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6-10-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...the upcoming scheduled celebrations we are now hearing about will not have anything to do or impact with the RV.  We know that Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) date is Monday, June 26th. We know that their mind set is to have the next two weeks as liberation weeks with many events and activities throughout Iraq.  I have to tell you they did NOT meet their June 10th goal of “full” liberation... No – we are not just waiting for a “public” announcement but for the liberation to be completed so they can legitimately and honestly make this “public” announcement.   However for Ramadan, this year is different than most because they are celebrating both a liberation and Ramadan at the same time. I assure you both of these events will end at Eid-al-Fitr.  It is at this point of Eid-al-Fitr we can expect to see a re-focus back to the currency reform. It is at this point I strongly believe the CBI is planning to reinstitute the re-education process of their plan to roll out the new currency, as needed.   [post 2 of 2]

6-10-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat 
  The process of deleting the zeros must resume once again and we know for a fact the plan is for this to lead to an initial rate of around $1.00. How do we know this? We are only speculating of course on the rate, but it is a rate the CBI and the reports on the future state of the currency has stated many times and is most probable based on the FACTS we now know.  We were told this will only occur when ISIS liberation is completed, the Iranian influence is gone to the extend they are no longer interfering in Iraqi politics, and they must move forward with the economy. In other words they need the Stability and Security to launch this new economy.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


Tishwash:  US rappers more interested in foreign currency

It’s been a humbling year for the almighty US dollar. Investors, concerned about political instability in Washington and signs of an economic slowdown, have driven its value down to pre-election levels.

More dispiriting, however, is the greenback’s deflated reputation among its most historically devoted support group.

Like a lot of hip-hop artists, Remy Banks is more obsessed lately with amassing foreign currencies. In Cold World, Banks raps of “diving in the deep end of a pool full of euros, pounds, and yen”.

That’s not just showboating, he explained. “I’m not going to stop working hard until I get to this point where I can travel around the world, until I can jump into a pool with all these different cur
rencies like Scrooge McDuck,” the Queens, New York-born rapper said.

Rapper Remy Ma made one of the first hip-hop references to the United Arab Emirates currency, the dirham, in her 2016 hit with Fat Joe, All The Way Up.

“I’m talkin’ colour money, purple yen and blue dirham,” she rapped about the aqua-tinged notes.

Money has been a dominant theme in hip-hop since it began in the 1970s. There has been a natural focus on the US dollar, reflecting the genre’s roots in American cities. Puff Daddy famously rapped in 1997 that “It’s all about the Benjamins” in his tribute to the $US100 bill, which bears Benjamin Franklin’s likeness.

Even a decade ago, rappers nodded only a handful of times to any currency other than the US dollar. In 2007, the euro appeared in just one rap song in the database of Rap Genius, a crowdsourced website that annotates rap lyrics. The Japanese yen appeared twice, and the peso a half-dozen times.

But as hip-hop music has become more global, rappers are internationalising their lyrics, too, and references to foreign currencies are multiplying.

Peso appeared in 40 rap songs last year, Rap Genius said, while yen was mentioned in 10 and euro in seven. The Indian rupee, Russian rouble and British pound are also popping up in hip-hop lyrics with increasing frequency.

One of Banks’s favourite currency notes is the Canadian dollar, which a friend told him smelled like maple syrup. “I was like, get the hell out of here,” he recalled. “Then I put it in my hand, and it smelled like maple syrup.”

He hopes next to get his hands on the Ethiopian birr, which he has heard carries the scent of exotic spices.

Foreign currency references are still small change compared with the nearly 700 times that Rap Genius counted mentions of the US dollar in songs released last year.

But name-checking foreign currencies had become a way for hip-hop musicians to show their financial sophistication, said Chris Smith, a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California who has done research on the role of money in rap music.

“Rappers know that the US dollar is not the only game in town any more,” Mr Smith said. “They know that China is rising, they know that there are other economic powers.”

Overseas travel and shopping sprees have also made American rappers well aware of the dollar’s recent slide in the foreign exchange market. Willie Maxwell II, known as Fetty Wap, said he was a bit unnerved to notice that the greenback had fallen 5 per cent this year against major peers.

“If I were making a verse, it would be like, ‘I don’t want dollars, they not worth nothing, we want euros’,” he freestyled during an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Maxwell, who has also rapped about the peso, says he wishes he could be paid in the euro — the best-performing major currency this year — because it would be worth more than his US dollars.  l,ink


Upstart:  MOSUL :  Yet more confirmations.... DONE.

Press TV
Fars News

What next ?

Sunday:  See if they do piggyback auction again. If they do, it's good... REALLY GOOD.

Monday: Celebrations & budget hearing.  ALL BETS ARE OFF.

Samson:  Trump tells Zimbabwe : Reform or no talks

by Bridget Mananavire      7 June 2017

HARARE – United States President Donald Trump’s administration is ready to
have “meaningful” dialogue with the Zimbabwean government once it is
satisfied there is political and economic transformation, a top official
said yesterday.

“The relationship with the Zimbabwean government is part of the reason why
I am here.

“We are not trying to vet specific individuals from Zimbabwe but we are
looking to the Zimbabwean leadership and then the Zimbabwe government to
make political and economic changes so that we can more robustly engage
the country,” said United States’ Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for
African Affairs, Carol Thompson O’Connell.

She said this after completing the tour of New Start Centre which was
funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Pepfar) – an
HIV benefit programme that supports government’s efforts to mitigate the
effects of HIV/Aids pandemic.

O’Connell is the first top Trump administration’s official to visit
Zimbabwe since he was elected into office last year.

Pepfar is pledging almost $150 million next year that will be used to test
2,5 million people and support treatment for over 200 000 people as well
as cover Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Determined, Resilient,
Empowered, Aids-free, Mentored, and Safe (Dreams)  programme.
Later, O’Connell met Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa who said
government was committed to implement reforms.

“We discussed the re-engagement issue, we discussed the sanctions issue,
we discussed American assistance in the health and educational sector, we
gave them and briefed them on our economic agenda and the progress that we
are making on that front,” Chinamasa told journalists after the meeting.



Samson:  Iraqi Stock Exchange announces the rise in listed stocks to 10.8 trillion shares
 10/06/2017 - 13:47

Announced the stock exchange Iraqi, Saturday, the high number of shares listed in the stock to   10 . 8 trillion shares, indicating that the stock traded in the sessions of the week last 4 billion shares .
Said Director of the executive market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam   in a statement journalist received " Economy News , " a copy of it, the " market of Iraq for securities and financial systems during the week ending five sessions of trading in the market regulars and session trading one in the market second " , noting that " during the sessions of the week last traded shares (57) company in the market regulars and the company and one in the market second to a number of companies suspended from trading for lack of commitment to provide disclosure of the annual and quarterly Authority and the market (13) company . "

And between Abdul Salam that " the number of shares listed on the market reached (10.824) trillion shares after the end of the procedures for registration and deposit of shares of the company bank clutch Islamic in the market with a capital of 100 billion dinars ."

He stressed that " the number of shares traded for the week last reached 4 billion shares compared to 3 billion shares for the week , which accepted up by 4.39% , while total value of shares tradedfor the week last (3) billion dinars , compared to 2 billion dinars for the week , which before highis the other by  13 ".04.

He said Abdul Salam said , " deals , which struck a week last reached (2474) deal compared to(2269) deal for the week that before raising the index of the market during the week last ISX 60by (1.61%) from the closing of the week that before when it closed at (592.33) points, and the risewhere the value of market capitalization of the companies listed for the week last by (2.06%) for the value of the market for the week , which before , amounting to 9.809 trillion dinars . "

He pointed to that " the number of shares purchased from investors , non - Iraqi week last reached (485) million shares higher by 0.6% compared to the week that before, either the value of purchase amounted to 528 million dinars from through the implementation of (181) transactions on the shares (19) Company low value of the total has increased by 12% " , explaining that " the number of shares sold by investors , non - Iraqi week last amounted to 1 billion shares higher by 39% compared to the week that before, while the total value of sold 809 million dinars from through the implementation of (170 ) deal on the shares (5) companies are high rate (19%)compared to the week that before


TANK/Steffen Rowe Says We're Just Waiting for 800#'s , 10 JUNE

Hello All, I need something better to do going into the weekends after a long work week LOL.

I just listened to over four hours of the Real Truth Call replay:
1 (712) 770-4178
Code 143153#

To Tank and Show Me and Dr WC, and even Smarty who called in during "Kid duty", God bless you guys.

Tank gave Intel, essentially that all his sources say it's still happening and done, and we are just waiting for the 888 (800) numbers. Tank is a saint; the man answered questions for four hours and gave his phone number to virtually every caller who asked for it. He is sincere, passionate and real. If you have 4 hours, it's worth the listen.



Frank & Delta say - They could pull the RV trigger on Tuesday , 10 JUNE

All of the sudden they started doing 2 auctions on the same day – accumulating 1, 2 and sometimes 3 within a week. Piggybacking these auctions was unusual.

 Why the urgency with the auctions? They cannot change the rate in the middle of a business day. So if you take a look at the auction they did on Monday (that means they have nothing to do on Tuesday). 

Tuesday, they have no auction. Interesting...that means they could pull the trigger on a Tuesday. This is really significant to us – something is going on...and there is a reason why they are doing it. Based on the demands of the World Bank, the comments from the economists to ACTIVATE – it doesn’t become any more clear than that.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 10, 2017

6/10/2017 01:42:00 AM  DinarlandGCRGeopoliticsRV, [url=http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/search/label/Secret News]Secret News[/url], [url=http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/search/label/US Republic]US Republic[/url]   
Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 10 2017

Compiled 1:20 am EDT 10 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

Source:Dinar Chronicles

A. June 9 2017 3:43 pm EDT Yosef's last thoughts: "Surfing" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - June 9, 2017

1. Be advised to keep your eyes and ears open all weekend long, specifically starting the night of June 9, after the sun sets in Los Angeles (8:04pm PDT).

2. Yosef's last and best redemption appointment thoughts:

a. Think transition versus transaction.

b. Demonstrate appreciation over domination.

c. Be a servant of surrender, not control.

Offered with love from the Heart of Yeshua, God is with us.

3. Yosef said the 800 numbers would be available today after Sunset on the West Coast (Fri. June 9 around 9pm EDT, 8 pm MDT.)

4. Bruce said Iraqi Dinar rates will go live Sat. June 10 @ 12:30 pm EDT, 10:30 am MST. "1,750,000 cell phones have been given to Iraqi citizens with the aps already installed to do international banking. The cell phones were scheduled to go live at 7:30 pm Iraqi time Sat. evening June 10 (US 12:30 pm EDT Sat. afternoon June 10)."

5. On the June 9 TNT Call RayRen98 said:

a. Let’s see what happens when the market closes tonight June 9.

b. June 10th is the anniversary of ISIL coming in (and going out). Some believe announcements will commence on the 10th for the full release.

c. We have celebrations for the troops scheduled on June 12/13.

d. Iraq had moved their Celebration from Mon. June 12 to Tues. June 13.

e. Another source said the Iraqi full RV release was set for Tues. June 13.

f. Someone said that the UN rates are posted on the 15th.

g. Then there are no expected dates until the 30th.

h. The Vietnamese Dong may revalue prior to the Iraqi Dinar.

i. This ride is coming to an end, we just don’t know the exact date.

6. You will have 72 hours after the 800 numbers come out to call and make your exchange appointment. Although it is recommended you take the appointment time offered, you can arrange for a more convenient time if you have special circumstances such as sickness, or travel needs.

7. After the 72 hours, the 800 numbers will be taken down and you will only be able to exchange your currencies (except for the Zim) at a bank using the lower international rates.

8. The Zim is a bond, must be exchanged at a HSBC exchange center and will be retired after it is exchanged. It is not known if you can exchange the Zim if you do not have an appoinment to do so within the 72 hour limit.

9. Websites which might publish the 800 numbers:





https://mobile.twitter.com/THE_TNT_TEAM - Latest Tweet

gm (@wingit=+}l) | Twitter - Latest Tweet

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChvSV5n9uxzu3GuGA-WCWJw/feed - (video)

1. Last week the UN erased all of Zimbabwe's sovereign debt.

2. This last Sunday night June 4 Zimbabwe erased all their national bank debt.

3. Last week all of Zimbabwe's international sanctions were removed at the UN - which included WB/IMF/ADB debt claims.

4. In return Mugabe signed off on the African Union's group of nations natural assets for global trade platform collateral. Of which each country gets a healthy portion of each trade for the rebuilding of the entire African continent.

5. Immediately the ZIM currency was reconciled and internationally recognized.

6. Expect to see initial screen rates for ZIM at or above $8.00 USD.

7. This $8 Zim rate will soar post global announcement of the GCR - meaning well into triple digits on the bank screen.

8. As a result, the US/ZIM gov'ts magically have re-engaged full diplomatic contact as of this Monday June 5.

9. A US diplomat even traveled to Zimbabwe to meet new acting president Emerson Mnangawa.

10. Look around 1 am EDT June 9 for results to post on the U.K. Elections. Prime Minister Theresa May was expected to win by a 16-18% margin, which is a landslide. That's the last GESARA election needed to complete compliance for all UNSC votes (Russia, China, US, UK, France). GB waited until the last second in case the Cabal made a comeback.

11. The Military is changing redemption strategy: All ZIM holders will registered as sovereign diplomats. Other currency holders will be just transactional, nothing diplomatic per se.

12. Diplomatic sovereigns do receive greater inspection scrutiny with greater access to sovereign investment mechanisms. Child support, back taxes, court settlements, and wage garnishment will all be taken out of your exchange at your redemption appointment. If there's an active warrant for your arrest you will be taken into custody and processed.

13. Republic President Ryan will step into his role with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse as VP (This is why suddenly Sasse is doing a book and publicity tour). A July 4th inauguration is scheduled where Ryan will be installed as the 46th American President.

14. In two weeks Trump's attorney will appear to settle with special prosecutor Bob Muller. (Know that his resignation was turned in weeks earlier).

15. Trump's hookers in Moscow were transgender - females from the waist up, males from the waist down. That's what Putin has on Trump and why he was forced to run for president - just like Hillary Clinton, whom Putin has much, much, much more dirt on. Trump was Mossad property. Clinton was Rothschild property. Both were controlled by the New Powers That Be and have been for years.

16. There was not an organic 2016 election, nor any Russian interference. They literally scripted all of it with China. It was all pure pageantry to ease or awaken the American public into GESARA compliance - which begins publicly with the Ryan Administration.

17. This has been the case since Jan. 3, 2016 when Commander and Chief President Paul Ryan was sworn in as permanent Speaker of the House and interim President of the restored sovereign nation of the Republic of the United States.

18. And away we go after Sundown on the West Coast Friday June 9.

C. June 9 2017 2:14 am EDT Real Truth Call, Yosef: "Real Truth Call w/ Yosef for Thursday June 8th" by BB136 - 6.9.17

1. Yosef came onto the RTC at about the 32 minute mark and explained each paragraph of the above "In Plain Sight" Situation Report:

a. Yosef was told to lay low for a bit, which he did

b. Yosef was told that now he can say whatever he wants since the RV has started!!!

c. The "segment" redemptions have started (like OWK has been saying).

d. Yosef generally gets his intel by trading financial/banking intel/info with Republic folks, who generally point him in the right "geopolitical" intel direction, but since the RV is going now, basically they gave him the Intel directly (that is the Intel in the "In Plain Sight" SitRep).

D. June 9 2017 "Zim in-country Rate" One Who Knows: "Zim In-Country Rate" - One Who Knows - 4.7.17

1. Zimbabwe has re-introduced the Zim bond note in country in the lower denominations at a rate of $1 Zim Bond to $1 USD.

2. The old Zim Bonds in the Trillions have become the most valuable piece of paper on the planet. One $100T note can buy any corporation on the Planet 1000 times over.

3. The Strategy was to print the "Legal" Bond notes against the entire value of the African Continent. Then declare them worthless, protecting them from being horded, or leveraged by the Cabal. Then at the right time collect up (Redeem) the Bonds in country at a very low rate.

4. Once that has been done, "Leak Out" to Dinarland that they will have "Some" value. Then only the people who have the most faith, take a chance on them. As they spread out over the World, leak more and more info about the Zim, and soon the Humanitarian wealth has been (Equally?) spread throughout the World.

5. Then, just in time, bring out Yosef to drop the bomb that there will be NO LOP.

6. Does the Zim have value for real? YES, it does and the World is depending on it.

7. Should you get on the band wagon and buy some? Only if you want to have Trillions of dollars to help Humanity.

Mountain Goat 6/10/17

June 10, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

Just so everyone knows this is my third newsletter of the week. Some are telling me they did not receive Wednesday'snewsletter. So in USA I find that our publisher censors the news and many time they refuse to publish the newsletter based on their criteria of what the news should be. I can not help when this censorship occurs. Yes - in the USA it is hard to find the truth since there are so many obstacle blocking it from the people.

There are some telling you the RV has started this week. Really? Folks these are the same ones who keep telling you this over and over again. How many times is the RV going to start? My only advice is to ignore this since it is all phony intel. What does the “RV started” means anyway? This alone should tell you something is phony. The RV will not “start”.

The process of deleting the zeros must resume once again and we know for a fact the plan is for this to lead to an initial rate of around $1.00. How do we know this? We are only speculating of course on the rate, but it is a rate the CBI and the reports on the future state of the currency has stated many times and is most probable based on the FACTS we now know.  

We were told this will only occur when ISIS liberation is completed, the Iranian influence is gone to the extend they are no longer interfering in Iraqi politics, and they must move forward with the economy. In other words they need the Stability and Security to launch this new economy.
No – the upcoming scheduled celebrations we are now hearing about will not have anything to do or impact with the RV. We know that Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) date is Monday, June 26th. We know that their mind set is to have the next two weeks as liberation weeks with many events and activities throughout Iraq. Remember these regions have been under ISIS now for over 2 years. So today is Saturday and still there is a small sector in Mosul where the ISIS infidels remain as a stronghold. They are well dug in and will fight to their very last breath. The Iraqi troops are being very cautious and methodical since there are many civilian lives at stake too.
I have to tell you they did NOT meet their June 10th goal of “full” liberation, as Abad has declared earlier should happen. We know of course they have continued to be overly optimistic throughout this entire journey.
However for Ramadan, this year is different than most because they are celebrating both a liberation and Ramadan at the same time. I assure you both of these events will end at Eid-al-Fitr.
So we also know that the USA president Trump fully expected and wanted to pay a visit to Iraq while on his middle eastern tour. However, his secret service advised him not to do this stop over at this time due to the still lingering elements of terrorism, both ISIS and Iranian militia. So his unannounced stopover did not occur. ISIS was still a threat. I personally don’t know why anyone would keep telling you that ISIS liberation is all done. I have heard these people tell you over and over again on their calls for months now that it is done. Really? They say we are just waiting for a “public announcement”. No – we are not just waiting for a “public” announcement but for the liberation to be completed so they can legitimately and honestly make this “public” announcement. Get it? Why do you think we keep waiting?
These people are insane with conspiracy theories. Even with the all the news pouring out of Iraq on the progress of the battle front they still persist in this nonsense. The evidence of the president’s trip and then the cancellation alone should have been their convincing factor.
It is at this point of Eid-al-Fitr we can expect to see a re-focus back to the currency reform. It is at this point I strongly believe the CBI is planning to reinstitute the re-education process of their plan to roll out the new currency, as needed. We can expect lots of news and articles on this subject matter when this occurs. The nature of the Muslims and the people in general in that region is to allow the people to adjust to an event that is going to be this major in their world. There are many charlatans already licking their grimy chops just waiting for this event so they can take advantage of the citizens in this transition. So, if the average citizen (the popular crowd) does not know what is happened then they will be swindled. The counterfeiters too will be ramped. So the re-education phase is VERY important and must come first. Get it? This is not my words but from the CBI itself. Yes – the CBI has a “re-education plan” and they will use the news media interviews, the mosques and television to do it. Believe me you will not miss it when they begin this timeframe. There will be NO secrets, NO conspiracies and especially NO delay.
Can they change this timeframe? Sure they can and we know plans have waivered many times already. All we can do is sit and watch to see what happens. Then when and if the plan does change we must be willing and open minded to accept it. Not accepting it and being stubborn will not generated any RV. Instead it only creates more confusion in falsified intel and timeframes. ​ 

As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin

Unannounced preparations in Baghdad to celebrate the liberation of Mosul
Baghdad / Wael Ne'ma 
In Baghdad, for several days, "undeclared" preparations have been made to commemorate the liberation of Mosul, coinciding with the third anniversary of the fall of the city, but by a hasty organization. 
On June 9 and 10, 2014, the organization took over the city of Mosul before imposing its control in subsequent days on a number of cities.
A number of ministries received instructions regarding the arrangements for the celebration, and invitations were also extended to Arab and foreign guests, including artists and media personnel, to attend the event. 
In the past few days, the semi-governmental media has not ceased to preach what it called the "Great Victory Week", in reference to the imminent announcement of the liberation of Mosul coinciding with the anniversary of its occupation. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi promised three weeks ago to hold official and popular celebrations in the event of a final victory over a cleric in Mosul. "The government will prepare a special program to celebrate this occasion," Abadi said at the weekly press conference in May.
 "The celebration will be official and popular, in which all official and popular institutions will contribute in all Iraqi provinces." The joint forces are separated from the completion of the liberation of Mosul, a small area in the heart of the Old City, surrounded by about 1,000 armed men, as well as tens of thousands of civilians. According to the latest military estimate, 97% of the center of Mosul has been restored. 
(I did not present the rest of the article since it was very long and most of it is of no concern to us and the RV. You can go online and read the rest for yourself. Here is the link)
Ready to operate the “Iron and Steel” factory in Basra
Basra – Journal News The director of the iron and steel factory in the province of Basra, Abbas, said on Tuesday that his city will witness the end of next year, the creation of all the equipment for the operation of the iron and steel mill and melting of the scorpions, which was one of the largest factories in the Middle East.
“The decision of the Council of Ministers No. 25 of 2017, directed the operation of the iron and steel mill and rolling mill, with a capacity of 500 thousand tons per year,” he said in a statement to the Journal News.

He added: “The General Company of Iron and Steel is waiting to receive plans from one of the companies that will qualify the plant and prepare the foundations for receiving new equipment,” noting that “things are going smoothly and well on the right track to restore life to the plant.”
Director of the plant, also pointed out that the end of next year will see the operation of his company for the smelting sector and the production capacity of up to 500 thousand tons per year.
The General Company for Iron and Steel was established in cooperation with a French company established in the early 1970s. Its factories were completely shut down from production due to the consumption of their equipment after the events of April 2003. Before that, the factory was bombed by US forces in the 1990s
(Folks – I can express how good this news is. It is WOW news! These are exactly the kinds of articles we hope to be reading at this point in time. Yes- the govt in very  serious now in getting the economy rolling again. How does effect our long awaited RV?
Remember to tie these kinds of articles to what we already know for FACT. To RV Iraq will need to step up their private sector and begin producing goods and services. They will have to work on raising their GDP (gross national product). These kinds of moves will drive the value of the currency up and stabilize the economy. I also want to remind everyone too that in late April Abadi said that he is working closely with the IMF and World Bank to get “fully” out of sanctions related to Chapter VII. Why would he say this if they were not still in Chapter VII sanctions? Why can’t they now just use their dinar to pay for imports of goods and services? BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL UNDER SANCTIONS. These sanctions will not be “fully’ lifted until the threat of ISIS and other terrorist no longer exists. This is why they put the sanctions in place to begin with. Get it? No peace, No lifting, No RV. So this too is very good news. But I would not hold my breath to look for an RV until these sanctions are “fully” lifted. I don’t care what these other so called intel “gurus” tell you. If they really knew what was going on they would not fill you minds with this every day / any day RV stuff.) 

Iraqi Kurds plan independence referendum on Sept. 25
(I will only say this one more time and then I will be quite on this issue. Most of the natural resources and oil is in the Kurdistan region. Why is the US so chummy with the Kurds? Cause they have the resources. Resources is $$$$. It has been the policy all along of the USA to try to get Kurdistan to succeed from the Bagdad government. What the US wants the US gets…..enough said. The only way for the Kurds to stay is for Bagdad to “fully” implement the Iraqi constitution and stop going back on agreements.)  
By Maher Chmaytelli | ERBIL, IRAQ
ERBIL, Iraq Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region on Wednesday announced it would hold a referendum on independence, in a move the central government in Baghdad is likely to oppose strictly.
"I am pleased to announce that the date for the independence referendum has been set for Monday, Sept. 25, 2017," Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani said on Twitter.
Barzani's assistant Hemin Hawrami tweeted that voting would take place in the disputed region of Kirkuk and three other areas also claimed by the central government; Makhmour in the north, Sinjar in the northwest and Khanaqin in the east.
The president of Iraq's ruling Shi'ite coalition told Reuters in April it would oppose a Kurdish referendum. Ammar al-Hakim specifically warned the Kurds against any move to annex oil-rich Kirkuk.

The referendum Date was set after a meeting of Kurdish political partiesaired by Barzani, who heads the autonomous Syrian Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).
Hawrami said the question put to voters would be "do you want an independent Kurdistan?"
A senior Kurdish official, Hoshiyar Zebari, told Reuters in April the expected "yes" vote would strengthen the Kurds' hand in talks on self-determination with Baghdad and would not mean automatically declaring independence.

The Kurds are playing a major role in the US-backed campaign to defeat Islamic State (IS), the ultra-hardline Sunni Islamic group that overran about a third of Iraq three years ago and also controls parts of Syria.

IS fighters have been squeezed into a small area of ​​Mosul, their de-facto capital in Iraq, as a push to retake the city closes in.
Iraq's major Shi'iite Arab community mainly live in the south while the Kurds and the Sunni Arabs inhabit different areas of the north. The center around Baghdad is mixed.
The idea of ​​Iraqi Kurdish independence has been historically opposed by Iraq and neighboring Iran, Turkey and Syria, as they fear separatism spreading to their own Kurdish populations.
Kurdish officials will visit Baghdad and neighboring countries to discuss the referendum plan, Erbil-based TV Rudaw said, adding that elections for the Kurdish regional parliament are planned for Nov.. 6.

Iraq has been led by Shi'ites since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, a Sunni, by the US-led invasion of 2003.
The Kurds have their own armed force, the Peshmerga, which in 2014 prevented Islamic State from captivating Kirkuk after the Iraqi army fled in the face of the militants. They are effectively running the region, also claimed by Turkmen and Arabs.
Hardline Iranian-backed Iraqi Shi'ite militias have threatened to expel the Kurds by force from this region and other disputed areas.

The Sinjar region is populated by Yazidis, the followers of an ancient religion who speak a Kurdish language and the group most persecuted by Islamic State. Makhmour is south of the Kurdish capital Erbil and Khanaqin is near the border with Iran.
Kirkuk's Kurdish-led provincial council earlier this year rejected a resolution by the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad to lower Kurdish flags which since March have been blown alongside Iraqi flags on public buildings in the region.

Masrour Barzani, head of the Kurdish government's Security Council and son of President Barzani, said in June last year Iraq should be divided into separate Shi'ite, Sunni and Kurdish entities to prevent further sectarian bloodshed. 

Abadi is planning an emergency government and America welcomes
BAGHDAD / Sky Press:
Revealed senior political sources in Baghdad, on Thursday, it is contemplated to resort to an emergency government in Iraq, in the case could not be made scheduled for April 2018 general electionsor in the event of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi failed to win qualifies him to stay another term in office.
The sources pointed out in an interview for "Arab," I followed "Sky Press," that "the scenario of an emergency government, is acceptable to an American and clear, and is based on the extension of Abadi, another year, after the end of his term early summer of 2018" to prevent the receipt of a personal pro-Iranian post of prime minister.
Americans fear Abadi failed to achieve good results help him maintain his position another four yearsor the occurrence of widespread fraud in the 2018 elections lead to change the results of the ballot.
( I fear that if this RV overflows into election timeframe coming up next year we could be in serious trouble if we have to go through this election saga again between Maliki and Abadi. Do I believe this RV saga will go into 2018? Absolutely NO! I am just saying “if” and what we might expect if it does.)
Bloomberg: Iraq Seeks to Triple Refining Capacity With Slew of New Projects
(My point is that having oil in the ground is not enough. The country must have the capacity to bring it to market to implement the growth process. I am tired of everyone saying Iraq has so much wealth and their currency is under-valued. What wealth? What value? The country is war torn and is always fighting internally. A large part of the GDP is sucked up to fight terrorism.
This value is not real until it is “realized”. This means they must have the capacity to bring resources (such as oil) to market to include it as a true part of the valuation of the GDP thus the currency. They have all this gold, they have all this ore and resources in the ground. They have very fertile agricultural lands but are they developed? Who is going to buy their foods? Is it for in-country use or for exporting? Exports increase GDP. So you see I can go on and on but do you get my point? In summary with all these resources does Iraq have the ability to raise the GDP (gross domestic product) with these resources? While they sit in the ground they do nothing for their GDP, thus no realized value or impact to their currency. The good news is there are many commercial entities coming into Iraq and more to come that will move these resources to market thus realize wealth for Iraq. So as this process keeps moving forward and with time the GDP of Iraq will grow, the currency value will grow.)    

Iraq, the world’s third-biggest crude exporter, plans to triple refining capacity by 2021 to shake off its reliance on refined-product imports.
Processing capacity will increase to 1.5 million barrels a day from just over 500,000 now, not including Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, Deputy Oil Minister Fayyad Al-Nima said in an interview in Baghdad. The country spends more than $2 billion a year importing gasoline and gasoil, he said.
Previous plans to expand refining have faced setbacks and delays, even outside the regions beset by militancy. Back in 2012, the government said Iraq would reach processing capacity of 760,000 barrels a day by the start of the following year. That goal was missed, and the crude-market rout that began in 2014 further squeezed government funds.
Planned plants include a second refinery in Basra, though the bidding deadline for the 300,000-barrel-a-day facility has been deferred by three months as additional companies expressed interest, Al-Nima said.
In Kirkuk, bidding has closed on a proposed 70,000-barrel refinery, and a decision will be announced this month. In Nasiriya, two Chinese companies are in talks on a 150,000-barrel facility. Iraq will also soon announce a tender to upgrade existing plants in Basra and Daura, Al-Nima said.
At Karbala, delays have hampered a project to build a 140,000-barrel-a-day refinery, contracted to Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. The government is paying Hyundai in crude oil as its seeks $2 billion in loans to cover the plant’s funding shortfall.
The country is also looking to acquire processing capacity overseas, not only boosting its production of fuels but opening up markets for Iraqi crude. The government is in talks with China and Oman to invest in refineries and depots and plans similar discussions with Singapore and Indonesia, Al-Nima said.
“Iraq’s output is increasing day by day and we need markets and foreign refineries and foreign depots,” he said.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

"Zorra Intel/Disclosure Call Today at 12 PM EDT" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee 6/10/17

This message is that Zorra of Hollow Earth will be having a call on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 @ 12pm (noon) EDT.

Zorra will give us a message on the status of our Blessing, and our World. He will be available for a questions and answers as well. 

Here is their Message and the call details:


Zorra, Saraiya, Zaraya and Quazar,
One Who Knows and Sephora

Welcome Beloved Masters,

We are honored to be here with you today. We see the struggles and suffering that appear insurmountable and difficult to deal or cope with it and yet we see you rising above it all. We wish to tell you that you are indeed victorious in your unrelenting ways and persistence to overcome these on-going challenges. Through these, you know your real strength and courage of character. We see you extending yourselves to also help others when possible because you fully realize that you are ONE! You continue on your journey because you know what is just ahead for humanity and Mother Terra and your mission is not yet at an end. You are truly gaining momentum on your journey to full Disclosure. This is being done not individually but collectively. Your mission to elevate your consciousness and vibrations is of utmost importance now. Through your Love in Action huge changes in your world are unfolding magnificently! You may not see or know it all, but believe us, you are making the difference, so do not stop! Bravo to all of you, .....Saraiya

This Saturday, you will hear beloved Zorra speak more about the process of moving from 3D to 5D and if there is a timetable. You are wondering also about Earth 2 and your pets and other loved ones and their Ascension process. How will this all work? We will find out from Zorra.

One Who Knows will bring all the updates on the Exchanges and other Intel news plus his special message for all.

Enjoy call and may harmony, peace, joy, love and laughter be with all of you!! 

Zaraya, Quazar, Zorra and Saraiya


Information for our upcoming show:

Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017

9 am Pacific
10am MT
11am CT
12 pm Eastern (Noon)

Computer : 



(Today's Call Link)

Call in: [url=tel:%28516%29 418-5563]516-418-5563[/url]

and press #1 for questions


Please feel free to share this information with others who are interested in Zorra's messages, Intel, Disclosure, & Healing. 

Copy and Paste these call details so you won't miss the call.

The call is limited to 1000 participants, and so there will be re-play links for those who missed the call and/or want to listen to it again.

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

"HUGE" News from WSOMN & TNT Membe LucyInTheSky, 10 JUNE

Is anybody listening to Pres Trump? This is huge news for us!

I was told about seven years ago that this infrastructure bank is to be funded by the RV! It will have a high interest rate. 1T plan!

Who will be investing in the NIB (National Infrastructure Bank) ? We're all broke, until RV! OMG......



US citizens investing back into the US and being rewarded for doing so.

Now, it can change....but, I heard as high as 8% return.

We will be investing in that bank.....with their high interest rate.

Trump said, "Investors will invest billions in capital that is currently stuck on the sidelines." (What is currently stuck on the sidelines??) Smile Finally, the creation of the NIB is huge.

~RED HOT~~ AdminBill RV Update! 6/10/17




TANK Says We're Just Waiting for 800#'s 6/9/17

Hello All, I need something better to do going into the weekends after a long work week LOL.

I just listened to over four hours of the Real Truth Call replay:
1 (712) 770-4178
Code 143153#

To Tank and Show Me and Dr WC, and even Smarty who called in during "Kid duty", God bless you guys.

Tank gave Intel, essentially that all his sources say it's still happening and done, and we are just waiting for the 888 (800) numbers. Tank is a saint; the man answered questions for four hours and gave his phone number to virtually every caller who asked for it. He is sincere, passionate and real. If you have 4 hours, it's worth the listen.