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Samson:   New Beginning for Iran’s Economy

 Monday, July 24, 2017

The latest report published by London-based provider of strategic market research Euromonitor International titled “Economy, Finance and Trade: Iran” focuses on one of the Middle East’s largest and most promising economies, according to the group’s website.

Highlights from the report are presented below:

The intensification of international sanctions over Iran in 2012 and the fall in oil prices since mid-2014 took a toll on the Iranian economy.

However, short-term relief from sanctions and the rise in private consumption provided some support for the economy in 2015.

The country largely benefits from its abundant hydrocarbon reserves, rising household consumption and well-educated, tech-savvy populace.
The removal of international sanctions in January 2016 is projected to boost trade and investment in the economy. However, low productivity, high state intervention and accumulation of bad loans are key challenges for the economy
  Rise in Investment, Exports & Lower Costs of Financial Transactions

Iran has experienced double-digit inflation and in 2013 it reached the highest level since 1995, owing to the intensification of economic sanctions. During this period, the country had limited access to foreign exchange assets, which resulted in increased costs of trade and financial transactions. The removal of sanctions, coupled with gradual fiscal consolidation and prudent monetary policy, brought down inflation to single digits in 2016;

Iran’s car manufacturing industry is very large and has great potential as a regional export hub, owing to the availability of abundant raw materials such as zinc, copper, natural gas and crude oil. Numerous major car manufacturers are attempting to enter or reenter Iran’s automotive market.

After the sanctions were lifted in January 2016, PSA Peugeot Citroen was the first company to acquire a license from the government to invest in the country’s largest car manufacturer, Iran Khodro Company. However, outdated technology will be a major drag on the automotive industry in Iran;

Prior to the intensification of the sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program, the European Union was one of Iran’s major trading partners but Iran’s trade relations with the bloc deteriorated. Between 2010 and 2015, Iran’s total goods exports to the EU declined by 93.0% and total goods imports from the EU declined by 72.8%, in US$ terms.

However, two-way trade bounced back in 2016. According to the European Commission, the EU exported over €8.2 billion worth of goods to Iran last year, up 27.8% year-on-year. During the same period, the European bloc imported about €5.5 billion worth of goods from Iran, up 344.8% YOY.

Uptrend in 2017

The uptrend intensified in 2017 as Iran exported €2.77 billion worth of goods to the European Union in the first quarter of 2017, registering a sixfold rise compared with the preceding year’s corresponding period, according to Eurostat.

The country imported €2.52 billion worth of commodities from the EU in Q1, recording a %56 rise YOY. Iran is expected to benefit from various new trade agreements with France, India, Australia, South Africa and Pakistan. On April 2016, South Africa and Iran signed eight agreements on various areas, including trade, under which they have agreed to boost non-oil trade. In March 2016, Iran, India and Afghanistan signed a three-party deal to turn Iran’s port of Chabahar into a transportation hub;

The intensification of international economic sanctions in 2012 coupled with the plunge in oil prices since mid-2014 and weakness in tax revenue has deteriorated Iran’s public finances. However, with the removal of sanctions, oil exports will increase and access to foreign assets will be restored. This should help ease government finances.

  Gov’t Reforms Needed

The removal of international sanctions along with the government’s continued privatization drive will open new investment and trade opportunities for Iran, in both its oil and non-oil sectors, such as infrastructure, automotive and transportation.

Yet, the lifting of sanctions will not be enough to boost investment and economic activity in the long run. Major reforms are needed to improve Iran’s banking sector that has a buildup of bad loans and streamline its business environment.



Samson:  Iranian cabinet approves bill to switch currency from rial to toman

 24th July, 2017
Tehran, July 24, IRNA - The administration of President Hassan Rouhani in a cabinet meeting on Sunday approved a bill to switch Iran's national currency from rial to toman, an official said here on Monday.

The secretary of the Cabinet Mohsen Haji Mirzaei said the issue had been scrutinized in the government’s economic commission during the past six months.

He added the move aims to facilitate the transactions by the public.

Haji Mirzaei added that one toman would be worth 10 rials and switching to the toman means that a zero would be removed from price figures.






- Worldwide bank wire codes were switched and reconnected at the satellite level (up the ladder) to collateral accounts through HSBC through AIIB through a 3rd middle man banking holding institution.

- Banks, paymasters and group leaders now just await the return connection (down the ladder) which is a single return code that completes the global currency reset.

- Military, media, diplomats, politicians, international corporate board chairmen and pension / hedge fund managers worldwide are all aware of what is about to take place and in performance ready position.

- Very minimal trading will be allowed in August per normal volumes. Anything above normal will be instantly flagged and corrected by military ghost teams.

- Ceremonially, Grandmother will enter the final "down the ladder" release code and instantly set the world free from economic bondage.

- 800#s will flow out via a pre-fabricated robo call done in multiple languages.

- It is anticipated these redemption contact numbers will hit the internet and spread worldwide in less than 10 minutes.

- All call centers, exchange staff and redemption points of exchange security will all be immediately open for business the moment 800#s are released.

- All previously deposited SKR accounts will fund instantaneously as well.

- Hearing with certainty a defining moment in the Trump exodus is the RV trigger, and everything in the media is prepared to keep a world audience occupied for a two month long distraction.

- Trump's firing Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller we believe is a behind the scenes "go signal" for all involved that the RV operation has begun that exchanges are now taking place.

- Redemption associates were on campus lockdown last week with Sunday off, but reported today at 6am EDT and have returned to campus lockdown status.

- There will be exactly 10 total weeks to redeem all currency holders (9 working weeks with Sunday's off).

- Private exchanges are sovereign rate negotiable eligible through the end of July.

- Public exchanges are screen rate convertible eligible though end of September.

- The RV will be deemed complete operationally by October 1, 2017 or first federal fiscal quarter 2018.

- The gold standard announcement is scheduled shortly thereafter from Beijing.

- Current screen rate: ZIM 350+ions.

"Re: Opportunties" by Fisher 7/24/17

I disagree with the premise that the TDA transactions have been reversed because we are waiting on the USN.

Even Yosef has stated that the existing FRN is and has been "gold-backed" and treated as such by the financial sector since late 2012.

It is far more likely that the reversals were/are due to the resistance by the FED and the Elite families that control it, and the entrenched bureaucrats who are still in positions of controlling at least some small "bubble" within Treasury and its agencies, pretty much as even Heather has disclosed and discussed.

Understand this, Yosef has been espousing the ZIM as being the major "savior" of mankind and the planet/ What if, as Heather, et all, suggest, all peoples on the planet get unfettered access to their respective "accounts"? Does this scenario not also become an opportuity for all to participate freely in their unique version of financial freedom?

If people are distracted by the possibility of getting access to the TDA account, or "free money" as some have/are calling it, do we really believe they will ignore and tuen away from their responsibilities to the planet and the humanitarian projects all so fervently discuss?

Is it possible that the TDA accounts are also part of the "riches of the wicked stored up for return to the people"?


Article:  "Increase the capital of the Central Bank to one trillion dinars"  Quote:  "...the new law aims to "increase the capital of the Central Bank of Iraq and to keep pace with global economic development..."    New amendments to the CBI Bank Law. We have been waiting a while for this. IMF is not playing anymore.


7-24-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq inspected the headquarters of the International Development Bank"  They clearly seem to be getting ready for international banking!

7-24-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98
   The CBI talked about economic reforms in the next few days, and said that they would lose IMF support if they didn’t get it done!  We haven’t had confirmation of lower denominations. IT was said that the supplementary budget had to be passed first, and we understand that when it is passed, the rest will appear in the next few days. Over the weekend, we were told that the budget was approved and it should show up in the Gazette on Wednesday.   Iraq has a meeting ...1. August with the World Bank about their 580 billion dollar loan, and reforms must be in place before that time. The CBI has submitted their paperwork to the World Bank, and I guess we are waiting for the IMF and World Bank to sign off on it. So we are looking for this to unfold prior to August 1, or on August 1. We’re feeling pretty good about the 1. August, or before, unless something unforeseen happens.  It looks like we are at the end of this ride, based on the information.

7-24-2017   Newshound Guru mike    Demand for the dollar is high and will only get higher now that ISIL is out of Mosul, construction and other imports are going to be needed and that's all bought with dollars. The IMF has placed a minimum amount of time to hold that 2% spread and that's 90 days, so, the minimum amount of time necessary to get the 2% straight is 90 days, in addition to how long it takes to actually get the spread to that minimum, say a month or twenty, it all depends on what the CBI can do.   [post 2 of 2]

7-24-2017   Newshound Guru mike   [Getting the dinar into Article VIII would be the first step into stopping the auctions? That would mean the spread would have to be 2%; how close are they to that at this time?]  Great question, here's the thing, if Iraq un-pegged today there would be no disparity between the market and street rates, although, the IMF has advised them not too. WhyBecause if they do, the dinar will more than likely drop to somewhere around 1500-$1 which would increase inflation and the pain the citizens are already feeling. Without an economy and exports other than oil, there's next to zero demand for the dinar and that won't change overnight, we're still waiting for the needed legislation to encourage internal business creation and foreign investment.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

7-24-2017   Newshound Guru Peggy68   In my honest opinion I'm expecting to see the monetary reform implemented between tonight (Sunday) going into July 24th, 2017  through August 10th, 2017.  There are several dates in between we could focus on included in the analysis. Take a look at what is happening in different Federal Agencies and what is already in place, its clearly the time and Iraq is ready to ROCK & ROLL!

7-24-2017   Newshound Guru chattels   Economy News "...publishes the amendment of the Financial Budget Act of 2017 Published "Economy News" Law amending the Federal Budget Law No. (44) for the year 2017, which was approved by the House of Representatives on Monday. And the details of the law:.."  [Courtesy of Whitelions]  "Article 1 - A- Revenues of the Federal General Budget for the fiscal year 2017 are estimated to be (82,069,669,668) thousand dinars (eighty two trillion nine hundred and sixty six billion six hundred and sixty six hundred and sixty-eight thousand dinars)"   " ...on the basis of the exchange rate (1182) dinars per dollar ..." "Calculation of the revenues from the export of crude oil based on the average price of (44.4) (forty four dollars and forty cents) per barrel...on the basis of the exchange rate (1182) dinars per dollar..."   Since oil is valued in dollars there is a stated rate of exchange to convert to dinar since the budget is stated in dinar. There is a rate of exchange, but no new rate.

7-24-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin   Article:  "Increase the capital of the Central Bank to one trillion dinars"  Quote:  "...the new law aims to "increase the capital of the Central Bank of Iraq and to keep pace with global economic development..."    New amendments to the CBI Bank Law. We have been waiting a while for this. IMF is not playing anymore.

Wang Dang Iraq Dinar info


Yada:  Friday we read the ultimatum the IMF gave and pushing up of the scheduled meeting of parliament to vote on the supplemental budget. Saturday we see they voted it through. And article mentioned voting in Monday but I think it meant ratification. Believe we will see the completion which leads to the release of the RV. Be encouraged.

Semperfi01:  After nothing but glitches Friday and Saturday,and completely down all day Sunday this morning the CBI host site is back up with new pictures. Can you say here we go.

OKRocks:  Twilight News / parliamentary source said on Monday that the House of ​Representatives has completed two readings of the draft laws, and vote​d to amend the fiscal budget of the Iraqi state for the current year. ​ http://www.shafaaq.com/ar/Ar_NewsReader/5f603d76-446e-4253-b58c-1a8e44​b77552

SassyD:  I have no idea where this is going----- Iraqi Day @iraqi_day 17h17 hours ago #Iraqi politicians are about to take the people on a roller coaster ride that will go up, down, left, right, left, right and finally down. -- https://twitter.com/iraqi_day/status/889034427891896320

SonofGod: The index of the Iraqi market for securities increased significantly in the number and value of shares traded during the last week, at the time of the implementation of a deal exceeded 10 billion shares during the same week.

Tidbits from WangDangs Call 7-23-17:

We know that the IMF has been satisfied with them since 2012 as far as keeping their currency stable. Iraq is rich. The UN is not being subtle right now. The UN is telling them to get off their a$$ and do it now.

Abadi wants this thing done. But Maliki/Iran and his party are the ones trying to get in the way.

Noone will open that Supplemental budget until the reforms have been passed. That's why the UN is there making them to implement the reforms. Once it's done, the LD's and things will roll out.

UN has been telling Iraq the same thing for the pass 4 to 5 years. They need to implement the National Reconciliation for the protection of the Iraqi people. They need to share the oil profits with the people.

Donald Trump came in and did what Bush & Obama wouldn't do. Trump is going to smoke Maliki and others as he's telling them to get out of Abadi's way.

The Dawa party is holding this thing up but S.W.A.T. is getting ready to clean them up.


Peggy68:  As we look through history and our governments dates and calendars there are patterns! IMO,they are telling US that they are ready to implement the Global Monetary Reform.

With Iraq having the most gorgeous girl at prom that every guy has his heart set on to dance with, the wait will definitely be worth it!!!

In my honest opinion I'm expecting to see the monetary reform implemented between tonight (Sunday) going into July 24th,2017  through August 10th,2017.

There are several dates in between we could focus on included in the analysis. Take a look at what is happening in different Federal Agencies and what is already in place, its clearly the time and Iraq is ready to ROCK & ROLL!!!

Faith & Prayers, be prepared Emotionally & Spiritually!!!   XOXO     PEGGY 68


Peggy68:  As we look through history and our governments dates and calendars there are patterns! IMO,they are telling US that they are ready to implement the Global Monetary Reform.

With Iraq having the most gorgeous girl at prom that every guy has his heart set on to dance with, the wait will definitely be worth it!!!

In my honest opinion I'm expecting to see the monetary reform implemented between tonight (Sunday) going into July 24th,2017  through August 10th,2017.

There are several dates in between we could focus on included in the analysis. Take a look at what is happening in different Federal Agencies and what is already in place, its clearly the time and Iraq is ready to ROCK & ROLL!!!

Faith & Prayers, be prepared Emotionally & Spiritually!!!   XOXO     PEGGY 68

Magliteparty:  Awesone analysis Peggy.  It explains why Mosul was dragged on so long, as a distraction.

A schedule was kept.

 And now the IMF tells Iraq to get their act together by the end of the month or else...

Ties in to the study of this investment...

I think we all see it...

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve...


Upstart:  The horses are running....ALL BETS ARE OFF !
Finance Committee to pass the supplementary budget, on Monday

TPNoble53:  TY Guys, That should get this RV moving!


NeedToUnderstand:  Three paragraphs. The word global or international used 5 times referring to the banking industry.  Very exciting indeed!

Don961:  Increase the capital of the Central Bank to one trillion dinars

24/7/2017 12:00 AM

Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf

As part of the state's efforts to keep abreast of the global economic development, the Council of Ministers and Representatives are working on amendments to the Central Bank of Iraq Law.

This comes at a time when an economist praised the new amendments, which he pointed out that it will be radical and important and will develop the Iraqi money market.

According to a copy of the draft law, "Al-Sabah" obtained a copy of it, the new law aims to "increase the capital of the Central Bank of Iraq and to keep pace with global economic development and grant powers to the bank and increase the number of members of the Board of Directors of the bank from outside the bank and the formation of a committee to audit and issue commemorative coins and impose interest on Loans granted by the bank to commercial banks and the preservation of its funds from bookings issued by judicial decisions. "

The law stipulates that "the capital of the Central Bank of Iraq shall be one trillion dinars fully owned by the State."

Reserve Management

The new law allows that "the Central Bank of Iraq deals with foreign assets and manages the official reserve of foreign exchange of the State in accordance with international best practices and monetary policy objectives, and the Council may invest such reserves in the gold cash in the coffers of the Central Bank of Iraq, and cash and metal coins Which are normally used in the performance of international accounts held by the Central Bank of Iraq or for its own account, credit balances payable on demand or payable after a short period in foreign exchange which is normally used to perform International accounts maintained by the Central Bank of Iraq has accounts or those that invest through the re - purchase and re - purchase the corresponding fixed deposits and multi-term agreements.

Full confidence 

In addition to the Special Drawing Rights available to the Iraq Account of the International Monetary Fund, the status of Iraq's reserve with the International Monetary Fund, as well as any tradable or fully trustable securities issued by foreign governments, central banks, international financial institutions, Which are paid in foreign currencies, which are usually used in the performance of international accounts held by the Central Bank of Iraq or for his account. 

Investment portfolios

The draft law allows the bank to "use derivatives in the investment portfolios as a hedging tool, issue non-negotiable souvenir coins, and choose the Iraqi Central Bank with the approval of the Minister of Finance, an international company that performs external audit and financial auditing for five (5) years, For consecutive periods of more than (10) ten years. " 

Business development

"The legislation of these amendments will contribute to the development of the bank's work, which will allow for greater freedom of funds after increasing its capital," said Rahim al-Shammari, an economist.

He pointed out that "these amendments are the second after the issuance of the law of the Bank issued by Order No. (56) for 2004 on the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved)," noting that "the Iraqi Central Bank succeeded during the past period in maintaining the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, A good thing about Iraq's financial stock. " 

New Products

Shammari expressed "optimism about the next stage, especially with the intention of the bank to develop its work by adopting new products."

The governor of the Central Bank Ali al-Alaq has confirmed that Iraq has passed the difficult stage «pessimistic» that has passed during the past two years and accompanied by statements are not based on facts that raised terror in the Iraqi street.

Exchange rate

The bank's indicators, a "safety valve" for the economy and monetary policy of the country, showed that the inflation rate did not exceed 2 percent, while the dinar maintained a stable exchange rate at an acceptable level despite the challenges, in addition to the index raised the interest of international institutions supporting, The IMF's expectations of 10 billion dollars despite the extraordinary circumstance experienced by the country.



BondServant888:  Would an rv help fill the deficit?

Don961:  Parliamentary budget: surplus of the supplementary budget will not fill the deficit
The range / Zahraa al-Jassim 

2017/07/24 (00:01 PM)

The deficit in the federal budget for the fiscal year 2017, 21 trillion dinars, but now within the supplementary budget will be after raising the price of a barrel of oil to 44.4 dollars Maisawi 25 trillion dinars by about 18%, "according to the supplementary budget, which came at the request of the International Monetary Fund Specialists.




Well Saturday was pretty much a bust Intel was sporadic and at some points controversial as well. It started off kind of calm then turned warm to eventually the chat turned to personal conversations with an occasional video tune as well. But that is OK because it did the room needed some cheering up after hopes for the RV release began to dwindle. That was good.

So here we are on Sunday when many of us start off our day with religious services of various denominations. It would be a very big surprise to me at least if the 900 numbers popped before the noon hour. However I would love to be wrong on that particular point. The weather (down here at least) looks like another scorcher but hey… That’s what they make A/C for..:0)

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father we know that You are watching over us all as you have since the creation of our world. I sit in my living room window and watch the birds and bees taking their nourishment from our flowers and our two bird bath placed close to the house. The last to come by each day are the Doves to get their last drink of water. It is not Heaven but how I can imagine it.

Dear Lord God Almighty we ask humbly for you patients with us as You watch our sometimes displayed anger and lost hope. We that You for the intercessors You send our way to cheer us up and move our minds in another direction far away from the increasing direction the nay-sayers would have us to go. We love and believe in You Lord and Your plan for our salvation. Amen and Amen.

Sleep well my friends and look forward for the blessings to come and be at peace with the world.





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If anyone is ready to throwing their VN Dong away just sent it my way and I will make sure it goes to a good cause.

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Does anyone here know when setting up the bill pays with TDA's what Bank name and contact number we use?


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- UST given release authorization by AIIB/HSBC.

- Banks, paymasters and groups now wait worldwide for UST to activate USN and begin global RV this week.

- Start time now on Republic leadership political and military.

- Trump public resignation, administration termination and removal protocol all negotiated.


- Robo calls teed up with 800#s & redemption instructions.