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Better Late Than Never* by Dr. Dinar, 4 MAY

*Better Late Than Never* by Dr. Dinar

As time ticks by, one thing becomes more and more apparent. What I thought would happen pertaining to the RV/GCR seems to be quite a bit different than what appears to be rolling out before our eyes.

Roll this around for a bit and see if it doesn't make a bit of sense.

We've heard for years there will be tears ... ooops, I mean Tiers. Not only in the process of getting to the end of the RV/GCR but also in the exchange process.

Meaning that the Big Wig Crooksters will obviously go first. They appear to be a Tier above Tier 1. Or at least they think so anyway.

Then it will be what I always considered to be Tier 1, the so called VIP's, Countries, Governments, etc. that will get to exchange. Which for the most part we began to hear about quite a while ago.
I myself believe the Banks themselves have been trading behind the scenes for the past few years as a way to bolster their Reserves, helping them to become Basel III compliant. But that's another story.

So basically we have these Tiers that have been exchanging for quite some time. Things didn't get ugly until a few years or so ago when we first got word that the Banksters were doing their own version of the Crooked Friends & Their Crooked Families Plan.

And as much as we hated it, at least that showed some type of progress for lack of a better word.

And for the past couple few years those of us in the larger (in theory Tier 2) Groups were told that thanks to not only our large numbers but our being well organized as well as well behaved (No bank parking lot campouts nor Texas buses for us, no Sir), that we would go long before the general public.

Yet as the clock continues to tick away, that seems to be anything but the case. What if by chance they decided that since they already had a list of our names and a relative guesstimate of our 'holdings', which I'm sure has at least quadrupled if not fivedrupled since then),  they have decided that we are no longer going to get preferential treatment. That we are no longer 'special'.
Since they already have us figured out, contracts seemingly drawn up and rates basically figured out, that they have just shoved us to the end of the line.

No need to squeeze us in prior to the public release because they now have the NDA's (which they didn't have two plus years ago) to keep our lips zipped.

Therefore there won't be a problem with letting us exchange at the same time as the public because they know we will keep our eyes straight ahead and form a single file line as instructed.

Once we receive our emails, we will immediately put down our crack pipes, put in our false teeth and assume perfect dinarbot mode. And waiver we shall not for fear of getting our backs clawed.

So in essence we have moved from semi high priority Tier 2 down to lowly scraping for scraps Tier 3 (or Tier 4 if there is such a thing) due to our own due diligence doing us in.

That's not to say that we won't get to exchange but our dreams of being in the Bahamas while everybody else was still glued to their computer screens, waiting for the new CBI site to pop up have all been washed away with the tide.

As much as I hate to believe this is what's happening, our attempt at being on top of things just might have sent us straight to the bottom of the pile.

Unfortunately this really makes more and more sense to me and it explains why we are no longer a priority (nor a concern) of any sort.

Sure, we hear all the mini groups are going through because they have contracts and rates and are small enough to get shoved through the process without any fanfare.

As well as a few chosen 'guppies' along the way just for the halibut.

But it's us big fish that they're saving for last, knowing that we'll more than likely be making our appointments as instructed and going to Exchange Centers (not rushing the banks) for our Currency Exchanges.

Notice I didn't say Cash In nor Cash Out but CURRENCY EXCHANGE? They learned us toothless folk well.

So while this might not be anything even remotely close to what's going on, this scenario is beginning to fit this crazy puzzle more and more with each and every window coming to a close.

But as always, I will never waiver in my belief of this merely being a question of 'when' it will happen, not 'if' it will happen.

So let's all hang in there. There's just too much visual evidence for all to see that we're closer than we've ever been to seeing our dreams come to fruition.

Dr. Dinar

Dinarland From Adam Montana, Bruce, Backdoc & others


5-3-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Abadi: We need to strengthen the economy and the protection of the national industrial and agricultural product..."  Quote:  "...we want to increase Iraq 's exports of many materials and we want to give Iraqi concessions for industrialists who can to issue so that there is not only a departure from the currency but the currency intervention and a trade exchange between Iraq and states on one level this is important in activating the work..."     ...Abadi is telling the public they are trying to "create the conditions" so investors and investment comes to Iraq.  Only then can they move off the peg and let the world decide what the dinar is worth.  These kinds of articles to me are very reassuring.

5-4-2017  Intel/Newshound Guru Frank26 
 ...Not until Abadi announced the FULL LIBERATION of Mosul will you see anything on the RV.  We are looking further as Teams as to why Mosul is NOT yet liberated.  Security / Stability for the citizens is key now… we logically feel that Mosul is almost liberated)…Give me Mosul … Give me the Grand Old Mosque … Free the citizens and you will see the MR very, very quickly…This final cleaning / mopping is to FREE the citizens – to reinstate the citizens back into their homes.  The HCL REQUIRES THIS … along with the BUDGET!The EAST SIDE of MOSUL is back … banks are open, schools are open, everything that is ready for an RV is ready … but that is not the case on the WEST SIDE…You’ll never know the details of the mopping phase – just know … that is why you need to give them 3 more weeks … that is … unless that has already been done…I believe we are close – this is more like us “picking them off” – and I don’t think it will be much longer at all. [Post 2 of 2]

5-4-2-17  Newshound/Intel Guru  Frank 26  ...I said to you on Monday, they missed the April 28th target of when they were going to announce that Mosul was fully liberated…That was a big deal.  As you know, April is a big deal for monetary reforms.  They and we thought it was highly possible.  Even [Guru] Delta believed so…IMO – this war is in it’s “clean-up” phase – it’s almost impossible to determine what is needed.  This clean-up is in FULL-SWING mode -- which we believe started on Sunday.  They thought they were liberated … they thought they were free.  There is a FULL ASSAULT to kill off the remaining Daesh fighters.  The news articles are SO FAR BEHIND to what is really happening.  Is this about the Grand Old Mosque?  IMO … not really … it’s about the hostages … and in areas that they thought were liberated.  IMO – we have edited the Grand Old Mosque … and we have about liberated all of Mosul.  Right now … they are cleaning-up...   [Post 1 of 2 Stay tuned for the rest of the story]

Kent Dunn Says Today is TIER 4 RELEASE! 5/4/17

According to sources today is tier 4 release for banks when we know how we will instruct.

"GCR/RV Update: Intel Report" by (Anonymous) - 5/4/17

Greetings Love & Light to All,

I don't mean to cause any chaos or worries. It's time you get the picture. The GCR/RV, while completely ready to hydrate the world, will be delayed and delayed day by day as the world continues to fall prey to the negative energies, especially those being printed here in Dinarland. Believing one ounce of ANY, let me make it clear, ANY negativity at all and believing it is the prime cause. Now let me clue you in on a few facts that should help you correct your inner vision and faith that all is well, if you let it.

Believe = Be The Lie (Be Lie Ve). Everyone comment on what the Ve stands for?!

Everything happens for a reason, or you can never go backward, impossible, you can only go forward, so the Universe's fail safe mechanism provides experiences and opportunities to guide you along the way. Think of it like this, you are a Captain of a Jet Aircraft, you have been educated to engage the auto-pilot, which you do always, and give no thought of anything unless something threatens your aircraft, then you turn off the auto-pilot and all you think about is survival, as that is is inherent in everything. 

Dinarland was created by Patrick as a place to come together and communicate about the GCR/RV. He has been the best of hosts being non-partisan, having no opinion of his own, no censorship and posts nearly everything whether positive or negative. Great appreciation should be given to Patrick always. He asks nothing for his work, which is quite huge in volume. 

Anyone that posts a negative response is doing so because they have no faith in themselves or anything in their lives. They follow rules and are truly dedicated to the slavery system as it offers them a false sense of security. They also get enjoyment out of sharing their fear by inflicting it on others. Misery loves company. People like Yoseph and OWK are really truth healers and should be listened to with complete faith. No one but God can get it right 100% of the time. So look at it this way, both positive and negative aid in your growth. The negative is all false as it was based it the Cabal school of knowledge taught to us in the public and private school systems for the past several hundred years and should remind you and focus you away from where you have been to where you want to go.

As for the positive posts, they are all about where individually we want to go, but be careful about not being grateful, because that leads back to the negative through selfishness and greed. Also, things will not change overnight. Consciousness in this matrix still has a long way to go even before ascension into 5D. The New Age groupies like to align themselves with the Age of Aquarius, which actual doesn't occur until the year 2400 A.D., which they want us to believe to be an upcoming utopia or golden age on earth. What It is an age of globalization that will forever shift the way we view nationalism and tribalism – you can already see this happening. We are struggling to become ‘citizens of the world’, not just Americans, French, or Chinese.

I am sure there will still be people struggling with Ego/Soul issue 400 years from now…and perhaps countries still at war, as we must remember that each of us as human beings is in a different stage of spiritual evolution on the same planet. The Age of Aquarius does hold the promise of a dominant world view in which the individual is allowed his/her freedom to actualize as an independently liberated being (Leo), yet still participate in group life in the spirit of altruism and humanitarianism (Aquarius). What will happen is our intuitive abilities and multi-sensory evolution will increase such that we honor the world of energy and spirit far more than the dogma of religion and politics. And most importantly instead of a world leader, master teacher, or messiah; we’ll finally realize that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

What does this mean for the GCR/RV? If someone posts a negative post, give it no attention whatsoever, it is false to our intended goal. Asking questions to OWK or Yoseph is good, because they have no other goal but to serve humanity. Same for Poof and ZAP, Gary Larrabee, and many others who have risked all to help. Until we show appreciation for their work and discredit totally the negative posts, the RV will continue to postpone. If you can't use discernment now, what makes you think having money will improve anything. 

Does this mean no one will be exchanging? No. But don't look for an 800 number until the energy shifts to the positive side enough. It may be that many of the the groups need to go first and start implementing humanitarian plans and get the ball rolling for all those who think they know how to handle a billion dollars or more. Don't doubt that the computer systems being used for the RV can't figure out who can handle massive funds, will deliver what they promise, can't be intimidated by government or other corrupt individuals, has faith that thousands of individuals hold a desire to truly help mankind progress toward Heaven on Earth. Did you practice what you preach today or did you just sit back and be a back seat driver, or arm chair coach. You are so blessed by some of the individuals here on this site that are giving you guidance.

Let me leave you with a thought. Why do you think it is said "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything?" Better become a team player. If you see and create positive support here in Dinarland, you are a team player. If you can't say anything positive about anything or anybody, you're the opposition looking to beat us, take us down, create doubt and distrust and well you'er just stupid and can go enjoy 26,000 more years on another facsimile of planet Earth overlaid somewhere else in this vast Universe of Multi-verses. It's that damn simple. You want to have an RV, well then start acting like someone that can handle an RV. It's already done, now start conversing again, just like the other day, as if everyone has been to an exchange and is hydrated. Let's hear those humanitarian plans. Prove you can really handle billions of dollars. Make friends and affiliations with each other instead of everyone being an individual. Wrong! We are all One. Then the Universe will align with our intentions and produce the results. Enough said. 



After being held back for two weeks, Iraqi TV reports that troops are given permission to advance on the northern sector of the western Mosul area and head towards center of the last area to be liberated. This should be a short-lived situation. #wearethepeople

"Crash Position" - GCR/RV Overview , 4 MAY

Well, nobody said the liberation of humanity and infinite humanitarian wealth would be easy.

But with everything now being thrown at us in the mass media, it's death by a thousand negative news stories.

It's as if the cabal is forcing us all into final landing crash position with our heads between our legs looking at our smart phones praying for an 800# email.

Below is a just a quick sampling of the many distractions we're all being forced to endure on a daily basis:

Middle East Peace
Two State Solution UN Resolution
Government Shutdown
Omnibus Spending Bill
Health Care Reform
Pre-Existing Conditions
Freedom Caucus
Tax Reform
Immigration Reform
Federal Judge(s) Reverse Rulings
Sanctuary Cities
Border Walls
President Trump's Tweets
Emoluments Lawsuits
Looming Impeachment Evidence
Trump's Tax Returns
Weekly New Executive Orders
Dakota Access Pipeline
North Korean Nuclear Weapon Testing
China's Currency Manipulation
59 Tomahawk Missile Strikes
Syrian Chemical Attacks
Venezuela Riots
Puerto Rican Default
Russian Hacking
FBI Director Comey
Daily Televised Spicy Press Briefings
Weekly Administration Resignations
New Supreme Court Justice
Hillary Clinton's Election Excuse
Jared Kushner Saves the World
Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line
Steve Bannon Unofficially Quits
Liberation of Mosul
French Presidential Election
European Union Drama
Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats
Obama Returns to Public Life
US Senate Sequestered on Busses
Bill O'Riley Fired
Jimmy Kimmel's Sick Baby
Fake News
CNN's Countdown Clock (for everything)
Anthony Weiner's Classified Emails

... and the list goes on, and on, and on ...

The question is do you see the benevolence of what the NPTB are actually doing with all these distractions?

Yup, it's their plan not the cabal's.

Can you see the NPTB cluttering your conscious mind with so much garbage news that the heaven they're rolling in (the RV) cannot be seen when introduced as it's impossible to detect with all the noise coming from every possible direction?

Quietly, new facets of the RV are being introduced and implemented daily and nobody even notices.

Batch T1 USN Sales Made For Global Sale (which pays for the 2017 Federal Budget)
Rising Sovereign Rates on Front Screens
Zimbabwe Re-Introduces National Currency
World Bank Debt Removed
African Development Bank Debt Removed
Iraq Takes Dinar International
IMF Starts New Fiscal Year
HSBC Unifies All Credit Facilities
SWIFT System Removed
US Congress Approves Puerto Rico Debt Relief in New 2017 Budget & $38B Israel Defense Budget in Exchange for Two State Middle East Peace Compromise

Get it?

Their showing you constant chaos with one hand, but delivering massive and historic reforms with the other. And they are using the mass media to hypnotize you--just as the cabal has always done, so that nothing will appear "out of the norm"... they are just feeding us a lot more of it.

And when I say a lot, I really mean a fuck load more. But you can't say fuck.

So the flash bang strategy designed to "cover up" this global financial transition is working, which means every news story you're being bombarded with is indirectly related to delivering the RV as we blog.

Thus makes focusing exclusively on just your redemption nearly impossible, thus making the overall exchange environment safer for everyone.

Less attention = less traffic = less danger.

This way even if you decided to broadcast that the banks are giving away trillions upon trillions of dollars, nobody would listen nor care. There's just too damn much going on!

So as the RV now arrives by the hour, all be it slowly and in targeted segments to make it appear less conspicuous, the endless flow of breaking news stories keeps coming to absorb mass attention.

And will sadly well after the private and public redemption periods.

This "look at something more shiney" strategy disorients the human brain, even shuts it down from the desire to focus on any one issue--organized A.D.D. If you will.

That damn breaking news graphic and theme music is just too intoxicating not to follow. Trump alone is like a train wreck that derails five to ten times a day. Not watching him implode in real time is un-American at this point.

So as the RV roll outs, and it is, no one with currency in their sock drawer has a realistic chance to realize what's really going on; also no one casually interested in the RV will be following an event that has been years in the waiting, with zero guarantee of performance.

The modem world, collectively, has not the attention span to "follow such fantasy" because they are way too focused on making a living versus waiting for some grandiose pipe dreams to ignite.

Sound about right D-Land? Yet here you are... attentive, focused, alert, awake. Chosen dare I say?

Still, there is something to catch everyone's interest in this flood of mass media news. It's an impressive full onslaught of pulp fiction and fake news, isn't it?

So follow the noise if you like. But I'm choosing to step away as to maintain my sanity and focus on what really matters.

The liberation of humanity and harvesting of infinite resources to create peace and prosperity for all mankind.

God is with us.

"Judges" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 5-2-17 , 4 MAY

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Judges" 5/2/17

Subject: judges 5/2/17

As the arrests continue, thousands of judges have had their credentials pulled in all 50 states.

The State of Colorado concluded that all judges were engaged in "Constructive Fraud" because they lacked the correct credentials required by law which is a bond, oath and the disclosure to the public that they are British Agents practicing Admiralty law of the sea on Dry Land which is called "Drydock" law.

Anyone with a case proceeding in a court can ask a Judge (contract administrator) to show their Bond as well as the attorneys who are involved.

Alexander Hamilton and his pro-British cronies convinced King George not to again attack America but to own it and extract future wealth from the colonists.

The Legal and Financial systems were set in place to do exactly that.

Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had poor life outcomes as the years progressed.

The History books are full of half truths and lies and the American people have been dumbed down enough to not figure out what is really transpiring.

Frank26 Dinar Call

Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 4 2017

Compiled 12:26 am EST 4 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 3 2017 8:08 am EDT GCR/RV Intel Report: "Rx" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - May 3, 2017

1. Precisely when mass US redemptions begin is still an unknown, but we understand all military and security personal, uniformed and plain clothed, have been deployed and are stationed near their targets right now.

2. Mercury Retrograde ends today May 3rd at exactly 12:22pm EDT in NYC.

3. That's also the exact time FBI Director James Comey will be testifying before a Senate Oversight committee in Washington, D.C. regarding his agency's Trump/Russia investigation.

4. On May 8th a four day post Mercury Retrograde shadow phase ends as it passes through a high intensity period, exactly at the same time recently fired Obama appointed former Attorney General Sally Yates will be testifying before the House Intelligence Committee. http://www.astrologyhoroscopereadings.com/mobile/mobile-2017-mercury-retrograde-calendar.html

5. These two events are scheduled in this way, by the Chinese Elders, for a specific astrological reason. There is a prevailing belief among RV analysts that sometime during the post Mercury Retrograde shadow period creates the best astrological "launch effect" for a private redemption release.

6. On Sunday May 7th, the second phase of voting will commence in the French Presidential elections. France sits on the UN Security Council with one of five permanent member veto votes. Meaning, France can legally either stop, or start warfare... globally.

7. There is another analytic belief that the Elders will wait until after the Retrograde (Rx) post shadow phase because of the French elections, and allow them to complete before releasing global monies in volume as a large financial event such as this could artificially influence the very important geopolitical election.

8. We know private ZIM redemptions have been segmented separately from other currencies in terms of priority, and will will proceed on its own with a separate in-take strategy, apart from the other currencies due to printed face volume.

9. The private redemption period is now to be considered a sovereign redemption period, as sovereign rates are what's re showing on front screens.

10. This eliminates negotiating decision making and speeds up the overall redemption process.

11. It's also a reward to loyal humanitarians by the Elders who righteously waited to serve their fellow man.


B. May 3 2017 9:16 pm EDT ZAP Report:  ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 5.3.17

1. The funds are on their way to many accounts globally for the start of the project side - that includes for us.

2. It will be two days before we see our first funds - Friday May 5.

3. Our focus is now on accepting submissions for projects.

4. A Business Plan that will make your project work is most important:


C. May 3 2017 8:36 pm EDT TNT : TNT Showtime CCNotes by Adept1 5-3-17 http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=97690539

1. We are expecting activities by Friday May 5th.

2. Everyone is at a high level of expectancy, with Mosul being kicked down the road.

3. It should be here any second.

4. I haven’t heard any new rate changes. These are the more consistent rates showing:

Dinar $3.40 to $3.70

Dong $.47

Rupiah $1.08 to $1.25

5. People in the Iraq and the US are telling us on that on Iraqi television, they are saying that on the bottom of the screen yesterday, the full liberation of Mosul will be announced. 6. In the US, banks stories haven’t changed: they are expecting this any time, this is about to pop, get ready, etc


D. May 3 2017 8:40 pm Intel Update "Judges" Mr. Ed: "Judges" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 5-2-17

1. As the arrests continue, thousands of judges have had their credentials pulled in all 50 states.

2. The State of Colorado concluded that all judges were engaged in "Constructive Fraud" because they lacked the correct credentials required by law which is a bond, oath and the disclosure to the public that they are British Agents practicing Admiralty law of the sea on Dry Land which is called "Drydock" law.

3. Anyone with a case proceeding in a court can ask a Judge (contract administrator) to show their Bond as well as the attorneys who are involved.


E. May 3 2017 Global Currency Reset Begins (video):

F. May 3 2017 8:37 am EDT "Financial Renaissance Coming to America?" (video): Global Currency Reset Will Come Soon

G. May 3 2017 History of the Collateral Accounts in the Philippines (37 min. video): Global Currency Reset Will Come Soon https://youtu.be/z8wjxNEjxJU

1. Explained history of the Collateral Accounts in the Philippines.

2. Showed proof of many authentic documents.

3. The Marcos were genuine and sincere. They only wanted the best for humanity.

4. Many western corrupt governments, in trying to seize their wealth, turned their accounts against them, as if they stole the gold or monies.

5. Luckily, Imelda Marcos prevailed in "the trial of the century."



After being held back for two weeks, Iraqi TV reports that troops are given permission to advance on the northern sector of the western Mosul area and head towards center of the last area to be liberated. This should be a short-lived situation.


Sdiniwas1965:  Read the notes on Landa, they said they are now operational and the funds will be available in two days. I would normally be over the moon, but Zap has been saying the funds are two days away since January - so we wait and see

Harambe:  BBC: Mosul battle, Iraqis open up new front to retake city from IS http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-39802622

Harambe:  AP News: Spokesman: Iraqi forces launch new push in Mosul's west https://apnews.com/6f8c70d81b754c43b9645ae54dc95fb9