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Zimbabwe: RBZ Moves to Formalise Forex Trading, 15 JULY

By Zebb Chakawa

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) last week relaxed rules for starting bureaux de change, as it seeks to promote formal forex trading and counter a resurgent informal currency exchange market following the introduction of bond notes late last year.

Analysts said the move would encourage Zimbabweans to use formal channels for foreign exchange transactions, therefore undermining the black market.

"It's positive as it will reduce the cost of accessing foreign currency through formal channels," said Prosper Chitambara, a Harare-based economist.

He said the RBZ was trying to "deal with the black market" but noted that given the fact that Zimbabwe was now a highly informalised economy, the black market was unlikely to be destroyed by the current move.

The central bank measures appeared to buck the trend both on the continent and elsewhere in the management of the foreign currency traders, who have been accused of becoming "wholesale dealers" illegally dolling out millions of dollars to customers in Nigeria or capitalising on "loopholes for corruption and money laundering" in Tanzania.
But in its decision this week, the RBZ said interested individuals and institutions should register as bureaux de change with limited authority as provided for under Exchange Control (Authorised Dealers with Limited Authority) Order 2015, Statutory Instrument 104 of 2015.

The move, said the central bank, was part of its efforts "to enhance the ease of doing business and foster financial inclusion and the level of participation in the financial services sector".

"Currently, there is a limited number of licensed bureaux de change with the majority of urban centres, including ports of entry/exit, having no formal bureaux de change services. Accordingly, interested parties are being called to embrace this opportunity and provide bureaux de change services to the public and travellers and enhance access to formal services for exchange of currencies in the country's multicurrency system including bond note," said the RBZ.

Zimbabwe, which ditched its currency in 2009 to tame hyperinflation, is currently a hard currency economy, but cash shortages led to the introduction, in November, of bond notes which were meant to mitigate what the central bank described as "externalisation of US dollars".
The unavailability of forex from banks, as well as the introduction of bond notes, fuelled the resurgence of a black market for foreign currency, which is now competing with banks as a source of foreign cash for individuals and institutions.

A banker said the initiative by the central bank sought to "monitor foreign currency dealers outside our doors."

"The central bank is trying to have oversight over forex trading outside the banking sector," said the banker, who cannot be named for professional reasons.

Asked if the measures would impact on the business of commercial banks, the banker said: "To some extent. But they (bureax de change) are third or fourth channels in the foreign currency market."

The RBZ allowed bureaux de change to resume operations in 2009 after banning them in 2002 for fuelling a black market.

They had also been accused of offering inflated exchange rates, undermining the formal banking sector which charged commissions and taxes for foreign currency transactions.
Although few reopened for business, many later closed down due to poor business under a multiple currency regime.

There is a perception within government that there is a huge amount of foreign currency that is unbanked.

But how this could be harnessed through bureaux de change remains unclear.

Due to failure to access cash when they want it, Zimbabweans are now shunning banks, preferring to keep their money at home or elsewhere outside the formal system.

The challenge the new regime by the RBZ may face will be how to bring the bureaux de change under control to curb money laundering.

Zimbabwe is a member of the Eastern and Southern Africa Anti Money Laundering Group.
Bureaux de change buy or sell foreign currency or exchange one currency for another through the application of exchange rates   link

"Testing the New Financial System" by Fireswan , 15 JULY

NESARA must be very close.


The NPTB (  New Powers That Be) are testing the new financial system on the general public.

How do I know this?

I work in Information Technology (IT). Before we release a new service/product/application, we test it with knowing or unknowing beta customers.


To get real work loads to look for behaviors that were unexpected to catch bugs in the system. Even the super-duper computer cannot "see" the unforseen.

Humans have a random component to them that makes them unexpected. Maddening for the controllers, but also gives us our juicy "secret sauce" that makes humans so interesting. We are not very predictable.

So, when testing a new system on the unsuspecting public, especially with a very "activating" agenda like a new financial system, what does an IT director do?

Release features one-at-a-time in a very controlled way, with a lot of machine learning features turned on to try to capture how the system responds "with actual customer use cases" to "actual loads"... as it's known in the biz...

First. Release info. "You can access your secret FRB account... here's how..."

Test "What/Why" - can the unsuspecting public figure out what FRB is associated with their SSN, and what happens when they try to pay off bills, and which bills do they pay off. Great data set. Does anyone attempt to buy a Bentley? Or are most of the attempts just to provide relief...

Next. Test "How/Where/When" - watch what happens as the unsuspecting users go into their various banking systems and attempt to improve their situations. Some follow the instructions exactly, some don't, but it's all good from a tester's perspective because the data analytics needs both kinds of "data flows".

Next. Reverse some of the payments.

If there are "problems", the unsuspecting users contact customer service (or not). Reach out for help from the folks who released the info. Or do other things to "get it to work". Usually the unsuspecting user has some "skin in the game" and will keep trying alternatives. They will act out varying levels of entitlement, insult, patience, trust, gratitude, disbelief, etc.


Once a user has "gone down the road" once, they're somewhat invested and committed to getting it to work. I know. It's a human thing. Programmers and UX (user experience) designers are always evaluating the fine line between hope and giving up out of hopeless frustration. How creative are the unsuspecting users to come up with new and unforseen work flows? How many attempts do they make before they give up? How do they try to get around the obstacles and road blocks? What do they do? On-and-on.

The programmers will change their models. The work flow analysts will update their processes.

And then what do they do? Turn the test system off and UPDATE to get everything into a "known state" and release it into "production.

At somepoint the test system switches over to the production system when the risks of catastrophic failure from unforeseen data input or workflows are deemed acceptable, and it is more costly to "gold plate"... again, term from the biz... the system... than to "ship it" and make corrections as fine tuning happens in the "wild" or "the field".

OK. So that's all adding up. Now what?

We've tested the FRB system (thank you unsuspecting), now have them test the NPTB system.

Out comes the golden ticket. Only one number.

Users are relieved that there is only one routing number.


Simpler. The advantage of this new test is that the tester will accept a "clean slate" and start over.

If their transactions were returned, they'll try again with the new info. New input. Are they going to do it in exactly the same way, or now try a different approach? What is the learning curve like? What do they do if this also has problems, but they are different problems than using the first codes. How do they respond, adjust? Do they have more hope (investment) or are they more easily frustrated? What do they do when frustrated?

Notice, now the guidence is to report the codes that are given when the system fails. There are leaked places to report these codes...

How able are ordinary people to "game" or reverse engineer the system? What happens when they find the error codes? Are they motivated to fix the problem "with the bank", taking some ownership and responsibility, or are they helpless and hopeless? Do they give up and not report.

Or do they "wait for NESARA"?

Do the reports of success "go viral" faster than the reports of failure? Gotta have some successes for the users to provide their free testing services for the system owners. The carrot has to be more juicy than the stick is painful.

Usually beta testing with actual users/customers doesn't go on too long because they'll need to switch over to production before there's a catastrophic breach of trust and the situation spins out of control. Gotta upgrade the chomping at the bit users to a real/working solution before they start going "awhal".

Therefore, with all of this analysis from an IT perspective, we must be very close.

Very close.


"GCR - Admiralty/Maritime Law" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 7-14-17

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "GCR - Admiralty / Maritime Law" 7/14/17

Subject: GCR - Admiralty / Maritime Law
What is happening now is...the "Currency Reset" roll out.

It is known as the GCR. (Global Currency Reset)

It is the return to "gold backed" money.

Not (fiat) "Federal Reserve Notes". (backed by "Birth Certificate Bonds"...an IOU or nothing at all)

An IOU will promise to pay at a future date...with no arrival of the future date.

People stopped being "born" in 1933.

After 1933 they are "pledged".

"Berth" (old English) for when a ship is "born" (manufactured) and launched into water at its "berth". (dock)

Understand that in "Admiralty / Maritime Law"...the "boat" (child-vessel) slides down the "river" (birth canal) to the stainless steel table at "the hospital" (dry dock) and is "born" (berthed) into the world.

Then In runs the Social Security (dry dock) Staff...to give the (boat registry number) to the child immediately. (Presidential Executive Order #13037 President Clinton 1999 - chattel-asset-animal-people)

Years ago this happened literally...when twins were born to Joan Doe in a Kalamazoo Michigan hospital.

Joan Doe (19 years old) had barely got off the delivery table when they came with forms and demands for her to sign up the twins.

It was unbelievable to witness.

We stopped the registry of the "vessels" (her twins) by constantly standing on her rights and their rights.

So you have many remedys rolling out and coming into place.

First...we have the currency reset.

Then...we go from Federal Reserve Notes...to U.S. (Gold Backed) Dollars or U.S. Notes coming from the (NEW) "Restored Republic" U.S. Treasury in Reno Nevada.

We have been guaranteed a Republic since 1782. (Article IV Section IV, Constitution)

The new dollars (notes) are backed by gold...thanks to "The B.R.I.C.S. Nations". (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

'No gold backed currency'...we do not deliver our products from over seas to your docks in the USA...because we want payment in real money. (you do not have)

"The squeeze" is on...as all nations are forced to leave 'The Controller - Super Bank" (a Central Bank / Federal Reserve) in every developed nation on this planet.

Book education: "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustice Mullins"

Rockefeller took the gold out of Fort Knox in 1927 and shipped it to his bank in France.

This created "The Great Depression" in one stroke.

He printed $10K gold notes in numbers above and beyond what he reported to Congress.

Then sent the notes to France and called them in.
"The Great Depression" was "The Greatest Heist" ever in the history of this country.

Bread lines...banks closed...and they stole all your safety deposit boxes and anything of value found in them.

Then in 1933 Reck-a-fellow moved back to Manhattan and called in the notes from France and made $15.00 per ounce on the gold...super rich once again.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...The Wizard of Ounces known as "Oz".

'Toto' the little black dog was "in the black" (black dog - animal-chattel-asset) once he went behind the curtain and discovered "The Wizard". (Rockefeller)

So...General Dunford raids the New York Fed a couple years back and picks up $9T.

This money is (presumably) going to be released to the American public @ $100K per month...for 12 years. (a 'super fund')

Then we have "The Swiss Indo" from the days of John F. Kennedy (another 'super fund') to be released for $1,200. per month for every adult on the planet.

Then we have the St. Germain Trust. (not sure how much is being released from this 'super fund')

Then we have the foreign currency exchanges (and their exchange rates) which is part of the GCR around the globe. (Iraqi Dinar...Vietnamese Dong...Zimbabwe Gold Bonds and more)

Then we have more 'super funds' via the release of the B/C (Birth Certificate) Bonds (held by the Vatican worldwide) via the Treasury Direct Account.

There is nothing to stop it from rolling out.

It is "The Grand Jubilee".

The Wizard's reign has come to an end.

To understand how we got into this mess...read: "Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs. (how the Nazi's found treasure of King Solomon in France and Spain hidden in the mountains...prior to 1944)

Old man Bush said..."we will have a New World Order".

Well...he was / is head of the Fourth Reich


From Island1211


Eight months ago, I posted that we would need to see in this order before the RV… the following:

1) Mosul Liberated, Announcement by Abadi, and a Celebration. Done.

2) Agreement with Kurds, including oil and territory settlement, then finally the HCL will be in position to be passed by the GOI. (Kurds, including Barzani and the oil minister from Baghdad meet today, see article below) Getting Done
3) CBI re-educating citizens on the deletion if the three zeroes (we are seeing the payments in country with e-dinars, CBI website upgraded to BIS), and finally

4) Iraq being compliant with Article VIII with the IMF and 5 - UN lifting sanctions and the RV.

The IMF is meeting with Iraq in DC this week. The UN came out a couple of days ago and told Iraq they need to be Article VIII compliant/RV.

The lynchpin to the RV, now that Mosul has been declared liberated by Abadi, the Kurds and Baghdad finalizing the HCL agreement. Barzani wants independence, and this agreement is going to have to allow for that contingency in order to get him to sign off on it.

This was a VERY IMPORTANT meeting today, which I was expecting. I'm expecting to see the CBI starting to re-educate the public on the RV. These CBI articles should be coming out within the next couple of weeks. I'm still looking towards end of summer for the RV.

I believe that Trump will use this RV to pay down our national debt, although I'd be surprised if that ever gets disclosed. [As with Clinton when Kuwait revalued.]

I think Congress will get tax reform so we will be able to inject more of our profits back into the US economy instead of Obamacare, debt to China, and "the swamp" of bureaucracy.

Again, the agreement with the Kurds over oil is the lynchpin now, and this article should make everyone very happy along with the UN publicly saying that Iraq needs to RV (via IMF Article VIII compliance).

If an agreement is reached with the Kurds, it's time to really start with your post-RV plans.

Posted, 2017/7/12

[Oan- Baghdad] The federal government confirmed in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Arbil , get ready to open a new page of relations and cooperation after the reconstruction of Mosul recently liberated from the terrorist gangs Daesh.

The ministers held the Kurdistan Regional Government Council, on Wednesday, a meeting with the federal government delegationheaded by Minister of Oil, Jabbar Luaibi, it was agreed to form a committee to coordinate cooperation between the two sides in the field of oil and electric power.

The meeting took place between the delegation of the Federal Government and the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region , headed by the President of the Government of the Territory, Barzani, and the presence of Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Qubad Talabani , in addition to a number of ministers of the region.

A statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government, that the two sides have announced their readiness to open a new page, and continuous dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems between the two parties.

The statement, discussed the formation of a joint committee to coordinate cooperation between the two sides in the field of oil and electric power, including in the interest of all the Iraqi people all.

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, according to the statement, expressed “readiness of the Kurdistan region to cooperate in the post Daesh, to ensure the normal life of citizens in the affected areas and their return to it.”

Turning Barzani during the meeting, to relations between the KRG and the federal government to post-Daesh especially in areas affected by the fighting, which are needed now to reconstruction again.

For his part, “thanked the Federal Government delegation, the Government of the Territory to its readiness for cooperation and coordination of the Iraqi government.”

Arrived Wednesday morning, a delegation of the Federal Government, comprising ministers of oil, education, agriculture, electricity and agents finance ministries, electricity, oil, education and agriculture with a number of general managers and advisors of the Iraqi government, to Erbil, to discuss issues of common interest.



Elmerf123456:  No word on that news yet but let me tell you this do you think all the high-ranking officials in the Arab League sending Abadi praises on the victory they achieved due to brotherly love? Or maybe it's something else !  This is a big picture a big process and Iraq is an epicenter in the making …we all know that

Luvwulfs:  It happened in Kuwait, it will happen in Iraq.

Beckardo:  Good evening fam. Here is a very interesting bank article. Hmmm http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-15/financial-martial-law


StephenMac63:   Hmm,  first time for me to see this, keep in mind that the Iraq invasion was in 2003, look at the date this was minted......would it be during the very early part of Maliki reign?   Just making sure......    http://www.silvergreetings.com/irnew20x100d.html

CSHessman:  I like this last part of that article Stephen;


"Iraq is estimated to have the world’s second-largest oil reserves, with reserves recently revised upward from 115 to 143 billion barrels, based on new geological surveys. By the 1970s, Iraq’s oil resources had enabled the country to reach middle-income status, with a modern infrastructure, and good education and healthcare systems.

Since then, however, Iraq has suffered through three devastating wars, a long period of economic and financial mismanagement, and international sanctions imposed during the 1990s.... Nevertheless, Iraq’s longer-term outlook is strong as domestic and foreign investment in the hydrocarbon sector starts to bear fruit, and oil production and exports are projected to increase considerably in the years ahead."

Don961:   Abadi adviser: Central Bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars

 15-07-2017 03:41 PM

The Euphrates -

The financial adviser to the Prime Minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh on Saturday that the Iraqi currency fully covered in foreign currency, noting that the central bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars during the past two years.

"The central bank has played an important role in the war on the organization of calling the terrorist and victory over him after the occupation of some provinces," Saleh said in his speech during a session of the Institute for Progress on Development Policy today, adding that "the central bank lent the government 21 trillion dinars during the past two years."

He added that 'the Iraqi currency is fully covered by foreign currency and no fear on the Iraqi dinar because the central bank defended the exchange rate over the last period', noting that 'the devaluation of the dinar against the dollar is not an easy solution because the conditions of Iraq.



MilitiaMan:  That is some serious change!! $696 Billion in spending, sounds like he Trump found some money and dang near unanimously too. Can't imagine why.. lol ~ MM

Peggy68:  The US House of Representatives vote on a military budget of about $ 700 billion

09:41 - 07/15/2017   Information / Baghdad ...

Passed the US House of Representatives on Saturday, the annual draft military budget law authorized the US Department of Defense spending up to a huge $ 696 billion in exchange for the backing of 344 votes, rejected 81 votes.   

According to Sky News channel in the news I followed the agency / information / that "the law still faces other hurdles before becoming a special law because it increases defense spending more than last year's level, which stood at $ 619 billion, which is prohibited according to the restrictions imposed by the law of control of the budget for the year 2011 which on government spending. "

She added that "US President Donald Trump wants to increase military spending by cutting spending non-military but the Republicans need to support Democrats in the Senate, lawmakers have resisted Trump plans to change spending trends in the budget."

She said, "the new draft law for the defense budget increases spending on missile defense by 25 percent also includes soldiers' salaries increase by 2.4 percent, the biggest bonus for them in eight years." Finished / z



TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)
 TNT Call notes 14-July-2016 
Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=99857613 

RayRat: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, July 14, 2016. [It’s Bastille Day!] Yours truly RayRat98 here. We’ll talk about a few things before we get into our weekend. I know yesterday’s updates will be referred to at some point, and then there are questions for Ray… From the information we shared with your yesterday, Iraqi television has been rolling like you wouldn’t believe! 

Our Thursday update said: Reports are coming from Iraq TV covering the following issues and concerns: It is time to complete the economic reforms. The time has come for the private sector to be launched. An expressed need for the Iraqi currency to represent its “true” value. Their purchasing power will increase. The citizens will receive their long awaited back pay and subsidies. There was basically a lot of talk about the economic reforms being escalated. 

Now as for today’s news, “economic reforms are presented to the World Bank”, presumably today. There are rumors that a full seated government needs to be in place, and that there are still a few neighborhoods in Mosul that need to be cleared. Some think those are significant, and others say those are minor points. I don’t know. 

What could be so important that MSNBC is reporting live from Iraq at 10pm EST tonight? We’ll find out at 10pm, or maybe even sooner. But look at how the information has come to you so far; when you receive information, it has already taken place, in the past tense. 

When they say “this will happen”, that’s different; when they say X has taken place, it’s already happened, may just now or five days ago, but it is now being reported.

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: Do you think that the reason the ZIM might be treated as a bond or a currency would be the difference between a lump sum payment now vs. a stream of payments in the future? 

[RR: I don’t think so.] 

If so, then wouldn’t the rate as a Bond have to be higher to compensate for the longer period of time? 

A: I don’t think any part of that will factor into compensation for timing, quantity – I don’t think we are that big a part of the picture. 

Q: Should we have a separate account for each currency? 

A: Some time ago, that was recommended because dinar be treated differently; as it doesn’t cost anything to put it in a separate account, you might as well. 

Q: When the RV takes place and we make the final registration for the post RV seminars can we register to attend in a different city than we checked on the preliminary form? If not, can we change that destination now, and how do we go about doing it? 

A: Yes, you can change it presently; the preliminary signup was just to count heads, to see how many people want to go in each area. After today you won’t be able to do that; we just wanted to get an idea. 

Q: Has anything changed as far as Canadians are concerned? 

A: I haven’t heard of any changes for Canadians. 

Q: Are the lower fils being out and used yet? 

[RR: No.] 

I thought I heard something on OM discussed about Iraq businesses paying 5% cash and 95% dinar, but by a certain date, all would have to be dinar and they would have to have a card so it would be put on it digitized. Has that date occurred yet or has your contacts mentioned any of this? 

A: No, that date has not occurred, and that was information about how the citizens would get paid, to get them acclimated to the electronic payments. They would be paid 5% cash (dinar), and 95% on their cards (also dinar). That’s my under-standing of the process, anyway, and the date has not yet become. 

Q: Will banks provide a quarterly or yearly statement of interest paid on these large sums? 

A: I’m sure you will be able to work it out with your bank. I’ve only heard of yearly statements. 

Q: Have you heard of any hidden laws still to be passed in Iraq? 

A: Yes/no. Let’s leave it at that. 

Q: I have a few Saddam Hussein notes as collectables. Since they are no longer making these, do you think these could be worth something when the RV is over?
A: If you mean any time in 2017, then no, I don’t think so. But hold onto them, so whatever happens, you can take advantage. 

Q: When we ask to see the screen at the bank, will they be showing us what they see or is there a “gray” screen with higher numbers lurking beyond what they show us? 

A: I don’t know. From members who had the experience, they turned the screen around or had the person look over their shoulder, so they are looking at the same screen. 

Q: Have you ever heard that the public will not get to exchange? 

A: No, I have never heard that, and yes, it is a dumb question. 

Q: Do you think Iran is waiting for Iraq to revalue before they do? 

A: Yes, I do. 

Live questions 

303 caller: I am a little confused about the relationship between redemption centers and banks. Word is that the redemption centers will have better rates. Comments? 

RayRen: I have not addressed that on this call, so you will have to go to wherever you heard it from for clarification. The only thing I’ve heard is that banks have redemption branches, which are still part of the bank. I don’t know about higher rates. 

Caller: Are you still planning to have a Las Vegas event? 

RayRen: The Vegas event will be a four-day convention with vendors, businesses, etc. The banking seminars are one-day events where banks will offer their various services to us, so that the bank can talk to 500-1,000 people at one time and address all of our questions and concerns. Many there might well do business with that bank. It’s just about what the banks have to offer us.

Caller: Do you believe this is the last ‘regular’ call? 

RayRen: I kind of feel like that, yes. 

610 caller: Is that MSNBC broadcast at 10pm EST, 7pm PST? [RR: Yes.] Also, please donate by sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. 

870 caller: A long time ago, we discussed the contract rates, and it was said that if you signed the NDA for one, you would have to do so for all of them. 

RayRen: Well, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to ask for contract rates for all, if you are having to sign an NDA for one. 

Caller: I was thinking about the Zim. RayRen: If there is not a contract rate, you won’t have to sign an NDA. I don’t really know what is happening with the Zim… as long as they do something with it! 

347 caller: I’ve been hearing sound-bites on Channel 2 about Abadi’s speech, and then on MSNBC they are still saying Mosul is not fully liberated, and now we’re supposed to hear something at 10pm EST tonight. Are you hearing any conflict or propaganda here, some kind of delay or some type of shade they’re trying to throw at the last minute? 

RayRen: No. I do know that the more dramatic the news, the more viewers they get. They are in the business of sellers viewers or readers, and therefore they have to get their attention and draw them in. We tend to flock to bad news. Good news we hardly every look at, maybe just at the headlines, but if it’s bad… The news is hard to just say 100% positive things about the news when it’s business and they try to make money. The economic reforms presented to the World Bank – that’s big news, but when did it actually happen? This is good big news, but it would have been great to know two days ago. Abadi referred to escalating the reforms, and it would be good to hear about it the moment it is being done. News is always after the fact, but it’s still good. I don’t think the bad stuff is damping down the good stuff; it’s to get viewers. Yes, I think those are skirmishes, but I think they are insignificant, regarding the RV. I don’t think it will have an impact on the decisions being made to go forward, such as the economic reforms being sent to where they need to go. 

512 caller: You talked about something a few months ago about gifts of up to 14K per year; how many such gifts can you give in any year? 

RayRen: The best place to get an answer to that question is the IRS. Call them. Take some time the various ways to give a gift before you start giving gifts. Learn about entities and financial tools; focus on learning how to give someone a controlling position rather than a position of ownership. There are different ways to go about that, and it might take a little time to learn how. There is no rush to get money to your recipients if they don’t know when it is coming. Ask what the best way to give and help others might be; you might stick to the first thing you thought of, or you might find other ways are better, or give better results for less cost. There might be ways that would double the impact! So do some research before deciding. 

865/404 caller: What are your sources saying about the GCR and the RV – will one come first, or all done simultaneously? 

RayRen: All my sources are saying is “Iraq”. Caller: Will you send out reports on what MSNBC has to say? Because not everyone has access to that channel. Also, I’m really looking forward to this being the final ‘regular’ call, and to the PIF projects ten days after the RV. 

RayRen: I have some people who WANT me to say this is the final call. I’ll believe it when I see it. 

FL caller: What was that about 10pm tonight? And I heard every Iraqi citizen is supposed to receive one million dinar… 

RayRen: MSNBC are doing a live broadcast from Iraq at 10 o’clock tonight. I haven’t heard anything about one million dinars; it seems early to be talking about reparations for survivors. If it is true, we’ll hear more about it, I’m sure. I am hearing about ‘rise in purchasing power’, which means your dinar will buy more. 

208 caller: [cannot hear this caller] Those who spreading knowledge about our SS straw man accounts are saying the RV is happening because more people are hearing about those straw man accounts. 

RayRen: I don’t know anything about that. You’re in Idaho – close to Coeur d’Alene? Are you coming to the meet-and-greet on Saturday, July 28? We’ll be having a cruise on the lake with a dinner, starting 7pm PST. You should come! 

501 caller: After the RV, you said something about having a call where you could give us some possible rates to ask for? I’d like a little help on that. 

RayRen: Yes, as soon as we know the RV is publicly released, with everything we know. We will share all the information we have, the best way we can. 

904 caller: Can you add me to the text list, please? 

RayRen: You have to do that. Text to 40404, saying FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM. You should get an automatic text reply saying that you are now following TNT. 

704 caller: Earlier you said that Zim was questionable; how do you feel about the dong? Do you feel the same as you do about the Zim? 

RayRen: Not at all – the dong is already a viable currency. Now, I do expect good results from the Zim, but there is a lot of hoopla about whether it’s a currency or a bond, and with rates from three cents to well over a dollar, or even many dollars. Don’t get rid of it; I’m just not in a position to say “it’s going to be a currency (or bond) and this is what they’re going to do”. The Zim is not a viable currency; the Zim they are using in the country is different from the Zim we are holding, and there is nothing definitive that we can look at. Hold onto it; I’m going to ask for three digits, which can be anything from $1.00 to $9.99! 

860 caller: I did sign up for the preliminary registration, for the head count, and then I got an email from you saying “return to this page to attend the event”. Is that new? 

RayRen: I don’t know, because I haven’t sent out any emails. 

Caller: Have you heard from any other people who have exchanged this week? Or anything on the 800 numbers? 

RayRen: Not yet. 

805 caller: You said earlier that you might be able to give us more information on Monday; do you expect to have a call on Monday? 

RayRen: I hope not, if what people are telling me is true, or not a pre-RV call, anyway. Either way, we’ll probably have some kind of call on Monday. 

FL caller: I signed up for an account with Chase, and have also had accounts with Wells Fargo for years. WF is still saying that they are not handling the dinar or dong. I happened to be in the bank on Monday, and my rep said that they are now handling the dong; he also said that if they have it in one branch, they will have it everywhere. WF online still doesn’t say anything about the dinar or dong, but at least my rep does have the dong on his screen. 

972 caller: It puzzles me that someone actually asked, “Have you heard that there won’t be a public exchange?” I think that such a person wants us to sell our dinar back to wherever we bought it from. Tony said over and over, “no matter what they say, do NOT give your dinar away”, so I cannot understand how people can be this close to the end and he’s still asking a question like that. 

702 caller: That show on MSNBC tonight – what’s it about?
RayRen: I have no idea. A report just came to me that they would be reporting live from Iraq, so we can find out together. 

Closing Statement The weekend is here, and we’re ready to live it up! There should be some interesting bits of information over the course fo the weekend, although there are no promises. It could get a little crazy, so keep your wits about yourself. Pay close attention, but don’t jump to conclusions. If someone has something of value to share, they should be distinct and articulate. Double check your cell phone service and make sure that it and your electricity are both current, just in case. That’s one way of being prepared. There is expectation of information to come out, and we’ve heard that before, but think about the intel this week – that makes a difference. 

What are you now learning that is factual? “Economic reforms have been submitted to the World Bank.” That’s significant, and combined with other tidbits, it could be exciting this weekend. If it does materialize, you will not want to miss the information because your service was cut off. If you leave home, take your phone and whatever else you need to take notes. 

The minutes I hear something, I will send out a blast/text, and if it is worthy of a phone call, I’ll tell you to get on the line, and it will be recorded as well. 

Good things happen at the weekend… keep believing. text/tweet/send out a blast. We’re almost there. 
RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


So much for my feelings that the RV would/might happen on the 13th That’s OK not all of the events that happened on the 13th were all that great. My first wife and the mother of my two sons and I were married on August 13. Thirteen years later we divorced after my coming home early from a deployment and found her sleeping in our bed with another man. Talk about a heart breaker.

You know the old saying “bad things sometimes happen to good people” Life goes on so they say. Anyway I was so sorry to hear about Etoile’s mother passing away. My condolences to the family. On another subject it appears we will spend time in the “Wait and see” mode for a while longer. Does not help me with all the: could of, would of, should of messages we hear on a regular basis.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we know all good things come in Your timing but I fear many of us beginning to lose the confidence that they will need when the hour and days come to make our world a better place. Long ago I learned that things and circumstance don’t always follow our designed time lime. We have folks here suffering and barely hold on. Help them please.

Dear Lord God Almighty, thank you for walking this path with us and facing obstacles that we could never imagine much less endure in our time on this earth. Hear our prayers dear Father. Above all Lord we ask for healing for those of us who are sick weary from our journey thus far. Amen and Amen,,

Sleep well my dear friends the new day is dawning and our destiny awaits.

did Delta sound like he was saying the Monetary Reform was NOT complete? I was under the impression MR was complete



Hmmm ok, my mistake then...

hsa there been a follow up to the Pastor John exchange story ? Is He still in chat ?

Stag1 I will looks as there is good news still poring in. If I was pastor I would be like a fart in the wind.


Was Pastor ohn's sory 1st person or one of his parishioners?

Imagist- I don't know Thinking just him that had skr and was made liquid.. Did Ray ever follow up o that ?

Imagist Pastor John posted himself what he put in chat. Because he signed an NDA he had to post in a round about way.


Goodmorning everyone. It looks like another long weekend. Dry and hot is the weather. Well no $$$$ no fun. Sure gets depressing after awhile.


I'm thinking the nda will allow you to say you've ce'd and such, but you won't be able to get into the weeds about it, like maybe the rates you got. Ithink you'll still be able to chat about the overall experience.


The NDA is not a secret. So I can say I signed an NDA, but cannot disclose the facts or details.


Imagist - Is the NDA you signed have anything to do with what we are waiting for?


I wouldn't think so. It would be negotiated after u are in the room. I wrote that because so many people worry about what can be said after signing.


RC: What do you thin about conf being cancelled? I really don't think postponement will stop RV. That conf would be icing on the cake, for them?



I am hoping it is like Kuwait???


It's not just Iraq this is global and New Rates and Currencies For Example we are going to switch to the New USN.
GKEL wrote
28m ago
Has anyone else noticed that the date at the top has disappeared?

Has Admin Bill said anything lately?


Has there been anymore info concerning Pastor John, please?


anyone on tnt chat has Pastor John been on chat or Lurking since he made his statement ?


Calm uh hm...... how is it so exciting Tuesday to calm oh well guess can't have hair on fire but seems like more of the same! Pray I'm wrong. Still happy for Iraqis it's still better than it was for them


RAB.. didn't RR say something about MSNBC doing a special on Iraq tonite at 10;00 EST?


MSNBC "On Assignment with Richard Engel" LIVE from Iraq~ tonight at 10pm ET, "


The Richard Engel special "On Assignment" is second in series of advertised specials he's doing. I strongly suspect it's not RV related.


sorry, found it. Anyone hear from Admin recently?




Wonder why admin has been missing


006 heard AB is havingcomputer problems, but I do not know.


have you heard from bil sunni?




Tool what up friend? They sad admirals group went through


weneedit i have been watching the self destruction of d land with this ss number acct thing......cull the herd


You mean I don't have money in my SS account? Crap I told the mortgage company I am clearing that debt with it !


weneedit thats why i went for a couple days.....my cousin is a attny and in a fed position to answer questions on this topic.......oh, my are there some sad faces coming....by way of incarceration.......but we are all big boys and girls and know what we are doing......not here to educate, but the view is interesting


toolfan, r we any closer my friend?


crimson nothing out there to say we are not, in fact everyone is really positive.....hang in there


hey toolfan I have heard that same thing. there are so many people that are going to go to jail for fraud

tf I keep mentioning be very careful post rv because there are people waiting on this to go through so they can bilk you out of your money

bar...british accreditation registry.... the crown.....esquire....england...google it

crimson...some things have come up with some fear....i plan to listen to the call...i do not trust any judge.....dr wc will be on tonight i am sure they have been reading the negative posts..lets see what is said tonight....


Weneeit, I can assure you that Admiral's Group has NOT gone.


No time for this bs ss nonsense


If I see prove maybe I will investigate until then no way will I spend any energy on it

So did anyone give a new window for rv. You know it tool still not 100%: on the rv lol


006 i really dont think we have left the window......we just wait it out

So much crap don't what to believe

RK is probably the most accurate guy.

Wonder why people are even saying Oct or nov. Imo non of the so called gurus have a clue just trying to make money


Still finding it hard to swallow that you might snag a higher rate by handing over a couple sheets of paper with some 'bullet points' plan on them. Idk.

Will be lurking tonight - as I'm all drugged up

It went fantastic


I am waiting to hear from Sand she must be sleeping off the surgery .


Sand it's been quiet on the board.. Admin was just in and didn't post anything or say hi humm


Him lurking this am too


I feel it! I can feel it closer! .......listening to the excitement that is coming towards us......


Has anyone seen Admin at all


What's shaking

Sand it's been quiet on the board.. Admin was just in and didn't post anything or say hi humm

Him lurking this am too

Sand hummmm wonder if he's upset about someome posting in DC or the other one

Hi - I went in told the DR. You are obi wan get out your light saber and pulverize them - when I woke up he said they are Sand.


Wasn't that really old stuff they posted?
Not much news out there guess they are desperate. Going to rest now - want just to say - Sand is back in town 


It's always good to have someone else edit your books. They can see what you can't.


I figured that one out a couple of years ago.. Cost little more but makes my work more acceptable.


All of my writing is at a standstill till I get my neck surgery or the RV. When I write I often write into the wee hours of the morning and through the next

The worst thing to happen to e is to be interupted while I am wring on one on my books. Some I have got so lost in my thoughts that I just scrapped the whole thing and starte over. I used to go through a lot of paper before computers.


I probably write much diferent then other folks and doing it on the computer helps because I can skip from chapter to chapter then when I am finished I can put it all together,.


I like the way you write TED. If I was a writer I would do it that way.

It helps if you know the start and the end in your mind then you start filling in the details and they come easy.


if you want to see the report on MSNBC http://www.livenewson.com/american/msnbc.html


Its only 5am in Iraq.


im watching this with tears in my eyes.....these people that survived lived through hell


Good night everyone. Is anyone watching Richard Engel on MSNBC? it's very interesting







Based on that iraq special iraq will never have stabilization

Now that mosul has come and gone I wonder what will be the next excuse




Did anyone watch the MSNBC thing?

Described the war... talking about the Kurds separating from Iraq

They are unstable and will be for a long time

They are free from isis now they will fight each other


I don't think even Ray knew what was going to be on the program. all he knew was that it was going to be about Iraq.

I know... 006. After the recording ray said this was not the regularly scheduled program. No one knows what the MSNBC show was gonna be... he insinuated that it could be more. So he heard.