Tuesday, April 18, 2017


There was an announcement that by May 1 Iraq is going to be using the electronic system to wire/transfer money into the international theater using electronic dinars.
"Central Bank Governor: no room to cancel the sale of the dollar window, if canceled, the exchange rate has become 3 or 4 thousand, and perhaps more." On the prospects of floating, similar to other countries in the region, keywords said that it is sealed now, and we are working on editing currency and not float, a large difference between the two."


Who knows... what is #*£@ is going on?

Banks don't know.

Politicians don't know.

Cabal doesn't know.

Republic doesn't know.

General Dunford thought he knew.

Maybe Joe's now having key personnel leak posts such as this to put pressure on the Chinese gatekeepers to stop playing games?

Just saying.

We know the NPTB do read and listen to everything we do in Dinarland. Even Martha!

We also know Joe thinks the NPTB are now running behind schedule in other non Republic matters.

The Ukraine being a big one. North Korea too. Pray they catch up. Serious penalties for not complying now. Harsh. As they ar the last two misbehaving or rogue sovereign nations left out of 209.

The Republic did everything asked of it including sending a nuclear battleship into the Korean peninsula to support China's new aggressive foreign policy on North Korea.

The Syrian air strike was done by the Republic military too. At the request of the Russians who were setting up new Chinese strategy re: North Korea.

Genius move. As both nations looked liked victims and Trump overnight became the global irrational aggressor.

That's why his foreign policy positions suddenly flipped so quickly.

Yep, Dunford and Mattis were told by the Chinese to dispatch warships to Korea because they wanted to pressure the North Korean government into surrender and blame it on Trump if they didn't.

Trump then had to adjust his foreign policies on the fly.

Such a boss move by the Russians and Chinese. You want the USN/RV Republic, take this one for the team geopolitically.

Everyone should blame more on Trump really. He seems to be a wonderful excuse for benevolent calamity.

Poor overweight orange person. He wants to leave the White House so badly, but they just won't let him go until they've completely destroyed his political reputation for their purposes.

Look, its either this or be jailed as a pedophile for DJT. At least he's getting massive publicity to build his hotel and golf brand.

It's all so ridiculous.

We also know both Trump and Dunford were pissed there was no RV "go authorization" in the US system as of this morning at 3:00am EDT. They were both told otherwise.

We understand it is there now and the Republic of the United States is free to RV as of noon today (HSBC), however that delay might have pushed everything back a day.

We're not sure when now. It could come after markets close today or again in the early morning Wednesday. We shall see.

Maybe this was the Elders plan all along, one final pump fake just to be safe. A final fake even Dunford didn't know about. Dare I say genius again?

Yet here we still are. RV less. Hopeful but well beyond annoyed. Sobeit.

But there's lots of of irreversible pressure coming from both above the deal and below it for an immediate delivery of the funding mechanism to actually perform.

That's great for us.

Now if you hold ZIM, don't expect any guru to give you numbers or release on either their calls or post on their websites.

It'll be complete word of mouth for the ZIM. All person to person contact. No digital transfers. Very inside baseball stuff.

There will be plenty of time to exchange ZIM so don't freak out-- it'll find you if you're paying attention and be utterly invisible if you're not--this is by design especially for gifted ZIM holders who have no clue what is in their possession.

Much safer this way.

Some key gurus should expect couriers to arrive at their front door with full redemption packages that include NDAs. Others will get phone calls.

All will have a limited period to pass along ZIM appointment numbers. That will start the ball rolling without creating unwanted attention to the timing of the release kickoff.

Other lesser valued currencies will not have this problem as all the banks will be using their existing 800#s to make appointments.

Their even adding toll free numbers to help expedite the process for IQD and/or VND redeemers who make up over 96% of all redemptions worldwide.

Something will give here very shortly. Has to. But when? Ask Fighting Joe as it's truly his call now because the world waits on him to allow the revaluation of the USN (not Abadi to internationally revalue the IQN).

Grandfather has given humanity his blessing to both prosper and live dynamic philanthropic lives.

Thank you Grandfather and to all Elders, please receive our sincerest appreciation.

We are deeply honored and humbled by your sacrifices and gifts. We vow to do no harm and bless the world in Christ's name.

God is with us.

Q & A w/One Who Knows #11 4/18/17

"Question for OWK on Yosef's Word Salad"
Entry Submitted by Pat at 4:30 PM EDT on April 18, 2017 
"Who Knows" - GCR/RV Update - Tuesday - April 18, 2017

"Now if you hold ZIM, don't expect any guru to give you numbers or release on either their calls or post on their websites.

It'll be complete word of mouth for the ZIM. All person to person contact. No digital transfers. Very inside baseball stuff."

Sorry OWKs.......you are going to get bombarded with this one.
What is this suppose to mean? We need your insight on this word salad.



"Giftee Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Butterfly at 3:13 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

Are giftees with only one ZIM note still going to be offered a flat rate per note? Do you know what that offer will be? Thank you.


"To OWK"

Entry Submitted by LT at 12:53 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

We have been told many times that this is going at 8:00 or whatever tomorrow by Yoseph. Whether he is just hoping or trying to confuse it definitely is working.

They say the NPTB will not release if there is any kind of war going on or Saber rattling. It seems to me the cabal has it figured out and this can go on for a long time.

Your opinion is very important is this going to happen or should we just move on with our lives.
Tomorrow is the only day that never comes.


"How Much Should We Ask?"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:04 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

How much should we ask for on our 100T ZIM note?

We have calculated our mortgage pay off, bills pay off, loans pay off and other misc. debts pay off. Then we added in assistance for family members, purchase of 2 new cars, several trips we would like to take and a cash reserve. There are probably a few other items we will add as we think of them.

At start up we will use some of the original principle to get several humanitarian projects started. We have also calculated the amount of cash needed to bank (cash engine) in order to produce the amount of interest needed quarterly to fund these and other humanitarian activities in perpetuity.

We know the new metals backed financial system will fund our new currency, USN, for the Republic of the United States of America at an established value. Will there be any further reduction in value during the global revaluation process? While we don’t want to be greedy and take more than we need we do want to take enough.

The bottom line, should we ask for more funds at redemption to offset any future reduction in value of our GIFT? We think the answer should be NO, as we are now in a new benevolent period of growth and prosperity. “The Golden Era”

Please comment……..Thanks

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:55 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

First I would like to thank Patrick for DC for offering such an invaluable venue for so many. Also I thank you OWK for all the calmness and clarity you bring to this process. Also an invaluable selfless service.

My question/comment is the veracity of the truth of this event. I have been in this speculative investment for just about 7 1/2 years and like so many others I have heard an incessant repetition of the same things. Whether it was just about to happen this week back in 2009 or the lifting of chapter7 or releasing the lower denoms or the liberating of Mosul or on and on for a million other reasons to the rv of the IQD has evolved into the GCR and that this has been planned for the last 50 or is it 100 or 1000 years. Who knows really?

I mean, I want to have faith in this and I believe I have kept the faith. But to be honest with you, even you have been expecting this to happen for some time now and it hasn't. I read you are one of the segment leaders which is great but how do you know with absolute certainty that you yourself are not being led down the garden path? Others have said and I'll repeat it - it keeps getting reported over weeks maybe even months and actually years but nothing ever happens. Do you really know with 100% certainty that this segment rollout is the truth and what the timeframe is?

Please take this in the well-meaning spirit it is given.

Thank you again OWK.

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:07 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Sorry for the lead-in. Just setting the stage.

On Saturday, your peer Yosefus, (yet again) made very specific (erroneous) claims. As just a few examples:

· Redemption center staff checks in at 5:30am, 11:30am, 5:30pm & 11:30pm daily.

· HSBC told their midnight crew would get the RV start sometime Saturday.

· Military base redemption staff reporting nightly at 8pm EDT for ZIM only redemptions.

· Fresh food and drinks are catered in and placed out every night by 11pm EDT.

· Once tax day ends on Saturday April 15, expect 800#s to pop out, as that ends the 2016 tax collection period, legally--as well as the USA, Inc's fiduciary books permanently.

· Look for a midnight release between April 15 & April 16 as that's when the Christian Orthodox churches celebrate the Easter holiday.

· All 28,000 Wells Fargo employees are to report into work tonight at 6:30 PM EST to begin the exchange process.

Not only is each one of these ludicrous and beyond the pale, but the collection is wholly insane. (ALL 28,000 WF employees went to work Saturday night?! Before Easter Sunday? I know many. THEY DIDN’T!)

None the less, the tragedy is this jack-wagon’s bodacious “intel” preys on Dinarland’s hopes. Real, caring people’s hopes get raised to tremendous highs by this piece of dirt then get dashed when his BS proves wrong again. (But he keeps getting printed on DC)

My question for you is, as you predict “our time is now,” why should we believe you? What credibility do you have wherein we should place our hope and trust? (and I know you’ve said, “I’m part of the plan” but those are mere words… the same as we get from Yosie-Punk.)

"Question for One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted by Midwestman at 10:05 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I have a simple question for One Who Knows but before I ask I do want to thank you for the information you have recently put out and the answers to all of the questions that have been asked. People ask questions for a bunch of reasons and I have always maintained that it is alright to ask questions. I wish these arm chair psychologists and psychiatrists which just back the hell off and let people ask whats on their minds. I have always been told there is no "bad" question. To make someone feel bad for asking a question earns those people a good square kick right in the kahonies. I have found that if 1 person has a specific question, there probably are many others with the same one and for what ever reason, maybe they are beat up every time they ask a question, they end up not asking it. This endeavor is fraught with questions and a lot of time asking questions holds peoples feet to the fire so I say if someone doesn't understand something then go ahead and ask someone who may understand it better than yourself.

I have a simple question that I ask in all seriousness. You have called this plan "genius" and from what I see it is, even though I am no one to judge. But I cannot believe that General Dunford put all of the time and effort into developing this plan without some kind of time line for it. So I am asking in all seriousness, what is the time line for the roll out of this plan. Now I understand you don't know the exact moment but there had to be some indication as to whether we would be waiting to see this plan executed this week, this month, this quarter. I know in your post you said "a couple of days" but now that this has been out for "a couple of days" I wanted to know if you are sticking to that time line or will there be more delays in order to implement this plan or what. We, the die hards that have been patient through this whole thing have been through all of the delays, real and manufactured and just want to see this thing done, as I am sure you do. So a plan as complicated as this has to have some kind of time line. I'm sure the General didn't create this plan just for busy work. When I was in the service, whenever the upper brass created a plan and implemented it, it ALWAYS had a hard time line so thats why I am wondering here.

I truly am not trying to put you on the spot, I truly am not trying to make you look bad. I have come to the conclusion that you are one of the "good guys" and don't believe you would put something out that was total crap so I hope you can enlighten us with the answer to the proverbial million dollar question. We are just tired of the games and hope that this truly is it.

Thanks again for all you have done with this.


"Question on Segments for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Matt T at 9:34 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Will the email sent by your segment leader be sent more than once in case you accidentally deleted the first one, or you missed it when going through the 1000 spam emails you get per day?

Thanks for all your benevolent hard work!

God bless,

Matt T

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by English White Knight at 9:31 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Further to Christine’s request earlier, I would very much like to be on your segment list as I too am out in the cold in the UK.

I have an all absorbing need to rebuild our planet and lift Humanity so any advantage to access the higher rates would be so useful.

Thanks for all your guidance to date.

Kind regards

English White Knight

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:30 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Hi, we are writing from Italy and we think that in our country we aren' t too much people to follow the GRV, so we ' d like to know how we can get the 800 numbers and where we could go to exchange. Thanks

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Namboy at 8:24 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Dear Richard

Thank you for your (it seems) tireless efforts regarding the idc community.

I am in a southern African country. I bought currencies via ebay, but had it delivered to family in England. Once I just made the delivery adress theirs and other times, when I experienced some difficulty buying from my account I had them buy it for me using their own account. I also had them buy dong at a currency dealer, but repaid them. When they visited in December they brought all the currencies (Z$, IQD, VND) along as well as all the paperwork. I thought maybe there will be a local place where we'll be able to exchange, but we don't have an HSBC over here. The original plan was to go back to England to exchange and I'd still prefer that option.

I haven't explained the RV/GCR to them, because my believe in this wasn't hight enough untill recently. It remains a speculative investment at best, so neither could I really sell this to any of my other family members. I tried to, but was shot down before I could get started. Having to exude an air of being financially​ responsible I didn't bother a second time.

There are 3 of us in whose name the currencies were bought, though I ultimately paid for everyhing. Who will have to exchange what, seeing that there is supposedly a record of who bought what? I'm afraid that the big bucks will then go to people who does not have a clue about this whole reset, leaving me with almost nothing to do any projects with. My original plan was to put the money in trust and devide that which wouldn't be needed for projects equally among the family members, so they will probably be getting more than they would know what to do with anyway.

1. Possession is 9 tenths of the law, but would the name of the original purchaser have any impact?
2. Any idea where in southern africa I might be able to exchange? Apparently SA does have an HSBC, but not a retail banking branch.


"For OWK" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Tee at 6:57 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I read all your posts on DC. Am I included in your personal contact list you made reference too on your Q&A? If not, how can I be included on your list?


"OWK, We Must be Driving you Nuts" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Christine at 6:39 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you and Patrick do for us in this community, it is so appreciated. I'll get to the point as I know you have many many enquiries.

I'm from UK and up til now I've kept a low profile because I wish to help humanity as anonymously as I can, for many reasons but mostly for my childrens' safety when this GCR rolls out.

There's no one talking about the GCR/RV in UK, Dinar Chronicles is my only source of info so I check in daily and have for a while now and am content to trust the process.

But, I now have a small request, please will you put me on your Segment email list?

I bought my currency from an HSBC branch in UK, but they didn't take any contact details so I can't expect them to email me so I rang HSBC in London today.

It took an hour, as I was passed from dept to supervisor and back again, yet still I couldn't get to anyone who had a clue what I was talking about, they could only offer a screen rate which is the same that it's been for the last few years.

They had no idea what I was on about, it's like I'm on a different planet!

I'm assuming in UK there's no where near as many currency holders as in US, and as I have Dong, I'm thinking maybe its a different system here whereby the banks have no idea about this and the only route to some kind of 'secret separate first basket currency exchange unit' is the #800 coming to us via "segments".

I'm confident that I'm not in a list or group due to my low profile, although I'm on Patricks email list for this site.

So please, OWK, you seem to be the reliable source of info, would you kindly include me in your segment group list? Patrick will have my email address from this post and his "Intel" email list, I would be really grateful if he would pass it to you.

Many blessings to you and all on DC, may you all bring the change this world so desperately needs.

Christine x

"Question for OWK" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 6:20 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I have few thousand 100trilion zim banknotes.

I dont want take sov.rates.

Im actualy not greedy and I want take the lowest rate 2usd times 100trilion so it will be few thousand quadrilions usd.I heard that all usd money created are higher as empire state building(just 100trilion)


I will force them to print it in 100dollar notes(I will be mercyfull and I will not let them to print in 1dollar notes-actualy Im going green with that) so I will build whole cities with bunches of money instead of bricks.

Hopefully there will be no fire and water there.

So my question is if I will be allowed to buy whole America and build these paper cities

Peter Kasaj

"Re: Segments" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Rainbow at 5:49 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Have just read One Who Knows post on Intel about "Segments" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - April 16, 2017

Dear One Who Knows

Have purchased a few 100TZim from a private seller plus a friend purchased for me and l payed this friend back as no credit card here in Australia and was wondering how we can receive the #800numbers. Also how do the friends and family that we have gifted too receive notification on the exchange. Looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks for your Intel on our prosperity for all our brothers and sisters.



"Question to OWK" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 5:18 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Regarding this article:

"My Two Constants..." by Anonymous1 - 4.17.17

Im littlebit confused here because I also heard at least 2 versions of RV process.

1. version
Hidden RV - it will look like it never happened supported by article upper and also it was said in one of Intel posts(I didnt found it back but I remmember it(that grandfather ordered RV happend to look like it never happened)

World wide exchanges,supported by military bases and external exange centers and through banks.With dinarland going first because they paid attention so they have special privilege just because they paid attention on public website for all to see and be bilion trilion quadrilioner times zilion.

So my question is which version is going to play out hiden Rv with hiden gold or other assets backing or public version with 20 000 000 zilionares which if they will ask for sov.rates will be super total Usd quanifilioners or I dont know how many Zim holders are up there.

Peter Kasaj

"Question on the Segments GCR Roll-Out Plan" (Answered)

Entry Submitted by Jay Coolie at 2:10 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Dear One Who Knows.

RE: "Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

Thank you all the way for your previous information provided.

I am an old-stuffs collector, so I also hold zim. The main point is I just walked in and bought my collection at the shop but not by net. So I think there is no info from me that can collect by the “Super Computer”. So how can I be contacted. What can I do to get on the bus.

Besides, I live in Hong Kong. Is “the Segments” just go in USA or Worldwide? Can I have the chance to take this cake? Please give me an advice.

Very appreciate with your job. Thank You all IDC family, thank you OWK.

Jay Coolie




4-18-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Abadi's adviser "Economy News": Iraq will discuss with the IMF, the development of foreign reserves"   Quote:  "the Iraqi government succeeded in achieving economic reform, which is reflected positively on the economy."   I don't know how they can say they've already succeeded, there's still a ton of work to do to change Iraq's economy. Iraqi's have a way of saying what other people want to hear, especially when it comes to the guys who are giving them billions of dollars with economic strings attached.  The IMF did ask Iraq to reduce the government payroll, implement anti-money laundering plans, repair the banks and begin the tariff program for imports. Maybe that's what he's talking about when he says they've succeeded in achieving economic reform. I hope not.

4-18-2017   Newshound Guru BGG
   [Do you think that the IMF meeting with the CBI and GOI this weekend could be the GO/No Go meeting for the Revalue of Iraq's currency?]   ...IMHO it looks as if all these "talks" will happen first - THEN the Executive Board will decide and vote on, what to do.  ...the next few days are going to be very, very full of activity. Followed up by the IMF Executive Board.   I'm saying - the end of April... up through about the 29th - is a VERY BUSY TIME for Iraq and the world financial overseers.


DR. CLARKE: Latest Update - Tuesday, April 18, 2017. As of TODAY, we are posting this information as our most recent update of information, and with regard to ALL other posts we’ve EVER made in the past, and supersedes ALL INFORMATION previously posted, here on Dinar Recaps……which, for the record, is the ONLY place, we’ve ever posted any information, whatsoever on the internet, in ANY form.

CHANGE: Due to the current status of all Worldwide Conditions that exist as of this date, and the most recent ongoing developments taking place with ALL countries, which includes, but not limited to Iraq, Vietnam and their currencies the Dinar and Dong respectively, we believe, and it is our opinion NOW, that - “ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME.”

We will continue this status, from this moment on, for and into the foreseeable future.

This means, in our opinion, that we NOW believe that Iraq and Vietnam, COULD substantially raise the value of their Currencies, the Dinar & Dong - AT ANY TIME.

To clarify this completely, we’re saying, in our opinion, this COULD happen in the month of April, May, June, July, August, September or some other time in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020…… Which is also to say, that NONE of this may happen in APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, or in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020…

LET’S BE PERFECTLY CLEAR. We’re NOT giving a DATE - A DAY, MONTH or even YEAR……AND we’re NOT giving any RATES.

What we ARE giving you, is TIME to Think.

WHY? Because, as of TODAY - “ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME”.

Vague enough for you?…..but clear enough, to be certain.

Friends, World Conditions have CHANGED CONSIDERABLY, as of Today, and since our last post, so……..this is NOW, our current status going forward.

Everything that’s happened up to this point in time, and ALL that we’ve ever posted here on DR from the beginning, has led up to this point in time, Right Now, Today and how we view things:

“ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME”.

You want FACTS about this Financial Currency investment? In our World (Dr. Clarke’s World), the only Fact that is truly a “Fact” when it comes to these financial currency investments, is the Fact that the country of Iraq, Vietnam or ANY other country, can decide to move the value of their currency, up or down “PUBLICLY”, ANY TIME THEY WANT or decide, to do so (Technically).

They don’t need a Reason. They’re not required to tell the Public or you, Anything about Anything. They NEVER telegraph ahead of time, exactly WHEN, by giving a date or even an Accurate Range of Dates. They NEVER telegraph ahead of time, the RATES, and in which direction, up or down, because that would defeat their main purpose. You have to ask the question, “WHY would they Ever do such a thing?”

If fact, they do the opposite. They disguise these things - Times, Dates, Rates, Intentions. They don’t tell you WITH ACCURACY, about what they’re planning on doing. They always “Mis-direct” the Public, on purpose, WHEN IT COMES TO FINANCIAL CURRENCY ADJUSTMENTS..…and the bigger the adjustments up or down, the MORE HIDDEN, the information…..Put yourself in THEIR shoes for a minute - from their perspective.

There Certainly is not, and never has been, INSIDE INTEL PEOPLE, who know these financial currency FACTS, because the Fact is, those FACTS are Unknowable, by ANYONE……especially the Public News Outlets, in the form of Written News Articles, TV broadcasts, Internet Broadcasts, Church Gossip, and RumorTel by Chatty people, usually wanting something, like needing your Money, or Control of you, in some form.

Oh, they might know something about something, these mysterious INSIDE INTEL PEOPLE, but as far as the FACTS, that YOU really need to know, about WHEN & HOW MUCH?..…Naw. Nada. No way. NEVER!

What YOU & the Public are really getting, when asking for financial currency FACTS - are purely different forms of SPECULATION, PREDICTION, PROJECTION, MAYBE’S & WHAT IF’S?……and trying to Turn them into FACTS…….which is INSANE. It’s INSANITY. Looney Toonery (gee, another new word)……THEY’RE ALL JUST REPORTERS. REPORTERS!..…this includes all the complex financial data that some seem to compile, with historical records, graphs, charts…..even laws, or agreements, treaties…….FACTS?

Not even close, because all these are written and passed along, by someone else or agency, or country or government or financial institution, or whoever - you know, the all-knowing “THEY” said it, so it must be true……and “THEY” are just passing along the scraps of information, that leads them to yet another supposed FACTUAL CONCLUSION, which really and truly takes you right back to the same old SPECULATION, PREDICTION, PROJECTION, MAYBE & WHAT IF?…….and then. THEN. You have to realize that Anything written, or by law, or by proxy, or by agreement, can be CHANGED OVERNIGHT! - in a Moments Notice…..and without YOU even knowing it.

Thus, we say, there is only ONE FACT, as we stated above, when it comes to this investment, and the rest of Everything Else you see & hear out in Dinarland & Beyond - IT’S ALL JUST ONE BIG DOG & PONY SHOW, just to pass the time……we call it all, “ENTERTAINMENT”……”ILLOGICAL” to be accurate.

GOOD LUCK in the Days, Weeks & Months ahead, with ALL of your decisions - for which YOU alone, are 100% Personally responsible for, and have been, since Day One.

Once again, as we’ve always stated, “We Love FRIDAY’S”……because it’s our favorite day of the week, as “ILLOGICAL” takes on a whole new (Important) meaning, on that day…..IN FACT, that’s why we think FRIDAY’S are the most IMPORTANT day of the week, “ILLOGICALLY”, of course - and thus, what we’re all about: The BEST in “FUN ILLOGICAL ENTERTAINMENT”……which, by the way, means absolutely Nothing Important, Truthful or Meaningful, whatsoever.

We Wish You a Wonderful Day and the Weeks ahead,

Our Very Best to you ALL,



TNT Call notes 

17-April-2017 Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# 

RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, April 17, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls. I went to the sunrise service yesterday… Today is all about resurrection; I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. 

Let’s get into the thick of the matter. I don’t believe I’m going to be long. Where do we go from here. We had an interesting Friday for information. I was reading where a member posted in chat: “Why does Ray receive info that gets us all whipped into a frenzy – who does that profit?” 

I don’t give you information with the purpose of getting you into a tizzy, and the information shouldn’t do that unless you place too much on it. Yes, the SKR people were told their funds would be there by Friday, and banks are tripping over each other with excitement that this is coming out. From my understanding, there was a concerted effort to get this done this weekend. Everything indicated that, but it didn’t. However, all the indicators pointed in that direction. SKR information proved false; I happened to be talking to SKR holders, and they gave me that information, and I gave it to you, and we all have to see what that produces. 

But that was not designed to put you in a frenzy when it doesn’t manifest when we expect or want it to. This is very much real and happening, it’s just that some of the information that I can’t share with you is rock solid, and the other intel is pretty much on target although it may miss by a week or so; most of the information has come true over time. I never gave you a solid date for the RV, but what I give you is based on ALL the information I hear. 

I don’t get to hear everything, but some of what I do hear cannot be communicated to you, but I can pass on a feeling of assurance. I have no reservations about Iraq revaluing its currency; I thought it would happen a week ago, then some were being told Easter or immediately thereafter. That’s where we are now, but that is not saying “it is coming today”. However, I have information that can make you feel good about where we are in the grand scheme of things. 

I won’t draw any conclusions, but can say “here is where we are, and what we can look forward to.” We don’t get dates and rates, and that is by design. I haven’t heard from any of the SKR holders yet. We have been communicating in a way that lets me know they have not been funded. They have been told more than once that they will see money in their accounts, and that challenges their faith. 

Even though they have bank statements with amounts that are pending, that’s a test of faith. Others have seen internet statements about ‘segments’, but this morning is the first I’ve heard of that, and no one has communicated that to me directly. As one of the major players in this field, I would think that someone would say that to me to pass on to you. 

All I know is what I think they know – that our numbers here are significant, and if there is something they want the masses to know, I would think they would tell me, unless I’ve been blacklisted for telling the truth. We will continue to tell the truth as we know it, and also say if something is not the truth. Here is where we are, based on Friday coming into Monday – all the information is still holding, expecting this any minute. 

We did get some mosque reports, which led to some expectations for Saturday morning into Monday morning, and these did not materialize. From that expectation, we are now looking at Iraq again saying to stop using the US dollar, and supposedly this is going into effect on Tuesday, and therefore we should see use of dinar at 3-4 times higher than the current rate, which is 89 cents, more or less. 

We’ve heard from members sending money to Iraq and receiving that rate of 83-89 cents. Anyone from Iraq traveling abroad has to convert their dinars to another currency, and the rate is about 90 cents, not 1180 (or whatever the program rate). So that gives us the $4-5 exchange rate that has been reported to us. 

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: For years Banks have been reported ready, staffed, on lockdown, expectant, et al; YET nothing! Is it safe to say that any such “intel” re Banks would now be of no value and NOT an indicator of an impending RV? A: Of course not. Who do you think is going to exchange you in the US? If they are saying ‘no way, Jose’, then that is disheartening. However, if there are people in the banks ready to go, that is an indicator. Memos have come out saying “get ready for exchange”, and we know of people who are working all hours. Everything the banks is saying is indicative of the RV, and that is of value to me, because they will be told first that the time has come. If a bank calls me to come in, I will call Iraq and ask what’s happening. Whether Iraq supports that or not, I’m going to the bank! I’ve been on the bandwagon of the banks for a few years now, because I follow the money and the money’s at the bank. 

Q: It has been reported that the “fils” are “in the Iraq Banks”. Do we have a SOLID source that confirms that fils are in the Iraq Banks? 

A: I don’t have a solid source confirming that fils are in the bank. We have had reports of 11 billion USD in lower denominations being at the banks, and I have solid belief that the fils are there, too. 

Q: Segments starting in the west of the US and making there way eastward? 

A: I covered that in the opening statement, and I can go with some of it. There is supposed to be something significant happening tomorrow in Iraq, so we’ll see. 

Q: Any tariffs adjustments in Iraq? 

A: I haven’t heard of any. 

Q: Will rates change before e-dinars kick in at the end of April? 

A: Yes. 

Live Q and A 

845/404 caller: At the end of this week is the IMF/World Bank Spring meeting; are you hearing anything to be announced at that meeting? 

RayRen: I don’t know; as me again on Wednesday. There will be call on Wednesday, one way or the other – I just don’t know what type of call. 

Caller: About Iraqi security, we have heard that their leader has been captured by the Russians. How significant is it that he be brought to justice? Or is that a moot point? We keep being told that security has to be 100% in alignment in Iraq for the RV. 

RayRen: I don’t think that is significant in relation to the RV, especially if tomorrow yields what we are hoping. I expect to hear something when their business hours start. 

917 caller: I’ve been in this for 13 years now, so I have a lot of patience. Just hold on; we are there. 

732 caller: You are on the top three spots for the segments, according to an article I was reading. Also, they state you have to be listening to the sites/gurus to get an 800 numbers, and I am not officially a member at TNT, but you will have a call…? 

RayRen: I wish they would let me know! Yes, I will have a call if there is an 800 number. If there were any 800 numbers, do you really think people won’t circulate it?? I’m not talking about what ‘they’ say, I’m talking common sense. People just don’t keep secrets; we’ll find at least one person that we will tell things to, so it will get out anyway. Even the groups that have their own contractual agreements will give out the number they receive – it’s human nature, and most of us know that. So for someone to put out that people will then keep to themselves… ? I might get a phone call from a bank, and they tell me it’s for the TNT people only; how far will that go? Will you not give that to your family members at least? You know that will be shared. Let’s be real; we’re dealing with human beings who love their family members and owe other people favors, and if it’s not going to put them in jail or get them killed, and this will help other people, they will not keep it to themselves unless they are sworn to secrecy. I cannot get the TNT members sworn to secrecy; it’s just not practical. 

Caller: Do you still speak to Tony and DC? 

RayRen: DC is on sabbatical, so we don't bring him up or talk about him. 

281 caller: I don’t see that happening either, because we all have people we brought into this, and we would have to share that information with them or they won’t know when to go to the bank. So that secret 800 number thing is really not feasible. Unless I signed an NDA, I would not keep it to myself. We want to help those we told about this… 

604 caller: Someone in British Columbia was going to have the banking community get together for a seminar; have they contacted you? 

RayRen: No, not yet. Next caller: You and Tony don’t know it, but as soon as you send out the RV, my niece and I are moving in with you until we get this sorted out! We’ll pay the rent! 

928 caller: I’ve been listening for seven years come September, but this is my first call. A while back, it seemed that we could maybe exchange one note to keep us going, and then exchange the rest later. Is that still possible? It would be great to have travel money. 

RayRen: There are more advantageous ways to do that. How much do you need right away? Ten grand? You take in one 25,000 dinar note, and that exchanges @ $3+, so you have $75,000. When we have money, we spend it, so that is $65,000+ that you’ll spend instead of investing it. Instead of accidentally wasting $65,000, when we could wait another few days, the rate might be $6 instead of $3 – so really you are missing out on another 75,000 on that note because you exchanged it too early. So that is a 75K loss, plus the lost opportunity where you could have put that money to work. So when you add in the 10% you could have been earning on that $150, then over ten years that could be in the millions. You just need 10K, and don’t need it to be YOUR 10K, so go borrow it. It doesn’t matter what interest rate is, because it will be worth it to borrow that $10,000 for a week or so. That bank understands this, and you can work something out, like 10K @ 3% interest, and then you do your exchange and put it into a 10% interest account, then you have a 7% gain by using the bank’s money rather than your own. Not everyone will think this way, but you have everything to gain and nothing to gain if you reserve your exchange money, put it to work, and receive the income into perpetuity. So take a look at other ways to do that. Haste makes waste; stop, think, talk to the bank, and see if they can lend you 10K. If they say no, then you might do what’s necessary to pay off that debt or do the travel. But do the most favorable thing… instead of exchanging that one note, collateralize on it, and make that exchange money work fro you from day one. Have you heard about the Paris trip? That’s at the end of June, and we should exchange this week, so you’ll have plenty of time to sort that out. We have CDs coming out at 10%, and you know how safe those are! The very country we are waiting for to RV, they are paying 20% on some of their accounts right now! How can we get money over there to make 20%? We have to get out of the box, and explore new things we can do in banking and investing. We don’t’ have to go to the bank down the street, if they are only paying 1%, when possibly we can fly across the country and receive 10%? You can do one, the other, or both! We just need this RV to happen so we can get the real game started. This is nothing compared to where we are going after this… we just need the RV to happen first. That is the new beginning for many of us. 

702 caller: On an earlier call, someone mentioned the figure 50,000 – is that how many dinar holders there are? [Mistake: that article said 50 million.] 

RayRen: I’m sure it’s in the millions, dinar holders. 

Caller: That rate you mentioned, 90 cents, is that in Iraq? 

RayRen: Yes, those leaving the country are exchanging at 90 cents. 

601 caller: Is there a place in Louisiana to exchange your dinar? 

RayRen: I am pretty sure there is, when it is exchange time. I don’t think I actually have such a bank on my list of 46, but some of these don’t have a state. 

Closing Statement Exciting times! As for donations, at first I thought PayPal was targeting us, because they shut down our ability to receive donations on Friday, but they have been shutting down other companies and sites as well. 

However, it seems that is not the case. I think we won’t have the need for donations any longer, anyway. I really appreciate that some of you pushed through anyway, and of course some thought that this meant the RV occurred. 

I do think it will happen this week, don’t know if that will push us through to the banks right away, but definitely think we will be exchanging by the end of the month. 

This is not to put you into a frenzy; we always said we would tell you what’s happening, positive or negative, and based on my information, I do think this is happening very soon. 

If this doesn’t materialize by the end of this month, and we have bills to pay, then we’ll let you know about donations. I just don’t think that will be an issue. 

Twenty four hours is going to tell us a whole lot, and if there is something exciting to share with you, I will text it out to you. If not, we will be back on Wednesday to continue the saga. In the meantime, keep smiling; the end is in sight and we are rapidly approaching the phase of this trip that we have been looking for. I am ready for a new beginning. 


The CBI and GOI is meeting with the IMF and WB.     If it was just with the IMF i would say it was a regular continual meeting...But it's not.  There is no countdown for a DATE...YOU KNOW THAT.   But IOO...There is a Change coming and...YOU KNOW THAT.   ...may I point something out ...the indicative rate has not been on the CBI website all year ...they break laws but consider this ...they don't show you 1000 to 1...they will never show you one to one so when they lift the three zeros they won't even show you that...In the still of the night they will simply apply it  and go about their business


[Do you think that the IMF meeting with the CBI and GOI this weekend could be the GO/No Go meeting for the Revalue of Iraq's currency?]   ...IMHO it looks as if all these "talks" will happen first - THEN the Executive Board will decide and vote on, what to do.  ...the next few days are going to be very, very full of activity. Followed up by the IMF Executive Board.   I'm saying - the end of April... up through about the 29th - is a VERY BUSY TIME for Iraq and the world financial overseers.


This is the cabals last chance to get back in control, it will all be over within days. Both the GCR and 209 countries revaluation will come to be inforced.

Q & A w/One Who Knows #9 4/17/17 , 18 APRIL

GCR Questions & Answers (Good Ones) Part 2

Post/Question: (12)

"Notification Question for OWK"

Thank you Patrick for this site and the many who share and contribute.

To OWK, regarding your post that we will be contacted, I don't quite understand how my contact details can be on any list as I got currency through ebay.

I did read your post on this but am left still wondering.....

OWK, can you shed further light on this?

Much appreciation for your time, energy and information,

Cheers brother,




You answered your own question. Ebay dealers have your email address from your purchase. If you are on record in anyway, you will get the early notice to set up your appointment.

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

If the sky falls, and worse comes to worse, then just wait till it is on the net and call in then. Don't worry, all is well!

Post/Question: (13)

"Question about Segment"
Just to calm people that they really are in one of the segments, wouldn't it be smart idea to send out a pre mail to make sure that it comes to the right mailbox and is not lost in the junk mail?

Warrior of Light



I like your question, but, there will be NO OFFICIAL information or actions until this is public and going live all over the World.

If, it turns out that an email address has gone bad, they can still get the 800#s and information from the net as planned. Remember, this Segment contacting plan is just an early appointment plan. But not that early, maybe a day or two. Remember they are in a big hurry to get this started and done! All is well!

Post/Question: (14)

"Question to OWK"
Dear Richard – OneWhoKnows :-)

I’d like to thank you very very much for your service on humanity, and in particular for helping the community here on IDC „planet“ to guide us on all topics of our currency exchange and questions about ascension and more. Also a special thank to Patrick for providing us this „galactic“ platform for our great future, thank you very much Patrick. And also many thanks to all writers here, equal on which topic you write, if currency exchange, spiritual guides, the event, ascension and a lot more – I love it to read a lot of them.

Until now I have translated a lot of articles posted here for a german speaking chat group, and it helped me on the one hand to learn the language better, and of course on the other hand to increase my knowledge on all these different themes.

Since many years I live in Spain, and for this reason I will stay in the future here too, and I will start my humanitarian and infrastructural project in Spain (center will be in Barcelona, I will move to there, just the moment I live on one of the beautiful Balearic islands). My projects includes about 25 countries, or even far more than 50 countries, it depends on the rate I can negotiate. Also when I have a profound knowledge on different professions I studied in this life, I am sure that I am not prepared to build up a huge company (foundation) of tens of thousands of humans to realize this project by my own (as a „CEO“), for this I need someone, but I am sure at my appointment they can help me!? I will take over a part of the whole project, and I see myself also in the position of a „student“ who will learn from the „CEO“ how to build up a huge foundation. I have only ZIMs, and will invest nearly all in my project, and I will take only a fix amount for me in private. At least the percentage I take for my my own will be less than 0.01%, or even far less.

I want to ask you some questions, I’m sure you can answer them :-)

1. I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the appointment. Do you think there is also the possibility that they have a beamer and computer at the appointment which I can use when I have a USB stick with me, or I can only use my printed presentation (My Macbook is broken, and the desktop computer I cannot carry with me ;-)? Or do I have to ask this at my #800 call?

2. About the language at the appointment. Like I said I live in Spain (born in Germany), I would like to have my appointment here; I think it will be in Barcelona, when I am right HSBC is there. The problem is, I want to do it in English language, even I don’t know if I can handle it perfectly in English, but definitely I am unsure to fulfill it in Spanish language, and I don’t think that at the appointment will be present German speaking peoples!? The reason is not really about the presentation, to handle it in English, it is more because of the NDA (yes, I want to and have to go for „sovereign“ rates cause of my project).

Do you think that it is possible also when I do my exchange in Spain, that I can have a copy of the NDA in German language beside the English version, which I can read before I sign the english version, because it is difficult for me to understand the business English in contracts? Or it will be better to go to Germany or Switzerland to do it there, even the project is in Spain? (My presentation is prepared in English language, because if I had to go to Germany or Switzerland, there is not the problem, they speak English too)

3. There were different opinions in the past about the number of pages of the presentation. Now I have two versions, a short and large one. The short one has nearly fifty pages, the large one nearly hundred. Or the short version still has to many pages (it is a PP presentation, so a single page has not a lot of text on it, and it is better to capture the content fast)? For me it makes no sense to have a presentation of a handful pages at this size of the project. Or what do you think or know about the count of pages?

For now that’s all I want to ask you ;-) … Thank you so much in advance for giving me more clarity on my questions.

LIGHT AND LOVE TO YOU … and all other light beings here at IDC planet :-)))

GG alias 'lluvia de oro'

PS: „lluvia de oro“ means in English something about „golden shower“, I don’t know how to translate it correctly, because the meaning is figurative.
PPS: If someone out there is from Spain and wants to contact me in private, Patrick has my email, so please contact him.



Thanks for all the nice words.

First, you won’t be getting any help with your projects at your exchange appointment. That will be about agreeing to a rate, setting up your accounts etc. You will be able to enlist the help of your Wealth manager with your projects. He can help you pick a good contractor, manager, or whatever else you need. Importantly, you will have the money to get expert advice for EVERY AREA that you want advice. VERY EASY.

Electronics At The Appointment = NO

No phones, computers, recorders, or other devices will be permitted at your exchange appointment. If you have a Power Point presentation, print it out.

Your Project/Presentation

I have pointed out that it is not as much about your presentation on paper, as it is about you revealing your TRUE HEART. They are looking for passion. There will be people who have been living under a bridge who will get the high rates without any paper presentation at all. It is all about YOU. Your project presentation is more about them listening to your excitement, than it is about your project itself. If you are a Light Worker, it will show and that is all that matters.

NEXT: Language

This was a very important question and the answer will be as well. Tell them that your primary language is German and that you want someone there who can speak German to you, and you want your agreements in both German and English. There is NOTHING too hard to do for a future Trillionaire. Tell them what you want and expect to get it.

For others reading this post, if you have reading issues, or language issues, or handicapped issues, let them know so that they can accommodate you when you arrive.

Thanks for your great questions!

Post/Question: (15)

"Questions for OWK"
Dear owks, Firstly i would like to thankyou for all you do , as i dont own a credit card, i asked a friend to purchase zim on my behalf, i paid him and he gave me the zim, so my question is will i be able to exchange as you said everyone who has purchased zim is known i didnt purchase it but i have it, could you please give me your thought as i'm not sure what to do , Kind regars One whos not sure!



Your friend most likely will get some sort of notice from a segment-group. Just tell him to let you know when he does. If that doesn't work, then the numbers will be posted on the net anyway, just like they have always said they would. Just keep paying attention to the net and the numbers will show up soon.

Post/Question: (16)

"Questions for OWK Re: Segments"
I do not belong to a "group" nor do I have friends who have currencies. I do not have Zim currency.

Quote: "EVERYBODY is connected to someone in some way that will get a special 800#."

My transactions were done through Travelex.

Does this assure me of notification?

This is such a big deal for all of us. My concern with "being contacted" sends just a bit of fear coursing through me.

And, just to clarify: Are "screen rates" the same as "street rates?"

Might I be offered a rate in line with UN Operational Funds--since I've no Zim.

Thank you.



First, you should be in the system since Travelex is not just a dealer, they are one of the largest. So, I am quite sure you will be notified through the email address you used with them. However, no matter what, the 800#s and information will be on the net just like they said. If for some weird reason, you don’t get an early notification, you will get the information you want from the net anyway. No Biggie.

The street Rates will be the ones that regular people get for years to come. The regular exchange rates for that currency. We will have much higher rates available to us during a short time for ALL THE FIRST BASKET CURRENCIES. The Dinar, Dong, Afghani, zim, etc. You will have plenty of time to exchange and get these rates.

There will be the early notices, emailed in segments, then it will be posted on the net for all those who didn't get any emails, or didn't even have emails, and that will last for a certain number of days. Once the special exchange offers are over, all rates will reset to the street rate where they will remain.

Post/Question: (17)

"Questions to OWK about Segments"
Hi IDC Family, I am an avid reader of this site (almost every an hour checking for an update) for almost a year now. Usually, I am first looking with OWK post before others....

Since I have a ZIM and have the written humanitarian project plan, I am reading OWK post as a priority. Now, I have a question for Richard/OWK, about his post

"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17" 

As I understand about this issue, that the #800 numbers will "FIRSTLY" be given to "KEY people" or leaders who had their "segments" then from them it will be given to their followers, but if this numbers would leaked out because of perhaps excitement of others to share this #800 number to other by posting it. then it will be cancelled...

So my question is (just to clarify), how about the #800 numbers that is suppose to be will be posted in IDC website that says: "This is where the 800#'s will be listed which will be included in the TETELESTAI post once published." (which actually I am waiting to appear)

Does it mean that there will be no number to be posted here or it will be cancelled also?

Thank you so much IDC family and OWK for answering this question..


Ands from Philippines



The segments plan is an Early notification plan. It is to get as many people through the process as possible before it is posted on the net. If someone posts one of the segment numbers publicly, it will have to be disabled and replaced. no biggie.

However, when the 800# is posted on the web site it will be the "Internet 800#" and will remain for a few days until all those who had not yet called in can do so. After a certain amount of time, it will be pulled down and turned off as well. This means that when you get an 800#, call right away to set your appointment. You don’t have to go in right away, just make contact right away, and then set an appointment time that works for you. Some will set a later appointment time due to travel sickness, or something else. Easy!

Post/Question: (18)

"Questions for OWK"

Dear OWK,

RE: "Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

Thank you so much for your wonderful work and posts here to help enlighten us her in DC land, your explanation certainly sound fees-able as there too many people to exchange all at once throughout the world, I have been on this ride for 7 years through the ups & downs patiently waiting and follow all your posts, I live in Australia and have currencies as many of us here do, how will this work for us? How will we get notified over here when we can go in, I have spoken to a HSBC Bank here in Aus several weeks ago and was informed that they new all about the RV/GCR and weren't allowed to discuss it or mention anything about it until they received official advice to do so, another question is the HSBC banks here don't do currency exchanges but all have a Travelex currency exchange centers inside the branch so who will do the exchange, Travelex or HSBC?

I am eagerly waiting to help the poor & hungry all over the world, I monitor all blogs and currency sites daily and can't wait for this to go but it's hard to get advice guidance when no one has your contact details, any guidance regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.

Anonymous Light Worker from OZ



Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. Somebody has your email, and will email you when it is time. However, if it doesn't happen for some crazy reason, it will still be posted on the net just as planned.

I am amazed that any bank admitted to the GCR, they could have gotten in big trouble for that. But, no matter what HSBC can do, or can not do now, after the GCR goes public, you will find that they can do it all! No worries.

Post/Question: (19)

"Re: Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan"
"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

Hello Richard,

I have just read OWK latest advice, and l look forward to his Godly knowledge daily, but this article is great for the US, but here down under there are no contacts, especially for me, as l just went and brought what l needed,,,,,, l really don't have a contact other than you, Dinar Chronicles?

Thank you for being so gracious, T

Life is like being an actor who performs in a film without knowing the screenplay.



I repeat the same exact answer above since you are both "Down Under:"

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. Somebody has your email, and will email you when it is time. However, if it doesn't happen for some crazy reason, it will still be posted on the net just as planned. No worries!

Post/Question: (20)

"Question for One Who Knows"

Dear One Who Knows-

Firstly-a zillion thanks and immense gratitude for your tireless enlightening articles-they are a gift to us all.

Patrick and all the other members of DC –you have made this space a welcoming educational zone for so many.



1.How does one get listed on your segment for notification, is it possible to be added to your mailing list,please ?

2.Most of my currency purchases were made via Ebay,over the last 9 years,with an occasional purchase from a bank-so cannot be sure that this would be the source of contact.

3.When I have listened to any calls,it has been via a computer connection,so no phone number or email address provided .

4.Many of my giftees are relying on me to notify them of a call number when it is provided- so how may I be sure to receive a notifying email?

5.Would Patrick be able to send out notifications of instructions if they are not being posted on his website?

Please advise us- One Who Knows.

Submitted by Child of the Universe



Thank you for your nice words.

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an Internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

Basel III has strict standards of keeping track of these currencies and you MOST likely have an email address listed for your purchase for this VERY TIME IN THE PROCESS. They knew that down the road, when this actually went live, that they would be contacting people by email, just like it is being told to you. So don’t be surprised to find out that your email address was collected and saved for notifying you later.... Like now!

YES, you should notify your giftees as they probably don’t have any buying records or ways that the NPTB would know they have currency. Like you, I have many giftees and it will be our responsibility to notify them when we get the information ourselves.

Patrick will be getting the 800#s to put on his website when it is the right time. Remember, for all those who don't have emails, or aren’t contacted for some reason, they will be able to get the 800#s and information on the website when it is posted. Easy.

Post/Question: (21)

"Re: Segments"
"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

I read Dinar Chronicles and I am registered to be able to respond to posted messages. So I believe from this that I would be contacted but asked not to pass on the information. My question is that I gave away some of what I purchased to about twenty people all whom I have been keeping posted what is going on. They are depending on me to give them the 800# so they can exchange at these rates also. One is in the Philippines, another is in Hawaii, one is in Texas and the rest is here in the Pacific NW. How am I going to be able to help these people to be able to exchange at the higher rates to they can do the projects they have in mind to do. Most of these people all have Zim the rest only have Dong.

Can I send you the contacts so you can contact them. I keep them informed from this DC site.



You are correct, you should share the 800#s and information with them when you get it. It is not an emergency however, in case you can't reach them. It will be posted on the net as planned so they can get the number themselves. But the short answer is YES, pass on the info and instructions when you get them.

Post/Question: (22)

"Question for OWK Re: Segments"
"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

Thank you Richard for all the love and clarity and guidance you offer, you bring much peace to our hearts in this amazing process. My question is asking for a bit more clarity on how we will know if we are on "a list" to be contacted, even if it is from the dealer from whom currency was purchased. I follow Zorra, DC, TNT, Bruce, but not quite sure my email is on a "list for contact". Oh, and that leads to another question.... if a friend and I entered into this at the same time and have followed this together, may we share the number if one of us does get it first? Thank you for addressing this. Big love and blessings.




Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. Chances are you are on a contact list already.

As far as your friend goes, I don’t see a problem with that. It is an early contact roll out plan, and you are just helping the process to go faster. That being said, keep it to those people you have direct contact with. I know that there will be some overlap at times, and some people will be left out since they never bought currency themselves. But that is why the number will then be posted on the net so that whoever still has not set their appointments, they can do so then. It is a pretty good plan, and it can be tweaked a bit, especially if you want to go with your friend to exchange as well.

Post/Question: (23)

"To OWK Re: Segments"
"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

I don't know anyone here in dinarland. I have been an observant currency holder.. I have gifted zim to people who are not monitoring anything and rely on me to share the 800s when released.

I'm concerned that I will not be contacted at all bec I'm not a member of any group and I've not given out my email address except for subscribing to dinar chronicles email updates. Does that count?

-One Who Doesn't Want to Miss the Bus



If you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are. You are most likely on a list. However, if for some weird reason you don't get the early notice, it will be posted on the net as well for everyone who has not yet set up their appointments.

As far as your giftees, YES, pass on the information when you get it.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows