Thursday, April 6, 2017

Yosef's Post: "Punch List" , 6 APRIL

 Yosef's Post: "Punch List" - Revaluation News - Tuesday - April 4, 2017

A. I have been told that this Yosef post is 100% accurate: "The Ukrainian/Russian Minsk Agreement has been signed, and just awaiting public acknowledgement which will demand the release of all satellite territory demanding sovereignty as well as elections and constitutional changes. The Ukrainian/IMF $1 billion loan released today to given to a hidden government already in place. There are similar hidden governments already seated in both Israel and Germany as well--and all four (including the USA) are ready to move on from this insane and now clearly desperate Zionist nightmare."

B. So, not only do we have a secret "Hidden Government" about to be unveiled, so do the Ukrainian, Israel, and Germany.

C. The take away point about the governments of the World, is that they all will be 100% GESARA Compliant, and there will be no exceptions. Some are there right now, others like ourselves have secret GESARA compliant Governments ready to jump into action, and the rest are changing right before our eyes whether we can see it or not. Laws are ready to pass, people are ready to resign, etc.

16. The good guys are very good at what they do. They have tricked the Cabal time and time again and now it is all over for them. The heinous governance became, for us, a continuing sting operation to expose their utter fiction about the survival of USA, Inc. This ongoing sting operation is to provide the evidence required to arrest and isolate the entirety of the Cabal and its grand levels of minions. "

17. I have hardly covered the amazing amount of changes that have occurred in this Cabal take down. I don't care what any country's government looks like, seems like, or what anybody else says about it, we have won. Hidden governments are in place, planned resignations are set, agreements have already been signed and executed, and we simply await its revelation to the public, and that includes us.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 6, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 6, 2017

Compiled 12:15 am EST 6 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. April 5 2017 5:44 pm EST Intel Update TNT : Wednesday Update from TNT w/ Thoughts 4-5-17

1. Iraqi PM Abadi announced on TV that the Iraqi Dinar revalued @ $6 USN international rate. That rate has NOT yet changed on the CBI website, nor on Forex.

2. The banking community says that it is happening any time.

3. My Iraqi sources are saying, "It's done. We don't know why you haven't seen it over there."

4. My best sources says we are just waiting, and “we will contact you.”


B. April 5 2017 9:44 am EST Iraqi Day: Mosul News: Twitter Update from Iraqi Day 4-5-17 Iraq Joint Operations officially announced that Mosul has been liberated.


C. April 4 2017 Real Truth Call (3:11) Yosef, Tank: https://fccdl.in/E6vVyLJGb

1. The final approval has been given. We are set to go any min., and definitely this week.

2. The last piece the Elders wanted accomplished had to do with the pipeline running through North Dakota (They made arrangements for oil not to run through that area.)

3. For security reasons military bases where exchanges happened, were on lockdown.

4. When you go to your exchange have a sum total in mind of what rate you wanted.

5. If you don't know what your currency was worth, they would offer you a flat rate.

6. If you knew what your currency was worth, you could negotiate or counter-offer a rate you wanted, especially for humanitarian or job creation projects.

7. The restored Republic should be in full rollout by next week.


D. April 5 2017 10:37 am Correction Jeff: "Correction to Restored Republic April 5 2017" by Jeff - 4.5.17

1. I feel Yosef's intention for the GCR was Wed. April 12 pm (afternoon). He had the right day, but the wrong date.

2. This would make 5 1/2 days to the next Tues April 18 am (morning).

3. Half of the Intel is saying this weekend and half is saying next Easter weekend. Either way, we are to be blessed.

4. Some said the IMF fiscal year was April 5th, but in looking at their website, April 30th was their fiscal year end for 2015 IMF books.

5. It looks like that is the "back wall" for everything to be "settled" globally (April 30th), and for the new 2017 Golden Books to start May 1 2017.


E. April 5 2017 7:22 pm EST HSBC Exchange by One Who Knows: "HSBC Exchanging Question" - One Who Knows - 4.5.17

1. HSBC will be represented at every Off Site Exchange Center.

2. It does not matter if there is a retail branch there or not. You can still set up an account with them and have a "Private Banking" relationship with them.

3. Most likely, you will NEVER go in a regular bank branch EVER again. Wealthy people don’t do that and neither will you. They will come to you or make whatever arrangements you want.

4. There will be HSBC Branches EVERYWHERE soon. They are the ONLY ones who will be exchanging Zim.

5. Sovereign / Privately Negotiated Rates will be available at ALL Offsite locations and ALL "Designated" exchanging Bank locations as well - but not at other non-exchange location banks.

6. We will be getting complete, easy to understand, step by step, instructions when this goes. Relax, all your questions will be answered "Officially" then.

F. April 5 2017 7:03 pm EST What has happened with the Cabal and What to Expect by One Who Knows: "Following Einstein's Lead, Choose One" - One Who Knows - 4.5.17

1. The big picture overview is that the Cabal World ran out of money, power and control.

2. One of the first things to be taken from them was the military. In the beginning, is was split, but there was a "Come to Jesus" meeting in which they were told that Paul Ryan was the Commander in Chief, as president of the Republic, and that they had to make a choice, get on board or face the consequences.

3. I don't know how many made the "Wrong decision" and were dealt with, but I do know that 100% of our Military are now Republic Good Guys, and ready to Kick Cabal behind.

4. After the Military had been secured, they began cutting off the Cabal money streams, and the first to go was the Drug Trade Money.

5. They went into Afghanistan, and in other places, and shut down American Bases that were actually being used to fly drugs all over the World.

6. That put a big dent in the Cabal money supply. With the power of the Military on the good guy's side, they could easily shut down the sources of Cabal money.

7. Then they began to crack down on Money Laundering in the big banks and that shut down even more of their money supplies.

8. The good guys have now completely taken over the Entire Financial system Worldwide. All banking MUST be Basel III compliant if not more. That mandates extreme accounting and reporting. That means no funny business. The money is tracked 40 moves one way or the other. No More SWIFT, no more Cabal owned or controlled Banks, nada.

9. This was a huge blow to the Cabal system and makes it hard to pay any minions to do anything. I have heard stories from well connected people, who tell about Minions wanting to get their back pay, and it is not coming.

10. Additionally and very importantly, the money will no longer be printed or controlled by the Federal Reserve, or any other "Like" Cabal money Central Bank in the World.

11. Ours will now be gold backed, controlled by our Treasury, and totally incorruptible. It is stable because its value is based on a formula of backing assets and cannot be changed.

12. This change is not just us, it is the "Same Change" all over the entire world.

13. Not one country in this world will get any money, unless their governmental structure is GESARA compliant. They have all signed and agreed to this change over. They will all comply 100%. No ifs, ands or buts. Period. Here is a tip: GESARA/NESARA is not a Cabal governmental structure.

14. Our government looks and seems Cabal 100% - at least it is what a Cabal Government used to look like. But is has been gutted and a fully formed, NESARA compliant, Republic Government that is secretly waiting to take over "Publicly."


TNT : Thursday UPDATE for April 6, 2017


ADDITION: Abadi just announced on TV the agreement to remove obstacles that were blocking the passing of Article 140.

2nd ADDITION Iraqi TV reports Abadi meeting with UN secretary and requesting removal of Chapter 7, completion for Mosul in 2 weeks, and that the currency  should be in line with the wealth of the country.....at least 6 times more than present.

1DesertRat:  So to keep it straight it is all dinar Abadi is talking of. Six times the known value of dinar. Last known to be $.86 to 1 dinar. imo

PitBoss:  If what 1desertrat said of known rate of $.86, then 6 X $.86 = $5.16 and great first mouse bate

Crushr13:  0.86 x 6 = $5.16, yes that makes an excellent first mouse rate. At least for me, but only if the others go, too (VN Dong, Zim, etc.).

Okrocks :  when you hear others say 1 to 1... what they are not telling you is that is Value, not the rate....

Ecubucs :  Yes ma'am! That's correctamondo!!!     IT's ALL Going Great though and progress is being made in a Major Way!  
Team d : Ecubucs do u think those that profit each day from the fiat have been persuaded to let the rv go?  
Ecubucs :  team d they LOVE the power and the last thing they want to do is Give It UP!!!! Controlled it for Hundreds of years...

Okrocks : team d look around the world... "they" have no choice but to let go

Ecubucs : We have a government that wants this done Yesterday and We have the Right people visiting the US RIGHT NOW! I'm Still Very Expectant!!!

Okrocks : Chinas XI is here for a verrrry good reason….most people do not realize we have been in a transition for a long time now... its all good...

Lilypad : Both countries will benefit and both are wanting it done.

Ecubucs : Well so much is being given!!! The world is turning in a New direction! One that will help turn the tide for us commoners I think!

Ecubucs:  Tremendous meetings being held all over the USA Today and Tomorrow.... This is Being SOLIDIFIED!!!! The question is "WHEN Will It Show at Our Level"???

Okrocks: what if the present is about 1$, remember those rates in country on their cards? what was it? 1.18 or something like that, so what is 6 times that? hmmm

Iraq will not come out at pennies to the international world IMO after they have proclaimed they will be the richest in the world... all currencies are adjusting and their neighbor Kuwait is over 3 right now... just saying

Cozmo : whether its 5 cents or 6 dollars it is going up .... to me that means the upward movement of the value of the dinar has begun

Adept1 : If I am reading the current update correctly, Abadi is saying the dinar rate will be 6 times current exchange rate. Latest reported (Western Union sent to Baghdad) was 83 cents. Six tims 83 = $5.00.    

If you follow the calls, a fellow sent money to his brother in Baghdad, and the brother received at a rate of 83 cents per dinar, he sent money on two separate occasions, and his brother received at the same rate of exchange.

I'm going to assume Abadi is speaking about the actual value, which is something about which we do have information, I calculated six time actual value.


BenBlessed:  Debt Limit Coming Up

National Debt? ... funded by a continuing resolution (CR), passed in December 2016, through April 28, 2017

Shalom Family!  I know we all heard Frank share this awesome tidbit of information but to me this is important to fuel the reason we may actually get this done on or before May 1! 

The debt limit deadline runs out April 28, 2017!

Maybe- just maybe there would be no reason to continue to EXTEND so great!


U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

After a 15-month hiatus, Congress is once again warming up for another round of self-inflicted budget "crises" that have become all but standard operating procedure when the Treasury needs to raise the limit of its borrowing authority.

That's right: The "debt ceiling" is back.

The budgetary bottleneck arrives again next month, when the latest suspension of the limit expires on March 15. Back in October 2015, Congress decided to punt on the issue by suspending the debt ceiling — with a hard end date.
Some budget watchers are already warning that another bitter budget battle could be looming.

Despite a Republican majority in Congress, the slow budgetary process, delays in repealing/replacing Obamacare, and a lack of internal consensus could spell trouble," said Oxford Economics senior economist Nancy Vanden Houten in a note to clients.

Members of both parties have used the mandatory borrowing cap as a negotiating tactic over a variety of legislative battles. The modern practice dates to the Clinton administration, when a standoff with House Republicans led to a pair of short government shutdowns.

Ryan: We'll figure out infrastructure in spring budget   Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017 | 10:05 AM ET | 00:53

In the summer of 2011, budget negotiations between then-President Barack Obama and Republicans in Congress went down the wire, with some members of Congress threatening to force the Treasury to default on its debt for the first time in history. Despite an 11th-hour deal, Standard & Poor's was unimpressed. The credit rating agency, citing the bitter budget battle, docked Uncle Sam's Triple-A credit rating a notch.

In late 2012, Congress once again played another round of budgetary chicken when the Dec. 31 expiration of Bush era tax cuts threatened to collide with mandatory spending cuts that took effect the same day. A deal was reached and the compromise approved in the early hours of Jan. 1, 2013.

Since then, the last two debt ceiling deadlines have come and gone relatively peacefully, with agreements, first in October 2013 and again two years later, to simply suspend the limits. The latest suspension is due to expire next month.

Vanden Houten notes that, while GOP control of both Congress and the White House should make for smoother budgetary sailing, "the usual uncertainty surrounding the debt limit could be heightened this year."

She notes that President Donald Trump's budget advisors have voiced different opinions about how to deal with the debt ceiling.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a former hedge fund manager, has said that making Treasury debt payments is a "critical commitment."

Trump's choice to head the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, "has questioned the urgency of raising the debt limit and has supported prioritizing debt payments over other federal obligations," said Vanden Houten.

If the March 31 deadline comes and goes without Congress raising the debt ceiling, the Treasury will once again begin deploying "extraordinary measures" to allow the government to keep paying its bills.

Those include things like postponing contributions to a retirement funds for federal employees. Vanden Houten figures that could free up enough cash to keep the lights on until sometime in September.

Walkingstick:  White House Official: Iraq Trip Provides ‘Invaluable, Informative Experience’

By Jim GaramoneDoD News, Defense Media Activity

April 5, 2017 — Jared Kushner, the senior advisor to President Donald J. Trump, said his trip with Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford to Iraq was an “invaluable, informative experience.”
Kushner met with Iraqi and coalition officials in Baghdad and Irbil and with U.S. troops in Hamam al-Alil, a tactical assembly area just over 10 miles from the Iraqi forces’ front line against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Mosul.

Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, invited Kushner and Tom Bossert, the president’s homeland security advisor, to accompany him on one of his periodic trips to Iraq to take the pulse of the counter-ISIS campaign.

“I was honored to accompany Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford on this trip to Iraq,” Kushner said. “Overall, the trip was an invaluable, informative experience and I come away with a deeper understanding of the situation on the ground and an even greater appreciation for those serving our country oversees.”

At Hamam al-Alil, Kushner met with the gun crew from the 2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment. They live next to their guns, ready to supply fire support from their M-109A6 Paladins to Iraqi forces battling ISIS in Mosul. He also met with troopers from the 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment who are at the base. Both units are based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Meets With, Praises U.S. Troops

“Of the many highlights of my couple of days in Iraq, the biggest was meeting U.S. personnel serving on the front line in our fight against ISIS near Mosul,” Kushner said. “I had the distinct pleasure of meeting many and expressing, on behalf of the president, our appreciation for the incredible work each was making for the security of our nation.”
In Baghdad, Dunford and Kushner met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Defense Minister Arfan al-Hayali.

At the U.S. Embassy, Kushner was briefed by Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman.

On the military side, Kushner was briefed extensively by Army Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, the commander of Operation Inherent Resolve. He also met with Army Maj. Gen. Joseph M. Martin, the commander of the 1st Infantry Division and of Combined Joint Forces Land Component Operation Inherent Resolve.

In Irbil, Kushner and Dunford met with Masoud Barzani, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan.
In a written statement, Kushner spoke directly to American service members.

“To the men and women of the Combined Joint Task Force and U.S. Embassy Baghdad, you have left an indelible impression on me and I am awestruck by your patriotism, esprit-de-corps and fighting spirit,” he said. “Each of you has my upmost respect and admiration.”
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Frank26:  Thank you Don Rickles for all the laughs God bless you and rest in peace  

Billuke:  https://youtu.be/0wKYnZGmh5g


4-6-2017   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Urgent: Iraq is improving in its credit rating"  Quote:  "Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi said Iraq has improved its credit rating."   ...it went from negative to stable. It's still a B- rating which is classified as speculative.

4-6-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat 
  Article:  "Iraq: Confidence is in the Air"  Quote:  "This confidence boost may be the starting pistol on Iraq’s Road to becoming a market economy."  ...remember the CBI is looking for STABILITY and SECURITY, two buzz words that keep appearing in all the articles from the CBI, IMF and the UN in general,...can you say revaluation...

4-6-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [...are you still as positive this week about the HCL being implemented as you were a few weeks ago?... and can Iraq change the rate anytime they want throughout the year or does it have to be done by the first quarter?]   Absolutely yes! And they can do this any time they want, there are absolutely no real restrictions. "Any given Sunday", as they say... or Monday, Tuesday, etc.  [Do you think is possible to see an RV in 2017... YES, emphatically so!

"Thoughts" from Sabali 4/6/17

This is for the benefit of all those who continuously doubt the merits of the GCR news/intel as brought to us by the likes of OWK, Yosef, Tank, etc to name but a few. The truth is that no one knows the exact timing of the GCR except those that KNOW! Everyone else is guestimating. They have sources that are privy to certain information here and there who then give them a guestimate based on their intel! This Guestimate is then relayed to us in the DC community. Would you doubters and naysayer rather not know this info? For some people in this community, if they go a day without intel of some kind it drives them schizo.

I’v e been in this game for about five years but not in the way it’s presented here on DC. Based on my research growing up as a teen, I expected an economic collapse of somesort back in the years near 2012 to wake the masses and urge them to demand for a new system that’s fairer for all. I knew nothing about GESARA or currency redemptions until last year when I ran into channels like Gary Larrabee and the occasional Restored Republic intel on youtbe which lead me here. I understand and emphasise with those of you that have been in this game for 10 plus years. I know it’s been a hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride that still hasn’t ended and many have jumped off as a result and are still jumping off.

The Problem I made was to get so excited that I took everything said on here as gospel. In Feburary 2017 I learned that we were definitely going to redeem that month after Trump was inaugurated. I took the whole month of work in anticipation. But nothing. It was compounded by Mountain Goat & Dr. Clarke’s assertion that all this ZIM talk is BS. I felt very deflated, to say the least, for a week or two. But then I decided to take a step back and not to allow my happiness to be determined by things outside my control because in my heart of hearts I’ve always felt like this (world peace/ GCR reform) would happen in my life time, since the age of sixteen. When I took the step back and became less and less desperate and powerless, I began to see more clearly. The Intel on timing is ALL GUESTIMATES. As I understand it, it is guestimated for this month, maybe within the next few weeks but as always in real life unforeseen circumstances do arise. I'm I correct in saying this OWK, Yosef?

I thank the likes of OWK & YOSEF for keeping my spirit up with their intel and doing the best they can with what they witness and are told. These two in particular resonate with me. I always look forward to OWK’s posts because I always feel like the day is getting closer when he does post. To hear that he is in direct conversations with “Grandfather” made me feel even more blessed to be in this sphere of awareness. So for someone to insult the being that many say is leading the GCR and world reform with “maybe he’s constipated after billions of years blah blah blah” really shows their level of spirituality. I’m sure “Grandfather” doesn’t care and loves you unconditionally and I know people lament in their own way, but please, grow up. Become less attached to information and conquer your doubts from within. Only then will you know for sure what they and “Grandfather” already know. It IS DONE!

Thank you OWK, hopefully we’ll meet/talk one day, thank Yosef and & all lightworkers, thank you Grandfather, thank you Gaia and Thank you Source.

By Sabali (Patience) 




FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

A storm is coming thru our area.  Be advised, we may lose LiveStream and phone connections … so let’s begin before the storm gets worse.

I would like to applaud Frosty and Randy (AggieDad) for their transcription efforts – but I fear … (just like they do) that many are leaning and relying on the CC notes too much.

I was proud to see that Frosty said, “I do my very best, but Frank talks faster than I can keep up with him, and once in a while I make a mistake – and I really suggest for you to listen (re-listen) to the recording.”

A lot of times, Frosty gives you the “Cliff Notes” before the CC is even over.

Then there is AggieDad, who about 2 days later, posts the “word-for-word” notes.

Everyone makes mistakes … including me.  Family, I saw your postings, my Teams saw your postings … but all of us (Frosty, Randy and I) … when we saw your postings and on chat … I’m proud that you are analyzing the conference calls … but I believe that your analysis of Monday’s CC were hampered because you were not repeating what I said on Monday night’s CC.

My Teams have advised me NOT to do tonight’s CC in a Q&A format.  It’s not because I don’t want to take your questions … it’s just that my Teams have not given me all of the information that I’m able to share yet.


Ring-A-Ding-Ding … from Teams --

“Frank … they are about to make a change on the CBI website.”

F26 – When?  Why?  No more announcements?  Hello?

You see what’s missing family?


Hello family … welcome to our Monday night’s conference call.  Tonight I would like to announce to you something that the whole internet doesn’t know.  They are making the pay scale 1,000 to 1. 

And then I told you more … BUT … you forgot about it.  And that’s why you didn’t do your analysis very good on Monday night, Tuesday and today.

Many people got lost due to Monday night’s CC … many assumptions were made.  Some things were not share, and should not be shared with me … that you don’t have.

You’re missing a lot of information.

Tonight … we’re not going to open up any new files … even though we have a mountain full of stuff.

There is no need to talk about Jordan, Bonds, Israel and files like that … until you understand things better of what we tried to tell you last Monday.

There is a need a demand from the GOI with the contractors in Iraq … that for the next pay period … which will be sometime in this month of April – they now have to reflect 1,000 to 1 … in the next 2 or 3 days … which means that they have already done it.

But because you don’t have all of the information (variables) many are getting confused.

So, once again, I am going to take you by the hand … in a loving manner … and hold on tight … because tonight’s  CC will be a little turbulent … just like tonight’s storm [here in Ohio].  I’m not here to hurt you, nor waste my time or yours.


One of the major questions that I saw (like 8 of them were completely lost) … and I’ll try to explain something.

We are in the next step of the monetary reform … and the rest of the Internet didn’t even notice.

I applaud and salute you for your studies … because the rest of the internet is totally confused.

On the internet … this is what happened today … (I won’t give you the names … but these are the forums that copy and paste us, and call me dirty names).  How does the internet doesn’t know what we taught/shared on Monday’s CC?

How does the internet not know what’s going on?

After Monday’s information … they [Iraq] told you … their goal is to get to 1,000 to 1.

Meanwhile … gurus on the internet are making claims that Iraq revalued 6 to 1 at an international rate – but the rate hasn’t yet change. 

I’m sorry … but that is incorrect.

Of the 8 things that you folks were talking about after our call on Monday … many asked why they were putting more IQD’s … more 3 zeros back into the market in Iraq?

I just shook my head … my Teams shook their heads in dismay.  Go back and listen to the recording.  We never said they were putting 3 zeros back into the market, we said they were putting dinars back into the market to accomplish:

#1 – MCP – elimination of the USD’s

#2 – to educate the citizens

What you are assuming was way off.

It’s NOT the value of the notes thats important … IT’S THE NOTE COUNT … and that’s why they have a 50k.  Remember that?  We talked about that on Monday.

Yes, the 50k is a 3 zero note … but remember ONE 50k note … would be equivalent to FIVE 10k notes … (the notes that the citizens have been hording – and you’ve read those articles.

One 50k note … that they bring into the bank … because they are going to get it as “pay” – they would have to bring back FIVE 10k notes … would they not?   [Reducing the note count]  

The CBI gets those back …. Do they not?

The 50k’s … they use them … they have to buy stuff … and it will suck in more 3 zeros notes.

So what about your 3 zeros notes?  Your 3 zero notes are going to the FEDS. 

It’s internally. 

That is where the monetary reform (MR) is now.

Is this making sense?

The goal is to de-dollarize the markets of Iraq.

This will occur by doing 1,000 to 1 … which IMO … is going on right now.  They don’t want fractional banking.

When they do change the EXCHANGE RATE … to show 1 to 1 … YES! … at that time, they will introduce more dinars … but guess what kind?  The LOWER-DENOMS.  Not the 50k they are using in their pay. 

This process will be concurrent – (at the same time).

We never said they were putting Iraqi notes back into the market.  This process is to take those notes away from the market.

You will NOT see this 1,000 to 1 on the CBI website … it is 1 to 1 that you will see someday on the CBI website … IMO.

When they do hit 1 to 1 … and IMO … that is VERY CLOSE … right around the corner … because they are doing 1,000 to 1 right now. 

If you don’t believe it … bow-out …

Please know, that I am not lying … what I have to give to you is in my opinion.

Again … they are in the process of REMOVING the 3 zero notes and USD’s.

NO MORE USD’s are being given to anyone anywhere.  This is part of the MR.

When they show 1 to 1 on the CBI website … that is when they will draw in even more of the 3 zeros notes … because that is when the lower denoms and coins will come out … and not a single 3 zero note will work.

Remember … this will not happen overnight.  Yes … when it goes to 1 to 1 … that will happen like “BOOM” overnight … but these notes they will run congruent for about 2 years until all of the 3 zeros are gone.

In the early 1950’s … right after WWII … it took a while for the US to remove its larger note currency too.

IMF regulations state that they must lift the value of their currency … and also to educate the Iraqi citizens.

Right now … ACCOUNTING … ON THE BOOK … the GOI has now demanded of all contractors and employees IN IRAQ … foreign or domestic!!!

Another thing they are trying to do in this phase of the MR … they are trying to give loans.

Citizens … can you come into our bank and we’ll give you a loan?  “No!”

I’ve said this before … and I’ll say it again … do you know what I think the delay is in the monetary reform?

IMO … I believe it’s the Iraqi citizens. 

Right now, I am ecstatic … I am at peace because of where they are at (1,000 to 1 phase).  This will solve the liquidity issue. 

Unfortunately, no one is taking advantage of these loans, bonds – nobody is buying them.

ARTICLE from the Defense Minister … need to restore the TRUST of the banks.  Need the citizens to TRUST the banks.  Dear God … is that not word for word of our conference calls???!!!!!!!!

The 1,000 to 1 is NOT a physical thing with the IQD and the pay scale requirement from the government.

This is ONLY an ACCOUNTING side on paper … where that 1,000 to 1 will occur.

When they do FINALLY make the change on the CBI website to the 1 to 1 … then the PHYSICAL part of the currencies monetary reform will happen through the lower denoms and the coins.  1,000 to 1 is simply an EASY CONVERSION state. 

This is BRILLIANT as far as I’m concerned.

POST #263 – “Report … (on what? … is recovering the IQD”
Is this a question?  Heck yes it is!

If you read that report … you need to READ and STUDY this.  I will post this in the FINAL ARTICLES.

We trust the site (news source) of the article.
This report REFLECTS off of the shiniest surface you can find.

Family … you made a list of the things that President Trump has done for the monetary reform … and this proves it.

So …. The IQD is also waiting in the long-line?  LOL!!!

Conference call after conference call is condensed in this one article.

They are in the phase of their MR that is so unique … so powerful … I’m so grateful … and yet I’m sad that the rest of the internet doesn’t know what going on.

They have fully recovered from the days of Saddam  … and they and the international world knows it.
You are invested in the IQD … the only option that most have … (unless you’re connected to those who have a business over there … like some of my friends do).

With their economic BOOM that they are bragging about … with oil … with industry … amazing!  That is why their currency is REFLECTING 1,000 to 1 now in pay structure.

Their currency was put in a position to be raised to reflect the true value of their oil and its dependability.

It is likely to happen when the CBI raises the value of the IQD.

Do you see them talking about Mosul anymore?

They don’t need to decide to do that … this is being done!

They are in a phase so unique … so powerful … and somewhat sad that the rest of the internet doesn’t know what’s going on right now.

The prettiest girl in town knows that she is about to get a wedding ring … not just an engagement ring.
This is important family that Iraq announces to their citizens and the world that Iraq offers a wealth of opportunity.

If you want to see the article highlighted … see Don961 post (#281).  Thank you Don!

This is basically a repeat of Monday’s CC.  But you really need to understand this.

50% of the Iraqi population is young.  This new generation has never seen their country have a currency with value.  50% of Iraqi’s is aged 15 to 35.
This will be a HUGE learning curve that must work perfectly.

Another source said that 70% of the population doesn’t remember when the IQD had any value to it.

There is an ERROR … I made a mistake on Monday … and I was corrected and put in my place.  I have to be perfect with you … IMO.

Look in your notes and make this correction.

MISTAKE:  I told you that the GOI is now demanding that contractors inside of Iraq, with employees, that within the next 2 or 3 days – which has already gone by … (that on the next pay scale) this month of April – that the rate must reflect 1,000 to 1 in their pay.  I told you when the citizens got their paychecks, that it would reflect 1,000 to 1 – and the citizens would scratch their heads.  I made a big mistake.  I’m sorry.  There’s just soooo much to try and remember … and I’m here to correct that.

Here’s the CORRECTION >>> their paycheck will NOT say 1,000 to 1.  The step they are going thru is strictly for ACCOUNTING PURPOSES ONLY … to pay out in IQD’s not USD’s and in that process they will be educated.  They will not see 1,000 to 1 on their paycheck.  Instead they will see that their paycheck is giving them MORE IQD’s for their pay vs. USD’s.
Abadi said that within the next 2 months that CHAPTER VII will be lifted. 

Pay close attention …

The citizens were told by Abadi … “we’re taking you back to the glory days.”

Why?  To give them more purchasing power.

How?  By lifting the 3 zeros in the exchange rate and introducing lower denoms that are compatible to the new rate that we are going to be putting up.

So family … the MR process at 1,000 to 1 on their paycheck … only on the ACCOUNTING SIDE … this will give the citizens many, many more dinars in their hands than they ever had.

That’s what I told you on Monday.

I said my friends are going to have to find MORE Iraqi dinars in order to pay their citizens.  Remember that?

That is the goal.

Frank26:  The citizens were told by Abadi … “we’re taking you back to the glory days.”
Why?  To give them more purchasing power.

How?  By lifting the 3 zeros in the exchange rate and introducing lower denoms that are compatible to the new rate that we are going to be putting up.

So family … the MR process at 1,000 to 1 on their paycheck … only on the ACCOUNTING SIDE … this will give the citizens many, many more dinars in their hands than they ever had.

That’s what I told you on Monday.

I said my friends are going to have to find MORE Iraqi dinars in order to pay their citizens.  Remember that?

That is the goal.

They just gave them more dinars.

The value of the dinar did not go up for them.

The quantity of the dinars did.

They have more purchasing power as of right now.

You understand what phase they are in now, don’t you?

While this is going on … Abadi says to the citizens … that he called the UN … told them to come over and remove Chapter VII.

There were 2 things (actually 3) things that they needed to deal with. 

What was that Mr. Abadi?

#1 -- Iraq needed to repay its debt to Kuwait

#2 – return back their dead. 

Have they done that.  Yeah, yeah.

And he told the UN to come over so they could lift Chapter VII.  He said that in the next 2 months … he believes they will be released from Chapter VII.

Really?  Really Mr. Prime Minister?


Remember … Abadi told them … WITHIN 2 MONTHS … so that could be tomorrow just as well.  WOW!!!
IMO … when he decides to put up the 1 to 1 rate … the value of their currency is going to go up.

The #3 item … the oil for food program was replaced by Iraq giving them [Kuwait] gas (flaring).

I wonder … and think really carefully with me here … if it will take 2 months to pay back the value that they owe Kuwait … in gas.

That was POWERFUL in what I just said.

This timeline that Abadi is giving you … is the biggest present that Abadi could give you as an investor.

He’s giving it to the citizens … but listen … really listen to me … IMO … Abadi just gave you the timeline.
Somewhere within the next 2 months … Chapter VII will be lifted officially by the UN … and somewhere in that time, Kuwait will be repaid by the gas that they are giving them … again … just in my opinion.  Will it take 2 months? How long do you think it will take?  How much is gas?

IMO … what is happening in the next 2 months OR LESS is the lifting of Chapter VII, the lifting of the 3 zeros, introducing the LD’s and coins.

With all due respect … how did you miss that?

How can you possibly be mad at Abadi … when he’s given you a time-frame as to when Chapter VII will be removed?

I don’t care if it’s 2 minutes from now … or within those 2 months … you now have a time frame!

Everyone knows the postponement was due to Mosul needing to be liberated. The MOOKLA was postponed for that reason.

These are BRILLIANT STEPS of the monetary reform!

Some just keep asking the WRONG QUESTIONS – you just want the DATE.  (Frustrating)

I told you on Monday … we don’t stinking Chapter VII to lift the 3 zeros to realize that the process is going on right now.

I believe that this process (the 1,000 to 1) is for their rate to go INTERNATIONAL.

This ACCOUNTING move that we are sharing is for that reason.

This move right now … of 1,000 to 1 … is doing 2 things … #1 - educating the citizens
#2 - removing the USD’s from their market.

The dinar is earning its value.

70% or more of Iraqi citizens are completely ignorant to their currency having any value.
It takes time (generations) to make change some times – just like the 60’s in the USA … minorities made changes to the Civil Right movement.  A lot of people today don’t understand the sacrifices that others made in your behalf.

The citizens need grow up and understand that they will have more dinars and less USD’s … and the light will come on.  They will see that they are not lying to them anymore.

You’ll never see 1,000 to 1 on the CBI website.  That space is still waiting for their TRUE value.

Chapter VII could be lifted at any time family --- they DO NOT have to wait 2 months.

I believe that it’s the citizens who are holding up the MR.

These are the BEST of days … NOT the worst of times.

The citizens must have CONFIDENCE in the BANKS of IRAQ.
IMO … this process of “education” the citizens … must be done perfectly … so we don’t see the same type of disaster that happened in India where the politicians were hording the new currency.
I believe that this month … I really do … I believe that this April will EXPLODE their CONFIDENCE in the dinar.

I told you on Monday … we are NOT looking for any more announcements.

We are just waiting for the CBI (Arabic side) website to make a change.

This change … is EXPECTED!

IMO … a change is coming to the CBI website … this 1,000 to 1 is the precursor to the 1 to 1 … it is in proper step … in proper order … even if it confuses you – it is correct.

Jared Kushner … at the end of our call on Monday … I asked you why he was there and also the Chief of Staff.
Many didn’t believe me that President Trump sent both of those individuals after the inauguration to Iraq. 

Literally, nanoseconds after he became President, they were sent to Iraq.

IMO … behind closed doors … I believe they talked about the HCL.

I believe that Barzani is telling Abadi in private meetings to follow his lead … (as he represents the proud-son) … as he has done what they asked him to do.

US military bases will be established in the Middle East … forever.

Remember THIS MONTH … the US DEBT CEILING reaches its max.

Something is coming out on the CBI website … and we will continue to monitor.

We have a DEBT CEILING issue coming up this month … Jared Kushner is in Iraq … and a 1,000 to 1 in play

IMO … due to this “experiment” … I believe they have moved into a 30 day period to accomplish this next step of the MR.  That’s usually what it takes for accounting periods.  30 days.  Bright lights just came on.

1,000 to 1 is NOT a raise.  It is more dinars in the hands of the Iraqi citizens to give them more purchasing power as promised … and the citizens are about to figure this out.
Family … please, stop over-thinking everything.

We are not super-computers.

Remember … this might blow you out of the water … might knock your socks off … but listen to this please.

Go back with me … to December … around the 2nd week of December in 2016.  On the 7th … they [IMF] moved their meeting to the 4th … remember that?

At that time … that the IMF and the CBI … (private meetings) … that we really don’t know the full extent of …  but they said they were going to float their currency … managed float or something like that … trying to get to 1,000 to 1 … then 1 to 1.

Remember all of that?

What’s interesting is during that time … an article said … they were talking about APRIL the 8th 2017.

That was their target date to accomplish their monetary reform … as to complete everything in the first quarter of 2017.

OH SNAP!!!!!

Today is the 5th.

In their reports … they told you … they started meeting … expectations were high … then they postponed due to Mosul … but they set a target date of April 8, 2017 to finish their monetary reform.  Interesting.

IMO … anytime past April 1st … you’re in a wonderful position!!!!!!!!!!

Remember December 2016 … so many things changed due to their MR and military ways … and that was just 3 months.

I don’t know if they will reach the APRIL 8th date … but it is a fact. 

BTW … yesterday was a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

The internet should know … but they don’t.

It was wonderful because everything that I wanted … that I liked … to be passed by the GOI and parliament … WAS!

No you say?  Not enough in quorum?  Oh really?  Well, that’s your opinion, not mine.

IMO … everything went very well in the GOI … and you’ll find out soon enough. 

As we wind down our CC … the citizens will NOT see 1,000 to 1 … it will NOT show up on the CBI website … but this “TRIAL PERIOD” of the MR at 1,000 to 1.

We don’t have any idea when they will finish this process … but for ACCOUNTING PURPOSES ONLY … it was supposed to have been done over the last 2-3 days … and I can’t talk about the pay period. 

You know family … maybe … just maybe it was possible that someone needed to see 1,000 to 1 on paper … or 1,000 to 1 on an accounting level … you know … before they go 1 to 1. 
Are there any visitors in Iraq right now?

OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO … they are answering the MR right now in the 1 to 1 phase.

If you believe that you need Chapter VII before the RV … you do NOT.

So Abadi says that Chapter VII will be lifted within the next 2 months (or less).

You know the sadness … some people believe that it will take 2 months.

Chapter VII is a smoke screen.

On the other hand, Daesh is in a state of emergency (because the US Army is there now).
The FED of the USA says that they are going to reduce 4.5 Trillion off of their balance sheet.
How?  How?

Don’t ask me.  The last time we did this was … Kuwait … 1990

QUESTION:  How long do you think they’ve been at 1,000 to 1?

ANSWER:  none of your business!

POST #27 (today’s thread) …
They’re trying to educate the citizens and open up accounts.

Efforts are in collaborations with JP Morgan, and CITI <<< those are INTERNATIONAL banking sources.  Can’t do anything INTERNATIONAL with a program rate.

THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd paragraph … the government needs to pay attention to the banking sector.

Can I say goodnight to you by giving you a present from Delta?

When Delta is done … I’m going to give you one more surprise … because I like things in 3.

Delta brought us an article from 2013 … and NO … Chapter VII was NOT lifted back in 2013.

DELTA … “Frankie, Frankie … my take on this Chapter VII thing.  We know 2 things were not done … Kuwait’s dead … and the debt which now is about 4-5 Billion. I know that part of that was moved to Chapter VI … the only thing is the money that Iraq owes to Kuwait.  Whatever is left of Chapter VII has nothing to do with the MR. 

The governor of the CBI doesn’t say anything about Chapter VII.  I believe that the rate has to come first.  Abadi has been very bold about talking about this.  Within 2 months … that doesn’t mean they have to wait until June.  I believe for Abadi to say that … that ISIS is not an issue anymore. 

Abadi knows what is going on.  I’m hoping to see something this month. If there is only one thing left … like 18 Billion dollars … then why should it take 2 months to do that? Again, the Chapter VII has nothing to do with the MR.  The sanctions on IQD’s currency … in order to go international … they have to lift the 3 zeros … the IMF told them so. 

If they don’t lift the 3 zeros, they will never go international. What’s the point without raising the value of their currency?  I’ve got my scissors ready …and I’m flying first class to Hawaii.

Frank26:  BTW … that Chapter VII … as you know, there is very little left of it. 

In 2013, they did remove a lot of Chapter VII … but not all of it because it protects Iraq and the USA.

In 2013, the ban was lifted on weapons … that’s why they can buy military equipment, etc.
Now … here’s my SURPRISE.

I share this from my heart and my Teams … we pray for God’s guidance.

You can look this up yourself … as a willing student this should impress you tremendously.

In the history of this planet, you will find that whenever a nation goes through a currency reform, when they are in the process of introducing LD’s into their market, when they were in the process of revaluing their currency, or changing the exchange the rate of their currency, or replacing torn or wore-out currency, or going thru a re-domination or a revaluation … they have always revealed their exchange rate to say 1,000 to 1.

All countries that have gone thru a monetary reform change … have done this?


To make the transition easy and to educate their citizens of their country.

Look it up … you will be impressed with what you see.

The number of countries that have gone thru an RV … put their exchange rate at 1,000 to 1 before they introduce the phase that they were in.

Did you like your CC tonight?

Are you happy?

Let’s hope so!

Take this to God in prayer.

CC ended in prayer/shofar.

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