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IRAN RIAL: Iran plans to revalue, rename rial currency, 8 JUNE

Iran plans to revalue its rial tenfold and revert to the currency's old name, the toman, according to a bill approved on Wednesday by President Hassan Rouhani's cabinet, the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said.
The currency was called the toman until the 1930s and most Iranians still refer to it by that name.
Under the measure, which requires approval from parliament and the Guardian Council before taking effect, the renamed currency would be worth around 3,200 to the dollar at official exchange rates and 3,900 at unofficial rates.
The Council, made up of six clerics appointed by the Supreme Leader and six lawyers elected by parliament, vets all new legislation for compliance with religious laws and the constitution.
When the change was announced Wednesday, the rial dipped by about 90 to the dollar before recovering, according to agency Mehr News.

(Reporting By Babak Dehghanpisheh; editing by John Stonestreet)

IRAN RIAL : Currency Revaluation a Two-Year Process, 8 JUNE

Executing currency revaluation in Iran by removing one or more zeroes from the rial will require conditions that will not materialize for at least another two years, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran said.
“We have had no directives in the Cabinet to remove a zero from the currency and that is not on our agenda,” Valiollah Seif also said in a talk with Mehr News Agency’s website.
He elaborated that CBI has sent a bill to the government, which is still under review and questioned the official use of rial known to the people as toman (minus one zero).
“Therefore, it was stated in the bill that the monetary unit be changed to toman, which is not yet definitive and must be sent to the parliament. So we have had no plan to remove one zero,” he said.
In early December, while ratifying the CBI bill during a Cabinet meeting presided over by President Hassan Rouhani, the government approved changing Iran’s monetary unit from rial to toman, which meant lopping off one zero from the current national currency.
As a result of a multitude of sanctions imposed in the past, the CBI chief said the removal of zeroes from the national currency will only be possible when the stability of the inflation rate–currently in single digit after more than two decades–becomes a sure thing.
In view of the current agreeable trend of inflation rate and provided that it endures, “conditions required to remove a zero will be established in the next two to three years”.


Vietnam Dong (VND) Potential:

After delete 4 zeros from currency denomination, current currency notes denomination of 4 zeros will be removed from market circulation and replace by new lower currency denomination notes or even entire new currency. State Bank of Vietnam will then revalue it from current value about VND1 = USD0.000049 to potential new rate of USD0.005 to USD0.10 (forecast). VND100,00 note will be worth only new VND10 or USD0.05 to USD1. Thus will be resulting potential loss to investors.

VND will 1st revalue about 100 times till VND1 = USD0.005 up to 2000 times till VND1 = USD0.10. Thus, VND100,000 note will be worth about USD500 up to USD10,000. Then, large denomination notes consists of 4 zeros will be gradually removed from circulation, replaced by new lower denomination currency notes or even changes to entire new currency.

Vietnamese Dong Forecast 2016-2020, 8 JUNE

Vietnamese Dong  Forecast 2016-2020

The Vietnamese Dong is expected to trade at 23000.00 by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. Looking forward, we estimate it to trade at 23700.00 in 12 months time.

Vietnamese Dong Forecasts are projected using an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model calibrated using our analysts expectations. We model the past behaviour of Vietnamese Dong using vast amounts of historical data and we adjust the coefficients of the econometric model by taking into account our analysts assessments and future expectations. The forecast for - Vietnamese Dong - was last predicted on Thursday, June 8, 2017. 
Vietnam MarketsLastQ2/17Q3/17Q4/17Q1/182020
Stock Market750715708686693578
Government Bond 10y5.855.895.9566.067

RECAP NEWS: Belarus to issue redenominated notes from 1 July 2016, 8 JUNE

he National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has announced that president Aleksander Lukashenko has signed a decree for the redenomination of the national currency, the Belarusian ruble.
From the press release: "The redenomination will be carried out by means of substitution of the banknotes in circulation of the 2000 series by the banknotes and coins of the 2009 series in proportion of 10,000 Belarusian rubles of the 2000 series per 1 Belarusian ruble of the 2009 series. (...) A total of seven denominations of banknotes – 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 rubles – and eight denominations of coins – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 copecks, and 1 and 2 rubles – will be put into circulation beginning on July 1, 2016.
The general concept of the new banknotes design meets the motto "Belarus is my country". Each banknote is dedicated to one of the regions of Belarus and the city of Minsk. The coincidence of the regions and the banknotes denominations was determined in alphabetical order. The design of the banknote of 5 ruble denomination is dedicated to Brest region, 10 rubles – to Vitebsk region, 20 rubles – to Gomel region, 50 rubles – to Grodno region, 100 rubles – to Minsk region, 200 rubles – to Mogilev region, and 500 rubles – to the city of Minsk. The design of new banknotes of the 2009 series maintains continuity of the line of banknotes of the 2000 series as to the use of images of the architectural and urban monuments.
The currently circulating banknotes of the 2000 series will be the sole legal tender for making cash settlements in the Republic of Belarus till July 1, 2016.
From July 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, the banknotes of the 2000 series and the banknotes and coins of the 2009 series will be in parallel circulation and subject to obligatory acceptance without restriction in all kinds of payments performed by all economic entities.
During the next five years – from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2021 – the currency units of the 2000 series will be exchanged for the currency units of the 2009 series in any sum without restriction and charging commission.
It is worth mentioning that preparations for the redenomination in the Republic of Belarus were under way during a fairly long period. For example, new currency units that will be put into circulation beginning on July 1, 2016 have been printed by order of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus as early as 2008. However, at that time the redenomination was postponed due to the global economic crisis and, as a consequence, deteriorating economic situation in our country, whereas printed currency units were transferred to the National Bank’s Central Vault.
Taking into account the time of printing, new Belarusian rubles feature certain peculiarities. In particular, banknotes of 2009 series that are put into circulation bear the facsimile of Petr P. Prokopovich’s signature, the then Chairman of the Board of the National Bank. Also, the new fifty-ruble note carries an inscription which is inconsistent with currently applicable Belarusian spelling rules. (...)
The above-mentioned inconsistencies will be removed as the National Bank will place further orders to print new banknotes."
This is the third redenomination in Belarus. The Belarusian ruble was redenominated on 20 August 1994, with one new unit equaling 10 old ones, and the second time it lost three zeros on 1 January 2000. As some may recall in 2014 there was a mention of the redenominated banknotes looking a lot like euro banknotes. Well, I don't know about you but the 5-ruble note for instance does look an awful lot like the new 10-euro note, doens't it? And the 10-ruble looks a bit like like the new 20-euro note, right?
Below are the new banknotes in all their glory:
5 ruble. Front: Belaya Vezha (the Tower of Kamenets) in the town of Kamenets, Brest Region. Back: the collage devoted to first Slavic settlements (a leather belt fragment, a wooden wheel, and a picture of "Berestie" ancient stronghold).

10 ruble. Front: the church of the Savior and Transfiguration in the town of Polotsk, Vitebsk Region. Back: the collage devoted to enlightenment and printing (books, the Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk, and an ornamental pattern fragment).

20 ruble. Front: The Rumyantsev-Paskevich palace in the town of Gomel. Back: the collage devoted to spirituality (a bell, the Turov Gospel, ancient town of Turov, and fragments of carving).

50 ruble. Front: the Castle of Mir in the settlement of Mir, Grodno Region. Back: the collage devoted to art (a lyre and laurel twigs, a quill pen, a sheet of paper, and a stave).

100 ruble. Front: the Radziwills' castle in the town of Nesvizh, Minsk Region. Back: the collage devoted to the theatre and folk festivals (a violin, a tambourine, a zhaleyka woodwind instrument , the belts of Slutsk , and the symbols of folk festivals such as the "Kalyady's star", a she-goat, and "Batleyka" folk puppet theatre).

200 ruble. Front: Mogilev Regional Art Museum named after P. Maslennikov, in the town of Mogilev. Back: the collage devoted to handicraft and urban construction (the golden key and the seal of the town of Mogilev, a glazed tile (a stove tile), and fragments of the wrought iron lattice)

500 ruble. Front: National Library of the Republic of Belarus in the city of Minsk. Back: the collage devoted to literature (a quill pen, an inkwell, book covers, and a fern leaf

RECAP NEWS: Indonesia Revives Rupiah Redenomination Plan, 8 JUNE

Bank Indonesia, Indonesia’s central bank, is reviving a plan to redenominate the rupiah, for the second time in three years. This announcement came on Monday, as Bank Indonesia issued new notes. The rupiah is one of the highest denominated notes in Asia.
Quelling fears of currency devaluations, Mirza Adityaswara, Bank Indonesia’s senior deputy governor, was quick to stress that “redenomination is a matter of simplification.” Under this proposed policy, the bank will cut three zeroes off the face value of rupiah notes, in an attempt to simplify the currency system. For example, RS 25 000 would be shortened to RS 25.
Theoretically, these new currency units should not reduce purchasing power or cause any currency volatility and will have a minimal impact on prices. A redenomination in currency would be followed by an adjustment in prices for goods and services in line with the elimination of zeroes off rupiah banknotes. Before the idea of redenomination was even floated around, some coffee shops and restaurants had reportedly begun dropping the zeroes on their menus.
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If and when implemented, redenomination would serve to overhaul and even strengthen Indonesia’s existing financial infrastructure. Currently, because of the size of the rupiah, stores must have cash registers that can deal with at least nine digits. Banks have to accommodate transactions up to the trillions. The sheer number of digits in each transaction increases the possibility of errors and the need for regulation. On the macro level, experts hope that redenomination may raise investor confidence in the general investment climate of Indonesia and improve capital inflow.
Nevertheless, it remains unclear the extent to which the Indonesian government will prioritize this project. On Monday, President Joko Widodo had said that the bill should be included in the 2017 National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) as a priority item. While this indicates the government’s priorities, it is not a guarantee for implementation. Typically, only a fraction of the bills in Prolegnas are passed. However, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati reportedly said that the redenomination proposal is not on the list of current legislative priorities for 2017.
If passed, there will be a six-year transition period in place to phase out old bills.

Will there be a secret Celebration and than a Public Celebration???


Frank26:  KTFA FAMILY ................ WEDNESDAY'S CC contained 3 Golden Nuggets. Hope You found them.

God Bless You all .............. Sweet Aloha \m/  

Ty1:  Frank you are far too modest to say only 3 Golden Nuggets...These were my notes:
CBI is submissive to the IMF at this stage and both are in agreement on path forward - Agreement = Currency for Partnership

Financial and Economic Reforms were agreed by both sides in December

Wednesday the CBI and IMF agreed on the path forward on the Foreign Exchange Policy - This was final leg of the 3 legged stool.

Foreign Exchange Policy is not only the rate but the process that the currency will be lifted
The lifting of the 3 zeros is all that is left to activate the Economic and Monetary reform and that process is now agreed

The table is set to go international:  ATM Machines, Lower Denoms, Deposit Insurance at banks, VISA/Mastercard

IMF is proud of CBI cause the reserves are higher than anticipated which could allow a higher entry rate

Piggyback auctions are being adhered to which was an agreed upon plan of IMF and CBI
Mobile Banking is in full swing due to 10s of thousands of Mobile Phones that were handed out

Mobile Banking educates citizens of Monetary Reform and creates trust in banks

This all seems to be leading to a crescendo between June 10th and June 12th.

June 10th is the perceived day they will announce the liberation of Mosul

June 12th is a Celebration day for Iraq declaring their sovereignty which requires removal of Ch7 / Article 8

In order to claim sovereignty and the final key to remove the shackles you need to lift the value of your currency

Finally, Maliki is neutered due to accepting immunity for his seat as PM.  I have to imagine if he mis-steps again however action can be taken against him.  To me it feels like probation and if you commit a crime while on probation everything comes back 10 fold!

We head into this weekend with much grounded anticipation but it sure feels like it is time.  Frank and teams thank you kindly for laying everything out in such a succinct fashion.

Kind regards,   TY1


Fireball92:  DOES ANYONE KNOW??   IF THE IQD is released internationally as a CONTROLLED FLOAT, does that mean FOREX has to stay within IMF controlled guidelines or do we expect the rate to market driven?

Cole:  Correct me if I am wrong... but if I can say this in layman's terms.... the rate will be powered by the market, but managed by the IMF. Market=motor... IMF=steering wheel/gas pedal... imo


Don961:  Baghdad prepares to celebrate Mosul full liberation

June 08 2017 03:16 PM


Preparations have been going on in Baghdad to celebrate the full liberation of Mosul city, the last ISIS major stronghold, well-informed sources told the Baghdad post on Thursday.
The Ministry of culture prepares to hold a major festival to celebrate the full liberation of the second largest Iraqi city, the sources said.

This comes as US-backed Iraqi forces on February 19 launched a wide-scale military operation to liberate the city from ISIS terrorists.

The city fell to ISIS in 2014.

At least 98 percent of the city has been recaptured with little number of ISIS terrorists exist in the Old city and are expected to desperately defend it.


Don961:  of Iraq gets a loan of 3.5 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund

Twilight News

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Twilight News / Iraq get a soft loan worth 3.5 billion US dollars by the International Monetary Fund , as stated by Wednesday , Iraqi Prime Minister for Financial Affairs Advisor to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh.

He explained that the Fund will also provide an additional international financial umbrella by about $ 13 billion , both from the seven major international bank or industrialized countries or the postponement of compensation for the Kuwait war.

He pointed out that the Fund seeks through the second review to provide a framework for macroeconomic stability and in the course of financial adaptation leads to maximizing non - oil revenues as well as to enable Iraq to pay its debts in accordance with the mechanism of the so - called debt to bear energy.




 13:04 08/06/2017

Nearly six years, the former Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hussein Azri fled out of Iraq, after "embezzled" nearly 15 billion dinars, ordered him and exposed publicly, and although the "scandals" Azdi disclosed .before his escape but, like "allowed" to escape him before taking any legal action against him

Today announced that the investigation department of the Integrity Commission, in a press statement that "the competent court of integrity in Baghdad, the issues of criminal, sentenced in absentia, was sentenced to seven years in prison, former Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq, Hussein Essam Azri, for causing damage to public . "property and the interests of the party that operates

She explained that Azdi "took advantage of his job and the creation of damage to public money worth 14 billion and 722 million dinars, by committing irregularities in the granting of banking facilities to the company (waterlogging) contracting with the Ministry of Defense and the approval of the open letter of credit for the company, without the . "presence of real guarantees for the recovery of bank funds

It showed the department "Criminal Court issued its ruling after having reached an adequate criminalization of the accused conviction, and the issuance of an arrest warrant and investigation against him, with the support of booking the reality on his movable and immovable, and keep the hand affected the right to claim compensation before the ".civil courts after the acquisition of decision­ class peremptory    LINK

NESARA and RV/GCR Update - Fisher & Tank Intel Report , 8 JUNE

The following are notes took from the Real Truth Call which took place on June 6, 2017. Fisher came on the call and gave his intel report and also read a report given to him by Tank. You can listen to the full call at this link here. You can also visit the Real Truth Call website at https://www.realtruthuniverse.com . This is the intel only portion of the call.

Fisher Update for June 6th, 2017

Yesterday morning (Monday June 5th, 2017) Wells Fargo had a state/union wide conference call. All staffers on the call were told that the RV is in progress. They were told about all the 5 currencies in the first basket and to expect the RV in about 4 - 6 days (Friday, June 9th - Sunday, June 11th). The ZIM currency hit its goal rate on the higher tier trading platforms and is now no longer being traded. Tier 2 and Tier 3 currencies are being exchanged, "without a doubt" says Fisher. Fisher says that these higher tiers are liquid meaning they have spendable money after their currency exchange has taken place. The banking institutions and cabal families being audited which were discussed by Tank in previous intel updates have been completed as of Monday June 5th. Those who were audited and did not pass are no longer eligible to participate in the GCR/RV which will prevent cabal members from exchanging along with the public.


Fisher says that one of the higher Tier church groups have already exchanged thier currency and have signed strict NDAs. Fisher says that this church groups also received prosperity funds of $1 million dollars associated with NESARA in addition to their currency exchange.

140 cabal members/politicians have been detained and been placed under some type of amnesty program with ankle monitoring bracelets. Some were given the option to resign and given immunity packages.

Tank Special Update for June 6th, 2017

The whole process was triggered today at 5:30 est. All funds have been returned to the core accounts, which are the Tier 1 groups like the Admiral's Group.

HSBC bank will remove administrative hold after the Farmer's Claims are settled. The Farmers Claims are tied in with NESARA and Prosperity Programs.

800#s were released at sometime during this process, all the codes are in, and the trigger is pulled and set to another algorithm timer. These algorithm timers are usually set for a 72 hour window.

Homeland security person means that it will be sometime today but still trying to verify the timing. (Time has already Passed)

Sources out of Reno, Nevada said it should be around 3am est tomorrow morning. (Time has already Passed)

Source waiting for couriers for the FREEDOM and OMEGA trusts, was just called and told that all deliveries are in the areas of their destination and will arrive tomorrow. These are the private Prosperity Programs. (Time has already Passed)




6-8-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23   [Some one feels the RV won't happen & the dollar will end up being Iraqs currency...]    Iraq is not going to ever go to the USD...You can bank on that!   A certain amount of pressure is now coming from Kurdistan and the referendum... Barzani wanted the 3 zero removed August 2014 and had some serious statements about it...Kurds want to get the show on the road (economy)...They are in dire straights!  And by a recent article...The CBI branch in Erbil goes FULL CBI July 1st...and Sulaimayia to follow shortly after...

6-8-2017   Intel Guru Frank26 
   I told you...once you have Mosul...(we’ve already got Mosul)...you would start to see things happen at the speed of light...and now you are!  From the 2nd to the 9th – we said that some BIG information would be coming out.  THIS IS IT...and it’s only the 7th!  Yes! They are talking about their EXCHANGE RATE!  On Wednesday...they didn’t talk about their RATE...they talked about their EXCHANGE RATE...the EXCHANGE RATE POLICY!  There is quite a difference. Free float?  No they are not! They will have a Managed Float.  High rate? No they are not! This was the talk of the town last year. Now they are talking like $1.20.  The IMF is telling the world...once the reforms are implemented...they have some money (prior to the agreement)...that Iraq will get...WHEN they raise the value of their currency.  That will trigger everything.   [post 2 of 2]

6-8-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   They finally said something about the IMF meeting.  ...the IMF and the CBI once agreed upon something. A 2nd review of the SBA in August...   This meeting was ...IMO...not about the rate of the IQD. It was a report of the monetary reform to the IMF.  The IMF is very proud of what Iraq has accomplished.  The IMF tells every country what to do with their currency.  They’ve now reached an agreement -- MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).  The IMF appears to be happy...because this memorandum that was signed...the IMF no longer needs to tell Iraq what to do.  Two of the three agreed to items were taken care of in December of last year.  These 3 levels...Economic Reforms... Financial Reforms...Multi-Currency Policy.   The last item (#3) was the POLICY of currency (international level).   ...things are done for the economic and financial reforms.  Iraq is ready to join the INTERNATIONAL theatre.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

6-8-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Iraqi Central Bank sales of foreign currencies fell $7 million"  Quote:  "...the exchange rate was 1182 dinars per dollar at the auction held with the participation of 35 banks and 10 financial companies for the conversion."   I still think the spread is too high... The stock markets and other institutions are showing 1240+ to $1, they haven't gotten the market rate low enough yet We know from other articles that the spread is still 1240-$1 or more so I'm not thinking that the market rate has been lowered. ...I recognize the anomaly and wonder what it's implications are, but...I think it's just poor bookkeeping on the CBI's part If the street rate had improved to around 1200-$1 the stock markets and other large financial institutions would report the same figures, but they're not.   I know this isn't going to be a popular statement but Iraq still has a lot of work to do after Mosul and all of Anbar Province is liberated. The Kurdish deal and legislation for the open market economy are all objectives that have yet to be solved.

6-8-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [...2 questions: First, is our current president's actions and intentions going to help the dinar RV....part B: did he buy any dinar that anyone knows of?  SECOND: Help me understand why the Iraqi would RV when they know so many of us possess their money?]   1. Yes, I believe so. Part B - that's going to be speculation regardless, unless he personally announces it.    2. What we hold is insignificant to them.