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Many commercial banks posted positive earnings in the first quarter of the year, contributing to the rosy outlook for the banking sector in 2017. Ten banks are now traded on the HCM Stock Exchange, Hà Nội Stock Exchange and Unlisted Public Company Market (UPCoM). Top earners include Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Việt Nam (Vietcombank), Việt Nam Bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank) and Bank for Investment and Development of Việt Nam (BIDV). Those three banks recorded post-tax profits of VNĐ2.2 trillion (US$97 million), VNĐ2.04 trillion and VNĐ1.85 trillion, respectively. 

The figures were up 20 per cent, 5.8 per cent and 9 per cent from last year’s first-quarter numbers. Lower earners included Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MBBank), Sài Gòn Thương Tín Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) and Việt Nam Export Import Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Eximbank). 

Private-equity commercial banks, such as Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), Sài Gòn-Hà Nội Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB) and Việt Nam International Joint Stock Bank (VIB) also recorded higher post-tax profits in the first quarter. According to the Department of Statistics and Forecasting under the State Bank of Việt Nam, the banking system’s average growth is expected to rise 13.4 per cent, higher than 2016 growth. Bank stocks have recorded strong growth since the beginning of the year, with shares of Vietinbank (CTG) rising 23 per cent since December 30, 2016; Eximbank’s shares (EIB) advancing 26 per cent, BIDV’s shares (BID) gaining 18 per cent, and ACB shares jumping 35 per cent.

 According to BIDV Securities (BSC), the outlook for bank stocks remains positive due to their higher than expected business results, efforts to handle non-performing loans, more transparent business operations and supporting policies issued by the Government and central bank. BSC said Vietcombank has bought back bad debts from the Việt Nam Asset Management Company (VAMC) while ACB has set a target of settling all bad debts this year. Bank operations will become more transparent and secure as they cut lending to companies and individuals seeking capital and investments for risky industries, such as real estate, BSC said. Reducing long-term and middle-term loans using short-term capital would ensure the liquidity and strength of the banking system, BSC said, adding that banks have to be more transparent about their business activities in order to comply with the Basel II standards.

 Lending will continue to be the main source of bank earnings as Việt Nam’s economy grows and encourages companies and individuals to borrow money, BSC said. In addition, investors are counting on Government and central bank decisions to allow local commercial banks to raise the bar for foreign investment in their capital, BSC said. Recently, the central bank approved the sale of more than 30 per cent of the Sài Gòn Commercial Bank to foreign investors. — VNS
Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Allaq on Sunday, revealed 70% of the currency outside the banking sector, while calling for educating citizens to protect the Iraqi currency.
He said for “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” that “the Central Bank’s mission is the financial and monetary organization policy in Iraq, during its monitoring of the volume of deposits in banks found that it does not fit a lot about what is in Iraq from the monetary bloc, where it was found that about 70% of currency outside the banking sector.”

Keywords pointed out that “not usually in other countries to be so large amounts of currency outside the banking sector must therefore banks to promote and educate citizens to deposit their money in banks,” asserting that “the central bank supports education towards this important issue, which can help to stimulate trade and economic movement.”
Alghad Press

TNT Dinar Conference Call w/Rayren98

MadDScout Tidbits, 8 MAY

Article:  "Minister-Iraq-Welcomes-Joint-Ventures-with-Iranian-Companies"  Whether we like it or not Iran and Iraq have a business relationship
...this can only be good for Iraq to be on good relations with it's neighbors and to work on those common ties.  

[Maybe the saying, Keep your enemies closer than your friends is in play here?] 

 Could very well be part of the logic.

 Article:  "Baghdad - Journal News  The parliamentary finance committee confirmed that the World Bank's step in reforming the financial system in Iraq is an important step in supporting investment in the country."

  I am thinking this is their confirmation that they are taking the advice of World Bank and moving forward on reforms.


5-8-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23   Quote:  "On the prospects of floating the Iraqi dinar like other countries in the region, said the relationship is not on the current situation, and we are working on the liberalization of the process and not float, and the difference between the big"   INTERESTING STATEMENT!   Liberalization (defined): the removal or loosening of restrictions on something...  "AND NOT FLOAT...AND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE BIG!"  So what is the BIG? The 3 zero notes being the BIG?   I would not float the currency either IF the 3 zero notes were going to be of value that includes the "zeros"...A one cent increase if floated is 25,000 pennies or $250 on a 25k note...Now I read some say...I will hold onto the currency as it increases in value, yet the CBI governor is saying no float...so then how does it increase?

5-8-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   Article:  "Iraqi troops declare full liberation of Mesherfa region, western Mosul."   That leaves only 2 regions left. Remember the article last week stating that three regions only remained to be liberated. Let’s see what the coming days will bring.  Just in as I write this...  "...joint operations officially announce that Counter-Terrorism units have stormed Wadi Akab industrial district in western Mosul."

5-8-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:  "Achieving the objectives of monetary policy requirements until the year 2020"   Quote:  "...and install the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar are preparing to be necessary and appropriate, as the window of foreign currency held by the central positive role in maintaining an appropriate level of the exchange rate and install it..."    Keep this thought in mind...if this is in print...it's already done...already implemented... IMO.

5-8-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
    Second half of the answer...Who - in Iraq ever said anything DIRECTLY about $3?   ...all of the foundational documents we have uncovered and are using as our basis research seem to indicate something around $1...SIGR report...Iraq MOP studies...recent interviews with CBI Officials...I haven't verified $3 ONE TIME - NOT ONCE...in fact, it seems clear they intend to get to $1 - but how exactly they intend to do that - we are not sure of... NOR CAN WE BE.   Relax and enjoy the show - YOU'VE GOT A TICKET TO RIDE!  [post 3 of 3]

5-8-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   ...the only reason they have to worry about what is outside of Iraq is they might have to redeem it in some way. Both the CBI has been sensitive to this issue for some time... and the IMF - UN - WB has had an eye on it as well...the Dinar that is INSIDE Iraq is still going to be worth a Dinar. Nothing changes on that front - they just get more for it.  It's not costing the CBI a DIME!!   ...a Dinar is still worth a Dinar - post RV.  Iraqis are not going to be POURING INTO BANKS to exchange their Dinar for some other foreign currency... why would they?   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

5-8-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   ...a friend calls me this week...has a couple of questions for me to answer.  How can Iraq, if they have 25 Trillion Dinar outstanding - ever RV at a $3 dollar rate and pay for it?  Isn't that like 75 Trillion Dollars?  First, we have NO IDEA what the real outstanding number is - OUTSIDE OF IRAQ. That is the key number...there is NO RELIABLE INFO on this... even the CBI's internal people can only estimate... and they don't think it is that much. Could be as low as 3 Trillion - maybe less now...So - the real lesson is not to base complex analysis on wide gaps in actual information. The 25 Trillion number is likely a flawed assumption... AND if they get "international support and acceptance" - that 3-6 Trillion could even get held in various Treasuries as "Foreign currency reserves" - JUST LIKE IRAQ CURRENCY DOES FOR OTHERS. 


May 8, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

It seems there have been entities over the many recent years, and still now, who are bent on dividing and keeping the USA and other great nations divided. We see this resulting from the 2016 and other recent European elections. We see this also happening in the UK and now in the France elections too. Who is behind all this? Who is constantly stirring up this negative noise?

Please don’t get caught up in this political rhetoric. It is all meant to confuse you. Remember this rule: To be successful these charlatans must have chaos, hatred and sectarianism. This is how evil works. We have already seen their success of their handy work in Iraq and other nations of the middle east.
Instead concentrate on the REAL and IMPORTANT issues. There are so many and the clean up must begin. This other nonsense is only meant to divide the people. You, as citizens of a very great nation, can do anything if you stick together united, as ONE STRONG NATION. You must believe in yourselves. This applies to all great developed nations.

This is why they want to divide you and keep you down. Get it? Do not let these charlatans, who have entered your govt, have manipulated you and now linger on like used chewing gum on the shoe. You know who they are. You have seen their past tricks and track record. Think about what they attempt to do and see thru it. It is poison, it is bad, these socialistic programs and agenda of massive debt.

So now you have a new leader in the USA as so does the UK and France. Give them a chance, and judge on their performance. Give them time to prove themselves, then judge. It is okay to decide not to support a politician when they do not perform, but please given them a chance before placing judgement. Stop listening to all this constant propaganda and negative news being thrown at you. Any news can be twisted to look negative if you only dwell on the negative and emphasis only it. Why not instead place emphasis on all the positive? They do not do this because this is NOT their agenda to unite you but to divide you. Get it? You can see what has happened in the middle east, as they succeeded in dividing those people in sectarianism. Do you want this to happen to your nations too? You must unite and be strong!

More news……

The battle of Mosul liberation is proceeding according to plan and involving all the pieces in full harmony, full of military cooperation police and federal anti - terrorism and mobilize my people and the people of the areas. " shows another map of the military position published yesterday, that the forces in all its different forms have surrounded the remnants of the " Daesh. Did you see the recent map dated May 7th?

Iraqi troops declare full liberation of Mesherfa region, western Mosul. That leaves only 2 regions left. Remember the article last week stating that three regions only remained to be liberated. Let’s see what the coming days will bring.
Just in as I write this newsletter- joint operations officially announce that Counter-Terrorism units have stormed Wadi Akab industrial district in western Mosul.

Iraq held a conference in Baghdad yesterday on the need to achieve the principles of reconciliation and national harmony, and work on the empowerment of youth energies in order to implicated reconstruction and construction operations agreed.  Present was Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Georgian – Posten. The goal of the conference was to achieve these principles for stability away from extremism, sectarianism and favoritism and quotas, indicating that the next conference in the capital, Baghdad will be the culmination of the conferences held prior to this time and present the results to the Prime Minister to take advantage of them in mapping the future of the country. (It’s all moving forward. Much more to do once ISIS is gone)

More news….

Bloomberg: Templeton came out with a statement on 20 of 24 emerging-market currencies have appreciated so far this year. Says Emerging-Currency Rally Is Just Getting Started. This could snowball into our RV once Mosul is fully liberated. This is all excellent news. I believe this is just the beginning.

As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin

The rest of Ayman Mosul

Baghdad - Journal News

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi military information cell revealed Saturday the last of the remaining pieces of military equipment on the right side of the city of Mosul (450 km north of Baghdad).

A map showing the right side of the city of Mosul shows the location of the terrorist organization. It is clear that only eight neighborhoods are separated from the announcement of the liberation of Mosul from terrorism.

It is noteworthy that Saturday, the day is the 202 on the launch of operations "coming to Nineveh", to liberate the province of the control of the organization of Dahesh, which entered on 10 June 2014.

Mosul to be fully liberated within few days: Military official

(How many times have we heard this already? Is it really going to happen this coming week “within few days”? Okay so I give them some slack and add on a few more days….lol…lol…)

May 6, 2017 Walter


Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army Gen. Osman al-Ghanemi said on Saturday Mosul will be declared completely ISIS-free within few days.
The armed forces will declare the full control over the city, and the killing of all terrorists there, he added.

Iraqi joint forces fought fiercely, showing that its capabilities are on par with the world’s top armies, Ghanemi stated. The Iraqi forces managed to attain victory in surgical operations that will be taught at military academies in the future, he went on to say.

The Iraqi forces, of all its branches, killed over 6,000 terrorists and evacuated over half a million civilians from the war-ravaged areas.
On his part, General Abdul Karim Khalaf, adviser of Arab European Counterterrorism Center said Mosul Battle is actually finished, and the remnants of ISIS terrorists are deemed to be dead.

The fighters of the Iraqi army showed great ability to control and maintain ground, he added. The Iraqi forces are pushing on ISIS in the right bank of Mosul since February 19th with the aid of the US-led coalition.
Most of the city are now ISIS-free, with dozens of the terror group’s operatives are being killed on a daily basis
"Mobile banking" new financial technology entering Iraq

(Can you see how old this news is? We have known about this effort for a very long time.)

Baghdad - Journal News

The Central Bank of Iraq governor Ali al-Alaq said on Saturday that the Central Bank is working on the system of localization of salaries through the electronic payment of state employees and get rid of the traditional way in the process of receipt of salaries, (as in paying them with cash) as disclosed the intention of the Central Bank to activate the so-called "mobile banking" in Iraq.

"The use of modern technology and linking it to the banking system in Iraq, through high-quality systems and the speed of banking and banking facilitation will raise profits for shareholders and encourage citizens to save," Al-Alak said in a speech at a conference on banking technologies attended by the Journal News. Investment in banks and banks. "

He added, "We are in the process of activating the so-called mobile banking, which is to carry out banking operations and remittances through the use of smart phones through high-quality Internet systems." He pointed out that "the Central Bank is in the process of operating banking disclosure systems between banks and shareholders." (oh- but who is going to sell them all this technology? Can you say USA?)

The conference, "Banking Techniques", was held at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad, with the participation of 30 companies from 7 Arab and foreign countries.

The conference was attended by Iraqi economic figures, including the financial adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the head of Baghdad Investment Authority Shaker al-Zamili, as well as foreign and Arab delegations.

Keywords for "Tomorrow Press": 70% of the currency outside banks and in this way must be protected
(This article was for the citizens to inspire them to get their money deposited in the banks.  They need this capital to loan out to businesses to progress the economy. They are not so much talking about the currency we hold as investors outside of Iraq.)
BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:
Revealed the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on the Keywords, on Sunday, for about 70% of the currency outside the banking sector, while calling for educating citizens to protect the Iraqi currency.

Keywords and said for "Tomorrow 's Press," that " the Central Bank’s  mission is the financial and monetary organization policy in Iraq, during its monitoring of the volume of deposits in banks and found that it does not fit a lot about what is in Iraq from the monetary bloc, where it was found that about 70% of currency outside the banking sector. "

Keywords pointed out that "not usually in other countries to be so large amounts of currency outside the banking sector must therefore banks to promote and educate citizens to deposit their money in banks, " asserting that " the central bank supports education towards this important issue, which can help to stimulate trade and economic movement. "

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

Enorrste is expecting some significant changes the next 60 days , 8 MAY

Article:   "Vice: oversees the United Nations five-year plan for economic development in Iraq"  

i agree with KAP [Guru Kaperoni...reference post 5-2-2017]  that the IMF is what she is referring to.  

This confirms and ties into what we have known for some time, namely that the IMF is controlling the plans for change at this point.  

Furthermore, they are on record that they intend to "bring Iraq into the world market" sometime in the first half of this year.  

If they are on schedule then we should expect some significant changes within the next 60 days.  

Of course this is Iraq, and even with the control in the hands of he IMF, it is anyone's guess how long it will take to get to the float.

"Calling All Light Workers" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim,8 MAY

Calling All Light Workers

I am calling all Light Workers to take a stand against the Cabal, their Minions and their Trolls. This is the final push to get the GCR over the finish line and the Evil ones are doing their best to keep it from happening. I am glad to call them out for who they are and to expose them and their agenda to the World. While IDC stays clean and clear for the most part, we are needed to stamp out this nonsense wherever it is.

I have a plan so that each and every one of our Light Workers in our SUPERIOR numbers and forces can trounce them once and for all. They are on the run, and have no power left but Fear and Disinformation. We can help our Light Forces Brothers and Sisters put an end to that nonsense once and for all.

Time To Take ACTION!!!!

Whenever you find a video, or website or chat room that is spouting the No GCR, No ZIM, FEAR PORN, I want you to post THESE TWO LINKS in the comment section, or send them to the website administrator, or the website comments section.

This way, I WILL TAKE THE HEAT, not you. These are my posts and are putting these nay-sayers on notice that they could and will, be held responsible for what they are saying in their posts, their videos, and their websites. Frankly Notice is not required to be guilty of Harming the Public, but it makes it that much better if they notified about it.

We Will Trick The Minions

The FUN and genius of this plan, it that the link looks like it is "Against" the ZIM and the GCR, because it says "guilty-of-financial-fraud-on-zim" and this will make the nay-sayers read it thinking it supports their cause, then BAM! They realize that they could be in BIG TROUBLE instead. It actually tricks the nay-sayer into finding out what they are saying will keep them from being able to exchange themselves. Then the Message from Grandfather says that Disinformation will no longer be tolerated in any way shape or form. This gives them notice. PLENTY OF NOTICE!!!!

Also, not only does posting these two links give notice to the video owner, and the web page master, it is there for the ones who watch their videos to click on as well. This will neutralize these Minions and their dirty work. To be clear, don’t go looking for this stuff as it will only lower your vibration, but instead, post these two links in places where you already visit anyway.

How great would it be to have these two links SUDDENLY posted all over the net, for all to see? Where ever these links show up, those people have been outed for all to see. Also, it makes a great case for later when the good guys stop them from exchanging, as they have records that these links were posted on their site and videos. Remember, "Ignorance of the Law is NO excuse!!!!"

Pass This Post To Others, We Need EVERY Light Worker To Take Action!

Pass the link to this post to everyone you know. WE HAVE A BIGGER NETWORK OF REAL LIGHT WORKERS THAN DOES ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD. We ARE the heart of this Resistance against the Cabal.

Let's Let Them FEEL Our Presence AND Our Numbers!!!! 

Let these links show up EVERY WHERE. I can't do it all myself. I'll handle these minions who show up in our house, but I need you to help me reach those minions who are harming people elsewhere. Interestingly, I can imagine videos that are particularly harmful, having lots and lots of comments on that one video from different Light Workers who are tagging that video as harmful by putting these links in the comments section. Anyone who doesn't know what is going on, will see all those DIFFERENT posters putting these two links above, and will click on them to see what it is all about, and when they do, you have done your job to help save them from the Minions who want to harm them.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

ROBERTPR has some post RV advice, 8 MAY

One very important advice, it does not matter what type of professionals YOU HIRE working for YOU: tax lawyer, financial adviser, cpa, health manager never, never, never give them the right to sing check or make withdrawal from your accounts never You do that.

Take the advise, investigate and then decide on the new adventure financially they recommend. Also, your bank statement that have copies of your check have them sent to you and only you.

Check the balances, the withdrawals, and check yourself every check and make sure you now what that check was for, the amount, and above everything else that the signature is yours. This way you will minimize the risk of someone of your professional group stealing you blind.


5/7/2017 09:54:56 pm

"The Bridge" - GCR/RV Overview 5/8/17

I love bridges.

Both my grandfather and father were bridge builders.

So too am I.

Brick by brick, we've been laying the foundation of a long and invisible pass into what could have been nowhere. Together.

We built it on pure faith, hope and love. The greatest of these being love.

A little logic was thrown in. Some science most recently. Geopolitics was always to keep our minds sharp while we waited.

But all these elements helped build a vibrational expanse from one reality to the next.

Now we are ready to take the final step, and leap away from whatever life we once led, to whatever life we will now experience.

Sure, haters will come in late, that's what haters do. But you've shunned them to this point, why give them a foothold on your path now.

You won't. Because your quest is sacred. Sobeit.

And for all these confusing weeks, months and years--you have long held onto something that you could neither explain or necessarily prove--but always knew existed.

And here it is. Right now. In front of your face staring back, with one last step to take. Your last and yet your first.

And all you must do is keep walking, just as you have relentlessly done and will continue to do as long as you have feet to move forward... and even then... nothing can stop your truth.

So walk with me one more step in faith, on our Christ bridge to heaven.

You might be amazed at what God has waiting for all his righteous children on the other side.

God is with us.



GJHHonor:  gm to all. no IQD. rate change today. but is coming. imo

Daz:  What is Lady Bird deed in Florida? Florida Lady Bird Deed. ... A lady bird deed (called an enhanced life estate deed in Florida) is a relatively new form of deed that—like a traditional life estate deed—allows property to pass automatically to one or more designated recipients at death, without the need for probate.     https://www.deedclaim.com/florida/lady-bird-deed/

Harambe:  AP News: Former US prisoner now leading Iraq's Interior ministry (https://apnews.com/fdbd4ac9d5454e92bad650ca4ea85ee2

SassyD:  #Mosul #Iraq map update. -- 7 May 2017 7pm ---https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C_PgYa9WAAA6BZt.jpg

BigE13B:  #BREAKING #Iraq joint operations officially announce that Counter-Terrorism units have stormed Wadi Akab industrial district west #Mosul. https://t.co/07LWMLTh8m

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil prices rise on expectation of output cut extension http://www.cnbc.com/id/104451677


TruthDue:  Good Morning TNT!!! God Willing Happy RV Release Day!!! On the chat call yesterday there was a guy asking aboit flying Private here's a Youtube link on Private Jets!!!! Great Watch Very Informative we should all check it out   https://youtu.be/5_JCPFvm8nc

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 8 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 8 May 2017 by Judy Byington,

A. May 7 2017 ZAP Report: "Changes" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 5.7.17

1. The nice banksters have managed yet again to stall until the wire room closed, so the wires did not go out. Our lawyers are all over this and on Mon. May 8 they will make sure the wires will be sent out to the paymaster.

2. With the first wires out on Mon. May 8 I figure Wed. May 10 for them to arrive in our accounts and we can start helping properly.

3. I have great confidence in what is about to happen because I was on the conference calls with the directors and attorneys. They have managed to get everything and I do mean everything, on track for this coming week with the multiple releases. Pretty damn good. I'm impressed this time.


B. May 7 2017 12:41 am EDT: "Feast" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - May 7, 2017

1. The RV feast has been fully prepared. The new accounts table set. The cash laid out. The redemption staff waiting. The military escorts all in position.

2. As of midnight Sat. May 6, everything has been elevated to "performance status" we are told. Last and final checks all reported back "ready, set, go."

3. The presidential election in France ends Sun May 7 @ 8pm EDT. France mattered to the bigger geopolitical picture--and why a temporary US President was necessary until the final permanent UN Security Council government (vote) was legally set per international law.

4. Sun. May 7 at 8pm EDT is also the exact same time both markets and banks open in Asia--which is now the start of the new international banking week.

5. If all goes as planned--and it will--the global monetary switch quietly gets made tonight May 7 and globally activates after the French presidential winner is announced tomorrow Mon. May 8.

6. Redemption 800 numbers will organically release to pre-appointed recipients.

7. Just a few million people with specific fiat currencies go in and exchange, and a two decade long revaluation process finally reconciles in under two weeks.

8. (After two weeks the general public) remaining currency holders arrive whenever they become aware of what has occurred. And at less than sovereign rates.

9. No public rates will be changed on Forex--at least not until the RV has completed.

10. No global announcements made.

11. No press releases posted.

12. No flash bangs to distract.

13. Zero drama. Like clockwork. Efficient. Rapid. Dynamic. Stealth. Divine. Sobeit. God is With Us.




Stevep99:  WOW!! That's powerful to invite the "WORLD"!! When you consider the interest in the Dinar  RV has but a fraction of a fraction of the world population!! There must be some info of global implications for Frank to invite the world to the CC!!

Apmcrx:  Like the CBI and GOI saying in the banking conferece welcome international companies to Iraq???

"the goal of holding a conference of banking technology is to inform the Iraqi government and private banks on the services provided by companies in addition to stimulating international companies to enter the Iraqi market and provide their products."

I LOVE IT!!!!   http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=7428


Don961:  Consultant Abadi: Iraq is able to pay its debts only through border crossings

08/05/2017 - 10:57

He confirmed the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Monday, that Iraq is able to pay its debts internal and external through the only border crossing points.

Saleh said in an interview I followed "Economy News", "Iraq is able to pay its debts only border crossing points, but after the work of a great revolution," adding that "the Iraqi government is currently working on the reform of border crossing points."

He added that "the big revolution to reform the border crossings will raise annual revenues from $ 800 million to $ 8 billion," asserting that "Iraq did not fail in its history to pay its debts, and even under difficult circumstances experienced by two years ago."

It is noteworthy that Iraq's internal and external debt is estimated at 120 billion dollars, according to the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives.



Don961:  Talks With Iraq on Joint Fields

Monday, May 08, 2017

Iran in Talks With Iraq on Joint Fields

Negotiations are underway with Iraq to form a joint technical committee to decide on the development of joint oil fields with the Arab neighbor, managing director of Iranian Central Oil Fields Company said.

“The committee will allow the two sides to share technical information on the oilfields and discuss and settle their respective share from each reservoir," Ahmad Rajabi was quoted as saying by ISNA on Sunday.

Dehloran, West Payedar, Naft-Shahr, Ilam, Aban, Dehloran and Azar are reportedly the joint fields in question. "Although domestic firms can develop the fields, Iraqi officials insist on hiring multinationals namely Exxon Mobil and PetroChina," he said adding that the venture needs at least $8 billion in investment.

Iran has signed memorandums of understanding with Wintershall of Germany, Russia's Gazprom and Zarubezhneft, Malaysia's Petronas as well as Austrian oil and gas company OMV to study the joint fields with Iraq.



Don961:  The skies of Iraq is witnessing an astronomical phenomenon this evening

05/07/2017 18:06:01    BAGHDAD / obelisk:

It is expected to witness Iraq and the Arab region sky after sunset today and the beginning of the night of a moon near Jupiter in the phenomenon as possible easily seen by the naked eye.

Said air forecaster Iraqi Sadiq Attia in his account on Facebook "It also will appear near the moon and Jupiter star Spica and with the passage of the night hours of these objects will go toward the west across the sky as a result of the rotation of the earth on its axis from west to east, the same reason

why the sun, stars and planets other rises from the
 east and sets in the west every day. "

The planet Jupiter is the fourth planet in terms of distance from the sun, the largest planet in our solar system, and in spite of this The moon shows us the biggest buyer and only because the moon is much closer to us it is just 400.000 kilometers while Jupiter away from us over 1700 times as much as the distance that separates us from the moon.
Source: Follow-up - the obelisk