Sunday, July 23, 2017


7-23-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   It has been reported to me that Parliament did in fact meet today and approved the Supplementary Budget.    (The contractors and peasants are happy campers!) This weekend isn't over yet...stand by.

7-23-2017   Intel Guru Bluwolf   I can say that we are actually there and that this number is about to be had.  

7-23-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   in the past all the news was about fighting ISIS. Now we see a complete turnaround. This is itself tells us that the remaining terrorists are not of our concern. All the news is about the economy and most of it is from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).  The CBI is priming the pump for something in the near future. Who are all these articles intended for?
In the order of priority:
·       GOI (to keep the Govt of Iraq informed of its actions)
·       Future Investors (to communicate to the world that Iraq has changed)
·       Citizens (popular crowd) (to inform then of the country’s monetary policies and progress)
·       Foreign speculators (yes – this is us...)

Casper Update: Observations & Opinions ,23 JULY

Our last update was December 12th and brief remarks 1-07-17. The update was in response to Yosef’s Busted article and the brief remarks in response to his incorrect report regarding happenings during the Electoral College Voting Process, specifically that there was no discussion of the Republic or USA,Inc. as he was reporting at the time. 

We have not been MIA. We observe all goings-on every day everywhere to the best of our ability. The primary reason for our silence has been a decision not to interfere in the flow of the river of Good News being provided almost daily by The Lone Ranger and his trusty sidekick Tonto. Also, there have been several occasions when the reporting has been so egregiously incorrect I have reached for the keyboard to ‘jump in’ only to see that others were already responding so there was no need for us to ‘pile on’, so to speak. Watching others think for themselves and decide to ‘carry the ball’ themselves has been a great pleasure for us to witness. Now that Yosef is off on a brief vacation this appears to be an appropriate time to do what will be our last update should his current speculations prove to be accurate. Dinarians may not know what long time readers know, that Casper updates began in the early nineties and were written for less than a hundred friends who entered into the ‘Programs’ and ‘Farm Claims’ with us at that time. Then we got calls asking if we were aware the updates were being discussed by long haul truckers during the wee hours on Coast to Coast radio. 

Later we learned that at least one was read aloud in World Court. They were plucked from cyberspace and began to appear on various web-sites, most importantly www.fourwinds10.com . From then on we began to take our efforts more seriously doing all possible to deliver accurate Intel to a growing audience. We did do that but there were many times when we made mistakes just like today's messengers and gurus. I guess the one thing I am most proud of is that WE never accepted a dime from anyone for any reason except those contributions which went directly to Wendy during her life or death illness, while she spent 174 days in the hospital, which totaled just over $1,200.00--- of which she shared with others. 

I spoke to her and She is still flat on her back unable to acquire the in home physical therapy necessary to get herself up and around. She is managing to continue her weekly conference calls from her bed and has even had ZAP as a guest a couple of times I hear. Through it all, now more than three years, her friend Edith has taken care of her and Zeus, her monster dog, is still sleeping at her bedside. Should this be our last update Wendy and I wish every one of you God Speed and good health. 

Who shot Seth? I believe the D.C. Pedophilia ring is responsible for the growing list of murders surrounding the Clintons. DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot in the back, twice. Hospital personnel say the wounds were not life threatening, he had successful surgery, was moved to ICU then hospital staff was ordered out, not even allowed to look in on him, the D.C. Police show up in mass, then he is dead. Meanwhile Trey Gowdy’s investigators car is found abandoned in Little Rock, then hikers find the two bodies in shallow graves, tortured before being killed. They were there to serve search warrants at the Clinton residence attached to the Clinton library. Assange has offered a big reward for who shot Seth as he delivered the Podesta/Hillary e-mails to WikiLeaks, not the Russians. Meanwhile you now see all over the internet daily and even the T.V. in your living room (Dr. Phil Show?) that which we reported to you six or eight years ago. D.C. Judges and Politicians hunting down little children in the forest and raping them with a green light to kill them if desired. Boys and girls. Hillary was there as we reported at the time. Then the evidence (videos?) found its way to Fox and they were running with the story even requesting additional reporters be assigned when Murdoch Senior stepped in and shut the whole thing down cold. The biggie in D.C., above and beyond all the other unfolding scandals is, IMO, Pizza Gate, the rape and murder of children. One enlightened post I read recently said what is going on in D.C. now is MAB. Mutually Assured Blackmail. ‘You force the Seth Rich issue, look what we are going to release on you’. 

A couple of years ago I read an article written by an ‘Ascended Master’ which said that messengers should always distinguish between actual intel and their opinions. Since then all Casper updates are titled ‘Observations and Opinions’. Have you ever, even once, seen Yosef say ‘In my Opinion’? 

Let’s talk Politics. I believe Trumps greatest service to America lies in his causing the unhinged, hair on fire Liberals to expose themselves, who and what they are, to such an extent they will never ever be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Also, what they have done to our children and grandchildren has been exposed to such an extent they will never be able to cover it up with their rhetoric and spin. It’s on the T.V. every day and normal Americans see and will not forget. 

Long term readers know I don’t have much use for Liberalism believing they have done more to destroy America than any other thing. And have brainwashed an entire generation of our youth using this and that U.N. Agenda (World Government). Pay attention and you will see Liberals always side with the Globalist on every issue. Anti-America, anti- national sovereignty. While it is a sad thing to behold it should have been expected. They are victims. Victims of adult snowflakes running our education system on behalf of the U.N.. No different than the child in Saudi Arabia handed over to the Wahhabi schools at four to six years of age rocking back and forth until they can quote the Quran cover to cover which teaches them to ‘slay the infidels, slay all non-believers’. Expecting them to grow up to be anything other than the young adult terrorist they have been trained to be is unrealistic. Expecting our youth to grow up to be anything other than young adult unhinged hair on fire snowflakes who can’t tolerate free speech or speakers who say something other than what they have been brainwashed into believing is unrealistic. They simply cannot handle diversity of opinion while demanding tolerance and diversity with their mouths. For example, did you see the news clip last week, a lone male student leaning against a wall holding a small sign which said ‘all points of view should be heard’. He was attacked by a crowd of liberal students, pushing and pulling him, Wearing Mask and screaming ‘you are a Nazi’. And if they can’t stop a speaker they grab their coloring books and head for their ‘safe spaces’. And we expect these kids to be our future leaders? Most Americans, I pray, now recognize the Alinski Playbook (Radical Chicago Liberal in whose living room the Obama campaign began). 

Attack anyone with an opposing view. Call them every dirty name you can think of. If that fails demand they not be allowed to speak. Shut them up no matter what it takes. Does any of this sound familiar to you, Dinarians? There are four categories of Liberals in my view; The Looney Left (formerly the Democrat Party), the Lunatic Left (fastest growing segment), the Communist (many Democrats in Congress are members of the American Communist Party), and the Alinski disciples (anything goes, the end justifies the means). I suggest Liberals are so out of control as to be committing suicide in public. They dug the hole, put themselves in it and now they are dragging the soil in on top of themselves. But Americans are a generous and compassionate people. We The People have previously offered them a way out of their quandary and today we have even more good news for them. As previously suggested, all canoes in America to the coastlines. Six Liberals per canoe, a jug of water and a free tow to international waters. The new good news is that the new Socialist President of France, the Rothschild puppet Macron, has issued an invitation to American Liberals to come and reside in France. 

Oh my, just think of it. We no longer have to worry our Liberal friends might end up in Ecuador or Bolivia or Cuba or Venezuela, now they can go to "Gay Paree" with a personal red carpet invitation from the French President in hand. Hallelujah. And now fellow Americans I think we should match the generosity of the French President by extending the free tow to one half the distance to France. And, knowing they will eventually become homesick after meeting those snotty nosed French Parisians we should include in each canoe a very large bag of free rocks so they will always have a piece of home with them. A large piece. 

Let’s talk Global Warming, oops, I mean Climate Change. Did you see hair on fire John Kerry saying Trump might destroy the entire world? Did you see Al Gore say, 15 years ago, that by now all coastal cities would be under water? Kerry is almost as goofy as Gore, but not quite. You remember old John don’t you? The Liberal Idiot who scratched himself on every briar patch he could find in Nam so as to get himself still another purple heart? Seven or eight total as I recall which he later thru over the White House fence to establish his bone-fides as an anti-war liberal? This was long before he gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars with two plane loads in cash and ‘negotiated’ Iran’s unobstructed path to a nuclear bomb? Now Gore, he is much more devious and clever. After inventing the internet (yo ho ho, where’s my bottle of rum) he then decided to solve the nonexistent Global Warming problem by declaring ‘The Science Is Settled’, no more debate, world taxation, all citizens/all countries and Carbon Credits. Yesserie, old Al has once again spent tens of millions to set up Carbon Trading Platforms to make himself and friends billions trading Carbon Credits. First things first though, got to change that name. NASA and the founder of the Weather Channel and hundreds of Scientist not being paid by the establishment elite stepped forward with articles and opinions not paid for by the elites all saying this is hokum. ‘This is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the world’s people’. There has been no warming of the earth’s surface, none at all for the last nineteen years, least of all man made global warming. Only one thing to do, change the name to ‘Climate Change’. Now we got them. It rained yesterday, it is not raining today. You cannot deny Climate Change. All these Globalist Criminal Con-Artist now suicidal as Trump takes the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement today, he said, not 2020. The next morning the T.V. listed several immediate things started/stopped as result of his speech. Tree rings and other Scientific Test prove the earth warms and cools, cools and warms for thousands of years before there was industrialization or the attempt by Gore/Kerry/Liberals/Globalist/Elites/Wall Street/Obama to trade Carbon Credits. The reason Liberals/Globalist typically get away with this B.S. is because their ‘base’ is so incredibly uninformed. Try working two jobs and see how informed you can be. Want to see a Liberals head blow up? Ask one to explain the serious and documented warming cycles of the earth before industrialization. By the way, while I try not to find myself at the dinner table with Liberal friends I have not disowned them and they have not disowned me. But then again, I have not yet explained their free trip to France. 

I believe our country is as divided today as it was at the time of the Civil War. I believe the differences between Liberals and Conservatives are as great as the differences between a man and a woman, and no one seems able to locate the road to reconciliation. I believe Liberals are determined to hand over our Country and its sovereignty to un-elected NWO elitist using “agreements” to bypass the people and their elected representatives. I believe Conservatives are equally determined to not allow this to happen, and that neither side is willing to give an inch. I believe that Liberals attempts to go around the American people to implement their policies with like minded Globalist will eventually bring their downfall just as surely as the people witnessing what they and their various U.N. Agendas have done to our children will hasten their downfall. There have been three Congressional Elections and one big Mayoral election since Nov. 8th, Liberals lost all of them. Since 2010 Liberals have lost more than 1000 elected offices in America at every level including the House, the Senate and the Presidency. I do believe We The People are waking up. 

Let’s talk about Dinar Chronicles, Yosef and OWK’s, saved for last as I think it is the most difficult subject. You may be surprised to learn I have once again changed my mind about Yosef. If you recall previous updates I was very much a Yosef supporter until Busted when I changed my mind and said so in the December 12th update. Afterwards I was very uncomfortable with myself but still angry with Yosef so I went behind the door and scratched my mad place, then decided that I must try to do more to figure this guy out as he had literally taken over the R.V. Intel world and for my own sake I needed to know whether he was just another Greg Giles or perhaps he had just had one to many glasses of wine the night he wrote ‘Busted’. So, for the first time I began to listen to his conference calls staying with him till midnight on several occasions. What I discovered was a compassionate man who has the patience of Job. I decided he is not a ‘Bad Guy’ after all. Our experience with Bad Guys is that they poop in the middle of the dinner table then go to the strip clubs with their friends to drink and laugh at taxpayer expense. So, if he is not a bad guy then what is he I asked myself.  For a brief time I settled on ‘just another Greg Giles’. A victim of another Government Psyops program regurgitating whatever ‘they’ are putting into his head this week. 

This was an easy answer but in time I realized that he must surely know the Giles story, the experiment they were running and the consequences to Giles and he is too smart to let that happen to him. There were two possible’s left in my mind, the easy one to simply decide he had a bad day and that he is in fact ‘a Good Guy’. I wish I could stop right here but not if old friends reading this still expect me to tell the truth, the whole truth. The fact is that Intel provided by Yosef to his loyal audience has been incorrect more times than I can possibly count. I don’t think he has been intentionally deceitful. It may be that things changed after his reports and he had no control over that. It might be that his sources have mislead him time and again, intentionally or not. Because Yosef and his ‘Intel’ has become everyone’s best hope consistently incorrect Intel calls into question the motivation and/or reason for it and precludes a definitive conclusion that Yosef is a ‘Good Guy’. His obvious hatred for Trump complicates things further causing one to wonder whether his sources are also Trump haters with such skewed views it clouds their judgement and their ‘Intel’. 

Most everyone has accepted Yosefs Intel as literal facts due our desire to see funding’s occur. If he is right about that one thing, upcoming next weekend, all else fades to oblivion. Immediately. But, the bricks used to construct his wall of Intel and ‘story lines’ appear to be without straw in many different instances. Yosef provided a list of prerequisites to funding about 3 months ago. That list grew as time passed. He said the Asset backed monetary system is included in the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Others say they have read it and it’s just not there. There is a “Secret Gold Agreement of 2012”. Perhaps that is what he meant. Perhaps he was instructed not to use that term or refer to that agreement? In any event we are no longer in the Climate Agreement so what does that do to the cake he has baked? Peace in the Middle East? Wouldn’t that be something? Achieved he says, Bibi has resigned. So why did Dory Gold, lifelong Israeli Diplomat and their former Ambassador to the U.N. give a speech a couple of weeks ago saying ‘our negotiating position as not changed in ten years. 

Anyone who thinks we are going to hand over the Golan Heights to Assad or the terrorist in Syria just doesn’t understand. Anyone who thinks we are going to vacate the Security Check Points so Palestinian Murderers can freely kill our people just doesn’t understand. Anyone who thinks we are going to hand over Jerusalem just doesn’t understand. Anyone who thinks we are going to allow 12 million Muslims into Israel thereby making Israeli votes meaningless just doesn’t understand’. Perhaps Yosef is better informed than this leading Israeli Diplomat? Perhaps it’s all public posturing by Dory Gold? Yosef said there must be a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine and later said it has been achieved behind the scenes. So why did Lavrov deliver a speech recently in which he said “there is no progress on Minsk 2 and we see none on the horizon”? Granted, Minsk negotiations have continued in Germany, perhaps Yosef knows of some settlement reached there since Lavov’s speech? Yosef said the repeal and replace of Obama Care is a prerequisite to funding. The most optimistic statement from the Senate is the end of July, then a month for reconciliation. How does this affect Yosef’s storyline? Yosef’s most recent sand castle said Comey burns Trump on Thursday leading to the R.V. Saturday late. Tuesday news says Comey will say ‘No obstruction of justice’, the opposite of what Yosef has been reporting. Comey already testified before a House Committee there was no obstruction of justice. Did Yosef expect him to reverse himself thereby sending himself to prison? When Yosef said, the day of the Electoral College vote, that the rise of the Republic and the demise of USA Inc. was discussed in the House that was a dynamite piece of news, one of the most important things that could possibly happen.

 It was totally and completely false. Yosef knows he is talking to a desperate vulnerable audience some of whom have been waiting and praying for 25 years. Why would he throw such bullshit to those who are so dependent on him to report accurately, to tell the truth? Look friends, I could go on and on and on with Real World News saying the opposite of what Yosef is reporting. Where is he getting his consistently incorrect intel? Yosef says Obama was present at some meetings down in Panama that no one else knows about. He loves Obama, hates Trump which is fine, I despised Obama. He says Obama is down there helping to get the R.V. done. As reported many times Obama sabotaged the R.V. for eight long years bragging about it on many occasions, saying ‘it will not happen as long as I am President’. Is Yosef so uninformed that he does not know this basic R.V. 101 intel? Is Yosef so Radical Left that he ignores anything that does not support his thesis and his ‘story lines’? Is Yosef getting his Intel from Obama disciples determined to continue the sabotage of America in favor of NWO/Globalist interest? Now that I think about it I can’t think of a single thing Yosef has said that has come true in any kind of visible or tangible way. Can you? Then there’s the biggie, ‘Trump must resign or be impeached as a prerequisite to funding, in fact he has already resigned and after Comey tags him on Thursday he will resign and funding’s will proceed’. 

This week Trump announced the names of those being vetted for the two open positions on the Federal Reserve Board. Aren’t they supposed to be gone? China continues massive Fiat Quantitative Easing and as we have said in several previous updates, there are no visible signs of the Republic Rising-- except at Dinarland, mostly from Yosef and OWK. Now let’s be clear here. These ‘story lines’ go back 30 even 40 years, long before Yosef or Currency Revaluations. And yours truly has been a long time believer in these story lines and still is-- but I do not have my head buried in the sand. I am simply saying nothing is visible yet. “TRUMP is a female transvestite. Melania is a man. The entire Trump family are Hybrids and Clones, some 14th generation. Manchester did not happen”. Is comment necessary? Is Yosef mentally stable? This kind of nonsense is regular, not once in a while. So what is the fourth possible with Yosef, the one I finally settled on, at least for the time being? He is, IMO, unable to distinguish Intel from storytelling. He writes eloquently and authoritatively leaving the impression he is informed beyond all others. 

Then, one by one, with the passage of time, all his ‘stories’ fall completely apart. Is he being used by others with an agenda? Does he have an undisclosed agenda? He trust his sources, he makes no attempt to vet their information. His extreme left leanings seem to color everything he feels and says and it often overrides what should be his common sense. Manchester didn’t happen? Tell it to the families still in the hospitals with their loved ones. He feels persecuted because those ‘Cabal Minions’ posting on Dinar Chronicles have the audacity to point out a few of his outrageous statements. Is Yosef ‘unhinged’ like most Liberals today? These emotions APPEAR TO BE affecting his performance as a guide and provider of intel to a captive and dependent audience. He is not taking his responsibilities seriously enough, IMO. He is in a role he chose for himself. He has grasped and is wearing the crown in Dinarland. With that comes a tremendous responsibility, not to be perfect but to vet sources and intel before authoritatively leading the uninformed down a primrose path of his own creation. Storylines and intel are not the same thing. If Yosef cannot distinguish between the two before presentation to his captive and desperate audience what chance do they have to judge what is true and what is fairy tales. 

OWK. As with my opinion of Yosef my opinion of OWK’s was always generally positive. But, that was before someone convinced him he used to be Plato and he subsequently ‘went off the deep end’. In defense of his point of view he has, IMO, become semi crazy and is in the process of public self-destruction. In textbook Alinsky fashion he attacks anyone with an opposing point of view. He Whacks them, he puts headstones on graves with their names, he threatens them continuously with no funding, arrest, and demands they get out of his house which used to be Patrick’s house. He bullies Dinar Chronicles daily insisting opposing views not be allowed to post. His cry baby immature Radical Liberal ways are embarrassing. I am embarrassed for him. Attack, insult, label with every dirty name possible and if all else fails demand they be silenced completely. Adult Snowflakes on display at Dinar Chronicles. 

What is the difference I ask you, between OWK demands and those going on college campuses? Brainwashed children literally attacking those with different points of view, even physically attacking teachers with opposing views, even attacking speakers invited by the college itself. I can just imagine OWK’s Snowflake Brigades bombarding Patrick with their demands others be silenced. Of all people, OWK’s should be about the business of influencing others with reason, logic and common sense and simply ignoring those who think differently. This public bullying of Patrick to silence others which has become a daily occurrence will result in his own downfall, IMO. It exposes a lack of faith in one’s own point of view and attempts to use tyranny to suppress the most basic of human rights- free speech. I have never asked OWK’s a question before so let me take this opportunity. Several of your updates OWK have arrived with what is supposedly a picture of yourself on the cover of Time Magazine in a red and black Hawaii type shirt. Is this you? The verbiage reads “Multi-Millionaire”, Entrepreneur, and Author”. 

Is this you? Did you send this out? Why can I not locate this Cover in the archives of Time Magazine Covers? If this is not you why have you not corrected the record? I wonder, OWK’s, if you are aware of the slippery slope you have created for yourself. My unsolicited recommendation is that you read a big handful of your updates from last year, the year before, and see if you don’t recognize the differences in what you are currently saying. 

Dinar Chronicles: As with most others I think Patrick, you have done a remarkable job with Dinar Chronicles. I do not yet see a complete surrender to the demands of OWK and his posse of snowflakes. I think your site is at a crossroads. Submit to OWK’s bullying and lose your independence or continue with what set you apart. Mr. Patrick, allow me to quote from the first Article of the Bill of Rights Amendments to the U.S. Constitution circa 1791: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; OR ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, etc. etc.. One man demanding another be silenced is not a big red flag, it is a flashing red neon sign. It is un-American and it is also illegal, at least in America. If OWK ‘has his way with you’ I predict Dinar Chronicles will end up a ‘Snowflake Safe Space’ with the Looney Left taking turns shining each other’s shoes. First a trickle then a flood of readers will go elsewhere, perhaps start another site with an advertisement “Free Speech Allowed Here”. 

It will be interesting to see if OWK’s attempts to label me ‘Cabal’ or ‘Troll’ since I have been around three or four times as long as he has and readers know very well what I think of the Cabal since I have written the equivalent of several books on the subject. I resent OWK saying this is OUR HOUSE, meaning himself and only those who agree with him as he has made abundantly clear. I watched you create ‘Everybody’s House’ Patrick. An Open House where all points of view subject to your rules are welcome. I have ZERO concern that Patrick is going to allow a vocal "hair on fire" minority to take over his website. 
I guess I’m done now. It’s all a big ‘Who Cares’ if Yosef is right this time for the first time. I’m sure we all pray every day for him to be right so we can get about the business of helping others. You know friends, in 24 years of doing updates I have said very very very little about myself personally. Maybe a sentence or two here or there. In the old days, back when I was quite wealthy, before I lost it all, I celebrated all my Real Estate closings with a bottle of Dom Perignon. When I was forced to leave my home of 23 years, a home that was featured in Living Magazine, I had 186 empty Dom bottles I intended to convert to cocktail glasses, cut the tops off, bevel them and lacquer the labels. I tossed all of them. So guess what I am going to do if Yosef is right this time? Yep, buy an ice cold bottle of Dom. .........And a big straw. 
Best to all, 

Casper, Wendy, and WE 


Reposted for our Newest Readers : SkiRacer from TNT "Choosing a Bank and Accounts", 23 JULY

Note: This is geared toward new/beginner Dinarians and please consider the banking fees  and account information as examples ………they all may have changed since this was originally posted......and they may change several times before the official rates are released and we are exchanging.


(This is what I sent to my circle.  If it helps you -great, if not, no problem ,skip it and the others. It is my effort to complete my training for my circle and am sharing it FWIIW here.)


Banks are classified very generally by two different criteria: 1) amount of money managed (or deposited), and 2) services offered.  There are "tiers" for each of these, which creates a good deal of confusion to call both "tiers." But there you have it.

It so happens that these two criteria often track one another. For example, banks that provide "services" like foreign exchange and wealth management typically are large enough to support such activities so they have larger depositories as well. So it is a sort of 2-fer deal sometimes.  
It is the Tier 1 SERVICE banks that are our target. Of course we do not ignore the advantage 1) above gives us, but it is the Foreign Exchange (FE)  service in particular that appeals to us at the moment.    We wish to seek out a bank that itself offers FE services.

That means it operates its own FE division or department where currencies are verified and funded, even if not every branch has this function. This means personnel trained in FE work for this bank as employees.  That means the bank has a vested interest in making sure FE works right.  I like that.

Some of such banks are the Big 4: Bank of America, Citigroup, Chase, Wells Fargo.  USBank may also offer these services in larger cities. HSBC offers them in San Francisco as best I know and I think BNP Paribas offers them in New York. 

Banks that do not themselves offer FE services normally contract with the banks that do. However, that means that your dinar/dong will be in transit "inter-bank" via some transportation means, which may open the door for some funny business. It also could mean delays in crediting your account, from a few days to upwards of a week or so.  In our case, Seller beware.

Tier 2,3 and Community Banks

There are multiple banks that are not Tier 1 and are excellent banks.  The safety of your deposit should be utmost in your mind. Pick a local bank that has 4 or 5 star ratings. Check the internet in your area by Googling "regional bank safety ratings [zipcode]."   This returns pretty amazing results that I was not expecting.

A word of caution: One bank by a certain name in one area (zip) may be highly rated, but the same named bank in another zip may have a much lesser rating. This is because of past performance and likely the local management.  So do your homework.  And BTW this includes the Tier 1 Big-4 banks as well!  This also surprised me.


As far as I am concerned this is all bogus hoopla. It is not worth a dime. The FDIC has 99 years to pay you your money back, even the $250,000 insured amounts per signature on an account. Next, only 6% of all FDIC deposits are actually insured. If there is a run on banks, do you really think you will be in the 6%? Then you get to wait up to 99 years for it.  So I recommend private insurance if you are worried, or don't be using banks at all.


As we've discussed FE is one important service. Another we might be interested in shortly is wealth management services. This essentially allows you to invest in various instruments  (Pay attention:) offered by this bank, such as stocks, mutual funds, annuities, etc. So each bank has a specific tailored set of instruments it offers, compensates it employees for selling, commissions are normally paid to them, etc.  So one must query whether such instruments:

    are the best available on the open market

    are selected based on the incentive to earn the commission or to put you in the right instrument
    are serviced by the most knowledgable individuals in such instruments

    provide you with the most experienced possible persons, (or someone in training?)

    what monthly charges will using said services impose? Are they fixed or dependent on the balance managed?

My own personal objective is to find the very best wealth manager I can who has a proven track record, is acting in my best interests and not their own, etc. I do not plan to use a bank for such services. I'd rather pay someone for performance rather than selling to me. Each of you will need to decide these matters for yourself.


So your dilemma becomes what you want in your bank. Is it full service, one stop shopping? Is it timeliness during the exchange process? Is it personalized service? Is it a full range of comprehensive wealth products?  Is it being recognized and acknowledged when you set foot in the door?

If you know your objectives it'll make it more obvious which bank fulfills those objectives. Now is the time to ferret out those decisions.


Once you have chosen your bank it may be wise to have your accounts already opened before you try to do your Currency Exchange (CE). Here are the accounts I recommend:

    One account for dinars, due to different tax treatments

    One account for dongs, due to different tax treatments

    One account per currency type to sequester taxes for that dreadful day when your first Estimated Tax payment is due (If any)  At one point the UST  was going to track your asset-backed funds ad infinitum Let's see if there is additional info on this.

I shall refer to 1&2 s the "mother lode" accounts.  These accounts will hold all your disposable proceeds from the CE, which is likely more money than any of us have ever seen.  So here is my plan:

A. Neither Mother Lode account will have any checks printed for it, not have online banking of ANY kind, no credit or debit cards, no wiring allowed in or out, etc.

B. When I wish to access funds to move to "working accounts" where I do have checks printed, etc. I will present myself in person to the bank and do a withdrawal and deposit into a separate account.

C. I shall request that no low-level teller has access to the Mother Lode accounts. Only my personal banker is allowed to access it at the bank.

D. I shall severely limit the signature authority on the Mother Lode accounts.

E. I shall evermore refuse any "special high roller credit cards" of any and all kinds forevermore.

These merely advertise to anyone who gets it that you have money and you have now blown your cover of privacy.  Ask yourself, "What would a waiter in a fancy restaurant do with a credit a card against an account KNOWN to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in it?" duh
F. The jury is still out for me on whether these Mother Lode accounts will be interest bearing (IB). My dilemma is:

    I'd like the minuscule income interest produces

    I don't know if making them IB causes me to enter some kind of default contractual agreement with the bank wherein I am the lender for the bank and permits the bank to leverage MY money for their benefit and my detriment.

    If non-IB accounts prohibit such usage.

These answers have not been easy to obtain, but it concerns me greatly.

Choosing a bank is a personal decision on many levels. Identify your objectives to help wade through the morass of choices.

At one time we were told the banks would have contracts for us to sign that would specify a percentage of the money that had to remain at the bank for some duration, such as 12 -24 months. I now think that has gone by the wayside and may have been replaced with a flat fee to be charged by all banks.

 That fee may be  2%, which is a whopping fee, and represents the profit the bank will get, less the small fees due to the UST.  So the 2% should be the total fees you will be charged, payable to the bank out of the proceeds of the CE.

 I do not feel shy about trying to negotiate this. I probably don't have enough dinar or dong to sway a reduction in this policy but some of you might.

It is worth the try.

"Weight Limit" "By Yosef"- GCR/RV History - Friday - July 21, 2017


BLUWOLF:   FEELING.  anxiety, depression, or plain old lack of faith, I encourage you to walk away from all this for awhile.

But if you do, please let me inform you, that since you have been at it for so long , you will actually find yourselves more anxious then ever and this is somewhat worrisome to me.

These two positions tend to place the one affected to grab a grouchy, non respectful  and non believable attitude towards life and towards others. And this isn't what most of us signed in for.

My mission  is to get you to the finish line intact and educated,  as I promise God that I would do.

I can say that we are actually there and that this number is about to be had.

That we intel providers are now still and rather quiet as it has been requested of all, but see this of course being what actually is rightful and true, for those suffering from the above syndromes, they would turn this positive to a negative in a heartbeat.
Creating doubt and discouragement to all who have been faithfully waiting from this blessing from  Jehová. And with that being said, please remember that no matter what you may or may not think, this is a blessing and it shall be delivered to us all on God's time and not yours, whether you may like it or not.

Now you can break whatever you may want, protest and curse all you want, doubt to whatever your hearts content.  But that will not have any a negative outcome to God's end results, and that is the 209 COUNTRIES REVALUATION AND THE GLOBAL CURRENCIES RESET, plus NESARA AND GESARA;  AND THE FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF the new Republic of the united states ( as it is to be exactly written in this matter ).

So stop kidding yourselves with so much negativity and lack of faith, for all these things are actually here and they will be dispursed within a moments notices.

Happy Journeys Na'maste Bluwolf  7.22.17

Supplementary Budget/10 Billion ISX Deal/$50 Tourism Tax/Bridge Victory

"RTC 21 July 2017 Notes" BY RUBY, 23 JULY


Yosef Intel starts at 9:30 (my comments in parantheses) –

  • Cabal tried to kill Steve Scalise since he is the new Speaker of the House of the Restored Republic. It shows how close we are since they tried to take out leadership of the new government.

  • There are three very specific moments left in the RV process. The first is coming tomorrow night in the form of the firing of Robert Mueller (Special Prosecutor in the Trump/Russia investigation). It will mimic the SaturdayNight Massacre (reference to Watergate investigation events). It’s all intentional. It’s all scripted. There’s another event when Trump resigns. Yosef expects that to be the third week of September (22-24) according to his intel. Mike Pence will issue the pardon for Trump. (He goes through the history of the Watergate events to explain the sequence of mimicked events.) 

  • When Trump is removed from office, it will mark two years since the Pope released all corporations, including USA, Inc. and marks the backend of the RV. The GCR has been going on that long during this transition. The private redemptions are the last part of the transition.

  • When Boehner resigned, Paul Ryan became the president essentially when he became Speaker of the House. Pence will pardon Trump so Paul Ryan doesn’t have the backlash in 2018 elections.

  • Trump doesn’t know when anything is coming next. He knows it’s coming, but doesn’t have control over anything. Think of this process like the Witness Protection Program, but the opposite, like the Witness Chaos Process.

  • The Chinese have segmented the Master Plan over different branches so no one knows more than their little piece of the overall plan.

  • Every night, the military is ready for war inside the United States in case it happens. They suckered Wells Fargo into thinking they had more power than they had to track down a lot of hidden Cabal. They did the same with Trump: made him look like he had more power than he had to trick the adversary into revealing themselves.

  • There is an illusion of delay, but in reality, it’s orchestrated down to the second, in relation to two events: the Inauguration and the end of the Fiscal Year (September 30th).

  • It’s sad because we all expected sooner, but that is part of the business we have chosen. The pump fakes were all part of the plan.

  • It’s obvious they are going in for the kill with Trump. As long as he plays along, he and his family will get a complete pardon.

He gets into more elements of the whole long-term plan for those interested. He then took calls. He wouldn’t talk about the Exchange.





It has been reported to me that Parliament did in fact meet today and approved the Supplementary Budget. (The contractors and peasants are happy campers!)

This weekend isn't over yet..........stand by.

Dallred123:   So let's bring up the question.... if the peasants and contractors are happy then how long until the world sees it? I say within 72 hours….Between yesterday update and today I say we might be there

Yada:  Agreed with you dallred,,,,100%........the supplementary budget is like adjustments to the current budgets in light of the coming RV,,,placing padding here and there from when the origin budget was established,,
Spankey:    Mosul liberated .....what's next ?

Eccle519:   ...All of us liberated


Sunny:  "the supplementary budget for 2017, which was read first and second and is now waiting for ratification, amounted to 7 trillion Iraqi dinars, 3.5 trillion of oil"

Sunny:   Does anyone know what "ratification" might mean? Different than passing?

Luvwulfs:  ratification: the action of signing or giving formal consent to a treaty, contract, or agreement, making it officially valid.

Sunny:  Thanks luvs. The story on the supplementary budget is at: http://aynaliraqnews.com/index.php?aa=news&id22=79279


Tishwash:  big dinar movement hmmmmmmm

The details of the withdrawal of billions of dinars from one of the banks in Tikrit

BAGHDAD - A deputy from the province of Salah al-Din, on Saturday, the withdrawal of 5 billion dinars from one of the banks in Tikrit of the money of the displaced and smuggling to Erbil and Baghdad.
He said Mishan Jubouri said in a press statement that "was disbursed a five billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank branch of Tikrit of the funds allocated for the resettlement of displaced persons and the signature of the governor of Salahuddin ruled and dragged by the rule of law."
"Four billion of them have been sent to Arbil in shady official cars, some of which go back to the Ministry of Defense via the Qayyarah road, Makhmour, and Mallar, which is also sent to Baghdad by an armored and shaded Landgrouzer   link


Mnt Goat News Brief - Revised By Request For Posting At My Facilitators Website

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

George has informed me of all the wonderful comments from everyone on the content and design of the newsletter. I am happy everyone likes it. This is my only reward for all my efforts, to know that it is appreciated and is helping everyone.

Remember I do not have a web site, a forum or even a conference call. My newsletter it the only means to communicate with everyone. I do not advertise anything, no marketing, no clicky-clicks $$, no donations, no sponsors thus no need for any of this nonsense. I make absolutely nothing for sponsoring my newsletter. It is totally FREE to you. No special fee to get into any backdoor and look at the “juicy” articles. It is all here for absolutely nothing $$$. Get it- it’s all FREE.

I know many of these so called intel “gurus” do not like me. They bash me and ridicule me.
​They poke fun at my FACTS but they never bring to the table their FACTS to dispute it instead only their opinions and conjecture.

You can always count on me to be here for you to give you latest updates on the ongoing Iraqi RV saga and to do it for FREE.

On with the news……

So essentially ISIS is defeated. There are still small pockets of resistance and some militias around. They are cleaning them out now as I write the newsletter. This will probably take months more. To really stabilize Iraq may even take years. I don’t think this will impact the timing of the next phase of economic reform.

So in the past all the news was about fighting ISIS. Now we see a complete turnaround. This is itself tells us that the remaining terrorists are not of our concern. All the news is about the economy and most of it is from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). In my past newsletter, I presented four (4) articles from the CBI on the economy and currency. Today I bring yet five (5) more recent articles from the CBI. WOW! Can you believe this is happening? This is amazing. In the past we were lucky to get even one (1) article per month.

So what is the CBI doing publishing all this information? Folks this is just not news for the sake of news. It is intentional. The CBI is priming the pump for something in the near future. Who are all these articles intended for?

In the order of priority:
·       GOI (to keep the Govt of Iraq informed of its actions)
·       Future Investors (to communicate to the world that Iraq has changed)
·       Citizens (popular crowd) (to inform then of the country’s monetary policies and progress)
·       Foreign speculators (yes – this is us. We are only piggy-backing off these articles. We are the last priority if even one. As you can see we are the last priority as participants in this economy)

 Articles are below. As always my comments are in italic RED.
​Articles Begin

Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq: expect economic movement in the next stage

The governor of the Central Bank, Ali al-Alak, expected on Thursday, the occurrence of economic movement throughout Iraq in the coming days after the liberation of security forces in the city of Mosul from the organization of Daesh.

“Iraq is going to be able to attract foreign investments because of the stability of the security situation and increase the number of investment opportunities,” he said. (He is essentially now telling everyone the Security situation is taken care of and now it is time to invest.)
He added that “foreign investment will not be achieved only by the existence of an efficient banking sector able to absorb this role and interact with him and be a supporter and financier and facilitator of these operations,” explaining that “the central bank now is pushing banks to prepare for advanced roles until the development of its programs and systems so that you can Support investments in the country “.

Keywords: the next stage will witness economic victories

Through the trend towards construction and reconstruction  of
Baghdad / Hussein Tgb after Iraq has proved to the world enraptured images and values of the human and moral waiting to prove an economic victory over the construction and reconstruction during the next phase, and that the new role requires concerted efforts combined to support reconstruction, which should banks be the cornerstone in this matter and doing very well through their sophisticated technology. (He is talking about automated banking, audit trails, electronic deposit for payroll, pensions, the SMART card, ATMs, etc)

These words were Governor of the Central Bank and the Association of Banks during the ceremony organized by the International Islamic Bank on the occasion of victory over the "Daesh" terrorist and the granting of a certificate of ISO International Bank , which is the financial success of our sector. Page task Central Bank Governor Dr. Ali Keywords said that Iraq has proved the finest images triumphs of the world and move human values before the weapon , and so was the pride in the battle that will retain its history, pointing out that the new role is to address the building and reconstruction and succeed in this page task. We cherish that Iraq has the power and energy that will enable the country to economic advancement, and in the financial sector , we note the progress and innovation, urging young people to be more distinctive and characterize their ability to capture sophisticated information, asking the banking sector to be the first among the country 's institutions in the use of advanced technology, and must speed in the use of technologies. 

Testimony ISO Keywords said that the celebration today comes an important step is obtaining the World Bank to the ISO certificate, especially it 's in a detailed important specialized organization of payments, especially the banks , their products did not come into contact only 10 percent of the people and has the potential to reach 90 percent , and here must build trust between the two sides, especially the large market and extensive and require the volume of work and achieve a broad benefit to both ends of the process. He pointed out that there is an imbalance in the work of the Association of Banks makes us feel dysfunctional, pointing out that the central did not intervene in this matter , but can return to the rules of procedure to correct it, noting that represents banks and presented by the Association is useful for the banking sector.

Effective capacities of either Commissioner of the Islamic National Bank Suha Ulkipaia Director: She thanked the security forces maker victories in all its formations that handed the country the banner of victory and hope Iraq that developed a prosperous rival countries of the world, pointing to the importance to be for banks effective capacities for economic victory. She stressed the importance of adopting advanced systems in harmony and international practice and with the Iraqi Central Bank instructions, noting that the bank often make efforts in order to deliver the electronic payment card to the farthest point in Iraq , and now we have 20 centers, pointing out that the 27001 ISO obtained the Bank is a success along with the Iraqi victory, indicating that the ambition is moving towards getting the ISO 20000 , where human resources are given great attention to the development of the joints of

the work. Capital in turn , head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal said that the victory over Allaghab came to stimulate the motivation for economic victories greater, pointing out that the evaluation of institutions globally seen human capital and we look at this Association it is of great importance. He stressed the importance of cooperation in the implementation of monetary policies and restore confidence in the banking sector and bring deposits , and most importantly the participation of banks in the reconstruction of the liberated areas, praising the initiative of the Central Bank to allocate 6 trillion dinars for development projects, as well as the great role in supporting the government during the war on the "Daesh" terrorist. He stressed that under the supervision of the Central Bank will be honored the families of martyrs in the World Day of Peace in appreciation for their sacrifices for Iraq  and said that the experience of interest the ideal employee , who did not exceed 35 years is an important thing to develop work and encourage new blood and urge them to creativity and work to the fullest.
Keywords highlights the obstacles facing monetary stability

(So this article is all about feedback from key people from Iraq who attended an economic seminar in Morocco this week. Who do we know attended and thus gave their feedback? The players included the governor of the central bank of Iraq, former Minister of Planning Mahdi Al – Hafiz, financial advisor to the Prime Minister Mohammed Saleh. We also know they had a similar meeting in Amman, Jordan a month ago. Is this a regular monthly meeting now? Show we be paying attention the notes from these meetings?)

Morocco Today) -20/07/2017

Said the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on the Keywords, the financial and monetary stability in Iraq is facing phenomena represented in the non - oil deficit resulting from the difference between revenues and local expenditures, and the 78 - trillion dinars' about $ 70 billion ', pointing out that' the second phenomenon is the growing deficit in the budget , which reached 21.6 trillion dinars, and added to the deficit in the balance of payments of non - oil exports of 37.7 billion dollars ', declaring that those negative indicators clearly reflect a significant imbalance structural'.

He considered Keywords in a seminar organized by the 'Institute for the progress of development policies', in the presence of experts in economics and money, toimprove the reality of monetary and fiscal policy requires:

1.  the strengthening of local revenue and
2.  activating the redistribution of income to move the economy policy, through the benefit of the money supply in the markets of salaries, which a large part of which goes to cover foreign imports'.

Keywords stressed the need to 'pressure operating expenses according to strict scientific controls and standards, and reduce the demand for foreign currency factors and to provide elements of stability to reduce the migration of funds, as well as providing an attractive environment for investment.'

(When Mohammed Saleh talks, I listen! ….lol….lol…)

For his part, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, that the Central Bank of Iraq was independent from the government in the first period, but when the economy faced a deficit started this independence weakens pointed ', saying:' began the central bank lends the government turned its independence to the second division '.

Saleh stressed that " the central bank policy was a major reason for the victory of Iraq in its war against terrorism, through the hidden national role played in supporting the government, crossing danger ', and saw that the central bank' was faced with two choices,

1.   to give up its independence and lends the government under the circumstance complex or
2.   reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar ', adding' and here may provide some money to the government, but we will be in front of a big rise in inflation rates, and will not have the money any value available, so the bank sacrificed the center of internal independence and lent the government to confront the stability of the crisis.

Saleh pointed out that the value of the loan to the government of 21 trillion dinars in two years, to meet the needs, believing that this is a part of the victory in the war against terrorism through the funding of the budget, check the military victory , which was behind the victory of a financial and economic '.

Saleh pointed out that ' the investment file in Iraq , the results were not in the level of funds spent, amounting to $ 360 billion over 10 years, through the inclusion of a large number of projects in order to get up the country', stressing that ' the result was disappointing and this was in the oil abundance of time, while in the top ten oil time orientation it was about an increase in oil product quantities and source to compensate for the difference in prices by investing in the oil sector, which is unbalanced and leaving the leadership of the oil sector ', declaring that it' means a return to point zero means that the oil is a horse that leads the development cart '.

(I believe what Saleh is saying is that even in times of abundance with very high energy prices and surpluses Iraq still did not wisely use the $$ it had. The wealth was squandered.)
With regard to debt, Saleh warned that this file is one of the 'dangerous files', revealing that the IMF is working to determine the level of carrying Iraq 's public debt, and did not lose sight of that Iraq is facing a problem at the customs border and ports that are experiencing great corruption, so moving the government to outsourcing outlets to specialized companies'.

(I believe Saleh is telling us that the increasing national debt from loans to Iraq is dangerous. He does not want Iraq to lose site of other potentials for revenues including customs and tariffs, which in large have not been successful.)
The former Minister of Planning Mahdi Al - Hafiz, began the seminar by talking about the difficulties facing the Iraqi economy, pointing out that the 'anomalous situation of fiscal policy raised the importance of thinking about new sources to strengthen the financial situation, particularly through cooperation with the Bank and the International Monetary Fund, in order to increase funding external conditions appropriate ', pointing to the ' start of the so - called credit phase that provide parts of the external financing of these organizations and other sources. "

Hafiz highlighted that the Government 'initiated the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and the end of 2015 to this goal, through the issuance of the so - called Letter of Intent and «memorandum of economic and financial policies', following the credit phase' includes a range of basic tasks, including revision of the fiscal policy General and the issuance of a new law so, the restructuring of the banking sector and confirm the audit of the financial statements of the banks' Mesopotamia 'and'arashid' and'alaraca trade ', which accounts for about 90 percent of the deposits of the state'.

He stressed Hafiz, that the credit stage 'confirms subjecting monetary policy to control, especially in areas related to money - laundering and window selling the dollar, and to address the budget deficit and seek to make it economically acceptable', considering that such measures will help to obtain loans and make positive cooperation with institutions international.

According to Hafiz as witnessed in the recent period B'trah the issue of the supplementary budget for this year, the details were discussed during the last meeting in Amman a month ago, and agreed to provide a loan of 800 million dollars for Iraq, on favorable terms within the standby credit program signed between the parties', did not rule out that 'approved by the international Monetary Fund early August.
Iraq reaches the rate of production of electricity is the first in its history

(Remember with all this new electronic banking technology and otherwise Iraq must have an ample, reliable supply of electricity. Quite frankly, the way things were going under Maliki I did not think they would EVER have 24/7 electricity potential throughout Iraq. But they overcame this obstacle too.)

The Ministry of Electricity announced that its production of electric power exceeded the limit for the first time achieved in the history of Iraq on this side.

The Ministry of Electricity said in a brief statement that “the production of the Ministry of Electricity exceeded 15 thousand MW is the first time in the history of Iraq.”

Iraq has suffered for decades a crisis in the scarcity of production and processing of electricity and exacerbated the crisis after 2003 and increase the hours of cutting the current, despite the billions of dollars because of corruption and the failure of projects and high costs in generating power. For about a year, the Ministry of Electricity has been privatizing and investing energy for citizens in an effort to “reduce consumption and prevent overflow” on the carrier lines.

Central Bank of Iraq Auctions $168,839,846 on 19 July 2017

(If I hear one more time that the Central Bank is auctioning off Iraqi dinar I will simply SCREAM! I swear some people are just so ignorant of this investment. But think they are experts. 

I will say this one more time. READ MY LIPS- The currency auctions are for the merchants to exchange IQD dinar for US dollars. They take their profits in dinar from the market place, travel to the currency window at certain banks and exchange their dinar currency for US dollar currency. They can do this now electronically or get actual paper since the banks can now move currency almost anywhere globally. This cuts down in fraud and money laundering and leaves an audit trail. This is why we read all about these banking moves months ago.   

Why do merchants have to go to the currency auctions to pay for imports? So they can go and pay their debts to the importers. Imports of what? Importers of labor (labor salaries), Goods (hard goods, TVs, cell phones, refrigerators, cars, meats and produce, etc..), Services (installation of ATMs, card readers, electricity, cell phone, etc..) They are forced to do this since there are still financial sanctions imposed on Iraq and it is illegal to move large sums of the dinar across the border. Also international companies do not want the dinar since it is nearly worthless and troublesome to use these very large denominations. If they did get the dinar in payment what could they use it for anyhow? What the hell would they do with it? Who else wants it besides Iraq? THERE MUST BE A DEMAND FOR YOUR CURRENCY to make it valuable…get it? Do you see the picture here? It is not just about flicking some “switch” or “trigger” and thus RV. They everything is fine. It will not work this way. Iraq must first make a demand for its currency and thus this will raise the value.

How do they do this?
They have told us already. They plan to raise the economy and produce other sources of revenue. They plan to build 10 manufacturing industrial centers throughout Iraq, they have a huge potential for agriculture exports, The customs and tariffs alone could out pace the revenue from the oil sales. So there is tremendous potential, only  not yet realized.

Doesn’t the value of the dinar come from the oil reserves in the ground?
NO! I will only say this one more time – NO! Oil revenues alone is not enough to get the economy of Iraq growing. They need DIVERSIFACTION. Can’t you see what the drop in oil prices is doing to Iraq? Their reliance on oil as their sole source of wealth is literally killing their economy. They must get off of oil! )

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) currency auction on July 19 registered $168,839,846 in sales, a 12.68% volume increase (1) from the US $149,846,197 sold by Iraqi Dinar, credit and transfer at the previous auction held on July 18.

(I quote – “from the US $149,846,197 sold by Iraqi Dinar” this means US dollars sold using the Iraq dinar to purchase. This is telling us they are exchanging dinars (IQD) for US dollars (USD). This does not put a demand for the dinar but a demand for the USD. Get it! But this is not and should not be the point in noting the currency auctions anyhow. These auctions should be watched mostly for the inflation rate. The more US dollars sold the higher inflation compared to other auctions. One auction alone does not tell the entire story. The rate of inflation is important because Iraq must control inflation as a requirement for the RV. It is an indicator, as I showed you in my 7/20 (LINK) newsletter, for any RV to happen)

The latest auction was attended by 38 banks and 10 remittance companies. 8 more institutions attended the auction held on July 19 compared to the previous auction. (yes – to see any results you must compare to previous auctions. A rise in auctions means higher cost of goods. What does this mean? In macro economics if the price of goods increase the cost to the consumer increases. It the price tags on goods increase this is called inflation. So the currency auctions are a good indicator of the inflation rate for Iraq)

Data for the July 19 auction was made public by CBI Announcement Number 3486. Dollar sales in the in the period January 1, 2017 to July 19, 2017 saw an increase of 0.13% compared to the sales of US $13.9 billion in the same period in 2016. The total amount of US currency sold by CBI in the calendar year 2016 was US $14.55 billion.

An analysis of the (2) monthly dollar sales by CBI since January 2016 reveals highly fluctuating volumes. During the period from January 2016 to July 2017, (3) sales of US dollars averaged US $1.76 billion per month. Peak volumes were reached in May this year when sales touched US $2.3 billion. (LOOK!!! It right here three time in this article clearly in black and white. How many times did they tell us in the one article alone that the CBI is selling dollar not the dinar? Can it be any clearer to everyone.)
Central Bank: We have worked with the government to give confidence in the private banking sector

Economy News Baghdad:

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, Wednesday 7/19, the central bank has sought actively with the government to give the role of the private banking sector through confidence in it.

Keywords said in a speech at a ceremony organized by the International Islamic Bank on the occasion of receiving a certificate of quality in information security, which was attended by "Economy News", "The banking sector must apply to all formations and state institutions in the use of information technology, (now the banks can do this since they have electricity now 24/4. Get it? ) because it needs to provide accurate services and fast and reliable data, regulation and control accuracy, "pointing out that" the banking sector must be confident of his steps and his methods, and is subject to the screening process in each period of time in accordance with international standards to raise its position globallythis is achieved through certificates awarded for quality management and give full confidence back ".

"It ended the strong theory eats weak because the currency flow was very slow and the new technology needs fast and reliable flow. The power is fast and the use of modern technology," noting that "the achievements of the World Bank today is a desirable trend in the banking house in order, especially when things are related to the process of organizing payments and creating a network of communication with citizens through the use of different types of cards. "

(This is the use of the SMART card technology via MASTERCARD. Nothing new here…right? We have been reading about this implementation for years now. Finally they can do this with reliable 24/7 electricity. Can you see how important power is going to be for Iraq? So now they can complete the rollout to all the regions. This is very good news. This is part of the project to delete the zeros. If you are not paying in hard paper currency you are not distributing large sums of the 3 zeros notes back into circulation billions and billions each pay period, thus the CBI can reduce the volume of currency. This they told us was one of the goals of this project to reduce the money supply by 2/3. WOW! This part has been held up due to lack of reliable power. Could this be also why the CBI postponed the RV? )

 He stressed that "the central bank has sought actively with the government to give the role of the private banking sector through our determination to give confidence to him."

(This last point in the article is very important. We know the banking sector has an issue attracting deposits thus getting the average citizen to trust in the banks. Can you blame them based on the past history of the banks in Iraq? This too is why the CBI must stay independent and why its role must include regulating the banking industry. So we have seen many schemes by the CBI for deposit incentives – high deposit, interest rates, govt insured deposits, and now electronic deposits. This last incentive will actually FORCE them to use the banking system. Once the SMART card rollout is complete they will include more and more regions into the electronic deposit system. We already know they have been rolling out this to many regions already and did a beta test then went to full implementation. However they could not fully implement without reliable power. Also the ATM machines did no good without power to run them or the people must first deposit their money in the bank and establish an account. So all this gets the economy moving. Getting the money flow. What is the money flow?

It has to start somewhere so let’s start the flow cycle with the govt salaries.
So the citizen is electronically paid. The money goes in to a pre-established bank account. They then buy goods and services using their SMART card via MASTERCARD (and I heard VISA too is onboard). Some stays in accounts as savings and investments. The merchants or providers then deposit their receipts and profits from the sales in the bank, some goes to pay for supplier, some stays in account for business. The banks then obtain a high degree of liquidity because they now have all the money they can loan out in business and consumer loans. The economy is funding the economy. Now if the govt get more and more people off the govt payrolls this trend increases and more of the economy is funded by the economy and not the govt. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill. It will get larger and larger as it goes.

But first how do they provide the catalyst for all of this? Many say it is the RV that will do it. Really? So what comes first the chicken or the egg?   

So at some point, if and when the CBI can get this snowball of an economy rolling, they will pull the trigger on the RV. It will begin first by issuing the next phase of the project to delete the zeros. This will include issuing some of the newer notes of the higher values. As this snowball gets bigger and bigger the dinar rate will increase and they even smaller new notes will be issued.

But first the plan is to get the electronic banking fully implemented. FORCE any govt run program to be paid electronically and FORCE them to use the SMART card. You see the money is not placed on the card nor is there any rate on the cards. They money is placed in a pre-established bank account and electronically deposited there. The rate is whatever the CBI says it is. Rate of what? The currency? But remember a dinar is a dinar in the country of Iraq and so the conversion to any other currency rate is not going to happen every time they make a purchase. Who cares what the foreign exchange rate is anyway? Do you follow the exchange rate of your currency’s currency on a daily basis? Why would you? Iraq is no different.

The recipient then uses the MASTRCARD as a debit card in the shops or can take out minimal cash from the ATMS if they need it. They can then go to the bank for a loan for a new condo, house or car. Soon they will have unsecured credit accounts and use credit cards and slowly payoff goods and services, if desired. It is all coming to Iraq.

I believe this is what we need to see. The cycle of money working. This is a symptom of a healthy economy. This we wait for and watch for. This is RV time folks. No secret sources, No waiting for madam woo of China to fund  the RV, No waiting for the “new Republic” or any other nonsense as all this you have been told.

However having said all this we know the 2018 elections are coming and we know that Iran too seeks to reinstate their currency post sanction relief. US Congress is now under review for this vote. Iran has already partnered up with Iraq in many aspects of their economies and trade. Why would both of their currencies not have to be normalized first? Wouldn’t this be a good idea? We also know Kuwait seeks the last of the approx 41 billion still owned to them for war reparations. Iraq is not set to make the final quarterly payment on this debt until mid 2018. Will Iraq remain under Chapter VII sanctions until this is resolved? Without Iraqi sanction relief they too can’t move to international status for their currency. We know they have done just about all their homework towards this effort except the actual move to the global exchanges.

Common sense says that these events might cause a delay in one or the other, if not managed correctly.

So NO the Iraqi dinar has not yet RV’d. The process of the RV has not yet started. How many times have we heard already from the same people the RV process has began?  

More news from the past articles……. (note the dates on these articles)
“Central Iraq” supports the currency delete the “zeros” dinar

January 2, 2017    
Posted by: special in Breaking News , Latest News , Arab economy , banks and insurance  

Revealed on the Keywords Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, he began to develop the first steps of the support of the Iraqi dinar project.
Keywords and said in a statement, said that the aim of the deletion of three zeros is to support the Iraqi dinar, and make it a competitor to foreign currencies, pointing out that this strategic project will serve the country ‘s economy, as the dinar will be included in the global basket of currencies in the vital exchanges(Many still dispute my claim that when the dinar comes out of Chapter VII sanctions they plan to peg it to an SDR basket of currencies. Well here it is again in black and white for you to see. Am I lying to you? Their words not mine. No Hype, No Rumors…. Just the FACTS!)

He added that the bank is working on mechanisms for the implementation of the project, it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017(He said the process is expected to START at the beginning of 2017. He does not say they will complete it by then. So it is underway already. ISIS is defeated and it is July already. Could we be in a better position? Did you read my list of RV “indicators” in my 7/19 newsletter? Can you see the situation in Iraq is the best it’s been EVER. Not just since the first or second gulf wars but EVER. Get it? I said EVER! )

He pointed out that the introduction of the new currency does not mean the destruction of ancient coins, but will continue to trade for about 10 years.

Iraqi dinar to have 3 zeros canceled by the Central Bank of Iraq according to Finance Commissioner

By Amir Abdallah
Apr 13, 2013 
The Iraqi dinar will have 3 zeros canceled by the Central Bank of Iraq according to Finance Commissioner, MP Abdul Hussein al-Yassiri.

MP al-Yassiri told Iraqi News that “it is supposed that this year will witness necessary preparations to cancel three zeros from the currency”.

He added that his commission supports such move for its importance to the Iraqi economy.
The Central Bank of Iraq, earlier, announced that cancelling the zeros is within a plan to develop monetary policies in the country.

One of the difficulties facing is Iraq is withdrawing 30 trillion Iraqi dinars from Iraq’s market at the present time and to replacing it with new currency.

Earlier, the ministry of finance ruled out the idea of cancelling the zeros in 2013 because the federal budget was based on the current currency.

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat



Zorra from Hollow Earth Call on 07/22/2017
(reference: http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2017/07/zorra-call-today-at-12-pm-edt-7-22-17.html)

Call Replay

Topic: TreasuryDirect Accounts (TDAs), Important Quotes from the Call:

00:11:53 (Zorra) "This is the beginning of your blessing, to come forth, it is also what is termed, it is the (ah) also part of what is called part the NESARA and part of what is called the St. Germain Trust, distribution of funds...and it is beginning with you! Remember when I told you, in the past, that everyone would be receiving a portion of this blessing; I never said what the blessing was, in essenece, but now that this has been brought forth, then now I can bring this forth and let you understand. So I'm confirm what was said before...but, using your Routing number and using your social security number, you can pay off your debts."

00:36:30 (Zorra) "Indeed. Understand that your explanation (Sharon's TDA overview) you are giving is correct, but also understand this...they (Cabal) are not going to stop it (TDA), it is gaining momentum and my advise to all of you is to be in harmony and joy...and just do, and the more your do, the more you access these accounts, the more you do it, ... it is going to be unstoppable." "They (Cabal) cannot stop 7-billion people." "This is a trial for you, to see how determined you are."

00:38:12 (Jane) "So from your understanding when we talk about the (ah) TreasuryDirect Accounts, now what you are actually validating is that this is actually part of the NESARA and St. Germain Trust that is unfolding for us, correct?"
(Zorra) replied "It is indeed."

00:38:46 (Jane) "So you want us all to do this?" 
(Zorra) replied "I want everyone to do this!"

US Government FS form 5446 (updated February 2017)

TreasuryDirect Account Name: (your full name as on SS card, in ALL CAPS)
TreasuryDirect Account Number: your SSN + add “22” (from checking account/for paying bills); or + “32” (for wires)

00:55:50 (Zorra) offered Routing Numbers, derived from your US social security card Letter District:

• A Boston (1st District) 0110-0001-5
(Zorra actually stated this routing number incorrectly as 0110005 and 01100005, twice on the call)
• B New York (2nd District) 0210-0120-8
• C Philadelphia (3rd District) 0310-0004-0
• D Cleveland (4th District) 0410-0001-4
• E Richmond (5th District) 0510-0003-3
• F Atlanta (6th District) 0610-0014-6
• G Chicago (7th District) 0710-0030-1
• H St. Louis (8th District) 0810-0004-5
• I Minneapolis (9th District) 0910-0008-0
• J Kansas City (10th District) 1010-0004-8
• K Dallas (11th District) 1110-0003-8
• L San Francisco (12th District) 1210-0037-4

01:06:20 (Zorra) “you can become totally debt free from this (TDA) process.”

01:16:45 (583 caller - Alexandra) "...you cannot use your social (SSN) to pay someone else's debt," (confirmed by Sharon) "you can only pay your own debts."

01:18:08 (Zorra) "Understand this. You do not want to go out and go crazy, and you do not want to, do what is termed, to try and purchase something, such as a house, or a car, or things...it is about paying off your debts..."

I have located the "LUV" (actually i-uv) website reference, commented on by Sharon during the call:



Ascension Blessings IDC!