Friday, June 23, 2017

The Big call w/Bruce Intel only



DocSavage:  Look at the exchange rate near bottom of page: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/

Rvalready:  Doc, it won't open on my cell phone. What is the rate?

DocSavage:  RV it says 1.20 for usd

Tidalwave:  Doc wow, looking good on that rate for usd

DocSavage:  tidal is right, if we're reading it correctly. Delta from Frank26 brought that forward.

Rvalready: Sounds OK for an international rate overseas. I'm still anticipation $3+ over here.

DocSavage:  The fact that the rate is there in anything other than the program rate is very exciting.

Steadfast:  looking like another weekend, with high hopes, lets hope it produces better results than all the previous weekends.
Xyz:  Iraqi Premier's economic advisor disclosed that the Iraqi governmental banks shall be restructures within the coming four months. ... with expectation of having foreign partners http://www.iraqtradelinknews.com/2017/06/iraqi-governmental-banks-to-b​e.html

Phantom809:  Iraq PM: Mosul liberation to be announced in few days Al-Abadi made th​e announcement as government troops were pushing into Bab al-Beed neig​hbourhood in
Mosul's Old City. --http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/06/iraq-pm-mosul-liberation-announc​ed-days-170622181700272.html

Phantom809:  Iraq's oil exports in June near May level, oil minister says -- https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-oil-energy-idUSKBN19D2BD


Kaperoni   "CBI website has a new look!"   This is a good sign.

I know it's easy to just assume they are remodeling ther website..but I think its much more.

With all the speculation that the banking system must open up to perpetuate international activities to support global investment, this new website to me is much more polished, professional and institutional. We could be getting closer.


Lobster;  CBI site I just looked At says 1.2 and has a calculator. I plugged in a number 
of dinar and it gave me amount in USD $$$$$$$    http://cbi.3eyon-host.net/

Willy1971:  1184 then drop 3 zeros which equals 1.184 then round up which equals 1.2 ??? Is this what they are testing???

Fenway:  I did a WHOIS on the domain of that 'mystery' site: 3eyon-host.net.
The registrant of that domain is Suhaib Al-Fahdawi, an individual whose listed organization is 3eyon-host.com (not .net but .com), and the registration address is Baghdad.
I pulled up that company site - 3eyon-host.com - and it's a simple page in Arabic, with no apparent English translation option. The fact 'host' is part of that domain name implies they are a service company in the business of hosting websites - in this case, a temporary hosting deal.
My guess is that 3eyon-host.net is a 'rental' domain being temporarily used by CGI for testing purposes before they fully deploy each page of their cbi.iq site. The 'cbi' on the front of that 3eyon domain name is the CBI's subdomain, reserved for their testing use as they deploy each page to their new site

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 23 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 23 June 2017 by Judy Byington

A. June 22 2017 11:11 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Otherside" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 22, 2017

Per Beijing, humanity is officially on the other side of what was an invisible RV bridge. It's ok to exhale, believe and have hope again.


B. June 22 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net

712-770-4014 Playback 712-770-4016 code:123456#

1. In Iraq the end of Ramadan is Sat. June 24 11:30 am Bagdad time (4:30 am EDT), then there is a three day holiday. Sat. there is a Grand Celebration of gifting where they are going to announce the RV of currency, liberation of Misul and new Dinar rate - which could show up on the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) website.

2. At 12:30 pm EDT today June 22 the redemption centers went on active status.

3. The nearest time that the redemption centers could go to engaged status would be tomorrow June 23 after banks close.

4. The USNs were released today June 22 and went live.

5. Full liquidity for Tiers 2,3 will likely be Mon. evening into Tues. June 26, 27.

6. Tier 4 will get started after Tiers 2, 3 are hydrated.

7. The banks are hydrated for Tier 4 to get started.

8. Bruce was advised this would be his very last Big Call for at least a month or so.

9. Rates continued to go up, especially on the Zim.

10. Call the 800 numbers to get apts. so you can negotiate your rates. You might not be able to do that if you go to a regular bank to exchange.

11. In the last couple of days they have picked up some more bad guys who were messing with the system.

12. The structured payout is an option which will give you X number of funds coming in every quarter.


C. June 22 2017 Bluwolf Tidbits Na'maste Bluwolf: BLUWOLF TIDBIT, 22 JUNE

1. I know that the wait is hard and mind consuming but it will be worth it.

2. We have some scattered evil players still trying to make us see things their way.

3. I see this coming on God's time and that will be perfect for all of us.

4. The RV was done months ago, now we wait for the international release.

5. I do not think there will be a formal announcement.

6. If these people in political power do not leave their macho egos at the door, nothing will be resolved.

7. If they do not get this done all the world will fall into deep depression within a week's time.

8. All we wait for is the call.


D. June 22 2017 6:00 pm EDT: "100%" - GCR RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 22, 2017

1. The RV will follow the resignation of Cabal leaders of the US, Israel, Ukraine, North Korea and Zimbabwe in order for their countries to be fully GESARA compliant.

2. The 93 year old Zimbabwe President Mugabe won't step down (although he's already named his replacement) until all Cabal leaders have stepped down out of principal for being the last human being standing in power.

3. That's what happened in Saudi Arabia on Wed. when that 31 year old Crown Prince was elected by 31 to 34 minister vote in the House of Saud. If you'll notice, that replacement happened on Saudi Arabia's Summer Solstice.

4. All nations had a firm deadline to perform the task of Cabal leadership removal by the 2017 Summer Solstice.

5. However, remaining Cabal leaders have long banded together in defiance of GESARA in an attempt to slow down the RV,

6. Kim Jong-Un is a loner and will be handled separately we are told, through force. Actually, that is already being handled by ghost special ops forces from China/USA.

9. Are we waiting on these psychopaths to RV? I was told this morning, no.

10. They are moving forward with global implementation plans and have been since Sun. night June 18. No matter what.

11. There was a a firm deadline for GESARA performance that has ALREADY BEEN ENFORCED when those new country codes were given out to get back onto the Chinese Elder gold backed financial system.

12. Each leader replaced by their respective voting bodies got to qualify for the RV the moment it is allowed, and every country with a leader removal still outstanding has now been made to wait.

13. There needs to be a public announcement of said Cabal leaders stepping down or thrown out. Only then will that country be allowed to RV because they will be deemed fully GESARA compliant.

14. The second they do step down or are removed through legal and constitutional means, their country will be considered free and unencumbered by of their legislative and/or parliamentary body, as that country becomes eligible to enter the new gold backed financial system (aka their banks can RV).

15. No matter when we go, we're going. The final release and implement decisions have already been made and set into motion earlier in the week--and all leaders worldwide will be replaced by July 1, 2017 we are told.

16. The NPTB haven't informed the Cabal leaders of this, but there is an internal second firm deadline event as when the last of the hard core Cabal minions will be eliminated permanently.

17. This was always part of the master plan, as the NPTB knew their would be a few leaders who wouldn't leave no matter what pressure was applied to them.

E. June 22 2017 9:17 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report Yosef: DEFCON - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 22, 2017

1. DEFense readiness CONdition (DEFCON) is an alert state developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that prescribes five graduated levels states of alert for the U.S. military, graduating from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe).

2. There was a threat on Tues. night June 20 that was technically off the DEFCON chart stats. It was defused but it was cause for delay (in the RV).

3. On Wed. June 21 there were unrelated multiple threats inside the US Capital campus that lowered the DEFCON level to one. All threats were disarmed, but all government facilities are now being checked and re-checked for similar threats.

4. The military is not sharing this information publicly.

5. There's great progress related to the RV, but there's also a specific process in the releasing of the RV and safety is paramount to it.

6. There's a seemingly an endless list of threats and excuses, but we are truly on a day by day countdown now, and thus so very close to receiving our blessing after years and years of waiting.


F. June 21 2017 12:15 am Landa Global Humanus Update Call: Landa Global CC: Humanus Update 6-21-17 www.humanus.ca www.landachinaglobal.com

1. Landa Global Humanus is a service organization working toward the eradication of poverty on a global scale by the year 2030.

2. Landa Global Humanus funds are now being released and Humanus is expected to be fully operational very soon.

3. Landa Global Humanus is under a blackout of information that will last at least another week or so.

4. Soon the Humanus website will be up and all work related to the projects will be handled over the Internet.

5. There are rumors flying around that a new US Republic is coming forward, Trump will resign and Paul Ryan will be an interm US President. We don't see that as a viable, credible rumor. Trump is actually helping the process along as compared to previous administrations.

6. Be wary of those pretending to represent Landa Global Humanus who are trying to make money off you. We will only do our work through our websites.

7. One thing that has not been seen is the moving of exchange funds to their destination, though the process is moving forward with lightening speed.


G. June 21 2017 RV Intelligence Alert OD Website: Threats were detected and neutralized. New Schedule issued. http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/


June 19 2017 Fulford Geopolitical Report Benjamin: "Petrodollar Doomed, Qatar Breaks Ranks" - Fulford Report - 6.19.17 benjamin http://benjaminfulford.net/

1. The crisis in Qatar marks a major turning point in the battle against the Khazarian mafia. Ostensibly Saudi Arabia and other oil exporting states decided to try to blockade Qatar “because it was supporting terrorism.”

2. In reaction to this move, US President Donald Trump showed the world he was not in charge of the US by first supporting the blockade and then being forced by the Pentagon to change his stance 180 degrees the next day.

3. What is really going on here is that Qatar reached a deal with Iran to export gas from its massive gas fields - not the West in exchange for worthless Euros or US dollars - but rather the East to places like India and China in exchange for their currencies.

4. The US House of Representatives reacted by passing new sanctions against Russia that basically amounted to telling Europe to buy expensive American gas instead of cheap Russian gas. The Germans and Austrian reacted by telling the Americans to buzz off. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40299760

5. These developments show clearly the old regime is falling apart with splits between Washington and the EU becoming more pronounced by the day.

6. The Khazarian mafia controlled Saudis and their Israeli partners in crime have seen their entire plan for an “Arab Nato,” blow up in their faces. True Muslim countries like Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and others together with super powers like Russia and China lined up to support Qatar, leaving the Saudi Israel alliance isolated. India and Pakistan have shown they are with Russia and China by joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, something Iran is expected to do next year.

7. The US military, for its part, showed it was against the Khazarian mafia by staging joint military drills with Qatar last week even as China staged drills with Iran. Pentagon sources explain “The US military needs Qatar because of the Al Udeid airbase.” The Pentagon sources did not mention the fact Qatar also offered to buy $12 billion worth of US military jets to help keep the Pentagon financed. In any case, the airbase also functions to ensure that madman Satanist Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his fellow Khazarian mobsters do not get any chance start World War 3, the sources say. A more direct message would be “SURRENDER OR DIE.”

8. The battle to remove the Khazarians from all levers of control in Washington DC is also intensifying. The fake blame everything on Russia campaign by the Khazarians is blowing up with even Khazarian owned corporate propaganda media stooges starting to expose it as completely bogus.

9. Pentagon sources say the next stage in the battle against the Khazarian mafia hold-outs in DC will begin with the arrest of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, special counsel Robert Mueller as well as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, former attorney general Loretta Lynch, former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, former CIA head John Brennan, former NSA director Michael Hayden and others.

10. Fired FBI director James Comey has “been singing like a canary,” about the Khazarian mob as well as the P2 Freemason lodge, CIA sources confirm. “Comey was forced to commit 2 stage seppuku in front of Congress,” the sources say. He began ratting on his colleagues to avoid being charged with “multiple felonies for leaking, misprision (deliberately hiding knowledge) of felony, aiding obstruction of justice etc.” the Pentagon sources continue.

11. The attack against Trump son in law Jared Kushner has also intensified as Trump picked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s attorney and friend Chris Wray to run the FBI.

12. The Khazarians are of course literally fighting for their lives as their control grid continues to collapse. “House Republican majority whip (#3) Steve Scalise may have been shot because of his support of anti-child sex trafficking law as the battle against pedophilia escalates,” the Pentagon sources note.

13. The George Bush Sr. faction of the Khazarian mob is also still diligently working to eliminate the evidence trail by bumping off former senior associates. That is why former Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega and arms dealer/CIA asset Adnan Khashoggi were recently bumped off, Pentagon sources say.

14. The power elite in Washington DC is also in a deadlock because of MAB or mutually assured blackmail preventing the long awaited mass arrests of known criminals like Senator John McCain. The answer will probably have to be to remove the 70% or so of Washington DC politicians, both Republican and Democrat, who have been corrupted by drugs, pedophilia, bribes etc.

15. In Europe the German controlled Vichy regime in France run by Rothschild puppet Emmanuel Macron stole Sunday’s Parliamentary election to give his slave regime the appearance of popular support. The French Rothschild regime is circling the wagons as Wikileaks of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail reveal to the world at large what this newsletter reported years ago and that is the fact the French overthrew the Libyan regime of Muammar Gadaffi because he threatened their control of French Africa with his plan to issue a gold backed Dinar. http://www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-emails-reveal-nato-killed-gaddafi-to-stop-libyan-creation-of-gold-backed-currency/5594742

16. In a sign the battle for Africa is far from over, the French staged robbery of gold mines in Mali came under renewed attack last week as a resort for ex-pats there was attacked. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-40322039

17. Khazarian attempts to prolong their financial system by seizing gold are also continuing in many parts of the world. In the Philippines, the US military helped President Rodrigo Duterte fight Khazarian hired Daesh mercenaries who were trying to seize gold in Marawai.

18. Japanese power brokers are waiting for the civil war inside the US government to end before they make any big changes here, multiple sources agree. So for now the old Rockefeller/Rothschild controlled regime remains in place here even though it has no support from the military or other armed groups in the country. However, behind the scenes, the Khazarians have already lost Japan as well as South Korea.

(This content is for general information purposes only. All information given is the sole opinion of the providers)


6-23-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Abadi is not going to Iran to listen or to learn...he is going to Iran as a teacher...to give a lecture...because Iraq has changed...at the speed of light...they will become leaders in the ME...their currency will become stronger...for their country and their citizens...their currency will soon become solidly backed...and they will become a donor nation...Iran...Saudi Arabia...the ME knows this...and they know the importance of Iraq becoming international.  The international structure of Iraq IMO is organizing itself and taking shape...it is taking on an international form...

6-23-2017   Intel Guru Delta 

6-23-2017  Newshound Guru Currency365  currently it’s [the IQD rate] 1184 but…this is the the new CBI site.  They’re programing it.  They’re coding it.  It’s going up and down.  If you go to the site you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  It goes up and down, sometimes service not available.    But guess what he found when it was available early this morning?  1.2.  1.2 to 1 USD.  That’s the price they’ve been telling us in the articles that they want to start out at right.  So 1.2 IQD to 1 USD.  There’s nothing surprising about that...You can’t say the CBI doesn’t have 1.20 in their mind because on their own news layout site there’s 1.20 right there.  Now of course it’s back to 1184.  This is their brand new site…I think they were testing…  We did see it and we got a photo of it.  

6-23-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   The 3 day holiday after Ramadan (June 26th)  is a great time as it is the beginning of  Eid al-Fitr...a 3 day holiday where everyone gifts one another for 3 days. Great celebrations are planned for those 3 days.  Saturday would be a great time for an announcement.  Lots of things are going on this week...Liberation of Mosul, chapter 7, escrow funds being recovered, ISX closed, etc I am expecting it from the close of markets tomorrow [Friday] through the end of weekend.  It could have happened today, but looks like it may be a weekend event. I still do  not know exact timing. No one does...Thinking that something may come 11:30 am Bagdad time on Saturday.

6-23-2017   Newshound Guru chattels  "CBI website has a new look!"    "H.E Mr. Ali Muhsin Ismail / Acting Governor and Head of the Executive Board I believe that the reference to Ismail as the "acting governor" is a change.

6-23-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   "CBI website has a new look!"   This is a good sign. I know it's easy to just assume they are remodeling there website..but I think its much more.
 With all the speculation that the banking system must open up to perpetuate international activities to support global investment, this new website to me is much more polished, professional and institutional. We could be getting closer.

Yosef update on RV

"Question: Dressing for Exchange" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee 6/23/17

Question: Dressing For Exchange


Entry Submitted by Doug at 3:07 PM EDT on June 22, 2017


I was listening to Phillip Tilton's Outlaw Call and I have a question that they answered on their call. Their caller asked about going to the exchange in jeans and t-shirt. Their answer was to wear a suit for the exchange. 

During my ascension I have lost so much weight that all of my old 3D clothes do no longer fit at all. Currently I only have 3 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shorts that were purchased after I lost all the weight. I was planning on attending the exchange meeting dressed in jeans and a violet tie-dyed t-shirt (St. German's violet flame). They made it sound like we will be judged on how we dress. Will we be judged on how we dress for the exchange? If so, I am not prepared. I will need to buy a suit for the exchange if what they said is true. I do not really want to go buy a new suit for the exchange. I do not want to be judged for the way I am dressed. This is how I dress. I dress in clothes than keep my vibrations high. Wearing a suit does not keep my vibrations high. If you think that I need to buy a suit, then I will buy a suit. I do not want to buy a suit, but I will if it is necessary. To me wearing a suit is supporting the old 3D cabal influenced society and not 5D. Wearing a suit does not resonate with me and having to wear a suit for the exchange does not resonate with me. Please answer this question for me so I can be prepared for the exchange.

Thank you for all you do. I support you completely.

In Love & Light,




No worries my friend! I am wearing Jeans and a plaid shirt. No biggie! After all, I am the one holding the zim in my hand. 

It is not about what you are wearing, it is about who you are. You are measured and judged by your "Heart" and not by what you wear. The Bankers will be more impressed by the currency you are holding and by how much you care about your Humanitarian projects and helping others, than about any fancy clothes you might be wearing. 

The Bankers, on the other hand, will need to be in their full Banker's suit. That is what I expect of my Banker. However, for me, I am the customer and I am always (In All Ways) right! 

Remember, some currency holders are living under a bridge and don’t even have the clothes that you have. I dare say, that it is quite likely that they will have bigger hearts, and be a better Humanitarian, than some of our Slick suit wearing currency holders.

All this being said, is it wrong to dress in a suit? No, of course not. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself. Remember, they are trying to impress you as well.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee


So what happened? I doubt we will ever know but it is a certain that the 800 numbers were not released on Wednesday as predicted. Now does that mean it won’t happen? Hardly! Just not when we expect it or need it for whatever reason. My guess is the Cabal is doing everything within their power and pulling all the strings they can to slow the process down.

The rumors still flood the Internet with predictions that read out from any minute to sometime between now and October. Like I said “rumors” and that is because the people who do know are not hurting and can afford to shell out there funds to any and all who will help them discourage all of us “common people” who not unlike the Cabal bought more currency than they will ever use.

Most gracious and Heavenly Father, once again I come to plead my case before the heavenly throne for our group of members who have been waiting patiently while watching all of the scoffing of their friends and sometimes even relatives that this will never happen. We ask that You reach out your hand to our members who are near just giving up. Renew or faith and courage.

Dear Lord God Almighty our members are weary and heavily laden with guilt and suspicion at times Give or members a restful slumber and help them stand fast on our beliefs no matter what rumors may come before us as we monitor the news of the day with hope and anticipation. Amen and Amen.

Sleep wel my friends, our destiny awaits.


I remain steadfast this is happening

People with SKR's are done - there is nothing left for them to do- but wait till we have the go signal, then presto they are liquid.


Yes . monies are sitting in the account .. Now that is frustrating


We can only hope and pray as its out of our hands


I really thought we had a shot Yesterday .. I lke my hump day. but I will take another day im easy

Monies are moving and are in the banks waiting to get the codes to release..... can you imagine the monies that the banks are making

I'm thinking Sunday Night , Monday being the 26th end of ramanden

on serious note . I hope that People will try to take a low key and Not bring too much attention to themselves when this goes down i.e. fllaunting too excessive .. it will only bring trouble imo



We all have but can you imagine how many times being told it's done ... high alert and it doesnt go through and the paymasters that can see the monies in the acccount everyday and can't do a thing with it.. wow


Hi RC hope this doesn't go into next month like some are saying. That would be a mental blow to some. Including me lol


RC I listened to Frank couple of good and interesting points made especially in the recording between him and Delta at the very end, about a 25 minute recording, also the Tigers looked good last night, winning 2 in a row might be a hill to high though

Snake wrote
7m ago
He still allows for the window to be from the 25th to the 30th for this to go





OM - just now Russia got Bagdadi in Syria - Urgent Confirmed




Thanks Admin Bill for the much needed update!

Thanks, boss


Just sitting on the beach chilling out with the family

Plenty of room on the beach come on down


Thanks, headed to my beach place in Maine - but, thanks for the invite - I come with baggage - 3 dogs

I'm sure - there is a nice ole lobster waiting for me


Don't know what he said yet - The Prime Minister Haidar Abadi during a press conference today.





You are funny, it's a long ride, hubby's driving and a little doggie on my lap. I'm a bit challenged on the bumpy highway.



A lot at stake for us all


Anybody notice the new CBI wb site?




July is approaching swiftly. Looking great

Indicative rates not available




Now, I'm back on Zillow. House shopping! LOL!


I think one day we will all be in Awe that we were a part of History that changed the world. Our part was really the easiest....but our Big Hearts will play a HUGE role in Changing Things For The Better.


alrighty then, I'm out for yhe day. Have a great one folks !


I see the CBI site is off and on that's great.....are they getting ready? 


Where are those 800#???!!!


Just think where we were last year compared to today


Can they possibly be so oblivious and pick the fourth of July


No way

No, I think Eid

I think they are trying very hard to get it completed

I still think it's a process that has to happen at the end or beginning of a quarter

Well we have a week then


So many more people buying in it's seems crazy there will be so many rich people !

In fl it's no problem to buy at all, walk in, pick it up

Same here sand. Just go to the mall and buy


Sandsea do you think Abadi is getting ready to make the announcement?


He made the announcment, he's getting ready to plant that flag, somewhere in Mosul.

Wow! Is that what we are waiting for with the RV?


An equally important question Sand would be will he announce before returning to Bagdad and do we know what date he is planning on returning

He's back already. He's in Mosul now

We are applying for rental homes that will not accept pets. I do not want to get rid of our two fur babies.

Never Dedar

Tell them they are just visiting lol


We now have only 6 days. Doesn't work like that.

If it happens over the weekend I would put everything in storage and buy a place. We are starting to get very anxious so we are applying for as many rentals we can.

It has been our fur babies that have been the cause of us not getting anything.


Dedar ... I used to run an animal rescue here in the UK ... we often offered cheap fostering for people who could not have their pets in rented accommodation. Have you tried that?

KbUK I have no idea if there is anything like that in Sydney. Our dogs are so pampered and loved.


The home we are hoping to get will only allow pets outside. The last tenants were removed because of a barking dog. Our dogs have never lived outside and they would bark all night.

It is also winter here and can get below freezing at night.


ktfa: Walkingstick: window tomorrow.......much


They are like our children these dogs.


I heard something like that but what do I know


I'm hearing too, but they may be waiting to make one if true


Just rumors from ppl in places that might know or total disinformation - trying to find out which


Well we will see what Bruce has to say tonight. I am still waiting for that celebration call. Hoping it will happen soon.

I like 3e65 even if he is about selling his stuff to

He has good info

I agree too he doesn't make up stuff ,

He doesn't - we use. Lot of the sane sources

Anybody else listening the Bruce call?




The older i get i can't handle this heat


My dog doesn't even like going out to potty. She hauls ass back to the door

I'm on my 2nd pitcher of margaritas


Summer time and menopause don't mix well

The covers the gist of the intel with bruce. Thinking his next call will be about a month away. Post exchange


Bruce - says look to the announcements Saturday morning as per the bagdad announcements Sat. their time. Said earlier that announcements made this weekend are his thoughts. Could reach us within a few days. days. Hence the possibility of Mon - Tue time frame

This could be our last weekend.

I need to run...but I will share with you all that last night I received the most beautiful 'prophetic vision' about this blessing and I know we are at the door step

Sounds to me like things are getting closer.

I am beginning to let myself get excited again.

Sure hope so we are overdue for this

mangelo did you manage to stop in at the tyre place today to get news from your contacts?

Dedar I did!!!!

Dedar I can, first I waled in the tire shop where he had the Irai Tv station on. it was the news. He was very busy and with the heat I guess he wasn't in a great mod. He snapped at me and asked what I wanted...caught me off guard and said I need a tire. What size. I blurted some size.. then I asked him what are they saying on the TV....he said are you hear for the Tv or the Tire.....

I said both!!! He was attending to other customers. one of them said that the citizens where telling where the isis were hiding and others killing some of the isis. they where mad that isis blew up their Mosque. He said once they have secured the borders they could see change. he said everything thing there moves slow

mangelo .. when are we going to the banks??

I would like to go this weekend...

Hello folks. Anything happening that would make me think about dusting off my old suit?

mangelo this weekend sounds good to me. Brucie is saying this is his last call so who knows?

Dedar all the itel is good...it's just those in charge have their own agenda....that's what makes this hard to handle at times...

I just got me a Dr. Pepper from the fridge and took one small drink of it then went over and filled the bottle with some left ove Christmas Rum. I do that every couple of weeks or so just to keep my sanity you know.


Mangelo - hear anything from your contacts?

fromthe tire shop look down from my other contact no

Born ready Snake just have difficulty in waiting from time to time. :0)

I read that article that was brought in about waiting until June 30th so that Trump will get the credit for the GCR. Our financial year finishes on June 30th. I think somebody said that was for the public release.