Thursday, July 13, 2017

Elmer & the TNT Gang, 13 JULY

Just remember folks the rate that Iraq has been dealing with was a sanctioned rate in 2003 I rack has started their I's and cross their T's. in saying that for one moment do you think they will continue to operate under a depressed rate entering the world stage ? I think not. We wait for the glorious day !

I understand that Iraq and the IMF are having meetings in DC. Does anyone know when those meetings are over?

With the participation of 72 countries .. Washington hosts a meeting to install "victories war" in Mosul 11-07-2017 02:56 PM The Euphrates - Washington meetings, which start on Tuesday and continue until Thursday...

Do each of you remember about a month ago when Iraq said they will open their budget on July 12, 2017? Noone is talking about this today. Well, it's tomorrow. This has been kept very quiet since that time. Hmmm.... ) So Iraq is opening up their budget on the 12th.

Dedar...And someone said was the deadline for the 3rd zero to be dropped I think

Dinara yes that was with Frank with the 3 zeros.


7-13-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana    [As the UN is suggesting that Iraq quickly activate the HCL, and  the UN also has some clout over the distribution of funds to go to Iraq, do you believe the HCL will be activated much sooner than later?]   I'm leaning towards *SOON*. This is turning into a perfect situation for Iraq. 

7-13-2017   Newshound Gurus mike & chattels
  The dollar is the fastest decline against the dinar in months.  Article: "Dollar falls against the dinar in the Iraqi Stock Exchange"   Quote:   "The record sale of the dollar in exchange fight in Baghdad today 's price of 125 thousand and 650 dinars, the purchase price of 125 thousand and 600 dinars for $ percent, while the sale price of the dollar record yesterday 126 thousand and 150 dinars, the purchase price 126 thousand and 100 dinars per dollar cent."  1261-$1 to purchase the dollar.

7-13-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   It has been an interesting week.  Coming out of Monday, Abadi speech, proclamation...escalation of reform process has commenced.  Citizens were told this week and we are halfway there.  ...noticed the BIS has now linked CBI Iraq to it’s site.  Either they are fully international and there is no announcement or they are on their way...public release surfaces between now and Friday...That is the expectation.

7-13-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  "He also urged the government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government to benefit from the ideal military cooperation in the fight against Daeash, and to start work now to resolve outstanding issues, especially the issue of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution with regard to borders and disputed areas , Especially the status of Kirkuk, through dialogue and genuine partnership."  Here it is in black and white from the UN. Iraq needs to settle this article 140 and with it get HCL passed. Its all interconnectedWhy are they telling them this now. Why just after the liberation of Mosul? The UN is reminding them to be united as one country and what divides them is this oil dispute. They need a law and to enforce it.

7-13-2017   Intel Guru Frank26    Dr. Shabibi...said that he would add value to their currency for their citizens – meaning he wants to take care of the Iraqi’s inside of the borders. If the citizens get paid on the 21st...will we get paid too?  WS [Walking Stick...reference Frank26 post 7-11-2017]...by the 21st of this month has to pay his employees, not only a rate of 1 to 1...but it has to be 100% dinars.   WS company as of RIGHT NOW...has to pay at 5% in CASH...and the other 95% has to be paid in eDinars...and if the citizens want their money...they MUST go get a card!  Everything will be electronic in the future!  This is brilliant!  This is the MCP on steroids.  This will control the auction!  This is what the IMF wanted!  This is the definition of the lava flow!  This TEACHES the CITIZENS...  This is what Dr. Shabibi wanted!  This will affect the auctions for cash values.  Since Monday...the speed of light for the MR has really increased!  The BIS article that said they had merged with the CBI website happened over a year ago.  What is interesting though is they are GOING TO ACTIVATE THAT LINK!  Bank of INTERNATIONAL Settlements (BIS) – what does Iraq need to do now to lift the value?   INTERNATIONALISM!  There is some crazy stuff going on and I’M EXCITED!   [post 2 of 2]

7-13-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   We are in a time period right now – that started Monday.  I believe the things we are seeing right now are VERY EXCITING!  There is an enthusiasm in regards to the lava flow of the monetary reform.  As you know, on Monday, Abadi declared victory.  Now...the following day (Tuesday)...“Ring-A-Ding-Ding”...President Trump called Abadi.  He congratulate him (wink, wink)...and Trump apparently told the Kurds to “lay-off”...IMO...they continued their conversations about the monetary reform.  IMO...the time frame that we told you (that started on Monday)..we believe that date on the 10th (when Abadi made the announcement on the 10th)...we believe that was a roll-out...Within nanoseconds...the roll-out of the monetary reform occurred...It needed the announcement of Mosul...  So...Trump (talking to Abadi) continues to move Iraq forward with their monetary reform.  The MOMENTUM of the RV can now move at a faster pace.  President Trump is very happy about Mosul...because he knows what is coming next.  Now is the PERFECT TIME to RAISE the economic structure in Iraq...including their currency!  

TNT Dinar Conference Call w/Rayren98

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 13 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 13 July 2017 by Judy Byington

A. July 12 2017 Real Truth Call Yosef & Fisher:

1. The 800#s have been out for some time. People have been holding them, called them, though are getting the lower rates when they exchange. It would be worth it to wait.

2. Anyone good or bad, who holds up the RV is going to be eliminated. There are teams out there ready to do it.

3. They want to do the RV in the third quarter, but Oct. 1 is the fall back date for the transition because it is the end of the fourth quarter.

4. The NDAs are built into the structured payout agreement, which is all about not revealing the rates.

5. The Zim is in triple digits on the bank screen. So is the Dong.


B. July 12 2017 ZAP:

1. I was told that the RV is on and fully functional.

2. The next weeks will see many money movements.

3. Many others confirm this activity. It is all over the Internet.

4. It has begun.


C. July 12 5:57 pm EDT GCR Op-Ed: "Space" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Wednesday - July 12, 2017

1. The New Powers That Be felt you should know their bookend dates to annihilate all Cabal energy.

2. The (RV) process has just been completed, but not yet released for a variety of reasons.

3. The 2018 fiscal year would have begun on Oct. 1, 2017, but the Elders have relinquished control of the RV and accepted that the collapse of the Western World Economy / Governments is a necessary greater good option and a wise negotiating tactic before devastating their long time dark noble adversaries.

4. The 2017 third quarter ended June 30, but there is a normal two week reconciliation period for late settlements which ends July 15 at midnight.

5. At midnight Sat. July 15 we reach a divine tipping point.

6. If you're redeeming assets of any kind (and part of the Cabal) the RV will need to have been completed and released for your amnesty agreements to execute.

7. Cabal agents could see great wealth this weekend and/or be terminally incarcerated.

8. As for the meek, your much anticipated release can neither come after July 15, nor before Sept. 30. This dimensional space will be taken to bring about your greatest good and best financial interests for reasons that you will learn later.

9. A benevolent oversight mechanism has FINALLY kicked in and stepped up to release humanity's monetary reforms (i.e. triggering a full era transition). There's no more struggle - only a ten week difference in when the gift is ultimately given.


D. July 12 2017 TNT Call : iTeleseminar.com/99789699

1. In Iraq the monetary reform process has escelated and the administrators are celebating.

2. Expectations are that the public release would surface between now and Fri. July 14.

3. Some people have been asked to come in the bank to exchange.

4. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has now linked the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to their website.

5. Iraqi citizens have been told that things will be wrapped up this week.

6. Iraqi agreements have been signed by anybody and everybody - they are in a festive mood.

7. The length of the NDA is unknown, but it will be very specific on what an individual can say. In general if you sign an NDA you will be able to speak about your exchange in generalities, but not be able to reveal your exchange rate.

E. July 11 2017 Real Truth Call Fisher: Real Truth Call Replay w/ Fisher 7-11-17

https://fccdl.in/JU2C4Mgtk (Fisher comes on about 1:44:00 mark.)

1. Under the new system all your funds are your property and would be filed under your SS number.

2. Your funds are no longer under control of the Cabal-Vatican-London.

3. You don't have to file an IRS form.

4. In order for this to happen the Pope had to close down the Universal Trust Account that was under control of the Vatican. They put the funds back into individual's names.


F. July 12 2017 10:40 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Pardon" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - July 12, 2017

1. Humanity has till July 15th for the transition process.

2. If not, it will take one additional quarter to force out all remaining Cabal placing obstacles, and bring forward the RV by October 1st (new fiscal year).

8. We pray that this phase ends by July 15 as a gauntlet has been drawn for all amnesty packages (i.e. Cabal pardons).

9. Soon will be the abundant reality of the RV, ZIM Bond Notes, Sovereign Rates, HSBC/AIIB/Elders and the Republic.


G. July 12 2017 1:20 am EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview: "Deadline" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Wednesday - July 12, 2017

1. The point of acquiring huge stockpiles of physical assets over centuries is to amass so much wealth that you control all other aspects of society: military, banking, manufacturing, food supply, mining, minerals, real estate and government.

2. For over 400 years the Anglo-Saxon Cabal went for media control in the hopes of convincing the entire world to go against the Sovereign Asian Elders and thus transfer all power globally to them. The Cabal continues to peddle fantasy strength and struggles just to keep their lies up.

3. In reality most have either surrendered via amnesty or chosen to die with the con rather than deal with their new found, permanent irrelevance.

5. America still represents 25% of the world's GDP and has the strongest, most sophisticated military fighting force in the world. But what good are those negotiating assets if we can no longer pay for our national expenses due to our defaulted currency (USD)? America is fiscal toast without that new USN currency, which only exists on the new Sovereign Asian Elder Financial System backed by gold.

6. Truth is the Chinese have long owned and still do own the USA because their society is 5,000 years old and they've had centuries more time to accumulate the world's true value (natural resources).

7. The Elders would protect world markets as they have been doing for several years now and force the Republic into their GESARA way of thinking.

8. The US will have to pass our 2018 Federal Budget and Treasury controlled debt ceiling as both come due on exactly Sept. 30, 2017.

9. China will no longer accept old fiat USD money publicly after that 4th quarter ending date - which would collapse our economy overnight.

10. Maybe this is why currency exchanges for private or public redemptions have yet to commence. It's the Republic holding onto a bluff and slow playing out the Trump exodus which they have control over.

11. Until the Elders get everything they want - because he who has the gold makes the golden rules - ain't no one getting to exchange at screen rates anywhere in the world.

12. There is a hard deadline in mid-July to avoid a government shutdown in Sept.

13. Achieving compromise pre-deadline would mean we could all RV in North America and worldwide within moments.

14. But the closer we draw to said deadline, the more a complete collapse of the country's fiscal house and public currency insolvency looms.

15. The RV ball is rolling downhill finally, even picking up irreversible momentum. Yes the RV is coming. Whether that is sometime in the morning after 2am EDT this week or at the start of next quarter (Oct. 1).

16. America controls the fates of Ukraine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Paris Agreement with one unilateral and simultaneous decision. That's why America still matters. We control the destiny of other sovereign nations.

17. Everything depends on those fine people running our restored Republic government. The entire world is waiting on the US to become GESARA complainant.

18. That mid-July deadline does fast approach for both sides, with Heaven or Hell our only options.


RE: Wednesday Night CC Notes:
StephenMac63:  Pretty clever to require the citizens to get an e-card....especially when they really dont like the banks but when folks like WS says "Here's your pay, you can have 5% in dinar and the rest will be on a card for you" The citizens will then think "Aw Man, this stinks" WS will then say "Dude, your money has more value now"....the citizen will then be "more comfortable" with value, even if they have to go to a bank.

Frank26:  The CARDS will be for pay with the LD's used in .................. The Markets. 
Aloha Dreams of Amazement and Breathtaking Hopes........... \m/

Apmcrx: ...So this confirms that Iraqi citizens will be using the 95% of e-iqd in Cards for goods at the known exchange rate in iraq(1.2 or 1.25) mentioned in past CC  I think July 3rd and confirmed by pictures (IMO)...but what about the 5%? I don't  get it... 

Surfer223:  :  Let me expand on that to really break it down and paint a picture! 

Walkingstick says hey Hakim come to the office it's payday! Walkingstick says now Hakim you went and got your E-Dinar card right? Hakim says yes sir.

Walkingstick takes Hakims card and says "As you know we have been making pay changes with the reforms this pay period the company owes you 800 IQD in which 95% is paid on card and 5% I will give you in cash IQD. So you are paid 760 IQD on E- Dinar card Which by the way is equivalent to $760 Usd. Isn't that great!!!

Hakim says yes! Then walkingstick says wait. I now owe you 40 IQD cash.. Oh wait the lowest denom is a 250... Light bulbs folks!!!!!!

The lower denoms have to come out for this 5% to work... TA DA FREAKING DA!!!!!

StephenMac63:  RE: Don961, Post 63, submarine cable

this article intrigued me as I have never heard the term "submarine cable" or at least never gave it much thought if I did ever hear it. Did a google search on the topic and was directed to a site that had a map. Its pretty impressive to think that there are giant cables going all over the world, mostly underwater.


Don961:  yes pretty cool ... and how important for all Iraq to have a high quality , reliable Internet capacity .... for all the e-transactions they are doing now .... and are about to do ... among themselves ... and internationally ... including of course e-currency transferring


Samson:  Abadi: the future direction the government should focus on the economic side

12th July, 2017

He stressed the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, Wednesday, guide the future government should focus on the economic side, development, and education, which is the foundation for the renaissance of the state and society.

Ebadi said in his speech during the Cabinet meeting vassal "Economy News", that "the direction of future government should focus on the economic side, development, and education, which is the foundation for the renaissance of the state and society," stressing "the need to fight corruption, which has hurt the state and society, and to activate the law


IObey77:  I just couldn't go to bed without making another post using some of Frosty's great posting from Frank's Amazing CC tonight!!  Oh, who am I kidding? The entire CC  was just a HUGE      TA DA!! Thank You!!

Frank26:  IMO … we believe that the UN will announce the end of CHAPTER VII – maybe this week – and certainly within this month of July.

Now is the PERFECT TIME to RAISE the economic structure in Iraq … including their currency!!!

I believe the things we are seeing right now are VERY EXCITING!

IMO … the time frame that we told you (that started on Monday) … we believe that date on the 10th (when Abadi made the announcement on the 10th) … we believe that was a roll-out.Within nanoseconds … on the 10th … the roll-out of the monetary reform occurred.
The word is MOMENTUM!!!

When you add 5% + 95% … and all of it (100%) is in IQD now!!!!!!!!!



Vsdk:  Fri. 7-7-17 Abadi announces Mosul to the Iraqis,

3 days later,
Mon. 7-10-17 Abadi announces Mosul to the world & the MR rolls out,

3 days later,
Thu. 7-13-17, we’ll have to see what happens today, we know CBI/GOI likes Thu. for some action.

(Side note here, Fri. & Sat. to Iraqis are like our Sat. & Sun., their Sun. is their 1st business day)

3 days later,
- Sat. into Sun., remember the bloomberg video about some financial change some Sat. night going into Sun.?

(Bloomberg video that said one Saturday night they will adjust all the currencies and we wake up Monday morning to all new exchange rates!!!

- Sun. 7-16-17, parliament is out on a holiday (Shab’s 3 day holiday? -I know Fri. & Sat. are no holidays but I think you get my idea)…

- As per Peggy’s last analytical review (if I remember right) there’s a CBI holiday this coming Mon. 7-17… Could it be linked to CL’s “7 speech" a couple of years back everyone was referring to a week ago (b/c of the 17th)?

Could Iraq be following a pattern of something happening every 3 days? I remember Frank saying that the new rate needed the National Reconciliation & yesterday Frank said “Article 140 is for the HCL but the National Reconciliation is of most importance right now”.

Then he says that following the pattern of them dropping a 0 on the 12th, the 3rd 0 was supposed to be dropped yesterday (the 12th) but they did it on 7-2-17; then he says that WS (& others, if I remember correctly) turned their paper work earlier & that (I believe WS said) “We expect things earlier”.

They were supposed to have turned their paper work by the 21st but they (at least most of them) did it on the 5th, for employees to get paid 95% eDinars & 5% cash (obviously LDs), eDinar & LDs need one thing, new updated rate.

 Not hunting for a date here but plain common sense tells me by the 21st, -when they get eDinars & LDs which require a new rate-, there needs to be a new updated rate. We’ll have to see what happens between now & this coming Sun.

Adam Montana "Things are Looking Up" , 13 JULY

Things are looking up! Mosul has now been officially declared a victory.  HCL should be addressed, officially, in a timely manner...SOON. We can be confident that the IMF and CBI are on good terms. CBI is acting like a real player, and the IMF is giving them an approving nod simply by not saying anything contradictory about them. Regarding oil PPB, and the recent agreement amongst the major OPEC members, Iraq is essentially exempt from the exportation restrictions. This gives Iraq a HUGE advantage when they are ready to "flip the switch"!   Abadi is back in high-gear and on a mission...All in all... GREAT progress right now, and Iraq is in perfect position. Negotiations are beginning between  Baghdad and Kurdistan, which is going to lead to a very fast resolution on the HCL, paving the way for a smooth and *SUDDEN* RV... if we've ever been closer to the end of this ride, I can not remember when!  This still isn't a guaranteed event, but MAN oh MAN is it looking good!

RayRat Call Notes, 13 JULY

(Cliff Notes by Sunny) 
Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=99789699 

RayRat: It has been an interesting week. Coming out of Monday, Abadi speech, proclamation. . . escalation of reform process has commenced. Citizens were told this week and we are halfway there. Banking reports from members contacted to exchange or to talk about exchange. One member most of you heard from from his appointment. 

We will see what else develops from that. Going into today, information – noticed the BIS has now linked CBI Iraq to it’s site. Either they are fully international and there is no announcement or they are on their way. 

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: . . .escalation of reform process has commenced. Citizens were told this week and we are halfway there. . .public release surfaces between now and Friday. That is the expectation. Ray: . . . Two more days. Citizens, bankers, expecting it to be over with. I say the public release. People will be rocking and rolling providing the public release surfaces between now and Friday. That is the expectation.

IRAQ: Ray: Citizens are being told this week should wrap things up. Time will tell. 

CBI: Fills and lower denom’s are not in use yet. 

Ration Cards: No update. 

INTERNATIONAL: Ray: Learned agreements have been signed . . . by anybody and everybody. Ray: There is a 48 hour variance on front of the 15th and the back of the 15th. I don’t think they will post any new rates before we find out . . .Man, look at the impact that would have. Kind of like insider trading, in a manner. 

Rates: Iran currency still expected to RV when Iraq does. 

Dong and ZIM: Ray: Always been told they were all in the same basket. Rates have been consisted for months. No change there. 

Banks: Ray: They are in a festive mood for some reason. Learned agreements have been signed . . . by anybody and everybody. Maybe that’s why they are in a festive mood. All of that remains to be seen. 

NDA: is specific on what an individual can say. It’s unknown the length of the expected NDA. Ray said, if you sign an NDA, you can speak in generalities but not reveal the rate. RV Member Notification: Ray: We will use all of the communication: text messages, active board, etc. 

Q & A: TNT Forum:
 – Post in forum about confiscation of bank deposits. We deposit does it mean the bank is the legal owner of our money? When we make a demand of our funds we may not receive all of the money from the bank. 

Ray: Cannot attempt to answer questions on something I haven’t looked at. 

– Are we still thinking Iran currency will RV with the Iraq Dinar? 

Ray: That is the expectation. 

– Thank you for all your family and team does. Any update on tax exchange rate. 

Ray: Not that I’m aware. 

– Exchange 1 dinar and 1 dong to get trust setup? 

Ray: I’ve . . . been putting emphasis on letting your money work for you. Currency could have a value change more later. Not just the dinar. . . Also possible the other currencies might not be released at their true revalue rate with purpose of letting it gradually get there over a matter of days. 

– Can Maliki make a play and win for the PM? 

Ray: I don’t get into politics. Won’t make a difference to RV. Don’t have an answer for you. 

– Caller had question about family offices. 

Ray: I’ve not really looked at family offices. 

Q & A: Callers – Post RV seminars: Are they to be 2 hours long? 

Ray: Basically, yes. 

Caller: Back to back or 1 per location? 

Ray: Basically one but some are going to do two sessions. Especially if a 500 person facility and they have 900 who want to come. 

Caller: UN operational rates not updated yet today. 

Ray: There is a 48 hour variance on front of the 15th and the back of the 15th. I don’t think they will post any new rates before we find out . . .Man, look at the impact that would have. Kind of like insider trading, in a manner. 

– Question about a seven and a one. (voice was breaking up on my end of the connection) 

Ray: I have no idea? 

– Will the presenting banks be those who exchange foreign currency? 

Ray: More than likely. I know we have one bank interested that does not exchange foreign currency. 

RAYRAT’S CLOSING STATEMENT: It’s hump day, halfway through the week. Two more days. Citizens, bankers, expecting it to be over with. I say the public release. People will be rocking and rolling providing the public release surfaces between now and Friday. That is the expectation. Agreements have been signed. Bank folks are festive. Whether something pops in the next minutes, hours or next few days. Caution you to put patience out in front and let it rule and guide for a few days. 

Be patient and learn what is taking place and what alternatives are available and intelligently choose your destiny. One must take the time to learn what’s out there first before one takes a step. If you have not already signed up for the Preliminary banking solutions seminars in the 13 cities please do so. It’s free. (sign up). Go to .tntsuperfantastic.com – click on the forum button and the folder that will open up is “TNT Latest blasts and tweets” and you will see thread for “sign up.” Read the instructions and then again, read the instructions and fill out and send. The deadline is Friday so we are asking you to do this immediately . . . so you don’t forget. How soon do we need to be ready is anybody’s guess. 

I’m looking forward hopefully on Friday to post the real registration instead of the questionnaire. Hopefully no later than next week we will have those sessions so you can make intelligent decisions. Until then, waiting patiently. Something happens we will tweet, text message and put it out there. (played “I Believe”).  Link

Dollar exchange rate & other currencies for July 13

Dollar exchange rate and other currencies

Khandan - recorded the US dollar and other foreign currencies prices on Thursday (13 / July / 2017) in the banking markets of Kurdistan region, prices listed below: - 

Exchange of US $ 100 price of 126.6 thousand Iraqi dinars 

 exchange 100 euros price of 145.25 thousand dinars 

exchange rate 100 pounds 163 reached a thousand dinars 

exchange 100 Turkish Lira rate reached 35.75 thousand dinars 
exchange 100 thousand wish price reached 33.85 thousand dinars , 

 while the dollar exchange foreign currency other as follows: the price of 

 100 euros for $ 114 and 76 cents 

100 pounds for $ 129


Kuwait confirms they are ready to support the reconstruction of Iraq, 13 JULY

presented the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al - Ahmad Al - Jaber Al - Sabah, on Tuesday congratulated during a telephone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the occasion of the victory against Daesh criminal gangs, stressing the readiness of the State of Kuwait to sponsor a conference to restore stability at the request of Iraq.

A statement from the Office of the Abadi seen by Roudao media network, said that " the last received a phone call from Sheikh Sabah Al - Ahmad Al - Jaber Al - Sabah , Amir of Kuwait to offer congratulations to Ebadi and the Iraqi people on the occasion to declare victory and the liberation of Mosul."

He is stressing that "it is a victory not only for Iraqis but also to Kuwait and the region in general." Hoping that "this victory is a good omen for Iraq and beginning to unify all Iraqis". "

He praised the Emir of Kuwait , " the courage of the Iraqi government and the bravery of the army," asserting that " the State of Kuwait is ready to sponsor a conference to restore stability at the request of Iraq."

For his part , he gave "thanks to the Abadi morning on his support for Iraq." Noting that "this victory is in the security and stability of the region and its peoples service because Daesh terrorist organization hostile to everyone , " stressing " the need to fight extremist ideology Daesh This represents a challenge for all countries in the region which have long been terrorism."

 Explaining that " the security forces had dealt with the people of Mosul with the utmost humanity and showed them all the respect Vhazat so citizens and respect the confidence of the military forces , " he said, adding that " the government is destined to re - displaced, stability and reconstruction as soon as possible."



TED 1016: 
So here we are folks down to the wire and ready for the “shotgun start” we have heard so much about over the years. Sure wish they would come up with a new expression. It brings to mind millions of people grabbing up the currencies and running as fast as they can to get the funds before the money runs out. Just one step behind panic because of all the false starts past.

I have received a number of messages about these late night post that I make and they have all been very encouraging to me. Nobody ever asked me to do it and for a while I was afraid that ADMINBILL would find it not in line with the way he wants the board to run. Since both of us are retired Navy Chiefs, we are tolerant to a point with each other but most respectful in the process.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I come to you with a humble heart seeking Your forgiveness for any misleading information that I may have passed along our journey. Yes I said “Our” because I have always known that You are with me and our members along the way. Yes it has been Long road getting from there to here. Just “thankyou” seems way to inadequate to say at this point.

Dear Lord God Almighty, as we walk away from our appointments, that is when we are really going to need You close at hand to keep us walking the narrow path to making our friends, family, and as much community as we can cover into a better place. Amen and Amen…

Rest well my dear friends our Destiny awaits......:0) Off to bed now...

Good Morning Room!! I am out from hiding again!! When we deposit our NEW money into the banking institutions - are the banks the "new owners" of our funds? Will those entities be in DEBT to us? Will we be "UNSECURED" creditors to those entities?

native001 - in my HUMBLE opinion you should consider the Bank a temporary parking spot for you $...continue to investigate/Insurances/Credit unions/real Estate and other 'means' of storing you wealth...

Once: Temporary or Permanent parking for $. My questions are not answered. I realize we are not "suppose" to be SCARED of the banks, but what assurance do we have otherwise?

my opinion is TODAY and TOMORROW are "proof-days"...IF nothing presents as "tangible evidence" such as 800's, then I will be looking to NEXT week. Just my theory, based on watching this for so long

I will post my questions again if they not answered.

Native001 - I hear you, but(imo) it is best to maintain a certain level of trust for the bank until YOU become more savvy and educated as to your options. there are a couple of peeps on this chat that MIGHT be able to give you more comforting words, such as SNAKE?

OK Once...I will keep a look out for SNAKE! Blessings to your house!

Did ISX open today and show the new rate or was that just another pipe dream

I was told yesterday that moving your money all around to protect it means nothing anymore. There is only a 1x payout of 250k no matter how many banks you spread it around in. Maybe Snake can also verify.

The reason for delays at T4 have been massive fraud and cracking down on double dippers.

Also cracking down on stolen dinars at this level

Do not expect to exchange - go out and buy more currency - and return to the bank to exchange again - it won't work

Sand, I was thinking the reason for using many institutions was to play it safe since we didn't really know the stability and integrity of any of them. Not just for receiving that small FDIC coverage.

Seems things have changed once again - some feel our banks will be safe - others are heading to the Caymans

The Calls have had a lot of bad and incorrect information - Admin has had a steady ship - verify everything you hear out of this room. Just trying to pass along what I can

Is AdminBill on vaction?


? (star) (star) (star) ATTENTION ALL – Nancy, Terry and DB will have a call this Wed.,7 /12, 8PM EST. 712-770-4190 358807# or 712-770-4165 855267#

800#'s to give out???? please say yes!!!!

Good morning everyone is DB still having a call tonight???????????

This is it we can't be dropped off anymore cliffs ! Well I'll be in and out . Enjoy the day and one of the last ones broke ! Lol

I personally need to be hit right between the eyes with it before I believe this is over. But, that's just me. Otherwise, I believe no one.


anyone listening to ray?

Ray: . . .escalation of reform process has commenced. Citizens were told this week and we are halfway there.

...i don't believe this guy on there now

I have been in this thing for 7 years and RR says we are half way there........I may need a life extension

Reign what did he say that you dont believe

not ray. a guy who called in said that there was a law that let the irs take some of his friend's money. I agree with ray, we're missing some info.

Reign: Yes, missing alot of information, especially from person (s) who had account seized.

kls yep, i don't like people bringing in that type of thing because it's fear mongering and doesn't make any sense

if they did that type of thing there would be an uproar because it would erode confidence in the banks. and if it were true it's not going to happen to the super rich they don't want to piss the rich off.

Earlier this morning a young lady was in chat worried about the banks. That definitely will not be a worry after this happens. But, I wanted to mention again if she is here to look at the CDARS - Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service and the ICS - Insured Cash Sweep -

Standing in Faith believing and watching for our miracle!!!

BAD: God is GOOD!

bad scott cdars is a great program and is great especially if you wan tto help cash strapped areas but also be aware there is a 50 mil limit to it. certainly that's a great problem to have, but if you are above that it only goes up that high.

Maliki, supported by Iran, aspires to assume prime minister post again s.thebaghdadpost.com/en/14273

Sandnsea bull crap

Don't shoot the messenger

Dizzy should be grrrrrreat tonight

Sand: Not a criticisms, didn't mean it that way. Trump will not allow Maliki to come into picture. Iran, is neutral to Maliki, they are walking on a tight rope with Trump, to get everything they want and need.

KLS I totally agree - but had to bring it in - just too funny to even consider

has admin been in?


I haven't seen him Reign

Haven't seen him all week

I'm sure this may have already been discussed but was Deltas' decimal point misplaced when he said .769 ?

I have no clue I don't listen to him so not sure what he said

006, I saw it in a thread and it was written like that.......thought it may have been an error. Frank agreed he would accept and was thinking how would Frank be so quick to get excited about .76

Bay that is in country not international !!!!

I do know Iraq uses 3 places behind the decimal as we use two so DD, you may be correct

That post was a salary that iraq was getting paid---Article is from some documents recovered from Daesh in Mosul ... breaking down salaries and privileges

Well, I don't care where they place the decimals as long as they get this thing going.

Nothing on my line ... I guess they r not ready yet with the music !

I'm on....woman singing...thought it was Halo

Calgoldy: Linda's line is silent but Nancy's is playing music

Back on Linda's. - Terry is singing

I had static on Linda's and had to switch to Nancy's

They said they wouldn't do another call till the numbers came out - we shall soon know

Dam got dropped

5 minutes to go

You can still get on.
Avon I just tried on another phone and you can get on


ik think they expanded the lines to accept more callers.

Wonder how far the can will be kicked tonight

006 be positive

Remember we can't bring in any info




The BIS (Bank of international settlements) now links to the CBI http://www.bis.org/country/iq.htm

summarize frank iraq gets paid on july 21 and normally take 7-10 after that to see on e card. so we should see in august In his opinion ugh lol

Oh so now he say Aug he kicks the can ever week

yep thats the new can to kick. august only 2 1/2 weeks away lol

Only been waiting for years already

Feet I need a loan now but can't afford it.
I can't get a loan if I tried my credit shot

Hi everyone. Has anyone heard from Admin? I'm really starting to miss the big guy.

Ms Sandy I've seen him pop in but not say anything that I know of

Thank you so much, BH. You're a sweetie!

no problem hun. that's how I was raised ma'am

Is Frank now talking about Aug?? Ugh .... Pretty soon it will be Black Friday again

from what little I heard maybe last call and not going past july

Avon sorry didn't know I couldn't post from the call please delete my.comment. sorry again

If anyone cares I'm listening to rtc. Just tuned in

trel : anything of interest?

They disagreeing

We can pm call info without breaking rules.

Ok I hush

Will someone share a tidbit from Nancy's call plz...email me

Can anyone pm me any news on the unmentionable call? Thanks

it's no big secret everyone is just waiting!!!!

I have a LOT of notes, Bigfeet. I guess I should start weeding through them all

JLD....same here....was draggy when I got on the call and drained after 3 hrs and taking notes....I know I won't recall much if I don't take everything down I can....

If any info from.the call pls pm me appreciate it

The call put me to sleep please pm any notes

I hung up, for me it wasn't anything new or exciting....just waiting...

This is getting so close to our blessings :   it's coming!!   excited    I am pumped