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TNT Dinar Conference Call w/Rayren98

TNT Call notes 17-May-2017

TNT Call notes 17-May-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday, May 17, 2017, with RayRat98 at the controls. It’s going to be a very long call… three hours at least… so I hope you have your favorite beverage to hand. Actually, it will be a short session as far as intel is concerned. The Map of Mosul is showing all green apart from the very core of the old city, and the mosque where they plan to plant the flag. There’s only 4.6 square miles to liberate. Abadi says a major celebration is coming after they release the details of the liberation of Mosul.

That’s Iraq. As far as the RV/GCR is concerned, some banks are changing policies with respect to dong; before you paid before ordering then picked it up, now you pay when you pick it up because the rates may have changed.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Of course we are all waiting with baited breath for the “official” announcement that Mosul has been fully liberated. My question is…how soon after the announcement has been made do you “believe” or in your best guest (based on what your sources have told you) that we will see the full public release of the RV??
A: My best guess is ‘immediately’; I haven’t heard of any delays after the announcement is made.

Q: what is the name of a wealth advisor in a private bank that can negotiate a higher percentage such as 10%, or higher for savings perhaps for investment, too?
A: I don’t know. If anyone knows that, text it to me.

Q: Do you know if when we purchase our currency that the company that we get it from has to report our information, such as how much we bought and when??
A: Yes, I’m pretty sure there has been some reporting back; those who need to know, know that you purchased currency.

Q: I set up a few entities several years back for the RV. With the rising cost of fees to maintain these entities, it has caused great financial distress/burden. The renewal fee on one entity is due in June 2017 (offshore); the other will be in January 2018 (NV LLC). My question to you is should I let both self-dissolve and just pay tax filing fees for the next two years. What is the best financial, taxes and asset protection course to take? The foreign currency is currently an asset of the LLC.
A: It looks like your LLC has plenty of time for planning; the one in June 2017, you can plan for that as well. It seems like you did something prematurely, and it has cost you financially. That’s why I’m always warning you not to jump the gun. If you let them lapse, you can always reset them after the RV.

Q: Have you been contacted yet about being one of the people to get and release 800 numbers when it’s time?
A: Officially, no.

Q: Can you share any information on the entities or structures that yield a high return (in or out of the bank) so that our money can immediately begin working with premium returns?
A: Nothing I can share at the moment.

Q: if the Zimbabwe currency is legit and convertible at RV, what is the contract rate and the regular rate going to be set at? Can we start at 1.00 with six zeros truncated?
A: You can start wherever you want, folks, and negotiate your hearts out.

Q: Do you expect, or have heard, if President Trump will be in Iraq on his visit to the Middle East?  
A: I haven’t heard anything official about his whereabouts.

Q: Do you think we will have to go to an appointment (i.e. exchange center) to get the contract rate? Or will we be able to go to our bank that exchanges currency and get the contract rate?
A: Probably either/or/both.

Q: Regarding non-statutory trust, is one of the benefits, is that the parties of the trust do not have the same compliance hurdles as parties of a statutory trust has in general?
A: That is the main benefit – no permission, no compliance rules.

Q: Re: Authentication prior to (or during) exchange: 2) I have been unable to locate a bank with a Delarue machine relatively nearby where I live in a rural area/SW Colorado. I would appreciate if you or anyone in CO, UT, NM, AZ has identified such a bank, that you please share OR pm me with information; 2) IF the exchange bank(s) only uses the “book” to authenticate, what kind of confirmation should we ask for before handing over our currency?
A: Not all banks will have the machine, but if they verify your currency on site, then they will give you a receipt saying they sign off on it, and if so, I’m good if they are good.

Q1: Anything out of the mosques? ATMs in post offices? Any dong updates?
A: No, no, and no.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller: Have your Iraqi sources said anything about the kind of celebrations? [Not yet.] What is the latest on the NDA? Standard form from the US Treasury, or forms unique to each of the banks?

RayRen: Years ago, it was all about an NDA from the Treasury, but the banks have also come up with special deals and may have their own NDAs as well, for the contract rates. I have not heard any solid information that can be confirmed as yet; it’s hearsay, and we know not to count on hearsay.

Caller: If the Mosul celebration has not occurred by Friday, will we have a call then?

RayRen: Either way, we will have a call, if only “what the heck happened?!”

520 caller: [Appreciation] Any chance of your coming back out to Arizona? Can we have a list of your trainings so that we can come to you?

RayRen: I don’t know if there is a plan for me to come out there again, but I can send you a list of the trainings.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donate page.

805 caller: Is there any influence that could speed this up? I know it’s inevitable…

RayRen: I don’t think so, especially if Iraq is saying they’re waiting for Mosul. I don’t see how any other country can speed that up apart from sending troops. From the way it sounds and everyone is getting information, they’re saying it will wrap up this week.

Iowa caller: [didn’t hear the question] Seven years is long enough, eh?

423 caller: It feels like we are on the home stretch. When it comes out, you think the rates might go up for two weeks and then come back down; is that going to happen when the internet group starts exchanging? Or when it goes public? Are there enough of us to make it go up now, when we start exchanging?

RayRen: My only expectation of the rates going up is when it hits the market, so I don’t think they will go up because we are exchanging (privately, in advance of the public.)

Caller: I thought the fact we would be selling dinar might set that off…

RayRen: No, the MARKET will drive it up – when the hedge funds realize that there is a possible bargain or investment there. It’s going to be short-lived and temporary. The RV and our exchanges will be based on the perceived value of the country’s assets. They cannot formally revalue the currency at intervals at less than 90 days. So if the RV rate comes out at $4, say, Iraq itself cannot then change the value for 90 days, and then by 2%… but the market can drive up the price if more people want dinar.

340 VI caller: I have a lot of Zim, in the region of 100 quads. If the rate is something like 2-3 cents, that’s 2-3 million dollars per 100 trillion, if you delete six zeros. If the rate comes out at 45 cents, is there enough money in the world to exchange for that? I have a friend who has nearly a pallet of Zim! Where will the money come from to pay for that?

RayRen: You’ll have to wait it out and see what happens. The key thing is to imagine the different scenarios and have a plan or strategy to deal with each one.

Caller: Have you heard about structured payouts?

RayRen: I have heard rumors but nothing official. They mentioned it a few years ago; we haven’t received anything on that Now. Conditions change.

Caller: Have you heard of any SKRs being funded?

RayRen: Not yet, not with the SKR holders I know.

Caller: Is the Afghani still in the first basket? What about Iranian rials?

RayRen: I believe so; I’m looking forward to that, but if not, there is a nice maneuver for us after the fact. I haven’t heard of any changes in the rial yet.

918 caller: What was that about dong at the banks?

RayRen: Some banks have changed their policy such that you have to pay for dong when you pick it up now, because they are expected rate changes.

Caller: At one time, we were told that we would sign the FinCen form, or the bank would sign that form to say if the exchange is an investment or an exchange.

RayRen: It’s still part of the program, because any transaction over 10K is reported. The form is to alert the government that someone is moving big money around, in case they are up to no good. If you’re not up to no good, it’s just part of the program to send in the form saying you just did a 75 million dollar deal – no big deal, they know anyway. It’s an electronic thing they do as part of the underwriting stage, done at night. But you can ask when you do your exchange, if you have a concern.

Caller: I saw a comment on Recaps saying that 100 trillion zim note with six zeros moved @ three cents is $3,000 rather than $3,000,000. This late in the game, people need to get it together – or take a calculator, at least.

FL caller: Birthday in Jamaica? I’ll be there on 1. June for a funeral…

RayRen: If not on Friday, then I’m happy to go on Monday!

406 caller: I heard there might be a seminar in Coeur d’Alene…?

RayRen: That’s just a meet-and-greet and possible workshop that IdahoUSA is setting up; the date is not set yet, but I’m sure when it is, IdahoUSA will post it in the forum. She’s on top of that now.

Closing Statement

I think we’re looking good. We had some bank people really thinking we would do something Monday/Tuesday, but the majority are now thinking Thursday to Saturday. It looks like full Liberation of Mosul will be announced by the 19th, with celebrations being planned. The G7 meeting is in the next few days, and everything appears to be lining up. We’ll see in the next few days if it is this week or spilling into next week. Right now the information seems to point to tomorrow through the weekend. I would like it to be today so that I can be in Jamaica for my birthday on Friday. We are also lining up to visit the air show in Paris towards the end of June, thinking about purchasing a plane as a group, and there are some other financially-connected things. There is a dream cruise in Detroit on 19. August, and we will be there as well, blending in. Put that on your calendar and watch the cars cruise down the street, with a social gathering on the Saturday night with a big costume party on the theme of Harlem Nights. 

Everyone I’ve talked to is focused on this week, and Thursday seems to be the hot day. For those who have been supporting the site and the calls, thank you. I know it’s an inconvenience to mail in checks rather than using your credit card or PayPal, and of course the snail mail is slower, but I think we’ll still make it through. In another two weeks we’ll be finished with this month, and with the RV coming in, that will change all conditions, and we won’t need to have calls! Hang on until this ride comes to a complete stop; let’s ride it out to the end so we can step off, and step onto the next one, enjoying our new future together.  https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/tax/legacy/2009/03/11/RRenfrow_Order.pdf

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


Aggiedad77:  Family here are your notes from Monday Night's CC....I apologize for taking so long...yesterday's circumstances got entangled with the note taking.....enjoy these nuggets.....I pray you study them in earnest....because I personally believe many of you didn't hear what Frank was saying....study this again..and again...and again....as if your future depends on it.....because IMO it does.....Frank you so outdid any of your prior efforts with this call....STUPENDOUS.  Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 05-15-2017

Frank26:  We are prepared now to walk into the second half of our conference call tonight, it is the study of the Iraqi dinar…
But before we do….most of you old timers know that a dear friend of mine, Bill Rasmussen, he is the founder of ESPN that we see on television….I had a long talk with Bill on Saturday night….and we were both touched by the fact that Chris Berman, one of the original broadcasters of ESPN, lost his wife a few days before Mother’s Day, in a tragic car accident….she was an amazing woman….

Chris Berman always referred to her as his Rock….we pray for Chris Berman and his family, his children, his grandchildren…and it was good to talk to you Bill….I know these are rough times….and we know she is in a far better place than we are….but it is the pain that Chris Berman is left with right now….as many of you have also lost family members that you love dearly and we pray for you as well.

What I’m going to do tonight is talk as slowly as I can….but unfortunately I have a tendency to travel a little faster in my talk than I should…and what I’m going to do is take you back….because where I left you was on the 8th, so what I want to do is take you through a little nostalgia of what has happened during that time that I have not been with you….

On that Wednesday that I was not with you Iraq agreed to compensate Kuwait for the rest of the debt they owed them….and the way they compensated them….you see there are only two things remaining….to return the dead of the royal family….and to pay off the rest of the debt that Iraq owed them….now they had already forgiven a big chunk of it and what little bit was left….well go ahead and pay us….

Well we don’t have our dinar….well that is why we told you and we forgave a lot of your debt….and that is why we told you to just wait until 2017 to pay us the rest….in my mind I can just see them….and this whole conference call is in my opinion Family….but I can just see Kuwait saying….you are going to revalue your currency….we know that….you know that….you’ve been bragging about it….there are 40 something “Final Articles” in Frank’s forum that say you are going to do it….so why don’t you just lift the value and then pay us the balance.

So 2017 comes around and they say they are going to raise the value in the first part of 2017….ok….and you know what happened in January the governor said we have to hold up because we have no Security and Stability in Mosul where we have too much terrorism….alright that is logical…and the next thing you know Kuwait comes back into the picture and says….I’ll tell you what….don’t pay me in currency that is a Program Rate….don’t pay me now….you haven’t even raised the value in the first quarter or the first half of 2017…

Why don’t you just give me some investment opportunities into your country with the balance that you owe me….Family that screams a lot….a lot of understanding between Kuwait and Iraq….because they are not necessarily the best of friends….but so much reconciliation has been growing in the Middle East….and to see this IMO is an example of it….and it is so good for our investment IMO.

An investment window was created inside of Iraq for Kuwait….now while this was going on you have some articles that came out while I was gone that said to you there was now going to be a freedom of capital of movement for the investors that want to come into our country….and Kuwait you are apparently going to be one of our investors now….how do you like them apples….

But Kuwait also gets in a Long Line….why…..because they need to raise the value of their currency….you see when the World Bank LAUNCHED….as they said very clearly in the articles that you can find in our “Final Articles” thread….when they LAUNCHED the Monetary Reform with the Minister of Finance from the Government of Iraq….that was the first stage of a rocket that launched itself into the stratosphere…..but the problem now is that we need to get that Monetary Reform into orbit around the earth….and that second stage is actually the CBI lifting the 000’s from the exchange rate….to get this RV into orbit.

Also while I was gone there was more education to the citizens….on their purchase of power….because I had told you they started to pay them as of the 21st of last month on a completely new pay scale at 1000 to 1….and you have seen about 10 different examples of prices that have gone down…which is another example of purchase of power for their currency.

The USD has been going down against the Iraqi dinar….which is another example of purchase power for their currency….these are three examples that are very powerful Family IMO.

Now what I am about to say is also very powerful IMO….the Monetary Reform did not, nor was it stopped, nor postponed on January 16th when the governor of the CBI, Allak, came out and said….hey…look of course we have plans to raise the value of our currency….we’ve been bragging about it all 2016….especially the second half….but due to the circumstances of the lack of Security and Stability in Mosul and because we have terrorism we are just going to have to postpone it…..

No sir I beg to differ with you….the Monetary Reform is a lava flow that cannot stop….no way shape or form…and that is why you have seen Family a new pay scale…and this why you have seen MCP and the USD going down in value and in usage in the country…that is why you are seeing the evidence of a new pay scale….it was not postponed…what they needed was for Mosul to be liberated….I’ll agree with that….(garbled recording)….

If it was you would have never seen the examples I gave just now….and on top of that an article comes out just before I left and it says……”Iraq currency has dropped another 100 dinars against the USD (garbled recording)….IMO the Monetary Reform continued to flow….the preparations to allow the lifting of the 000’s….which was mainly postponed by the governor of the CBI…to a degree…

This Monetary Reform continues….because this movement of the 100 against the USD was another example….no the Monetary Reform has not been postponed IMO….the only thing they did IMO was not hit their target date…..only due to Security and Stability…..but tonight we are going to talk on a completely different venue on that subject…..but allow me to tell you that IMO…because of this and this….we are very close to the Iraqi dinar going up in value.
Now with that said IMO I believe there are about 4 other currencies that are about to go up in value too…..I told you when I was gone….I made some videos and postings to you…and I said Family I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Moody’s….you know who Moody’s is….the credit rating people….Moody’s just upped Vietnam’s credit rating last week for their state banks….you just can’t walk over that…..in fact as I tell you that IMO 4 or more currencies are going to go up in value soon…..you also have to consider that dozens of other currencies are going to be going down in value at the same time.

The IMF is not dumb enough to allow double dipping….there is a crossroads in a succession of many violent events that are about to happen IMO…..because of one key factor….what is that…..GIVE ME MOSUL….do we have Mosul…..we might have it by the end of this evening….or by the end of this CC.

The Egyptian pound went down by 50%....well that is a currency that is not going up…..you don’t understand….the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt has been removed….and a new government is taking over…..and they are getting their act together….this decrease of the Egyptian pound is actually IMO to allow the Egyptian pound to go up in value…..it is a window to invest in their currency….isn’t that interesting how history repeats itself….Kuwait…Iraqi dinar.

It is also possible that….the Iranian rial might also pop its head out as well….you see Iran knows their position very well now….we didn’t test the MOAB bomb in the ME just to impress North Korea….did we Iran….the sanctions that were put on Iran were not necessarily economic sanctions nor are they financial sanctions….IMO the President of the US, Donald Trump knows his business.

Kuwait forgave the final debt with Iraq and decided to invest in Iraq….if that doesn’t send electricity of your spine I don’t know what else would because as you see, you don’t mix oil and water….and they did it very successfully by using an emulsifier….called the National Reconciliation….this is also IMO going to bring Chapter VII to Iraq next month….and we will talk about that in a little bit.

There were many articles while I was gone Family, no doubt and they were very impressive….and also very confusing….because unless they are using some type of magical wand….there were some articles we just could not understand…..how is it that so much is being done inside of Iraq at a crippling Program Rate…you saw the budget where they talked about it in the aspect of 100 trillion dinars….IMO they didn’t even print that much….how is this possible….well electronically they can do that….but only with the permission or understanding that the value is going to go up….apparently they have a belief….and apparently the lava flow has not stopped all year…..not everything is possible at a Program Rate but so many things seemed to have been accomplished.

While I was gone….the Army chief said…..well we expect to recover Mosul….the remains of the dead before Ramadan….excuse me….wasn’t that the hot topic on your CC the week before that I kept scratching my head on….saying Family I know this is hard for you to understand and for me to explain to you….there are many reasons why they are getting the citizens out but you don’t understand this…..the other one is they are not giving you a count of the dead….and that means so much to me and my TEAMS…..I think you know now why.

It is also important that I emphasize that the lava flow did not stop….in fact, Allak, the governor of the CBI said look we don’t really need to cancel the auctions….all we need to do is use less USD in our country….TA-DA…..they are there at that statement.

While I was gone Rasheed Bank said….we are going to sell USD to the Iraqi citizens…really, yes we are going to use our state banks….Rasheed, Rafadain, and Trade Banks….we will have about 10 locations where we can sell the USD….you mean you are trying to control the Market Price….is that what is going on…..well yes….because it is an IMF requirement….well yes….because you are going to raise the value of your currency…..well…no comment….you don’t have to….because you see Rasheed Bank while you sell the USD and also control it….it means that the value of the USD against the Iraqi dinar is going to plummet even more….well done.

The things I am sharing with you on this CC are all IMO….most of these subjects are not even found on the internet.

While I was gone I believe the citizens became more educated….but they are still cautious…..but they know IMO that something is going on with their currency….especially now that those prices have gone down…especially now with a percentage of the people being paid at the new pay scale.

I like the article that came out while I was gone that talked about the penny….that talked about unit currency….that is the introduction of the LD’s and the fils Family….the article even talked about the fils didn’t it….the economist was saying….I am very confused….I don’t understand why we use fils….what…..fils…what’s that….you know coins….what do you mean you are confused that you use coins….you guys don’t use any coins….well we do in our accounting….in our paperwork….

For example if you want to buy a stock on the Iraqi Stock Exchange that is .85 or 85 cents….you can….but you don’t have these coins….everything is being done electronically….yeah that is true….but IMO they are educating the citizens of Iraq…..that soon will have a need to use fils….because purchasing power is being brought to their currency.
The World Bank is changing so much with the Monetary Reform in Iraq….give me what….give me the Monetary Reform….no….GIVE ME MOSUL….so you can have the Monetary Reform at a completely different speed of light…..Family you are having it and tonight I will prove it to you….before they even give you Mosul.

While I was gone I talked to my TEAM and I said give me your opinions….and the consensus was….Frank we are just waiting….we are just waiting for Iraq to ACTIVATE the rate…..you say ACTIVATE the rate….well yes they have already LAUNCHED the Monetary Reform….I know that…..the article told us…..they have already IMPLEMENTED within the budget….the Monetary Reform….now I know that….but none of that is going to be worthwhile until the ACTIVATE the new Exchange Rate….I understand that.

So a lot of things are happening aren’t they Family….I suggested to you that IMO we are close and that maybe other currencies are going to be very close….now with that said….I would like to suggest….in the still of the night the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar will change….and IMO I would like to suggest in the still of the night….of a Sunday….

Now why would I share something like that with you….because if it is a rainbow of many different currencies….and I am not talking about a global currency reset…that would encompass many currencies over a certain amount of time…..I am talking about an acute situation….not a chronic situation….where the Iraqi dinar leads the few….and if that is the case….then Sunday is when all banks around the world align as one….it would be an ideal time for them to do that.

Then while I was gone I believe it was on Saturday night I released a video to you….I said the following in that video….Family….the ISIS caliphate has ended….there are only 2 districts that are left….they have stormed 4 districts and gained control of them very quickly….within about 2 hours later…BOOM….there is the articles….rather proud of you news hounds at KTFA…..well done…within that same article it told you as I expressed to you in the video before the article came out….that thousands of citizens were returning back from the southern and eastern parts of Mosul….back to the center.

In those days while I was gone there was an amazing acceleration of many things that needed to be done before Donald Trump goes to the ME…..of many things that need to be done before Ramadan….please notice what I have just highlighted for you.

I think….because no one is expecting it Family they will do something before Ramadan, or even during Ramadan…..there is no law right now….there is no policy right now in this time frame that can stop the Monetary Reform….let me give you an example of the fact of what I believe that if there is even a chance if we go into Ramadan they will still lift the value of the Iraqi dinar….oh but Frank you have taught us and shown that the pattern is….that they don’t do anything during Ramadan….because they were never able to before….

They are on the precipice….they are on the very tip of Mount Everest….one more step to plant that flag on Mount Everest….they are so ready Family….it is very impressive…..let me give you an example about what I am saying about Ramadan….Ramadan is not a holiday….get that in your thoughts right away….it is actually a time period of 30 days where they work less…and they eat less….preferably after the sun sets….but I want you to know…about 2 or 3 years ago….do you remember when the new 25k’s were introduced….with the security features….remember when the new 10k was released alongside the 25k with the new security features….remember that….that happened during Ramadan.
Family IMO they want to be international in the first part of 2017….and this is still their goal….it is possible…based on what has happened with Kuwait…..that on June 27th of next month Chapter VII will be long gone…..do you need to remove Chapter VII in order to raise the value of your currency…..no….because the Chapter VII remaining parts have no restrictions on their Monetary Reform….I told you there are no laws…there are no policies right now that can stop the Monetary Reform of Iraq.

Ok when Allak said we are going to postpone it on January 16th….and he came out and said….we are going to postpone the lifting of the 000’s from our exchange rate….because we need Security and Stability….we need Mosul….we need terrorists and ISIS gone….that was fine…and like I said the lava flow just kept going….but I’m also here to tell you when he said that in January….they were ready to lift the 000’s….they were ready….due to all the Monetary Reform steps that were done they were ready to hook up the Monetary Reform quickly….they just needed a thumbs up from Abadi…

Let’s pull this thing together…..you need Abadi to tell the CBI governor to do it…..but Abadi found a good reason not to do it…he needed Mosul freed….and you have seen since then that so much has happened….since January…..thousands upon thousands of people are returning back to their homes in Mosul….more laws have been established and brought the reconciliation…..to Iraq and to the ME…and by the way one of the definitions of the reconciliation is the Monetary Reform of their currency….how do you like them apples McIntosh.

When the WB said to Iraq…..hey we are DEMANDING that you implement your currency reforms….let me ask you something Family…..how can the WB DEMAND that they implement their currency reforms….how can Iraq implement something that is not already ACTIVATED….oh my goodness….that is such a powerful thought.

Then the next thing you know….after they told them to do it….they came out and said look we are DEMANDING that you do it…..after they came out with that one….they came out and said….up yours….we already did it…..we have already implemented the Monetary Reform of the government of Iraq with the Minister of Finance….can you tell us more….when we feel like it.

Allak, governor of the CBI and the CBI….are like quarter horses at the gate right now Family….they are ready to bust out because they are ready with the Monetary Reform system that only needs to lift the value of their exchange rate 000’s….that is why when I asked my TEAMS….what do you think….well Frank we are in a wait and see mood right now….because the Monetary Reform was only delayed and postponed according to Allak….you know to a degree as far as lifting the 000’s….but as far as stopping the lava flow or the Monetary Reform….it never was….

Because all of the technical operations of the Monetary Reform are all ready and have blossomed even more since January….they are ready to go Frank…give us the Security and Stability of Mosul….fine…but hurry up Abadi….Abadi was running fast Family during the time that I was gone.

The Monetary Reform with Allak….with the CBI…with the IMF….with the WB…..with the US….with international investors….look what has happened to Iraq…..the moment they left Washington, DC a few weeks ago look at the speed of what has happened…..they have been moving at the speed of light on the Monetary Reform Family….even before they have announced the liberation of Mosul…..
IMO the PTB have given them the month of May to finish things up….ISIS is no longer an excuse….ISIS had to end….that is why I say to you tonight, you might be privy to the information about the liberation of Mosul….if not tonight, then the coming day when you wake up on your pillow.

In March Abadi came out and said…..within two months we will be out of Chapter VII and he said that where….at the UN….oh snap…that took a lot of guts….they are going to try to do it on May 17 IMO….so that on June 17 they can report to the UN.

What does Abadi need….he needs to announce Mosul….he needs to lift the 000’s of the exchange rate with the CBI governor…..he needs to do all of this before Ramadan…and President Trump’s arrival…..President Trump is not going to Baghdad….and we will talk about where he is at in a minute.

It is not like the CBI needs more time Family….they are more than ready for the Monetary Reform….the CBI has also told you they are ready have they not…..President Trump will not go to Iraq….he is going to Saudi Arabia to meet all of the ME leaders in Saudi Arabia….by the way while I was gone did you notice what British companies did to pour into Iraq…..oh by the way…..while I was gone…did you notice they were talking about their e-government….for their citizens….for their international investors….I believe for a new rate.

About 11 days remain before the start of Ramadan Family….Abadi said to the citizens that we will give you a surprise….what is that….when did you say that Abadi…..last year….last summer….you did….yeah…you told the citizens you would give them a surprise during Ramadan….yeah….what were your intentions….well to give them purchase of power….but you didn’t accomplish this did you sir….no…

But I tell you what….Family IMO he has a very good chance of doing it this time around…..if they do vendors will explode with purchasing power….vendors will be very pleased during the month of Ramadan…can you imagine an increase of purchasing power….and during those 30 days all of these vendors will increase their inventory like crazy…the citizens will be buying for the poor….then after Ramadan comes Eid…and that is the time (lost train of thought).

Another thing while I was gone….Rasheed Bank said….remember we are going to have about 10 locations where we will sell the USD…yeah we remember we talked about it…what about it....well we said we are going to do this because…but we have to postpone this….really why….because we have no liquidity….there are so much pre-announcements of the Monetary Reform Family…..hey Rasheed Bank….get in the LL….that action alone is kind of like someone saying God bless you….wait a minute….let me sneeze first….there is a lot reaching out that is pointing in the direction of what they are doing with their Monetary Reform.

On Sunday night on Iraqia television Abadi comes out and he talks to the citizens…and he says look, very soon I am going to announce the liberation of Mosul…in fact I think I’ll do it within the next 2 or 3 days…let me see that would be Monday…Tuesday….do you remember before I left I told you Family I think they may do it Monday/Tuesday to liberate Mosul….he said to the Iraqi citizens I am going to announce the full liberation of Mosul….and it just might happen in the next few days Family….in the next 24-hours….

But you see Abadi needs to make this announcement….because Abadi has a lot of work to do….with the Economic Reform and the Monetary Reform of Iraq…and that is why by Tuesday or Wednesday….we should hear Mosul being liberated…there will be explosions of the Economic Reforms and support of the Economic Reforms via the budget of 2017 and with a new rate that will cause the purchasing power of the citizens will launch this country into that orbit I talk about….and if they don’t it will just put them back at square one….

And I’ll tell you something….I don’t think that Donald Trump wants this….I think he wants them to raise the value of their currency….he doesn’t want them to live in the stone ages and in caves….we won’t be able to profit with them…and that isn’t how you do business is it Mr. President.

I said it before I left…..I said you will find out more about when Donald Trump is going to the ME….TA-DA.
Frank26:  Ramadan will start on the 26th and IMO Abadi….based on what he told the citizens over the past few days….I believe he is going to announce Mosul….liberated…..long before the end of this month….before Donald Trump gets there….and before Ramadan.

Next week….it will be a whole brand new ball game….ISIS is now down to probably just one square mile….and it is a door to door situation Family….I don’t know if you understand what I am saying….it is so concentrated….the dissemination…the destruction….the complete annihilation….the extinction….of DAASH is coming because there is no more street fighting….

See that was urban warfare that I talked to you about….it’s different now….it is very pinpoint….the caliphate and mosque….they told you on Sunday….it’s over….IMO Abadi is about to announce Mosul Family.
WBy the way, while I was gone they said one of the DAASH soldiers had stolen millions of dinars….no…actually the Golden Division got this knucklehead that had stole…and they got the money he had stolen.

Reconciliation is a big word because within it is the Monetary Reform of Iraq…..reconciliation in Iraq is also done….the Currency Reforms and the Unity is the title of Reconciliation…..we are DEMANDING…and it was LAUNCHED….ACTIVATION is next Family….and it is coming…are you ready….all this….because Abadi has no choice….we took over the Reforms and the military actions….as I suggested to you in my opinion.

If the ACTIVATION should be on a SUNDAY….well that would be good because that is when all the world banks align with each other….we even looked on this past Sunday because of them saying….hey the caliphate is over with.

Abadi is trying to finalize everything in the month of May.

And listen….as much as I was mocked about the word Mookla…last year Iraq said they would be international by the first half of 2017…and I am here to tell you that the end of May and the start of June…is the first half of 2017….this and next week will be big….and I pray they IMPLEMENT….because they had intended to IMPLEMENT the Iraqi dinar new rate IMO on the 28th of last month…and that is why the WB simply LAUNCHED the Financial Reform of the GOI and the CBI.

They are not in a position….with Mosul to see it yet Family….but IMO we are close…..and IMO we are about to see all the evidence of the lava flow has been behind a fat lady called Mosul.

30 days of Ramadan and then Eid is for the citizens….this is when Abadi said we will surprise you citizens of Iraq….and by the way citizens….this is not a favor for you….this is a promise I made for you….your purchase of power…..will be your national pride….and before Ramadan this time…..well that would be good because all of this is IMO.

We said the Monetary Reform was ACTIVATED on the 28th Family….but we said to you Family don’t be surprised if it goes into May…..TA-DA.

The plan to end Mosul was the 17th of April IMO….and to ACTIVATE the Monetary Reform on the 28th of April….then to IMPLEMENT the Monetary Reform in the first half of 2017….I think they are right on schedule.

GIVE ME MOSUL….maybe tonight….but I tell you what….don’t even worry about it anymore…..don’t even talk to me about Mosul…..just don’t….just ACTIVATE the Monetary Reform now….stay on target Abadi….in all honesty Family the Monetary Reform does not care about Mosul….the Monetary Reform cares about the citizens of Iraq…..besides….would you say with me….would you agree with me that the citizens of Iraq…..of Mosul are Safe and Secure now….freed now….at about 100% now.

My TEAMS are very focused on the CBI….not Mosul…and that is why we wait…and we wait…and we wait for the value to go up….but when Mosul is announced by Abadi for the citizens….get the front door out of the way….look out.

You know what is interesting….on June 17th of 2014….that was the first day that ISIS occupied Mosul….three years later almost to the day….they are about to die.

We want to see what Abadi does because it is up to his GOI to work out the Reforms….and the CBI is just waiting for a “go” from Abadi Family….the tracks of this Monetary Reform train have long been set….we just wait for the combination of Abadi and the CBI to lift the 000’s.

McGurk, the representative from the committee to remove ISIS/DAASH from the Middle East, from the US….was sent by Donald Trump a couple of nights ago to Iraq….Iraq is in the final stages of the battle to end Mosul…and McGurk shows up…and the US Generals called to accelerate the final stages while McGurk shows up representing Donald Trump….do you know why….because everyone is on the same page about Mosul right now….

And in the same breath while this is going on….Abadi comes on Iraqia television again….and he tells the whole world….hey citizens of Iraq check this out….watch…..ahh companies of the world…nations of the world…we open our doors for you to come in and do business with us….what are you stupid Abadi….no one has ever come into your country for those reasons…except those that have powerful conglomerate support and deep pockets….there is a long line of people who want to come in….

Wait a minute…you’ve been having meetings with these people haven’t you….you’ve been having private meetings…what do they know that we don’t know…..well yeah companies of the world come on in….we have protection….all you international companies….all you people come on in now….no more BS….we got all the laws to protect you….we got Security and Stability…and I can imagine Abadi turns back to the citizens and says….hey how do you like me now huh…..I told you we were going to get you purchasing power…..I told you we were going to get jobs….I told you….we are going to have a good Ramadan.

Now this morning…..early in the morning…and I don’t have to give this to you IMO….because this was on Fox News….I found out later in the afternoon…but one of my TEAM members got a hold of me and they said Frank….there is a lot of activity in Washington, DC…I said what do you mean….well there is a lot of activity in Washington, DC where there are a lot of people from the ME here in DC….but mainly at the Saudi embassy the Prince is here….the king….well whatever….they are all here….

Wait a minute…are you serious…yeah….wait a minute….where’s McGurk….well he’s over in Saudi Arabia….well where is the king of Saudi Arabia….oh he’s in DC…..ok so McGurk is over there being the quarterback and assuring the finalization of Mosul is done right….yeah……and the king of Saudi Arabia is in the US probably getting orders of what they will be doing when they meet with Abadi and all the other ME leaders right….I don’t know….if McGurk is in SA…why are their people over here in DC….that is stupid….no….that is a plan…..ok.
Family of KTFA that I love so much…that I would do so much for….IMO Donald Trump is a Godsend…and I am here to tip the hat to John/Bluestar who kept telling me Donald Trump will be the President of the US Frank….and I kept telling him….I don’t know but she will be there at the end…..Donald Trump is a Godsend….you see unfair trade in the ME is not only going to end…it is going to end across the world….

Your children are going to be looking at a better horizon….than the ugly sunsets of the last 8 years….let me give you an example….do you know that while I was gone China did a deal with Donald Trump….they called it the Silk Road didn’t they….can you imagine….China during the days of Obama….Obama would send ships loaded with our timber…from our forests…China would buy it at a very cheap price because of their import-export disadvantage because of the rate of their currency…and then they would take that wood and they would make furniture out of it…and they would sell it back to the US….

I’m sorry but that is enough to make me throw up….I’m not an economist…I’m not a politician….I’m a human being with common sense that tells you that is stupid….why would you allow someone to take advantage of us…..Obama became an ostrich…he stuck his head in the sand for 8 years and did not want to do anything anywhere….you American citizens that voted for him….you think he loved you….he loved you so far away from him that he was disgusted with Americana….why do you think he pulled our troops out of the middle when we were about ready to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar…..because he didn’t want you to have this….that is my strong opinion if you want it that way….so day it will become a fact in the book of history IMO.

Family Iraq is a cornerstone thanks to President Trump….Iraq is a cornerstone in the international world…come in international world…come in international companies….Trump wants this….Obama did not…Trump is making the United States of America the country that it should be…..we the US of A police this planet earth….we protect this planet….we are the strength of this world….to make the world what it is….to be safer….we are the babysitter of all nations…and Iran and China and all of these other countries and Russia are finding it out once again….and respectfully bowing….you don’t mess with us….I know that sounds rather bullish…rather prideful…rather egotistical…but do you wish to argue it.

On Iraqia television Abadi meets with his National Coalition and he says….in the next few days we will announce Mosul fully liberated….when in the dickens did you do that Abadi….this morning….jiminy crickets.

Abadi you are having a lot of meetings in the last 24-hours aren’t you…and you are rather private too aren’t you…..yeah.

DELTA….DELTA…can you find something to match this…I sure can….I have it….put it up on our forum….and DELTA puts up an article today on our forum that says…..”In the Next Few Days Declaration of the Final Victory”…wow….who said that DELTA…..Abadi….get out of here….yeah….wow that is pretty good isn’t it…yeah…is that why the Saudi king is over here….no comment….ok.

Then another thing happens….ring-a-ding-ding…..hello….who is this….this is DELTA Frankie…..hey didn’t I just talk to you…what’s up….I got another one I want to put up…..for real….is it about Mosul….no….is it about Donald Trump….no….what is it I give up….it’s about the Monetary Reform….get the front door out of here….is it really….yeah it is….come on….they just said they would give us Mosul in a day or two….and they are giving us the Monetary Reform before they give us Mosul….talk about the speed of light of the Monetary Reform picking up much faster huh….

Ok…what have you got….well the article says…..”They are Going to Float the Iraqi Dinar Because it is the Only Solution to Save the Foreign Currency Reserves”….get out of here…what else does it say….well it says….”all of this that is going on with their currency is threatening to increase the pressure on the national currency and to cast further doubts on the country’s ability to finance imports and necessary investments”….you mean the budget…..yeah….when did you get that….today….where did you get that….from the economist I told you about….what else is he saying….

He says….”the situation in the Iraqi economy forces the CBI to move and to adopt a flexible policy in the exchange rate in preparation for floating the dinar against other currencies in the medium term”…..it really says that….yes it does…medium term…that means right now not in the future right….yeah I know….what else does it say….well it says….”they are going to manage the floating”….they are going to manage it….you mean they learned from Kuwait huh….yeah they did….apparently they did….”they are going to manage the float of the dinar which allows the CBI to intervene and you know prevent the sharp and dangerous fluctuations in the dinar exchange rate so that it can be used here”….

Yes they listened to Kuwait…..is there anything else….it’s a long article Frank….but the last sentence says….”the attempt to follow the decline of the Iraq Foreign Exchange Reserves by easy decisions will only mean preparations and venture in greater other crisis”….you mean the liquidity crisis.

Wow this is fantastic….ok Family what this is…this is the same economist I told you that hangs out with Allak and Saleh….he knows the Monetary Reform of the CBI and he is a very respected economist….this is on our forum already as post #365….and we are adding this to our “Final Articles” thread as #47.

So Family even before they give you the full liberation of Mosul…here he comes out again this economist that is working with the governor of the CBI and the Financial Advisor to Abadi in the government of Iraq and he says look this is nothing new….we told you back in December we are going to float the currency….we told you our goal is to get to 1 to 1…..we told you all of this stuff….this is nothing new….but I will admit Family it is coming out at a faster speed of light like we told you it would happen once we have Mosul in our grasp
It’s in our hands Family….to see this article it’s like when a little child asks it’s Mother or Father I have to go pee…well just hold it here are no bathrooms around here…..no I got to go pee…and he crosses his legs and shifts from the right to the left….that is the way I see the Monetary Reform of Iraq right now…..just wait….the lava flow….like I started out your CC it is still flowing Family…and these experts are coming out telling you very plainly…..look this is what we are doing.

The CBI has been ready since January of this year….all the systems that were needed to lift the 000’s from our currency….they are ready to go…it is a managed float with a fixed rate…that is back to the glory days Family….because if it comes out at 1 to 1 in Iraq then by the time it leaves their borders by attrition it will be somewhere not 1 to 1 but 2+…and then within these calculated numbers we gave you somewhere IMO those 72-78 it’s going to float like we told you….or they are telling you I should say….and it is going to float and be managed…and once they reach a certain point….72-78 days or that ball park it will peak and then it will drop dramatically back down….to where….to the glory days…what were the glory days….somewhere around 3.40 to 3.70 in that ball park.

Now because it is a free float may I also suggest they also have the ability to not even wait until it gets 1 to 1….think about that….they could come out at 10 cents, 40 cents, 50 cents….but according to my TEAMS and our studies and in talking with them…that is not a smart idea….because that will not help the citizens nor will it help the budget accomplish its goals…..so IMO they are going to go to 1 to 1….because they are at 1000 to 1….actually they are somewhere less than 1000 to1….this whole CC is IMO….even though we have the articles to back up what I’m telling you….they were at 1000 to 1 before  I left….and they went down another 100….so wherever it is at….it is going to climb.

For Abadi to come out and tell the international world during this phase right now….hey guys we are open for business now….for international business…..all you international companies come on in….and this is from Abadi….from the horse’s mouth….to me that equal….to me that represents….to me is a statement that the Monetary Reform is no longer an issue….how is that for a statement….Mosul is not an issue….the prerequisites for the system of the Monetary Reform is not an issue…Security and Stability is not an issue….why do you think McGurk is there….I am here to make sure the announcement of Mosul goes very well….according to the plan we have….because we have both held it for such a long time….but it is time now….the first half of 2017 is coming to an end.

The Monetary Reform is no longer an issue….I was hoping it would impress someone but apparently it didn’t.

Article VIII Family is the freedom of capital of these companies that are being invited….now pay attention…..Abadi can’t make this invitation without an RV….tattoo that somewhere on your left leg…..these countries have not been able to come into Iraq because there is an Article VIII that does not allow them protection…and the only way that Abadi can invite these countries…and the only way it can make sense…and not be an insult…is because these countries and Abadi have met privately….and know the truth….that Mosul has kept them out….the truth of the Monetary Reform and Iraq’s currency….because original postponement that was made by Allak, from the CBI in January….is also no longer an issue.

The WB and the IMF is not a rumor Family…it is a fact of Iraq’s Monetary Reform….it is not a dream….it was the PLAN.

So this post #365 is trying to loosen the multi-policies….it is trying to remove the loose tooth of Article VIII…..it is for the investors and the Foreign Reserves….the situation in Iraq is going to force the flexibility of policies in Iraq….which is a big part of the Monetary Reform….it is what the IMF told them to do….control your currency and do not depend on any other currency except your own….and they said it in this post #365 and to do it in the medium term….medium term is talking about the present moment…it is not the near proximal future….it is about now…

This is what we expect to see….to see this type of talk….from this article….inches away from the liberation of Mosul….is a dream come true for me….we were expecting this type of talk….we were expecting them to do something like this with their currency….there are no coincidences Family….many things are coming together….all at once….at a speed unseen in the Monetary Reform.
I called it a Crossroads remember….let’s say we have 4 cars at an intersection….

1.  The liberation of Mosul;

2.  McGurk and President Trump in the ME;

3.  The revaluation of their currency;

and 4.  The international companies that have just been invited…..put these all together….you have an amazing Ramadan….you have a promise fulfilled by the Prime Minister to his citizens….you have the final steps of Mosul that is putting us in business now.

Family the Old City that is being finished up right now IMO is done….yesterday they said there were only 2 districts left….today I believe they are about to finish them….these districts are different from the ones here in the US in our streets….you see I told you at the beginning of our CC that they are going door to door….and it is so concentrated….it is very precise….therefore Abadi is advertising end of DAASH/ISIS…and is preparing himself to announce the liberation of his country IMO before Donald Trump comes to the ME….his satellite McGurk is not the main character….he is not the main protagonist….not the key ingredient.

Now Donald Trump will leave for the ME on the 19th….on Friday evening….before his arrival in Saudi Arabia….Mosul should be liberated….if you see this Tuesday-Thursday that Mosul is liberated…oh my goodness….maybe at the very end on Thursday or Friday but Donald Trump will be in the ME.

If Saudi Arabia is the host country….like I said….why is SA in the US right now….and that was reported by Fox News……to stop the influence of Iran….Obama couldn’t do it….he helped Iran…..look Family the Iranians are strong….and they could wipe out many of the ME Gulf countries very quickly….we may be the infidels….but they don’t want us to go anywhere…..when Obama took us out they all panicked….Maliki took over with Iran didn’t he…and all those ME countries knew they were next….I stomped on this table to tell you we are the power to be respected on this planet….and I told you that Iran knows this now.

Under Donald Trump’s watch….the weakness in the ME is not going to be dominated by terrorists, nor by Iran’s popular crowd.

The Saudi Arabian prince is getting his instructions in Washington, DC right now….for the union of Abadi and Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia….and this is the first time in history that an American President is going to meet with so many ME leaders…..Iran is not stupid….they know who Donald Trump is….and just what he will do….we didn’t drop that big bomb in the ME two weeks ago just for the sake of it….it was to send Iran a message that we are in the ME….and to send a message to the other ME countries that fear Iran….that we are there.

By the way did you see last week that Donald Trump said…we are about to wipe out some of our deficit and we are also carrying a surplus into this month….WHAT….echoes of Kuwait and President Clinton….yes indeed Family the United States is very powerful….and by the way Iran…..Iraq is no longer your puppet.

Now get the Popular Crowd out of Iraq…..because we are about to deal with Maliki too….get out of here……and let’s do business together across each border….don’t invade Iraq’s borders again.

Right now Family the US troops are doing a cleanup in Mosul….and right now that means it is at a faster pace…..the same way the WB basically came in and say….hey look stop it….we’ve LAUNCHED the Monetary Reform….move over you are too slow….it is the same way the US troops came in and told the Golden Brigade just move over….we got to get this thing done….you know he is coming….and both incidents happened at a much faster pace didn’t they.

Iran’s influence is melting….hmm….no Iran’s influence IMO is gone….and it was done in Donald Trump’s first few months….you want to be safe Iran….you want to be profitable….obey and respect our position in the ME….or you will just not be a part of the spoils of this war versus terrorism…because you will become the terrorists.

In the history of the WB and the IMF Family…they have never asked any country to do their Financial Reform….but they sure did tell Iraq to do theirs didn’t they…..because of the pressure from the President of the US IMO.

Give me one nation where the WB and the IMF DEMANDS that nation to raise the value of their currency….the tapestry is weaving a beautiful picture isn’t it.

Mosul was used as an excuse and it worked….and May 17th sticks in my soul….maybe an announcement of the liberation of Mosul.

By the way….SUNDAY….any given SUNDAY is also deep in my soul.
So as we recap tonight….Mosul soon….Trump arrival is going to be very historical in the ME….the Prince of SA is actually the Prime Minister of SA and Fox News told us of his arrival so try and understand what we share with you on that right now….

I believe McGurk is in SA right now getting things ready for the announcement because you see our troops are clearing….and what that means is that they are going back with the process of rechecking things all over again…..it is a clearing process that is going back to clear what was already cleared….our American troops are doing this and they are getting rid of the stragglers….and while the Iraqi Golden Division is at the front line we kind of hurried up the cleaning process….the last district of Mosul is being cleaned right now as the last effort in Mosul IMO….

The three military stages….the liberation, the editing…long gone….the clearing is done…and the mop up is being done by the Golden Division but we had to go back with our troops to clear what had been cleared this past week….closure is now coming in both directions IMO…..like we shared….let’s see what happens before Ramadan….let’s see what happens before Donald Trump arrives…with Mosul in the next two or three days…..I don’t know….I want the liberation….I want the RV….but we are seeing both of them at a completely different speed of light are we not.

Now we are a TEAM that share with you our studies….we are looking for two things….#1) an announcement of Mosul being 100% liberated and #2) a rate change to occur within the CBI and DELTA is watching that diligently…he is very focused on looking for any changes within the CBI….all of this before Ramadan….all of this before Donald Trump gets there….it would all be a very wise thing for Abadi….remember Abadi told us about 2 months ago that they would be international and out of Chapter VII when he did his speech at the UN within 2 months and the end of May is the end of those 2 months Family….next month Abadi meets with the UN to discuss Chapter VII….many things are coming to a Crossroads.

Now Family the last thing I have to close with now….I started with a requirement….GIVE ME MOSUL…..we need Mosul…and in our CC you saw how I painted the picture that Mosul is within days…and that is based on their reports and statements…and more so from the horse’s mouth….Abadi….not from some general….or some Fox News person, or someone’s opinion….but Abadi….who has his finger on the trigger to raise the value of their currency along with the CBI…both the CBI and Abadi have their finger on the trigger to do this….especially when you see this well respected economist who says….oh yeah we are going to float…doing this and that….we know all that….I got to go pee….well apparently.

I will close with the cherry on top of Mount Everest…..and by the way this was plastered all over their television and released by the media 14 minutes before we started our CC tonight….

”URGENT:  Military Command Sends Urgent Warning to Mosul Residents”…..”the leader of the Mosul battle has issued an urgent warning to the citizens in the area under control of a non-wheel drive organization, people in the remaining areas, to all of our people in these areas, under the occupation of the terrorists, the hour of decisiveness has come close at the hands of your armed forces and in order for the victory to be achieved and the joy to be achieved with the least losses we ask you to stop using the wheels and motorbikes and all kinds of motorized vehicles stop using now and get off the streets…the enemy uses them, cars, bikes in their attacks of our forces under the pretext of transporting families”……

Well stay off the streets because we are going to get rid of them….”the army will hit any vehicle, any wheel moving in the streets of this neighborhood from the evening of this May 15th 2017 until the completion of the liberation and we will provide the necessary wheels for transportation and evacuation on the site of any contact with any families.”

Now give me a microphone so I can drop it….now if this CC didn’t take you from A to Z….if it didn’t rock you in my arms….if it didn’t fill you with the hope and excitement that what we seek is coming about….then I don’t know what else to do…..we offer no dates….we offer no rates….we offer a comprehensive study with dignity…and I so pray we have done that tonight.

In conclusion, IMO, very soon you will have Mosul given to you by Abadi as fully liberated….the President of the United States has already sent his satellite….his precursor….his envoy….to prepare for this announcement…

In the process Ramadan awaits a promise from Abadi to the citizens of Iraq that they would have purchasing power for their currency…and while the postponement occurred on January 16th from the governor of the CBI the lava flow of the Iraqi dinar has continued at a very impressive pace….which we have well studied together….

I sit at night while you are asleep…and I think about you…and I pray about you….I sit and I think about the possibilities and the ramifications of these possibilities…I think of options on many levels that could come about….I think of consequences and conquests that can happen if this happens or that happened if it went in this direction or that direction….I don’t offer you a date….

I don’t offer you a rate….but I offer you the logic of this Monetary Reform because I love you very much and I only know to love you…and I believe soon we are going to be onward Christian soldiers doing God’s glory….and I know I am only going to be left with a very small percentage of you and I expect that…but those of you who stay we are going to do some amazing things for God’s Kingdom….and those of you who don’t stay….you will see us from a far….and we will see the KTFA flag slowly rise…and it will be well known…and the word of God will transcend across the surface of this planet…..at a speed and power not seen before….only reserved for the end times of this world.

Dismissed with a prayer.

Kent Dunn gives a current Update of what he is allowed to Reveal !! 5/1...


Here’s what has happened since. Iraq agreed to compensate Kuwait for the rest of the debt that they owed them. Kuwait basically told them not to pay them in currency, but in investment opportunities. So much reconciliation has been growing in the Middle East. An investment window was created for Kuwait. Now we are seeing articles about that. When the WB launched…the monetary reforms, that was the 1st stage of a rocket that launched them into orbit. 

The 2nd stage is the CBI to lift the zeros. More education has continued to the citizens regarding an increase in power of purchase. IMO…the MR did not stop or postpone when Allak said in January to delay things. The MR is a lava flow…and CAN NOT stop! We’ve been waiting for Mosul to be liberated. By Tuesday, or Wednesday – we should hear of the liberation of Mosul. LIBERATION will launch this country.
Below is the latest Mosul map. The green area is Iraq controlled territory. White, grey and black is the remaining ISIS controlled area. The area shown is western Mosul only...the east side of the the river (the right side of the river) is all green and in Iraqi hands.

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PM Abadi "Celebrations after the Major announcement is released"

Iraq resolves debate over foreign presence inside its territory, 17 MAY

Journal  May 17, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

The Security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi parliament denied the existence of a signed agreement with the American side that includes the survival of part of its forces after the end of the post-organizational period, calling the terrorist.

"Iraq has entered into an alliance with several countries, including the United States, after the occupation of an organization calling on the terrorists in some provinces to provide assistance and advice," MP Imad Juhna told the Journal News on Wednesday. "The Iraqi government has hired trainers from different countries, In order to raise the capabilities of Iraqi combat forces, "noting that" talk about the presence of foreign troops inside the Iraqi territory is fighting a disgraceful disgrace. "

The Washington Times reported on Wednesday that serious secret negotiations had begun in early May between the administration of President Donald Trump and the Iraqi government to keep US troops in the country, noting that Washington is facing a new challenge to reach an agreement with Iraq that Obama failed to obtain. On the survival of US forces in Iraq after the defeat, "urged."


Dinarland May 17 2017


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Elmerf123456:   rmy Commander: Iraqi Forces to Drive ISIL out of Western Mosul by Friday!!!!  Iraq says they have almost reclaimed Mosul as battle draws closer to the Old City!

Harambe:  Reuters: Iran's re-engagement with the world at stake in Friday presidential vote http://reut.rs/2pFGq1y

Harambe:  Reuters: Puerto Rico's bankruptcy hearing marks reset of asset scrambl​e http://www.reuters.com/article/us-puertorico-debt-prices-analysis-idUS​KCN18C2KI


Spagetti:  Hey all. If buying homes with cash post-RV, check out FinCEN new rules​ requiring title insurance that identifies the natural buyer, in 6 maj​or geographical areas of US. I won't buy with cash, but some ppl might​.  On high-end real estate paid with cash, check, or m.o, there will be a new form or forms to fill. Very important.    https://www.fincen.gov/news/news-releases/fincen-renews-real-estate-ge​ographic-targeting-orders-identify-high-end-cash

Elmerf123456:  Well yes to the fincin rules but if you can be well qualified for a 3.5-5% mortgage rate, but can get an 8-10% investment On your money, why would you pay cash anyway? Smart play is to use other people's money….. I would suggest that if this is a new venture for anyone...and especially in terms of money, get thorough council before just doing anything just because you can now! Make your money WORK FOR YOU!


Frank27:   Thousands came to Your MONDAY CC FAMILY to Learn ............... What i find sad is that on tonight's WEDNESDAY CC we will have about one thousand less.

Some feel W CC not to be so Encased ......... So Sheathed with as much Powerful CC NOTES as a M's CC.

Too bad.  For tonight ............. Again they would be wrong.

A UNION in Iraq is ASKING the CBI to RV .............

What to consider on the day You can EXCHANGE  ............ The 4 that may join the IQD on an RV day part 2 ...........

The ISX and The game of Monopoly ................ A giving Mosul to CITIZENS on FRIDAY and many other Exciting events in the STUDY of our investment.  

C U in .............. 7  (7 pm est) ....... Aloha \m/

MilitiaMan:  Here it is.. before Ramadan even.. let the party start..

Samson:  Abadi's "information": We will establish an official and popular celebrations after the announcement of a major release of Mosul

 11:47 - 17/05/2017

The prime minister promised Haider al-Abadi, the establishment of a major official and popular celebrations if the final declaration of victory over the organization of "Daesh" criminal in the liberation of the entire city of Mosul and the expected announcement before the holy month of Ramadan.

Ebadi said in a statement to the reporter / information /, on the sidelines of the weekly conference yesterday evening, he said that "victory the expeditious entire city of Mosul and liberation represents the final stage of salvation from the remnants of Daesh criminal and what remains, it will need very little time and effort less."

Abadi said, "The government will prepare a special program to mark the occasion and will be an official and popular where all official and popular institutions in all Iraqi provinces contribute to the celebration and thus these celebrations will accelerate to speed up the rest of the organization less time."



Apmcrx:  The joint forces freed 98% of the right coast area



Samson:  Vietnam Banking system’s liquidity positive after months

 May, 17/2017 - 16:22

The central bank withdrew a total of VNĐ18.46 trillion (US$811.4 million) through open market operations (OMO) last week

HÀ NỘI — Liquidity in the inter-bank market has showed positive signs after several months of being under pressure.

The latest report from Saigon Securities Incorporate (SSI) showed that the central bank withdrew a total of VNĐ18.46 trillion (US$811.4 million) through open market operations (OMO) last week, reducing the money being circulated in OMO to VNĐ6.54 trillion, the lowest level in the past two months.

This is the first time since Tết (Lunar New Year) that the banking system has shown abundant liquidity. The central bank had to inject a significant amount of money through OMO to support liquidity of the banking system in the past months.

In the past week, owing to good liquidity, interest rates in the inter-bank market slid down constantly, hitting a two-month low of 4.16 per cent on May 11, down 27 basis points against the previous week.



Samson:  Vietnam proposes APEC initiative to facilitate e-commerce
May, 17/2017 - 15:03

Việt Nam has proposed an initiative on building an e-commerce facilitation framework within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation which is expected to contribute to facilitating trade and investment and become a driving force for the region’s economic development

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam has proposed an initiative on building an e-commerce facilitation framework within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), as it is an important content in the 2017 APEC’s agenda.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s E-commerce and Information Technology Agency, trans-border e-commerce is seen as the fastest growing sector in world commerce. Over the past two decades, the global e-commerce value has been estimated at US$1.92 trillion.

The Asia-Pacific region has recorded the largest transaction volume in the world, followed by West Europe and North America. E-commerce revenue from the business-to-consumer (B2C) model was $144 billion in Asia-Pacific last year, accounting for approximately 35.9 per cent of the global B2C value. These figures are expected to rise to $467 billion and 47.9 per cent, respectively, by 2020.

The APEC leaders have realised the significance of e-commerce in increasing the competitiveness of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises; in promoting sustainable growth; and in accelerating extensive and intensive regional economic connectivity.

Against this backdrop, Việt Nam has proposed an initiative on the building of an e-commerce facilitation framework, which focuses on five pillars.

The pillars include: finalising and harmonising legal frameworks on e-commerce in APEC member economies; strengthening capacity-building to enable APEC economies to support micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises to join the trans-border e-commerce market in the region and around the world; promoting cross-border protection of individual data via the implementation of the APEC’s current programmes; facilitating non-paper trade in the region; and dealing with newly arising issues in cross-border e-commerce.

The e-commerce facilitation framework within the APEC is one of the highlights of the 2017 APEC. It is expected to contribute to facilitating trade and investment and become a driving force for the region’s economic development.

The APEC was established with the goal of promoting sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. The 2017 APEC Year is a pivotal event celebrating 20 years of Việt Nam’s APEC membership.



5-17-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   There was an announcement Sunday morning... Prime Minister Abadi made an announcement welcoming countries around the world to come to Iraq to begin to do business. Iraq is open for business.  A simple announcement, but one that carries weight because he couldn’t make that announcement if they were not ready to do business with a rate, with a new currency in the sense of the lower denominations of the dinar, and with a full engaged banking system, financial system that works all over the country even in Mosul.   They are ready for business, ready to begin to being international again.  We are going to be very pleased even what we will see on the screens of the so called bank rates or screen rates. The timing is everything that is what we are waiting for, the actual release timing

5-17-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
   Examples:   Major news announcements: "FROM IRAQI TV:  PM ABADI:  INVESTMENT DOORS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES"   "Abadi: Investment doors open to international companies"  "Four new camps in Mosul to accommodate the newly displaced"  "The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jasim Mohammed Al-Jaf announced on Sunday the return of 122,137 internally..."  ...the evolution of tone and events is very encouraging!   "Abadi chairs a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Energy and take a range of measures"  Oil and Energy continue to make progress, FINALLY! This is the exact area where we were stagnant last year. This year is different - the consistency of these articles lately is a telling sign. "The Ministry of Commerce promises Iraqis Surprise in the month of Ramadan  May 13, 2017"  New ration cards to be issued next week. Could these be tied into the upcoming changes in the entire Iraqi banking system, which will ultimately incorporate new currency, ATMs, and a new rate? It's a possible "gateway" move. For once, I actually agree that something might get done during Ramadan. *shock* *GASP!*   [post 2 of 2]

5-17-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   It should be noted, and kept in mind, that Ramadan this year starts on the evening of Friday May 26 and goes through Sunday June 25.   That's 9 days from now.  Those of you that have been traveling this road with me for years know that I have always been VERY adamant that "nothing gets done during Ramadan"... but I'm starting to lean a little to the left on that commitment. There is just TOO MUCH happening right now! There are a couple key elements to this...that will make me go "Full Buzzy" in spite of the upcoming holiday that traditionally yields 0 "real" progress for anything in Iraq For some months now, I've been very optimistic about Iraq's ISIS situation. Over the last few days, this has only increased.  


Locofelipe: Direct quotes from their twitter account. I am excited.

 Iraqi Day @iraqi_day 4h4 hours ago Victory parade in #Baghdad #Iraq very soon.

Iraqi Day @iraqi_day 5h5 hours ago #BREAKING #Iraq Federal Police Units control Al-Mufiti mosque in 17 Tamouz district NW #Mosul city.


Harambe:  Reuters Video of Mosul... Battle Nearly Won http://reut.rs/2pS1eyk

Ivantulafitov:  Iraq says battle for Mosul nearly won as forces close in on Old City http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-iraq-mosul-idUSKCN18C​0VK

Counter-ISIS Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq From a Combined Joint Ta​sk Force Operation Inherent Resolve News Release https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1183596/counter-isis-stri​kes-continue-in-syria-iraq/

-- Near Mosul, five strikes engaged four ISIS tactical units; destroyed nine fighting positions, two mortar systems, to medium machine guns, two vehicle bombs, two ISIS-held buildings, two vehicle bomb-making facilities, and a supply cache; damaged 13 ISIS supply routes and nine fighting positions; and suppressed three ISIS tactical units and two mortar teams.