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"The GCR Flow Chart Perspective" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee , 29 MAY

Re-posted (5-29-17) by request of One Who Knows/Richard Lee Mckim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee

The GCR Flow Chart Perspective

Sometimes it helps to get a broader perspective on things. We are so focused on a single step of the process, like getting the 800#s, that it makes it hard to see the big picture from there. Just follow along these steps one by one and see if you can make it to the end. If you can, then you fully understand this process. Let's Begin!

Step 1) Belief

A) If you do not believe that the World is in the Midst of a great change at this time, and need more proof, then exit here and return to your regular everyday life.

B) If you do believe in this World Changing event, that is in process now, then continue on to the next step.

Step 2) Safety

A) If you believe that safety is secondary and that this event should be started no matter what, right now, then you don't understand that prime directive, of safety for you, your funds, and the World at large. If this is how you truly feel, then you are not the Light Worker You think you are and it may be best if you stop following this event and wait with the general public. It will be less frustrating for you, and relieve us of your constant complaints.

B) If you believe that Safety for all concerned is the highest priority, then you understand that the timing is dependent on this, and it will happen as soon as safety can be assured for all. If this is how you feel, then please continue to the next step.

Step 3) Rights

A) If you believe that you have some sort of "Rights" and/or "Say" as far as when this should be started, or what the New Powers That Be should do, then you don't realize your place. If you think of ways to send out tweets, or in some other way FORCE others to take action, then you are NOT part of the solution. You don't have enough information to make such demands, nor it is your right to do so. If you are stressed that you cannot exert your will on those who are running this operation, you may need to stop following this event so closely, since you will NEVER have the right to make these decisions, nor will you EVER be in a position to do so. This will naturally create endless frustration for you, and will cause you to vent it to us. If this is your cause of frustration, then it might be better for you and for us, that you just take a break and relax with the general Public, until it is time to go. Otherwise this is a no win proposition for you.

B) If you realize that you are merely a passenger on this amazing journey, and that the New Powers That Be are in charge of where this ride takes us, then you are positioned well. You realize that you have the greatest seat on this ride, and all you have to do now, is relax until we all reach our destination. If you realize that the New Powers That Be have been trying to make this World wide change for years and that they need no prodding from you to do their work. If you recognize that Your part as a light worker comes later when we get past the GCR, then continue on to the next step.

Step 4) Information

A) If you think that people owe you information and intel as to the progress of this World wide secret operation, you may need to stop reading these posts. If you somehow think the our Intel providers should be held to some standard of perfect information, then you clearly don't understand what is going on here. If you think that because you hold currency, you have the right to make demands on those who offer to help us, and are quick to scold and criticize them, if that said information proves incorrect, then you may need to step back and wait with the general public. Otherwise, this intel ride will surely frustrate you and cause you to insult the ones who freely give of their time and efforts for us. The last thing we need to do is run off those who have given us their time and efforst for nothing in return. For this reason, it might be best if you relax and wait with the general public until it is go time. This will give our Intel providers a break and allow them to tell us what the know unaccosted.

B) If, on the other hand, you realize that whatever intel we get is a true gift, and that no one owes us anything, then you are on the right track. If you know that you can read what you like and pass on the rest then you are stable enough to weather the ups and downs that are a natural part of this once in a lifetime, once in history, journey of World Change. If you also realize that this is a HUGE World Secret, for obvious reasons, and that means the Intel is hard to come by, and quick to change, then you understand this process perfectly.


One path A, A, A, A, is fraught with pain, frustration and ill will, while the other path of B, B, B, B, is a path of understanding and acceptance, filled with hope, excitement and high expectation.

The 4 As Path

If you are on the path of 4 As, then you don't believe in this World Wide change, your personal needs and wants are more important than the safety of others, you think you have some say in the implementation of this World Wide plan, and finally, you feel compelled to make demands to know top secret information, and then berate intel providers who don't provide such information accurately. THIS IS NOT THE PATH OF A LIGHT WORKER. It only leads to your frustration, anger, and rants that the rest of us are not fond of.

The 4 Bs Path

If you are on the path of 4 Bs, then you believe in this World wide change despite the lack of concrete proof. You hold safety as a paramount concern and are willing to wait until it is safe for all to proceed. You know that this operation is in good hands and being handled by those who know what they are doing. You are willing to allow them to do their jobs without interference from you. You appreciate whatever intel is made available to you and sift through it choosing what you want to read and believe in and leaving the rest. You recognize that this is a World Secret operation and PERFECT intel is hard to come by. You are under no delusion that Intel providers owe you anything, and fully appreciate their efforts to help us, no matter if the intel is perfect or not. Your Heart appreciates you fortuitous opportunity that awaits you and you are willing to let it happen in the best way, at the best time, according to divine plan. No more, no less.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we can be so focused on the release of the 800#s, that we lose sight of the big picture. In the big picture, we are doing EXACTLY what we are supposed to be doing. We have currency, we are paying attention to the internet for the Go time and exact instructions that come with the 800#s, and we are prepared to exchange when the time is right.

THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE TO DO. When it is time the 800#s will show up and not a minute before. It doesn't matter who does what in our Government, or what Intel providers say or don't say, it will NOT speed up the release, nor will it slow it down. It may look like it is going slow, but no matter what, it will show up and we will exchange.

In the mean time, let's not get upset about what is going on since we have no control over it anyway. Let's just sit back and enjoy the few days or hours we have left. This is a gift, and WE ARE VERY LUCKY PEOPLE, BLESSED AS SOME SAY, EVEN CHOSEN AS OTHERS SAY. Let's appreciate our great fortunes, and make our last days as enjoyable as possible, for our time is truly near.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee Mckim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee


iko ward‏ @IkoWard

The RV is not a scam, but most of what we hear and read is a scam. If you purchased currency it will revalue and your exchange will happen

If you are paying attention you will learn when, where and how much. Then you will learn how to manage your new wealth.....

.....and then, and only then, you can begin your new life. Investments take time to mature. The world takes time to change

Be a new global citizen. That's what this is about


5-29-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Our economy space .. monetary policy is an example"   Quote:  "The edit currency or floating is not something strange or innovative in the money market, it is a tool of monetary policy for the countries of tools and not something terrifying or misadventure as portrayed by users of the thieves of currency teams in the bank auction"   Iraq's corruption is holding up progress. They've essentially dismantled the Finance Ministry and have hamstrung the CBI by keeping a Maliki proxy in as its leader. Things like this, and more, have prevented Iraq from moving to a free float because their actions are what's creating the spread and preventing a move to Article VIII. This serves the corrupt because they can continue to make $10-$15 million per day and the machine grinds along until there's no more reserves left to pillage.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-29-2017   Newshound Guru G-Lin   Article:  "Central Bank Governor: Deposit Protection Law will be published very soon"    I read yesterday that the peeps still have their money under their mattresses. They tried to entice them with bonds and flood the market with USD and they still will not turn loose of their dinars. I seriously think the only way they can pull dinars in is with an increase in value and this deposit protection in place. JMO.   Since Alak is doing the talking, I think it will happen soon. Actually "very soon" as the art. states.  The law that is. Then maybe good things will follow. 

5-29-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   The CBI governor was on TV saying the Protection Deposit Law will be implemented soon. The final battle for Old City should be on Wednesday.  Early Sunday update still showing one area needed.  Another bridge was captured today along with a hospital, the fighting continues.

May 29, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

May 29, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

Lots of VERY GOOD news from the CBI today about the banking practices and the new laws about to be implemented. It is all in our favor and shows us that Iraq is now serious about fixing their economy and moving to full international status.

Also lots of conflicting news about just what the status is on the fight to liberate Iraq from ISIS. All we know is what they tell us. Yes – it is conflicting and maybe it seems to be dragging on and on. But in reality there is such a juicy article about an interview with the prime minister Abadi I am going to share with you today. This article should make you VERY HAPPY!
​I am also now getting lots of questions on just what the project to delete the zeros is all about and I can see there is still some confusion. Also many want to know just what denominations are in these “new lower” denoms (denominations). We must remember that there are two sets of currencies we are talking about. However maybe these two sets are not exactly in the context that you have been lead to believe. The CBI NOT going to just trigger some event to replace all the currency with new currency all at once. In fact they are NEVER going to do this at all. The FACT is most of the lower denominations are ALREADY launched and have been launched for many years but this is not the move we really wait to see. Why do I say this? So I will explain this too. If you read nothing else in today’s newsletter please read what I am about to tell you. Send this newsletter to friends and save it for future reference. It is very important.

First let me say this to you. It is human nature that if we hear something again and again we believe it to be true. Many times even the people who spread this information, themselves begin to believe it. They will dispute and argue over their own madness too. But reality is what it is and I am sorry for these people who cannot face the FACTS. Facts are based on research and reading tons of articles. I also have a great contact in the CBI but this contact, as I have explained already, is stingy on giving me too much information. So I am forced to piece it together for you. Does the picture change overtime? Yes – as I keep telling you this is an everchanging and liquid situation.

So No Rumors, No Hypes…..just the FACTS.

Let’s go down memory lane for any of you who were in this investment way back in 2011. What did the CBI tell us then? Below is an article from this time period. Please read it all. It is the basis of my presentation today on this topic. I did not make this stuff up. This is from the CBI. Remember I keep telling you my contact in the CBI tells me they “fully intend to keep the citizens informed of this process” to delete the zeros. 

They are doing just this now and fully intend to continue. How else the hell are the citizens supposed to know what is going on, only we piggyback off these news channels and read the articles too. So we know the last time they informed the citizens, it was just about a 1/5 years ago. So do you think they will again go out to a full educational program prior to the next phase of the “project to delete the zeros”. History shows us too that they did this education in 2011, 2013 and again in 2015, when we know for a FACT they fully intended to revalue their currency at these times. So why not follow this same trend now. After all if we are looking for signs and evidence can you think of a better way to see some kind of impending timeframe? Why not look for this education process in the news channels as this signal to us the revaluation is close at hand. We have not yet seen this re-educations process and we wait for it.

There are no secrets or “conspiracies” to hide this information from us speculators. Yes -- we are speculators did you ever think about that? We already have our dinar. So what is there to hide anymore? No one will know the exact date or final rate anyhow. Get it? Our job is to get a comfortable timeframe so we can go out and have time to buy our champagne and goodies for the following celebrations…lol…lol…that will follow.

The large hedge funds and money managers wouldn’t dare invest large sums for their investors in such a middle east situation as this today. Even with all the reforms it is still madness. Not only would this be madness with the security situation of this middle eastern country but also boarder line insanity for any reputable hedge fund or money manager. Did I mention the very low value of the dinar?

This is what really matters for speculators. They are concerned about these large investors speculating on the dinar. This is the CBIs worry not ours. Get it? We are nothing if you look at the total scope of what is happening here on a global scale. Yes – some say that nearly 6 million or even now 10 million in the USA alone invested in the Iraqi dinar. Really? Who cares? But this is just a number. Does it mean anything? I don’t care what anyone tells you no one can know this number of investors. Most have been gifted dinar or have a very small amount. Many families have purchased dinar in groups and then distributed it out to friends and family members. So there is no records anyone can provide on the true number of investors. Do you not think that the US Treasury is not monitoring all the IQD imported to the USA and throughout Europe? Do you not think they can shut off the supply anytime they desire? So why do they allow us small time speculators to continue if this was a problem? Simply put it is not a problem and the newly elected president Trump fully intends to use us speculative investors to his political advantage to grow the US economy. Just be patient and watch what is about to happen. You will see my point come to fruition very soon.

Who are the real speculator culprits?
But in all honestly I have to tell you, if you want to talk about speculators you simply have to go to the US government and see all the conflict of interest in the politicians who have the “knowledge” and “need to know” about these revaluation efforts. These are the culprits and corrupted officials who have made billions and billions off these currency redenomination’s over and over again off all these “small” wars with these under developed countries. They are allowed to do so as their “perks” for voting the correct way in Congress and the Senate on appropriation bills to fund these wars. So you see this too is part of the very lucrative schemes to go to war. These are the culprits who make the wars and they profit off it.  Enough said on this. Let’s get to the meat of today’s discussion.

Article begins:

Iraq’s Central Bank to delete zeros from Iraqi currency.

(This is such an informative and juicy article! Bada Boom, Bada Boom!)

June 25, 2011

Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Thursday that it is planning to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency. This step is one of the bank’s strategic missions; the Central Bank said adding that the new currency will include the Kurdish language in addition to the Arabic language.

“The zeros that were added to the Iraqi currency previously constituted a large money supply up to 28.500 trillion Iraqi Dinar and 5 trillion banknotes”, the adviser of Iraqi Central Bank governor Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh told Alsumarianews.

“The Central Bank has prepared all requirements needed to delete the zeros from the Iraqi Currency”, Saleh said. “This step is one of the Iraqi central bank’s strategic missions. The monetary policy of the bank aims to structure and reduce the currency in a country moving towards an economic phase”, he added. “The plan for the project of deleting zeroes is complete. It will be submitted to the central bank’s administration in the next session. Then, it will be passed to the ministerial council before presenting it to the Parliament for vote.

The mechanisms of changing the currency will be gradual.

It will be preceded by awareness campaigns for citizens, the adviser of Iraqi Central Bank governor said. (I would be waving flags and fireworks in front of you face right now if I could….lol….lol…..)

“The new currency will be printed after deleting the zeros and will include the Kurdish language in addition to the Arabic language.

It will bear as well photos of Iraq’s civilizations and patrimony in addition to symbols of Iraqi intellectuals and figures”, Saleh noted.

On June 19, Iraq’s Central Bank Governor Sanan Al Shebeibi affirmed during the meeting of independent commissions with Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki that the bank is preparing all requirements needed to replace the Iraqi Currency. Iraq’s Central Bank has four branches including Basra, Sulaimaniah, Arbil and Mosul.

It was founded as an Iraqi independent bank by virtue of Iraq’s Central Bank Law issued on March 6, 2004. The bank is responsible for the prices stability and the implementation of monetary policy including exchange rates, the management of foreign reserves, the issuance of currencies and the organization of the banking sector. End of Article.

So there is no guessing what the lower denoms will be. The CBI itself has published the list many times. Also remember that some the lower denoms are in FACT already launched.

They launched the $50 notes back in 2015 already in anticipation of the RV in December of that year. Then they backed off the RV and postponed it.
IN 2005-2006 these denominations were launched to replace the old Saddam Hussein notes:

Notes: IQD 25,000, 10,000, 5,000, 1,000, 500, 250

But the 500 (50 cents), 250 (25 cents) are virtually worthless for everyday use. So then why did the CBI already launch them so soon? Read my lips – “They were preparing for a significant change in the value of the dinar in 2013”. They already had a long term vision in place at the CBI, even though the formal plan was not realized until 2011, as stated in article above.

Postponed due to corruption!
In 2015 the 50 was also launched. WHY?

But why did they launch the 50 notes so soon? The current value - .05 (A nickel in USD, yes only 5 cents). Read my lips – “They were preparing for a significant change in the value of the dinar at this time in 2015”. Get it?

Again postponed due to ISIS!
So Iraq already has many of the new lower denominations in circulation. At least the ones needed to launch an initial new rate. Surprise! Surprise!

But the new rate can not come out too high since they are including the 500 and 250 notes as part of the lower denoms. The 25 and 100 are also included but not yet launched. They told us these notes will come when they get closer to any significant value change. Why launch them now anyhow?

So let me explain this more to you now.
So the target for the project to delete the zeros is so misunderstood.

It only includes eliminating the very large 3 zero notes including the 25,000, 10,000, 5,000 notes. But they can not do this overnight. It is a gradual phasing out over 10 years. They told us this in the article above. Did you read it?

In fact they are moving ahead with the project right now as I write this newsletter today. The electronic banking, use of the key cards, etc,,,are all efforts to limit and shrink the money supply. With electronic banking the CBI is no longer reissuing and recirculating billions of these 3 zero notes, since it is now all digital. When the consumer goes to the marketplace they also no longer need to use cash since they use the key cards (loaded via the banks) and Point of Sale (POS). If the popular crowd needs cash they go to the banks or the ATMs.

This is all indications and tell us of the project to delete the zeros is fully underway. Thru these measures of the CBI, they can control the money supply.
So what is the final set of the lower denominations?

Better to ask this question – What will the final long term currency look like for Iraq?
In the near future, the final set of currency denominations for the Iraqi Dinar (A.K.A. - the “new currency set”) will look like this.
​Currently the CBI already launched the 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 dinar notes. So these are included and will remain in circulation. These will be part of the permanent currency set.  The CBI will allow the 25,000, 10,000 and 5,000 to coincide in the economy for up to 10 years but in VERY limited quantities. These will used more for inter-banking transactions at this point.

Some also consider the 1000 dinar note to be a candidate for this category and will remain as part of the new currency category going forward after RV. As the economy grows and the value of the dinar rises the necessity rises for the CBI to then launch the 10, 5, and 1 Dinar notes and maybe some other Fils over time, as needed. These fils will function something like the EURO coins.

Why the necessity to do the project to delete the zeros?

There are many reasons:  
  1. Iraq has stated they want to move their currency exchange rate onto a par or the leading value with their Middle Eastern neighbors. So isn't it interesting that if they phase out the 25K, 10K, 5K, and even the 1K notes (someday) through IQD appreciation they resemble extremely closely the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and UAE denominational structure (Iranian Rial or Toman once they also redenominate).
  2. Convenience to the citizens
  3. A planned structured activity that must occur
  4. Ability to counter fraud, thief and funding terrorism
  5. Ability to better control the money supply
  6. Allow Iraq to move out of the “program” rate to their foreign exchange rate.
  7. UN plan to restructure economies and politics, realize the natural resources and bring sustainable development to underdeveloped countries (you could keep the dependency of charity feeding the people all their lives, but teach them to harvest their own food and they are no longer reliant on others. This applies to their economy too in a much larger scale.)
  8. Enormous untapped economic potential. Can make investors trillions. Can not do this and continue operating within the confines/restrictions  of a “closed”, sanctioned economy (this is where the large 3 zero notes come from).

Just remember this is a SLOW process and they must build their economy to meet this trend. The economy is growing and as the government moves more and more of the funding to reconstruction away from fighting ISIS we can expect it to grow exponentially over the next couple years.

So as the economy grows so will the value of their currency.

Some say the currency value will rise very suddenly, as investors flock into Iraq. Well we have to wait and see what happens.  However we should  please stop comparing the situation in Iraq to what happened with the Kuwaiti dinar in the 90’s. Two completely different situations and this is where we get messed up in our thinking.
So as the economy grows so will the value of their currency.

Some say the currency value will rise very suddenly, as investors flock into Iraq. Well we have to wait and see what happens.  However we should  please stop comparing the situation in Iraq to what happened with the Kuwaiti dinar in the 90’s. Two completely different situations and this is where we get messed up in our thinking.

The delete the zeros process is already well underway this is very evident by all the financial reforms we have witnesses since Abadi took office. Many of these reforms had been planned way before he took over as prime minister, however the Nori al-Maliki administration stifended the economy and was more concerned about making Iraq a puppet state of Iran rather than moving the country forward and independent.

But the key to this entire revaluation process is this: The CBI must finally move the currency to a GLOBAL status and make it attractive to the GLOBAL  investors. They must “officially” get out of this sanctioned or “closed” economy and open themselves up to the world. 
​They can not do this now with a policy of isolation and monetary restrictions. They can put all the investment laws, banking laws, etc, etc, in place, but unless they raise the value of the currency and promote it to the GLOBAL currency exchanges for trading, they will never progress back to the “glory” days they told us they are seaking to return to someday very soon.

No Rumors, No Hype….just the FACTS!

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

National reconciliation ‘key to Iraq’s stability’ – Jabouri

(Why is this article so important? Why did I present it to you? Look at my highlighted comments below)
It is time to commence community reconciliation project (said they would not commence with the reconciliation effort until ISIS liberation was completed) and inculcate tolerance and coexistence in the Iraqi society, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri said on Thursday, adding that these points are key to Iraq’s security and stability. (So do they need the reconciliation to start and most importantly begin to be realized prior to any RV? Seems this is the case if I read this right. How many times have we heard these exact words – “needed security and stability”)

During a meeting with a number of tribal leaders and dignitaries in Baghdad, al-Jabouri stated that tribes play a significant role in maintaining Iraq’s unity and social fabric by addressing causes of division.

He pointed out that the Iraqi parliament is keen on supporting tribes and other concerned parties’ efforts to achieve unity by passing laws in the interest of all Iraqi citizens without exception. ( So do they need certain laws to support the reconciliation effort thus help to move towards and achieve these goals needed for security and stability? Seems to me they are telling us they do.)

In an earlier statement, Iraqi Parliament speaker said that security and stability cannot be achieved without Iraqi displaced families’ return to their districts and cooperation between the security apparatuses and citizens. (Do they need this to occur first to some degree as part of reconciliation effort  prior to any RV? Just asking…..don’t shoot the messenger!)

(Remember this article is coming from the speaker of the house, Jabouri. So if the GOI is going to give the CBI the final “green light” again to RV, then they will need the support of the speaker to move this in the right direction.)

Reuters: Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul (5/27/17)
(folks- this is from Saturday May 27th so how can Mosul be already all liberated, as some of these so called intel “gurus” lie to you and tell you it is? Oh but they tell you months ago Mosul is all liberated. They tell you they are deliberately delaying the news just to fool you into thinking the RV can’t  happen? Really? Has it happened then? Why would they do this? All total nonsense. My very first article in today’s newsletter tells us the CBI fully intends to keep the citizens (thus us) fully informed during the entire RV process.)


By Maher Chmaytelli and Isabel Coles | BAGHDAD/MOSUL, IRAQ
Iraqi armed forces launched an operation on Saturday to capture the last Islamic State-held enclave in Mosul, according to a military statement. (So this is really the last enclave? Did we hear this last weekend too…lol…lol..? I know it is taking much longer than these overly optimistic generals are telling the news media. Remember these guys do not have much past combat experience in door to door fighting.)

The fall of the city would effectively mark the end of Iraqi half of the "caliphate" declared nearly three years agoby Islamic State  leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which also covers parts of Syria.(Wow! this sounds like it is really the end this time around!)

The Iraqi air force dropped leaflets on Friday urging residents in the enclave to flee, although humanitarian groups fear for the safety of civilians trying to escape.

The enclave covers mainly the Old City center and three adjacent districts alongside the western bank of the Tigris river.

The U.S.-backed offensive on Mosul, now in its eighth month, has taken longer than planned as the militants are dug in among civilians, fighting back with booby traps, suicide cars and motor-bikes, snipers and mortar fire.
"The joint forces have began liberating the remaining districts," said an Iraqi military statement.

(I took out a large chunk of the article since it was just the same old stuff we heard many times already and takes up space in my newsletter)

About 700,000 people, about a third of the pre-war city's population, have already fled, seeking refuge either with friends and relatives or in camps. (these refugees will have to come back as part of the reconciliation effort)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had initially hoped Mosul would be retaken by the end of 2016. (Here it is again – timing of RV to timing of the liberation of Mosul. Can you see the connection? I quote -“We plan to continue the project to delete the zeros in EARLY 2017”)

The insurgents are also retreating in Syria, mainly in the face U.S.-backed Kurdish-led forces.

The insurgency is expected to continue in the sparsely populated desert region along the Syrian border even if Mosul is fully captured.

Iranian-backed Shi'ite paramilitary forces are fighting Islamic State in that part of the country where Baghdadi is believed to be hiding, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials. (They will have to get rid of the Iranian-backed Shi'ite paramilitary forces out of Iraq and this too is critical to the reconciliation efforts and thus RV. Don’t believe me, can’t change your thinking patterns to believe me? Just wait and we will see who is right and who is wrong….lol….lol….)
Hot News Just in today 5/29- Baghdad / ... the security committee in the Nineveh confirmed Monday that the remaining of Ayman al-Mosul under the control of "Daeshspace is only 2%, and while suggesting the possibility of the full liberalization of Mosul announced during the next few hours, she stressed that the organization's defenses "Daesh" terrorist I saw large collapses as a result of tight siege by security forces.
Mosul to be liberated in week, PM Abadi orders celebration preparations

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) Military sources have said that liberation of Mosul will not last for more than one week to prevent battling in the city after June 10, which marks the day on which Mosul fell to hands of the Islamic State militants in 2014, reports mentioned.

News websites quoted sources as saying that Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi gave instructions to prepare for celebrations in the country after liberation of Mosul, which will be declared through him and not in military statements like what happened with other cities when freed from ISIS. (So this to the final celebration unlike the other celebrations in the other districts, which were totally misinterpreted by these so called intel “gurus” as the final celebration. So now we hear it and get it straight. Are all you so called intel “gurus” all listening?)

Elimination of IS militants in Mosul killed and injured more than 30,000 civilians, most of whom were women and children, over the past eight-month old battle, which started in October, the sources added. Hundreds of violations were recorded by local and foreign organizations. The total count of losses and destruction of more than eighty percent of the city was estimated to be more than US$50 billion.

Iraqi generals had earlier predicted recapturing the city in mid-May before start of the holy month of Ramadan, which began on Saturday. (Oh – wait a second they just told us last week Ramadan begins on Sunday, yesterday 5/28? Now they are telling us if began on Saturday 5/27. So which is it? So you see, that even in the middle east Ramadan varies between countries and even is confused by a day or two throughout the various regions within the same country. So please can we settle down and stop all these arguments as to when it begins. Does it really matter? Is it worth all the arguments?)

Iraqi commanders say they at least 90 percent of territories in western Mosul is under Iraqi troops control, predicting to retake the city before the end of May. Only two districts besides the Old City are under IS control.

Iraqi forces have been sweeping through northwestern neighborhoods over the past few weeks in a way to invade the strategic Old City, after finding it hard to invade from the south.

The eastern side of Mosul was retaken in January after three months of battles. Another major offensive was launched in February to recapture the western flank of the city.

(So just where do they stand in the “full” liberalization of Mosul? We get from this article that the “official” announcement and celebrations will not take place until around June 10th. In another article I sent you today it tells us that and I quote from the article – “while suggesting the possibility of the full liberalization of Mosul announced during the next few hours”.

This is all we know. Please stop guessing and making your own intel over this timeframe. Just read it for what it is, sit and wait to see how it progresses in the coming week. We could be out of this doghouse by early to  mid June. Finally!
Governor of the Central Bank: Deposit Protection Law will see the light very soon

(The CBI has talked about this law now for over a year. This is necessary to attract investors. Investors need to know their investments will be protected under law, should the banks get raided again by more terrorists, bombed or taken over by another would-be dictator. You see this too is part of the needed STABILITY and SECURITY the CBI keeps referring to. So this is perfect news for us…)

Economy News _ Baghdad:

Iraqi Central Bank revealed, on Sunday, for the Deposit Protection Act will see the light soon, stressing that the law will be supportive of the banks and its customers.

(So there are really 3 main reasons that I can see right off the bat for the necessity of this action by the CBI:
1)The CBI needs to draw in these large 3 zero notes. Will this new law give citizens incentives to trust the banks?. But this is just a minor reason.  
2) The real reason is to have the banks infused with larger amounts of capital $$$$. The banks need this capital to lend out as loans to entrepreneurs and businessmen to kick start their economy. It’s called “liquidity”. How many times have read articles from the CBI telling us liquidity is a major problem with the banks in Iraq. They need money to loan out. The CBI can’t continue to keep taking its reserves and infusing the banks to boost the economy. This is simply not the cash cycle or any kind of cash flow they desire. Each the CBI tells us they are infusing the banks, this is bad news for us.)
3)International investors will need a save house (the banks) to put their profits and then be able to transfer then abroad (take them out of Iraq).    

The governor of the central bank, on the Keywords in a press interview seen by the "Economy News", that "the central bank is keen to develop the banking system in Iraq, in addition to the protection of deposits of citizens," pointing out that "the Deposit Protection Act will see the light very soon."

Keywords stressed that "the law will create trust between the citizen and the banks, which is supported internationally," calling "banks to associate him strongly to be a real beacon for the Iraqi banking sector."

The Central Bank, in (June 7, 2016), the establishment of a deposit guarantee in the government and private banks with a capital of 100 billion Iraqi dinars, and said the aim of the foundation is to motivate citizens to deposit their money in banks rather than Aktnazha, explaining that the money compacta citizens outside banks amounting to more than 30 trillion dinars. (The CBI is telling us more than 30 trillion dinars is outside the banking system the CBI needs to move this money into the banking system)

The Iraqi Association of private banks, announced in (October 2015), the proportion of deposits among government banks ranging from 65 to 68 trillion dinars, of which no more than 22 trillion dinars deposits of private banks. (This brings us to another topic for discussion. The CBI is in the process of promoting the “privatization” of the Iraqi banking system. This too will build confidence in the banking system, as many citizens do not trust govt owned entities. Why should they based on the past record?)

Iraq is preparing to launch a second round of Treasury bonds

Central Bank Governor Ali al-Alak announced on Thursday that the bank is ready to offer the second batch of treasury bonds by one billion dollars to international banks. (To international banks?)

“Bonds that were guaranteed by the US government were floated and sold for $ 1 billion. This guarantee helped cut the interest rate to about 2 percent or slightly more,” Alaq said in a news interview.

Al-Alak added that “Iraq has an intention to raise another billion, and this goal from the beginning and according to the budget law to raise $ 2 billion, so as not to be high interest costs guaranteed the United States billion dollars to be the other billion market interest combined with other interest, “This is helping to reduce interest rates,” he said, adding that “preparations are being made for the issuance of these bonds to international banks.”
He stressed the “absence of any conditions or dictations on Iraq by the IMF and the World Bank on the issue of loans,” noting at the same time that “the reserves of hard currency comfortable and reassuring in accordance with international standards.”

He pointed to the “Iraq’s success in moving to the rank of follow-up member according to the international classification of international financial transactions after he was threatened years ago on the black list.” (We know for a FACT that Iraq has since moved to the “white” list, which incidentally is VERY GOOD!)
Monetary mass compactum is estimated at 40 trillion dinars

Cash contributed to the crisis in the last two years and the drop in crude oil prices, as well as the volatile security situation, in the exacerbation of the phenomenon of cash compactness of the Iraqi citizen paid also weak confidence in the banking system because of the weak structure of the latter and the difficulty of dealing in deposit and financial transfers. 

According to the available data, the cluster of large cash in the range of 40 trillion dinars, is now out of the economic cycle, because they Chunky in the houses and shops, and this is affecting the economic activity and investment operations and development. (So from the article above they just told us 30 trillion was outside the banking system.Now they tell us this figure is 40 trillion. So which is it 30 or 40? This is a huge difference. Do you see now how their own news channels conflict? )

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. Mohamed Mazhar Saleh, says in an exclusive interview with (range): The phenomenon of hoarding cash is very present in the developing countries, and including Iraq, that citizens  their money in houses outside of bank credit, this is a deduction of income cycle completed interested in collecting banking institutions money, and work income cycle that achieve the major benefit of economic activity, pointing out that there are two factors for the lack of investment of citizens in banks,
1)the inability of those banks to interact with the public because of the habits of social and traditions inherited in society (need a change in paradigm) , and
2)the weakness of the banking structure that contributes to the promotion of a culture of investment in the banks(needed new banking laws and now have them) and therefore there is the case of hesitation and fear of investing money in banks, banks and government and private alike.

Saleh said that the investment in banks and banks is subject to real guarantees of the citizen (this is coming very soon by instituting the new Deposit Protection Act we just read about in the article above)

and facilitate adds withdrawing his money and the operation of such funds by banks and banks within the economic cycle, and thus their ability to lend within loans Recuperative and this is what drives the market, pointing out that, the crisis of cash in the last two years was the result of the decline in global crude oil prices and rents the national economy, curbed the role of banks and their potential to promote a culture of investment.

And Saleh, the promotion and the promotion of investment in the banking culture and urged citizens to save will raise the levels of liquidity in the banks, particularly moving loans towards beneficiaries and reduce the country 's need for foreign loans, and thus moving the deficit on the one hand and move the surplus for the citizen.

He pointed Saleh, that the prime minister, approved the guarantee of deposits that have been approved since almost a year institution ( so this is telling us this new Deposit Protection Act was approved already and passed the cabinet and was delivered to parliament where it now sits waiting for a vote so the CBI can implement it) , but the work did not see the light, which is a real guarantee of money citizens when deposited in banks and government banks, and thus less risk operations and risk in the funds invested , noting that the most important steps to encourage investment in banks, the bonds are open to the public, which borrows from it and blocking accounts through companies, and these methods to absorb liquidity compacta of the citizen implicated in the income cycle properly through the protection of deposits.

Saleh believes that the government create trust institutions and raise the psychological barrier between the banks and the banks on the one hand and between the citizen on the other hand, the organization of citizen awareness campaigns risks compactness including exposure to cash compacta damage. 

For his part , said the financial expert , Dr. Ahmed Rehn, in a special interview for (range): The money is the currency when the citizen and deposits are money in the banks and the banks, and therefore it is natural that people and companies keeps money in their vaults to walk everyday things.

Rehn added that, the last ten years decreased the currency of the ratio of money, and tended to deal with banks and banks are more than before the citizen, pointing to the need to facilitate the transfer and deposit operations by banking institutions, so do not citizen to deal with, and strengthen security in the country, the fact that there are  surveillance of banks by gangs and armed groups.
(So now they are telling us what measures that they CBI has taken in the past to get the citizens to use the banks)

He added that there are several programs have been put forward for the development of banking mechanisms, it has proven recent years very significant improvement in banking services by increasing awareness of the citizen and employee bank or the bank through the beneficiary CARROT deposit funds in different quantities.

Sees Bureihi, lack of Chunky funds: There are even money in circulation, and this is present in each country between the so - called currency cash deposits and financial, and we hope that the currency rate of decline in favor of deposits in banks. 
​Notes Bureihi, the currency in circulation is estimated at between 35 - 40 trillion Iraqi dinars, and this amount is not considered significant if it was calculated on the percentage of population of Iraq and the average per capita GDP, which is estimated by 6 and a half million dinars, and amid the decline in oil prices and hoarding of the individual nearly million Iraqi dinars this is not over the habit.

The Central Bank of Iraq called on citizens earlier to the acquisition of national bonds , rather than relying on the hoarding of money, and stressed that those bonds will have a "good financial benefits." 

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, during a press conference, said that the national bonds "will achieve citizen good financial returns , " noting that, the Central Bank put interest on the bonds, so compete with foreign interest, pointing out that, the central bank wants to bring interest to the citizen through bonds Interior rather than resort to put foreign bonds. 

The central bank announced in January 2015 that the financial reserve for Iraq is equivalent to one and half times the monetary mass, considering it the "best rates" in the countries of the world, as he emphasized that Iraqi financial institutions are "unable" to the fiscal deficit to cover, he stressed the need to reconsider in the structure of the budget and spending and diversification of income sources and achieve investment more broadly to address the decline in oil prices.

Kuwait broadens economic cooperation with Iran and Iraq

Tehran, May 28, IRNA – Kuwaiti government is to facilitate five important ports in the country to bolster economic cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq, Kuwaiti minister said on Sunday. (Do you see now why they, meaning the IMF, is pushing for equitable currencies between all three of these countries?)

Kuwait is to turn some very important islands to economic hubs to increase volume of imports and exports from the country mainly with Iran and Iraq via joint water borders, the minister said.

Kuwait’s government is to invest over $100 billion in those areas and have initiated talks with the Chinese companies, he said.

Expansion of relations and cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq help maintain regional stability, he said. (oops- there it is again that naughty word STABILITY….lol…lol…) 

Kuwait welcomes expansion of relations with Iran and Iraq to bolster regional cooperation, he said.

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

"Questions: Exchanging/Europeans/Requirements/Sleepers" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee , 29 MAY

Questions: Exchanging/Europeans/Requirements/Sleepers


Post/Question: (1)

My Answers In Dark Orange - OWK/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

"Questions for OWK/Richard" by Lone Fearless Cactus - 5.26.17

Entry Submitted by Lone Fearless Cactus at 10:16 PM EDT on May 26, 2017


I have several questions that I have jotted down over past few weeks I would appreciate your time and knowledge answers to regarding the exchanges.

1) Since we have recently been told this has changed to a more "word of mouth" segmented roll out, how will anyone know a specific persons phone number who has been "gifted" currencies or bought from a "friend?"

That is a very good question and the answer is that when you get the 800#, you then tell all those who you gifted currency to so they can call in and get an appointment. Frankly, this is the ONLY way, MOST of those giftees will get the 800#s since they are not watching the websites. If you don't tell your giftees, and they are not watching the websites, and are not on a mailing list, they WILL MISS OUT ON THE HIGH RATES. And... if they wait too long, they will miss out at any redemption, since after a year or less, they will stop taking those currencies forever.

2) Since we have been in such a "any day is any moment" mode for several weeks due to the segmented roll out in slow motion instead of the all at once mode is our/your "group" on DC large enough the e-mails or calls will go same- in smaller "groups?" You mentioned you will have your group contacts out within 1-2 hours after receiving your packet and reading the instructions.

I will call my Personal contacts as soon as I make my appointment, and I will then call them until the rates come out on the website. BUT, I know for sure that I will not be able to call everyone. So, if I don’t get to you, don't worry, since I am at the end, the next step is FULL ON RELEASE. It will then be on the Websites and be sent out by email as well.

It is important to note, that in the Segments plan, it is still the World's biggest secret, thus the word of mouth system. However, once it goes live and it is on the governments websites, it can be sent by email and published on IDC as well. Note also, that when you get the number, you are to set your appointment FIRST, then pass on the number to whomever you have direct contact to.

3) If everything has been completed that was necessary to become a "go" and Safety/Security is #1 Priority can you envision anything including more "Cabal B.S." that could cause a stop in the segmented process that could take another month for things to progress or even slower for us Light Workers to go?

No, I can't think of a thing that could cause a problem. I am the last of the segments, and when I go, it is almost over. When the 800#s are on the Website... IT IS OVER. Then the remaining few who did not get contacted, will call in and get their appointments and then the shutdown of the exchange centers is just a couple of weeks away.

4) I heard on a call the other night someone explaining the exchange center procedures of walking in and the following happening;

1) verification of identity,
2) verification of currencies and amounts, then verifying authenticity,
3) meeting the actual exchange Banker and being "offered screen rate (no NDA),
4) Accepting or asking for "back screen or private negotiated (NDA) amount for currency,
5) Ask/request cash & Cashier's checks,
6) Offer or negotiate Structured Payouts,
7) Read, sign all agreed paperwork,
8) Meet briefly and set appointment with Wealth Manager.

This all sounds right to me.

Leave and go straight home to do your "happy dance."

Please forgive if you have gone over the above but wanted to confirm I have not missed anything and these were all true. I will deeply appreciate and anticipate your time and answers.

Thanking you in advance,

Lone Fearless Cactus


Post/Question: (2)

"To OWK: How to Redeem Outside USA?" by WhollyOneness - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by WhollyOneness at 2:48 AM EDT on May 27, 2017

Question for OWK

My question: How do currency holders outside of the U.S.A. find the sources in their country to set up appointments in their local redemption center?

There are many around the world outside the U.S.A who have currency to exchange during the RV. However, they are left pretty much in the dark as to how to contact a bank/redemption center to set up their appointments. 

It seems that all information on the internet is for people in the U.S.A. only. I live in Europe and I cannot find any sources of information or support comparable to the DC that focuses on people in my country and language. 

It is not possible to call U.S. (toll-free) 800#’s from Europe as far as I know and there are no alternative numbers to call to set up appointments for Europeans that I am aware of. It is really strange that the RV seems to be mainly set up around American currency holders. Thousands of Light Workers in other locations around the world who want to do humanitarian projects might miss out on the RV and risk not ever being in a position to launch their large scale projects that will benefit many others and our planet. That doesn't seem logical. 

Thank you Patrick for the wonderful platform you make available here. And OWK, thank you for your selfless giving. You both are appreciated, as are the many others who gather here on DC. I am glad I found you all here.

‘ WhollyOneness’



This is an easy question. 

#1) If you see that the 800# is posted on IDC, meaning that the GCR is over, then call the 800# if you can, from where ever you are. Ask questions and tell them what country you are in and you will get the number you need or instructions on what to do. EASY!

#2) If you can't call that number, look for exchange instructions for other countries. I expect that there will be some sort of information on what to do if you are in another country. After all, the NPTB, and the Elders know that EVERYONE looks to IDC for the latest and most accurate information on the GCR. So, expect to find what you need here on IDC, when this goes live.

#3) If you cannot call the 800# on IDC, because it is outside your country, and you can't find any information (Which I doubt), then look up the HSBC in your country. Ask for the currency department, and tell them what currencies you have (NOT HOW MUCH), and ask for instructions to exchange for where you are. Be sure to tell them you are requesting the "Privately Negotiated Rates." They will know what that means by then. Remember that until this goes "LIVE" they will not acknowledge the GCR at All! They will lie to your face because they have to. NO PROOF shall be given of this World Secret event until it is OVER. (Hear that "Doubter Nick?" )

#4) If you can't call the US, and you can't find an HSBC in your country, then look up the Largest Bank in your country, or area, and call the currency exchange department and ask the same questions as above.

I GUARANTEE there will be a way to get the information you need, when you need it, in one of these four ways. 


Post/Question: (3)

"Thank you Gurus, Q's for OWK" by Sunny Boy - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by Sunny Boy at 12:48 AM EDT on May 28, 2017

Greetings IDC family and congratulations to everyone in this family who are going to partake in this unbelievable event about to happen these days. I know that it has been a lot of ups and downs but we prevailed and as OWK said "we are the ones " leading the army of Light workers towards an amazing new World Order that starts with the RV/GCR.

Thank you to all the intel Gurus in this site. I understand that the frustrations could also run among all of you and you were patient enough to put up with our weaknesses as light workers when tribulations invaded our souls on many instances.

Humongous thank you to Yosef, One Who Knows =Richard, Tank , Bruce, TNT, and others i cant recall now. thank you for your valid and unselfish Intel reports .

Also big thanks to Grandfather, Quan Yim, The Elders, , the NPTB, and all those who worked for decades to make this happen. Thank you indeed from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all light workers 



1- Carrying ID-verification of ID : i had some questions from people who hold Zim and Dinar currency holders who only posses ID documents from their countries of Birth or expired ones. yes, they are immigrants and refugees. They are afraid that they won't be allowed to exchange due to this reason.

In my book, and told them this and ignore if I did wrong by saying this, since this is a humane and benevolent event carried by benevolent people and the Elders, I do not believe that it will be a problem accepting their forms of Identification currently holding. 

As a side note, i found out that at least three banks like WF, BoA, and Chase they accept foreign docs to open Bank accounts. I did not know that.

I even told them to bring their utility bills, letters from banks, or any other job ID they may have. In my humble opinion, we are all children of God and they also deserve an opportunity to partake in this great event since most come from countries who desperately need this financial relief and who better than them to destine these trillions to a wonderful cause of helping those living in absolute poverty in their own countries...Did I do wrong by saying all that?..i hope not.

Bring whatever you have. They know that there will be some who live under bridges that have little or no ID. Just bring everything you have and the Bank will do what they can to get you an account and exchanged. Remember, they understand the Cabal have made it very tough on all of us, and they are not going to refuse you because you don't have CABAL ID. Remember, you have REAL CASH MONEY in your hands. It is not like you are asking for them to give you a loan, instead you are asking them to change the REAL money you ALREADY HAVE into a different money that you can more easily use.

Special Note On Dress Code: Dress yourself as best as you can. Remember you are the one with the ZIM in your hand, and THEY want to impress you. THIS IS A SURE THING. You will get exchanged, and they will NOT be judging your clothes, they will be judging your heart.

2-Being chalked: remember that unique Sitrep by Yosef under the title of "chalk" ? well, friends and co-workers are worried about it since some of them have some minor records in their histories ( misdemeanors ) and they feel like they will not be allowed to exchange due to this. i tried to explain that probably it does not apply to them since it was basically about who harmed light workers via ill comments on the IDC website or any site, or spreading lies that obstruct the normal process of the RV/GCR. ..is that a correct explanation?

YES, the NPTB know EVERYTHING about you, but MOST of it does not matter. The things that count are the ones that indicate if you are a Light Worker, or a Dark Worker. They understand that you could have a past that is over, and you have changed since then, that is GOOD. That is what they are looking for. Un paid tickets, IRS bill, unpaid Child Support, and any other financial hard ships will NOT count against you, after all, that was how the Cabal controlled us. I would say that 99% of us will have no problems exchanging. Most of the Trolls have already been picked up and others have already been informed that they will not be permitted to exchange. If you have not been told that you will not be able to exchange, you can expect to be able to exchange. 

3-HEALING SHIPS: i wonder about these amazing healing ships that i am sure most of us are also waiting to meet them and visit. i heard so much about them and I am really concerned about my mother who is under strong medication and still working under such conditions. She will badly need the wonderful benefits of being under the care of these wonderful healing ships. and for all of us. do you have any idea when would they appear?..how?..who are they?...i assume they show up after the RV/GCR.

It is important to understand that we are all on our way to evolving to our higher state of Consciousness. Being in perfect health is a very important part of that. So, we will get money for ourselves and others to achieve the Vibration of Abundance, then it will be Important for all of us to reach perfect health in every way. The GCR is to support abundance and the Healing ships and their technology is to support Perfect Health. I wrote a post on this:

"Understanding the Healing Ships Health-Reset" - One Who Knows - 4.26.17

4-Gathering: i have to confess that i felt really sad to know that our planet will be totally transformed on its surface and not longer allowed to live on it. You have not idea how much i Love this planet Earth and I was hoping that after we all invest in her by rebuilding cities, towns and countries via the RV/GCR, this planet could become a more livable one.

Don't take me wrong..i am fascinated with the idea of visiting the inner Earth and Hollow earth to meet our brothers an sisters living there. But, breaks my heart to see that in the very near future we won't be living on the surface of planet Earth. I am sure that we can rebuild our cities into more humane ones and without pollution whatsoever. 

any idea when the expansion and the Gathering would happen?..I hope we get time to rebuild the planet before it happens.

We were the "Grand Experiment" in the Universe. On EVERY other planet, the inhabitants live on the inside. We were the weird experiment with people living on the Surface of a Planet, and that experiment will come to an end. The surface will become a giant National Park. You can spend time there, but not mess it up with structures and cities. The inside will be plenty big enough to support all of us. Importantly, all of the planets in our Solar system have life inside the planets, just like we do in Hollow Earth. That is "How it is done." So it is not a matter of something going wrong, but instead something going right. I have written several posts on this matter.

First is the post about the Gathering that Zorra and I explained on his call. 


Then there is a question I answered for someone who was worried about it. 

"Question: About The Gathering" - One Who Knows - 5.26.17

Then there is a post about our building cities that will eventually come down. It all make sense, once you understand the big picture.


Then there is a post from Hope For The World, who has no idea what she is talking about. She is just on some sort of rampage absolutely refuting what Zorra and Grandfather have been saying about our future. She seems to think that she knows more than they do. Are you kidding me? HFTW, when you are 2.5 billion years old, and the Author of The Plan that Saves Humanity and the Earth From Total Cabal Destruction, and you fly your spaceship into an Asteroid over Russia to save our Planet from Destruction, then, I will consider what YOU THINK. Until then, what you have to say is just Mindless Babble compared to what Grandfather and Zorra have to say.

This is HFTW's "Opinion" About the Gathering: (Spoiler Alert: She doesn't believe it)

"Human, Set Your Brain Free!" - Hope for the World - 5.26.17

Zorra Saves Earth By Destroying Asteroid:

Alien UFO Shoots Down Russian Meteor 2013 (HD)

Thank you so much One Who Knows. i really do and always looking forward to your savvy and wisdom via your postings. 

Hang in there IDC family..!! we are almost there..


signed : SUNNY BOY


Post/Question: (4)

"How on Earth to Approach the Family of Cynics" by Gem - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by Gem at 12:24 AM EDT on May 27, 2017

When the RV rollout has rolled over all of us, how on earth will we explain the wealth to our cynical/ignorant/disbelieving/dumbfounded/fearful but beloved family members? Watching an episode of Ancient Aliens this evening with one such family member that I live with, and hearing their constant barrage of insults and heckling directed at the television as our dear friend, the one and only David Wilcock, explained how the ancient Mayan(?) cities were built along an astronomical map of the stars, I realized just how nervous I am for the truth to be revealed to the doubters and disbelievers. They really will freak out. And possibly be very angry. Perfectly nice people...intellectuals...liberals...taxpayers...so certain of their worldview and seeing any challenge to it as something to be ridiculed and silenced. I ask why on earth they would feel this way, but that is another topic...another rant. 

I can't even say the word "Illuminati" in my home or I spark a major argument. They react with such anger and arrogance even when I speak of such things with playful humor. And I wince as their enraged criticism is hurled at me, vowing to never speak the word again...until I do... (:

Mainly, I am extremely excited for the truth to be out for all to see, and I'm also excited to finally be validated in the eyes of society for my belief in the New Age. However, seeing the raw anger/annoyance/arrogance/one-up-man-ship/"this is unbelievably stupid how could anybody ever believe any of this" attitude directed toward a benign episode of Ancient Aliens made me a wee bit nervous about the prospect of explaining my newfound infinite wealth to such loved ones. Never mind the fact that I am starseed. 

It felt good to get that off my chest. If anybody has a similar situation and is having similar feelings of trepidation about explaining the RV post-RV, I would love to hear your experiences and/or suggestions.

Staying strong, Staying Light,




As far as trying to bring the sleeping public (or family & Friends) up to speed on what is going on in the World, just wait. Remember they are so asleep that the Republic had to have fake elections, and a fake President and congress this whole time just to ease them into the idea that we will have a new Government with Paul Ryan as President. If they have to go to that much trouble and expense to gently ease the Public into a new Paradigm, then what hope do you have to talk your way to their enlightenment? I wrote a post on how the public needs to be woken up in a very careful way.

"Re: Why Keep the Sleeping Public.. Sleeping?" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17

The best thing to do, is to let "Disclosure" do the work for you. The NPTB already have hours and hours of video explaining all the things that you want to tell them. Plus it will be on TV where they have been trained to get all their information. The NPTB will do all the heavy lifting for you. 

#1) They already know what to do to bring people up to speed.

#2) They have control of the TV where these sleepers believe everything they see.

#3) They have other messages that will make people want to hear more like NO MORE TAXES, guaranteed income for life, and no more credit card bills and no more mortgage payments. Once they hear that, they will want to hear EVERYTHING that is going on.

Your place in all of this is like a "Enlightenment Tour Guide." Imagine you are taking these sleeping ones, down a path of enlightenment. As the new information shows up on the TV and other places, as the guide, you give further explanation about what that means and how it works. Then when the next information dump happens on TV, again, as the "Guide" you explain it more and point out more places to learn even more.

Instead of "Forcing" information on them, you wait till stuff starts showing up on TV and then they will be begging you for more information. That is way more fun to give information when it is wanted than when it is not. That time is very near. Soon there will be a whirlwind of activity in government, banking, alien disclosure, life on other planets and within our own. AND, once it starts, it will never end. 


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. aka Swervy McGee