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Kaperoni says the CBI has two prices for the dinar..cash and via remittance. , 18 MAY

 Article:  "The stability of central bank sales at $ 159 million"  Quote:   "The size of the amount sold today reached 159 million and 547 thousand, and $ 157, priced at 1182 dinars exchange rate against the dollar, with the participation of 37 banks and 11 financial transfer company." The statement said, "The amounts transferred to the accounts of banks, as well as cash sales were priced at 1190 dinars per dollar sale abroad."  

 [I'm a little bit confused, these figures 1182 & 1190 exchange rate, is this normal? We're looking for 1204 right!] 

 Yea, the CBI has two prices for the dinar..cash and via remittance. I think that is pretty standard. 

 What we care about the market rate or street rate of the dinar which is around 1251.  They need to reduce that to around 1200 to be in compliance with the IMF.



Aggiedad77:  The notes from last night follows below....enjoy your study....and be studious
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CC Notes Wednesday 05-17-2017

Frank26:  Welcome Family as we walk into the second part of our conference call tonight, the study of our investment, the Iraqi dinar…..all honor and glory to God and all thanks to our TEAMS that bring me information that allows me to look good in front of you…..

I am very grateful for all of you who posted and said some kind words, because all human beings want to be recognized….and what we do on Monday’s and Wednesday’s is rather strenuous and takes a lot of work so let’s get started.
On Monday’s CC we left you with the hopes and desires that Abadi would be announcing the liberation of Mosul…..on the following day on Tuesday you KTFA Family and the internet were privileged to see our brother DELTA come in and he told you something that Abadi had said on Iraqia television….the key is thought that it was said on Iraqia television….because that means that every citizen in Iraq heard it….

”URGENT: From Iraqia Television Expected Declaration of Liberation of Mosul on Friday”….and a lot of you got excited when you saw that because the day before we had prepared you for this happening…but what you did not see….even though you looked at it…..what you did not understand….even though you talked about it amongst yourselves on our Forum….is that the wording of this translation was unique….when DELTA translated it for us….he put it on our forum exactly the way it was translated by him….now within about 30 minutes after we put it up there….one of our news hounds found it and put up the link on our forum which was then quickly copied and pasted by the internet….God Bless them

I hope it would help them….but they also did not know that something within this translation was something very important….they said “On Friday”….they didn’t say by Friday….they said “On Friday”….and the person that is making this statement….is Abadi….exactly who we wanted to hear say such a thing did we not…..GIVE ME MOSUL….and we will have the Monetary Reform at a much faster speed….that evening DELTA was also able to put up some other articles….and one individual put up a picture of a car….these people in Iraq….in Mosul….were shown decorating their cars…..

DELTA called me and said Frankie did you see that….and I said yeah interesting picture….especially in the heart of Mosul for them to  be doing that….DELTA then said to me….what was the last thing you said on Monday’s CC…..so Family what was the last thing I said….the very last thing I said….now I’m going to give you a cherry that goes on top of Mount Everest…it was this….on Iraqia television DELTA released….”URGENT: The Military Commander Sends Urgent Warning to Mosul Residents, All with Motorcycles, Bikes, Cars Get Off the Road Quickly Everybody We are Finishing Up the Remaining Areas of Occupation of Terrorists of ISIS in Mosul We Want Everyone to Get Their Motor Vehicles Off the Road, Get Off All Wheeled Vehicles Get Off the Road”…..do you remember that…so that was the last thing I told you on Monday night….

And then the following day on Tuesday you see the pictures of these cars….seriously Mosul citizens get out of the way….oh no man we are fixing up our cars we are going to celebrate…..listen to me I am the military commanding general I need you guys to get out of the way….we are doing the final assault….but we are decorating our cars we already got this place liberated….you guys are just cleaning up a little bit….GET OFF THE STREETS FOR GOD’S SAKE…..ok…ok we take our car back into the garage we finish fixing it up in there….are you Mexican….no I’m Arabic why would you ask that….because we can add a little nitrous oxide to make your car bounce up and down…..I don’t we better get out of here because the commanding general is not very happy….I present it to you in humor….but it is humor that has become Mosul’s fact of life….that you missed completely….there is a preparation for a celebration inside of Mosul by the citizens of Mosul.

Today you saw a video of a woman who came running out screaming…thank God you freed us….thank God….a mortar landed right in front of our home and we thought we were going to be dead for sure and yes they have been treating us bad…..you saw that video didn’t you….they were saying….we honor you…you saved us….we did not ever think we would be liberated….we never thought we would be freed….you have come….you think it was done today in the morning….you think that video was done yesterday….Mosul is about to be given to you Family and Abadi made it very clear….after our CC on Monday the way we told you to look for it….the way he told you….I will give you the liberation ON FRIDAY.

Now you talk about a schedule….ON FRIDAY sir….yeah…..because the next day….well we will talk about it later.

They also told you today well we are at about 98% in liberating all of Mosul…then tomorrow you will be at 99% and Friday you will be at 100% so give it to us ON FRIDAY…..they didn’t say by Friday….they said ON FRIDAY Family….this is a very nice and neat schedule…and the preparations for the celebrations of the victory and the announcement of the freedom and liberation of Mosul is well on its way.

With the media IMO always behind….for Abadi to say he will announce it ON FRIDAY….that is pretty good….and this 98% that is left….ok…and what little bit is left is the fact that they are not done editing….and they are already introducing the whole world….come on in….well shouldn’t we wait until after Friday when you announce it…just come on in….international world…come on in….you know our goal was to become international in the first half of 2017 right…and you know we’ve been meeting with you privately haven’t we…..come on in…..Friday Family is a target date….and me and my TEAMS we were very attracted to this pattern.

Things are heating up also in Saudi Arabia….not only on their soil Family but also in Washington, DC….and Fox News showed you all of that….in DC Saudi Arabia is having many meetings…..and I find it interesting because on the 19th this Friday we hope to see Abadi announce the liberation of Mosul….because that evening going into the 20th Donald Trump will be going to the Middle East…..we need to see that announcement on Friday by Abadi…..because IMO two days ago on Monday….Iraq went international….I’m glad you are not listening Family because what I just said was very powerful….and Happy Birthday by the way….

I’m being very methodical and very slow about this because I am once again going to disappear…..come on in says Abadi….not only to the international world….but to Donald Trump….come in and look at my homework….that is why we need to see Abadi make this announcement on Friday….and then the next step on Monday they went international….and then the next step is for them to make this announcement….they are international…and in the same breath…at least very close to it to announce they have lifted the 000’s from the exchange rate for the international world to be able to come in….IMO on Monday they launched the international status of Iraq….and that is why you have Abadi bragging the way he did because it makes no sense to invite the international community into his country at a program rate.

Family….many….many…ME nations….well all of them….are scared of ISIS/DAASH….and for that matter of Iran….because they saw the cancer that Iran was to Iraq….and when Obama pulled us out a few years ago they were all scared that terrorism would enter their countries….by the same source….Iran….that is why today you saw an article that came out and said…..no we are in deep talks….who is we….the US troops, commanders, and generals….we are in deep talks with Iraq about keeping our troops in Iraq….that reassurance is really very important and that is also why I believe you saw Abadi tell them all….come on in….the Security and Stability that we have been teaching through the removal of terrorism is well accomplished….and you don’t have to be worried anymore about being bullied by Iran…..or anyone here….because the US is here….you meant the infidels….if that is what you want to call them…but they are here forever.

The timing of all of these things….is not a coincidence…..they are going to talk on Sunday….I’ll give you the dates in a minute….this Middle Eastern conference with Donald Trump and all the ME leaders is definitely historical…do you think they are going to talk about the financial issues of Iraq….yeah….do you think they will talk specifically about the Monetary Reform of Iraq’s currency….no….and the interesting thing to take note of too is that Abadi will be in-country when Donald Trump arrives….and they will meet on the 21st in Riyadh….and the topics at this meeting….they are going to be hot….but don’t expect to hear what their conversations are about….but we do want to see Mosul announced as fully liberated on Friday so the invitations to the international world can make sense….especially over this weekend.

I’m going to also talk on something else tonight that is very strong….it is about a union in Iraq….this union pointed their finger at the CBI yesterday and DELTA brought it to you….and they called upon the CBI to do the financial policy….and this financial policy encompasses the revaluation of their currency…but this union….they can cry and huff and puff all they want…but they need to get in that Long Line that you and I are standing in….until we see that Mosul is liberated and the announcement that Iraq is now international….and we are going to define what it means to be international tonight…..we need to see Abadi announce that Mosul is fully liberated ON FRIDAY….that is the next step in our studies right now….and then next we need to see what these ME meetings will give us as far as Iraq going international….I think these meetings will give birth to that publicly….and in the same breath as I said earlier….a change in their Monetary Reform policy through the lifting of the 000’s from their exchange rate.

Family how are you going to know if Iraq is international….because I told you that is the next thing we look for after Abadi announces the liberation of Mosul….what is the definition of Iraq being international….would you like to write it down….the definition of Iraq being international is when their currency is accepted world-wide…..when it is tradable at a venue like Forex with a completely different rate than a Program Rate…..that is when they are international….but Family we are not going to see a different rate if they do not announce they are going international…..Abadi has come so close in both of these primary subjects…..Abadi has come so close in telling you that Mosul is liberated….Abadi has come so close to telling you they are international…..they have to tell you these two things…..so let’s see what happens on Friday and over the weekend.

When they do give us Mosul…..GIVE ME MOSUL…..then we have the right to see and to ask for them to be international….which is defined as with a tradable currency.

An international status with a revalued currency

These two things are their next steps….are you with me.

Even if we get Mosul ON FRIDAY…..you need to keep in mind there will always be pockets of resistance in Iraq…..for example….Tikrit….right now they are still having some problems….but will these pockets of resistance in Tikrit stop Iraq from going international….keep Abadi from announcing they are international…..keep Abadi from telling the CBI to pull the IV….NO….it will hold up investment opportunities in Tikrit…but the conditions of Security and Stability are so much better….and that is why there is a great possibility that Abadi is about to announce that Mosul is fully liberated.

The sequence of events is almost like a DNA structure….if you don’t get these steps of the Monetary Reform in the right sequence….you are going to have a deformity…..be patient and follow the lava flow of the Monetary Reform and you are going to create something beautiful….RECONCILIATION.

Not by Friday Abadi says….ON FRIDAY….and DELTA brought us this directly from Iraqia television….that was later found and put on our forum and then copied and pasted.

This month of May is indeed a wonderful month to me.

This whole CC is in my opinion….Aggiedad and Frosty do as you always do start and end our notes that this is all in my opinion…and keep throwing in that this is all in my opinion.

When we were together last on Monday I also left you with the idea that IMO there is a possibility of 6-7 currencies that may go up in value….in conjunction with the Iraqi dinar…..in the same breath there are probably going to be 12-13 currencies that go down in value…..IMO it is a total of about 19-20 different currencies….that are going to be teeter-tottering….and I talked to you about the Vietnamese dong as one of them…and I only gave you four…and I am going to review these four again.

I’m impressed with Vietnam….with their GDP….with their growth….with their trading….I’m impressed….especially how they are following IMF regulations and doing their best…..but they are an export country…they are solely an export country….they are unbalanced with their imports…and with them only being an export country leaves me to question where they are at with their reforms….but…they are improving economically and with the US trade…and for that matter with world trade….the Vietnamese dong.

The Indonesian rupiah once again has been doing very good economically and with the IMF….and they do have an electronic explosion and a much better banking structure….the Indonesian rupiah is interesting.

So number 3….and it may sound crazy but I did talk about it on Monday….the Iranian rial….on Monday Donald Trump said that he was thinking of removing the sanctions from Iran…..but like I told you on Monday the UN has already removed those sanctions….so what sanctions is Donald Trump talking about….the only sanctions left are the ones we kept on them….not through the UN but through the US….

What was it….we left sanctions on their currency….we left sanctions on their financial situation….and yet over a year ago this happened…China, Russia, London, and so much of the EU has poured into Iran…and I suppose this is why we are respecting Donald Trump…what he just said about the Iranian sanctions…and we are respecting the Iranian rial…the country is actually prospering despite the pain in the butt they are about their nuclear proliferation….they only have the sanctions that we the US impose on them…..but if Donald Trump lifts that sanction away from the Iranian rial…I mean remember those cartoons where you see the rabbit running with his feet going a thousand miles an hour and as soon as he hits the ground BOOM he takes off….that is the way I see Iran’s currency.

Number 4….the Iraqi dinar….self explanatory.

Number 5….the Egyptian pound….well I talked to you very thoroughly about that didn’t I…..you see each one of these areas is different….I started with Vietnam and I can tell you that Vietnam doesn’t get loans from the IMF…and because of that there isn’t a lot of information about Vietnam with the IMF.

Those are just some thoughts….just thoughts that’s all about those currencies.

Meanwhile…..we broke into the Old City last night….Haja….we told you that on Monday night, and then you see on Tuesday they have about 90% of Haja….and Abadi is talking about these old districts of Mosul…just like we told you on Monday.

I told you on Monday that IMO the international status of Iraq began….and today the 17th….I don’t know what it is…but there is something in my soul….in my spirit….about today.

Before I leave the currencies….Iran like I said is like a little rabbit running fast in place and as soon as they are put down they take off….and I say that and want to cover this again….because when the sanctions were removed….we the US did not remove our sanctions….we did not want to help Iran in any way, shape, or form because they weren’t helping us with their nuclear proliferation testing….but so many businesses….so many countries….began to pour into Iran….and even with the US not being a part of it….things exploded for them….financially and economically…that is why they are on that verge with the little feet running IMO….let me give you an example….something we couldn’t control….we the US…but they did this because the UN released them from their sanctions….even though the US did not release them from our sanctions…..Boeing Aircraft from here in the US did an amazing, huge, gigantic deal…didn’t they….anyway….that is why we brought you the Iranian rial as a possible one of the four that would go with the dinar….I got to admit I got kind of excited when Donald Trump said we are going to release the sanctions from Iran….because the only one I know remaining is on the Iranian rial.

Let me talk to you about a union in Iraq…that just impressed us beyond belief….but it really doesn’t add up to a whole lot.

DELTA brought you an announcement last night that was being plastered all over the televisions of Iraq….they know something is going on….they too have something in their spirit….they have seen prices drop….they have seen their pay checks being paid differently….the citizens know something is up….

I suppose they are excited but they are more excited about the liberation of all their provinces, villages, and cities…..but after our Monday night CC DELTA told me he had something….and I said well just hold onto it….into the evening….I think it was like 2:43 in the morning DELTA couldn’t hold onto it any longer….so he puts it on our forum and it says….”Some Private Banks in Iraq Were Asking the CBI to Activate the Monetary Policy”….which has to do with the revaluation of their currency….they were telling them to basically install the new IQD rate…and this was on Iraqia television….they were talking about this out in the open for all the citizens to see this….you see this is a union of private banks in Iraq….Rafadain….Rasheed….Trade Bank….these are powerful banks in Iraq….I don’t know if the Islamic Bank is a part of this union too…but regardless this union of banks….these private banks were telling the CBI….activate it….activate it….send the memo….because like I told you IMO on the 28th they launched the Financial Reform…and this article…these banks that are practically telling the CBI to lift the 000’s now….as soon as possible….this is the speed of light we told you about…install the Iraqi dinar to us….the banks

On the 28th of April they had a Monetary Policy that was LAUNCHED….Frank spoke in Arabic, a phrase that basically means their Monetary Policy…think about this Family…..if these private banks are asking the CBI on Iraqia television in front of the citizens to show them the Monetary Policy….that they are asking them for the revaluation of their currency….well jiminy crickets….this is good.

You see the WB asked the same thing…what did the WB say….activate the Monetary Reform….we’ve already LAUNCHED it…..ACTIVATE it….the Monetary Reform….the Monetary Policy…..it includes the revaluation of your currency and lifting the 000’s from your exchange rate…..we also said on Monday’s CC that the WB would not be asking for this Monetary Reform if they knew Iraq was not able to do so…..a rate or rates have been working inside of Iraq.

Now Mosul did its best to free the citizens…..to bring Security and Stability….on Iraqia television….the last few days….plastered everywhere is about the liberation of Mosul that is coming….is their banks asking the CBI to do something about their policies….their Monetary Policy with their currency….and also about Donald Trump coming to the ME….this is not bad.
Frank was interrupted by a phone call he had to take.

So Abadi’s timing seems to have been well orchestrated for Trumps arrival don’t you agree…..also let me talk to you about bonds of Iraq…..the first time they tried to sell them a couple of years ago it did not work…the second time they tried to sell them, last summer….it did not work…it fizzled….but this time around the citizens are apparently smelling something aren’t they….yeah….and it turns out that DELTA went to the CBI website….and he said Frank…..and you can go to the CBI website and see this too….and there’s been an article released on this but I don’t think anyone paid attention to it…….

Frank they sold the bonds…really…what did they sell 4 or 5 of them….they sold all the bonds….excuse me….they sold all the bonds….no way….they sold all the bonds on the CBI website….DELTA that is impossible….the article from about 2 or 3 months ago the article said they had printed over 1 trillion dinars worth of bonds….I said that can’t be….unless the citizens are finally cooperating….that’s my point Frankie….Frankie….holy cow….by selling those bonds it means that in about 60 days the CBI had collected about 1 trillion dinars off the streets of Iraq…..their M0 figures are going to start to be balanced…..yeah….then he said….

Frankie…Frankie….3 years ago they printed the 5k and the 10k remember….yeah I remember…..do you remember they said they printed about 4 trillion of them and they were introduced to the citizens….well yeah I remember…..with Iraq now being successful the third time around and they sold 1 trillion worth of bonds the third time around….yeah they adjusted their M0 figures…..they collected a good chunk of what they put out of those 5k and 10k notes….in fact on the 9th of May….that was the last day anyone could buy those bonds…..the CBI website is saying they were successful this time around….all of them….and they lifted 000’s off the streets to help them out even more with what they are doing with their Monetary Policy….Family that is amazing.

The WB said they LAUNCHED the Financial Reforms of the CBI….they sure did Family….the “Final Articles” thread on our forum have told you that when Security and Stability was back….when Mosul terrorists were removed….that what….that they would go back to 1.2 dinars for every USD….and that we would lift the 000’s from our exchange rate…..they are fulfilling their Monetary Policy to the citizens aren’t they Family.

Family they can do the RV now….I told you on Monday that they were ready….I told you that in January when Allak came out and said he had to postpone it….they were ready….they can do it now….they can do it during Ramadan….but you know what….they are going to do it….all of this is IMO of course.

History is going to happen in Saudi Arabia with Donald Trump and all of the ME leaders Family….and an RV announcement would seal a reconciliation agreement with all of them at that meeting….don’t you agree.

Mosul on Friday says Abadi…..Trump over the weekend says the newspapers…..no wonder the WB sais….CBI just proceed with the Monetary Reform….because they know that the CBI is ready Family….why would this union of private banks so boldly come out and talk the way they did about the Monetary Policy….about the monetary revaluation of their currency….because they are sick and tired of waiting too….because they are waiting for the new rate Family….they know their RV is coming….this is so blatant and obvious….they have been waiting…these banks….for a memo to ACTIVATE what they have to do with their currency….the 17th is in my soul Family….today…and the private banks are part of the banking institution of Iraq….a powerful union….and the crazy thing….the private banks are talking the same way the WB is talking…..do it….give us the Monetary Policy.
Frank26:  So today on the 17th that is in my soul….is looking at the 19th on Friday for Abadi to give us the announcement that Mosul is liberated….and then Donald Trump and Abadi will be meeting in Saudi Arabia….ok….by the way you know that picture that Frosty put me and my wife in and Donald Trump and Abadi in the backseat through the skylight of the roof of the car with a DELTA sign in the middle…..

If you look really carefully there are some symbols on that car….the symbol represents a lion…when they have parties or weddings….any celebrations….graduations….they always do this to their vehicles….and they parade….and like the Rose Bowl all the pageantry is being set up….so they can have the celebration before the Rose Bowl game….if you look at the symbol….not the DELTA sign but the one above it…it is a sign of the lion….Donald Trump and Abadi will be in Saudi Arabia at the Gulf meeting….like 2 lions….the citizens are dressing their cars with the symbols of lions.
They are victorious Family and these banks….these private banks and what they did….to have the nerve to come out in broad daylight like that in front of the citizens and point to the CBI and say give us the Monetary Policy….it’s like the little kid….Mommy I have to go pee…well just hold it….I can’t as he crosses his legs and dances from one foot to the other….everyone in that LL is like that little kid and has to go pee.

Abadi said after the announcement of Mosul he said on Iraqia television that after I announce it we are planning a very big celebration….so Family if he makes this announcement on Friday…..then the whole nation will explode in a big celebration….then that date they do celebrate will become an official national holiday for Iraq….and Trump is invited…but instead Trump invited Abadi to celebrate in Saudi Arabia…..who knows Abadi might just send Masum the President to Saudi Arabia…..let’s see what happens

You know Family if someone were not invested in this Iraqi dinar and saw that article about the union banks that were demanding for the Monetary Policy….if someone just brand new in this and they saw that article….my gosh I think it would be very clear to them and they would know that something in Iraq is happening with their currency….it would be very clear to them.

Come in international companies to invest in Iraq….is the proclamation of Article VIII being removed Family….also the liberation of Mosul screams a lot about the National Reconciliation.

When Abadi announces Mosul liberated….Allak has no excuse not to lift the 000’s….it will be the CBI’s turn to fulfill the project’s promise….that of which the WB and the IMF have helped them to accomplish…and they have told the CBI to proceed with the Monetary Reform.

If I were Abadi….I would do the Monetary Reform….right now…first thing tomorrow morning….if I was Abadi….and then Friday announce the liberation of Mosul….and next week….party and celebrate like you mean….and then week after that….Ramadan….then like he promised the UN in two months he would be qualified for them to lift Chapter VII….and that would also become a reality.

I don’t think this information is out yet….sometimes we say things before they hit ink….I would like to express that an Ambassador from the US was talking….and he said to the Iraqi citizens that they had recovered $1 trillion 400 million dollars of their money….and it was being stated by an American Ambassador on Iraqia television…and he explained to them….back in the old days when you had Saddam that was a pain in the butt to you….many of his bodyguards stole and smuggled Iraqi money out of Iraq and it was diversified in many different countries and places….but we are here to tell you that it is coming back….we’ve got most of it and the rest is coming back to your country….and this money is going into your reserves….and you will probably see this article in a day or two….but let me ask you something Family….what do you think is going to happen to the Iraqi dinar with this amazing boost of $1 trillion 400 million USD to their currency….what will it do.

This country was raped horribly by Saddam and others.

On the last day….when we invaded Iraq back in 2003….on the day we were going into Iraq to take over….Saddam Hussein that insane man sent his son to the CBI and he forced the CBI to give him $1 billion USD….in one day they drew out $1 billion USD in cash turned it over to the son of Saddam Hussein and he brought it to Saddam so he could steal it before we got there….this caused many of the rich in Iraq to take their money out of the banks of Iraq and to move it out and to move it into other areas.

Ring-a-ding-ding….ring-a-ding-ding….this is Dubai….who is this…hey cousin Emir…..who is this….this is your cousin Adam….hey Adam what’s up…..listen Emir I need for you to do me a favor….I’m going to send you some money from here in Iraq….just put it in your account, in your name, take care of this money for me, I don’t want anyone to know it is mine….I don’t want it traced….I’m sending it by camel…and that was just another leakage….and another bleeding effect….not only was money being stolen but money was being siphoned out by the rich because they were afraid that Saddam was going to take their money too….money was distributed to Dubai, Jordan, Switzerland, France, all over….but this money is coming back….all of those illegal funds have been traced and traded by the US…and today an American Ambassador on Iraqia television told them….your money is coming back honey….how do you think the citizens feel about that

Family so much as been recovered in the Monetary Policy of the CBI….what did they tell you they had in Foreign Reserves…what was it $47-49 billion…..now they are going to add these trillions…..this is a strong backup for their currency reserves for the revaluation of their currency wouldn’t you agree…..so IMO if they actually wanted to come out when they actually do the RV at $10 they sure as heck could….but I don’t think thy will….

That is why I repeated to you tonight what they had originally said….uhh 1.2 dinars to every USD…..ok….and by the time it reaches us across the border so we can trade it internationally I believe it will be around 2+….and then you have those 72-78 days to calculate when it is going to reach its max….and then it will drop very quickly and then float at that level of the old glory days.

What do you think the max could be in 78 days….we have already played with that area code before and I am not in the mood to do that right now….probably never again….because we are just too close….but all of this is why we gave you the calculations to the 72-78 days….pay close attention to this.

So if they announce Mosul this Friday then IMO banks in Iraq can get a memo by Saturday….and they could be international with a new rate by Sunday

I’m not giving you dates…..stop it…..oh Frank said it’s going to happen on Sunday…..stop it.

Do these banks need three days to get ready Family….you know the old thing we have been studying…may I politely say….NO…..legally they just need 24 hours to get ready.

This memo that is going to go to only the banks who are a part of their revaluation because they have already been stocked with LD’s and fils….these are the banks who will get a memo….the employees are not going to get a memo….the manager will get a memo….in fact there was an article that came out this year from the Rasheed and Rafadain Banks that said….the CBI is studying the currency reforms and they said that we would be informed you now us bank managers of any new changes that would be coming in….remember that article Family….they only need one day…give them a memo and they are ready the next day….they have been so ready……IMO a rate change would occur when banks are not open…and it could be good for the CBI and her banks to do it on such a time frame.

IMO a DEMAND went out from the WB to LAUNCH the Monetary Reform that is now giving us the liberation of Mosul….that will give us an RV on the IQD….leading to a Ramadan celebration….and President Trump smiling with the ME….and a new reconciliation for all of the ME.

Real quick….because I mentioned this early and I want to get this over with…..I got a call today from a sweet lady who said that “they” said they have a gun up to the head of Donald Trump and they are saying if he does not resign and sign the papers of resignation they are going to shoot him….really……oh and then….oh Frank is it true that Donald Trump is going to be impeached, the MSM is saying it….that the Democrats are pushing this…that they are going to impeach Donald Trump….that is just a bunch of stupidity from the Democrats who are a bunch of sore losers…..it’s been what 3 going on 4 months and they are still crying over spilled milk….grow up….why are you spending millions and millions of dollars to try and destroy the foundations and structure of our government with our newly elected President….yes we cried when Obama was made President twice….but we didn’t make a scene like what is happening now….so I am asking you Admins of KTFA…all staff members of KTFA if you see anything at all about rumors of Donald Trump being impeached quickly get rid of it…..don’t even send a PM of explanation…just get rid of it…..this President has done so much in the first three months compared to what the last President did in 8 years….it is extremely embarrassing….you don’t even hear a word from Obama anymore…..so let’s just flush this down the toilet.

I kept my promise and talked to you about the possibilities of these currencies….and I am also supposed to talk to you about the exchange steps.

This CC and all that is said is in my opinion.

When it comes time to exchange your currency Family….the very first thing that I’m going to tell you is that you can’t do this by yourself….this is an undertaking of gigantic proportions for you and your life…..as far as I know this might be the first time any of you become rich…financially….that takes on a completely different suit….you have to take off the clothes that you wear now and you have to put on a new set of clothing….your mind set will be completely different….and if you attempt to swim the English Channel by yourself….you will probably get eaten up by sharks….so it is important as we start this next little conversation and I’m not going to make it very long….it is important that you realize you need to get help….and I am not the one who is going to help you do this….I am not a financial advisor….I am not a wealth management advisor….I’m not a lawyer….I’m not a CPA…I am not a bookkeeper….I am not an IRS agent…I am not a domestic lawyer or an international lawyer….I’m not a bond agent…all of these things I am saying to you right now are the things IMO you are going to need.

Now I will have a group of people….a little entourage that will advise my wife and on every little step we are going to make….inside of this circle will be my minister, my pastor, my spiritual leader….my team will be led by God spiritually…..that is the first thing I want to tell you.

The second thing is that I have friends that I trust and I suppose you do too….and I have lawyers….a lawyer from Afghanistan…an International lawyer….I have lawyers domestically that will be part of my group….I will get financial advisors…not just one….and I prefer to have an odd number when it comes to advice….if you have an even number you can’t make a decision…you have to cast the deciding vote…..so my little group…and it will also include my family…my sister…my Father…my wife…my children…and I really don’t care what it is that we are going to do…if we are going to go exchange some currency….open up a trust fund…an IRA/Roth or whatever it is that we are doing…..it will be done with this counsel….and then my pastor will pray with us to make a final decision by myself.

This team will also help me to exchange….let’s say I want to exchange a million dinars….and if it is at a 1 to 1 rate…gosh you are talking about $1 million dollars in your pocket…..it is not very advisable for you to go to a bank with your dinars….I know that everyone wants to run to one but that is the last thing I would consider doing…..all of this is in my opinion and I am not telling you what to do….but that little entourage…that little team….

I would have my lawyer call the bank that we finally decide on….that is also going to take some decision making…the one that is more beneficial to me than I to them…..I am in charge….I am Mr. Clampett….they are Mr. Drysdale…..they should act accordingly….so my representative will get in touch with the bank representative….and have them bring one of their representatives and a Brinks truck if they have one….either to my lawyer’s office, or my home, or to a set location…..but certainly not in an area where everyone knows many dinars will be flooding in that direction…and we will arrange what needs to be done in a private manner….I will turn over my dinars there because they will inspect them in front of me…..they will take them to their bank and assign me a receipt that allows me to give them to them….oh Frank no bank is going to do that for you……fine then I don’t deal with that bank.

If you have a 25k note….maybe you don’t need all of this do you….or a 10k, or 5k….you don’t need all of this do you…..so you go to a bank with your dinar but I would like to say that you should not go by yourself….go with someone that is maybe bigger than you….can you imagine going to the bank and your car breaks down and you have dinars in your trunk….going in two vehicles would be advisable.

When you get to the bank….do you need proof of purchase….well there are some banks that may ask you for the receipt….mainly for their security more than anything else…..Homeland Security and new laws have caused some banks to do this….but normally a receipt is only necessary when you do your taxes and are audited….and you need to prove you purchased it and on what date you purchased…..so when you go to a bank they will have all the forms you need….and you aren’t going to go to the bank by yourself are you….you will go with someone right….I think you can afford to hire a lawyer to take with you….you will have to sign forms….I’m not going to tell you what the forms are….if I told you the forms right now you would be looking them up and Google searching them and printing them and trying to study them and figure them out.

They are not going to ask you to see your certificate of authenticity…that is a joke…it is nothing more than a little business card that some dealers send….the bank is not going to ask you to prove your currency is real….they are going to prove to you that your currency is real….they will have a currency book or they may have a De La Rue machine or some kind of visual inspection…but they will tell you.

You also have to consider the protection of your money that is inside of that bank…..do you know that FDIC only protects you for $250,000 USD…..what happens if you deposit $1 million USD in a bank….do they have enough insurance to protect your money….no most banks don’t….so you may have to buy special insurance….the bank will have to buy special insurance for you…there is one of the perks you take advantage of you get them to pay for that insurance….well no we are going to charge it to your account….fine I’ll go somewhere else…..no sit down….how about if we split the fee….no you are responsible for protecting my money…you pay for it…ok we will.

Ac accordingly….you are the stewards of this money…..act accordingly….do not act in a boastful way…nor in a prideful way…nor in an egotistical way…nor in a demanding way….in a business-like manner, as if God were sitting right next to you at that office.

Once you feel that you are comfortable that you’ve taken it this far….the next thing I would tell you is that you would need to create vehicles where again your entourage….your experts will be able to guide you….so how much do you want to exchange….or put in this vehicle or that vehicle…is it something for you to make a monthly income from….or is it something you are buying you need the monthly income to make payments on…you know to keep your credit rotation going…..should we put this in a non-charitable trust fund…maybe you don’t want to touch it….you want this for an educational fund….so you won’t touch it for another 20 years….

Find the vehicles that will protect the money that you just received…..be responsible and take care of it….because I promise you….every third cousin you’ve never heard of is going to come out of the woodwork and going to call you….how are you doing…remember me….yeah I saw you at the reunion 8 years ago….I was there….well my picture was there did you see me….I hear you came across some money….well look here I got this business idea that I really think might be profitable for the both of us….or just the opposite….hey cousin I’m in my worst condition right now….yeah my cat died, my wife left me and my house burned down….can you help me.

I will change my phone number….I will change my address…..I will change my email….but do you understand….you have to wipe out your identity literally….you have to start all over again…..and the other stuff that I brought you to….to at least protect you once you wipe out your identity…..they will still find you…but hopefully not as quickly.

Be careful with your money…..just because you buy a house that costs $1 million USD….can you afford the property tax for such a home….the insurance….maintenance…..weigh things out properly….calculate them properly.

Like I said at the very beginning you can’t do this by yourself….now let me take you on this same platform but in a different direction.

Now let’s say you are to the point that I’ve taken you and you are protecting your money now…..let’s pretend you want to invest…there are many places to invest wouldn’t you say….real estate….opal mines in Australia….gold mines in South America….diamond mines in Africa.

There are a lot of ways to invest….but let’s just for the fun of it use the Iraqi Stock Exchange….you know the birthplace of this investment….if you wanted to do that I would tell you to treat it the way you would treat Monopoly….did you ever play the game…..you see Monopoly teaches you to be successful at investments….if you study that board very carefully one of the things you want to do is start at the very beginning.

If Iraq is now international and you are investing in the Iraqi Stock Exchange….what are the very first things that you think are about to happen….look at Mosul….they are going to rebuild that city aren’t they….so let’s start at the beginning…..I would look at construction companies….I would look at every construction company in Iraq…that produces concrete, lumber, cement blocks, nails, hammers…that is the first thing I would look at….no wait…pardon me…the first thing I would look at is the banks….I would start with the banks, look at them all…they will supply the money to everyone….then the next thing would be the construction companies….because the banks are going to loan money to the construction companies.

Then the next thing I would look at is the real estate industry of Iraq….because they are going to rebuild homes, neighborhoods, parks, schools, government buildings, hospitals, utilities, water, gas, electricity, sewer…and the real estate industry will explode…once the construction companies clear things out and starts to rebuild….then the insurance companies….because everything being built will have to be insured….can you imagine how the insurance industry will explode….and not just for real estate but for who will be occupying those buildings, either as employees or as residents.

Next thing to look at….call it electronics….because now you have these homes and these people inside these homes….and they are insured and they are going to start buying big screen TV’s, cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets…KABOOM.

The next thing I would look at is hospitals…these communities with these buildings with all these people with their toys and insurance are eventually going to need medical care.
I would like to finish up by telling you something else…next month Abadi will meet with the UN to talk about Chapter VII and many things are coming to a crossroads….and there are many things to discuss….and they are coming to a paradigm shift….now a paradigm is found in the human brain….when a human is thinking in one direction and he’s  been thinking in that way for a long time but all of a sudden something causes him to stop and to completely turn around and think in the opposite direction…this is what is known as a paradigm shift….and it only happens in our minds

But in our mind we have passed Mosul…and what has been our mantra since the beginning of this year….GIVE ME MOSUL…..and tonight I believe there has been a paradigm shift from Mosul to the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar…..because I have been waiting for a long time to see the things that we are seeing right now that are bringing forth the Monetary Reform of the IQD….a shift has taken place Family….from Mosul to an RV announcement….IMO this shift occurred this past Monday…and I have already explained it to you why.

Because the banks in all honesty would never have had the nerve….or better yet would have never  been allowed to ask on Iraqia television directly to the CBI to bring forth the Monetary Policy…now….a clarity….a shift into clarity has taken place….because clarity has not been very good for us as students….but that video that Frosty put up was a good one for us, post #286….where the citizens were crying and screaming….I can’t believe you’ve finally made it and freed me….there is a paradigm shift in the minds of the Iraqi citizens as well.

So much enlightenment has been uncovered in such a quick amount of time…..as the Iraqi citizens prepare right now to celebrate in Mosul….there has been a great understanding that has occurred in the minds of the Iraqi citizens….about their nation…their leader…their currency…and thousands of you that study with us also realize this shift….a much clearer understanding due to this shift has occurred so we can now speak of new things….and no longer the old things….we are sitting on something special Family.

When we went to our convention last week…because of the merging of two companies together….everyone was wearing a t-shirt that say “MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN”….the shifting of the two companies together as one….I think the Iraqi citizens should also wear these t-shirts now.

I am going to end with something that has been posted on our forum that will be copied and pasted…..DELTA I appreciate this information…here is what I would like to tell you Family….well actually I’ve already told you this….remember I told you the US Ambassador was on Iraqia television and he was telling them I have a mountain of money for you….enjoy this article….he is saying they are working to “resmuggle” the money back into Iraq…..it is noteworthy that the Integrity Commission has confirmed that in 2014 this money that was smuggled out and located in many countries is now to be retrieved and has reached $1 trillion 400 million dollars….noting there are no obstacles on the subject of receipts of the funds with the internal systems….every day it just gets better and better doesn’t it….see post #72.

Our “Final Articles” thread now has 50 posts in it I believe.

Dismissed with a prayer.

Dinarland from Kaperoni, Frank 26, Yosef, Fisher, Tank


BAGHDAD / Sky Press
Informed sources revealed that advisors and international experts will arrive on Wednesday, to the Kurdistan region to provide support and advice to a referendum of self-independence from Iraq or not.
The sources told “Sky Press,” that “a group of advisers and international experts will arrive on Wednesday, to the region, but the sources did not specify their number and did not reveal their nationalities at the same time.
It began political parties and actors in the Kurdistan region of mobility internally since the beginning of this year to hold the referendum in conjunction with the approach of Iraq’s expulsion from the organization Daesh city of Mosul, the largest and most important strongholds and ravaged in mid-2014.
Relations between Erbil and Baghdad strained since the federal government cut the budget of the Kurdistan region of financial budgets since 2014 to now.
And confirm the Kurdish leadership to hold a referendum of independence this year in a move as long as the Kurds dream of achieving.
Qi Card) company got through its participation in the Twenty-Third Congress of the Government of smart cities held in Dubai, the best smart initiative award.
According to a source familiar with the company’s “economy News” that the Qi card company got the best smart initiative award in exceptional circumstances on the initiative presented through its participation in the smart initiative in Dubai.
This award is a positive payment of what it carries a symbolic factor, which is honoring an Iraqi company hold such an international forum shared by international companies representing all countries of the world.
Economy News Agency
Here’s what has happened since. Iraq agreed to compensate Kuwait for the rest of the debt that they owed them. Kuwait basically told them not to pay them in currency, but in investment opportunities. So much reconciliation has been growing in the Middle East. An investment window was created for Kuwait. Now we are seeing articles about that. When the WB launched…the monetary reforms, that was the 1st stage of a rocket that launched them into orbit. The 2nd stage is the CBI to lift the zeros. More education has continued to the citizens regarding an increase in power of purchase. IMO…the MR did not stop or postpone when Allak said in January to delay things. The MR is a lava flow…and CAN NOT stop! We’ve been waiting for Mosul to be liberated. By Tuesday, or Wednesday – we should hear of the liberation of Mosul. LIBERATION will launch this country.


Elmerf123456:  Commander: Iraqi Forces Reaching ISIL Last Havens in Western Mosul. Their days of terror are over!

Readtnow:  elmerf, do you think Abadi will be able to make his big announcement tomorrow?

Elmerf123456:  Well that's what we're looking for.

Elmerf123456:  The end is near for ISIS in Mosul, as Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) position themselves for a complete victory in the city. The liberation will see the release of hundreds of thousands of people who have been trapped under ISIS rule for two and a half years.

According to the ISF, ISIS have under their control only three remaining neighbourhoods located in the north west part of the Old City in Mosul. This 12km sq territory is the final major battle ground for ISIS fighters in Mosul who have witnessed the degradation of their so called Islamic State in Iraq
This being the case, officials from the Counter Terrorism forces indicate that their troops may close the northern entrance to the Old City within hours. If they succeed, this will severally disable militants, leaving them with nowhere to retreat to. This will in turn allow Iraqi forces to advance further into the old city, breaking ISIS defences, liberating one street and building at a time.

Elmerf123456:  After that, PM Abadi raises THE FLAG and the world welcomes their country in Celebration.

NetGlobal:  free the hostages, raise the flag, release the RV

NetGlobal:  Map update https://twitter.com/iraqi_day/status/865267881273151488/photo/1


5-18-2017   Newshound Guru tlm724   Article:  "Deposit guarantee law key to activate investments through banks"  Quote:  "Today we realize that money stashed away in homes exceeding 20 billion dollars and that a large number of course and can contribute to achieving sustainable economic development and change the Iraqi economy while being transported from the houses to the banking system."  They MUST get this money in the system!  That is a lot of dough.  The CBI has launched the Development Fund which will help address liquidity which is part of this issue . The people are hurting and granting loans to the citizens, if simplified, will get the people into the banks and they will need an bank account to get the loans so this is important!

5-18-2017   Intel Guru Frank26
   ...one of our newshounds posted the article ...The translation is very important.  URGENT...“...on Friday.”  It didn’t say “by Friday”...it said “...on Friday.” And that was said by Abadi.  This is what we’ve been looking for.  Friday is a TARGET DATE.  I find it interesting that on the 19th...we pray that we see Abadi announce the liberation of Mosul.  The 20th President Trump will be in the Middle East.  We need to see that announcement ON FRIDAY by Abadi.  IMO...on MONDAY they went INTERNATIONAL...and I look forward to the announcement of such.  (doesn’t make sense to do all of this for a program rate).

5-18-2017   Newshound Guru Phillyman  Article:  "Paramilitary troops free airbase, more villages, west of Mosul  Still hard work ahead for the military but the message of the inevitable victory in Mosul continues.

5-18-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   "Float dinar .. is the solution to save foreign currency reserves"  Quotes:  "The situation in the Iraqi economy forces the central bank to move and adopt a flexible policy in the exchange rate in preparation for floating the dinar against other currencies in the medium term."  "Manages Floating, which allows the central bank to intervene to prevent sharp and sangerous fluctuations in the dinar exchange rate, can be used here."  THIS IS HUGE!  It talks about the monetary reform, the budget, etc.  “Medium term” means right now!  They are going to manage the FLOAT of the IQD...(yup, they learned from Kuwait).  They told you...their goal is to get to 1 to 1.  A managed float? That’s back to the GLORY DAYS family!  72-78 days...it will peak.  What were the glory days?  $3.40ish.  All of this information is coming at the speed of light...just like we said once we have Mosul.  The CBI has been ready since JANUARY of this year!  They are ready to go!

5-18-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   As far as the RV/GCR is concerned, some banks are changing policies with respect to dong...before you paid before ordering then picked it up, now you pay when you pick it up because the rates may have changed.  I think we’re looking good. We had some bank people really thinking we would do something Monday/Tuesday, but the majority are now thinking Thursday to Saturday...Thursday seems to be the hot day.  It looks like full Liberation of Mosul will be announced by the 19th, with celebrations being planned. The G7 meeting is in the next few days, and everything appears to be lining up. We’ll see in the next few days if it is this week or spilling into next week.  

"RTC Intel w/ Yosef, Fisher and Tank" by BB136 - 5.18.17

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 18 2017

Compiled 12:06 am EDT 18 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 17 2017 Gary Larabee, Kent Dunn Report: Gary Larrabee - Kent Dunn Gives an Update of What He's Allowed to Reveal

1. As of May 17 97% of Tier 3 have been paid. Tier 4 will start when Tier 3 finishes.

2. There is a $125,000.00 maximum on 1 Zim per US Dollar.

3. 5% of people exchanging are Zim holders.

4. After the RV ends there are several treaties to be signed, then release of the Restored Republic and Prosperity Packages.

5. There will likely be a lockdown across the US after the Restored Republic is announced.


B. May 17 2017 Iraqi PM Abadi says Mosul by Fri, Celebrations after Announcement (video): PM Abadi "Celebrations after the Major announcement is released"

C. May 17 2017 11:57 am EDT GCR/RV Overview: "Gerund" - GCR/RV Overview - Wednesday - May 17, 2017

1. Very high screen rates and super non-screen sovereign rates are updating and converting--by the hour they are trading.

2. Thousands of redeeming centers and tens of thousands banking employees are training, waiting and operating within a Tuesday through Thursday window--never knowing when or why--nor are they asking.


E. May 16 2017 11:11 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: "Circus" - Geopolitical Overview - Tuesday - May 16, 2017

1. The 800#s are out as of midnight last night May 15 and sitting with the appropriate release lawyers and military commanders (courtesy of Fighting Joe).

2. Banking links to ZIM holders are out and sitting with the appropriate people.

3. Paymaster emails to group members are out and sitting with the appropriate people.

4. Is the release moment waiting on a hard day and time, or just a gut feel by Dunford before civil discord gets too unbearable to consider the release unsafe for redeemers?

5. Or does Joe want more dis-ease to hide the RV so that it's more safe for redeemers?

F. May 17 2017 7:28 am EDT GCR/RV Intel Update: "Chalk" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Wednesday - May 17, 2017

1. The New Powers that Be have kept a record of how much currency you hold, when you bought it, where, what denominations, country of origin, phone numbers, emails, social security number, drivers license, passport number, group or batch number, blogging handle, criminal history, unpaid parking tickets, taxes in arrears, bankruptcies, credit ratings, even conference call participation and third person blog handles, etc.

2. They also know how frequently each of us has participated in GCR/RV social media community and more importantly - why.

3. They have assigned different identification colors to folks depending on their "threat level." Meaning, they already know what your true motivation is before you even pick up the phone to make an appointment.

4. They have different appointment locations for different folks, with different exchange scenarios depending on how you have been identified.

5. ZIM Holders have a military green color. It warrants more time and a "one on one" staffing requirement, in a more secure, even isolated, exchange location setting.

6. The military doesn't want ZIM exchangers to even seeing each other let alone talking to one another. Anonymity is paramount when it comes to the ZIM because of its exchange value.

7. Dinar holders have a red color, and will be herded together in more of a mass exchange situation due to the total volume of redeemers and the IQD's low exchange value. 95% of all redemptions will be IQD because it's the longest selling, best known RV currency and by far the most gifted over time.

8. We will all have a "digital file" before we arrive.

9. Some of us will even have a neon mark that grants us elevated status based on our greater good commitment to the community.

10. Some of us will have a black mark because of negative impacts we've fostered in Dinarland, and will wish they never called to make an appointment. Surrender takes on a whole new meaning when you look at it from a public safety point of view.

11. We all have marks in our file, and some in a variety of colors depending on how we played the GCR/RV game.

12. No need to panic or change you ways if you've been flying straight all these years while waiting, I just felt even the bad apples deserved to know what the GCR/RV oversight authorities were thinking.


Elmerf123456:  The Squeeze is on!

Harambe:  Reuters: U.N. says 200,000 more people could flee Mosul as fighting intensifies http://reut.rs/2qur9Q4

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil down as market stays well supplied despite OPEC cuts http://www.cnbc.com/id/104476958


Lisa:  YES !!     On  May  17, 2017   This is an  ANNOUNCEMENT FOLKS !!

Apmcrx:  Jubouri Abu Risha: the war on Daesh come to an end

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al - Jubouri, said Wednesday that the war on the organization Daesh come to an end and everyone working in the spirit of one team.

A statement by the Office of the President of the Parliament "Tomorrow Press" received a copy of it, House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri met with the President of the Iraqi Awakening Conference Ahmed Abu Risha, where he discussed the security and service conditions in Anbar province.

And Chairman of the House of Representatives stressed the importance of uniting the visions and unite all the parties to prepare for the post Daesh through the liberation of the remaining cities of the province, in order to stabilize the situation in Anbar and the provision of services and humanitarian aid for families returning to their cities.

He added Jubouri, said the country needs to intensify efforts by everyone in order to meet the challenges facing Iraq.

He said the parliament speaker, that the war on the terrorist organization Daesh come to an end and that the next phase requires everyone to work in a team spirit in order to prepare a clear plan for the next stage and to serve the interests of citizens.

For his part, praised the Iraqi Awakening Conference on the role of the Speaker of the House and its contribution to the enactment of several laws that reflect positively on the lives of citizens.



Don961:  US ambassador hails efforts to recover Iraq's smuggled funds

May 17 2017 10:36 PM

Douglas Silliman

US ambassador to Iraq said on Wednesday his country had exerted  efforts to recover funds smuggled from Iraq under Saddam Hussein regime.

Addressing reporters at the US embassy in Baghdad, Ambassador Douglas Silliman added some of those funds that were hidden were recovered.

“Washington has been working for several years to determine where Iraqi money went in the time of the former regime,” Silliman said.

“In the past 13 years, some of the money that has been hidden has been returned to the government and the people,” he said, adding that “there are dialogues with the Foreign Ministry to recover the smuggled money.”


Libertyu78:  So the RV could go into Ramadan? Hopefully not after. Exactly how much time after the liberation announcement should we be concerned if nothing has happened yet? 

StephenMac63:  Personal opinion here....if you were going to give great news to your fellow countrymen, would you make a speech as the party is halfway over or at the beginning?

Ramadan is the 25th, today is the 17th, on the 19th (our 19th) the annoucement of Mosul Liberation is looked forwarded to. Abadi will be visiting Trump in Saudia Arabia........much going on and it is the consensus that it will be rather quickly.

But, if you want to play it on the safe side, Iraq is expected to be officially released by late June......in the meantime practice your "Home Alone Surprise Look" and use it accordingly.
“There are funds left in some countries and their laws do not allow the recovering of funds because the bank accounts  are not known,” he said, noting that “this is one of the priorities of Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, and we work with him to recover funds as much as possible.”



Don961:  Revealed: Trump expected to waive Iran sanctions Wednesday

May 17 2017 07:34 PM

Revealed: Trump expected to waive Iran sanctions Wednesday

The Donald Trump administration is expected to waive relevant sanctions on Iran on Wednesday, as called for under the landmark nuclear deal, a US official told Al-Monitor.

Notification of the waivers is expected to be made in statements from the State and Treasury Departments. The administration is still conducting a broader National Security Council-led interagency review of its policy to Iran, however, including determining whether the deal negotiated under President Barack Obama is in the national interest.

US officials said that until the review is completed, the administration will continue to adhere to the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“We are continuing to review the JCPOA,” a State Department official speaking not for attribution said. “While that review in underway, we continue to implement our commitments."

"The Trump administration has made clear that at least until this review is completed, we will adhere to the JCPOA and will ensure that Iran is held strictly accountable to its requirements," the State Department official said. “Once we have finalized our conclusions, we will meet the challenges Iran poses with clarity and conviction.”

US officials have declined to offer a timeline for when the reviews will be completed.


PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights 5-18-17

PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights   5-18-17

​MrsClassy:    during the month .. 4,000 combat sorties against Daesh in Mosul

Twilight News / Iraqi army carried out flight more than 4,000 combat sorties targeting al Daesh sites in Mosul during one month, according to the announcement by the Ministry of Defense.

He said the Ministry Media Director Brigadier improved Ibrahim said the army aviation carried out more than 2,700 sorties in the period from April 11 / April to 14 May / May along with 1298 sorties and other combat, as well as other missions carried out by aviation air force , including 184 combat sorties and about 592 to transfer gear and weapons and evacuate the wounded.
​It enables medical staff to conduct more than 15 thousand a critical operation for civilians, including pregnant women and children, according to Brig . Gen. Ibrahim.

The Iraqi forces freed about 90 percent west of Mosul since the launch of its operations there three months ago, while Daesh remains trapped in only a few neighborhoods.


MrsClassy:   Tigris Operations announces the results of military operations north of Diyala

Thursday, 18 May 2017 13:40 / Diyala  announced the leadership of the Tigris operations Thursday, the final results of the military operations that took place north of the province of Diyala to keep track of the organization "Daesh" cells, while confirming that the operations contributed to combing vast areas of the parties.

Said the commander of the Tigris Operations Lt. Gen. Mazhar al - Azzawi , in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that " the results of extensive military operations that began at dawn on Monday in the northern province of Diyala and lasted for about 24 hours resulted in the whole destruction of 7 additives to regulate Daesh and control caches of munitions, explosives and heroes of four improvised explosive devices as well to the destruction of two car bombs. "

Tigris Operations announces the launch of a broad military operation in the northern province of Diyala
Tigris operations: the destruction of six Mfajkhat and three additives to regulate Daesh in Almtaibijh

He said al - Azzawi said "operations, which was launched from three main axes starting Sarha and Anjana down to the Hamrin hills on the northern side of the province of Diyala , contributed to combing vast areas of the parties , despite the complexities of the terrain, which pushed to launch detachments combat foot too long distances the backing by the Army Air to hunt down the remnants of the Daesh ".

Al - Azzawi said that "Tigris operations have achieved outstanding results of military operations in the war on Daesh and is continuing to track Amadavath points and pockets within the security responsibility."

The commander of the Tigris operations announced yesterday the launch of large - scale military operations north of the province of Diyala from three axes to track "Daesh" cells.


MrsClassy:   Federal police controls approximately 300 km from Ayman al-Mosul

10:50 - 18/05/2017   They seized control of federal police forces, on Thursday, 291 km on the right coast of the city of Mosul, while Daesh resorted to terrorist burning sewage networks in the neighborhood of July 17 black oil.

According to the Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement, received / information / that "pieces of federal police were able to impose its control over an area of 291 kilometers from the land right side in Mosul," noting that "these forces evacuated 270 000 civilians since the battle starting in the 19th of last February. "

He added Jawdat "These troops opened safe corridors to evacuate families from the economic zones and 17 July and the movement to camps for displaced people," adding that "the organization resorted to flooding the sewage networks in the south of July 17 neighborhood coast right black oil and burned to prevent our aircraft march from the monitoring of their cadres retreating towards the Old City ".

He pointed out that "cuts federal police in the northern axis killed 13 Daashaa and destroyed three booby-trapped wheels and a detachment of mortar and Amadaftin during clearing the final edges of the neighborhood July 17".


Grizzy:   Great news Thank you Mrs Classy

MrsClassy:   Where officials .. Karbala locked and free of terrorists

BAGHDAD - The Journal News  In the Karbala Provincial Council Security Committee confirmed that there are no terrorist dens or dormant cells within the borders of the province.

Committee Chairman Aqeel al-Masoudi, for "Journal News" on Thursday, said that "there are rounds of exploratory and pre-emptive raid on the outside of the borders of the province carried out by the security forces entrusted with maintaining security in the province."

He added, the security forces inspection campaigns in the province, both for homes in search of heavy weapons Aotvic non-vehicle numbered in order to prevent use by subversive and terrorist entities. "     LINK


MrsClassy:   Field commander confirms that military operations in the northern part of the connector confound "Daesh"

18/05/2017 12:50 | Number of readings:

Press direction / special  A field commander in the federal police confirmed that military operations recently launched from the northern part of the conductor, often confound Daesh ..

He said in an interview with the trend, the federal police adopted a new military tactic is to open sub - axes of the main axes of the fighting, which was surprised by


futuremoney:    SURPRISE!!!!!!!   LOLOLOL

MrsClassy:  Iraq signs an agreement to keep US troops on its territory after the defeat Daesh

Wednesday 17 May 2017 at 15:08 the evening of (2255 Views)

Follow-up / Sky Press  Newspaper, The Washington Times, Wednesday, for the start of a serious beginning of the month of May the current secret negotiations between the US President, Donald Trump and the Iraqi government administration to keep US troops in the country,

noting that Washington faces a new challenge to deal with Iraq, Obama failed to get an agreement concerning about US troops stay in Iraq after the defeat of “Daesh”.

The newspaper quoted her in her report, senior US officials as saying that “the negotiations between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and American officials on the new status of forces agreement began in earnest and the secret of this month.”

The newspaper added that “the Convention will determine the legal and diplomatic factors that will be the long-term US military presence in the country and avoid a power vacuum that developed after the withdrawal of US troops end of 2011 to occur.”

She explained that the “sensitive issue in Iraq, while insisting Abadi this month as combat troops in the country will not be after the defeat of Daesh though the Iraqi and US sides talked about the continuation of a long-term military role in the country,”

 noting that “for the approval of the security adviser Barzani of the Kurdistan region, where pleased noted during his visit to Washington that he and his father, Massoud Barzani would support an agreement allowing US troops to stay in Kurdistan after the liberation of Mosul. ” 
The report said that “Despite the continuing fears of internal unrest in Iraq and in the region, the road to a new agreement on the status of US troops remains a political danger as analysts pointed out that al-Abadi’s comments reflect the political tension and that he would go with some factions in the Iraqi government to complete the forces agreement with Washington rather than the death knell for any agreement on the status of those forces. ”

The paper quoted a senior US analyst at Hritad Foundation for Middle East Affairs Jim Phillips was quoted as saying that “the political situation is volatile and that the public discourse presented by Abadi may give him space with Massoud Barzani and other intermediaries to start secret negotiations with the Trump administration.”

Phillips added that “among the characters that will have a significant impact on the talks, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and former President Jalal Talabani and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr also among the figures, which also will have a significant impact Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji, and Defense Minister Irfan Hayali.”   LINK

Noeta:   A little confused because at first it says we are staying long term but then at the end it infers that they are still talking.  I can't see us pulling out anytime soon though.

Oasorcire33:     Agreed Noeta , not this time we will stay watch


Yosef, Tank & Fisher - Real Truth Call Notes ~Exchange Have BEGUN, 18 MAY

This a transcription of the good parts of The Real Truth Call Wednesday May 17, 2017. As always, in the event that Dr. WC does not want the calls to be transcribed, I apologize, but this trifecta of great Intel was too good, (and the calls are public)...

About 1 hour into the call...YOSEF:

Sister? I just popped in real quick…wanted to let everybody know that they’re in a Tuesday to Thursday window…So they’ve told all of the people getting the 800 numbers to be on their phones 24 hours a day with it charged up…that comes from the actual table in Beijing…so we’ve been on high alert since midnight on Monday night, really, all right, I just wanted to let everybody know…Love you guys (and off he went)...

About 64 minutes into call, Intel from Fisher read by Dr. W.C.: 

The Admiral’s team is in the bank right now releasing everything… exchange centers are reporting in early for their shifts around 8 eastern daylight time…HSBCs in England have been conducting exchanges all day…with all funds released to fund the ZIM exchanges …numbers, instructions, and other notifications should come out sometime this evening…expected between 8 to 9 pm EDT… flash bang/public distraction and obvious fever pitch has now built up around President Trump, and impeachment is all but inevitable…paymasters from the core account are reporting that they are liquid and everything is done…and we have spoken directly with paymasters who are now liquid and/or have their transaction code and are waiting their turn…we are not watching, but we have been speaking to people who are actually there…

At least two hours into the call TANK: 

(muffled) I was told that it is no longer speculation, that the RV is a reality, that in London, England they are counting the quadrillionaires and trillionaires and now if that’s the case, what you can count on, is that we have to be notified…we have to start, before their market’s open, when their markets open that means banks open and everything is live, and a lot of those people there are not going to be [made millionaires and trillionaires, if we haven’t even been included and notified, so that’s 3:00 a.m EDT…I would expect that we are literally at any moment [for this]…

Thanks Yosef, Fisher, Tank and Dr. WC! If only OWK had called in...

It's close...Tier 4 has to start pretty darn soon...Let's get Ready, Let's confidently and calmly Exchange and Let's not "loose" sight of the Benevolent and Merciful work we have been Chosen to Do... 

So be it!




remember that 8 is considered the luckiest number for the Chinese...

1 8
2 0 17
8 8 8

5 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 0+ 1 + 7 = 24

2 x 4 = 8

3 x 8 = 24

8 + 8 + 8 = 24

05 - 18 - 2017

0 x 5 + 1 x 8 + 2 x (1+7)
------ ------ ----------
0 + 8 + 16 

8 + 8 + 8

So we should get the "1-888" numbers today!

(Okay it's really late, maybe a bit o' a stretch...)