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Subject: Iraq will be liberated soon from Chapter VII ... How much money will be recovered?, 11 APRIL

A few days ago, Prime Minister Haider Abadi stressed that the country is out of Chapter VII within two months, after he met all the international sanctions imposed on him during the rule of the former regime, which caused internal crises culminated in placing the country under this international chapter.

What is this chapter, and what did it do with the lives of the Iraqis?
UN Security Council A few years ago, a unanimous vote was taken on Resolution 2107, which partially exempts Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter and terminates the mission of the UN Special Coordinator in charge of the missing persons and Kuwaiti property.

This chapter, and all the obligations that accompany it, was the result of Iraq and the Iraqis because of the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait in 1990, in what is known as the invasion of Kuwait or the Second Gulf War.

Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations provides for intervention in situations of threat of peace and aggression, whereby the Security Council can take non-military measures or resort to force to maintain international peace and security in the event of failure of the parties to the conflict to resolve their differences.

Baghdad has been under the seventh item since 1990, and since that time and Iraq under the weight of economic sanctions did not end until after 2003, while Iraqi officials confirm today that Baghdad has fulfilled all its obligations and has left only to end the file of compensation with Kuwait, Of Chapter VII.

The famous resolution 661, adopted unanimously by the Security Council in 1990, contained several articles relating to the imposition of punitive decisions that ended with the use of the provisions of Chapter VII and the provisions of the binding application of Article 39 to Article 51.

Articles 41, 42 and 43 of that resolution imposed severe sanctions on Iraq. Article 41 called on UN member states to stop all economic ties and communications with Iraq and to cut off all diplomatic relations with the former regime.Article 42 also addressed the issue of the military solution when it stated that, should the Security Council consider that the measures provided for in article 41 were inadequate, the Council was entitled to take the necessary measures to maintain or restore international peace and security.

Article 43 contains the commitment of all Members of the United Nations to contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security at the request of the Security Council at their request and in accordance with special agreements or agreements, including the necessary armed forces, assistance and facilities necessary for the maintenance of international peace and security.

Today, Iraq is just around the corner from Chapter VII. With the completion of this step, Baghdad will recover frozen funds in the foreign banks estimated at nearly $ 50 billion, as well as those in the Development Fund for Iraq, and will return to its place in the international arena, amid direct cooperation And effective from all the members of the Security Council and at all levels, in addition to raising the opportunities for investment of major companies and the consolidation of its role in the region and the world ... And most importantly liberate Iraq from the planks of the major powers!




4-11-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   [...I saw the ad for Zain prepaid phone cards in denominations of 250, 500, and 1000 IQD. I would assume they would be similar to 25, 50, and 100 dollar cards. Is this then telling us they are removing 1 zero and not 3? Not sure what to think.]  Could just be moving toward increased value.  I highly doubt they "take off one zero" since the whole "three zeros project" isn't about nominal value - or moving the decimal point. It's about increasing the value.

4-11-2017   Intel Guru Frank26 
    On the NEXT PAY TIME FRAME...which I can’t share with you..uh oh...During this time frame, the citizens will explode with excitement now that they will get more purchasing power.  This is NOT a mistake.  Zain is NOT dropping their rates as a mistake.  They are privy to know that Iraq is going to drop their zeros.  These companies obviously know something is about to change...Right before your eyes...in this month of April.  Yes [Guru] Delta, they are about to “do it”.  In Lebanon, they had a financial conference, talked about the exchange rate ...and IMO...they are doing it. [post 3 of 3]

4-11-2017   Intel Guru Frank26     When Sims did a 90% decrease – they are NOT doing this to lose money...they are doing it to ADJUST  ACCORDINGLY to the rates inside of Iraq right now.  A 90% decrease sends a HUGE message.  A change is about to occur.  Zain and Sims don’t want to stay at a high rate when the value changes...or the competitors would win.  This is an amazing move.  To go from 10,000 dinars down to 1,000 dinars.  There was an order given to my friends, who own a business in Baghdad...that they had to change their pay scale to 1,000 to 1. Right now, I believe they have moved to the next step.  No fractional banking...1,000 to 1.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-11-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   MASTERCARD is extremely successful.  So is VISA.  Very powerful companies when it comes to banking.   MASTERCARD is a banking service.  This banking service is going to bridge the IQD inside of Iraq to the international world outside of its borders. MASTERCARD is the bridge to those trapped inside of Iraq right now.  MASTERCARD is not just for internationalism, but I will say that is what Iraq is right now. The IQD can now be wired outside of the country...but who wants it right now? ...or do they?  The ATM will use the MASTERCARD service.  MASTERCARD will also be used for a government payroll system, and the citizens too...IMO...they are INTERNATIONAL RIGHT NOW...only in country...and once that rate goes...OH BUDDY!  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-11-2017   Intel Guru Delta   MASTERCARD...about 2 or 3 days ago...we got the info...started showing the IQD in their system.  Still shows their program...  .000888 is what it shows right now...and goes up and down.  I researched MASTERCARD...it started showing IQD in October 2016.  If you go back about a year, if you put in October 13, 2016...you’ll see that MASTERCARD says that the IQD was not available then.  We all know why...the CBI had to put things on hold. The CBI is connected internationally to MASTERCARD...we know that MASTERCARD is international.  They cannot go Article VIII without changing their rate (international).  If you go to the VISA website...you’ll see the IQD too.  In my opinion, the CBI is about to do it.

4-11-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Delegation from US Congress visiting Iraq says..."Iraq on the verge of a big boom."

4-11-2017   Newshound Guru loop
   Article:  "Head of the IMF mission's (term) interest peg to the dollar rather than a large reduction of the Iraqi economy"  The head of the IMF mission in Iraq is answering questions.  THe IMF is saying that to decrease the value of the dinar against the dollar would only lead to inflation and that the CBI has the needed reserves to support the economy.   [we certainly dont want it devalued any more. It won't. THere is no reason for it. Their economy is expanding so why on earth would the throw it into reverse?  Just like I do not think a float is going to happen.  They also are saying that there is no issue with the debt that they have taken on to support the country as long as the follow the process as outlined in the SBA.


DR. CLARKE: Spring has Sprung. We were sitting out by the water, just a little while ago, here in the Caribbean (Gia, not the Mediterranean this week, thank you), and a large Blue Heron landed, knee deep in water looking for fish to eat, and gave us this message: "Something Really BIG, is going to happen in Iraq tomorrow (Wednesday), with regard to their Dinar." We were like "What?"

Now, as we asked for more information, something really odd, and virtually unheard of (which NEVER Happens).......happened - Another Blue Heron, flew down, and landed in the water right next to the other one, and immediately plucked a fish right out from under the 1st Blue Heron's beak (Blue heron's are very territorial, independent, and don't hang out together with one another, in the same vicinity of water without fighting).......and told the 1st Blue Heron:

"You can come back and get YOUR Fish, NEXT WEEK. It will be waiting for you.....and well worth the wait......because it will be a bigger meal, than this one.......it's had time to GROW.

We Love the Caribbean, and as we mentioned before, we Love "Fridays". 
Friday is always "FUN DAY".

In our View, as we indicated very clearly in our March 29, 2017 (LINK) post here on Dinar Recaps - 

The Blue Heron, may just have a Surprise in store for everyone. In any case, we from our Human perspective of "ILLOGICAL ENTERTAINMENT", feel that things will escalate, with the "NEWS YOU'VE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR", toward April 30, 2017 (Sunday)........Maybe a PUBLIC Substantial Rate Increase, AND Maybe the Official announcement of Mosul's Liberation, and all of Iraq's Freedom from Daesh.......NOT necessarily in that Order.
"PUBLIC" being the Necessary Word.

The interesting thing, is that, while we were "Whale Watching" off the coast of St. Maarten, for some reason, a very large and beautiful Whale, sprayed us with water, and said, "Wake Up!", ...because "APRIL Showers, bring MAY Flowers".......which we Already Knew......but something is different NOW. 

Our "take away", was that while April does begin producing some Flowers, the ones in May, are always More Bountiful, Beautiful and Abundant, because they've been watered, nurtured, aged and fully matured........well to remember, as we have 3 more weeks left in the month of April.

FRIENDS, the Middle East "REGION", is now in a Very Good Place.....better than most think, for what you want. The Asian "REGION" is soon to be, better than most think.....also for what you want.

.........Wait for it. But, not Long.

Remember MAY, in your calculations.

There is ZERO TRUTH, to anything we just said, lest the reader beware......and "So It Is". 

You should "SEE" the Crystal Clear Water HERE.......WOW! Seems like we can SEE 100 feet deep. Seems like we can "SEE" Everything!

......and So Will You!




Mary:  When I heard the following fragment of last Monday's cc, it left me speechless. And family, believe me, that does not happen very often or very easily. Here is one of the countless golden nuggets of this cc:
Frank26 Quotes :  “They are moving in the right direction of the MR. I think that there are many pieces, there are many parts to it. They’re right in front of our eyes, wouldn’t you say Delta … I mean it’s very obvious what they’re doing.

So, to answer your question: I think that they are adding purchasing power. Inside of the country, they’re adding purchasing power. But when the rate goes up, it leaves the country to add value power. Inside the country a dinar is a dinar is a dinar; you know that story. Once it leaves the country, the value of that currency against other currencies is going to go very high.

That’s why they are going to managed float, fixed float – whatever word you want to use - to control that so that they don’t have the same mistake that they went through with Kuwait. Been there, done there – Jack Lew made sure of this in my opinion.

You know, there are a lot of things going on, family. And each one of them is kind of subdivided into their own little groups. Some may be paying attention to the security and stability, some may be specializing in the introduction of the lower denoms, some are specializing in the 1000:1, some are specializing in other things. Let me give an example. I think that there are contracts right now in the month of April that are maturing.

I believe they were 90-day contracts, the latest ones were more 90-day contracts. I believe that because there were 90-day and 30-day contracts and we are looking at a variety of different rates. This is my opinion. I believe that once these contracts are done, and I believe it’s going to be in this month of April, then there is a very good reason to raise the value. Why? Because internally that’s what these contracts are for: bring goods and services to the citizens in the reconstruction of their economic reforms.
But that phase is coming to an end. And then the next phase would be: leave, please, leave! What? Leave, IQD, you’re grown up, leave the country! Go out there, explore the rest of the world. See what America is like, see what Canada is like, see what China is like. But before you go: give us three days. To do what? To bridge you over.

And by the way: once you’re done with that, family, then there is another 76 days in my opinion where you should calculate and wait a little bit longer before you make some serious moves. I also told you that I don’t want to tell you when the next pay scale is, but didn’t you just hear me about 15-20 minutes ago telling you: I’ll be gone next week. So I don’t want to talk about when they are getting paid. Then I’ll be back with you in the last week of April.
And for that last week of April I’ve created a number for you. It’s 272829. […] I’ll be back in that week, in that time period – you think it’s a number, don’t you? You think it’s a rate, don’t you? No, it’s not. Look at those numbers.

That’s when I believe in my heart that the Iraqi Dinar might actually be sent into the international world with an international rate. Right now, family, they are in the phase of going from the 1187,1186 or 1184 down to 1000:1 in my opinion for their pay scale in-country. And in-country they’re also going to go 1:1. And in my opinion you’ll never see 1000:1 with your eyes on any paycheck, on any CBI Arabic site. No. Why?

Because the moment that they decide to do that, it automatically flips over to 1:1 because they raise the three 000’s. They position their currency to do just that. The articles even told you that this was their goal. To get to 1000:1 and then to 1:1. […] When it leaves the borders, when it jumps across that fence, that 1:1 in my opinion is going to climb. And there are the articles that have told us that it’s maybe about 1,14 or 1,17. In my opinion: no!!! No, I told you that everything has been doubled.

Mary:  So you take it from there.” [CC 4-10-17, 1:44:48 to 1:51:07]

I think that this quote does not need any further comment and I’m sure that we will never come any closer to a date or a rate than that, family. Nevertheless, we should take heed of Frank’s warning: we first need to see the rate change because this is still the Middle East. As much as we are dancing, as much as we are on cloud nine right now, we should be careful and fair and we need to pray.


MichaelT-Bones: Article:   The central bank determines the steps "compliance" to enter the banks foreign currency window   http://www.shafaaq.com/link

So IMO, this looks like a International Billboard from the CBI saying that the IQD is Coming Soon to a bank currency exchange window near you!!!

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 11 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 11 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 11 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. April 10 2017 9:09 am EST TNT: Monday Update from TNT 4-10-17 iTeleseminar.com/96907386 #wearethepeople

1. Iraq's Finance Conference will be today and tomorrow April 10,11, where the main discussion will be about the removal of restrictions.

2. Iraqi TV reports printing of new notes, mostly lower denoms, amounting to 11 billion.

3. Dinar exchange in-country rate was around $6.00.

4. In the US the new currency rates were on bank screens, but on hold and not available.



Tishwash:  it seems Christine Legarde was interviewd about Iraq??!!!

Read of the IMF mission's (term) interest peg to the dollar rather than a large reduction of the Iraqi economy


Being talked at length between the economic circles, whether legislative or specialized for what the International Monetary Fund for Iraq loans and its usefulness out of the current financial crisis in the aftermath of the decline in global oil prices

Sometimes some people talk about being open field ahead of us to get the facilities and loans and support for international financial organizations and countries major, in accordance with the international financial umbrella obtained by Iraq , up nearly 20 billion dollars, with what he sees others that borrow from the fund is very important for Iraq but also strengthens its position externally in terms of financial transactions,

And sometimes others were skeptical of this argument, pointing out that, loans would not But the burden of borrowed state financial obligations and Tkplha debts for many years, with the facts that can not be overlooked after the repercussions of the occupation of Daesh for a number of Iraqi cities , and his successor from the huge numbers of displaced people and the destruction of the infrastructure of those areas, requiring reconstruction after liberation, not to mention the costs of these the war that no one can yet appreciated. 

Meetings and dialogues in- depth continued over the past two years and the current, to complete Iraq for the IMF loan of $ 5.3 billion, an annual interest rate low of one and a half percent, accompanied by requests, policies and procedures recommended by the Fund, concerning its credit readiness with Iraq, including additional cuts expenditures and the fight against corruption, and activating the economic sectors and financial reform, which according to officials, in the interests of the Iraqi economy, to remain the most important opinion of the international Monetary Fund in this regard, as head of the IMF mission in Iraq

Christian coconut answer, some questions x The interview (range), via e - mail. 

* What is the future readiness credit program with the International Monetary Fund, if exposed oil prices to a significant improvement eliminates the deficit? 

- Under the current outlook for oil prices, we believe that it should follow the approach of the financial correction that combines ambition and viability, in order to bridge the gap with the end of this decade (2020). If oil prices rose largely no longer with the need for international financial support from the IMF and other donors fund, leaving the decision of the Iraqi government regarding the continued implementation of the standby credit agreement with the Fund

* Do you put the fund into account, in his program how Iraq will be able to pay its debts accumulated and borrowing for reconstruction if oil prices continue at current rates? 

- Yes, if the Iraqi government implemented a fiscal adjustment program provided for by the standby credit agreement, it would be able to repay its debts. 

* What are the means available to Iraq to establish an economic partnership with the world to run the economy and raise growth and development in which rates and reduce the actual levels of unemployment to decimal one not 40% instead of 24%? 

- The Iraqi government should implement the following growth strategy: first, to maintain macroeconomic stability by freezing public spending in nominal terms for a period of two years, plugged up the fiscal deficit gradually and maintain the linking of the Iraqi dinar in US dollars. 

Second, create fiscal space by increasing non - oil revenues and the reduction of current expenditures, that this space is used to promote human capital and re - physical capital in Iraq. Third, improve the business climate, which leads, while reducing the role of the state in the economy in the context of the current fiscal adjustment, to increase incentives for private sector development, especially with the start of reconstruction work. 

Finally, reform and restructuring in the financial sector will, to strengthen its capacity to support the private sector in the medium term during the reconstruction. 

* Everyone thinks that the economy is in a contraction or a severe recession and the price of nominal dinar exchange rate is not realistic and exceeds the value, compared to the current account deficit of the balance of payments., But it is time to reduce the value of the dinar and the exchange rate against the dollar and bear little thing of inflation in order to rationalize the overall total spending of the state ? What is your guidance in this regard? 

- The central bank still maintains a comfortable level of foreign exchange reserves , 
we believe that it is appropriate to maintain the linking of the Iraqi dinar in US dollars. It will not achieve the devaluation of great benefit to the economy and would cause a sharp increase in inflation. 

* Iraq 's recent decline in cash reserves at the Central Bank to the extent of 49 billion, how do you view this decline, do you have any recommendations to the Iraqi side about it? 

- The central bank still retains a comfortable level of total foreign exchange reserves. As is the case in all oil -exporting countries, can not avoid the decline in these reserves when oil prices fall. We recommend the implementation of the agreed financial control under the standby credit agreement to keep this fall within the limits compatible with the linking of the Iraqi dinar in US dollars. 

* What is your guidance for Iraq on reconstruction in the liberated areas of the process, and what is your opinion by asking US President Donald Trump, contributing to the reconstruction of those areas in exchange for Iraqi oil? 

- We recommend first, to assess reconstruction needs with the help of the World Bank and then raise the necessary resources to implement them, including Iraq 's oil resources and international financial support. 

Iraq can assume its debts to conduct the agreed fiscal adjustment 

* All afraid in Iraq , the size of the indebtedness of the Iraqi government , both internal and external, how do you view this issue, and what are your recommendations? 
- it can carry Iraq 's debts if the authorities carried out the agreed financial correction with the IMF under the standby credit agreement. 

The International Monetary Fund, a specialized agency of the Bretton Woods system of the United Nations, was established by an international treaty in 1945 to work on strengthening the integrity of the global economy, and is based in Washington DC, and run by its members who include all countries of the world about their number of 188 countries. 

The International Monetary Fund, the central institution of the international monetary system, any system of international payments and currency exchange rates which allows commercial transactions between different countries, and aims to prevent crises in the international system by encouraging different countries to adopt sound economic policies, as members can make use of its resources, to address what they are exposed to balance of payments problems, including the legal objectives of the Fund to facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade, and to stabilize exchange rates and avoid competitive devaluation of currency values, and a correction regulator Achtla S balance of payments experienced by different countries       Link

DePaul13: I  just read Christine LeGarde speech and that solidifies for all who read it has been now known that this is finished!!

Wrider22:  GM Depaul! I'm seeing the writing on the wall too! Whooo Hooo!!!

Steadfast:  I remember last Easter when we were being told, the exchange and bank people were being called in over the weekend, for doing exchanges, let's hope we see this before this Easter.

Pearle:  A lot of things happening now that was not happening last year. They had to control Isis, seems that they have...next step, step by step by step

GJHHonor:  gm to all ….IQN no change yet today.

Airam:  Someone sometime said Tuesday was the prefered revaluation day .....it would be great!!!!

SassyD:  SEC targets fake stock news on financial websites -- Apr 10, 2017 -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday announced a crackdown on alleged stock promotion schemes in which writers were secretly paid to post hundreds of bullish articles about public companies on financial websites. -- http://www.reuters.com/article/us-sec-fakenews-idUSKBN17C1YP

DocSavage:  Saw an interesting post on recaps. Have any of you noticed the notice on xe.com about a possible IQD redomination? Not sure how log it has been there. Take a look: http://www.xe.com/currency/iqd-iraqi-dinar#additionalinfo


SassyD:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ----- Margaret Mead, anthropologist

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." -- Samuel Adams

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Two things define you...... your PATIENCE when you have nothing, and your ATTITUDE when you have everything !!!

"Don't count the days but make the days count." -- Muhammad Ali

“In a time of domestic crisis, men of goodwill and generosity should be able to unite regardless of party or politics.” -- President John F. Kennedy

I asked God, "Why are you taking me through troubled water?" He replied, "Because your enemies can't swim." nuff said!

AzHombre:  It's been said the "If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done!" Well, looks like most of us wanted wealth and bought speculative currencies. So let it happen! BBL… PS, Attract what you want by being what you want. Try it today!



TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 10-April-2017 
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# 

 RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, April 10, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls. The writing is on the wall! I think you will all come to that conclusion from the information we are going to talk about . 

On the Friday call, there was just a bit of intel, then weekend activity into today – there are some tidbits we can talk about. On Friday there were still people not getting that the rate was basically 89 cents, so we had that to deal with. That’s what we were getting across the pond. 

Then there were hundreds of ISIL fighters surrendering, then notification that Article 140 would come out when Mosul was liberated. 

Then we heard that the lower denominations were being released. Then there was an NBC program saying Mosul was liberated in December, and inviting people to come back in January. Was this misleading? Or maybe a little too revealing? 

That was weekend information and there is more bringing us to today. There is the Finance Conference today and tomorrow, removing the restrictions. Iraqi television is making citizens aware that new notes are being printed – up to 11 billion dinars, and the majority in lower denominations. 

What would they need those lower denoms for if the currency has not changed, or intends to change. All those reporting on Qi card activity say it’s in the $6 range or so. Everyone will agree that Chapter VII has been lifted, and that will be public if it hasn’t been already. 

In addition, there are price drops going on in Iraq. Usually when a company drops the prices, there is a motiviation – they are doing a blue light special or going out of business. That is not happening in Iraq; they would only to drop prices if the currency has a stronger value. These are big drops, like from ten thousand down to one thousand dinar. In the US, rate situations in some banks; some are telling customers this morning that rates are not available because the currencies are changing values. That’s what it says on the screens! Is that going to be for the next two weeks or two months? 

If it’s on hold today due to changing values, I don’t think it will take that long. What do you think?

 Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: If the writing is on the wall, WHERE IS THE WALL? HOW DO WE GET TO IT?

A: The wall is in your mind. The reality be here pretty much now. 

Q: A while back we talked about the Iranian Rial and how you had heard that it might RV at the same time as the Dinar? With all that is going on with Syria, North Korea, and Iran do you still hear that it will still RV or is that a potential leveraging opportunity for maybe a few years from now. 

A: Last I heard, the rial is still in the same basket. For myself, I hope it is NOT in the same basket; I hope they take it out. Either way, it will revalue sooner rather than later. 

Q: Ray, is there a point when you decide that the 800#s are a thing of the past, and it’s better for you and tony to line up things with few banks for TNT members? 

A: I think the 800 numbers exist and I have reason to believe I will get them to send out to you guys. The 46 banks I already know about are just icing on the cake, to give us extra choices on where to go. 

Q: Does Iraq have to pull, collect, do away with the old currency that we possess with the zeros before they begin using the new lower denominations? If you answer is yes, I’m packing my bags and I’ll see you all in Vegas! 

A: Not to my knowledge; I haven’t heard anything like that. NO, and I still intend to see you in Vegas! 

Q: Ray in your opinion if by chance a person is holding the Zim, will there be an advantage over a person not having the ZIM? And in your opinion would they be exchanging at any exchange center, or would they be required to go to an exchange center that specializes in the ZIM? And could you verify again the rates on the Dinar, dong, rial, and the ZIM? 

A: TObviously if the Zim exchange, then it’s better to have Zim than not to have Zim, but I don’t think there is an advantage over dinar, dong, or rupiah, per se. It’s more like those having more dollars are in a better position than those who don’t have dollars. Those who hold Zim, well, one of the banks who have been holding out against these currencies told a member that they will be exchanging dinar, dong, and zim. I cannot ‘verify’ any rates; what I’ve heard and I believe, well, dinar has always been $3+, but in the last week I’ve received information that it will be more than $6; that information is from people actively using the currency (on the cards), and that is what they are seeing. I haven’t seen that an a US bank screen yet. On the dong we heard 47 cents, and occasionally $2. The rial has been a consistent $3 and change. For the Zim, I’ve mostly heard double digits, but I firmly intend to ask for three. [two digits would be 11-53 cents; triple digits = over $1 per zim] 

Q: In todays tweet you mentioned that Iraq is printing new lower denominations. Was it not reported approx. 3-4 years ago by Tony that the lower denoms are printed and delivered to Iraq and that he had the paperwork to proof it? Can you elaborate on that? 

A: Yes, they did print lower denominations a few years ago, and I think now they are reprinting more to allow for the volume on the streets. 

Q: Could TNT send a tweet or something IF there IS a contract rate? If not, then the 2nd and 3rd mice won’t get caught up in the traffic of the 1st mice for naught. 

A: Don’t worry about that; we will tell you anything and everything. If it’s not illegal, we will tell. 

Q: Concerning the 10 day after-RV Pay-It-Forward concept, could you and or perhaps your callers offer suggestions on how we could implement this? Just more of a reminder and maybe some new ideas to help others, hopefully anonymously, when the time comes for us to do so. 

A: Yes, we will do just that – suggestions, the official kick-off day so that everyone will look forward to it, and give general encouragement. 

Q: With your initial opening comment that this will probably be the last call with hearing Tony’s voice as a recording, I’m assuming that the wall is right in front of us. 

A: Yes, I am seeing the wall. 

Q: What currencies are the US banks reporting being seen on the screens? 

A: All exotic currencies are NOT showing rates because “the value is changing”. That’s what it says on the screen. 

Live Q and A 

865/404 caller: Re: Finance Conference, how widespread is that? There is a post on PM Abadi’s website that there is a group over there from our Congress – are they attending this conference as well? And I do hope this is the last pre-RV call. 

RayRen: I have no idea, just passing on the information as I get it. 

716 caller: Busy weekend, eh? 

RayRen: And a busier week, it looks like. 

303 caller: I have an opinion about deletion of the zeros, with backup. We all want to be rich, but the value of currency depends on a market to buy it, and there isn’t such a market at the moment. Are we waiting for a law to be passed? 

RayRen: I don’t get into arguments on that topic. This is Q+A for members to ask questions, not to make statements or argue about points. I’m listening to the Iraqi standpoint, and they are saying everything is done that needs to be done. They are saying that they’re enjoying their money and don’t know why we are not seeing it here. I can only share the information, and you can accept it or not. I’m moving on to the next caller, thank you for calling. 

507 caller: You mentioned previously that there is a agreement that US holders will NOT have zeros deducted from the currency. 

RayRen: I never said there is an agreement about the zeros; I did say that is an under-standing that our currency is not going back to Iraq, and that the value is established. Have you had any bankers tell you that the deletion of three zeros will affect you? Neither have I. I’m sharing with you everything we can tell you. If you bring up something that contradicts that, then you need to bring in some substance. Because I’m not hearing that. What if you are 100% correct? You can’t change any of it, you just have to deal with it. I don’t believe there is any deletion of three zeros that will affect us in the United States. Are you are regular listener on the calls? It sure doesn’t sound like it. [We have talked about this point many times, that the deletion of zeros is only happening in Iraq.] 

310 caller: I went to the local Bank of America; they didn’t see anything on the screens, but they have heard rate changes are coming. 

918 caller: You’ve had about three callers who, if they have been listening to your calls, they can’t have heard anything you have said. The writing IS on the wall, and even for those who called in today, if they have been listening over the last few years, you have been more specific and detailed even than Tony. The writing has been on the wall for some time, and we’re to a point where all the international horse-trading is about to end. I think we are right here. 

RayRen: In TNT, there’s the best of us and the rest of us. 

Caller: These people haven’t learned a darned thing from you, and for them, this is going to come, and it’s going to go… 

406 caller: Where do I send a donation? 

RayRen: The address is on the website: PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. 

601 caller: I have my keys in my hand getting ready to go out the door. As for the contract rates, I know you have to sign a contract and an NDA saying you won’t tell anyone the rate; if you don’t know for sure, what else will be in the NDA? 

RayRen: I don’t know what else they will want you not to disclose apart from what you have just agreed to: the fact of the contract, and the rates they are giving you. They might throw in some other things, but I don’t’ know what. So far as I know, the NDA is only an agreement not to disclose the contract. 

415 caller: I talked to my bank about a POD [Pay On Death assignment]; they said that I have to bring the person in person to set that up. Is that your information? 

RayRen: Did you explain the inconvenience of bringing the person there? It’s probably different in every state. That’s what you get for living in the wrong state! 

Caller: Yes, and this is a bank that I’ve gone to for a long time. I do know someone else there, so I can check with her. I want people on your calls to understand that this might be the case. 

RayRen: That’s why we suggest you talk to banks now, so that there are no hiccups on exchange day. 

602 caller: There were questions a few years ago about how to protect your accounts, and Tony suggested that you have your accounts offline, and only accessible through your wealth manager, so you’re not pestered by people wanting to sell you investments. 

786 caller: [Can’t understand the caller] 

RayRen: Yes, those eleven billion dinars, I understand the majority are lower denoms. 

OH caller: When I asked about PODs at my bank, they said that the recipient only needed to present a death certificate. That earlier caller might want to check with other banks and see if the situation is the same. 

RayRen: I think she just lives in the wrong state; it may be a state rule or a bank rule. 

714 caller: Has there been any discussion of the old Saddam currency? 

RayRen: That is not going to be good for anything, RV-wise. It might be good for a collector, but the only currency that is good for revalution is 2003 currency and later. 

626 caller: I have done my POD a few times, and at no point did they demand that the other person be there, although they have wanted identification. I’ve done that at three different banks in California… 

RayRen: Maybe she needs to change banks, or change cities. 

604 caller: We have talked before about trusts. I have been through financial challengs and seem to be on the black lists of some individuals. I would like not to exchange in my own name, because that information might come to the attention of people from prior times. How can I exchange into an entity that is not established beforehand. 

RayRen: That could be tricky. You could open an account under a fictitious business name; you might want to look into that. Contact your bank and see what they suggest. The easiest and cheapest way to cloak your identity is to have a business name. You have to get a license from your state or city, but could still use your social security number. 

Caller: We have a concept here of numbered companies – something like that? 

RayRen: Yes, that would work. 

972 caller: What are these lower denominations? 

RayRen: One dinar notes, fives, tens, twenties – those are the lower denominations. These are not the fils, which are coins. 

Caller: It’s impossible to issue lower denoms if the rate is 1166 dinars to the dollar… 

RayRen: And a drop in prices, which we are seeing now in Iraq. 

Closing Statement Yes, the writing is on the wall, and you should be able to see that. The rates, people having money available to them at the new rate [in Iraq and on the cards], and that rate rising from $3+ to $6+ outside the country. 

Article VII is clearly no longer an issue, and Article 140 coming to the for. Mosul is about to be liberated, or has been liberated – how long can it take to liberate the last 7%? Once a governing body has decided to do something, they can implement it before making it publicly known, and that is part of what has taken place. 

The writing is clearly on the wall. We are just waiting. Bank folks are ready; some of our members mentioned this morning that the screens don’t show rates because they are waiting for a change in value. 

The first basket still seems to hold dinar, dong, rupiah, zim and rial, and may be followed shortly by a second basket. 

The task force team has done a wonderful job of putting together banking seminars, and the products that the banks will offer. 

Don’t be surprised if some of these task force meetings take place on Good Friday. As things develop, we will post intel about the banking seminars in the forum and on www.tntsuperfantastic.com. You will be able to click and register. Sessions will be about two hours, and the banks will tell you all about the investment products they offer. Also, you will be able to ask questions. 

We’ll post it in the public part of the website, so that everyone can benefit who chooses to attend. All of you can benefit from this information, whether you are a member or not. 

The other stuff is exclusive to members, but the banking seminars are open to all. Don’t be surprised if there are sessions on Friday, Saturday, or next Monday. The plan is to have all 13 sessions kick off at the same time so that we can move on to the next phase and the information for members. 

Also, the pay-it-forward program for ten days after the RV, that is intended to let US know what our fellow members are doing. We’ll also set up the Vegas meeting, which is more like a conference to let members know extra information and celebration. 

I don’t look for the RV today, but we have been told ‘this week’. Our SKR holders have also been told this week, and there is other information suggesting this week. We do plan to have a call on Wednesday, whether pre-RV or post-RV.

 I don’t think there is any further need for donations. Even a dollar helped, and we appreciate all those who contributed to keep the site up, the calls going, and the information flowing. We know that there are those who could not donate, but you are still under our wing. 

Thanks to all the mods, past and present, who helped get us to this point, with a single train of thought amongst the best of us. We are waiting other update information to come in, and if it comes in today I will send out a tweet as this comes to the next phase. Enjoy this Marvelous Monday and look forward to what is to come! 

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA


FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, April 10, 2017.

We’re not going to say that this will be our last conference call.
We have a long list things of things to talk about tonight.

Delta made many posts:

Delta … take over please

DELTA – Thank you very much.  Greetings family. I’m here to give you about 5 files.  Last 2-3 weeks, lots of excitement.

I love Frankie’s videos, does an excellent job explaining what is going on.

Here is FILE #1 -- MASTERCARD … about 2 or 3 days ago … we got the info … started showing the IQD in their system.  Still shows their program, but we know that MASTERCARD is international.

In my opinion, the CBI is about to do it.

I researched MASTERCARD … it started showing IQD in October 2016.

.000888 is what it shows right now … and goes up and down.

If you go back about a year, if you put in October 13, 2016 … you’ll see that MASTERCARD says that the IQD was not available then.

We all know why … the CBI had to put things on hold.

The CBI is connected internationally to MASTERCARD.

So why don’t we see the rate?  Because Iraq is a spoiled child.

They cannot go Article VIII without changing their rate (international).

If you go to the VISA website … you’ll see the IQD too.

FRANK – I understand that was found on the Arabic side of the CBI website.

MASTERCARD is a banking service.  This banking service is going to bridge the IQD inside of Iraq to the international world outside of its borders.  MASTERCARD is not just for internationalism, but I will say that is what Iraq is right now.

This whole CC is in my opinion.

MASTERCARD is for the citizens of Iraq, and for those Iraqi that are ONLY inside of Iraq.

MASTERCARD is the bridge to those trapped inside of Iraq right now.

Should the CBI just “do it” as Delta says?  I say that are doing it.

The IQD can now be wired outside of the country … but who wants it right now? … or do they?

The ATM will use the MASTERCARD service.

MASTERCARD will also be used for a government payroll system, and the citizens too … because the citizens say to the banks >>> “up yours!”

Many of the articles coming out echo our conference calls.

IMO … they are INTERNATIONAL RIGHT NOW … only in country … and once that rate goes … OH BUDDY!!!!!! 

DELTA #2 – FILE … most important … Iraqi TV ticker showed that one of the Cellular companies … they sell “prepaid chips.”

The prepaid phone company … this news should have you jump up and down with excitement that the rate is about to change!

I’ve never seen a business drop the price of it’s products by 90%.  From 10,000 dinars to 1,000 dinars … boy … that’s got to have you scratching your head.

They need to lift the exchange rate on their currency.

90% drop in price … they know that something is going on.  They are in business to MAKE MONEY.

Zain, one of the biggest companies in Iraq, they dropped their prices too.  That should tell you … the rate is about to change. 

The 5,000 dinar is equivalent to $5.00

The 250 dinar that they dropped it … that would be like 2 to 3 cents.

The CBI might come up with inflation … we never know what they are going to do.

The phone companies in Iraq … they decided to drop the pricing 90% … and that doesn’t make any sense at all.

You can’t drop prices like that and expect to survive.

Think about it … if you used a prepaid card … and you tried to buy a prepaid cell card in Iraq … it’s very expensive.

If you do the calculations … the rate shows like 2 to 3 cents.

They know the rate is about to change.

FRANK – MASTERCARD is extremely successful.  So is VISA.  Very powerful companies when it comes to banking.  When Sims did a 90% decrease – they are NOT doing this to lose money … they are doing it to ADJUST ACCORDINGLY to the rates inside of Iraq right now.  A 90% decrease sends a HUGE message.  A change is about to occur.  Zain and Sims don’t want to stay at a high rate when the value changes … or the competitors would win.

This is an amazing move.  To go from 10,000 dinars down to 1,000 dinars.  We told you family.  There was an order given to my friends, who own a business in Baghdad … that they had to change their pay scale to 1,000 to 1.

Right now, I believe they have moved to the next step.  No fractional banking … 1,000 to 1.

On the NEXT PAY TIME FRAME … which I can’t share with you … uh oh … so I will just go away … uh oh.  During this time frame, the citizens will explode with excitement now that they will get more purchasing power.  This is NOT a mistake.  Zain is NOT dropping their rates as a mistake.  They are privy to know that Iraq is going to drop their zeros.  You will never see 1,000 to 1.  I’ll explain that later.

These companies obviously know something is about to change.

Right before your eyes … in this month of April.

Yes Delta, they are about to “do it.”

In Lebanon, they had a financial conference, talked about the exchange rate … and IMO … they are doing it.

The phone company is willing to lose MILLIONS because they are about to make BILLIONS!

DELTA –If the plan was to change the rate in the next 3, 4, 5, 6 months … it makes no sense for the phone companies to make that drastic of a move right now.  Imagine those companies trying to explain to their investors that they are taking a 90% loss.  This is HUGE in my opinion.

FILE #3 – The CBI … I monitor the CBI Arabic site.  I have more confirmation … when the rate changes … on the Arabic side … they will send a memo to the bank … every bank before the change occurs.  According to the IMF … this must happen … banks to make the change either just before they open OR just after they close.  We might be able to know 24 hours or 10 hours before they open by monitoring the CBI website. 

The new rate of the CBI website would probably show up after business hours … so in America it would probably show up at night.

The CBI spreadsheet … the rate for February / March shows the exchange rate around 87 cents.

ARTICLE … Remember a long time ago … they said that they had like 4 Billion paper notes.  The plan was to drop from 4 Billion to 2 Billion after they dropped the 3 zeros.

11 Billion paper notes?  That’s impossible.

We do believe that they are talking about the LOWER DENOMINATIONS.

If they printed 11 Billion dinars … they are expecting the rate to be high.

FRANK – You hit the nail on the head.

It’s almost comical.

Excuse me … citizens of Iraq.  This is the finance committee.  I’d like to announce that we printed 11 Billion notes.  Why?  To improve the value of your currency.  Liar.  The citizens may not trust them … but this is amazing!

The fact that they even tell you that they printed currency … LOL … ok … what did you print?

You can’t blame the citizens … but as soon as they get their NEXT paycheck … the citizens will see that they will have more purchasing power.

IMO … they didn’t just print this new currency.  The LD’s were printed back in 2004 and to be introduced once they were liberated.

IMO … this is just a portion of the LD’s that may have been distributed by some armed guards.

The amount of paper notes coming out is really not important … it’s the value that tells us a lot.

They were told to reduce their note count from 4 Billion … IMO … it’s down to 1 Billion.

DELTA – Look at Kuwait.  Two or three years I looked at their note count.  They are at like 3.57.  11B, 600 M dinars (paper notes) is interesting … because they will need more … think eDinars. 

By the way that this guy who is quoted in this article … he know EXACTLY what is going on in the CBI.

By the way … while he says they are waiting for stability/security … he said that all of the technical preparations are already underway!

Ok … so when you delete the 3 zeros … what will you do first?

They have to INCREASE the rate first … but legally he cannot tell you that.

The CBI will never tell you that they are going to REVALUE tonight.

FRANK – I think that they are moving in the right direction of the monetary reform.  Many pieces / parts to it.  It is happening right in front of our eyes.  It’s very obvious as to what they are doing.

Inside of country … they are adding purchasing power.

When the rate goes up … it leaves the country … the value will go very high.  That’s why they will use a managed/fixed float so that they don’t have the same thing happened like it did with Kuwait.

I think there are CONTRACTS that are maturing … I believe they were 90 day contracts … and 30 day contracts … we are looking at a variety of rates.

I believe in this month of April … they will raise the value … to move along with the economic reforms and construction.

Give us 3 days … to BRIDGE the IQD over … and then there will be another 76 days that I beleive you may want to wait to make some serious moves.

I told you … I’m going to be gone next week … because I don’t want to talk about what they’ve been paid.

272829 <<< that is not a rate.

I believe they may be a time when the IQD might be sent to the international world with a rate.

In country, they will go 1 to 1 … and you will never see 1,000 to 1 … not on any paycheck or CBI website.  Because the moment they do that … they have raised the value of their currency.

In the blink of an eye … 1 to 1.

Look for the numbers on Forex.

DELTA FILE #4 – Financial Files in Lebanon.  This is happening today and tomorrow.  The agenda for this seminar, this time, things are different.  They are going to talk about the elimination of the exchange rate.

What they are talking about is the FREEDOM of MOVEMENT of CAPITAL.

The GOI has restrictions (program rate) … that must be lifted (Article VIII).

This is the first time in like 8 years that they have had wording like this in their agenda.  If they were going to delay … why would they be talking about it?

Look at MASTERCARD … this is more confirmation … they are ready to go.

We do believe that after this meeting, after they come back, we should see a lot accomplished.  Very exciting.

All of the companies are waiting for Iraq to lift the value.

FRANK – It’s a lot easier to swim without handcuffs.  To eliminate the exchange restrictions … this is why the IMF took over.

I think they went to Lebanon to say that they have lifted the restrictions on their exchange rate.

I believe all of this info will remain private.

I like that this meeting is going on right now … excellent timing … wouldn’t you agree?

Last Wednesday, we said that contracts (2 separate tranches) … we told you to pay attention … that HUGE amounts of money would be moving all around the world.  The following day, we found it.  We were looking at financial hubs.  It moved from EAST to WEST to WEST.

It started in the Asian theatre … moved WEST to the (USA) … (yes President Trump is quite the businessman).

So what was the 2nd WEST?  China … USA … to London.

We thought we’d see Switzerland involved … nope.

Hot-Diggity-Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is very interesting.

Two huge amounts … broken up … represented in 90 day and 30 day contracts.

When a STAR explodes … it give off light … traveling at the speed of light.  The distance between that star and earth … we are upon that time right now.

DELTA  - FILE #5 – US Congress … article posted … the US Congress says that Iraq is on the verge of success despite great challenges.

No one knows the date of course … but I believe we are very, very close.

Of course we are still waiting for an official announcement about Mosul … but I do believe we are really, really close.

Why would you drop the cost of your product by 90%?

FRANK – Delta … do you think that the AUDITS are done?

DELTA – yes the confirmation and Rashid and Raffidian banks mentioned it.  The audits are done.  Everything is done.
The USD continues to drop too.

Security … IMO … Mosul is more than 90% done.

If you need stability and security … why are they trying to sell bonds?

Don’t you need stability and security for bonds?

I believe all of that is done.

Everything is set to go.

The CBI has been done since January.

They were told to wait … finish Mosul … to make them look better and better.

Abadi knows exactly what he wants – he used to be in the finance committee in parliament.
Iraq doesn’t have to wait for the last day in April.

FRANK – I believe that the AUDITS are also gone / done.
Important files on international levels … which I mentioned on the video I did yesterday.  
I believe that the HCL is in very, very good shape … especially when the Kurds refuse to remove their flag until Article 140 is done.
DELTA – I agree.  Abadi promised them that as soon as they liberate Mosul, they will activate 140.

The CBI can pull the trigger anytime.

The CBI is in charge of the monetary reform.

The IMF doesn’t talk about the Article 140.

Kurdistan is trying to get their independence … Article 140 is very important to them.

Abadi is a good negotiator too.

FRANK – I don’t see them trying to change the wording or anything with 140.

Family, I did not give you the PAYDAYS.

I’ve made it clear … I won’t be with your next week because I don’t want to talk about it.

If the citizens get more purchasing power … that means more purchasing power for the markets too.

IMO … 1 to 1 is strictly to add purchase power to the citizens INSIDE of Iraq.


Not INTERNATIONAL for you and I … but international (contracts) that you don’t know about right now.  These contracts benefit countries.

The USA doesn’t want their debt ceiling to go any higher.

IMO … they’re PAYDAY is coming in this month of APRIL.

Contracts are the next step in the MR to be paid.

That time is ending this month.

There were different contract with different rates … some cancelled due to perishable items … some items sent back … new contracts done to reflect 30 and 90 days.

This is an evolving process.

I really don’t care about the RATE or the DATE.

This was a VERY BIG WEEK in our study of the monetary reform.

Today’s meeting in Lebanon … we all await for the changes in the IQD.

DELTA – I believe we’ve covered everything.  We’ll continue to watch throughout the week.

This is an URGENCY FACTOR for Iraq.  They have no choice … no other option to go international.

The private sector, private economy … everyone is waiting for the true rate to come out.

A lot of investors will help Iraq a lot.

They keep talking about Mosul, Mosul, Mosul … but a lot of people need help in Iraq now.

Lots of jobs will be created in Iraq … and a company must hire 85% Iraqi’s to do the work.

The 5.4 Billion that Iraq got … the only money that got paid was 1.4 B.

The rest they will get at the end of the year … and then next year.

Those monies are for reconstruction. 

The IMF article … says that Iraq is obligated to the conditions of the IMF.

Selling bonds … it’s not working.  I don’t see why they don’t get that.

Look how many times they’ve tried it.

Gimmicks don’t work. 

The citizens want power of purchase.

The only way an Iraqi will go to the bank is when they realize that their money is actually worth something.

The CBI … they listen to our conference call … believe it or not … you can go to the CBI website and see them talking about Frankie.

I’m serious family … I’m telling the CBI now … the only way they will see activity from the citizens is by raising the value.

FRANK – I’m interested in farming in Iraq.  The four rivers bring wealth.  When God put these together … He overwhelmed the area.  Food grows tremendously.  Iraq will feed the Middle East.

DELTA – That is huge Frankie.  Iraq is like #1 exporter in dates.  They have so much more than oil … silver … gold … pure gold … whole mountains … and then copper … natural gas … amazing potential.

Iraq should be worth more than 50-60 Trillion dollars.  They must use these resources in the right way.

Iraq is the ONLY country in the world that has the SUPPORT of EVERY COUNTRY!

Everybody supports Iraq.

Iraq needs to go international.

Surrounding countries have currencies higher in value than Iraq … even Yemen.

The PRIDE of Iraq’s currency must come forward … and they will surprise the whole world!

FRANK –   Mountains of gold … seriously … and they sit at 1184.  It’s laughable.

DELTA – How can you not believe in this investment?

I talked to a 30 year experienced banker … I convinced him … Iraq has a lot to offer.

You can’t tell me that Iraq is going to LOP … and it’s not a scam!  Look at the value of Iraq.

The USD should be a scam … NOT the IQD!

It’s all good.  The nation of Iraq is very rich … they could go $5, $6, $7 … but they won’t do that

Should be higher than SA.

The USA will not leave Iraq alone – they must realize their potential.

Again … they aren’t doing this for us.

They will do this for themselves.

Gradually 1 to 1 … whatever they want to do … as long as they keep moving.

Once they go into Article VIII … they CANNOT go back!!!!

Remember … the dinar is equivalent to 1,000 fil.

That is 1 to 1.

FRANK - That’s why you’ll never see it!

DELTA You are exactly right!

Zain and Sim … those calculations … that’s about 50 dinar to the dollar.

FRANK – It’s impressive to see all of these Iraqi’s pouring back into Iraq … eager to rebuild.
Two night ago … CNN had a program on called “Return to Mosul” – amazing stories.

Interesting thing … those stories … IMO … are about 3 months old.

Yes, the citizens are going back, but urban warfare continues.  It is ugly and will be comparable to WWII.

Have you ever noticed 3 dots at the end of certain conversations?

I believe we are waiting for 3 dots from the CBI.

IF the rate stays the way it is … it would be a disaster.

With the Lebanon meeting, President Trump, Mosul at 95%, and the prospect of the LD’s coming out … COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hundreds of ATM machines across Iraq … and to NOT raise the value of their currency?  It’s laughable.

We are seeing purchasing power …and next week while I’m gone … you are going to have a lot of fun with it.

I pray that they will ADD value to their currency outside of Iraq after that.

Delta and Teams will be VERY HONEST with you … we need to see the EXCHANGE RATE … you can continue to dance … and as much as you are on Cloud 9 right now … stand back … let the rate come to you.  We need to see that exchange rate move.

Because this is the Middle East … continue to pray that they do not retract any of their words/agreements with President Trump.

Pray for the Kurds … pray for stability … pray!

This is a process … a gradual process … I call it LAVA FLOW.

Write BAKLAVA down on a piece of paper … you can see LAVA in the word … all combined with LAYERS upon LAYERS.

We need to see the rate … and next week … someone might tell you of 1,000 to 1 on the PAYSCALE … and that would be great.

LOL … you don’t drop your PRICE … (Zain, Sims cell phone) if something isn’t going to happen.

Remember the pictures of the mall with prices.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we saw a drop in the price of electricity in Iraq?  That’s run by the government.

DELTA – That makes sense.

I believe we will see a pattern of things continuing to drop.

The cell phone companies must have some inside info.

So think about it … if they waited 2-3 months … why would they do that to lose money 90%

FRANK – BOOM!!! Says President Trump to Syria.

DELTA – I think that’s amazing.  He is a brilliant guy.  He knows what he is doing, and I love the fact that he doesn’t say what he is going to do … he just does it.  He believes in speed.  Get it done.

If there was an obstacle in the monetary reform … President Trump took care of it.

If you argue with President Trump on his policies … you are gone.  WE HAVE A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN … and I’m proud to have THIS President!!!!!!!!!!!!  He doesn’t “BS” around.

FRANK – We are walking into the phase of them educating their citizens.

We are in the window where anything is possible.

There was a sequence of events with my friend in Iraq who owns a business in Iraq with over 500 employees.  He attends certain meetings … and a week ago Saturday … he said “we need to talk … look at the articles posted by Samson.”  I asked if he could talk … he said no … lots of meetings … we are at the “on-set” … within pay scale.  That was a week ago this past Saturday.  He says on my phone … “WOW” and “AWESOME” <<< and those are words he doesn’t use.  “It’s beyond great” he said.

I said … do I understand they are doing something?

Is this the onset of 1 to 1?  He said “yes”

AGAIN ALL OF THIS IS IN MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said after that (Sunday night) … “it’s been a long night, follow-up with you later.”

Last Saturday he said that he cannot call me.

He told me to look at POST #259 – I put that in our final articles.

FRANK:  He said he was still involved in long meetings, and not sure when he could talk to me.

I asked are we headed in the right direction?

He said ……… “Big Time!”

I said “Praise God!”

I think that the Lebanon meetings will tell us something.

I believe that we are in a window where ANYTHING is possible in the still of the night.

The still-of-the-night … will be BEFORE they open … OR … just BEFORE they close.

DELTA – I think we covered everything.

I’m going to wait to see what happens in Lebanon.

FRANK – I think we did well.

I think this will suffice.

My ponytail is willing to be sacrificed.

DELTA – My golden scissors are ready.

FRANK – When this is over, I will meet you and other Teams … and then later meet with you in Hawaii.

I thank you for everything!

Wait until you meet Delta … he’s handsome … and sorry ladies … he’s married.  He’s Christian … and Tink says he’s “cute.”

I leave you in peace Delta.

Please join us in 2 weeks when I come back

DELTA – I will … if needed.

FRANK – If for some reason it happens … everything is cancelled.

DELTA – It’s my honor to be with you.  Hopefully we will meet very, very soon!

FRANK – There you have it.  We covered a spectrum of topics.

I know that you go to TeamChat and talk among yourselves … but please don’t hide in TeamChat to talk.  Please, post on the forum.  If you’re copied and pasted … so what … you’re famous!

To our 3 Musketeers … there are massive amounts of money moving.  I appreciate you doing what I asked … but if you can trace the large movement of Iraq … that would be fun to see your postings.

I salute all of our Teams.

A bow to my wife.  I love and support her.

CC ended prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK:  https://fccdl.in/zo0T2eJkK