of the currency. I did see that Frank posted something about the price of cars sale sin Iraq. But if you looked at the Iraqi car sales site, it was a .com which is a USA site. MORE FAKE NEWS.....


chattels: @BREW The international conference for funding will not take place until Jan. 2018. Yes, it will be a while.

Zig: Meatball has contacts in Iraq...he has worked there...he would know....

Duke77: That doesn't mean it's in the USA The CBI host site isn't ".iq" either. That site is the entire middle East. You have to click on the country of Iraq first. Let me for the original link

Duke77: @Zig is he around tonight?
Zig: I don't know...
BREW: @Duke77 HE WAS

Duke77: @Zig http://www.opensooq.com

Cree: @Duke77 Even if we accept what you say, for the car site to be valid, there needs to be a change in the rate of the currency and Iraq has not changed....

Duke77: @Cree this has nothing to do with Frank. Look at the site and you will see it's not a scam.

chattels: Here's what it will take to rebuild the Iraqi city Islamic State destroyed


chattels: " The U.N. estimates that repairing Mosul's basic infrastructure will cost more than $1 billion."

Cree: @Duke77 I could not check the site out as it wanted my IP address and I will not do that. And YES a .com or a .net or we have 20 or so other .xxx extensions that are USA sites... Now an Iraqi company trying to sell in the USA would use a USA .com or whatever, but an Iraqi site trying to sell in Iraq would use an Iraqi extension.....


Duke77: @Cree the only way you could pay with dinar is to have a smart card with Iqd on it. You would first have to live in Iraq. This is so simple. It's not hard to understand. Iraqis can purchase this stuff with Iqd for a $1-1iqd rate. Until it's international, a dinar is a dinar. This is an increase in purchasing power

chattels: " ............. the truth never harmed anyone. What harms us is to persist in self-deceit and ignorance." - Marcus Aurelius

Duke77: @BREW run it through Google chrome on your phone.

Cree: @Duke77 Hey we all want the RV but here again is reality. IF the RV does not happen then someone selling a $70,000 USD car at 1 to 1, would be selling it at todays exchange rate for a fraction of that.....

BREW: @Duke77 K

Duke77: @Cree the prices are there. They don't lie. You guys are sounding more like Kaperoni hooked on the float dope. lol

Cree: @Duke77 you should believe what you want to but your drinking the Coolaide.....

RickeyT: @Duke77 I am trying to make a online purchase, I can't get there from here...

Cree: @Duke77 I could set up a website showing the dinar is worth one thousand dollars but it would be a lie and a scam..... Other then in Dinarland I have never heard of only an incountry RV. OR an RV that will slowly roll around the world/

Cree: @Duke77 Your not seeing reality. I do not follow any GURU. It is simple. When the currency is revalued, it will be revalued all over but in Iraq and Around the world.

Duke77: If this is only in IRAQI DINAR, you will not be able to purchase anything without a smart card loaded with IQD. That locks everyone else out, and keeps the rate within the country. The site is real. Explain the CBI host site that links to the CBI.iq but it isn't irawi domain and tell me how else these prices could be so cheap... I really want to see someone's head explode. Lol

Duke77: Have y'all actually clicked on the link? The Kuwait link is real too. Iraq isn't the only country listed on that site. You guys are either blind or stubborn to argue over a site that you've obviously not looked at.

Cree: @Duke77 Again for the Third time, there is no such thing and an ONLY in Iraq. The world currencies do not work that way.

FAMILYBUSINESS: Cree ... how long have you been invested in the dinar? Or are you?

Duke77: @Cree explain the price differences between the countries on that site...

Duke77: @Cree the CBI host site is real. Chattels even proved that it was linked to the CBI.iq site. It's still up and posting $1.2 rate because that's the future plan. If not then why are they still posting it??

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS Heavily and for 4+ years. I believe that it will RV. I just have been here long enough to learn who is real and who is a pumper, scammer and liar..... Which GURUR do I follow, NONE. I scam some of the blogs but most are BS not news and not real....

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS I know some of the people that are looked up to by this community and they are mostly poor wannabees. I would love to follow someone who is honest but have not found that person. OK other then Zig here... I trust him.....

Duke77: I can't believe the fools who chose to not believe when proof is presented... Good night!

FAMILYBUSINESS: I also been around for a long time. Its been 10+ yrs. I agree there are many questionable gurus, pumpers as you say. But I for one trust Frank and his teams. They will notify his group and soon after there are articles stating such. I've seen it happen time and time again. Of course he has been wrong before also but has a good track record.

Cree: @Duke77 Please come back in a week or two and you can apologize then. I hope your right but not if it is coming from Frank. and again it if were real all the GURU's would be shouting this from their sites...... Take care and be well.....

Duke77: Explain this one since you know so much!
Duke77: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net

Duke77: That's a CBI link and it's a .net site

Duke77: Directly linked to the CBI.iq site. Good night. I'm not arguing with a stubborn flaky personality on here. Sorry but that's a waste of time.

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS Hey I hope Duke is right and I will apologize if he is right, but I doubt it. As for Frank we can agree to disagree as I think it is a con artist and one of the worst..... Just my opinion..... And wow 10+ years that is a lot of dreaming and hoping and heartache...... :)
FAMILYBUSINESS: I certainly understand you being skeptical. But as I've stated Frank has a good track record and he is at the top of the list as far as I'm concerned. Although if anyone tells you that they know the date and rate .... I've learned not to hold on to it.

Cree: @FAMILYBUSINESS And I respect your opinion, but others have a different opinion on Frank. So we can agree to disagree on this. Personally, I hope it is right.

FAMILYBUSINESS: Very good ....... you guys have a good nite ... later

Cree: @Romello Some of us here are...... Some are serious, some are hopeful, some are childish, some are desperate, and some are lost...

Romello: @Cree Sounds like home. Lmaoff
Frank-loves-you: @Cree it's a long term investment. That's why I bought it 6 years ago with the hopes that it would never revalue in my lifetime so I wouldn't enjoy it. That's why you're here? Right?

chattels: " ................. former Governor Atheel Nujafi gave a radio interview where he made more accusations against his opponents. He accused Vice President Nouri al-Maliki of surrendering Mosul to the Islamic State in 2014. He and Iran then worked together to use IS and Mosul to raise the profile of the Hashd and occupy the city.

He claimed that if his Ninewa Guards were involved in the campaign things would have turned out better. Nujafi has been talking more and more to the media using Mosul to go after his opponents. Nujafi blames Maliki for everything wrong in Iraq.

Attacking Iran also goes over well with Sunnis, and his allies Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party that are opposed to Tehran’s influence in the country. These types of criticisms will be heard more and more now that Mosul is freed, and elections are coming."


chattels: " Attacking Iran also goes over well with Sunnis, and his allies Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party that are opposed to Tehran’s influence in the country. These types of criticisms will be heard more and more now that Mosul is freed, and elections are coming."

tman23: @chattels ... I believe the visit to Saudi Arabia by Sadr adds credibility to the finger pointing...... And not only his visit to Saudi Arabia but also his silence on the US military....

chattels: Restoration of law and order / removal of DAESH, Reconstruction / Reconciliation. Sovereign integrity, security and stability. Reconstruction is an opportunity for reconciliation. Without Reconciliation Iraq will fail as a state.

chattels: @tman23 I expect Sadr to be a " good boy " in an effort to secure another term for Abadi. 
chattels: @tman23 From everything I read and consider important to our liquidity event it will be 2018 at the earliest, but there may be some macroeconomic deus ex machina unintelligible to me.

chattels: @tman23 As you know I am a moron when it comes to matters economic.

chattels: In the meanwhile, " Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like its heaven on earth." - MarkTwain

tman23: @chattels ..... The 2018 timeline seems most logical .... The one thing that sticks on economists is.... Three leading economist were at the World Bank council meeting a few years ago and reading the transcripts the one economist said while asking a question......

We are economist and you are bankers, and there are many facets to the banking industry that leave us ignorant to what is possible..... that statement left a lot of wiggle room in my opinions to what is possible.....and what we as speculators may be ignorant to

abangjadul: regarding the website ....is it meaning redomination had occurred ? all store must provide two kind of prices ....prices with 3 zeroes other without it so all depend on buyer when they go to the store if they buying using 3 zeroes with cash or they buying using smart card or e card which is without 3 zeroes.

 if they go thru online shop so they must be using this e card Istanmbul was like this before when they redominate their currency...CMIIW