Sunday, April 9, 2017

Link to mp3 of Humanus CON ference Call for April 5, 9 APRIL

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Here's the mp3 of the Humanus conference call from April 5; it runs 2 hours 5 minutes. 



"Protocol" - GCR/RV Intel Update 4/9/17

Bringing down the Trump presidency -- all be it painstakingly slow -- seems to have always been the standard operating protocol for the NPTB.

This way, the NPTB can globally expose deep seeded lies and bring forward much needed truths, simultaneously, yet still keep the appearance of normalcy for the world population.

Because if people knew just how deeply they have been programmed and mind controlled, straight up truth would be far too disruptive and negatively impact far too many.

Yet, the NPTB need to start transitioning humanity into a sovereign consciousness, so by inserting Trump into a leadership position, he can stir the pot with some bold faced lies and hard truths mixed in, plus scare everyone awake with a nonsensical missile strike (coordinated with the Chinese and Russians/Syrians on the exact day and time a Supreme Court justice was confirmed) which they apparently feel does the mass awakening trick.

Now if you're already awake, it's very hard watching all this deceit playing out both malevolent and benevolent. But if you're asleep, as most are, I suppose it's eye opening and of great value.


Trump's poll numbers will now dip below 30% because of the reckless military attack.

The negative polling record is 28% by President George Bush Jr. after two wars and an economic collapse. Hard to mimic those results in less than three months, but it's masterfully been accomplished.

These next two weeks are critical both for the Republic to come forward and the GCR/RV to roll out. And why China came to visit Finland, Florida and Alaska to check on their largest investments -- Europe and America -- both of which they now own VI's the purchase of sovereign debts.

So much positive human energy and physical assets have been used to build up mass consciousness to this delicate point, it's unfathomable to conceive why, when or how it all might end.

But we know Mercury & Saturn Retrogrades begin at 7:14pm EDT Saturday night (or April 9th 7:14am Sunday in China).

Retrograde is an astrological event that creates temporary chaos that may appear negative, but in reality actually serves to help us re-evaluate out relationships, situations, practices and structures.

Congress is gone for all of the next two weeks on a scheduled Easter recess. Only Trump will be in Washington and thus the only story--no more legislation issues to distract us from his lunacy.

His 2006-2015 tax returns, we feel, will be the necessary smoking gun that will create enough momentum to call for and get his resignation, which to all paying attention is speeding towards us rapidly now.

Seeing a direct financial connection to a Russian banks will make sense to Americans as we all turn in tax returns and can identify with deceitfully reporting earnings in order to gain future benefit.

Besides, everybody has lied on their tax return. And everyone has turned in those lies hoping not to get audited or caught. So to get caught or audited by the media would only make sense and appear perfectly normal.

This is why the Trump tax returns have been held back until now. For they are the decisive blow or jumpstart needed to reboot the psyche of the world.

Expect an outside third party source like Wikileaks or Buzzfeed to break the story that puts the final tipping point momentum dagger in Trump's side.

That's also when you should expect 800#s to quietly come out in coordination with the sudden, but immediate, breaking international news story.

That's just flash bang 101 protocol.

God is with us.


4-9-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "The Social Fund for Development .. Development Experience an investment vision"   More loans, it appears the IMF is going to give another $13 billion to these guys. An open market economy that contributes to all of Iraq will take years to develop, now is the time to create the framework and implement the policy. Talking about it isn't good enough anymore.

4-9-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   
Article:  "Security Expert: Full Victory in Mosul includes Check on Sleeper Cells"   Is Mosul now “fully” liberated? - NO it is not. Large military operations have ended but now they have to clean out these sleeper cells. They told us last week in an article it would take about 2 weeks to do this job.

4-9-2017   Intel Guru ADMINBILL 

4-9-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Progress Institute assesses the symposium on the business environment and development prospects in Iraq"   It's cool that these kinds of symposium's occur, but they seem to be more focused on qualifying for loans than an actual move to an open market economy.  We need Iraq's legislative branch, Parliament, to get to work on creating the environment for success and let go of the tired, centralized system that has failed them now that oil prices are where they are. It's not like Iraq is reinventing the wheel, the Eastern Bloc countries in Europe have done it. So has Poland, Russia and the Chinese. What we're missing is political will to make change. Your move, Abadi.

4-9-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   "Outlook upgrade could help push Iraq's economic evolution to its next step"  Quote:   "War-torn Iraq recently got an unexpected boost on its way to becoming an investment hot spot, which may take its next step sooner than conventional wisdom suggests."   Ratings agency Fitch upgraded last month Iraq's outlook to stable, based largely on the country's improving public finances.   WOW! Are you excited yet?


Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 9 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 9 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 9 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. April 7 2017 11:05 am EST Real Truth Call Dr.WC, Edward, Yoseph, Tank, ShowMe:Listen To Call "Respect Tank your Briefs Please" by Marty - 4.8.17

On Friday night's April 7 2017 Real Truth Call, Tank stated:

1. The Elders gave us the go, the GCR has been underway and we are in the midst of it right now.

2. Exchanges have been taking place and people were being paid.

3. The Internet group was very near the end - only a day or two away from getting the 800#s.

4. The Zim screen rate was $2.55, or you could negotiate a higher rate for humanitarian projects.

5. Intel indicated that the Cabal takedown would be within the next couple of weeks.


B. April 8 2017 AdminBill: ADMINBILL TIDBIT, 8 APRIL There were reports coming in that the IQD was now the IQN. Not confirmed, but it would be something to consider when exchanging your currency


Sheila: Iraq is supposed to have a rate in their currency to receive any money from the IMF. I believe this is so ?  Sheila

Article: Iraq receives one billion and 400 million dollars from the International Monetary Fundhttp://www.jumhuriya.news/news.php?id=10263

Jay:  I said the same thing Cole. As per IMF teachings, they were not supposed to get another dime until they RVd...   Hmmmmmmm........Now add Saturday was calling for a holiday for Sunday. With NO mention of the banks being closed or not. NOW today they tells us banks are open and the IMF has given them a portion of the loans...

Boxman:  Seems lots of money flowing...some to Greece, 1.4 billion to Iraq from IMF, recovery of lost funds...should be an interesting Sunday, with the holiday in Iraq...everyone off except security and BANKS...hmmm

Samson:  Recovered 2.3 billion dollars stolen .. international anti-corruption team receives 77 ministers and deputy files are accused of corruption

  25 mins ago

A source in the Prime Minister 's Office, on Sunday, for the delivery of international anti - corruption team to UN files , 77 ministers and deputies, as well as Director General accused of corruption for the purpose of auditing.

The source told "Tomorrow Press," that " the international team to fight corruption, the United Nations, received 13 ministers and 64 deputy files as general manager accused of corruption, for the purpose of scrutiny."

The source added, " The team contributes to the help of the Integrity Commission to disclose files and retrieve more money smuggled or stolen , " explaining that " the settlement of operations took place with a number of defendants to return the money in their possession, and they took to set up projects not completed or parked for several years."

" The team effort was hurt at the current time on the files that relate to money leaked or stolen, and can be restored and managed incooperation with the Authority to recover $ 2.3 billion.  LINK

Samson:  Indonesia’s Forex Reserves Rise

 Sunday, April 09, 2017

Indonesia’s foreign-exchange reserves increased by $1.9 billion in March thanks to proceeds from tax collection, state revenue from the oil and gas sector, the issuance of global bonds and the sales of Bank Indonesia foreign exchange bills, Antara News reported.
The reserves surged to $121.8 billion last month from $119.9 billion a month earlier, according to a statement issued by the central bank on Friday. “Bank Indonesia believes the official reserve assets are able to strengthen the resilience of the external sector and maintain the sustainability of Indonesian economic growth,” executive director Tirta Segara said. The reserves are adequate to cover 9 months of imports, or 8.5 months of imports and foreign debt payments.

The government raised Rp 116 trillion ($8.7 billion) from a bond issuance last month, some of which were bought by foreign entities, according to data from the ministry of finance. Indonesia has so far raised Rp 266 trillion from bonds since the beginning of the year, or about 39% of its target in the state budget.


Samson:  Iran Closing the Gap on Banking Innovation

 Sunday, April 09, 2017

Despite restrictions imposed by sanctions, some of which having outlived the 2015 nuclear accord, the administration of President Hassan Rouhani managed to significantly close the technological gap between the Iranian and global banking systems by focusing on innovative products in the field, a deputy economy minister said.

“In general, during the past three to four years, the speed of progress in the [Iranian] banking industry and the ease of transactions have been evident,” Hossein Qazavi added.
He said Iran is not the only country growing in terms of technology and innovation, “but the important thing to note is that during the tenure of the current government, in spite of sanctions imposed on the country, it did not lag behind the changes taking place at the international level”.

According to the official, the most important approach of the government in this regard has been to minimize the gap between Iranian and international banking, which has led to a significant decrease in transaction costs for the public.

Referring to ensuring ease and safety of transactions as one of the government’s duties, he noted that as a result of these actions, “the chances of errors in e-payments have dropped to zero”.

“What is important is that a significant portion of the software currently being used in our banking system has been provided by local experts,” he said.

Even though Iran was cut off from the global financial system for over a decade because of the sanctions, after the implementation of the nuclear accord–formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action– “compared to the banks of our neighboring countries, we are at the same level and our banks are not lacking in any area except for the ability of our bank cards to be used internationally”.

Stressing the importance of easing transactions for the Iranian public, Qazavi said the country’s GDP is about 13 quadrillion rials ($346.6 billion) and annually banking transactions throughout the country are about six times this amount.

“Of this number, about 90% of which equal over 70 quadrillion rials ($1.86 trillion) are in the form of e-payments,” he said. “As a result of the expansion of software and hardware infrastructures by the government in the electronic banking sector, the public is now able to engage in banking transactions through the Internet without any restrictions of time or place.”

  E-Payment Tools

As another example of advances in the banking sector, Qazavi referred to ATM machines, the total number of which throughout the country stood at 27,000 by the end of the Iranian year ending March 20, 2012.

With an increase of 15,000 machines, there are now 42,000 ATMs in Iran, according to the latest statistics.

On the other hand, 174,000 bank cards existed in the country by 2012, but with more than a twofold increase, the number of bank cards stands at about 350,000 at present.

The deputy minister also said that when foreign exchange is assigned to any commodity or when the commodity enters the customs service, all the relevant data are consecutively saved in a variety of systems that eases data management.

Because of these systems, Qazavi added that importers and related people in various sectors, “including the banking system which need to obtain credits, will be able to receive services electronically.”

According to the latest data released by Shaparak, the body in charge of Iran’s payment network, Iranians made 1.06 billion successful digital payment transactions worth 1.19 quadrillion rials ($30.8 billion) during the month ending December 20
The report indicated a 31.17% growth in the number of successful digital transactions and 46.7% growth in the value of electronic operations compared with the same period of last year.  According to Shaparak, 253,358 online gateways were active by December 21.