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Cara:  i don't remember, what day of the week did kuwait rv?     the New York Times reported the event on March 25, 1991. chkd...was a Monday

Eccle519:  I think Iraq will change their rate on a day stores are closed...their Holy Day, Friday. Gives everyone a chance to get on board with pricing


NY TIMES  KUWAIT CITY, March 24-- It still has no water and little electricity or food, but Kuwait revived its banking system today, introducing a new currency.

Banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi occupation forces shut them down in December. Thousands of people lined up to exchange their old Kuwaiti dinars for crisp new ones and to withdraw a limited amount of money.

Without electricity, the banks services were slow, limited to money exchange and withdrawal. There was no telex, no electronic money transfer and no telephones. The computers were unusable, so all transactions had to be entered by hand.

"It's like going back 20 years," said Mohammed al-Yahya, the manager of the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, the nation's second-largest bank. Seized Dinars Canceled

The Central Bank is canceling the value of Kuwaiti dinars that were seized from the Central Bank and put into circulation by the Iraqis. The invalid serial numbers were posted today in front of all banks in the city.

All other old dinars can be exchanged for new ones on a one-to-one rate until May 7, when the old dinars become invalid. The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar.

Although it is severly handicapped without electricity, the Commercial Bank, like many other major banks, was able to open for business because its records had been saved from the Iraqis. Mr. Yahya hid the bank's balance sheets in his home and sent its computer records to London via Syria with an Indian employee, who packed the tapes into the back of a trailer.

The banks also face serious personnel shortages. Only 11 of the Commercial Bank's 35 branches opened today, with 137 out of 1,300 workers.

Before the Iraqi invasion, only 17 percent of the bank's staff was Kuwaiti. Many of the foreign workers -- Jordanians, Palestinians and Indians -- fled and now cannot re-enter the country.

For those exchanging money today, there was little they could buy in Kuwait. Many of those in line said they planned to use their money for vacations or for shopping trips to Saudi Arabia to buy generators and food.

"I need to get away from this pressure," said Abdul Mohammed Hussein, a computer engineer in his early 40's who said he was withdrawing 1,500 new dinars to take a vacation in the United Arab Emirates. "Everywhere you go you find lines. At the supermarket, you find lines. To get petrol for the car, you find lines."

Abdul Hamed al-Atar, a 50-year-old retired Interior Ministry official, said this was the first time he had set foot in a bank since September, and he seemed relieved. "Kuwaits always keep a lot of cash with them," he said as he was handed crisp new piles of money that he stuffed into a small bag. "It's a comfort to have money in my hands."

Photo: As Kuwaiti banks opened for the first time in months, a group waited in line to change old banknotes for new. New currency was printed to replace stocks of previous notes looted during the Iraqi occupation. (Agence France-Presse)


John:  Dr. Clarke, It is always so good to see your posts!  Would you tell us if you expect to see it happen if not this Friday, but on a Friday?  Blessings,  John

JayR:  After 12 years of being here, I care not for how positive someone's message is, I care not for who is right or wrong, , How positive you feel or how positive someone else makes you is irrelevant, I am a businessman, in the end the only thing that REALLY matters is RESULTS.

BigG:  Dear Dr. Clarke.. Riddle me this....How can a country like Iraq pay out these incredible sums of money (trillions and trillions ) if the rate is one to one with the US DOLLAR...illogical huh?..down right ridiculous

DR. CLARKE: Hey John - Bingo. We DID NOT say, April 7th is when the rate will significantly increase. But it COULD.

We said we Love the "ring of April 7th".......Now, let's talk direct. There is Magic on this Friday, the 7th. You'll see tangible RESULTS, Jay....they're happening all over the place.

Speaking of Results, we're nothing but, ALL ABOUT RESULTS.
Those with Eyes to "SEE", can see the RESULTS. Huge, long list now, and piling up. So BIG. Just knowing there are 50 Banks in the U.S., that will exchange your Dinar - TODAY.....and according to Rumors, and Citibank is most notable......Citibank?

Really? This Mega-Conglomerate, International financial powerhouse? Really? See for yourself.

NOW, how can they do this, or WHY would they even entertain this, as they've done, since January of this year? January 3rd, to be exact?

A supposedly, non-international, and sanctioned country's currency, supposedly still under Article 7, with supposedly rules for use & trade within it's own country's borders?

Hmmmmm.......and they're exchanging it in the U.S., with a Top 4 Bank? hmmmm. Results?

How does the U.S. Treasury allow this to happen? Is it Fact?......we're not saying it is. We're just saying, maybe you should SEE what's going on here? "ILLOGICAL!"
You want a Rate. You're going to get a Rate. A LOT OF RATES. There are a LOT of Rates, right now!

That's the RESULT you want and speak of Jay? Absolutely! Not just a Rate, but a Substantially Increased Rate that you can go to your local Exchange Center/Bank, and increase your Personal Earnings, to increase your Assets? Eh?

Tangible RESULTS!
Of course. Well, it's the Last Piece, of the "RESULTS"......However, there's MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE.....if you have "Wise Patience", and Nerves of Steel.
We Love "ALL FRIDAY'S", like we said. Magic happens on Fridays, and especially in APRIL. "Friday is FUN DAY".

MAKE IT SO!............in the voice and words of Capt. Picard of the Star Ship Enterprise - Star Trek (Our favorite Leader of ALL time)
Did you SEE that President Trump sent an Official Letter to the country of Vietnam (end of February), which was officially reported on by Reuters (April 1st, stating that the U.S. wants to strengthen it's ties with Vietnam & the "REGION"?

SEE it for Yourself: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-vietnam-usa-idUSKBN17337L

Did you SEE that China's head hauncho is back in the U.S. next week AGAIN!.......he was here just a month ago. Who does the U.S. owe more debt money to, than ANY OTHER COUNTRY? China.

SEE........The "Asian Region", which includes what country? Vietnam. Where is Vietnam located on the MAP. Google it. "SEE it".
Who has a very Seriously Devalued Currency, that makes NO SENSE whatsoever, for a Top 10 Worldwide economy? Vietnam. Which country's currency, recently has been in the spotlight, in a major way, with worldwide proportional significance? China.

What word have you heard the most, over the past 2 months? "REGION"......Middle East & Asian. REGION. What "REGION" is Vietnam located in? "ILLOGICAL!"
Friends, It's time to SEE these RESULTS!
Hey Big G: Who ever told you Iraq had to pay out Trillions and Trillions of dollars? No Riddle. SEE with New Eyes, a little deeper.

This Rabbit hole, is way deeper, than the average Economist or News Writer or Banker, can go....by design. In Fact, it just doesn't "add up", "make sense"....better put, it's just "ILLOGICAL!"

It's all just numbers, these figures around the world, called the "Financial System", Revenues - Debt - Loans - GDP - Unemployment numbers - Currency Values - Ranges - Projections - Asset Values - Precious Metal Values - OIL Values - Military Values - yada yada yada.....that somebody always says, are "Accurate", Verified, For Real, Official.

LAUGH OUT LOUD! Come on, do it with us, in Unison: LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Go ahead, try to make LOGICAL sense, and validate ANY of it. LOL - stands for LAUGH OUT LOUD!..."Official Financial Reports"....LOL.....it Feels So Good to Laugh ........ we love to Laugh.
Now, don't Believe ANYTHING we write, for we're not qualified in any respects, for anything, except for "Blabbing & Babbling on a Blog", (say that really fast 3 times), which by the way, we view as the Most Importantly Significant Blog Dynasty (DR), in the history of humankind, up to this point........right here.

Please MAKE A NOTE: We have NONE of the Answers you're looking for. NONE.

So, what else? It's about to be "Hump day", then "FUN Day", Friday.....

Did you know it's been Raining quite a bit in Iraq, lately?.....and those Pesky News Articles, that keep being pumped out, at record speed & numbers, just to keep the masses on a "certain course". Go ahead and get on that "train".......BUT, it's not the destination "the wise ones" are ultimately looking for.

It's really the one over "HERE".....Look over "HERE"......Not over "There", Not over "THERE". SEE?

Have FUN Today. It's Tuesday, April 4th....and you know what they say about Tuesday's. Oh, there's More.....enough for now, you SEE.....





With Chapter 7 Lifted, Iraq Regains Control of Its Own Economy

By Rudaw 7/7/2013

According to Iraq’s energy plan, oil exports are expected to reach six million barrels per day (bpd) by 2017. AFP photo
By Goran Mustafa
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The lifting of Chapter 7 sanctions last month can be considered one of Iraq’s biggest achievements since the ouster of Saddam Hussein a decade ago, allowing Baghdad to regain control over its own currency, oil and economy.

Chapter 7, imposed on Iraq by the UN Security Council after Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in 1991, froze all Iraqi assets in international banks, ordering they be used to compensate victims of the aggression. Besides placing limits on use of its wealth, the sanctions also placed limits on the Iraqi military.

One of the biggest advantages of the lifting of the sanctions is the return of all frozen assets to the Iraqi government, estimated at $82 billion, according to Central Bank data.  Its return will not only revitalize the economy, it will strengthen the value of the Iraqi dinar and increase its purchasing power.

A few hours after Chapter 7 was lifted, the value of Iraqi dinar increased against other currencies. The exchange rate of dinar is fixed against the dollar, but its value continues to rise. Saif Al-Halafi, an economic and banking expert, expects that the dinar will probably replace the dollar for investments, and that as demand for the dinar rises, so will its value.


With Chapter 7 lifted, Iraq also can independently handle its oil revenues without UN supervision.

“The lifting of Chapter 7 against Iraq will enable it to regain independence in its oil policy, and Iraq again can become an important regional and international energy player,” said economic expert, Dr. Rebwar Khinsi. Iraq plans to emerge as one of the world’s biggest oil exporters in 12 years.

According to Iraq’s energy plan, oil exports are expected to reach six million barrels per day (bpd) by 2017, elevating the federal budget to $216 billion dollars. The plan aims for exports of nine million barrels bpd by 2020, raising the budget to $324 billion dollars. In 2025, the federal budget will reach 432 million dollars, if Iraq succeeds to export 12 million barrels of oil per day.

Under George Bush’s administration the US government agreed to keep $50 billion belonging to Iraq in America, and Barack Obama’s administration continues to do the same. An estimated $7.8 billion dollars are blocked in Jordan and Lebanon, and a huge amount of capital belonging to Iraqi Airways remains frozen in Kuwait and Jordan.

The United Nations Security Council forced Iraq to compensate Kuwait for an estimated $52 billion. Following the first Gulf War, Iraq did not have an independent economic policy, with all of its income administered by Iraq’s development program and supervised by the UN. Five percent of Iraq’s annual oil revenue was allocated to compensating Kuwait.

So far, Iraq has paid $41 billion dollars to Kuwait. According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoosyar Zebari, Baghdad is committed to paying the rest of the remaining $11 billion in compensation to Kuwait, and expects to pay off all of its.


J49:  Thank you Delta for this article so now we all understand ...THEY CAN NOT GO INTERNATIONAL UNTIL THEY DROP THE THREE ZEROS.

Frank26:  This is a very good example thank you DELTA ........ Aloha


OptimusPrime:  WOW Frank & Teams!!! what a great call!!! It got my wheels turning.. so when they apply the 1000: 1 rate on the pay roll.. then one would assume they also make the same changes to all the goods & services also??

Otherwise if they get 1000 dinars for every 1182 dinars they were previously getting and the prices aren't adjusted accordingly then the citizens will perceive that as a pay cut right??

So the stores will need to lower the amount of dinars for their products.. and the people who provide services will need to lower the amount of dinars they charge for hair cuts or working on a vehicle etc.. and that's all doable.. but what about IMPORTED items?

It seems like the imports would seem to be more expensive sense the adjustment to the value of the dinar would only be in country.. and the people who import items would keep the prices as they have been with out adjusting.. or do those pesky contracts cover all of that as well??


Miller89:  Thanks pappa j  kinda interesting how Kuwait popped on Friday after 3 pm wonder if Iraq does same would be ok with me for this Friday



4-4-2017  Newshound Guru Revbo   Article:  "Abadi: Two months separating Iraq's exit from Chapter VII"   Ch. 7 has never been officially tied to anything to do with the dinar, but unofficially, being under Ch. 7 sanctions, no matter how little is left of them, puts Iraq in the same ballpark as North Korea. It's an exclusive club, Ch. 7, one reserved for rogue regimes, but mostly, terrorist organizations, and that's bad for business. It would be terribly unwise of them, in my humble opinion, to turn the dinar loose when they are still, technically, an international pariah.  [post 1 of 2 Stay tuned for the rest of the story...]

4-4-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke
  [Would you tell us if you expect to see it happen if not this Friday, but on a Friday?]  We DID NOT say, April 7th is when the rate will significantly increase. But it COULD.  We said we Love the "ring of April 7th"...Now, let's talk direct. There is Magic on this Friday, the 7th.  We Love "ALL FRIDAY'S", like we said. Magic happens on Fridays, and especially in APRIL. "Friday is FUN DAY".

4-4-2017   Newshound Guru EHankins

4-4-2017   Newshound Guru EHankins   Article  "Rashid directs its branches to open letters of credit for companies"   Quote:  "The face of the Rasheed Bank, on Monday, its branches open letters of credit for companies from the public and private sectors, indicating that the amount of credits are converted at the official rate set by the Central Bank."  IF I WERE A BANK AND I OPENED LINES OF CREDIT TO COMPANIES PUBLIC AND PRIVATE I WOULD WANT TO HAVE A RETURN ON MY LOANS WITH A CONSIDERABLE RATE OF INTEREST.  ACCORDING TO THIS ARTICLE THIS IS A WAY OR MEANS OF SETTLING "INTERNATIONAL SALES. I KNOW IT'S A BAD WORD BUT THERE HAS TO BE A RATE...EVEN OFFICIALLY SET BY THE CBI AS MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-4-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Iraq has already done everything ...all that is left it appears is a change in the rate.  What does [Guru] Delta think?  He said that they do have to send a NOTICE to the banks...24 hour notice of a change.  Exceptions on the regulations are being allowed by the IMF.  1184 to 1882 change <<< they never announced it.   So...whatever the change is...it has to be with their numbers.  Abadi is 100% ready to go with the MR [Monetary Reform] and ER [Economic Reform]...  Abadi called the UN on the phone... He wants them to lift Chapter VII.  BTW – Abadi does NOT need Chapter VII to lift the 3 zeros.  Interesting he is asking for it. Everything is moving so fast in Iraq right now.  I believe we will see a change on the Arabic side of the CBI website VERY SOON...IMO.  [post 2 of 2]

4-4-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   On Thursday, a call came in about our MR [Monetary Reform]...it was VERY, VERY POWERFUL.  What was said ...pay attention to the CBI website (Arabic side) – thank heavens we have [Guru] Delta.  The caller was more cautious ...measured their words.  “Look at the CBI website...it’s making a change.” ...ON THE ARABIC SIDE ONLY.  Unfortunately...that is all we got from that phone call. I do know there is going to be a change ...and we thought something would be put up there very soon. Something IS going to happen.  Will it be a change in the RATE?   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-4-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   Take a Deep Breath. APRIL is the month...wait for it..."APRIL Showers, bring MAY Flowers"...remember?...For some reason, we really like the ring of April 7...guess because it's a Friday. Fridays are special.

4-4-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat 
  Okay so 3 articles on HCL in the last couple days. What did I say this usually means? It means the subject matter is important and so we must pay attention.  Article:  "Parliament warns of a serious economic future"   Quote:  "...the oil sector cannot be effective and productive unless it has the legal and administrative framework capable of investing wealth properly and in accordance with the Constitution and within the standards of the global oil industry."   I know for a fact the Iraqi constitution must be implemented fully or no RV. Yes this includes HCL too. This has always been the case and so now that they are getting Security and Stability returning parliament is getting back down to business on getting this law passed.


JSL:  I keep hoping they are creating a distraction so they can surprise the world with this ,,,,,like tomorrow,, if you know what I mean

JimBake: I still think this whole thing is more amazing than any of us could have imagined in our wildest dreams...one day, it will all come together and we will be glad we were here to bear witness! :)

Rogue:  i do think "it" will appear out of thin air, there is too much to gain if you can get a jump on it. so yes thin air "POOF"!!!

Fuze:  guys Iraq's removal from Chapter 7 was a process that began in 2013-2014, which escrow was scheduled to close out in June 2017, for some time now. Rather this will hold up their rate change is yet to be seen. When you close on property and move in, the escrow and certain disbursements remain FOr sometime, let's see what happens this week...

I 've been tracking this chapter 7 thing closely, once I realized it was a process and not an event like most of this business...

JSL:  FUZE I like your attitude… One thing is for sure, they Need lots and lots of Money to shift this Destruction,, Hey I got an Idea, why doesn't the world agree to give Iraq it's asset back value back to them so they can start rebuilding their war torn country! Whyat do you guys think, Good Idea????

NetGlobal:  jsl, they will have lots of money. Investors are just waiting on the sidelines. Kushner went to Iraq to see for himself what the potential is going to be

D2X:  Question for the room... do you think this has any impact on the RV? http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/richmond-fed-president-lacker-s​ays-he-was-source-of-medley-leak-resigns/ar-BBzlPdu?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=ie​hp


FrostytheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26:Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, April 3, 2017.

I appreciate everyone that helps out with our forum.

God bless all of you for coming to tonight’s conference call (cc).

All glory to our Heavenly Father.

This will be a very interesting conference call … which will be presented IN MY OPINION.
By being honest and fair … we share with you … but all of this will be IN MY OPINION.

You’ve been with me long enough to know my fingerprints.  Come, join me on my BLUE-COUCH.

I think at the end, we’ll all be happy with what we are about to share.

Did you ever have BEST friend, someone you can always rely on … and that individual … who you know everything about them … but one day, you find out something about them that you never knew … but it just FLOORED YOU.  With your mouth open wide, you say … “I didn’t know that about you!”

Sometimes, things are well hidden.  Some information does NOT belong out in public for everyone to know.

Sometimes when we are best friends – we don’t know everything about each other.

We have studied the IQD for 8.5 years ago.

Last Thursday, Teams studied via a lot of phone calls … and we discovered something about the MR that you do know … but … what I’m about to tell you … you’ll probably scratch your head and say … “well, I’ll be darned.”

Last Wed., we talked about what the UN was going to do when they got to Iraq.  They talked with Abadi.

I imagagine they talked about some good topics.

Abadi called the UN on the phone … he asked them to come visit them.  Why?  (this time is not a waste of time).

Many people are returning back to the liberated cities in Iraq.  People by the millions are returning.

The UN wanted to make sure that the displaced people were ok … and locating properly for the HCL.

As much as we know Iraq … there are some things that we don’t know that can be very surprising.

It was surprising to see Abadi call the UN.

The checklist that is holding up Chapter VII … Kuwait wants their dead … the ones that Saddam buried in the desert.  Abadi wants that item checked-off the list.

The UN wanted Iraq to finish their financial structure reforms … (HCL, etc.).  The UN will soon tell you that family.

If they lifted Chapter VII … that would be a MAJOR step in the MR of the IQD.

Abadi said that they are in the last phase of Mosul.  I disagree … you are in the last phase of the currency reform … you sly-dogwood.

Thursday … IMO … a call came in.  We always have calls with our friends … but we are looking for certain calls.  On Thursday, a call came in about our MR … it was VERY, VERY POWERFUL.

What was said … pay attention to the CBI website (Arabic side) – thank heavens we have Delta.  The CBI … is making a change ... ON THE ARABIC SIDE ONLY.

Unfortunately … that is all we got from that phone call.  The caller was more cautious … measured their words.  “Look at the CBI website … it’s making a change.”

I do know there is going to be a change … told you on Monday about it … and we thought something would be put up there very soon.

We know our role / position – that’s all we can say at this point.

Something IS going to happen.

Again … IMO … something is going to happen.

I got together with my Teams … asked what they thought.  They are studying it … and I’m not giving you everything … you’ll just see the SURFACE … not the LAYERS right now.

On Friday … many walked away from our TeamChat very happy.

My Teams … this is the 3rd time we have been told by our friends that don’t talk to us.

They are saying the same thing.

Will it be a change in the RATE?
Iraq has already done everything … all that is left it appears is a change in the rate.

The MR is no longer under study.

They have already sent everything to the banks … they are just waiting for the banks.

What does Delta think?  He said that they do have to send a NOTICE to the banks … 24 hour notice of a change.

What other kind of change is there?

As you know … Iraq is being treated extra special … (prettiest girl at the prom) … and everyone wants a kiss.

There was rate change this year … and when they changed it … they NEVER announced that change … which was an illegal move.

Exceptions on the regulations are being allowed by the IMF.  1184 to 1882 change <<< they never announced it.

So … whatever the change is … it has to be with their numbers.

Delta … please stay on the CBI Arabic site 24/60 (on the hour).

Do you think what is happening with Chapter VII is what is causing this change?

No doubt.

Also with what President Trump has done with Abadi … meetings with SA, etc.

What about Maliki?  Teams don’t think much about him.  Citizens will take care of him.

I asked everyone on our forum was to make a list in how President Trump has helped the monetary reform.

Maliki might be the next “project” in Iraq (Hitler #2) – many times he has tried to kill “competition.”  The problem with Maliki is he still owns much of the power of the media.

President Trump keeps talking to Abadi … talking to SA … to the Kurds … speed is picking up.

The final push to Mosul … is being done … be we are not going to focus on it.  IMO … this final push … we haven’t seen such a bloody confrontation since WWII.

Abadi is 100% ready to go with the MR and ER … that’s why he called the UN.  He wants them to lift Chapter VII.

We are staying with the CBI website … NOTHING ELSE.

Delta has been also studying the Warka website – but their website went down.

We need the FREEDOM of CAPITAL … for the investors in / out of Iraq to move their money.

The COM (Council of Ministers) said that they are going to have a FREE ECONOMY.  That is the definition of the monetary reform.

A meeting in Beirut, Lebanon will be happening … and they will be discussing the exchange rate restrictions.  The IMF said that was their goal – was it not.

On Saturday, Kuwait had a lot of meetings (sidelines) with Abadi … and with SA.

Everything is moving so fast in Iraq right now.

President made a lot of calls to make this happen.


I believe we will see a change on the Arabic side of the CBI website VERY SOON … but you don’t know what type of change … (yet).

BTW – Abadi does NOT need Chapter VII to lift the 3 zeros.  Interesting he is asking for it.

So … on Saturday night (late) … there was some communication on our forum.  A call came in … more phone calls came in.

You may know your friend very well … but there are sometimes things you just don’t know.

THEY ARE ABOUT TO MAKE A CHANGE … what kind?  What is the monetary reform plan?  Many parts to it … but where are they now?

They are removing the USD from the streets from the citizens.  The citizens must stop using the USD and other foreign currencies.

The citizens don’t trust the banks … so how do you get the citizens to give them up?

The MCP (multi-currency practice) must end.

ARTICLE #8 says that they will lift the 3 zeros and get things down to 1,000 to 1.  Because they would be easy for the citizens.

They are dropping the 3 zeros in 2 different ways.  #1 -- Stopping the usage of the USD’s – taking them away from the citizens.

#2 -- They must simplify the exchanging the of the currency.

Teams – “Frank, you will never see 1,000 to 1.”

The goal is to get to 1,000 to 1 … but once they are there (including stability/security) they will move QUICKLY to 1 to 1.

The change on the CBI website … could that go from 1182 to 1000.

If they put up 1,000 to 1 – they would probably stay that way.  No one wants that,

If it is 1,000 to 1 … and they put that on the CBI website … but we won’t see it … and in the blink of an eye … they will remove the 3 zeros … you reach 1 to 1.

That is the plan.
Citizens don’t understand fractional banks.

At the same moment … 1,000 to 1 …they drop the 3 zeros … and BOOM … there you go.

They are going in the right direction – regardless of war and Maliki.  They are planning on dropping the 3 zeros in a blink of an eye.

The USD is not going to lose value … IMO … the USD will go through normal fluxuations … but the USD will be safe to exchange within 72.

We don’t need another nation’s currency.  Our USD will be very strong … and President Trump knows very well that there will be thousands of American’s who will FUEL our economic reforms as well.


There are NO more announcements to be made.

Delta believes that it will be a DIRECTIVE … this will be our new exchange rate.

This directive may have already happened --- but they don’t have to tell you about it family.

One of our friends has seen something … hence the calls.

Saturday night … we talked about this a little deeper.  IOO … there are multiple different rates for different reasons … contracts … deals … whatever … but those actions were done under 1180 … and IMO … it’s too late for them to post 1,000 to 1 … because they are now trying to get to 1 to 1 inside of Iraq.  IMO.

Delta said to me, “they have a lot of meetings and they are not announcing them.”

The last meeting … over 100 people from the CBI and the private sector with the IMF.  This will produce a FREE MARKET … and this CANNOT happen without an INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY.

I pray that it’s a new rate.

Delta said that this is the first time that the COM is talking about the IQD and the private sector.  THIS IS HUGE of nuclear proportions.

The market will carry 1 to 1 inside of Iraq … lead to a higher rate OUTSIDE of Iraq.

I think $1.12 - $1.14 once it goes outside of Iraq.

Saturday night … we get the phone call … I made a post … to post prayers.  Tell God how grateful you are.  Don’t ask for anything.  35 pages of prayers.

Again, this whole CC is in my opinion.

These calls are in my opinion.

This is not secret … it’s in FINAL ARTICLE #8

Anyone doing a business inside of Iraq can see this too.

The MR ( Monetary Reform) is your best friend.

Financial investors (with contracts) have employees inside of Iraq.  One of my friends called me … said he got a memorandum … I’m not going to tell you any of our private details … but they have over 500 employees … they have lost millions … but are now poised to make billions.

The memorandum was transmitted … in the next 2-3 days … to look at their pay scale.

Why the pay scale?

Contracts are not for construction … but those contractors also got a memorandum similar to this one.

The memorandum (also communicated in January) – but was postponed … they wanted this done in the 1st quarter … but now they say they want our pay scale in the next 2-3 days to ONLY reflect the IQD.

They say they want 90% of it to reflect the IQD.  They want it to reflect on our Pay Scale … month-to-month.  They wanted to reflect 1,000 to 1.


LOL … they were going to do that in the first of the year … but President Trump wanted to stop and make sure that ALL of the Middle East was secure.

What did they tell you?  Change you Pay Scale … 90% of employees must be paid … reflect 1,000 to 1 … not 1182 to 1.  Our 500 employees … that’s a lot of people … we had to start adjusting that same night.  It went for 30 hours … we didn’t reflect 90%.  Now we have 100% employees reflected in IQD.

We did this as quickly as we could because WITHOUT WARNING they could make a change to 1 to 1 in country.  Not sure when it will go in effect – but the company is ready to go!

Dear God!!!!!!!!!  This is the monetary reform in it’s beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!

They told us … 1,000 to 1 … through this pay scale in April.


Paying at 1182 anymore … ???  Now they have to find more dinars to make up the difference.  They are flooding the market with IQD’s.

This is the MCP in action!  Just what the IMF wants!

This month … and going forward will reflect 1,000 to 1.   THAT IS A HUGE STEP in the direction of the MR.

We just don’t know when.
1,000 to 1 … that is their goal.

Once they are at 1,000 to 1 … Ba-Da-Bing!!!!

This is an exchange rate that is coming.

The CBI’s goal is to set 1,000 to 1 … to get to 1 to 1.  Could they make it any more simple?  Not for the citizens.

This is a move for IRAQ.

The impact of this Pay Scale is unknown to the citizens … same amount of pay for the citizens … the employers just have to find more dinars to pay them.

In the next pay time frame … the Iraqi citizens will look at 1,000 to 1 and say “huh?”

It’s possible they are testing it.

God bless the citizens of Iraq, but they have no idea what is going on.

Family … if they get to 1,000 to 1 … ordained by a payscale … then 1 to 1 is right after that.
The other CONTRACTORS got the same type of memo … but they have to ramp up sooner.

All these contracts, by law have to have employees, by percentage 85% of Iraqi citizens.

All of these citizens will only have the choice to use the IQD.

1,000 to 1 … it is a CAPITAL GAIN TAX.

1,000 to 1 … you will actually have made money.

But … only when they release it INTERNATIONALLY.
Frank26:  Kuwait, SA and Iraq are talking … no more need for the “Oil for Food Program.”

Kuwait … willing to forgive debt?  Yes, if they will allow them to take the gas that Iraq is flaring.

The only feeling we have about the 1,000 to 1 … is you probably won’t see it.

IMO … next pay period … they will use 1,000 to 1.

Family … they are testing the rate … different rate … remember the produce in the markets?

This is a MONSTROUS STEP for Iraq for their currency.

CONTRACTORS that have been in Iraq forever will not have to dish out more IQD’s.

Dishing out more IQD’s … being pushed by the GOI to the 85% employees that they have will be paid out to 100% of their employees.

We do not believe you will ever see the 1,000 to 1 in the form of PIPS.

April is NOW targeted.

This is NOT a change in the official change in the official exchange rate yet.

Right now … this is just for ACCOUNTING purposes … but a means to pump more IQD’s into the hands of the citizens.

This will install confidence of the citizens of Iraq.

The CBI said that they now have a Letter of Credit.  Rashid Bank … ARTICLE #317 from WalkingStick.  STUDY THIS!
1,000 to 1 makes it very easy for 1 to 1.
This 1 to 1 is a step that we expected to see BEFORE they go INTERNATIONAL.
We expect to see this soon due to the 40 FINAL ARTICLES.
Iraq is a closed economy … only happening inside of Iraq right now.
The CBI is educating their citizens AGAIN on the 1,000 to 1 to get to the 1 to 1.
Delta … do you think we will see 1,000 to 1?
“NO … how stupid would that be … they would have in inject trillions of IQD’s into the economy.  They said that once there were done eliminating Daesh … they would go back to deal with the lifting of the 3 zeros.  You’ll never see the 1,000 to 1 … and it will never stay there at 1,000 to 1 – that would be a BAD idea.”
What more does the IMF want?
If they put it at 1,000 to 1 … Iraq would lose money.  They are experimenting.  All Teams agree.  1,000 to 1 is a dumb idea.  The IMF said to IMPROVE the currency … NOT to stay at 1 to 1.
The currency has to FLOAT now.  It can’t stay at a fixed rate at 1,000 to 1.
Managed float outside of country.  Very interesting.
They are not adding to the money supply.
They are replacing more IQD’s by removing more USD’s.
Allak said … “when we have security and stability – we will go back to lifting the 3 zeros.”
Very soon … 100% will be paid to the citizens in IQD’s. 
Humm …………. They are going to START paying the citizens?  Charles?  How in the Dickens did that happen?  (Think HCL)  Hydro Carbon Law
Is this making sense to you.
Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They will never say they are “releasing a rate of 1,000 to 1.”
Will we see a change on the Arabic side?  Probably.  Will you?  Probably not.
This is for ACCOUNTING purposes only.
1,000 to 1 to ALL Iraqi citizens … not sporadically like they do now.
This will instill CONFIDENCE in the CBI / Banks.
BONDS have been issued for the 3rd time … selling TRILLIONS of them … and the citizens aren’t buying. 
Once the citizens understand … oh my God will they explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The plan is to instill CONFIDENCE in the dinar.
The citizens are desperate. 

The auctions were not meant to be a permanent fixture.

The auctions were used as a means for Maliki to steal for his Iranian friends.

The MCP is about to die at 1,000 to 1
When they do … and they are confident enough to post those numbers on the CBI website … you’ll see 1 to 1.

WHEN will this also reflect the exchange rate of the IQD?  That is unknown at this moment.

This 1,000 to 1 is a BRILLIANT PLAN … and I salute President Trump and all involved!

The citizens will see the change in their paychecks … not a raise from their company … but the citizens will see confidence from their government.

Abadi said that a greatest thing that could happen to Iraq is not the removal of Daesh, but for their government to gain the confidence for the citizens to trust their government.

The citizens cannot miss this point.  They will be confused … but they will find out.

This is a FOREVER move in the confidence of Iraq and its citizens – THIS IS STABILITY.

Abadi is NOT an investor in the IQD.  He is an investor of the citizens of Iraq.  He is working very, very hard to give them the purchasing power that they deserve.

Put your IQD Citizen HAT on right now.  You don’t understand one thing about the revaluation of your currency.  They know about the lifting of the 3 zeros – (that they are being lifted) … when they get their paycheck and they see a new rate … that is the lifting of the 3 zeros!

The citizens are about to understand when they see this happen.  They will see that the GOI / CBI didn’t lie – there is more value! 

The citizens have been begging for so long.

Abadi is REBRANDING everything in Iraq.

Abadi is NOT lying to the citizens.

They will be able to see this with their own eyes.

SOON … the confidence from the citizens will be known.

Their TRUST will be REVALUED.

A new value, new country, new leaders … all will be manifested.

Citizens … do you see the 3 zeros in your paycheck?  If we move decimal place over 3 place … that you will see more value.

What are you worried about family – that I love soooo much!

So … what is the next things that should happen.  What do we look for?  Cause you are not going to get a paycheck?

BTW – if we see a change on the CBI website (Arabic side) … we will NOT be sharing that with you family.  Let them do what they need to do.

We knew they were going to lift the 3 zeros … but just not this way.

Like you … I’m tired.  I feel like I’ve run 26 miles … and I only need .2 more to go to finish the marathon.

I can see the crown.  I hear your phone calls … I cry with you.  A man today told me that he is losing his home on the 6th of April.  He was desperate for info.  I understand, I cry, I pray for you.

Once the citizens see what is about to happen … they will want to go to the bank.

You have a LOT of CONFIDENCE in GI Joe … we see them as amazing hero’s. 

We need for the citizens to have the confidence in the GOI, CBI, and Abadi … need to TRUST all three.

The Iraqi Army, Banks and Iraqi Government that gave the citizens security/stability … is about to give you purchasing power!

IMO … 1,000 to 1 is for the citizens.

Eventually 1 to 1 will be for the rest of the INTERNATIONAL world … and traveling at the speed of light … like we have never seen before.

I ask you this question.  Why is the son of law of Trump and the Chief of Staff in Iraq right now?

This is LOW HANGING FRUIT FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is Jared Kushner (Senior White House Advisor) and General Joe Dunford (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) ?
I won’t tell you why … not even in my opinion.

But …those are the same two guys that I told you that left after the inauguration and went to Iraq … (which many doubted me on).

This is the negotiator to bring PEACE to the MIDDLE EAST.

Everything else follows at the speed of light.

Now … I need a cookie!!!!!!  (stupid diet).

I hope you enjoyed your conference call.

Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CC ended in prayer/shofar
One more thing … look at this article:
50% profit transfer to their treasury … I believe this is for liquidity reasons.  The number 5 Billion equivalent to 5 Tillion IQD’s … that’s not  … not 1 to 1 … WHAT IS IT?
PLAYBACK LINK:  https://fccdl.in/FaYM2R7CJ