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TNT Call notes 7-April-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, April 7, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls. [10.16am] We had some last-minute information and then technical issues, so we are a little late getting underway. Thanks to those who let me know the lines are up and running. We are a bit handicapped by the technical issues, but we’re still going to make it.

This should be a short session. We’ll talk a little bit, then call it a day and enjoy the weekend. Let’s regroup from the other.

From the update yesterday, we have information flowing over to today. In the US, the banks are still on an all-time high; their information says it’s expected, and meanwhile it’s business as usual. They’re saying “be patient, it’s coming!” We have Army leaders making statements in Iraq, saying Mosul is 90% complete. Other Army leaders are saying it’s 100% with a few small pockets still to be cleaned out. The television information says the Kurds are focused on Article 140, and others say that has nothing to do with it. Abadi says that Mosul will be complete in two weeks, and that the value of the currency is rising, possibly 6:1. Iraqi television is running an awareness campaign to make the citizens aware of the economic reforms and increase in purchasing power of the dinar. “This is what’s going to happen and this is how you need to handle it.” It’s either about to happen or it’s in process right now. In addition to that, the UN and Iraq have had talks about reconciliation as soon as Mosul is fully liberated.

Now, about the 6:1 – I’m surprise the know-it-alls didn’t explain all that to you. Remember one of our members shared three different times that his Iraqi friend living here sent money to his brother in Iraq via Western Union. When $200 was wired over, his brother received 246 dinar. Questions were raised about the purchasing power of the dinar; some believed it and some didn’t . The second time, he sent 800 dollars, and the brother received 1,000 dinar (roughly). So the currency value would be 83 cents.

Some remember this, and some believed it and some chose not to, but that was shared on our call. So if the currency should reflect its true value, and be at 6:1, then one dinar = $5, more or less. Now I have some more information on that 6:1 ratio on the currency. If it’s six times the current rate, that would be $5, and that aligns with what we are getting on bank screens, which is six dollars and change.

We have always been told that the US rate would be higher than the international rate, for various reasons. We have bits and pieces of the puzzle coming together. Abadi already said that it should be six times the current rate, and some think that refers to the 1166 rate, because some choose not to accept the 83 cents rate. That’s up to you.

We may end up doing an update this afternoon; I’m waiting for some news to come in that supports what I’m saying. There are SKR holders being told ‘next week’, and that could mean any day next week. That’s what I have for you all today on the 6:1 expectation, from what Abadi was saying. Some are saying the rate is 89 cents in the marketplace. We’ll see what comes in.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: My first Trust is non-statutory with Wells Fargo. I understand that these types are 3-4 deep. But can I use the same name of my first trust with HSBC?

A: If you are referring to opening accounts, then Yes.

Q: Ray, your post stated the Iraqis are saying the currency should be 6 times the current “value”. The exchange rate today is approximately 1182. So 6 times that would be 197 dinar to 1 USD. Am I computing this correctly?

A: Based on my opening state-ments, we’ve already addressed this. So I would say No.

Q1: Do you think the Syrian strike will affect timing for the release of an RV?

A: I don’t really have an opinion; I am just an information conduit. But the answer is No.

Q2: Everyone wants to know when, of course no one knows so, my question is, what if any, do you feel are major tasks that need to be accomplished or agreed upon before they will release this?

A: I know of NO major tasks or obstacles.

Q: At one time it was discussed making copies of our currency and from memory you don’t see a need for it. But for those of us that want that extra assurance, given that the serial numbers of each note is in a different language, do you see a problem with writing on each note (numbering 1,2,3 etc.) before making copies? You see USD notes all the time that have been written on. I don’t want to deface a note and then be told they won’t take it.

A: If you’re going to copy each one, I wouldn’t alter the notes.

Q: Ray, we all would like the 6:1 ratio to be 6 dollars for 1 dinar. But, in your opinion, could it be just as easily 6 dinar for 1 dollar? Could you expound with your thoughts on these possibilities?

A: Based on opening statement, the 6:1 ratio is going to be six dinar to one dinar. So if the current value is 83 cents, multiply by six, and that is what the proposed value will be, according to Abadi’s statement.

Q: Do you think the talks today with China and US have significance on the RV?

A: Nope. Live Q and A 865/404 caller: I take it you haven’t head what is being said in the mosques today?

 RayRen: No, just the television… and pretty much everything that gets said in the mosques makes it onto the television.

Caller: Abadi’s meeting with the UN was in late March, so if he was saying “two weeks”, then we are already there. When do you think their next week starts? Does this connect with the SKR holders? When does their ‘next week’ start?

RayRen: The SKR holders are in the US, so I’m thinking Monday.

707 caller: About www.tntsuperfantastic.com, mostly I’ve been able to get the updates there, but lately I haven’t been able to get on the site, or the updates aren’t there, nor on Facebook.

RayRen: What do you mean by FB? You have the website address, so why are you going through the search bar. Just put it in the URL address bar and go there. Click on Forum; if you are a full member, it will take you to the full forum, and if you are not a full member, you will only have access to the one folder, which is where I put the updates. If you’ve been there before, you should be able to type tntsuperfantastic.com and your browser should take you there. We haven’t done anything different on the site.

410 caller: You mentioned SKR holders and sources mentioning this week – the majority of your sources, or just a couple? And is there anything more about lower denominations and fils?

RayRen: A few sources are talking about SKRs for next week. I have sources walking about Baghdad, and they haven’t said anything about lower denominations or coins.

301 caller: I guess I heard everyone heard about the attacks on Syria; will that interfere with what we are waiting for?

RayRen: Not in the way you think. It’s going to be positive.

954 caller: Remember when we were talking about the fils and such, so when they are saying 6:1, then if people are hearing 83 or 89 cents, that does give about $5. Maybe that is a message to us, or it might relate to fils in some way?

RayRen: I think I covered this sufficiently in my opening statement.

972 caller: Have you heard about any groups in Reno? I was hearing they had to be in Reno on Thursday. Have you heard anything?

Closing Statement This puts us in a nice position of waiting to see what develops next, and I hope we have get enough information to do an update. Let’s see what happens this weekend; based on the information, next week may be THE week.

As soon as I get confirmations, I will post updates in the forum. Everything is looking good, and the timing is “of consider-able thought”, so if there is anything you are thinking of doing, get it done now. One day you won’t have the luxury of time to do some last-minute things.

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4-6-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   ...they are in the process of REMOVING the 3 zero notes and USD’s.  NO MORE USD’s are being given to anyone anywhere.  This is part of the MR.  When they show 1 to 1 on the CBI website...that is when they will draw in even more of the 3 zeros notes...because that is when the lower denoms and coins will come out...and not a single 3 zero note will work.  ...this will not happen overnight.  Yes...when it goes to 1 to 1...that will happen like “BOOM” overnight...but these notes they will run congruent for about 2 years until all of the 3 zeros are gone IMF regulations state that they must lift the value of their currency...and also to educate the Iraqi citizens.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-7-2017   Newshound Guru MadDScout
   [Do they have to have the HCL passed before they RV and if so have it been voted on yet?]  Answer: It appears no, on that question, HCL prior to currency shift.  The HCL is a very complicated piece of legislation and envolves the administration of provinces and their resources. In order to do this there has to be a census, so that these areas are represented properly, and administered accordingly. There are many problems at present with getting this accomplished with the fight on terrorism still ongoing, and the issues of the displaced. Plus there is no set in stone number that will be returning so there is no way to "wing it".

4-7-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   They have been paying their people a really good rate for a while now on their cards and those cards are being used internationally by citizens of Iraq. They are making moves to be completely ready for business internationally. Maybe they are waiting for the timing of Friday afternoon because you have several things that are happening. You have the Stock market which would close at 4 and kind of finish those last minute trades around 4:30 EST tomorrow.  Based on the Intel I got, we are in a great position for this to come through the next couple of days. I really believe this should be a weekend we will remember.   [post 2 of 2]

4-7-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   We still are golden, but the timing is...stretching out a little bit longer than what we thought.  I am still hearing very good things of tonight and the next few days. It is right there. I think we will have the result we are looking for.   Iraq has already announced even on television yesterday morning that they had revalued their currency and it has a value 6 times of the US dollar. That is approximately correct. It is a little bit over that.  ...we heard that a week ago, but they just brought that out on TV yesterday.  Tomorrow [Friday] I think we will have some major announcement wise in the mosque. Maybe it includes the HCL law, Chapter 140.  For the HCL...you have to have a rate. Well they got the rate. Now they have to make sure it is in the law...which it will be. I don’t think at this point we are waiting on Iraq.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-7-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   Iraqi TV reports Abadi meeting with UN secretary and requesting removal of Chapter 7, completion for Mosul in 2 weeks, and that the currency  should be in line with the wealth of the country.....at least 6 times more than present

4-7-2017   Newshound Guru MadDScout 
  [We have always heard when article 140 and HCL are put into place and activated we should see the rate within hours of implementation. We know Mosul is a key part. Can they implement HCL and Article 140 on a program rate?]   Answer:   That theory is old and unfounded, and tends to put events in the wrong order, according to what we know right now. Being as this is never mentioned in any of Alaks statements when asked about what the CBI needs to make full monetary reforms, I have put it out of my vocabulary.  As to the third part of your question, can they implement 140 at program rate, I think it is so far in the future (Art140) they will have a "rate" by then. But IMO one doesn't equal the other. They are stand alone issues, unhinged one from another. Rate is only important to us.

4-7-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni  
 Article:  "Abadi: Two months separating Iraq's exit from Chapter VII"  [It would seem that Iraq's removal of Chapter 7 would occur before the dinar becomes marketable and begins to float...]    ...though it's important for Iraq to have it's own currency once sovereign, I do not think they are directly related. When the dinar floats is a more of a decision of the CBI based on monetary policy. IMO, I do not expect it to begin until just before foreign investment begins to pour into Iraq

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 7 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 7 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 7 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. April 6 2017 Bruce's Call:

1. This may go tonight, or in the next few days.

2. The Banking community listens to the calls. We are partnering with them to build out projects 5-15-30 years.

3. Debt forgiveness may start around July 2017.

4. Iraq's currency, the Dinar, has been revalued for over a week.

5. The Dinar international rate is over $6.00. They have announced that on their TV.

6. There will be some major announcements in the mosques tomorrow.

7. There is a full liberation of Mosul.

8. There has been a blackout on intel lately.

9. SKRs, prepaid, and advanced pay people have already been paid.

10. Tier 1, 2, 3 have been being paid and should be completed by tonight.

11. The internet group is next.

12. John Q. Public will likely be paid at the same time we receive the 800 number.

13. We will use the off site redemption centers.

14. Rates have populated over the last day or so, but are not permanent yet.

15. Later tonight April 6 2017, the banks will have the new codes and rates.

16. By midnight tonight redemption centers will have new codes and rates on the screens.

17. Engaged status should occur sometime tomorrow afternoon April 7 2017 (after 4 pm EST when stock market closes).

18. We could get a 800 number some time between now and tomorrow afternoon.

19. The rates at the redemption centers should be better than at the banks.

20. To negotiate for better rates have a humanitarian or business plan.

21. This should come through tomorrow or in the next couple of days.

22. Check The Big Call website for the 800 number: Thebigcall.net


B. April 6 2017 12:35 am EST ZAP Report:
 ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 4.6.17

1. The Trust had a few more delays by the Bankers and Regulators in proving lineage of funds, or the provenance. These anti-money laundering regulations are the final hurdle to prove the funds are not proceeds of crime and have been properly documented.

2. These funds are very old and have been kept safe for Humanity until the right time, which is now. They do not take chances with such matters and over many centuries made sure the funds stayed where they were and were secure.

3. Getting them released has been a work of some years and not easy. Drug Lords and others that would hide ill-gotten gains are the primary targets of compliance sequences.

4. They did it with help of the Royals working with regulators and governments involved in reconstruction project process.

5. As of today Wed. April 5 2017 the funds were sent to the Paymaster, the Bank approved all regulatory compliance documentation and sent the first wires to various destinations, including us.

6. We may see the money in our account by Fri. April 7, or by Mon. April 10.

7. We will start staffing next week.

8. The Critical Projects that were vetted a long time ago will receive their test transfers next week or sooner. We will advise each project as we process them.

9. We have received requests to join Humanus and the Project oversight teams.

10. We will need many project managers. The more who join us with necessary qualifications, the better.

11. We have over 3,000 Projects on the books.

12. Thus far we have 33 Trustees and Department Heads.


Aggiedad77:  Here are my notes from Wednesday Night's CC....enjoy  Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Wednesday 04-05-2017

Frank26:  Family we are now about to start the second part of our Conference Call tonight and we are going to be talking of course about the Iraqi dinar….so with all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father let us switch our gears and focus and study the Iraqi dinar.

I would like to applaud Frost the Snowman and Randy (Aggiedad)….they do a wonderful job don’t they when they transcribe our CC’s….but I fear in the same way that Frost fears…in the same way that Aggiedad fears….that you are leaning too much on these notes….and I am very proud that Frosty came out and told all of you…look I do my very best….but Frank talks faster than I can keep up with him sometimes…and once in a blue moon I’ll make a mistake….

I really suggest that you go and listen to the recording says Frost the Snowman….he gives you the Cliff notes even before our CC is over with….then there is Aggiedad who two days later….like today he provides the notes…word for word from the Monday call….Family I saw your postings…in fact my whole TEAM saw your postings…..my TEAM is in our forum by the way….I will never ever disclose them….the only one who I think you will ever be able to meet is DELTA….and it is possible that Angel 1 might reveal to you who he is….more than likely when we are all gathered together in Hawaii…..both Aggiedad, Frosty, and I want to tell you when we saw your postings….your chat….whether it be in TEAM Chat or posting on the forum I saw your talk.

I want to congratulate you…I am very proud that you take our CC’s and you analyze them to the best of your abilities.

I believe your analysis on Monday night, into Tuesday, and now today Wednesday afternoon, I believe they were hampered…handicapped….and the reason why….is because you were not repeating what I said on Monday’s CC.

Now tonight my intentions were to open it up to questions and answers so that I could help you….but no….my TEAMS told me don’t you dare do that….you are going to set yourself up to be knocked out….and I said I think I know why you are saying that….and their response to me was….well tell me why….why are we telling you don’t do questions and answers….I said because if they ask me a question and I cannot answer it…it’s not because I don’t want to answer it or shouldn’t answer it….it’s because you haven’t given me all the information to give to them…and they said that is right.

Ring-a-ding-ding this is Frank….Frank they are about to make a change on the CBI website…..when Hello….why Hello….no more announcements is it the rate Hello….you see what is missing Family.

Hello Family and welcome to our Monday CC….today I would like to announce something to you that the whole internet does not know….they are making the pay scale 1000 to 1…..what else Frank….and then I told you what else…and by the way you forgot about it…and that is why you didn’t do your analysis very well Monday night, into Tuesday, and into today Wednesday IMO….you were confused….you were lost….and on top of it…there were still many variables that were not shared with me…that should not be shared with me….that you don’t have…..you are missing a lot of information and you are making a lot of assumptions in your analysis of what I taught you on Monday.

Now tonight what we have decided is that we are not going to open up any new files…..we are not going to open up anything new to teach you brand new….do we have something….you better believe we do, we have a mountain of stuff…but it is up to me with the counsel of my TEAMS to decide what do we share…..there is no reason for us to talk about Jordan, Israel, bonds….things of those sorts…we are not going to open up those files right now….until you understand what we tried to tell you on Monday….that there is a need….a demand from the GOI to contractors inside of Iraq….that for the next pay period which will be sometime in the month of April they have to reflect 1000 to 1….they have to reflect 1000 to 1 in the next 2 or 3 days….now that was on Monday….so they have already done this.

There is so much that many of you were posting and trying to figure out….but you cannot….you do not have all the variables…..you do not have all the information and you are confused…lost…..but what we are going to do starting right now….I am going to do my very best to once again take you by the hand….in a loving manner and tell you look…hold onto my hand tight….this CC that we are about to go through will be a little bit turbulent…there is going to be some lightening outside….there will be some things that spook you or scare you…or cause you to jump or be confused…or cause you to say…no that makes no sense what so ever….but I’m here to tell you….I’m not here to hurt you….not here to waste my time or yours.

This whole conference call unfortunately is in my opinion…no matter what.

One of the things that I saw….one of the major things because I counted 8 of them….I counted 8 issues where you folks were just completely lost in  your analysis….but I am going to take one that might help us to open up the door to explain the rest….now why are we doing this….Family that I love so much…this is the next step of the Monetary Reform and we are in it….and another thing….Family that I love so much…..the rest of the internet didn’t even catch onto Monday’s call….I stand up and applaud and I will salute you on your efforts to understand what was shared with you on Monday…..because the rest of the internet doesn’t know anything about what we are talking about….they are totally confused.

This is what happened today on the internet…I’m not saying who….I really don’t care….and these are the forums that copy and paste us….how is it that the internet does not know what we told you on Monday….how is it that the internet does not have the sense to understand right now this is what is going on in the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar…..yes it is nice to lead….someone has to….

But today after Monday’s information IMO and I said that anyone can look it up….I don’t give you something unless I know it is already out there….they told you very plainly and simple our goal is to get to 1000 to 1….and we told you how they are doing it….but today someone comes out….it is being reported that the Prime Minister of Iraq, Abadi, just announced that the Iraqi dinar has revalued 6 to 1 at an international rate….however the rate has not yet changed….stay tuned….I’m sorry but that is just plain nonsense……and for them to walk right over what we shared on Monday and not even analyze it, not even to look it up….not even to study it…nothing….they take the easy way out in their form of study.

So one of the things I noticed….of the 8 things that you folks were talking about after our call on Monday….many of you were saying….why is it Frank they are putting more Iraqi dinars back into the market….why are they putting more 000’s back into the market Frank….and my TEAM…my FRIENDS we all just shook our heads…..go back and listen to the recording…..we never said they are putting 000’s back into the market…..we said they are putting dinars back into the market….and removing the USD….remember the two purposes….what was the other purpose….to educate these poor, innocent, ignorant people.

So what you are assuming and I saw you talking about on our forum….I am sorry guys you are way off…..look it is not the value of the note that is important….like you were trying to calculate….it is the note count…..and that is why they have a 50k….remember….we talked about it on Monday….and that is what is being introduced into the market….you may say wait a minute that is part of the 000’s…..it is being introduced into the Iraqi market in hopes of retrieving a significant amount of IQD that the Iraqi citizens have been hiding and hording….you read those articles.

Do you realize that one 50k…..when they bring it into the bank….because they will get it as pay…they would have to bring back five 10k notes would they not….the CBI is getting this back are they not….oh I guess I missed the 50k part….but wait a minute Frank….they are putting the 50k’s back into the market….they will use them….they have to buy stuff, they have to pay for things….they will use that….and it will suck in more 000’s that the citizens have….they don’t care about your 000’s…..well why don’t they care about my 000’s….because your 000’s are going to the Feds or to whatever nation it is that exchanges your money…you don’t think people of Switzerland will be exchanging their IQD for USD do you….they will get Swiss notes.….it’s internal…

That is where the Monetary Reform is right now….is this making sense…..Family the goal is to de-dollarize the markets of Iraq….and to simplify going into 1 to 1 and that phase right now IMO is called 1000 to 1….they don’t want fractional banking…and when they do change the exchange rate to show 1 to 1….yes at that time they are going to introduce more dinars on top of all this…but guess what kind….I told you on Monday….the LD’s….not these 50k’s they are using right now in their pay…..the introduction of the LD’s and the introduction of 1 to 1 and finding it being posted Family will also be concurrent….they will occur at the same time.

Another thing….I never said they are putting Iraqi notes back into the market…this process is to take notes away from the market….and another thing….I made it very clear….you are not going to find this 1000 to 1 on the CBI website…..it is 1 to 1 that you will eventually see IMO.

Now that being said right now….I also wish to tell you when they do hit 1 to 1…and IMO that is very close….it is so close…it is somewhere just around the corner because they are doing 1000 to 1 right now…and if you don’t want to believe it that is ok, I understand….bow out, back off, get away from me….go to these others guys who say 6 to 1 right now….know that I am not lying….that what I have to give you….well I have to give it to you IMO….yes they are taking the USD off the street….

This 1000 to 1 is introducing the 50k that is taking away many of  those other 000’s that the citizens have been refusing to open up accounts and bring into the banks….and they are getting paid with what….90-100%....although my FRIENDS at 100% in just IQD’s….there is no more USD’s being given to anyone….anywhere….and this is part of the Monetary Reform that is occurring right now….and it is only going to get to 1 to 1 when they finally introduce that on their website…that is when they will draw in even more of the 000’s…why…..because that is when they will introduce the LD’s and the coins and not a single 000 will work.

And also this will not happen overnight Family….like when I tell you they do make the change, boom, in the still of the night, boom, there it is 1 to 1, boom….yeah that will happen overnight….but these notes the 000’s notes they said were running congruent for what….they said at least 2 years….until all their 000’s are gone….they are going through what we went through in our Industrial Revolution….in the 50’s it took our nation a few years for our USD’s to also remove the 000’s from our currency….it was right after WWII.

So the purpose is to remove the USD from the market….oh IMF regulations before you lift the value of your currency…..and it is also to educate the Iraqi citizens….so can you write that down….those are the 2 things that are happening right now with the 1000 to 1 ACCOUNTING….on the books….because the GOI has now demanded of all contractor employers in Iraq, foreign or domestic

Another thing they are trying to do right now in this phase of the Monetary Reform…they are trying to give loans….can you come into our bank and open up an account and we will give you a loan….NO….now I told you this before and I want tell you again and I’ve said this before….IMO you know what I think the delay in the Monetary Reform is….the Iraqi citizens…I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again…and that is why I am ecstatic and I am so pleased…and I have peace in my heart because my TEAMS have told me they are at the 1000 to 1 step of the Monetary Reform…and they are now trying to get loans into the citizens hands….which are refusing them…..it is to solve the liquidity issues in Iraq but no one in Iraq is taking advantage of these loans….or these bonds….no one is buying them

There as an article that came out today from the Defense Minister…and he said there was a need to restore the trust……the trust….yeah we need the citizens to restore their trust in the banks, we need for them to come in and open up accounts…..dear God is that not word for word of our CC….and then you see it in articles.

Family what is happening right now….this 1000 to 1 IMO…it is not a physical thing with the IQD and the 1000 to 1 pay scale requirement from the government….no…it is only on the accounting side….on paper…where that 1000 to 1 will occur…..when they do finally make the change on the CBI website to 1 to 1….then the physical part of the currency Monetary Reform will happen to the LD’s and the coins…..1000 to 1 right now is simply an easy conversion state….and I told you it is brilliant from as far as I am concerned.

Post 263 from WalkingStick says, “Report: It is recovering the Iraqi dinar?”….is this a question…and I guess it is…if you read that…this report is something you need to get your hands on and read and study….I am going to add this to our “Final Article” thread as #41…..I removed one article from the thread  because it turns out it was an opinion piece….no one noticed….this article comes from a trusted Iraqi website….they say in this report about the Iraqi dinar that it is recovering….oh my goodness are you telling me it is in its Monetary Reform at the stage of 1000 to 1….preparing to remove the 000’s and bring it to 1 to 1 so it can be international…..

I don’t know….well you don’t have to tell me anything….but if you want to…go ahead….what’s up report….you are recovering the Iraqi dinar….how…..directly….as well as its currency, the value of the country’s economy based on its oil and other assets….reflected….oh hello that is a nice word….reflected in its natural resources…the economy is about to be having some amazing prosperity…..yeah I agree….what else can you tell me in this report about the recovery of the Iraqi dinar….as a nation with all of the economic boom that is led by the oil industry in Iraq….of oil…the currency will rise eventually to reflect the true value….it is likely to happen when the indispensability of the country’s Central Bank raises the value of the dinar….you guys have plans on raising the value of the dinar….what do you think we’ve been telling you….and this report Family….REFLECTS it off of the biggest, shiniest surface you can find.

“Our current political events play a key role in predicting in addition, the ban on Islamic countries and the future of the national currency would have significant consequences provoked by the US President for the Iraqi economy”….no kidding….what have we been saying that since Donald Trump became President in the last two months didn’t I ask you to make a list of the things you’ve seen growing at the speed of light….no kidding….

Tell me about your currency that is about to explode based on your economic boom…and the resource is your oil….that’s not all is it…..”the discussion proved that President Trump by lifting the ban of Iraq on the list of travels for a greater benefit of the country’s currency to the US other foreign currency Iraq can exchange at more advantageous prices in the Iraqi dinar that is waiting for a bright future in any case”…..wait stop….the Iraqi dinar is also waiting…..

Hey dinar guess what…..get in the Long Line….ok….get the dinar out of here….CC after CC can be miniaturized into this one article….from a source that we trust that WalkingStick brought to you…..they are bragging to you that they are very rich….that they have been working on getting rid of DAASH and President Trump has been pushing this….which he lifted the Iraqi travel ban which is only going to affect our currency and other foreign currency….you mean the MCP…you mean you are only going to use your own currency from now on…you mean that everything we’ve been talking about in our CC’s…you better believe…..that they are in a phase of their Monetary Reform that is so unique right now that is so powerful and I am so grateful…and I am sad and disappointed that the rest of the internet has no idea what is going on…..

Let me finish the rest of this….”the Iraqi dinar is waiting on a bright future”….in other words it is waiting for a rate….”in any case it seems that the end is important to note that Iraq offers a wealth of investment opportunities in many industries with high based oil and gas reserves and these opportunities will become more pronounced in the coming as the government will continue to provide new possibilities for years to the international investors”…..I told you….forever….what is going on right now is forever….please write this article down….please understand its value for what they are doing with their currency that will last forever.

They are fully recovered Family from the days of Saddam Hussein….there is continual growth in this country and the international world knows this….you think the international world is invested in the Iraqi dinar….of course not….they are invested in Iraq….you are invested in the Iraqi dinar because that is the only option you have…..unless you are a multi-conglomerate and have a lot of connections and a lot of friends and you have a business over there….like a lot of my FRIENDS.

The country’s economy in Iraq is strong Family….it is strong in its regional role…in its natural resources….in its capability to become a donor country….with the economic boom that they are bragging about….that you can see in their pictures….that is being led by the oil industry….that is why on Monday I told you IMO their currency is reflecting 1000 to 1 now in-country within their pay structure only….not on the CBI website…..their currency was put in the position to be raised….to reflect the true value of their oil….or getting to the position to reflect the true value of their oil and its dispensability….this is what the article says….not me…..

They said it is likely to happen when the CBI raises the value of the Iraqi dinar….what more do you want Family…..do you see them talking about Mosul anymore….once again it is likely to happen when the CBI raises the value of the dinar….Family I want you to pay close attention….they don’t need to decide to do this…they are telling you when this is going to happen….this is being done….dance with me….this article says, “in any case it seems the Iraqi dinar is waiting for a bright future”….yeah…no kidding….a new rate….and it knows it is about to happen….the prettiest girl in town knows she is about to get a wedding ring….not an engagement ring any longer.

It is important Family that Iraq announces to their citizens and to the world….that Iraq offers a wealth of investment opportunities….and they sure as heck did brag about it right now….the only thing they forgot to do was put the above mentioned article on the side of the Goodyear blimp and fly it across Iraq….indeed post 263 Family is a great value to you….I want to thank WalkingStick for bringing out the article and also thank Don961 for bringing the article out and highlighting it as well….it is post 281 on page 15 to see it highlighted, or look in our “Final Articles” thread…..Family I’ve said this is important and what we are doing is repeating everything we said on Monday just about…..you need to understand it again in your calculations.

50% they hinted today even after I hinted on Monday….what did I say on Monday….Family they are kind of ignorant….half of the population is around the age of 15 or just above it because of the wars killing most of their men…and this generation has never ever seen their currency with any kind of value before…..they need to be educated on what is about to happen with their currency….and 1182 is fractional banking….so that is why they moved it to 1000  to 1 in their pay scale…..50% of the population in Iraq is under the age of 16….well to be honest between the ages of 15 and 35…..and this is a huge learning curve that has to work perfect….I disagree with it by the way….and there was a publication that came out after that one and said no…no…no about 70% of the Iraqi population do not know the last time the Iraqi currency had any value to it….a campaign to educate the citizens on the Monetary Reform is alive inside of Iraq right now.

Now there is an error….Houston we do have an error…..I made a mistake on Monday….I was corrected….I was reprimanded….I was put in my place….see I have to be perfect with you IMO….and I need for you to look in your notes and make this correction….I told you that the government of Iraq is now demanding the contractors inside of Iraq with employees that in the next 2 or 3 days which has already gone by….that on the next pay scale in this month of April, and I did not give you that time frame…it must reflect a rate of 1000 to 1 in their pay….now I told you when the citizens got their pay checks…and they looked at their pay check it would say 1000 to 1 and they would scratch their heads and try to figure it out…

I made a big mistake….I am sorry….there is just so much for me to be responsible for….so I am here to correct that and I hope it helps you maybe a little bit in the confusion of the 8 different things that I saw that were completely wrong in your postings…and here it is….their pay checks will not say 1000 to 1….you see the step they are going through right now, the 1000 to 1….this step is for the intent of ACCOUNTING purposes only to pay out in IQD not in USD as well and in that process they will be educated…..you see Family they will not see 1000 to 1 on their pay checks….instead they are going to see their pay checks are giving them more Iraqi dinars for their pay versus USD’s….you got that…..I messed this up to the point where this point is so powerful.
Abadi says in the next two months Chapter VII will be lifted….ok….but pay close attention as we walk into that next part…..the citizens were told by Abadi….we are taking you back to the glory days…..why…..to give you more purchasing power with your currency….how….by lifting the 000’s….by changing the exchange rate and introducing the LD’s that will be compatible with the new rate we are going to be putting up….well that is good.
So Family the Monetary Reform process at 1000 to 1 within their pay checks but only on the ACCOUNTING side is giving the Iraqi citizens many…many more dinars in their hands than they ever had….that is what I told you on Monday….my FRIENDS are going to have to find more Iraqi dinars in order to pay their citizens….remember that…and that is the goal too…..they just gave them more dinars…the value of the dinar did not go up for them….the quantity of the dinars did…..they have more purchasing power as of right now.
You are understanding the Monetary Reform aren’t you…..you are understanding the phase it is in right now aren’t you.
So while all this is going on Abadi pops his head out like Punxotawney Phil and he says to the Iraqi citizens….hey you know what I called the UN….I told them to come over….well good for you Abadi, what’s up…..I told them to remove Chapter VII….are they going to remove it….well yeah….you see there were two things we had to deal with….actually three but two is ok….what was that Mr. Abadi, Mr. great Prime Minister of our country says the citizens….well we needed to pay back our debt to Kuwait and we needed to return back their dead for that matter….did we do that sir….yeah of course we’ve done that…and I told the UN to come over so they could lift Chapter VII….oh and by the way citizens of Iraq I think within the next two months we are going to be released from Chapter VII…..really Mr. Prime Minister….yeah…yeah…and I thought I would just remind you that I did say….within two months…..so that could be tomorrow if I felt like it….wow…is this making sense Family.
So Abadi tells the citizens….I’ve already called them….they are coming…yeah we already have the two checklists off…we did that on Monday’s CC didn’t we….and by the way Iraqi citizens within the next few months more than likely yeah that is what is going to happen they will lift Chapter VII….and IMO Family in those two months or less whenever they decide to put up a 1 to 1 rate…the value of their currency is going to go up….remember I told you there was a third thing….but in reality it wasn’t an issue because they already resolved it…..the Oil for Food Program Family was replaced by giving them gas….you know the gas they are burning off in their oil refineries.
Now I wonder….and think really carefully with me here….I wonder if it will take two months to pay back the value of what they owe to Kuwait in debt.

Now I wonder….and think really carefully with me here….I wonder if it will take two months to pay back the value of what they owe to Kuwait in debt.

That was powerful what I just said and I won’t repeat it….but I will say this….the time line that Abadi is giving you….is the biggest present that Abadi could give you as an investor….he is giving it to the citizens….the families….listen….

I am begging you to listen to me….Family IMO Abadi just gave you the time line….somewhere in the next two months they will have Chapter VII lifted officially by the UN….and somewhere in those two months IMO it will be the time to pay back the debt to Kuwait by the gas they are giving them….just IMO….you think it will take two months to pay back that debt with gas…..how long do you think it will take….how much does gas cost….how much do they owe Kuwait…

I’m not going to teach you any of that….because IMO what is happening in the next two months or less…..is the lifting of Chapter VII….is the lifting of the 000’s….is the introduction of the LD’s and coins….Family with all due respect….how in the world did you miss that….with all due respect…how can you get mad at Abadi defining to you a time frame…when Chapter VII will be removed….this is calculation fuel for the Monetary Reform….I don’t care if it is two minutes from now or those two months….you have to have a time frame…..and you don’t see Abadi lying very often anymore do you….or at all.
Seriously….look what someone threw up in my face…..that would be great Frank…but no disrespect Frank…didn’t they say by the end of the first quarter….just pray we can trust what they say this time around…..how could you miss when they told you that first quarter needed to be postponed….for what reasons….until Mosul was liberated….how can you miss that….how can you throw that in the garbage and say….well that doesn’t count….what….that is what postponed the Mookla.
There is much for you to consider in your studies Family…..and I am sorry if you do not have all the variables to make proper decisions…..because it is not my fault….and I am certainly not going to help you any more than we did on Monday….if the internet can’t even catch up with us.
With love and compassion and I mean this sincerely….some of you are too weak to understand these brilliant steps of the Monetary Reform…you keep asking the wrong questions….you just want the date….you just want it now.
I told you on Monday we don’t need Chapter VII to lift the 000’s….so it can happen at any time it doesn’t have to two months…..we don’t need Chapter VII to lift the 000’s and realize that the process of the lifting of the 000’s is actually going on right now.
I do believe this process we are seeing right now…this 1000 to 1 is for their rate to go international Family….I do believe IMO this ACCOUNTING move that we shared with you on Monday’s CC is for that reason…..and this move to 1000 to 1 is doing two things….educating the Iraqi citizens about the Monetary Reform…..and removing the USD from their market.
The Iraqi dinar is earning its value….and the Iraqi citizens….God Bless their hearts….they are about 70% or more of them that are too young to know that their currency ever had any value….they are currency ignorant….and they don’t know this value….this Monetary Reform
You know back in the ‘60’s and early ‘70’s a lot of minorities in the US found a way to express themselves and to gain civil rights by having civil riots….some of them were peaceful….some were not….oh my gosh that was 50 years ago….you know how many young generations of minorities have been born since then….and IMO the young generations of today whoever they are….black, women, latin, whoever it might be….your older generation fought in the streets carrying signs….took abuse….was spit in their face….rocks thrown at them….dirty names called at them….so that you could have your rights and your freedoms today in this modern age….you never went through that…you never appreciated what the older generation did for you….you can’t you have a chip on your shoulder….and you demand respect….you don’t want to be disrespected….get up and grow up.
The same thing with Iraq….you citizens need to grow up and understand your Monetary Reform is right in front of your eyes….when you get your next pay check and you see that you got more dinars than you ever had before and practically no USD’s….something is going to ring-a-ding-ding in your head isn’t it….and you are going to realize oh my gosh they aren’t lying to us anymore…and while that Chapter VII is being lifted and you realize this and that rate 1000 to 1 will suddenly BOOM…metamorphosis into 1 to 1…you will never see 1000 to 1 on the CBI website….it is still an empty parking space waiting for the true value of the trueness of this country…..of their resources and their oil.
Silliman shows up in Iraq out of nowhere and says….hey you got to stop investing in Dubai….you got to stop investing in London….you got to stop investing in Beirut….look here….just invest in your country of Iraq….keep your money at home….keep your money at home….wait a minute that is the theme of Donald Trump of the United States of America.
There are no coincidences….there is just actually a strong desire to study what you are involved with.
Chapter VII is on two things Family and they can be lifted at anytime…..they don’t have to wait two months….IMO like I told you I believe it is the citizens that are holding up the Monetary Reform…the lifting of the 000’s….but what is happening right now is a combination of so many beautiful things….from the citizens to the HCL to Chapter VII to the lifting of the 000’s, to the MCP going away….you’ve never lived in these days….

These are the best of days…these are not the worst of time…..IMO the citizens are holding things up….if you study Indonesia for example with their Monetary Reform they made a big mistake a couple of years ago when they introduced their new currency….they did it incorrectly….they found it in politicians safes, they found it in warehouses stored up, they found it being shipped all over the world in airplanes, they found it being counterfeited…..this education was not given to the Indonesian rupiah and their citizens messed everything up….

Confidence is what the citizens needed….and today you read an article where they are literally begging the citizens of Iraq…..we need you to have confidence in our banks….why….what do you think….we are about to raise the value…confidence….because IMO without it and without the understanding of the education of what they are doing right now with their Monetary Reform….

IMO then this process of education is going to force the citizens back into using more of the USD’s….if they don’t have the confidence or the education they are just going to say…..forget this…our currency is garbage and they will continue to find ways to buy the USD….this is not what you want….you don’t want a disaster the way Indonesia had their disaster….and the Iraqi citizen their confidence is only in the USD not in their currency….but I really believe this month of April Family is about to explode their confidence….I really do.
I told you on Monday we are not looking for anymore announcements…we don’t even go out of our way to gather intel or information anymore….we are just waiting for the CBI Arabic side to make a change….and it is not an announcement it is a directive that will be on the Arabic side…..because it is expected Family….it is the process right now of the Iraqi dinar.
I know….I know…Will Robinson….Will Robinson…it does not compute….it does not compute….I know…but IMO we do not have to have all the truth and nothing but the truth right now….they don’t owe you anything…..but IMO a change is coming to the CBI website on the Arabic side…..IMO this 1000 to 1 is the precursor to bring us to 1 to 1…..this 1000 to 1 is in proper step…is in proper order….even if it confuses you…the order is correct in order for them to post an international rate of 1 to 1 very soon.
Kushner, the son-in-law of Donald Trump….at the end of our CC on Monday I asked you….why is he there…and also the Chief of Staff…Family this is the second time these gentlemen have shown up….and I know….you didn’t believe me…on the inaugural night of President Trump he sent both of these gentlemen to Iraq….on his first day as President, I mean literally nanoseconds after he became President….he did this after the dinner…

These are the same two gentlemen that first went, and they are the same two gentlemen that you are now seeing…..I’m sorry I do not believe in coincidences….this gentleman, this Kushner he is the negotiator, the voice of Donald Trump in the Middle East for peace….I also need for you to realize that Kushner and the Chief of Staff for the US met with Barzani…and Barzani came to Baghdad for them to meet…..how important was it for them to meet….oh I’m here to get the report on Mosul….no you are not….well ok….what do you want to talk about sir….well behind closed doors IMO the HCL….yes Family there are many parts to the Monetary Reform….Article 140, the census, the flag in Kirkuk, the HCL, Kurdistan, Barzani….there are a lot of things that need to be talked about.
IMO Barzani is telling Abadi in these private meetings….hey Abadi….follow me….follow my lead….I’ve always been the proud son….follow my lead ok…I’m doing what they are telling me to do….and by the way Abadi….Kurdistan has your back…..now let’s talk to these guys that Donald Trump sent over….now let’s tell Kushner that the US bases are going to be ok with us in the ME forever….Family this little part right here that we are talking about…it is not the Monetary Reform but it is tangent to it…..especially with the US debt ceiling in this month of April….there are no coincidences.
IMO Family 1000 to 1 makes perfect sense to me and I wish it did to you too….but I can understand….if you have Leon Spinks’ gaps…some of you may laugh at that, some of you may go huh…..if you have gaps in your studies…..if you are missing variables…I just want you to know they told me….something is coming out on the CBI website….pay attention…and that is all we are doing Family….all the other data will only confuse you….as it seems I confused you on Monday….but you know what….I would say that is only like 5-10% of you….maybe there was another 20-30% of you that were confused but didn’t post…..but I do believe we have  a majority of your 51% of you that do understand what is going on based on what we have told you IOO.
So Family we have a debt ceiling coming up this month and we have Jared Kushner in Iraq….and IMO we have a 1000 to 1 program rate Monetary Reform process on the ACCOUNTING side right now in Iraq….IMO due to this “experiment” they have now entered into a 30 day period to accomplish this next step of the Monetary Reform….why….that is usually what it takes when you do accounting….bright lights just came on….therefore IMO all we are seeing and we are sharing with you is causing me to realize that Iraq is in the middle of something right now with their Monetary Reform.
I believe in the 1000 to 1….I believe in the education of the Iraqi citizens with their Monetary Reform right now….I believe that Iraq understands money very well and that they will catch on quickly….and I believe a confidence is being developed…a street confidence….1000 to 1 is not a raise….it is more dinars in the hands of the citizens….to give them more purchasing power as promised…and the citizens are about to figure this out…..not by seeing 1000 to 1 written on their paycheck….or on the CBI website….but by the fact that their pay has been given more dinars versus USD.
Family stop over thinking everything….there are too many facets to this Monetary Reform….for you to completely understand all their steps…you are not super computers….I want to tell you something ok….this might blow you out of the water….this might leave you with no shoes…no socks….no bunions….no nothing…but I believe you need to stop talking….for when I believe I have something powerful I do that…..I need to grab your attention right now because I want to tell you something.
I want you to go back with me….are you ready…it was in December….around the second week of December…actually it was around the 7 originally but they moved it from the 7th to the 4th when the IMF wanted to have their first meeting with them towards the beginning of the month….remember that….of course you do….and it was at that time when they met for the second time in the second week of December when the IMF and the CBI in these little private meetings….and we really don’t know the full extent of the meetings but they did come out in the third week and tell you we are going to float our currency….managed float or something….

We are trying to get to 1000 to 1 so we can get to 1 to 1 and we are also looking at introducing a 50k note, 100k note, 200k note….yeah these are the things we are trying to do right now…ok good….you remember all of that….of course you do….but what is interesting is that many of you have forgotten that during that time there was an article and they were talking about April 8th 2017….what about it….that was their study a target date to accomplish the Monetary Reform…because they wanted to complete all of it in the first quarter of 2017….oh snap….oh snap my neck….oh snap my knuckles….really….today is the 5th.
Family in their reports in their articles they were talking about the Monetary Reform, how they were taking over, how they were going to make Iraq international, the IMF is now in there and we are in charge…ok ready…and they started meeting week after week….we are going to be international by the end of the year…no you didn’t….we are going to start the Iraqi Stock Exchange by the end of the year….no you didn’t…..well we are sorry.
First week comes around and then all of a sudden you see the governor of the CBI saying I’m sorry we are going to have to postpone the lifting of the 000’s…..why….because we have to wait for Mosul….who told you….none of your business….ok….let me know when Mosul is Secure and Stable….ok.
At that time Family they told you very clearly that April 8th 2017 was the target date for them to finish their Monetary Reform.
IMO anywhere after April 1st you are in a wonderful situation….Family you need to remember this December 2016….so many things have changed in the Monetary Reform and in the landscape of Iraq concerning their military ways…and that is all within the last three months….in December they talked about April….April 8th….I don’t know if they are going to reach that date…..but I am here to tell you it is a fact.
Remember the Alamo….no….remember what the IMF did with the CBI in December 2016….and if you are a good student you have all of this information that I have just given you right now.
Oh and by the way….yesterday was a wonderful day….why was it a wonderful day Family…because everything that I wanted….everything that I liked….everything that I needed to be passed by the GOI and Parliament…was….no…no Frank they didn’t have enough for a quorum…no…no there was nothing accomplished on the 4th Frank the way you said they would….like the HCL and other things…no…no….oh really well then that is your business not mine….I’m here to tell you Family IMO yesterday everything went fantastic in their GOI and in their legislature that I was looking for….what was it….let them tell you about it.
I want you to know once again that the citizens are not going to see 1000 to 1….they are not going to report it on the CBI website…..but it is….I want to call it IMO a trial period of the Monetary Reform at 1000 to 1….we don’t really have any idea when they are going to finish this 1000 to 1….but IMO it is done for ACCOUNTING purposes only…and it was supposed to be done in the next 2 or 3 days and I believe it has been done for the next pay period that I don’t want to give….I really don’t know if or what this is going to result in…I pray it results in a 1 to 1…..I do know it is being reflected on their pay scale….nothing else right now so we sit and we wait.
You know Family….maybe…..it is possible that maybe someone needed to see 1000 to 1 on a piece of paper….maybe someone needed to see 1000 to 1 on an ACCOUNTING level….maybe someone needed to see 1000 to 1 before they go to 1 to 1….are there any visitors in Iraq right now (big smile).
It is difficult and I sympathize with you….because I don’t know all of it…and you don’t know all of it….and what we do know I don’t give you all of it….you are missing the variables….oh snap.
Family IMO the order that we are studying of the Monetary Reform is very correct right now….the timing is the only thing that drives me crazy….IMO they are answering the Monetary Reform right now with the 1000 to 1 phase.
So in conclusion….if you believe you need Chapter VII before the RV….well I’m sorry I do not….I told you on Monday and I’m telling you on Wednesday I do not….I am the opposite of that….and with that said I would suggest you jump for joy…..because Abadi is telling you within the next two months Chapter VII will be lifted….which IMO means they have lifted the value of their currency by lifting the 000’s within these next two months or less…..and you know the sadness that is in my heart….is there are people on our forum at KTFA that still believe it will take them two months to lift Chapter VII…..someone just said….Chapter VII is a smoke screen…..he took my cookie.
Meanwhile while this is going on the remaining structure of DAASH comes out…..ring-a-ding-ding…..ring-a-ding-ding….I’m sorry DAASH no one is answering the phone….well can we say something….what…..we are in a state of emergency in Mosul….of course because the US Army is there….yeah I guess so….you are not in a state of emergency….you are in a state of stupidity….get out of here.
What I also found very interesting is that the Feds of the US come out and say….yeah we are going to reduce about $4.5 trillion off of our balance sheet this year….how….how is Kuwait doing….don’t ask me the last time we took this was 1990.
If my opinion is correct about the 1000 to 1 and the phase of the Monetary Reform right now Family….I’ll ask you a question….how long do you think they have been at 1000 to 1….answer….none of your business.
Look Family this is post 27 on today’s thread….”Expert Stresses the Importance of the Role of the Banking Sector in the State Treasury Support”….really….”yeah we are encouraging the electronic payment in addition to the introduction of new products…..including certificates of deposit”….you are trying to get the citizens to come in and open up accounts….to educate them….yeah I guess we are….you see right now it is in cooperation with JPMorgan, Citibank….they are managing the issues of international documents for Iraq….

You can’t go international with your currency until you raise the value of it….yeah…well we don’t have to tell you that so up yours….ok….so please enjoy post 27 from WalkingStick because this is huge….because in the second paragraph….”there is a great need for the government to pay attention to the importance of the banking sector”…..yeah I think so too.

So Family can I say good night to you by giving you a present….DELTA would like to say something to you….when DELTA is done talking to you then I’m going to give you one more surprise….that I need your full attention for….because I like things in threes.
DELTA brought us an article and it was talking about 2013….and a lot of you mistook that article incorrectly….God Bless you….you thought they were trying to say that Chapter VII was actually lifted back in 2013….so kick back and enjoy.
Frankie….Frankie….good afternoon or morning or whatever it is….I got your message and this is my take on this whole Chapter VII….we all know that in 2013 all things were lifted except for two things which were the remaining Kuwaiti bodies and the remaining debt which at that time was I believe $11 billion and it is now $4 or 5 billion…and I do know too that they did move part of that to Article VI of the UN…so the only thing that remains is the money that Iraq owes to Kuwait in Chapter VII….but again I would like to make it clear to Frankie and everybody….whatever is left in Chapter VII has nothing to do with the Monetary Reform….

The Monetary Reform is totally different and I would like to remind the Family too….if you go back to the “Final Article” thread….the governor of the CBI he has never stated anything in the last 13 or 14 articles about Chapter VII…..which would be the opposite….I do believe the rate has to come first before basically they move forward…..Abadi has become very bold in talking about this….and last year we heard nothing about Chapter VII….we just know they recently started to talk about it….so this last article about two months does not mean they will wait until June….

They won’t give us the target of what is going on but I really do believe for Abadi to say that ISIS is not an issue anymore I believe Abadi knows exactly what is going on….they know the Monetary Reform is a must…they have to keep moving forward….I’m expecting to see something this month from the CBI….one more thing that I thought about Frankie….there is only more thing left they need to take away…we all know about the article that came out a while ago that talked about $18 billion and $9 billion when to Kuwait….and it is a done deal…

If that is the case why are they not taking them out….and why do they need two months to do that…again it seems clear….this has nothing to do with the Monetary Reform and I really do believe they need to raise the value before they move forward…and I know you would agree…there is no sanction on the Iraqi currency…..remember they added the 000’s in 2003 and now for them to go international they have to lift the 000’s and we believe the IMF told them so…they have to lift the 000’s to go international….

So if they don’t lift the 000’s they will never go international….so to get out of Chapter VII with no manageable, creditable currency won’t mean anything…they could be taken out today but what will they use as currency what do that have that will help anybody….so Abadi knows this and I believe there are a lot of things happening behind closed doors…..good luck to you brother, say Hi to the Family…my golden scissors are ready, make sure your ponytail is ready….I’m flying first class to Hawaii.
It is ready to be cut off DELTA any time you want to.
Family let’s finish up with this last thing that I wanted to share with you…by the way that Chapter VII….as you know….there is very little left of it….and what is left of it deals with the financial structure of Iraq…..in 2013 they did remove a lot of Chapter VII….but not all of it…it protects Iraq and the US in their relationship…..in 2013 the ban of Iraq not being allowed to purchase any weapons was lifted….that is why you see they can buy fighter planes, tanks, and armament…..so the things left was the debt left to Kuwait and the dead to be returned….but I think those things have been taken care of and that is why I think they are about to lift Chapter VII….within these next two months…it is happening and that is beautiful….so that was your present from DELTA.
Now number 3…Family what I share with you is from our hearts, our studies, and our TEAMS…and we try to be as dignified as possible and we pray for God’s guidance…but what I’m about to tell you….you can look this up yourself…ok….be a willing student because I think this will impress you tremendously…it will put all of Monday’s, Tuesday’s and today’s thoughts all in sort of a straight line….here we go.
In the history of this planet earth you will find that whenever a nation is going through a currency reform….when they are in the process of introducing LD’s into their market….when they were in the process of revaluing their currency….or changing the exchange rate of their currency….or changing and replacing torn and worn out currency….or going through a redenomination….or through a revaluation….they have always revealed their exchange rate to say 1000 to 1….

All countries that have gone through a Monetary Reform change have done this….why…..to make the transition easy…and to educate the citizens of their country….you can actually look this up….you will be impressed with what you see….you will see the number of countries who have gone through a revaluation and put their exchange rate at 1000 to 1….before they introduce that phase of the reform that they were in.
Dismissed with a prayer.


Let me try to explain something that only military personnel would only think of. The current bombing of Syria was in retaliation for the genocide of many, that will not cause any war related issues with Russia as intended by the cabal. You will also see some provoc intent coming out of North Corea but that to will fail because China is keeping a eye on there actions and will stop and suppress there aggressions. 

The Presidents of America, Russia and China know what is at stake here,they know that the entire world needs to be totally liberated from the economic slavery of the cabal since 1913. They know that these acts are of caos and that they are triggered out of lost and desperation, badly orquestrated which can be seen by sloppy media coverage. These Presidents know about these 209 countries that are now all gold backed and reevaluating and also of the GLOBAL CURRENCY Reset which is 53 years overdue since our dear President Kennedys death. So now this world knows the real deal and what is expected of these great men now ruling these three countries.

 I expect the 800 number within a small time frame. I expect that the rates to be honored in there highest state and that no bank dare to try to rip off the people of God. I see changes coming forward for America and the entire world and I can also see that the total extinction of the cabal is now imminent. And you who know me will vouch to that within a few days.

 You know I liked when our President ended up saying " GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE ENTIRE WORLD. " that saids a lot about this gentleman and I pray that he may always be protected out of harms way. God bless you America and God bless all my brothers and sisters of the World, Terra, Tierra, my Beautiful Blue Bubble. Good day to all and may righteousness and prosperity enter today. Na'maste, Happy Journeys, Bluwolf