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Al Hodges & Michael Cottrell Update - RV/GCR & Private VIDEO, 17 APRIL


4-17-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23  ...They have been preparing and been  prepared... The Kurd disagreements are not holding it back simply because all banks are following central bank laws and... Kurd government are enforcing currency laws...money laundering etc...

4-17-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [...what your thoughts on that no float....I did some research and there are advantages and cons about a pegged rate. I read if theyd come out low it will help with trade but on the other hand it could raise inflation.]  Not could - will...it would start an inflationary trend that might not be easy to stop.  IMHO - it will be a "managed float" - meaning: it will look so much like a fixed rate - it might as well be fixed.


1DesertRat: I am going to do a search do you think it would ok if I find that last letter from Gen64 (Now the Wells Fargo Private Group)   to post it?  I know it has to be somewhere in this computer. I run on to Sweet Queen and Papa Bear and a bunch of older folks. I have lots of stuff from way back then





[Papa Bear] DO NOT CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS UNTIL   (post ends here…..guessing …Do not change email addresses until after you get the email from the Wells Fargo Group?)

JPWilliams:  Idesertrat, what can one do if your e-mail address has changed since you registered with a private group and they have no way of contacting you.

Red:  jp since general 64 group has become the Wells Fargo group just stay in touch with Wells Fargo should be sufficient I would think


GJHHonor:  GM to all no ….change on the IQD rate today , come rv.

Lightspirit:  a bird told me that the exchanges were starting but that they were not going to just put the 800 numbers out for all the people at once. That it was being done in a structured way so that our group tnt would get the numbers through Ray or Tony at our time

Lilypad:  Iraq will resume its discussions with the IMF to get $ 840 million http://almaalomah.info/2017/04/16/economic/147996




Apparent exchange movement in Texas yesterday was not able to be confirmed because of the religious holiday. 

The focus has not changed, there are no delays what so ever since 11:59 am 3/31/17. 800 to be revealed at a moments noticed now. There will only be one 800 number and it will be posted for all to see. 
You know it is awesome when everything that I have said in the past has finally bared fruit and cause concern on the dinar public. Been following this rv since the revaluation of the Kuwaiti dinar and I for one am tired. 

I honestly declare these revaluations will be acknowledged to be accomplished as we speak, with the thought that the President will honor us all soon. For there is a lot to do for humanity and I am not getting any younger. So President Trump let's get this done asap. 
Good day Bluwolf

"Boys & Toys" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/17/17

It's Emancipation Day here in the US, the day Abe Lincoln freed Washington D.C. of slavery. It's a little known national holiday that is lengthening the tax return day.

Kind of fitting now that the RV has officially started as in the midst of a one week roll out starting April 13 and ending April 20th.

All the banks are closed today, but the markets open as the chaos around US foreign policy swishes in the hearts and minds of peoples and nations everywhere.

But do not worry, Donald John Trump is in the White House. Man, a lot of negatives seem to come along with him being President, it's like the guy always makes the wrong decision... every time.

More interestingly, his Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Ryan are both out of the country this week, one in South Korea and the other in Europe.

That's curious as if you'll recall in the GESARA by laws, there is a provision that states acting executive or presidential leadership must be out of the country at the time of the RV.

And because we know with 100% certainty that the global RV release has in fact begun, why is President Trump not overseas?

Maybe for the same reason he was playing golf while the closest thing to the Cuban Missile Crisis was raging out of control and playing havoc everywhere overseas.

Or was it?

Folks, it's time to deeply consider that DJT is not really your President, and rather he's just playing one on TV.

Is it just a coincidence that Trump conducted an illegal and unconstitutional air strike against Syria (Russia) and is now threatening the same against North Korea... with no cause mind you, and no direct attack against US interests overseas let alone on our own soil?

Who does this make any sense too? Even die hard Trump supporters are packing up their Confederate and Nazi flags.

Yet it all just kinda happened... and nobody said too much or did anything about it in Congress. Why is that?

How can a sitting US President make an unconstitutional act of war using our military--threaten other countries who boarder China and Russia on its heels--and go unchecked by the one legislative branch of government structurally designed to keep executive power in check?

Strike it up to boys and their toys I guess, but which boys are in control of what toys is the deeper question here. Who is really in charge of United States foreign policy and military assets as of today?

In the media, we are made to feel as if President Trump is trying to start a war. But why? Low poll numbers? Doubtful. The escalating nature of the Syrian/North Korean military build up and rogue leadership threats? Nope.

Even if those who remain as Zionist controllers of the Trump's faux presidency behind the scenes attempting to stop the RV with the threat of war--they're doing a horrible job.

None of this drama is remotely believable, making this "Theater of the Absurd" a disappointing at best false flag performance.

School children are not even scared enough to hide under their desks; and adults aren't running back into nuclear bomb bunkers behind the farm house.

The optics of this mission are just plain amateuristic fellas. So disappointing.

Now enter the still bold yet irrelevant American navy with its nuclear submarine the USS Vinson, in range of both South and North Korean capitals, and Beijing as well and the western most cities of Russia--Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

Talk about raising the stakes.

Yet the market today is flat. The media subdued. Much of the country is enjoying the spring weather and taking the day off post Easter without a care in the world.

We've long been told a destabilized North Korean government could create chaos for China, Russia and South Korea.

Just as a destabilized Damascus could create chaos is the Middle East for a dozen nations.

Just as a destabilized Ukraine government could create chaos for all of Europe due to the gas lines feeding the majority of Europe from Russia.

Now can you see what the cabal does?

Is this why the NPTB are doing all of this--to wake you up the general population to what has been going on for centuries... manufactured truth through lies... aka fake news.

As sworn agents of an insane cabal power structure or shadow government creating order (new world order) through military and political chaos (self induced chaos) in an constant attempt to further enslave humanity--this is latest round of war mongering is just bad form.

Yes, controlled chaos is the only play in their geopolitical playbook, but this round is just sub par.

Even my dog knows the entire world is stack up against the cabal now, and their fate sealed for collapse, so this recent exercise in futility just not a wise a final encounter to display their machinations of a career spent causing calamity then bringing in solutions to said calamity.

The only question now that is which boys are really in charge of the big toys such as the USS Vinson?

Is the troika of the restored US Republic, Russia and China triune secretly in control of all these dangerous situationist and making the cabal look as if they are dragging the world into war as to expose their one okay and playbook?

It would be a genius psyops that actually both delivers a public death blow to the cabal and usher in 1,000 years of prosperity via the RV while teaching a grand final lesson.

Would the NPTB actually self-manufacture a series of non-threatening chaotic events across all continents so that a more permanent order could be quietly set into position without the general public ever suspecting let alone knowing what is really going on?

Gosh if this is true... I don't know how to react.

Appreciation for the effort guys but I feel abject embarrassment for everyone at NPTB headquarters because a few of us that are awake are way past this frequency and need more intense truth as stimulus.

We know the opposite of order is chaos, and yes while several potential wars in multiple continents, with an obnoxious reality TV character like Mr. Trump cast as a bombastic and irrational US President, does make for eye popping and mind riveting 24 hour news, it's also highly disruptive to the greater good and universally disingenuous to boot.

But do we really need all this drama here at the BegEnd?

Must humanity be considered so soundly asleep that we need to retrace our historic steps in the footprints of the past in order to awaken?

The NPTB seem to think so. Inaccurately I might add.

But ok, maybe just in this one exceptional case, bullshit chaos really does serve to bring in harmonious order, so these infinite blessings related to the RV can remain invisible be disbursed without detection as to keep the peace of the masses.


Still the hourly drama is boring guys and downright annoying to those of us in the correct frequency.

Duh, what RV? Trump and his nuclear bombs are the story... there's no RV to see here. Yeah, we've heard that like a thousand times. Turn there page.

Yosef, but the US Treasury even published a long report on Friday that there is absolutely no sovereign currency manipulation anywhere in the world. Yup. Amazing timing. Ho hum.

Well done Original Grandfather, Vladimir the Terrible who is really benevolent and of course our own Fighting Joe, who is really a peacemaker.

Now please f-inch deliver what Christ promised His righteous children and get the hell out of the way, literally, or be removed by His benevolent hand.

Enough of all the global psy-op games insanity ... humanity is well past it already, honestly. So should you.

There's nothing left to fear, including fear itself.

God is with us.

ONE WHO KNOWS: Segments - Answers Coming, 17 APRIL

Segments - Answers Coming

My friends in Dinarland, I have received a lot of questions on the new GCR Plan, and I will answer them for you. It will be my pleasure to do so. However, I don't want you to worry about the plan as it is a GREAT plan for Early notifications. Before I start on all the questions I am getting, Here are a few points to consider:

#1) EVERYONE will get the 800#s even if you have no email address, and are on no contact list what so ever. It will be on the Net. No worries.

#2) The Segments Plan is an EARLY CONTACT PLAN, that's all. If most of the currency holders can be notified personally, then the 800# won't have to be on the net for a long time. Makes Sense!

#3) When I said that a Segment Phone number would be cancelled if it were posted on the net, it just means that there will be another one issued to that same segment group so that everyone gets a chance to make their appointments. No biggie.

#4) The Segments Plan is just for the FIRST call number. Once you have your second number, or you have made contact with your appointment location, you are in the system, and no longer need the first number. That means that the Plan will roll out very quickly, since once you call that number you are done with it.

#5) The whole Early Notification Segments Plan will happen in a just a few days at most. Once the notifications start it will go VERY fast. Then it will show up on the net for those who didn't get contacted for some reason. No Worries.

#6) Don't worry, if you are paying attention to what is going on, you will get the 800#. The NPTB and the Elders, are going out of their way, to contact you early with the 800#. This is NOT NEW. Remember you were told lots of times that you would be contacted by email as well. The only difference is that you are being contacted by someone you know, be it a Guru, Group, Currency Dealer, Website, etc. It is WAY MORE PERSONAL & Better that way.

#7) This is NOT a change in Plan, it is an ADDITION to it. All they are doing is adding another Early Contact Method to everything else they are already doing. It is an EXTRA WAY to make sure EVERYONE is contacted efficiently. 

#8) Remember the thing that makes the Internet People (Group) special is that they can be contacted, by the internet. They are just making contact with you by email first, and then they will contact you by the net. But, by that time I would say that 99% of us will have already been contacted and have appointments, if not already exchanged. Relax, it is all good!

I am now going to start working on these questions... It may be a little while before I get them all answered.... Stand by...

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



JustinandDeb:  Thank you Delta Delta!  One more last check of the numbers before the explosion !!!


SMN: Delta, Thank you that is fantastic info.  272829, yep 10 (days) = 27  (April 27th)

Celebr8:  THAT!....is a LOT of monetary clout in one room...WOW! Thanks for that Delta; that's going to be fun to watch.

Fenway:  Maybe these agencies are there to oversee and hand-hold during the RV itself, this weekend.

Tommy17:  Yep.    Interesting timing. They could be reviewing progress of the 1000 to 1 rate and getting them ready for the next big step 1 to 1.  Imo

Frank26:  (smile)  

Greenclan:   thank you DELTA for the Easter basket. Yummy Treats.  ? - what is the 10 for ?

SlappySquirrel:  272829..imo  (27,28,29)


Wishes:  Frank said, iraq will meet with imf regularly even after it RV. so what kind of stuff are they talking about in this meeting that are so important.
StephenMac63:   Yes, IMF will meet with Iraq continually but this meeting is with both the GOI and the CBI for a period of three days. All of the Chiefs in one big meeting along with smaller side meetings with the respective departments during that time. It's not a case of IMF and World Bank just going to see the CBI or just going to see the GOI.

This is together and One on One. Anything less can be done by Skype or conference call. But IMF and World Bank feels it is important to gather all of the ducks together on the pond for a reason......and this reason is what we are going to find out.

Wishes:  you could be right, but, still one thing for sure is you dont know what meeting are they going to talk about, if they feel like to tell you then they let you know, if they dont feel like to say anything, you will never know whats the meeting all about behind the door. 
StephenMac63:  Ahhh, the trick is we know what they are NOT going to talk about, coffee, donut recipes, how to do an oil change on a Chevy Pickup Truck ect and we DO know they WILL talk about their expertise. IMF coordinates loan with stipulations to countries, World Bank issues the check upon approval from whoever is in charge of the project.

With those four groups,the IMF, WB, GOI, and the CBI in attendance at the same time the meeting can only be about one thing. We all know that none of the above mentioned groups would even have this meeting if everything wasn't done on any group's part, total waste of time and a potential embarrassing situation. And Abadi would not even allow that.

The World Bank is there to support the IMF wishes, not the other way around. This whole meeting will be about everyone in the room giving everyone in the room the latest and possibly the final status of their responsibilities that were issued to them. IMO, each member in that room will already know of the status of progress even before they leave their respective locations (countries) to attend.

IMO, it's Final Exam time for them. And you are correct in saying that they wont tell us what is said in the meeting. Because it is not our business to know. We are on a Need to Know basis and right now they think that we dont need to know.

But one day, and who knows when as we can only watch what  they do, they will tell us.

Samson:  Iraq will resume its discussions with the IMF to get $ 840 million

Appearance-Mohammad-Saleh  04/16/2017 12:29

It announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, for the resumption of Iraq's discussions with the International Anakz Fund next Friday to review the readiness credit agreement, which includes lending Iraq $ 5.4 billion, likely to launch the amount of $ 840 million by next June.
Saleh said in a statement / information /, "The Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance Agency Abdul Razzaq al-Issa will travel to Washington DC this week to discuss the readiness of credit agreement signed by Iraq in 2015, which includes lending to Iraq 5.4 Milirdolar," noting that "Iraq received until now billion and a quarter billion dollars. "
Saleh explained that "the delegation will start its meetings with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on Friday and up to three days," likely that "the launch of an amount of $ 840 million by next June."
The source added that "the delegation includes in addition to Alissa Central Bank Governor Ali Keywords and officials from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Planning and Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Office of Financial Supervision, as well as representatives from the Kurdistan Regional Government."


Samson:  Trade and interest rates are the most important topics IMF summit

4/17/2017 0:00

Katie Allen  translation / Khaled Kassem faces ministers and businessmen are many topics for discussion this week in Washington with escalating global tensions and the decline of globalization, as it is a geopolitical crisis and uncertainty about the future of the European Union and not to anticipate the actions of the US president background risky for meetings of the current Spring International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Receive the growing shadow of protectionism also on the meeting of the Fund, while the World Bank faces challenges no less difficult to carry out its mission of reducing poverty and inequality levels. The most important topics for discussion are trade and protectionism , and increase productivity, migration , and increase the US interest rate. Trade protectionism  ignited the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House fears of a new wave of protectionism amid international bodies such as the IMF, because the fear of Trump and his ilk of populists around the world may increase the stagnation of international trade politicians, and therefore the fund will take advantage of this meeting to issue new warnings about what he sees from the risks of this policy. 

The Fund director Christine Lagarde: The barriers to trade would be "self - wound" to improve the global economy, the two organizations mentioned alongside the World Trade Organization that the opening of markets is good for growth but recognized the need to act to help individuals and marginalized communities. Increased productivity has not suffered Britain alone , the decline in productivity growth since the financial crisis, this is the president measure of economic efficiency is usually measured by production per hour of work it dropped sharply in most developed countries over the last decade. 

It affected the repercussions of this growth and living standards, where the IMF believes that the gross domestic product in developed countries would be higher than the current level by 5 percent if the pre - crisis trend continued production growth index factors such as spending on research. The director of the Fund wants governments to take urgent measures in order to change the situation through investment in education and get rid of red tape and stimulate research and development.

At the same time, the participating delegations to meet the realization that solutions such as automation would risk expanding inequality if the unemployed did not get because of the robots on other opportunities. Migration Fund and the World Bank International has sought to shed light on the possible pros of the countries that receive large numbers of immigrants and refugees. Migrant workers are young to the low unemployment rate countries such as Germany can fill gaps in skills and reduce long - term pressure on the state 's age because of the  population.

World Bank president believes the need for additional efforts in developing countries so as not to feel the pressure of migration , including its population. Called "Jim Yong Kim" campaign to develop urgent, while highlighting the increasing awareness of poor countries because of the Internet and smart phones. Bank feels very concerned about weak growth in Africa now and wants his boss to use government subsidies funds to transfer billions of Western countries to trillions of investments in the private sector. The interest rate  of the hot topics meeting the central bank 's policy, especially in America, and the relative strength of the dollar.

US Federal Reserve began to raise borrowing costs after a long period of interest rates to a record low - lying level after the financial crisis. Interest can be considered to raise a vote of confidence in the world 's largest economy, but this emphasis is not without consequences for the rest of the world. Poor countries and developing borrowed huge amounts of money in recent years from Western countries because of its benefits of low - lying.

But now it shrunk as a result of increased borrowing costs and inflation of dollar - denominated debt due to the increase in its value. Even after the increase in the US interest , what the monetary policy of advanced countries still without strict controls, and as a result will direct the speakers in Washington invited accustomed to politicians not to rely on central banks alone to drive economic growth again. The Guardian



Question: God Power / Technology / Gifting Letters / Rates / More

Post/Question: (1)

OWK I would think since you are an expert on using your God power or the Law of Attraction, what are we doing wrong? Are we not increasing our consciousness or is it a legitimate delay. If it is our collective consciousness then we as a group better get busy and stop the blame game and start creating. If it is a delay what is the problem?




When it is your own personal creation, and you have complete control of the whole process, you can make things happen very quickly. But this is a bit more complex.

Mainly, you have to keep your expectation high, which you could easily do, but then you ALSO think about others who are not keeping their vibration and expectation high. So on the one hand, you are bringing the GCR on, but on the other hand, your thought that others are holding it up, causes you to use your energy to hold it up as well. You are both believing that it is working out, and at the same time believing that it is not working out, because of others. 

Vibration is always (In All Ways) a balance and it is the "NET" result that creates reality. If you believe slightly more that it is going than you believe that others are holding it up, your contribution is slightly biased to the working out side.

Interestingly, for learning purposes, if you held your vibration and expectation to it is working out and it cannot be stopped by anyone, be it troll, nay sayer, Cabal, etc, you would be contributing 100% of your available manifesting energy to making it work out.

It is easy to see what the trolls and Cabal are up to with their nonsense. They do or say something that not only makes you doubt a little bit yourself, but makes you think that they have the power to stop or slow down this RV. If you think they have the power to do that, they win, because you contribute your energy to the not working outside due to what you think they can do to stop it.

That is why the Light Workers have been so important because we kept believing and expecting that this World would get on the right track and be good again. That supplied enough positive, working out energy, to those who were doing things to make this happen. They believed and received energy support from your belief as well. 

Post/Question: (2)
Hi Patrick, OWK, judy and all the others that probably know some answers..

here is a question i'm asking myself..

For exemple, one of the project i will realise is to construct healing centers. I live in France (i'm a taxi driver).

I'll build (not myself) Feng shui structured centers with energy healers, magnetizer, reiki massage etc etc and the center of that will be for cancer people, 3rd age people and children..

the main idea is to get Neil Keenan's healing computer's (germain made i think) into my centers in order to achieve good healing experience to patients..

My question : i saw video and posts of neil himself and people that had healing sessions but i don't really know if it works that good ... Can we get advice from somebody about the healing computers?? 

another project is Mr Keshe plasma technology .. i will build keshe factories to distribute freely to everybody.... but does it really works?? 

Free energy ... which technology to adopt ? 

So my question is : is there anywhere where i can have advices on the choices i will have to make ?? 

thanks for your return



So your question is about the coming advanced technologies. Let me give you a sneak peek at what the future holds. First, whatever you see now is already out of date. In fact I understand that within weeks if not days after this goes, the old computers and technology will be taken off the shelves and the new more advanced stuff will "Suddenly" be available. If that doesn't blow your mind, wait till you hear my personal story.

I plan on buying a big 750 foot yacht. It will take 4 years to build it and so it needs to be ordered right away. I was talking about my plans with some of my "higher" contacts and they sort of laughed. They have a technology on the "ships" (UFOs) that will "print out" an Aero-ship (UFO) in hours or a day. They said that they could "Print out" the entire Yacht, including everything on it and in it, in a day. Then I said, well if they can Print out Areo-ships and I had them print out my yacht for me, I might as well print out a Yacht that can fly like an Areo-ship as well. They said "Why Not!" So to make a long story short, I am looking forward to having the first flying Yacht very soon. 

However, in answer to your question, I would wait a little bit and see what new medical technologies show up after "Disclosure." It will be amazing to say the least. I wouldn't plan anything based on the technology of today, I would plan on using the most advanced technology available after Disclosure.

Post/Question: (3)

Questions from Signify about GIFTING LETTERS to an LLC or trust

Dear DC community - maybe OWK will want to respond to this. And maybe my questions will be food for thought for others, if there are issues they haven't thought about.

First: Does anyone have a template they've already vetted, for gifting currency they purchased personally to an LLC or trust prior to exchange? If so, would you kindly share it, or share the link you used?

Related questions:

- Do our gifting letters need to be signed & notarized "at home" in advance?

- Might our CE gifting documents have to differ from state to state? (Corporate entities are ruled by the laws of the state in which they're founded.)

My quick online research shows a simple generic document on NOLO (for a real estate transaction--easily adaptable to present purposes if it'd be accepted), vs. a 4-page highly complex one on lawdepot.com, where it's called a "gift deed." That one is classified as an irrevocable gift -- which will lead me to another question in a sec. Interestingly, lawdepot, which I've never explored before, popped up an editable document for MY home state. Hmmm. And I wonder if an irrevocable "gift deed" is my state's requirement, or something the site uses for all.

- About gifting Iraqi currency along with VND/VNN and Zim: we've read that there may be special taxable conditions on IQD/IQN currency, unlike the other countries' -- I believe this has to do with the US's wartime relationship with Iraq. Now, it'll be great if the IRS goes away, and soon, as OWK and others project. But I plan to set things up as compliant and asset-protective within the existing system, and will be delighted to see a formal announcement down the pike that there's no more IRS or income tax.

So, I plan to do 3 different gifting letters, one for each of my 3 currencies. We've been cautioned (in earlier years) against mixing currencies in one bank account. I'm also wondering about mixing IQD/IQN with the others in my LLC. I'm having a "virgin" LLC created that has never done any taxable business activity and is coded properly for asset-holding-only purposes; I don't want to compromise the rest of the funds in it with a taxable transaction. My plan is to bring all letters to the appointment, and if I learn there's a potential taxation issue with IQD/IQN, I may keep it, or have a letter that gifts it to a different LLC that has already done taxable business.

- Finally, it seems like a good idea to create an acknowledgement letter of thanks from the corporate entity for each gifting letter. Non-profits have to do this, but it might be prudent for business entities too, in this case.

Many thanks for your insights!





You have got a lot of questions and information here but I am sure I can clear this up for you very quickly.

Gift Letters

The whole idea of "gifting letters" was due to tax consequences of the Currency exchange. You didn't need the "letter" because you had the receipt that proved when you got the currency. In the event of tax your receipt would prove when you bought the currency, and the Gifting Letter was for the same reasons. It showed when the currency was gifted, and was MEANT to show the gift to the person, LLC, or whatever else was at its low value rate. That way, the gift was a non tax issue since its value was only a few hundred dollars. But when the currency increased in value, it would already be in the "Other Person's" hands or in the company structure. But that no longer matters.

No Income Tax

Based on what we are being told about the tax situation, and I am not a tax professional, is that we will not have a tax issue based on the increase in value, and we can give a couple hundred dollars to someone else or a couple hundred million, billion, or trillion and still not have a tax consequence either, since income tax will no longer be collected. If that is true, and I am sure it is, there would be no need for Proof that the gift was given to the person or the corporation at a certain time when its value was less. It could be given while at a lower value or given after it increases in value with no difference in the tax ramifications.


I am not a fan of Irrevocable trusts or structures. Again, I am not a tax professional, but irrevocable structures usually have to do with tax planning. It lets "things" happen in the trust, or structure and limits the tax consequences. However, we will not have a capital gains tax, nor an income tax and so there are no taxes that need that kind of protection. If it were me, I would NOT jump into anything irrevocable before the exchange because you don’t know what you will REALLY need until then. Frankly, if there are no tax issues, then it doesn't matter when you get it to the trust or what kind of trust it is.... at first.


I am looking forward to getting top advice on how all this will work and what the REAL tax issues will be. You will have the best advice that money can buy or rent, right at your finger tips and you won’t have to be winging it and guessing what is best. I wrote a post on the HSBC Wealth Managers that will give you a great perspective on this.

"Question Re: HSBC Wealth Managers" - One Who Knows - 3.11.17

Post/Question: (4)

"Segments" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - April 16, 2017

"So the RV has begun with actual T4 redemptions by sub groups through key leaders. This includes large volume ZIM holders."

I am ZIM holder, where's your proof?



I have just written a post on this that explains the whole "Segments" RV rollout plan. It will answer all your questions on this. But to give you a short answer here, I am one of the Segment Leaders, and I have been told exactly how the plan will be working. Here is the post that explains all this and what a great plan it is"

"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

Post/Question: (5)
"Segments" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - April 16, 2017

I am a large holder of Zims and have been since 2010 and there as of yet no one has contacted me about anything regarding them. So if there is a list of large Zim holders I have not heard of one or seen one.

From what we were led to believe that that so called release of the 800 #’s was suppose to be before today and that has not happened as of yet.

I have heard that the hold up was because of rather to collect taxes on the exchange or not. The next excuse was because of North Korea, Then that Trump was going to step down as President.

The excuses keep mounting up and no matter how many times they say the elders have given the go ahead nothing happens. People are being evicted out of their homes, utilities are being turned off, some people are dying.

So far all I have seen is smoke and mirrors and nothing else. Stop with the excuses and the smoke and mirrors and give us the truth.




Nick, I understand your frustration as it has been hard on everyone. Under the new personal contact plan, otherwise known as the "Segments" plan, someone will contact you with the 800#s when it is time and not before. I know about this plan because I am one of the "Segment Leaders" and yet I have not told my people that I will be sending them the 800#s before they are on the net. Frankly it is not time. This is a great plan and involves giving you EARLY access to the 800#s so that you can call in and make your appointment BEFORE they are on the net. You are in someone's Segment-group and you will be contacted with an EARLY 800# to make your appointments BEFORE it is on the net.

You can just wait until it is on the net. But, I am sure you will be happy to be contacted early with the 800#s. That is all this is, an Early contact plan. I wrote a post explaining how all this works. Get ready because it will be coming your way very soon.

"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

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OWK, could you please address this on the forum?

I intend to go for humanitarian funding.

With the structured payout I'm assuming the first interest payment comes at T+3 months meaning beyond the $10K in new USN I walk out of the exchange with, I'd still be poor for the first 3 months.

Have the elders addressed this?

Either of these alternatives I'd be fine with

1) First interest payment immediately, second deferred 6 months and then every quarter hence.

2) 1x high screen rate (that purported $2.75 rate - whatever it really is) up front and first interest payment at T+3 months and every quarter hence.

We have a currently running project with not nearly enough funding (gracious charities) we'd want to immediately fully fund and others ready to roll we'll start in about a month after the exchange for me so I have some time to get my life back together.

Sorry if this has already been addressed but so far I can't say I've seen it has. This would be an issue for anyone taking a structured payout as I see it.




No biggie. You get to choose how much you put in the structured payouts. Keep a Trillion dollars out in cash if you want. My plan is to keep out a few Billion in cash, and put the rest into a payout plan. If I thought that I would spend that Billion in the first 90 days, I would just hold out 2 Billion, or ten Billion, or a hundred Billion. No biggie, you decide what you keep in cash and what you roll into the program. My method is to estimate what I might be able to spend in 90 days and hold that in cash. It is up to you.

By the way, I saw a post that advised people to make their payouts less than 50 years, but I disagree. You have to realize that the only reason you are putting your money in the payout plan is that there is literally no other place to put/store/invest that amount of money. If you took a short payout time frame, you would just end up putting it back into the plan as you would find it is too much money to put ANYWHERE ELSE.

See this post to get the Big Picture:
"Question Re: HSBC Wealth Managers" - One Who Knows - 3.11.17

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Quote From His Post:

I throw this out for OWK to answer, because I don't know the answers. Since OWK has now disclosed his Source and is the spokesman in a way and has taken this upon his shoulders. I have to ask you to clarify if you can. Are we going to Disclose ALL at some point?.....or is this going to be dragged out for 50 years?

Are the 3d people we want to free up, really that un-able to handle the Truth? ......Is that really True? Can't they be big enough to handle it? Do we really have to go with slow or partial disclosure and more deceptions? ........When Full Disclosure feels the right way to go. Just tell the Truth, it can't be worse than lies. Is the whole of this world really that lacking, that no better option exists for them? I think a good time line option does exist. Why don't we take it?......Why don't we activate it!......and Do it!

Can we build something new with old methods?........that is my question.




Victor, The main post that had you wondering was the "Segments" post that explained, not too well, the new GCR roll out plan. By the way I have explained it way better in my post:

"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

As far as your question of "Disclosure" it is not about telling the people what happened in the RV or not, it is more about getting the Exchanges done without them poking around looking for the exchange centers while they are still operating. if you think about it, you can take the $2.75/zim rate on a $100T note without any NDA at all. That means you can tell the World that you have $275 Trillion dollars if you like. So you can see it is not about hiding the RV, at least not forever, it is to protect it while it is happening. 

As far as the NDA terms, the other things such as the High rate you got, and the interest you are getting paid, that is something you want to keep to yourself as private business. You got more than the currency was worth, and are getting paid an interest rate that others can't get. That is nothing more than Private business between you and the Elders who are giving you the money. Your personal Business and agreements with the Elders DOES NOT QUALIFY as necessary Disclosure to the general public. That is completely understandable and reasonable.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 17 2017

Compiled 12:25 am EST 17 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. April 15 2017 2:00 pm EST RV/Intelligence Alert: READ FULL SITREP

1. The Admiral's paymasters were hydrated as of Friday April 14 2017.

2. Pentagon Chief of Staff General Joseph Dunford was running the country militarily and Paul Rayan was running it politically.

3. The Presidential military authority would now be limited under the Republic.

4. Sat. April 15 marked the end of 2016 tax collection and USA, Inc's fiduciary books.

5. Expected 800#s to be released end of Tax Day April 15 (extended to April 18).

B. April 16 2017 5:45 pm EST Info by One Who Knows: "Question: Currency Dealers/Ascension/Travel/Trump" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

1. Receipts: Having a receipt was encouraged in the "Old Days" when we thought there might be tax implications. Having proof that you made your purchase over a year ago would put you in the lower tax bracket. But we are VERY confident now that there will be no tax, and thus receipts will be of no value, or use.

2. Humanitarian Projects: Bankers are more interested in what you have to say, than what you bring to exchange. They are not going to judge your project in any way. They will judge you and see if you are truly excited about doing this kind of work, and have some plans in mind, even if they are not written down. Having them written down only proves that you are a bit more organized and well prepared. However, there will be many people who have nothing in hand to show, and will still get very high rates, as it is all based on the person, and not what you have to show the Bankers.

3. HSBC: HSBC Bank (the only bank authorized to negotiate Zim rates) will be accessible in EVERY country even if they don't have a branch there. They will have someone who will do the exchange for you and set up an HSBC account. Locations are not important since you will be a private bank customer with HUGE perks including the banker coming to you when you need them.

C. April 16 2017 2:31 pm EST GCR RV Op-Ed: "Resurrection Day" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Sunday - April 16, 2017 The meaning of the RV was not about collection of wealth versus the redemption of our soul. Perhaps that was why the global collateral accounts clearly stated God's mercy only be released on Resurrection Day (Sunday April 16).

D. April 16 2017 2:32 pm EST GCR/RV Overview: "Segments" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - April 16, 2017

1. The private Internet Group has been segmented into 1,500 smaller groups via key contacts, leaders or paymasters. 

2. Right now the New Powers That Be are contacting such leaders on a priority basis; prequalified by size, location and types of currency held.

3. The RV is a special operation with elite military-level planning & implementation. Several military intelligence agencies already know who listens to the intel calls, and have grouped together internal contact responsibilities to key personnel that have influence with the masses of Dinarland.

4. Discretion and subtly is the name of the RV roll out game. If they do their job right, the RV will happen in force, yet not appear to happen at all.

5. General Dunford has designed a highly controlled, invisible, and efficient contact and conversion system whereby first contact is highly targeted and controlled throughout the process, so the right hand never knows what the left is doing, and vice versa.

6. There will be no numerical or operational struggle processing all 50 million currency holders worldwide in short order, but there is great concern about the initial wall of redeemers who are waiting out the RV telling their friends, families, buffers and groups and creating unwanted attention.

7. Dunford segmented his appointment contact rate using high speed technology that populates large volumes of callers with unique links, codes and emails that all serve to fracture the RV roll out into tens of thousands of individual segments that appear to act without relationship to another similar group... yet they all redeem together, and somewhat simultaneously.

8. The RV has begun with actual T4 redemptions by sub groups through key leaders. This includes large volume ZIM holders.

9. Managing the RV Intel community will be done by controlling key group leaders with direct contact shortly after Easter services on the West Coast.

10. All currency rates are negotiable, including the ZIM and at face value per international law, for all notes regardless of their country of origin.

E. April 16 2017 One Who Knows: Exchanging outside the US (especially Mexico): "Questions: Taxes/IDs/800#s/Bankers/NDAs" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

1. You might be calling the same 800#s that we are here in the US. However, when this goes we will have the real Official information on what EXACTLY to do. I am quite certain that there will be some sort of list of countries, and banks to call once this is actually going. Don't worry about that, just wait until it is go time and then look for the information that pertains to your country.

2. It is better for you to exchange in your own country. The systems are set up that way. When you get extra money for projects, it is expected that it will benefit your country, if not totally, at least to start with.

3. You will be exchanging into your country's money first. You can then exchange again into another country's money later, but in the case of Mexico, I would not recommend it. I personally think that your Peso might get a bit of a bump up in value later. If that is true, you will make money on your own currency.

4. For a while, we used to hear about the "Second Basket" of currencies that would revalue next. I no longer hear about that and I think that might be because many of them will change value this time around, and/or just because we are already getting whatever money we ask for, so why would we be interested in investing it in another currency? All that being said, I still think that there will be some other adjustments later and I would not be surprised if the Mexican Peso was one of them.

5. The bottom line is to just wait until this goes, then call whatever numbers you get and ask what you should do next in/for your country. The information will be available for EVERY country in the World. No country will be left out. Also, exchange in your own country, bring whatever ID you have and expect it to work out for you, because it will.

Al Hodges/Michael Cottrell: RV/GCR and Private Exchanges Update 4-17-17


Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 6:19 AM
To: Al (Hodges)

DATE: 14 April 2017
Ref: Currency Exchanges
Re: Fraudulent Activities

It has come to my attention that information disseminated by various "Gurus" regarding the future currency revaluation/exchanges has been fraught with fraud --- with intent to defraud the financially uneducated. Specifically, by advising that the exchanges of foreign currency for gold-backed United States Notes/Dollars will ONLY occur under the veil of "Private Exchanges," rather than public exchanges ----- to induce the unsuspecting and the financially uneducated to surrender their currency to the "Group/Trust/Person" making these claims. The claim of ONLY PRIVATE EXCHANGES IS A LIE --- all currencies exchanged for gold-backed U.S.N./DOLLARS will be in the PUBLIC VENUE --- since the new banking system is 100% transparent to the authorities. This fraud will be adjudicated since all currency exchanges will be monitored and viewed under two (2) criteria: [1] Source of Funds, and [2] Use of Funds. If these Groups/Trusts/Persons cannot authenticate the source of the currency --- they risk the impoundment of the currency, and charges of coercion, intent to defraud, fraud, money laundering, and bank fraud.

If anyone should think this is all hot air, they need to consider the following: the new banking system, which will be omnipresent once the gold-backed currencies are released, will operate under a 24 hr/ 7 days a week surveillance system --- which will (and has) resulted in such crimes being observed, corrected, and the perpetrators arrested with- in seconds of the criminal event.

If anyone has been coerced by the threat of exclusion of the future foreign currency exchanges and has submitted their currency WITHOUT RECEIVING FULL DOCUMENTATION ON THE CUSTODIAL ENTITY, i.e., name, address, phone number, U.S. TAX I.D. NO. and/or Attorney's Bar Association number ---- please feel free to contact me with your details, and I will refer the claim and details to the International Authorities/INTERPOL for review, investigation, and remediation.


Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S.
President and CEO Pennsylvania Investments, Inc.

My 800 GOLD BACK ACCOUNT FROM THE AIIB BANK when is the RBC BANK CURACAO going to contact me to pick it up., 16 APRIL

Marianella Cannister
Assistant Branch Manager

Kaya Flamboyan 1

Willemstad, Curacao,

Tel: +5999  763-8041
Email:  Marianella.cannister@rbc.bank

Dear Marianella Cannister &
RBC BANK Curacao Management

I have applied at your Branch for the GOLD BACK 800 Accounts which
are given by the CHINESE AIIB bank, which are the Prosperity Gold Backed
account which all humanity will be receiving were their Prosperity funds
of the Real Argarthan Gold will be deposited on these account.

On 11 April 2017 i was in your Branch after applying for my 800 Gold
Backed Account on 3 April 2017 at the head branch.

I have still not received my Account from the AIIB, Bank with my
FUNDS which are already deposited by the CHINESE AIIB Bank
on my 800 Gold Backed Account.

So could you please get back to be as soon as possible why my
Account was not given to me, knowing that everyone is entitle
to have a Gold Backed Account from the AIIB bank, which
will be replacing the OLD MONEY FIAT SYSTEMS which are
not Gold backed.

I will be forwarding this email to the CHINESE and the INTELLIGENCE
SERVICES to investigate why bankers are blocking the Public 
of receiving their 800 Gold Backed Account numbers.
There are many people in Curacao who have been receiving their
800 Account No. without any problems.








Think about all the numbers we’ve been watching over the years…we knew what we needed to look for…We always talked about the note count.  The note count has to be going down.
At it’s peak when I got into the dinar…it was 15 trillion dinar…NOT NOTES…dinar. 

The max Iraq has had is 9 Billion notes which represented about 30 trillion dinar.  So what does that mean?  If you have 1 note that’s worth 25k and one note that’s worth 10k, you can see how there are more dinar than there are notes and that’s why we need to be able to parse those numbers to understand exactly what’s going on. 

But the total was 30 trillion dinar out there and they brought that number down by reducing the note count.  So what are we at today? 

They are talking about being at about a billion notes. And what does that billion notes represent?  11 Billion 600 million dinars.

The General who actually took the old Saddam Hussein notes out of circulation and put the new dinar that you and I have in circulation...He did an interview. He was asked, “What’s Iraq’s goal?”  Get back to $3.25…and get the note count down to a billion.

And they are on track to be able to do that.  (That doesn’t mean they are going to come out at $3 the next day…cause it would be instantly too expensive to do business with Iraq.)  But they are there…that’s what the report was about…I’ve been looking at this for about two weeks but I wanted to make doubly sure. 

What they are saying is the Central Bank actually has more than a billion…but what’s in circulation?

About a billion notes which reduces it to about 11 billion dinar.  That is remarkable.  You should be very very happy and it should play into you having a great Easter weekend!