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NESARA and RV/GCR Update - Fisher & Tank Intel Report - June 6th 2017

Humanus Update LANDA GLOBAL Conference Call

TNT CC NOTES: RayRat Call Notes 6/7/17

Cliff Notes by Sunny) 
Highlights of TNT conference call. Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=98768847 

Ray: No information to bring to you . . .nothing brand new has come to me by way of important information. Review: Sent some info out on Tuesday: On Iraqi TV Abadi said “returned to normal life.” What does that mean? . . . normal life would be no fighting, guerrilla’s in the middle of the night . . . which would mean liberation. Subject to interpretation? Time will tell. . .Tell me everything is back to normal. That’s a mouthful! 

Most of you are receiving what I call public information other than what I provide to you. . . saying next step is the release of the lower denom’s. Iraq military has announced full control of the borders. 

Some of the public news is trailing or a little contradictory. 

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: We’re just waiting. Some people fixated on June 10th. . . June 12th celebrating (for soldiers). What are they celebrating, like we don’t know already. 

IRAQ: PM Abadi has said on Iraqi TV that Iraq has “returned to normal life.” Iraq military has announced full control of the borders. 

INTERNATIONAL: Rates: Ray: Rates will come out . . .anticipated the market will drive the rates up on their own. 

LEGAL:  https://archive.org/stream/RaymondRenfrowComplaintRenfrowGroup/Raymond%20Renfrow_Complaint%20Renfrow%20Group_djvu.txt

Q & A: TNT Forum 

– Pension check expected by Iraqi citizens like they got paid in Kuwait? 

Ray: Yes. 

– How can we align with you post RV for investment opportunities? 

Ray: Just stay in touch. 

– Will adult children of TNT members be able to attend the financial events. 

Ray: Sure, we are not doing anything exclusively only select individual can attend. All will be public events. 

-We will go ahead of the public as the internet group? Is that your understanding? 

Ray: Yes it is. 

Q & A: Callers
– Headline today, “We will announce the liberation of Mosul within two days.” 

Ray: Look at that information. Didn’t we already have information the border is under full control of Iraq. If you already have full control, to me that is occupying the border. Tell me everything is back to normal. That’s a mouthful! . . . That’s an announcement to me. But pomp and circumstance, 15 microphones? Maybe that’s what they want. 

-ZIM go after the Dinar? 

Ray: That’s not what is expected. I hope they do something like that. Just let dinar go and then let the rest come one by one. (chuckled). 

Caller: I know of someone paying 1 billion for a quad. 

Ray: Know or hearing of? 

Caller: Know. You have my number, call me. 

Ray: I intend to, right after this call. 

RAY’S CLOSING STATEMENT: This is hump day. . . We have three dates we are looking at, with no promises on any of them. 

First, the 10th: Anniversary date when ISIS first kicked in and could be date of them being out – making it official on that date. 

Then 12th celebration. We think we know what that is about. Soldiers celebration. We wait and see what the celebration is all about. 

If all else fails and don’t see what we are looking for we still have the 30th of June. 

As long as we get it over with. So, we await any new information that comes to us and will send out a text, tweet to update you or a phone call and give information to you in a live format. 

Just patiently waiting . . . patiently waiting . . . patiently waiting. (played “I Believe.”)


6-7-2017   Intel Guru Bruce     Remember we talked about the lower denoms of the dinar that were being placed in the ATM machines and ready to go? Our understanding is they are still in there ready to go, but have not been put out yet. They have not yet utilized those lower value notes of the dinar. They were supposed to be put out today [Tuesday]. They were supposed to be, but weren’t. Their intention was to make their rate change known today and the lower denoms would be needed because the rates would have gone dramatically higher... We have heard the rates in Iraq are in a very strong situation and will be stronger. People who are getting paid on their cards or retirement pay it is going up substantially like 134%. I think due to the in-country change of the dinar rate. Without able to prove that exactly, I just can tell you that everything is complete regarding what is happening in Iraq.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

6-7-2017   Intel Guru Jester 

6-7-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   [kinda get the feeling that this is never gona happen and eventually they will go to the dollar.]  With all the support and conversation with the IMF - WB - UN... that is not the posture they are preparing...everything they are (the above mentioned groups) projecting lately is the image of progress.

6-7-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   [You mentioned that date we were expecting did not occur, and now we are looking at June 30?]  Some are saying the 10th, some are seeing celebrations on the 12th, and other are saying by June 30, so we’ll just have to wait and see.
6-6-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste   Article:  "The Amman meeting with the IMF result in a supplementary budget for the current year"   This refers only to a small supplementary budget and the strings that the IMF is placing on Iraq to accept the money.  Nothing new here at all.  ...it was never the case that the IMF was taking over control of the government or the entirety of the finances of Iraq.  The agreement made was that the IMF would become "trustee" over the CBI in order to help the country "enter the world market."

6-6-2017   Intel Guru Frank26    It seems to me that Abadi wants to declare a date. The last remaining Daesh fighters are very hard-core – they don’t want to give up. But, this “cancer” is being removed! The 10th … I’m not saying that is an RV date … but that could be a date of their DIGNITY! Their rebirth! This could be when they are going to plant their flag as a sovereign country – no longer under control of Iran and ISIS.

Frank26 & Delta "The IMF Looks Very, Very Happy"

What if the exchange rate were to drop to 1250?”  What if it dropped down to 1200?  This is about 2%.   If they dropped down to 1190 or 1180 – the CBI wouldn’t be able to make money anymore. ...they have done a great job in getting within the 2% compliance. 

 The CBI has done some impressive things. The IMF can’t stop being so proud of them. It looks like the CBI is adjusting accordingly to the 2% -- to the rate of the IQD internally – which is an IMF requirement.  The IMF stated that their sole objective were a few things, and that is it. The IMF looks very, very happy.

  Everything is looking very good for investors. The biggest obstacle was corruption.  We’ve been waiting so many years...but it was good that they waited until they got it right.   ...that’s why they brought in Jack Lew – they learned from what happened in Kuwait. They needed border control, needed to manage the float. They are going to control this very well.

The Big call w/Bruce Intel only



7th June, 2017

The Iraqi authorities and an International Monetary Fund (IMF) team reached a staff-level agreement on the second review of the Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) that was approved by the IMF Executive Board on July 7, 2016 (See Press Release No. 16/321).

The SBA aims to restore fiscal and external balance and to improve public financial management while protecting social spending.

Iraq completed the first review under the SBA on December 5, 2016 and received a disbursement of SDR 0.46 billion (US$0.6 billion) (See Press Release No. 16/540). Completion of the second review will release a further disbursement of SDR 0.6 billion (US$0.8 billion).
Mr. Christian Josz, Mission Chief for Iraq, issued the following statement today in Amman:

“The Iraqi authorities and the IMF team have reached agreement on a supplementary budget for 2017, objectives for the 2018 budget, and strengthened procedures to keep expenditure under control. Both the supplementary 2017 budget and the 2018 budget will keep the fiscal consolidation, necessitated by the fall in oil prices, on track, while protecting social spending.

“Once agreed prior actions have been implemented, the IMF Board could consider the second review of the SBA in August.

“During the discussions, the team met with Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Allaq, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, Dr. Naufel Al-Hassan, Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit, Dr. Salah Noori Khalaf, Acting Deputy Finance Minister, Ms. Taif Same, Deputy Minister of Planning, Dr. Qasim Enaya, Deputy Minister of Electricity, Mr. Abdel Hamza, Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister, Dr. Mudher Saleh, and officials from the ministry of finance, Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), the Board of Supreme Audit, the ministry of oil, the ministry of planning, the ministry of electricity, and a representative from the Kurdistan Regional Government. The team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.”



TPNoble:  Ring aling ding... ello CBI,  Alak speaking... Hey Alak, I have an idea why don't you RV and pay up? You see I'm a problem solver and I'm here to help!

Samson:  Jordan demands one billion dollars-debts from Iraq

7th June, 2017

Official Jordanian Central Bank's report said that the Jordanian debts on Iraq reached over one billion dollars, pointing that Amman was unable to get these debts for the last 25 years.

Iraqi officials stated, earlier, that Iraq has no documents on these debts.

The Jordanian Central Bank said that the debt figures reached to 1.08 billion dollars till the end of the last year, 2016.

The bank added that these debts resulted from commercial exchange agreements and the Jordanian government was unable to collect them despite the negotiations between the two sides.

Iraq and Jordan had two protocols, the first was commercial and the second oil one, where Jordan will have its oil needs with preferred prices and exporting Jordanian commodities to be paid from Iraqi oil shipments.

The two countries held a number of negotiations to close this financial dossier, but no results were reached.

Iraq called the Jordanian authorities to hand over the frozen funds at their banks.

On the other side, the Jordanian private sector called for paying the costs of the commodities exported according to the signed trade protocol between the two sides



Stranger:  Thank you Amprx and Don961 for posting this.  I would think this would be huge.  I would also think that a revaluation very soon would be in Abadi's personal interest as it might make people forget about Malaki very quickly and calm some of the sectarian lack of unity that he stirred up or that naturally exists in Iraq. imo

Don961:  Image .. Arabic website "confirms" Nuri al­Maliki, is currently languishing in jail!

06/07/2017 00:31 Reports Number of Views: 2768

Iraq / Baghdad Publish "politicians Post" Arab specialist publishes analytical reports and follow ­ups of political events, a report on "leaks" and the extent of its importance in "battles" political, and that it has become an important weapon in all countries, it is not owned, it "lost the battle ."
The report gave an overview of the importance of the leaks, and their relationship to intelligence, and how to drop opponents through this, and began the lengthy report, WikiLeaks leaks, and its impact on the political situation of several countries .

Through WikiLeaks, the report highlighted the documents pertaining to Iraq, and he mentioned "in 2010, released the site than approximately 400 thousand documents on the Iraq war, is the biggest leak in US military history, and revealed information that US forces have killed more than 400 thousand mostly of civilians, as video leaked it showed that two helicopters from the Apache fired on a group of civilians was including two Reuters journalists, although the footage clearly showed that there were " journalists in the group carrying cameras .

Until now, no problem in the narrative details of the report, especially since it was the transfer of one of the leaks and WikiLeaks, did not express an opinion or private information, but strangely, in this report, published location is very important, for political reports dated yesterday, June 6, what came in this section "should be noted that former Prime Minister Nuri al­Maliki, is currently languishing in jail, because of the leaks that revealed he issued a summary executions of civilians on a sectarian basis "orders with the help of US forces, in addition to being accused in the events of the fall of Mosul .

Yes, al­ Maliki accused the fall of Mosul, and that it is responsible for many military orders were "wrong", in addition to many other charges, but he did not enter the .! prison, but did not raise him a lawsuit from the ground, although this demand for a large class of people Maliki, is not a personal "immersed" but he is still in power and his dialogues and statements and leads a lot of things, does it become difficult on the author of the report .!?"or the site, to make sure the current situation of al ­Maliki ? Or is it "intended Journalist addressed in all special events Baltsribat report, and its impact, a political report in which information and many backgrounds, does the report will be trusted,  after al­Maliki information .! Or is it a new war against "Hajji Abu Isra", this time not from Iraq, but Arab ?


Samson:  Stop Internet service throughout Iraq this time

 7th June, 2017

A source familiar with , on Wednesday, that the Ministry of Communications ordered Internet companies in Iraq to stop the service for one hour a day, indicating that the drop will continue until 22 June.

The source told "Tomorrow Press," that "according to the orders of the Ministry of Communications in Iraq, interruption will happen in the Internet service during the period from 6 / June until 22 / June

He added that "full service outage from 7:00 am until 8:00 am going to happen, affecting all services in all parts of Iraq."

It reminds Ministry of Communications cut off Internet service throughout Iraq in a period of final exams for school students, in order to prevent students from using the means of fraud,in addition to preventing leakage of ministerial questions    LINK

Accounting4it:  Interesting timing that they would stop internet service for an hour until June 22nd. Doesn't this also draw near to the holiday Eid Al Fitr?

AnimatedRock:  I saw that this morning too with the internet going down for an hour, seems to me that with banks in Iraq opening at 8am, that seems a good time to adjust things daily for a period of 16 days . . . Just a thought


Don961:  Exchangers Alone May Handle Forex Transfer

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Iran Exchangers Alone May Handle Forex Transfer

The process of transferring foreign exchange to other countries might solely become the jurisdiction of exchangers due to the recent disputes with Halkbank and Emirati banks, a banking expert said.

“Halkbank has cut its forex relations with Iran since the bank also has ties with the US and is under pressure from that side.  The Central Bank of Iran is negotiating with Turkish banks to resolve the issue,” Fars News Agency also quoted Bahaoddin Hosseini Hashemi as saying.
Hossein Yaqoubi, CBI’s director general for international affairs, recently announced that a delegation from the Central Bank of Turkey will soon meet their Iranian counterparts in Tehran to remove obstacles to bilateral banking relations, particularly difficulties involving Iranian citizens’ bank accounts in the Turkish Halkbank.

In late March, a senior executive at Halkbank, one of Turkey’s largest state-owned banks, was arrested in the US on charges of conspiring to evade trade sanctions on Iran.

Mehmet Hakan Atilla is accused of conspiring with Reza Zarrab, an Iranian-Turkish gold trader, to channel hundreds of millions of dollars through the US financial system on behalf of Iranian companies.

According to a source in Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci is also scheduled to visit Iran by the end of the current month on June 21 to negotiate a preferential trade agreement between the two sides.

Hashemi noted that in addition to Halkbank, two banks in China and one bank in Emirates shouldered the bulk of forex transfer for Iranians.

Media reports show bank accounts belonging to Iranian citizens either face closures or limits in the UAE. US companies are among major shareholders in Emirati banks who are legally barred from doing direct business with Iran, the source said, adding that bilateral banking ties have suffered more after US President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia where he called for setting up a regional alliance against Iran.

However, the limits have not been officially mandated by the governments of these countries, but are initiated by the lenders themselves.

“There is no serious issue with Chinese banks but since we export petrochemicals there, they have asked for related documents which is their legal right and will be provided soon,” Hashemi said.

The banking expert said most European banks did not engage in any kind of banking relations with Iran and money transfers have been handled only by Asian banks.

Don961:  Seeing more and more articles like this .... the average citizens/everyday people of Iraq are fed up with having to pay the ultimate price of their lives and fortunes ... caught in the crossfire of militias , preachers , corrupt politicians ... all vying for power and leadership ... the people are beyond tired of broken promises , lies , constant violence , poverty , destroyed families , etc. ... looking for peace , prosperity , and a  future ... they need a hero , a champion

The dead do not remind them of preachers ... competing politicians, militias and clerics in Iraq

06-06-2017 11:26 AM   Baghdad News -  Haifa Zangana

prevail in «new Iraq» boarding rhetoric and preaching platforms and reading data fever. Where competing politicians from both inside and outside the government with religious leaders and militia commanders on board the high platform gives them a sense of power and strength to the sons of the people, and help to cover the crimes committed against him.

At the governmental level, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stands, once every week (in addition to the speeches of events and the announcement of military victories) on a high platform, to deliver a tirade against the Iraqi people, who grasped through the channel «Iraq», the official, which broadcast the speech directly, while Tguettef the rest of the satellite channels and local some of its paragraphs, selectively, in line with the degree of interest in a paragraph without other or the amount of material support that you receive the channel from the Prime Minister's Office or by political and sectarian line, often, what leads the sectarian political or close contact him to some extent the impossibility of separation between the two.

Ebadi's speech, it is not the only one who Etjrah the Iraqi people a week. Where it occupies a speech Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Shiite National Alliance, another day of the week. Every day Wednesday, topping the wise platform in a large hall with hundreds of loyalists, addressing topics as it deems appropriate for «treatment» of the people of their illnesses. If Abadi addresses the people through the camera lens, the wise surpasses him in terms of attendance as well as live television broadcasts.

Uniformity of religious reference in the exploitation of public and television Elhouduren. The share of top Shi'ite cleric Ali al-Sistani, is on Friday, by proxy. As it not in favor of the reference and personal appearances was studiously to deliver his messages, all kinds, to the people. Where topping the podium, instead, usually, his representative in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai, to deliver social and political coated his guidance religiously, either directly, as happened when he issued a fatwa Jihad Ulkipaia to fight the «Islamic State» or indirectly when he decided, on February 5 / February 2016, speaking through his agent, Sheikh Ahmad Safi, not to be his speech weekly, but «according to the emerging things and required occasions», referring to the Zolh of the government did not listen to his guidance, and only «pray for our brothers the fighters (militia popular crowd) in fronts of confrontation with the terrorists ». But Zaal reference from the Government of Abadi did not last long, returned his agent to ascend the podium every week.

Types of platforms. In addition to individual platforms there are collective platforms mounted and ready-to-board outside the parliament hall. Sees Iraq when members of the party / stream / displeased parliamentary cluster, Faistefon as students of primary schools, to stand upon rotation to make speeches or read a statement or charges of corruption deputies and other mass, or appearing national appearance, who is keen on the interests of the people unlike others, taking into account that stands in front, always, the deputy one or two, lest the podium party is accused of being a male.

The benefits of boarding the podium outside the hall, the House of Representatives who have Iatlunha, highlighting the media for them the second time, after the first time guaranteed to them live TV from inside the parliament hall. Which confirms the popular impression that the general process, all, nothing more than a struggle for the media appearance, especially since most of the platforms equipped with Pmaacrawfonat video and audio media channels, not related to the conflict the interests of the people.

Away from politicians and clerics platforms, there are militias platforms. Perhaps Iraq, one of the few countries in the world, which overlies a handful of militia leaders with absolute loyalty to another state, statements and speeches platforms, public ,, whenever and wherever they want, which they devote the owners of power, more than the government. As it is not without a day of a statement or a threat or declaration of the victory, launched by «media spokesman» on behalf of the militia of the popular crowd.

And the militia of the crowd (over 60 thousand fighters), which announced Abadi system and its existence under the government umbrella, ostensibly, Oleutha own Directorate of security, and its press office and its leader and arming them and their allocations and trainers and advisers Iranians, ie, everything that makes it beyond the scope of the state and the leadership of the army and security forces and any organization of the even if the state formality. But for the militia, which raises its flag in its operations and its attack on the cities and the private logo that appears behind the «media spokesman», while topping the podium.

If the politicians platforms and clerics mission is limited to preaching and political promotion and sectarian incitement «soft», the militia platforms, claims liberation and victory and cleansing is the other face of sectarian Aldaashah, and presence of at least a threat to the future and security of Iraq as an independent country, a sovereign, of the emergence of « »a new terrorist organization does not cease to threaten people in the future of her appearance.

What about the general public? Issued the Iraqi Center for Documentation of statistical war crimes, the number of civilian victims and military personnel who were killed in the month of May / last May alone, as a result of armed conflict between the government and the organization of the state, and the victims of car bombs exploded, and improvised explosive devices, indiscriminate shelling and raids Air international coalition and the government, in addition to the executions government assassinations and extrajudicial killings, practiced by militias and government agencies, have been numbered (1157) people. While the United Nations Mission recorded to help Iraq (UNAMI), the death of 354 civilians and wounding 470 others.

Perhaps the reason for the difference between the military Csaiatin is an exception from the statistical UNAMI. What draws attention, more than others, that of standing up in public speaking platforms Artheloa songs of victory, and are preparing the ground for the emergence of other terrorist organizations, pretend not to see mention the size of the enormous human loss incurred by Iraq, daily, and from all sides, the price of what planted the occupation, and Maraoh hands of sectarian and corruption.

 And our children and our youth will remain a currency swap with weapons of militias and preachers and politicians demons government Anka corruption, preoccupied with the protection of themselves and their interests, at the expense of the victims, whatever they were, what the change has not been achieved.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 7 2017

Compiled 12:18 am EDT 7 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. June 6 2017 The Big Call Bruce: Thebigcall.net

1. In Iraq the lower denominations are in the ATM machines and ready to go, but they have not been put out yet. They were supposed to go out today, but weren't.

2. The rates were strong and getting stronger - Iraqi retirement pay was going up 130% to 140%.

3. Iraq announced that Sat. June 10 is Liberation Day.

4. Iraq announced that Mon. June 12 is Celebration Day - assuming they are celebrating the new rate.

5. Bruce does not believe we will have to wait for the RV longer than this weekend.

6. Yesterday June 5 at 10 am EDT there was a conference call in Wells Fargo with all their branches where staff were told about the five currencies in the first basket that were revaluing - within 4-6 days.

7. The Zim has continued to trade. Mon. night June 5 hit a level where it needed to be. It settled and was not trading any more.

8. Out West in Reno Tiers 2 and 3 have been moving through nicely and continue to be funded. Those funds are available and ongoing.

9. An audit was completed yesterday on Tier 2 and 3 exchanges and produced the results that were wanted. Certain personnel were identified and removed from the groups.

10. We expect the 800#s to come shortly. We could have this for the weekend.

11. Funds continue to move toward major humanitarian projects.


So here we are again another Monday down with no 800 number yet. So now everyone is looking toward the tenth with anticipation that it will all be over, well at least started anyway. Listened to five separate calls today and each of them said everything was done and the system is rolling. We just have to wait our turn, Hmm. Sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it?

Now folks are saying that we should only listen to one source from all the others instead of listening to other providers who may send us off in another direction. Have you noticed how they have arranged the calls so there are two, three or more going on at the same time? Old providers who did at one time give a day by day update now have either dropped to once or twice a week.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I am trying as hard as I can to remain positive but having to deal with Intel providers who refuse to answer questions because they want to protect their source and then say if we knew the whole story, it might start a panic. Help us Lord to remain faithful in the face of all the false Intel providers’ information. Please guide us as you have in the past.

Dear Lord God Almighty, help us through these perilous times and protect our members who are face physical and financial situations while we wait for the Money changers to make up their minds to do the right thing for our nation. Please help to calm our desperation and renew our faith for what the future holds in store for us. Let Your will be done. Amen and Amen.

Good morning my friends rest well and prepare for what is coming..


BREAKING: All villages west of Ba'aj leading to the Iraqi-Syrian border have been liberated by #Iraq's Hashd (PMUs). Major milestone ?￰゚ヌᄊ
#SDF General Command announced the launch of the HISTORIC Great Battle for the liberation of Raqqa from #ISIS . #YPG anfenglish.com/news/sdf-annou…


Sand--I love all the news you bring. Easy to read quick : )


Good morning!!! are we expecting great news today!!! Hope it's our RV day soon!  


I'd just like to state that I am 'amazed'. Apparently with the multiplied thousands of peeps in dinarland (online communities) (I've never believed there are millions of us) that there is NO REAL 'on-the-pulse' INTEL. A source that by now is proven to be a holder of true "knowledge" regarding this 'event'. Makes you go "Hmmmmm?" Doesn't it!

...the closest thing to an insider I can find (and I do not always keep up with him) is Delta (from ktfa)

I confess I'm starting to get 'dinar indigestion'.




Thats ok dp I know from experience that ALL the news fits into a mold that was cast long ago. I just wish FOR ONCE we'd get something LEGIT and TANGIBLE!

yeah. Everything smells and looks like 'kicking the can'. Not trying to bring the board down (honest). Just confessisg and wishing - out loud. HOPE I haven't hurt anyones feelings!

Have faith, I think we're here! If you listen to trustworthy sources, words are more positive.


I listen to a diff crowd on calls that most of you, I'm more optimistic now than in the last year.

PTR call w/Dan & Gary, don't do hoppium, just facts, the only call I listen to unless our private group does one. I'm in several groups with leaders that don't do chat or sites, only a call here and there.


My husband goes deeper with things in this investment and he is very positive, and if he's positive at this point I'm very happy. He's been in this for 14years.

Can't wait for Bruce call to hear some real intel


no one...i repeat NO ONE...takes my beer

DDSD, best bring an extra six-pack. Bankers are drinkers. Don't let those navy suits fool you.


Oh, DDSD, if you're hanging out with that Monty Python group, we are definitely in trouble here. Well, you might also be, but I believe you're good for the task. (I almost said up, but I thought I might get banned.)


its lovely when people ask about your dong.....really


Any news from Admin this a.m.




Contacting banks usually make people crazy if they don't get answer they've read on a blog. So not bothering them with a one day story. They have work to do!

We have had bankers here but can't share this or that cause they get bombarded or boo, it's just all getting quite recycled


All good PJ. I don't speak of my contact on purpose. I lucked up as that person set up my Trust account at WF. Now my contact is on the private side; Abbott Downing.


What has Brucie to say tonight?


Same as every call dedar

I know but I just want to know what he has to say.


Dedar; Hang on...few days...this is our week...

I really hope so. The real estate rang up and said we have to be out by the 29th as the owners have the demolition team organised to demolish our house 2 days later.


My father lives alone in a huge house maybe we may have to move in with him.

Bank Story #255 , 7 JUNE

From IDC:

I opened an account for my son today [06JUNE2017]. Then I inquired if they exchange foreign currencies.

The representative said "YES, WE DO... what kind of currencies do you have?" I replied, "I have IQDs and ZIMs." she asked, "ZIM?" " Oh, we do not deal with IQDs and what's that? ZIM?"

As we are finishing, the bank representative said,


Then she went on and on about their bank is one of the 4 largest and I should transfer from my MILITARY bank to her bank. As we were finished the bank representative said, "FROM HERE ON, I WILL BE YOUR "PERSONAL BANKER. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO FALL IN LINE. JUST ASK FOR ME."


The bank representative said, "THAT"S WHERE I AM GOING TO BE."

Funny how it started their bank does not deal with IQDs and ZIMs and yet at the end she said she is my "personal banker."

I thought I'd share....


Jester 6/7/17

Jester’s Place:


SteveZ:  Makes sense to me my cousin is working for a bank and the have been very busy in the I-T department trying to get compliant with the new banking prodicalls. They are getting very close on finishing this whole MR business. All the best to you out there peace out.




Bruce: Welcome everyone to the Big Call. I believe we are moving forward one way or another. I know you are listening from far from all parts of the world. I appreciate the audience that comes in faithfully every Tuesday and Thursday. Soon there won’t be the need of putting out Intel, just good quality information as part of the Big Call University as far as learning something new. What is happening now that is different or new in terms of the Intel? Look for what is new what I am going to bring you. In some ways things are new but yet none of us are at the banks yet or are richer. However, everything is pointing to a trip to the Redemption Centers. Why am I saying that? Here is what is going on.

Bruce: Let’s talk about Iraq. Is there anything new in Iraq? Yes, there are a few things that are new. Remember we talked about the lower denoms of the dinar that were being placed in the ATM machines and ready to go? Our understanding is they are still in there ready to go, but have not been put out yet. They have not yet utilized those lower value notes of the dinar. They were supposed to be put out today. They were supposed to be, but weren’t. Their intention was to make their rate change known today and the lower denoms would be needed because the rates would have gone dramatically higher in the range both you and I know they will be. We have heard the rates in Iraq are in a very strong situation and will be stronger. People who are getting paid on their cards or retirement pay it is going up substantially like 134%. I think due to the in-country change of the dinar rate. Without able to prove that exactly, I just can tell you that everything is complete regarding what is happening in Iraq.

Bruce: Iraq has already announced that this Saturday, the 10th is the Liberation Day. What are they talking about liberating from? I think that is a direct liberation and take back of Mosul and a number of different announcements around that day next Saturday, June 10th. What about the 12th? Monday is called Celebration Day in Iraq. What would they be celebrating? The liberation of Mosul, the return of a Sovereign Republic, a return of a currency that is revalued and internationally traded again, and celebrate the new rate that would be in their budget that would be put in their Gazette, etc. That is what the schedule is going to show Saturday and celebration on Monday.

Bruce: Does that mean we have to wait until Monday? Us, who are the Internet group who are informed and waiting? Does it mean we have to wait who is part of this group for the weekend? Right now I going to say I don’t believe so based on the other Intel I am getting. Even if it was the case that would be the longest we would need to wait. We can all make it till the weekend. I think the plan is to release this soon.

Bruce: Let’s we go back to our country and see what has happened. On the east coast what happened yesterday at 10am EST there was a conference call involving Wells Fargo Bank, and all their branches, personnel, wealth managers, to private bankers, to staff members, etc, All heard about the 5 currencies, their names that would be in the 1st basket. They were told yesterday morning within 4 to 6 days. They were not given an exact date because they didn’t know the exact date. They were told to be prepared for this change, for these currencies to go up in value. That is the first time as far as I know that all in the bank were made aware of this. Wealth Managers have known for a long time, and those at the Redemption Centers, but this is talking about the branches. That is new information. That is the first time that has occurred.

Bruce: What about the other Tier 1 banks? Bank of America, Chase Bank, and Citi Bank? Also the other Tier 2 banks which there are107 banks? Have they had similar calls? We don’t know that. Only suspect at least the Tier 1 banks are up to speed. HSBC is up to speed now and all their personnel know since a lot of their personnel will be involved at Redemption Centers and also at Wells Fargo locations. That is new.

Bruce: What is going on with the ZIM? The ZIM is continuing to trade. It hit a certain level last night, Monday night, that put it where it was needed to be in terms of a number, in terms of a value or of a rate. I believe it is in a good place where now it is settled and not trading anymore. It is right there where they want it. It has been solidified right where it is and exactly where they needed it to be. A very strong rate. That is new. That is another thing that is new.

Bruce: What about what is going on out west? Out west what is new and different? We talked about Tier 2 and Tier 3. Tier 4 is part of the Internet group. Tier 2 and Tier 3 have been moving through nicely especially today. We had an audit that was taking place and was completed yesterday afternoon. The audit produced the results they were looking for in terms of personnel that didn’t qualify to be part of this that were there and were removed from the groups. Let’s call it that. That was a very exciting results and very positive results. 

Bruce: All that were involved in the audit was completely successful. As a result of that we know that the groups and Tier 2 and Tier 3 have continued to be funded to the point where the accounts are being hydrated and the funds, as far as I know, are available. That is a very positive thing. My belief on that today it is ongoing. I am not getting too specific on anything else.

Bruce: Things are moving towards us more than ever. Things are moving in the right direction where we anticipate notification by the toll free number to come shortly. I know that all of us would have wanted this yesterday. In some ways it was intended for today, but it hasn’t happened yet. We are going to say let’s continue our intention that it is on its way and we will receive it at the proper time. I think everything is moving forward. It seems it is moving slowly from our perspective, but behind the scenes things that we can’t see, things are moving very quickly. Funds are moving towards major Humanitarian Funding sources to where those are being received. Major Tranches are taking place and will continue to take place this week and next week.

Bruce: We understand that everything is sort of staged and ready for release. We understand the expression all the moves have been checked is true. It is going to be a matter of exact specific time to be released? That we don’t know. We can’t know quite when that will be. We know we are right there ready to receive it.

Bruce: There are several things that happened the last couple of days especially today that are new. We have heard the expressions like “hang on”, “we are right there”, “wait a few days”. Maybe it will be a few days and will take until the weekend. I think things are moving through that we could have this before the weekend. I don’t know it. I am not going to lie to you and pretend, not going to exaggerate it. It is what it is and it is very good. I am excited and we heard it again it is our week several weeks in a row. We have been told that again even today. One of these days that is going to be true. It is going to be our week. I am hoping this time it will be true and it will be our week.

Bruce: What are you suppose to do in the meantime? You are supposed to maintain whatever it is you are doing in Plan A. If you have a job, you keep your job. Maybe you are thinking I am going to get out of here after this thing happens. Give your notice, do the right thing. If they let you go right away, okay. Give your notice, and be honorable and do the right thing to any employer you have and leave with a good exit. You are going to have to decide how you are going to exit from Plan A to Plan B. In the meantime stick with Plan A. Don’t change boats in mid stream. You have to stay with this until it is time. I wish we all have tried to do that. Years ago some people have had nothing going on the last number of months and years because they just knew it was right there. I know it. I thought it was right here too. I been doing this call, and I am in my 6th year now. 7 years doing calls, and 13 years being a part of this. It is a long time. It is a 4th of my life, close to it, not exactly.

Bruce: I think we are in a good position right now to take advantage of it. Right now things are very quiet. I like the idea of laying low. Don’t anybody put out what they think the 800 numbers are. I will be one of the first people to know because I am the one that will be getting the 800 number to give to you. It is a blessing and an honor for me. I just want everyone to lay low, watch the rumors, just stay positive, stay confident, and look forward to a new existence for yourself because it is going to be a new game.

Bruce: It is a prime time for us to expect this miracle in our lives. Expect this blessing. Everything I am reading is very positive for the timing to come through for us. Just do the right thing in your life. Stay with Plan A just a little bit longer and then get started to as soon as you can taking care of yourself in becoming healthy, becoming the best healthy, most fit person you can be.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for coming in tonight in listening to the Big Call and being part of us all over the globe. Thank you everybody. Remember when we get into our Redemption Centers, you have the ability to privately negotiate your rates as part of the Internet Group. We do have that luxury and the honor to do that. Think of your projects you have. Remember we have plans for Rebuild America, and plans for the Veterans Retreat Network, a lot of plans to go not just in the United States but plans to do all over the world. There are going to be opportunities all over such as in Asia, Africa, Central America, Caribbean, the Islands, etc. We will stay together. We will let you know what you can do and how you can be part of it. We will be in touch with you. Stay tune to the Big Call website: thebigcall.net

Bruce: We will put out the 800 number probably for a limited time. Probably for 3 days we will only be allowed to keep it up there. We will put it out where we can. You will see it. It will be online. Just everybody be excited for the possibility of this happening hopefully between now and the weekend. We will see when it does go down. All have a goodnight sleep and thank you all for coming in and listening. All have a great night.