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Aggiedad77:  Here are Wednesday Night CC Notes.....thanks Frank for being "brief"
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CC Notes Wednesday 06-07-2017

Frank26:  Welcome again Family to the second part of our conference call, the study of our investment, the Iraqi dinar…..last Monday when we were together….I’m not boasting or bragging or tooting my horn about our CC a couple of days ago…what I’m doing is simply giving honor and glory to our Heavenly Father….and giving respect to our TEAMS that brought together that Monday night call.
Tonight we are going to kind of pick up from where we left off with you on Monday….what did we bring you on Monday….11 points…actually when you look at Aggiedad’s notes it was more than just 11 points….it was actually about 25 of them.

We talked to you about the 1300 to 1200 and the 2% compliance….we talked to you about the 10th with Abadi…..we talked to you about GI Joe who is now recognized and respected….National Reconciliation….the auctions that are piggybacking….

Security and Stability within the CBI borders….the escrow of the UNSC that is now dangling in front of their faces by the 30th of June….the new Financial Minister, someone who knows what they are doing with their Financial Reform….the international status….the Iraqi dinar that is drying up in Iraq…..no…outside of Iraq….we talked about them selling gold and why….but more importantly the Wednesday IMF meeting….that was the last point that DELTA and I brought up and shared with you Family.

What I want to tell you tonight picks up from that last point….number 11…..DELTA on Monday night came to us….even though I told him to keep it to yourself….but he was so excited about it he posted anyway late Monday night….to which I turned and said it was ok….and it is quickly snatched away from KTFA….and again I am not here bragging….not saying other sites can’t do a good report….I’m sure they do and God Bless them….but we also know where our material is taken because we tag it and they don’t know that….all data is important to me….whether it is empirical or not in order for me to make proper decisions with you Family.

I want you to know that something interesting happened with that post that DELTA brought to us….yesterday some of you talked about it…..but very few….in fact it kind of felt like an empty gymnasium at KTFA yesterday….and I told DELTA you see….I told you not to post that….it would just be walked right by….now there is maybe 1 or 2 that did pay attention to it….and they said oh my goodness….look what this article is saying….and I must admit that I am going to spend time tonight to talk to you about this because I feel it was extremely powerful…and what was it.

Well it turns out they finally said something….Wednesday to Tuesday almost 7 days later they finally say something about the CBI and IMF meeting….and who is they….the interesting part it is the IMF that is talking….well let’s listen….and we should….IMF what’s up….well the IMF and the CBI we once agreed on something….”once agreed prior actions have been implemented, the IMF could consider the 2nd review of the SBA in August”….oh my goodness….did you just say “once”….like “once upon a time”…..”agreed”…..as in “mutual understanding”…..”prior”….as in “you did this a while ago”….”actions”…..like “you did something”…..”implemented”….like “you did something and it is now functioning”…and you the IMF Board are going to consider a second review in August….

Yeah that is what we said….that is impressive….because you see Family this meeting was IMO not about the rate of the Iraqi dinar….it was about a report of the Iraqi dinar….the lava flow of the Monetary Reform where it is at….to the IMF….because once again….”once upon a time…that which we agreed upon”….”prior….a while ago”…..those sanctions have been implemented….can you tell me what those sanctions are….oh….weren’t you at Frank’s Monday night CC….yes….well then there are quite  a few things you know we are very proud of with the CBI that they have done…..yeah I could see why.

Now because you are very proud of what they have accomplished…and because we went over ALL of these accomplishments on Monday Night’s CC….you now the IMF who tells all countries what to do with their currency….you are now saying that everything was cool with that first implementation….what was that first implementation…..and now because you are so happy with that meeting on Wednesday and whatever it is that you guys are talking about that you implemented….you’ve now reached another agreement….yeah…..what would that be….well you see we established an MOU….a Memorandum of Understanding….

Yeah….can you tell me more about this MOU….well you see we’ve already agreed on some things with the CBI….and these things with the CBI….there were three major things that we were working on with them…#1.  The Monetary Reform….oh yeah you mean the lifting of the 000’s….yeah….#2.  The Economic Reform….oh yeah….but you need the Monetary Reform first don’t you….and what was #3…..their policy on their Foreign Currency….oh you mean the MCP….the auctions….all of that….yeah.

Well you guys are happy….yeah actually we are pretty happy…..because you see these MOU that we signed between the two of us….I don’t want you to think that we the IMF are telling Iraq…the CBI…what to do any longer….we’ve already told them everything of what to do with their Monetary Reform….and on top of that….these three things I just mentioned….we did 2 out of those 3 in December 2016….is that why you say….”agreed prior actions have been implemented”….yeah….is that why you say you are so proud of Iraq right now….yeah….is it more than those 11 points we talked about on Monday….oh yeah.

You see Iraq has followed what we wanted to do with the international world…with their banking structure….with their Security and Stability….with their Monetary Reform and Economic Reform….with the auctions and the Anti-Money Laundering laws….they have surrounded themselves with all of the equipment….laws….and standards that are required to join the international theater.
Now we want you to know we were very proud of them when they reported to us on Wednesday….give them a standing ovation…bravo…bravo….but you see we got three things….and two of those things we accomplished and we agreed upon back in December…but the one that didn’t get done….we would like to see that get done….what is that….their policy on Foreign Exchange Currency in their country…..hmmm….now we are not telling them what to do anymore….we are not taking over….but we are involved deeply with Iraq….you know we…the IMF…..we are deeply involved so we want to continue to help them…..we are not taking over anything….we want to continue to help them…it sounds good.

Apparently you the IMF want to continue walking with them….in their steps….you don’t want them making the same mistakes…right…..there you go…..now you got it….yeah that is pretty much it….through all of the steps that Iraq is going to make on their Economic and Financial Reforms….we want them to continue doing them….and we want to walk with them in the process and that is why that MOU was recently signed….so they could get the last and final piece done…..and if they get the rest done….well then we will meet with them in August and give them the rest of their SBA’s….you will…..oh yeah $840 million dollars worth….holy cow….that is quite an incentive isn’t it.

This whole CC is in my opinion…..everything I am saying is in my opinion.

Look, we the IMF the last thing we want to do is take over…..are you kidding me….we’ve been babysitting these guys for years….we’ve been changing their diapers and bottles….we give them pacifiers when they cry…no man we are done….but you know what….we are done at a very good time….and they have done a very good job….you see we the IMF do not want to bully them anymore…..

Do you remember a couple of months ago we stated….WE DEMAND that you raise your currency…oh yes it is in our “Final Articles” thread…..do you see us demanding anymore…..oh snap that is a very good idea IMF…and you signed this MOU because they are done aren’t they…..you are no longer demanding because they are done….that is why you are happy from the meeting this past Wednesday because they have done the things of their Economic and Financial Reforms….that is right….and that MOU wasn’t because you are trying to take over….no…no….they are doing a good job….yes…yes…and you are not demanding anything because everything that needed to be done is done….right…yep….and that is why you signed this agreement because they have done everything you wanted them to do…right….right….well I’ll be darn.

Family….these three levels…..Economic Reform…..Financial Reform…and Foreign Currency Policy….like I said 2 of the 3 were done in December 2016 but this is the first time they now roll them out….are you with me….they were signed…..there was an agreement back then too that was signed and they were accepted….and this is the first time you see the IMF talking to you and everyone else about their Monetary Reform and their Economic Reform….don’t you agree.

I’m not making this stuff up….I told you once you have Mosul….we’ve already got Mosul we are way past it….the speed of the Monetary Reform would pick up wouldn’t it….and this is the first time since December last year that we see these two reforms come out in the open right after Wednesday’s meeting.

We were surprised at how much information they are rolling out on their Foreign Currency Exchange….and we told you from the 2nd to the 9th we suggested IOO that there would be some big information coming out….this is it….and this is the 7th we are still in the heat of this time frame study from the 2nd to the 9th.

They are talking about their exchange rate….because they cannot talk about an RV….but Frank you said at Wednesday’s meeting they were not talking about a rate….that is correct….then why are you double talking….you need to listen better….on Wednesday’s meeting they did not talk about the rate….they talked about the exchange rate….there is quite a difference.

The rate is already established IMO at whatever number they will come out at….but the exchange rate policy method….regime…..mechanism….I told you on Monday that is what they talked about.

Well when they came out literally the next day and DELTA brought you that information…..it was pretty obvious….this IMF/CBI MOU is an agreement from a while ago….and it is now being made public for what all has been done in private….Family how can the IMF and the CBI walk together on these Reforms unless they are in agreement….and Family they are….and I told DELTA don’t release that….but he was so excited….but we should be excited….with discipline ok.

Now we are past the level of SUBMISSION….that was when they demanded….we are now at the level of AGREEMENT….you see SUBMISSION by the CBI to the IMF was needed at one time because Iraq was not on the same mission as the IMF was….for example….we are going to free float….no you’re not….we just put out an article in December 2016 telling everyone we are going to free float….well then throw it away….you can have a managed float….ok….another example….we are going to come out at a high rate….no you are not…and all of this was the talk of the town last year….and not until December did you read the article where it was going to be a managed float….saying they were trying to get to 1 to 1…..and then recently they came out saying they were trying to get to 1.20.

An agreement Family is the currency for a partnership….that is powerful….and now we have equality between the CBI and the IMF with each other to move forward in both of these Reforms….that is huge Family….this is some amazing events that have happened since I was last with you on Monday.

Yes the IMF is telling you and the world blatantly….once these Reforms…the Monetary Reform and the Economic Reform….once they are implemented…..because we have implemented the other ones….well we had some money….prior to the agreement…..from back in December when we reviewed with them…and when we review them a second time….the IMF Board in August is willing to give them this money…

And IMO Family….if you just raise the value of your currency…..because that is what is going to trigger your Financial and Economic Reforms…..and as far as your Foreign Currency Policy…..you passed it with flying colors on Wednesday.

The IMF is assisting the CBI….with these three categories….their Financial Reform….their Economic Reform….and their Foreign Currency Policy.

You know what the Foreign Currency Policy….I said the Foreign Exchange….you know what that is….it is the Iraqi dinar exchange rate….versus the Foreign Currency Policy….they can’t tell you they are talking about the Revaluation of their currency Family….they are using other words.

I hope you are understanding me.

The IMF has agreed that the Foreign Currency Policy that Iraq has should also be implemented…..because they know it is going to continue to help with the Monetary Currency Policy…..which is actually controlling the auctions…and their money within their borders….indeed they are very proud….indeed they told them so on Wednesday….from money laundering, to corruption, to counterfeiting, to international standards, to the Safe Deposit Law….many subjects were covered…..

So they signed this agreement and the agreement itself is telling you something Family…it is telling  you that they now have an equal understanding between the two of them on what it is that we study…..their Monetary Reform.

In the Bible you can find in the book of Amos, Chapter 2, verse 2….you will see where Jesus talks about agreements….if two of you would be in agreement here on earth, then my Father in heaven would do as you ask, or what it is that you are agreeing upon…..because this agreement could not have happened alone….

This is the foundation of a marriage Family….as we said the CBI had to be SUBMISSIV to the IMF…..to be SUBMISSIVE is good because it is the order and the agreement of how the two move forward together in any relationship especially like the IMF and the CBI…..because agreement is the currency of their partnership.
Frank26:  It is no longer the CBI saying I go to the left…and the IMF saying no I go to the right….they are now going in the same direction as their Monetary Reform Family….and that memorandum that DELTA released to you is the proof of it IOO….it is very blatant to see that they are in agreement now Family….agreement means to see movement now because they are united in the same goals for their Economic and Monetary Reforms.

We are still in the heart of the 2nd to the 9th aren’t we…..because that is the time period that so much would come out about Mosul and this meeting….TA-DA.

IMO Family some very important delegates will be in Baghdad on the 12th of June….just thought I would share that with you.

We also had a post from WalkingStick….now granted it was directed to me….and it said MB Soaring….MB is Mobile Banking…this Mobile Banking is part of the Monetary Reform Family….the Mobile Banking itself according to our dear brother WalkingStick is exploding and doing its job….​And I said to WalkingStick you said this Mobile Banking is doing its job….but don’t you think that in order for the Mobile Banking to be successful internationally they have to raise the value or am I thinking wrong here…..he said Frank….not yet…and the reason why is the accounts we deal in IQD and USD only….although most of the traffic is dealing in the dinar for payment purposes….which is unusual but that is what they are doing now….it has created recently….we’ve seen an increase of about roughly 17% of the dinar versus the USD….that is exactly what the IMF wants.

This Mobile Banking Family was actually implemented as a plan about 7 or 8 years ago…..it was actually part of the Monetary Reform plan…..the reason for the Mobile Banking is one of the goals of the IMF for Iraq is to eventually become a cashless society….this Mobile Banking service is educating the citizens about the Monetary Reform….hence the reason why mobile phones have been given by the tens of thousands to not the elderly in Iraq but to all the young….this is a new generation who will now be using this Mobile Banking service through their mobile phones…..internationally it is good propaganda for the citizens to know and learn more about the Monetary Reform…and it is soaring….it is allowing the citizens to create even more trust between them and their banks….this relationship is soaring.

So citizens…..your government of your country….Iraq….it is soon to tell you that you can’t use any foreign currency what so ever….and that is why these mobile phones are in your hands…..and that is not the only thing that has been given….we told them on Wednesday that the IMF said bravo that you have these mobile phones….bravo….we also told them the ATM machines are set up for them and they said bravo….we said that the banking systems are now protecting you with insurance and they said…bravo….we said we had VISA and MasterCards for you to go international and they said bravo.

So like I said of the three things that were the major issues that came out of that memorandum signing….if you go back and read that article it may not give you everything that I’m giving you….you need a full translation from Arabic into English…..but they talk of these three major things…and like I said 2 of the 3 were done in December 2016…..and the last one is about the Foreign Exchange Policy….which is the equivalent of talking about their exchange rate.

All of the stuff that DELTA is seeing on the CBI website from the spreadsheets to the auctions was agreed upon back in December and that is why you are seeing it now Family….but the Foreign Exchange Policy was not complete back in December….but it is now IMO….my strong opinion….according to this memorandum signing….because Iraq has fulfilled their obligations….their benchmarks…..there were actually 7 of those benchmarks but we are not here to review or go into the explanation of those benchmarks…..suffice it to say that on Wednesday the IMF told the CBI bravo….bravo….bravo.

The IMF is ghosting the CBI….it is not taking it over anymore……they are not demanding anymore…..they have agreed together.

What we find as very interesting and we have introduced to you….even though the internet doesn’t understand it…..is the piggybacking that is going on….today once again….they did it again….on Monday they did Monday’s and Tuesday’s auctions….on Tuesday they did Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s auctions….why was Tuesday done twice…..

Why is this piggybacking or this deception going on….why this double-dipping of accounting….why this double-dipping through their auctions….in fact didn’t they say in January that the auctions would slowly die down…..we’ve been really thinking about this….yes I brought up the concept of two books on Monday’s CC….but I want to share with you what our TEAMS have concluded in the last 48 hours since we’ve been with you.
​IOO what we are seeing with these auctions is impressive to the IMF because it was agreed upon….part of the MCP….and we believe IOO that the CBI is trying to get all of the auctions in by June 30th….in order to end all auctions.

Yes all of these three agreements….two were agreed upon in December and one is now recently agreed upon as of yesterday….the Foreign Currency Exchange Policy is now done….the prior agreement was to implement this Foreign Currency Exchange Policy….this was agreed upon and it also includes lifting the 000’s from the Iraqi dinar exchange rate….the one thing we are waiting for is to see them do just this….in fact that is what we have been telling you….we are only waiting for them to lift the 000’s which would in turn lift the restrictions on their exchange rate as well which is Article VIII qualification.

This movement, this agreement, this phase, this step….was very important and it has been done.

The meeting also said that the reserves that we predicted you would have Iraq…..they are much higher than what we predicted….bravo….definitely the IMF likes what the CBI is doing….what Iraq is doing….so you’ve done great….you’ve done everything we asked you to in December….we still have this one little thing right here…..

How are you going to treat Foreign Currency Exchange Rate versus your currency exchange rate….you know the MCP….the auctions….you know the things you are doing right now privately that no one knows what you are doing….if you get all of these things done….and preferably by the end of this month….we have $840 million that could be released to you in August….now continue…..continue with your Reforms….very proud….we have nothing left to tell you….just lift the value of your currency….

We didn’t tell you anything at the Wednesday meeting did we…..we didn’t demand anything did we….you don’t see us begging for Security and Stability….you don’t see us asking for anything….all we want is the last part….and we just agreed on it didn’t we….we just signed on it….the MOU….we are talking about the Economic and Monetary Reforms right…..yes we are….that is what the memorandum said right….yes it did….and the conditions of the $840 million in August….only if you implement what we just signed…prior to our agreement….

And why are we going to wait until August to give you this money…..because right now you are implementing the Economic and Monetary Reforms aren’t you….yes we are…..good we are on schedule…and for those who say we are delaying or doing this or that and it is never going to happen….whatever….let them eat the cake.

So let’s review this little implementation that we just signed….let’s review this in August….is that cool….it is cool…..and for those of you who are saying oh no they won’t lift the value of their currency until August….it all went right over your head.

These auctions we believe it is a part of this last thing they are doing with their MCP….with their auctions….but why do they keep freeing up days….why is it the auctions remind me of a squirrel gathering nuts before winter time….I can understand why you do that squirrel….but these auctions…why are you piling up free days….what are you doing.

The escrow should end by June….that money will be coming back to you Iraq.

As far as Mosul….the latest thing you told us was in two days…alright whatever….in two days…..”Full Editing of the Western Mosul and the End of Military Operations During the Next Two Days”….you know the way you guys are talking about Mosul….it is almost like you are on some kind of agenda….some kind of schedule….of course it is not is it.

This IMF and CBI MOU it is just crystal clear….I will admit the Monetary Reform is taking a long time but it is happening.

Once again these three point….the Monetary Reform….the Economic Reform….and the Foreign Currency Exchange Policy….all three of them are the equivalent of the Monetary Policy…the lava flow of the Iraqi dinar.
DELTA is telling you Family that on Iraqia television….it is all over the screen….they  are not talking about Mosul….Security and Stability….they are talking about the Wednesday meeting with the IMF and the CBI and what they talked about and what is to come to them….as citizens.

Let’s wait a couple of days to see what Abadi gives us….let’s see couple of days that would be the end of our 2nd to the 9th….and the following day is the 10th….doesn’t he want to celebrate on the 10th.

I believe as the days go by we are just going to learn more and more about the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar…..I told you on Monday they can’t hide this….they have nowhere else to hide this….as we keep saying this Monetary Reform can happen at any moment.

The meeting and the articles….you don’t see anyone saying well we are going to postpone this….you see a forward momentum….you see a free fall of the Monetary Reform….do you see anyone talking about….well we are going to have to wait until 2018….do you see anyone saying 2018….no….they keep talking about the same thing over and over again….for almost 2 weeks now….the Economic and Monetary Reforms….because there is nothing else to talk about Family.

The citizens are learning about the Monetary Reform….the economists in Iraq know about the Monetary Reform….the Monetary Reform is leaking because there is nowhere to hide it…..the IMF has gone from the demanding of the Monetary Reform to the agreeing on the Economic and Financial Reforms…and as of Wednesday what is the IMF saying….we are happy…then let’s float this boat.

So get this puppy up and running….lift the value of your currency….got another $840 million USD waiting for you in August…and work hand in hand….no more pushing, shoving, demanding, no more superseding, no more taking over, no more harassing you in front of the world….you CBI take over….but you still have a contract with the IMF until 2019….so work hand in hand with the IMF…..at least for another 2 more years.

Family when they raise the 000’s through this agreement signing of the MOU was for the guidance to keep the success of the Monetary Reform going….it is a marriage now between the CBI and the IMF….they don’t want them to make any mistakes before they revalue and after they revalue…Article VIII is fragile and important to them….lift the rest of the exchange rate restrictions to give the investors in that Long Line the signal they now have freedom of movement of their capital inside of Iraqi borders and well protected not only within the international banking structure of Iraq but also the Security and Stability that is now there.

CBI where are you in the process of lifting of your 000’s….Family IMO the citizens know more than we do….Family the economists inside of Iraq know more about the Monetary Reform than you and I do…..and I believe it is all due to the faster pace of the Monetary Reform….and the citizens are learning faster as well…..the IMF is proud of the CBI….but I still do not see them lifting the 000’s…..so I cannot be that proud yet.

I want you to know that the full editing of Mosul that is supposed to end in the next few days….is basically the Scattered Fields we told you about….that is what they are going to finish editing in the next few days.

There was an article that came out today that said Maliki was in jail….I do not believe he is in jail…and I do not believe this is the media trying to draw attention to or give attention to Maliki for any reason what so ever….what I believe is something that I’m finally going to tell you that I’ve never told you before….concerning Maliki….Maliki won the election 2 years ago for Prime Minister….but in the same way that Allawi won the election for PM back in 2010 we took it away from him and gave it to Maliki and he then turned into an insane animal with the help of our President leadership of the last 8 years….

And you know what he did….he raped Iraq and sent it all to Iran…and when the elections came around for the second time Maliki won the election….but the US told him no….and we gave the PM position to Abadi….IMO the reason Maliki is alive right now is they took his PM position away from him and gave him immunity….according to their Constitution they have to have at least one Vice President…..they can have up to three…..

But Allawi and the other VP quit years ago….so Maliki holds the only VP seat….it has not been taken away from him….I believe it was given to him to keep his mouth shut…..we know what you have done…and you know what we are about to do…..so sit down and shut up and don’t say another word….and he basically doesn’t…..it is like the Witness Protection Plan….stay silent and we will take care of you…..he may have won the election years ago but I think he sold it for his life….so I just thought I would tell you today why IMO he is still around….no he’s not in jail.
As far as Iran….supposedly there was an attack by some ISIS people….well it was eventually going to happen….but when you stop and think about it….did it really happen….I cannot trust Iran as far as I can throw them….but they did say this couple of suicide bombers dressed in women’s clothing broke into their government area and blew themselves up…if it is true it is possible that ISIS is testing the waters with Iran….they are looking for a place to regroup Family….they cannot go to Yemen, they cannot go to Libya, to Saudi Arabia, they cannot go to Qatar….all of these places have fallen for them….they cannot go back to Iraq….they may be testing the waters with Iran to see if they are welcome there which they are not.

They have fiber optics in Iraq Family….which means they are not going to hack their systems…their computers that easily or even at all….now as far as why the internet is being shutdown from 7am to 8am….well if I knew why they were piggybacking their auctions I could probably tell you why they are going to shutdown their internet for an hour every day.

There is a really nice article…I’m not sure we will add it to our “Final Articles” thread….what it says is “Preparations Unannounced in Baghdad to Celebrate the Liberation of Mosul”….the only reason you are going to do that is Mosul has been liberated for quite a while…..you can’t offer someone a glass of water unless there is water in the glass…..”Taking Place In Baghdad Several Days Ago, the Preparations for Unannounced to Celebrate the Liberation of Mosul to Coincide with the 3rd Anniversary of the Fall of the City and Take Over by DAASH”….

And it looks like they are going to have an organized take over meeting on the 9th and then on the 10th of June in the city of Mosul after imposing it’s control on them in subsequent days…..well of course you guys have been controlling Mosul for a long time….thank you for finally letting it go….it will be a week of great victory….it’s a long article but a good one and I appreciate that Don961 highlighted it….post 11….it will prepare you for a celebration in the next few days in Mosul.

On yesterday’s thread post 292, one of our members by the name of AnimatedRock put up a post that is almost like a schedule from May 31st to June 30th…and I will save this and reference back to it on the Monday CC….it is very interesting how you laid this out….and your comments.

Both of these are long posts and worthy of your study.

Dismissed a prayer.

"Surfing" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 6/9/17

There's so much happening at this very moment in our human history it's beyond a SITREP summary honestly.

Best just to know that the NPTB tsunami of benevolent mercy has indeed raised out of the water, revealed its full face and has crashed onto mankind's global shore.

Wherever you're spiritually positioned on this cosmic tidal wave, that's where you begin surfing on your ascension/human angel journey.

How far or well you surf is 100% up to you depending on your future thoughts and actions in alignment with a pure Christ frequency.

Hopefully I have offered some meaningful ideas, educational tools and real life examples so that you could achieve better spirit / form balance atop your surfboard.

My goal was always to prepare his community for the sheer volume and epic nature of heaven's delivered grace and mercy that awaited us all equally, abundantly and unconditionally.

Be advised to keep your eyes and ears open all weekend long, specifically starting tonight, after the sun sets in Los Angeles (8:04pm PDT).

Yosef's last and best redemption appointment thoughts:

Think transition versus transaction.

Demonstrate appreciation over domination.

Be a servant of surrender not control.

Offered with love from the Heart of Yeshua,

God is with us.

TNT Dinar Conference Call w/Rayren98

Yosef Intel on RV

Yosef - "In Plain Sight" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 6/9/17

The UN erased all sovereign debt on Zimbabwe last week, who immediately erased all national bank debt this last Sunday night.

Because all their international sanctions were removed at UN last week--which included WB/IMF/ADB debt claims.

In return Mugabe signed off on the African Union's group of nations natural assets for global trade platform collateral.

Of which each country gets a health portion of each trade for the rebuilding of the entire African continent.

The ZiM currency was immediately reconciled and made internationally recognized.

Expect to see initial screen rates for ZIM at or above $8.00 USD--this rate will soar post global announcement of the GCR.

And by soar we mean well into triple digits on screen.

As s result the US/ZIM gov'ts magically have reengaged full diplomatic contact as of this Monday.

A US diplomat even traveled to Zimbabwe to meet new acting president Emerson Mnangawa.

Look around 1am EDT for results to post on U.K. Elections.

Prime Minister Theresa May expected to win by 16-18% margin which is a landslide.

That's the last GESARA election needed to complete COMPLIANCE for all UNSC votes (Russia, China, US, UK, France).

GB waited untill last second in case the cabal made a comeback.

Military is changing redemption strategy

All ZIM holders will registered as sovereign diplomats.

Other currency holders will be just transactional, nothing diplomatic per se.

Diplomatic sovereigns do receive greater inspection scrutiny with greater access to sovereign investment mechanisms.

Child support, back taxes, court settlements, and wage garnishment will all be taken out of your exchange at your redemption appointment.

If there's an active warrant for your arrest you will be taken into custody and processed.

Republic President Ryan will now step into his role now with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is VP (why Sasse is doing a book and publicity tour suddenly).

A July 4th inauguration is scheduled. Ryan will be installed as the 46th American President.

Trump's attorney will appear to settle with special prosecutor Bob Muller in two weeks -- but know his resignation has already been turned in weeks earlier.

And the real bombshell... Trump doesn't have male genitalia, but "wife" Melania does.

The hookers in Moscow were transgender--females from he waist up, males from the waist down.

That's what Putin has on Trump and why he was forced to run forpresident. Just like Hillary Clinton, who Putin has much, much, much more dirt on.

Both are clones.

Trump was Mossad property. And Clinton was Rothschild property. Both are controlled by the NPTB and have been for years.

There was not an organic 2016 election. Nor any Russian interference. They literally scripted all of it with China.

It was all pure pageantry to ease or awaken the American public into GESARA compliance which begins publicly with the Ryan Administration.

This has been the case since January 3, 2016 when Commander and Chief President Paul Ryan was sworn in as permanent Speaker of the House and interim President of the restored sovereign nation of the Republic of the United States.

And away we go after the sun goes down on the west coast Friday.

God is with us.


6-9-2017   Newshound Guru FrostyTheSnowman    So let's just say that they want the new rate before budget is signed into law, would YOU want that done after the announcement if you are Abadi? Or would you want it done and visible to the populace before the Celebration on the 12th...So you can say "Hey Iraq, we are a sovereign people again. Here's what I have done for you, you now have food to buy, your streets are safe, the Daesh are gone, and are never coming back! Your borders are secure, you have internet, you have mobile banking, you have money, your money, and it's worth something!  This is your Iraq! We are sovereign! It just seems to me that he announces everything at the same time...And everything is there and ready to go.   [post 2 of 2]

6-9-2017   Newshound Guru FrostyTheSnowman 
  IF things are on a roll, and IF "A" [Abadi ?] is where he wants to be. This is where my mind goes...  So we see that things start to escalate quickly this week. It is interesting to me all of those documents by the CBI stating for contractors to start work regardless of what the Ministry of Finance is doing, hmmmmm. Then...on the 8th, CBI is telling MOF to get ready to start PAYING them. It's like they know something is coming...The budget perhaps?  So I think...it was about a week ago that the budget was talked about, and the can was kicked down the road. A week.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

6-9-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   The FOREIGN EXCHANGE … do you know what that is? It’s the IQD exchange rate vs. the foreign exchange policy. They can’t say RV … they must use other words …

6-9-2017   Newshound MadDScout  Article:  "The parliamentary economy supports the recent central bank measures to regulate the sale window of the currency"  Najib is saying the "economy is heating up", and that the Parliament Economic Committee is in support of the strides the CBI has taken to organize and educate those banks taking part in the foreign currency sale, and this conducted in cooperation with the IMF...   Najib confirmed that there were banks who had to rectify their situations, in order to stay a part of the currency sale. She is part of Economic Committee.  In this way the Central Bank is moving forward on reform starting with the currency sale window.  They are moving forward!  I like that reform starts at "the currency window".  These banks who are "rectifying" their situation are the exact type of institutions that were mentioned and bring the overall score down on that thing that is monetary reform.  Rectification will help to move the wheel forward.

Trump tells Zim: Reform or no talks, 9 JUNE

Trump tells Zim: Reform or no talks

Bridget Mananavire 7 June 2017

HARARE – United States President Donald Trump’s administration is ready to have “meaningful” dialogue with the Zimbabwean government once it is satisfied there is political and economic transformation, a top official said yesterday.

“The relationship with the Zimbabwean government is part of the reason why I am here.

“We are not trying to vet specific individuals from Zimbabwe but we are looking to the Zimbabwean leadership and then the Zimbabwe government to make political and economic changes so that we can more robustly engage the country,” said United States’ Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Carol Thompson O’Connell.

She said this after completing the tour of New Start Centre which was funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Pepfar) – an HIV benefit programme that supports government’s efforts to mitigate the effects of HIV/Aids pandemic.

O’Connell is the first top Trump administration’s official to visit Zimbabwe since he was elected into office last year.

Pepfar is pledging almost $150 million next year that will be used to test 2,5 million people and support treatment for over 200 000 people as well as cover Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Determined, Resilient, Empowered, Aids-free, Mentored, and Safe (Dreams) programme.

Later, O’Connell met Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa who said government was committed to implement reforms.

“We discussed the re-engagement issue, we discussed the sanctions issue, we discussed American assistance in the health and educational sector, we gave them and briefed them on our economic agenda and the progress that we are making on that front,” Chinamasa told journalists after the meeting.


TNT Call notes 9-June-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, June 9, 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls. We don’t have much business this morning; we’re here for the party! We’ll talk about the information, and then get to party time; there is a lot for me to do here, as well as Iraq.

We don’t have much intel, and I don’t think there are many questions on the board. We are waiting for more things to develop. Dates: We’ve heard the 10th, the 12th, and also June 30th. They have yet to come and pass, so we’re holding on until they are in the past tense. Iraqi television has said there will be no announcement of liberation, national reconciliation, and celebration until after Ramadan – that doesn’t mean we don’t have the reality, just now announcements. We have a heard a rumor that the soldiers celebration is being moved to next Tuesday, the 13th. Usually you celebrate things at their end, not beforehand. We celebrate birthdays and weddings on the day, not before they happen. However, until it’s official…

We also heard that Iraqis had the impression that the celebration would happen on Monday and the full RV released on Tuesday. We’re all dancing around it, but one way or another we know it’s coming to an end. One member sent a message to me a day or so back, saying that they purchased their dong at X bank; the person’s wealth manager thinks the dong will revalue prior to the dinar; he put me on a list to let me know as soon as this happens, and wants to manage my investments. Maybe that wealth manager is on to something!

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: When the CBI introduced the project to delete the zeroes, it was commonly believed by the forums that inflation was under control in Iraq and there would be no lop. A history of inflation since 2000 shows years of double-digit inflation until it leveled in 2010. Isn’t the real value of the Dinar around a penny adjusted for inflation of the money supply?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Has there been any more update on whether the Afghanistan currency and Iranian rial is still in the first basket.?

A: I have not heard otherwise.

Q: Will you be sharing the list of banks that have Delarue machines immediately post RV, as well as a list of banks that will do exchanges?

A: No, we don’t care about the process as such; we’ll let you know which banks verify on site (by hand or by machine).

Q: Any thoughts on the Iranian currency, the Toma?

A: I thought it would be prudent for me to get one or two pieces.

Q: Ray what is your opinion on Iraqi Kurds wanting to break away?

A: I have no opinion myself. I know it’s an issue, because Iraq is attempting get three groups to make one nation.

Live Q and A

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/tax/legacy/2009/03/11/RRenfrow_Order.pdf, on the donation page. Please do that today because mail takes longer, to keep the lines and site open.

Next caller: What about this not happening until after Ramadan?

RayRen: One of my sources said that they saw on Iraqi television that they are still have celebrations on 12/13th, so… who knows?

Caller: If you were a betting man, would you choose early next week, or the last day of June, first of July? I guess that the later date is more likely, because all the chances will have culminated by then, and they might not have culminated by the 13th?

RayRen: I won’t attempt to argue with your reasoning; that sounds logical. If you don’t want to be disappointed, look at the 30th of June. Anything that happens beforehand will be even better. As I said before, you don’t have celebrations until the moment or end of the event you’re celebrating.

Caller: Abadi has all the cards in his hand, so why would he postpone that until the end of the month? Lots to think about there…

RayRen: We’re there, and sooner or later this will come in.

TN caller: Has there been anything at the mosque yet? [Not to my knowledge.] How will be know when it’s fully liberated? How do they identify ISIL?

RayRen: When civilians are not being used as shields, and there is no more gunfire. There might still be ISIL in the country, but they are no longer an issue.

Caller: So the military celebrations are about Mosul, right? But you’re saying that it’s also about the economic reforms and national reconciliation, too?

RayRen: The citizens were told they are all linked together, that monetary reforms and national reconciliation would come right after the liberation of Mosul. I’m a rate and date man; I know the rate, just want the date now.

SC caller: Currency exchange – longer hours, we’ve got you covered. That was from TD online and I also spoke to a representative there. He said that they have a new department for this, and asked how much we have; when we told him, he said we’d have to make an appointment. It feels like we have been rehearsing for years, and now it’s showtime!

786 caller: [didn’t hear]

RayRen: They are celebrating the first of the week: 10th is the anniversary of the ISIL attacks, 12th is celebrating the military victory… we’ll just have to see what happens! I can’t tell you 100% on anything until it has taken place, but I can’t think of anything that can be an issue, or that can prolong this process. The end is coming if it’s not already here.

919 caller: Someone called about some good news on the last call – any confirmation?

RayRen: Positive news for him, but it was a private deal, and none of us could attach to that or jump on the bandwagon, so…

805 caller: When exactly does Ramadan end? Is it the same date every year?

RayRen: I don’t know the end date. [Evening June 24; it’s a lunar month.]

Caller: You said you have a rate? What is that??

RayRen: The most consistent rates I’ve heard over the year: dinar = $3.70; dong = 47 cents; rupiah = ; Zim = 13-15 cents; rial = $3.40; Afghani = $2.80.

Caller: When Kuwait revalued, they kept giving out news that they were doing this or that, and in the week before they revalued, they gave out no news apart from saying “we’re not doing it” and the next day they revalued. Hopefully no news is good news.

Next caller: They are still doing everyday transactions during Ramadan; it’s not just a holiday for the whole month. When you mentioned about the dong, could that be a possible leverage information if you get more intel this afternoon? [Yes.] Any other positive news or results from the homework assignment?

RayRen: It hasn’t come in strongly, and I wasn’t sure it would. I was hoping we’d hear something at the beginning of this week, and for all I know, it might flood in on Monday. We are expecting it, and can plan around that.

Caller: Is it possible for a release to happen without the IMF spilling the beans first.

RayRen: Certainly exchange activity is possible prior to that, but I don’t think an official release is possible without the IMF or CBI coming into it. I can see a wealth manager calling some clients and telling them to come in before then.

863 caller: With everything that has been said today, I think the notification after Ramadan will be the public release; for informed people, I think we’ll find out before then. We’ve always expected public notification would come later. For the four years I’ve been involved, they’ve always said that the public would be information later, and that we would get some kind of advance notice because we’re paying attention. We look forward to a new world of love, joy, prosperity, and peace.

626 caller: When Kuwait revalued, it was during Ramadan. It does change the dates every year because it’s based on the sighting of the moon. Do a Google search for details! If you look up “No electricity, no water, but Kuwait revalues its money”, that will bring up the article, with the date and rate.

281 caller: I’ve read some articles of Iraq; it seems the internet is shutting down at the same time every day. What could they possibly be doing during that hour??

RayRen: We could call and ask them. I have no idea.

Closing Statement

We’ve been tracking everything. Let’s see what happens when the market closes. The 10th, tomorrow, is the anniversary of ISIL coming in (and going out). Some believe announcements will commence on the 10th for the full release. We have celebrations for the troops scheduled on June 12/13. Someone said that the UN rates are posted on the 15th, so some are looking at that date. Then there are no expected dates until the 30th. There is a rumor that dong will be revalued before the dinar, which will give us a great leveraging opportunity (if it happens). If anything great happens, I will text and put it up in the forum. If indicated, we will have another call over the weekend. There is a lot going on in my life, and in Iraq, but if something develops, we’ll be there! This ride is coming to an end, we just don’t know the exact date. When it shows up, we will know what to do.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 9 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 9 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 9 June 2017 by Judy Byington

A. June 8 2017 Bruce's The Big Call: Thebigcall.net

1. Bruce was highly expectant of something happening between now and this weekend.

2. In Iraq this Sat. the 10th is Liberation Day (from UN Chapter 7 to return to their full sovereignty) and Mon. the 12th is Celebration Day.

3. To gain that sovereignty Iraq needs a global revaluation of the Dinar.

4. 1,750,000 cell phones have been given to Iraqi citizens with the aps already installed to do international banking. The cell phones were scheduled to go live at 7:30 pm Iraqi time Sat. evening June 10.
5. In the US many Tier 2 and 3 group people have been paid, though holds remained on their accounts.

6. After markets close in the US tomorrow June 9 the holds would come off.

7. There were 7,430 redemption centers expecting to receive redeemers during the day June 10.

8. Release of the toll free numbers could occur any time during this weekend.

9. Bruce will be on the watch for the toll free number beginning early tomorrow morning June 9 and will put it on his website: Thebigcall.net

10. The rates were still raising higher, especially the Zim.

11. There would be negotiable rates on all currencies, especially the Zim.


B. June 8 2017 11:11 pm EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview: "Conundrum" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Thursday - June 8, 2017

1. I am told by multiple sources that long-term Middle East Peace is a settled matter.

2. Israel's claim to ancient homeland rights of 3,000 years ago was honored, but not control of Jerusalem.


Some 1967 land won in the 6 Day War will be returned to the Palestinians as a result, and there will be billions in reparations donated over time by the global community to rebuild Palestine--but no more war.

3. There will be two equal states existing side-by-side, both recognizing the other's right to exist.

4. The USA and U.K. were the last two sovereign states in the UNSC to be formally and legally settled via public elections.


C. June 8 2017 7 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Favor" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 8, 2017

1. Earlier this week some internal bank communication systems and credit transfer codes were shutdown globally - still haven't come back up.

2. We're hearing different things about off site redemption locations either being changed or closing down.

3. We believe this is part of a layered roll out protocol for this weekend.


D. June 8 2017: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Dismantling Of The Cabal JUNE 8, 2017


E. June 8 2017 2:48 pm EDT Jersey:
 Landa Global CC Replay: Humanus Short Update 6-7-17 "We are in the middle of a blackout and cannot repeat any intel. Hope you have a good week and we look forward to working with you (on humanitarian projects) in the near future."


F. List of what you might want to bring to your Exchange:

1. Passport, Birth Certificate and/or two types of photo ID.

2. Social Security Card

3. Proof of current address (bills, utility bills, etc.)

4. Bank accounts and routing numbers.

5. Currency and if available, gifting documents and currency receipts
6. Possible names for your Skeleton Trust, plus family member(s) you wish to name as your Trustee.

G. Expected Exchange Steps:

1. Verification of your identity.

2. Verification of your currencies' authenticity.

4. Banker will offer you Screen Rates that do not require signing a Non Disclosure Agreement.

5. You can ask to see the “Back Screen / Privately negotiated Rates” (that require signing an NDA). Read the NDA carefully, especially the last page.

6. You can request cash (up to $10,000), Cashier Checks, Debit Card and Letter or Certificate of Funds (that shows you have the funds for a significant purchase such as a home, car, or real estate.)

7. Banker could recommend you take a Structured Payout (The longer the payout and the higher percentage you dedicate to humanitarian projects, the higher your earned interest on monies left at the bank might be). Agree on your earned interest rate.

8. Trusts: Give a name for your Skeleton Trust, plus name of family member(s) you wish to be your Trustee(s) to avoid Probate Court on your monies in case of your death.

9. Banker explains all paper work & you sign.

10. Meet briefly with & set future appointment with your Wealth Manager.

11. Go Straight Home & Do a Happy Dance

Zebari " Referendum Vote doesn't automatically mean we OUT"



[Betsy Ross] JESTER Is the last missing piece of the puzzle China depegging from the dollar?



[Betsy Ross] JESTER So can you give us a clue as to the last piece of the puzzle?

​[Betsy Ross] JESTER yes but I admit I do need to read it again. Been a very busy week for me.









[Betsy Ross] Patience You are the quickest in town :)




[Betsy Ross] thanks see I needed to re read it.


ADAM MONTANA TIDBIT: Adam Montana's members fear turning their dinar over to banks for authentication , 9 JUNE

[...This does concern me as to how we could be safe in turning over our dinar to banks for proof of it being real.]  
Verifying the currency is as simple as using a De La Rue machine...

Adam Montana

   [...2 questions: First, is our current president's actions and intentions going to help the dinar RV....

part B: did he buy any dinar that anyone knows of?  

SECOND: Help me understand why the Iraqi would RV when they know so many of us possess their money?] 

  1. Yes, I believe so. Part B - that's going to be speculation regardless, unless he personally announces it.   

 2. What we hold is insignificant to them. Yes, we will benefit... but they will benefit much, much more.



   ...know that the GOI is working harder this Ramadan than ever before...   Article:  "Headed by Abadi .. Council of Ministers will hold its regular"  

 I see that as a very positive thing! Need I say more? (nope!)


Real Truth Call - Yosef Explains "In Plain Sight" Post 6/9/17

Think people realize that anyone speaking raw truth after 13 millennia of deceit will appear insane and be crucified like Christ?

No wonder so few speak up--who wants the torture, scars and dehydration, right?

Thankless jobs of unconditional grace and mercy are the norm. And yet, what's the alternative... death? Eternal damnation? A Donald Trump Presidency?


Ok, so when do we get to the center of the tootsie pop? Or is it already here and we're just too beaten down to lift up our weary heads to see the heavenly gifts already bestowed to us?

Believe, don't believe is a real conundrum at this stage, ain't it! At any stage.

Long-term Middle East Peace is a settled matter IAM told by multiple sources.

Israel's claim to ancient homeland rights of 3,000 years ago was honored, but not control of Jerusalem.


Some 1967 land won in the 6 Day War will be returned to the Palestinians as a result, and there will be billions in reparations donated over time by the global community to rebuild Palestine--but no more war.

Also, their will be two equal states existing side-by-side, both recognizing the other's right to exist.

That was easy. Not.

The USA and U.K. were the last two sovereign states in the UNSC to be formally and legally settled via public elections.

Comey's obstruction of justice testimony today obviously begins the Trump removal and restored Republic insertion back into power by end of June, publicly not just in private.

Theresa May's victory tonight begins the U.K.'s new era.

Notice how they both happened on the same exact day--wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Was this the NPTB's work around plan in action or their primary and lone plan being completed?

Nobody knows for sure. Either strategy you choose to believe ultimately gets you to the same spot in history.


God is with us


I see we are still waiting


The wait is over, we just dont know it yet dallred


Well, Iraq, PUSH THE BUTTON and let's all get solvent….If it comes out as 86 cents (Wang Dang followers) I have a plan for that. If it is $1.20 I have a plan for that. If it becomes worth $3 or more, we have a plan for that. So, LET IT ROLL


Well, Im the mind Old Crow that whether its 83¢ or $1.20, that is the value in Iraq but when those rates are converted to dollars, we have the values of $3.41 to $3.71. Their in country rate would not be our international rate


It would be such a relief if the upcoming celebrations are indeed significant to the release of what we are anticipating. Happy Iraq will be able to start rebuilding but the icing on the cake would be to have purchasing power unlike what they have had in the past. Let this NOW be their time...And ours


it's been a long, long wait. But we believe that there are better days ahead. We must continue to trust, believe and have faith. We don't know the day or the hour this will happen. We do know by faith that will happen and that's good enough for me......


Washington urges the Kurds to communicate with Baghdad on important is​sues
US warns against referendum on independence


Lets explore exchange rates, multipliers and how resulting values are derived

This is my understanding and i will try to explain it loosely

A dinar is a dinar, a ruble is a ruble, a peso is a peso and a dollar is a dollar...and, the value of each depends on where you are standing at the time you exchange it

.83-1.14 (dinar per dinar trade value) (minus three zeros) will be an in-country rate. this establishes a value for the dinar/dinar +/- either side of 1 dinar buying power..adjusted for local economy, trade and inflation. the removal of zeros through a two part mechanism of literal removal of 000 notes from circulation and the practical function of ignoring the 000's on those notes still in circulation, accommodates the dual existence and concurrent circulation of low denoms and 000's until all the old 000 notes are absorbed via attrition through local commerce, trade and banking. over time this will leave just the low denoms and fils in circulation

.83-1.14 (dinar per dinar trade value) is the true historical, actual, expected and anticipated full value of the dinar on the streets of iraq, this range allows for fluid market conditions...it is and always will be a fluctuating rate somewhere in that range..normally

This in-country rate represents a significant change and increase in value for the iraq population but due to the "removal or lifting of zeros" an subsequent "deletion of zeros"...extreme wealth is not derived from in-country exchanges

To compare and understand this....look at the usd over the last 10 years http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/currency here you will see that the USD purchasing power fluctuated here in the USA between .74-1.02, dollar per dollar

Same thing...this is normal...all currencies from all countries do this

A dinar is a dinar, a ruble is a ruble, a peso is a peso and a dollar is a dollar..depending on where you are standing at the time you exchange it

If we take our USD dollars and go to another country and exchange for that country's currency..the exchange rate kicks in. the exchange rate is a function of balance; balance between economies, trade and value relative to the two countries respective economic conditions at that specific moment in time directly related to which two currencies are being traded (exchanged) against the other.

In order to establish a fair balance between these two economies (currencies) at that specific point in time and place....a little bit of math must be applied ....this is the exchange rate

A rate is a ratio that compares two quantities having different units of measure.


In this currency exchange scenario...we are comparing two quantities...the dollar and the dinar (these are both "units of currency"). but, based on different and contrasting economies, conditions, gdp, debt, trade etc etc...the measurement of the contrasting "units" are different and that difference is adjusted by a calculation by multiplying a given positive or negative number to achieve the sought after fair trade balance...parity

I have often referred to this as a "multiplier"

Historically...the given multiplier for determining the exchange rate between the US and Iraq prior to 2003-2004 was roughly a factor of 3 (+/- .10) but as described above...this "multiplier" is constantly changing and fluctuating both up and down..because the value of currencies as representations of their respective country's economies change constantly.... changing on a minute to minute, day by day basis, because currencies are a reflection of a unit of measurement of the respective country and economy they represent....therefore the "multiplier" must also be fluid so that any (currency) trade can be conducted fairly at any given time

3 +/- is an integer, in this case a positive integer...not a dollar or monetary value (in other comparisons between other country's currencies this "multiplier" could be represented as a negative integer (-3 for example))...whatever it turns out to be (and this multiplier can and does fluctuate significantly and vastly at any time between different nation states and economies based on their then current economic and political condition) the sole purpose here again is balance between two contrasting economies...parity, this is always the goal

Multiplying by a positive integer increases the resulting value.....multiplying by a negative integer decreases the resulting value

the "resulting value" is what we are most concerned with...thats what we are looking for. the resulting value is what we end up with when we exchange our foreign currency holdings for USD.

So ...lets have some fun with numbers

Using the two assumed values stated above...the iraq in-country iqd rate range of .84-1.14 multiplied by the assumed historical average integer of 3 as a multiplier

Low end "resulting value" in USD = $2.52

High end "resulting value" in USD = $3.42

The most simple and easy to understand way i can display this and provide "proof of concept" is to refer you to the IMF historical chart for the IQD value expressed in SDR's..(sdr is a measurement of unit used by the IMF) http://www.imf.org/external/np/fin/tad/exportal.aspx?memberKey1=460&date1key=2016-07-31&category=EXCHRT

I think its easy to see this correlation to exchange rate, resulting value, multipliers etc. the historical record is this proof of concept described above.

Like i said at the beginning, this is "loose" interpretation of exchange rates, multipliers etc and how in-country rates are not our resulting value...in-country rates are a part of the exchange calculation

What we really want to see is a true street rate in iraq in the .84-1.14 dinar range

Next...we want the international release of that rate to the entire world

At that time every country in the world..including the USA, will and can trade the IQD by applying their respective exchange rate multiplier (integer) to achieve parity of trade value..openly and freely

At that time we all can walk into any bank in the USA that deals with foreign currency and exchange our foreign currency at the prevailing "resulting value"

So....in Dinarville, when we talk about "whats the dinar worth"... and all the confusion and debate sets in with discussions about in-country rates and USA rates, low starting rates and rates around the world...we are really all talking about the same thing...its all the same thing

The confusion exists because different people state their beliefs (in resulting value) based on differing perspectives of how and where that value was determined relative to what geographic location the value (rate) was reported.

We're all on the same page...we're just viewing the page from different angles..its all the same

IMO ……is that clear as mud?

MadDScout says They are moving forward! Reform starts at "the currency window"., 9 JUNE

Article:  "The parliamentary economy supports the recent central bank measures to regulate the sale window of the currency"  Najib is saying the "economy is heating up", and that the Parliament Economic Committee is in support of the strides the CBI has taken to organize and educate those banks taking part in the foreign currency sale, and this conducted in cooperation with the IMF...  

 Najib confirmed that there were banks who had to rectify their situations, in order to stay a part of the currency sale. She is part of Economic Committee. 

 In this way the Central Bank is moving forward on reform starting with the currency sale window.  They are moving forward!  I like that reform starts at "the currency window". 

 These banks who are "rectifying" their situation are the exact type of institutions that were mentioned and bring the overall score down on that thing that is monetary reform. 

 Rectification will help to move the wheel forward.


Real Truth Call - Yosef Explains "In Plain Sight" Post 6/9/17

Hi All:

Yosef came onto the RTC at about the 32 minute mark...he had Show Me read his "In Plain Sight" Sit Rep, and explained each paragraph. Thank you Yosef!

Also, thank you for letting some of us, who spend the time to transcribe you, know that the SITREP was the Intel and it would be coming out at midnight (meaning we did not have to transcribe the Intel portion..) That definitely saved me some sleep time...

Yosef did say initially the following (paraphrased):

1) He was told to lay low for a bit, which he did

2) he was told he can say whatever he wants now, since the RV has started!!!

3) The "segment" redemptions have started (like OWK has been saying).

4) He generally gets his intel by trading financial/banking intel/info with Republic folks, who generally point him in the right "geopolitical" intel direction, but since the RV is going now, basically they gave him the Intel directly (that is the Intel in the "In Plain Sight" SitRep)

Thank you Yosef, I/we appreciate all the time you spend...I still listen to your songs and get a huge positive energy charge...CALM makes me weep...

On a personal note, the SitRep "MUD" was so apropos for my situation too..(and for many. here with IQD, ZIM, VND and knowledge of the real truth). I've been beat up pretty good in my business life, and now even once trusted fellow professionals/attorneys, friends, and close family just don't want to hang out with me or listen to me anymore...it is lonely watching all of the corruption and cabal activities still taking place in our everyday life...as OWK has said, the cabal minions are still quite active, in state, local and federal governments, the courts, the police, in Main Stream news, Hollywood,etc. and will be taken down post-RV and during Disclosure...

As Yosef always says, Surrender!