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Quincy: ....”completing their work tasks under specific time limits...... allocations of plots of land/housing by Nov 1, 2017..... loans for building .... to proceed immediately (on all matters thereof) “
IMOO-Time to RV and bring in the subcontractors and get Iraq building building building

Samson:  Abadi gives “a 200-meter residential plot” to the families of the war martyrs, including the Peshmerga

 29th July, 2017

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi issued a decree ordering the allocation of plots of land to the families of the martyrs of the battles against Isis.

The decision includes the armed and security forces of all kinds, the popular crowd, the volunteers from the tribal crowd and the Peshmerga, and the disabled who took part in those battles who were unable to work. The Ministries of Finance, Reconstruction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works (the Municipality of Baghdad and local governments) will set up 200 square meters of residential plots in good residential areas within the municipal boundaries of administrative units.

The land is allocated after providing it within the basic designs adopted in each administrative unit according to the place of residence of the family of the martyr or the disabled according to the housing card and by drawing lots between the covered.

The National Council for Housing will follow up the implementation of the above and put the necessary mechanisms for this and provide the infrastructure in coordination with the specialized companies, and complete all the stages required by the subject and coordination with the Martyrs and Ministries and other concerned parties to complete the task, to be detailed instructions and recommendations on the subject for the purpose Submitted to the Council of Ministers no later than 20 – 8 – 2017

It was also directed that the concerned parties complete their procedures in the process of providing plots of land and allocation of housing no later than 1-11 -2017 and the relevant authorities to provide loans from specialized banks to build housing units covered by this matter, and is to proceed immediately and form teams by The concerned executive bodies are dedicated to completing their work tasks under the specified time limits…….    LINK
The law also allows for the withdrawal of private funds available to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) account, the reserve position with the IMF, as well as any negotiable or fully trustable securities issued by foreign governments, central banks, international financial institutions, Which are paid in foreign currencies, which are normally used in the performance of international accounts held by the Central Bank of Iraq or for its own account.

The draft law allows the bank to "use derivatives in investment portfolios as a hedging tool, issue non-negotiable souvenir instruments and, with the approval of the Ministry of Finance, select an international company that performs external audit and auditing for a period of five years, .

The concerned circles expressed optimism about the next phase, especially with the intention of the «central» to develop its work by adopting new products. The Governor of the Central Ali al-Alaq stressed that «Iraq has exceeded the difficult stage during the past two years, which saw the issuance of data is not based on facts that raised terror in the Iraqi street, as shown by the Bank, which is a safety valve for the economy and monetary policy of the country,

The dinar maintained a stable exchange rate at acceptable limits despite the challenges, in addition to the index raised the interest of global institutions supporting, as the central reserve exceeded the ceiling of the IMF's expectations of ten billion dollars ».

A committee was formed by the Central Bank to develop and facilitate the work of the government sector with the private sector. It approved recommendations that would reduce the routine and ease lending conditions for private sector projects and adopt the advanced electronic systems in government banks to support the private sector to take its real role in economic development. . 
The recommendations approved the need to include the Ministry of Finance in the budget of 2018 all the receivables of contractors for payment, and approved the recommendation for the inclusion of private investment projects implemented or those in the stages of implementation as acceptable guarantees for loans investment projects exclusively, and approved the recommendation for the use of a modern mechanism for financing projects based on the schedule of work in The investment project is similar to the projects implemented in the interest of the state, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Planning, to reduce the pressure of guarantees on companies.

Source: alhayat.com/

MlitiaMan:  With the light of this article on how things are shaping up FireFLy, it is imo a good thing I have my Rose Colored Dinar Glasses on!

As this is one bright beacon of light shining on our investment even while some citizens may not have there cards in hand just yet, or that there is some skirmishes in some hot pockets of Iraq in regard to terrorists. However, Iraq is not in the driver seat, Abadi is in the back seat and the IMF is driving. So the poo poo-ing on Iraqi time is over. It is show-time.

They are telling us that those shiny objects many of us pick up on the side of the roads from loose pockets when getting in and out of our cars can be gotten in Iraq now.

They are not warranted at a program rate! They are at an international rate thus, they are telling us they can be used..

Walk in a bank with Yen, Euro and get like change per your Dinar or vis virsa! ~ Ya buddy!  ~ MM

"Coins, which are usually used in performing international accounts held by the Central Bank Or for its account, credit balances payable on demand or short-term foreign exchange repayments, which are normally used to perform international accounts maintained by the Bank" 

Firefly:  I could easily have highlighted this entire article in red ........(wink)

MilitiaMan:  I know right! ~ MM


Dr.MJRandy:    Once again it is supposed to be our week. Going into year 15 for me. Whew. Are we having fun yet?

Spiritled77:  Ok people where oh where is our RV.... did we lose it????? Sometimes I believe that the higher ups you know the 1% "They" don't want us little people having this much money cause they are afraid of all the goodness that will come out of it!!! I really don't understand these greedy people at the top

PilotJim:  It's not greed .. it's power

LynnieQ:  One thing for sure. The excitement of a few weeks ago is gone!

Dinara:  I'm still excited until after August 1st…. I feel some are being misled intentionally and are just being used to spread rumors. It gets people excited and then they are let down. Stay focused on the facts of all that has happened. No one knows the exact minute or day but I am still excited that it is closer than ever
Yada: lynnieg,,IM still very excited to where we are,,,,,I don't stray off the reservation of opinions making it easier to remain focused,,,,,,,,Ive seen some with ideas they brought in and believe, after all this time, still don't know what is going on

RVAlready:  There is silence from Iraq and the IMF, But nobody is even hinting that the RV and the loan aren't happening. Since the meeting has been announced, and was moved up to Aug 1 at Iraq's request, I think there will be an RV, Because neither side wants a failure after 15 years of waiting…. This process is on absolute lockdown, behind big closed steel doors.

Dogmom43:  rvalready - then maybe just maybe all the quiet is a good thing

RVAlready Don't become negative because of the silence. Imagine what would have happened if the Kuwait RV had been leaked early. There can be no leaks. Absolutely none.

I have been in this for 27 years. There is a lot of history here that practically none of you know.

We will be paid soon. There were precursors to this program.. 
There are others here that could tell the story. You could look back at the prosperity and farm claims programs and others. All now depends on the RV.


Dr.MJRandy:  The President of Iran has stated that on or before August 5th of this year They are to "add value" to their currency.

SassyD:  5 Banks Settle Currency Rigging Lawsuit in US -- https://financialtribune.com/articles/world-economy/69269/5-banks-sett​le-currency-rigging-lawsuit-in-us


Rebuilding Mosul one of the biggest challenges world has seen in decades Three years of ISIS control over Mosul and military operations to liberate the city left key infrastructure in ruins, causing the largest rebuilding and stabilization challenge the world has seen in decades. According to preliminary UN estimates of western Mosul, of 54 residential districts, 15 are completely destroyed, 23 are moderately damaged, and 16 are lightly damaged. The representative of the United Nations Develop Program (UNDP) in Iraq, Lise Grande, who is also the humanitarian coordinator, told Rudaw that estimates for immediate stabilization, to repair basic public infrastructure in western Mosul alone, sit at $700 million. In a letter to the Global Coalition from Brett McGurk, Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, published on the US Department of State’s website Tuesday,

 he stated that the US will provide much needed funds to the UN in order to continue the post-ISIS process of stabilizing Mosul and surrounding areas. “During its occupation of Mosul, ISIS destroyed many of the city’s religious and cultural treasures, including the al-Nuri Mosque and the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah. ISIS used mosques, schools and hospitals as bomb-building facilities and fighting positions,” McGurk stated. 

The UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) is currently supporting over 1,000 projects in 25 liberated areas in cooperation with the Iraqi government to help rebuild destroyed infrastructure as well as provide jobs to Iraq’s displaced so that they can return home as soon as possible and receive an income to support their families in the process. “I didn’t see my family for three years during this conflict,” one Mosul resident, Ibrahim Mustafa, said as he cleaned a roundabout near the al-Zuhur neighborhood. “Now that I’m back, I need a way to support them. 

This job helps me do that.” Lise Grande said in a statement on July 17, “The level of destruction in western Mosul is the worst in Iraq… There’s a huge amount of work to do and it needs to be done quickly.” “The United States is already responding to these challenges,” McGurk stated. 

“There is more to do, and investments now will carry dividends later to help maintain the rate of returnees to their homes in liberated areas.” The UN has requested $707 million for stabilization programs in western Mosul, $174 million in eastern Mosul and another $232 million to stabilize other areas of Iraq. One of the largest health care facilities in Mosul, Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital, suffered extensive damage in the conflict. Teams of women supported by UNDP have spent weeks cleaning and restoring the hospital in order to make it operational again. “My husband was killed in the conflict,” said Amira Saleh, a widow from Mosul. “I want to work here as much as possible to support my family.”

 The UNDP is also supporting the rebuilding of educational facilities where classrooms were destroyed or damaged under the control of ISIS causing children to miss over two years of school. Students were eager to return to Mosul University which re-opened in May soon after the liberation of east Mosul. Much of the university lies in ruins, but some buildings suffered only minimal damage or escaped completely unscathed. UNDP is helping to rehabilitate the university by providing 50 generators, deploying “cash-for-work” teams to clean the university grounds and clear debris as well as rebuilding dormitories.

 Repairs to the As-Salamiyah Water Treatment Plant were completed and it was re-opened in early May and Al-Qubba Water Treatment Plant in east Mosul is under rehabilitation. Due to the repairs, hundreds of thousands of people living in east Mosul and other areas of the Nineveh Province now have access to clean, safe drinking water. “We are working as quickly to possible to re-establish water and sewage systems and electrical grids,” UNDP’s Grande said. “Thousands of people, many from destitute families, are working on public schemes, earning income while helping to rebuild their communities.” 

Although Mosul is now liberated from ISIS, the city still faces many infrastructure challenges to rebuild a city that dates back to 401 BC, parts of the city now resembling a ghost town. “Here in Mosul, everything is gone,” Mustafa of al-Zuhur neighborhood said. “Our jobs, our homes, our livelihoods. But we still have our souls. All our neighbors help each other. Rebuilding our city is one way to do that.” Source
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
announced that the oil and energy parliamentary Saturday that the National Oil Company Law will be ready to vote in the weeks or the next few months, as revealed from a meeting will be held next week with the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government to listen to her opinion and reach a formula agreement on Law.
” The Committee on Oil and Energy Parliament is continuing to enact the law of the National Oil Company, which completed its first reading and is currently in the process of discussions,” said the head of the committee, Erez Abdullah, in an interview for Alsumaria News, noting that “the law will be ready in the next few weeks or months to vote it “He said.
“The law will provide the ground for the establishment of a national oil company and dismantle its association with the oil ministry to be directly linked to the prime minister,” Abdullah said. “The company will work in Iraq only now to manage the country’s oil operation, starting with development, exploration, exploration, production, Sumo “.
“There will be a meeting next week with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government, to reach a formula of agreement with them and listen to their views on the draft law,” he said, adding that “his committee held several dialogue sessions with experts and local and international experts on the law to come out in a format compatible with reality Iraqi and the development in the field of oil investment in the world. ”
Abdullah said that “the law is around him a large acceptability within the House of Representatives of all political blocs,” and expected to “pass the law as soon as after the agreement on the final version with the Kurdistan Regional Government.”
The Council of salaries ended in June, the first reading of the draft law of the Iraqi National Oil Company.


This Week on the Program Dave Will Give an Update on the Currency Exchange
Dear Friends, 
The amount of intel on the fraud and similar issues surrounding the dinar has been coming to the forefront in the last few months.  Dave will discuss how this affects us in our exchanges. 

Part of this corruption is what has created the extended wait time for the exchanges to take place.  Dave will discuss that as well.

Join us live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime on radio or You Tube streaming. 

Live call in number:  515-605-9356  


7-30-2017   Intel Guru Delta   [Mastercard is universally accepted and can be used in more than 33 million locations around the world. Stay tuned for the third generation card of to global in partnership with Mastercard...   Got this from there FB page.]   IT'S A WOW  INFO ...THE THIRD GENERATION IS THE QI MASTER CARD ...SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MORE THAN SIX MONTH SINCE THE ANNOUNCEMENT...  FROM QI CARD  "WE ARE CURRENTLY ISSUING TO EMPLOYEES AND RETIREES OUTSIDE IRAQ IN AMMAN AND ABU DHABI"   SO NOT ACTIVATED YET!  THIS IS VERY BIG...WE ALL NOW [KNOW ?] THAT DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT ARTICLE 8 AND INTERNATIONAL IQD.

7-30-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin
   Article Quote:  "The Central will adopt in 2017 new visions of the applications of monetary policy for the purpose of achieving the objectives set out in Law 56 of 2004 and most important to maintain the exchange rate of the dinar and its value covered in foreign currency, through the construction of foreign currency reserves and In accordance with international standards in calculating the external cash reserve to cover the dinar and cover the imports entering Iraq "   This is a very important art. IMO. Sounds as though they are ready to start using the dinar in trading. Maybe their meeting with the IMF next month will set them free.

7-30-2017    Intel Guru 12thman  Received a call this morning...saying this will go into mid August maybe September if certain things keep dragging. Wealth manager said sorry for getting hopes up.  He too was on stand by...  Will post if anything comes my way.  Please don't get down because we are closer than ever and with each day more is given to us.

7-30-2017   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Article:  "The law of the National Oil Company will be ready to vote in the coming weeks" The head line is not the main point imo. It is the last two paragraphs that suggest they are having a meeting next week. That could be Sunday [7-30-17].   They say they have large acceptability in the house. I bet the pressure has come to a boiling point and there is no way in world they'll kick this can into months or even weeks. Large acceptability is a majority. imo We read they came to a calculation for oil.  They used (44,4) and another (8,000 dinars per barrel) in the article. So if oil is average $44.4 a barrel and it costs $8 to extract then they can budget for it.  Like they just passed the 2017 and Supplemental for 2018 if I read that correctly...

Dinar Updates w/BGG & Mr White, MadScout & more

Question"by Midwestman at 8:21 AM EDT, 30 JULY

Question"by Midwestman at 8:21 AM EDT

My question yesterday was not rhetorical. I would like someone who claims to be smarter than I to just tell us where we are. I thought we were done, I thought this was rolling out, I thought nothing could stop this, I thought no one could stop this

I thought the world needed this, I thought the NPTB wanted to roll this out 3 months before the holidays to stimulate spending, I thought the benevolent grandfathers/grandmother's were doing this to save humanity?

We can read the news ourselves, we can worship whomever we want by ourselves. So many posts by a certain person contradict themselves it seems as soon as they are posted. Can we please just get a simple answer to a simple question.

Where are we and why all the delays? Ok, that's 2 questions, deal with it.
1 other question (As long as I am on a roll) that no one has addressed, did turncoat John McCain kill the rv and for how long? Seems every time we rely on a corrupt politician to bring this to fruition, they stop it.

When are the benevolent grandparents going to realize they can't trust anyone in our govt and realize it's US they can trust to change things. It's as plain as the nose on your face.

Come on! Get this done.  Midwestman


"For Midwestman - Timing" by islandwave8 - 7.29.17

Midwestman, My understanding around timing is:

Those of us going in for redemptions that involve negotiations around philanthropic goals, and those paying attention who are doing regular currency exchanges, contract rates, groups etc. - will be processed sometime between now & Sept 30.

To have all of our "numbers" be able to be reconciled, bookkeeping-wise, before the final fiscal quarter ends Sept 30. Many groups & etc have gone before us in line to SKR. We are the last in line, and the most priviledged, as well as being given the choice to bear the greatest responsibility.

All of these past-based debts getting reconciled so the global books can be a clean slate for the new fiscal year Oct 1st is the idea.

A real possibility is us humanitarian redeemers will go in first within this 2 month window - as soon as this weekend - then that negotiable rate redemption window will close shortly to allow screen rate exchanges only.

After Oct. 1st, some more overt pronouncement of the world's financial system going asset-backed will happen, and then all the sock drawer exchangers will come in, like any other currency exchange.

The period between now to Oct 1st is supposed to be a media duststorm of corruption-reveal. Many orchestrated build-ups leading to wallop crescendos. This is to ready the public for governing their country again. (Republic is of, for & BY the People. People are the boss, gov't is the administrative assistant carrying out the will of who they serve.)

We're expecting our USA Republic gov't to come to the fore, publicly, around Oct. 1st. Merging seamlessly into the existing hollow political theatre in DC, and taking the reins more overtly.

You, hopefully will have had your appt sometime around now, so that you had 2 months to get situated, so when the Republic rolls in, your contributions in the community become noticable in tandem.

The public sees the Republic come in & all the good things that are viewable (homeless relief, debt relief, fairer taxes, freed up prosperity in the communities, new tech, etc.) and they will be pleased & welcome the new system that has been being built behind the scenes all these years.

That's the timing overview!

When I'm at my appt I will think of you Midwestman, and be so relieved for you that your frustrations are over. You have been a real trooper to hang in til the end despite the exasperations.

God must have a lot of great plans for you.

All the best, ~ islandwave8


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Early PM 7-29-17

chattels: ISIS launched widespread attack on Peshmerga in Khurmatu By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/290720171

txbrand: http://en.economiciraq.com/2017/07/29/dollar-exchange-rates-in-baghdad-and-erbil-this-morning-2/ Selling price / $ 100 = 125.750 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.700 Iraqi Dinar Erbil Selling price / $ 100 = 125.850 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.800 Iraqi Dinar

chattels: Militants have launched numerous attacks against Kurdish Peshmerga forces south of Kirkuk, notably Khurmatu, in the past three years. Kurdish military leaders see it as a major threat to Kirkuk’s security and stability.

txbrand: I thought that's what we were looking for ...lol
txbrand: I guess it would be 1.25 right ?
chattels: @txbrand I do not find numbers in the link you provided

txbrand: i had to put it in bing translator to see

Dave: at least the PMU ,Shia and Sunni are uniting to rid ISIS in Tel Afar.......working together......

txbrand: bing says =Selling price / $ 100 = 125.750 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.700 Iraqi Dinar Erbil Selling price / $ 100 = 125.850 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.800 Iraqi Dinar

Dave: Kaperoni would like that Tx

Dave: controlling the spread
Dave: Banks popping up eveyrwhere people getting back to work........

 Dave: Tx .this rate is like 1 tenth of a cent to the USD

MichelleL: tx, they use . where we would use ,
MichelleL: in other words, we're still "without funds" lol
MichelleL: hasta luego peeps :)

Dave: We can still buy ! million dinar for about 1000.00 ?
MichelleL: sounds right Dave, plus or minus - later all :)

chattels: @txbrand the 126.500 is one hundred twenty six thousand five hundred. The " period " is / should be a " comma ".

chattels: @txbrand So, $ 1,000 dollars is exchanging for !.265 million dinar.

txbrand: @Dave ok ty
txbrand: @chattels ok ty
txbrand: @chattels dang wish we could get that price..lol

Spectra: The thing is going to get even more dull.....watch......because now that Mosul is is over Expect nothing!,,,,,,,,,,,,,I see months of boring ...nothing kind of news ...just go about your life! :)

Spectra: Unless those lower demons pop! ...other than that nothing else matters!
Brow: @Spectra - Correct on Both Statements
Spectra: @Brow i predicated this was going to go stale and dormat

Spectra: @Brow And not a single article from CBI About that green light ,they bragged about !............NOTTA THING about deleation zero;s .......VOID!............ ;chill

Brow: @Spectra - Agree-Iraq & the RV is Like Obamacare all Smoke & Mirrors

Spectra: @Brow Well it sure looks that way! ,,,,,,,,,,AND THE C.B.I. is responsible!

BlackGold: just for information purposes. I went to a VOM conference "Voice Of the Martyars and there was a person from Iran there. He had pictures of empty Mosques and said that in Iran and Afganistan Christianity is the fastest growing religion.

He explained to me when we see those "death to America groups" that they tell certain people they must attend and give them free lunch. most of the anti Iran garbage we hear is just that garbage

BlackGold: Only in the USA is Islam growing

Spectra: @BlackGold I know we are being lied too about Iran in my opinion...They have the largest population of jewish arabs in Iran as well!

Spectra: @BlackGold Alot of people dpon't know this....
Spectra: @BlackGold Those jewish people in Iran live the same as everyone too!

BlackGold: @Spectra True. They have their problems but I don't see them leaving

Spectra: @BlackGold We are being lied too! period so they can start new WARS INVADE COUNTRIES!

BlackGold: @Spectra i believe so

Spectra: @BlackGold mY HEART ALSO TELLS ME THIS!
Brow: @Spectra - I didn't Know That - Wow

Spectra: @BlackGold besides ive done some deep research on it

BlackGold: @Spectra the more you dig, the more you see how much we are driven by fake news

Spectra: @BlackGold yes they have the second largest population of jewish next to israel
Spectra: @BlackGold fake is right
Spectra: @BlackGold dont take my word look into it!

BlackGold: @Spectra i was shock when I found that out

Spectra: @BlackGold yes, it a fact !
Spectra: @BlackGold on u tube they have video's showing the mosques! in iran too
Spectra: @BlackGold they even talk on the video i seen the jewish people in iran! They love their home

BlackGold: @Spectra i didn't see those but the man gave me a dvd showing at noon time empty mosque

Spectra: @BlackGold i can believe that too
Spectra: @BlackGold they have alot of christians in iran

BlackGold: @Spectra true, he is a Pastor in Iran
BlackGold: @Spectra he said in Iran even muslims celebrate Christmas

Spectra: i believe it when i was in kuwait they celebrated it too! i was there for christmas they go all out!

chattels: The United Nations’ humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Lise Grande stressed that reconciliation is paramount to secure the future of Iraq. She told Rudaw that the government’s military victories can’t be ensured without helping people afterward, having national dialogue, creating an inclusive government, and pushing reconciliation. The main problem is Iraq doesn’t have the money for these programs.

She might have added that Baghdad doesn’t have a plan for any these either, and therefore they are unlikely to happen. That’s especially true because next year elections are to be held, and Iraqi politicians never do anything of substance during that period.

That could jeopardize the liberated areas like Mosul, and eventually usher in a new phase of the insurgency.


BlackGold: @Spectra They had a Pastor from Iran, Syria, the Lady who was kid knaped in the Phillipines
Spectra: wow, poor woman

chattels: " The main problem is Iraq doesn’t have the money for these programs. She might have added that Baghdad doesn’t have a plan for any these either, and therefore they are unlikely to happen. That’s especially true because next year elections are to be held, and Iraqi politicians never do anything of substance during that period."

Spectra: @chattels more downward news , but ty regardless

BlackGold: @chattels True
BlackGold: @chattels Lets pray things change

BlackGold: @Spectra true

Hoss: @chattels if elections become an issue for this rv, we could very well be waiting until 2019 at least.

BlackGold: @Hoss i hear ya

chattels: The Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama Paperback – March 12, 2013 by Michael R. Gordon


Spectra: @Hoss We might as well take a longggg nap ! like Rumpelstiltskin .Perhaps when we wake up it will be done!

chattels: Kirk H. Sowell‏ @UticaRisk 3h3 hours ago This is an absolute must read. The best single history of the US experience in Iraq.

BlackGold: @Spectra lol
Spectra: im serious too!
chattels: Harrd to argue with your sense of it.

chattels: I encourage you all as I encourage myself and I pray for you all as I pray for myself. Fight the good fight, holding on to faith and good conscience.

BlackGold: @chattels amen

chattels: " What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value." - Thomas Paine

Spectra: @chattels INDEED!

chattels: @Hoss I have suspected for some time that even if we are lucky enough to have a liquidity event that the hardest part may be exchanging. The " haves" will attempt to leverage the " have nots ".

Hoss: @chattels I'm thinking 50/50 chance of coming out ok (ok meaning at least a dime)

BlackGold: @Hoss When you google thr DFI fund you'll see the money isn't there. whatever they say it was and 10 times more
BlackGold: @Hoss https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_Fund_for_Iraq

Hoss: @BlackGold do you mean the leftover balance that was to be released end of June?

chattels: @Hoss A dime would be one of the highest " RV's" in history I was told by Dan Huse who was a student of such.

BlackGold: Not left over All of it
BlackGold: that wasn't for them to spend, it was for the RV

Hoss: @chattels well we kinda knew coming in this was different (or hope so anyway)

chattels: @Hoss I bought an amount based upon a dime which would be great and anything more is " stupid money " as Dan Huse would say.

BlackGold: @Hoss lets pray we get something

Hoss: @BlackGold amen
Hoss: that's the million dollar question
Hoss: no doubt they will go international ... not worried about that

BlackGold: @Hoss hope soon

Hoss: will we get paid is the question

chattels: Despite my conservative and critical view of the news, I am persuaded that this opportunity is a once in a millennium chance. I was not going to miss " playing the game " and it ain't over 'till it is over, eh ?

Spectra: very good perspective !

BlackGold: @chattels i hear ya
BlackGold: @chattels i be right behind ya in line
BlackGold: <----- smiling

chattels: Only in the USA. God bless America. God bless us every one.

Dave: If they only had a kumbuya moment........
BlackGold: @Dave what do you mean
Dave: a unified country
BlackGold: oh ok

Dave: IRAQIs...... no sunni shia turk etc

BlackGold: that will never happen, thats like saying no Republicans and democrats

Spectra: Look at iraq in the 70;s there was no sectarian !
Spectra: no fighting between them selves!

Dave: Sunni and Kurds have been marginaluized ever since

Spectra: Then along came the over throw !
Dave: Sadam!

Spectra: its a long subject worth the study!

BlackGold: Be honest, everywhere the US goes trouble follows, wonder why

Dave: now its worse
Spectra: i see my self.it breaks my heart
Dave: Things were much better under Sadam......Hellow Maliki

Spectra: they put mailiki there! USA!
Dave: Thought he my play nice

BlackGold: yep
Spectra: Sad but true
Spectra: a puppet is what he is! Mailiki

Dave: 65 billion dollars in bankacct

BlackGold: abadi is no different

Spectra: Sadam was a puppet too once upon a time!
Spectra: yeh' Abadi us the new puppet!

Dave: I think abadi may be sincere....

Spectra: i dont think so!
Spectra: Abadi worked for Mailiki!
Spectra: crooked is what he is!

BlackGold: you can be sincere but if you don't do what is right, your sincerity means nothing 
​Dave: varying degrees of sincereity

Spectra: @BlackGold Absolutly !

chattels: Haidar Sumeri‏ @IraqiSecurity Worrying small-scale daily attacks by Da'ish in Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala. Tell-tale signs of a bloody insurgency to come in #Iraq. 3:39 PM - 28 Jul 2017

Spectra: @BlackGold but he stold money too people forget ! When that one guy i forgot his name Abadi was mentioned as a theif!

Spectra: Anbar was suppose to have been cleared last year!

Dave: he was the finance minister I belive under M
Spectra: @Dave yes

BlackGold: almost everyone in government has stolen money, our is the worst,why should Iraq be any different

Spectra: WHY are they back at Anbar ?Again!

Dave: years ago Malili inferred that he whom lives in a glass house SHOULD throw no stone.........

chattels: @Spectra They have never been ousted from western Anbar.

Spectra: @BlackGold good point ! They rigged it that way!
Spectra: @chattels ok ty

chattels: @Spectra Almost the entire Anbar Province Syrian border is controlled or threatened by DAESH.

Spectra: So this is their new challenge to clear Anbar?

Dave: BLackgold Maliki et-al have lost almost ! trillion USD....some of richest people in the world are the IRAQI MPs

Dave: In Canada a bald Senator was claiming !50/hair cut........ cost us millions in legal fees.........

Dave: 150....
BlackGold: @Dave The question is who in the US got the other trillion

Spectra: ????

chattels: @Spectra Beginning with Tal Afar and south to Al Qa'im

Dave: I doubt Obama is a billionaire

chattels: @Spectra And then there is still Hawija.

Spectra: @chattels And the drums War keep going!

BlackGold: @Dave you'll never know, they hide money in places you don't even know are on the map or they claim we don't do business with them. Places like Qatar and Cuba

chattels: @Spectra There will be war and rumors of war until the second coming.

BlackGold: Does anyone know the exchange rate from US to Cuba

BruceHR: I was chatting with some RV skeptics today, and a question came up: Anyone heard of buyers of dinar (or dong or zim, etc) who gave up and sold off all of their currency holdings?

Spectra: @chattels YES!

chattels: @BruceHR I have not heard such in my limited circle of invested friends.

Spectra: @BruceHR no

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has issued a decree ordering the allocation of pieces of lands to the families of “martyrs” who lost their lives in the war against ISIS. All aspects of the armed forces will be included: Peshmerga, Hashd al-Shaabi, tribal volunteers, and the Iraqi army.

chattels: The statement explained that each family will receive 200 square meters of land “in good residential areas within the municipal boundaries of the administrative units.” Abadi urged relevant authorities to complete the distribution of the land before November 1, 2017.


Spectra: @chattels That is a good thing! :) Giving them land!
Spectra: @chattels they certainly deserve it!

BruceHR: My cards on the table: I have been a buyer and seller of zim, as a dealer. I am a skeptic myself and have gone so far as trying to talk buyers out of large orders of currency from me.

Belief in the RV is VERY strong, and the most I have ever managed to do is convince some buyers not to invest more than they could afford to lose. So I'm wondering what would convince holders to convert back to dollars. If the RV hasn't happened by 2025...?

Spectra: @BruceHR i will never sell mine!
Spectra: @BruceHR why would i ive been in this for 14 years!??
BlackGold: @BruceHR not your concern

BruceHR: @Spectra That supports my theory that unless there's an RV, these banknotes won't be coming back into the collectible market.

Spectra: @BlackGold he is asking a strange question!

BruceHR: @BlackGold, of course it isn't my business. I'm curious because I've had an accidental front row seat. I bought Zim in 2009 because I thought I could sell them as a novelty. I keep expecting a price drop, and it doesn't happen. The market temporarily goes a little soft, and that's it...

Spectra: ok
Spectra: im not interested in Zim no offence i feel it is only a novelty!

BruceHR: The only exception is the Z$500-million, which went way up on the rumor that millions would revalue at the same rate as trillions. It has dropped, and my guess it that's because that particular idea has faded.

Spectra: so therefore talking in depth is really non sensical to me.

BlackGold: @BruceHR Hey whatever happens everyone is responsible for there own choices

Spectra: @BlackGold right!

BruceHR: @Spectra, yeah, I think ZIm has the weakest argument for RV. It's no longer money!

Spectra: lol
Spectra: @BruceHR agree

BruceHR: @BlackGold, amen, brother. Otherwise, I'd feel back about continuing to sell the last of my Zim.

BlackGold: @BruceHR I hve one note of zim-- payed $15, I'm keeping it
Spectra: lol

BlackGold: @BruceHR hey if they want it ,sell it, everyone has been warned of the risk

BruceHR: Well, if I'm right, @BlackGold got a really good price. I doubt enough of the Zim 100-trillion will change hands to drop the price under $20 in my lifetime. And, yeah, I do sell it. I warn and sell.

BruceHR: Anyway, sorry to have sort of intruded since I'm not a regular here. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

BlackGold: thats all you can do
BlackGold: @BruceHR you are always welcome
BlackGold: we are all outsiders
BlackGold: @BruceHR well spectra might not be--lol

Sergio: Zimbabwe is stockpiling gold and diamonds to back a new currency for its ruined economy

Spectra: @BlackGold i was right he sells it i knew it!-lol at least he tells the truth!

BlackGold: yep

Spectra: @BlackGold that why i said it was strange!

Sergio: Just wanted to add that the zim is dead

Spectra: @Sergio i read that!

chattels: Should the US support Kurdish independence? By Paul Davis http://www.rudaw.net/english/opinion/29072017
BlackGold: @Sergio its only dead when people stop buying it

Spectra: @Sergio somday perhaps!

Spectra: @Sergio they have their chance with a new currency

Sergio: @Spectra okay was not sure if anyone seen that report

Spectra: @Sergio oh yes

BruceHR: I read that, @Sergio. I just don't know if anyone can trust that government again, even with gold and diamonds in place. To make the currency truly backed by its commodity, people have to be able to trade paper for the commodity. As i recall, Nixon took the US off of gold because the French government was trying to get gold for its dollars.

chattels: The question that has been asked by many is whether this is a good time for the Kurds to seek independence. The general answer to this question is that it is never a good time, but in many cases, must be done. Current regions that have faced or are facing this question include Scotland, Quebec, and Catalonia

Spectra: @chattels Good point!
chattels: The question for the American government now is to do what is expedient, try and delay the vote and any discussion of independence or do what is right and support the only consistent ally we have in the region. Make no mistake the Kurds will vote for independence and will open conversation with Baghdad. The Kurdish national army, known as the Peshmerga, has demonstrated it is capable of defending the region.

Sergio: At a birthday party for a friends kid. Lol so I got a pop up report on my phone and just happened to check in here lol


Spectra: @Sergio have fun!

Sergio: lol it's kids lol

Spectra: @chattels Definatly interesting!

BlackGold: the kurds have been talking independence for 6 years, nothing new

Spectra: you are just sick and tired of hearing them -lol
Spectra: i am understand !
BlackGold: lol

Sergio: @BlackGold I agree, Iraq cannot afford to split. Oil is key

Spectra: @Sergio i see it like that too1

BlackGold: the kurds only add 100 million gallons a day

BlackGold: Iraq’s production surged to a record of about 4 million barrels a day in early 2015, restoring exports to levels not seen since the 1980s.

Sergio: The fact that there is so much to rebuild over there and investors want the whole iraq as their playground. Also if they where to split one side will try to compete in selling oil and cause price war between the 2 trying to out do the other not only selling but companies to cap on the split

Spectra: @BlackGold interesting

BlackGold: iraq isn't hurting, we are hurting Iraq

BlackGold: everyone is making money off Iraq but us

Spectra: @BlackGold i see that!

BlackGold: all this government crap is just that, they can RV anyday
BlackGold: again point to the IMF,World Bank, Federal Reserve and US treasury

Spectra: Right!

BlackGold: Thats 400 million Barrels a DAY, plus Wheat some of the best in the world, Dimond mines,Gold Mines and most of all Rare Earth

Spectra: Abundant wealth!
ebow: Kurds will never break away from Iraq. They only make threats to get what they want. Kurdistan would be land lock with no place to sell their oil.

BlackGold: @Tebow probably right

Spectra: through turkey they sell it ! pipeline!

Tebow: you think Iraq, Syria, Turkey or Iran would run Kurdish pipelines across their countries.
Tebow: Turks hate the Kurds.

Spectra: money speaks
Spectra: that because that part of iraq use to be Turkey!
Spectra: kurdistan!

chattels: @Tebow There are already two pipelines to Turkey from Kurdistan

Spectra: @chattels i thought so Thank you!

chattels: Modern day Turkey was the Ottoman Empire and it reigned over all of Iraq, Egypt and Greece, et al

chattels: https://www.britannica.com/place/Ottoman-Empire

Tebow: and turkey can turn the tap off when ever they want.

chattels: Ancient Anatolia is essentially Turkey today.

Spectra: The was a gigantic empire !

chattels: @Tebow There is a dependency upon Turkey, but there are consequences attendant to "turning off the tap ".

Spectra: Ottoman Empire was feared tremenously!
Spectra: They impaled there adversaries!on stakes like Drakula!

chattels: @Spectra Very formidable until WWI.

Spectra: WW1? hmm !not that long ago! No wonder why i read on posts Iraq people fear they will try it again?

Spectra: ive read and seen it with my own eyes on facebook,they mentioned Ottoman Empire! Then EROGAN acting up?
Spectra: jeez , these poor people!

chattels: 1914 : Ottoman Empire declares a holy war http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/ottoman-empire-declares-a-holy-war

Spectra: wow that was not that long ago?

chattels: @Spectra Mohamedans have been fighting " Holy wars " for thousands of years.

Spectra: yes! but Mohamad was Born a hebrew! that is something many do not know!
Spectra: I find it very interesting
chattels: @Spectra Iraq is very sensitized to Turkish aggression as a result of the Ottoman Empire.

Spectra: @chattels for good reason too!
Spectra: @chattels you like history a lot i can see!

chattels: Turkey's real concern: Greater Kurdistan A motion — to be voted on and almost certainly approved by the Turkish parliament today [Oct. 2] — would give the government and the army a crucial mandate [for military action in Syria and Iraq]. How this mandate is utilized will be equally crucial.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/politics/2014/10/turkey-iraq-syria-kurds-great-kurdistan.html#ixzz4oGzhH44k

chattels: The Rise of Greater Kurdistan : https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/rise-greater-kurdistan

chattels: @Spectra I was an Ancient History major in college.
chattels: @Spectra And now a confessed Kurdish sympathizer.

Spectra: oh' wow .I should have known!
Spectra: @chattels yes ,you say this frequently .I have gathered that!
Spectra: @chattels :)

chattels: @Spectra The great Saladin was a Kurd.

Spectra: @chattels whu was he?

Spectra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saladin

chattels: @Spectra The most flourishing period of Kurdish power was probably during the 12th century, when the great Saladin, who belonged to the Rawendi branch of the Hadabani (or Adiabene) tribe, founded the Ayyubite (1171–1250) dynasty of Syria, and Kurdish chieftainships were established, not only to the west of the Kurdistan mountains in Syria, but as far away as Egypt and Yeme

chattels: @Spectra Under Saladin's command, the Ayyubid army defeated the Crusaders at the decisive Battle of Hattin in 1187, and thereafter wrested control of Palestine – including the city of Jerusalem – from the Crusaders, who had conquered the area 88 years earlier.

Spectra: @chattels fearless strong leader ..!The kurds must love him!

chattels: @Spectra Saladin was born in Tikrit in modern-day Iraq.

abangjadul: all moslem love him 
Spectra: @chattels i see
Spectra: @chattels well my favorite is this one Cyrus the Great
Spectra: he was apeacemaker

Spectra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_the_Great

Spectra: as far as the middle east! He had a good heart so ive read!

abangjadul: @Spectra pls try to read about prophet of muhammad , he bring islam with peace not by sword

Spectra: @abangjadul ...I know ,what you are saying but i still will have my belief and that is a christian foundation!

Sparky: @chattels you bring it bro!

Spectra: My belief are different because i question everything .but i was raised a catholic,and those roots remain!

chattels: @abangjadul I doubt that the people of Mecca in 622 thought that he was so peaceful or parts of the Roman Empire.

Spectra: but ive added my own parts -lol and took some out -lol
Spectra: @chattels you are right

chattels: " Muhammad's use of warfare in general was not alien, neither to Arab custom nor to that of the Hebrew prophets, as both believed that God had sanctioned battle with the enemies of the Lord." John Esposito(2005), Islam: The Straight Path, p.15


Jeff:  Do you know:     Mastercard is universally accepted and can be used in more than 33 million locations around the world. Stay tuned for the third generation card of to global in partnership with Mastercard.... Got this from there FB page



Cole:  Now we await activation for ATM, QI CARD, and RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets watch that IMF meeting with Dinar Goggles fastened right?

Jeff:  Delta I now sleep like a baby Thanks for confirmation that is what T stayed up for


Cole:  oh yeah? maybe a website merger or new rate?   Lol

Frank26:  Aloha Sunday DELTA .............. Aloha Article 8 ........... \m/


LoneStarCowboy:  ~~Awesome DELTA! This helps explain what the down time with the CBI and Banks...hardware update to handle the Qi Card~~

About International Smart Card “QiCard”:

ISC is the leading electronic payment services company in Iraq. QiCard is ISC’s flagship Solution, which employs biometric identity as the cardholder verification method. Qi Card is used widely in Iraq for the distribution of pensions, social welfare aid, and employee salaries to over 5 million customers through a network of around 6,000 point of service, spread throughout the country. ISC issues and acquires payment cards (QiCard as well as international Schemes, such as MasterCard) on behalf of fourteen affiliated banks in Iraq Including Rafidain and Rasheed, Iraq’s two largest government banks. To date, ISC has an ecosystem of around 3,000 cash-out agents and 200 Enrollment Centers spread throughout Iraq.


~~ Wikipedia~~

Iraq's two biggest state-owned banks, Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank, together with the Iraqi Electronic Payment System (IEPS) have established a company called International Smart Card, which have developed a national credit card called 'Qi Card'. The card is issued since 2008.

According to the company's website: 'after less than two years of the initial launch of the Qi card solution, we have hit 1.6 million cardholder with the potential to issue 2 million cards by the end of 2010, issuing about 100,000 card monthly is a testament to the huge success of the Qi card solution. Parallel to this will be the expansion into retail stores through a network of points of sales of about 30,000 units by 2015.

QI card is similar to other credit cards recognized worldwide with essential difference that the smart card deals with balances without direct contact with the server which is called (offline) to facilitate business in regions of no good telecommunication networks .



Cole:  Iraqi Monetary Reform...A New Approach...

Consider this metaphor...

The Monetary Reform is a human body. The body functions... and each part reacts to one central system of intelligence: Brain. Iraq.... each cog is significant in its own way... working harmoniously and adjacent to one another... they form into one beautiful machine.

The Eyes understand signals from the Brain. The Feet understand the Brain's instructions. The Ears are told to hear... because the Brain says so. But do the Ears hear the Brains instructions to the feet? no.

Do the Eyes comprehend what the Lungs do? no. Nor does any Organ or Muscle know what goes on in the Brain... but the Brain understands its every move. Each Part only gets a signal of a sort.... and can only comprehend that signal's code.

It is the same analogy as in Iraq. Ranging from Investors, to Citizens, to Media, to Military, Government... So on and so forth... But the Brain. The Central Intelligence can comprehend every facet.

What is the Brain of Iraq. What is Driving? Certainly not what the Media allows We the Investors to be educated on. As investors we are 'people watching' if you will... we study and thats all we can do. Because we are only a cog and the Brain tells us to listen to filtered media propaganda..aka hand in face... why? because its best that way...

But we can study the Brain. The Brain.... IMF, WB, UST, CBI.... No one can fully comprehend the steps the Brain takes. Because they are not... in the brain. THIS IS WHY we have no date to give. but only Observations to Study.

SO let's see what unfolds at this IMF meeting. IT, the meeting, is like 2 Hemispheres colliding. There will be an explosion so bright. Will we put our sunglasses on to see through the glare of the light(speed)? What will one Hemisphere tell the Other... when the Hemisphere IMF demands a need... will Hemisphere CBI have ears to hear? are they in Order? They sure do and they sure are. IMO.

Now IF Iraq wants to work... harmoniously with... Their partners... They will be compliant to the partners wishes. What is the currency of... partnership...? The light is bright, but we have been trained to not be blinded. Calibrate your eyes. Fitted with custom KTFA Dinar Goggles... a wise man once said... " The Best is Coming" and it is, truly. Lets watch this Collision of a meeting.... "please enjoy... aloha"-COLE



Samson:  Communications: Optical cable project will improve the quality of Internet in Iraq to 10 times

 30th July, 2017

The Iraqi Ministry of Communications said on Sunday that the optical cable project would improve Internet quality in Iraq to 10 times, noting that Iraq would be an international country of Atrnzite.

The General Director of the General Company for Services of the International Information Network Ali Al-Qasab said in a press conference held today, on the national project of the Internet in Iraq, and attended by "Economy News", "The optical cable project will improve the quality of the Internet in Iraq to 10 times the current Internet while ensuring non-interruption" , Pointing out that "the percentage of completion in the project, which reached 93% will be completed by the end of this year."

He explained that "the project included the extension of 4 million meters of optical cable in all provinces and a depth of 3 meters with the containment of the system of protection and safety is solid," noting that "the cadres of the ministry in cooperation with partners project managed to connect Iraq with international cables from four border ports with the establishment An international access portal for securing and protecting data and under the direct supervision of the Ministry's technical staff. "

He added that "the ministry will not bear any significant costs on the establishment of this project, which is implemented by the companies Ertlenk and Smfony and Iraq will receive on the basis of 37% of the project's imports," stressing that "Iraq will be an international country and will contribute to the development of the public sector, A significant role in the preservation of national security of Iraq and the world. 

Samson:  IMIS obstructs Iraqi Parliament from passing new bills, laws

 30th July, 2017

Iraqi Parliament Committee for Reconciliation and Parliamentary Accountability Chief Hisham al-Suhail revealed on Sunday that his committee was unable to pass any new laws or bill for over a week.

 In a press statement, Suhail accused Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri of cooperating with Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) to obstruct his committee's work.

 He further added that Jabouri assigned an IMIS member from the committee to inspect and accompany his affiliate militias in Mosul.

 Suhail noted that in order legally pass any bills there must be at least five members of the committee present.

 "Jabouri and IMIS are deliberately obstructing the committee's work," Suhail said.
 As the IMIS' obstruction continues, the committee is currently forced to delay important bills, according to Suhail.



Tim:  samson great find could this be what we are looking for family?

Samson:  The work will set the beginning of August next date for the payment of salaries of workers secured for the months of July and August

 30th July, 2017

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Department of Retirement and Social Security for workers that it will begin to pay the salaries of workers secured for categories (manual exchange, smart card holders) for the months of July and August 2017 in Baghdad and the provinces in early August next.

The Director General of the Department of Retirement and Social Security for workers Ali Jaafar, that the Department has identified early August next date for the payment of salaries of more than 17 thousand workers guaranteed for categories (manual exchange, and smart card holders) after completing all the necessary procedures for the distribution of salaries in coordination with the General Administration of Rafidain Bank.

He added that the total salary amounts for the months of July and August, which will be disbursed to the workers amounted to one billion and (348) million dinars, noting that the number covered by manual discharge reached (2393) retired, and the number of covered smart card holders reached (14683) retired.

He explained that the insured pensioner who has a service (30) years and more receives the amount of (600) thousand dinars for two months only, while receiving a pensioner who has a service less than (30) years amount of (540) thousand dinars.

Jafar said that the family of the deceased, who has more than three deserving, receives a salary of 500 thousand dinars, while the family receives a salary of 480 thousand dinars. The family of the deceased pensioner who has one receivable receives a salary of 460 thousand dinars .

The Director-General called on all the retired and secured workers to review the banks according to their areas of residence for the purpose of receiving their salaries, drawing with them the identity documents represented by the identity card or smart card.



Article quote:  "In his visit to Moscow this week, Iraqi Vice President Nuri Al-Maliki peddled what he presented as his big idea: inviting Russia to build “a significant presence’ in Iraq to counter-balance that of the United States."    ...as Rudaw news stated ...Maliki holds an immense amount of power in Iraq AND he controls Parliament... So his running to Russia ahead of upcoming elections is no surprise...   AND the Kurds seeking independence vote before Iraq elections is crucial AND is not hard to speculate why! As Barzani stated, if Maliki becomes Prime Minister again or is the proxy to such...Then ADIOS!  Maliki doesn't need to be a candidate...he only needs someone he owns to become the PM.   ...I posted a few months ago on Maliki and becoming PM again...a few days later Oliver North was on Fox and discussed the issue and said it was a GREAT CONCERN...


Greetings Dinarland,

Enclosed are the Zorra Call Notes from 07/28/2017 and footnotes
"...one of the underlying messages I felt was Zorra's CTA (call-to-action) for us to not only now publicize TreasuryDirect Accounts to the masses, but also to unite in-force, standing in our power against blessing resistance, to cause an energetic tipping point for NESARA. Our continued loving "pressure," will greatly support this prosperity dam to keep cracking, and ultimately break!"

HATJ = Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Zorra speaks on the call from approximately 00:08:05 - 00:14:30 min

00:08:05 (Jane) Zorra is here, as well, yeah.

(Jane) How about I ask Zorra what is, what he sees now in terms of events that are coming (a) into play at this time?
(Sharon) Sound great.
(Jane) Hello Zorra.
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Jane) ...TDAs and Heather
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Zorra) Well beloved masters, understand what is called you term it the TDA, TreasuryDirect Accounts, what that is, is a little more than what is called the blessing, it is also an avenue for you, in the interim before what is termed as the Revaluation of Currency, Global Currency Reset, that is will be, what is termed, as a precursor to that…and what I mean by precursor, you’re going to be able to access funds that will pay off all of your debts, that was the reason for it, and for it to come out…and so that’s what is transpiring now. And of course, I can tell you that the Galactic Federation have Heather (HATJ) in their safe arms; (ah) they are protecting her from any harm that may befall her while she is in Washington (DC).
(Jane) And what do think the results are, of what has happened with her arrest…what will be the results of all of that happening?
(Zorra) What was termed as, it was very beneficial, (ah) not so much for her but it was beneficial for all of the inmates that she has had the opportunity to speak with, and to enable them to become free as well. (and what about the rest of us? asks Jane) And also the rest of the world; as you know, the District of Columbia (DC) doesn't follow the rules and regulations that all other states do, they have there own little world there, but (ah) still…she is there for the sole purpose to bring about the ratification of (um) full and complete access to your gifts, to your accounts, and to your monies! Many of you have Trillions, if not, well you know you have Trillions/Billions of (ah) bonds in your account, and it is your right to know that- it is your right to access them.
(Jane) So I guess what your saying Zorra, is that her being there, because that was made public, that it is her mission then has been exposed, more so, so that it’s reaching thousands more people, is that correct?
(Zorra) Indeed. Very much.
(Jane) Very good. So we thank her for what she has done to be able to go to Washington DC, and we love her, and we support her, and her endeavors, (ah) and she (HATJ) is of the Light correct Zorra?
(Zorra) Of Course.
(Jane) So, you know we have, excuse me Sharon but have to bring in a few issues with regards to Sharon, there is a lot of information out there as well, again regarding TDAs, that we really should not be delving into this, because we we’re waiting for the RV/GCR instead and why do we want to get ourselves mixed up with this?
(Jane) Because a lot of people are pretty fiercely against what we’re doing, because we’re meddling with fraudulent money, even though it’s ours, it’s still fraud/fraudulent money.
(Zorra) It is part of your blessing.
(Jane) Oh ok, well then I guess …so talking about our blessing, where are we with the RV and the GCR presently? I know we were waiting for the USN notes to come through, and apparently that has already been signed by Trump.
(Zorra) Indeed.
(Jane) So where are we now?
(Zorra) Very, very near.
(Jane) Do you think this thing with the TDA, we already know this is pushing everything to to open up the gates for the GCR the RV, to really come through the gate, is that really necessary?
(Zorra) Well understand, what is termed, the (um) the RV has all the attention of what is call the minions, of the Cabal, so now we've given them another (ah) slap in the face, so to speak, with the (ah) disclosing this information that we are doing now. And it is going to intensify, so so greatly, that they will not be able to stand it, at all…(and so then what?) so they will just give up. ("completely" said Jane)
(Zorra) So you’re thinking that this exposure of the TDAs is going to push them over the edge, and therefore we’ll have the GC/R. Are we really waiting separately for the RV/GCR? are we waiting for the RV/GCR, separately from this TDA we are working through?
(Zorra) Understand the RV, is a slang term for the Global Currency Reset ("correct" said Jane). Well the Global Currency Reset is on-going, and it is opening up everywhere…and but also this information that we’re bring out now, through Sharon and through others, that is going to intensify the (ah) efforts that are going on ("for the RV?" asks Jane), for the Global Currency Reset.
(Jane) Oh, so it’s actually pushes it, it’s pushing, it’s pushing that (GCR) to come forth.
(Zorra) It is Indeed.

00:14:30 (Zorra) So let’s get to Sharon...

Author's footnotes:
1. Zorra message(s), and others, focus leveraging TDAs to primarily pay off your debts (at least at this time, pre-RV)
2. Listen to the rest of the call for details regarding FS form 5446
US Government FS form 5446 (updated February 2017)
3. Universal routing number stated by one caller (Victor?) as 021...... is likely 021050466
YouTube - Zorra * Zaraya * Jane TDA's, Part 2 July 28, 2017

We are all ONE, and it is our time to UNITE!

Love and Light
{=}Ascension Blessings{=}
Please take only what resonates, and disregard all the rest.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 30 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 30 July 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy Note:

1. "On Wed. July 26 Iraqi Mastercards and ATMs were activated." TNT”

2. "In a historic Thurs. July 27 day for humanity the RV roll out began in full bloom with announcement of the new global gold standard in Zimbabwe (not Iraq, not US)." Yosef

3. On Fri. July 28 we had confirmation of funds coming but I cannot say when as the timing is sensitive. The money made it into escrow and is about to be distributed." ZAP (ZAP's humanitarian funds were apart from the RV funds, but expected at the same time).

4. "By Sat. July 29 there were five new sections added to the Federal Reserve Bank site that dealt directly with Automatic Clearing House payments (ACH) and the new Fedwire system. It said we would have access to the site by Aug. 1, 2017." Reallucky1


A. July 29 2017 4:30 pm EDT High Alert Bluwolf: "Highest Alert" - Bluwolf Intel Tidbit 7-29-17

A main source of mine is informing me say that we are in the highest of alerts ever and the number we are waiting for is to be imminently released.


B. July 29 2017 11:06 pm EDT IMF Deadline TNT Chat: "High Alert for Aug. 1st" - Sat. PM TNT Thoughts

Artneto: From what I understand, the IMF placed a deadline on Iraq and there is a meeting on Aug 1. So, if we do not see it exactly on August 1, it should only be another week or so.


C. July 28 2017 Update ZAP:

1. We have confirmation of funds coming but I cannot say when as the timing is sensitive. The money made it into escrow and is about to be distributed.

2. If you hear of others getting funds you can be sure they are telling the truth as things are indeed moving forward.

3. We are glad we are not beholden to the RV process for our funds.

4. My travel is set to go to meet with the foundation folks and I'm just waiting for the official invite to get the Visa - that will take all of two days.


D. July 29 2017 12:42 am EDT Federal Reserve Banks Reallucky 1: "So Much Going on with the Federal Reserve Banks" by Reallucky1 - 7.29.17



Same Day ACH Resource Center


1. We are so close now I can feel the excitement in the air!

2. Everything that we are seeing is just a script. Everyone is following their roles as to not give away the plot, the RV.

3. If Trump is not the duly elected President then everything we are seeing now does not matter. Its just a distraction with the firings and healthcare bill repeal vote.

4. Changes are happening at the Federal Reserve Banks with the new Treasury sites. I check this site almost everyday. The information has been changing every single time I go back to this site.

5. Today July 29 there are five new sections added that deal directly with "ACH" Automatic Clearing House payments and the new Fedwire system. It says we will have access to the site by Aug. 1, 2017.

6. On the ACH same day payment systems it says consumer-ready by Sept. 15, 2017.

7. That sounds like an eternity, but after waiting for years, six weeks seems like tomorrow.


E. July 29 2017 2:32 pm EDT Geopolitical Update, Tank: "The Really Big Show" - TANK's Geopolitical Update - 7.29.17

1. The sanctions on Russia and article posted by Fisher seem to be a plan to expose the methods the Shadow Government has used to keep us in a constant state of war using said practice to attain debt forgiveness. Although laced with fear, it provides a very detailed history of how that's been the mode of operation for Congress for over a century.

2. Heather and Randal's arrests seem to be setting the legal precedence for exposing the corruption of the Federal Reserve and possibly forcing the Judiciary branch of government to change the laws based on their interpretation of them.

3. Trump announcing he will audit the Federal Reserve also seems to be in line with that exposure and would certainly be an amazing piece of evidence to include in a trial situation.

4. Scaramucci's appointment as communications director seems like hiring the Hells Angels to work security at Woodstock. Just appears to be a guy that could post a video of himself pistol whipping members of the White House staff for not saying the right thing on his twitter page. Nevertheless, it would appear that it's difficult to get the American people to pay attention unless something is so shocking they can't ignore it. He should be fun to watch as this all unfolds.

5. Further disclosure has appeared on the CIA website with 13 million classified documents that were released that included UFOs, mind control, and the Shadow Government.

6. Similar documents were released on the FBI website thus taking the theory out of our Conspiracy Theories.

7. In the summer of 2016 Paul Ryan said they were getting rid of the fourth arm of the Government made up of "unelected bureaucrats that write laws, pass laws and enforce laws." That was a pretty solid announcement exposing that such a group existed that we know as the Cabal.

8. Donald Trump has over 100 positions in his cabinet still not filled and more resignations from his cabinet in 6 months than the last three Presidents had combined.

9. Donald Trump announcing a ban on transgender members of the armed forces seems to be a useless waste of media coverage that has mainly served to distract from things that really matter. However, it could also be a way to start a deeper discussion and expose perverted sexual practices of the Cabal.

10. Debbie Wasserman Schultz selling leaked intel to Wikileaks brings negative attention to her but really adds credibility to the intel leaked out and to Wikileaks.

11. This list is just the start of the discussion as we move forward to finally complete the exchange process. We're witnessing a grand plan to implement GESARA without completely destroying people's reality.

12. Everything is orchestrated. Every move has been planned. This timeline is the one where the good guys win. And, we're the good guys.


F. July 29 2017 3:12 pm EDT Congress causing war not possible, RY: "(Re: Congress 'Causing' War) = (Not Possible, Because...)" by RY - 7.29.17 re: "What is Congress up to, War?" by Fisher - 7.28.17

While technically Fisher gave a factual account of the situation, a war caused by the Congress, or any war for that matter, not only is will not happen but it is NOT possible, for the following reasons:

1. Our White Hats (WH) in the military, who are by far the majority in the Pentagon, already know about this situation.

2. They have more than five million documents of fraud, embezzlement, theft, money laundering, financial deceptions, involvement in adult and child prostitution, pornography, drug trafficking, etc.

3. They have quite a few thousand primary and secondary witnesses to the committed crimes who are ready to be used by the WHs to convince and calm the public if needed.

4. Since a military does not intervene in civil issues such as criminal acts, common law, felony, perjury, misdemeanor, etc, any of the above committed crimes by a member of a government is inherently and rightfully considered a TREASON against that nation.

5. The White Hat operatives, armed and loaded, have been hovering all over DC and vicinity for more than a year now.

6. With all the above, the WH military have had the Constitutional, ethical, moral and lawful right to intervene and bring to physical submission both individual and/or the entire Congress at any time, any moment, any second, since the day the above evidences were collected after 9/11.

7. These WHs are extremely cautious to not stir up any chaos in the public at the national level. They are veeeeery ready and will take down the dark ones in a matter of minutes before any real possibility of a national danger arises between the US and another nation.

8. The WHs of the US, Russia and China (and numerous other nations) have been working together since shortly after 9/11.

9. They are working as "one" for the sake of the planet, without prejudice or preference towards any nation, including their own.

10. Late last year a Chinese war ship docked at a Florida Navy base. What do you think they are doing there together with the US Generals? I may be able to let you know after the RV. I am being careful and hope I am not saying too much.

11. General Dunford has been personally traveling and meeting with numerous others of his counterparts from other power-nations and heads of their WHs for a year and a half now.


G. July 29 2017 GCR Invitation:
 "Service" - GCR/RV Invitation - Saturday - July 29, 2017

1. The ramifications of the immanent global financial reforms are broader than likely you're considering.

2. The release of wealth unto the world in a few decades is to eliminate all manmade illusions such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, money, malnutrition, war, banking, profit and property ownership. After that, there is no limitation what the human experience can become for you and others.

3. The RV is a spiritual transition moving all of humanity from one consciousness to another, cosmically triggered in the months of July & August circa 2017.