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ONE WHO KNOWS: My Partial, Personal Disclosure, 25 APRIL

My Partial, Personal Disclosure

It seems that it is time, in the final hours of our transition to our new World and Golden Age, that I Disclose some information about who I am and why I am here. To be frank, I have only recently learned of my mission due to certain events taking place. I will reveal much more later in a story that I am writing with Sephora who has been a part of my mission for 900,000 years since the sinking of Atlantis.

My Friendship With Grandfather

It turns out that I have been friends with Grandfather since way before Atlantis. He has shared with me, and I have confirmed from many different sources, that I was Plato in the days of Greece. He said that back then we would discuss philosophy for not just hours, but for weeks at a time. It seems that Philosophy has always been "my thing." It is no surprise to me that I have written a book on it now, in this lifetime, and there are many more books to come.

Grandfather was instrumental in reuniting me with Sephora recently as we are a team together, who has special powers and abilities and are supposed to accomplish certain things at this time in history. We have accomplished some amazing things already, way more than you could possibly imagine. Super-natural powers are involved, and many more stories will be revealed. You might remember one that was told about the last 4 evil devices that we helped identify and remove from the planet.

"Sources, Power, Atlantis & Lemuria" - Sephora FyreByrd and One Who Knows - 4.4.17

There is so much more to my mission and hers, that cannot be revealed to me directly as I have to discover what I am to do, and ask questions. He has been there to guide me and Sephora as we follow through with our soul contract agreed to before the sinking of Atlantis.

My Early Years

It turns out that the evil Cabal knew of my special abilities and what I would be doing to bring them down. There were so many weird things that happened in my childhood and things I instinctively did, that at the time made no sense to me, but yet I felt compelled to do them anyway. Now, years later, I find out that the Cabal have been trying to kill me my entire life to keep me from reaching this point in history where I would be putting my special abilities and powers to work for the good of mankind. (More stories on that to come)

There were some arrests that happened in the past couple of months that stopped that threat against me and so I was given my own personal Disclosure. The bad guys had sent assassins to take me out over 60 times and each time they failed because of something that I did. The good guys have a folder with information of all the times they tried to kill me, and their notes of what I did that foiled them. I am supposed to be getting that file so that I can see all the things they tried against me. 

I found out that even in my high school some of the "Students" were not students but were "plants" to watch over me. It turns out that may different encounters I have had over the years were actually people protecting me for this time in history. It also turned out that my son was a very important part of my mission and so the Cabal successfully murdered him the day before 9/11. I will speak more on that later.

My Protection

Needless to say, I have "Galactic" level protection at all times. There is a ship that hovers over my home at all times and is cloaked. There are many other "Levels" that I won't mention here, but needless to say, the bad guys no longer have a chance to stop me, my mission, or my work. So don’t worry about that.

Dinar Chronicles

Here on Dinar Chronicles, I wanted to make sure that there is at least one website in the World, where it is safe to post, and where the information is valid. If you notice I do not monitor other sites as they don’t matter to me. Based on my understanding on the law of attraction, if someone was seeking the truth, they would find it. I wanted to make sure there was a "Good" place on the web that could be found by those seeking. 

However, while I am here, I feel compelled to share information and insight of how the Universe works as that is my greatest work, and my greatest joy as well. Thus all the non dinar type information I write.


PLEASE! Are you kidding me? They are impotent and powerless. With the connections I have at the levels I operate at, they could all be taken down in a heartbeat. However, it serves the community for the show of them being refuted, and rendered powerless, and identified as the trolls that they are. When I jump on someone, it is because behind the scenes it is already known who they are. 

I talk about Cobra's, Zaps, Kent Dunn's, Frank26's, and other's bad sources that need to be "Outed" but in reality, there is no need. The good guys already know who their bad cabal sources are... EXACTLY. In a moment's notice they will be taken down. It reminds me of watching a Cat "Play" with a mouse. The mouse thinks it is really getting away with something, but to the observer, it is just being allowed to think so by the cat until, the cat has had his fill. My friends that time is at hand.

My Posts

My intel posts come from information that I am given at the time, which is accurate, but which also changes all the time as well. That is the nature of intel on a game that is always in flux. However, what I want to talk about here is my posts to the Cabal Minions, and the bad intel providers.

All my posts about the Cabal Amnesty Program were read over and authorized at the very top to be released to the public through me.

All my posts refuting and calling out intel providers such as Cobra, Frank26, Zap, Kent Dunn, to name a few, were initiated by sources at the top of this plan, and I was asked to do something about it through my posts. Again, every one of those posts, were not only validated by top sources, they were authorized for release by those same sources. 

My friends, NOTHING I release to you is "Random." It is all meant to help you with intel, enlightenment (My specialty), and to root out the trolls and bad intel providers. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is way more going on than you have any idea about. However, EVERYTHING I do, is for the good of this website, the Human race, and the Planet as a whole. By the way, part of my mission involves helping the Universe as well, but I will share more on that later. 

I appreciate all the support I get here on this site, but don’t worry about me as far as the Trolls go. Everything on the website is just play time with them. They have no teeth and I have taken down even the most viscous trolls backed by the CIA and the FBI. Child's play because of who I am and who I am connected to. I am told that dozens at the CIA and FBI turned themselves in when I wrote the Zim Fraud post. They realized that they would not be able to exchange their zim because of what they were doing. Notice you don’t hear many people saying bad things about zim lately?

I have revealed a few things here today, but Grandfather wants me to tell the whole story, which I will be doing with Sephora after the GCR goes live. As I mentioned, we will be posting that story over on Operations Disclosure and may do some interviews about it as well. We are moving into a new World full of amazing things and revelations. You don’t know what you don't know until you find out. That can be a shocking and amazing at the same time! It was for me!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


Blaino say the Zim deal is getting closer & it's time to get protected!



The Protection Group LLC Newsletter for April 25, 2017

Please join us on our presentation call this evening and let us start your education in the asset protection world.





  3. [list=display:inline!important]



Asset protection in this country is really quite simple; you use irrevocable trusts, period.  Look it up online yourself.  Why would the best legal minds in this country say it if it wasn't true?  You can also easily research the asset protection the billionaire families in this country use.  They are all rooted in irrevocable trusts.  The Rockefeller family has nearly 3,000 of them.  They apparently know something you don't if you are using anything else to attempt to protect your assets both now and for the future.  
Please call in promptly at 8:30 p.m. EST.  Thereafter we will have a Q&A session with Attorney Scott Saidak.
[url=tel:%28641%29 715-3598]641-715-3598[/url]  PIN  155703#


ONE WHO KNOWS: GCR: Questions and Concerns, 25 APRIL

GCR: Questions and Concerns

This is a question from someone that is worried about how this is all coming together. I have answered the questions in the post in orange.

"Question for OWK" by (Anonymous) - 4.24.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:47 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Dear OWK,

Please bear with me here. I also have been researching down the rabbit holes for several years now and have been blessed to connect with some incredible people / sources. I fully agree with you that it is time to ditch the fear porn and trust the good guys are at the helm rolling everything out, all of the pieces, as needed. That said, as much as I find it criminal to continue scaring those paying attention and seeking out truth, I also find it irresponsible in a damaging way to continue pumping hopium and a false sense of security.

You claim to be connected to the Grandfather in charge of the elders. So is Zap. Why hasn't Grandfather reached out to him to put his nonsense in check?

Zap DOES NOT have good sources.

They went bad and he doesn't realize it.

He is NOT Connected to THE Grandfather who wrote "THE Plan"

He Thinks He is, But He is NOT

It may be true the technologies are either there, or will be, to prevent catastrophic events of every kind, but even the nonsense saying paymasters received money, only to hear those funds are in transit yet again due to some secure banking corruption continuing is impossible for anyone to believe with any brain cells left to take. We cannot be so safe, yet dealing with remaining risks, simultaneously.

Sorry, I do NOT respect Zap intel, and I do NOT follow him. 

As for all the good you suggest is already here in that we have no further reason to worry. I ask you to please address then why we are still experiencing chemtrails, GMOs, pesticides, and outright poisons in our food and water supplies, toxins in our clothing materials, corrupt legal system where good, honest people are locked away in injustice or loose their children, IRS continues siphoning and harassing people for federal taxes they had no clue they volunteered for, vaccines are still pushed on those trusting miseducated doctors. I can go on with other examples but you get my point. I have heard none of this will change until the Republic is activated. Is that true? It will all go poof!

Much of what you want to happen will happen after the RV and especially after Disclosure. Remember there are 2 parts to Disclosure.

#1) Disclosure of the bad government, pedogate, etc. New Republic, Gold backed money, etc.

#2) Disclosure of Aliens, Hollow Earth, Inner Earth, space travel, high technology etc.

Until then the "Show" must go on to maintain the illusion for the sleeping public that all is the same. That means collect taxes, spray (Fake) chem. trails, and corporations continue what they are doing. While much of that is fixed already, most will have to wait for the authority of the Republic and NESARA law, coupled with the public's awareness and knowledge, before it is closed down and rebuilt in a beneficial way. It would be nice to have it all before the reveal of the Republic, NESARA and disclosure, but in reality, it has to wait until after. 

But then there is the matter of this new Republic. It is being portrayed as the saving grace. In a sense, it sure is. But don't truthseekers deserve to understand a true dejure American Republic is built from the county level to the states to the Federal level. So this new Republic is just the stepping stone to eliminate the corrupt stranglehold preventing it... and it will provide the means to wake-up the public with disclosures, to build governments the right way, with truth as knowledge to prevent such corrupt infiltration going forward.

You just said it all. In example, in the new Republic type government, we are NOT "Citizens," we are "Residents" of the Republic. We will learn all about it once it is made public.... very soon.

If we are truly to a point where only the faces / minions remain, and in a contained manner, why is it so difficult to see truth and transparency? Why is truth suppressed, while lies are rampant theatrics? Note Le Pen vs Macron must be a known conclusion, as we have the good route forward vs. more cabal shenanigans.

In this case, the deception is from the New Powers That Be. They are maintaining the illusion that the government is the same as always so that the public does not freak out. When it is time to tell the public what has happened, and that we have a new Republic, they will be told about everything. That time is near. 

Please help me understand what I am missing.....

Thank you.

With Appreciation & Gratitude and Love & Light.


Signed: One Who Knows

To "one who knows" (the one where the cat is doing the typing)How will we get our contact's phone number to call if we don't know their phone number? When they email us and say please call us we have important information will they also include their phone number to call? The answer to this question will calm many people down from constantly worrying.

Many thanks to all the light workers out there. Thanking you in advance


I have been told that when I email out a notice like that I can include the (my) number for them to call back. That would be the smart thing to do since most people don’t have other people's numbers handy to call. Besides, if they don’t include their number in the email notice, they will certainly get lots of emails back asking for it.

"SITREP Requested"

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 4:37 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Hello Family, at this point in time I know and understand that there's been some type of delay but this message is for Yosef or OWK when can we expect some type of update from you guys on where we are.

One Of The Light

I am expecting it anytime. Noting to get done. ALL Conditions are "Right" for it.

"Question for Yosef, Tank or OWK"

Entry Submitted by CPA at 2:40 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Quick question guys,

If Mike Pence is slated to return to the US tomorrow, Tuesday April 25th, then does that mean the GCR needs to occur before he can return?

Doesn't Nesara / Gesara need to be announced and the republic before Pence and Ryan can return to US?


You have revealed a "Clue!" A VERY GOOD ONE!!!!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

ONE WHO KNOWS: Up-Date On 800# Roll Out Plan, 25 APRIL

Up-Date On 800# Roll Out Plan

We have all heard of the Early Segment Roll Out Plan, which by the way is still going.

I have given you plenty of information on that plan on the Zorra call, the Gary Larrabee Video Channel, and here on DC. Here are the links:

"Zorra Replay, GCR Info, Free Book Links" - One Who Knows - 4.25.17

"Procedures Upon Receiving 800 Numbers by One Who Knows"

"ZIM Exchange Process and 800#'s" - One Who Knows - 4.24.17

Many Are Concerned

Even though I have explained the plan as best as I can from what I know, it still leaves the question of "What If I am not on anyone's list?" This is actually a valid concern because there will be some who are not contactable since their emails have changes or don’t have phone numbers or the like. I want to give you comfort now and a way to solve that possible problem.

The Good News

The good news is that when this goes "Live" which is the "On Time" release of the GCR, the FIRST 800 contact number will be allowed to be sent by email to you. It won’t be a word of mouth requirement. This makes sense since it is live to the World and no longer a secret. I can imagine that if you got the number on the early roll out plan and leaked it out, it would be a HUGE problem, because the operators on the phone would confirm the GCR to whoever called. THAT COULD NOT BE PERMITTED.

However, once it is "Live" any bank you call will confirm that there was a GCR and want you to come in and exchange with them. But don't, of course, as it is way better to go through the special exchange process and get the higher rates, better perks, and interest. This means that emailing the First number will be permitted.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

This brings me to Patrick's website, that we all know and love, Intel Dinar Chronicles.


He now has a sign up place at the top of his page to get on his notification list for the 800#s when they come out. It is called: TETELESTAI Notification List Signup

****** This is an Image of what it looks like: *********


I have been told that when this goes Live, he will be able to send out the First 800#s to everyone on the list. To me, that is the best place to sign up right now.

Sure you may still go in early on one of the Segments, but if you sign up on Patrick's list, you will get a notification AS SOON AS IT IS LIVE!!!! How can you go wrong with that? Do yourself a favor and go there and sign up now.

Personal Request

I have a personal request to make of all my fans. I have gotten so many emails requesting to be on my segment list that I am quite literally unable to even reply to the emails I get, much less make contact when this goes.

I have G-mail which limits me to being able to send only a certain number of emails in a day. I am getting so many emails, that if I responded to them, I would quickly hit my daily limit and be prevented from sending any other emails including my posts on DC. I just am not set up to handle the amount of email I get. To be clear, g-mail does not limit the email coming into my inbox, just the amount I can then sent out.

My Request

I would ask everyone who sent me emails to get on my list to please get on Patrick's list as he is set up to handle way more emails in and out than I am. Go to his site now and sign up to be sure you are on his list. As I said, I have confirmation that when this is live, he will be allowed to send you the first contact 800#. I just cannot, due to my limited email capabilities.

Understanding Requested

I am also asking for understanding from those who have sent me emails recently. As you know, I have not responded to your request as I am not able to send that many emails. I will sort through them and for the ones who have questions about my philosophy and book, I will reply when I get a chance. I will also answer any other questions I can. But those who requested to be on my list, I ask that you understand that I can't even respond to those emails as it would immediately block my email account, due to maxing out on sent emails. Please forgive me, for not replying to your request, as I really wanted to and it makes me feel bad that I can't.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are very near the end of this ride. I imagine that when this goes live, which is the "On Time" release anyway, the number will be sent to you by Patrick and most likely on the web page as well. There is nothing to fear as no one will be left behind.

As far as my list goes, I am sorry to say that I cannot accommodate all who want to be on my personal list. I can't even reply to the emails I am getting, as the volume is so large. However, that being said, I still welcome email requests for information, and enlightenment related stuff. I just may be a bit late in getting back to you at this point.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows




Yes dp..I need a new bank outfit, my hair and nails done

dont want to waste money if im not going immediately!



I bought the glue on toenails for $5 so my toes look decent..dont laugh!



thats what im afraid of dp..I will probably be shaking so bad that I wouldnt be able to drive myself anywhere

Avon...yes, trying to keep it simple going to the bank....but it still will entail negotiating and my brain does not do well with that...and the person who was going to go with with who also holds curr will not respond tro my my emails or calls...soooo there u have it...dang

cal, there are many that get nervous and afraid they are going to blow it. One thing I do is take notes. I take notes on everything, make a binder of your notes, currency, projects.. and what you want to say to them, neg rates, every question you have for them. You will look professional going over notes to present yourself to them.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 25 2017

Compiled 12:50 am EST 25 April 2017 by Judy Byington

A. April 24 2017 11:48 pm EST KTFA Call: KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 4-24-17 https://fccdl.in/tOrIRbPHy

1. I believe that something will be announced Tues. April 25. We are not saying that the 25th is the RV, it’s just something important and prepare yourself.

2. The Iraqi media black-out was for the citizens.

3. Many thought that the 5 day black-out started a few days ago, but the 5 days started on Sat, so it ends Wed. April 26 of this week.

4. On Wed. April 26 you will have President Trump talk to you about the TAXES that you should be paying (corporations and capital gains). I do not believe in coincidences.

B. April 24 2017 Answers by One Who Knows: "Quick Questions and Answers" - One Who Knows - 4.24.17 "GCR: Questions and Concerns" - One Who Knows - 4.24.17

1. If Mike Pence is slated to return to the US Tues. April 25, then does that mean the GCR needs to occur before he can return? Doesn't Nesara / Gesara need to be announced and the Republic before Pence and Ryan can return to US?

Answer: You have revealed a "Clue!" A VERY GOOD ONE!!!!

2. I am expecting it anytime. Nothing to get done. ALL Conditions are "Right" for it.

3. Until Disclosure happens the show must go on to maintain the illusion for the sleeping public that all is the same. That means collect taxes, spray (Fake) chem. trails, and corporations continue what they are doing. While much of that is fixed already, most will have to wait for the authority of the Republic and NESARA law, coupled with the public's awareness and knowledge, before it is closed down and rebuilt in a beneficial way. It would be nice to have it all before the reveal of the Republic, NESARA and Disclosure, but in reality, it has to wait until after.


D. April 24 2017 TNT Call: iTeleseminar.com/97370751 #wearethepeople

1. An announcement on the RV was supposed to have happened in Iraqi mosques. Ray was awaiting for confirmation.

2. In Iraq the writing is on the wall - prices are dropping.

3. The Iraqi 5 day holiday ends tonight, April 24.

4. Right now there appears to be a leveraging situation for those who hold Afghani currency.

5. It was very, very positive that the revalue of the Iraq currency would happen before the end of the month because of all the intel coming in from within Iraq. There were multiple contacts inside Iraq sending information.


F. April 24 2017 2:09 pm EST Fulford Report: "We Must All Push" - Fulford Excerpt - 4.24.17 Posted by benjamin

1. We must all push to make sure the criminal US corporate government is shut down on May 1 2017.

2. Multiple independent sources are all saying something huge might happen on May 1.

3. May 1 is a US government shut down unless the debt ceiling is raised.

4. May 1 is when Puerto Rico, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US corporate government, is expected to go bankrupt. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-puertorico-debt-bankruptcy-analysis-idUSKBN17E0GN

5. Sources in the CIA, the gnostic Illuminati, Japanese military intelligence and the Pentagon say May 1 is when the world has a fighting chance to permanently shut down the US corporate government and re-establish the Republic of the United States of America known popularly as “the gold ole USA.”

6. The White Dragon Society is lobbying the US corporate government’s main creditors, Japan and China, to not grant the corporate government any more extensions as long as they remain under Khazarian mafia control. They are being told the controlled demolition of the US corporate government would end financing for endless wars, Daesh, false flag terrorism, the spread of bio-weapons etc. etc.

7. The Khazarian mafia has become what can only be described as institutionally insane in recent days as the bankruptcy deadline looms. Recent attempts to start World War 3 in Syria and North Korea are being followed up with repeated threats of nuclear and bio-terror and such insanity will no doubt continue until they are permanently put out of business.

8. It is no coincidence that a new head of the Knights of Malta will be selected on April 29th, just before the US Corporation’s bankruptcy deadline. The Grand Master of the Order, Mathew Festing, was recently fired by the pope ostensibly in a dispute over condoms. http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.jp/2017/02/in-knights-of-malta-land.html

9. Sources in Japanese military intelligence, the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge and MI6 all confirm the fascist faction of the Knights of Malta, headed by Festing, was deeply involved in the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan.

10. The self-described Satanist Leo Zagami, who sent this writer e-mails threatening to sink Japan into the sea immediately after Fukushima, also claimed to be a leader of the Knights of Malta.

11. The Knights of Malta are the oldest military order in the Catholic Church and the fascist faction of that order has been secretly responsible for controlling world leaders through a combination of bribery, threats and murder and considered the enforcement arms of the secret world government.

12. They have also exercised strong influence over the US military as many top brass are Knights of Malta.

13. The April 29 Knights of Malta election involving 60 knights should have a decisive influence over the future of the planet, especially the USA.

14. As a side note, a friend recently visited Fukushima with a Geiger counter and was unable to detect anything other than normal background radiation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMomGiER3OE&feature=youtu.be


4-25-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   [...I can't help but feel like we're starting to go backwards...]  How is it possible to imagine we are going backwards?   Mosul is nearly liberated...all the of the world financial powers are taking note of Iraq...they all want to support the re-engagement of Iraq with the world financial communities...none of that can happen at their current rate...it's an artificially low value.  Obviously Abadi and Alak were very positive about the early part of 2017 - but that assumed the speedy removal of ISIS and some political stability...things change - just gives us more of a sense of their direction.  ...if we've ever been in a legitimate "window", we seem to be heading into one now.

4-25-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98 
  [Could you please give us the most current rates you’re aware of for the Dinar, the Dong...]  I don’t have any official rates to share with you. There have been some rates floating around, and some have been consistent, but I’ve always been told they were place-holder rates. They may hold out exactly as we’ve been told. From what I remember, those are the ones that have seemed consistent over the last two years:  Dinar = $3.41-3.71; contract rates anything from $6 to $30.  Dong = 47-51 cents.

4-25-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni  Article:  "World Bank of Iraq: Economic reforms need to get to the head of an integrated financial system"  Quote:   "...the World Bank representatives have indicated that economic reforms represent the need to get to the head of an integrated system for the management of the financial operation of the state at the federal and local level."   I have stated it over and over, you cannot have a market economy without the banking system first opening to the world so investors may get profits out.  That requires the CBI to get in compliance, move to Article VIII and get the dinar off the peg.  As a result, investors will bring money to Iraq through the CBI's capital account which will allow the CBI to raise the value to offset inflationary pressure created in the economy.  First and foremost, the banking system must be activated.  Good to see the IMF and WB telling Iraq to get going


Public Notice from "Grandfather", 25 APRIL

Message from Grandfather: 

This information has been set forth at this time. Wheels are in motion and that which proceeds will be of the highest authority and therefore there will be no need for and no tolerance for any deceptive parties. This allows everyone to look at the whole picture and not just their part. If the whole is not in alignment with the big picture. It will be easy to single out who is working in misalignment and who is not. Forcing those who intend to harm to reveal themselves.. This post allows those affected to look around. At themselves and others and see who is working from light and love and who is not. As this will be the way of the Republic. The Governance. Move forward and Post.

Message From One Who Knows:

There was a time when misinformation was permitted as it served in some way at the time. That time of tolerance is over. Misinformation of any kind will no longer be permitted nor tolerated.

Therefore, Let It Be Known:


Publish this message on every public and private venue for all to see. This publication of notice, serves as just notification, and all shall be bound by its terms and intent. So Be It.

Further More:

"Ignorance of the law shall not be an excuse nor a defense."

Signed: One Who Knows

Garry McGuire Intel , 25 APRIL

gm‏ @wingitcall 14h14 hours ago 

abadi is saying not until the may 15th to wait on france election which happens on may 7th, you heard it first from GERRY MAGUIRE pt1

pt2 you will hear this later today or tomorrow from the rest of dinarland gerry just ahead of curve again dont shoot the messenger 


The France part is NOT vital. When will the BS stop?!

Just what would the France election have to do with the dinar? Nothing. Have any solid proof? Link to source would be great start.

Sorry gerry don't want to burst your bubble but that info has been out since last week your intel is a little slow

Zorro Call Notes 4/24/17 , 25 APRIL

This Zorra call was recorded on April 22, 2017. (2:40:00)

(4-22-2017 Replay Call Link) 


(4-22-2017 Youtube Video Version)

(4-22-2017 Call Download Link)


(All Replays)

Call Transcript / Index
@ 4:18 Jane Invocation
@ 12:30 Zorra

No War possible

About the Polar Openings to Hollow Earth

We Are Quite Protected on Earth

Star ship watching over Korea is bigger than all of Korea together, no worries

The RV will be in every country of the World

The Republic will soon be announced, Paul Ryan is Interim President

General Dunford Released the Gold Backed USN

The RV Roll out is on going

Trump will step down


@ 35: 30 RV Intel: (One Who Knows)

RV still "Rolling Out" (Since 13th) Meaning that it is in Early Segment Exchanging now.

"Roll Out" Completion means that it is Public and completed.

The French Situation is O.K. now and worked out, all is ready now.


ONLY get and pass on the FIRST Contact 800# by phone calls. You will get a direct phone call with the 800# or you may get an email that says "Call me for important information." You will know that means they have the number and will give it to you when you call them. Calling is the safest way to transmit this important information.

Do NOT email, text, post or transmit the number in any other way.
Doing so will cause the number to be cancelled and actions taken.
Do Not Do It.

Process: For Other Currencies

Call the number and tell the phone operator what currencies you have (NOT HOW MUCH YOU HAVE), and the zip code where you intend to exchange your currency.

Type 1 Exchange: All Currencies (EXCEPT Zim)

The phone operator will ask which bank you want to exchange with. Remember it matters not if they have a branch in your area.

The Phone Operator will MAKE THE APPOINTMENT for you with Nearest exchange center and give you the details including the address and contact number for exchange center. WRITE THIS DOWN ON YOUR MASTER INFORMATION SHEET YOU KEEP WITH YOUR CURRENCIES.

Note: The "Master Information Sheet" is where you have all your information written down. Whatever details, dates, addresses, Trust names, ideas, questions and yes phone numbers.

Remember: You won’t be able to bring any electronics into the exchange meeting. No phone, tablet, laptop, calculator, recorder, etc.

At this point, there is nothing for you to do as far as your own appointment goes.

Type 2 Exchange: ZIM + Other Currencies

A Type 2 exchange is one in which Zim is exchanged. You will be able to exchange any other currencies you have as well, while you are there, but zim is the star of the exchange.

When you call the FIRST 800#, just like in the other exchange situation, they will ask what currencies you have and what is your zip code where you want to exchange. Like the other case, you will NOT tell them how much you have, just which ones you have.

If you have Zim, you might as well say it first since that is all they need to know to give you a special, private, personal, just for you, 800# to call for your Zim appointment.

Once they hear you have zim, they will NOT ask you what bank you want to exchange with since ALL ZIM exchanges go through the main GCR bank HSBC.

Once you get this VERY SPECIAL second 800#, you will be told that it has been "Programmed" with your information and can NOT be shared with anyone else. Not only will you use this special 2nd 800# to call to set your appointment, it will also be used as your account identification number as well.

If anyone else got this number, they would have your account number where you will most likely have Trillions of dollars. AND, if they called that number, they would most likely ruin your appointment for exchange. IN SHORT DO NOT GIVE THIS SECOND 800# TO ANYONE. IT IS ONLY FOR YOU. Other people with Zim have to get their own second 800 phone number/account number.

Be sure to write this number down on your Master Sheet of Paper you keep with your currencies along with your appointment details and time. Remember, you can't take electronics into the exchange appointment, leave them in the car. That is why you will need to have your important information written out or printed out on paper to bring in with you.

Next Step (After You Set Your Appointment)

Once you have made your appointment, the next step is to pass on the FIRST 800# to people you have gifted to or others in your group who want to set up their own exchange appointments as well. As you can see, it is recommended that you set your appointments first and then pass on the number person to person, or by phone conversation. Then they will make their appointments and pass the number on to people they know personally. At some point there is no one to pass the number on to and it ends there.

The Cash

The Cash being give out is the 2013 USD that is now Gold Backed, Not The USN yet.

Back To Back Appointments


@ 1:03:00 (One Who Knows)

Email Address:



@ 1:05:00 (One Who Knows)

Rates (From Josef)

Largest Notes x Projected Screen Rates = Totals
ZIM 100T x 3.00 USN = 300T USN
VND 500,000 x 20.00 USN = 10M USN
IDR 100,000 x 20.00 USN = 2M USN
AFA 100,000 x 10.00 USN = 1M USN
IQD 25,000 x 30.00 USN = 750k USN

Rates have now gone up again

Bonus to those who are waiting....

Greater threat to those who delay

No NDA screen rates are so high - they are now Scream Rates

Public street rates / international Rates Much Lower

No Zeros Removed From Face Values

Bearer Checks will be Exchanged

Historical Bonds will be Exchanged (Tell the operator at first call)

Don't tell operator HOW MUCH $ YOU HAVE



FrostytheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, April 24, 2017.

It’s now time to talk about our Iraqi Dinar investment.


We have been gone for a week … and everything I do is done WITH purpose … not ON purpose.
The week before, I asked permission to leave you on the 17th until the 21st.  As you know, I went to Washington DC.

I talked to you on video, and was on TeamChat.  Our members took notes, and shared when then could.

Every CC teaches you something – all glory to our Heavenly Father.


In order to talk about the monetary reform, yes, we do talk about certain “time-frames” or “windows” – as we continue to study.

What you will learn tonight … please be fair and realize that this is a continual study of a progress.

Before I left for DC, I told you on the 10th or 11th … that in my opinion … that around the 3rd week in April, they were going to start paying the citizens at a rate of 1,000 to 1.

We were criticized by many … and BTW … please STOP sending me the negative things that others have to say about me and others on our forum.

We have a pretty good track record here at KTFA, and we’re proud of it.

Let the other forums say what they want about us.  We don’t care.

It took the internet about 2 weeks to catch up to what we’ve been saying.

The 1,000 to 1 rate to be used by the citizens – that info appears in our FINAL ARTICLE thread.

Many say … “how did Frank know?”  That’s not important.

One of the videos I sent to you from Washington DC was with BlueStar.  He is a great guy and a reservoir of information.  He gave me a talking pen with President Trump’s voice.  I’ve noticed that President Trump is becoming closer to God.

It was an honor to meet you John (BlueStar).

This week ago … they finally told you what we told you a week before.

So … what about the payday?

Did the citizens receive the 1,000 to 1.  No … it’s payable 7-10 days later … which just happens to be at the end of this month.

We told you that was going to happen.

Tonight I want to tell you … our files are in April.

We have NO files for next month.

In TeamChat one night, I said that there is a LARGE VOLUME of currency that is moving from East to West.

Logic says that a lot of it headed to Iraq – at least we believe it did.

It was the final commitment … just like a wedding ring turning from an engagement ring.

All of these currencies are tied together.

The IMF and the World Bank met with the Iraq delegation (you saw the articles).

This was for he FOREIGN RESERVES – very important – as it completes the budget … and IMO … it is the very last part of the budget.

Many contracts (many countries that have contracts).

I believe this is why we haven’t see the budget yet.

Their financial reform is going to look like Hong Kong’s reserves.

We told you around Wednesday, that we believe they are sticking to their script.  Who’s script?  The USA.

This Iraqi “ad campaign” helped to drive the stock market, the private sector, and educate the citizens.

Citizens now wonder why rates for cell phones dropped.

5 days … forced upon the citizens … why?

The GOI works during those 5 days … those 5 days are for the citizens.

All of these countries are in PLAY with the monetary reform – in my opinion.

You can’t see the IQD because it’s not officially international yet.

All of this money was moving for the meetings in DC.

As I returned home … so did the delegation return home to Iraq.

You saw the airlines, and the electricity

Their pay is on the 20 and 21st … payable 10 days later.

Put that on your sites.

They cannot release the budget until they are international.

When are they international?

When they have the rate?

What is the rate?

I already shared my opinion.

This media black-out was for the citizens.

Many thought that the 5 day black-out started a few days ago.

I wish other forms would thank us for the intel we provide – not accuse us with false words.
The 5 days … started SATURDAY.

Wednesday of this week … it ends!

Do you understand that this was forced upon the citizens?

The GOI and the CBI are working … but on Wednesday … there is a conglomeration coming.

President Trump is going to give you more info about the TAX CODE on Wednesday.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

They do things WITH a purpose … NOT on purpose.

Tomorrow is the 25th of April.

If you have your notes from 2 weeks ago … I told you to circle the 25th … and told you about 262728 … and the last number I gave you was 30 … which is the last day of this month.
These numbers are important.

Tonight’s CC has a title … it’s called … “IT’S OVER!”

Tomorrow you might learn about the NR (National Reconciliation Law?) and Mosul.

The 25th … I believe that something will be announced.  We are not saying that the 25th is the RV … it’s just something important … and prepare yourself.

We are ready to share with you a very BIG file on Mosul.

The media is about 3 weeks behind in their maps.

The GREY is wrong!

Maybe tomorrow … MOSUL

Maybe it’s about Kuwait.

Maybe it’s about Article 140.

We believe that within these 5 days … some info will be released.

Is it for you?  No.

It’s for the citizens in Iraq.

Our file on MOSUL … I will gladly share with you.

The following day (26th) … you will have President Trump talk to you about the TAXES that you should be paying (corporations and capital gains) – again, I do not believe in coincidences.

We DO NOT need Chapter VII to lift the value of their currency.

The only thing left is Kuwait … and they are willing to wait to be paid back AFTER the RV.

The World Bank during the end of the time that we were not with you last week … they gave high marks to Iraq.  Banking, financial, etc.

The World Bank welcomed Iraq to an integrated financial system.

They can’t say that they have “RV’d” – that is Abadi prerogative.

Congratulations Iraq – now lift the value of your currency … and NOT in a month, or 2 months … but NOW!  Who’s your daddy Iraq?

FORCED … DEMAND … and oh boy are we going to talk about that.

They tell you that 93% of Mosul has been recouped.  That was 2 weeks ago.

When you look at the maps … at the grey portions of the map … the media doesn’t talk about it.

I’m going to … in a much deeper sense.

Abadi says that they plan on giving you Mosul by the end of this month.

I want Abadi to give us the financial and monetary reforms.

To DEMAND something means you have the AUTHORITY to do so.

In this GREY AREA … there is something called the Grand Old Mosque.  They are soon to announce that it is liberated.  They’ve been working on it for 2 weeks.

When ISIS went into Iraq … yes they captured the banks, schools and put their flags on them.

But when Baghdadi put his flag on the Grand Old Mosque – we didn’t like it.

I believe you are about to see it too.

They bombed the daylights out of ISIS in that area.

Baghdadi fled, abandoned his troops and went to Syria.

This sent a message to Russia, Syria, and Iran.

Baghdadi declared the Grand Old Mosque as his headquarters.

Once we have this Mosque … presented to you and the citizens of Iraq – I expect to hear something about the monetary reform.

When Baghdadi announced his caliphate … he announced it from the Grand Old Mosque.  It was symbolic to him, the region, and the world that it was his (Baghdadi).

The caliphate started in the Old Grand Mosque.

The Liberation of Mosul is tied in SYMBOLISM.

Baghdadi tried to create a new religion.

We were looking for something on the 25th … I decided to give it to you on the 24th.

A lot of you may say … just give me the date.

That’s not what we do here at KTFA.

We study here at KTFA … are we do pretty good at it.

I don’t care if my soldiers only advance 1 click … it’s the fact that we advanced … we move inch by inch.  This is how we won wars.  Family, you need to be patient.  If you can’t, they get involved in some other type of investment.

The GREY in that map (next to the river) is where the Grand Old Mosque is at.
The UK decided to show you a video that shows a gigantic Iraqi flag hoisted and the citizens jumping up and down.  I don’t think the UK should have released that video.

Abadi will announce his words carefully when he is ready.

I don’t believe that the President of the USA is protecting you by coincidence.  You WILL BE TOLD MORE by President Trump.

There was a reason why 5 days was forced upon them – and the media blacked-out.

When they returned from DC … they were still meeting.

There will be no faking with the announcement is made about Mosul.

They are following all of the steps of the monetary reform.

The timing is impeccable … but be fair … their timing is movable due to the Grand Old Mosque – that must be brought back!

Be patient … YOU who are looking for a DATE … be patient.

You don’t go international with a program rate family.

Abadi said Mosul would be completed by the 30th of this month.

They use words FORCED and DEMAND.

Roles have switched across the world … a new phase of the IQD … the phase of DEMAND by the World Bank / IMF.

They are NOT asking … they are DEMANDING things now!

FINAL ARTICLE … says that the World Bank DEMANDS for Iraq to do their economic reforms.

Why don’t they just say they want them to “RV”?  (well, they did in a sense).

The IMF and the World Bank have an international call out to Iraq to PROCEED (move it!) with their federal and local reforms.  You know what Federal means right?   (financial)


BTW … Egypt was told … DEAL with your inflation.

There were COMMITMENTS announced earlier for the currency.

Stop dragging your feet Iraq!

Currency exchange … yes … the USD is dying in Iraq.

Does this make President Trump happy?  Of course not – RV your currency Iraq!

This is SO POWERFUL – in my opinion!
Frank26:  What does Abadi and the citizens want BEFORE they revalue their currency?
Have they given you Mosul yet?

What do they want?

Family, Iraq has been humiliated … Abadi and the Citizens want to put a flag in the heart of the Grand Old Mosque!  Baghdadi humiliated the Iraqi’s by putting his flag on their Mosque – their religion.

You seek a date … an RV … Iraq needs their identity back.

This is what united Iraqi’s.

The Middle East terrorists tried to change the purpose of their religion family.
The SYMBOLISM in this Mosque is very important for the world to understand.

The MR is ready.

The identity of Iraq … needs to be brought back.

The Grand Old Mosque will do this!

Declaring a victory in Mosul is for the RESPECT for Iraq.

Wasn’t it enough that they raped their women and killed their children?

Remember what Abadi told you.

We are WAY PAST the Monetary Reform!

Do we need more laws, kill more ISIS?  No!

We need to get the Grand Old Mosque back.

Let them tell you … they are at 100% by the end of this month.

Humiliation is serious for any culture of people.

Baghdadi spit in the faces of the Iraqi citizens by planting his flag in the Grand Old Mosque.

By the end of the month Abadi?  That’s what he said.

Is that moveable?  Could be.

When you see the Grand Old Mosque liberated … does that mean the MR will travel at the speed of light?  Yes.

How many of you’re a Catholic?

How would you feel if ISIS took over the Vatican and killed the Pope and implemented by force their new religion on you?

Would you want the masses to go to their mass?


Whether by military or by God … respect needs to be returned.

The CREDIT RATING … B+ will NOT change until they change the value their currency.

The “power that be” would not be DEMANDING Iraq to do things IF they were not ready.

BTW – in our Teams opinions ... the IMF and the World Bank they do not care about Mosul or the Grand Old Mosque.  They are DEMANDING the reforms!

Mosul is being slow-walked … and until 2 weeks ago we didn’t fully understand that.

IMO – Abadi has a time-frame for this liberation of Mosul.

Remember the end of April.

Abadi will capitulate … maybe by tomorrow.

The CBI and the IMF worked all of the 5 days.

Try to understand why a loaf of bread went from 7 to 1.50.

Our Teams seek something tomorrow … from Abadi.

Parliament worked when others shut-down.

I believe that the Grand Old Mosque is paramount.

You’ve heard that 93% is completed … and the maps are outdated.

If the steps are done to retake the Grand Old Mosque – they’ve done a very good job!

The number that they give you about Daesh (dead) – those are way off.  They are recycling old articles.

12 areas left of jungle warfare?  No … I believe it’s down to 6.

The IMF and the World Bank don’t care at all about the Grand Old Mosque --- but Iraq does!

These meetings between the IMF and the World Bank were very clear.
PULL THE TRIGGER, DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about that … this is the first time we are DEMANDING IT!!!!!!!!!

Right after the DC meetings … (just like in Iraq’s pattern) … they returned home and began to move very fast.

Abadi has to move faster now!

So what about the 27, 28, 29th … there was a reason why Delta gave a count down.  We’re not giving you a date … just a time-frame of when the DEMANDS are expected.

Abadi gave you the 30th.

Iraq’s grace period has ENDED!


It is so crystal clear as to where we are at with this monetary reform.

Again, we don’t have any files for May.
The FINANCIALS is lifting the 3 zeros from their exchange rate.

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We’re not behind … and we’re not being lied too.

We are in a beautiful position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iraq, Abadi … don’t pass this target date.

PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER that we now DEMAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They don’t need any more laws, or banking structures.

Demands must be met.

We used to guess when Abadi’s time line would be.

Now … we are looking at the IMF and World Banks timeline!

Iraq … don’t be like the buffalo with Wild Bill … the guy who nearly wiped out the Buffalo species.

You gotta move Iraq!

In Iraq … they are even late for their own funeral.

The IMF and the World Bank is in control … and they wouldn’t DEMAND it IF it wasn’t done and ready.

We just need to see what happens this week … maybe even with a few days … I’m not giving you a date … just something to look forward to.

Files for MAY … who cares?  They are revaluing their currency – in my opinion.

The 28th of this month … is in the middle of those sets of numbers.

The 28th is our study.

Don’t worry now … if we do go into May … I don’t believe it will be deep May.  For those who said … “oh no, May?” – GROW-UP!!!!!!

It’s all in the same time frame family.

Iraq’s airline is doing international travel … coming this Thursday.

When the IMF and the World Bank DEMANDS … I believe they will obey.

Decisions were made in DC by the PTB … and they were told to EXECUTE!

They are to PROCEED with their monetary reform.


You can also title it “DEMAND” – because they are literally being forced.

5 days … to go international … then they can tell us about the Mosque.

Iraq asked for loans when they came to DC.

In our FINAL ARTICLES … they were told to do the reforms INTERNATIONALLY and INTERNALLY.

They can’t say the word RV.

This article is the mother of all articles … it is the GRAND-DADDY … because it is the Grand Old Mosque … declaring that Baghdadi is no longer there.
Mosul, Security, Stability, Baghdadi <<< all old news.

The NEW NEWS is for Iraq to enter the INTERNATIONAL world.

No more UNFAIR TRADE … and President Trump was talking to you Iraq!

God only knows when they will actually raise the value … but I don’t believe that Iraq is going to miss this time.

Don’t worry about the articles about Mosul – they are all OLD.

If stability and security was an issue … Iraq’s finance minister wouldn’t travel to DC.

PULL THE TRIGGER!!!!  And then we can talk about more ways to help you Iraq.

Abadi … don’t you want to get reelected?

RV … maybe by the end of this month <<< IMO.

“What are you worried about?”

The WORLD BANK supports the direction of Iraq.

This week must is fall into place.

The article that talked about DEMAND … there is no denying what you see.

One mirage will soon be touchable.  It’s over!
Finally … National Reconciliation … (sorry, audio broke-up here).

I sincerely pray and hope you enjoyed your conference call.

By the way … Republicans like a low capital gains tax.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

Thanks to thank our Admins.  Please if you see any negativity – get rid of it.  Thanks to everyone here at KTFA.  We appreciate your time, talents and efforts!

Now some info about WalkingStick

WalkingStick is a wonderful retired Marine.  He is a career-man … and no-nonsense kind of guy.  He sent me a text … and we haven’t heard from him a while.

The last time I heard from him was April 16th when he said “Frank, I will try and make time tomorrow.  There’s a lot going on, and a lot more going on this coming week.”

That’s the week that I disappeared and went to DC to go and watch it.

At 7:03 pm EST this evening … just as we were getting ready to start our CC, WS text me and said the following …

“Hope all is well Frank.  Have to keep this short.  We lost an associate over there the day after we last spoke.  As of now, it is unknown his whereabouts.  Following day we lost a very close friend of many years.  A highly distinguished Vietnam Vet.  We are staying close to assist in any way, but I’ll get with you when I have a window, because I have a lot to share … but give me a few days.”

I responded back and told him … “HOOAH!  Yes Sir!  I pray.  I stand fast waiting for your call.  I miss you.  I’m on the CC right now.”

He said … “Thank you … Real quick, there is nothing out that they are reading or posting that is even close to what reality is … Its beyond good.  You can tell them I said that ….”

I responded … “By your permission … I share that with our family that loves and misses you.  Be strong as the Marine that you are.  I miss you, call me when the window allows.”

Prayer warriors and everyone else – please extend your prayers to WS friends.

I will be back on Wednesday for our CC.

I wanted to blow you out of the water tonight.

I hope you can swim!

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