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Dinar Updates w/BGG & Others


Post From Peoples Dinar:

Thepreacherman2017:     JMHO!!! It's just gonna happen! Without warning! Without preparation! SUDDENLY!!!

Be a believer, be a receiver.   Be a doubter, be a do-withouter!


The Executive Board approves the decision set forth in SM/81/34, Supplement, 1 (3/17/81).

Decision No. 6790-(81/43), March 20, 1981,  as amended by Decision No. 11728-(98/56),
May 21, 1998     SM/81/34, Sup. 1

The Executive Board has reviewed the Fund’s policy with respect to multiple currency practices. The Fund shall be guided by the approach outlined in the conclusions set forth below.
​1. Official action should not cause exchange rate spreads and cross rate quotations to differ unreasonably from those that arise from the normal commercial costs and risks of exchange transactions.
(i) Action by a member or its fiscal agencies that of itself gives rise to a spread of more than 2 percent between buying and selling rates for spot exchange transactions between the member’s currency and any other member’s currency would be considered a multiple currency practice and would require the prior approval of the Fund.

(ii) An exchange spread that arises without official action would not give rise to a multiple currency practice.

(iii) Deviations between the buying and selling rates for spot transactions and for other transactions would not be considered multiple currency practices if they represent the additional costs and exchange risks for these other transactions.

b. Action by a member or its fiscal agencies which results in midpoint spot exchange rates of other members’ currencies against its own currency in a relationship which differs by more than 1 percent from the midpoint spot exchange rates for these currencies in their principal markets would give rise to a multiple currency practice. If the differentials of more than 1 percent in these cross rates persist for more than one week, the resulting multiple currency practice would become subject to the approval of the Fund under Article VIII, Section 3.

When difficulties are encountered in the interpretation and application of these criteria in specific cases, particularly concerning the nature of official actions, the staff will present the relevant information to the Executive Board for its determination.

2 The policy of the Fund on the exercise of its approval jurisdiction over exchange measures subject to Article VIII, as set forth in paragraph 2 of Executive Board Decision No. 1034-(60/27), adopted June 1, 1960, remains broadly appropriate.

In accordance with this policy, the Fund will be prepared to grant approval of multiple currency practices introduced or maintained for balance of payments reasons provided the member represents and the Fund is satisfied that the measures are temporary and are being applied while the member is endeavoring to eliminate its balance of payments problems,

and provided they do not give the member an unfair competitive advantage over other members or discriminate among members. The Fund will continue to be very reluctant to grant approval for the maintenance of broken cross exchange rates.

3. In accordance with the Fund’s policy on complex multiple currency practices, as stated in Executive Board Decision No. 649-(57/33), adopted June 26, 1957, the Fund will not approve multiple currency practices under complex multiple rate systems unless the countries maintaining them are making reasonable progress toward simplification and ultimate elimination of such systems, or are taking measures or adopting programs which seem likely to result in such progress.

4. While urging members to apply alternative policies not connected with the exchange system, the Fund will be prepared to grant temporary approval of multiple currency practices introduced or maintained principally for nonbalance of payments reasons, provided that such practices do not materially impede the member’s balance of payments adjustment, do not harm the interests of other members, and do not discriminate among members.

5. To assist the Executive Board in reaching a decision concerning approval or nonapproval of a multiple currency practice subject to approval under Article VIII, Section 3, the reasons underlying the practice and its effects will be analyzed in reports on Article IV ­consultations or in other staff papers dealing with exchange ­systems.

Consistent with the cycle of consultations under Article IV, approval will be granted for periods of approximately one year, in order to provide for a continual review by the Executive Board, except where the practice is maintained only for existing arrangements and for a specified period of time."

Bbrooke21:  This is slightly out of my reasoning ability ........... but it does read like ?  I hope someone with more knowledge than me, can weigh in on this !!!!
MrsClassy:   this is a good summation, not from me but from MM,,,FWIW

There is a meeting with the IMF on 08/01/2017 if I am not mistaken. A one in regard to Article IV with Iraq.

The article above speaks volumes of what has been done over the preceding two years. Not just one year.

I believe this has to do with Article VIII.

They have been working to maintain the exchange rate of the Dinar against Foreign Currency to cover imports entering Iraq while maintaining their independence under law.

They go on to say that they are (IMO) effectively ceasing MCPs (Multi Currency Practices) not supported or at least if are supported by the IMF, they are under the guidance of the IMF when doing so and would be short lived if even relevant.

They have all the mechanisms in place to facilitate trade to serve their national economy from the looks of things.

They have mediation in order to be prepared for typical disputes in trade at borders.

Basically, they are fully ready, if not already INTERNATIONAL and by all means!

They are telling us they are going to contribute to GDP by having implemented monetary policy for sustainable development.

The are telling us the Central Bank has facilitated procedures and controls, became transparent in disclosures in regard to maintaining their exchange rate.

This meeting with the IMF is not about what needs to be done, it is done!

MrsClassy:   Iraq has to make the decision to the move to article VIII.  They have been enjoying the protection of article XIV since 2003.  The IMF has been pushing Iraq to meet all article VIII requirements, yet Iraq still is still not in compliance (Section 2, and currently maintains two exchange restrictions and one multiple currency practice (MCP) subject to Fund approval under Article VIII, Sections 2(a) and 3." )

MrsClassy:    . Found this piece on another site.  I think this explains it pretty well.

What this means is that Iraq is continuing to try to comply with Article VIII and avail itself from the current transitional arrangements under Article XIV. But unfortunately at the time of this report they had 8 violations or restrictions preventing them from moving to Article VIII.

Once of which is described as MCP or Multiple Currency Practice which is a result of the currency spread exceeding 2% and a violation of Article VIII. Here is a the actual statement describing the violation below…

“The MCP arises from the absence of a mechanism to ensure that the official exchange rate and the market exchange rate do not deviate by more than 2 percent.”

It is very clear that a condition for Iraq to move to Article VIII is that they comply with the 2% rule. That rule is very clear that the Official Rate (CBI rate) and the Market Rate cannot exceed 2%.

This is soooo important, why? Because until they comply with the conditions set forth for Article VIII, the CBI will never be allowed to transition to Article VIII.

Now I am going to move into another area. The question has been asked once they comply with the 2% rule, how long must they sustain that for? Here is the answer from another IMF document…

“The exchange rate may fluctuate within narrow margins of less than ±1 percent around a central rate, or the maximum and minimum values of the exchange rate may remain within a narrow margin of 2 percent for at least three months.”

So there you have it..at least 3 months or 90 days.
So the question is…when will the CBI be compliant with the IMF so they can transition?

We get an answer earlier this week with the IMF Press Release titled…

Statement at the End of an IMF Mission on Iraq
The following paragraph is below…

“The central bank has maintained the peg with the U.S. dollar. The spread between the official and parallel exchange rates narrowed to 2.6 percent in September, thanks to steps taken by the CBI towards the liberalization of the foreign exchange market.”

This is very telling and many would probably overlook it..but the IMF is telling the CBI..you were not in compliance in September 2014 because you exceeded 2%. In fact, they state it clearly… “The spread between the official and parallel exchange rates narrowed to 2.6 percent in September”

2.6% is not good enough, but clearly better than past months for sure. Since they stated the month, we can visit the CBI website and look at the daily currency auctions for the Market Rate (which is posted daily).

We see that during the month of September, 2014, two rates were reported by the CBI for Market Rates 1203 and 1206. Meaning the Market Rate was 1203 dinars to $1 . And at another point during the same month the Market rate fell even further to 1206 dinars to $1.

According to the IMF during the month of September, the spread between the Official Rate (1166) and the Market Rate (1203) and (1206) is at 2.6%. Because this number is beyond the 2% threshold we can say with certainty that at the end of September 2014, the CBI is not in Article VIII compliance.

If we continue to review the CBI daily auctions we can see that the Market Rate fell November 30th, 2014 to 1197 and the CBI has sustained that number for the past 11 days. We can reasonably conclude if 1203/1206 was 2.6% then a reduction to 1197 would at or about 2% according to the IMF.

So we have a starting date of November 30th, 2014 that the CBI is in Article VIII compliance with the IMF.

And we can then apply the 3 month or 90 day minimum requirement to this date and see that the very soonest the IMF would allow the CBI to avail itself and accept the obligations under Article VIII would be February 28th/March 1st 2015.

MrsClassy:  * I remind everyone that the CBI must sustain this rate for the entire 3 month period with limited fluctuation as the IMF states.. “The exchange rate may fluctuate within narrow margins of less than ±1 percent around a central rate, or the maximum and minimum values of the exchange rate may remain within a narrow margin of 2 percent for at least three months.”

Faith works:   IMO: This is one of the condition for Iraqi or any nation on multiple currency practise for any reason to attain section 8. Iraqi has to remove multiple currencies practices from their national monetary practices. Stop spending dollars and start using your own money and become a mature nation.

By so doing their monetary value will rise above dollars and Iraqi can enter into the big boys status article 8.

The guidelines for such exchange and the possible spread for such exchange by the banks was also mentioned.

They know that if it was not made clear, some  banks are very greedy.

Thepreacherman2017:    * I remind everyone that the CBI must sustain this rate for the entire 3 month period with limited fluctuation as the IMF states..

“The exchange rate may fluctuate within narrow margins of less than ±1 percent around a central rate, or the maximum and minimum values of the exchange rate may remain within a narrow margin of 2 percent for at least three months.”

 ( My curiosity is stirred after reading this and I'm only asking this because I would like to know, does anyone know if they had the spread within the 2 percent margin when they raised it from 4000/1 to what it is now? Just curious. Inquiring minds would like to know?!?!

Post From Currency Chatter

Randy Koonce Update July 14

Pieclam:   Nothing like a good Randy email.. How you makin it?!!!!

 Gsjr:   My wife and I reeeeeeealy needed that fix. Thanks, Randy.  I'm getting to old to fight the 105 temperature showing real estate. The Federal government is going cut back on our return of our forced investment (Social Security).

It would be nice if the Congress would return the money they borrowed (stole) from Social Security. I hope Trump does away with capital gains tax before the RV. Didn't Bush do away with Capital Gain tax for awhile?     Gene

Kimberley:  I think Bush raised it from 250,000 to  500,000...If you had held your property for a certain number of years...

Oldwazhisname:   Randys date seems to have come and past. Has he given any update or explanation?

Mcduff82:  Cannot blame Obama this time

HandOverFist:   They throw out all these dates, sounding so certain of their "windows". Then, nothing happens and they say nothing. So infuriating!

AlBundy:              Noone knows the date or rate. Windows are just a way of saying they are hearing great things and the opportunity exists in their opinion.

Whether Iraq chooses to move forward or not is anyone's guess. I think most people are saying the same thing....there is nothing holding them back other than themselves right now.

They won't even agree on a HCL...they would rather step over a $100 dollar bill and argue about a penny than come to a mutually beneficial agreement that would propel the entire country forward.

JC May:   many windows, but all broken

Rockstar:    We are Close!! The Window is good through the 26th of July or so. Remember - this is Iraq!!   Randy Koonce
We are close.. Every large bank will exchange.. RELAX the RV is coming...  Breathe,,,

Rockstar:    He said the 26th or so!! Seriously this is Iraq..The supplemental budget was delayed a few days before being approved this past Monday! Get a grip people if you have nothing better to add other then complain and condemn Randy for passing on what he thinks is a good window for the RV to happen then get a life!!

How about you offer your opinion based on your knowledge and or contacts in your inner circle of people for when the RV will happen??? Then I will make sure to come to your thread on here and complain as to why your stupid window came and went...dear lord! Rant over!

This is one  of the reasons this site has become the ghost town that it is, most complain and add no value to any conversation! I haven't been on in awhile and come in here today and read this nonsense.. good luck with your lives post RV and for most left here please seek professional investment advice also post RV so you're not broke after a couple of years! Peace out I am finally gone too for good!

Donald:   We need to step back and figure out what their money supply is. every time I question persons "in the know" , they change the subject in a hurry. Some say they printed 35 trillion,some say 75 trillion....big difference.

Granted,they have purchased a lot of dinar with the US dollar over the last few years.The bottom is ...how much and is it enough to make a difference on what the rate will be,if or when it revalues. Hopeing someone will enlighten me.

Karen:     And then there's the "how much was printed" vs "how much is in circulation" question. That's what makes this investment speculative. I would love to know how much is in circulation. Someone must know but I suspect they won't tell. This is not meant to be negative.  I am still hopeful we get our prize and this year.

CASHMO:    That is the ONLY question that matters....... " how much is in circulation".................

I have been asking that question since the first day I got in this over 7.5 years ago and unfortunatley there is no way we will EVER know the truth because that single answer will tell us if Iraq truly has any intentions of actually raising the value and NOT pulling a Redenomation.....

RAINMAKER:   CASHMO, True...  However, if IRAQ was planning on doing a Redenomination,  why not just do it?   Why wait?  This alone leads me to believe that IRAQ is just waiting for the perfect moment to Revalue.


JesusLovesBaseball:  Tomorrow .. Launch of a promising Internet project

The Ministry of Communications announced its intention to launch the national Internet project in Iraq on Sunday.

The ministry said in a statement that Al-Sabah received a copy of it that it intends to hold a press conference at its headquarters in Baghdad in order to launch the national Internet project in Iraq tomorrow. 

The conference will discuss the main technological project in Iraq, the stages of completion, the nature and conditions of achievement, with a full presentation of the promising returns of the project on the Iraqi economy and society, And how it will change the reality of the Internet and communications in Iraq radically. "


StephenMac63:  Is this the reason why the Rafidian Bank and Rasheed Bank websites are down? According to an article posted Nov25th 2015, these two banks were going to be privatized. Perhaps it was an IMF requirement. Since IMF will be the guest of honor on Aug 1st, maybe these banks will have completed the changeover and we will see the websites.

November 25, 2015 in Iraq Banking & Finance News

Shafaaq News reports that the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has announced its intention to privatize the two largest banks in the country.

It quotes CBI Governor Ali al-Alaq as saying:

“The bank’s management is moving to privatize al-Rafidain and al-Rasheed Banks or participate with the private sector … the move is being coordinated with the World Bank after the Cabinet approved this proposal.”

He explained that “these two banks are suffering from serious problems because they occupy 80% of fiscal policy in Iraq,” describing this as “an anomaly.”

(Source: Shafaaq News)



Thundercat:  Thanks Samson for this awesome post. Logic tells me if someone is given a direct deposit (e-dinar/electronic payment) this person may also want to extract cash from a ATM. Just a thought.

Samson:  Rafidain Bank announces the salaries of employees of the Sunni Endowment
  29th July, 2017

Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday the payment of salaries of employees of the Sunni Endowment in Baghdad and the provinces.

The bank's media office said in a statement received by "Al-Iktissad News" that "the bank paid the salaries of employees of the Sunni Endowment Bureau and its other formations as well as the departments of several provinces of Wasit, Maysan and Muthanna after the arrival of their sukuk. Electronic payment


BlaqueBeauty:  so is this pertaining to the 95/5 pay f26 was speaking of his friend having to pay his employees?


Samson:  29th July, 2017  Oil rich but war-ravaged nation looks to tap investor demand for yield

Iraq is bidding to make its first independent return to the capital markets in more than a decade, canvassing investors’ interest in a five-year bond after successfully launching a US-backed $1bn fundraising earlier this year.

The oil-rich but war-ravaged Middle Eastern country has appointed three banks as bookrunners and will be meeting with prospective investors in the coming days.

In late 2015 Iraq called off plans to return to the bond markets for the first time since the official end of US occupation, citing the excessively high cost investors were demanding in order to buy into the issuance. Its attempt to revive the plan last year was also abandoned, before it succeeded in raising $1bn of five-year bonds in January this year. That sale was guaranteed by the US and paid a coupon of 2.149 per cent.

The new bond is being offered to investors without a US guarantee, leaving them dependent on Iraq’s own credit quality.

The Republic of Iraq has a high-risk credit rating of B minus from both S&P and Fitch Ratings. Fitch in March revised its outlook upwards from negative to stable, citing an improved fiscal position. The budget deficit narrowed to 8.1 per cent of gross domestic product in 2016, from 12.3 per cent the previous year, and the rating agency forecasts it will fall further to 5.1 per cent this year.

Baghdad agreed a $5.4bn IMF bailout programme last summer which, Fitch said, “has helped Iraq’s financing options”. The country has also received funding from the World Bank and bilateral project loans. Iraq has $2.7bn of bonds outstanding that were sold in 2006, but has issued no new long-term debt in the past decade.

Its bid to return to the capital markets is the latest sign of a buoyant environment for sovereign debt issuers, coming two days after Greece raised €3bn in its first deal since 2014, and a month after Argentina issued debt with a 100-year maturity. Iraq will hold a series of investor meetings in the coming days with a view to drum up appetite for the dollar-denominated, long-dated, benchmark-scale bond, and has mandated Citi, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan as joint bookrunners on the deal. Investors who buy into the bond will be taking on an uncertain political and economic situation.

The country’s economy was badly hit by falling oil prices and regional observers fear the waning power of Isis could precipitate further instability. Jan Dehn, head of research at emerging markets specialist Ashmore Group, said the prospect of an Iraq bond was appealing.

 “There is a lot of bad noise of course because there are real problems but that has not impacted on Iraq’s ability to pay,” he said. “So you get a nice risk premium compared to other countries in the region. Iraq is in a bad neighbourhood but it has done a lot of adjustment to lower oil prices and we feel they are able to service their debts.”

Even without an explicit US guarantee, any new Iraqi debt issuance would be regarded by investors as having “the implicit backing” of the US, Mr Dehn said, given the geopolitical regional importance of the country “remaining in the US sphere of influence”.



Samson:  Video .. How much budget surplus 2017 and who allocated?

28th July, 2017   VIDEO ON LINK 

Voted the House of Representatives, approving this week on the amended Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2017.

The supplementary budget was estimated at a surplus of 7 trillion dinars, of which 3.5 trillion for the difference in oil sales, and bupt to the operational and investment expenses.

The budget this year is 100 trillion dinars, or about 48 billion and 700 million dollars. 

Parliament approved in its session last Monday the draft supplementary budget law submitted by the Finance Committee of the Committee on Economy and Investment to meet the shortfall in the salaries of state employees and the public sector and members of the popular mobilization and ensure payment of pension benefits and provide for the needs of displaced and disbursement of dues audited contractors from the Office of Federal Financial Supervision and farmers' entitlements and Ministries of Electricity, Oil and Health.



Don961:  An unofficial visit: an informed source .. Jubouri directed to the United States

29-07-2017 04:08 PM


Baghdad News -

A source familiar with the alliance of national forces said on Saturday that the head of parliament, Selim Jubouri, went to the United States for an unofficial visit.

"Jubouri went to the United States for an unofficial visit," the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Without giving further details.



Chris05: (Zimbabwe)   ‘Let market determine bond note value’
July 27, 2017

Zimbabwean monetary authorities should let the market determine the true value of the bond note currency to curb its externalisation and in turn reduce cash shortages, a leading economist has said.

Zimbabwe introduced the surrogate currency last year backed by a $200 million Afrexim Bank facility, principally to ease a bank note shortage of the multi-currency mix adopted for local trading in 2009.

A combination of hard currency externalisation and low exports were blamed for cash shortages.

But the bond notes, whose value is at par with the US dollar, have also disappeared from the market, believed to have been widely externalised to neighbouring countries.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has admitted that the bond notes were being sold for US dollars in neighbouring countries.

This is despite the fact that the currency was meant for local trade only.

University of Zimbabwe economics professor and government advisor Ashok Chakravati told a business meeting on Tuesday that government should come up with strategies to retain the surrogate currency within Zimbabwe.

“The problem with the bond note in my view is the peg with the US dollar that is the main problem. We have a black market and what is happening is that anyone who wants to trade the bond note for a discount or premium, has to do it illegally on Fourth street or in Messina or at the Road Port or somewhere else,” he said.

“In my opinion Government should remove the peg from the bond note, all that trading happening across the border will come back into Zimbabwe; why should it trade outside the country when you would like it over here.”

Chakravati said the central bank’s initiative of licensing more bureau de change was a noble idea, and would promote a free exchange of the currencies in use in Zimbabwe.

“So what we need to do is to legalise the system and create a market. The Reserve Bank has taken the first step already by trying to extend the bureau de change,” he said.

The RBZ has so far released $175 million worth of bond notes and has indicated a desire to print more. — New Ziana.

Walkingstick:  The law of the National Oil Company will be ready to vote in the coming weeks

29-07-2017 03:10 PM

The Euphrates -

The oil and energy parliamentary committee announced that the law of the National Oil Company will be ready to vote in the next few weeks or months, as revealed a meeting next week with the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government to listen to her opinion and reach a formula for agreement on the law.

Chairman of the Committee, Areez Abdullah, said in a press statement that the oil and energy committee of the Parliament is continuing to enact the law of the National Oil Company, which completed the first reading is currently in the discussions, indicating that the law will be ready in the next few weeks or months to vote.

To establish a national oil company and dismantle its association with the Ministry of Oil to be directly linked to the Prime Minister, explaining that the company will work inside Iraq only currently to manage the oil operation in the country starting from development, exploration, exploration, extraction and production except marketing, Sumo.

He added that there will be a meeting next week with the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government, to reach a formula of an agreement with them and listen to their views on the draft law, 'adding that his committee held several sessions with local and international experts and specialists on the law to come out in a format compatible with the Iraqi reality and development The winner in the field of oil investment in the world.

Abdullah said that 'the law is around him a large acceptability within the House of Representatives of all political blocs', expected 'passing the law as soon as after the agreement on the final version with the Kurdistan Regional Government.'



Walkingstick:  Parliamentary Energy: The oil and gas law can be adopted only after the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

Head of the parliamentary oil and energy committee, Arieh Abdullah, said on Saturday that his committee can not proceed with the legislation of the oil and gas law only after the agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil, pointing out that the law of oil and gas withdrawn by the government and did not send it to parliament

The law of oil and gas has been withdrawn by the government and the committee is still waiting for the law to legislate it," Abdullah said in a statement. "The committee is discussing the law of the National Oil Company and we will proceed with its legislation in the coming weeks."

He pointed out that "the Committee on oil and energy submitted a draft law for the formulation of oil policies, but the government requested a postponement after the oil and gas law," pointing out that "the Commission can not enact the law of oil and gas at this session, unless there is an agreement between the federal governments and the region" .

Abdullah added that "the law of the National Oil Company includes possession of all the property of the Ministry of Oil in the field of exploration and drilling and the presidency of the company is linked to the Prime Minister and not the Ministry of Oil.



TED1016: TGIF day. Well, is there anything worthwhile at this point to look forward to as the day moves on? Trick question we are all looking for the same thing. Somebody or something needs to cut loose with an 800 number so we can get this show on the road. Already we have some folks looking into August for the numbers and we know how that works, Right? Nothing today then the weekend.

People are seeing this same old process repeat itself over and over too many times. I would not be surprised if the folks who have plans for a call today to just cut it short with the message “No new Intel” So what do we do folks? Right! What we always do just sit back and wait for things to unfold. The stock mart figures are a joke showing increases with only two digits of volume.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, once again I come before with great respect for all the good things You have brought to our earthly beings and our purpose on this earth. Take us by the hand Jesus and stand with us on our day of judgement before our dear Lord God. We seek earthly answers that have been cleverly withheld from us over the years.

Dear Lord God Almighty each day that passes causes us pain and suffering not only from our own situation but from the constant onslaught from the nay-sayers who sit back and laugh at us because of our faith in what they believe to be the truth. Lord we pray for those people who are similar to the people who watched Noah build the Ark then when the rains came sought rescue from him.

Sleep well my friends as we prepare for whatever awaits us on this day. If the news is good we will rejoice and if the news is to wait longer we will know it is the plan that we must follow. Our God is an Awesome God and He rains with wisdom power and love. Amen and Amen.

Now I click the switch at least for now :0)


Ted, I can feel and share your frustration. This year in dinarland is much the same as the 5 previous years. Lots of guru experts calling it 3 times a week. Buckle up the seatbelt cause we still have some miles to travel.


good morning. Around 6 am eastcoast time I asked my fiance in Canada to check on rates or IQD AAND vnd since he has a mulit currency account. Thru his bank website the VND rate was 1 VND was 5 Canadian. He went on to check other things and a few minutes later that rate was no longer there. For a brief moment I was looking at a lot of money. This is my tidbit to add. Blessings to all. I'm always watching and praying. We are close Smile

on rates for IQD and VND.... typos


Stag1 how do we know if a bank is Basal 3,4,or 5 ? My banks have no clue what I am asking.


Trying to get your question answered. Don't know when they will respond - but when they do - you can bet the farm on it


hey We- stepped away- I'm going by Bruce's Notes last night... I'm Sure when this goes I want to exchange with a Big Bank- Wellls, Hsbc

Imo- all these Guru's that tell us this and That and then Ask for a prayer or Involve God in some way- One day they will pay the piper


gm wsomn family! I looked basel banking up on bing search. It is a real banking thing. The numbers determine commitees an laws


Dr. Clarke is beginning to sound like that troll who was banned from sites kenny??

I think the good DR. Is dealing with many personalities


if you watch the good dr. and also watch tne goat it is like good cop bad cop one builds us up and the other pushes away back and forth and then leaye awhile and come back seems like the watch the results like in a fish bowl in dinarland JMO maybe we are a psyop experiment....lol

If after a while it seems like nothing will come of this, and can get at least what I put into it, will simply do that and keep it moving. People are very trusting and then when they begin to see a pattern will pop so don't spend money on calls seminars if you can't afford to because blaming the speaker won't get you anywhere!


Date has been changed the Boss is in the house.






and the band played on ...... These tubes with 'brilliant Intel contacts' that are doing calls should be stopped by whatever a 'power that be' is these days. They shout off garbage five days a week still and have done for five years now




Ding dang the Devil I see the DinaresGurus posted dang near all of our post from yesterday afternoon along with my 3:00 AM session as well. Can't anything be done about that?




Ted! You are published once again! Congrats


Ted, they must have moved on from me, you are far more interesting- sorry- I know how it feel - esp. When they start editing your words and injecting their own.





I wont say what I want to say about California.....Already said too much. Baad Ted Bad TED Bad TED... Go stand in a corner.....




Specialhello to AB. I agree AB. That is why I ahve been making myslef stay out of here. You need to breathe.

Well since Snake left I'd pop in to say Howdy from another Texan. No long roots here had to fight for anything I had. I made a statement that Snake took personal. I tried my best to explain what I meant and even offered an apology but he would not even respond. So now we don't speak and avoid each other .


I missed all of that - I'm sure fences will mend


Snake has a big heart and in chat you can't tell the inflection of the voice


Just wanted to set the record straight before the RV came through and folks scatter to the four winds. I will now speak no more about its


Came on here to read Ted's prayer but not up yet


I know hes upstairs lurking lol or going through PMs and praying. I love his prayers always encourageing


7.28.17 MainSource is informing me to tell all the we are in the highest of alerts ever. And that the number we are waiting for is to be imminently released. Na'maste Bluwolf: ¡ We who speaks the truth !


Where is the truth? What is the truth? Why is there seemingly no truth?

In truth, the RV roll out has begun in full bloom and did so with the announcement of the new global gold standard in Zimbabwe (not Iraq, not US) yesterday.


This was a historic day for humanity if for nothing else than it slipped main stream consciousness because of the orange fog that covers the world's collective brain.

Even renown columnist Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal called Donald Trump a "Drama Queen," which is a little inside baseball dig at Donna's transgender past for those in the know.


Even more ironic Trump banned his own kind from the US military out of nowhere, as to protect his image from the op-ed he was tipped off was coming.

She's terrified of being exposed. Terrified. So is Marc (aka Mellania).

Yes, Senator John McCain also single handedly killed the conservative health care bill last night in the Senate, but he didn't want to.

Obama made him or risk criminal prosecution for starting ISIS with hidden Pentagon funds--of which he is in change as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

This sets up Paul Ryan to one day reach across the aisle to Democrats, and create meaningful healthcare reforms under the Obamacare moniker.

That will make both sides happy and make Ryan look like a conservative-moderate, which will naturally distance himself from the Israel lobby that has long dominated the GOP, specifically the as Ashke(nazi) controlled Freedom Caucus.

Donna's appointment of John Kelly as his new chief of staff puts another Dunford Marine choice inside the White House at the time of the RV as well as Trump's scripted exodus... which are one in the same.


The new Russian/Iran/North Korean sanctions bill which is on Trump's desk right now will probably not get signed, which will make Trump appear as a loyal Russian sympathizer versus a temporary actor/burner President.


Interesting these sanctions cut off banking routes to cheap Russian LNG supplies across all of Europe--so that the United States can slip right in and supply more expensive replacement LNG to their new/old European allies.

Magically, all of this is occurring while we are smack dab in the middle of a unique astrological window that leads up to a powerful Lion's Gate opening August 8th and eventual completes on August 21st aka the Solar Eclipse.


Yet to 99.9999% of the human population is unaware or disinterested in the synchronicity of above events, and deem this week just another mid-July opportunity to catch some rays and down some suds--as all seems completely normal

Boy... higher consciousness can sure be a real bitch in this 3D matrix platform. Be careful what you ask for. Sobeit.

God is with us.