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TNT Dinar Conference Call w/Rayren98


Interest rates for deposits and loans and bond yields have remained relatively steady since the end of January, as inflation is under control and foreign exchange rate is stable.
These are the findings of the latest survey on interest rates done by HCM City Securities Company (HSC). Currently, interest rates for đồng deposits are 4.5 to 5.4 per cent for one- to six-month terms; 5.4 to 6.5 per cent for six- to below-12-month terms; and 6.4 to 7.2 per cent a year for more than 12 months.
The đồng lending rates average 6 to 7 per cent per year for short-term loans, and 9 to 10 per cent a year for medium- and long-term loans in priority fields. The average rate for ordinary loans is 6.8 to 9 per cent a year for short term, and 9.3 to 11 per cent a year for medium- and long-term loans.

The yields of the Government’s five-year, seven-year, 20-year and 30-year bonds are 5.03, 5.35, 7 and 7.55 per cent a year, respectively. The consumer price index in May slid 0.53 per cent against the previous month, according to the General Statistics Office, suggesting that inflation would not rise in the short term. Together with the stable foreign exchange rate, it has helped keep interest rates stable in the first part of 2017, HSC said. HSC expects the devaluation of the đồng against the dollar to be less than 2 per cent this year. 

The dollar has strengthened against the đồng by 1 per cent in the first five months. Interest rates, especially of deposits, may inch down over the next few months, HSC said, adding that credit growth might exceed the 16 per cent target, helping the GDP meet the 6.7 per cent growth target set for 2017. Nguyễn Hoàng Minh. deputy director of the State Bank of Việt Nam’s HCM City branch, has also forecast that interest rates for the rest of the year may decline by 0.5-1 percentage points against December 2016, if the đồng remains stable. Last week, market research company Market Intello also predicted that the average interest rate this year would drop by 0.5 percentage points compared to 2016.

 It expects the exchange rate to increase by 1-1.5 per cent as the US Federal Reserve’s plans to raise rates and trade deficit may raise the demand for US dollars much more than in 2016. However, it does not expect the đồng to be depressed further, as inflation is well under control at below 4 per cent and the central bank has abundant foreign reserves. — VNS
Iran, US set for proxy clash on Syrian-Iraqi Border As the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) continue their operations in the western areas of Mosul, some PMU factions reached the Syrian border May 29 and were met by Syrian army divisions on the other side of the border. According to the May 29 statements of Hadi al-Ameri, secretary-general of the PMU-affiliated Badr Organization, PMU forces are stationed in the Um Jaris village on the Iraqi-Syrian border, northwest of the Ninevah governorate. The forces announced that they intend to continue to control the Iraqi-Syrian border toward al-Qaim district, north of the Anbar governorate, stretching over 300 kilometers (186 miles). 

International coalition aircraft had previously bombed a convoy of the Syrian army and armed loyalists near the border triangle between Iraq, Syria and Jordan, according to Abu Alaa al-Walai, secretary-general of the Martyrs of Sayyid Battalions, affiliated with the PMU. “The US aircraft bombed Friday night, May 19, PMU forces in the area of Abu Kamal, near the Iraqi-Syrian border,” Walai said. As the Syrian government headed by Bashar al-Assad prepares to exert influence over the Iraqi-Syrian border with the help of its allies in Iraq and Iran, the opposition armed groups seek to do the same with the support of the international coalition. The border area between Iraq and Syria will turn into a conflict zone between the allies of Tehran and those of Washington. 

Ahmad al-Asadi, a PMU spokesman, told Al-Monitor, “The PMU forces will mobilize to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border and then shut it down to prevent the infiltration of terrorist groups.” Asadi expects a possible clash between the Iraqi regular forces supported by the PMU with what he called “terrorist groups, controlling an area of 100 kilometers [62 miles] inside the Syrian border.” “If we do not attack these groups, they will simply attack us first. This is when the clash will occur as we will protect our border, as we believe that the presence of these groups inside the Syrian border will pose a threat to Iraq,” Asadi added.

 On April 7, Al-Monitor published an article regarding Iraq’s readiness to enter into the Syrian war. In the same vein, Wahhab al-Tai, adviser to the Iraqi interior minister, told Radio Sawa on May 15, “Iraq will not only defend its borders from within but will reach some areas beyond its borders to prevent the infiltration of terrorist gangs, especially from Syria.” “There is security cooperation between Iraq and Syria in this regard, within the framework of the security quartet, which also includes Russia and Iran,” Tai added. Iraq laid out a military plan to secure its border with Syria. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said during a press conference May 9, “Iraq’s plan in the next phase is securing the Iraqi-Syrian border from terrorist groups.” Iraqi national security adviser Faleh al-Fayyad, Abadi’s envoy to Syria and head of the PMU, confirmed to Almayadeen TV Feb. 8 that “the PMU is securing the Syrian-Iraqi border.” 

Fayyad also relayed a verbal message from Abadi to Assad on May 18 about joint cooperation to fight terrorism in both countries and to secure the border between the two countries. The PMU — which is fighting alongside the Iraqi government forces — seeks to reach and take control of the border between Iraq and Syria. This comes against the wishes of the United States. The movement of the Syrian government forces toward the southern border indicates that they intend to get close to the al-Tanf base located in the area between Syria, Jordan and Iraq, where the United States trains Free Syrian Army (FSA) elements. Retired Lebanese army Brig. Gen. Elias Hanna said in an interview with Al-Ghad Al-Arabi television May 12, “The US wants to control the Iraqi-Syrian border.” A member of the FSA media office told Almodan newspaper on May 19 that “the Syrian government and Iran seek to control the crossings of al-Tanf and al-Walid to open a channel between Iran and Syria through Iraq. This would spell great clashes on the Iraq-Syria border.

” The United States wants to prevent any contact between Iran and the Syrian government that could facilitate the supply of arms from Tehran to Damascus through Iraqi territory, and this is why it exerts all possible efforts to prevent the PMU and the Syrian government from controlling the borders between the two countries. The borders between Iraq and Syria will not be turned into a safe zone anytime soon. 

This will be subject to major negotiations between the two concerned countries, as well as between the United States and Iran. The United States seeks to ward off all threats against its military base in al-Tanf and keep away all forces from the borders, except for the forces it backs. Iran also wants its allied forces to take care of the Iraqi-Syrian border issue because it still wants to open a land crossing linking Iraqi-Iranian borders in eastern Iraq to the Iraqi-Syrian border in western Iraq. This issue that Washington and Tehran have been fighting over will place Abadi in an embarrassing position. 

Abadi does not want to anger or marginalize the PMU, but he also does not want to lose his US ally, as he seeks to prevent the PMU from having the last say on the border issue. A military conflict over the Iraqi-Syrian border between the allies of Tehran and those of Washington is on hold now because of the ongoing military operations in Mosul. However, it seems this conflict is inevitable and likely to erupt after the liberation of the district of Tal Afar in the Ninevah governorate. Source

RayRat Call Notes 6/5/17

TNT Call notes 5-June-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, June 5, 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls. Maybe this will be the last call like this…

Still no public release of the RV, which should have happened some time ago. Things happen according to plan, and sometimes plans change… so this RV is coming out at a later date than we expected.

I did sent out an update over the weekend, and you can read that without being a member of TNT – it’s in the public section ofhttp://www.leagle.com/decision/20091289612avfsupp2d677_11242/U.S.%20v.%20RENFROW ; click on forum button, and that will take you to the public section. That will be important here shortly, that anyone can gain access to that folder where I post information.

Over the weekend, Iraqi television showed their leaders claiming victory this week. TV stations were banned from reporting the news in Mosul. If I can’t control you, I can ban you from access to the site – is something similar happening over there. Abadi is filling the Finance Minister’s seat until a new one is selected, so that won’t interrupt the process. Iraqis have been informed that their payments will be paid directly from 30. June instead of being put in escrow. Also, they are talking about celebrations for the soldiers on June 12, which should mean that the fighting is over – cleaned up, past tense. June 10 is the anniversary of ISIL taking over Mosul, so there is a symbolic significance for that being the official date they are finished with the liberation of Mosul. We don’t really know how much is left in Mosul – half a district? Clearly it’s no longer an issue there.

In addition, in the US members have been making reports that groups have been getting calls about movement. We are not in a group, but that is still encouraging. If you are in a group and can share information, that helps us build up a pretty good picture, without details of that group activity. I understand that some banks that didn’t believe what we are believe now believe, and are making changes to accommodate what is to come. Some of you have assignments to check on things so we can accumulate that information and be prepared. We are waiting for that information and appreciate those members and their efforts in sending us that information.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: I did home work and there are no banks that I can find in Upstate New York that handle the three currencies. Will that change when r/v happens?
A: Yes. For those who did the assignment, there is no guarantees that the news will be positive – but if it is positive, please let us know. Otherwise, just sit on your hands.

Q: I would like to know your thoughts on the Zim?
A: I’m very positive when it comes to Zim. I don’t have full, definitive information; some members have exchanged Zim, and others have had offers they didn’t take because the rate was too low. I cannot answer specific questions about zeros, but I think it’s good; I have one or two notes myself, and if it doesn’t turn out to be good, at least I didn’t spend much getting it.

Q: Ray, your excitement level has been on TEN for a couple of weeks now and if memory serves me correctly you mentioned June 10 as a date that should have some substance to it. Did anything happen over the weekend that you can share that may have us shouting with you prior to that date?
A: NO. Nothing’s happened over the weekend, although I was told something was going to happen apart from the possible celebrations scheduled for June 12, which is next Monday. Some are focused on June 10, now we have celebrations on June 12, and some are focused on June 30. I can’t see having celebrations on the 12th and then waiting until the 30th for release. But it’s all about June!

Q: Ray, I watched a you tube about the economy and fiat money. In the you tube was a segment about how other countries fiat money have in the past nose-dived, come back to a value, acknowledged by the International monetary fund BUT no bank would exchange that currency for an individual with some in hand. How do we know that this may not happen with our Dinar??
A: Don’t worry about it. I can’t say more on this all with 20,000 listening. But don’t worry about it. We’ll just cross that bridge when we come to it, and by then we will have so much more information.

Live Q and A

865/470 caller: Our media is starting to focus on Qatar; do you know what Iraqis feel about this? I know Shabouri was in Qatar meeting with their Finance Minister.

RayRen: I have nothing yet – no mention of it. I don’t request information because they know what we want, to come to the conclusions we are looking for. They leave out some information because it’s not relevant to us. They keep saying “It’s done, it’s done, it’s done!”

Caller: Regardless of specific dates, “June is busting out all over!” as the song says.

423 caller: Hve they been saying anything about monetary reform. They’ve been talking about Mosul – do you think they go hand in hand?

RayRen: They have been saying economic reforms and national reconciliation are supposed to follow immediately on the full liberation of Mosul. I don’t see how they can put it off any longer; I don’t see it going past June 30th.

Caller: This is our week, and could be our day! [RR: Could be!]

407 caller: Are there any current openings to Open Mic, and can I have access?

RayRen: I’ll have to check, but you’d be on a long waiting list.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donation page. Please do that today because mail takes longer, to keep the lines and site open.

206 caller: It’s my birthday – what a great present this would make!

RayRen: [Birthday music]

712 caller: My birthday is on 10. June, and A psychic told me that the 10th is a money day, and I’m looking forward to helping our kids get back on their feet. A lot of us are going to help different organizations. I am a twin and we will take a double shot on this on Saturday. Is there Open Mic on Saturday? [RR: Yes} I’ll tune in then.

507 caller: There is a post on DinarDetectives that talks about a $1.20 value for the dinar…

RayRen: That’s not mine. I never said anything about $1.20 value; it’s someone else.

Caller: You mentioned that date we were expecting did not occur, and now we are looking at June 30?

RayRen: Some are saying the 10th, some are seeing celebrations on the 12th, and other are saying by June 30, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

TX caller: [chitchat]

Next caller: I’m talking to dozens of banks to get as much verification as we can. I had an interesting conversation with the folks at WF – they are focused on the dong, where you have the currency verified at the branch, and then a secondary verification at a call center, and if there is a discrepancy, they want the option of a charge back from your account. That doesn’t make sense to me.

RayRen: So take your currency to a different bank.

972 caller: About the three zeros, have you ever seen an article about that?

RayRen: About the dinar? We’ve seen that come up, back and forth, now back up for discussion. I don’t believe that will affect us, anyway.

401 caller: Any of the mosques involved with these events/announcements?

RayRen: Nothing lately.

Caller: Have you received any positive feedback on the homework with the banks?

RayRen: I’m still waiting for those reports to come in; it’s still early Monday morning on the West Coast. I will post the results.

Next caller: First time on this line… [Appreciation] I am ready for that day! Do you really believe that we will get this in June?

RayRen: Yes, I am expecting that.

Closing Statement

There are two things I want you to adhere to when this pops, which we expect this to happen any time. Some information has been held back, but we are truly expecting this to arrive. I was in chat this morning, and some people were giving up, tired of waiting, and the minute this goes, they will rush and do everything. And then go on to …what? So take these two words and put them in the front of your mind, put it on your fridge, ,and in your rearview mirror: SLOW DOWN. When this light turns green, we should be in no rush, unless you want contract rates. When the light turns green, sit down and assess the situation. We need to exchange the currency – what do we need to achieve that. Unless you want the contract rate, it’s better to sit and wait for the rate to appreciate – then make your move. What do you have to do that you haven’t already taken care of? Some are looking at foreclosures; others have been through that, and they can tell you want to expect. When the green light goes, all you have to do is make it current, and then assess what you need to do next. Or get a loan to handle that, and then let your money go to work. Some have a tendency to rush out and buy stuff or pay it off in cash, with no patience. You need to look at how to set this money to work for you. A while back, we put together a little handbook about paying with cash: www.bit.ly/payingwithcash and this will teach you about ‘lost opportunities’. Whatever you rush to pay for, once you spend that money it is gone. So we want to maximize getting every ounce of value out of each dollar before it leaves you. What does it cost you when you pay with cash? Read the article, look it over and consider the possibilities. This article looks at buying a 400K house, paying cash so that you don’t have to worry about anyone taking it from you. If you don’t have the proper cashflow to support the taxes and utilities, you will lose it in the end. So it’s not just about paying cash for the property; peace of mind comes from having an income stream to support it. The 400K is just the upfront cost, plus you lost the opportunity to make money from financing it at low interest. For some it’s possible to have a 2% mortgage payment. So the example shows the 400K being invested at 8% return, and the difference between the two is something like $420K. On a smaller scale, think about cars, if you have the cash and don’t want to deal with payments, but 100K invested at @10% means 10K per year – you could make the payments from that income, and still have the capital. There are going to be banks offering you CDs at 10%, so what do you think will also be out there with interest rates higher than CDs? They will be commonplace then, although they are rare today. They do exist, and more will exist; all you have to do is to slow down: listen, learn, conquer.

Our task force team had a revival over the weekend, to get their juices flowing again and be ready to move on a moment’s notice. Everyone else has to slow down. We don’t know the minute, hour, or day, but it is coming, and they needed to check their arrangements and be ready. The bankers will come out and let you know what they offer and how to do business with them. The first mouse people will come out and get their contract rates, and arrange loans and such to rescue their affairs; t hat will come back to the network and you can learn from it. Until it’s time, there will be banking seminars, specialized training sessions, and the network information. We are waiting for that green light. The best of us will WAIT as we create the road of life; the rest of us will meet down the road.

We will just wait for the rest to unfold. Iraqi television says this is their week, and we are waiting for PM Abadi to proclaim the liberation of Mosul. As the song says, “It’s already done”. We just keep holding on; we’re going to get there.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


Dinar Updates Sunday Late PM Chat 6-4-17

Dinar Updates Sunday Late PM Chat   6-4-17  

subgirl says():ERBIL, Kurdistan Region –
The head of the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council and the president’s chief of staff met with the Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad on Sunday to discuss ongoing security coordination.

In their meeting, they discussed how the trust and harmony between the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga led to quick defeat of ISIS “and this cooperation will be the start of a more understanding relationship between the central government and the Region in the future,” read a statement from the prime minister’s office.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received Chancellor Masrour Barzani and Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein in Baghdad on Sunday.
They discussed “the anti-ISIL campaign and cooperation between Peshmerga and the Iraqi army,” Barzani tweeted following the meeting.

They also discussed relations between Erbil and Baghdad in general. “[W]e reiterated need for an honest dialogue to address broader differences through peaceful means and a mechanism that respects the aspirations of Iraq’s communities and guarantees a prosperous future underpinned by trust and stability for all groups,” Barzani stated on Twitter.

Their visit comes shortly after Barzani and Hussein met with high-level Washington officials on a trip to the United States.

Peshmerga and Iraqi army cooperation in Mosul offensive to defeat ISIS in northern Iraq has been widely hailed as an important step in building relations between them. Describing it as the first time the Iraqi and Kurdish forces have shed blood together, Barzani said last October, “We hope it’s a good start to create a bright future for both sides.”

The semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region intends to hold a referendum on independence this year. Kurdish leaders have said they hope to resolve problems with Baghdad through peaceful discussion.

subgirl says():wow take a look at this article you all :)

subgirl says():New York Times: Three US companies are preparing to invest in international roads in Iraq

subgirl says():2017/06/04 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 158 - Number (3940)

The road runs from Baghdad to Amman through Anbar province across the western desert of Iraq. The land is seen by insurgents and truck drivers are risking these days. However, the future view of the United States may be similar to the New Jersey State Road Service Station There are recreation areas, cafés and kiosks along the way.

As part of a US effort to boost economic development in Iraq and ensure that activity in the country after the war against a pro-US organization, the US government brokered a deal between Iraq and Olive Group, a private security firm, to secure the country's first major road.

The project quickly took place in the midst of geopolitical and sectarian tensions and tensions between the United States and Iran, which seem determined to sabotage the highway project as a sign of US influence on its doorstep.

Earlier, Iraqi leaders linked to Iran appeared to be reflecting Tehran's views, pledging to resume attacks against US troops if Trump's administration decided to leave troops behind to train the Iraqi army and carry out anti-terrorism missions that seemed likely. These leaders were particularly vocal in their criticism of the highway project.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who sought to promote the highway deal, has been caught in the middle of the tension by positioning himself closer to the United States at a time when Iran's influence has become more prominent in Iraq.

The politician, Izzat al-Shabandar, a prominent Shiite leader and former parliament member, The main opposition of the highway project. Stressing that the Iraqi factions close to Iran are more powerful than the Iraqi army.
Shabandar said he expected Iran to eventually remove Abadi from power once the project is completed.

First, it will boost economic development in Anbar province, a vast Sunni majority that has suffered from marginalization. The other purpose is to undermine Iran's influence in Iraq, which has reached the alarm bells. Sunni Arab states have a US ally like Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Abbadi has granted this development to Oluf Group, although the final details are still being studied. The project will include repairing bridges in the western province of Anbar, renovating the highway, building service stations, and rest areas and roadside cafes. It will also include the provision of mobile security services by private contractors to travelers on the road.

Abadi, in an interview, denounced the "mafiyat" which runs the road, referring to militias and armed groups that intimidate drivers and take bribes to secure their passage. Neither the central government nor the local government will pay anything, but instead we will get benefits.

"The deal is estimated to last for 25 years and is known as a concession agreement, meaning the government does not spend money as a prelude. In theory, the multimillion-dollar investment to be implemented by Ulf Group will be reimbursed by fees, a deduction partly for the Iraqi government.

subgirl says():There is discussion of the eventual establishment of three other fast-paced investment routes in Iraq run by US companies: the first runs along the Saudi border via Karbala to Baghdad, the second from Basra to Baghdad and the third from the Syrian border to Baghdad.

Many media outlets in Iraq linked to Iranian-backed figures have dealt with the highway deal as a conspiracy by the United States and Israel to occupy the country.

One of the reports claimed that the US security company responsible for implementing the highway project "belongs to the Israeli Mossad." A statement by one of the powerful militias cited the Sykes-Picot agreement signed between the colonial powers to divide the Middle East during the First World War and talks about the highway project, By the United States to divide Iraq.

By playing the strings of painful memories and fears Iraqis have seen, media outlets have also falsely reported that Blackwater, the private security company that killed innocent people in Baghdad's Nisour Square during the US occupation in 2007, was the one to take over the project.

"The political situation in this country is full of challenges. We hope that the Iraqi people and the Jordanian people will look at this project," said Christjian Runo, executive vice president of Constellations, the parent company of Ulf Group, a security company that has worked for many years in Iraq. Built for him and a resource of my economic life. "

subgirl says():During the booming and safe periods, the highway from Baghdad to Amman was an important trading channel, with 1,500 truckloads a day passing through the road, generating $ 1 billion in commercial revenue a month, he said.

In dangerous times, as in recent years, the official border crossing with Jordan has been closed, but truck drivers have continued to use the road and put their lives in their hands.

While the main cities of Anbar province, such as Ramadi and Falluja, have been liberated from an advocacy organization, the surrounding deserts on the western side of the road to Jordan and Syria are still considered dangerous and uncontrolled areas, where armed militants are still moving freely. 
On the other hand, The project provides thousands of construction and security jobs for Anbar province and tribal leaders have lined up to support it.

"We are very happy with this project," said Sheikh Ahmed Taha Alwan, a prominent tribal leader in Anbar, adding: "There is great hope that this project will bring benefit to the province in two important security and economic aspects."

subgirl says():great article... :)

subgirl says():US-led coalition establishes new military base on Syria-Iraq border

subgirl says():US-led international coalition announced a new military base had been erected at the Syrian-Iraqi border, well informed sources told The Baghdad Post Sunday.

This comes amid severe battles against ISIS terror group in the regions still held by the terrorist group in Iraq.

Iran-allied militias, known as IMIS, have recently sought to open a safe corridor towards the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Analysts say the move comes upon the instructions on the Mullah's regime in Iran to back the Assad regime in Syria.


subgirl says():between Syria and Iraq huh? :) hmm....
subgirl says():Yazidi Iraqis call for int'l peacekeeping force
June 04 2017 09:20 PM

Yazidis in Iraq have called for an international peace keeping mission in their districts, The Baghdad Post reported Sunday.

In a press conference, MP from the Yazidi constituent Haji Kandoor al-Sheikh said, "As representatives for the Yazidi constituent, we have been calling since Aug. 2014 in all international and regional events for an international peacekeeping force to protect the rights of minorities".

Al-Sheikh stressed Yazidis had lost confidence in the Iraqi forces that left them in the lurch when their territories had been stormed by ISIS terrorists.
​"We completely lost confidence in the Iraqi forces. They abandoned us when ISIS stormed our regions in 2014," he added.

"The US-led international coalition, the United Nations and the European Union are required to send peacekeeping forces to secure civilians' return to their homes," he said.

subgirl says():UNHCR sets deadline for local elections
2017/06/04 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 391 - Number (3940)

Baghdad    The Electoral Commission announced that political parties have two weeks to submit lists of candidates for the local elections scheduled for next September.

While calling on the Commission to abide by deadlines set, confirmed that it will prevent the participation of any political entity did not submit lists of candidates within the deadline declared, and did not complete registration as a political party.

UNHCR confirms its readiness to use the "results accelerator" if local elections are to be held on schedule this year.

To link the National Alliance to merge the local parliamentary elections, scheduled for next year, the adoption of the provincial councils law, which is the subject of deep differences between the parliamentary parties.

The Alliance confirms, what revealed (range) previously, the existence of a near political agreement not to extend the current Council of the Commission, in exchange for non-renewal of any member of the current Council.

A meeting of the Electoral Commission Council, held on May 31, and reviewed a copy of it yesterday, approved the receipt of lists of candidates for political parties approved by the Board of Commissioners, to participate in the provincial elections 2017 effective 1/6/2017 until The end of the official working day for Monday, 12/6.

The decisions of the meeting provided that the political parties granted a license to establish during the period referred to the submission of lists of candidates to participate in provincial elections.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi announced earlier this year the date of September 16 as the date for holding local elections. But the difference of blocs on the law of local elections, and the fate of the Electoral Commission, whose mandate expires next September, make commitment to this date difficult.

Until now, the blocs have not decided to merge the local and parliamentary protests, but the circles are talking about an undeclared agreement.
"The time limits set by the election commission to receive lists of party candidates, which have been approved to participate in the provincial elections, are sufficient," said Srbst Mustafa, chairman of the Electoral Commission.

"The deadline will be the last of the parties and entities that did not get a leave of establishment to complete their procedures during the specified period," adding that "any party did not submit

subgirl says():"The deadline will be the last of the parties and entities that did not get a leave of establishment to complete their procedures during the specified period," adding that "any party did not submit candidates during this period will not participate in the provincial elections Scheduled for next September. "

On the possibility of holding a local ballot, the Chairman of the Council of the Commission that "it is up to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Parliament to determine the date of provincial elections or merge through the legislation of a law to determine these times and dates,

" noting that "the date of local elections is dependent on the amendment of the law of elections Councils Provinces and its adoption in parliament. "

And delayed the differences between the components of the province of Kirkuk vote on the law of provincial elections for more than once.

The components of Kirkuk are divided between parties that want to hold local elections according to the mechanism stipulated by the law submitted by the government.

This trend is represented by Kurdish parties and allied parties. The other Kirkuk parties are demanding the enactment of a special law to organize elections for the provincial council. Which is the opinion of the Arab and Turkmen components and some other minorities.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri introduced, in April, a book to the Electoral Commission confirmed that the provincial ballot could not be held on time for not receiving the necessary financial allocations, and not to amend the provincial councils law.

"The political parties, if they abide by these new terms and periods, will be able to hold provincial elections in September without any obstacles or problems," he said. "All preparations are available, existing and existing."

On the completion of logistical preparations, such as the registration of biometrics and electronic voting devices, the senior official in the Electoral Commission said that "the results of the accelerator will reach the first meal in mid-July and will enter the special ballot for the provincial council."

 "These devices will be sufficient for all the electoral stations because there is an exception to the provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region from the holding of local elections."

In February, the election commission revealed its intention to replicate South Korea's experience in election administration by contracting 59,000 units to switch to "electronic voting", speeding vote counting and announcing results within a short time.

subgirl says():In contrast, the National Alliance praises the new dates set by the Electoral Commission for the purpose of ratification of the parties and the receipt of lists of candidates, considering that "the invitation will stimulate many of the parties to obtain the licenses establishment."

"The parties are required to complete their registration in the parties' constituency six months before the date of the ballot," MP Mohammed al-Lakash said in a statement. "These measures are part of the work of the electoral commission to prepare for the upcoming local elections, .

The representative of the mass of the citizen, led by Ammar al-Hakim, that "the Commission continues to register biometric, which reached the number of modernists to 11 million out of the 23 million voters are entitled to vote," adding that "the entry of the accelerator results are guaranteed during the next ballot." 
​As for the possibility of complying with the constitutional deadlines, El-Lakash said that "the approval of the Provincial Councils Law determines who will hold the local elections in September or any other time." He pointed out that "there is a political agreement not to extend the current council, .

Despite the demand of political forces to prevent former members from running, there is no legal justification for excluding them from the competition, which has brought the Committee of Experts into a new crisis that would hinder its work. The blocs are looking for a legal solution to the dilemma faced by the Committee of Experts in charge of selecting a new council of the Commission, after the nomination of 6 staff of the current Electoral Commission.

subgirl says():

subgirl says():lots of articles in the forum today... go take a look :)

subgirl says():

subgirl says():I think this one is one of my favorites... :) New York Times: Three US companies are preparing to invest in international roads in Iraq

subgirl says():that is very exciting! now why would those companies want to invest in Iraq at 1182/$1??? hmm...

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The GoldFish Report No. 98 Week 20 POTUS Update With Kent Dunn

"Timeout" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Monday - June 5, 2017

Given the information about next weekend, I'm gonna review my own post RV plans all week and pick things up again Thursday evening after Comey testifies earlier in the day.

So this will be my last post for a few days. I feel a timeout would do this community wonders--myself included.

We all need a break honestly. Step away per my own advice. Pick it up fresh, ya know?

That said...

... the van attack in London was order to help defeat Theresa May's Conservative party in the upcoming U.K. election--polling suggests Brits feel she's weak on defense and Brexit negotiations because she's a woman.


It was also a sacrifice for the Middle East Peace treaty signed early Saturday morning in Tel Aviv and Jordan.

That's how the cabal thinks--if something great happens something horrible must also occur. As above, so below.


Zimbabwe's President Mugabe is in NYC tonight at the UN for a bogus week long environmental conference.


He's there to sign a GESARA document that releases the natural asset reserves of the African Union as to collateralize the new Asian based financial system.

This liberates Zimbabwe and the entire continent of Africa. That just happened. Hallelujah!

Why else would a frail 94 year old man travel that far? See a Broadway show? Catch a Yankees home stand?

Exchange centers were staffed these many months to scare the cabal into believing the RV was going down everyday and every weekend for several months.

They made a lot of mistakes thinking today is the day, but it Faked all of us out in process. Win/Win to the NPTB.

Not dissimilar from the fake allied battalions (tanks, planes, helmets) before the Normandy Invasion circa June 6, 1944.

The hyper staffing just recently was to keep both Israeli and Palestinian negotiators at the table with a sense of urgency to get a deal done.


If either had pulled away, or failed to reach an agreement, and the RV had gone--their nations would have been left out and the other side may have overcome the other by pure economic default because they walked away from the table.

True story. Real tactic.

Now if either sovereign state breaches the signed peace treaty, all Middle Eastern nations will boycott them in trade, shut down their boarders and China will freeze them right out of the new financially system.

And if all else fails, then military action would be taken by the UNSC, and the rest of the world will get involved to keep the peace.

Post RV, one aggressive act of war would be a sovereign apocalypse for doing harm to either an Arab or Jewish neighbor--enduring both sides long-term security.

Talk about harsh but needed deal terms!

But hey, that's where we are politically, as the proverbial band-aid was finally ripped off at the international diplomatic level.

Turns out, currency holders were always waiting on Middle East Peace to RV, per the righteous and wise demands of the Quan Yin and her human elder statesmen.

Remember the golden rule, those who have the gold make the golden rules. And that's China and Africa (natural resources).

How else were we ever gonna get peace on earth?

Wish someone would have told me this was the ultimate "release" requirement twelve years ago. Talk about improbable!

Yet here IAM & WEARE.


Also, we were told today in no uncertain terms that no clone would be allowed to run a government with hidden handlers and participate on the new financial system.

All new leaders have to be fully human and as agreed upon by the Elders and Draco negotiating teams. No hybrids or Nordics either.

Folks they've been cloning Presidents and world leaders since the mid-70's. Camp David had a cloning facility beneath it. Had being the key word.

Don't believe Presidents are cloned?

Remember this moment back in 1992? Watch the way President Bush magically jumps back up, looking like a million bucks, after being poisoned to death by fish.


I took all this Intel as a clue Trump really needs to be let go before a full human being can be re-installed in the White House--publicly--and begin openly running the country.

Privately, we know Paul Ryan assumed control of the US Republic back in October 2015. Thus, we are hoping for launch sometime this weekend because we are told this will be Trump's last as Burner President.

Collective exhale now........... and resume breathing.

This was not the case in Israel, however, not until this weekend anyway, when BiBi Netanyahu finally stepped down during a secret meeting of the Israeli Knesset and announced he had accepted/negotiated a two state solution settlement with the entire Arab world for Israel... and that he would be resigning now with his "greatest work" behind him.

What a great guy! Or should I say what a soulless, self preserving humanoid piece of s--t!

Man, if BiBi really is a Draco humanoid, that explains a lot, doesn't it? But it doesn't explain who really controls BiBi and who might have accepted the two state solution finally?

Was that deal sealed at Bilderberg over the weekend in Virginia? Maybe by Henry Kissinger? Who along with H.R. McMaster laid out the new rules of the road for humanity's ascension post RV?

Store that little nugget away for later as it will come full circle.

Only time will tell--but time ain't telling--not anyway yet.

Look for a surge of new "Trump is the anti-Christ" information leaking onto the scene all week long.

Just know his termination has already been negotiated, accepted, submitted and resignation speech taped.

This way it is easier to watch the Trump train wreck as it happens.

Believe, don't believe... either way you're right.

Have a safe and productive week.

God is with us.

"Knowing" - GCR/RV Review - Sunday - June 4, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 5 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 5 2017

Compiled 12:23 am EDT 5 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. June 4 2017 11:14 am EDT GCR Review:
"Knowing" - GCR/RV Review - Sunday - June 4, 2017 

1. The intel basically stopped yesterday evening June 3 because it's over, and there's a knowing about it worldwide.

2. We know Trump was allowed to become US President to corner Israel and force peace in the Middle East. The US had long agreed to a two state solution with Palestine, and did so legally with their non-vote on the Dec. 2017 UNSC resolution. 

3. We know Trump is resigning soon. We know how, when and why he was set up to fail by China and Russia before the election ever began.

4. We know who is going to deliver the final blow (Comey) on Thurs. June 8.

5. We know who was selected to be ready in the wings and lead the Republic (Ryan).

6. We know which currencies are revaluing and what they are worth (ZIM, VND, IQD, IDR, AFA).

7. We know about the sovereign rate option and the need for humanitarian projects in order to get them.

B. June 4 2017 WSOMN AdminBill: I'm hearing the next 7 days have potential. I hope so for our sanity, or what's left of it.

C. June 4 2017 TNT on Open Mic and Tweets RayRen98:

1. There was an expectation of the rate moving the first part of next week.

2. Iaqi TV was depicting leaders declaring this as victory week in Mosul.

3. Kurdistan TV has been banned from filming their news from Old Mosul city.

4. Abadi was taking over the vacant finance minister job until he could find a replacement.

5. June 30 was the intended date that Iraqis would receive their money monthly versus an escrow account.

D. June 4 2017 4:54 pm EDT Fulford Update on Cabal: Benjamin Fulford Special Update: Cabal Trying to Extort Gold from Indonesia

E. June 4 2017 6:33 pm EDT Crypto Currencies Show GR Underway Clif High: Clif High: Crypto Currencies Show Global Reset Underway

F. Global Humanitarian Programs:




Blinkster:  Sounds pretty DEFINITIVE to me! What do you guys think?

MilitiaMan:  Now that is impressive! Oh man.. I was looking for this to be a true article.. Credit where due!! Look at that.. All of those Home Boyz, Together in UNITY!! Praying Together! God Bless them all. Rock On KTFA!~ ~ MM

Don961:  Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi: Iraqis united in the fight against terrorism and succeeded

4 of June 2017

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi said that the Iraqis are united in the fight against terrorism , and they succeeded, and we hope that our unity will continue to maintain what has been achieved, and walk for the good of the country and citizens.
This came during a meeting sovereignty of a group of clerics from the Shiite and Sunni Endowments, where Park sovereignty and the holy month of Ramadan , the holy month of mercy , which is enhanced through unity after the Iraqis have come a long way from the victories they are on the doors of the final victory.

He added that Dr. Abadi , what hurts our hearts that the religion of mercy is kidnapped by terrorists who tarnish the image of Islam and Islam is innocent of them, noting that the Iraqis will not let them and we're going to eliminate them and not co - opt them.

He stressed the importance of a whistleblower and the preachers a major role in raising awareness of the dangers of extremism and terrorist ideology.

According to sovereignty , we do not want our forces and our sons to take part to fight outside the borders we do not want to destabilize the security of the States, we are not permitted Our Constitution.

Dr. Al- Abadi said Iraq was keen to cooperate with others in order to fight terrorism, noting that we spent on military terrorism and security and remains the intellectual and practical realistic challenge.

Information Office of the Prime Minister 4 - June --2017


Cole:  WOWOWOWOW FINAL ARTICLE!!!!!!! Basic currency? Sure, they'll be international soon! Once they win the war on terrorism! DUH

Don961:  Leadership of the private sector

05/06/2017 12:00   Hamid penal

Sure, Iraq will be in the next phase of an effective member of the international community through its role in the fight against terrorism and the victory over the dark forces and activate the role of Iraq in the next few era in the Arab League (Economic Unity Council) and intra-OIC trade, as well as its effective role with the United Nations, international organizations including the World Bank for Development & Construction and the international Monetary Fund and the World trade Organization.

We hope that the state of the process of economic reform to highlight the most important legislative decisions in the economic, political and social stations away from the state of the effects of disruption of economic and social infrastructure, here is the need to determine the thorny in the life of the Iraqi citizen to the extent that led oil revenues and accumulations, and trends and themes of monetary policy in the problems part of the so-called monetary policy and financial antiquities (whether public financial dominance to create a basic currency, the Central Bank of Iraq being the national currency in circulation outside the cover of the Central Bank).

The private capital and financial Trakmath and the intensity of its composition did not reflect the operational elements or consumer born sectors commercially consumable externally was not expressing his reaction to harsh against the remnants of privacy and starvation Ian conditions experienced by the Iraqi society was and still represent the loss of investment opportunity and to maximize production and economic progress.

Iraq today the behavior of turbulent in various economic and social trends as still oil revenues , financial, administrative and organizational structures inherited the private sector is unable to influence the actor to move the Iraqi economy , in spite of being an incubator to contain unemployment, poverty and activating the economy and society and the transition to a market economy through peoples ' experiences in the management of the process of economic reform.

The administrative structures and the institution of the state still needs to activate performance from here we have to define the methods and means by which to contribute to the private sector along with the public sector, institutions, companies and international organizations to achieve the desired goal in the discussion of the work and reconstruction and investment in the liberated areas of the central and southern regions where a safe haven.

The private sector Faihrs to interact with developments in the Iraqi arena , in particular , international and generally towards building the Iraqi economy process and in the orientation for the reconstruction of the affected areas and to create and support communication between Iraqi businessmen and businessmen , Arab and foreign local and foreign investors and to discuss and explore projects that ensure the flow of investment in the arteries of the Iraqi economy and promote the development of the national economy, and the size of our natural resources and possess enormous wealth in addition to the human energies substantially lead to the revitalization of economic cycle and the adoption of a free economy policy Through the leading role of the private sector in various economic fields.

The new circumstances impose on the Iraqi private sector to reconsider placing the current professional its systems, and methods of work and relationships with third parties and adapt to the new reality , which is hoped faithful of the Iraqi private sector that the requirements of moving aggressively to do its leadership role desired and ensure his sustainability after suffering was still more than four decades.

The sectors and government institutions have a responsibility to cycle the success of this task in the next stage of going private - sector movement and the establishment of institutions that maintain the market mechanisms and monitors the performance of the role of the Iraqi economy , which is one of the most important roles that we have been and continue to seek its establishment and rehabilitation of Iraqi businessmen capabilities financially after losses which befell them because of the difficult conditions experienced by Iraq and give them wider opportunities in economic decision - making process and what is required to finance future trends and sources of funding appropriate assumptions.

As I mentioned in a large article in the newspaper "morning" in 2007 , the establishment of the Ministry of or involved in the affairs of the Iraqi private sector body and remains the state and is the sponsor against him.
President of the International Federation of businessmen in Iraq


Iobey777:  They just keep talking! They must be feeling really proud of themselves about now! So just go ahead and post that rate and get it completed!!

Don961:  Ramadan evenings .. political dialogues victory with flavor

06/05/2017 0:00   BAGHDAD / morning

Is not new to hold the country's leaders and political blocs bilateral meetings or trilateral or even extended meetings during the holy month of Ramadan to discuss various files, but it's this year, came the victories achieved by our security forces the heroine and the mujahideen of the popular crowd welcomed flavor than expected by the people of the areas that were usurped from before terrorists "Daesh".

After meetings of the National Alliance in the presence of Dr. Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister to discuss the security situation and political files, the president continued his meetings Ramadan, yesterday , meeting House Speaker Dr. Salim al - Jubouri , leader of the Supreme Council , Adel Abdul Mahdi, both separately. The search infallible Jubouri, according to the presidential statement, " the efforts of the legislative authority to issue a number of important laws, especially concerning the forthcoming elections, as well as ways to strengthen Iraq's strategic position at the regional and international levels."

The meeting praised " the victories of our armed forces in all formations battle to liberate the city of Mosul from terrorist gangs Daesh," infallible Jubouri stressed " the importance of intensifying the consultative meetings between the three presidencies guarantee for the supreme national interest at all levels."



Don961:  So Iraq news is now copying/pasting the CCs .... ""complete liberation of Mosul has become a matter of no time more, they are in fact it liberal, and what is left of some pockets of resistance,   They are in fact liberal (liberated)

Cole:  How many more ways can they tell us?!?!?!

This is the date of the final victory over the "Daesh" Mosul

2017/6/4 12:14:23 PM

To enter the second phase of the liberalization west side areas of the city of Mosul, five months, since last February and solutions June this, the joint Iraqi forces have stepped up military operations against "Daesh" in order to complete liberalization last areas and the declaration of the final victory over this organization that swept the cities of the country in the summer the same month in 2014.

Since the 19 of last February 2017 Iraqi forces engaged in the battle to liberate the right coast of the city, the smaller area of ​​the left, but the denser population, which was edited by the joint security forces at the end of the month of January this year after the fighting lasted nearly four months.

Iraqi forces have managed since then editing most of the right areas of the coast of Mosul was left to organize the "Daesh", only neighborhoods (second health and healing and Zndjeli) and a few parts of the old Mosul.

The tightly popular crowd forces, on Sunday, its control fully Baaj district west of Mosul, the Iraqi-Syrian border, after a quick also military attack did not stand in front of militants "Daesh", the announcement of the Federal Police chief, team Raed Shaker, Sunday, June 4 current, control over 60% of the Zndjeli neighborhood, located in the right coast of the city of Mosul, did not keep the control of the terrorist organization, the only simple Mosul Trace.
Only 3 percent in front of the full restoration of Mosul

And the size of the areas that are still under the control of "Daesh", which Iraqi forces are working to fully edit them, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Iraq, Brigadier General Mohammad Vegetative, said that "only seven percent of the city of Mosul, an area completely is still under the control of militants Daesh who are losing gradually after another day before the progress of security forces, "noting that" the victory over Daesh Verifier military sense. "

He said in a televised interview that "the Iraqi street is eager to hear the statement of the final victory over Daesh but delay military operations and slow down, we sought to preserve citizens," noting that "the directives of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and the commander of field be careful hundred percent."
Brigadier vegetative stressed that "victory over the organization Daesh around the corner and Astdal curtain on crimes in the country and the restoration of the city of Mosul humpback."


Experts in the security affairs of Iraq and believes that an increase in the pace of battles to complete the liberation last areas and the declaration of the final victory over the "Daesh" during the current days, has nothing to do with the anniversary of June in 2014 when militants invaded the terrorist organization of the country's cities.

The security expert is confident Hashemi Tbarkh special for (and News), the "edit old city declaration in Mosul in the coming days will probably be a statement followed by the Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi," ruling that "the delay in the battles for the declaration of final victory over Daesh Mosul in June relative to June in 2014, "adding that it" no more chance. "

He stressed that "the joint Iraqi forces have other tasks after Mosul, freeing areas of Hawija and the high separation and the existing dominated by Daesh, accounting for 5 percent of Iraqi territory as a whole, which was located within the control of the organization."

Referred to areas of the coast right from the city of Mosul, numbering about 55 alive, managed to Iraqi forces from freeing more than 52 of them since the start of the second page of the liberation of Mosul operations on 19 February last, and only shy of the second health and healing and a small part of the Zndjeli neighborhood of Mosul remains old where the militants are holed up in front of the organization of Iraqi security forces, who fire, mostly from Arab and foreign and local leaders.

"Mosul" on the doors of liberation

In addition, writer sees Hadi JLo Mari, that the "complete liberation of Mosul has become a matter of no time more, they are in fact it liberal, and what is left of some pockets of resistance, and if we calculated the liberated territories, which reached the Jordanian border area, this means that the organization has It ended, and the battle of Mosul has now become relevant after more powerful, and became the battle of the territory. "

He added that the "popular crowd forces freed dozens of areas and arrived at the Syrian border, and met with the side of the Syrian, thus there are two dimensions in the battle, after connected to coalition forces and Iraqi forces fighting inside the city and the bombing of the organization" Daesh ", after another connected to the popular crowd forces that penetrated much in the desert and remote areas, the depth, and thus became part of a major regional battle, and thus the political interactions in the coming days will cast a shadow over the battle of the popular crowd, and this is what would provoke reactions American and regional. "

The city of Mosul, the Nineveh province, with an area of ​​180 square kilometers, is the second largest city in Iraq in terms of population, and away from Baghdad, approximately about 465 kilometers, fell completely, however, the organization Daesh on June 10, 2014, and announced the organization's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the resurrection of the city so-called "caliphate State", the state hybrid will not complete its third year, or perhaps the best case will overtake a few days before the end, the inevitable and complete dissipation of the organization in Syria and Iraq.

Bunker:  I love the word "final" in this article and some of the other articles seem to be saying everything is in closure..or in beginning "implementation"!! YES! exciting times right now! Praise God! 

MilitiaMan:  A lot of "Activate" words are popping up in the articles as well.. very very promising indeed!!

Samson:  Parliamentary Finance plans to discuss the final accounts of previous years with the Office of Oversight

 06/05/2017 - 10:10

Parliamentary Finance Committee, announced on Monday, close to convene a special meeting of the Committee with the Audit Court to discuss the previous budgets, which the parliament did not vote on the final accounts.

The committee member said Magda Tamimi in an interview seen by the "Economy News", "The Committee intends to end the previous budgets file and the settlement of final accounts to the knowledge of negligence and activating the public prosecution against them."

Tamimi added that "the parliament approved the final accounts until 2011," noting that it "discussed with the head of the Office of Financial Supervision to hold the forthcoming meeting brings together the Commission with the Bureau to discuss the budgets of previous years and vote on the final accounts.



Good morning, the current attacks on England is in retaliation for there Brexit exodus. The Middle East finger pointing on Qatar is just the beginning of things to come, for the real 911 involved group is now being exposed by the western media, US involved group are now rather nervous for there names are about to hit the fan. 

Main stream media mongols are exiting the lime light quickly for the to will hit the fan. Impeachment is fast tracking but will not resonate, the outcome will be of congressmen stepping down for there names shall also hit the fan. The GCR and all RV are now officially in the exchange playing field and the 800 number will be issued promptly. 

NESARA and GESARA were put into play at the G20 meeting and all measures were accepted and sign ed on. Our go to banks are all on high alert, and all internal emails have been delivered, instructions were given. Anonymous


Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

Remember June 10th is this coming Saturday....

The Joint Operations Command announced 
the imminent announcement of what it called the "Iraqi Victory Week" after the liberation of the entire city of Mosul from the grip of the "Daash" organization. This comes at a time when the forces of the Iraqi popular crowd liberated the area of ​​Baaj from the organization "Daash" near the Syrian border. (Remember Abadi publicly announced he wanted June 10th to be a national holiday called “Liberation Day”. This is noted as the same day ISIS began its movement in Iraq in June of 2014. Will they be able to meet this target?)

The Central Bank of Iraq came out in 2013 and said that more 
SECURITY and STABILITY are needed to continue with the project to delete the zeros. WE know that this project will ultimately lead to a significant increase in the value of the dinar. 

Okay, so what did I tell you Iraq is targeting for goals to get the level of needed SECURITY?

​1)Defeat existing ISIS terrorist,

2)Get rid of Iranian influence and militias,
3)secure the boarders of Iraq.

I have talked about all three of these targeted goals many times already in my many of my newsletters. Now we see yet more articles proving this is true and actions being taken to fix these issues.

Why are these issues so important for the RV?

Iraq is not about to RV until they are very certain of their countries STABILITY and SECURITY. We have been told this many times.

Are you tired of hearing this already from all the intel channels?

I am sorry if I am boring so many of you in repeating these issues. But they are at the mainstay of the targets that Iraq desperately needs to accomplish prior to the RV. To what level must they be accomplished is to me a matter of common sense and so I leave that up to you. Should I leave it up to you? 

Now we see yet more of these pieces being put in place to ensure these capabilities. This is all very good for our RV saga.

So today articles on securing the boarders. Many of you keep asking to what level of SECURITY does Iraq need. Well I am trying to explain to you this level. Are you listening?

Baghdad Mawazine News Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, announced on Tuesday a plan under his supervision and coordination with the popular crowd to secure the border with Syria, stressing that the Iraqi forces managed to besiege “terrorism” and control of his movement, while promising not to keep any ”, pointing out that terrorism will not be able to carry out terrorist attacks against Iraqis.

The Shia-led paramilitary troops have said that crossing the Iraqi borders to other countries requires parliament approval in advance.
In press remarks, Ahmed al-Assadi, spokesperson of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said “armed troops either from army, al-Hashd al-Shaabi or the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service crossing the Iraqi borders requires voting by Iraqi parliament as constitution does not allow intervention in other countries’ affairs.”

More news….

Oh- look at this topic!  Reforms for STABILITY

On Wednesday, Al-Nasiri said in an interview with “Economy News” that “the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq aims to draw a road map for the next five years to achieve stability in the financial system to contribute to access to financial coverage and banking reform,” wondering what mechanisms and new policies that can be adopted by the Central Bank and banks The government and private and related parties in terms of banking reform in accordance with the approach of fundamental change desired for the Iraqi economy in the next stage, which constitutes the banking sector the first and the main link. 

“The main objectives of the strategy are to support and achieve financial stability and activate the role of the banking sector and financial institutions and the development of organizational structure and organizational structure.”

Economy News Baghdad: Iraq’s central bank governor Ali al-Alaq on Wednesday prepared a plan to rehabilitate his branch in the province of Nineveh after the terrorist organization “Da’ash” caused great damage to it and stole its contents(What contents did ISIS steal? How about $$$$?)

He added that “gangs before carrying out sabotage operations in the building was to steal the contents of the time, which consists of treasures estimated at 500 billion Iraqi dinars and 80 million dollars.”

More news……

The Kurdistan Democratic Party led by the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the application of Article 140 to the areas liberated by the Peshmerga forces from the terrorist organization Daesh said.

The MP said the party Princess Karim Zangana told the «Journal News», on Sunday that "the Peshmerga forces provided martyrs in the battles fought with al Daesh in Mosul and can not withdraw from the areas liberated by or delivered to any destination." (So is Article 140 being applied? This article says it is, so it must be completed?)

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

The delegation of Iraq today begins its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund

Economy News Baghdad : 

It begins today the delegation of Iraq , headed by the Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Essa, negotiations in the capital of Jordan Amman, with the Fund Monetary International to complete talks on agreement of cooperation credit , which was signed by Iraq in the year 2015 .

The source of a government 's " economy News " , that " the delegation of Iraq , which includes a number of officials , most notably Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Issa and the Governor of the Bank of Central Ali Keywords Advisor Financial Prime Council of Ministers the appearance of Mohammed Saleh begins today its negotiations with the Fund Monetary and Bank International on agreement of cooperation credit that signed by Iraq in the year 2015 ".

The source , who preferred not to disclosure of his name, the " Fund Monetary International praised the policy of Iraq 's economic over the past two years in all meetings of recent, especially in the case of maintaining the reserves of foreign bank 's central " , explaining that " fund criticism of international rejection of any idea to float the dinar of Iraq because of the crisis economic that experienced by the country , which affect the poor . "

The chancellor 's financial Prime Council of Ministers, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, 8 May 2017 confirmed that Iraq will receive during the year current on 3 billions of dollars from the Fund Monetary World Bank World countries industrial seven 

Economist: The strategy of the Central Bank painted the way for banking reform

Economy News _ Baghdad: Economic expert Samir al-Nusairi said Wednesday that the central bank’s strategy for the years 2016-2020 paved the way for banking reform.

Al-Nasiri said in an interview with “Economy News” that “the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq aims to draw a road map for the next five years to achieve stability in the financial system to contribute to access to financial coverage and banking reform,” wondering what mechanisms and new policies that can be adopted by the Central Bank and banks The government and private and related parties in terms of banking reform in accordance with the approach of fundamental change desired for the Iraqi economy in the next stage, which constitutes the banking sector the first and the main link.

“The main objectives of the strategy are to support and achieve financial stability and activate the role of the banking sector and financial institutions and the development of organizational structure and organizational structure.”

National Alliance: Iraq will become a regional power after the completion of Daesh

(This is one of those WOW articles. Good read and is very encouraging for our investment)

Baghdad Scales News

The National Alliance MP Abbas Al-Bayati, Iraq with peaceful solution in Syria,  noting that Iraq will become a regional power after the completion of ISIS.

Al-Bayati said in an interview with the Iranian, tasnim "Iraq after ISIS diverted towards building and reconstruction and to take advantage of economic resources to promote service to the Iraqi people actually" return and rebuild infrastructure in Iraq all first in areas where ISIS II, this will be our priority and then internally, we need to strengthen internal unity and national unity and therefore must not return to the sharp political differences".

He added that "acute political differences were entering ISIS which exploited the opportunity of political controversy to find footing in the connector and then threaten the political system and democracy in Iraq", alluding to the importance of eliminating corruption who had a role in the collapse of part of the security and military system and must work to eliminate corruption in the various organs of the State and is a war not unlike ferocity and strength for the war against terrorism".

Bayati drew that "Iraq after ISIS will turn into a regional power with a military force with experience and popular mobilization and a great experience with counterterrorism and therefore all this will support Iraq in its regional role as a power besides Iran and Turkey and Saudi Arabia.".

And continued "We in the National Alliance call for forming a regional umbrella system consisting of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in order to safeguard the interests of the States of the region and not to get sidetracked more differences we've seen in the past period the differences between the major powers in the region led to wars and polarizations and drained all the peoples of the region and in Iraq that interference in Iraqi Affairs and finance ISIS and ISIS and ISIS help enabled access to Iraq two years ago and we are now entering the third year of our human and physical resources All employee to fight ISIS .

On the liberation of the Iraqi-Syrian border control organization of ISIS, said Bayati: "we're not dealing only with States, we recognize that the Syrian regime is still the official system and the dominant political and deal with clearly and explicitly and therefore we wish and we hope when we get to the Syrian border by Tal Afar and Anbar side connector and hope to deal with the Syrian side with the Syrian regime and Syrian army and not with esoteric opposition ".   

Confirmed: "Iraq with peaceful solution in Syria and call for a peaceful solution and does not interfere in Syria's political Syria ".

Tamimi calls for the public prosecutor to activate the follow-up issues of funds for which no accounting adjustments
(Some heads are going to roll.....Do you know what this saying means?)

Awagel Press - Baghdad
The Parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi, said on Sunday, for the public prosecutor to activate the issues raised by the Office of Financial necks about the money on previous budgets you have no settlement of the previous budgets.
Said Tamimi's "Awagel Press" that "the parliament approved the previous budgets until 2011, while the budgets of other years remained so far," indicating that "some of this money has not been accounted for and there are no where qualifying calculations for these previous budgets, and submitted to the public prosecutor did not take out any action."
She added Tamimi that "the duty of the public prosecutor activating the cases referred to him the fact that those funds no have settlements so far," revealing "to meet with a prospective combines Supreme Audit and the Finance Committee in Parliament to discuss the vote on the previous budgets file." (Oh- aren’t these the years of Nori al-Maliki’s administration? I donot think that Iraq will be allowed to let Maliki go with justice in these matters. I am seeing finally pressure from the USA and the IMF to reconcile these budgets with full accountability)
Abadi and Acting Finance Minister
Baghdad / term 
He exonerated Minister Abdul Razak Al - Issa Prime Minister to take charge of the finance portfolio assumed by the agency earlier this year, at his request. 

The Abadi will bag the Minister of Finance , which refrains the Kurdistan Democratic Party to submit its candidate in protest against the way it was the dismissal of the minister , Hoshyar Zebari , last summer. 

The House voted, on 21 September 2016, the majority to withdraw confidence from the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari. 

Abdul Razzaq al- Essa, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in a press release received (range) a copy of it, "It was a matter of national honor to assign the Ministry of Finance Agency, as well as my responsibility in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Science and Technology and Research", pointing out that "work at the Ministry of Finance was not easy because in this ministry of accumulated awaiting solutions as well as it is one of the institutions that pursued narrow interests and auctions and conflicts.
He added Al - Issa said , "What we have presented in the Ministry of Finance at this special stage was focused on the fight against corruption and surround the corrupt and narrow the circle on the dubious benefits owners." He continued by saying , "I am pleased to extend to the Prime Minister thanked the confidence in us , and I extend my cordial gratitude for his approval and response to our demand for the repeated Baafaia of the Ministry of Finance to allow me the Ministry of Higher Education and upgrading service." 

Furthermore, MP Magda Tamimi, a member of the parliamentary finance committee Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to called the exception of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank ", from the " party quotas ", in filling positions. 

She said Tamimi, in a statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday, said that" the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, an exception of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of quotas partisan and reconsider all of operating positions of Deputy Minister to the Director of the Department within these institutions. " 

She invited a member of the Finance Committee to" replace those positions independent personalities specialized carrying high and practical experience certificates of not less than for ten years in the field of specialization being one of the most important institutional affecting the fiscal and monetary policies in the country. ​ 

The Iraqi Government to form Committees to Resolve the 3000 High Function Managed by Proxy

Citizen revealed the mass of efforts made by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to resolve the three thousand senior government post is run by proxy. The government confirmed the formation of committees to establish special criteria for occupancy of these positions, he indicated that the coalition refused to name his representatives in these committees, preferring to leave it to the government and its president. (So here we go again with cleaning out these proxy posts but this time Abadi is aiming not as his own cabinet so much, as he is the rest of the regional governments. He needs to clean out these corrupt officials and get educated and qualified people in these positions. They must be “officially” appointed. Now there is massive favoritism and sectarianism to choose people for these positions, and the worst part is they cannot do the job, thus the govts are dysfunctional and lacking expertise. This a major part of the problem with the new Iraqi democracy)

In parallel, suggesting political blocs that the government completes its mandate without resolving the three ministries vacant file, due to preoccupation with all parties to the fate of the Commission and the electoral law.

Says mass coalition citizen member of Raad al – Haidari (range), ” The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi form of government committees mini to resolve the positions and sites managed by proxy file , ” revealing the Abadi to inform the leaders of the coalition, a month ago, the move and asked them to send his representatives to participate these committees in order to “standards and principles to be adopted in the new choices” mode.

Haidari said that ” the National Alliance response to the request of the prime minister turned down because the task of the jurisdiction of the government,” pointing out that “These committees will open the door for nomination for all locations and positions managed by proxy, which is estimated at more than three thousand site and the post distributed among independent bodies and Undersecretary of the Ministry, and degrees of special ambassadors, advisors and military sites. ”

The accused parties within the National Alliance , the Dawa party acquired 17 independent body, which denies the party and confirms that the positions belonging to the parties in the rule of law. ( Go figure that the DAWA party, Nori al-Maliki’s party is the largest culprit)
According to the political agreement, which entered into the blocks before the formation of the government Abadi, the National Alliance ‘s share of the bodies of 15 compared to 11 organizations distributed between the Sunnis and the Kurds, and a single body of the Christian component, in addition to the three positions of Awqaf (Sna- Hiei- Christian and other components).

He says a member of the mass citizen, led by Ammar al – Hakim, said that ” the committees will depend in the selection of competent to fill the positions of these sites and personalities , ” stressing that “preparations are in full swing for the end of the resolution of the sites managed by proxy file.”

And about the fate of the vacant ministries and disagreement about the candidates, al – Haidari said , “This file is from the broken files confirm and there is no negotiations between the blocs to be settled at the present time , ” he said, adding that “preoccupied with other files of political parties is more important than the vacant ministries file.” (referring to other problems in dealing with the rapid corruption that is felt this is more important to resolve than these proxy positions)

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Abd al – Razzaq al- Essa, announced on Wednesday, for the approval of the Prime Minister requested exemption from the Ministry of Finance.

Because of the preoccupation with legislation blocks the electoral law and the position of the Electoral Commission, MP Messenger Abu Hasna , asserts that ” the vacant ministries file is no longer on the list of priorities Abadi.” The three ministries are still managed by proxy , namely: finance, trade and industry. The Abadi and the first administration, while The Planning Minister Salman Jumaili ‘s second administration, while managing the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs , the third management.
He adds MP Obouhsnh, during an interview with the (range), that ” the vacant ministries file died clinically and blocks is not serious to discuss with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , ” stressing that “security problems and disputes over election law led to the disposal of the blocks of these ministries vacant “.
Four months before the Council of Ministers refused to vote on the nomination of candidates for the ministries of industry and trade because of the different component of the Turkmen representatives on the one hand, and between the National Coalition and the Sunni powers on the other hand, on the nomination of the Minister of Commerce bag. And the exchange of deputies of the Turkmen component accusations over the candidate of Necmettin Mohsen failed to take over the Ministry of Industry.
But the MP for the rule of law expects the vacant ministries file move against the backdrop of the resignation of Abdul – Razzaq al- Issa for the management of the Ministry of Finance acting. ”
Says a member of the call block” The data indicate that the current government will complete its without naming the ministers of trade, industry and finance , “attributing it to that” blocs preoccupied with the concerns and preparations for parliamentary and local elections that will be a vote of one.” (Saying that the upcoming elections this year should take care of these proxy positions)
Concludes MP for the province of Muthanna to say that” the blocks is dedicated to engage in talks about the ministries will be the assumption is not enough to offer anything. ” Agrees MP Hassan Chuird, a member of the national coalition, with Abu Jsnh, as it confirms The blocs spent even consider thinking about the vacant ministries file, pointing out that ” the file has become the forgotten files of all parties.”
Says Chuird, in a statement (term) yesterday that “political problems, particularly the electoral law imposed on the parties and blocs to turn a blind eye for the vacant ministries file “, pointing out that” the priority is focused on choosing a new election Commission. ”
the uncertain fate of the electoral Commission after the House vote, the end of last April, the lack of conviction answers to the President of the board.
He favored one vote is not convinced of the camp answers UNHCR B119 voice against the latter, compared to 118 in its favor, and preferred 15 deputies Keep the white ballot papers.

​The political blocs are looking for a legal way out of the impasse faced by the Committee of Experts charged with choosing a new Office of the Council, after nominate six of the current staff of the Electoral Commission.

(Why is this important to the RV timing? It is important because a fully functional govt is STABILITY! I personally do not believe that a few proxy positions is going to hold up any RV, but maybe 3,000 of them might?)
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