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Dinar Updates Tuesday AM Chat 5-30-17

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday AM Chat   5-30-17  

jd says():Good morning BGG Which in your opinion is a bigger factor in our RV process.The liberation of ISIS in Iraq or getting rid of the corruption in the GOI ??

jd says():I can see where ISIS could be cleared in Mosul in a week or two,ISIS cleared out in Iraq in maybe 2 or 3 months but,the corruption in the GOI could take a lot longer than we want.IMO
1. Can you tell me about your current relationship with your coach or mentor?

For Lisa Margulies, branch manager and financial advisor with Regatta Capital Group in Los Angeles, this is “the opening question.” “I would listen carefully to the [answer] and gauge the financial advisor’s openness, honesty and vulnerability,” she says.
2. How do you invest in yourself?

This isn’t about the money, but rather the ongoing education. “Ask them how they stay current in their training,” says Reno Frazzitta, president of Secure My Funds in Clinton, Michigan. “If they don’t have an answer, it may be time to look elsewhere."

3. Whose responsibility is it to keep connected?

Avoid working with a financial advisor who sells you a product and then moves on. Ask about regular meetings, says Jeremy Shipp, president of Harbor Wealth Advisors in Richmond, Virginia. “Will they be quarterly or annually? And whose responsibility is it to schedule those meetings – the advisor or the client?

4. How are you compensated?

It’s not as clear-cut as you might think. “Many individuals are under the impression that financial advisors only make money if the investor makes money,” says Gregory Sichenzia, founder of Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference, a securities law firm in New York. “This is not true. Many investment sponsors pay advisors handsomely just for putting them into a specific fund or product.”

5. For referrals: What do you like about your advisor?

You may trust your buddy, but what if he’s vague? “Referrals are great, but ask, ask, ask,” says Pam Friedman, partner at Silicon Hills Wealth Management in Austin, Texas. “How often do they meet? What designation does the advisor have? Are they a certified financial planner?” If so, that requires passing a two-day exam and ongoing education.

6. What’s your education?

This isn’t polite party talk or an icebreaker. “Did the advisor obtain a college degree? Is the degree related to offering financial services?” says Keith Singer, owner and president of Singer Wealth Management in Boca Raton, Florida. “It's probably best to work with an advisor who is not only intelligent but educated as well.”
7. Have there been complaints against the advisor?

This is one potentially confrontational question you may want to check out on your own by going to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority website. “Before making a final decision, check with FINRA.org for any complaints filed or penalties levied against the advisor,” says Greg McBride, senior vice president and chief financial analyst for Bankrate.com.

8. Do you own the same investment and insurance products you’ll recommend to me?

There’s nothing like an advisor who puts her money where her mouth is. “If she doesn’t buy what she’s selling to you, are you sure you want to buy it?” says Ric Edelman, founder, chairman and CEO of Edelman Financial Services, a national firm.

9. What happens to my account if something happens to you?

This is a fear for many clients, especially those who rely on phone calls to stay in touch. “It would be important to understand who the next point of contact is and how liquid your assets are,” Sichenzia says.

10. How much do you cost?

Don’t be shy about bringing up the money question early. “Compensation varies greatly,” Friedman says. “If fees aren’t clear or transparent to you, ask more questions. While no single model is right for everyone, it’s important to understand how your advisor is compensated.”

11. Are you a fiduciary?

If you don’t know the term, a fiduciary is legally appointed and authorized to hold assets in trust for another person. “A fiduciary planner is required to put client needs ahead of his or her own, regardless of the situation,” says Bryan Hoover, vice president at Fragasso Financial Advisors in Pittsburgh. “Most importantly, this standard requires that all conflicts of interest be outlined in advance.”

12. Why did you choose this work?

Edelman says the answer usually falls into one of two categories. “They either talk about their fascination with investments, economics, financial planning and other numbers-oriented topics, or they talk about their fascination with people and how the dynamics of family relationships, emotions, attitudes and desires interact with effective financial decision-making.” Ideally, you’ll find someone who strikes a balance.

13. Can you give examples of your client commitment?

The examples the advisor cites (or fails to cite) will provide valuable clues about motivation. “There are those advisors who work primarily to collect a paycheck, and there are those truly dedicated and passionate about what they do, committed long-term to their clients and careers,” says Penny W. Gordon, senior vice president, private wealth advisor with Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust in Coral Gables, Florida.

14. How did you handle 2008?

Questions about investing during the Great Recession aren’t common, but the answers could be very informative. “Were you in business then?  Were you frightened? ‘No’ may be less than truthful,” says Gregory DeJong, financial advisor and market manager with Savant Capital Management in Naperville, Illinois. Also try to get a lead on whether the advisor stood firm or yielded to pressure. You might also ask: “With your clients who insisted that you do something, did you change their investments?” DeJong says.

15. What’s the past performance of your model portfolio?

This ideally should be examined on a quarter-by-quarter basis, says Robert Franklin Muller, executive vice president and head of distribution for Behringer, based in Dallas. “The bottom line is that smart, complex strategies implemented by experienced financial advisors cannot be simply substituted with an algorithm."

16. What are your professional designations?

Having the right credentials ensures a high level of competence. “I recommend hiring an advisor with a known and regulated professional designation, such as a certified financial planner or CFP,” Gordon says. “This is an excellent indication that the advisor has met specific standards in education, experience and ethics.” 
17. Are you listening or pitching?

You may want to be more diplomatic, but many financial advisors push the products of companies they represent, says Tom Halloran, president of Voya Financial Advisors. “Make sure the advisor listens to you and your needs and doesn’t talk or product-pitch at you."
18. Are you currently licensed to offer investment advice? Many consumers would assume a particular advisor is licensed to sell investments or give advice. “But that is not always the case,” Singer says. “Many financial advisors are only licensed to sell insurance products. Because these advisors are limited in what they can offer or discuss with clients, their advice may be limited as well.”

19. Can you tell me about the last client you lost? Don’t you just love tough questions? “It can be a difficult thing to discuss, but it’s crucial for you to understand why someone else decided to end a relationship with the interviewee,” Hoover says. “Asking this question directly may give you a better sense of what the advisor values, and it should provide you with insight on the type of client he or she works with best.”

20. Mind if I bring a friend? This person does not need to have any connection to the advisor, only solid knowledge. “Ask if you may bring along your accountant, attorney or friend who’s knowledgeable about the investment world,” DeJong says. “Their impressions will be helpful, and merely their presence may cause a rogue advisor to conclude that you won’t be worth the trouble.”


"VERY ENCOURAGING NEW" - "Clockwork" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Tuesday - M...

15 Reasons USN Stories Are GREAT NEWS!, 30 MAY

Re-posted (5-29-17) by request of One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee
 I have been seeing some USN stories lately and it is a CLEAR sign to me that EVERYTHING we want is right on schedule. The USN is the new Gold Backed currency of the Republic. Here is the latest news on the USN:

"Bank intel, USN" by Geoffrey - 2.25.17

It is so interesting that we are looking for clues all over the place to verify that this top secret World Change over is both REAL and immanent, and yet one single item actually PROVES EVERYTHING! Yes, as the title of this post reveals, it is the USN that tells the whole story and is all the proof we need, that we are actually on track to everything we have been told and promised. Here is how...

#1) USN Means Gold Backed

The fact that the USN has been acknowledged by Banking personnel as well as many others, is PROOF that the New Gold Backed Money is really coming.

#2) Gold Backed Means The World

The fact that there really is new USA Gold Backed Money coming means that all the other countries of the World are going Gold Backed as well since there is no way that we would be the only ones changing.

#3) The World Going Gold Backed Means Equality

If all the countries of the World are Going Gold Backed as well, it only works if their currency values are adjusted to be on par with each other.

#4) World Currencies On Par With Each Other

Having all the World's currencies being adjusted to be on par with each other means that those countries who's currency values are greatly undervalued compared to everyone else are going to be adjusted up, WAY UP, to be on par with the other countries. That MEANS THE GCR IS REAL.

#5) If The GCR is REAL

If the GCR is Real, then anyone who happens to be holding currencies that are greatly undervalued, such as the first basket currencies, will realize a HUGE increase in value when said adjustment happens.

#6) No Double Dipping

Because there is an all go, or none go and a deliberate plan to prevent Double dipping, by reinvesting money from one currency revaluation on the next currency revaluation, they will all go at once. Since all the currencies will go at once, that means that THEY WILL ALL GO, and none of them will be left behind.

#7) Stories of The USN Means Treasury Money

Stories of the USN MEANS that it is our new Treasury that is issuing the money. This means that not only is the Fed Dead, but that the REPUBLIC is Alive!

#8) The Republic Alive Means NESARA

The fact that the Republic is alive and in the process of showing itself, means that NESARA, the new governmental structures are also in the Process as well, since the Republic is based on the new NESARA Principles.


The fact that NESARA is coming into action here in the Republic of the United States, means that soon the World will be changing over to GESARA, which is the global version of this same governmental structure and principles.

#10) GESARA Means World Peace

Since GESARA is Coming in to Power all over the World, that means that the World will be at peace from now on and War will no longer be permitted or tolerated by any country in the World.

#11) GESARA & World Peace

GESARA and World Peace also signals multiple trusts that will start paying out Trillions of dollars in many different forms to all the people of the World. These include huge trusts such as the St. Germaine Trust, The Lee Wanta Trust, and many others.

#12) NESARA & GESARA Means New Technologies Released

Another important aspect of the NESARA & GESARA implementation is the release of hidden technologies and health remedies that have been held back by the Cabal. This leads to such things as immediate cures for most medical problems and introduction of free energy devices and anti gravity craft to name a few.

#13) NESARA Means Top Level Arrests & Trials Begin

Another important aspect of the NESARA implementation is the immediate arrests of top Cabal operatives, resignation of all current political positions, and new elections for President and other positions. It also means the resignation from the BAR of all attorneys' and retraining them in Constitutional law.

#14) Bank Awareness Of The USN Means Immanent GCR

The fact that Bank employees are aware of, and acknowledge the USN, means that they have been trained on it, and will be available soon. Additionally, many claim it is in their vaults now and will be released soon.

#15) USN Availability Means CGR

There is no way that the GOLD Backed USN can be distributed, unless the GCR has already happened. If the USN is about to be available, that means the GCR is about to happen.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while USN reports and stories seem to be of little value, they actually PROVE EVERYTHING IS TRUE AND ABOUT TO HAPPEN. The USN availability means World Gold Back GCR, NESARA/GESARA, World Peace, New Technologies and Health remedies, High Level Cabal Arrests and Trials, New Elections, and the Release of countless Trust to the people of the World. In short, when you have Proof of the USN, you have proof of EVERYTHING!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams
Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee


5-30-2017  Newshound Guru tman23   Liberation is a matter of an announcement and appears Abadi wants to make a national announcement in regards to "the event" !!!  As posted last week......Friday was new moon.......in the complete darkness the assault begins putting the enemy at a huge disadvantage........we expected it to be done at the latest -Tuesday...Military commanders under Maliki's hand like to upstage Abadi........... The announcement from Abadi will show power and authority........and hopefully he can offer Iraq a vision with something tangible......... So without a single doubt there is a timing strategy to the final announcement to Mosul......

5-30-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Lots of VERY GOOD news from the CBI today about the banking practices and the new laws about to be implemented. It is all in our favor and shows us that Iraq is now serious about fixing their economy and moving to full international status.   Remember I keep telling you my contact in the CBI tells me they “fully intend to keep the citizens informed of this process” to delete the zeros.  They are doing just this now and fully intend to continue.

5-30-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Moving to the float helped Egypt reduce corruption and provided transparency, it hurt though. The value of the the Pound dropped by half overnight but has strengthened slightly. But what's the difference between Iraq and EgyptAn open market economy and something other than oil as an export, Iraq has literally bet it's entire financial future on a commodity. I'm all for moving to a float but Iraq should remove the financial corruption, get rid of the proxy governor and move this currency to Article VIII compliance. Get these laws passed to encourage foreign investment and partner with the Iraqi's to create products and services the world wants which would create demand for the dinar. I'm really hoping Iraq can make the changes before they consider unpegging.  Your move, Abadi.  

RayRat Update 5/30/17

Monday afternoon reports....

- PM Abadi is in Mosul for an in-person view of the liberated locations. Iraqi TV (stateside) talks of preparations for celebrations projecting final completion for June 10, 2017.

- The IMF is expected to meet with the CBI on Wednesday.

- Leaflets are reportedly being being dropped in ISIS inhabited areas encouraging the citizens to evacuate.

- Full liberation is expected in one week.

- Bankers in Dubai are also hooked on seven days. Time Will Tell All!!!


Good early morning my friends, now I know that many of you felt as I that we would have those “special” numbers in our heads but alas we find ourselves still waiting for any number of things to fall in place to kick off the show. Let us not forget that we have been told years ago that there would be floods of false information before the actual facts were revealed.

Well Lord knows that has certainly been the case and if you have been a member of this group for any period of time you should know that our board leader, ADMINBILL been straight with us for as far back as you want to go. Now are his sources any more credible than those of the other board providers? Perhaps, but I believe Bill is not a man to jump to false conclusions.

Now, I imagine that most of you know very little about our leader and even I imagine that there are volumes of information that I do not know as well. Here is one factor you need to be aware of and that is that Bill is a retired Navy man much like myself and in his particular case being close was never good enough for him or his trade. As a Chief Petty officer almost there was never good enough.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I come here this morning to thank You for leading me here to this group and my association with these wonderful people. Just as You have always been there to guide me and others who find it so easy to settle for half-truths Continue to watch over our group as we head in to this coming week and give us peace. Amen and Amen.

Have a peaceful rest my friends, our future awaits us


Morning y'all. Can someone explain who OWK is?


OWK = OneWHoKnows?


Oh, ok... wasn't making the connection.... suspected to be Josef. Got it


I dont even like to read Y's name anymore


Good moring everyone. Well were are our 800#'s LOL


How's Tank,WIfe and Orphanage?


Once... all is good and getting better


Gm..ray sent a tweet for an update at 0903 hours..What time would that be in Pacific time zone?


Good moring everyone. Well were are our 800#'s LOL


Grandma one day soon, just make sure you are sitting down


Frank is doing a cc today. He might be the only one to do one.


the Nancy an Terry call is today also .


Here's my text I got from my friends cousin's that are in Iraq.....Nothing yet, they are saying same old..plus it's Ramadan......that's it. This came in at 12:09 am today


May have to wait til July after Ramadan like I've been saying


Wizofog14, Thanks for the "wet blanket"


Has anyone here ever been there "in country" during Ramadan? It is just a religious period of fasting from dusk to dawn with prayer. During the evening hours everything returns to normal..


Laszlo wrote
9m ago
Ramadan has NOTHING to do with it....


TED1016 wrote
8m ago
You are so right Lazszlo!


I could smell ya from her Ted. Wink let me help ya shower

guess I should have said from dawn to dusk.

Ok laz I can go for that, but when we are still here with little or no movement after Ramadan I'll let ya know


You had better be thankful for not being able to smell WIZ.



Oh sorry dp. I'm too much of a realist. It keeps me grounded tho so I don't lose my biscuits




How about keeping the personal insults to yourself WIZ. I have never made it a point to degrade or insult anyone.



Looks like the rain is about to pass through, perhaps I can get osme work done in the yard.




Wiz....You are a realist. Iraq is at the Syrian border. AIIB in full control of money transfers. Stock markets are officially propped up. No liquidity in our banks..What say YOU?

If You a realist, where is Your positivity?




Just remember, who ever talks a lot usually don't say much....


Happy Memorial Day everybody Smile

Rc...based on all the info coming out of Iraq and all the info from around the world, we are in a great position.


I always appreciated IKO until he got mixed up with Gerry...


Good afternoon !!! are we expecting great news someday....!!! Hope it's our RV night!           


A major large broker in the US sent emails to their customers about shortage of Dinar. They stated, "The rate could change at any time." Smile




Hmmmm. Prices on ebay going up and certain currencies are becoming scarce.

Frank said it's Safe Dinar.


Made some final purchases on ebay today by making offers. What a great day and time.


Again camman? They have rehab for folks like you. Smile

I know, but I can't get enough. This has been the most educational experience I've ever consumed. This wasn't taught in grade school through college. I have thoroughly enjoyed this ride no matter how I wanted it to go yesterday...lol

Camman, I agree. This has been a very enjoyable experience. So empowering.


Ladyz, Frank's call is must listen to or read the notes. I'm going to listen again as well as read the notes. He played a recording from Delta, which I'm sure they will not transcribe.


I hope someone is transcribing Frank's call




Dates for RV, my thoughts are 05/30. Than the ewe Rolls Royce came this weekend at 12.8mil. AND the licence plate number is 08 hmmm


Would suggest that Frank's notes if there are any be reviewed closely, he gave several salient points but his window appears to be a one week period from June 2 to June 9 but also pointing out June 10th is the anniversary of the Califate which he says Abadi favors. Just repeating what I heard off his call


You have to admit people no matter what call u r listening to Admin is always right and peacefully leading toward …

Leading us forward ... sorry