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1bobby UPDATE, 14 APRIL

Article:  "Iraq and Kuwait to discuss mechanisms for achieving economic complementarity"   When they speak of "mechanisms" that means that the substance(s) of the agreement have been met, now they are looking towards implementation. Kuwait and the other ME Countries are learning that they can not survive by oil alone and they need to open the doors to more of a non oil revenue based economy. 

  Iraq has lifted a ban that basically gives the right to Kuwati citizens the right to own property and invest in Iraq.

  Now Iraq wants the same from Kuwait.

  Kuwait calls Iraq "An important and promising market".


"BegEnd" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview - Good Friday - 4/14/17

Where to begin… how about at the end… better yet, lets begin and end simultaneously… and let's call this post the BegEnd and serve it up hot with Canadian bacon and rye toast till 3pm (about the same time Christ died for us today).

So on Trump… nope, let's not go here... been there done that… we'll see who is accurate and inaccurate as enough time passes, no need to poke that particular bear again… the truth will set us all free right…. 

Syria… maybe this is a natural BegEnd point, but Syria was more about the US deep state provoking Russia, and Russia didn't knee jerk into a retaliation… so Syria is kinda like yesterday's news which didn't really amount to much….

North Korea… we're getting closer… but isn't the big "nuclear threat" more about the US Deep State trying to provoke China into a global war by attacking our ships in the Korean Peninsula, which isn't going to happen because they want the RV to start, and maybe why those huge immovable battleships are floating in open waters just waiting for a Chinese preemptive attack… so why even bother exploring that lame duck topic because it's going to disappear just as fast as it arrived like the Ebola scare this summer….

The RV… hmmm, interesting, but not really a starting point because the system has long been hot, money liquid, and governments/currencies changed over per the GESARA treaty… besides that's been an any second status thing for awhile now, and while there is new intel, what does it really matter any more because honestly Good Friday will force the banks to cough up the 800#s and truly make this the Phenomenal Day when Christ surrendered his Body and Soul in service of humanity… remember his last word, "Tetelestai," when it left His lips meaning "It is finished"… might be wise to keep it on your minds tonight... 

ZIM… gosh, perhaps, I mean it is like fluctuating between $2.75 and $3.00 USN; plus a few huge European buyers are scooping up as much as possible ZIM on the stress of Zimbabwe via a cash back strategy that is draining the new bond notes out of circulation… so if you're just going by normal supply and demand models on the street to judge demand, not only is the ZIM a currency again, but it's super valuable and going higher than the 1:1 USN rates they were first published but the government… it's even escalating more quickly than the Central Bank of Zimbabwe was expecting so they limited cash back scams to $20.... 

Sovereign Rates… ah, yes, sovereign rates… now we're cooking with gas… Bruce Almighty claimed there 82 zeros now on-line this past Thursday… and while that is true, those zeros were stockpiled over many months in dozens of banks worldwide… there's actually more than double that now available for humanity… Yahtzee!… thus, while the overall assessment was net-net accurate, enough liquidity now exists in the system to hydrate and eliminate all forms of poverty, starvation, homeless, blight, debt and the need to charge profit in perpetuity for all nations, races, colors, ages and genders… so maybe it is time even for the skeptics to ask themselves if sovereign rates are for them… not out of some greedy goal to harvest the most possible money, but rather just out of basic respect to the size of the gift being bestowed upon mankind by God through the Elders… folks, we're talking about complete and absolute human freedom from all consciousness of economic enslavement, eternally….

Can a brother get a witness!? Maybe a spirited hallelujah!? How about two front row tickets to Celine Dion's Vegas show? Boy, tough crowd...

Heaven… ah yes, let's BegEnd here… for to deeply and meaningfully understand what is taking place, a top down perspective is required… just imagine saying to someone I'll give you as many buckets (dollars) as you want or would could ever need, so that you may run to the ocean's edge and scoop out as much water as you'll desire to thrive or give to others to thrive… as experiencing such infinite resources is truly the point of this entire exercise… God is giving us so much money, He's making money irrelevant to demonstrate His eternal love for all humanity, as He alone created us and now chooses to rescue--yet again--nothing more, nothing less… and yes, we have been chosen by God to experience heaven on earth during in this His final Golden Jubilee… 

So welcome to BegEnd, Dinarland… this is what we've all been waiting on for all these years… our divine and infinite blessing of permanent resource relief from all the has ever oppressed us financially… including the concept of usury… but also shortened life spans… fake foods… political agents of evil… endless mass media oppressors… deceitful educational systems… carbon burning transportation systems… repressed technologies… separation from soul vibrationally… isolation from brother and sister benevolent species….

All that nonsense is over… like it was never there… and only our memories and scars will prove to future generations they ever existed… poof… gone… just like that… awesome….

Do enjoy your new life, your new wealth, your new consciousness… your absolutely new everything… but never forget from where you came or how fortunate you were to make it to the end… many were not as lucky….

Thank you for walking this journey with me… it's been a great honor to serve this community, make wilds suggestions, even educate and inform, certainly agitate and utterly infuriate… mahalo nui loa….

As my earthly father likes to say, life isn't always good or bad, just try and keep it interesting… and boy have we sure done that together…

God is with us.


Article:  "Iraqi Troops Retake Further Ground in Center of Mosul"   

 [Is full Liberation over Easter Weekend possible...crossing fingers...?] 

 Hang in there...it won't be this weekend but it's coming. 

  Article:  "Head of the IMF mission's (term) interest peg to the dollar rather than a large reduction of the Iraqi economy" 

Throughout the article the speaker repeatedly references the SBA the US and the Iraqi's have. So far, all Iraq's done is take the support the US has offered in the SBA, but they've done very little outside the scope of the Anti Money Laundering (AML). 

They need to restructure the state banks and create the legislation to facilitate the open market economy.  I don't do rates or dates but we're stuck in a hold pattern until Iraq initiates their side of the SBA.

 The ball is and always has been in the Iraqi's court, we just need the political will for change, so far, we've seen some movement but not near enough for a open market economy. Abadi and the rest of Iraq are still clinging to Saddam's centralized economic model, it's all they know. IMO.


Are Markets closed today?

PJ yes it appears markets are closed

One thing of interest for Trust set up in 2016. If you have a Trust that you set up in 2016, you need to file an IRS form 1041 for the 2016 Income Txa on or before the tax deadline for 2016 taxes even if there is no money deposited into that trust during the 2016. This is important folks failure to do so could trigger an audit by the IRS

Thanks Avon & Dp....did not start out feeling to swift...having a bad week physically....but the room was unpleasant this a.m. - so it only made me feel worse.......so left...room is better now


Maybe Admin should put up 3 colors in the background for Easter colors....and really get everyone mixed up...lol would be pretty tho

That would keep Bill busy...and I sure he has time to sort colors....lol....just kidding...don't know how he works so much & manages the site too

I was told awhile back that Kawait RV'd late afternoon...so don't give up!

You will get your 800 number today


Chucky, I am having one of the worst days of my life. Are you serious?


Chucky... is that intuition or intel?

Chucky Really ? I hope you know something solid

Chucky. Genuine intel ?? Heaven


interesting that It Is Finished are the last words of Jesus on the Cross (today....Good Friday) How fitting that would be for this blessing also as God loves to piece things together like that. so maybe....??


To Chuckyboy .... The only way to get your 800
is from a bank .... period

FF...why, please explain...

because a teller is not wquiped to handle that transaction. He/she will IMO refer you to a wealth manager in that particular bank

Remember where all this 800# garbage started from

The wealth manager or the representative IMO will handle the transaction.
Too much HOCUS POCUS in dinarland folks


FF...so how we going to be notified ?

Remember, the same person that started that 800# nonsense also was saying there will be groups recieving $40.00 plius for their IQD. Give me a break

laszlo we will see it on the CBI, Forex, Bloomberg


NOBODY is going before anybody else

So FF you must disagree with AB on the existence of the 800 numbers?

Ff I got a question have u ever heard of a person named Dan Lutz

006 nope

006....don't touch it with a 10 foot pole.... i have...


Ok thanks ff he put out a couple videos this week and was wondering who he was


I don't believe in selective 800#s NO. I've been saying that since 2012


You want a rate right now? call the 800# for citigroup Forex

Ok... that's my rant for the day

ONE WHO KNOWS: Exchanging For Someone Else & More Exchange Information, 14 APRIL

Exchanging For Someone Else & More Exchange Information

I got a question from "Truckdriver Wife" about her husband being on the road. Could she just exchange for the both of them? There are actually 4 answers to this question. I will also cover where you can get all the Official & Exact information you want (Your 5 Sources).

Post/Question: (0)

First let me say thank you One Who Knows. Your contributions and help are invaluable. Thank you for what you do. At times you are the glue that holds things together.

I have a question about exchanging our ZIMs. My husband is an over the road trucker and only gets in a few days every month. It is never predictable or even certain that he actually gets in when planned as loads cancel and there are sometimes delays. I have the currency with me. Can I go ahead and do the exchange for us and then he can sign whatever he needs to sign when he comes in, or do we have to wait till he gets in to exchange? How would we even set up the appointment as it is not set in stone when he could be here? I know all is well and it will work out fine, but I just need your wisdom and advice. I am 65 and don't travel as well as I did a few years ago or handle things so easily. But we need to get the funds as soon as we can so we can get where we need to be and finally have our own home again. I am so grateful for this opportunity to finally pull our lives back together as all came crashing down in 2012 for us. We have great plans to help all we can with our blessing.

He also wants to know how he can get on the email list to be notified.

Signed, truckdriver wife



First thanks for this question because I think that there will be many people who will have similar circumstances.

Answer #1) The "Official" answer might be that you get a signed and notarized "Power of Attorney" to exchange his portion of the currency for him while he is a way. This is the most complex of the possible solutions as it involves attorneys and such. Frankly, I personally think that it is too late for this solution, since I think it is about to go, maybe today!

Answer #2) Another possibility, is to use the delayed appointment plan. Remember that the most important part of the Exchange Process is calling right away and getting in the system. They will make allowances for travel, medical, or other reasons like the one you have. That means that even though you called right away, like you should, you can set the actual physical appointment for a later, or a much later date. That might give you plenty of time for him to get back home. I expect that you can stretch it out quite a while, once you have made contact and are "in the system."

Answer #3) The next solution is since the one who has the currency "in Hand" (you), is the owner in a sense. They have complete control of it and absent any legal documents or agreements, are able to do whatever they like with the currency. This is how the Bank is going to look at this event. So you could just exchange all the currency yourself, and when it is put in the temporary trust, just place both your names on the trust. In this way, you will both have equal power over the money. If this sounds good to you, then you can and ask the bank to help you "Arrange It" that way when you are at your exchange.

Answer #4) The last answer for this situation is a variation of Answer #3, in that you exchange all the currency yourself and put it in a Trust, except you only put your name on the Trust, for now. This means that all the money is yours, at least for the moment. It is a bit less complex this way since you don't have to get into putting someone else on a trust at your first exchange appointment. However, after the exchange, when he is back in town, you can go to your second appointment with your Wealth Manager, and "Fix" things there. You could split it up then into two trusts or you could both be on the same trust or whatever way you want. It is my VERY strong feeling that by that time there will be NO income tax consequences. If that is the case, you could just give him half of the money and the matter is solved. That might be a good question to ask the exchanger in case he knows. They have been trained for years on what is to come.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that once this goes and is Live around the World, you will find out everything you need to know. You will get "Official" information and instructions. When you call in for your appointment, you will be able to ask all the questions you need to know about setting your appointment, what to bring, who can come with you etc. It will no longer be a matter of "guessing" it will be a matter of getting straight, exact, and official answers. You will have 5 "Levels" of information available to you that should cover anything and everything you want to know. 

Level #1) The official information and instructions on the web sites and/or emailed to you. 800#s, appointment getting instructions etc.

Level #2) The first call in number. You will be able to ask a lot of questions at that time including what currencies you have, including Historical Bonds if you have them, and figuring out where the best exchange location is for you.

Level #3) The actual appointment location phone call. This is the call you make with the actual location you will be going to. You can get information on what to bring, directions on how to get there, who can come with you, etc. You can get a lot of very important information during this call.

Level #4) This is the information you get while you are at your exchange appointment. These bankers can answer lots of questions about temporary trusts, tax implications, rates, types of credit cards, no RFID cards, account types, cash in hand, send money by wires, getting cashier's checks, and many other things. This will be a wealth of information waiting to be tapped.

Level #5) This will be your greatest source of information, you appointment with your Wealth Manager. He will help you from now on to set up accounts, trusts, estate planning, setting up your families, whatever else you want to do. He will become your personal banker/advisor 24/7/365. 

So don’t worry, you will have help and valid information all along your journey, once the GCR is a go.... and I am expecting that time to be VERY SOON!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

TNT Call notes 14-April-2017

TNT Call notes 14-April-2017

(Notes by Adept1):
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, April 14, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls. It’s Good Friday, and some think it could be a better Friday – and it still could be! This should be a short session. Hope you all have a good Easter weekend.

I don’t have a lot of good intel, just expectations. I’ll tell you where we are according to my information. My best Iraqi sources are saying they were being told “this week, by Friday”, and now it is Friday. We’ve heard all the crazy things going on over there. There was an announcement about reclaiming the mosque in Mosul. There is not yet an official full liberation, but to all intents and purposes, you could say that. They aren’t saying that over there, and I don’t know what’s stringing this along. They are told over there that today is IT. Their money is flowing like milk and honey, at least for some. They have what they have been promised, and at least it’s started in Iraq.

My SKR folks were told to look for this week ON Friday, and it’s Friday, so… it might already be taking place.

Bank folks over here are giddy as all get out, some are secretive, and some are saying “don’t call me, I’ll call you”, and some are asking if we are ready because this is ready to pop out now – immediately. Some are direct, and some are not, but we can read the writing on the wall. It doesn’t take much to figure out what we are looking forward to. If they are saying “no need to call me”, that tells me it’s done. No, we didn’t go to the bank on Friday morning, but that doesn’t mean people won’t go to the bank Friday night or Saturday morning.

That’s pretty much it – no new intel, just closing out information I’ve already share with you. Friday IS the day for this to start to be wrapped. We are still highly optimistic about today, this evening, the weekend, or next Monday. That’s all I can share with you today.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: When exchanging, should each currency be placed in a separate account?

A: I see no need to place them in separate accounts based on short-term or long-term; I am putting dinar in a separate account, and the rest can go in together.

Q: Have you heard anything that could be holding up the RV?
 A: Not that I’ve heard.

Q: Many years ago we heard that friends and family were getting somewhere in the $32 dollar rate which led to our twitter campaign for us to be treated fairly. Do you think we could still see rates between the $16 to $30 range we fought for as the internet group? [A: Yes.] Or has the dust settled on that and those type rates will only happen on the limited contract rates? 
 A: Those contract rates and those high ranges were one and the same, so far as I know.

Q: What are your best sources now telling you, as far as our expected 800# and RV date?
 A: They are saying Now, apart from the 800 numbers. I have not been approached on those 800 numbers; I’m pretty sure there are those numbers and call centers, and I have reason to believe I will receive said numbers.

Q: Fridays are always “Good” but who said it was going to be great? Is there any intel suggesting it can still be great? How about this weekend, or Monday maybe?
 A: I answered all your questions in the opening statement.

Q: We have heard that one of the last things to be done before the RV is educating the Iraqi citizens regarding such. What are you seeing and hearing that show you this is occurring? Better yet … any idea WHEN their education will end so we can go to the bank?
 A: We shared with you already that an awareness campaign ahs been launched saying their currency value is changing, with lower denominations and coins being issued. That information is not for us, it’s for the Iraqi people! Prices are dropping in places where they don’t make sense unless the value is changing: airlines, phones, electronics. That is the writing on the wall, and an indirect indication right there. When it happens, that currency revalue has kicked in because prices have been modified to compensate for it. The awareness campaign is in full effect, I do believe.

Q: Any update on the bank screens?
 A: Not directly, but some members have been told that Friday will be it. So that all sounds good.

Q: There’s a post in the Forum that you are planning a Paris Wealth retention class coinciding with an Air Show asking people to join, etc. Is that from you?
 A: We are not asking people to join, we just mentioned there is an air show in Paris that we are planning to attend, and we might have a class as well for those who want to go. Members wanted to be proactive and put that out before the RV, because post-RV we will be out of the forum and gone. Then when the RV happens and we scatter, we’ll have a list of those who want to go to Paris and have a class as well. It can be a post-RV excursion, with the air show and attend at least one educational course.

Q: Please tell us all you know about the NDA? I’m not good with reading legal-eze. Is the essence about the rate paid? Or are there other restrictions that could pull us down if we relaxed with an glass of wine?

Live Q and A

340 caller: I work on a construction site, and [can’t understand this caller], and I have nice information to share. The caller you took last time… on Monday morning I asked someone to buy me $250 worth of dong. She called me back and said WF says you have to be a customer. On Wednesday she called again, they called her back, and said that for $250 she could only get one penny. They said you have to buy at least $200 worth of dong. They said they couldn’t sell dong because they are working on information. I was on the phone with the bank person, and that was exciting to me.

801 caller: How positive are you that Zim will be exchanged at the same time as the rest of the currencies?

RayRen: I don’t know 100% for a fact, but I have a very good feeling that it will happen. That does seem to be the targeted plan.

Caller: They say a lot of the money will be retained for humanitarian projects. Do you think it would be better to exchange Zim first? We may end up with three separate accounts – what’s your opinion?

RayRen: Who does that make sense to? The bank is going to exchange me but keep back 75-80% for humanitarian projects? Now, in the groups there might be all kinds of conditions, but if I go in as an individual, I’d like to see the law saying they can keep back any of it for humanitarian purposes. I might decide that, but the bank will not.

Caller: When this happens and there are meet-and-greets in various places, will Tony be part of that?

RayRen: Tony can do whatever he wants; he is planning the Vegas meeting, for example. I handed that back to him and people are jumping in to organize it. He might even go to Paris!

205 caller: [chitchat and appreciation]

813 caller: We’ve been talking about the Zim a lot. We’ve heard a lot about the dinar and the dong, but we cannot even get Zim at the currency dealer. So why are we confident that it will be in the first basket?

RayRen: We have been told that it is, from intel, members and their bankers. Members have been told by certain banks that they can exchange that day, under certain conditions (which the members didn’t want to comply with). I have always said that we need to diversify – don’t get dinar alone, or only dong, have a spread. That is where the Zim is so interesting.

Caller: I got dinar first, then found out about dong, and don’t know much about Zim; that’s why I’m asking. Also, how can I get to the event in Paris?

RayRen: It will be open to everyone once we start the registration process. It started in the forum because one of the members thought it would be a good idea, as a post-RV activity. If the RV happens this weekend, we won’t be on this phone call in June! So by then we’ll have a list of people interested in the air show to organize a class. It’s a post-RV event, after we’ve all scattered. [call dropped here because my power went out]

Closing Statement

Same old, same old… could go today, this evening, at any moment. Be ready.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA












...IRAQ will do as they please and add value when they want.


GCR GHOST - Bank Story, 14 APRIL

Hello.  I just want to say the banks know all about these currencies but they cannot let on to what about to happen.  I talked to a wealth manager and she looked like she saw a ghost when I brought up the dinar and dong.  Its was like a episode of cheaters when the person cheating and lying aka BANKSTERS her face turned white and she looked scared.   I didn't care what she said after that because her face gave it away its real.   Secondly I called a bank who deals with foreign currency and guess what she lets it out the banks CANNOT accept or DEAL with the dinar and dong until they revalued.  I acted like it was no big deal and did a little dance know I got the truth out.


April 14, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
First I want to say Happy Easter season to everyone, especially all those that appreciate what our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ has done for our souls and our sins. Now we are in the Triduum as our family celebrated the Holy Thursday in church last night. This is the period of the holiness of the holy times in our church. I am grateful that we can still practice our religion. Today we pass into the second day of these three days until the resurrection on Sunday. Today is the most sorrowful of the three days.
But remember it is my faith and church that brings me to think about these most holy of days. It is not just about the celebrations of the season, the Easter egg hunts, or pretty spring fashions but the contemplation, the quite times of praying. Praying for the end of the suffering and injustice that still continues in the world today. You think many would realize by lessons learned from all the martyrs throughout the ages. Yes- Jesus was a martyr too. So in today’s world, like thousands of years ago, it is still in anarchy. Kingdoms are still maintained, although we do not call them kings. We still worship and idolize those with money. We wish we could be them. Things have not really changed that much.

Those with vast amounts of money have vast power still and this greed for more power to control even yet more continues over the entire planet. Yes – this is the source of evil. Satan does know what he is doing. So these “kings” are  bent on the lies they perpetrate on us to keep us from fulfilling our potential. To push us down and keep us in this shadow government. No -we are not yet FREE. We only think we are. We do not know what true freedom really feels like. We think we do and tell lies even to ourselves. Do we have to keep killing Jesus over and over again? Will we finally stop this madness.   
But what is this “full” potential I talk about?
The potential I refer to is what God wants it to be. We cannot say. We must pray and let God lead us. For whenever I do this in my life I find I am no longer chasing rainbows. My life is free and my burdens are released.
So as society there is this constant push for technology as the answer. I always wonder why? They tell us it will solve all our problems. Really?

Now we have two new hoaxes (lies) being perpetrated on us – that of “global warming” and of “terrorism”.

Yes -  we have given these evil entities yet more power over us. We have bought into this madness.. We are allowing them to perpetrate into every aspect of our lives for the sake of these two lies. They have scared us and made us fearful of each other (terrorism) and now even scared of the blessed, beautiful planet that God has given us (global warming).

They will tell us we need not what God has already given us but what man instead can give us with these inventions, machines or “smart” technology. With this brings constant surveillance, lack of privacy, and massive control.  Is this all the real reason why we came to earth? Can we put it all this in perspective and use our technology truly for the good of all and not just for the sake of a forced “new” society?  Is there a balance? After all we come as spiritual beings in the first place to experience the interrelationships with each other and to use the planet and our beautiful natural bodies at the vehicle for this to happen. Is this not why we are here in the first place?
This form of coming onto our  potential, I refer to, does not refer to a constant drag on the human race to bring humans into technological slavery and scientific advances, like making us all robots. This is servitude and slavery. Can't you see it? Why do we spend so much money exploring outer space when we can use this money for research here on our own planet to make the earth cleaner, provide better energy sources and more jobs.
What is so wrong with just living in love, raising a nice family and appreciating all the wonders of nature here on earth. There is so much to see and explore right here. Then voluntarily sharing with others when we have overabundance? What is wrong with living is small eco-communities, with buffers of forests between where family farms produce clean, healthy foods for its communities. Then provide jobs and exchange these products for others not produced. 
This is all of what I think about on Easter as I apply Jesus’s sacrifice he made. For me to make his sacrifice worth it we must realize it wall all done  to try to help us understand all this confusion. We are born of the family of earth not of Mars, Saturn or the moon. Let’s concentrate on living on this planet first and getting it right. It is okay to have frailties, and even if you are not so smart. To even be poor as long as you include loving. It is life….
More news…..
{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sheikh Ihsan al-Fadhli, on Wednesday, that the political body was the National Alliance agreed to declare a national settlement project after the victory of Mosul operations
Parliament held a meeting Wednesday with the heads of the blocks and parliamentary committees. An informed source said, the House of representatives held Wednesday, a meeting with the heads of political blocs and the parliamentary committees the meeting was to discuss all outstanding laws.
So as I told everyone that once ISIS is taken care of the next emphasis is going to be placed on the necessary laws. The GOI is not going to ask the CBI to release the RV until these are completed. Get it! Most of the Iraqi Central Bank steps are subject to political and legal environment of the country, especially in regard to the deletion of zeros…   …this is what we are after, therefore the needed laws are so important. They will bring this political and legal environment.
This is the connection between the needed laws and the currency reform. You can argue and fight with me on this issue all you want. You are free to say whatever you want, but my stand is firm. It is not going to make the RV happen any quicker. I have lots of reasons for saying what I am saying and I demonstrated the proof to you in previous articles. I am not about to do it all again today, in case you weren’t listening. Time for your own research. I have already taken the time to do mine and present it to you. Have you been listening?   
Baghdad / Muhannad Abdul Wahab Omar Abdul Latif 
The head of the mission of the European Commission in Baghdad, Ambassador Patrick Simoneh expressed optimism about the future of Iraq, while stressing the continuation of the mission to support the full country in all areas, expected the arrival of Iraq to the level of the global financial market after improving economic conditions during the next phase. He also praised the victories achieved by our security forces on terrorist gangs and the liberation of our territories. The unity of the Iraqis and their stand against terrorism returned a message to the international community that "Iraq will not be defeated." (So let my quote what Ambassador Patrick Simoneh said in the article in case you missed it. I quote –expected the arrival of Iraq to the level of the global financial market after improving economic conditions during the next phase” Oh- did you read it? It says Iraq will move to the “global” financial markets after improving their economic conditions in the next phase. I underlined the key words in the news media interview on this topic.
So we do have to wait for the economy to at least begin to grow and investors come into Iraq. This is the next phase they are talking about. The last phase was to institute all the financial and banking reforms. Now we move on to the next phase.
 At what point, In this next phase, will they meet a critical mass, sort of speaking, when they will finally have to move their currency global? No one really knows this tipping point but we do know [from all the good news we are reading], it has not yet happened, but it will happen very soon.)
GE and Mass Group Holding (MGH) have successfully commenced simple cycle commercial operations of four advanced GE 9F gas turbines under phase I of the Ministry of Electricity’s(MOE) Baghdad Power Plant in Besmaya. Located about 40 kilometers from Baghdad, the facility is the first one in the country outside the Kurdistan region to be developed by an independent power producer on a build-own-operate (BOO) basis for the Iraqi MOE. (Finally 24 electricity is actually coming to Iraq. But most importantly they are actually completing some of these construction projects. We know that under Nori al-Maliki these projects were allocated in the budget but the money was stolen and they were never completed. Did you also read and I quote from the article – “under Phase I of the Ministry of Electricity”. This too is very good news because getting Iraq’s electric grid back up and running with this first power plant is only part of Phase I and much more is to come. Did you ever wonder how all those ATMs you read about would ever operate without electricity? Did you ever wonder why the CBI would deliver the newer lower denominations to banks across Iraq, what about power needed for bank security systems, computers, or the money changing/exchanging machines? We hear so much about the POS (point of sale machines rolled out to the merchants and the BIG move to electronic banking. But how would all this work without electricity? Do you get my point why this article is so important for the “next Phase” of economic development? So many times we skim over these types of articles but they are just as important to give us the BIG picture as to what I truly going on in Iraq. I quote from the article – “By adding power to the national grid, we are contributing to the growth of the economy, and meeting the aspirations of the people.”
Now that I said all this about the article above, another article popped out about the fees for the electricity and how these fees [electric bill] is going to provide yet more capital to expand the grid yet even more and create a self-sustainable power grid in Iraq. Remember that electricity was provided for FREE in Iraq under the centralized social govt of the past Saddam Hussein era. This may have seemed all wonderful by getting FREE electricity, but someone had to pay for it. Under this new economy the govt can’t afford to keep providing this service and have a budget to grow the economy in other sectors. This is all part of Phase I of Abadi’s reforms. So now this is yet another one of the items that needed to be moved to the private sector to take the financial burden off the govt. It is being done.)

The United States will reiterate to the International Monetary Fund its role in keeping a close eye on global foreign exchange rates policies at next week's spring meetings of the international lender, a senior Treasury official said on Thursday.
"We would be looking for the IMF to continue to strengthen its analysis of exchange rate policies of major economies," the Treasury official said in a briefing with reporters ahead of next week's semi-annual meeting of IMF and World Bank members. "We view that as very important."
The official, who spoke under condition of anonymity, added currency surveillance was an important aspect of ensuring a fair and sustainable global economy. Finance ministers and central bank governors from the Group of 20 major economies, known as the G20, are also scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the April 21-23 conference. (I personally do not see any RV until after this meeting has taken place. I feel we are on a very good course to see a change sometime in late April. I am not predicting a date but I am only connecting everything we are reading. I do not have a “secret” source whispering in my ear…..lol…..lol……but I can read and I am reading hundreds of articles this past week and it is amazing the progress and movement of the Iraq economy. However, having said all this I still wait for some more positive news from the CBI [in the form of public news to Iraqi citizens] to confirm what I just said. So don’t jump the gun and get all hyped up….lol…lol…I’ll let you know when you can get excited…lol….lol….)
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin
The three presidencies meet a delegation of US lawmakers
Baghdad / Range Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday discussed with a delegation of the US Congress the latest developments in the battle of Mosul and the victories achieved and the return of the displaced to the liberated areas.
Al-Abbadi’s office said in a statement that the latter received in his office a delegation from the US Congress headed by Rep. Rodney Frilinghassen, chairman of the Congressional Appropriations Committee. The meeting discussed the latest developments in the Mosul battle, the victories, As well as cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economy, trade, agriculture, investment and water. ”
The US delegation stressed “the continued support of the United States of America for Iraq and the unity of its territory,” noting that “Iraq is about to achieve a great prosperity despite the challenges it faces.” In another context, President Fuad Masum stressed Iraq’s keenness on its relationship with the United States, during a meeting with the same delegation. (Folks – come’on… can the news get any better than this?)
The office of the President of the Republic, in a statement received by the (range), he “received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Monday a delegation from the donors committee in the US Congress.”
Masoum stressed “the importance of meeting and communication with friends in the United States, in a way that strengthens relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and serves the common interests in the light of the signed agreement.” “The war against terrorism is an important aspect and a cornerstone that contributes to the development and consolidation of relations between the United States and Iraq, whose sons continue to fight and eradicate and support the United States,” he said.
“What is important now as we approach the liberation of the entire Iraqi soil from the desecration of terrorism is to work hard to remove all the educational, social, cultural and religious effects of Daash, which requires the synergy of the efforts of the world, especially the countries of the region with the Effort of Iraq “.
For his part, the American delegation expressed “its condolences and condolences to Iraq and the families of the martyrs of the war against a supporter of the heroic fighters and children and women who have taken the terrorists as human shields.” The US delegation stressed “the United States’ keenness to continue supporting the armed forces with various material, weapons and training capabilities, as well as readiness to support the efforts of the Iraqis to get rid of the effects of urging and achieving community reconciliation.”
In the same context, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri that supporting the displaced and returning them to their liberated areas and reconstruction of these areas are the most important steps that pave the way for the stability of the post-gangs and terror.
A statement from the Jubouri office said that he met with the delegation of the US Congress headed by MP Rodney Frajlenkhaisen, in the presence of Ambassador Douglas Silliman.
“Supporting the displaced people and returning them to their areas and providing them with a stable environment are the most important steps that will pave the way for post-conflict stability and contribute to the realization of the community reconciliation project in a manner that achieves social peace and strengthens national cohesion,” he said.
Jubouri pointed out that “Iraq’s efforts to open new horizons of relations with its Arab and regional environment are important and necessary and will contribute to the activation of the economic aspect and the preservation of regional security of Iraq’s pivotal role can play an important role in the fight against terrorist organizations.”

Jubouri stressed that “the next phase requires the provision of all the requirements of internationalsupport and create an atmosphere of political stability and community, which reflects positively on the lives of citizens in the country.” (WOW! Jubouri even used the “s” word – Stability ….lol…lol…. So what the hell do you think Jubouri means by “international support”? He means that the next phase is to move international/global [now that the reforms are in place] and let the market drive the economy. He says that this prosperity will also bring political stability in Iraq. How many times have we see something in similar terms in this newsletter this week talking about the “next phase” and what needs to be done? )

Deputy for Law: Maliki will run for the presidency of the National Alliance to succeed Hakim
(They just threw this bum out of the leadership of the Dawa party, which is part of the national alliance. Do they really want him leading the entire alliance of parties? So this article sounds like a Maliki propaganda to me. I don’t believe they will ever allow this to happen and give this bum any real power again.)
[Oan- Baghdad] 
Revealed deputy for the coalition of state law, about the intention of the President of the Coalition Nuri al - Maliki, his candidacy for the presidency of the alliance. (remember the title of this article is an interpretation only. The article only talks about Maliki making intentions or making himself a candidate to run for the leadership of the National Alliance party. He will still have to run against Ammar al-Hakim and personally I do not think Maliki has a chance of winning.)
Radi said the Messenger in a press statement on Thursday that al - Maliki "is a personal candidate for the presidency of the National Alliance after Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, being headed by a coalition of state law, which is the largest bloc within the coalition." 

Radi said that " the National Alliance will choose in the first of the next month of July a new figure in the failure of the wise presidency of the coalition," pointing out that " the presidency is a coalition patrol includes the heads of all affiliated to the blocs." 

He pointed out that al - Maliki "is a personal presidential candidate to succeed Hakim National Alliance, after the agreement during the first meeting of the alliance that the presidency will be the largest of the bloc 's share , " he said. 

The head of the National Alliance , Ammar al - Hakim, called yesterday, coalition leaders to begin the procedures for selecting the next presidency of the alliance from now his successor.  The leadership of the National Alliance chose last September, al -Hakim, head of the alliance. ( Another reason why I keep saying – please let them RV prior to these elections. We don’t want any more political instability now that things are settling down. Surely Maliki will bring instability, if elected to lead the national alliance. This would not be good. The best part about Maliki is in 2018 he loses his immunity as his term as VP expires. Will he cut other deals to keep himself safe or will they finally go after him for what he has done to Iraq? [or should I say will the USA, who is protecting him, let them go after him] sadly enough…..)
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