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4-2-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke   You Know...Iraq COULD substantially raise their Rate, Today.  Could.  It’s April 1st.  Regardless, the WHOLE MONTH OF APRIL, will contain a staggering amount of  “REVERSALS”, one after the other...One other thing...Did you know that Iraq is ALREADY Article 8 compliant & approved. Shhh!...it’s coming publicly. Shhh.

4-2-2017   Intel Guru Frank26
   [If passed on Tuesday...Is the HCL now ready to be activated?]   Not sure but IMO...Yes.  I’ve told you...the HCL...when it happens... IT’S TIME!    ...look for something significant on April 1, 2, 3rd...(April 4th)  – I missed it by one day.  Now...Mosul is no longer the KEY of the MR...the HCL is.  [Guru] Delta says...give us the HCL.  Show us the rate!  We need the rate before you can pass the HCL...The legislation needs to be ACTIVATED.  They are proceeding to ACTIVATE...they just need a RATE.

4-2-2017   Newshound Guru jaxjags
    A couple of weeks ago I reached out to an investment company with offices in Iraq. I saw one of the partners of this firm on a major news network and decided to reach out. ...about 30 minutes later I received a reply to my e-mail.  I will not say exactly what I am asking about. But I can assure you that I did not ask about a rate nor date. I did ask about the subject of a peg.  Here s part of their reply:  "...that since it was written before the Central Bank started to maintain the de facto dollar peg. However, Iraq does not have an official peg."   Notice now...these are people who are managing contracts worth $100s of millions, and yet their statement is:  "...However, Iraq does not have an official peg."..."...the Central Bank started to maintain the de facto dollar peg. De Facto...is not official. The current value is not official and it does not reflect the true value of the IQD.  The current buy/sell value is based upon an agreement between the CBI and GOI. Enjoy.

4-2-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Abadi calls during his meeting with the Secretary of the United Nations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII I don't think the UN will remove Iraq from Ch 7 immediately... nor do I think it matters one way or the other - to us.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 2 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 2 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 2 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. April 1 2017 8:00 pm EST "The End" Revaluation News: "The End" - Revaluation News - Saturday - April 1, 2017 Source: Operation Disclosure

1. In the US the end of 2nd Quarter Fiscal Year 2017​ is Sat. April 1 at 11:59:59pm EDT. The beginning of 3rd Quarter Fiscal Year 2017 ​is Sun. at 12:0​0:​00am EDT.

2. The IQD revalued in country at 9pm EST Friday March 31 and will complete it's international cycle (other countries receiving and accepting the new IQD rate) by 9pm EDT Sat. April 1.

3. Off site redemption appointment contact 800 numbers can come as early as Sun. April 2 at 12:0​0:​00am EST or anytime thereafter.

4. Final program terms were issued with corresponding interests rates by HSBC, as well as a hard start "range" of times.

5. There's a new upfront "gift amount" for redeemers with less than 200T ZIM, whereby they can receive a specific cash amount per note and not have to deal with the math or emotion of on-screen rates or privately negotiated rates.

6. Bankers will not ask, nor offer higher rates for the protection of the unprepared gifted redeemer's psyche.

7. If a redeemer knows the true screen rate or sovereign rates available, regardless of how many notes they hold, they can ask to negotiate from an on-screen rate starting point.

8. These next two weeks look for a ​bombardment of media, big ​and global stories, to flood the airwaves and internet ​sites ​to ​provide cover distraction for the release of the RV while it is ​actually ​happening.

10. It was expected that many would have a difficult time explaining new found wealth as no NDA will be necessary.

11. Screen rates have been increased to such a high starting point that signing NDA's was no longer relevant, unless you desire to negotiate for the super high humanitarian or sovereign rates.

12. The NPTB have thought of everything and they sincere want you to have a calm, abundant, joyful and safe redemption experience. Surrender your drama at the door and have one. This is a gift, accept it graciously and humbly and pay it forward.


B. March 30 2017 US Dollar Dumped, BRICS Nations go for Gold-Backed Currencies:Russia, China to Establish BRICS Monetary Transactions

1. Trading in local currencies has already started - laying the groundwork for facilitating BRICS transactions in gold

2. Recent progress made in streamlining trade in local currencies has brought Moscow and Beijing closer to a financial architecture that could facilitate transactions in gold.

3. Moscow and Beijing took another step towards de-dollarization with the opening of a yuan clearing bank in Russia. Earlier this month Russia’s Central Bank opened its first-ever foreign branch in Beijing to allow for better communication between Russian and Chinese financial authorities.

4. The Dollar Is Coming Home To Die: Dumped By The World

5. Russia’s Landmark Speech: New Centers Of Economic Power ~ As China, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, & Saudi Arabia Dump The Rothschild Fiat U.S. Dollar.

C. April 1 2017 That's It: "That's All Folks!" - RV Final Thought (Video) - 4.1.17



JerseyboysfaninMn:    Waiting for Mosul to be liberated and for the reforms to be completed. Both are now done. We are right there. Be ready so you don't have to get ready.  Have received calls for the last three nights. Everybody in Iraq is celebrating before the celebration. Many won't have to sign nda's.

Rockymtnlady :  According to some of the TNT intel contacts Mosul is done, economic reforms fully in place. Waiting on 100% activation. Rates are looking REALLY good!

Ecubucs:  Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th could be Exciting days to say the least!

Mommyhood:  It's pretty exciting to think that Maybe this Week we will REALLY see this!! I've been in expectation about 8 years...whew! am tired of the wait. But the horizon looks good now!
Elmerf123456: Good news starting to really come out in regards to Iraq. The telling part is we are hearing much more about the economic advancements as opposed to the war. That my friends is a very telling statement.    http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15048451

Elmerf123456: The only real rate is the one offered once your in front of a wealth manager and your ability to negotiate and not fall for first offer. We've been educated and we are close I believe. News coming out has great strides in their economy.

Chatter: IMF issues world's RMB-identified forex reserves for first time http://english.cctv.com/2017/04/01/ARTIUvKYxOBRLQcg65D7sddf170401.shtm​l




They FINALLY pulled the drain plug in the swamp in Washington DC and brought down the nation's NUMBER ONE TERRORIST! 

The military has a April Fools surprise for the bad guys!

Starting at 4 am this morning, the US Military paid a special visit to some cabal members here in the States! 

The mass arrests of all the top cabal started this morning with the take down of none other than former CEO/president Barack Hussein (insane) Obama (real name Barry Soetoro)! 

At 4 am this morning the military paid Obama a SPECIAL VISIT and now Obama is singing like a song bird!

Meanwhile, Theresa May, the new Prime Minister in England, has started by taking down all those involved with Rothschild.

Next, the arrests have also started in South Africa.

All the big boys and girls and transies worldwide are in process of coming down now. (Mikie, where are you? Have you been visited yet?!)

We are waiting to receive reports of other arrests world wide and will bring the information to you as we receive it!


‏ @IkoWard 1h1 hour ago 
There appears to be a great deal of movement this weekend. The operative word is "appears" Like birthing, one big push at a time

Has anyone seen that vial of petocin?


 ...this is the last day of the quarter, and some folks are saying it has be done in this quarter to back date pay to the beginning of the year.  That expectation came to me as well...   

Others are looking into April.  On Iraqi television, the US treasury gave Iraq an award for getting their banks online...  

PM Abadi has called for the UN to lift Chapter VII, and some argue that is not even necessary...  

We are not going to the bank just yet, but there is still some expectation that may change over the weekend;  we’ll have to wait and see.   

 However, expectation is high in Iraq, in the banks here, and across the board. We are still seeing an ‘any hour, any day’ situation...  All that makes me expect this will go at any time.  Something could happen between now and Sunday, for sure.

 On Iraq TV:  The US treasury has given Iraq  the highest banking award for their new financial system and getting all banks connected online.  Abadi is calling for the United Nations to lift chapter 7. (Not sure that's really needed...)



Link to mp3 of Humanus Conference Call for March 26 (29?)
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Date: Saturday, 1-Apr-2017 18:16:05

Hi, Folks - 

Here's the mp3 of the latest Humanus conference call, labeled as from March 26 but I think it occurred on March 29; it runs 1 hour 54 minutes.