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Elmerf123456 & the TNT Gang 6/15/17

Elmerf123456:  "Just in from across the Pond" "The Caliphate" collapsing in Old City. Iraqi forces inside 4 square kilometers! Intense pressure is being applied. "We want this done and we want it done quickly and the welfare of our people are our priority" This will be a great achievement!

Offgrid:  it is the one just north of the Old City, so now there is only 1 district - the Old City - in Mosul to retake ... 1 last district then celebrate

PastorJohn:   Here's something to think about. According to Bloomberg that was posted on our site. Iraq is shipping millions of barrels of oil to the US. Why????? Something to think about.

Freeway2:  Pastor John - I read that on Drudge and was wondering myself since I understand we, in the US, have a large stock pile of Oil…..Peaked my interest

OffGrid:  Pastor John - perhaps the Oil Credits are already in play Wink

Pastor John:  Could this be the sign we are looking for. Revalue dinar goes into the Treasury. This was talked about  (using)  this currency to buy Iraq oil with. The Oil credits are indeed in play. And it's in play now. They are making this happen now with these shipments of oil.


RE: Wed. Night CC.

StephenMac63:  Train of Thought…….

If they dropped the first zero, and had to readjust contracts....and then drop the second zero....adjust contracts again.......seems to me that they have to keep readjusting contracts everytime they drop zeros.......they know the international world is watching.......what is thepossibility of them also dropping the 3rd zero at the same time as the second.......why readjust contracts again?

Could it be possible that the third zero is already gone and the contracts be adjusted with evidence being seen in about two weeks? Because at the rate they are going, next zero drop could be scheduled for July 12.....they miss the first half of 2017.

AnimatedRock:   Frank explained why them going past the 30th of June is extremely detrimental to them. He said you have to "listen with more than your ears" tonight.
That being said, I like the way you think.

Chris05:  Hey Frank, Thank you so very much for releasing the specific Intel that you shared on last night's CC.IMO, the sweet Mango you offered a bite of, is VERY RIPENED
I have a quick question, if I may ask;

After the CBI remove the final Zero from their currency exchange rate, what is the IMF's legal requirement/obligation for the CBI to present the IQD, to be Internationally traded on the foreign exchange marketplace, in terms of days after the removal of the third and final zero? 

Is it up to 3 days, or 30 days, or longer?

Thank you in advance   Cheers   Chris


J+C:   Sorry if I am Confused, but if the 90 days started around May 12th or so 1st 0…….
June12th 2nd 0….. July  12th 3rd 0.............that is only 60 days, that means the 90 days would end in August, but if may 12th was the end of the first 30 days then July or sooner would make sense

BenBlessed1:  J+C you may have easily missed (As I had) the part where Frank specifically said that this third deletion of a zero would likely be MUCH FASTER-could be sometime around EID or before (26th-7th?) and you will also see commentary saying that by Peggy 68 in TC.

CandyTLC:   I am not a scholar here at KTFA but I am resourceful. I went back to Livestream and searched for the answer that you seek... I found the area that Frank discussed the three zeros. Starts at 2 hour 45min. through 2 hour 55min. you will hear your question answered. Hope this helps you as will as others, if they needed this


KTFA Wednesday Night Conference Call

Approx.   2:38 long

The first part is Business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK # : 641.715.3639     PIN: 156996#


Peggy68:  Our View From where We've Climbed 
Sharing is Caring as we tell Children

  So with this in mind, I will share what I shared last night with some KTFA family members, without trying to over step my boundaries
   I've read & listened to Frank, Delta and KTFA Family members in detail and what others have shared about everything involving our investment. Combined with my own reading and research put together has brought me to where I am or to where I'm standing after climbing the mountain I chose to climb.
   Animated Rock has such a gift for reviewing in detail to where we are but I would like to add some more to where I feel we are as I reach out MY hand to help you reach the top of the mountain I’m currently standing on, as Frank said we ALL go together.

   This is all in my opinion and Frank may choose to remove this. It is additional information supporting the timeline of the Monetary Reform, based on my personal and additional information gathered together from others.

   It all began when I took it upon myself as a personal challenge to see if I could locate within the CBI website the $5.20 International rate that was mentioned at our CC during the last week of April. The CBI had mistakenly placed up a rate then removed it. As I do not speak or read Arabic I thought I would never get anywhere.

   After months of research and listening to the studies I'm about to share what I found and I will leave it up to you to draw your own opinion from it.

       Yearly Spreadsheets

     I came across many spread sheets my first focus was to locate one with a possible International rate. Then if I thought I had found what I was looking for my next thought would then be to locate the $ 5.20 as a confirmation that I was going in the right direction.

    I located many spreadsheets dated back for years, then I located a spreadsheet dated April 6,2015 to June 1st 2017. On this spreadsheet I discovered many changes from the prior year’s spreadsheets :

        -Program rates of 1184 to 1251 last date of March 15th dated 

       - Then the Program rate was removed and left blank as of March 16th, 2017 and to this day is empty and this has been empty for exactly 90 days to the date as of  ( June 13th marks 90 Days Since)

Auctions would begin to Double on May 29th,2017                                                                                 

This particular spreadsheet also seemed to represent to dollar amount in the bank

    Daily Spreadsheets

     Hmm , I thought to myself where would a possible international rate be, that would not represent a program rate of the past and could possibly represent a more realistic dollar amount that was missing from the yearly spreadsheet?

     I was able to locate daily spreadsheets that represented what I thought could represent the following

        - Daily International Rates Ranging from $ 1.63 to $ 5.52  since March 16th, 2017
        - IMF Credit Ratings from A TO D

        - Dollars available in the bank

        - I went back and also located the $5.20 that confirmed my possible theory
       Auction & Interest Spreadsheets

    As I gathered additional spreadsheets one seemed to show an interest rate that represented a more stable economy that had dropped over time. When I had located the spreadsheets from the Auctions it had columns representing the dates of the auction, the date the auctions was issued, including settlement dates and the maturity dates. The Bid range yields over the decade went form 21% down to 2-5% meaning the more they wanted the more it would cost the bidders, over time dropping need for the U.S. Dollar the interest rate dropped.

          Combined Spreadsheets Timelines, Patterns, Noticeable Changes

  At this point I was looking and reviewing all of the spread sheets together and I noticed different patterns, in the daily rate sheets I noticed and tested my theory by marking the rates on dates to see how the rates seemed to fluctuate .

I found that matching up Iraq's working days on a calendar with the daily rates going backwards, I was able to see there was a pattern. The pattern had shown that on Mondays the rate was always at its highest and Wednesdays at its lowest most. On Wednesday

June 7th, 2017, I noticed the International rate sheet had totally changed and moved different information to different columns. The International rate was a more specific number of $2.20 on June 7th there were no other rates with 0's that I noticed before this Wednesday or any other day. The International Rate for 6/13/2017 is $3.23, $2.26 International Rate for 6/14/2017.

  The Auction spreadsheets had specific days that represented when things were done on a consistent basis inside the bank, such as their Maturity Dates were always on Wednesdays and their Settlement dates were always on Thursdays. There are 30 days between each month’s maturity and settlement dates all on the last Wednesday & Thursday of each month. On June 14th & 21st on one specific spreadsheet all transactions were marked CANCELLED for these day.
      As I share my research they are all in my opinion and are my own assumptions as I cannot read or speak Arabic. But I will tell you when you challenge yourself to do something it places you in a different place and when you have done your best and feel great about trying your hardest its amazing.

Please take this information as you will make your own analysis and assumptions from it. I would like to thank everyone here esp. Pepperdine University,  Frank, Tink, Delta, AG, Aggiedad, Sampson, Don, Tommy, Connie and all of you who complete the KTFA Family.

All My Love Peggy68   6/14/2017

TupeloDawg1:  Things to think about


1st 0 Lifted May  12nd  ,

2nd  0 Lifted  June 12th ,

3rd 0 Lifted _?_ 

30 day tranches  the Third 0 will be removed faster IMO

Budget Changes made the 1st week of June        

CBI & IMF   CBI & WB   Meetings

 Changing Transitional Rate & Process with IMF Agreement  
June 30th Iraq will Announcement of Ch 7 & Escrow

Watch CBI then Watch Brent Oil to Increase will climb drop then cap

DLR:  The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails. - John Maxwell


6-15-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste   Article:  "The central bank prepares banks and transfer 25 million per month"   Here is my take on this important development.  It occurred to me that what we are seeing here is a plan to use some of the reserves to reduce the money supply in Iraq. The article makes clear that there is not a corruption problem.  However, they are still putting some limits on the exchange (dinars for foreign currency).  Furthermore...the CBI is making it clear up front that the banks will not be allowed to take advantage of the public who wish to purchase foreign currency.  This means that they will be forced to give the foreign currency at the official rate rather than the market rate.  As word of this gets out there will be more and more people who will want to surrender their dinars at that rate, thus saving many dinars by getting the foreign currency below the market rate.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

6-15-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98 
  [Do you think it will get out of this month?]  Sure, I think it will happen this month... As far as Iraq is concerned we can only depend on what they tell their people, and what they do.  ...They keep saying they will have reconciliation at the end of Ramadan, and they have been conditioning their citizens for the cashless society, so that they can revalue with a keystroke... Iraq told their people ‘liberation of Mosul’, and now we’re waiting for the formal announcement although we all know Mosul is liberated. They may hold that announcement until the end of Ramadan.  They are saying at that point everything will be hunky-dory, and citizens will love their neighbors, their money, and their country!

6-15-2017   Intel Gurus Frank26 & Delta   [What are they doing with the auctions?]   We believe they are piggy-backing them for the end of the month – when we expect them to stop. Extra auctions...just in case!  It looks like now that these systems in automated...buying and selling is easier/faster. The results of the auctions are coming way-before they used too. The CBI has done a tremendous job on their system and they are ready at a moments notice.   The CBI and Allaq...he stated that the auctions are transitional.  That’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  We believe that the MR will travel at the speed of light – and now that their equipment can travel at the speed of light...this is obvious what they are preparing to do.  IMO – their system is the latest available...perhaps faster than what we have in the USA.  This “program rate” is limping on this “high-tech” system. They are preparing for a revaluation – again in my opinion.


RECAP: Council of 17 And Revaluation of Iraqi Dinar, 15 JUNE

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– Many of the people want to know the future of revaluation of Iraqi dinar after the membership of Council 17. Whether it will happen or not? In fact, people know that economy of Iraq will automatically grow after this membership. Hopefully revaluation will be needed. Iraqi dinar will regain its value in the international market, hopefully by the end of 2017. So if someone thinks that revaluation is a scam, he must know that Iraqi dinar will regain its value without revaluation after this membership.
Iraq is allowed to export its products in the European markets after this membership that was ban before. The economy of Iraq will definitely boost up after the membership because local and foreign investors will invest in the country more than ever. The oil ex[port will reach 7 million barrels per day by 2016 instead of 2017, the target set by Iraq. so investors will have to wait for more 2 years to get their profit even if the revaluation does not happen in the country within reason able time or as specified by many of the dinar experts. As far as my opinion is concern, Council of 17 is favorable for revaluation of Iraqi dinar. LINK

RECAP: Zimbabwe’s trillion-dollar note: from worthless paper to hot investment, 15 JUNE

What’s been one of the best-performing investments of the past seven years? Shares in Facebook? London property? Bitcoin? Up there with the best, believe it or not, are Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar notes.
A trillion, by the way, is a million million. There are 12 zeros in a trillion. Add another two to reach the total on the Zimbabwean 100 trillion dollar bill, the note with the most zeroes of any legal tender in all recorded history. The bills circulated for a few months in 2009 at the zenith – or, more precisely, the nadir – of one of the most terrible instances of hyperinflation in history, before Harare finally abandoned the Zimbabwean dollar in favour of the South African rand, the US dollar and several other foreign currencies.
At one stage a hundred trillion dollar note would not even cover a bus fare. You needed a bale of notes just to buy a few household essentials. However, it’s thought that only a few million of them were ever printed.
I remember buying one on eBay. It is on the wall in my office. John Wolstencroft, a private investor, bought a batch of them to give away. “I always found they were a good conversation starter,” he says.
In 2010-11, Wolstencroft was living in New Zealand where he joined an investment club, made up mostly of locals and US expats. At the time, the great central banking experiment of quantitative easing and a 0% interest rate policy was making a lot of people nervous. He brought a handful of the Zimbabwean notes along to his first meeting to give out as a way of saying thank you for letting him join the club, but there were more people there than he was expecting.
“I didn’t have enough notes to go round,” he says. “People started offering me money for them. I tried to explain they were just a gift, but they just upped their offer. I realised then these notes were going to become a collector’s item.”

 John (left) and Vishal Wolstencroft sell trillion dollar notes from the defunct Zimbabwean currency to collectors

Wolstencroft went away and bought several hundred more notes. The price had already risen since his first purchase; they were £1.50 each. He gave some out to members of the club, as promised, and kept the rest. When he returned to Britain he gave some to a financial company he works with. “One of the independent financial advisers used to give the notes out to prospective clients to show why they should invest away from cash in a diverse range of assets, such as real estate, gold, stocks and shares,” he says. “Over the long term, cash loses its value.”
Wolstencroft wasn’t alone in seeing the potential of trillion dollar notes. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2011 that David Laties, owner of the Educational Coin Company in New York, had speculated about $150,000 (£104,000) importing the notes from Zimbabwe, sensing they would become “the best notes ever”. Frank Templeton, a retired Wall Street equities trader, bought “quintillions of Zimbabwe dollars” (that’s thousands of trillions) for between $1 and $2 each, via a broker from the Zimbabwe central bank. He would then sell them on for several times the price.
Vishal Wolstencroft, John’s 12-year-old son, noticed late last year that these same 100 trillion dollar notes were now changing hands on eBay for as much as £40 each. He talked his father into a joint venture. Vishal is responsible for the listing, photographs, posting, packing and advertising, while father John supplies the goods. Their profits are shared 50:50. Business is good. According to Vishal, it’s quite a step up from his previous venture selling old toys at a local market stall. Most 100 trillion dollar notes fetch close to £20-£25 on eBay, but set against the £1.50 paid by Wolstencroft in 2011 it is a striking return. In percentage terms, it is – close to 1,500%, compared with the miserable 5% rise in the FTSE 100 over the same period.
In an extraordinary irony, the 100 trillion dollar note – a symbol of financial mismanagement on a colossal scale – has turned into one of the best-performing asset classes of recent years.

The disappearing currency

A Zimbabwean lady with a basketful of cash
 A Zimbabwean lady with a basketful of cash Photograph: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP

When the Zimbabwean dollar first came into existence in 1980 it had a similar value to the US dollar, writes Patrick Collinson. But by 2009, $1 was worth Z$2,621,984,228, 675,650,147,435,579,309,984,228. The Bank of England worries if inflation in the UK goes over 2% a year; in Zimbabwe it hit 79.6 billion per cent.
The country’s central bank could not even afford the paper on which to print its worthless trillion-dollar notes. President Mugabe issued edicts to ban price rises, of comedic value were it not for the devastation that hyperinflation wrought upon the people. The miserably low savings and incomes of the impoverished population were wiped out; shopkeepers would frequently double prices between the morning and afternoon, leaving workers’ pay almost valueless by the end of the day.
In 2009 the government scrapped the currency, leaving US dollars and South African rand as the main notes and coins in circulation. To this day, Zimbabwe still has no currency of its own, although the government last year offered to swap old deposit accounts into US dollars, giving savers $5 for each 175 quadrillion (175,000,000,000,000,000) Zimbabwean dollars.
In an extraordinary irony, Zimbabwe now suffers among the world’s worst deflation, currently at -2.3%. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/may/14/zimbabwe-trillion-dollar-note-hyerinflation-investment

Yosef update on RV

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 15 2017

Compiled 12:20 am EDT 15 June 2017 by Judy Byington

A. June 14 2017 Real Truth Call Yosef: Real Truth Call w/ Yosef Today at 9 PM EDT 6-14-17

Today's Washington DC shooting of Republicans could be connected to the Cabal trying to stop the GCR. The shooting was a failure and sign of utter desperation by the Cabal.

The concern of the New Powers That Be has been centered on security during exchanges. They would use whatever time necessary to draw this out in order to assure public safety.

The longer we wait, the higher the rates. The Zim screen rate was now in double digets and could get over triple digits.

The Zim was a historical bond (printing ended in 2009). Therefore the Zim has a different protocol for the exchange. Zim redeemers were considered sovereign who would enjoy special priviledges.

Once the RV happened it would not stop.You would be able to wire any amount of money anywhere in the world.


B. June 14 2017 9:47 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Message" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - June 14, 2017

The RV release is scheduled (firm) to occur before the end of Ramadan which is June 27, 2017.

The ZIM screen rate is well into double digits now and climbing hourly.


C. June 14 TNT Call : TNotes by Adept1 6-14-17

Replay:641.715.0623 pin:409029# http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=98970573

1. Everything is quiet.

2. Iraqi citizens are still being told that reconciliation will be at the end of Ramadan (June 27), which is connected to a three-day holiday that takes us to June 30.

3. Banks are in special meetings and trainings. They are all geared up and supposedly have heard from government agencies to get ready to rock and roll.

4. Some expected this to pop yesterday, but we are still here, waiting.

5. We just don’t know the exact minute, hour, day, or week, but do believe it’s coming.


D. June 14 2017 WSOMN Chat SandnSea:  14 JUNE

1. I'm waiting for someone I know to become liquid. She's a flesh and blood person whom I know. She had a foot in the door, not like us - it's a who ya know thing.

2. I was only told what could be told.

3. It's my understanding that she cannot become liquid until we go. Otherwise it would be illegal, so good news all around.

4. She has been waiting a few weeks now. It was a process with lots of paperwork. The paperwork went back and forth, then a final clearance came from Homeland Security.

5. An NDA was given. I will say that if anyone is inclined to sign a NDA, it must be respected. You gave your word and it is a legal document. Also, not everyone wanting a NDA will be accepted for one. It's not a given.

This is not a game. The NDA has to do with the rate, the $$$, not the process we will all be going through. No prices were, or will ever be, discussed.

6. All I can say is what I've been told and I'm told it should be soon.


QuietStorm:  I remember, Sept 14, 2013, " they are posting the 800 numbers" this was from Tony.. It is in process, I know of four that have uniquely finalized. Stay patient..

JSL:  Quiet Storm thank you for saying you actually know in Truth that someone has actually realized an Outcome in this that we are Hoping for. I know nobody like that, wish I did.

QuietStorm:  Retired VP of Citi,. Yes this is real...two years ago, at 2AM, happen to check the exchange, VND was clearly listed at $8.00,. My wife and I both saw the same thing.

Made a call to a contact at the UST. The only comment was, that exchanges can be managed in the AM. The $8.00 rate was there for about 8 minutes, then reverted back.

You need to get your Wealth Manager to see you as a viable long term customer. Trust me, sometimes it us timing and who you know. Nuff said.

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iraq's 2017 Target for Oil Expansion Within Reach, WoodMac Says https://bloom.bg/2rjQUR8

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Iraq Sends Millions of Barrels of Oil to U.S. While Saudis Cut https://bloom.bg/2rhfx0R

OH BOY!! A NEW GURU! Peggy68 thinks there will be an International Rate this week,15 JUNE

[New Guru]   My thoughts, IRAQ has escrow accounts from every country in the world that they can get from now til June 30th, but they need that rate 1st!  

 Lots of High End officials will be Iraq tomorrow, IMF is giving them another 38 Million or Billion I believe tomorrow or after they post a rate, too much reading brain overload...

International contracts were put out for bids and the application deadlines for most were June 11th...they are ready to get to work!

 5 events dominate the global markets next week...Investors around the world await a number of important events over the next week, amid special attention to policy decisions of cash in several countries.

 If it doesn't happen this week it's the end of the month! But I still feel we will see the International Rate announced this week and on Forex 13th-16th June!  I know it could go anywhere between now & 30th but I think the above is possible. International Rate here we come.

Humanus Update LANDA GLOBAL Conference Call Blackout

"Ripe" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 6/15/17

Expect to see a lot more military personnel at off-site redemption centers as Humvee processions loaded with uniformed troops have been seen all over the country's highways and should be considered deployed by now.

Something sizemic is definitely happening.

ZIM screen rates are well above double digits--at face value redemptions--with structure program payouts and NDAs optional.

Trump's resignation is overtly mirroring Nixon's 1974 presidential experience for precedents sake.

Ultimately his resignation is scheduled--by design--to usher in the restored Republic and new gold backed currency.

Everyone good and once bad seems to be following the same script finally (even BiBi Netanyahu in Israel, Poroshenko in Ukraine and the House of Saud with its sudden pull back of the blockade in Qatar). 

I'm told all those geopolitical situations are completely surrounded and there's no escaping what the Chinese, Russians and world community want to accomplish, peacefully.

Iraq is on the cusp announcing that they've removed Daesh and Isis from their nation completely after over a decade of war, and do so sometime during the back half of Ramadan. 

When in truth, they long have liberated Mosul and are just waiting for the release moment like the rest of us.

Northern Ireland is negotiating with Britain right now to permanently rejoin Southern Ireland in order to make Ireland whole again. Wow!

Palestine is about to recognize Israel, and Israel Palestine, with pre-1967 land returning to the Palestinians (including Jerusalem) as Israelites will finally get to live in peace with their Arab neighbors. Double wow!

It's not reported, but Israel is being shut out financially and militarily until it performs this act. And there's absolutely nothing BiBi or Likud can do about it in the short or long term. Triple Wow! 

Global peace. What a concept. And in our lifetimes. Such amazing grace. How sweet love does sound.

Are we waiting another week, day, hour, minute? All of the above? 


We just don't know when the NPTB will pull the peach, day or night, time or place, but there's no doubt conditions are ripe for an RV. 

Perhaps even worse they are way past due. 

The GCR/RV is both real and really happening now.

Sadly, when is an unanswerable question even for our best sources. They're frustrated too. Professional credibility and all. 

Logic demands a weekend, late at night, over a holiday weekend. And July 4th is in just two short weeks away, so maybe it would serve as the perfect distraction and theme of restoring our Republic plus include a gold backed new currency

Otherwise, we just have to remain patient and play wait'n see. Calm is the only prudent emotion anyone can adopt at this late stage in the RV game.

Chaos is no longer a viable alternative as we found out yesterday Virginia when only the perp died by gunshot. 

Leave anger, disgust and indifference for someone else. That baggage is just too heavy in this new era of light (LOL).

It's a little funny.

God is with us.

Frank & Delta say - They are preparing for a revaluation,15 JUNE

[What are they doing with the auctions?]   

We believe they are piggy-backing them for the end of the month – when we expect them to stop

 Extra auctions...just in case!  It looks like now that these systems in automated...buying and selling is easier/faster.

 The results of the auctions are coming way-before they used too. 

The CBI has done a tremendous job on their system and they are ready at a moments notice.   The CBI and Allaq...he stated that the auctions are transitional.  That’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  

We believe that the MR will travel at the speed of light – and now that their equipment can travel at the speed of light...this is obvious what they are preparing to do. 

 IMO – their system is the latest available...perhaps faster than what we have in the USA. 

 This “program rate” is limping on this “high-tech” system. They are preparing for a revaluation – again in my opinion.


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 15, 2017

PD Forum News Excerpts & Highlights, 15 JUNE

MrsClassy:   Map showing 1% of Mosul under the control of Daesh
History of edits:: 2017/6/15
The destruction of the headquarters of four Daesh air strikes in Hawija
Killing dozens of terrorists and destroy Crane Daesh air strikes north-west of Haditha Lake
Neutralize and detonate an explosive device 125 in Ramadi

Pictures .. a month after the disappearance of the girl Gaamadh..mkavhh conditions reveal the truth Egram Muthanna

The destruction of a factory for booby-trapping wheels and the headquarters of immigrants in Tal Afar Daesh

Implementation of pre-emptive security operation northwest of Baquba

 sickpunk:    Should be within next 5 minutes folks... hang in there!!!!!

Futuremoney:   out of curiosity...what area is that? They always show it a grayish color..

MrsClassy:     Baghdad News –  The Military Information Cell of the Joint Operations Command published a new map of field progress in the liberation battles of the right-wing Mosul coast and revealed the near completion of the liberation of the Shifa and Bab Sinjar neighborhoods in preparation for the decisive battle in old Mosul.

FutureMoney: yes...but why do they show that area/district in gray,( now its black) when all the other areas that were controlled by ISIS was white??

Smoky Mtn Dinar:   The GOOD GUYS wear white. Them ol'   "waswas" boyz ain't   good!


MrsClassy:   Tamimi: Abadi insist on the selection of non-specialized figures to run the Ministry of Finance “corruption” !!

15-06-2017 01:44 PM  Baghdad News – A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Majida Tamimi, on Thursday, the insistence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi of his choice for anyone who does not have a certificate in the field of financial and economic leadership of the Ministry of Finance.

She said in a statement that “the Ministry of Finance is the most important ministry in the government cab and requires the head of specialist and be a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Economics exclusively and the holders of higher degrees to be able to develop the reality of the work of the ministry.”

The statement continued, “If we reviewed most of those who led this ministry, we find them far away from the specialization required of them, which reflected negatively on their performance.”

The statement said, “Her previous call to the Prime Minister to be financial institutions outside the scope of party quotas and be a candidate full-time to work in this vital ministry.”

The statement said that “the ministry requires an exceptional leader, especially in light of the critical stage of the country’s financial crisis suffocating, but we find that he insists on the selection of part-time and all of his specialization is far from financial and economic work, that is formality, The ministry is a secondary act. “

Al-Tamimi pointed out that “the decline in the performance of the ministry from bad to worse, has led to the financial position of Iraq since 2003 until the present time incorrectly since the financial commitments (external loans) were not included in the financial status of the Iraqi state as a result of not recorded in the records Accounting and this is the result of the fact that most of the leadership of this ministry do not have the necessary expertise, expertise and competence.

– See more at:


"Time To Expect More" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee , 15 JUNE

Time To Expect More

I was reading a post today and the poster said something about how many productive years they had left and I realized that I needed to give everyone here a new perspective. It is Time To EXPECT MORE! My friends, we are moving into a new age of advancements, perfect health, longer life spans, advanced Human abilities, NO STRESS, and Joyous days doing whatever we want.

Expectation is VERY Important

You have to "Realize" (Making a thought/concept REAL) that we are leaving the Cabal World behind. Everything about that life is OVER! Now we will not only have the best of EVERYTHING, we will NOT have bad foods, poisoned air and water, Disease, and stress. Importantly, if your expectations are still "Set" on the old Cabal World perspectives, you could literally create your expected outcome be(come) true, despite the new World we are moving into. 

New Expectations

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May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

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A Brief History of How Exchange Rates Work, 15 JUNE

For centuries, the currencies of the world were backed by gold.

That is, a piece of paper currency issued by any world government represented a real amount of gold held in a vault by that government.

In the 1930s, the U.S. set the value of the dollar at a single, unchanging level: 1 ounce of gold was worth $35. After World War II, other countries based the value of their currencies on the U.S. dollar.

​Since everyone knew how much gold a U.S. dollar was worth, then the value of any other currency against the dollar could be based on its value in gold. A currency worth twice as much gold as a U.S dollar was, therefore, also worth two U.S. dollars.

Unfortunately, the real world of economics outpaced this system. The U.S. dollar suffered from inflation (its value relative to the goods it could purchase decreased), while other currencies became more valuable and more stable.

Eventually, the U.S. could no longer pretend that the dollar was worth as much as it had been, so the value was officially reduced so that 1 ounce of gold was now worth $70. The dollar's value was cut in half.

Finally, in 1971, the U.S. took away the gold standard altogether.

This meant that the dollar no longer represented an actual amount of a precious substance -- market forces alone determined its value.

Today, the U.S. dollar still dominates many financial markets.

​In fact, exchange rates are often expressed in terms of U.S. dollars. 

​Currently, the U.S. dollar and the euro account for approximately 50 percent of all currency exchange transactions in the world.

Adding British pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, and Japanese yen to the list accounts for over 80 percent of currency exchanges altogether.

​The Cost of Money

National currencies are vitally important to the way modern economies operate. They allow us to consistently express the value of an item across borders of countries, oceans, and cultures.

We need exchange rates because one nation's currency is not always accepted in another. You can't walk into a store in Japan and buy a loaf of bread with Swiss francs. First, you'd have to go to a bank and buy some Japanese yen with your Swiss francs. 

An exchange rate is simply the cost of one form of currency in another form of currency. In other words, if you exchange 1 Swiss franc for 80 Japanese yen, you really just purchased a different form of money.

You can express that exchange rate as:

1CHF = 80JPY

Meaning that one Swiss franc costs 80 Japanese yen.

Methods of Exchange

The Floating Exchange Rate

There are two main systems used to determine a currency's exchange rate: floating currency and pegged currency.

The market determines a floating exchange rate. In other words, a currency is worth whatever buyers are willing to pay for it. This is determined by supply and demand, which is in turn driven by foreign investment, import/export ratios, inflation, and a host of other economic factors.

Generally, countries with mature, stable economic markets will use a floating system. Virtually every major nation uses this system, including the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.

Floating exchange rates are considered more efficient, because the market will automatically correct the rate to reflect inflation and other economic forces.

The floating system isn't perfect, though. If a country's economy suffers from instability, a floating system will discourage investment. Investors could fall victim to wild swings in the exchange rates, as well as disastrous inflation.


You can see a floating system at work. Changes in the U.S. and Canadian economies have led to the Canadian dollar becoming worth more.

For years, a Canadian dollar was worth about 65 cents. In 2003, it rose to 75 cents. By early 2007, it had reached about 92 cents.

Look in the business section of your newspaper, or check an exchange rate calculator on the Internet, and track the Canadian dollar's rise in value yourself.

​ Right now, economists aren't sure how high it will go.k here to edit.

The Pegged Exchange Rate

A pegged, or fixed system, is one in which the exchange rate is set and artificially maintained by the government.

​The rate will be pegged to some other country's dollar, usually the U.S. dollar. The rate will not fluctuate from day to day.

A government has to work to keep their pegged rate stable.

​Their national bank must hold large reserves of foreign currency to mitigate changes in supply and demand. 

If a sudden demand for a currency were to drive up the exchange rate, the national bank would have to release enough of that currency into the market to meet the demand. They can also buy up currency if low demand is lowering exchange rates.

Countries that have immature, potentially unstable economies usually use a pegged system. Developing nations can use this system to prevent out-of control-inflation.

The system can backfire, however, if the real world market value of the currency is not reflected by the pegged rate. In that case, a black market may spring up, where the currency will be traded at its market value, disregarding the government's peg.

When people realize that their currency isn't worth as much as the pegged rate indicates, they may rush to exchange their money for other, more stable currencies.

This can lead to economic disaster, since the sudden flood of currency in world markets drives the exchange rate very low. So if a country doesn't take good care of their pegged rate, they may find themselves with worthless currency.


In reality, few exchange rate systems are 100 percent floating, or 100 percent pegged. Countries using a pegged rate can avoid market panics and inflationary disasters by using a floating peg.

They peg their rate to the U.S. dollar, and that rate doesn't fluctuate from day to day. However, the government periodically reviews their peg, and makes minor adjustments to keep it in line with the true market value.

Floating systems aren't really left to the mercy of market forces, either. Governments using floating exchange rates make changes to their national economic policy that can affect exchange rates, directly or indirectly.

Tax cuts, changes to the national interest rate, and import tariffs can all change the value of a nation's currency, even though the value technically floats.

The next time you cross a border, and trade your money for that of another country, remember that economic forces across the world helped determine that exchange rate.

In fact, when you exchange currencies, you're one of those economic forces -- you're helping to set the exchange rate, too.

Although this system works pretty well most of the time, it's not always the best solution.

Source: How Stuff Works