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ONE WHO KNOWS: 10 GCR Points To Remember, 26 APRIL

10 GCR Points To Remember

This post is a refresher of what to expect in the coming GCR.  There is a lot upon us and sometimes it gets confusing.


#1) First Basket Currencies will All Revalue at the same time.  When one revalues, they all revalue as well.  There will be no opportunity to exchange one and then buy more of the other.

#2All Denominations of the first Basket Currencies will be Honored.  This means every size bill, will be exchangeable.  This is especially important to know for the ZIM.  Importantly, no zeros will be loped of any notes.  They will be accepted at face value for exchange, at the rate you agree on.

#3) The Zim "Bearer Checks" will be honored and exchanged even though they have expired.

#4) If you have Zim, you will have a DIFFERENT exchange Procedure that includes exchanging at offsite locations, Including military bases, but not limited to them.

#5) Yes, the zim has a special phone number/ account relationship, but don’t worry, your money is actually in Trusts for added protection and "Trusts" have names and not numbers.  The phone number you call to set the appointment, is part of your account info with the bank, but not directly associated with any particular money account.  In short it identifies you, like your name identifies you to the bank when you call.

#6You will not be allowed to bring any electronic items into the exchange such as phone, tablet, computers, calculators, etc.  Therefore, have a sheet of paper (Master Sheet)  that has all your important information written on it, such as Trust names, address, questions you want to ask, etc.,  for easy reference.

#7 Bring whatever ID you have, bills, passports, DL, ss card, Birth Certificate, photo IDs etc.  Some people will have all the IDs they need, and others may not, but all will be helped anyway.  Remember that this is a benevolent plan and they realize that some may not have the IDs they need.  The bank will work with you on that.

#8 All countries will have exchanges and will have the "Privately Negotiated Rates" available as well, especially for humanitarian projects.

#9)  Banks are NOW the safest place in the World to keep your money.  Trust the banks, and trust the plan.

#10 HSBC is the main GCR Bank and will eventually have retail branches everywhere.  Just because there is no branch near you now, doesn't mean you can't exchange with them and get an account with them.  They will be represented at the Exchange centers, especially for the ZIM. 


#11) You should call as soon as possible for your appointment, but once you call, you can set an appointment at a time that works for you. You might have a delay due to travel, work, medical, etc.  Set the time to go IN for your appointment.  I expect that there will be several days or more to call the first number.

#12Historical Bonds can be redeemed.  Tell the operator what you have (Not amount) when you call the first appointment contact number.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


Kent Dunn:  ZIM  3.79        IQD   33.+   VND  23.15   Ruppee  23.06



4-26-17 I can guarantee you that if I could get all 50 million to say I believe that my prosperity is now here, at a specific time frame, that the entire world will immediately receive this blessing without hesitation. And that is a fact. Bluwolf


4-26-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   What happened last night in our MR (monetary reform) is NOT SEEN yet by many to all...Greatness has already happen...

4-26-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
   A big piece of overlooked news was the Kurdish "financial" delegation that went to Washington with the GOI delegation ...NEVER BEFORE...And this was because Iraq is one country represented by the GOI...For the Kurd financial heads to be there and INVITED into those meetings is NEEDED if you were planning monetary reform... 

4-26-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Central Bank: No distinction between foreign and Iraqi banks and currency auction"  Quote:  "...the existence of discrimination to deal for the Central Bank of Iraq between banks operating in Iraq, whether foreign or Iraqi, but on the basis of classification because they are part of the Iraqi banking system."     This is an important statement for the CBI to make... this is a requirement of Article VIII (and it has been referred to several times in the consultations) to not only liberalize the foreign exchange, but make it available at any and all banks.  A good step to show the IMF the CBI is trying to comply.

4-26-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   Even though it has been relatively quiet today, I can tell you a lot of things are lining up for us for this to go through.​ Let’s start with Iraq.  I can tell you that we know...Prime Minister Abadi was overheard talking with some citizens around Mosul. When he was asked what the rate of the dinar would be in relative to the dollar, he gave a range that was very high for an in country rate for the dinar. It was higher than what the cards have been charged. It would be a remarkable rate to see. I believe that will be the rate of whatever he said it be.  The CBI has not shown a rate change. Mosul is the best kept secret. They are doing everything they can except telling us about the liberation of Mosul.  When will it be known?  I think fairly shortly.   If everything goes according to plan of what we have heard from several sources, we heard this is our week.

4-26-2017   Intel Guru ADMINBILL









April 26, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

As always my comments are in italic RED.

So today I need to address some news about dropping the US dollar as the global reserve currency its use in global trade. What does mean?

First we need to know how this all works to understand what is going on. Remember the Great Depression of the 1930’s was a global depression not just in the United States. Going back to the financial crisis of the “Great Depression” era, there had to be a more trusted currency presented to the world as a stable currency to help countries get out of the financial crisis. Of course the main reason why these crisis’s happen in the first place is all about over-speculation.

So the world needed the most of all the stable of the currencies and to use it for conducting international trade. It was agreed the US dollar would be used since, at the time, it was the most stable and this practice continues until today. ​
So when Russia, for example, would buy a ship load of wheat from France, it would be shipped to Russia. Russia in return would take their Russian ruble (RUB) convert to US dollar (USD) first, then pay France their debt, then France could take the USD and either put in their basket of reserve currencies as USD in their Central Bank system and later use if for their trade with another product, or they might convert the USD to Francs (FF) to conclude the payment. Of course now France in on the Euro so it would be Euros not Francs. This method was used all over the world for international trade. They used it to stabilize currencies and it worked. Now times have changed and we have a new “global” economy.

So can you see how this would create a constant demand for the US dollar? This demand is essentially what the US has been living on for so long and why it’s national debt can and is allowed to be so high. So in order to force the US to get out of debt and by more responsible in spending (and someday onto the upcoming AMERO, the real long term goal), they must do this changeover from using the USD to using a “basket” of currencies in the SDR. But let there be no doubt this AMERO is the final outcome, the goal and real motivator. They are going to push for it and try to justify it into existence anyway they can. So let’s see how the UN is going about doing this. Yes - folks this is a conspiracy of some sort. No – you don’t have to go along with it but to stop it you must demand a balanced US budget and for the government to find a way to paydown the national debt. 

So one of the steps in this process is to reverse the process from the 1930’s and use instead a basket of currencies included in the SDR described below consisting of 5 industrial nation’s currencies, to be used in global trading. What entity then gets the demand? All five of the currencies in the basket and not just the USD. So you can see this is a stage of the  “new world government” of becoming someday the most powerful entity in the world. To do this they must break down the USA. Again I have said this many times already and here is what they must do–
1) they must bust the economy of the USA (and other nations too) in order to accomplish their goals of one world govt

2) they must cause massive US debt (and other nations too and we see it in Iraq too) to finally strong arm the US into submission (creating the upcoming crisis in the US as they did with the ISIS war crisis and oil crisis in Iraq)

3) they must changeover the global reserve currency away from the USD (new SDR basket for global reserve currency). The US has had it too good for too long. They are “irresponsible” in their spending habits. But who instigated the habits and why? Is the shadow UN govt using the US military to do their dirty work and at the same time racking up massive debt for the US? Is this why the massive debt is allowed to continue? Continue? But only until the shadow UN govt gets what it wants and they will pull the plug. Don’t believe me? Watch it all play out! 

4) remember a countries power and sovereignty resides in its ability to control its currency (upcoming AMERO dollar will lose control US, Canada and New Mexico).

Seems they are succeeding in all these categories. Many of you, of course, are so smart and will argue with me that there is no way the UN will ever become so powerful. Folks it is already happening and we are letting it happen. There is a shadow govt inside the UN instigating and using the UN for their own future aspirations for the planet. This is how they are doing it, through the diplomacy of the UN organization. 

So back to the SDR the news of the day…….

The value of the SDR (special drawing rights) or XDR is based on a basket of key international currencies reviewed by IMF every five years. The weights assigned to each currency in the XDR basket are adjusted to take into account their current prominence in terms of international trade and national foreign exchange reserves. So of course today the USD is adjusted with the highest weight of the five. But will it remain that way? So already the seeds are sown that it could not remain this high for long.

In the review conducted in November 2015, the IMF decided that the Renminbi (Chinese yuan) would be added to the basket effective October 1, 2016. From that date, the XDR basket now consists of the following five currencies: U.S. dollar 41.73%, Euro 30.93%, Renminbi (Chinese yuan) 10.92%, Japanese yen 8.33%, British pound 8.09%.

Why is knowing about the XDR important to us as dinar investors?

The XDR comes to prominence when the U.S. dollar is weak or otherwise unsuitable to be a foreign exchange reserve asset. This usually manifests itself as an allocation of XDRs to IMF member countries. Distrust of the U.S. dollar is not the only stated reason allocations have been made, however.

One of its first roles was to alleviate an expected shortfall of U.S. dollars c. 1970. At this time, the United States had a conservative monetary policy and did not want to increase the total amount of U.S. dollars in existence. If the United States had continued down this path, the dollar would have become a less attractive foreign exchange reserve asset: it would not have had the necessary liquidity to serve this function. Soon after XDR allocations began, the United States reversed its former policy and provided sufficient liquidity. In the process a potential role for the XDR was removed. During this first round of allocations, 9.3 billion XDRs were distributed to IMF member countries.

In summary this could impact the value of the dinar in exchange for USD or the currency of your country. It could be in our favor as if the value of the USD is lessened globally, this means more USD when the IQD is valued so high. But you also have to think about the purchasing power of the USD too so does it all equal out? I think the trick is to invest quickly after the dinar to dollar exchange in more tangible assets that will appreciate overtime and have not yet maybe caught up to the decline in the dollar at the time. Just my opinion.

Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to get this SDR in place and it may be long overdue. But there is a more sinister reason for it and it is part of a greater plan.

Now I want to connect this to a new FEDCOIN. Is this real? Is this going to happen. Usually when they begin to talk about these issues they have already decided to do it. The talk is merely indoctrination of the general public to the idea. Then they wait a period of time and let it soak into your subconscious so when the time comes, its not so foreign of an idea. Nonetheless it may not be a good idea. You decide?

So all this stuff is going around, but if you paid attention and read my latest newsletter from 4/24 (LINK) you can see how crypto currencies work and the disadvantages to it. You see what it really is. So how can you use it then as a national currency for daily transactions?

There are also many technical issues and so I personally do not believe that this FEDCOIN is for now and will be implemented anytime soon on a centralized basis, unless they have the technical side prepared. Just look at all the problems they had getting the platform for the national Affordable Healthcare (socialized medicine) up and running. However, I am not excluding it for the near future. That is my opinion and I could be wrong. I just wanted to connect the pieces here for you, as they were exposed to me.

I don’t know about you but I want this total control over my money. My main concern is “big brother” has total control then over one of your most valued personal assets, your money. I do think this is good.  They will of course use the excuse to do it that they must find a way to better manage the money supply and spending. This is of course has nothing to do with you and me since they are the ones who mismanaged it all along anyhow and now the excuse to fix it. Get it? Also if the govt has such power over your personal assets then they are really not yours anymore but in reality belong to the state. Yes – the state and it could end up owning EVERYTHING if this is allowed to happen. The control over your assets could be used as bribery and a strong arm to get you into submission to do anything, as this is where it is leading us. Govt having total control over ALL ASPECTS of your lives.
So let’s take an example. Many of us can see that the chip implant is someday going to be forced upon us. Like it or not. Of course we are not robots and this is one step closer to the brain bio-chip implants that can control even your behavior. Yes – you will be conditioned what to do. This also is on the horizon and has already been tested on humans. So it is not some farfetched conspiracy theory.

​So what if the time comes and they mandate a National ID card chip under your skin and you refuse it? They can simply pass a law mandating the chip and another law stating that if you commit a misdemeanor the govt is allowed to shut off your finances until you turn yourself in to the authorities. With the FEDCOIN it is easy to shut off all $$$ from you. Even if you try to find work outside the system they can’t pay you since you are locked out fo the financial system. The stored too have no way of taking gold or any othr means of payment outside the electronic FEBCOIN system. So your choice is to surrender. Then when you do surrender you get the chip implant or you stay locked up. Your choice. Sounds too farfetched? Really? You are so naive!

But remember you can stop this process dead in its tracks and do it now, only you must wake up and take control back from you govt and demand change and I mean change away from this one world govtideology now underway and the use of modern technological advances as a tool for  control. WAKE UP AMERICA!

So many ask me how do we take back control?

-First you must DEMAND a full and irrevocable pull back from the UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 and any such plans in the future. These are voluntary UN mandates but the US has agreed to adhere to them voluntarily. They can easily pull out of them. It has already been over 16 years since the USA agreed to follow the mandates. Its called the Paris Agreement and it all predicated around “global warming”. 

-Next you must demand other nations also follow the process of a pullout. Trust me that many countries are just waiting in the wings for the USA to take the lead on this pullout.

-Then to “drain the swamp” of these charlatans, bring them to justice of all those who devised this plan and their desires for world dominance. Folks this does not have to be the reality of the future. We can decide our own future as we do not need a handful of people deciding it for us.

-Pass very strict laws on the very limited use of this new technology in these areas of personal control in mind, body and spirit. The spirit you might ask? How? Yes – they already found the connection where the human spirit enters the body and they are trying to cut it out too.
Articles Begin

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Outlook upgrade could help push Iraq’s economic evolution to its next step

War-torn Iraq recently got an unexpected boost on its way to becoming an investment hot spot, which may take its next step sooner than conventional wisdom suggests. (Next step? We know this can not happen without an RV of their currency and getting off the program rate)

Even as military forces wage a fierce offensive against ISIS, global ratings agency Fitch upgraded last month Iraq’s outlook to stable, based largely on the country’s improving public finances.

To be sure, Iraq’s B+ credit rating is still deeply entrenched in speculative, or junk territory. The low rating reflects what Fitch analysts called political risk and instability associated with the conflict-ridden country that’s “among the highest faced by any sovereign rated by Fitch.”
Yet as a marker for big institutional buyers like hedge funds and sovereign wealth arms, Fitch’s vote of confidence could mark the start of a broader shift among investors about Iraq’s long-term potential. (folks- this news today is WOW! news. This is exactly what we look forward to – “big institutional buyers like hedge funds and sovereign wealth arms” these entities are what will drive the value of the dinar up but only once globally traded. You see these fund managers can’t touch the dinar until it is on the global exchange and freely exchanged at the banks. Yes, yes and yes! )

The upgrade could be pivotal for a country still considered besieged, but considered by a handful of savvy market watchers to be a potential diamond in the rough.

(yes- we all already know Iraq is a “potential diamond in the rough….so what do you do with a rough diamond? Let them cut it, polish it up and market it….lol…lol…)

“Some analysts say that investors believe that with solid oil reserves and other sectors to build upon, Iraq could have serious growth potential,” said Stephen Simonis Sr., chief currency consultant at online currency broker FXDD Global. (yes, yes, yes keep it coming….are  you excited yet? I told you there would come a time to get excited. Are you excited yet? )

“Clearly this can be looked at from either side, as the willing investor will point out the huge risk/reward possibility as the upside is very enticing,” Simonis told CNBC. “The doubting investor will say the region remains too unstable and the situation remains far too volatile.”

Iraq remains a country to approach with caution, analysts say, roiled by an ISIS insurgency and civil strife. Yet Fitch’s revised outlook could be a green light for buyers of Iraq’s assets, especially at a time when smaller institutional and private investors are seeking long-term opportunities.

In fact, Iraq’s stock market has already been running with at full steam since at least last year, with investors discounting an end to a bloody conflict that’s lasted since the 2003 invasion. Some are looking ahead to the reallocation of military spending and the potential boost to infrastructure spending and economic revival. (But remember the ISX is not yet on a global trading platform but now is an excellent time to invest in it, if you can figure out how to buy in. You want another huge return? Just my opinion! )
While foreigners have been mostly absent from the equity market for the month of March, some are already looking for signs that the Fitch decision could reverse this dynamic.

“Overall, foreign interest in Iraq continues to go through a transformational change in the eyes of global institutional investors,” Ahmed Tabaqchali, chief investment officer of Asia Frontier Capitals Iraq Fund, told CNBC.

In fact, Iraq’s sovereign risk premium has narrowed in an environment of rising yields, just after the country tapped capital markets with a second $1 billion bond offering. “It seems logical to conclude that this implies favorable interest in Iraq and that it would likely be followed by foreign direct investment and eventually by equity inflows,” Tabaqchali said.

Although Iraq joined other OPEC members in a production cut — a challenge for the country’s oil-reliant economy — some analysts believe the oil sector is managing to stay afloat in an environment of lower prices.

The World Bank confirms its support for Iraq’s economic reforms and development through an integrated financial management system

The World Bank on Saturday confirmed its support for Iraq’s economic reforms and development through an integrated financial management system, while welcoming the steps taken by the Iraqi government in the field of resource management and the crystallization of reform visions .

The Ministry of Finance said in a statement issued on the sidelines of a joint meeting between an Iraqi delegation headed by Finance Minister Abdul Razzaq al-Issa and in the presence of Prime Minister’s Advisor appearance of Mohammed Saleh and a number of officials of the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank team and representatives in Baghdad in the spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington, “Appointed Iraq News” that “representatives of the World Bank indicated that economic reforms are a major necessity to reach an integrated system to manage the financial process of the state at the federal and local level .”

The ministry added that “the participants explained that the percentage of the task achieved by Iraqi institutions in this area, which gives the appropriate room for the World Bank to support the budget and reconstruction projects within the limits of time to achieve its objectives required .”

“The World Bank welcomed the steps of the Iraqi government in the field of resource management and crystallization of reform visions in coordination with international financial organizations and institutions .”

Finance Minister Abdul Razzaq al-Issa said on Friday that the World Bank has indicated its readiness to allocate nine million dollars to support the investment of associated gas in Iraq.
World Bank: Iraq one of the most important countries in the region and we will support it to overcome the crisis

World Bank Vice President for Middle East and North Africa, Hafez Ghanem, during his meeting with the Iraqi delegation headed by Finance Minister Abdul Razzaq agency alessa in the spring meetings in Washington, that “the World Bank is committed to Iraq to provide the financial requirements imposed by the reconstruction of the liberated areas”. (They are not going to let Iraq flounder. There are billions to be made out of Iraq and they are going to harvest it. Billions to be made on reconstruction projects alone from ISIS and 2003 war.)

The World Bank Group said that “reconstruction of those areas and accelerate implementation steps established for continued support in light of what you need and what the Iraqi Government desperately needs to diagnose him.

The Iraqi delegation price cycle, the Bank and the Fund’s position in support of Iraq and the Iraqi Government and stressed its willingness to address the ERW and scientific programmes for the next phase of reconstruction begins and ends with systems of education, job creation and development of technical skills.” (Just need to finish up with ISIS and let’s hope no more crisis arise)

Iraq calls on the international community to contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure in the liberated areas

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari on Saturday called on the international community to contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure in the liberated areas after the elimination of “terrorism”.

“Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari received the special envoy of US President Donald Trump, the international coalition to fight the defiant Brit Mkgork, and the delegation accompanying him in his office in Baghdad,” al-Jaafari’s office said in a statement.

He added that “during the meeting, they reviewed the overall security and political developments, and the great victories achieved by the Iraqis in their war against terrorist gangs and international efforts to support the security and stability of the region.”

“All Iraqis are united to defend Iraq’s sovereignty and eliminate terrorism,” Jaafari said, reiterating “the need for concerted efforts by the international community, contributing to the reconstruction of infrastructure after the eradication of terrorism, and adopting a project similar to the Marshall Plan, which contributed to building Germany after World War II “.

He pointed out “the importance of activating the strategic framework agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington, because of their significant impact on the opening of areas of joint cooperation between the two countries,” continuing that “Iraq adheres to bilateral relations with countries of the world and all neighboring countries, especially on the exchange of common interests, Common, and non-interference in internal affairs.”

“The continued support of Iraq until the elimination of terrorist gangs,” McGowork said, praising “the efforts of the Iraqis in their war against terrorism and the diplomatic openness witnessed by Iraq’s relations with the different countries of the world.”

A US congressional delegation on Sunday (April 9, 2017), continued US support for Iraq in its war against “terrorism”.

Abadi's adviser "Economy News": talks with IMF positive, Economy News Washington:

Financial Advisor description of the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Monday, Iraqi talks with the IMF positive, stressing that the international reserves of Iraq are still within the level of security, noting that the World Bank promised to support funding programs for the advancement of infrastructure and reconstruction.
Saleh said in his speech for the "economy News", "discussions by the Iraqi delegation in Washington with the International Monetary Fund and a good understanding between the high-level parties."

"The important thing at the level of readiness credit program with the IMF is the ability to continue Iraq on the development of the energy sector in the complex oil market conditions experienced severe crises," noting that "the other issue is the prudent financial management that has enabled the country to overcome the financial plight about the deterioration of oil revenues as well as large expenditures in the budget. "

He explained that "prudent financial management contributed to crush terrorism and human liberation and land with the success of the price system and the stability of the general price level and the ability to offset that conservation at the level of security of the international reserves of Iraq."

He pointed out that "the World Bank promised to continue to support various financing programs for the advancement of infrastructure and reconstruction within the loan program or funds so-called development program, both from the World Bank itself resources or contributions of donor countries, particularly the Group of Seven top industrialized countries, stressing that" negotiations between the parties It will conclude tomorrow. "

The Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance Agency Essa Abdul Razak began his negotiations with the International Monetary Fund last Friday about the readiness of credit agreement, which was signed by Iraq in 2015.
So what is the common themes so far to all the articles I presented to you today?
Simply put, the news can’t get any better!
More articles…..

Kuwait expresses its readiness to postpone the payment of Iraq's $ 4.6 billion in compensation

Showed the State of Kuwait, Tuesday, readiness to examine options for future efforts to ensure the continued payment of Iraq, the amount of US $ 4.6 billion in the framework of compensation for war losses between the two countries in 1990.

The Chairman of the General Authority for Assessment of Compensation for losses of war between the two countries, Khaled Ahmad Al-Mudhaf in a statement seen by "Economy News", "The State of Kuwait reacted positively with the decision taken by the Governing Council of the United Nations Compensation Commission at its last session, the 81 on the second of November 2016 and encouraged both the Kuwaiti and Iraqi governments to cooperate on future options aimed at ensuring the continuation of the payment of this amount in favor of Kuwait. " (so this article is not telling much of anything new except maybe $4.6 billion still remain to pay and Iraq and Kuwait are working it out to pay. Seems to me they are still on the same payment schedule. Why is this payment important to us? Many think these payments must be completed for Iraq to get out of Chapter VII sanctions and I believe this to be correct. PM Abadi has told us he intends to try to work out something with the IMF to “fully” exit Chapter VII. The only way he can do this “fully” is to have all these payments completed. Based on all the money flowing through Iraq I believe that the remaining $4.6 billion is really not much considering everything and I believe they may even try to pay it all off in their next installment post ISIS, which by the way was due in March. So this is nearly the end of April already and still it seems, if I read this article correctly, that they intend to postpone this payment? So the next one may be huge. We will see. )

(this is just history below for your information)

Almudaf pointed out that "Kuwait had supported during the special session called for by the Governing Council in December 2014 Resolution 272 (2014) which it requested the brothers in Iraq to postpone the payment of dues payments by taking into account the economic and security difficult circumstances."

He pointed Almudaf, to "the adoption of the Council of the United Nations Compensation Resolution 273 Management (2015), which also postponed Iraq's international obligations to deposit five per cent in the Compensation Fund for an additional year until the first of January 2016 due to the continuing economic and security conditions in Iraq."

(I did not present the rest of the article since it repeats itself and I need to keep the newsletter short)
CBI letter sent to al-Rafidain Bank, al-Rasheed Bank, and Iraqi Trade Bank

According to the CBI letter sent to al-Rafidain Bank, al-Rasheed Bank and Iraqi Trade Bank on April 19, 2017, the CBI will pay the arrears to contractors on behalf of the Ministry of Finance through bonds with 5% interest and three years maturity after the completion of the auditing process for the receivables by the Federal Board of Supreme Audit.

(So really now….., who care about all this? Why am I presenting this article to you today. Why is it important? It is very important because in the last SBA agreement with the IMF, Iraq was told they must keep up with their payments of creditors and keep pace and current. This is part of a mandated requirement. If they can do this it is showing favorable too in their credit rating AND they are subject to the next installment of their SDR loan. This is why when you see articles like this pay attention)

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

Excerpts from Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 26 2017

Judy Note: It is My Personal Opinion That:

1. The GCR/RV began rolling out April 13, though certain workings of the Cabal has slowed it down.

2. Some have been notified of the 800 number and are exchanging right now.


April 25 2017 Bruce's The Big Call:

1. It looks like we've been pushed off for another day or so.

2. Even though it's been quiet today a lot of things are lining up.

3. In Iraq Abadi gave a very high rate for in-country Dinar.

4. The CBI website hasen't shown a rate change and nothing has been

published in the Gazette - could come tomorrow.

5. Social media in and around Iraq has been on a blackout over the last several days. It is supposed to come back on tonight.

6. There is a number of very large flags have been positioned in and around Mosul.

7. The 5 day holiday in Iraq ended yesterday April 24. Celebrations were going on.

8. We've heard from several sources that this is our week.

9. Today a major hedge fund trader said that the Dow hit 21,000 - indicating we start tomorrow.

10. Rates are even higher now than they were. The screen rates for Dinar, Dong and Ruphia are higher than some of the group rates we heard a few years ago.

11. Screen rates won't need an NDA.

12. Prosperity Packages go out after midnight tonight EST April 26 2017.

13. Out West the core groups have been funded. The SKRs are live. Humanitarian funds have access today. Paymasters have been funded for the subgroups.

14. The new SWIFT system is active across the globe. It now takes up to 52 seconds for transactions to go across the globe. (There might be a 24 hour settlement to take place).

15. It should be a go overnight tonight to the next day or so.

16. The new tax plan comes out tomorrow.

17. The 800 number for the internet group will be received by Bruce and he will put it out on his website and send it out to other sites.

18. That first 800 number can be shared (for a period of time) through text, email, calling people.

19. We are at a point where everyone is ready, redemption centers are on active status, everything is complete. It's only a matter of releasing the 800 notification number.


April 25 2017 5:41 pm EST Sheldan Nidle Update: Excerpt of Sheldan Nidle's Update for April 25, 2017

1. Daily the dark Cabal and its host of minions permit an unusual degree of “slowdowns”. This strange procedure is seemingly mitigating the reasons behind the new security prevalent in the entire delivery system.

2. Our liaisons are dedicated to a successful conclusion in this very complicated situation. We expect a number of unique procedures to be cleared.

3. These can efficiently permit all upper levels of the payout system to be shortly resolved. These are slowly dissolving and allowing the general payouts to go forward.

4. The Cabal now fully realizes that its continued delays are arriving at their well-deserved conclusion.

5. Some interesting counteracting effects are close to being manifested. The current holdup is nearing its end. We fully expect the final dispersal is approaching.

6. The Cabal seemingly does not realize just how desperate their current situation really is. They somehow feel that a rescue is going to happen. They are simply kidding themselves. The current situation is a ruse that is preparing to come down very hard upon them. We look forward to the inevitability of their tragic fate.

7. We are preparing ourselves to receive them into legal custody and then to free the Light to set up the new NESARA Republic.


 April 25 2017 Gerry Maguire Call:

1. Gerry knows five people who have flown from Australia to Reno and exchanged.

2. Gerry is still hoping for the end of this month "and it's looking like that."


F. April 22 2017 Zorra Call Replay One Who Knows: "Zorra Replay, GCR Info, Free Book Links" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17

The RV will be in every country of the World

The Republic will soon be announced

General Dunford Released the Gold Backed USN

The RV Roll out is on going

RV still "Rolling Out" (Since 13th) It is in Early Segment Exchanging now.

"Roll Out" Completion means that it is Public and completed.

The French Situation is O.K. now and worked out, all is ready now.

The Cash being give out is the 2013 USD that is now Gold Backed, Not The USN yet.

Rates have now gone up again as a bonus to those who are waiting.

No NDA screen rates are so high - they are now Scream Rates

Public street rates / international Rates Much Lower

No Zeros Removed From Face Values

Bearer Checks will be Exchanged

Historical Bonds will be Exchanged (Tell the operator at first call)

Don't tell operator HOW MUCH $ YOU HAVE



RC, I love what ADMINBILL had to say today. He is always encouraging us to stay positive....




I was sad to read about scotchie

so stag afraid to ask what a drunk tweet but what did Mcguire tweet last nite

Curly - he tweeted Abadi said to wait until after French election in May. I dont listen to him... Gerry with intel is like 7 up and caffine never had it never will lol

dddude isis is a legit problem.....even with just a million or 2 usd...if rv now, then they are back in the game. right now, no money , no fighters.

totally completely agree. i think dr clarke was spot on in that regard. a HUGE problem. isis is more than just iraq/syria..........and the iqd was distributed

dddude at one time they had almost a billion usd....big players....now, just some smoke but an rv will spark them up again

i believe much of that issue was resolved. i think globally....many countries got together and eliminated much of that issue.......but there are pockets everywhere

dddude it is handled and we are ready to go.....when abadi is standing in the grand mosque where isis all began....we get paid. that is the theater we are looking for,

it has to be a big event that isis gone from iraq entirely. iraq blasting them in syria from the air was big!

i had better go before we get the bash by scotchie over at d daily. apparently, he believes im an idiot....lol

DDD Be careful! You might be SCOTCHIE's next target! LMAO

Who the F is the scotchbrite pad anyway?

DDD That's perfect!

Hearing rumors of people who have exchange and have received funds but then as usual no names, no locations and n rate information. Seems like the closer we get the more we hear things going down and all I keep hearing in my mind is “if it does sound too good to be true, then it most likely is not true” Although it would be nice to hear something that we could hang on to.

I see our leader, Admin Bill made a brief appearance this afternoon but seems to have gone back into the silent running mode again. Meanwhile the Mods are doing all they can to keep the morale up and others are pasting videos to keep the masses in the positive mode. Family, we must endure all of this time of uncertainty and be on the ready when the time comes. No matter how hard it is.

Most gracious and heavenly Father we can see things all around us as we continue to pray for those of us who beginning t feel desperate. Please Lord calm our spirts and sooth the pains of those among us who need medical help with no means of acquiring it. Bless our group and show us the direction that we might go to win favor in Your eyes. Amen and Amen Our destiny awaits.