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~IMPORTANT~ RayRat Update 5/2/17

TNT just now. Iraqi TV is showing a news flash ticker at the bottom of the screen strolling on all television programs with the message: "In the coming days, full liberation of Mosul will be announced." Fierce fighting is being reported in western Mosul. Iraqi TV is reportedly saying the end of Daesh is in the coming "hours."

Garry Mcguire (Wingit) Iraq In Country Rate 7.21 Confirmed! , 2 MAY

Garry's buddy called Iraq and said that the in-country rate is 7.21 and the fils have been out for the last month or two!

starts at 12:45:


The Wingit Call w/Gerry Maguire & Iko



NetGlobal:  GM TNT. I am hearing that the final push is now underway in Old Mosul. We may have Mosul done by the weeks end.

Yada:  Netglobal,,in agreement with you,,read several dialog regarding how this came to be past last friday and although we could of seen this by the 30th,,the practicality into this week leaves everyone content with getting what they want out of this with us exchangers benefiting from it all

REI:  my thoughts are until Mosul is done, health care, tax reform and repatriation of trillions to the usa, we will not see it....great way to hide it and the money we will be bringing to the table, that should do it....jmho but I know it is happening any nano-second....for over 7 years now.

Yada: that is a long list REI,,more issues with the US for Iraqi RV than Iraqi,,

REI:  only a fool would think the usa is not involved and pulling the strings

Yada:  REI,,,they are involved with the process but doesnt include our budget, taxes and healthcare issues to RV a currency in Iraq

REI:  yada, I am saying it is just a way to 'mask' the huge influx of money

Yada:  REI,,,understand the influx of money,,,we have a media to gloss over that for the many citizens who are not invested,,,,hope reality sets in for those who rejected this and know where it came from

There was a law established that stated we couldnt go over but who made the laws? Congress,,,they still went over it,,,,It's intent was to say to the world and creditors that we pay our bills,,the money extended was how much more WE Will

Yada:  For what is it worth,,the RV is a new value of money that we will use to spend ,,,even if our government was to receive the money to pay off our debt,,they couldnt and wouldnt,,

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Making Afghanistan Great Again https://bv.ms/2pPJkkm

Phantom809:  Business Iraq to rebuild infrastructure through five year plan post ISIS -- http://www.rudaw.net/english/business/01052017 --

Harambe:  CNBC: Oil prices fall as US and Libya output gains outweigh OPEC, Russia cuts http://www.cnbc.com/id/104440360

Notes From The Field By Simon Black “The Myth Of The "Early Bird" Gets The Worm”, 2 MAY

Article : Notes From The Field  By Simon Black “The Myth Of The "Early Bird" Gets The Worm”  Link

DKC: This article really reminds me of our Dinar investment.....When I think about those who are broke and really desperate for money.....I told them about investing in Dinar and foreign currency....most of them looked at me like I was totally insane, an idiot, delusional, a gullible fool.....

A couple folks I told, invested a small amount.....I have gifted currency to a couple more........but as the wait stretches on and on.....many have stopped believing it will ever happen....my own family doesn't believe anymore.......but I think that those of us who could see "beyond our own beaks" will have the last laugh, when this finally happens.........and we will really enjoy those worms!!
Excerpt:  It’s not the early bird who gets the worm. It’s the one who has the courage and independence of mind to avoid the crowd and go where everyone else isn’t.

Life, business, and investing aren’t so different than nature: we humans seldom succeed and prosper by following the crowd and doing what’s popular.

The reality is that the world is a big place full of undervalued opportunities.

And there are plenty of big worms out there for anyone willing to put a little distance between you and the herd.


Aggiedad77:  Monday Night CC Notes...enjoy  Aloha  Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 05-01-2017

Frank26:  We are now walking into the next phase and that is the study of the Iraqi dinar….the last time we were together I told you to circle the 25th, the 28th, and the 30th….and on the 25th we had Abadi who came out and said I’m going to try and give you Mosul by this coming Saturday…we had a very good feeling he was going to say something about that…..

Then on the 28th around 2 am in the morning DELTA showed you something didn’t he….and what he showed you was basically the government of Iraq was pointing its finger right at the Central Bank of Iraq….and they were telling them….open the window that allows investors and companies to come into our country….to have freedom of movement for capital….that is HUGE…
And I said to you in the video I released to you on Saturday night…that that was probably the greatest advancement in our Monetary Reform study that we have seen…and we told you to circle the 30th because we felt that was going to be around the time that Abadi was going to give you Mosul…..he tried to tell you on the 25th that he was going to give it to you on the 29th…he didn’t do that either.

Family if you recall….oh and by the way it is really important that you understand this whole conference call is in my opinion…and it’s really important that when I told you to circle those dates…..for those of you that are unfortunately in pain and are depending on this Monetary Reform to relieve your financial pain….I’m sorry that you consider those as dates…..I mean seriously how is it possible that I gave you three RV dates….be logical….be fair.

Our study is the study of a process of the progress of the Monetary Reform.

One more thing before we start to get into the heavy part of our study tonight….is that I want to thank many of you who wrote your visions….of what it is that you want to do when this blessing occurs….I told you I would log them down and I did…and I am not going to talk to each and every one of you right now because we are not ready for that….

But I do want to recognize the gentleman I had a conversation with on the phone today….he is a surgeon general…he is a medical doctor…and he said Frank I’ve been doing this all my life….and I really enjoy it….it is my comfort zone….and I just want you to know that I’ve been following you for many years…and I want to take my knowledge…take my belief in Jesus Christ and help KTFA in any way shape or form that we can….

And I said welcome aboard….we became friends…..and I am telling you Family it is amazing….all the talent that the Lord has raked in the direction of KTFA….we are going to do some amazing things…and I am excited and I want the date just as much as you do….but as I put my arm around you….for those of you that seek only a date in our study….and try to comfort you and tell you that I am  your friend….I am not the enemy…study with us….but do so with a fairness….that we do not offer you a date….we offer you a study…and with that said let’s walk into today’s study…..

But Frank this is May 1st, 2017….it is….but Frank you said there are no files for May….there aren’t…..well Frank what am I doing here…..studying the process of the progress of the Monetary Reform with us….and what I have for you is the same flag that I will raise as high as I can so you can see…so that everybody can see….from the front of the line all the way to the back of the line…..from those who are at the front of the line studious with us on a consistent basis….to those all the way to the back of the line that come only when they can….that flag says one thing and one thing only….”GIVE ME MOSUL”…..give me the Old Grand Mosque that is inside of Mosul….and you will see the speed of the Monetary Reform in a completely different light.

So I ask you…..on the 29th or the 30th….did Abadi give you Mosul….the answer is no….did he attempt to….twice….in the beginning weeks of April Abadi said I will give you Mosul by the end of this month….in the beginning of the 4th and final week of April DELTA brings to you on the 25th where Abadi said I’m going to give you Mosul by Saturday…..he failed didn’t he…..no he didn’t….this is war….this is war….it is not a game….nor is it a place for anyone to rant….and demand…give me a date and give me the RV.

It is important Family that you walk with me into the month of May….because I am here to tell you the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar is coming…and if you see that flag….”GIVE ME MOSUL”…..give me the Grand Old Mosque in the heart of Mosul…and I will show you the Monetary Reform because it is inside of our “Final Article” thread….44 articles that tell you very clearly…the moment…the nanosecond that we have the Security and Stability…and the removal of DAASH/ISIS….whatever you want to call that evil…then we will go back to the lifting of the 000’s of our currency….do you think we want that….do you think we want to have our currency with pride…and not be looked at as used toilet paper….but before we do any of those things…it is so important for us to do what we are telling you….what Abadi is telling you.

So Family there are no new files….we still study together on how it is that Abadi will soon IMO be able to give you Mosul.

Precious dear KTFA Family that I love so much….you want a revaluation of their currency….but Abadi wants to free his people in Mosul…did you catch that….to free his people in Mosul and in the Grand Old Mosque….what a huge difference of perspective we weave…..in this study.

I start out by telling you the Monetary Reform is coming…and the latest thing is for them to give free movement of capital…that is Article VIII Family….1000 to 1 is quite an advancement don’t you agree…and they have proven it to you by the articles that said they are 1000 to 1…

And by all the examples of many things….from housing to cell phones, to airlines to electricity…all of which have gone down in value….all while Mosul is battled for….some can say they fight for it….some can say we have it….some can say it is being used as a leverage….some can say they are waiting to give it to us when they are ready…..but there is something inside of Mosul….inside of the Grand Old Mosque that you must consider….there is no punch card that says we are in or we are out of the war…it is an unpredictable state of events…this is war…it is not a race of time for a Monetary Reform.

Inside of Mosul there are many civilians that are being held hostage by DAASH….actually it is shocking….these beautiful people are being used as a shield….because the enemy is cornered like a rat…and as they have continued to retreat into what we call the grey area……about 7% that is left in order to fully free Mosul….along with the clearing of many of their villages…these innocent people are being used as shields….

The cowards they are…..hide behind children, women, and old men….they are wrapped in barbed wire and they have explosives hanging from their bodies…..and these cowards look right into the eyes of the Iraqi and American troops of the Golden Division and our Special Ops and dare us to come in….shoot me….blow me up….kill me…and in this house where I am at there are dozens of Iraqi citizens they will die…..

How do you explain that America….how do you explain that Abadi to your citizens….Family how do you explain that to yourself….indiscriminate bombing would kill many citizens….indiscriminate bombing would destroy the Grand Old Mosque….Abadi does not want that….it is the place where al-Baghdadi declared his caliphate against Iraq….of course they are going to get it back…and they are using different military tactics right now….and they are maybe a little bit slow….and that is why Abadi as eager as he was to want to give it to you at the end of April….he didn’t.

I am here to tell you Family…and as you know this whole call is IMO….this past Saturday night you saw me post….”For me only Family”….and I told my TEAMS there is a full assault now….Sunday went by….and today is Monday….what have the articles told you that you read today about Mosul….there was a post on today’s thread from Jay that indicated that Iran and Maliki have something to do with the Monetary Reform….

Then another member, tpnoble53 responded correctly paraphrasing what I had stated previously that Iran and Maliki have nothing to do with the progress of the Monetary Reform….Jay had said if we get Iran and Maliki out of there he bets it would speed up the Monetary Reform….well I want to say to you Jay, that Maliki and Iran have nothing to do with the Monetary Reform….because the Monetary Reform is done…..what Maliki and Iran have to do is with Abadi and Mosul to give the citizens the capture of these two….and then it will give everybody their Reforms…at a different speed of enlightenment.

You saw that as of today there is a full assault….what did we call it…this military tactic….a siege….I hope you googled it….Doodlebug gave you the definition of it.

Your reasons for the RV are not the same reasons as Abadi’s.

Family the Iraqi Army they are today telling you they are near the Grand Old Mosque….ironically enough it is called the Nouri Maliki mosque….how pompous….what a jerk you are Maliki….to put your name before your own religion….but today the Iraqi Army is saying we are nearing the Grand Old Mosque in Mosul where ISIS declared their caliphate…..for that article to tell you that….it reinforces what we have been telling you…..there is a need for revenge….for Abadi and the citizens….they were slapped in the face….and right now they are still being murdered….indiscriminately as shields…and Abadi along with the Golden Brigade and the US troops that are there are being very meticulous and very careful.

Abadi wants Mosul….he wants the Grand Old Mosque….and yes he wants Maliki…..”Iran and their Bozos Opened Dozens of Headquarters in Mosul Under the Cover of the Popular Crowd”…..I appreciate what you have done Iran….but to tell you the truth no one invited you into this battle….you only came in and crossed the border because you are a pain in the butt to Iraq….and you only came across the border because you don’t want ISIS to cross your border into Iran….and you only came across your border to help because you are fearful that you also will be taken over….

But now you set up headquarters inside of Mosul…..the tactic is from the outside in….not the inside out….you cowards….to tell you the truth….go home….because your presence along with your leader….Maliki….you are dangerous…..and you can actually start a civil war…..inside of what is trying to be quelled right now…..”The Commander of the Armed Forces Launched the Battle to Liberate the Western Areas and the Dismantling of Hundreds of Families That Are Being Held by DAASH Leaders as Human Shields and to Save Their Lives”…..I know Abadi the rest of the world is catching up and understanding what you are doing….and those that are decent enough will give you that time sir.

UN Casualty report figures come out today and said that in the month of April 2017 and says that 317 Iraqi citizens were killed…..another 403 were injured in the act of terrorism and violence….and you want the Monetary Reform…and that is just in one area in one month of time.

“The Iraqi Vice President said that the Situation is Catastrophic in Mosul”….we called it ugly…and we didn’t talk to you about it.

I talked to my TEAMS yesterday in-depth….we talked for about three hours….it was kind of like an operational briefing of Mosul…it was a large report….close to 100 pages…but by counsel and by review and by prayer we have filtered out what we want to share with you tonight….because we certainly know not to share everything that we know.

“DAASH Fighters Have Withdrawn From the Mosque Following the Progress of the Iraqi Forces”…..you better run you little cowards…..Family this phase is a concentrated area…..this siege phase has driven the enemy up against the wall….and they are hiding in the homes of civilians in many of the villages of Mosul….and the rest of them have grabbed as many people as they could….and they are using them as shields….

They are wrapped with concertina barbed wire….and they have explosives on their body that the enemy will detonate at any moment so that the Golden Brigade and the Sixth Division, and our American troops will be blamed…..these cowards are in an area so heavily concentrated that our troops have abandoned their tanks….have gotten off of their jeeps….and they are walking from block to block….from house to house…and are very carefully trying to defuse the people….before that tally of numbers goes up even more…..as we approach them they are blown up.

“DAASH Fighters Withdrew From the Old Grand Mosque Following the Progress of the Iraqi Forces”….I hope they continue to run like the cowards they are and forget about the hostages they had.

Abadi wanted so badly to finish this house to house effort…..not for you….but for his country….for the love of his people….and I am here to tell you that the other reason why you circled the 28th because that IMO was the target date for them to accomplish all of this….but they didn’t make it….so Abadi comes out and tells you in an article….we need about 3 more weeks….give me until about the 28th of May….you haven’t read that yet but you will….and this CC is IMO.

“Iraqi Forces are Preparing to Resolve the Battle and Restore the Old Area in Mosul During the Hours”….that is the definition of the full assault that started Saturday night while you were asleep in your warm beds….while the citizens were crying in fear of their death…of death approaching them by the enemy.

Will it take another 3 weeks….I have no idea…this is war…but I tell you what….cut the head of the snake….and you will remove….these Iranian troops…and IMO you will also remove the rest of these cowards….what is the name of that snake…..oh al-Baghdadi….maybe….but I don’t see him as being the issue….the name of that snake to me is Maliki.

“The Popular Crowd Reveals the Where Abouts of al-Baghdadi”….cowards turning in cowards….fascinating isn’t it.

Abadi is demanding…..”Abadi is Demanding”….back at you IMF/WB…”The Return of the Displaced Citizens to their Areas”….we are clearing sir….we are doing our very best.

Many of you on our forum are becoming extraordinary students and I applaud you…there is a member on our forum by the name of Joying1432…and she gave you this article….and I am very proud of you because we had it…and I wanted to release it but you did a good job in finding it…..”A Few Hours Separates the Security Forces From Breaking into the Remaining Neighborhoods in the Western Axis of Mosul, and Penetrating the Center of Mosul to Rescue the Civilians Held By Terrorists in the Areas that are Still Under Occupation Says an Iraqi Major General”….and it went on to say Family that the liberation will be announced in a few days…..well ok….how do you define a few days in the ME….not the way we do….but let them do what they do….and when they tell you that Mosul is liberated….the heart and center which is the Grand Old Mosque….that is the target right there.

Yes the target date was the 28th of April….and yes they are now asking for more weeks…so how do you define a few days.

Fascinating how Donald Trump said….I am going to Baghdad in the month of April….but very wisely he too did not give you the date he would be there….for IMO….give me Mosul…and then I will join you Abadi…..do you think we can get it done in the month of May now….I said to the world I am coming.

Speaking of Donald Trump…..last night someone asked me on TEAM Chat…Frank do you think the US budget is connected to the RV in Iraq…..let me just simply say what I said last night on TEAM Chat….I know they have agreed….and I know they have to approve and vote on it…and I know it will continue up until September now….but did you see the vote…..my dear precious KTFA Family….there is a full assault to finish the last 7%.

“Iraqi Commander Vows to Complete Capture in May”…..good for you….God Bless you.

“Defense Minister in Iraq says that 35% Remains in Mosul and the Full Liberation is a Matter of Time”….I hope so…not for the RV…but for the sake of human lives…that are scared and trembling like little deer or rabbits that are about to be devoured by a bear or wolf.


5-2-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...in recent weeks we were told by an Iraqi general that it would take another 3 weeks to “fully” liberated Mosul. I think this was perhaps on his response to Abadi’s request to have it done by April 30th?   So today is May 2nd we get an announcement it could be only a few more days.  All we can do is wait and listen to the rest of the news that comes out this week. This could be an interesting week.

5-2-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:   "Abadi: We prepare for the announcement of the great victory"  Quote:  "According to a statement to the Office of the Prime Media Minister, Abadi said, in his speech , a festival of national unity , which was held under the slogan ( the great victory on our way towards peace): «We are gearing up to announce a great victory, the biggest priority of peace..."   Let's hope so.

5-2-2017   Intel Guru Frank26 
  The RV of the IQD is coming.  Iraq also desires to have a currency of pride.  You want an RV of the IQD.   Abadi wants to free his people in Mosul / Iraq.  The MR (Monetary Reform)  is coming.  So Abadi tells us...maybe 3 more weeks.  Give me until the 20th of May. The troops are doing their very best. They've got to get the citizens out of the way.  Daesh is running away...but they are still using the citizens.  Mosul is a very large city...and they are clearing it.  They need to FINISH and bring the people home...and then give them the power of purchase – which has already started.  The MR continues to flow...   One final word...IMO...in my STRONG opinion...the MR of Iraq will happen this year ...please be ready for it!  [post 2 of 2]

5-2-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   On the 28th... basically the GOI was pointing their fingers at the CBI...telling them to open the windows to investors.  Turns out...Abadi didn’t do it.  GIVE ME MOSUL...GIVE ME THE GRAND OLD MOSQUE inside of MOSUL... and you will see the speed of the MR in a completely new light.  Abadi said that he would give us Mosul by the end of April.  Abadi failed...?  No he didn’t.  There is something INSIDE of the Grand Old Mosque that you must consider.  Inside of Mosul...there are many civilians that are being held hostage by Daesh.  THIS IS WAR ...THIS IS NOT A GAME...nor a place for anyone to rant and demand for an RV.  

Mark: To NDA; or Do Not NDA ?

"YOYO" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 5/2/17

Sovereign rates showing on (front) screens, climbing.

Plain clothes security and military personnel deployed--redemption sites, participating banks.

Big birds wheels up, drones buzzing.

Operation "Blind Ambush" active - 12:00 EDT.

All com cut.

YOYO (Your On Your Own)

Around Dinarland


May 2, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

I know it is not yet time for my next newsletter but I wanted to come to you to give a quick update on the final stages of liberation of Mosul districts.
So, today’s news is all about Mosul.

Many say this has all been already liberated now for months and that they are playing games with us. Really? I don’t think so. In FACT I know so.

So, the main concern now is still just how much longer before it is all done. Remember Abadi had put great pressure on the military to complete it by Saturday April 30th and we know this did not happen. Today is May 2nd and so we are moving along past his target. Let’s read the recent articles and see if we can make any sense as to when we can expect an announcement from Abadi on the “full” liberation.

More news…
I also want to note that Parliament voted on a resolution banning Iraqi politicians and officials from attending or participate in conferences and meetings affecting the security of the State and political system of national interest and held outside or inside Iraq without the approval of Iraqi authorities. The bill was written on the recommendations of the report of the Committee on integrity violations committed by many of the provinces.  (I feel this is very important as now it is more difficult for the likes of Maliki and his goons running around planning terrorists events to bring back to Iraq)

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} resulted in a joint effort for the overthrow of one of the most dangerous mafia currency counterfeiting its members practiced their activity partners with them in Lebanon, after the arrest of a woman and her daughter at the Baghdad International Airport, and with them large sums of money from the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar.
According to investigative papers, the defendants in their statements more than once this activity, the same way prior to disclose them.

According to media sources , investigative judiciary, " The information received intelligence about people working for a serious mafia competent currency and counterfeiting of money laundering were present in Baghdad."

The sources added that " the competent judge issued an arrest warrant against the accused and ordered a detachment to act and arrest them , " noting that " the defendants before the judge had made confessions serious and important for a large network operating between Baghdad and the Lebanese capital of Beirut."

The sources pointed out that "confessions came on a woman and her daughter was about to reach Baghdad and with them sums of up to 100 million Iraqi dinars Class A {50} in addition to 100 thousand dollars."

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

So in recent weeks we were told by an Iraqi general that it would take another 3 weeks to “fully” liberated Mosul. I think this was perhaps on his reponse to Abadi’s request to have it done by April 30th?
So today is May 2nd we get an announcement it could be only a few more days. What is going on here? See article below. This makes total sense to me.
My only conclusion is that the news from Iraq is delayed and three weeks ago we should have gotten the article telling us 3 more weeks. So now the 3 weeks are here? Or the fighting is not as bad as they anticipated and they can wrap this up in the coming days instead of weeks? All we can do is wait and listen to the rest of the news that comes out this week. This could be an interesting week.
Just in May 1st - BAGHDAD / .. Associate jihadist forces promised Allah Brigade 33 confirmed in the popular crowd Abu Ali Bahadli, Monday, that the liberation of the remaining right-coast operation neighborhoods in the city of Mosul will not take more than one monthReally a month? This article below just told us essentially they are predicting by the latest the end of this week. So what is real? Do you see the confusion in the news?

The liberation of the right-hand coast of the city of Mosul will be announced in a few days

Baghdad - Mawazine News
The announcement of the liberation of the right-hand coast of the city of Mosul will be announced in a few days, the Ninewa Operations Command said on Monday, adding that the joint forces launched a large operation on guerrilla sites and called on terrorists in the western and central axis of the right-hand city of Mosul.

"A few hours separate the security forces from breaking into the remaining neighborhoods in the western axis and penetrating the center of Mosul to rescue the civilians held by a terrorist in the areas that are still under occupation," said Maj. Gen. Najem al-Jubouri, commander of Nineveh operations. Control ". (Was the center of Mosul pivotal to getting the rest cleared?)

"The rapid reaction forces that arrived in the village of Halilah and stationed with the anti-terrorism forces in the western axis will launch operations during the coming hours to liberate the areas of Musheirefah, Riffa, Tammuz, Najjar and the remaining neighborhoods of the western axis," the statement said.

Jubouri said that "the federal forces moved into all neighborhoods in the center of the city of Mosul air support," noting that "the command of operations in the province of Nineveh will announce the liberation of the entire right coast in a few days."

Iraqi forces continue, on Monday, May 1, 2017, restore the right side of Mosul battles, amid expectations the battle decisively restore the old city area soon.

Said Roudao media network correspondent in Mosul, Jamal Herring, said that Iraqi forces launched heavy bombardment on the right side Daesh sites while the International Air Alliance continues to air raids on the organization.

Reporter Roudao added that the militants blew up Daesh four car bombs during the twenty - four years time. In contrast , the federal police announced the killing of dozens of members of the organization during the past few hours.

Jamal Herring pointed out that Chen is expected to Iraqi military units and a massive offensive to recover the remains of the ancient region during the next 48 hours, where are those forces around the corner of the great liberation Nouri mosque and minaret humpback famous. (Okay so here is another confirmation of the conclusion in the next few days. So who will you believe?)

The Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army, Othman al - Ghanemi, has declared that " the full restoration of the right side of the connector will be before the holy month of Ramadan, the Iraqi forces will complete the liberation of the city within three weeks maximum," adding that "forces control 40% of the old town, The proportion is controlled by Ayman Daesh inside Mosul , it estimated at 35%, and areas of influence Daesh within the whole of Iraq up to 3.8% of the total area of Iraq. " (but then comes the three weeks maximum again…lol..lol…So these are only maximum timeframes.) 

Iraqi forces managed during the military campaign began in October / October 2016, from the restoration of the eastern half of the city, and then began on February 19 / last February west side battles.

And was able to Iraqi forces, backed by the international coalition, restoring more than half of the western half of the connector space, amid the decline of the combat capabilities of the organization, according to media statements of the leaders of the Iraqi military
Iraqi News: Offensives begin to liberate two western Mosul districts
(So this will be 2 out of the remaining 4)

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) A military source has revealed beginning of operations to liberate two districts in western Mosul.

Speaking to Alghad Press on Monday, the source said, “security troops began offensives to liberate al-Harmat and 17 Tamuz (July 17th) in western Mosul.”

17 Tamuz (July 17th) district in western Mosul
“Troops tightened their control on Badush region,” the source added.

On Sunday, an army colonel was quoted as saying that Iraqi government forces are opening new front in their battles against Islamic State militants in western Mosul, targeting the recapture of four last districts including 17 Tamuz, Harmat, Mesherfa and Hawi al-Kanisa in order to accelerate the liberation of the city. (note; “in order to accelerate the liberation”)

Another security source from Nineveh Province previously declared that offensives in western Mosul were to resume on Monday after being halted for five days. (This is why liberation is taking so long. They strategize, fight when ready and then prepare for many days for new strategy in different districts)

While Iraqi generals previously claimed their control on 70 percent of the western side of Mosul, Defense Minister Erfan al-Hiyali estimated on Monday the remaining part of western Mosul that is still held by Islamic State at thirty-five percent.

The number of Islamic State fighters remaining in Mosul are estimated by Iraqi troops at 200 to 300, mostly foreigners, down from nearly 6,000 when the offensive started. (So last week they told us 1,000 remained. I hope they have enough body bags,..,,.lol…lol….)

306: Reconstruction of Iraq in partnership with the private sector

The Iraqi planning Ministry, on Sunday, a Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq after the war to ISIS, in Erbil.

The planning Minister Salman jumaili said in a speech during the Conference and was followed up by “economy”, the Conference aims to develop a long term plan includes the reconstruction of the devastated areas in Iraq and economic development in the years 2018 and until 2023. 

Jumaili said that the reconstruction of areas dominated by ISIS 35 billion dollars needed, rebuilding Mosul alone takes $14 billion.

He noted that “one of the most important foundations in the extended plan for five years, is a partnership with the private sector, the public sector is an active role in national development, and will coordinate with the international community and international institutions, to find the best ways to reach specific goals, the United Nations had previously discussed plans to 2030”. (We have heard plans similar to one like the Marshal plan to rebuild Europe from WWII. Also The USA under president Trump is working out deals for oil to assist. I suspect there will also be other economic deals made with the USA too)

A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, MP Noura al-Bajari confirmed on Wednesday the initiative to revalue and delete zeros from the Iraqi Dinar .

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, MP Noura al-Bajari, confirmed on Wednesday that the initiative to revalue and delete zeros from the Iraqi Dinar is ready for implementation by the Central Bank although it will be (or has been) delayed by five years given the political and security situation of Iraq.
(I do not understand this article. It is so contrary to the past news. It is so contrary to what is happening in Iraq. I simply can not believe that they would or even could postpone a significant increase in the value of the currency until 5 years from now.
So then why the article?
So last weekend Iraq held a conference aimed to develop a long term plan for the reconstruction of the devastated areas in Iraq and economic development in the years 2018 and until 2023. See article in today’s news letter. That’s 5 years, coincidental to MP Noura al-Bajari’s timeframe for the project to delete the zeros? Is there a connection? But why would they wait. Getting the financial reform can only help them in the rebuilding process.
Next let’s consider that this new article may be  a “false flag” announcement. Why now when they are so close to “full” liberation of Mosul? So is this article really to prevent currency speculators?
I will add my other part of opinion too since an MP from the GOI finance committee just came out a week ago and stated they can hardly wait for the hedge funds and other investment firms to get a handle on their currency. So this article just does not fit the scenario of all these new financial & banking reforms, banking & investment conferences, work from the IMF, WTO, World Bank, etc,,,.it is all contradictory. Do you see it too?
Why is following this project so important for us and the RV? Remember the CBI has told us the “project to delete the zeros” will lead to a significant increase in the value of the dinar, in fact they even went a step further and told us they wanted to bring the currency back to it’s past glory.) 

In an interview with IraqiNews.com al-Bajari said “The policy to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency is ready to be executed by the Central Bank, however, its implementation will be delayed by 5 years on the basis of the extreme security and political situation of the country.”

Al-Bajari said that the head of the Central Bank of Iraq had previously said that this policy from parliament was accepted and that the zeros will be deleted from the Iraqi currency in the next 5 years.
(However upon reading this article – Is there another plan that the CBI has to raise the value of the dinar? We know if they give it value they will need the newer “lower” denominations launched. So this is confusing article and contradicts all we know.)

National development plan Conference kicks off in Erbil

Started the first Conference events for the national development plan “2018 – 2022,” Saturday, sponsored by the ministries of planning and Kurdistan, in collaboration with local area development program implemented by the United Nations development program, funded by the European Union. (This is like the beginning of implementing a “Marshall” plan for Iraq.
What was the Marshall plan? - The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) was an American initiative to aid Western Europe, in which the United States gave over $13 billion (approximately $130 billion in current dollar value) in economic support to help rebuild Western European economies after the end of World War II. The plan was in operation for four years beginning April 8, 1948. The goals of the United States were to rebuild war-devastated regions, remove trade barriers, modernize industry, make Europe prosperous once more, and prevent the spread of communism.
So let us now compare this plan to rebuild war torn Iraq with the one to rebuild Europe.
So Iraq’s Foreign Minister has asked the United States to help to develop a financial plan for the reconstruction of the country after ISIS, similar to a program developed for Western Europe after the Second World War. In discussions with Special Presidential Envoy to the Coalition Brett McGurk, Ibrahim al-Jaafari stressed the need for “collective support from the international community to contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure. after the defeat of terrorism.” Jaafari suggested “the adoption of a project similar to the Marshall Plan which contributed to rebuilding Germany after the Second World War.”
Iraq will need billions of dollars to rebuild after ISIS. Large portions of major cities were destroyed in the war, infrastructure was neglected under ISIS, villages are riddled with mines and booby-traps. The deputy governor of Anbar estimated that his province would need $22 billion alone for reconstruction and rebuilding inner city of Mosul alone will take $14 billion. Where will all this money come from?
Just so you know the United States already spent billions to reconstruct Iraq, from 2003-2010, and Iraq spend most of those billions and accomplished less than nothing. So where did the money go? It went in to the pockets of the corrupt. So any new plan will have assurances to everyone that the money will be handled much differently. Auditing and monitoring features must be built into the process.
So they are calling this Marshall plan for Iraq the “National Development Plan” . This is a long range 5 year plan from 2018-2023. As in the article presented above one of the most important foundations of the plan is a partnership with the private sector and the public sector is an active role in rebuilding. The plan will coordinate with the international community and international institutions, to find the best ways to reach specific goals, the United Nations had previously discussed plans to as far out as 2030.
Meanwhile they will need to begin implementing the National Reconciliation between the conflicting parties in the tribal provincesThis too must happen and will make the reconstruction process much smoother.
More info on Marchall plan: http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/marshall-plan/videos

The meeting is scheduled to be held in the Hall “Saad Abdullah in Erbil for three days.

The Conference Planning Minister, Salman Al-jumaili, the planning Minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sindi, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Mehdi relationship, coupled with the expert in Economic Affairs, Mehdi Hafez, economists and a large number of attendees.

The Conference includes workshops, in addition to highlighting the economic policy in Iraq, the main challenges and visions of the future.

Baghdad pledges to provide a suitable environment for investment

Baghdad Province, announced Saturday, pledged to provide a suitable environment for investment and the transfer of powers to sustain during the next stage. (So what is this next stage? It is a 5 year program to rebuild war torn Iraq. This is what they are talking about)

Governor of Baghdad, the statement said Atwan, settle their suspended problems/balance of news copy, to “settle their suspended problems attended the meeting of the supreme body for coordination between the provinces, chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, attended by heads of provincial governors and representatives of some ministries.

The Office added that “the meeting discussed many aspects:
- of SOA,
-the return of displaced persons
-financial challenges facing the country, in addition
-to providing an enabling environment for investment and
-the “transfer of powers”,
stating that “the meeting stressed the need to improve service and urban projects actually stalled due to the financial crisis.”

He explained that “the meeting discussed the need for regional development projects with advanced ratio amounts to complete its work.”

The meeting stressed, “keen to maintain full financial dues collected from the general budget to be able to resume work on stalled projects due to lack of funding.”  
Reuters: Iraqi commander says to complete capture of Mosul in May

By Ahmed Rasheed | BAGHDAD

An Iraqi commander expects to dislodge Islamic State from Mosul in May despite resistance from militants in the densely populated Old City district. The battle should be completed "in a maximum of three weeks", the Iraqi army's chief of staff, Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanmi, was quoted as saying by state-run newspaper al-Sabah on Sunday.

A U.S.-led international coalition is providing air and ground support for the offensive in Mosul, the largest city in northern Iraq, which fell to hardline Sunni Muslim fighters in June 2014. Islamic State has lost most of the city's districts since the offensive began in October and is now surrounded in the northwestern districts, including the historic Old City center.

The United Nations believes up to half a million people remain in the area controlled by the militants, 400,000 of whom are in the Old City with little food and water and no access to hospitals.

The militants have dug in between the civilians, often launching deadly counter-attacks to repel forces closing in on the Old City's Grand al-Nuri Mosque, from where Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a caliphate over parts of Iraq and Syria.

The hardline group persecuted non-Sunni Muslim communities and inflicted harsh punishments on Sunnis who do not abide by its extreme interpretation of Islam.

Regular Iraqi army units are taking part in battles outside the city, alongside Shi'ite volunteers trained and armed by Iran, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Sunni tribes. The total number of fighters aligned against Islamic State in Mosul exceeds 100,000.

Several thousand have been killed so far in the battle, both civilians and military, according to international aid organizations. The total number of people displaced from Mosul since October is close to 400,000, about a fifth of Mosul's population before its capture by Islamic State. Even if defeated in Mosul, Islamic State will remain in control of vast swathes of land in the border area with Syria, where Baghdadi is believed to be hiding, according to Iraqi military sources.

The Iraqi army on Sunday said its ground and air forces pushed back an attack on troops stationed near the Syrian border, killing eight militants. Islamic State announced the attack in a statement on its news agency Amaq.

Jubouri announce the signing of the reconciliation between the warring clans in Salah al-Din
Baghdad balances News
Announced parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Monday, for the signing of the reconciliation between the conflicting parties in the tribal province of Salahuddin.

He said al-Jubouri's office in a statement seen by / balance News /, "The President of the Parliament held today at his conference to reconcile the tribal clans of Salah al-Din," noting that "the conference ended with the signing of a reconciliation document between the conflicting parties."

The source said that "a senior official of the state intervention to solve the problem of this type are rare and the case is unprecedented, especially as the size of the complex dispute.

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

"Same Story, Different Time and Place" - One Who Doesn't Know, 2 MAY

Same Story, Different Time & Place

While this is a true story, I am going to tell it a little differently than a story is normally told. I am going to give you the take away points first, before you have even heard the story. The take away is that you are among the best of the best Light Workers, Warriors, and have been so successful in your mission that the Whole Universe has come to witness it for themselves. You have done your part to take down the Cabal in such quick order, so effectively, and with such power, that it will be the story, of stories that will be told eons from now. But to understand just how good you really are, how amazingly successful you have been in your mission, and why the Universe has showed up to see it for themselves, you have to hear a story from a long time ago.

I Heard This Story From Grandfather

Grandfather, who as you know is the Author of The Plan to free us from the Cabal, told me a story about one of my past lives on another planet 3-4 Billion years ago. This was for my information only, but, it was so interesting that I wanted to share it with all my fellow Light Workers. Since it was my past life story I am telling it from my perspective.

I Worked For The Cabal

It turns out that this planet I was on, was also taken over by the Cabal just like ours was. They had infiltrated everything, as that is how they operate. Grandfather told me that I worked for the Cabal as some sort of book keeper. I had discovered some things in the books that were very wrong, although I don't know exactly what they were now. I had been contacted by the "Resistance" and agreed to smuggle important documents and information out to the Resistance and the Galactic Forces. Apparently I was at great risk in doing so, but I did anyway. I related this story to a friend and he said he said I was the "Snowden" of my day. 

The Cabal Had Been VERY Successful

This planet was larger than Earth, and had had a population that was in the multi-trillions, but that was not the case at the time of my story. Reducing the population is Cabal strategy 101, as you know, and they had already accomplished that at this time. They had wiped out Trillions of people and the planet's population was now down to 3,000 "Prisoners'/slaves" and 12 Cabal Masters. I don’t have the details of how they wiped out so many, but I am sure it was war, biological, chemical and just plain executions. They had been very successful in achieving a population reduction down to a number that they thought they could manage, which was 3000.

The Last Straw

As the story goes, they would kill people who would oppose them and on this last day, it was my lover who was to be executed for some offense against the ruling Cabal. Grandfather did not tell me the exact details, but my lover was killed in some horrific way, which must have been some "Message" to the rest of the slaves to behave and not to rebel against their masters. To make the story shorter, my lover was killed and it infuriated me. I yelled at the top of my lungs "NO MORE!!!!!!!!" It was the last straw, and I wasn't going to allow another person to die, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back, 

I Lead The Rebellion

I rallied the remaining 3000 of us that were left and attacked the Cabal. In short order we had surrounded them and we were free at last. We called for help and our Galactic Brothers and sisters came to our rescue and rounded up the remaining Cabal and took them from the planet. 

The Ships Landed

I cried out about how so many had been taken from us, by the Cabal, and I was told to look to the ships, and walking down from the ship were the ones who had been killed, they were returning to the planet, alive and well. I rejoiced at that news but lamented that my special person, was dead and I was told to look again, and I did to find that my lover was alive and was no longer dead. The fight against the Cabal was over.... but was it?

The Final Act

While I don't have all the details of this part, as it was not part of my story, the Cabal had one last horrible act to commit. They have no reverence for life, and will kill to their last breath. It turns out that they had planted nuclear bombs all over the planet as their fail safe threat to remain in power. Once they had been taken down, they had set things in motion for these bombs to be set off. They blew up and destroyed the planet in to nothing but rubble that floats in our Solar system still to this day. 

Maldek Became Rubble

The asteroid belt, in our Solar system, used to be a planet called Maldek. It was Mother Terra's (Earth's) Twin Flame, and was destroyed that day 3-4 billion years ago. It was the Cabal's last act of evil, and the results of it can be seen till this day. I guess that all the rest of us died that day, since the planet did. Grandfather told me that this is why the Galactics, and the Elders will NOT permit any more nuclear bombs from being detonated, and making them unable to be detonated. They do not want a repeat of what happened on Maldek so many years ago. This is why safety is their MOST IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION.

Us, By Caparison

It is easy to see that we are really good at turning a planet around. By comparison, we have 8 billion (According to top sources) people and we still have them! Maldek had multi-trillions and was reduced to 3,000 who were totally enslaved in the end. While they did stop the Cabal, they still lost their planet in the end. I am told that this is why we are so special and why the whole Universe has come to see us "In Action." We have kicked some Cabal tail and shut down the Cabal agenda before it had a chance to get anywhere. Yes, we lost people in war, violence, evil acts, and the like, but we NEVER had our populations reduced the way that Maldek did. 

The Power Is Love and Light

The power that stopped the Cabal, was Love and Light, held by us despite how bad things looked around us. THAT IS THE SOLUTION, THE ONLY SOLUTION. Love, hope, high expectations are what create a force that cannot be defeated. We have learned to stay hopeful, and optimistic, no matter if our houses are being foreclosed on, we have no food on the table, or we have some sort of disease. We can be laughed at and ridiculed, but still, we stand in the Light anyway. By holding that Energy, vibration, we created an "Energy Source" that allowed what we wanted to get done. You might liken us holding the Light of Hope and Expectation, as being the Batteries, that gave energy to those who were doing the fighting, the master minding, and the getting things done. If we did not believe, if we had been defeated in spirit, there would be no energy for anyone to help us, and we would have been taken down just like Maldek.

Many Tries

As I understand it, there have been many tries by others in this Galactic Game of Light Vs. Dark. As you know Maldek, didn't make it, and neither did many others. This is why, our success is so renowned throughout the Universe. To my knowledge, we may be the first, and maybe the only ones that have accomplished this epic galactic challenge. 

Note: According to Source: "Humanity on Terra, are THE ONLY ONES IN CREATION TO HAVE EVER ACCOMPLISHED THIS."

It Is Evolution

I have posted may times (links below), that this is our game to play and win. At first it doesn't make sense that the Galactics and other way more advanced civilizations don't just stomp out the villainous Cabal for us. But when you realize that it is about learning that Love is the answer, and evolving to a higher consciousness, then you know why we have to experience this ourselves, and learn how to overcome the Cabal ourselves. THAT IS WHAT RAISES OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Do you think that our consciousness would raise by the Cabal being eliminated for us? No, of course not. We have assistance, sure enough, but we are the ones who are holding the vibration of Love that facilitated our ultimate win. It is about our evolution, and not about being Cabal free. 

We Made It To The NEXT Level

So, unlike Maldek, we kicked the Cabal off our planet, and did so very quickly at that. But, in all fairness, we learned from many other experiences, on many other planets, in many other lifetimes how we needed to be to win this game. If I was on Maldek, so were all of you. However, now that we have won our game, are in the process of rising our consciousness, and are about to feel what abundance feels like, we are about to go all the way this time to Evolution, otherwise known as Ascension. That is our next level. To prove that Love wins in the end, and then move to a higher consciousness and to a higher dimension as a result, while still in our bodies. 

The Next Level

This next level is going to be filled with amazing personal abilities, creative expression, and a NON-Work way of life. It will be paradise and the garden of Eden all in one. Clearly, we couldn't have lived at this level of consciousness unless we learned the wisdom of Love thy neighbor as thy self, or leaned for ourselves the value of peace and love for all. We had to win a battle over the Dark, using just the power of Love and forgiveness, and we did. We earned our way and a first class ticket to the next level, paradise and the garden of Eden.

Understanding Forgiveness & Amnesty

This is why it is so important for us to let go, and forgive those who trespassed against us, for that is the ONLY solution to this life puzzle. I have no doubt, and frankly I am quite sure, that we all played the Cabal from time to time in this game we are playing now. For all we know the ones who we hate so much now, may have been our victims in the past. This is why the Galactics and NPTB are so quick to forgive, as that is how we will move on to higher consciousness and a better life experience for all. Forgive and let it all go. Focus on what is to come and not what was, for what was, made us the light workers that we are. 

Backgammon, The Game, The Strategy

It reminds me of the Game of backgammon. In the early part of the game, the light is battling the dark, and in every moment there is a chance to be taken out of the game, when a piece is jumped on. That was our battling time against the Cabal. However, there comes a point in the game when each side has moved far enough in the game, that NO ONE IS IN DANGER anymore. That is where we are now. At that point in the game it is all about getting back to home base and getting on with life. That is the coming time when GESARA is finally announced and we have full disclosure and life starts to speed up. There will be no time to lament over past "moves" in the game. It is all about moving full speed ahead now, to get to the next level, and have fun and great joy doing it. It is in this last stretch where the joy we feel, will accelerate our consciousness and elevate us to higher dimensions of existence.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we have passed our course of Love vs. Fear. We have proved to ourselves, that love wins in the end. That understanding is the basis of our now rising consciousness that will soon catapult us into the life of our dreams in short order. The last thing we want to do is lament over past experiences and losses in the game. 

When you know that we have been in this game for Billions of years, and we have eons to go in our learning experiences, you quickly realize, that nothing has gone wrong in the big picture, and instead has gone amazingly well. In fact, we have so completely defeated the Fear way of life, and proved that Love is the answer so definitively, and quickly I might add, that beings from the far corners of the Universe have come to witness it for themselves. 

This is your great win, I mean accomplishment, I mean evolution, of your own making, and you have earned, and deserve every great thing that is coming your way. You have not only proved the Power of Love to Yourself, you have proved it and demonstrated it to the entire Universe as well. Well done, my Fellow Light Workers, WELL DONE!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


YOSEF on Real Truth Call today May 1, 2017. He came on at about 65 minutes into call. Replay number [url=tel:%28712%29 770-4178]1-712-770-4178[/url]

Yosef came in for a Quick update. i typed up what i could, and I am sorry this is not supposed to be transcribed. Since it is public record, it can be presented to the public.

YOSEF: Well you had asked me to come in and give an update… there are a lot of things I can’t say…ummmm…I guess the update is…there are a lot of things I can’t say…

Sometimes you say more with what you don’t say with what you do….I have been very chatty, I’m not one to hold back…I can say that I had released a post a while ago called “segments” and it talked about how the release would be in segments and we are progressing in those segments as was reported on April 16th I think I wrote it…so, boy I just don’t want to get caught

The general philosophy, I’ll just go into general philosophy, how ‘bout that?…the general philosophy has always been to eliminate threats before they become dangerous to the population, specifically the currency redeeming population so that when they finally did go, and they really went and started taking groups in and all of that, there would be safety by the nature of the reduction of threats, threat levels as they existed, so [for example] in a lot of times you go to a sporting event and have a good time at the sporting event, and they may pat you down when you walk in and put you through a metal detector and this and that, you don’t see the security in the stands, you don’t see the security that’s watching you through cameras, they try and give you the most organic experience at the game, so that you can enjoy the game and not have to worry about your family’s safety, your safety, …so the same can be said about the RV…and I don’t just mean that at the human level with cameras and drones, and different monitoring equipment, infrared, things like that, I’m talking about at the benevolent level they are monitoring the energies, if you will, on where there might be added incentive to create chaos.

And and, I don’t know how to say this. You know sometimes I wish Fisher would tell you more about what he knows , but he doesn’t, I understand why he doesn’t , but sometimes I wish he would. Because at some point we are going to have to be told this…and there are many that feel that the human race isn’t ready for this and we don’t resonate at a high enough frequency. Yet the mass is to receive this.

The problem is that there are some of us who do. And for those of us who do, we struggle with the lack of transparency of soul, and there are things that I would love to tell the audience here that I just know that if I tell you, it won’t make any sense. 

I’ve said that about the ZIm being over $100,000 in terms it, central bank or T1 sovereign holding values and people just thought I was ludicrous, but yet if you understand the future and you understand what the value of a rare earth element is, if you go look at your periodic tables there will be twenty rare earth elements at the bottom part of the periodic table, and there elements and minerals that you compound that you’ve never heard of, that you couldn’t spell them, even if I pronounced them you couldn’t spell them, and those are the future,

Those will be what will be constructing the portals, light chambers, the bercabas [sp], the light chariots that will be taking us all over the galaxy at a blink of an eye, at less than a blink of an eye, and that’s what creates the value, a tangible value, to the rest of the galaxy, not just telling amongst ourselves here on earth, that’s why gold is so valuable. Gold on many planets, with many species is food, it is literally food. Like they eat it to sustain. We crafted the diamonds, or wrist bands, watches, necklaces, but there are a lot of species that understand the properties of it and use it as food, for sustenance, so,and when I say things like that who would think about eating a candy bar of gold, but this earth is so plentiful with such minerals such compounds that are natural and organic froth for the earth that really does have that kind of value in a universal or galactic financial system…so I know I’m off topic…

So Instead of a global currency reset what you’re looking at is a galactic, what I’ll call crystal reset or recalibration to the truth of how the universe really functions and that includes our own body at a cellular level..

And so the ZIM isn’t I’m not here to prophesize the ZIM, I’m here to tell you its my understanding based upon the new math of the planet and the benevolent force that is bringing in this understanding of the human experience one way through finance, that’s just what it is and whatever your expectation is going into your redemption later that will be your feeling if you will…and so to tell you that everything is good is an understatement, and so to tell that everything is peaceful, is an understatement, so to tell that everything is calm, is an understatement.

The issue is not are we safe to redeem, are we safe to execute and implement the changes that have been demanded of us by God, through these benevolent forces here to recalibrate the earth, the fascinating thing is the human fear of change of things being that good as the believability factor of us as a collective species as a whole as kind of a combined energetic unit actually allowing ourselves to resonate all at the higher frequency, and just allowing that to be okay


Example; talked to somebody today about war, and I said there is always peace…we don’t have to be in conflict with each other; and he could not understand the concept of human existence without war without strife…so I asked him if he could see us feeding everybody, he said yes…how about providing drinking water for everyone, he said yes; so why do we need war? Can’t we all just put down our arms and stop killing each other? 

I’m not here to judge, but vibrationally, how this is working, they are allowing you to have a golden ticket to tell them what you can manage. It’s about matching your vibration with a monetary value. You will tell them what your vibration level is, where you’re at.

Now those are the people who are instant sovereign rates, the instant adaptors, you are a righteous being, that you are a righteous being, tuned into this channel, such as on the Real truth Call, this channel, and you are prepared with resources and your backpack full to go out into the world to disburse the mercy. We need many people. That’s why they have let the currencies still sell and the rates to climb and climb.

They want you to have more they want you to build up your confidence and tolerance level. And the time is now. Its here. Its now. You must deal with it now, all the preparation, the suffering, your time is now, to apply that. This is your miracle now. You were put here now for this. We know this because you are here.

Whether it’s half an hour, an hour, they will let us know. But the redemption structure is in place. Who is running the government is set up. That’s what I want to communicate, which is dynamic, instead of getting into it, it’s so peaceful and safe, and an infinite peace, abundance for humanity and a infinite security. There is no more threat, no more Cabal, and I understand it was all there, painful, deadly for some, and the chemtrails and pharma, and the vaccines and the prenatal stuff and the other stuff that we know about, they no longer apply moving forward. The momentum will pick up after the event and things will be cleaned up openly. They know every problem, every lineage, every corporation, they will be dealt with and eliminated. The energy that created these bad things is no long there. It is theatre, including Trump being allowed to be president, and has accelerated the Cabal end, and the change has been made. I know the depth of the truth, and I was also fed wrong information.

Be excited about the redemption, and only you are the limit, especially for ZIM holders. There is no threat anymore. There is no struggle anymore. It's really here.

THERE IS MORE, he goes another hour or so, but that was the extent of the good RV/GCR good stuff. I'm feeling great!

BB136: So, here are my two cents, great stuff, for Yosef lovers, like me, and listening to him speak you will love him more…I love Dr. W.C. (although I want to buy her a new microphone and tell her to enunciate), but here is a test: if you can discern YOSEF’s inner frustration with Dr. W.C. at the end of his conversation with her, then you really are vibrating above 3D, IMHO); for the ”idiots” as Tony would say, like UBIETY and other skeptic/cabal/negative types who will still prosper despite their uselessness to our dinar community, stay grounded LOL. 

The sad part is I’m pretty sure that when those skeptic/cabal/negative types go into exchange they will have to look at copies of their posts among other stuff the NPTB will have, and explain why they should be given a rate higher than the public rates. Maybe even why they should be allowed a contract deal with the Chinese at all if that is the public rate, I hope. Perhaps even the public rate is too much for them.

That said, with the public rates making a 100T note worth over 100 Trillionaire dollars, and without an NDA, it makes me think after listening to Yosef that the lower vibrators have been one of the biggest concerns for the NPTB to release this; meaning skeptic/cabal/negative types and the people who do not follow the blogs but were gifted, may very well have held us up to some extent as a result, cause unleashing wealth like this on ignorant, non-spiritual, greedy, low vibrating and/or negative people is a problem; and the NPTB have made Yosef and OWKs continue to keep expounding the humanitarian and philanthropic reason for this blessing. I have been in this almost 7 years and Yosef started the discussions about the Republic and galactics and 5D and God’s place and the conspiracy stuff (which is true); and he lovingly but sternly turned the majority of us into humanitarians. My first plan was to vacation for a year post RV/GCR. Not now…I’m ready, even at 59, after working 35 years as a lawyer, to roll up my sleeves and help our planet. That is what this is about, mercy and love, that 90% of the 30 million currency holders (which is barely .4 percent of the WORLD!) to take the abundance of the blessing and disburse it intelligently, benevolently and with love and mercy! The Cabal hoards riches and keeps the meek enslaved; we chosen ones will disburse it and assure first that every person has food, shelter and clothing, and then that they can strive to become prosperous, loving and equal beings on earth. Listening to Yosef speak was what was needed for someone like me to understand how this RV/GCR could financially happen. And then he showed me why it must happen. I have grown so much in the last nine months, and I was already an expert in the law, in research and had years of experience as an inventor, an entrepreneur and in finance and the business world. So anyone who speaks against him just does not get it. If you are a true chosen one and vibrating above 3D, you will ignore those folks. And that is a fact.



Youssef on Dinar, Zim & Currency RV

"Something doesn't add up", by One Who Serves


FrostyTheSnowman:   Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, May 01, 2017

The last time we were together, I told you to circle the 25th, the 28th and the 30th of April.
Abadi said that he was going to come out and give us Mosul by the 30th.
On the 28th … Delta showed you something around 2am … basically the GOI was pointing their fingers at the CBI … telling them to open the windows to investors.

That was probably the greatest advancement in our IQD study in a while.

Turns out … Abadi didn’t do it.

BTW – this whole CC is in MY opinion.

When I told you to circle those dates of study … I sympathize with you over your disappointment.  We do not offer you a date … this is a study.

Frank, you said there were no files for May.  I don’t.

So why are we here?  To study.

Tonight, I raise a flag as high as I can for all to see.

That flag says one thing … GIVE ME MOSUL … GIVE ME THE GRAND OLD MOSQUE inside of MOSUL .. and you will see the speed of the MR in a completely new light.

On the 29th-30th … did Abadi give you Mosul?  No.

Did he attempt too?  Yes … twice.

Abadi said that he would give us Mosul by the end of April.

Abadi failed didn’t he?  No he didn’t.  THIS IS WAR … THIS IS NOT A GAME … nor a place for anyone to rant and demand for an RV.

It’s important for you to walk with me into the month of May.  The RV of the IQD is coming.


44 articles in our FINAL ARTICLES thread show you evidence that it is coming.
Iraq also desires to have a currency of pride.

Family … there are NO NEW FILES … we still study together … and how Abadi … SOON … will be able to give you Mosul.

You want an RV of the IQD.

Abadi wants to free his people in Mosul / Iraq.

The MR (Monetary Reform)  is coming.

The latest thing is FREEDOM of MOVEMENT of CAPITAL – that is Article VIII.

By all of the examples … housing … cell phones … electricity … all gone down in value.
All of this while Mosul is battled for.

Some say that “we’ve got it” (Mosul).

There is something INSIDE of the Grand Old Mosque that you must consider.

Inside of Mosul … there are many civilians that are being held hostage by Daesh.

These beautiful people are being used as shield, because the enemy is cornered like a rat.  The enemy is holding the elderly and young children, behind barbed wire, and taped with explosives.  The enemy dares/begs to be shot … and the civilians would be killed at the same time.  How do you explain that?

Indiscriminate bombing would also destroy the Grand Old Mosque.

As eager as Abadi was to give us the RV at the end of April … Saturday night … you saw me post … “FOR ME ONLY FAMILY … A FULL ASSAULT”

What have the articles told you about Mosul?

Does Maliki and Iran have anything to do with the RV?  No – Maliki and Iran have nothing to do with the monetary reform … because the MR is done.

As of today … a FULL ASSAULT (siege) is underway.

Your reason for the RV is NOT the same as it is for Abadi.

Yes, they are nearing the Grand Old Mosque – which is known as the Maliki mosque.

There is a need for revenge for Abadi and the citizens.

Our troops are being very careful.

Abadi wants Mosul … the Grand Old Mosque … and Maliki.

Iran – no one invited you into this battle.   Go home!  Your presence (along with your leader Maliki) --- you are dangerous – capable of civil war.
I talked to my Team yesterday for about 3 hours.  It was like an operational briefing on Mosul.  It was a lot … close to 100 pages.

Upon review/prayer … we have filtered out what we want to share tonight.

ARTICLE:  “Daesh have withdrawn from the mosque”

You better run, you cowards!

This area is a concentrated area.  The enemy is up against the wall.  They are hiding in the homes of the civilians.  They grab as many hostages as they can.

The enemy is not afraid to detonate the bombs strapped to civilians so to pass on blame to our troops.

Our troops (Iraqi troops) are walking from house to house looking for the enemy.

As we approach … they blow themselves up.

Daesh fighters withdrew from the Grand Old Mosque due to our advancements.

Abadi loves the Iraqi people.

The other reason why you circled the 28th – is because that was a target date to finish everything – but they didn’t make it.

So Abadi tells us … maybe 3 more weeks.  Give me until the 20th of May.  You haven’t read that yet … but you will.

The FULL ASSAULT began late Saturday night while you slept in your warm bed … the citizens were crying out for life itself.

Cut the head of the snake .. and you will remove these Iranian troops … and the rest of these cowards.

What is the name of that snake?  Baghdadi … (maybe) … but I don’t see him to be the sole issue.  Maliki.

The whereabouts of Baghdadi … cowards turning in cowards.

The troops are doing their very best.

Many of you are become great students.

ARTICLE:  A few hours … penetrates the center of Mosul … rescuing the citizens that are still under occupation.  The article said the liberation will be announced in a few days.

So what is a “few days” in the Middle East?  Not the way you do.

When they tell you that Mosul is liberated … that is the target.

Yes, the 28th was the target date.

How do you define a few days.

Fascinating that President Trump says that he is going to Iraq in April (May) … but he did not give you the exact date of when he is going.  Maybe he will join Abadi.

Is the USA budget connected to the RV in Iraq?

Last night on TeamChat I said … I know they have agreed … they have to vote … but did you see the vote?

Family … there is a FULL ASSAULT to finish the remaining 7% in May.

For the sake of human lives that are trembling … pray for the Iraqi citizens.

We found a video … I sent it to Delta because it was in Arabic.  Looks like a newscast.

Delta says … they are talking about the Grand Old Mosque … that it has been cleared … that it is liberated … and that Abadi will announce that to the citizens.  The video says the Daesh fighters have withdrawn because of the Iraqi forces.

Delta thinks something is wrong.  This video is a month old.


Delta doesn’t know … but this supports all of your conference calls.

Are they STALLING?

Delta believes that the timing to release the video was on the 28th of April.

Are they LYING to us?

No … they are timing this.

They got to get the citizens out of the way.

Daesh is running away … but they are still using the citizens.

Do you think the timing of Ramadan (May 26th) plays into this?  Delta doesn’t think so.

It is time to TEST your strength.

The articles are rather misleading – hard to interrupt.

It’s important for you to be FAIR about this … be FAIR to the citizens of Iraq.
I’m begging you to agree with me.

I told you … my Teams and I spoke for 3 hours … and I got this report … yes family … they have the villages … but the villages need to be cleared of the citizens.

That’s why a FULL ASSAULT is being done inch-by-inch.

Mosul is a very large city … and they are clearing it.

The Golden Brigade is working side by side with our US troops.

I remember when I lived in Germany and I saw the Berlin war … the imbedded broken glass at the top inside of the concrete … crowned with barbed wire … it scared me.  I was a young man.  I can just image how is scares the people of Iraq.

Abadi wants his people.

I know that the IMF / World Bank is demanding these reforms --- but you’ve got to be fair.
Nobody forced you into this investment.  You’ve got to allow these citizens to be free first.
Even President Trump didn’t give you an exact date as to when he is going over there.

Give me Mosul … FREE these citizens … give us the Grand Old Mosque.

NO RV until you have Mosul!

Abadi … and the US troops are finding the strength to do all of the reforms.

They need to FINISH and bring the people home … and then give them the power of purchase – which has already started.

The MR continues to flow … doesn’t it?

So … what are you worried about?

The sickness and ugliness is right in front of the citizens … but not in front of you.

They are using the same technique as they did in Sadr city … (smaller area) … in a matter of days we conquered Sadr city.

Now … I’d like to ask you to HELP ME!

You are familiar with the MAPS of Mosul … showing the advancements of the troops.
The Grand Old Mosque is on the west side.

As you look at the left side … you see desert … and in the center you see a grid-structure … and within these streets is where the enemy hides.

Urban warfare … door-to-door editing.

These areas are important to clear for tactical reasons.

It’s important for you to see what we are going to write on this board.

We’re going to draw some SPOKES (which represent the reason why that the MR of the IQD is complete).  But we need this … the heart of Mosul.
SPOKE 1 - Prices 1,000 to 1  … payroll was to be 90% IQD and 10% USD.

SPOKE 2 – Investors that poured in BILLIONS of DOLLARS in the week I was in DC.

SPOKE 3 – Kuwait (debt forgiveness)

SPOKE 4 – Improved Credit Rating

SPOKE 5 – Gold (inside of the reserves – it’s ridiculous for a program rate)

SPOKE 6 – National Reconciliation

SPOKE 7 – eDinars (not for a program rate)

SPOKE 8 – Electricity

SPOKE 9 – Freedom of Capital for investors

SPOKE 10 – 44 Final Articles

SPOKE 11 – US Bases (ever seen a country with as many USA bases?)

SPOKE 12 – Indicative Rate

SPOKE 13 – LL (Long Line)

SPOKE 14 – 3 American Embassies

SPOKE 15 – DEMAND by the IMF & WB

SPOKE 16 – 2% Compliant

SPOKE 17 – Economic Reforms

What evidence do you see family?

SPOKE 18 – President Trump to visit Iraq

SPOKE 19 – 93% of Mosul complete

SPOKE 20 – ATM’s (Lower Denoms)

SPOKE 21 – CBI Int’l Standards

SPOKE 22 – Free Market

SPOKE 23 – USD going down

SPOKE 24 – SBA Agreement

SPOKE 25 – Audit

SPOKE 26 – Swift system

SPOKE 27 – Tariffs


SPOKE 29 – MCP (Multi-currency practice)

SPOKE 30 – IBAN system

SPOKE 31 – Fiber Optics installed

SPOKE 32 – CITI Bank

SPOKE 33 – Lifting the ban on Iraqi travel

Maybe … just maybe Ramadan will be pretty good this year.
This is an EXPLOSION of evidence that the monetary reform is completed.

What are you worried about family?

Put your prayers right here.

Be honest.

Be decent.

Try to understand … we are on a mission to rescue the citizens of Iraq.

I know that you want the RV … I know that you need it … I know that you desire to help others … but one step at a time.

If you were there in Iraq, they would welcome you into their home.

They welcome strangers.

Put aside your need for a date.

Welcome the citizens of Iraq into your home of prayer.

Please God, help these sweet innocent people.

Please pray for our troops.

This is the ugliest part … the most bloody … the most frustrating part.

I pray that you’ve learned something tonight.

Please pray for my Teams and take this call to God in prayer.

Indeed … there are no new files for May.  There is NOTHING new.

Give me Mosul.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

One final word … IMO … in my STRONG opinion …  the MR of Iraq will happen this year … please be ready for it!

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