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TNT Call notes 10-May-2017

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1) 

TNT Call notes 10-May-2017
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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday, May 10, 2017, with RayRat98. The text that went out said ‘no new intel, we need to thaw out’. Thawing is a result of freedom, and everything appears to be frozen, no real difference.

The only difference between Monday and today is that we are now seeing more public information about what I shared: the liberation of Mosul, although the FULL liberation is yet to be publicly announced. That should be somewhere between the 15th and the 19th.

As far as the RV, some think we are still looking for the public release this week. Ramadan seems to be the cutoff – that is, they want to get all things done before that starts on 26. May. I still think it’s happening now, but if you want a timeframe, look at the meeting that happens before the 19th. That remains to be seen.

 Thebanking community received information that today could/should have been the date. There could be private exchanges taking place; we ill await further info on that.

Questions from the TNT forum

 Q: Regarding the mice, if I’m after the highest rate should I go in quickly for contract rate, or wait to be third mouse? I got confused?

A: Nothing is a hard and fast rule until it becomes past tense, so we can only develop strategies based on what we expect. Iraq said a long time ago that their currency could support up to $16, and people in the past have received contract rates of $30, then… I don’t see it going up to $30 in public. If you can get contract rates of $30, take the money and run! If you want contract rates, go in as quickly as possible. If you want higher (non-contract) rates, leverage your currency and wait for it to appreciate.

Q: What’s next?

A: Business opportunities and countries take time. We have to develop patience; to the victors go the spoils. Sure something else could come up to delay this, but right now there is nothing likely that will push this further down the road. I think it’s inevitable, and the timing is now. Mosul was the last thing we could see as a roadblock; everything else is together in terms of what they want/need, and the leadership. Just sit back and wait; every day that it doesn’t happen, see what doesn’t work, and examine new opportunities to do something while you wait. That’s better than just sitting round being depressed and saying, “what’s next?”

Q: Are we closer than on Monday?

A: The information that I received, it seemed like it was moving at certain rate, but there are always other factors. There was no promise it would pop out by Wednesday, it’s just what I expected from the intel.

Q1: Do you believe that we need to see laws in the Gazette before the release of the RV?

A: No.

Q2: Any confirmation that contractors in Iraq are now being paid the in-country rate, or the revalued rate for their work?

A: Confirmation is a strong word, and I don’t like how some people use it. I don’t have ‘confirmation’ of that, but I have every belief they are.

Q3: Post-RV, and the 13 cities/workshops, will each session be the same day, every other day, or spread out?

A: It depends on availability of venues and banks. We would like to get them done as quickly as possible. You only need to go to one of them.

Q: Any updates on prices in Iraq?

A: Nothing that I feel comfortable with, although there is some stuff floating around.

Q: Do you know when trump will be in Iraq?

A: No, I don’t know any part of that travel itinerary, but I do believe that he and the Iraqi leaders will be together on the 19th.

Q: You speak to digitizing our currency of late. Are you aware of a special program the banks formulated just for this upcoming exchange period? I ask because we have learned about MCA’s and this seems to not be something many banks use readily. Is this something we will learn about from the task force training classes?

 A: Yes. If the bank offers MCAs, you will learn about them then, sure. The information we have obtained about MCA suggests that you only have one if you are doing business with that country. So you want to double-check the rules and requirements, and then see if they offer an MCA for the specific currencies you are interested in. Of course the banks change their rules and policies whenever they want, to serve their client base. If half a million people want MCAs with our currencies, then they may well change their rules. Look around for other institutions that offer MCAs or the equivalent.

Q: Ray, on Monday you seemed confident that it would RV by today. Can you tell us what info that was based on or what changed or did not transpire that you expected to happen?

A: I already did. I’m not at liberty to say anything in more detail.

Live Q and A 

865/404 caller: You have dropped a few nuances that I will check. It’s been a while since you shared anything Iraqis are being told in the mosques – anything there?

RayRen: No, there has been nothing in the mosques for some time.

Caller: There have been references on the board to the effect that fils are in circulation…

RayRen: I haven’t heard anything from Iraq about that.

 Caller: Re: the meeting on the 19th, can you identify who will be there?

 RayRen: No.

Caller: The meeting with Abadi, Sadr, CBI Governor and finance minister – have you heard anything further from your contacts?

RayRen: No, there have been no more reports.

Caller: Tomorrow is the publishing date for the UN rates that change on the 15th; is that relevant at all?

RayRen: if I listen to the banking community, Yes. If I listen to Iraqi sources, then No.

Caller: I presumably that there is not much left to thaw…?

RayRen: Everything was flowing on Monday, then yesterday all the information seemed to freeze up, but I think it’s slush rather than solid ice.

610 caller: Please donate by sending send your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, P.O. Box 1748 Elm City, N.C. 27822. Thanks for all your donations.

RayRen: I don’t know. The Raleigh meet-and-greet depends on when Tony comes here, and he has some other things to tackle first. Pomp and Circumstance wasn’t so much for the RV but to mark that you are ready – any time this week, we are ready, both ‘the best of us’ and also the ‘rest of us’. TNT is ready!

340 VI caller: [can’t understand what this caller is saying]

RayRen: I have not heard anything official on that, but believe that all five currencies are in the first basket. Rates are like the time of the day: always changing.

386 caller: What is the story behind the bank perks listed in the forum?

RayRen: It’s always been there. We did put it in the update folder because some people cannot get into the entire forum, so now they can read it even if they aren’t members. I put it there for them, because they couldn’t see it otherwise. It’s not an update as such. We want to let people know the perks they can ask for, if they leave large amounts on deposit. It helps people shop around between the banks. Please don’t go in to do your exchange and ask for all these perks – just exchange and get out of there. Talk to the manager when you go back in to discuss how much money you are leaving there, and have them tell you what they will give you as perks. They may offer you something that is not on the list! Banks are a business, and these are business transactions. You need to look out for your best interests, and the bank looks out for their interests. Don’t give up everything on the first round – you have to hold something back to negotiate. They won’t give you anything without a cost factor that affects the bottom line. We only give away the percentage of our profit that we have to give away. If you tell me what you want, and I was planning on giving you a lot more, I’ll probably give you what you asked for and keep the rest. You have to look at it that way; these are business transactions, not just banking. For every business transaction, there is some kind of negotiation and/or consideration. How will you know if you don’t ask? If you don’t ask, they may not offer. [But ask, What perks are you offering?] Of course, they offer you more if you are more attractive, so make sure you comb your hair that day!

760 caller: I love the calls when we drill down into the nitty-gritty, and use our time to assess and look for new opportunities. That’s what I’ve been doing. I like the idea of using conventional vehicles in unconventional ways. On Monday you said that we need to use both foundations and trusts. I want to verify I’m using these vehicles properly. A foundation formed through a foundation is used as a 501c3 after exchange, while trusts are set up for asset protection. Have I got that right? Is that the right was to use these two entities?

[RR: Yes.]

Then one of the callers said something about using the Roth IRA, so I did some research on that. I did a three-way call with the wealth manager and an investment counselor, and initially they didn’t get what I was asking. Finally, they both admitted that the bank [traditionally] does not permit an IRA or Roth IRA to hold tangible assets.

RayRen: Pick a different custodian – one who does allow that.

Caller: A few minutes ago, you said something about banking information is different from Iraqi information.

RayRen: That’s right. The banks are talking about exchanging ALL our currencies, probably today. My Iraqi contacts are only talking about their currency. Sometimes the intel aligns, and sometimes it does not.

Caller: Let’s add in innovation, because we are always learning what not to do, and new ways to use these vehicles and strategies. [chitchat]

RayRen: You don’t have access to the board or Open Mic?

Caller: No, and I would love that access because I want to drill deeper. I want to make the most of this opportunity, and I want to have fun while I’m here because I’m not taking a dime with me when I go.

281 caller: Since we know that heads of states are meeting this month, do you think that we will not see this until after that?

RayRen: I am under the impression we will see it before then. It depends on how they want the credit to unfold. If they don’t want certain people there to get credit, they will do it before the meeting. If they want it to be seen as a collaboration, they will do it during; if they don’t mind certain people getting credit, they might do it afterwards. However, if I were making promises to my people, I’d want the credit for it, and do it before the meeting.

Caller: So when this goes live internationally, will all 208 countries go at the same time?

RayRen: Some have already made their changes, and then ours will go, and then others will go after us, but we won’t notice because that’s not our area of interest.

Caller: So this could go on for years!

RayRen: That’s right. Many of us are frustrated because we feel entitled to instant gratification instead of education. If someone told you “get in this right now! It’s coming out in 30 days”. People need to get over it and deal with the reality of this thing. If and when the next wave comes along, you will already know what to expect.

Caller: Do you think in the future that we’ll be using the same technologies and banks? I wonder if they will send you the paper currency, or if it will all be electronic.

RayRen: In the future, you won’t even need to do that. In the future, on Mars for example, will have its own the currency (the martian). If and when its currency changes value, you can buy up martian paper, or you can move all your money into a martian account. The money already exists in your account; now it has a different purchasing power. If you want to hold that in dollars, it’s an electronic transfer, or ledger transfer, and you won’t have to worry about the physical notes. In the future, probably countries will not issues notes at all, and if you are there electronically, you won’t have to worry about it at all.

Closing Statement

The banking community says they are looking to knock us out this week. Across the pond, we are looking at mixed benchmarks, with a meeting 15-19th, with information circulating that they want to get this wrapped up before Ramadan starts on the 26th.

So everything points to this happening still in May. Everything looks and sounds good; we’ll just see what happens. If anything comes up, I’ll send a tweet or update.

 If you are not a member of the forum, I will put it in the update section, and you can access that by going to the website https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/federal-court-shuts-down-north-carolina-tax-preparer, and click on the FORUM button.

RayRen played I Believe:

TNT Dinar Conference Call w/ Rayren98


Currency Speculator is a person who is analyzing & speculating on a rate potential of a certain currency. Nearly all global currency values rise and lower in a continual ebb and flow dictated by the global economy. Generally speaking the values only rise and lower in the single digit percentages unless in rare cases a catastrophic event occurs such as war that may affect certain currency revalue (RV) by gradual growth RV or instant straight up RV up to 1000 times value or more. I fully utilizing the ultimate natural leverage that may just coexist once in entire lifetime.
I looks at different economies and speculate on potential outcome that will cause an upward trend in a given currency. Once make decision based on fundamental & technical studies, then simply exchange own currency for the currency speculating, build up own foreign currency exchange reserves and finally watch the forex market to measure appropriate time frame to sell it back.
The Iraqi Stock Exchange said it currently includes 45 brokerage companies, indicating that it aspires to grant a license to open companies in the Iraqi provinces.
“There are 45 brokerage firms in the market, but we hope to license a brokerage firm in the Iraqi provinces,” Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, chief executive of the market, said during discussions in the conference on applications and solutions of securities trading technology held for the second day in Beirut.
Abdul Salam said that “the market stopped for a while granting licenses to brokerage firms in Baghdad and is preparing to start its second phase, the Iraqi provinces, pointing out that besides the brokerage companies, there are currently 99 companies listed on the market and there is high level coordination between the Central Bank and the Securities Commission To complete the market requirements for listing a number of companies within the banking sector in the market.
“There are 17 companies offering to put their shares on the market and the Securities Commission approved 6 companies to be listed in the market and this is a positive indicator of the work of the market, which aspires to be a main supporter of the Iraqi economy in various sectors that participate effectively and drive in the market”.
Revaluation (Definition): A calculated adjustment to a country's official exchange rate relative to a chosen baseline. The baseline can be anything from wage rates to the price of gold to a foreign currency.
In a fixed exchange rate regime, only a decision by a country's government (i.e. central bank) can alter the official value of the currency.
Re-denomination has nothing to do with Re-valuation. When a currency is redenominated the central bank of that country will reissue notes at a decided ratio for both speculators and its citizens.
The old notes are given certain time period for exchange and then destroyed once they are returned to central bank. Note that, the purchasing power remains the same throughout the transaction except you are getting new notes for old notes.
Differences between Re-denomination & Re-valuation: For re-denomination, All the old notes must be replaced with new notes.
This is not needed for a re-valuation. Re-denomination does not change the net value (Purchasing Power) while Revaluation does that.
Bank should announce in advance for a decision of Re-denomination while banks will never announce in advance for Revaluation.


May 10, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

First I want to say that I believe we are looking at a fantastic window of opportunity for a possible increase in the value of the dinar VERY soon and I mean VERY soon.

Please take the time to read all the articles carefully today. There are juicy nuggets of information leading us to the RV VERY, VERY soon!

As always my comments are in italic RED.

NO Rumors, NO Hype, just the FACTS!

In a recent conversation with my CBI contact I was informed that the IMF and the World Bank are both putting extreme pressure on Iraq now to finalize the war on terrorism in the northern regions and then to finalize the financial reforms.  
​I know for a fact there have been numerous meetings between Iraq and these two entities as of lately. WE have seen the articles in the news media. What else were they talking about then about financial matters…..and what does matters the most right now?

I asked will they plan to continue with the “project to delete the zeros” anytime soon?

I was told the project never really stopped just that they did not complete the step to convert the currency over. This will be launched soon. Okay so what the hell does “soon” mean? Of course he could not give me a date.

So I asked if there were any new laws pending that mattered?

I was told as far as the CBI is concerned they plan to get the green light again from the GOI, just as soon as ISIS and Daesh liberation is completed up north. He did not mention any needed laws stopping the CBI. He sounded VERY optimistic that this was going to happen VERY soon. This is all the details he would give. I said I understood and out of respect did not push him for anymore. I assume there are no needed laws then by the CBI. But what about the GOI? Maybe not there too since they give the green light already in March of 2015. 

I asked one last question – Will Ramadam holiday have any impact on the currency reform?

I was told Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar or the month of June this year since the calendar floats. It will end June 26th with Eid-al-Fitr day. It is up to the GOI and if we need anything from them in particular during this period. Since the government does not do much work during this time of fasting. It is fast approaching and we are hoping the GOI can stabilize the northern regions prior to this time period. 

So I asked - What if the armies can create security & stability in the north by then? Then what?

I did not get a complete or direct answer, as I think I hit a sore spot. Then he cordially blessed me and said good bye and then hung up. Either he had to run to a meeting or I hit a question he had no answer for. I can make some assumptions over this last answer but I will not since I would be making predictions on a date. With only about 3 weeks remaining in May could he mean maybe in May if the GOI can produce and do their part? Just asking? Was this a confirmation of what we all already expect to happen?

More news…..

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) The military command leading operations against the Islamic State in western Mosul said Monday its forces had recaptured more areas on a new front taken up last week.

The Joint Operations Command said the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service troops took over Wadi Akab and Ghanem al-Sayyed industrial areas, hours after commanders reported earlier gains in the northwestern axis of operations primarily taken with an eye on the IS-held Old City.

Federal Police chief, Lt. Gen Shaker Jawdat, said in statements that his forces took over Shuqaq al-Haramat district, while moving forward at al-Haramat al-Thaniya, approaching Ektesadiyen and the major Islamic State stronghold district of 17 Tamuz (July 17th). Jawdat said 16 militants were killed and several combat equipment were destroyed during the offensives.

Just in late Tuesday night - By Ahmed Aboulenein | MOSUL, IRAQ
Fly-blown corpses of Islamic State militants (IS) littered the streets of a district in Mosul on Tuesday as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces chipped away at the last remaining handful of districts under the jihadists' control. (Almost done! This could be the week!)

More news….

(So now we see news beginning to come out about the laws. Just as I said would happen. When they are very close to completely liberating Mosul, they will then re-focus on the laws and more news about them will come forward. So this one is about the reforms for the Electoral Commission – the election process.)

Karbala - Journal News
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi held a meeting with the head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim and the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr in Karbala.

The leader of the Islamic Dawa Party Ali al-Alaq (note no longer Nori al-Maliki)said in a statement to the "Journal News" that the meeting, which will included the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr and the head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim in Karbala will include discussion files of the Electoral Commission and the relationship of the National Alliance government and the situation of the Electoral Commission file.

Mosul (Iraq) (AFP) - Iraqi forces announced on Tuesday they had"liberated the Northern Industrial Area on the western side,"  On Monday, Iraqi forces retook full control of Al-Haramat, a large neighbourhood on the edge of the city.(They are advancing quickly, but certainly this is not a “couple days”, as previously stated. We might see total victory by the end of the week at this pace. We can pray!)

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin
Achieving the objectives of monetary policy requirements until the year 2020

Samir Nasiri

The monetary policy of the most prominent efforts to achieve economic stability and stabilizing the exchange rate rates that the national economy will also increase the strength and effectiveness to meet the economic challenges of economic policies, as the achievement of foreign exchange reserves currently stands at up to 49 billion dollars, and install the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar are preparing to be necessary and appropriate, as the window of foreign currency held by the central positive role in maintaining an appropriate level of the exchange rate and install it.

The Central Bank of Iraq has taken several steps to expand the list of available tools for monetary policy and to cover the required reserve to include government deposits and granting facilities on deposits maturing in a short period in order to allow banks to manage their liquidity situation more effectively.

You can identify the most important of what has been achieved monetary policy instruments during the years 2004 2006 and the first of the relative stability of the rates of the exchange rate of tight monetary policy and the stability of the financial system, as well as reducing inflationary phenomenon, and control the levels of liquidity and management, and motivate banks to move towards the market.

Since the central bank is currently implementing its plan for the years ahead, we see that you are studying a series of observations , including monitoring the implementation of the central strategy and future policies of cash until the year 2020 with the contribution of the banking sector in gross domestic product, as well as necessary to search for new policies to achieve this goal and allow banks government and private participation in the growth and investment in accordance with the mechanisms and policies that can be implemented without imposing strict policies and give adequate elasticities, and address the apparent gap between the fiscal policies of the state and monetary policies adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq and the requirements of anti - pressure Inflationary and reducing current expenditure and coordination of plans and programs to achieve the rescue of the Iraqi economy from financial collapses.

It is important to activate the monetary policy to support the private banking system and review the policies of lending and mechanisms of credit risk management in the granting of credit to small and medium investment and loans in productivity and investment sectors that achieve cash flow clear and revive the economic cycle will contribute to the economic development and diversification of the financial resources of the general budget.

It is necessary to develop and support and stimulate the Iraqi market for securities and find the means and tools that drive towards the lifting of the market and the companies index of prices to suit the assets and standards of production and profits at least inevitably the true value of stocks and to prevent speculation that harm the Iraqi ancestry- which does not fit the true and actual value.

It is important that accurate follow - up instructions for a window of foreign currency issued in 2017 and regulate the sale of dollar process and determine the role of banks in the mediation between the customer and the central addition to determining the responsibility of the ministries of trade, finance and planning in the offenses committed by some customers and not only load responsibility for banks.

Creation (Fund) or ( a private portfolio) certificates of deposit issued by banks wishing to address the deterioration of stock prices in the Iraq Stock Exchange and the addition of new banking management current investment investment climate in the market to stimulate as well as increasing the volume of bank deposits leads to increased investment activities in all economic sectors and thus achieve positive impact for investors.

The boards of directors in banks approving a strategy for operational risk and implementation of the executive management of the bank to ensure that the operational risks related to all kinds of products Almsrvih.aadh considering the provision for doubtful debts in accordance with the list of guidance and re - elasticities and extended additional time for banks to determine in order to be able to filter these debts , mostly dating back to periods precedent and that most debtors have migrated outside the cities of Iraq for security reasons beyond their control and that these ratios lead to a reduction in their profits actually realized as a result of the deduction of these percentages of net profit and thus affect the investment banking activities Yeh new.

The restructuring of the banking sector, particularly the government banking sector and to study the privatization of some of its divisions and branches and to activate the operating banks to expand and diversify their banking services especially to increase credit and investment share in a balanced way with its revenue total to become these banks an effective pillar of economic growth that move away from the monopoly of some banking operations and the withholding of government activities and public institutions for private banks.
National Oil Company Law is disabled in the House of Representatives Strong Objection

(So now we news about more laws coming out. Just as I said would happen when they are very close to completely liberating Mosul, they will then re-focus on the laws and more news about them will come forward. So this one is about the HCL or National Oil law. We can see by this article that Parliament wants a more comprehensive overall ENERGY policy not just for oil. So where is HCL now? This article tells us. It also tells us what is going to happen with the HCL that was sent to Parliament last month. )

Is subject to the adoption of the law of the National Oil Company political consensus, the situation in that if oil and gas law , which was still on the drawers of the House of Representatives until the present day, or is it the fact that the company will contribute to the lifting of the burden on the Ministry of Oil is different, and be the executive arm capable of achieving programs required in this sector , which depends upon Iraq as a resource economist and almost single? 

The Committee on Energy parliamentary , which includes members of various political blocs with all their differences and Tjazbadtha that often hinder the adoption of the most important laws, says its president, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Areia Abdullah in an interview (term).

The National Oil Company Law is currently in the House of Representatives, and the committee "keen to speed approval", but it is due to confirm thatthe law needs a thorough study through discussion in the Commission, and is subsequently approved by the parliament, adding that, there are significant changes will take place on it because a lot of disputed points, and add to his studies in the oil and energy Committee Parliament the vessels , there will be workshops to discuss it in depth to be achieved in the final outcome of the law meets all the requirements of the oil sector and can be approved in an integrated manner.

On the other hand, wishes the Energy Committee member of the Parliamentary Ibrahim Bahr al- Ulum, in an interview (range), to meet the draft Iraqi oil companyIraqi ambitions after this long wait, noting that, the energy commission until the arrival of the law of the House of Representatives, in turn , reviewed the law and its development as which it deems appropriate in cooperation with the Ministry of oil, experts and civil society organizations. (So again I say – no one is going to tell me that the HCL is all done. Why this article if it was all done?)

Sea of Science, which is also a member of the citizen bloc says: Actually, what we aspire to form a national oil company , is to create an umbrella to accommodate all the activities of extractive and marketing for the oil sector, and owns the company's administrative and financial autonomy to manage their affairs, and should also be the executive arm capable to achieve the required programs in this important and vital sector, stressing that there should be a separation between the policies laid down by the Ministry of oil and the implementation of which is handled by the national oil company, so I hope that the law formula commensurate with these objectives.

The Cabinet had voted on 14 March 2017, the draft law of the Iraqi National Oil Company, referred to the House of Representatives. (so on 3/14/17 Abadi’s cabinet approved the law and sent it to Parliament and it has been sitting there since. It has been almost 2 months.)
Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad , Oil, confirms in an interview (range), the oil ministry has prepared a project to resume the work of national company law , which froze, where it was referred to the Council of Ministers , which referred it to the parliament for discussion may be subject to additions according to the vision of the legislative body in this context , so the ministry aims to achieve high flexibility to deal with my investment and development, and others, through a national oil company, its board of directors shall be by the ministry 's supervision, so the presence of the company gives flexibility in the development of processes to raise efficiency and performance and the ability to re - work a greater capacity, and be similar to companies In terms of global engagement in the framework of development, investment and international relations and marketing operations.

He adds Jihad, the Oil Ministry has also prepared and completed a bill for another company , a national gas company to be competent in the gas, because the tasks and responsibilities of the distribution of the national oil companies will facilitate the development and investment in the extraction sectors, filter, gas and serves the energy in all aspects of industrythe Ministry has also prepared laws several other, as a law special liquidation and the law of special gas and another special national oil company, which was sent to the Council of Ministers and submitted it to the parliament recently, noting that, these sectors when it works it must work in the field of specialist, as the ministry through these laws and oil companies, aims to help to push the development process forward and to contribute to the high presence of flexibility in the investment process in this sector.

And where away oil expert Hamza jeweler in his analysis placed the activation bill the National Oil Company for other views, also seen in a recent (range) that harassment on the National Company Law began the Council of Ministers, as theOil Ministry has prepared a new integrated law for the company, but the Council of Ministers preferred to return to the old law No. 123 of 1967, continuing by saying: the postponement is the other not only because of political harassment , whether in the cabinet or outside, it was the same way in which the postponement of approval of oil and gas law due to the political consensus. (this paragraph is key to understanding why it is taking so long to get the HCL done)

And it confirms the jeweler that the restoration of the national company of oil, it must have been some time ago, the fact that its presence regulates the working relationships between these companies better and be the executive arm of the Ministry of Oil for the mining industry, because it rests on the shoulders of the Ministry of Oil now, the burden of many , both in respect to the extractive industry or refineries or gas industry and collected and processed and then its distribution and production of gas and liquid pipelines and oil tanks and ports of export, and the ministry relieve these burdens them through the creation of companies.
One of these companies of which is the national oil company to produce oil, company national gas for the production of gas and evil Of refineries, to control better on its development and production, as well as the establishment of a company for pipes (so you can see they want the HCL to regulate all aspects of the energy sector and not just the oil industry) and led by the ministry , which is reflected on the ministry’s  performance better, because they produce small amounts and with these developments , both the work of refineries or other systems, has become a very big burden and greater than the capacity of a much so you must acknowledge these laws.

Baghdad and Washington towards the activation of the Strategic Framework Agreement

KHANDAN - The Foreign Relations Committee of the Iraqi parliament announcedthe approval of the United States to activate the strategic framework agreement signed by the two countries in 2008, as Baghdad complains of the suspension of the agreement.

A member of the Foreign Relations Committee Abbas al-Bayati said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper that "the United States has shown its readiness to activate the agreement, which includes political, security, military, economic and educational aspects."

He added that "the most prominent outcome of the recent visit of Prime Minister Haider Abadi Washington was Washington's willingness to activate the agreement, and reinforced by telephone calls and visits by US officials," adding that "Iraq confirms not to abandon the alliance with the United States." 

Al-Bayati pointed out that "the sub-committees will be formed soon to discuss the activation and expansion of the agreement," noting that "there is a need to reconsider a number of administrative instructions and protocols to implement the agreement," explaining that "the military side is currently controlling the relationship. The development of other aspects, and stressed the activation of the educational side and send 10 thousand students to the United States. "

As for the nature of the military relationship between the two countries after the "urging," said al-Bayati: "There are no ground forces fighting on the ground and there are advisers and guides." 

He said that "talk about the existence of independent American bases is not true, and the existing American forces deployed in bases of the Iraqi army," pointing out that "the number of up to about five thousand and will fall in the future and limited to training and arming."

"The government has contracted a civil company for the reconstruction and management of the road to be protected by a US security company, not US forces," al-Bayati said.

Economists then wonder the government's insistence on the use of "penny" cash as a unit


Alsumaria News / Basra
Economists experts from the province of Basra, their surprise at the insistence of the Iraqi government to use (penny) in cash as a unit of accounting receipts for most of the institutions and departments despite the fact that"penny" of the extinct trading three decades ago. (Folks…slow down…they are not saying the fils or lower denominations are out in circulation. You can read, can’t you? )

A professor of economics at the University of Basra d. Nabil Marsoumy in an interview with Alsumaria News for, " The accounting receipts used by most government departments in Iraq , where the amounts columns are divided into two parts , one dinar and the other fils, which is surprising because the penny is no longer circulating for more than thirty years , " noting that " government accounting receipts remain unchanged reflects the extent of the failure of management thought, so that the hand of reform did not extend so far intuitive to simple details are handled thousands of times a day. " (They are talking about the proposed future currency…the new lower denominations. It is obvious they are NOT in favor of the penny since they have not had the peny for over 30 years [since the 1980’s] and the newer generation does not know anything about it or how to use it.
So the CBI must be training the citizens on what to expect shortly. So this economist is expressing his viewpoint on the matter. Why is this so good for us and the RV? Because they are talking about it, Mosul liberation is very close and so what do you think they are planning to do next? These kind of juicy articles should be taken as signs)

Marsoumy pointed out that " the dirham , which enjoyed greater penny cash value is no longer used for a long time , " adding that "administrative leaders in the country if they are not able to change receipts and a small paper , how can develop the economy and achieve administrative reform."

For his part, President of the Iraqi Economists Association in Basra , Ali Alaill said in an interview with Alsumaria News for, " The world has come a long way in the application of electronic accounting systems and we are still use receipts and paper recognize fils cash as a unit , " adding that "addressing this gap does not require administrative genius nor financial allocations, but need only a simple guidance from the cabinet Secretariat to the ministries to delete a column from the penny receipts circles. "  Alaill pointed out that " the sons of the new generation do not know anything about the penny , except the old amateur currency collecting them."

The penny was one of cash categories traded in Iraq, and since the Ottoman era and even the extinction of trading was coining of copper to lower its value, it is the smallest unit of cash, and this afternoon is common ideals (not equal fils) to indicate the lack of importance of the thing, and during their occupation of Iraq period decided Englishmen in 1920 , the abolition of the penny trading with the rest of the units of the Ottoman currency, then work it back as a cash junior starting in 1932, and continued the penny in circulation until the early eighties, perhaps so far, at least in receipts and accounting records used by many government departments , including Directorates and municipal water Municipalities, education, traffic, communications and health.

Rasheed Bank begins tomorrow to sell the dollar for travelers at the official rate
Economy News Baghdad
Rasheed Bank on Tuesday, revealed starting his day on Wednesday to sell the dollar for travelers at the official rate, confirming the allocation of 10 branches in the capital of Baghdad to sell the dollar
Rasheed Bank said in a press release received "Economy News", a copy of it, "The bank will begin on Wednesday to sell the dollar and Msavrien delegates and the official price."
The bank added that "has been allocated a number of bank branches and travelers who wish to receive the purchase and branches are the airport and the Yarmouk session Shorja and Arkhitth inspired spring and willing Khatoon and fitness and jump and Karkh.
(The key to the article is what is the official rate of the dollar? They are not telling us. There are rumors it is 1,000 dinars to the dollar. Up from 1,280. This has not been confirmed.)
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

Reset has Officially Begun? It's Finally Here!

The Big call w/Bruce Intel only

"Compromised" - Geopolitical Overview 5/10/17

Let's go backwards to move forwards shall we.

At 8am Tuesday morning on 9/11/01 a missile was fired from a Blackwater helicopter and hit one of two twin towers called the World Trade Center.

This was done to both stop the first Global Currency Reset from occurring as well as start WW3 in the Middle East by being he US military into the fight (not dissimilar from the bogus Japanese Pearl Harbor attack).

Twenty minutes later, Israeli Mossad agents detonated a small nuclear device in the parking structure is one of the buildings while floors above were also controlled detonated, and a cold fusion technology was used to vaporize nearly all of the crumbling concrete and steel.

The same thing was done to the second twin tower shortly after. As well as Building 7, that housed the FBI offices investigating Wall Street's gross financial fraud, specifically falsified derivatives documentation.

All pulverized into molecular dust in less than half a day. And into war went, and still are 16 years later.

Ironically, both iconic towers were built in 1970 to be destroyed for this exact time by the Dark Nobility of Eastern Europe, with both missiles graphically disguised as a planes said to be hijacked by "radical Islamists" from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

The military, political, geopolitical and media cover up was extensive and very well planned many years in advance.

The cover up still continues to this day.

Donald J. Trump was quick on the scene explaining what had happened to the towers. So why DJT?

He had been prepared for said bogus interviews well in advance and was just serving his foreign masters Israel, as a Mossad American based business operative.

Remember Mossad's motto is "By way of deception, we shall do war."

Trump's just doing the exact same thing now, playing a different role for them as our president (who is not really President due to the corporate bankruptcy in 2012).

Nothing that comes from his mouth is to be believed. Zip. Because it's all pre-scripted by Russia/China/Republic to achieve a larger, future transitionary goal.

Trump is lying to the world. So is BiBi Netanyahu of Israel. So is Russia for that matter. And so is Paul Ryan and the entire US Congress, including silver haired Mike Pence. Liars all them but for very different reasons.

Some malevolent but most benevolent. Crazy world we live in huh?

Because sadly, the general populous would not be able to handle the raw truth about the evil deception on 9/11 and a host of other atrocities committed against humanity, including the perpetual subconscious enslavement by an alien species on earth.

Humans tend to reject en mass such truths and refuse to discuss matters pertaining country, culture and their world if they believe it's too far from reality.

Which is fantasy. So....

Knowing this, the NPTB created this scripted storyline of gentle transition through righteousness defense of the national pride and yes the rule of law--always a good one to rally the troops.

This is being done to ease us all into a new reality with our dignity restored, also to prepare our conscious minds for what really lay ahead... which is much, much harder to fathom and even comprehend--alien life on the surface is the earth and embedded within our human genome.

They are mercifully giving us all massive changes in very small, slow dosages, and in a manner and fashion that we are accustomed to as not to scare the living shit out of us--in turn keeping us calm versus creating calamity.

For some that's fine, the devil they know is better than the devil they don't. For others, this pre-planned bogus storytelling is painful to witness, let alone participate in... "Lord just let it end!" is a phrase that keeps coming to mind.

Now fast forward to December 25, 2012--Christmas Day--when the Federal Reserve Bank (money printer for the USA, Inc.) defaults on their legal responsibilities.

Sovereign bankruptcy 101. The USA is a failed nation state. Biggest in human history. Affecting every country. Threatening world stability.

But the USA is way too big to fail, and the US economy along with the US dollar far too important to just liquidate and create an immigration / emigration nightmare.

Most know the largest US Treasury bond holders & USD debt holders were China, Russia. And they demanded immediate and equivalent compensation for their sovereign investments per international law.

That's why back in the fall of 2012, even before the Federal Reserve went bankrupt, President Obama was forced to meet in Rancho Mirage, California with then new Chinese President Xi Jinping.

They agreed to the following opening sovereign bankruptcy work through terms:

1) Eliminate the fiat Federal Reserve US Dollar and replace it with a new gold backed USN, even agreeing to print new currency that represented this change (later released in April 2013 and is our current paper money).

2) Allow China and Russia to have full legal authority over all military operations and budgeting.

3) Agree to a management transition plan and timetable that replaces the old USA, Inc. corporate leadership with brand new, handpicked Republic of the United States of America leaders.

Paul Ryan was born out of this compromise, as was Mike Pence. And why both lie in support of Donald Trump as part of the larger story telling exercise.

That goes for Congress--all of them are lying and singing for their amnesty suppers. It would be funny if it weren't so fucking tragic.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were just two old cabal operatives picked to play patsy roles until the Republic government transition was complete--and they would each be removed from the public spotlight when deemed necessary.

Obviously, Hillary went first in November, now DJT is being shown the door, so the before mentioned Republic leadership can assume public control over the country and our new USN currency.

Flash forward to today, and Russian Foreign Minster Lavrov is in the White House going over Trump's final exodus timeline as well as Ryan's eventual Presidential insertion when both he and Pence declare DJT unfit to lead and get 2/3 Congressional support to impeach him (unless his resignation comes first).

Hey, at least now you know this massive transition of power has already occurred, so do be patient with the general public as they are slowly brought along.

That's why we the enlightened are made to follow the charade instead of convert our currency and move on--as believe it or not--it creates more calm than calamity even though it feel otherwise.

It is also why Trump is being linked so repeatedly to Russia in the media, because Ryan is really the Russian/Chinese choice for running our nation.

Notice how mass media is doing everything they possibly can to keep the coups d'tat of the United States out of our public attention--like somehow what's happening now with Trump is normal.

But make no mistake, our handpicked leaders now live, work and play in a Russian / Chinese master planned world. And old Trump is just taking the fall for all our mistakes since our nation's founding back in 1776.

So much so, China came and went before all the fire works began this week--even allowing a bogus military drill to test Russian anti-missile readiness to be fired while they were in town meeting with Trump.

Notice too how China is not mentioned anywhere in the mass media as remotely being a co-conspirator of the USA overthrow (i.e. sovereign bankruptcy work through).


It's their gold, thus their new financial system, and they make the golden rules above and beyond even Russia--who was made to play the villain while they get to play to be the good cop above the fray.

And if us fast asleep Americans want our sovereignty restored and our military decision making returned to an autonomous status again, we will do exactly as they request or lose our seat the sovereign asset backed money table.

Every nation will for that matter. And that's a fate worse than death. Even for Israel.

So to review:

9/11 = Attempt to start WW3 in the Middle East and drag the US military into the conflict through false flag deceit.

Trump = Mossad Agent forced to do whatever Russia/China/Republic want him to do (including firing Comey) while taking all the blame.

Ryan = Russia & China's whipping boy in exchange for getting to run the country for two terms and become this generation's Ronald Reagan.

Believe or don't believe... either way you're right.

God is with us.

"Invitation" - Intel SITREP, 10 MAY

All Elder release protocols (internal roll out tasks to be completed) were as of Monday morning @ 3am EDT.

Sunday's French election was legally certified by France's Continental Congress per their own Constitutional mandate as Parisians demand no oath of office to declare a new President--only election certification.

Macron is the youngest leader of France (39) since Napoleon. Many believe he is also a Knights Templar legacy and groomed for this moment since birth.

Nothing resists our blessing now (financial, diplomatic, military, geopolitical).

All transition elements have been accounted for; and all requirements necessary for total system access has been deemed complete.

It's truly a matter of when the actual coordinated in-take "invitation" releases--which by the grace of God is finally a structural reality for all of humanity ... and on a real time basis as of today.

Believe, don't believe... the choice is mercifully yours.

God is with us.


5-10-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    This morning [Tuesday] we were suppose to have the new budget for Iraq in their Gazette published. It was not in the Gazette. The budget would contain the rate of the dinar, something everyone could see and therefore could be put out around the world for all to see the new Iraqi dinar rate.   It is something they have sort of kept from us. Possibly waiting for the announcement about Mosul...   The process is under way. The GCR/RV is under way. We are in the midst of it happening now. It has initiated. Just realize we are right there. The rates continue to be traded up. They are in great shape.  We know it is coming. They are finishing up last minute touches.  The information I just got is very exciting.  The proximity is we are right there. I can’t say we will definitely have it tonight or tomorrow. ...it wouldn’t surprise me if we get it...soon.  I am very excited.

5-10-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Central: The reality of the Iraqi economy makes it imperative to develop financial operations"   Quote:  "indicating that the deposit guarantee law is the cornerstone of this topic and its application is true to move liquidity in the right direction and transfer to the banking sector , which Ciozvha in the national economy first . The estimated volume of liquidity in Iraq to 47 trillion Iraqi dinars in homes around hoarding 70 percent of this amount , according to indicators of specialized centers and finance experts.  I see Iraq a crossroads, they need to get these things done now so the CBI can get the banking system open to the world for foreign investment.  No time to waste and they have been talking about a private sector way to long.

5-10-2017   Intel Guru Delta
   [...there was another meeting going on...a big meeting that happened about 24 hours ago with Abadi, Joubari, Hakim, Sadr...what do you think about this big meeting with these powerful men...?]  I agree this was a huge meeting...it appears to have been a very successful meeting…We believe this meeting was regarding an announcement...and that is about the liberation of Mosul and they await the right timing...and by the way I do not believe Mosul to be an issue anymore...we are just waiting for them to announce it officially...they just wait for the right moment to announce it...and of course after that we wait for the announcement of the currency or Financial Reform...   [post 2 of 2]

5-10-2017   Intel Guru Delta   [Abadi and Allak are going to look like heroes aren’t they.]  Oh yes those two people will look so good, especially once Mosul is liberated...they get the credit...even with no official notification...all indications and what they are doing behind closed doors and with the economic conferences and seminars taking place...they are shifting their focus from terrorists to their economy because we believe Mosul is a done deal...yes these two people I believe will look like heroes...one is the Prime Minister Abadi...like two birds with one stone who liberates every city from DAASH and ISIS and gives Iraq Security...and the other one is the governor of the CBI Allak who will also look like a hero for the plan he has created...this guy is doing what is necessary to help their currency and their country and he deserves a lot of the credit.

The Wingit Call w/Gerry Maguire

TNT's Airam Exchanged in Puerto Rico!!! 5/9/17, 10 MAY

IdahoUSA wrote
50s ago
THERE WAS A POST. Airam post: Well ppl this is it for me......finally i got what i wanted .......cy around .......good luck to all of you don't give up .....the wait is worth every minute .......HUGS TO MY FRIENDS




Samson:  Financial launches two months' salaries for the owners of investment contracts

 05/10/2017 - 16:12

The Ministry of Electricity announced the approval of the Ministry of Finance to release the salaries of investment contracts in all public directorates.

The ministry said in a statement, "Economy News" received a copy of it, it's got obtained approval from the Ministry of Finance to release funds for the salaries of two months of investment contracts that have not received for more than four months.

And it called for financial managers in the general directorates to complete all the procedures regarding the distribution to the staff.



Samson:  Iraq, Iran repaid $ 350 million of electricity debt

 10/05/2017 - 16:19

Energy Minister of Iran, Hamid Jet Jian, Iran resumed the process of exporting electricity to Iraq after Baghdad pay $ 350 million out of $ billion debt.

Said Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Jet Jian, in an interview I followed " Economy News " , said that " Iran resumed the process of exporting electricity to Iraq, after the last payment of 350 million dollars of the total billion dollars , which his trust over the country " , stressing that " the remaining amount It will be repaid according Tksath to a specific timetable " .

He said Jet Jian said , " Iran 's electricity exports to Iraq of 1500 MW , " noting that " This is attributed to witness growth or decline the impact ofvolatility and climate conditions in this country " .
He stopped Iran 's electricity exports to Iraq after the end of the agreement between the two countries in the last day of December 2016



Samson:  Council of Ministers voted to amend the Central Bank Act

 10/05/2017 - 16:19

Voice of the Council of Ministers, to amend the Iraqi Central Bank Act, as approved document the child from violence and abuse protection.

The Prime Minister said Haider al-Abadi in his weekly press conference followed the "Economy News", "The Council of Ministers approved a document the child from violence and abuse protection."

Abadi pointed out that "the Council of Ministers voted to amend the Iraqi Central Bank Law and referred it to the parliament," saying it is "important to protect the Iraqi currency."

He pointed out that "the Council of Ministers voted on the contract agreements for the purchase of rice and wheat from global origins, according to the global stock market.



Samson:  The Council of Ministers will vote on the amendment of the Central Bank Law and Abadi confirms: Iraq's debts few

2017/5/9 22:06

Cabinet voted during its meeting on Tuesday, the second draft amendment to the law of the Iraqi Central Bank Law.

Ebadi said during his weekly press conference after the cabinet meeting, said that " the most important thing we have to protect the citizens and our forces , " adding that "we do not want to expand the area covered by our forces some people that want us to get involved the deployment of troops is widely without protection to occur there breaks and increase the number of martyrs . " .

He added that "our plan is going clear and based on the protection of forces and free land and then move on to the next phase which is to control the Iraqi - Syrian border and the curse Rawa areas on the western Anbar, In order we address this problem , the time now we started clearing operations in this north and south of wetland areas , especially in the Triangle Wadi Horan represented between Iraq, Syria and Jordan. "

He stressed that "Daesh did not work any exposure to control any point of our points this Iraqi achievement , " pointing out that "we found there is a real problem in the training and the soldier stands for years to certain sites without re - training, The forces need constant training , " noting that " training is not easy and should take advantage of the expertise of the world to increase the effectiveness and expertise of our forces to win. "
And the prime minister that "broadcast false rumors , quoting anonymous is unacceptable and we protest it strongly , which is unacceptable , " stressing that "military plans in Iraq are placed by the military leadership and is deliberated upon and agreed upon and set priorities are in the light of our capabilities in the battle and the capabilities of forces and not there is pressure from here or there. "

He noted that "those who can not work only by extension of the foreigner expects the absence of a national, and some propaganda is trying to reduce the victory in Iraq and regarded as an American victory and not an Iraqi, and there are those who want to portray US troops fighting in Iraq and not the Iraqis."

He said that " a lot of terrorist additives were destroyed, and the leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates has done north Nukhayib and contributed Bmsa Western Sahara regions, and we managed to destroy many read the enemy, and will be the popular visit in Karbala locked."

The prime minister pointed out that "as if some hurt development without government spending, spent a lot of money to sustain the roads, but there is a problem in the achievements so we want to develop all the ways."  He explained , "our progress over the past year enormous strides the issue of e - governance, with regard to financial control oversight of contracts there was a decision of the Council of Ministers audited all the contracts we canceled Zora Council this decision and take auditing of public money and the Council of Ministers mandated financial control audit contracts."

He added that " the issue of violence against children , whether community violence or domestic violence, the duty of the state child protection was approved this document containing an international aspect to protect children from violence and child labor, as has been the adoption of the national strategy for the management of radioactive waste in Iraq."
During the Cabinet meeting, " the second vote on the draft amendment to the law of the Iraqi Central Bank issued Order No. 56 Law of 2004 for the now defunct Coalition Provisional Authority forwarded to the House of Representatives."

With regard to the Arab American - Islamic summit, said Abadi, "So far we have no clear picture of the summit , the capacity of countries to be attended, and in any case for us and a clear view to set aside the region disputes and disagreements that led to the emergence of Daesh fighting currently located, which you pay for the people , " adding to "we want to balance relations and interests for the proper coexistence of peoples and for the sake of security, this thesis , which we will submit."

And on the financial crisis and the debt resulting from the Iraq, said the "international debt on Iraq a few, and we have an internal debt as the external debt part of compensation, including the Paris Club, and in this crisis , we do not have large loans as the most affordable and the proportion of very interest low , some of the World Bank to support the budget and this does not constitute a significant burden on the country because it is low interest rate, as well as a German loan to help Iraq in building areas , which interest rate is very supported by the British loan on credit for the construction of infrastructure. "

Abadi touched on the flag of the Kurdistan Workers ' Party, in Kirkuk , saying : "This is unacceptable Party is the PKK Turkish organization and are not allowed to practice this type of activity in Iraq, and we

do not want to enter a conflict with them and do not allow them to do any activity hostile to Turkey, according to the Constitution Iraqi. "

And the abduction of activists in central Baghdad, said al - Abadi said , "We send out quickly move the cameras and security services to detect this crime Valachttaf a serious crime and is not allowed to mitigate, and are not allowed weddings who kidnapped citizens some want to take out the criminals openly and encourage them to kidnapping, and we are following this issue follow - up minutes" .



Frank's Post on this article:

CVBC:  HHHmmm...The price dropped by 100 dinar to 125.50 dinar per dollar.

Looks like the price has been moving down from 1000 to 1 gradually over the past several weeks.

At this pace, it will be 1 to 1 before we know it!  Bring it on!

Don961:  Economy     Tuesday, 9 May 2017 | 13:04

Dollar prices fall in local markets by 100 dinars

BAGHDAD / ... came back the US dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar in the local markets decline on Tuesday (May 92 017).

Reaching prices in the stock market struggle - Baghdad 125.100, while the prices for on Monday 125.200.

Buying and selling shops in banking prices

Selling the dollar = 125.500 dinars price.

Purchase price of the dollar = 124.500 dinars. Finished

Flash in 5 ...Oil prices and death of the Petro dollar as China becomes the number one energy consumer.

Streamed live 19 hours ago




Dansmr:  A friend of mine that has a cousin in Iraq working with his construction business, called and told him he just got paid yesterday and he saw many contractors getting paid. Cousin very happy  with payment. Cousin stated that Mosul has been done for a long time ….weeks

Freeway2:  This is a live video of Iraq ppl. outside of the Haram Al-Sharif Mosque - Also look at the buildings around it and in the back ground. I don't see any war damage on them. Looks normal   https://alkafeel.net/live/index.php?live=37&lang=ar



Bruce:   Good evening everyone. Welcome to the Big Call. Thank you all for coming in to the call faithfully. I appreciate the faithfulness of listening to the Big Call.  The audience for the Big Call has expanded the last several months.  We are more international then we have ever been. We do have people listening all over the world. I want to welcome people from Far East Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, France, South Africa, Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, etc.

​We are at a crossroads right now. I didn’t think I would expect to do the call tonight. I expected to do a celebration call tonight. Our plan is to have a short celebration call that we put on the website as a link at: thebigcall.net. Also we would put the 800 number or toll free number so everyone can call and use it for their exchange if it is in the rules to do that. I have been told I will be able to share with everyone that way. That is the only number, the toll free number that is to be put out to share with anyone. It can be shared by text, email and by phone.

Bruce:  Where we are right now?  Let us start with Iraq.  This morning we were suppose to have the new budget for Iraq in their Gazette published. It usually comes out right after Morning Prayer which is early, right after sunrise, the first session of prayer. It was not in the Gazette. The budget would contain the rate of the dinar, something everyone could see and therefore could be put out around the world for all to see the new Iraqi dinar rate. I have been told today it wasn’t in this morning Gazette, but should be in tomorrow. Operative word: should. It is something they have sort of kept from us. Possibly waiting for the announcement about Mosul come out to the rest of the world as well. Maybe a few different announcements may take place. The liberation of Mosul and take back of it has been done for several weeks or so. They are not quite ready to reveal that yet.  Maybe they will show that budget and rate in the Gazette tomorrow which is late late tonight for us.

Bruce:  We do get information and sometimes the information is such that it is a little too sensitive. You heard some people say I am going to go dark and not do calls anymore because we are so close I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize it.  I have not been told officially told I shouldn’t do this call tonight. I have been unofficially it has been suggested to me that I may not want to do this call tonight. I have chosen to do it because what we bring on the Big Call is more than Intel. I don’t want to deprive anyone from that as long as we can do calls.

Bruce:  I have heard is Redemption Centers are fully locked and loaded. That means all the personnel are in place. They have done major movement of personnel around the country, especially east of the Mississippi.  A major shift of personnel the last few days that has taken place. They are in position, still on active status, ready to go. We would say they are pretty much on lock down, no communication going around the Redemption Center except at the very highest level. That is a very good sign.  They are expecting this to go maybe not any moment, but fairly shortly. I think that is a great sign when I heard that today.  That is true all over the country. We heard a few Redemption Centers, and then we heard this is the case everywhere. They are set, ready to go.

Bruce:  Out west everything is moving along with limited amount of administrative touches taking place to facilitate the groups taking place out west. All is moving along nicely. I think there are last minute details, administrative things, taking place. Anymore than that gets a little bit technical and we don’t want to get into that. I can tell you things are moving along further than we were here on Tuesday.

Bruce:  The USN, our new currency, the new dollar is asset back and gold back. That has been known now and been active on the exchange for about two days now. What is neat is all the other currencies in the world have adjusted rates.  All still pegged to the dollar in the sense they still connect or tie back to the dollar. The fact the dollar is gold back and essentially it is a new currency, digitally back. Everything lines up with that.  All other currencies around the world have assets, precious metals, oil, etc, to back the value of their currency. That is still the case.  They have value because of their own assets, what they have in their own country. Now all have been synchronized all around the world with rates. Where the rates been on the back screen seen by limited people and now the rates have been pushed to the front screens, all synchronized and essentially ready for the full release.

Bruce:  We talked last time about Prosperity Packages, ready to go out, Farm claims ready to go out. The SKRs, Prepaids which may have accounts but on hold, pending status. Those are about to be released.  I think they will be released when we are given the 800 number.  Essentially all will go at the same time thus the shot gun start. We are looking for that to occur. Maybe not be tonight, could be tomorrow or tomorrow night. We just do not know.

Bruce:  The process is under way. The GCR/RV is under way. We are in the midst of it happening now. It has initiated. What we are waiting for is our portion to be activated under Tier 4, the Internet group, which is the largest group. That activation starts with the release of the toll free number or 800 number. I am honored to say it will come to me and I will give it out as they want it to be put out and as long as they want it to be put out. I do intend to put it on the website: thebigcall.net, and to people on other locations or sites. Once people will see it, it will go around like wild fire.

Bruce:  Just realize we are right there. The rates continue to be traded up. They are in great shape. Don’t worry about that.  Everything we want to do as a team on the Big Call is there for us to do with humanitarian projects. You want to explain your humanitarian project in a very brief outline one to two pages.  Be confident and speak for a minute or so. I am going to try to summarize what I plan to do and what we as a group plan to do like with Rebuild America, rebuilding all forms of infrastructure. We talked about infrastructure bonds to do more infrastructures around the country. Infrastructures in forms of bridges, roads, etc, 8 different areas the government may try to offer infrastructure bonds.

Bruce:  You know we will do a lot with the Veterans, and be the major employer of the Veterans. We will have job training, PTSD counseling, a program we put together. I am looking for involvement of 5000 listeners from the Big Call, 100 people in 50 states to help Rebuild America.  We will have Big Call University. We will take it also around the world. We will help with water filtration, proper building techniques, low cost or free energy, etc.

Bruce:  That is really where we are right now. We are very close. I expect the release to us be very soon.  Stay very positive for it. We know it is coming. They are finishing up last minute touches. Let us let them do that, and then it will come to us.

Bruce:  The information I just got is very exciting.  The proximity is we are right there. I can’t say we will definitely have it tonight or tomorrow. Everything is looking like it wouldn’t surprise me if we get it this soon. I am very excited. I want all to stay tune to our website: thebigcall.net tomorrow or maybe the next day and see what shows up.
Bruce:   I am excited about everyone in the Redemption Centers. They are on lock down and ready to go. To all of our banking partners, we thank you and look forward to working with you setting up our accounts, trusts, getting all in position. Take the time you need to set up your structures with your CPAs and attorneys.  Ask the bank personnel for help in that area initially. Then when you get started you will want to fine tune everything after your skeleton trust is put together.

Bruce:  As you get out of your exchange appointment, everybody just be careful in terms of your celebration. Let us not have any crazy graduation ceremony where people go overboard on anything. You have been called for this purpose for a reason, and let us go do this work which is going to be joyful and a pleasure to do. I am excited to get started and I know you are too.

Bruce:  We will be doing future calls after the RV. We will try to do one pod cast per week. You can tune in live or as a recording. That will take a little while to put together. You have things to do, and I have things to do. We all have a lot to do.  We will be in touch through our website: thebigcall.net.  I want to thank everybody for coming in tonight. We are in the best shape we have ever been. Talk to you soon. Goodnight everybody.