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4-20-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   [so we are waiting on Mosul's liberation and then it rv's?]  That is a pretty "canned" statement... though it may not be far from the truth...as in- pretty absolute.  [What about the other currencies?]  Dong looks to be a ways out (at best).

4-20-2017   Intel Guru EXOGEN

4-20-2017   Newshound Guru Stryker
   Our dinar dominoes are finally ready to topple over in the direction of the perfectly aligned stars that are overlooking the desert soaked deeply in oil.

4-20-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
  [...I believe the darn HCL is done but they don't want the public to know about it...yet.]   That's what's called as "intuition".   For the record, my intuition is speaking the same language

4-20-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   From article, CBI dated November 28, 2014  "The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr.Ali Al-Allaq, has declared on Tuesday that the green light was given to execute the file of zero deletion from the currency, and he confirmed that finishing the managing matters for this file will take two years. He also pointed that the bank has started preparing samples for the new currency."   So 2 years from 2014 is late 2016. Just another indication they were targeting EARLY 2017. We also know from this article there is a new currency coming out.  They are going to replace the larger 3 zero notes with smaller denominations and coins, but this will be a slow conversion and not what many think as 1 triggered event.   ...believe me when the lower denoms begin to come out you will know it. There will be no guessing or assuming. When there is any significant change in the currency value you will know it...

4-20-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   We are in the midst of things that should be unfolding as we speak...we now have a date it's targeted for...by April 30th, not on April 30th...from today...or anywhere up until the 30th and that's what they have now publicly put out...  Information that Iraq would stop using the dollar...April 18, 2017, and the Dinar would be the only official currency and the rate would be significantly higher than the current rate (in-country) of .90.  Mosul liberation now is being targeted for April 30.  ...we are just waiting information ...to see what develops.   I believe we're there...The writing is on the wall...

4-20-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77    ...a float is coming...mucho $$$$'s are moving...a certain Foreign Reserve is swelling...Frank [Guru Frank26] is a happy camper..



"C-Section" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP 4/20/17

The restored Republic military has taken full control of all the nearly 7,000 off-site redemption facilities out of sheer performance necessity.

Safe exchanges are now being ensured via military guard and done so immediately.

Federal Marshals are also now on site with STK instructions for anyone blocking the nation's progress.

Wells Fargo is nothing but an observer now in their own facilities due to complete and utter leadership failure.

If you had notions about avoiding WF for past indiscretions, this last delay stunt should clinch your opinion.

Wells Fargo = Cabal. Anyone saying otherwise is a cabal agent and grossly ignorant as to how the new financial system must work in order to flow mercy.

That's not to say all WF staff is complicit with blocking the RV release, but certainty many in top leadership roles and certainly individual managers running key urban redemption centers have acted against America's best interests.

RV liars are traitors plain and simple, and will be eliminated on site without any questions asked. Delay and pay. Lie and die. Sobeit.

And we have this updated operational fact confirmed from Fighting Joe himself. Please know his staff is listening to all of our calls and reading these posts on line. They know exactly who is helping or hurting the Republic.

So watch your tongues Dinarland--as the exchange situation has deteriorated quickly and communications have gotten very sensitive, very quickly.

The positive news is that the Republic military is now fully engaged and needs this RV to ensure the safety of the country by guaranteeing federal funding via new USNs before next week's budget deadline.

Where's Paul Ryan? Where Mike Pence? Not in country? Why? GESARA.

Know that French terrorist attack this afternoon is a complete and utter lie, a false flag event meant to create sympathy around the pro-cabal candidate before the Sunday presidential election.

Why? Because if the leading cabal candidate doesn't win this election, the European Union and Euro will end overnight when France "Frexits."

So there's a lot happening in the world at this hour--and the change we seek is being forced into existence in real time.

We're also told our 800#s are to arrive sometime on Thursday--anytime--and possibly into early Friday, with the weekend being out true back wall for the above stated reasons.

There's tremendous pressure now being applied from both above and below the release, as HSBC hydrated all remaining T4 level paymasters last night.

Meaning, all the funding horses are in the starting gate and ready to run.

There's absolutely no liquidity issues remaining. There's no system or technical issues remaining. There's no patience remaining with Wells Fargo co-championing the redemption centers. There's no restrictions remaining on our Republic's military to force the RV release.

On-screen rates are sky rocketing, especially the IQD, as the Elders chose to accelerate the largest currency group in order to ascend humanity more rapidly.

So why does the cabal does create these temporary delays? To decelerate the financial transition. Yet they're actually accelerating their own demise as it relates to the larger societal transition because Dianrians will have as much as $7.5 million USN per each $25,000 IQD note.

So the RV is really being born, its beautiful but bloody, and this baby will be delivered finally via a military C-Section with Generals Dunford, Mattis and Kelly serving as our nation's OB team.

God is with us.



MRiles:    I believe we are done the cake is baked just cooling on the counter

Okies landed in the hanger and trying to get the canopy open


Sabickford:  No matter how smart you are you can never convince someone stupid that they are stupid.

The probability of meeting someone you know increases a hundredfold when you're with someone you're not supposed to be seen with.

The secret to happiness is not to do what makes you happy, it's to be happy doing what you're already doing.

A cookie a day keeps the sadness away. An entire jar of cookies a day brings it back.

Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn't stop the rain but allows us to keep going
Lead me not into temptation….Who am I Kidding follow me I know a Shortcut.

I didn't sleep well last night so I made my coffee this morning with Red Bull instead of water. I was halfway to work before I realized I forgot my car.

I don't understand why people say hurtful things like "Want to go for a run?" or "Try this Kale?"

If you're going to call the cops every time you spot me in your bushes, I don't think that this relationship is going to work.

S3A: Exogen Update, 20 APRIL









Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#



Ray: It’s so quiet . . . like cemetery quiet. Some expecting . . . this morning. With good reason. SKR holders told Tues-Wed. they would receive instructions. It ain’t over, till it’s over.

Nothing has changed we are just waiting information today. As the tweet said, “the quietness is nerve racking” for some folks. . . .

We had folks who got notified yesterday. . . I like today better than the 30th.

CURRENT WINDOW: RayRat: Bank folks still looking at Tues-Wed – Iraqi currency plan was to release it on Tuesday at 3-4 times the current rate of .90. We are in the midst of things that should be unfolding as we speak. It’s the information we’re receiving. I report you decide. My sources don’t call the shots. We wait.

IRAQ: Iraq said they would stop using the dollar yesterday, April 18, 2017, and the Dinar would be significantly higher than the current rate (in-country) of .90. Ray did not indicate any confirmation or additional information about that.

Dinar Value: Ray: Abadhi did say six to one. 

Mosul liberation now is being targeted for April 30. Information to Mosul being liberated has come out before but Ray said this is the first time they have said this about Mosul officially. Ray: The rest you’ve heard was “prepared information.” Other information was on the TV broadcasts that Maliki controls.


Banks: Bank folks still looking at Tuesday to Wednesday.

NEGOTIATING STRATEGIES: Ray: 1) Have a don’t give a darn attitude – in a nice way. 2) Be prepared to walk if you don’t get what you want 3) Don’t take anything at face value without trying to negotiate it first. 

You do get to negotiate. You don’t get to do this three times. This is it. You need to milk it for everything you can. We don’t know what the future will bring. What things will cost in the future. Shoot for the stars and land on the moon.

Instructions have always been, don’t rush to the bank unless your going for a contract rate Ray: . . . or a leverage deal.

Q & A: TNT Forum

– Should we send in donations? Ray: Paypal on Friday shut down all electronic ability to receive donations. Not just us, but others also. I’ve secured another option better than Paypal . . . the service we will use the first (of May), IF NEED BE, you don’t have to be a member (like paypal). . . Implement on May first, IF the need should arise.

–Have you been notified personally to receive 800 #’s? Ray: No, I have not been told personally.

– RUMOR: ZIM will be by word of mouth only? Ray: Whatever that means. Fairy tale.

Q & A: Callers

–Articles and information floating around everything should be all settled by April 30? Ray: Same thing they have been saying for months now, don’t believe in news. Mosul, etc. was all supposed to happen simultaneously. IF it does we have a date it was targeted for . . . from now until the 30th for those who want a timetable. There is already a reasonable expectation that time frame will not be an issue if it’s already done. 

Same Caller: Envision Tony coming on in last call, post RV? Ray: Probably be in the moment instead of post RV.

(I could not hear a third question she asked to which Ray replied : It it doesn’t, I’ll give you all my worthless currency. . . I don’t have any worthless currency (I will re-listen and get the question.)

– Will the Iraq currency have a limited time to exchange or will the currency be declared void. Ray: There was a campaign to get the Iraqi citizens to turn in their currencies, to deposit their paper money and receive a debit card to buy goods and services and not be dependent on the paper money. TNT members know not to hold the paper for long. Digitize it and we don’t have to worry about it being deleted or modified. 

–Tishwash: Why are you saying it’s quiet? They are telling all their business. They (?) are going to be there for the rest of the weekend. Be ready to give us an update. ??? showing us normal life is back and they are free. (more on replay) Ray: What I mean by quiet – what of any of that is going to tell us to go to the bank. None of that tells us when we are going to the bank. There is always something going on over there if you want to know about the lifestyle of Iraq – so you are correct on that. You have to accept my standards because it’s my call. LOL.

– You did not get a confirmation on the SKR’s? Ray: That is correct.


The last call we noted a potential post RV activity in Paris, France. Going to throw out another one . . . the 19th of May I will be celebrating another year . . . thinking of having a celebration activity . . .in Jamaica. May 19-20, third weekend in May which definitely should be post RV – a birthday celebration. Will be in Tyre the last week of June at the air show (France) If this RV comes in this week or by the end of the month you’ll be so excited, so drop that in your lap now.

Sunday we will be in Dallas doing a meet and greet session. Watch the Forum for an updated information. Be a post RV event in my thoughts and expectation.

Hear from my SKR folks today for new information. They might just say, “it’s hear, it’s done.” Bank folks still looking at Tues-Wed – Iraqi currency plan was to release it on Tuesday at 3-4 times the current rate of .90. We are in the midst of things that should be unfolding as we speak. It’s the information we’re receiving. I report you decide. My sources don’t call the shots. We wait.

Enjoy the “when am I going to see it Wednesday.” We just might see it. I know there is still expectation. The people I communicate with – I believe in the information they share. I believe we are there. Anytime between April 30th but I prefer now. The writing is on the wall and before too much longer, the proof is in the pudding. (played “I Believe.”)


BLUEWOLF:  Even though you may not be seeing or hearing from me doesn't mean that I am not working for you, cause in fact I am.

We are in fact highly favor to be exchanged within the coming hours. Not much of a wait is now resonating between us and the banks and its personnel.

Welcome to Gods speciality (HIS PATIENCE) it is more intense and stressful then the human kind and it is a very silent one.

As I said many years back, when this thing is to appear, " It shall arrive like a thief in the silence of the night. "

Welcome to the desert, we are in God's timer now and it will not take long now.

Good day Bluwolf


Kent Dunn
April 18 at 9:18pm ·

Zim 3.00 VND 20 I'd 25-34 idr 20 Afa 10

Kent Dunn
Yesterday at 6:52am ·

Hang in there the rates are rising still!!!!!!!

Kent Dunn
13 hrs ·

If you have to exchange at a bank check around 2-3 banks for best non Zim rates

Kent Dunn
9 hrs ·

All rates on RV is a LIE I won't be posting anymore rates now I look stupid I'm sorry we just find out at exchange

Philip Tilton  What is the trutb

Kent Dunn  Zim 11-15 cents


Any idea why Bill seems so quiet these days ? Nothing like he used to be on this his own site





Admin Bill! The year 2020? Are you kidding or for real?


8:20 pm eastern time. No calls, no numbers.


Ah.... see, a : is meaningful here! Not the year 2020 but 20:20 military EST time


DELTA:  HOW ABOUT 1000 fils =1 DINAR=$1......... DELTA-8

Frank26:  (smile)JustinandDeb:  Yes Delta Delta 1 to 1 in country ready to explode to much higher outside the country very very  SOOM!!!

Don961:  250 dinars, the price of a loaf of bread in Iraq

Date: 17:42 19/04/2017   Books / d. Basil Abbas Khudair ...

It is not a rumor or just an allegation or slander one, but it is the fact prevalent in local markets Vofran (bakeries) manufacture and sale of bread in Baghdad sells one loaf 250 dinars concept toddler 4 thousand dinars, and the loaf that we're talking about consists of a limited number of fines because it is thick light and more like paper

and perhaps human normal needs to be two loaves or more in each meal to feel b actually (satiety) if ingested with food prevailing in the Iraqi table, which used a combination of bread and the rest of the food, even in the presence of cooked rice because CEMEVI Monday usually prevalent for years , and what concerns us here is not to talk about Food and types and all respect to them, but the situation now faced by the Iraqi family to provide food security, The family consisting of 7 members,

for example, need a day to spend six thousand dinars at least to buy daily bake for three meals, and if you ask why are bought bread is not made at home, the answer is clear not every family is able to exercise bread because of the place or the skills of women in this area, as the ration in charge by the Ministry of Commerce to secure food security for low-income people distribute flour bread do not know how any woman or that he is in favor of bread once, let alone not that Zam processing times may take three or four months without the distribution of flour and when it distributes forced the family to sell it at the price of 8-12 thousand dinars for a bag of flour consisting of 50 kg, ie, the per capita monthly consisting of 9 kg flour Tavo value of 10 loaves of bread,

which is probably not enough for him for 3 days, the rice, which is one vocabulary ration, he suffers what Avanah flour is often sold as an animal feed at a price of 250 dinars per kilogram, and the citizen to buy rice reasonable quality of private markets at a price of less than 2,000 dinars per kg per lot, according to what is known to many Iraqi citizens, the family did not use the Indian rice Nz distributed several months ago and until today as the color and taste not to suggest reassured consumption.

Because of the lack of material resources sufficient for some Iraqi families, they have to reduce the share of her children of bread, rice, and their exposure to hunger and deprivation, as it is known, the man does not live by bread or taciturn and rice only, but is in need of other kinds of needs to meet the needs of eating in order to survive , as he has other needs indicated her theories and studies including (peace Maslow) needs, which pointed to five important levels, and we are still talking about the first level on eating bread and rice in the country spends $ 100 billion a year is enough for living five times the population of Iraq if used wealth ALMA Friendly human and minimum required,

and the mean area, geographical location and arable rivers, mountains, minerals, tourism, land and other Yes God, and that the presence of these resources at a time when more than one third of the population lives below the poverty line, according to the Ministry of Planning data indicates a significant imbalance can not be tolerated because it a real waste and the state of justice in the distribution of resources and wealth, and indicate the statistical and economic implications that the number of poor in the case continues to increase and may reach to the extent that it becomes difficult to control the consequences of destitution, poverty and hunger, Vfrs working day after day and returns the business less than in Air decline in prices seen hyperbole, Two years ago the price of bread 8 thousand dinars last year amounted to 6 per thousand dinars currently 4 thousand dinars, and if the situation remains as it is, the price would probably be 2 thousand dinars, and the problem that the Elven dinar is difficult to obtain We easily if we investigated the reasons for the rise in prices, we will find many things that deserve questions including:

. The price of goods in the event of a decline in global markets

. The taxes and fees rose internally and budget revenues did not increase

. Oil prices rose more than 30% without the impact of life shows

. The central bank auction of the dollar has never stopped and is sold 160 million dollars a day

. The external debt and loans in the case of increasing reserves and the dollar fell by half

. The staff and retirees of non-special grades dropped their salaries for three years

We note in this regard that the case of the rise in prices that prevail for most goods and services inside Iraq did not stop at certain limits, but is in constant escalation and most of its causes are not economic or related to supply and demand, but back to the speculation, monopoly and greed, corruption and the exploitation of preoccupation with the state in the fight battles for liberation against Aldoaash in places subject to the control of terrorism, and the government bears the administrative apparatus most of the sins of the deterioration experienced by the country's lack of efficiency and effectiveness in performance and reliability of some government positions,

employers who do not distinguish right from wrong or Emezouna and then disregard it, as well as N bad choice to take over some of the sites on the basis of non-objective to take into account some considerations relating to the balance and satisfaction on the good performance and development and the promotion of innovation and the adoption of dedicated and outstanding initiatives account, and there are reasons and motives other narrows the field to mention a well-known and undiagnosed because there are a lot of fluent description of analysis, but it does not use tools appropriate treatment and stop bleeding wastage in wealth and opportunity and the time factor that plagues the poor, and please take advantage of all peoples and nations experiences when hunger reached unbearable persistence high prices without taking appropriate measures to Maljh aspects of which is the Dhar risk, taking into account that there are tools that can be moved to minimize the damage in preparation for solutions effective Ktfiel ration card items for covered after cleared of corruption and rely on deeds rather than words mentioned appropriate action rather than theory and analysis,

Frgev bread need to provide without philosophy and interpretation of hosting and interrogation, the same applies to the case of all the vocabulary of life, which is now absent from the audience day after day may be the cause of the birth of the sisters Daesh in the day (God forbid).


Aggiedad77:  Family.....IMO.....the Speed of Light.......is blinding......faster than the eye can see.......there are things IMO that we cannot yet see.....because of how fast they are moving.....yes it's Iraq....that makes it all the more incredible IMO.....all hands and elbows should be inside the car until it comes to a complete and final stop.....the BEST is coming.  Aloha   Randy


Don961: Exchange rate went from 1170 to 1160 in 24 hours ... 10 point swing ..

 Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks and markets

Dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market

US $ 1 = 1,160.0500 Iraqi Dinar

IQD 1 = US $ 0.0009

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 10:48 GMT Baghdad

Dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market

100 $ - 125.050

Aggiedad77:  Article:  Tunisia resort to partially float the dinar to absorb the pain of its economy

Nuggets.....sometimes you just stumble over them.....nuggets.....they abound.....if Tunisia makes these changes with or through the IMF.....then this would be a HUGE boost for Iraq in making changes in how they change their rate, who has to be notified, and when.....could throw out the 3 days....even the 24 hours right out the window......"in the still of the night"......where have we heard that before Family......

And another point to consider......if they are speaking of this here has it possibly already been green lighted by the IMF......could Iraq be grinning like the Cheshire Cat who has caught the mouse......thanks to A1 for pointing to this gold mine.....thanks to Don for bringing the article to our attention as well.....KTFA rocks......all but that last is purely IMO.   Aloha   Randy

OptimusPrime:  just wanted to bounce this off of everyone... all the massive money movement they referenced on Team Chat..  is it multiple countries moving money into Iraq's reserves? if so.. is it a currency swap scenario? for instance the USA sends over say 5 billion USD.. then Iraq says "thanks" here is 5 billion IQD.. or perhaps some variant? im just trying to find the "why" .. there is benefit for the countries contributing otherwise why would they do it.. so a community "deposit" to get Iraq's reserves bursting at the seams to support the new "doubled" rate?? or am I eating too many paint chips??

QuietStorm:  I think this is a great observation!  It would be a really good idea with the situation that Greece is in if they take some of the Euros that they received from the IMF and did a swap with IQD also, and that may help level their "out of control" debt issue for awhile. 

All this will do for these countries IMO is put a band aid on an out of control spending problem.  As "rainbow" currencies fly, there will be a pot of Gold(contracts) at the end of this RAINBOW, IMO.

Then, look 10 years or so down the road for another Marshall Plan to fix the next one.  Digital, and Basel III may change some of this for next time though.  All IMO and from one who doesn't claim to know much.  thanks for your post.


Successwithf79:  Somebody asked me this question. I hope you can enlighten us Frank.
Appreciate you!

"I would appreciate someone who would take time to explain what "going international" means. Iraq trades internationally now. It even has banks issuing VISA cards with the security chip for online purchases. Its banks have had SWIFT numbers since 2008 when it traded with more than 100 other countries.

What else does going international mean if it does not mean trading internationally, including online around the world? I'm confused. Please help."

RickLibby:   Irak is still under some United Nation sanctions. the U S & U N have dismissed some , like through EO 13303 which allows them to use international avenues to feed and recnstruct the country.  blessings rick