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3-30-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Article:  "IRAQ’S CURRENT ECONOMIC OUTLOOK AND HOW IT CAN AFFECT DINAR VALUE"   Quote:  "With the economic boom led by Iraq’s oil industry, the national currency in the form of the Dinar will eventually rise to reflect the true value of the country’s oil wealth. The rise will most likely happen when the National Bank of Iraq lifts the artificially low value placed on the nation’s currency in 2003."   When a Nation Uses and Trades in it's OWN Currency it automatically adds Value and Confidence (Trust) in it. Yes this Baby is Born...But it is in it's infancy...Soon to walk to a run...Quickly.   The whole article gives me chilly bumps...!

-30-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:  "On the sidelines of the Arab summit .. Abadi meets Emir of Kuwait"   Sideline meetings at these summit meetings, I have long stressed that more happens on the "sidelines" than really does at the established meetings...and this says they talked of bilateral strengthening...but what they don't tell you is what was discussed before the cameras started to roll...those are the important words... 

3-30-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Iraq’s Current Economic Outlook And How it Can Affect Dinar Value"   Quote:  "With the economic boom led by Iraq’s oil industry, the national currency in the form of the Dinar will eventually rise to reflect the true value of the country’s oil wealth. The rise will most likely happen when the National Bank of Iraq lifts the artificially low value placed on the nation’s currency in 2003."   The problem with that statement is the dinar is not artificially low.  It reflects the current exchange rate based on the current conditions.  Remember, Shabibi raised the value already from about 3000 / $1 to 1186 /$1 back in 2004-2005 to reduce inflation.  Until the market economy takes off, IMO we will not the dinar rise the remainder of the way.  To me, making such a statement as "artificially low value"...shows a lack of understanding...

3-30-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   Iraqi TV is reporting ISIS occupying only 7% of Mosul.  Abadi speech mostly on people of Iraq and reconstruction. He made reference of peace and wealth transfer. He said Iraq is 93 % liberated of Isis. The following reports have come in...Big explosions and fires in southern Baghdad.  Kurdish flag placed in Kirkuk, they are demanding the HCL.  Parliament is on break until April 4.

3-30-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77  Article:  "Saudi king of Ebadi: Saudi Arabia with the restoration of Iraq's great role in the region"   Abadi is making hay left and right at this Summit...he is taking internationalism to a new level for his country and its people.     

3-30-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   [Frank...you said there has to be a rate before the HCL can happen. Does that mean before they vote on it or does it take time after the vote to implement it and it needs a rate before its implemented.]    IMO...Before implemented.

3-30-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  "The spokesman for the Joint Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul. Mosul (IraqiNews.com) The Iraqi security command leading operations against Islamic State in Mosul has said the battle in the west of the city was concluded on the military level."   hurray! So we watch and wait to see what the CBI does next. ...I presented some evidence that something (a big currency move) is planned for the very near future.

RECAP: Zim Gold Miner Sees Stability And Growth, 30 MARCH


Zim Gold Miner Sees Stability And Growth

Caledonia Mining reckons mining in Zimbabwe is far less risky than generally perceived

Zimbabwe undoubtedly gets bad press in the West. Robert Mugabe has been something of a bête noir – and perhaps justifiably so – but according to Mark Learmonth, CFO of Caledonia Mining Corp (TSX: CAL, OTCQX: CALVF, AIM:CMCL), presenting at the Global Mining Finance conference in London, the political situation is actually very stable – more so than in many other African nations.

Government and administration both work, he said. Ever since the relatively recent debacle of hyperinflation and the demise of the Zimbabwean dollar, the country has used the US dollar as its currency and there is thus no longer any worry about any kind of rapid depreciation of the domestic currency.

Indeed from hyperinflation Zimbabwe now appears to be in a mild deflationary phase which helps keep costs down.

Indigenisation whereby 51% of operating companies need to be Zimbabwean owned tends to put up another red flag for investors, but Caledonia is one of the few which already meets this requirement, yet can still mine gold profitably for its Western shareholders from its century-old Blanket mine and is perhaps the highest yielding gold mining stock out there with a dividend equivalent to about 8% of the share price, covered 2.5x by net cash generated from its mine.

The indigenisation programme effectively gave away US$30.09 million worth of stock, but this is being repaid out of dividends.

Zimbabwean transport infrastructure is seemingly good, and while the country, like its southern neighbour South Africa, has power capacity problems the government ensures operations like the Blanket mine, which is important to the economy, are effectively kept on line.

The mine does have stand-by generators, but Learmonth reckoned they were only needed for a total of 27 hours in the whole of 2014.

Profit before tax in 2014 came to C$13.2 million, equivalent to 12.1 cents per share, while operating cash flow was $13.7 million. 
There is currently an expansion plan being implemented designed to lift annual gold production from 41,700 ounces last year to 42,000 ounces this year, 49,500 ounces in 2016, 64,000 ounces in 2017 and around 80,000 ounces thereafter with the completion of a new, 6 metre diameter vertical shaft due to be completed in 2017. All of the expansion programmes will be self funded, with peak demands on cash resources this year and next.

It is already a relatively low cost gold miner with All In Sustaining Costs of $969 an ounce last year, but targeted to fall to $741 an ounce by 2018 as the expansion progresses.

 The new shaft is being sunk at a capital cost of only $23 million and the company is keeping capital costs down by sourcing refurbished used equipment from South Africa – winders for the new shaft, for example, were purchased at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Ore reserves are 346,000 ounces grading 3.67 g/tonne proven and probable, while resources are currently 498,000 ounces with grades of 3.82 g/tonne measured and indicated with an additional inferred resource of around 549,000 ounces at 5.11 g/tonne giving a total of just over 1 million ounces.

At 80,000 ounces a year that could give the mine a further 12 years life, but there remains potential for expanding the resource within the current operation at depth and in satellite deposits. Historically the mine has been able to convert a high proportion of resources into reserves.

Obviously the dividend commands a high yield because of the perceived risk of operating in Zimbabwe, but the operation is already fully indigenised, and the Zimbabwean government appears supportive of the gold mining sector as an important element in the national economy.



THURSDAY (2017-03-29) 








Oil and Gas Industry Help in the Vietnam’s Economic Growth, 30 MARCH

Although Vietnam has had a turbulent past, with the Vietnam War and the general political instability which subsequently followed, it is now one of the rising stars in the Asian economic zone. The economic growth can definitely be attributed to the many fiscal and policy reforms deployed in the last decade but is in no small part due to the emerging oil and natural gas industry.

The hunt for fossil fuel in South East Asia started way back in the early 70s when the American company Mobil struck oil in the Cuu Long Basin. Later known as the White Tiger Oil Field, it has become one of Vietnam?s oldest mining sites. In the subsequent years, more than 15 major oil fields have been discovered off the coast of Vietnam and more offshore exploration blocks are being scoured in partnership with other countries.
The economic benefits to be reaped from investing in Vietnam?s?Oil and Gas Industry are significant, especially considering the fact that the country has the 4th largest oil reserve in Asia. Moreover, economic projections also hold that the country would also account for 4.19% of the regional energy supply. Although most of the oil fields are state owned and operated by PetroVietnam, the country?s recent economic policies are geared towards partnering up with foreign corporations and investors.
This infographic is specifically designed to outline the nature and growth of Vietnam?s oil and gas sector, its impact on the economy at large and how it is set to influence the country?s domestic and international future.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 30 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 30 2017

Compiled 12:35 am EST 30 March 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. March 29 2017 ZAP: (Note: ZAP's Humanitarian funds release is related to, but not part of, funds designated for currency exchanges)

1. Air Force 2 touched down in Reno yesterday March 28. If rumors are true then this is a signal of the RV.

2. Without giving away details of our current situation, the much anticipated transfer of funds to the paymaster from the Trust has been ordered and the funds are waiting for transmission in the wire room at the European Bank.

3. The funds were almost sent yesterday March 28, but the process was stopped because the Trust had to register with authorities to move money out of the country. This was done last week.

4.Yesterday March 28 they almost sent the money, until the guys in the wire room went over the final compliance documents and said one critical information was missing - the origin of the funds.

5. Today March 29 this information was provided and registered with authorities.

6. The timing of the transmission of the wires is estimated at three days from yesterday March 28.

7. Registration of the information will be couriered to the bank and that will take one day.

8. It will take another day for the bank notary to verify the information.

9. After the verification the wire room will be instructed to release the wires out of the country.

10. Therefore, the actual timing of the transmissions is expected on Monday April 3 European time.

11. The paymaster will receive the funds the next day Tues. April 4, and begin distribtions.

12. This is our current timing and will not change.

13. The funds are very, very old and have been accumulated over centuries, not years.

14. I spoke to them this morning. They confirmed an amount for Africa that is in the billions to help them. They also confirmed an amount in the trillion range that they are releasing to various governments to help them with their infrastructure and water needs.


B. March 29 2017 TNT Call:
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

1. Abadi gave a speech at the Arab Summit, but it said nothing about Iraq's full liberation and reconciliation, rates, nor dates.

2. Mosul is 93% liberated, and ISIL is still holding on to 7% according to reports.

3. The US banks are ready as ever, waiting. Some thought they would be processing at least some of us by now. That’s still the expectation that the first phase would be wrapped up. I cannot be too specific on that.


March 29 2017 Zim: "RE: Questions on ZIM" - One Who Believes - 11.5.16


March 28 2017 Bruce's The Big Call Intel Notes: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 3-28-17

1. Prime Minister Abadi spoke at the Arab Summit in Jordan at 3:30am EST March 29.

2. The Iraq take back of Mosul has been completed for some time now. Even the two banks that were not up and running in Western Mosul were back on line 4 to 5 days ago.

3. Iraq has a new in-country revalued dinar rate of over $6.

4. All the rates we are talking about in the first basket were visible on the screen at HSBC on Sunday March 26.

5. All the screen rates were all non-NDA (no matter the currency).

6. The ZIM screen rate was up from $2.26 to a little above that.

7. We needed currency to be reinstated and revalued in-country for an international currency to happen. That looks extremely good for tomorrow.

8. About 8 hours ago Prime minster Teresa May from Great Britain signed the document for Brexit-Article 50. It resets everything so that with Brexit taking place, Great Britain was good to go. That needed to be done before this went for us.

9. I don’t think there is anything else that needed to be handled.
10. Out West we had some help from our administration to move things along.

11, Major changes in Wells Fargo took place and were handled by HSBC.

12. Everything has moved forward beyond the pinging stage.

13. Starting yesterday out West paymasters were paying out prepaids, advance paids or SKRS. All of that was being handled even now.

14. A lot of documents were signed and people in certain groups were emailed information they needed to sign and send back to verify accounts. We think payment of some of those accounts were imminent as early as tonight or tomorrow.

15. This thing has started, it is moving. When these core groups get handled we are next.

16. We get information that things are moving beyond the receipt of the large tranches form our Chinese partners from AIIB, Peoples Bank of China, and HSBC.

17. Funds have moved around the world and put in position where humanitarian funding was in position and ready to receive. All was ready so the initial start ups were paid.

18. We are looking very good for some activity that could take place tonight as well as tomorrow.

19. The redemption centers are to go on engage status we heard ½ hour after West Coast banks closed tomorrow March 29 2017.

20. Make sure you take two good writing blue pens with you. You want to sign documents with blue ink at the exchange. Also your ID, passport or card with a picture ID, copy of your utility bill, cell phone bill that shows your name and address where you are currently residing that you can take with you for ID purpose.

21. If you have a project you want to talk about you should have a 1 to 3 pages bullet outline. Don’t hand that to them until you are through with your one to 3 minute discuss of your projects. I like to make a presentation to someone looking at your eyes and you at their eyes. If you don’t have a project of own you can talk about working with Big Call Rebuild America, adopting a city, town, and community. We will rebuild this country one city at a time. I am looking for 5,000 listeners to join us. A lot of the ideas, building concept, rebuilding homes, hiring vets, mentorship program for the youth, and apprenticeship so people can learn these trades onsite.

22. Hopefully this will come to us in the next day or so. Then we can be off and running. I know people are being paid and let’s go with that.

23. I do believe we are working close with HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Canadian banks like Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank. Scotia Bank is also in the Caribbean, and TD bank is also in the United States.

24. Working with HSBC is a great idea because all our money in our accounts with HSBC are 100 % back by the global accounts.

25. We have been on the gold standard since 5pm EST yesterday afternoon March 27.

26. That means we have a gold back dollar we call Our USN.

27. The TRNs are more less than a bond currency that is traded between countries and banks that is gold back as well.

28. The playing field gets more level as more opportunities of 3rd and 4th world countries come on for the first time such as Vietnam Dong, Iraq Dinar, and Indonesia Rupiah. This is just the first basket and there will be other baskets coming up.

29. I am looking for 3 leaders in each state to work with me to Rebuild America. I think this has caught the ear of our administration such as for Infrastructure Bonds. It will be interesting to see what our banking partners and the Administration come up with so we can invest into those bonds. Those bonds can be for specific projects as a tax free vehicle. You guys are the geniuses out there that can and you can help us put this together. Then we can go outside the country that have a need.

30. Don’t cut yourself short when it comes to negotiating a higher rate especially when it comes to the ZIM. Do not hesitate to negotiate a higher rate that goes well into 4 or 5 figures for the ZIM, because if you have the projects to support it we can go and we can have these bond offerings into the 100’s of trillions of dollars to do these projects.

31. Keep an eye on our website: thebigcall.net.



Don961:  Guess their's some anticipation in the air of the dinar rising in value ....

Samson:  IRAQ’S CURRENT ECONOMIC OUTLOOK AND HOW IT CAN AFFECT DINAR VALUE http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15042637

Don961:  Nice ... training for the implementation of the international banking mandates and procedures .... for the coming deluge of business and rebuilding .... IMO 

Samson:   Association of private banks succeed train 521 bank during the first quarter

 03/30/2017 - 11:22

Announced the Association of private banks, it has developed expertise of 521 employees in private and government banks during the first quarter of this year through eight training courses stay in the capital Baghdad.

The Association of private banks in a press release, "The Association is keen to develop the banking sector and to strengthen the capacity of workers in it, especially in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism", adding that "the Association of private banks succeeded in the first quarter of this year, the establishment of eight training courses for workers in the banking sector concerning the protection of customers and staff awareness in the construction of the role of banks and stimulate the economy as well as anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism and risk management. "

She noted that "the eight sessions held in cooperation with an international company managed through the training of 521 employees in private and government banks and that the coming days will witness the establishment of several training courses for bankers, which will be reflected positively on the banking sector," indicating that "private banks are very keen on training working on the latest technology used by international banks in order to provide better services to citizens and enhance confidence in banks. "

He noted that "the Association of Banks will continue its activities to promote and enhance the skills of workers in the banking sector through contract agreements with international companies. 



Samson:  Abadi: There is continuous work to close Chapter VII file in cooperation with the United Nations

 30th March, 2017 16:12

Confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, and there is a continuous work in collaboration with the United Nations to close the Chapter VII file, pointing out that his government supports the efforts UN to hunt down "terrorists" and punished, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres appealed to the international community to assist Iraq in relief to the displaced and reconstruction the liberated areas.
Ebadi said during a joint news conference with Guterres in Baghdad, according to state television, said that "there are continuing work to close the Chapter VII file in cooperation with the United Nations," pointing at the same time that "the Iraqi government supports the efforts UN to prosecute and punish terrorists."
For his part, Guterres stressed that "Iraq is in the final stages Bmarkih against terrorism, and after the liberation of Mosul will have the opportunity to devote safe civilian life", 
"We are working high in coordination with the government to achieve full reconciliation to the Iraqis," asserting that "all of Iraq's population and its communities were victims of the terrorist Daesh must bring terrorists to trial."
He continued Guterres "appeal to the international community to assist Iraq in relief to the displaced and reconstruction aspects of the liberated areas.  LINK



Iraqi TV is reporting ISIS occupying only 7% of Mosul. No mention of Abadi speech just yet. smile

UPDATE as of 10:15 AM, Eastern:

Abadi speech mostly on people of Iraq and reconstruction. He made reference of peace and wealth transfer. He said Iraq is 93 % liberated of Isis.


 2nd UPDATE as of 9:39 PM, Eastern:

The following reports have come in...Big explosions and fires in southern Baghdad.

Kurdish flag placed in Kirkuk, they are demanding the HCL.

Parliament in on break until April 4.

Mosul still at 93 % clear.

CovenantBridge:  Here's a thought. Maybe they plan on releasing it on April 1st, April Fools Day. That way if we excitedly tell someone we are now a millionaire they will think it is a joke.

JSL:  covenantbridge I would not aurgue with that if they want to release on April fools day, but several are now saying by the 15 of April. all I could think after reading those articles is Please God let me off this Roller Coaster LOL

Fuze:  Jsl there is no "they" they are coordinating with the IMF, the reconciliation committee, the UN to officially finish removal from chapter 7, and international authorities to handle Maliki crew, it was decided months ago that April was the next potential window... the banks and other entities are supposed to stay ready to go... this is an international project, like building a house..

JSL:  Fuze say i just got a call from a business associate he was telling me Wells Fargo was shut down today something to do with the recent event, but I am wondering if it is tied to some of ther stuff we have been hearing about here?

Fuze:  Jsl banks have been getting ready for a while, like painters or carpet layers getting ready to do there part after the sheet rock folk finish.... it's a project with many parts..


"Re: Boom-Chaka-Chaka-Boom!" by Anonymous1 - 3.29.17

There maybe something to this post from Dr. Clarke. Why do I say that?

Bruce indicated that the remaining T3 SKR fulfilment restarted in earnest this past Monday and that the T4 were next. That is probably a safe assumption.

However, just because the T3 fulfilment gets completed this week, doesn't necessarily mean that the T4 will happen immediately or imminently afterward. Why do I say that?

It has been said from several sources that the T4 private screen rates will not require any NDA. In order for that to happen means we are likely waiting on the public RV. Otherwise we would likely be required to sign a brief time sensitive NDA, active until the public RV is completed.

So when should we expect the public RV to commence. The assumption is soon, given all the other activity and preparations being made. "How soon?", is the next question.

The following update from Dr. Clarke seems to fill in that answer reasonably well.

Dr. Clarke 3-29-17